SecondLife is a 3D Virtual World based on the technology of Massively Multiuser Online Role Playing Games.

Mahamaya is a location inside SecondLife where we have created a temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine. This location can be viewed as the 3Dimensional analogue of a website in "Real Life". You can see a HTML representation of the location by clicking on this link but to view it in moving 3D you would need the SecondLife client that you can download from the SecondLife site.

If you do not have the inclination or the time to get inside SecondLife you may watch a movie on the Mahamaya temple at this location.

The theme of the Mahamaya temple is based on the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta as articulated by Sankara. A contemporary interpretation of Advaita Vedanta is available in the presentation on Singularity.

For a humorous take on this interpretation, watch Are You Real.

May the Grace of the Divine be with you in your endeavours.

For someone who is used to browsing around in the "Real Life" 2D web, it may be difficult to visualise what the 3D web looks like.

For the benefit of such users, we show a flash movie that will help them understand what this 3D web is all about.





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