Sailor Neptune in the Anime

There are some changes between Sailor Neptune in the manga, and Sailor Neptune in the anime, but they're nothing really big.  I think the only major difference is that Neptune doesn't use the mirror as much in the anime as she does in the manga.

As in the manga, she appears with Sailor Uranus at the start of the Sailor MoonS series. Neptune and Uranus' mission in Sailor MoonS is different then that of the Inner Senshi, so they do fight a bit in the beginning, but Uranus and Neptune join the team in the Sailor Stars season. 

You hardly ever see Sailor Neptune without Sailor Uranus.  Since Michiru and Haruka are hardly ever seen without the other being close by, it isn't a shocker. They show up together, they attack together... pretty much, these two are the perfect team. 

Something that I always thought was funny was how differently Michiru and Haruka behaved around Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako then they did to the Inner Senshi when they were the Outers.  The two of them were so cold to the Inners, because of how the Inners, especially Sailor Moon's, views were different from their own on the whole talisman issue.  It would always make me frustraited!  (There's been many a time where I've sat in front of the TV yelling:  "That's Michiru and Haruka!!  Don't you guys get it that they look EXACTLY alike?!?  C'mon!!!  AARGH!!"or "Michiru!  Haruka!  Now how many girls do you know who wear their hair like Sailor Moon!?  Please, people!!)^^;

Hm... looks like Haruka to me....
Now how many girls do you know that have aqua hair...and pull it off so well...
Michiru:  "Umm... Haruka?  Why don't you tell them..."  Haruka:  *gulp*  "ME?!  why me, Michiru?"

lol... this is one of my favorite parts in eppie 92...  I just love the look on Haruka's face....^^

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