I have collected Icons for transformers across the web. There are over a thousand icons in these zipped files.
Zipped files: (You need a zip extraction program to unzip them. Try using the free version of Winzip).
1) Boxed Art - 100's of Transformer pictures that are found on their boxes. They are in a few .icl files, so inorder to view them you would first have to go through the process of changing an icon, than select the file and your choices would appear. (389KB)
2) - 117 .ico (normal icon) files. All different types of Pictures. They are very nice. (75KB)
3) - 39 .gif files of a wide range of pictures. (20KB)
4) - 211 .gif files of Autobots. Very Nice. Created by Nick Kelsch. (105KB)
5) - 169 .gif files of Decepticons. Very Nice. Created by Nick Kelsch. (76KB)
Car - 61 .gif files of the transformers from the Japanese show Car Robots. Created by Protoform Project. (71KB)
7) - 123 .gif files from characters before the movie and other unique ones. From Protoform Project (48KB)
8) - 74 .gif files from the TF Jap. Show Victory. From Protoform Project. (31KB)
9) - 64 .gif files from the TF Jap. show Masterforce. From Protoform Project. (74KB)
Scramble - 45.gif files from the TF from the second season. From Protoform Project. (50KB)
HM - 80 .gif files from the TF Jap. show Headmasters. From Protoform Project. (40KB)
12) - 29.gif files of the characters from the Movie and beyond. From Protoform Project. (15KB)
Deluxe - 53 .gif files basically from the first two seasons. From Protoform Project. (29KB)
Deluxe - 9 .gif files from the third season. From Protoform Project. (6KB)
I appologize to all those who created these files for I cannot remember where I got them from and cannot give you the proper credit. We thank you all.
Zipped files: (You need a zip extraction program to unzip it. Try using the free version of Winzip).
1) Tf - 17 different cursors of Transformers and Beast Wars, in which most of them Transform! Please refer to your help index on your computer on how to switch mouse cursors. (36KB)
2) - 11 different cursors featuring Blaster, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Galvatron, Hot Rod, Skram, Skywarp, Starscream & Thundercracker. Most of the cursers either fire or Transform. (13KB)
1) Episode Guide.txt - a complete summary and referance for all 98 G1 episodes.
Movie Script.txt - it has the whole script (word for word) of the movie. Written by Jim Wang.
Here are a couple good Gif's which people have made. If you happen to come across more
very good ones, please
email them to me and I will put it in.
1) Grimlock.gif - grimlock eating mail.
2) Grimlock2.gif - grimlock running, jumping and transforming.
3) Logospin.gif - the famous autobot and decepticon spinning gif.
4) Prime.gif - Optimus driving and transforming to his robot form.
5) Transition.gif - the spinning logos from the show during the transition.
6) Hot Rod.gif - Hot Rod runnig and jumping.
Hot Rod Dance.gif - Hot Rod doing a dance!
Soundwave.gif - Soundwave Transforming. (from Mike, Decepticon357 - More of his icons are here.)
Bumblebee.gif - Bumblebee running, jumping and transforming.
Hot Rod 2.gif - Hot Rod running, jumping and shooting.
11)Kickback.gif - Kickback running, jumping and transforming.
12)Rumble.gif - Rumble running, jumping and turning his fists into earth shakers and pounding the ground.
Optimus.gif - Optimus Prime Transforms and waves his hand.
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Thanks to the wonderful creators of these fonts: Neale and Jim.
Transformer Hollow
Transfomer Solid
Zipped files: (You need a zip extraction program to unzip them. Try using the free version of Winzip).
Decepticon Graffiti
Masterforce Hollow
Masterforce Solid
Maximal Beasts
Predacon Beasts
Predacon Script
Ha, Ha, Ha - It is me, Megatron. I have been able to hack into websites around the world. Yes, it is me and I am sneakier then ever. Optimus won't know what hit him. (Cont. >)
(< Cont.) With Soundwave's new found hacking abilities, I can slowly gain control of the world wide web. And then the WORLD! I will rule!!! And no one can stop me, since no one knows.
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