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Height: 6'
Weight: 190
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Birthday: January 22, 1974
Hobbies: golf
Boyhood Idol: Pelle Lindbergh

NHL Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Non-Hockey Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Music: Tragically Hip
Actor: Mike Myers
TV Show: Three's Company
Food: Dave's Insanity and anything smokin' hot
Vacation Spot: Hawaii

Teams Played for:
95-96 Springfield
95-96 Richmond
96-97 Saint John
96-97 Richmond
96-97 Louisville
97-98 Pee Dee
98-99 Pee Dee

The hazards of being a goalie.

To see more pictures of Sandy click here.

*I got the info on this page from February 25, 2000's issue of Call of the Wild and The Official Pee Dee Pride Site.

*The picture on this page came from The Official Pee Dee Pride Website.

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