Power Rangers: Hidden War

Final Episode
"The Avatar Cometh"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A dead world with where the purple sand blows through the blackened skies. The man in black continues his seemingly unending march. Suddenly, he stops.

The man in black starts to shiver with a maddening pain flowing through his body as gravely, inhuman voice speaks directly to him, echoeing throughout his mind. The voice: "My avatar.."

The man grimaces, showing a hint of terror in his expression: "No. Not now."

The voice: "My avatar.. the time has come."

Man in black, trembling: "No. Please"

The voice: "The time has come for you arrival. Make our presence known to the existence."

The man in black falls to his knees, grasping the purple dirt: "No. I don't want this."

The voice: "Do not renign on the pact, my avatar. Remember.. existence for existence."

A black tear runs down the man's face as he calms: "I remember the pact. Existence for existence."

The voice: "Goooodd.. Now bring an end to it all! The time for your inner slumber has come to an end. AWAKEN MY AVATAR!!"

A storm erupts in the black skies above and a bolt of negative lightning strikes the man in black. The dark energy crackles in delight around him as he screams in agony! The red pendant around his neck glows brightly with beauty, a stark contrast to the world around it.

The man in black's screams slowly become inhuman, although his face is still not clear in the darkness, it is visible that markings are forming on it. The same markings on the face of Ravenine.

The man in black stands as his inhuman voice crackles then quiets down to soft almost pleasant tone. The man breathes heavily as he regains his composure, looking down at the dirt below. His breathing slows to a normal pace. With a sigh he looks up, facing directly in front of him. With a portrait view of the man, he says: "I am the Avatar of the Endness. I am the key to finality. I am the beginning of the end."

The Avatar resumes his march as the storms continue to erupt above him. He holds out his hand and purple energy flows from it, creating a gateway to a green light. The Avatar: "My path of destruction must begin with him."

The gateway closes behind the Avatar but his last words echo throughout the dead world: "I'm sorry, old friend."

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: A thunder storm has broke out around the Tower of Finality and the land quakes. This unsettles many of the tower's inhabitants, all except for one.

The latest shake knocks Furio off his feet, he graps the edge of the balcony for dear life: "What's going on?!"

Another hit causes Darkonda and Cybera to struggle with their balance. Darkonda: "I don't know! But this isn't an ordinary storm by far."

Cybera attempts to scan the storm: "Sensors failure. Undefinable energy source. Undefinable energy source."

Another hit from the quaking forces Darkonda to hit the balcony wall, backfirst: "Gah! It must be the Endness again!"

Rygog runs out to the balcony and falls to ground due to his clumsiness: "Waah! My queen, what is going on?!"

Ravenine is the only one, not disturbed by the Endness' storm. In fact she twirls around in delight, giggling like a blushing schoolgirl. She sings: "Hehehe! He's here! He's here! He's hheeeerrreeee! Hehehehe!"

Darkonda shakes his head in dumbfoundment.

Rygog struggles back to his feet but another hit of quaking knocks him down again. On the floor he looks up and asks: "Who.. who's here, my eternal lovelyness?"

Ravenine gracefully leaps to the guardrail of the balcony, even as Furio holds on to the rail, trembling in fear. Darkonda and Rygog are in awe as the quaking does not disturb, Ravenine's balance one bit: "Who's here? Why the Avatar of course!"

Darkonda pushes away from the wall. He struggles not to fall as he make his way to Ravenine. He almost makes it to her until he loses his footing but catches himself on the rail. He looks up to Ravening and inquires: "The Avatar of the Endness? He's here on Deacon Blue? Then where is he?"

Ravenine grins as she tilts the side of her head upward with a crazed glimmer in her eye: "Why.. he's paying our friends a visit, of course. Won't they be happy with his present?"

Ravenine tenderly hops backward off the guardrail: "Oh the anticipation! I can hardly contain it! Wehehehehe!"

Ravenine's wings flap briefly as she skips back down the hallway, resuming her singing: "Hehehe! He's here! He's here! He's hheeeeerrreeeee! Hehehehe!"

Furio and Darkonda stare at Ravenine as she leaves, still dumbfounded. Furio turns to Darkonda: "There's absolutely nothing left of the old Falconine, is there?"

Darkonda: "No. There isn't. The Endness has given her power beyond our wildest imaginations but such power has driven her completely mad."

Darkonda tightens his fist and grins: "I'll find a way. I must have that power."

Furio is shocked: "What?! Even if you do find a way to pull it off. What makes you think you won't lose your mind too?"

Darkonda stands: "Oh, I think I can handle a little insanity. Heh heh heh! Hahahaha!"

Darkonda follows Ravenine down the hallway. Furio just shakes his head: "I guess you can, Darkonda. Because if you ask me. I think you're already nuts!"

Scene 2

Setting: A similar storm has erupted around the Power Chamber Mountain. Inside the Power Chamber, the remaining uninjured heroes are shaken by the rupturing thunder.

Angela: "What's going on out there?"

Simon hunches over in an attempt to maintain his balance as he makes his way to the control panel, Beta 1 stumbles and falls before Simon reaches him. Simon looks down to Beta: "Beta! You okay, man?"

Beta 1's head wobbles around: "Oh aye yi yi."

Simon shakes his head and turns his attention to the readings at the panel: "Whoah. All the external scanners are going haywire!"

Simon turns his head back towards the other Rangers: "I can't get a readout on this storm at all, the power levels are off the chart!"

Aundria holds her elbow: "This isn't good."

Victor looks up to his side: "Zordon, what about you?"

Zordon: "This is no oridnary storm, even by our standards. It can only mean one thing."

Victor frowns as he looks away with unfocused eyes: "The Avatar is coming."

Zordon: "I'm afraid so. We must take every precaution possible. Beta, activate the hyper barriers."

Angela runs to Beta and helps him up. Beta: "Thanks Angela."

Beta works the controls in front of him: "Hyper barriers are set to maximum Zordon."

Aundria eyes widen: "Lucas!"

Victor nods to her: "Go to the infirmary and make sure Lucas and the others are okay. They shouldn't be left unattended, right now."

Aundria hastily nods and leaves the chamber as quickly as possible.

Simon's eyes narrow as something in the readings catches his attention: "Wait a minute. I am detecting one irregular yet defineable energy source but it's not coming from the storm outside."

Victor: "Where is it coming from then?"

Simon reads more and his eyes widen again as he turns to Zordon: "Someone is invading the Morphing Grid."

Zordon pales and strangely speaks sheepishly: "I see. I will look into this personally."

Victor: "Zordon?"

Zordon: "The Morphing Grid is my domain, Victor."

Zordon fades away in his energy tube.

Victor: "Zordon wait!"

Victor's plea is too late as Zordon has already cut off communication to the Power Chamber.

Victor: "I don't like this at all."

Marcus: "Well no kiddin', Big Red. This Endness crap is gettin' out of hand."

Victor: "It's not just that. Zordon has been acting peculiar lately. Like he knows more about this Avatar than he's letting on."

Angela becomes defensive for Zordon: "Just what are you implying?"

Victor shakes his head with concern: "I don't know, I just don't know. But when we were talking about the Avatar, the other day, he muttered a word to himself that he didn't want us to hear."

Simon: "What word?"

Victor looks directly at Simon: "He was thinking about something or someone called Sage."

Simon puzzled: "Sage?"

Angela puzzled: "Sage?"

Marcus: "Who or what the heck is Sage?"

Victor shakes his head again: "Don't know."

Scene 3

Setting: A surreal plane of existence. Every appears in a green and fuzzy tint. It is a void with small floating platforms of rock. On one of the floating rocks a man looks through a small window to another reality within that window is an image of Victor and the others in the Power Chamber. That man looking at them is Zordon and this strange realm is the timewarp where he has spent the last 10,000 years of his life.

Zordon is wearing a black cloak, obscuring just what exactly his actual build is underneath. Zordon has his eyes closed, his face tensed as he mentally scans the mysterious Morphing Grid. His open suddenly as a voice calls out to him: "Zordon? I'm here."

Zordon speaks quietly: "So you are."

The point of view spins around Zordon from his back to his front to show a man standing behind him. Zordon turns around to confront the man: "It's been a long time, old friend."

Zordon sighs: "Far too long.. Sage."

Sage steps forward looking as if he wants to hug an old friend but restrains himself: "I know Zordon it has. It's feels both good and painful to see you again."

Zordon: "The feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, I know why you are here."

Sage's expression saddens: "Yes. You figured out who I am."

Sage looks up at Zordon with nothing but guilt on his face: "And you know that one that I am not, is your friend."

Zordon: "I will not accept that. Just like I told you 10,000 years ago. You do have a choice in this matter."

Sage shakes his head: "No. I don't. It's existence for existence, Zordon."

Zordon reaches out for Sage: "No. You do have a choice. Just like all sentient lifeforms, you have a choice between good and evil. You can choose to obey the Endness or fight against it."

Sage clenches his fist then screams: "NO I DO NOT!"

Sage walks to Zordon: "No matter what I decide, I will commit a sin unthinkable and unforgiveable. Existence.. for.. existence."

Sage holds out his hand and a familiar curved sword appears in his grip. Zordon steps back in defense: "The Sword of Darkness!"

Sage shakes his head: "No. The Sword of Darkness was a just a pale facsimile of the Sword of Endness."

Zordon stares at the sword: "I see."

Sage holds up the Sword of Endness in front of his face: "I'm truly sorry, Zordon. I don't want to do this."

Zordon: "I know you don't and I will not take this course of action, personally."

Sage charges with the sword but Zordon removes his cloak. Sage slices through the cloak and Zordon is nowhere to be found: "Huh?"

Zordon lands far behind Sage. The Avatar turns around and is actually pleased: "I knew you would perish so easily."

Zordon stands in a battle stance, wearing a baggy kimono-like outfit. It is black outfit clearly meant for combat. He summons his own sword, which is longsword with the same "Z" on the hilt that was present on the Dinozords.

Zordon: "It was long ago but before I was trapped in this timewarp by Rita, I was quite the warrior."

Zordon and Sage charge each other, swords clashing. They both attempt to strike each other but each blow is either blocked or avoided all together. Their battle brings them to leaping from floating rock to rock like a cosmic ballet of death.

Sparks break out as they push their swords against each other. Face to face in the heat of battle they resume their conversation.

Zordon still pleads with Sage even as he struggles to hold off the sword: "Sage, I will ask you again. Please do not take this path."

Sage applies more pressure: "I've already told you, I have to take this path. It's the only one given to me."

The two combatants push away from each. Sage crouches and notes that while Zordon may be able to hold his own, he's clearly having difficulty breathing, his age shows in this battle.

Sage stands up: "I don't want to see you like this, Zordon. So for the sake of our former friendship, please just let me make this quick for you. Why fight when you know in the end you can't win anyway?"

Zordon: "Is that why after all these years, you've finally accepted your role as the Avatar because you believed you couldn't win anyway? I see. Then you did make a choice, you chose to give up."

Sage shakes his head anger: "Don't you lecture me! You can't understand what I'm going through. No one can because no one else has been placed in this position!"

The red pendant on Sage's neck glows brightly. Zordon's eyes widen as the pendant fires a massive red energy blast at him. Zordon leaps off the floating rock as it explodes. He crashes into another rock and looks around, seeing that Sage is missing. Zordon to himself: "No. He's starting to use his powers."

Zordon closes his eyes, trying to concentrate on Sage. Suddenly Sage appears high above Zordon and comes down with his sword. Zordon's eyes open quickly and he holds his sword over his head and back, blocking the Avatar's attack.

Zordon spins and takes a swipe at Sage but he backflips to avoid the weapon. Sage lands, leaning low and slowly backs off. He grasps his pendant as the red energy consumes his hand: "It's not giving up to accept your destiny, Zordon."

The red energy flows through his body and concentrates into his sword: "And you won't be giving up by accepting your destiny here. The Endness unlocked all of my powers, I'm far more powerful than even you now!"

Sage holds the Sword of Endness high above himself, red and black lightning crackles around him, being drawn to the sword. Sage brings down the sword and unleashing a massive wave of dark force. Zordon jumps out of the way falling down the void below. The dark wave completely evaporates hundreds of the small islands within in the timewarp, creating even more void.

Zordon yells out as he falls down to nothingness. Eventually he does fall to another island. He manages to survive but landing on his shoulder has broken it. He grabs ahold as he works up to one knee. Sage appears in front of him and marches forward. Zordon lets go of his broken shoulder and thrusts his good arm forward. Golden cords of light emit from each of his fingers and ensnare the Avatar, binding him. Sage drops his sword in the struggle.

Zordon stands up while maintaining his trap from his hand. His other arm remains limp and hanging: "You're right, no one else can comprehend your curse. But think of all the loved ones you'll be betraying. All of the friends and allies you've made in the past millenia."

Sage looks down: "I know that I'll be betraying every single one of them. I keep telling you that I don't want to adhere to the Endness' bidding but I must. Or I'll forever lose the ones that I care for most."

Zordon: "The ones you care for most. Is that completely true, Sage? I was led to believe that the one you loved more than anything else exists in this universe that you are destroying."

Sage shakes his head slowly: "Zordon. Don't.."

Zordon: "Can you bring yourself to destroy her?"

The anger builds up in Sage: "Don't, Zordon. Do not bring her up."

Zordon yells out: "Can you destroy the one called..*"

In a rage, Sage breaks free of Zordon's bindings, with eyes glowing red: "DON'T YOU DARE MENTION HER NAME IN FRONT OF ME!!"

More islands explode by the power released by the Avatar. Sage grabs his sword and charges towards Zordon who vainly fires several bolts of his own power at him. Sage reaches Zordon and in a blinding light, the scene changes.

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. The control panels suddenly spark up and explode before the Rangers and Beta. They stand back and cover themselves. Angela screams. The Viewing Globe behind Marcus starts shake. Marcus looks back at for it moment then quickly leaps for cover as the View Globe shatters.

Things begin to settle and Marcus inquires: "What just happened?!"

Simon struggles back to his feet: "I don't know but before the panel exploded, the readings on the Morphing Grid went haywire."

Victor looks up the empty plasma tube: "Something is happening to Zordon."

Beta 1 runs to the tube and holds his hands together: "Oh no. Aye yi yi. Zordon, please be okay."

Angela lays her hand on Beta's shoulder for comfort but she looks up at the empty tube with concern as well.

Scene 5

Setting: The Timewarp.

The realm has returned to it's calmness. In the distance it appears that Zordon is leaning on Sage's shoulder. A closer look reveals that Zordon is impaled by the Sword of Endness and his limp body is being held up by Sage who holds him dearly.

Sage with tears flowing down his face: "I'm so sorry, Zordon. I failed you."

A smile emits from Zordon's face even as he grimaces: "No, child. I am the one who has failed you. I couldn't help you now when you needed me most."

Sage holds Zordon tightly: "Believe me. If there was another way I would've done so. I'll never forgive myself for this sin."

Zordon: "Sage.."

A window to the Power Chamber opens up before Sage: "Zordon. Despite what you believed, I can't step away from this path that I've taken. But I can do at least thing for you. Please accept my final gift to you."

Zordon slowly looks up to Sage's face. Sage: "All I can do for you now is give you your freedom!"

In what feels like slow-motion, Sage releases a force from his hand that hurls Zordon to the window as the realm of reality that is the timewarp starts to collapse on itself. Zordon cries out as Sage vanishes: "SAAAGGGGEEE!!!!"

Scene 6

Setting: The Power Chamber.

The plasma tube glows brightly. The Rangers all step back as the tube shatters with awesome force. Zordon's body is flung from inside the timewarp and falls to the Power Chamber floor.

Simon: "Who?"

Simon stops his question as the Rangers quickly recognize the man on the floor. Taking in the shock of not only seeing Zordon, on the floor dying but the shock of seeing Zordon's body at all.

Victor yells out: "Zordon!"

Victor slides down to his knees and holds up Zordon's head in his arms: "Zordon! What.. what happened? I mean how can you be here."

Even as his eyes begin to glaze, Zordon can't help but look around and smile as he takes in his first breath of fresh air in over 10,000 years. A single tear runs down Zordon's face: "Even through evil, your kindness shines through, Sage. You truly are a special soul. Thank you."

Victor shakes Zordon, in an attempt to keep him going: "Zordon! Talk to me. Who did this to you. Zordon!"

Victor looks up to Simon: "This looks bad, man. We have to take him to the infirmary now!"

Zordon holds up his hand to Victor's face: "No, my child. It's too late for me."

Angela falls to her knees beside Zordon, crying: "Zordon."

Zordon gives Angela a warm smile: "Don't cry, young one. I've already lived well past my time thanks to the timewarp. My demise should not bring sadness to your lives."

Zordon turns to Victor and with his fading strength he pulls out a crystal from clothing: "Take this Victor."

Victor slowly takes the crystal from Zordon's hand: "What is this?"

Zordon: "It is my journal. It will tell you everything you need to know about the Avatar."

Victor glares at the crystal jorunal than turns his attention back to Zordon: "The Avatar! He's the one that did this to you! Then I swear with every last fiber of my being, I'll make him pay for this!"

Zordon: "No. Don't hate Sage for this. He is not an evil man, he is a tortured soul."

Victor: "I don't care what he's gone through. He shouldn't have.."

Zordon: "Please, Victor. Take this as a dying man's request. Please. It's too late for me. but please save him. Save Sage."

Victor's eyes begin to grow watery. As does Simon. Even Marcus. Zordon is somewhat surprised by this: "I told you not cry for me."

Marcus steps forward: "Well.. How do you expect us to here, man? We're losing a friend and we can't do anything about it. ... It sucks. *sniff*"

Zordon can't help but smile as he realizes that even though the Psycho Rangers weren't always the most polite or endearing of all his "children", they are still Power Rangers nonetheless. They are still his "children" and his loss will be felt.

Zordon's head leans back and his eyes close: "I see. Then know that I will always love you all. Be strong, my Rangers. May the power.. protect you...*"

With that Zordon's body glows brightly and breaks apart in Victor's hands. His remains fade away like ashes of light, floating to the sky. All that remains of the wise old wizard is the crystal journal and his Power Rangers.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Dr. Hinelar's lair.

Dr. Hinelar sits in his chair with his forehead held up by his fist as he thinks. His eyes suddenly open and tilts his head back up: "Interesting."

Twerp appears behind Dr. Hinelar and floats around his master: "What's up bossarino?"

Dr. Hinelar: "Zordon has fallen."

Twerp is surprised by this news: "Whoah! That's big time, boss!"

Dr. Hinelar: "Indeed it is. Only one Morphing Master remains, Twerp. Once he is gone, then the Morphing Grid will be mine to control and I'll be one step closer to completing my goal."

Twerp: "That's great boss. So do you want me to take of this last Morphing Master?"

Dr. Hinelar smirks as he looks up to Twerp: "Don't be absurd."

Twerp buzzes around Dr. Hinelar: "Oh come on. Please! It's been so long since I've gotten to have any action for myself."

Dr. Hinelar grabs Twerp, holding his hand over the imp's mouth: "No! You are far more useful to me in your current capacity. I have other minions to take care of such tasks. Go summon Darkonda."

Dr. Hinelar releases Twerp. Twerp flies away from the doctor and throws his arms down in disappointment: "Okay. I'll do as you command boss."

Twerp spins and teleports away. Dr. Hinelar turns to look at all of his viewing globes and focuses his attention on globe in partical. One that focuses on a very familiar palace. Dr. Hinelar: "Creator of the Power Coins, eh? You are next, my little ninja. Heh heh hahahaha! Hahahaha!"

Dr. Hinelar's maniacal laughter echoes throughout the cold and dark lair.

Scene 2

Setting: An undisclosed location where a building that resembles an ancient Greek palace stands. Within the palace, the Weapon stands alone with arms crossed. He appears to be in a meditative state.

A dark voice speaks out: "Oh Weapoonnnn!"

The Weapon snarls, clearly annoyed: "Oh what is now, you abominous necro-freak!"

A slithery black figure seeps out of the shadows and takes a solid form in front of the Weapon. It is Shadomoore. Shadomoore coyly replies: "Now. Now. Now. Let's call each other names, here. Afterall, I bring some news that I think you'll be greatly interested in. Hehe."

The Weapon: "Well?"

Shadomoore like a flowing tarp, curls behind Weapon and places his hands on his shoulders: "As you know, I am in constant contact with all of the afterworlds."

Weapon swats at Shadomoore to get him off: "Yeah! I know that. Just get to the point already!"

Shadomoore resumes his solid form behind Weapon as the warrior walks away: "Okay. Well. Someone you have great interest in has just passed on from this world into the next."

Weapon's head lifts up and he turns to Shadomoore: "Who?"

Shadomoore smirks: "Zordon."

Weapon holds up his right hand and it changes into a curved, scimitar-like sabre: "Zordon is dead? Good riddance, I say. He and all of his treacherous brats can go rot in the Shadow World for all, I care."

Shadomoore: "Well.. he didn't exactly end up in the Shadow World. Which is a real shame, I would have LOVED torturing him for all eternity. Oh well, I can't have them all, I suppose. Heh heh heh."

Weapon shakes his head: "Whatever. Don't waste my time, Shadomoore. You know which one I truly want my revenge on."

Shadomoore: "*sigh* Yes, yes. That guy. Don't worry, he'll be around for quite some time yet."

Weapon swings his sabre arm, slicing a pillar beside Shadomoore, the mysterious being shields himsefl from the rubble: "Good! I will not have him destroyed until he tastes my blade. He will pay for forsaking me, he and all the other Rangers! Bah! I spit on Zordon's legacy!"

The Weapon changes the sabre back into his and leaves Shadomoore. Shadomoore ponders to himself: "My my. What a bitter kitty! Mwahahahaha!"

Shadomoore's inhuman laughter echoes as he sucks his oil like form into himself and disappears.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. The general mood is not a cheerful to say the least.

Angela sits in a corner clutching her own shoulders with watery eyes. Simon rests his hand on her shoulder. Angela: "I can't believe. Zordon. He's really gone."

Simon says nothing, he just tries to console her as best he can.

Aundria enters the room, hesitantly.

Victor turns to her: "How are the others."

Aundria slowly walks towards Victor: "They're.. they're stable. Ecliptor is the closest to making a recovery, you know, cuz of the Pyrin-7 and all."

Aundria can't force herself to ignore the broken plasma tube anymore: "Zordon.."

Aundria turns away, disgusted at herself: "I didn't even get to say good-bye."

Aundria tightens her fist and turns around back towards Victor and the others: "We can't let him go unavenged. We have to can that feather-brained bimbo once and for all!"

Victor places his hand on Aundria's shoulder: "You're preaching to the choir, Aundry. We all want to take Ravenine out for this. But you of all people know we need to have a plan."

Aundria's wet eyes burn with passionate fire: "Oh, I'll come up with a plan all right. You don't have to worry about that!"

The two hear gibberish, puzzled by it they turn around as do Simon, Angela and Beta 1. They are all peplexed to see Marcus kneeling beside floor where Zordon passed away. He's holding his hand over the dying place making a small prayer in an unfamiliar language.

Marcus finishes his prayer and stands up. Simon asks: "That was an Eltarian prayer, wasn't it? But why?"

Marcus displays a bemused expression: "Don't be so surprised. I was a priest before I got psycho'd out.

Simon: "Yeah, we all knew that but still."

Aundria interjects: "Marcus isn't as two-dimensional as you would think, Simon. There's always more to him than what you see."

Simon takes in the information and adjusts his glasses: "I suppose so."

Marcus, caught off guard by Aundria's defense: "Uh.. thanks Aundry."

Aundria gives Marcus a warm smile then turns her attention back to Victor. Marcus can't help but grin to himself.

Aundria: "Anyway, I think we should talk to Damien as soon as he gets better. No one is going to no more about Ravenine, the Endness and the Avatar more than he will."

Victor nods: "Agreed. In the meantime."

Victor hands Zordon's journal over to Simon: "We're going to have to figure out how to read this thing."

Simon examines the crystal journal and sighs: "Of course. First the puzzle, now this. Why no one just uses a book anymore, I don't know though."

Marcus smacks Simon in the back and yells out with a bad grizzled old man impersonation: "Quit yer' whinin' and get to work blondie! There's a mysterious mystical artifact that be needin' decoding! Now git, git!"

Simon chuckles as he heads out to his lab: "Well now. This is the Marcus Blue, I know and love to hate."

Marcus grins from ear to ear: "Heh."

Scene 4

Setting: The infirmary. Lucas, Tabuna, Ecliptor, Damien and even Tora are on beds, asleep. While most seem to be resting comfortably, Damien is stirring with a bad dream.

Images flash through Damien's mind of himself as a child, playing cheerfully with his sisters. Laughing as only joyful children can do.

Damien speaks in his sleep: "Rachella. No. Don't leave us."

Images of Rachella's demise flash through his head. Of him and young Candra screaming out for Rachella as they are held back by the Ancient Guardians while the castle on the hill explodes with Rachella inside.

Damien: "Candra. Please. Don't leave you leave me too."

In Damien's mind, an image of young Candra being consumed by a dark cloud as she looks back at him with a cold stare. The cloud fades and Candra is now Falconine.

Damien: "Candra, you're scaring me. Please. Stop this."

An image of Falconine screaming with maddening pain, after a blinding light she is becomes Ravenine and turns her attention to the young Damien. She grows into a monster like shadow hovering above the boy with long, sharp, jagged teeth; wide, bright, red eyes; deep, sharp claws the beast speaks: DIE!!!

The child screams out in terror which transitions to reality where Damien awakens from his nightmare, screaming out in terror as well.

His sheets are damp from his cold sweat as he breathes heavily, trying to recover from his sleep-induced fright.

Damien looks around and realizes where he is and speaks quietly to himself: "Candra. You this is your doing."

Damien jerks his head up as something dawns on him: "I have to tell the Rangers about the tower!"

Damien pulls and throws the sheets off him, revealing a bandaged body. He turns to get out of bed and suddenly clutches his ribcage in pain. He groans and fights through the pain to get on his feet and limps out of the room.

Scene 5

Setting: The inner chamber of the Tower of Finality. Ravenine grins and she rubs her fingers together while standing before the closed gate from which the Avatar shall arrive.

Ravenine cackles: "Soon. Soon. Soon. He'll cometh. Soon. Soon. Soon."

Ravenine turns and cocks her head to the side as she paces back and forth: "But so will the Rangers cometh. Soon. Soon. Soon. They'll try to stop the Avatar's arrival into this world. Can't have that. Can't have that at all."

Ravenine's eyes spark: "Ah! Hehehehehehe! That's it!"

Ravenine snaps her fingers: "Ragno di Morte!"

Behind Ravenine, in the shadows, a figure lowers upside-down from the ceiling and responds: "Yes, Empress of Death?"

Ravenine: "We'll be having guests soon. Hehehe.. Entertain them."

The glowing eyes of Ragno di Morte burn through the darkness that conceals him. He nods and rises back into the shadowy ceiling.

Scene 6

Setting: A long dark tunnel. The Avatar walks down it, alone. Lost in his own thought, the blistering cold doesn't phase him in the slightest.

An image of impaling Zordon with the Sword of Endness passes through his mind. He grasps the red pendant around his neck tightly: "There really is no going back for me now."

Sage: "When I reach the end of my journey here. All that awaits me is destruction and oblivion."

Sage removes his pendant: "I'm truly sorry, Zordon. There was no hope for you just as there is no hope for your Power Rangers, just as there is no hope for the people of Deacon Blue and the rest of the universe."

Sage holds his head down: "Just as there is no hope for me."

Sage straigtens his arms and holds the pendant directly before him as it glows: "My fate as the Black Knight of Death has been sealed. And a knight should have on his armor before he goes into battle."

The energy from the pendant starts flow into Sage as he calls out: "ETERNAL DARKNESS!"

The tunnel quakes and rocks fall to the ground as the pendant's energy consumes Sage and begins to change him in a blinding, red light.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Deep down in the catacombs of the tower. It is foggy, murky and damp. Eerily quiet except for slow dripping of sea water that leaks in from the shore. There appears to be no visual entrance from the outside at first but then a large boulder at the end of the cave starts to move. It slowly rolls into the cave as sunlight starts to break through. The boulder is actually being pushed by the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Red is the first enter the catacombs. He scans back and forth then motions with his hands for the others to follow him in. The Rangers stay low as they cautiously make their way through the caverns.

Psycho Red continues to look back and forth as he leads the Rangers through the cave: "It looks Damien was right about these catacombs."

Psycho Yellow nods as she also stays alert: "Yeah. He got hurt but it turned out to our benefit that he snuck around this tower yesterday."

Psycho Blue punches his own hand in anticipation: "Oh. I can't wait to see the expressions on those clowns we jump right on them. They'll never see us coming!"

Psycho Black: "Don't be so sure of that. We may not be bursting through the front door but they have to be expecting us."

Psycho Red: "Simon's right. Now is not the time to under estimate Ravenine and Darkonda."

Psycho Pink rubs her left arm like sad and frightened child: "Yeah. They even got to Zordon from inside the time warp. *sniff* Zordon."

Psycho Red: "Stay strong, Angela. We're all in shock over Zordon but we have to keep going."

Psycho Pink almost apathetically nods: "I know, Victor. I know."

The Rangers reach an open space in the underground caverns. Puddles of collected sea water are scattered through the opening. The Rangers look up and see a large vertical tunnel above them with a light at the top.

Psycho Black points up: "That light. We must be at the center of tower. Now we have to find a way up there."

Psycho Yellow: "Do you think think we have enough room for the Psycho Wings?"

Psycho Red: "Hmm.. It's worth a shot. Let's do it."

The Psycho Rangers in unison cross their arms across their face and pull them away like a hawk does with it's wings: "Psycho Wings Wing Out!"

[Psycho Wing activation sequence]

Psycho Red lifts off first and the others follow: "Be careful. Mess up and it's a long way down."

Psycho Yellow points ahead: "No kiddin'! Look out!"

Her warning comes to late as the Rangers soon find themselves, crashing into a web of chains that have seeming appeared out of nowhere. A diabolical laughter echoes throughout the cavern as the chains continue to entangle the Rangers. As the chains tighten, the Psycho Wings are crush and begin to break.

Psycho Black: "Quick! Power down the Psycho Wings before they get destroyed!"

In multi-colored flashes the Psycho Wings vanish but the Rangers themselves are still entangled in the chain webs.

Psycho Blue struggles: "Okay. *guh!* Our wings are safe but what about us?"

A monster's voice echoes throughout the cavern and speaks with a Sicilian accent: "Hahahaha! I am about you, my friends. About your destruction that is. Mwahahaha!"

Psycho Red looks around even as the chains tighten further on his body: "What? Show yourself!"

Monster's voice: "Oh but of course."

The chain webbing straigtens out and moves apart to keep the Rangers in a nice circle. The monster lowers down in the center of the group, on a single thin chain. Laughing away.

The monster is wearing a ninja outfit. The cloth elements of his costume look to be purple but are dirty and browned. His baggy and raggy pants have exposed inner thighs to reveal chainmail underneath. A red rag is tied around his left knee and his ankles and shins are wrapped tightly in aged leather, opening up at the bottom to reveal two-toed ninja-style footwear. He wears black cloth belt around his waist and his upper body is covered in chainmail with a torn vest. His forearms are also wrapped tightly in aged leather and his gray crusty hands end sharp black claws. He wears a ninja mask over his inhuman face and a torn hood for good measure. His eyes are sharp and red with at least six small red circular eyes in between the two larger ones, definitely arachnid-like features. Two mandibles have torn through his mask. The monster has long heavy link chains wrapped around his body. He hangs onto a large chain with one hand. The other hand holds the end of that chain that is connected to a large, sharp sickle with the omega engraved on it. Six more sickles are on his back and ready for use.

At the top of the cavern, a large wooden beam is wrapped with the other end of the monster's chain, connected to the eighth sickle.

The monster speaks with his Sicilian accent: "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Ragno di Morte. The second of the Beasts of Apocalypse. You may have lucked your past the first but you will find me to be far more cunning than the simpleton, Omagog."

Psycho Red: "Oh great. Just how many are there of you Endness creeps?"

Ragno di Morte swings forward and holds the edge of his blade to Psycho Red's chin: "I'd watch that tongue of yours, mortal. Lest you find it removed."

Ragno kicks Psycho Red in the stomach: "In spite of your disrespectful tone, I shall answer your question. There are five us, beasts in all. Though you won't have to about the other three."

Ragno raises his sickle: "After all, you won't survive past me!"

Ragno spins the chain and sickle around him slashing the chests of all the Rangers. A rain of sparks falls below. He swings around and elbows Psycho Blue in the face, then leaps to the other side with a kick to the gut of Yellow. He throws his sickle forward and strikes Psycho Pink on the other side. He swings again and knees Black's chin. He then pulls up several chains and strikes them with his sickle, sending electricity through the chains, hurting all the Rangers at once. He then proceeds to swing the sickle around again and again striking all of the defensless Rangers one-by-one.

Psycho Pink: "*Aaah!* I don't know how much more I can take."

The sickle comes around and strikes Pink again.

Psycho Black: "Argh! If only could break free!"

The sickle comes around and strikes Black again.

Psycho Yellow: "The more I struggle. *guh!* The tighter the chains get!"

The sickle comes around and strikes Yellow again.

Psycho Blue: "Man. This really, really, really sucks!"

The sickle comes around and strikes Blue again.

Ragno di Morte pulls the sickle back to him. It glimmers as he focuses his attention to Psycho Red. The monster cackles as he launches the sickle at Red several times in succession.

Psycho Red's head sloppily falls forward: "No more. I can't take anymore of this."

Ragno di Morte: "Hohoho! Is that so?"

Psycho Black: "No! Victor. Never give up!"

Ragno turns to Black and strikes him with his sickle: "Now don't you start speaking such nonsense!"

Ragno di Morte turns his attention back to Psycho Red: "So you say, you can't take anymore, eh? Well.. mhhahaha! Don't let it be said that I don't know the meaning of mercy!"

Ragno strikes Psycho Red again then swings back. He places he feet on the cavern wall and braces himself for the final blow: "I'll end your misery right now!"

Psycho Pink: "No! Don't!"

Psycho Black: "Victor!"

Ragno di Morte laughs as leaps off the cavern wall. High above Psycho Red, he comes down.

Psycho Blue shakes his head: "No!"

Psycho Yellow: "Victor!"

Ragno di Morte's laughter grows louder as brings his sickle down upon Psycho Red.

Psycho Red screams as strains against the chains. With all of his strength, his arms break free of the chain webbing and he quickly summons the Psycho Sword and Treacheron's Sword to his hands. Cross them together he blocks Ragno's sickle at the very last second.

Ragno di Morte is stunned: "What? How is this possible?!"

Psycho Red slowly pushes Ragno's weapon away from him: "I think you misunderstood me. When I can't take anymore of something, I don't give up. I do something about it!"

Psycho Red knocks Ragno's sickle from his hand then strikes him with his swords. As Ragno is knocked back. Psycho Red brings his swords down and cuts free of his entanglements. Using the wall behind him, Psycho Red leaps and just as Ragno starts to regain his senses, Psycho Red flies past him and cuts his chain.

Ragno di Morte falls down to the cavern bottom: "Wha? Aaaaahhh!"

When Psycho Red reaches the other side of the cavern he grabs ahold of the chain webbing to keep from falling as well. Psycho Black: "Yeah! That's showing him!"

Psycho Red: "Thanks. But 'Never give up!', Simon? That was so lame." Psycho Blue snidely agrees: "Really."

Psycho Black holds his head down in embarassment: "Well excuse me for trying to show a little encouragement."

Psycho Red: "Cheer up, Simon. I'm just teasing ya."

Ragno's enraged howling rises from down below as all six of his remaining sickles fly up past the Rangers and dig into the cavern walls. The Rangers look down and see Ragno di Morte making his way back up.

Psycho Red turns to Black: "We don't have much time, Simon. I'm going to cut you free first. As soon you're free, I want you to activate your Knuckle Boosters."

Psycho Black is confused at first but quickly catches on: "Wha? Oh wait, I get it. Go for it!"

Psycho Red: "Alright then!"

Psycho Red leaps off the wall and cuts Psycho Black free. Psycho Black starts to fall he quickly holds his arms down and yells out: "Knuckle Boosters! Knuckle Up!"

The Knuckle Boosters appear on his arms as he falls down the cavern.

Psycho Pink: "Simon! What are you doing?"

Psycho Red, holding on to a chain holds both of his swords between his right underarm as he summons the Psychorang: "Don't worry about Simon! He's got it covered. Now brace yourselves."

Psycho Blue: "Just what the heck are you guys pulling?"

Psycho Red energizes the Psychorang: "You'll see!"

Psycho Black's Knuckle Boosters power up as he heads straight for Ragno di Morte. Ragno: "Just what do you think you are doing? You swine!"

Psycho Black yells out: "Knuckle Boosters Tengu Gailstorm!"

Psycho Black fires two powerful streams of wind from his Knuckle Boosters the streams dive past Ragno di Morte. Ragno scoffs: "Ha! You missed!"

Psycho Black continues his descent but smuggly replies: "Did I?"

Psycho Yellow looks down: "What the?"

Psycho Red throws the Psychorang: "Now!"

At the bottom of the pit, rumbling is heard then suddenly large wind rises up. Ragno di Morte looks below: "What? No!"

The powerful wind takes ahold of Ragno di Morte and Psycho Black and sends them flying upward. Meanwhile the Psychorang buzzes by all of the Rangers and cuts them free. Psycho Red catches it just as the wind picks up himself and the other Rangers.

Psycho Black: "Yeehaw!"

Scene 2

Setting: A large chamber in the Tower of Finality. It is well lit and made of gold and ivory. It's has a large white glass floor. Suddenly the center of the floor erupts from the gust of wind below. The Rangers and Ragno di Morte are thrust from out of the pit and fall to the remaining circumfence of the room.

Psycho Yellow is the first to make it back to her feet: "That was brilliant! I'm surprised, I didn't come up with it."

The Rangers all make it to their feet but so does Ragno di Morte. He throws bunch of broken chains to the floor in anger: "You will pay for that!"

Psycho Red's voice: "Right behind you, Spider-Ham!"

Ragno: "What?"

Ragno turns around just in time to see Psycho Red charge with both swords glowing. He brings down his glowing red Psycho Sword onto Ragno di Morte. Then Treacheron's glowing blue katana. As Psycho Red strikes down Ragno, he quickly flashes back and forth between himself and Treacheron. Sparks burst from Ragno di Morte's body. He stumbles backward and falls back into the pit, screaming.

The Rangers quickly form the Psycho Blaster. Psycho Red fires the Psycho Blaster onto the ceiling, causing it to collapse and bury the pit, trapping Ragno di Morte inside.

Psycho Blue high fives Psycho Black: "Oh yeah! Do we rule or what! Hehehahaha!"

Suddenly a storm is heard outside which quickly attaches the attention of the Rangers.

Psycho Red: "There's no time to pat ourselves on the back, right now. That storm can only mean one thing."

Psycho Yellow pumps his arm as she nods: "Right! The Avatar must be about to enter this world!"

Psycho Black: "We better get moving then!"

The Rangers all nod in agreement together: "Right!"

Quickly they hop onto the rubble and leap to the floor above.

Scene 3

Setting: The Inner Chamber. The gateway for the Avatar is wide open as small storm has erupted within. Inside the portal are swirling purple clouds.

Even as lightning crackles around her and winds burst violently throughout the room, Ravenine holds her arms up high with anticipation. She sings a .. familiar chorus: "He's coming! He's coming! Ooohhaaahoooooh!"

At the back of the room, keeping their guard up is Darkonda, Furio, Cybera, Rygog, Elgar and Rito Revolto. Elgar, Rygog and Rito are, of course, cowering moreso than the others.

Rito scratches his chin: "You know. I think I've heard that song somewhere before but I keep getting flashbacks of eating out of garbage cans and cleaning some fat guy's garage."

Elgar: "Uh.. Who's coming again? I forgot!"

Rygog bonks both dolts in the heads: "The Avatar is coming you nimrods! Now pipe down and let my queen enjoy this moment!"

Elgar rubs his head: "Okay. Okay! The Avatar is coming. Sheesh!"

Rito rubs his head as well: "Wasn't Goldilocks with me at the time?"

Rygog and Elgar look at each then they both bonk Rito in the head in unison. Knocking him out as he falls to the floor yelling: "D'oh!"

Furio grabs ahold of Darkonda's shoulder to plead: "Maybe we should get out of here. I don't like the looks of this!"

Darkonda bats Furio's hand away: "Bah! Go hide if you want to, coward! But I'm not leaving till I see this.. Avatar of the Endness. I want to see his power, see what power could be mine!"

Furio slowly shakes his head.

Scene 4

Setting: A long corridor inside the Tower. The Rangers run side-by-side at super speed, Psycho Ranger style.

Psycho Yellow leads the charge: "This looks just like what Damien describe. The Inner Chamber must be this way!"

Psycho Red: "Lead the way!"

The Psycho Rangers run so fast that even the Apokoes can't catch them.

Scene 5

Setting: The Inner Chamber.

Ravenine, filled with lunacy starts to see a figure inside the portal: "Yes! Avatar! Yes! Come forth! Together we'll bring an end to all of them!"

Scene 6

Setting: Inside the portal. Sage the Avatar of the Endness, slowly marches forward. He is concealed in darkness but his silhouette is different, due to activating his armor. His new appearance cannot be made out just yet.

Scene 7

Setting: The Inner Chamber.

Ravenine continues her mad rant: "Together we'll bring an end to all of existence!"

A single tear runs down Ravenine's face even as she shows a mad grin: "Because that is the only way to bring an end to all pain!"

Darkonda speaks under his breath: "What in the abyss is she babbling about?"

Ravenine twirls around like a ballerina and falls to her knees with arms extended: "Together, my dear Avatar! Together, we'll dance the dance of the dead and allow everyone to join in! Hehehehehe!"

Everyone in the room turn their undivided attention to the portal as a black figure becomes visible. His appearance is still obscured by the darkness and fog.

The Avatar reaches the end of the portal. Ravenine fractically nods her head: "Yes! Yes! Come to this world, Avatar! Yes! Yes! Hehe! YESSSSS!"

Just as the Avatar is about to take one step out of the portal and into reality, the Psycho Rangers burst onto the scene. Knocking down all of the villains in their path!

Psycho Red leaps in the air and jump kicks Ravenine out of the way: "No! I will not let this monster step one foot on our world!"

The Rangers quickly form the Psycho Blaster again and Psycho Red charges up the weapon. The other Rangers charge up their energy balls as well.

Psycho Red yells: "This one is for you, Zordon!"

With that the Rangers, all fire at once at the gate!

Ravenine on the floor, holds out her hand as she screams out: "NNNOOOOOO!!!"

The gate explodes and the wall and ceiling around collapses, leaving behind nothing but rubble.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Inner Chamber. The inside storm has cleared up and the villains are in shock as they get back to their feet. The Psycho Rangers stand triumphant.

Ravenine mopes on the floor mumbling to herself: "All for nothing. All for nothing. *sob* All for nothing."

Darkonda throws his hands down in rage: "AAaahh! It can't be! After all of that! They stopped the Avatar!"

Furio: "I can't believe it!"

Psycho Yellow crosses her arms in confidence: "Well you better believe it, Egghead!"

Darkonda pulls out his dagger and elongates it to his sword: "Oh I'll tell you one thing that I believe, little girl! I believe you Rangers may have stopped the Avatar but you stumbled right into the belly of the beast! Mwahahahaha!"

Furio grins as he summons his sword: "Heh heh heh."

Psycho Blue points at Darkonda: "Oh yeah? Well I think the beast is about to suffer a little indigestion!"

Psycho Pink: "Yeah! We've beaten you clods plenty of times before. We'll do it again!"

Elgar and Rito summon their weapons as well. Elgar: "Oh yeah, Pinkie? Well the way I see it we got you guys outnumbered.. uh.. we got you guys outnumbered.. um.."

Elgar stops to count his fingers: "Let's see there's five of them and there's one, two, three, four, five, um.. five.."

Elgar gives up and holds his sword up again: "Okay, I can't count. But we do got you outnumbered!"

Rito: "Yeah!"

Psycho Red glares at the badguys: "Is that a fact? Well how about a Psycho Ranger Rumble! I say we finish you clowns off once and for all!"

Elgar and Rito slowly back off. Elgar: "Uh.. I don't like the way you looked at us when you said that."

Rito: "Yeah. On second thought. Maybe we can let bygones be bygones. My skin bruises very easily."

Cybera stares at Rito due to his illogical statement: "I detect no epidermic layers on designate Revolto."

Rito scratches his head: "I don't have a what now?"

Psycho Blue takes the lead: "Ha! Look at these guys! They're a bunch of goofballs! Hehehahahaha! They don't stand a chance. Heh. Even if the Avatar make it, I bet we would have taken him out no sweat!"

Suddenly lunges back and keels over as if someone punched him in the gut.

Everyone is caught off guard. Psycho Pink: "Huh? What's wrong?"

Psycho Blue's head cocks back as if he was just uppercutted and he continues to show the reactions of an assault, much to the confusion of the Rangers and foes alike.

Psycho Blue: "Ow! What's the deal?"

Sparks fly off of Psycho Blue's body as he falls to the ground and demorphs.

Psycho Pink reaches out for him: "Marcus!"

Psycho Red: "What's going on here?"

Sparks fly off Psycho Red's back and he falls to his knees.

Psycho Yellow: "Someone is here!"

Furio: "What is doing that to them?"

Darkonda smirks: "Not 'what'? 'Who'? Heh heh."

Psycho Pink suffers an assault and is slammed to the ground. The other Psycho Rangers try to defend themselves but to no avail. Sparks fly off them all as they knocked down one-by-one.

Psycho Black tries to get back to his feet: "It's the Avatar! He's here!"

Ravenine perks up: "The Avatar?"

Psycho Black thrown into the wall and bounces back and struck down in mid-air. He falls to the ground hard and demorphs.

Ravenine hops to her feet, giddy with excitement: "Yes! Hehehehe! He's here! The Avatar is here! Hehehe!"

Two red beams out of nowhere strike down Psychos Pink and Yellow. The girls both demorph.

All that remains is Psycho Red. He takes a swing at the air but hits nothing but something definitely hits him. Psycho Red looks around in frustration: "Where.. is he?!"

Psycho Red hears a footstep: "There!"

He quickly turns around and throws a punch but something stops his fist. His hand is being squeezed and his wrist being twisted. The pain forces him down to one knee. Psycho Red struggles to free his hand: "I'll.. *augh* destroy.. for what you did.. *grra!* to Zordon!"

Psycho Red's head is knocked left and right, left and right. Severly sparks burst from his chest with every unseen blow. Suddenly his hand is release only for him to be struck down by a powerful blow. Psycho Red falls to the floor, clutching his chest. He demorphs. The unmorphed Rangers crawl to each other as the villains circle them, laughing.

Victor: "Why, don't you show yourself?!"

Ravenine looks at the empty space before Victor as if she can see something the others don't: "Yes. Show yourself. Even dogs deserve to see the man that is about to put them to sleep! Hehehe!"

The Avatar's voice: "As you wish."

Everyone looks as the Avatar appears before the Rangers. Everyone in the room except for excited Ravenine and the emotionless Cybera, are taken aback by the Avatar's presence.

Victor with nothing but hatred in his voice: "You!"

Darkonda breaks into a maniacal laughter: "Oh this is beautiful! Mwahahahahaha!"

Furio: "So this the Avatar!"

Rito: "Whoah!"

Rygog: "Unbelieavable!"

Elgar: "He's the Avatar guy?"

Cybera: "..."

Marcus: "Man!"

Simon: "The Avatar!"

Aundria: "Impossible!"

Angela shakes her head in disbelief: "I.. I.. know you! How could you?"

Ravenine: "Oh you dooo? Well isn't that nice!"

Ravenine makes her way to the Avatar: "Well for those that don't, allow me to introduce you all to the Avatar of the Endness."

Ravenine stands beside the Avatar of the Endness, who is for the first fully visible in his armor.

Ravenine: "Sage! The Phantom Ranger!

With that, the Avatar holds out his hand and fires at the Rangers!

To Be Continued?

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