Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 45
"For Eternity"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber infirmary. Aundria stands at bedside to an unconscious Lucas, holding his hand.

Damien's words echo in her head: "The crow caws and the tiger shall fall."

Aundria caresses Lucas forehead: "Oh Lucas. Why did it all have to fall apart for us?"

Scene 2

Setting: A flashback in Simon's damaged lab as Aundria and Lucas argue.

Aundria screams: "We can find a way to save you! I know we can!"

Lucas shakes his head and turns away from Aundria: "No. There isn't. It's prophecy, we can do nothing but accept what fate has in store for us. For me."

Aundria: "Who cares what this so-called prophecy says!"

Aundria grabs Lucas and turns him around and desperately pleads with him: "We can make our own destiny! So don't you give up just because some guy thousands of years ago came up with nonsense!"

Lucas: "Aundria. I can't disregard this. It's part of my beliefs."

Aundria: "So. Just change your beliefs. Please, for me."

Lucas's eyes changes from guilt to restrained anger. He calmly pushes Aundria aside and begins to leave the room. He stops at the door but doesn't look to her: "Just change my beliefs.. You just accused me of being selfish and yet how can you ask such a thing from me?"

Aundria almost weaps: "But Lucas.."

Lucas: "You already made me violate one of my people's sacred laws. I am a monk and things I've done with you in passion were a mistake."

Aundria becomes silent and looks down: "How.. how can you say that?"

Lucas still not looking at her: "I'll be damned before I spit in the face of everything I've believed in and everything my people and my ancestors have believed in."

Aundria reaches out for Lucas as he leaves: "Lucas wait!"

He doesn't respond. Leaving Aundria alone. She falls to her knees, crying to herself.

Scene 3

Setting: The present in the infirmary.

Suddenly the door opens behind Aundria. She turns around and sees no one at first: "Who's there?"

Aundria then looks down and is relieved: "Oh it's you, Tora."

Tora grumbles slightly as he walks around the bed to the otherside and looks at Lucas with disdain his growl reduced to a whimper: "Mrrrrrr."

Aundria: "I can't understand what you're saying but I know you're worried about him."

Tora quietly growls to show agreement. Aundria sits down next to Lucas: "I'm worried about him too. I know he'll get past this but I just can't accept that destiny wants to take Lucas away from us. Away from me."

Tora lays his head on Lucas' bed ever hoping that Lucas would suddenly wake up and pat him on the head though the tiger deep down realizes that's not going to happen anytime soon.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: At the outer edge of the swamp. Falconine looks around at the valley and the surrounding wasteland. Omagog and Rygog stand beside her while Darkonda, Furio and Cybera watch from a certain distance behind them. The Apokoes stand in three rows, still and awaiting their next command.

Falconine: "The Apokoes were very impressive, Omagog. They will serve our cause well but this is only the beginning. The Avatar will arrive soon and wreak havoc upon the entire universe."

Omagog: "Yes empress. But first, we must prepare for his arrival."

Falconine turns to Omagog: "Ah yes. He'll arrive at the Tower of Finality but first it must rise from abyss."

Omagog: "Correct and I will take us there now, to the Tower of Finality. The arrival point of the Avatar and you new base of operations."

Falconine: "Good. This swamp doesn't suit me. Take us to the tower, now."

Omagog nods: "As you command, empress."

Omagog removes his trumpet from his belt and blows into it. The trumpet's sounds disturb the wastelands with it's haunting melody. A storm erupts and strikes the area surrounding the swamplands.

Omagog stakes his lance into the ground: "Vile swamp of my birth, arise! Arise and take us to the Tower of Finality at once!"

Omagog blows into his trumpet again and as the thunderstorm grows more violent, the ground begins to quake. All the fiends stuggle to maintain their balance as the swamp slowly begins to rise from the earth.

Furio: "What in the world!"

Darkonda: "Incredible. The entire swamp is rising from the ground!"

Falconine looks around the swamp in awe for it has become a floating island. Omagog pulls his lance from the ground and aims forward: "Onward!"

With that the floating island swamp moves forward to an unknown location past the wastelands.

Falconine: "Omagog, I don't want the Rangers to interfere while we raise the Tower of Finality."

Darkonda interjects: "Ah.. Empress Falconine if I may make a suggestion."

Falconine rolls her eyes then turns to Darkonda behind her: "Ugh. What is it?"

Darkonda: "Allow Furio and myself to take the Apokoes to New Bethany. We'll keep the Rangers busy while you raise the tower."

Falconine smirks: "Trying to be a good little mutt, aren't you."

Darkonda: "Uh.."

Falconine gets into Darkonda's face: "I'll send the Apokoes but not you. You are a dog that has tendency to bite his master when given the opportunity so for now I'm keeping you on a short leash!"

Darkonda: "But!.."

Darkonda stops as Omagog places his lance to Darkonda's chest: "Are you questioning, the decisions of the empress?"

Darkonda backs down and steps away slowly from Omagog and Falconine: "Of course not. I would never question the wisdom of our 'empress'."

Then Falconine turns around: "I'll send a lowly dog that has proven his loyalty to me. Rygog!"

Rygog eagerly steps up and presses his hands together in anticipation: "Yes, sole purpose of my being, my eternal strawberry creamfilled delight, my..?"

Falconine holds her forehead for moment trying to let Rygog's words slide: "Oh for the love of.. *sigh* YOU will lead the Apokoes into battle!"

Rygog is stunned and points to himself: "Me?! I.. I.. will not let you down!" Furio protests: "This is an outrage! The skullfaced buffoon is an idiot and a coward. I should.. AAAH!"

A blast from Omagog's staff quiets Furio as he tries to not to cower: "Mind your tongue, insect! Lest it be removed from your throat!"

Falconine: "Now go!"

Rygog hops and then bows: "At once, my queen!"

Rygog orders the Apokoes: "Follow me! We'll tear New Bethany apart! Hahahaha!"

The Apokoes turn to Rygog and salute him. Rygog remarks: "Hey. I could use to this. Hehe!"

Rygog and the Apokoes teleport away in their respective fashions.

Falconine: "Now to the Tower of Finality! Where the Avatar will await us and where my true power will finally be awakened by the Endness! Hahahahahaha!"

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Victor, Simon, Angela, Marcus; all in various kinds of bandages are present along with Ecliptor, Damien and Beta 1. Zordon of course is always present.

Marcus in a down mood: "I was so looking forward to coming back to this dump and taking it easy. But then this Endness stuff had to start up."

Simon: "Serves us right for things ever get easy for people like us."

Victor looks to Damien: "Hey. It's your sister that's behind all of this. Do know anything about this Endness that wasn't revealed by the Guardian Puzzle?"

Damien: "A little."

Victor gets into Damien's face: "Then you need to start spilling now!"

Simon gets between Victor and Damien: "Easy now, big guy. No need to get abrasive, what happened isn't his fault."

Victor crosses his arms: "What can I say? I'm not in a good mood. We just got our collective butts kicked by a bunch of mimes with horseshoes for faces and an 'Dungeons and Dragons' reject. We couldn't even beat those guys and now there's this Avatar guy that supposed to be even more powerful."

Simon: "I know but we'll find a way to stop them. We always do, right?"

Victor: "Don't misunderstand me. I'm not giving up the fight, just frustrated. This prophecy about Lucas' dying is what's really bothering me."

Angela: "Zordon, is it possible that Guardian Puzzle made a mistake?"

Zordon: "I'm afraid, I don't know Angela. In my lifetime, I have witnessed people change their destinies as many times as I've seen people never quite escape their destiny."

Victor stares off into nothing: "Valen, Mal, Almidor. I'm getting sick of losing friends."

Angela places her hand on Victor's shoulder: "I know, we all are."

Victor briefly smiles to Angela then turns his attention to Damien again: "About this Avatar and the rest of the Endness. What's the story?"

Damien: "Very well. I'll tell you everything I know."

Simon: "What exactly is the Endness? What I learned of the Guardian Puzzle, it's supposed to be the end of the world or something to that effect."

Damien: "Exactly, but not just this world. The Endness will be the end of all existence. No life, no afterlife, nothing will remain. If the universe was a painting, then the Endness is a barrel of turpentine."

Simon: "But who is he or it?"

Damien: "The Endness isn't a person, Simon. No one is certain what the Endness actually is whether it's a god of destruction, an entity, perhaps a force of nature. It's possible that the Endness may not even be real in and of itself but rather just an abstract like the concepts of good and evil."

Marcus: "If the Endness isn't real, then why get so worked up over it."

Victor: "Regardless of whether or not the Endness is actually real or not, it's followers are extremely dangerous Marcus. Or have you forgotten Omagog and the Apokoes already."

Angela: "It's the first time we've dealt with the Endness, guys. Remember what it did to Scorpina and how powerful she became?"

Simon: "That's right. If it wasn't for the Spear of Rebirth, Scorpina would have crushed us."

Damien: "In any event. The Endness will bring the end of all existence if we don't stop it. But if you remember from the Guardian Puzzle's words, the Endness is actually one third of three great forces."

Victor adds in: "Yeah, the also the Beginning and the Eternity. The puzzle seemed to suggest that we represent the Eternity."

Marcus: "Heh. If we represent a force just as powerful as the Endness then how come we're not as powerful as Omagog and the others?"

Simon brightens up: "Maybe we are and we just haven't fully awakened ourselves yet."

Victor smirks: "Of course, our Psycho Emphasis. The more we fight and the more we become focused, the stronger we become."

Angela: "But guys, Lucas doesn't have Psycho Emphasis."

The hope is robbed from Victor and Simon's faces. Simon: "Do you think that's why the prophecy said the tiger shall fall? Because even if we do get more powerful with Psy-Emp, Lucas won't be able to keep up with us."

Marcus: "That ain't right, man. Kung-fu boy is the best of any of us."

Victor turns to Damien: "What else?"

Damien: "As bad as things are getting they will only become worse. The Endness for whatever reason chooses to use corrupted people to do it's dirty work. Thousands of years ago, it used my father Singha-Bah in an attempt to destroy the world but he was stopped by the ancient guardians and the Endness' entrance to our world was sealed away with the sacrifice of my other sister, Rachella."

Ecliptor: "Rachella?"

Damien: "Yes. You could say she was the sixth ancient guardian. And it just occured to me, back then Rachella had a tiger cub she was nursing back to health, I can't help but think that, that cub was Tora."

Simon: "At this point, I wouldn't be surprised. So if the sixth ancient guardian had to die in order to stop the Endness, I wonder is history supposed to repeat itself."

Victor: "I refuse to allow that to happen."

Angela: "If you're sister, died to stop the Endness then why is Falconine helping to bring it back?"

Damien: "Our father was a very a evil man, Angela. I suspect he may have evem killed our mother after I was born. He tried to influence us in his ways but Rachella wouldn't allow it. She was a the white light in the Garuda clan and she took us away from Singha-Bah. Candra and Rachella were very close, almost inseperable but Rachella knew what she had to do to save the world and she did just that.."

A tear runs down Damien's eye: "But even though she died for a noble a cause, a part of Candra died with her. Even though our father was dead by then, it seemed like that without Rachella his influence started taking over her. She became a vile creature filled with hatred and rage, she found our father's old lab and studied the ancient forbiddend Aviarian magic and became Falconine."

Simon: "Man."

Damien: "I.. I didn't quite understand what was happening. I only knew that she was my sister and my only family left so I stuck with her and with my own sadness from Rachella's death, I slowly became like Falconine and that was the Damien you first knew."

Damien: "I believe, the grief of Rachella's death and upholding the Falconine persona has finally driven my sister to madness and thus she's taken up our father's insane mission to bring the Endness unto the world and bring true death to everyone."

Damien clenches his fist: "However she is only the key to the Endness awakening. The Endness has it's power personified in one person to bring about the true death."

Victor: "The Avatar. Who is he?"

Damien: "I'm not sure. I'm sure he's not a mere monster shell like Omagog is. Considering the Avatar's importance. But with the Endness' being drawn to souls in despair, I would imagine that like my sister, the Avatar is someone who has suffered great pain."

Zordon seems to be thinking to himself.

Simon: "That could be true. Didn't the puzzle mention the avatar being the last survivor of another universe. At least that's what I think it meant."

Angela saddened: "That's terrible. Everyone you ever knew and loved was dead. Everyone."

Zordon looks perplexed and whispers to himself: "No.. could it be Sage?"

Victor looks up: "Did you say something Zordon?"

Zordon: "I was just thinking of someone I once knew a long time ago."

Victor is puzzled: "Huh? Okay.. whatever."

Damien: "Back to the Avatar. He will destroy worlds his Zord."

Marcus: "The Avatar has a Zord?"

Simon: "It's Karasu the Destroyerzord, isn't it."

Damien: "Correct. All three forces supposedly created a powerful machine to bring their powers to the physical realm. The Endness created Karasu the Destroyerzord to present it's powers of Destruction."

Simon: "Which the puzzle has mentioned before. The Eternity and the Beginning have Omnis and Hato."

Damien: "Yes. I heard of rumors that that Omnis may be the legendary Omni Megazord which is supposed to be hidden somewhere on Deacon Blue."

Ecliptor: "Omni Megazord? Heh. When I was Darkonda's prisoner before our little hidden war began, Darkonda and Falconine scoured the entire planet desperately searching for it but to no avail."

Damien: "It's possible that the Omni Megazord is nothing more than a legend."

Victor: "But if it is real."

Simon adds: "Then it may be a best hope against the Endness."

Suddenly the alarms go off. Victor: "Beta, the Viewing Globe!"

Beta 1 presses a few buttons on a console: "Right away!"

The group gathers around the Viewing Globe and are stunned by what they see. Marcus: "What the heck?!"

Angela: "It's a floating island!"

Marcus is almost bemused: "A floating island, well that's new."

Zordon: "Actually there's a floating island on Earth."

Marcus looks at Zordon: "You've got to be kiddin'. Next you'll tell me there's American ninja schools."

Zordon coughs.

Victor: "Marcus. Get focused."

Marcus: "Huh? Oh yeah, right. Sorry, big red."

Victor rolls his eyes.

Ecliptor: "Hmm.. What are they up to with his floating island."

Damien slowly backs away and quietly leaves the room without anyone's notice.

Simon: "I bet it has to have something to do with the Endness. What do you think, Damien?"

Simon looks around and notices Damien is missing: "Damien? Guys did anyone see where Damien went."

Victor: "Strange."

Beta 1 points at the Viewing Globe: "Aye ai ai! Oh no!"

The Rangers stop looking for Damien and look back at the globe to see Rygog leading a group of Apokoes on an attack.

Angela: "It's the Apokoes and they're being lead by.. Rygog?"

Victor: "Rygog's chump change, but we have to stop those Apokoes before they destroy the city."

Victor: "Okay everyone. Let's get.."

Zordon cuts him off: "Wait, Rangers! I know of something that may help you against the Apokoes."

Simon: "What is it?"

Zordon: "You have clearly become more powerful over the past few months and although you still haven't reached fully Psycho-Emphasis, I believe you may be able to access more powerful weapons in your arsenal that were previously unavailable. Billy created much more powerful weapons for you at the very beginning but realized that if such weapons fell into evil hands they could be nearly unstoppable. So they were 'locked away' in a sense and would only be 'unlocked' if the user of the powers had reached a high enough level of Psycho-Emphasis."

Victor: "What kind of weapons?"

Zordon: "Rangers, I believe you have reached a high enough level of Psycho-Emphasis to unlock the power of the Knuckle Boosters."

Simon: "Knuckle Boosters?"

Zordon: "Yes. Powerful gauntlets that boost the power of your fists more than tenfold. If they're power is unlocked you should be able to call upon them by yelling out the command 'Knuckle Boosters Knuckle Up'."

Angela: "How do we know we can unlock the Knuckle Boosters?"

Aundria's voice: "We won't know until we try, now won't we?"

The group turns to see Aundria has entered the room. Angela: "Aundria! Are you sure you're up for this?"

Aundria: "I'm fine. I may be worried about Lucas but I'm still a Ranger and I'm with you guys all the way."

Victor smirks: "Good call, Aundry. Beta, keep us notified if anything happens with that floating island."

Beta nods: "Will do, Victor. Take care of yourselves out there."

Zordon: "Yes Rangers. Be careful and may the power protect you."

Ecliptor quietly nods to Victor.

Aundria, Simon, Marcus and Angela stand beside Victor. Victor: "Let's Get Psycho!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The infirmary.

Damien enters to look up on Lucas. Tora growls at him. Damien steps back and hold out his hands: "Easy there, Tora. I'm just seeing how he is doing before I go."

Tora: "Rrr?"

Damien: "Lucas, I doubt you can hear me but I'm sorry what my sister's madness has done to you. I'm also sorry that she's only going to get worse unless I stop and that's where I'm going right now."

Tora: "Roar?"

Damien looks at Tora for a moment: "I'm going alone, bringing some sense to Candra is something I have to do alone and besides, I'm not a team player. Farewell, my friend."

Damien looks up with determination then vanishes. Leaving behind a puzzled Tora and an unconscious Lucas.

Scene 2

Setting: The streets of New Bethany which are under attack by the Apokoes and an overjoyed Rygog. The citizens of New Bethany run and scream in terror as buildings and cars are fired upon by the Apokoes.

Rygog barks out inane commands to various Apokoes: "That's right! Make the humans soil their pants. Hahahaha! Hey you, blow up that mail box, it's federal felony! Hehehe! Is that car stick shift? I hate stick shift, destroy it! Oooh! There's a puppy! Somebody go kick it! Hahahaha!"

Suddenly a pink bolt strikes Rygog down: "Ooomph!"

Rygog looks up: "The Psycho Rangers!"

Standing before Rygog and the Apokoes are the Psycho Rangers, ready for battle. Psycho Pink holds her Psycho Bow like she had just fired it. Psycho Pink: "That's right and nobody is kicking any puppies on my watch!"

Psycho Black crosses his arms: "I'd run if I were you Rygog. Psycho Pink's bad side is not a good place to be."

Rygog stands up and tightens his fists: "Oh yeah! Well, little Miss Flower Power isn't going to tell me what to do! I'm Rygog and I'll kick as many puppies as I want! Apokoes attack!"

Psycho Red's head jerks: "Heads up!"

The Psycho Rangers quickly scatter in colored flashes as a group of Apokoes pounce on the ground where they once stood.

The Rangers are spread out and a rumble breaks out.

Pyscho Yellow backflips over and over to avoid an Apoko then she releases a fire ball from her hands, it strikes the Apoko but it barely flinches. Meanwhile another Apoko kicks Yellow in the back, picks her up and throws her like a lawndart. The first Apoko with a now smoking chest jumps and smashes Yellow between his knee and a double hammerpunch. Psycho Yellow falls and rolls on the ground clutching herself.

Two Apokoes throw punches at Psycho Black. He blocks them with his forearms held in a vertical position but then the Apokoes stereo thrust kick him to the ground.

Psychos Blue and Red try to fight side-by-side but the Apokoes soon overwhelm them as well. A flying knee to the face sends Psycho Blue to ground, crashing beside Psycho Yellow. Soon Psycho Pink falls to ground beside them.

Psycho Red stumbles to the fallen Rangers as does Psycho Black, who is now holding his shoulder. Psycho Black: "They're manhandling us, just like last time."

Psycho Red: "We're going to have to try the Knuckle Boosters."

The Rangers get back to their feet: "Right!"

Rygog is hopping mad and points at the Rangers: "Well what are you waiting for and invitation? Get them! Get them for Queen Falconine!"

The Apokoes charge towards the Psycho Rangers. The Rangers align themselves tighten their fists. Psycho Red: "We need to be a high level of Psy-Emp to make this work. So concentrate!"

Psycho Yellow nods: "Let's do it."

The Ranger bend to almost one knee extend with all of their fists held forward: "Knuckle Boosters! Knuckle Up!"

[Knuckle Booster activation sequence: The setting becomes blank for each Ranger. A golden spotlight focuses on the Ranger. Then their hands and forearms are cast in a sparking light of their respective color. A three-dimensional grid in the shape of the Knuckle Boosters form around their arms and solidify into the Knuckle Boosters. The Ranger then clashes both Knuckle Boosters together creating a large spark and finally takes a battle stance.]

Each Ranger now each have on a pair of Knuckle Boosters. All the Rangers' Knuckle Boosters look identical except their are in each Rangers' respective color. The Knuckle Boosters are heavy-looking and thick gauntlets, not too dissimilar in appearance to the Galaxy Rangers' Orion Claws. The gauntlet seems to end at the wrist where it appears to be a seperate glove. The Knuckle Booster gloves look similar to the Psycho Rangers' regular gloves but now the egg-plate knuckles are bigger and each knuckle is engraved with a gold Psycho Ranger "N". Just above the back of the hand on the gauntlet portion are three shafts for projectiles to be fired from.

The Rangers have no time to appreciate the Knuckle Boosters as the Apokoes are already all over them. But the Rangers arms now move even faster than before.

Psycho Blue leaps into the air, his Knuckle Boosters glowing feed energy to him and in a bolt of blue lightning, comes down on an Apoko with a diving right hook. The Apoko's head cracks open as it falls to the ground and black mist seethes through the cracks of the onyx head.

Psycho Blue kisses his fist: "Suh-weet!"

Rygog is suprised: "Huh? You guys are supposed to be losing. Why aren't you losing?"

Psycho Yellow bends down to one knee with her arms extended like a hawk and blocks two Apokoes' attempts to attack her from behind. She backflips between then spins around on her toes turning into a thundering twister, with her Knuckle Boosters smashing into the faces of the Apokoes repeatedly.

Psycho Black blocks a punch from an Apoko then grabs it and charges, slamming the Apoko into any other Apoko that gets in his way.

Psycho Pink cartwheels away from an Apoko, fires energy bullets from her Knuckle Booster to take down an Apoko, spins around on her knee and fires behind her, fires at another with her other Booster, spins back to her feet, backflips, crosses her arms and fires at two Apokoes coming from two directions.

Psycho Red and an Apoko go toe-to-toe blocking each other's attacks until finally Psycho Red lands a rising uppercut that stuns the goon, he unleashes a fury of punches onto the Apoko, winding up and firing an onslaught of energy from his boosters into the Apoko's stomach, destroying it at once.

Rygog holds his head: "Aw man. I knew this was too good to be true."

Psycho Pink notices Rygog: "Hey you! We have unfinished business!"

Rygog: "Who me? Can't be me, because I'm not here! Bye!"

Psycho Pink pounces but Rygog teleports away like a coward. The Apokoes also retreat with their leader leaving them behind.

Psycho Pink kicks the air: "Come back here. You stinkin' puppy kicker!"

Psycho Black: "Easy there, cowgirl! You'll kick his heinie another day."

Psycho Blue shadow boxes: "Oooh! I like my new toys, man!"

Psycho Red admires then momentarily: "Yeah. They're impressive but but we were lucky that the Apokoes were lead by a coward like Rygog. I doubt that's going to be the case next time."

Psycho Blue throws his arms down: "Big Red, you frickin' buzzkiller."

Psycho Black: "He's right though. Anyway it looks like the folks are cleaning up. We better get back to the Power Chamber and see what's going on with that floating island."

Psycho Red: "Good idea. Let's go."

Scene 3

Setting: The floating swamp reaches a large lifeless island in the ocean. Nothing exists on the island except for mountains, rocks and a few dead trees. The beaches are covered with the skeletal remains of many kinds of sealife, the island's shores have become a graveyard of sorts for the ocean.

Omagog raises his lance causing the floating swamp to stop: "We are here, empress."

Falconine sneers with hatred: "This place."

Omagog: "You show disapproval for the Island of Death. It is not mine to question your feelings but you must place them aside for this is where the Tower of Finality resides!"

Falconine: "Grr.. So be it?"

Furio: "What is this place?"

Falconine: "The Island of Death but before my imprisonment by the ancient guardians this was my homeland. A much different place back then."

Furio: "If it's your homeland then what's the problem."

Falconine looks up at central mountain and sees a the ruins of an ancient castle. In her eyes only she sees the castle restored and life bursting throughout the island but on the castle balcony stands Rachella casting a spell of some sort. With Ancient Guardians yelling outside the castle. Suddenly the castle explodes and the destruction consumes Rachella.

Back to reality, Falconine smites Furio: "That is none of your business, toad!"

Furio on the ground, clutches his chest: "Ow. Can't even ask a simple question anymore."

Darkonda, arms crossed, cocks his head back: "Hmph!"

Falconine: "Now Omagog, raise the tower so that the Endness can awaken my true power!"

Omagog bows: "At once!"

Omagog turns forward, stakes his lance to the muddy ground of the swamp and blows into trumpet once again. The Island of Death quakes, the mountains begin to crumble, the sea rages as huge tidalwaves shatter the aquatic skeletons against the hard rocks.

Falconine shows a hint of smile as the center of the island slowly opens up. A red light emerges from the widening pit, rocks and sand flow down the sides.

Falconine holds her hands together with excitement: "I see it, the Tower of Finality is starting to emerge."

Darkonda boldly steps forward to get a view of the mammoth structure's ascension: "Impressive."

Falconine smirks: "Isn't it? Hmhmhm.."

Two black and leathery tendrils arise from the steaming pit as the island is nearly split in half. The floating swamp flies and settles between the towering tendrils which are now easily three miles high. Darkonda and Furio watch in awe as the tendrils begin to curl and entwine into a large spiral tower with the swamp island located at the pinnacle. The very tips of the tendrils come together to form a pair of dark arches.

Darkonda looks below the edge of the swamp, seeing the ocean water filling in the newly formed canyon. The water becomes murky instantly and the steam rises. Darkonda inquires: "Is this the Tower of Finality?"

Falconine: "Yes, however it's not yet complete. Omagog!"

Omagog blows into his trumpet yet again. An oily substance drips of the arches, as the black liquid falls to the swamp ground is quickly expands and terraforms the swamp into a metallic black terrain. The swamp is assimilated by the tower and what was once vegetation, crumbles and reforms into walls, corridors, pillars, stairs and so on.

The restructuring of Omagog's swamp into Falconine's new fortress is complete. The edge of what was once the swamp is now a balcony with a ridged ceiling, making it resemble an amphitheater. The rear of the balcony narrows into a maze of the afformentions pillars, stairs and corridors.

Omagog raises his staff and bows to Falconine: "The Tower of Finality is completed, empress. Glory to the Endness!"

Falconine spins around to take it all in: "Excellent."

Omagog: "Yes. You'll find the Tower of Finality to be a far superior base of operations to the Dark Carrier."

Darkonda scans the area already scheming: "Hmmm.."

Suddenly Rygog and the Apokoes arrive. Rygog quickly falls to his knees and begs for forgiveness: "I'm sorry, my sour apple cake, the Rangers were too muc.. oomph!"

Falconine kicks Rygog in the face to shut him up: "Idiot!"

Furio: "Ha! Serves you right for relying on that buffoon."

Omagog charges towards Furio: "Infidel! Prepare for death!"

Before Omagog can destroy Furio, Falconine orders: "Omagog! Forget this fool! Go to the city and destroy the Rangers now! And level everything in sight, the city's destruction will be a wonderful welcoming present for the Avatar."

Omagog salutes Falconine: "I will do so at once. Do you understand what must be done to awaken your powers?"

Falconine smirks: "Of course. I've been waiting for this day for a long time."

Omagog: "Then, my empress. I shall destroy all life that be so accursed to cross my path! Hahahahaha!"

Omagog in thunderous black lightning vanishes.

Falconine walks down the main corridor: "All of you come with me and witness my ascension to true greatness!"

Darkonda: "Huh? Of course, 'Empress' Falconine."

Darkonda motions his head at Furio and Cybera to signal them to play along.

Rygog quickly rushes behind Falconine like a pitiful puppy dog even with boot print firmly indented on his face. The Apokoes march as well. After all have entered the corridor. Damien quietly teleports to the balcony.

Damien ducks behind a pillar as he sees the last of the Apokoes down the corridor. Damien to himself: "An awakening? Candra, dear sister, what are you up to?"

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers are all in serious discussion about the current situation when suddenly the alarms go off. They quickly gather around the Viewing Globe.

Simon protests: "Again? We don't get anytime to rest do we?"

Victor: "No. We don't."

The Rangers are deeply concerned when they see Omagog terrorizing the city on the Viewing Globe.

Marcus: "Falconine sent the big guy this time."

Angela: "Are we even strong enough to handle him?"

Zordon: "Rangers, be extremely careful with Omagog. This will be your greatest challenge yet."

Simon: "We know, Zordon. It doesn't help that we're not at full strength either."

Aundria: "Well there's no way, we can expect Lucas to fight in his current condition!"

Victor: "No one is expecting him to."

Ecliptor places his hand on Victor's shoulder: "You know that you don't even have to ask me to help."

Victor smiles at Ecliptor: "I know, old man. Okay then. Back to action!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The streets of New Bethany. Omagog destroys building after building with the power of his lance.

Omagog: "All life must perish, that is the way of the Endness!"

Omagog spots two kids cornered between him and a SUV, then stalks closer to them taking joy in the childrens' fear of him: "Hmhmhm.. Are you afraid, little maggots? Good."

Omagog holds weapon high above the childrens' heads as they hold each other in fear: "That's right, cower before me. Then shrivel up and die like the pathetic insects that you are! Yaaahhh!"

Omagog brings his weapon down but suddenly a blast from behind stops him. Omagog turns around: "Who dares defy me?"

Omagog sees standing before him the Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor. Psycho Black holds up his fist: "We defy you, you creep!"

Psycho Pink quickly dashes in a blur, runs past Omagog, grabs the children and takes them to safety in a such a high speed that only a Psycho Ranger can do. Psycho Pink asks the kids: "Are you guys, okay?"

The children quietly nod. Psycho Pink pats their heads: "That's great, now I want you two to get out of here as fast as possible. Can you do that for me, please?"

The children wiping tears from their eyes, happily nod and run away. With the children safe from Omagog for the moment, Pink in high speed, quickly rejoins the others.

Omagog, quite amused with himself, slowly circles the Rangers and Ecliptor: "Hmhmhm.. So you are the would-be saviours of this damned world. I will greatly enjoy, squashing you insects."

Psycho Blue: "Ha! We're going to defy that too."

Omagog's red eyes light up and appear behind his grilled visor: "Die!"

Omagog releases a bolt of lightning upon the heroes with his lance, they try to dodge but the explosion takes them all off their feet.

Psycho Red quickly hops to feet as he dashes: "Quickly! Surround him and give him everything you got!"


The like a bunch of jumping beans hop all around Omagog in undecipherable blurs. Omagog: "Eh? And what pathetic strategy is this?"

Quickly Psycho Blue and Psycho Red strike Omagog with their weapons from the front, Black strikes with his lance from behind and the lady Psychos attack from the sides with their projectile weapons. Even though sparks fly off of Omagog's dark frame, he doesn't even flinch.

The Rangers crowd the harbinger and he easily bats them all off. One by one, Omagog strikes them all down with his lance. He prepares to impale Psycho Pink: "Fools! I call you insects for a reason! Compared to my might, you are nothing more than mere gnats! Now die!"

Green beams strike Omagog from the side. He turns and sees Ecliptor charging and releasing multiple cresent-shaped projectiles of green light: "You talk too much. So I'll silence you!"

Omagog bats each cresent away, thus destroy trees, dumpsters and vehicles. Omagog lowers his arms and allows Ecliptor to strike him with his sword multiple times. Ecliptor's assault is relentless but Omagog fails to show even the slightest sign of pain. Omagog grabs Ecliptor's arm, ceasing his assault.

Omagog: "Are you finished, carcass?"

Ecliptor: "Impossible."

Omagog chuckles and with his free arm gutter punches, Ecliptor. Sending the warrior crashing into an abandoned bus. The impact is so great, the bus is pushed off the street and into the office building behind it. Ecliptor is dazed and struggles to remain conscious while he lays amidst the debris.

Psycho Red stands up and enraged: "Ecliptor! That's it! I've had it with you!"

Psycho Red leaps and launches a drop kick to Omagog's head but he slams Red to ground then kicks him like a football. Psycho Black catches him but they both fall to the ground. The Rangers gather.

Psycho Yellow: "What is going to take to put a dent in this guy?!"

Psycho Red: "I don't have the foggiest idea, Yellow."

Omagog stakes his lance to the ground: "Oh, I'll tell you what it will take to stop me."

Omagog chuckles as he pulls out his trumpet: "Much more than what you have! Hahaha!"

Omagog blows into his trumpet creating a sound wave that not only assaults the Rangers' ears and breaks every piece of glass within a mile radius but the sound wave tears the pavement apart and the Rangers are soon overtaken by a tidal wave asphalt and other debris.

Omagog casts a vile laugh as he pulls his lance from the ground and marches on to continue his beating on the Rangers.

Scene 2

Setting: Deep within the Tower of Finality. Falconine, Darkonda, Furio, Cybera, Rygog and the Apokoes gather in a dark room where a disturbing throne of thorns rests.

The thorned throne is vaguely shaped like a resting raven with it's wings making an awning above whoever sits in it.

Falconine is captivated by it's presence: "There it is, my new throne."

Rygog: "My silk skinned vileness, you don't plan on actually sitting in that thing do you?"

Falconine: "I must, my faithful imbecile. My father, the great conqueror, Singha-Bah told me as a child that when I sit on this throne, the Endness will fill me with it's might and awaken my true power."

Darkonda: "What is this true power that you speak of?"

Falconine: "It's exactly what it sounds like, Darkonda. Up till now my full potential has been.. contained. But that will soon come to an end."

Damien, hiding behind a pillar, watches all of this and grows more concerned by the moment for his sister's welfare: "Candra, what do you think you're doing?"

Falconine removes her cape and let's it drop to the floor: "Enough procrastinating."

Rygog: "My queen.."

Falconine: "Silence, Rygog. I've made up my mind. But there is one more thing I need to do before I sit on the thorn throne."

Falconine snaps her fingers: "Apokoes!"

The Apokoes quickly grab Darkonda, Cybera and Furio; much to their surprise.

Furio: "Hey! What do you think you're doing."

Darkonda yells out: "Falconine! What's the meaning of this."

Falconine: "Oh please, Darkonda. I'm about to do something that will increase my power to untold amounts. Do you honestly think I haven't known you long enough, to know you would have something up your sleeve right about now."

Darkonda feigns innocence: "What? Me? Come now, I wouldn't do.."

Falconine: "Silence! Your feeble attempts at cunning are pitiful, Darkonda. Just be grateful that I also find them amusing at times, thus you are still allowed to live."

Darkonda looks down in defeat and contempt: "Grrr.. Once again I'm being reduced to someone's pet."

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. Omagog picks up Psycho Red by the throat.

Omagog: "Any last words, insect? Not that I'll actually listen to them.

Psycho Red attempts to break free of Omagog's iron grip: "As matter of fact I do. *ggrg* 'Up yours'!"

Omagog: "Why you little.."

Suddenly a sword strikes Omagog's arm, causing him to release Psycho Red. Omagog turns: "Another distraction?"

The sword belongs to none other than Tabuna with a smug expression on her face: "I thought you weren't going to listen to what he said. But hey, maybe you'll listen to this!"

Tabuna leaps into the air strikes Omagog down the chest with her sword. Sparks fly.

Omagog: "Little witch."

Omagog swings his lance into Tabuna's stomach then clubs her out of his way. Psycho Red calls out: "Tabuna!"

Omagog stakes his lance to the ground, creating a current of energy to flow through the earth beneath, Tabuna. The energy bursts from under with devastating results. And explosion erupts and sends Tabuna crashing to the ground, beside Psycho Red. Red quickly checks to see if she is alive and she is but unconscious and probably injured. The rage flows through Psycho Red.

Psycho Red: "You've gone too far, now! No one does that to my woman and lives."

Omagog: "Ha! Big words, coming from a little insect."

Treacheron's sword appears in Psycho Red's hands: "I'll show you who's the insect, Omagog!"

Omagog pulls up his lance and releases several bolts of dark power. Psycho Red, almost in a berserker rage, charges towards Omagog with both swords in hand and glowing, Omagog's onslaught is narrowly avoided as Psycho Red brings down his double sword attack but even that technique shows little affect on the unstoppable harbinger, much to Psycho Red's shock. He is then struck down by the blade of Omagog's lance.

Scene 4

Setting: The infirmary. Lucas slowly awakens. He sits up in his bed and attempts to gather his sense. Tora growls to his friend. Then without a word, Lucas gets up and leaves.

Scene 5

Setting: Omagog continues to assault the Rangers, the tide of the battle has yet to change. Eventually the Psycho Rangers regroup.

Psycho Yellow: "Victor, we're not getting anywhere with this guy."

Psycho Red: "I know."

Psycho Blue: "Is it too late for me to go back Aquitar?"

Psycho Red: "What? You getting a case of limber tail, Marcus?"

Psycho Blue gets defensive: "Me? No. I'm here till the end, Big Red."

Psycho Black: "That's the problem. We very well may be coming to end."

Psycho Red: "It's not the end till we're dead, Simon and I don't about you but I'm in too much pain to be dead just yet. Now get ready, let's try the Knuckle Boosters."

Psycho Black: "Right."

The Rangers get into position and in unison: "Knuckle Boosters! Knuckle Up!"

[Knuckle Booster activation sequence]

The Rangers quickly assault Omagog with a barrage of punches from their Knuckle Boosters, Omagog is slightly amused by their latest attempt to defeat him but he merely strikes them down one-by-one with his lance. The Rangers fall back.

Psycho Red: "Knuckle Boosters! Full power!"

The Psycho Rangers, stand side-by-side and charge up balls of energy between their hands. Psycho Red: "Knuckle Balls, launch!"

The Psycho Rangers release the Knuckle Balls upon Omagog and quickly follow it with a barrage of energy bullets from all of their knuckle booster. Several explosions erupt around Omagog and the smoke piles up, making him no longer visible.

Psycho Pink: "Did we get him?"

Omagog's laughter emerges from the smoke cloud. The smoke begins to clear and Omagog slowly marches towards the Rangers.

Psycho Blue: "That answer your question."

Omagog: "Pathetic. Simply pathetic."

Omagog holds up his lance above him with both hands a lightning bolt strikes the lance and then he swings it at the Psychos, releasing a wave of black energy. The resulting explosion, once again knocks the Rangers to the ground. The Rangers squirm in pain on the ground. The look around and see the city, burning all around them as Omagog slowly stalks towards them as he laughs.

Omagog: "Now I will squash you all under my boot, like the insects that you are!"

Psycho Red struggles to stand: "You know, I'm getting sick and tired of you using that metaphor."

Omagog stops walking, an idea strikes his evil mind: "Oh really? Well then, I'll use it as a metaphor, no longer."

Psycho Red: "Huh?"

Omagog takes out his trumpet: "I shall do it literally! Hahahaha!"

Omagog blows into his trumpet, the storms above grow ever so violent and several bolts of black lightning strike Omagog. The harbinger continues blowing into his trumpet as the lightning energizes him and changes him into a giant!"

The Rangers barely avoid Omagog's boot in time: "Why run, Rangers. The inevitable conclusion should be clear to even the like of you now."

Psycho Black: "Now this is bad."

Psycho Blue: "Newsflash, blondie. It was already bad, it just got worse."

Psycho Red: "Nevermind, the semantics guys. We need Guardianzord power now!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "We're going to need more than the Guardian Megazord, guys. Sky Knight Megazord, activate!"

Suddenly the Sky Knight Megaship flies to the battle site.

[Sky Knight Megazord transformation sequence]

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red, Blue and Yellow: "Guardian Megazord, full power!"

Power flows through the Guardian Megazord as it prepares for battle.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black and Pink: "Sky Knight Megazord, full power!"

The same for the Sky Knight Megazord.

The Megazords and Omagog circle each other waiting for someone to make the first move.

Omagog: "More worthless toys of yours. This should prove amusing."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red cracks his knuckles then takes the controls: "We'll see how 'amusing' you find it when the Guardian Megazord is finished with you. Attack!"

The Megazords and Omagog charge each other.

Scene 6

Setting: The Tower of Finality. Falconine walks to the throne of thorns. Rygog is concerned. While Furio and Darkonda struggle to break free of the Apokoes. Damien remains hiding in the shadows.

Darkonda: "Falconine, enough of this nonsense. Release us at once."

Falconine: "Quiet. I will not allow you to ruin my moment of realization."

Falconine is inches away from the throne. It starts to rattle in anticipation of her presence as if it were a sentient creature. Damien can't stand it anymore and runs out into the open: "Candra, don't!"

Falconine turns around to her surprise: "Damien?"

Damien runs to Falconine: "Candra, don't do this!"

The Apokoes quickly grab ahold of Damien, preventing him from reaching Falconine. Falconine: "Damien, what are you doing here?"

Damien struggles with the Apokoes: "I'm trying to save you, Candra."

Falconine laughs: "Save me? Hahahaha! Save me from what? From finally avenging our sisters death? Ha!"

Damien: "Have you completely forgotten, that Rachella died, trying to stop the Endness. The very same force you're trying to help."

Falconine: "No. The Guardians brought on Rachella's demise. They poisoned her mind with their distorted concepts of heroism and self-sacrifice. Just like that tramp, Psycho Yellow poisoned your mind, Damien!"

Damien: "You've got it wrong. Aundria opened my eyes to the truth that I tried to ignore for so long. The same truth that you still choose to ignore. Candra, please stop this insanity. What you are doing right now, you're making Rachella's death a sacrifice in vain."

Falconine: "Not another word, Damien."

Damien with tears in his eyes: "You're spitting on her memory!"

Falconine's eyes glow with anger as she strikes down her brother with a energy blast from her hand: "Silence! You're the one, disrespecting our sister's death as well as our father's. But I know you're mind is clouded by the Yellow Ranger's words. So I forgive you, Damien."

Damien reaches out for Falconine: "Candra, please!"

The Apokoes hold Damien down to the floor. Falconine yells out: "I've heard enough from you! I will sit on the throne of thorns and I will have the Endness awaken my powers so that I can conquer this world and leave it in dust. I will avenge Rachella and I won't let anyone stop me. Not Darkonda, not the Rangers, not even you, dear brother!"

Falconine grabs Damien by the chin and whispers to him: "I won't forgive you if you cause me to mourn your death as well."

Falconine slaps Damien across the cheek: "Now be a good baby brother and be quiet while your big sister realizes her dream."

Damien is heartbroken filled with a deep sadness and anger at the same time, however the Apokoes' hold prevent him from moving at all: "Candra."

Falconine walks past Rygog as she walks to the throne. Rygog holds his hands together with eyes big like a sad puppy: "Please be careful, my queen."

Damien desperately tries to break free of the Apokoes' grip.

Falconine stands before the throne: "So many years of sadness. It comes to an end today."

Falconine turns around, facing all of her onlookers. She notices the various expressions on all of them. Pain and sadness on Damien's face. Rygog with concern. Furio with uncertainy. Darkonda with anger and frustration. Cybera with no emotion at all, of course.

Falconine holds out her arms: "To my destiny!"

She then slowly sits into throne. The thorns puncture her body, causing her to grimace. Her blood starts to flow down to the floor. She grabs ahold of the armrests in spite of the thorns.

Falconine's eyes grow watery from her pain: "O, great force of the Apocalypse, cast your dark might upon me, your mere servant so that I may carry out your glorious quest of total oblivion!"

Suddenly a purple pillar of light encases the throne. Falconine screams out in pain, so hardly that jaw practically becomes unhinged.

Damien: "CANDRA!! NOOO!"

Falconine's screaming is unending as her eyes become pupiless, black light is spit out of her mouth. The thorns grow and tear through her body. The light surrounding her becomes blinding and a massive explosion occurs.

The Apokoes release their grip on all of their prisoners. The smoke begins to clear. Damien yells out: "Candra? Candra! Candraaaaa!!"

A winged figure lays bent over where the throne of thorns once remained. Damien quickly rushes to her side. He places his hand on her shoulder: "Candra? Are you alright?"

The blackwinged woman doesn't respond with words merely a chilling snicker of madness: "Hehehehehehehehehehehe."

Rygog: "My queen?"

Darkonda steps closer: "Falconine?"

Damien takes the woman's chin and lifts her head up to take a look at her face. What he sees horrifies him as his quickly hops back. He slowly shakes his head in disbelief: "Candra. What did you do to yourself?"

The woman that was once Falconine stands up, most of her features hidden in the darkness. Even Darkonda and Furio are horrified by what the see before them. The woman with black wings speaks with a never-ending grin and a voice that has a haunting echo to it: "What did I do? I made love to the god of death and he showned what greatness truly is."

Damien slowly steps forward: "Candra."

The woman with the cheshire grin: "Candra, that identity is dead."

Damien concedes in an attempt to patronize his sister: "Fine. Falconine, we.."

Damien stops in mid-sentence as he sees the look of insanity. A mere milisecond later, Damien thrust out of the room and through the hallway by a massive force of dark energy. The wave of dark power tears Damien's clothes apart and burns his skin as it throws all the way out of the tower and off the balcony. The battered Damien falls to his doom down the side of the tower. His body, mere moments away from being crushed against the jagged rocks below.

Suddenly the Silver Stormer flies by. It's cockpit opens and Psycho Silver grabs the injured Damien: "Gotcha!"

Psycho Silver sets Damien into the seat behind him and closes the cockpit as the Silver Stormer flies away from the tower. Darkonda and Furio run to the edge of the balcony and spot the Silver Stormer flying into the horizon.

Darkonda: "The Silver Ranger!"

Furio: "He's getting away!"

The winged woman stands in the darkness of the corridor: "Let them. Like death itself, they cannot run from me forever. Hehehehehehe.."

Furio: "But Falconine.."

The winged woman cuts him off: "Falconine, that identity is dead."

Darkonda: "What? Then who are you now?"

The winged woman, hid in darkness. Only evil grin is visible to the Crulians: "The Empress of the Endness. Ravenine! Hehehehehe.."

Scene 7

Setting: The Silver Stormer.

Damien comes to: "Ow.. where?"

Psycho Silver: "Relax, you're safe now."

Damien: "Lucas? Should you be out of bed?"

Psycho Silver: "Well at this point, I could ask the same question of you."

Damien: "Touch´┐Ż. But how did you know where I was?"

Psycho Silver: "Tora told me everything you told him."

Damien: "What? I forgot, you can actually communicate with that feline."

Psycho Silver: "Anyway, how are you holding up."

Damien: "Hurt but I'll live. Unfortunately."

Psycho Silver: "What happened?"

Damien: "I failed."

Psycho Silver: "..."

Scene 8

Setting: New Bethany. The Zord battle rages on.

Omagog strikes down the Guardian Megazord with his lance. The Sky Knight Megazord clubs Omagog in the side but he responds by smashing his elbow into the Sky Knight's head.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] The impact from Omagog's blow shakes up Black and Pink. Psycho Pink: "Simon, what can we do? We've never fought someone so powerful."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "I know but for now the only thing we can do is just keep fighting and hope a miracle happens."

The Sky Knight Megazord fires several fireballs from it's arm cannons. Omagog bats them away from him.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "It's no use. Everything we throw at him, he just deflects it."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Ugh! And anything that does make contact has barely any effect at all."

Omagog: "Come on, insects. Do your worst or have you already? Hahaha.. huh?"

The Guardian Megazord quickly grabs Omagog from behind. Omagog: "What is this?"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Simon! Use the Wing Blade attack. We'll hold him so that he can't block it."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black gives a thumbs up: "Got it. Sky Knight Wing Blade prepare for launch!"

The Sky Knight Megazord's shoulder wings detach and combine into a single weapon, hovering above the Sky Knight's extended arms."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Wing Blade Fire!"

The Sky Knight Megazord fires the Wing Blade, backed with an stream of red energy from it's arm cannons. The energized Wing Blade heads straight for Omagog.

Omagog: "I see your ploy but it will not work!"

Omagog steps on the Guardian Megazord's foot and uses the distraction to flip around and use the Guardian Megazord as a shield.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Oh no! Guys, look out!"

Too late, the Wing Blade strikes down the Guardian Megazord. The Megazord falls to ground, breaking up the concrete below it. The Wing Blade returns to the Sky Knight Megazord.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "That jerk! He made us attack our own friends!"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Brace yourself, he's coming our way!"

Omagog charges with his lance, sticking out. The Sky Knight desperately tries to stop the rampart with a flurry of fireballs but to no avail, Omagog is unphased by the attack. Omagog impales the Sky Knight Megazord with his lance, sparks erupt all over the Megazord.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Pink and Black are shook up as all of their controls go haywire. The explosions tear the cockpit apart.

The Guardian Megazord, on the ground, reaches out for the Sky Knight.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "No!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "The Sky Knight!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Simon! Angela! Get out of there, now!"

Omagog with the Sky Knight impaled, lifts the Megazord off of it's feet and black lightning strikes the tip of the lance like a lightning rod, the electrical assault is more than the Megazord can handle.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Red lights flash inside as the Rangers fall out of their seats. Psycho Black struggles to reach the controls. "No, that last attack knocked all our energy reserves out of commission. The Sky Knight has nothing left."

Omagog spins around, causing the lifeless Sky Knight Megazord to fly off of his lance. The Megazord crashes several skyscrapers, leveling them all instantly. The Megazord deactivates completely while covered in rubble, fire and waste.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black pounds his console: "Ugh. All systems are completely shut down."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Pink takes Black's arm: "Come on, Simon. There's nothing we can do here, we might as well rejoin the others in the Guardian Megazord."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black nods: "You're right. Let's go."

The Guardian Megazord struggles to get back to it's feet.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psychos Black and Pink teleport back to the Guardian Megazord and take their seats. Psycho Red: "Good to see you guys are alright. How's the Sky Knight."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "It's toast."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Great, just great."

Omagog throws his lance like a javelin.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Incoming!"

The Guardian Megazord turns to the side, narrowly avoiding a direct hit by the lance but suffering damage anyway. Omagog charges and throws several punches onto the Megazord.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "To hell with this! Tanuki Fury Fists, power up!"

The Guardian Megazord's fists are cast in a blue light and it throws rapid punches like a machine gun onto Omagog. Actually causing the giant to stagger.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Good job, Marcus. We finally got on the defensive for once. Now let's keep him there."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Leave that to me. Miko Mist, release!"

The Guardian Megazord emits a large cloud of pink mist from it's sides. The mist conceals the Megazord from Omagog.

Omagog: "What trickery is this?"

The Guardian Megazord appears from the mist, behind Omagog and punches him from behind. Before Omagog can turn around, the Megazord disappears back into the mist. This technique is repeated several times before the harbinger loses his patience.

Omagog pulls out his trumpet: "Enough of this insipid games."

Omagog blows into his trumpet the massive sound wave not only blows all the mist away and expose the Megazord, but the attack devastates the Guardian Megazord and the Rangers within.

[Guardian cockpit scene] The Psycho Ranger cover their ears out of reflex since technically because they wear helmets, they can't really cover their ears. Psycho Red: "Man! We need something that can actually take this guy out. Form the energy sword!"

The Guardian Megazord holds up it's right arm and a lightning bolt strikes it, forming the energy sword. Omagog: "Hmph. A pathetic weapon indeed."

Omagog holds out his hand and his lance returns to his hand. The titans clash weapons. The Silver Stormer flies onto the scene and it's occupants take a gander at the epic battle below.

Damien: "Oh no. Omagog is tearing the Rangers apart."

Psycho Silver: "Yes. It looks like I'll have to take you back to the Power Chamber later, Damien. The others need my help, right now."

Psycho Silver takes the Silver Stormer down for a landing on a large building, away from the battle. Psycho Silver hops out and prepares to call for his Zord.

Damien reaches out for Psycho Silver: "Lucas, wait! You shouldn't fight in your condition."

Psycho Silver turns his head back towards Damien: "I appreciate your concern for my well being but I don't have a choice."

Damien: "But what about the prophecy."

Psycho Silver: "Prophecy or not, I can't stand by and let that monster slaughter my friends."

Damien strains himself in protesting: "But Lucas.."

Damien falls out of the Stormer and loses consciousness. Psycho Silver rushes to him: "Damien!"

Psycho Silver checks out Damien and shakes his head: "Just rest here, my friend. Now I have to do what I must. Tora Ho!"

A roar in the distance is heard. Tora runs to the battle scene as fast as possible. Psycho Silver: "Silver Tora-Shinobizord power!"

[Silver Tora-Shinobizord transformation sequence]

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver drops into his seat: "Tora, full speed ahead!"

Tora-Shinobizord roars as it charges towards Omagog.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Lucas, what are you doing here? You should still be in bed."

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Sorry, my kitsune but no can do. It's going to take the efforts from all of us, to stop this fiend."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "But.."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red holds his hand infront of Yellow: "Lucas is right, Aundria. We can't beat this guy by ourselves and to be frank, Lucas is no more or less danger of being killed than we out right now."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow concedes: "But.. *sigh* You're right, Victor."

Omagog spots the Silver Tora-Shinobizord: "What is this, yet another Zord? No matter, just another for me to crush!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "I don't think so. Tiger missles, fire!"

The spinning missle-launchers on Tora-Shinobizord's rear hips fires a heavy assault of missles. The attack causes Omagog to stagger backward.

[Silver Shinobizord transformation sequence]

The Tora Cannon drops into Silver Shinobizord's hands.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Tora Cannon, fire!"

The Silver Shinobizord fires the Tora Cannon at Omagog. The monster is consumed in an explosion!

[Guardian cockpit scene] Most of the Rangers celebrate. Psycho Pink: "He did it!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "No he didn't, look."

The smoke clears and Omagog is still standing.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver is in shock: "No! All of that, I didn't lay a scratch on him."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Blue punches his own hand: "Ugh! I can't believe this. He's still standing."

Omagog: "An amusing trick but like all the others, it was futile. Now face your destruction!"

Omagog spins his lance like a baton and throws it, the spinning weapon goes right through the Silver Shinobizord.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Lucas!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Tora's moans of agony echo throughout the cockpit. Psycho Silver: "Augh! Tora, you.. you have.. AAaahh."

Sparks erupt all over the Silver Shinobizord. In one massive explosion, Silver Shinobizord and the Tora Cannon changes back into Tora. Tora and Psycho Silver fall out of mid-air and crash into the ravaged street below.

Psycho Silver demorphs back into Lucas as lies on the ground, unconscious. Tora whimpers before losing consciousness as well.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red hammers his controls: "That's it! Energy sword full power! We have to stop him now!"

Guardian Megazord unleashes it's energy sword attack on Omagog. An explosion takes the buildings surround the two giants. Omagog holds his shoulder: "Why you.."

Omagog takes his lance and strikes the Guardian Megazord in the chest. He spins his lance and slices off the Guardian Megazord's right hand. The energy sword fades away as the hand falls to the ground below. The Guardian Megazord staggers as it holds it's amputated arm, sparks fly out of the end of the arm where there was once a hand.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Victor, we're taking too much damage. If don't come up with something quick, we're done for."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Tell me something, I don't know. Anything short of a miracle isn't going to cut at this point."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Maybe we should self-destruct the Megazord."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red is unamused: "Are you channeling your Space Ranger counterpart, Marcus? Self-destructing the Megazord is a fool's move. Even if it did work, we wouldn't have the Guardian Megazord around when the next monster comes along. Did you think of that?"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Blue gets defensive: "Hey! Don't lecture me. I'm just drawing at straws. I don't see anyone else coming up with any good ideas either."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Brace yourselves. He's coming in for another attack!"

Omagog unleashes a chain of attacks with his lance. The Guardian Megazord falls on it's back, shaking the earth as it crashes.

Omagog stomps on the Megazord. And as he hovers above the Zord like a vulture, he raises his lance for the final blow. Suddenly six blue crystals impale Omagog behind and for the first time, Omagog screams out in pain.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "What?"

Omagog turns around: "Who has the power to penetrate my armor."

Ultimate Ecliptor with sword in hand, marches towards Omagog the Harbinger: "That would be me."

Omagog: "You? But where did this power come from?"

Ultimate Ecliptor: "That's not for you to find out!"

The two warriors clash weapons and struggle to overpower the other.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Yes! Ecliptor is back in the fight and he's using his ultimate form."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Let's hope it's enough."

Omagog: "You are very powerful but you are still far from being my equal!"

Ultimate Ecliptor: "We'll see. No won't we?"

Ultimate Ecliptor and Omagog pull away from each and strike other with their weapons at the same. The end up switching side. Omagog leaps back: "Let's see how powerful you really are!"

Omagog releases steady wave of black energy. Ultimate Ecliptor releases a steady wave of blue energy. The two massive forces collide and push-of-war with their massive waves of energy is initiated. Both Omagog and Ecliptor strain themselves to overpower the other.

Omagog: "Give up, fool. You can't possibly win against me!"

Ultimate Ecliptor: "Why should I? When I'm stronger than.. *urg* you!"

Ultimate Ecliptor puts an extra burst of power in his wave and starts to take the advantage in the test of strength.

The Rangers cheer on Ecliptor from inside their Megazord.

Omagog: "No! I will not lose to worthless maggot like you!"

Omagog puts even more power in his wave and takes back the advantage on Ultimate Ecliptor. Ecliptor manages to hold his ground though. Suddenly he briefly flashes back into his normal black and green form but resumes his ultimate form.

Ultimate Ecliptor: "No! Not now! I just.. need to maintain.. my ultimate form.. for a few more.. secon.. AAAAHHH!"

To no avail, Ecliptor reverts to his normal form and Omagog's wave overtakes him. Ecliptor is lifted off his feet as the wave peels off outer shell. The cracked and defeated Ecliptor falls to ground beside the Guardian Megazord.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Ecliptor! Are you okay?"

Ecliptor reaches up to the sky in vain as Omagog grinds his boot into his torso.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "He'll destroy Ecliptor. Simon!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Tengu Tornado!"

The tengu head on Guardian Megazord's chest blows a tornado which lifts up Omagog and sends him into a building. Omagog is enraged and works to get back to his feet.

The Guardian Megazord gets back to one knee and look onward to see Omagog stand back up from the wreckage. The harbinger lets out a primal scream.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Good job, Simon. But I'm afraid we're living on borrowed time."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "I can't believe after all the battles we've fought, after everything we've been through. I can't believe that it's going to end like this."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "It looks that way, old friend. Well.. if we're going down for good. Then let's go down fighting! Who's with me?"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "You don't even have to ask, pal."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "I'm with you, Victor."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "You can count me in as well."

[Guardian cockpit scene] The Rangers all look to Psycho Blue. Psycho Blue: "Hey. Don't ever let it be said that Marcus Blue was a punk. Hehehahaha! Let's get the chump!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Alright! Guardian Megazord, give it everything you've got!"

The Guardian Megazord stands up with a presence of determination. Omagog's eyes glow red from beneath his visor: "You! You insects dare mock me! I'll make you beg for true death!"

Psycho Red's voice: "Guardian Megazord.. char.."

Ecliptor grabs the Guardian Megazord's leg: "Wait! There's one more thing we can do. I've never attempted it before but maybe, just maybe I can give the power allows me to become Ultimate Ecliptor to your Zord."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "What? Is that possible."

Ecliptor slowly nods: "I think so."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "But Ecliptor. Even if it does work, what will happen to you?"

Ecliptor: "At best, I'll never be able to use my ultimate form again but that's hardly a concern right now."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Alright Ecliptor, give it your best shot."

The Guardian Megazord helps Ecliptor back to his feet. Ecliptor presses the Cybera symbol on his wrist. His hand glows with white energy and he places it on the Megazord's handless right arm. The energy starts flow through the Megazord's body.

Omagog stops his rampage: "What in the Endness' name is this?"

[Guardian cockpit scene] The cockpit's controls and panels are all encased in a white glow. Psycho Black checks the readings: "Incredible! All of our batteries are being recharged!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "It's working."

The Guardian Megazord is encased in white glow. The Cybera symbol fades away from Ecliptor's wrist and the warrior falls down.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Ecliptor?"

Ecliptor slowly loses consciousness as he shrinks back down to normal size: "Take him out, Rangers..*"

The Guardian Megazord takes a battle stance and clenches it's fist. Another right fist is formed from the light. It takes solid shape but it's black with gold trimming. The left hand also becomes black with gold trimming.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "The Guardian Megazord is changing!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "But into what?"

Heavy black and gold samurai armor pieces forms around the Guardian Megazord's waist, shoulders, forearms, and lower legs. It's helmet's horns double in size. A large black chestplate forms with large the tengu head now covered by translucent gold bubble.

Omagog is surprised by the transformation: "Wait.. I recognize this form. Yes. It is. These Rangers really are the chosens successors of the ancient guardians, they actually summoned the Eternity Armor!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] The Rangers are all surprised by this information. Psycho Red: "The Eternity Armor?"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Hmmm.. Well Ecliptor got his ultimate from the crystal of Falconine's could it be that the crystal stole the Megazord's true power thousands of years ago along with Tora's?"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red scratches his chin: "Just like when Tabuna gave the stolen power back to Tora he able to use his true power. Ecliptor just gave the Megazord back it's stolen power!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "I'm getting new information."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "So am I. Well then let's not waste any more time. We got our second wind, let's use it!"

Omagog charges with his lance: "Eternity Armor or not, I will not let you insects defeat me. I am Omagog! The Harbinger of the Endness!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Rangers in unison: "Eternity Saber Activate!"

The Eternal Guardian Megazord holds up it's right hand and lightning bolt strikes it and forms the energy sword but now the energy sword solidifies into a large saber. The handle is black with gold trimming. It cups around the knuckle of the hand. On the cup of the handle is a gold "N". The saber is long and curves twice for two teeth at the end. A large ruby is embedded in the middle of the blade.

Omagog tries to impale the Eternal Guardian Megazord but it sidesteps him and grabs ahold of the lance in it's underarm. Then smashes the lance with the butt of the Eternity Saber, breaking Omagog's lance in half.

Omagog stumbles back and looks at his broken lance in shock: "No. Impossible!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Believe it! You're going down!"

The Eternal Guardian Megazord holds up the Eternity Saber and it shimmers in the sunlight. The saber is covered in a white glow.

[Guardian cockpit scene] All the Rangers: "Eternal Guardian Megazord! Eternal Retribution!"

The Eternal Guardian Megazord uses it's Eternal Retribution attack. The Megazord makes a complete circle with it's Eternity Saber. Creating a circle of white light. The circle of light is projected at Omagog. The power stuns him then Eternal Guardian Megazord brings the saber down on Omagog. Slicing the monster in half. Eternal Guardian Megazord stands back as Omagog starts to fall apart, red energy seeping out from where he is cut in half.

Omagog: "Cherish your meaningless victory, Rangers. You may have defeated me but the Avatar will come and compared to him you are nothing! Hahahahahaha!"

Omagog lets out a final maniacal laughter as his halves fall away from each other and explodes! The Eternal Guardian Megazord stands tall and victorious.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany. The aftermath of the epic battle with Omagog. The Rangers are now demorphed and the look around at the damage this battle has caused. Behind them stands the Eternal Guardian Megazord.

Simon picks up a stop sign and throws it back down in disgust: "Look at this. A good quarter of the city must have been leveled this time."

Angela looks around and sees a half burnt doll. She picks it up with sadness: "Do you think everyone evacuated in time."

Simon: "Most of the should have but there's always stragglers.. I don't really want to think about it right now."

Marcus kicks a rock in frustration: "Crap!"

Victor: "Come on, let's gather our friends and get them back to the Power Chamber. We'll come back and help out the rescue teams."

Aundria nods: "You're right. We need re-evaluate our current predicament."

Thunder crackles in the air. Marcus: "Oh come on! What is it now?"

The Ranger get in a defensive stance as energy gathers before them in the sky. It forms into Ravenine, already in a manical laughter: "Hehehehehehe!"

Ravenine floats before the Rangers with her black feather wings fully extended, her wing span is twelve feet. Her helmet predominantly black with purple highlights. Her leotard looks mostly the same except now instead of pink feathers, it is copper. Her cleavage is now covered by a black mesh. Her jewelry on her arms are replaced by black bandages around the forearms and hands. Her nails are now razor sharp talons. Her legs are also covered with black bandages with three talons protruded on each foot. Her face now constantly has a manical grin on it, never quite leaving her face just like a cheshire cat. Her eyes no longer have a human color they are now yellow and her pupils are now vertical like a serpent's. On her forehead is a tattooed omega. Her hair and her bandages dance in the wild currents causing by her flapping wings.

Ravenine: "Hello, Rangers. Hehehehehe!"

The Rangers look up at Ravevine with shock.

Simon: "What in the world?"

Marcus: "Whoah! Is that Falconine?"

Aundria: "I.. think so but she's changed."

Victor: "What do you want with us, Falconine!"

Ravenine waves her finger back and forth: "No no no no no no. I don't go by that name anymore. No. Falconine is dead! With my new powers and my new face comes a new identity."

Ravenine grinds her teeth with maddening delight she starts to sing wildly: "Hehehehe.. The Avatar's gonna get yooouuuuu.. The Avatar's gonna get yooouuuu..! Hehehe hahaha!"

Ravenine dances around in the air singing about the avatar.

Aundria is bemused: "What is she doing?"

Marcus: "That chick is completely off her rocker!"

Victor: "Simon, what do you think?"

Simon: "I don't know. Whatever warped her body must have warped her mind as well. We're looking into the eyes of a madwoman."

Ravenine randomly fires a bolt of her power at the Rangers. They are knocked off of their feet. Victor yells out: "Whatever you're calling yourself these days, Falconine. I'm not in the mood for your games!"

Ravenine feigns innocence: "Meeeee? Oh no no no.. I'm not playing games. Though maybe we can play hide n' go scream in agonizing death. Ooooohhhh! That will be so much fun! Yippee! Hehehe.. Not in the mood? Okay. We'll play later when the Avatar arrives tomorrow."

Victor is worried: "Tomorrow."

Ravenine: "Oh yes yes yes. That's right. Tomorrow, the Avatar of the Endness will arrive. And when he doooes! We'll play a new game! That's right! A new game. You'll be playing dead! And a little birdy tells me that all of you will reeaaaallll good at playing that game! Hehehehe!"

Ravenine spins around in the air and flies backward: "Oh silly me. I haven't told you my name. I am Ravenine! Empress of the Endness! Remember that name well, my doe-eyed little lambs. Because that is the name of your destroyer! Have a nice day! Because you won't be having too many of those left! Hehehe.. Hahahahahaha!"

Ravenine's maniacal laughter echoes throughout the streets as she ports away in a burst of black energy. The Rangers stand amongst the ruins, fearing what tomorrow will hold for them.

The End.


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