Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 44
"The Trumpet Sounds"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A rocky desert at dusk. A battle is already in progress between the Psycho Rangers and Rizedatox.

Rizedatox crosses it's two staffs together creating a charge of dark energy. Speaking with Zedd's voice: "Foolish Rangers. You haven't the slightest chance of defeating us this time!"

Rizedatox with Divatox's voice: "Yeah!"

The crossed staffs release of bolt of dark energy at the Rangers and Damien. Psycho Red: "Look out!"

The heroes attempt to dodge the bolt but they still feel the force of the explosion caused by the bolts impact onto the ground. All three of Rizedatox's voices laugh with glee.

Rizedatox with Rita's voice: "*cackle* Face it, kiddies! Without your precious Almidor to trap us in the Infinity Stone, you don't have a monkey's prayer!"

Rizedatox with Divatox's voice: "Yeah!"

Psycho Red rolls to one knee and speaks out: "You haven't beaten us yet, you reject freak!"

Psycho Pink angrily inquires: "What did you to Almidor?"

Rizedatox with Rita's voice: "Forget the blacksmith, girlie! He's already been destroyed!"

The Rangers take this information with shock and disbelief. Psycho Black: "What?"

Psycho Yellow: "No."

Psycho Blue: "Crap! We never even got to chance to save the old fogey!"

Psycho Red: "I can't believe it."

Psycho Pink's fist trembles with emotional pain: "Well I won't believe it!"

Psycho Pink stands up and points at Rizedatox with conviction: "You're lying, Rita! And if you are telling the truth. Then I'll avenge my friend, right now!"

Rizedatox places it's hands on it's hips and lets out a jolly old laugh with Rita's voice: "Ho! Ho! Ho! So the timid little flower has some thorns afterall!"

Rizedatox motions with a finger for Psycho Pink to come get it and speaks with Zedd's voice: "Then try and get your revenge. You'll soon see all your passion and effort is futile."

Rizedatox with Divatox's voice: "Yeah!"

Rita's voice: "Oh put a sock in it already, sister!"

Divatox's voice: "Don't tell me what to do, you old witch. As soon as we get our own bodies back, I'll ring your clock!"

Rita's voice: "Old witch? How is that supposed to insult me, you one-eyed bimbo!"

Divatox's voice: "One-eyed bimbo! Oh that does it! I don't care if we are evil spirits sharing the same body. It's go time, you Wizard of Oz reject!"

Rizedatox drops both of it's staffs as it holds it's hands to it's head in agony and stumbles back and forth, while the sounds of cats and Rita and Divatox's arguing emanate from the monster's head.

Zedd's voice protests: "Oh for the love of Lokar! Will you spacehags give it a rest! I'm Lord Zedd! Ruler of all that I see and you're embarassing me out here! Knock it off!"

Rita and Divatox's voices together: "Can it, radiator face!"

The spirtual bickering continues as the Psycho Rangers and Damien just stand still, dumbfounded by the amalgam's incompetance.

Psycho Pink: "I'm confused. I'm angry for what they did to Almidor but they're so pitiful."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "Goofballs or not. Rita, Zedd and Divatox are three of the most evil fiends in the universe. If they ever get their act together, there's no telling how much damage they'll cause."

Psycho Yellow: "Right. Let's wipe these losers off the face the galaxy, once and for all."

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! Making badguys go boom! I'm always down wit dat!"

Psycho Black: "Besides. They may be clowns but they did destroy Almidor. It's unforgiveable."

Psycho Pink: "You're right. For Almidor!"

All the Rangers together: "For Almidor!"

The Psycho Rangers charge towards Rizedatox as Damien stays behind and watches.

Zedd's voice from Rizedatox: "I mean you two! Stop it now or I'll.."

Rizedatox notices the Rangers incoming attack: "..oh no."

Psycho Red takes the lead of the charge, leaping forward and coming down on Rizedatox's chest with a might blow from his sword. Sparks fly off the monster's chest. He spins low with a second strike to the monster's abdomen.

Psycho Red rolls out of the way as Psychos Blue and Black come down with their respect weapons. They then step aside as the lady Psychos fire their weapons upon Rizedatox.

Psycho Silver is the next attack. He charges and yells out: "Psycho Silverizer! Rapid-fire mode!"

Psycho Silver a steady stream of light bullets penetrates Rizedatox's body. He then leaps high into the air then comes straight down on the monsters as his weapon is cast in a blue glow. Psycho Silver turns away as explosions erupt all around Rizedatox.

Psycho Red holds his Psycho Sword in the air: "Treacheron Sword!"

Rizedatox with Divatox's voice: "What? There's more?!"

Psycho Red now holding both his sword and Treacheron's: "You bet there is! Kiya!"

Psycho Red charges as the Psycho Sword is consumed with red energy and Treacheron's katana is consumed with blue energy. Psycho Red strikes Rizedatox with the Psycho Sword and flashes of red light fill the view. Then he strikes with Treacheron's sword as the blade slices through Rizedatox, flashes of light make Psycho Red appear to transform back and forth between himself and Treacheron. The following explosion sends Rizedatox flying into the air and crashing into the side of a boulder.

Rizedatox struggles on the ground and all three voices speak in unison: "This can't be happening to us!"

The core Psychos all hold their Psycho Weapons in front of them and combine them into the Psycho Blaster. The Psycho Blaster falls into Psycho Red's hands as the other four Rangers stand behind him.

Psycho Red: "Psycho Blaster fire!"

Psycho Red fires the Psycho Blaster as the Rangers brace him for the recoil. The beam of power from the Psycho Blaster tears through Rizedatox and the monster is consumed in an explosion.

The Rangers except for Red cheer for their victory. Psycho Pink: "Yeah! We took them out."

Psycho Red keeps his restraint: "Not just yet. Look."

As the smoke starts to clear, Rizedatox's hand digs it's fingers into the ashed earth. The monster with new determination stands up and holds out it's hands. All three voices speak in unison: "That's does it. The kiddie gloves are off!"

Rita and Zedd's staffs behind the Rangers starts to rattle then levitate off the ground and strike the Psychos as the weapons charge past them. The Psycho Rangers fall to the ground as the staffs return to Rizedatox's hands. Zedd's voice: "I hope you Rangers are the gambling type because we're raising the stakes!"

Rizedatox crosses it's staffs above it's head and Rita and Zedd's voice speak together: "Magic wands! Make ourselves grow!"

Dark clouds fill the sky and a bolt of lightning strikes Rizedatox, causing the monster to grow into a giant.

The monster stomps the ground as the Rangers barely avoid it's giant-sized foot. Divatox's voice: "Hahahaha! Now we mean business, midget rangers! Awhahaha!"

Psycho Black takes a cautious stance as do the other Rangers: "Man! This fight just reached a whole other level!"

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Still at the desert and the fight is still in progress only now Rizedatox is a giant.

The monster stomps the ground as the Rangers barely avoid it's giant-sized foot. Divatox's voice: "Hahahaha! Now we mean business, midget rangers! Awhahaha!"

Psycho Black takes a cautious stance as do the other Rangers: "Man! This fight just reached a whole other level!"

Psycho Silver summons his Silver Morpher to call for his Zord: "Then let's go to a higher level too. Tora h..*"

Psycho Red places his hand over Silver's morpher to stop him: "No, Lucas. Let us handle this one on our own."

Psycho Silver puzzled: "Huh? Victor, why?"

Psycho Blue: "Because, kung-fu boy. We've got something to prove to that freakshow."

Psycho Yellow: "Sit this one out for us, please?"

Psycho Silver: "Very well. I know the issues brought up today occurred before I joined you guys. I'll respect your wishes."

Psycho Red pats Silver on the shoulder: "Thanks."

Psycho Red and the others summon their Guardian Keys: "We Guardianzord power now!"

Five pillars of colored light appear before the Rangers forming the Guardianzords. The Psycho Power Rangers leap high into the air and drop into the cockpits of their Zords.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Red Shogun Guardianzord, full power!"

The Red Shogun Guardianzord holds up it's saber and takes a battle stance. A solar flare bounces off the it's powerful blade.

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Yellow Samurai Guardianzord, full power!"

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord pulls out it's katana and takes an elegant battle stance. A beautiful sheen runs across the blade.

[Pink cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Pink Miko Guardianzord, full power!"

The Pink Miko Guardianzord holds it's hands together as if it were praying and bows as the wind blows through it's silk robes.

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Blue Tanuki Guardianzord, full power!"

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord growls as it's rear feet tear into the dirt. It then howls in anticipation.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Black Tengu Guardianzord, full power!"

The Black Tengu Guardianzord twirls it's lance as it's wings extend to it's full span. A hawk's squall echoes throughout desert.

All five Guardianzords stand side-by-side the dust rises behind them.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Activate Guardian Megazord!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

[Megazord cockpit scene] All the Psycho Rangers in unison: "Guardian Megazord, full power!"

Energy surges through the Guardian Megazord as it takes battle stance and it's brighten.

The Guardian Megazord and Rizedatox begin to circle each other to see who makes the first move. Rizedatox with Rita's voice: "Ha! The Guardian Megazord. We're soooo scared."

Rizedatox with Zedd's voice: "In case you've forgotten, the last time we fought your tincan, we made you are mere plaything!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Pyscho Red: "I know in our world, things tend to repeat. But sometimes the outcome turns out different!"

Rizedatox with Zedd's voice: "We'll see, now won't we!"

Rizedatox fires a bolt of lightning from Zedd's staff. The Guardian Megazord attempts to block it but the Rangers still feel the impact inside.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Man! That blow was intense."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red confidently takes hold of the controls: "Heh. Things haven't even begun to get intense."

The Guardian Megazord fires several fireballs from it's forehead. Rizedatox manages to deflect the first two fireballs with it's staffs but the third and fourth ones hits their mark.

Psycho Blue's voice: "My turn!"

The Guardian Megazord's hands cast a blue light then Megazord rampages through Rizedatox. Laying upon the amalgam, blow after blow after blow after blow in rapid speed.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Let's finish this!"

The dazed Rizedatox staggers back as the clouds form. Lightning erupts in the darkened sky, the Guardian Megazord holds up it's arm. A large lightning bolt strikes the Megazord's hand and forms the energy sword. The Guardian Megazord's eyes turn from yellow to red then stares at Rizedatox.

Rita's voice from Rizedatox: "Zeddy, how can this be? They weren't nearly this strong the last time!"

Zedd's voice: "No! It can't end like this!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Oh but is! Guardian Megazord energy strike!"

The Guardian Megazord strikes Rizedatox with it's energy sword, drawing a hundred lightning bolts to the monster. The Guardian Megazord stands still as Rizedatox slowly falls backward. Rita's voice: "Oh I have a head..*"

Divatox's voice cuts her off: "We all have headaches.. ooooohhh*"

Rizedatox falls to the ground and explodes, the Megazord's sword fades away and the sky clears as it stands victorious.

Psycho Pink's voice: "That one was for you, old friend."

Scene 2

Setting: A dark lair in an undisclosed location in the galaxy. It is the secret lair of Dr. Hinelar. It's dimly lit and creepy room. Dr. Hinelar stands in front two rows of crystal orbs, one row stacked on top of the other. Each orb displaying images from a section of the galaxy. If one were to look close, he would catch images of Masked Rider, the Space Rangers, Beetleborgs, Galaxy Rangers, Trakeena, a three-eyed horned man in the darkness, the VR Troopers, Shebana, and countless other prominent figures.

In the center of the room is a workbench with various trinkets and tools lying about, most noticeable is the Infinity Stone. In the back of the room is a man, shrouded in darkness and shackled to the floor.

Dr. Hinelar and Twerp watch one orb in particular. The one featuring the Psycho Rangers in their most recent battle.

The orb shows Rizedatox falling to the ground and exploding while the Megazord's sword fades away and the sky clears as it stands victorious.

Psycho Pink's voice is heard from the orb: "That one was for you, old friend."

Dr. Hinelar is amused by the Pink Ranger's comments and chuckles: "Hmhmhmhm. How quaint. They think you're already dead."

Dr. Hinelar turns to the man in darkness, who is apparently Almidor. Twerp: "Hey boss. It would be rude to disappoint those leather-wearing nimrods."

Dr. Hinelar looks at Twerp briefly: "Perhaps. I did afterall only release him and those vagrants from the Infinity Stone because they were disrupting my experiments from within. But still I could have use for this blacksmith."

Twerp is surprised: "Huh? Like what?"

Dr. Hinelar: "Think about it, my mischeivous creation. Almidor is a highly regarded friend of the Power Rangers Psycho. I could easily place a mind control device of some sort on him and have him attack the Rangers. They would be heartbroken and reluctant to fight him. It would be evil scheme to Darkonda's liking and would perhaps eliminate those annoying Psycho Rangers once and for all!"

Twerp's eyes widen with excitement: "Hey, hey, hey! That's a great idea, boss! Those loserinos wouldn't know what to do! Hehehe!"

Dr. Hinelar: "Yes. It's another brilliant plan of mine. Then again, I've never liked this man and perhaps I'd simply want to erase him from my little story right now!"

Dr. Hinelar without pause fires a purple bolt of energy from his right hand at Almidor. The blacksmith screams in agony but his pain is shortlived as his flesh is instantly vaporized and his skeleton soon follows. Leaving nothing behind but a pile of dust.

Twerp mimics an umpire: "Wow! Just like that. Hhhheeeee's outta there!!!"

Dr. Hinelar walks to the ashes that were once Almidor. He scoops up a handful and stares at it for it moment: "Poor little blacksmith. Really, your only crime was that you had no role to play in my grand epic and for that you paid the ultimate price. Fate is a cruel mistress..."

Dr. Hinelar blows the ashes from his hand: "...and yet that is why I chose her as my lover. Hmhmhahahahaha!"

Dr. Hinelar's manical laughter echoes throughout his eery lair where the only light illuminating, comes from his voyeuristic orbs.

Scene 3

Setting: Much later inside the Sky Knight Megaship. Simon, Damien, Marcus and Aundria walk down one of the ships many halls.

Marcus in a particularly jovial mood starting rolling his hands as if he were disco dancing and almost sings: "We're going home! We're going home! We kicked mucho rearendo and now we're going home!"

Aundria is bemused: "Heh. I see someone's disposition is pleasantly sunny for a change."

Marcus: "And why shouldn't I be, Ms. Va-va-boom? After all the crap we've been through ever since we left Deacon Blue, we're only six hours away from getting back home."

Damien feeling melancholy: "I wish I could share you're enthusiasm in returning to Deacon Blue."

Marcus: "Oh come on, man! You may have helped out our Silver Ranger and got us on good terms with the space team's Silver Rangers but if you don't brighten up, I'm kicking you off this ship!"

Aundria comes to Damien's defense: "Lay off, Marcus. As far as I'm concerned, Damien's earned his keep. If it wasn't for him, Lucas may not even be alive today and had if didn't prepare Zhane for us, that meeting a few days back wouldn't gone anywhere near as smoothly. And besides, you're forgetting when we get back to Deacon Blue we're going to have to fight Darkonda and Falconine again."

Marcus: "Yeah? So we get back to embarassing laughing boy and feather girl again."

Damien: "*ahem!*"

Marcus smacks his own forehead: "D'oh! Damn, I can be airheaded sometimes."

Aundria snidely replies: "Sometimes? Try all the time."

Damien: "*sigh* I've been trying to avoid it as long as I could but it's only a matter of time before I will have to fight my sister."

Simon: "I feel for you but still I'm looking forward to getting back to Deacon Blue where things are little bit simpler for us."

Marcus: "I hear that. All the crap we've had to deal with. That Nepton weirdo spouting off about this Necrari nonsense. Then there was that mess on Eltar with Big Red's old running buddies."

Aundria: "Not to mention those rogue Power Rangers and Serpenterra."

Simon: "And who knows what Darkonda has been up to in absence. I know Ecliptor and Tabuna are covering for us but Deacon Blue needs all of us there."

Damien: "Yes. Hopefully I'll be of help. There's a lot of mistakes I have to fix including how I have left things with Candra."

Marcus wraps his arm around Damien who is clearly uncomfortable with the gesture and squirms a bit: "Well there's nothing we can do about any of that til we get there so let's just sit back and relax 'til then."

Aundria shows a devilish grin: "For once, I couldn't agree with you more. Later guys."

Aundria turns away and enters the elevator, clearly with something in mind.

Marcus: "Now what is that buxom wench up to?"

Damien gives Marcus a double-take: "'Buxom wench'?"

Marcus grins and playfully punches Damien in the shoulder: "Heh. Yeah right, like you always look above the neck. Hehehahaha. Come on, man we're going to eat. So with us, blondie?"

Simon: "No thanks, Marcus. I'm going to check up on Angela. She's taken the news about Almidor, pretty hard."

Marcus: "Gotta keep the sugar in your kool-aid. I understand. Later then, four-eyes."

Marcus drags the puzzled Damien with him to cafeteria: "Come on, kid. We're gonna get our grub on!"

The two turn around the corner and Simon hears Damien's voice: "What in great Bethany's name are you talkin' about?!"

Simon shakes his head with a bemused smile: "I bet Damien doesn't know what's worse. When Marcus hates you or when he takes a liking to you."

Simon continues on his way to see Angela.

Scene 4

Setting: Lucas' quarters. The standard living quarters for the ship. Lucas has customized it somewhat to suit him. With more Asian-esque decorations. The only light in the room comes from a pair of candles, set next to burning incense.

Lucas is wearing only the pants to his ki while he goes through a ritual exercise of training. His eyes closed his body moves back and forth a like a silk sheet in the breeze while his arms set into various poses with each transition being as smooth as water."

He then lifts his left leg in vertical position that only the most fit of martial artists or gymnists would be able to accomplish. He then lowers his leg in a motion then sends him into a slow elegant roundhouse. He pauses in the middle of a side-highkick when a computerized bell goes off.

Holding his position and leaving his eyes closed: "Come in."

The door slides open and Aundria enters, the door closes behind her. She's somewhat startled by what she sees: "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were meditating."

Lucas finally brings his leg back down and turns around to face Aundria: "Don't apologize. I'm always available when you need to see me."

Aundria eyes up and down Lucas: "Oh I'm seeing you all right."

Lucas blushes: "Well.. um.."

Aundria walks up to Lucas and wraps her arms around him, kissing him on the cheek: "Hehe.. You're cute when you're embarassed."

Lucas smiles: "Well.. in my defense. I've never had a chance to get accustomed to such behavior in my homeland. There's no woman quite like you there."

Aundria pulls in closer: "Well, I've never claimed to be the type of girl, you take home to momma."

Lucas turns his head slightly: "True. But if you were then you wouldn't be my beautiful kitsune."

The two embrace passionately. Aundria kicks off her shoes as Lucas lifts her from her feet. Never ceasing their kissing. Lucas lays her on his bed and the fingers of their hands entwine. He releases his right hand from hers momentarily and quickly slices the air. The breeze created by this motion blows out the candles.

Scene 5

Setting: The cafeteria. The scene opens with a close-up of Marcus' finger going through a donut hole as he picks up the powdered delight.

Marcus takes a bite out of his donut as Damien in a bored fashion takes a sip of orange juice through a straw.

Marcus: "So tell me, man. What was the catalyst for the change in your sociological behaviour."

Damien caught off guard: "Huh?"

Marcus twirls the half-eaten donut around his pointing finger with a smug look on his face: "Heh. Don't know what the hell I just said? Or are you just surprised that I'm capable of talking like that?"

Damien discards the straw and prepares to drink his orange juice normally: "The latter. Are you a dullard or merely putting on an act?"

Marcus stares at Damien and grins: "The latter. Now about that question."

Damien: "As to what caused me to cease my evil ways? I have Aundria and Lucas to thank for that."

Marcus: "No. No. No. I mean where did your pompous, 'I'm better than you.' attitude go. I mean, you're still as stiff as a twig but you ain't nowhere near as snobbish as you used to be."

Damien: "Hmm.. That was a necessity. Besides being humiliated by the likes of Darkonda, I found most people disagreed with my previous composure."

Marcus: "Heh. In other words, people didn't like you cuz you were a jerkwad."

Damien: "That's cruder than I would put it but yes. So what about you?"

Marcus repeats the question: "What about me?"

Damien: "Well to be frank. You act like a.. 'jerkwad', you're clearly doing it on purpose so why do it? Do you not want people to like you?"

Marcus: "No one wants to unloved, man. It wasn't always an act but I have to admit that I've mellowed out like everyone else over the past year. Inside anyway but I keep up the front because I don't want half-assed friends."

Damien: "What do you mean by that?"

Marcus finishes off his donut then stands up from his chair: "If you really want to know. You'll figure it out."

Marcus pats his belly: "Ah! That synthetic food tastes like crap but it still hit the spot. Now for a beauty nap."

Damien: "What do you mean I'll figure out. You started this conversation, it's only right you give me straight answers here."

Marcus chuckles to himself as he leaves the room: "Later, man. And remind to hook you up with some new threads when we get back to Deacon Blue. Real men just don't wear feathers! Hehehahahaha!"

Marcus leaves the cafeteria leaving a confused Damien to ponder: "You are a puzzling man, Marcus Blue. You're clearly a deeper thinker than anyone gives you credit for and I can't help but feel you just manipulated me. But to do what?"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: In space, the Sky Knight Megaship releases a polarity beam to create a temporary hole in the wall of asteroids. The Megaship quickly flies through the hole, thus returning to the enclosed galaxy at last.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 quietly goes through systems checking when suddenly a beeping sound emanates from one of the consoles.

Beta 1: "Huh? What's this?"

Beta 1 presses the blinking button where the sound originated from then the Viewing Globe shows the Sky Knight Megaship heading towards Deacon Blue.

Beta 1 throws his hands on his head in excitement: "Aye ai ai! Zordon, the Rangers are back!"

A smile on Zordon's face is vaguely visible through his cloudy energy tube: "This is excellent news indeed, Beta. Inform Ecliptor and Tabuna immediately."

Beta 1 presses a few more buttons on the console: "Right away, Zordon."

Scene 3

Setting: The Megaship hangar. Tabuna and Ecliptor are awaiting the Rangers' arrival. The hangar gate opens up, meaning that the mountain is splitting open from the outside. Tabuna momentarily covers her eyes while they adjust to the sudden influx of sunlight.

The Sky Knight Megaship is soon visible in the stratosphere, slowly lowering into the hangar. It's engines and thrusters making an almost deafening sound. The ship settles into the docking area. The engines cease, burst of mist are released as the hydraulic clamps lock onto the ship's underbelly. The side door of the Megaship opens and a bridge telescopes from the ship while a bridge extends from the dock. The two bridges lock together. Tabuna anxiously waits at the end of the bridge on the dock. When the first figure steps out from the ship, Tabuna's face brightens up as if today was the happiest day of her life.

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 and Zordon look to the entrance as it opens up. Ecliptor enters the chamber, closely followed by Tabuna.

Beta 1: "Well?"

Tabuna presents: "Ta-da!"

In comes the Rangers. Marcus quickly steps in front of the group: "Guess who's back!"

Beta 1 almost jumps for joy: "Aye ai ai! They're back! Welcome home Rangers!"

Angela bends down to give Beta a hug: "Thanks Beta, it's good to be back."

Victor turns to Zordon: "Hey Zordon. Good to see the place hasn't fallen to pieces while we were gone."

Zordon is surprisingly amused: "Hmhmhm. You can thank Ecliptor and Tabuna for that. I trust that everything went well during your mission to Aquitar?"

Victor looks away for a moment to hide his hint of grief: "We.. had some ups and downs."

Aundria steps forward: "Before Victor gets to the details, we picked up an old aquaintance during our voyage."

Aundria steps aside as Damien enters the room, not quite sure what to make of his current status quo. He looks up to Zordon.

Zordon: "Welcome Damien. I was hoping you would join us soon."

Damien: "Are you Zordon? You seem familiar..."

Zordon pauses for a moment: "I see though we have never meant before until now."

Simon: "Perhaps you've seen images of Zordon before during your time with Darkonda?"

Damien: "Um.. perhaps."

Zordon: "Yes.. perhaps."

Victor interjects: "We just came from a long trip so why don't the rest of you guys go get some rest. I'll stay here Zordon while both get caught up."

Simon: "Sounds like a plan."

Damien walks to Simon: "Actually I was hoping that you could show me the Guardian Puzzle, I think I may know how to crack it's code."

Simon: "Oh? That's right, you've actually known the ancient guardians. Alright let's see what we can figure out together."

Everyone except for Ecliptor, Beta and Victor exit the room. Tabuna looks to Victor: "I'll be waiting at the lake when you're done, Vic."

Victor holds up to fingers to acknowledge her message, then she leaves.

Victor: "So tell me. What have Darkonda and Falconine been up to since we've left."

Ecliptor: "They attempted to overpower me with an army of previously fallen monsters but I managed to overcome that gauntlet."

Victor smirks: "That doesn't surprise me one bit."

Ecliptor: "Darkonda then got careless and lowered the shield of the Dark Carrier in hopes of assaulting me with his ship. In my ultimate form, I managed to destroy the Dark Carrier with one blow."

Victor shocked: "What?! Unbelievable! So where are they now?"

Zordon responds: "We are unsure. After the destruction of the Dark Carrier, Darkonda and Falconine have been nowhere to be found."

Victor: "I guess it's too much to hope for that they were actually destroyed along with the Dark Carrier."

Ecliptor: "I wouldn't bet on it. If there's one thing I've learned about Darkonda over the years, he has an annoying habit of returning just as you've thought he's gone for good."

Zordon: "We can however assume that the various factions of the Alliance are not aware of Darkonda's current state either. Mondo, Havoc, Gasket and Vile have all remained at their stations throughout the world with no change of activity."

Victor: "I'm not surprised. Backstabbing isn't a trait unique to Darkonda. Without Falconine's Dark Carrier, he's lost his leverage against the rest of the Alliance of Evil. If word got out that the Dark Carrier has been destroyed.."

Ecliptor finishes: "..any and all of them will rush here to New Bethany to destroy Darkonda just as they would us. This may be an even more dangerous situation that we've previously realized."

Victor: "How so?"

Ecliptor: "Darkonda is a cunning fiend, to be sure. But with his current situation, wherever he is. He's desperate and there's no telling what he'll do next. Who knows what trump card he has up his sleeve."

Scene 5

Setting: The wastelands. Falconine continues to wander in a trance state, closely followed by the ever loyal Rygog. Close behind are Darkonda, Furio and Cybera. In the far back are various other minions and Skullinites.

Falconine stops as unintelligble voices speak inside her head. She turns to the left: "This way."

Falconine now heads down a hill into what leads into a swamp. Rygog follows like a puppy dog: "Of course, my vision of delectable viciousness."

Furio protests to Darkonda: "Darkonda, how much longer are we going to follow this woman to the ends of the Blue? She's clearly lost her mind."

Darkonda: "That is where you're wrong. This isn't a case of insanity, some great force is leading her somewhere. Somewhere where there's great power."

Furio: "How can you be so sure?"

Darkonda tightens his fist: "Because I've always been drawn to power and right now I feel myself drawn to this swamp. I can sense it. A power greater than I've ever felt before. A power even greater and more evil than Dr. Hinelar!"

Furio: "Watch your tongue. You know Hinelar, sees all." Darkonda: "You fear the 'good' doctor, eh? Heh heh heh. If Falconine is leading us to what I think she is. Then the only one you'll ever have to fear from now on will be me!"

Darkonda and Cybera quickly resume their walk, following Falconine and Rygog down the valley and into the swamp. Furio stands still for a moment and shakes his head: "And how exactly am I supposed to feel better about that?!"

Scene 6

Setting: Almidor's Simon's lab. The Guardian Puzzle is levitated by a device projecting an anti-gravity beam. This allows the puzzle to be examined at all angles at once. A 3-times scale hologram of the puzzle is projected from another device set in front of a console where Simon and Damien are located.

The hologram of the puzzle rotates. Damien suddenly points and speaks out: "Wait! Hold it there."

Simon releases a button on the console to stop the rotation of the hologram: "You see something?"

Damien scratches his chin: "I believe so. Can you magnify this hologram further?"

Simon clicks on his trackball: "Certainly."

The image doubles in size twice before Damien motions for Simon to stop: "Right there."

The rear side of the puzzle which the investigating shows an engravement of a raven. Simon: "It looks like a bird."

Damien: "A raven, Candra's favorite bird."

Simon takes off his glasses momentarily: "Come to think of it, the spell she uses to make monsters grow takes the form of a raven. I wonder if there's an actual reason for it."

Damien: "There is. A raven is a crow which is the form of Karasu the Destroyerzord."

Simon looks at Damien: "Karasu! I've read information on it from what little of the puzzle I could decipher. It's to be piloted by this Avatar of the Endness."

Damien: "Correct. As I recall from what Candra told me when we were children there are three great forces in the universe, each one is represented by a Zord of untold power. Karasu, Hato and Omnis. She told me about that when she gave me.."

Something clicks for Damien and he quickly pulls an chain out from under his collar, a locket. He opens the locket to reveal a small key with a flat tip showing the same engraved image of the raven: "Of course. We never quite knew what this key was to when we were children but it has to. Simon, bring me the Guardian Puzzle."

Simon: "You think that key of yours will unlock the puzzle?"

Damien: "I'm not completely certain.."

Simon rushes to the Guardian Puzzle: "Gotcha. It won't hurt to give it a try."

Simon deactivates the anti-gravity field and removes the Guardian Puzzle from the device. Simultaneously the hologram of the puzzle disappears. Simon holds up the puzzle for Damien and he holds the tip of the key to the small engraved raven, light breaks through the Guardian Puzzle, which now levitates on it's and pushes Simon and Damien away from it.

Simon: "Call me crazy but I think it's working."

Damien in awe of the puzzle: "Indeed."

The puzzle spins around and unravels before their eyes becoming a flat copper stone with five engravements. The insignias of the Psycho Rangers.

Damien disappointed: "More locks it would seem."

Simon nods but smiles: "Yeah but we already have the keys to these. I'm going to call the others. Stay here in case anything happens."

Simon rushes out the lab to bring in the other Rangers while Damien watches in amazement of the Guardian Puzzle's latest form.

Scene 7

Setting: The swamp. In a darkened area that appears to have been secluded from the rest of the world since the beginning of time. Falconine enters this small pit, followed closely by Rygog. Darkonda, Furio and Cybera also follow but maintain their distance.

Falconine lifts her head with eyes closes as if she were in ecstasy: "This is the place."

Rygog is puzzled: "It is? But my queen, there's nothing here but mud and plants."

Furio places his fists to his hips and scoffs: "Ha! What did I tell you. The destruction of the Dark Carrier, has cause her to flip her lid. We wasted all this time following this loon and for what? A bunch of muck."

Darkonda yells at Furio: "Silence! You're making a fool of yourself! Can't you feel it? There's a presence here."

Furio: "I don't feel anything. And even if there was something here, Cybera would have detected it by now."

Cybera speaks as she scans the area: "There is an unknown energy source here. Analysis of energy source. Failed. Frequencies contradict established logistics."

Furio: "What nonsense are you going off about you worthless drone!"

Darkonda smirks: "Heh heh heh. An energy that defies existence. Don't you get, you fool. We're in the presence of the Endness!"

Furio: "What?!"

Falconine lifts her hand into the air a purple light emits from her hand causing the vine before her to dry out and crumble. Revealing a pedestal with a onyx raven.

Furio: "What in Lokar's name is this?"

Darkonda: "Interesting."

Falconine grabs hold of the raven's neck, casting the statue in a purple glow. The pedestal then releases a pillar of dark power that tears through the roof of vines and trees that keeps this hidden area of the swamp in darkness. The pillar reaches into the sky form black clouds over the swamp, a thunder storm and earthquake erupts around the swamp.

Furio falls to the ground and ends up with a face full of mud. Darkonda grabs ahold of tree as does Cybera. Darkonda is more excited than terrified of the recent turn of events: "Magnificent! Simply magnificent!"

Furio: "I was wrong! Falconine's not the one that's nuts! You are!"

Darkonda breaks into a maniacal laughter!

Rygog struggles to maintain his footing: "My queen! What is happening?!"

Falconine is completely oblivious to the chaos erupting around her, she is completely entranced by the power shown to her: "My destiny, Rygog! My destiny! Bwahahahahahaha!"

Scene 8

Setting: In what may be a void. A lone man sits in the black darkness with nothing but his own thoughts to keep him occupied. The darkness hides his face but he appears to be wearing all black leather with a black leather cape.

The mystery man is awakened suddenly and stands up: "So the time to end my facade has finally come."

The mystery man marches to nowhere and simply vanishes with his last words echoing throughout the void: "So be it."

Scene 9

Setting: A bike path in the country side. Paige, Chris and Redhead ride their bicycles through the path, simply enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Paige suddenly stops her bike and looks at the sky, noticing the clouds forming: "That's strange."

Redhead and Chris also stop their bikes. Redhead: "What is it, sis?"

Paige: "Looks like there's a storm coming through."

Chris: "Well that sucks. So much for our picnic plans, right?"

Paige: "Yeah but didn't the weatherman say today was going to clear skies all day?"

Redhead playfully gives his sister a noogie: "Silly girl! Since when are weathermen ever right about anything."

Paige playfully pushes Redhead away: "Knock it off, goofball. I mean you're right but still. Something about this doesn't feel right."

Redhead: "Heh. I think maybe you're just missing that boyfriend of yours. When is he coming back from that business trip anyway."

Paige: "Don't know for sure. I guess he could come back anyday now. Maybe I should check my answering machine."

Chris: "Look guys. No matter how the weather was supposed be. It ain't happening now. We might as well go home before it starts to rain."

Redhead: "I'm with you, dawg. Come on, sis. Let's go."

Chris and Redhead turn around and Paige soon follows: "You're right. Let's go home. *sigh*"

Scene 10

Setting: Simon's lab. All the Rangers including Lucas are now gathered around the Guardian. Lucas and Damien stand back as Victor, Marcus, Simon, Aundria and Angela place their Guardian Keys in their respective slots.

Victor: "Let's hope this works."

Simon: "Don't worry it will."

Marcus: "Nothing's happening."

Simon: "Patience, mein fruend."

Marcus: "You totally butchered the German language, man."

Aundria: "Quiet! As if you would know anyway. Something's happening!" Angela: "What is this?"

Simon: "It's the Guardian Puzzle unlocked but it's in a language that I've never seen before."

Lucas steps forward: "It's ancient Jakalian. The language of my ancestors."

Victor: "Can you read it?"

Lucas: "Yes. All Silver Monks are required to learn the ancient language even though we speak with the modern tongue."

Marcus: "Well don't keep us in suspense, kung-fu boy! Spill the beans already!"

Lucas slightly annoyed by Marcus agrees to do so anyway: "Of course."

Lucas begins to translate the Jakalian runes for the other Rangers: "There exists three great forces. The Beginning. The Eternity. The Endness. There exists three great powers. Hato. Omnis. Karasu."

Simon's eyes grow wide and he turns to Damien: "Just like you told me earlier."

Damien nods: "Indeed."

Lucas continues: "Two of three have met their time. Only one remains to snip the thread of life from all."

Everyone in the room grows nervous by the ominous words. Angela quietly takes Simon's arm: "Something about this is giving me the chills."

Simon whispers to Angela: "I know. We're all feeling it."

Lucas continues: "There is no life with the Endness. No afterlife. No existence. Soul and flesh alike will perish."

[Flashback of the Endness destroying the soul of Singha-Bah.]

Lucas: "The Beginning has vanished, the Eternity is fading. Oh great chosen ones of Eternity. Only eternity can prevent the grand finale of existence."

The sound of thunder crackles through out the room.

Lucas: "You, the blazing inferno."

The Red Guardian Key returns to Victor.

Lucas: "You, the unrelenting mountain."

The Black Guardian Key returns to Simon.

Lucas: "You, the courageous beast."

The Yellow Guardian Key returns to Aundria.

Lucas: "You, freezing blizzard."

The Blue Guardian Key returns to Marcus.

Lucas: "You, the beautiful flower."

The Pink Guardian Key returns to Angela.

All the Rangers examine their Guardian Keys as they shine brightly in their hands.

Lucas: "You, the noble and gentle tiger."

A sixth Guardian Key forms from nothing. It resembles the other five keys except it is silver and has the engraved image of Tora's face on it. The Silver Guardian Key lands in Lucas' hand.

Simon: "Another Guardian Key?"

Victor: "This is getting more intriguing by the minute. Is there more, Lucas."

Lucas draws his attention away from his Guardian Key: "Huh? Oh right. Sorry, I'll continue."

Lucas resumes the translation of the puzzle: "You are the Eternity. The raven caws for your death. As well as her own as the raven slips into madness."

Damien grows concerned: "The raven? Is this scripture referring to my sister? Please tell me!"

Lucas: "I'm sorry. It doesn't say for sure. But considering what she's been up to, I'm afraid it probably is."

Damien: "No! I have to find her now!"

Damien tries to leave but Aundria stops him: "Hold it. There's nothing you can do at the moment. Let's hear the rest of this prophecy before we make our next move."

Damien concedes: "You're right. I'm letting my passion get the best of me."

Aundria: "Hey. It's understandable. Just sit tight for now, okay?"

Damien nods then glances at Lucas to let him know he can continue.

Lucas: "I think this next part may be referring to this so-called Avatar of the Endness."

Victor: "Then let's hear it."

Lucas: "Right."

Lucas continues: "A tortured soul shall challenge you. A sole remaining flicker of existence before existence. This ghost of a dead universe, he is Ragnarok's child. This phantom of a perished reality, he is Apocalypse's lover. This spirit of the void, he is.. he is.. the Avatar of the Endness. And as he awakens, the world will sleep eternally."

Marcus: "Man! Sounds like this Avatar guy is going to be bad news."

Victor: "I'm worried that might be an understatement, Marcus."

Lucas: "Fight, blazing inferno!"

The Red Guardian Key bursts with light.

Lucas: "Fight, unrelenting mountain!"

As does the Black Guardian Key.

Lucas: "Fight, courageous beast!"

As does the Yellow Guardian Key.

Lucas: "Fight, freezing blizzard!"

As does the Blue Guardian Key.

Lucas: "Fight, beautiful flower!"

And so does the Pink Guardian Key burst with light.

Lucas: "And fight, noble one."

Finally the newly formed Silver Guardian Key bursts with with light in Lucas' hand.

Marcus: "Heh. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. We basically been scratching our heads to open up an ancient pep talk!"

Victor: "I think it's a bit more than that. Is that all of it, Lucas?"

Lucas: "No, there's one more verse left."

Lucas continues: "The sun fades, night consumes. The pure tainted, the twisted twined. The crow caws... The crow caws.."

Lucas grows relunctant to finish the line. Damien glares at Lucas then looks at the second to last line: "Hmmm.."

Victor: "Well?"

Lucas: "Sorry. I um.. lost my train of thought just now."

Lucas: "The final line says, 'The Era of Endness is at hand.'"

A lightning breaks out from within the lab. Everyone takes cover as bolts of lightning destroy various computers, monitors and test tubes through. When the storm ceases The Guardian Puzzle breaks apart into dust and vanishes.

Marcus: "Man! Hardcore!"

Simon: "I couldn't agree with you more. It completely wrecked my lab."

Aundria: "It looks the Guardian Puzzle is history too."

Angela: "I wish we could have learned more from it."

Victor: "Well we can't now. We're just going to have move on with what we do know."

Marcus: "Yeah. That whole bunch of bad mojo is coming our way and if we don't stop it. Poof! Universe goes bye-bye."

Aundria sarcastically adds: "Yeah. Not too much pressure, is it?"

Victor: "Come on. Let's tell Zordon what we just learned here. Maybe he'll know something else."

Simon: "Right. I'll clean this mess up later."

The Rangers quickly exit the lab. Lucas is about to follow them but Damien grabs his arm: "Wait!"

Lucas: "What is it?"

Damien: "You held back just now."

Lucas: "What are you talking about?"

Damien: "Don't play dumb with me, Lucas. Lying doesn't suit you. I'm not as fluent as you are with Jakalian but I could grasp a few pieces here and there and I know you intentionally skipped that part towards the end."

Lucas: "So you know."

Damien: "Yes. 'The crow caws and the tiger shall fall.' Why did hold that back."

Lucas pushes away Damien with an anger that is uncharastic of his usually held back demeanor: "Isn't it obvious?"

Damien: "But why not tell them?"

Lucas: "They have enough on their minds right now at a time when we're going to have focus all of energy towards stopping the Endness. They don't need to be distracted knowing that no matter how things turn out, I'm going to be kil."

*SLAP!* Out of nowhere Aundria slaps Lucas across the cheek! Her eyes are filled with tears.

Aundria glares at Damien for a moment: "Leave us."

Damien knows that now is the time for the two lovers to be alone and without a word, he exits the room.

Lucas holds his now red cheek: "Aundria. Why did you.."

Aundria: "SHUT UP! How can you be so damn selfish!"

Lucas has no idea what to say: "Aundria.."

Aundria fails to fight back her tears: "This damn prophecy says you're going to die and you planned on keeping that from us? To hell with us being distracted we care about you! We love you! I love you!"

Lucas takes Aundria by her arms: "I know. That's why I wasn't going to tell you. Look at how you are acting now. I knew this was going to happen if you knew I was going to die! You're hysterical."

Aundria: "So freakin' what if I'm getting hysterical! At least I know the truth. At least now we can do something about it."

Lucas: "There isn't anything that can be done about it!"

Aundria screams: "The hell there is! We can make what time we have left count even more! We can find away to save you! I know we can!"

Lucas shakes his head and turns away from Aundria: "No. There isn't. It's prophecy, we can do nothing but accept what fate has in store for us. For me."

Aundria: "Who cares what this so-called prophecy says!"

Aundria grabs Lucas and turns him around and desperately pleads with him: "We can make our own destiny! So don't you give up just because some guy thousands of years ago came up with nonsense!"

Lucas: "Aundria. I can't disregard this. It's part of my beliefs."

Aundria: "So. Just change your beliefs. Please, for me."

Lucas's eyes changes from guilt to restrained anger. He calmly pushes Aundria aside and begins to leave the room. He stops at the door but doesn't look to her: "Just change my beliefs.. You just accused me of being selfish and yet how can you ask such a thing from me?"

Aundria almost weaps: "But Lucas.."

Lucas: "You already made me violate one of my people's sacred laws. I am a monk and things I've done with you in passion were a mistake."

Aundria becomes silent and looks down: "How.. how can you say that?"

Lucas still not looking at her: "I'll be damned before I spit in the face of everything I've believed in and everything my people and my ancestors have believed in."

Aundria reaches out for Lucas as he leaves: "Lucas wait!"

He doesn't respond. Leaving Aundria alone. She falls to her knees, crying to herself.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The swamp. The quaking has settled but Darkonda and the others still shield their eyes from the blinding light the pillar. All except for Falconine, who gazes at light like a madwoman with her arms extended.

The energy crackles in the air around Falconine: "Yes! I can sense your awakening, harbinger of death. Arise now and sound the trumpets! Let the trumpets signal the dawn of a new era! The era of the Endness!"

With that, the pillar of light explodes with energy, tearing apart the ground surrounding it. A large figure appears in the light, then finally the column fades leaving behind a large armored monster.

The monster easily dwarfs everyone else in it's presence. It looks a large and bulky black knight. His armor is made from black onyx giving it a haunting black shine. His face if he even has one is concealed behind armored plate with a grilled visor. Glowing red eyes are the only thing visible from within the sloped helmet. A copper insignia is etched to the forehead of his helmet, at first glance one would think it was a horseshoe but a closer examination reveals that it's actual the Greek letter, omega.

His onyx mail is vaguely chiseled to look a muscular torso, the finish has copper highlights. His shoulderplates both extend to resemble the horns of a bull. His arms look muscular, wrapped in copper coils with onyx gauntlets. He legs are also armored with large horned feet and boots that end the knees with large, spaded tongues.

This monster holds in his right hand, a large lance or bladed staff. A copper, coiled rod with a large onyx spearhead at the bottom, which is currently staked into the ground slightly. A curved or cresented silver blade, hugged by an onyx holder that resembles black foam at the top. Finally he wear a dark brown leather belt, mainly to hold his dark copper trumpet onto his left hip.

The monster steps forward and stabs the ground with his lance as he stands before Falconine. Falconine is impressed with this monster's presence. The monster salutes Falconine then speaks with a inhumanly deep and gravely voice: "Empress of the Endness, I am Omagog the Harbinger. I will gladly serve you for the glory of the Endness."

Darkonda steps forward: "A most impressive appearance, Omagog. I'm sure you'll serve.."

Omagog picks up his lance and aims the cresent tip at Darkonda, firing a black bolt of energy at him: "Silence, infidel!"

The blast sends Darkonda flying backward: "Yaaahhhh!!!"

Cybera manages to catch Darkonda: "Warning. Subject, Omagog's power levels too high to measure accurately."

Omagog marches towards Darkonda, Cybera and Furio. He holds up his lance and charges it up: "All insects such as you are to be squashed under my hooves!"

Falconine yells out: "Omagog!"

Omagog stops immediately. Falconine walks past him to Darkonda: "There's no need to destroy them. They will serve our cause."

Omagog lowers his staff: "As you wish."

Darkonda stumbles away from Cybera and confronts Falconine: "Falconine, this Omagog is powerful but needs to be put in his place. If we are..*gurk!*"

Falconine grabs Darkonda by the throat with one hand and lifts him off the ground. Darkonda grabs ahold of wrist in a vain attempt to alleviate the pressure of her grip. His feet dangle in the air.

Furio raises his sword to strike: "Just what do you think you're.. Augh!"

Two red beams blast Furio's sword from his hand. Furio turns to see who fired at him and is stunned: "You?!"

Rygog's eyes are smoking: "What do you think she's doing! My queen is doing something that should've been done a long time ago!"

Furio holds his hand in pain and spitfully replies: "Traitor."

Cybera steps up to help Darkonda but Omagog quickly holds the tip of his blade to here neck. Even though Cybera is incapable of feeling fear due to her lack of emotions even she realizes that she is no match Omagog and doing anything to have him cause her cease of functions would be an illogical action.

Falconine: "There is no we, Darkonda. Our partnership is over and the days that I entertain the notion of you being my equal are long gone."

Darkonda continues to struggle and gasp for air. Falconine: "You now have to choices. Serve me and the Endness or perish! What will it be?"

Darkonda gathers all of his strength and barely weases his answer: "I.. *gasp* will.. serve.. you..*"

With that, Falconine releases her iron grip dropping Darkonda to the ground. He falls to one knee and massages his neck while trying to get air back into his lungs.

Falconine: "Remember from this day forward, Darkonda. That the only reason you breathe is because I allow it. Never forget that or you will have inhaled your last breath."

Darkonda looks down to the ground holding in his rage: "Understood.. Empress Falconine."

Falconine smiles then turns to Omagog. Rygog can't help but be amused by Darkonda's new demotion. Darkonda grinds his teeth as he stares at the smug Rygog.

Cybera and Furio gather around Darkonda as Falconine and Omagog walk back to where the pedestal once was. Falconine: "Now that the eternal darkness is finally upon us we should announce the new era to the entire world. We'll also have to crush this planet's so-called defenders."

Rygog steps forward and bows: "My queen. Please allow me to take a group of Skullinites and we'll attack the Rangers' base!"

Falconine holds her hand in front of Rygog's face: "No, my loyal toad. The Skullinites have proven time and time again that they are absolutely worthless."

Omagog suggests: "Empress, if it is minions of competance that you require. Than I will summon such soldiers for you!"

Falconine: "Excellent, Omagog. What do you have in mind."

Omagog stakes his lance to the ground so that both of his hands are free. He then takes ahold of his trumpet: "Behold!"

Omagog blows into his trumpet. The song of battle echoes throughout the swamp, then the valley and throughout the world.

Scene 2

Setting: The countryside. Paige, Redhead and Chris continue their bike ride home. Paige however stops as do Redhead and Chris when they hear the trumpet of Omagog.

Paige: "What the heck is that?"

Redhead: "It sounds like someone is playing a trumpet but I don't see anyone out here."

Paige: "Something about this doesn't feel right."

Chris rolls his eyes: "Oh, here we go again. Come on, let's just go already."

Chris rides off. Redhead motions for Paige to follow: "Come on, sis."

Paige reluncantly nods: "Okay."

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. The trumpet of Omagog is heard even within the Rangers' base.

Marcus covers his ears: "Ow! What the heck is that?"

Simon: "It sounds like a trumpet but where is it coming from."

Zordon: "Rangers, I don't believe this is an ordinary musical instrument."

Victor nods: "I agree, Zordon. Beta start scanning the area, I've got a feeling our old playmates are behind this."

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! Right away, Victor."

Simon: "I'll help you, Beta."

Beta 1: "Thanks, Simon."

Simon and Beta works the consoles. Simon reads off something: "I think I found it. There's a large source of energy coming from the east. But this energy is like nothing I've ever seen before, it's off the charts."

Victor grimaces: "This is not good. Can you pinpoint the place of origin?"

Simon shows frustration and shakes his head: "No. It's more power than I scanners can handle, they're going haywire!"

Victor: "Ugh! I hate this! That means whoever is behind this, we're going to have wait for them to make a move before we can do anything about it."

Zordon: "Beta. Keep the Viewing Globe on full alert status. Perhaps we can make a visual."

Simon: "Yeah. For the moment it's the only thing we can do."

Scene 4

Setting: The swamp. Darkonda, Furio and Cybera stand aside as the Skullinites enter Omagog's lair. The Skullinites stand before Falconine, Omagog and Rygog.

Omagog: "You were right, empress. These creatures are pathetic. Their mere existence is a waste of energy."

Falconine coldly states: "Then remedy that."

Omagog without hesitation aims his lance at the Skullinites. The Skullinites start to squirm and shake in fear. With one bolt of black energy, Omagog destroys all the Skullinites instantly. The contained explosion leaves nothing behind but ash and debris.

Darkonda: "My Skulli.."

Darkonda looks at Falconine then looks away, remaining quiet.

Omagog: "And now, my empress. I present to you a far superior army, one worthy of Endness' glory. I bring to you, the Apokoes!"

Omagog holds up his staff as lightning breaks out. And where the Skullinites once stood, black energy crackles forming a new legion of footsoldiers. The Apokoes are all the same in appearance. Their slender frames hide their power. They have pitch black skin that resembles spandex (*wink*). They have black boots with red clawed toes extending from the bottom. They wear shiny black belts with copper buckles, shaped like the omega. They have polished onyx chestplates with a copper rim around the collar leading to copper shoulderplates. The chest plates are highlighted by Falconine's raven insignia in the center. Their leather gloves reach past their elbows and torn at the end by their long red claws. They have no faces, instead their hardened hards are blank with no features whatsoever except for the large red omega symbol that covers the spans the entire face area.

Three dozen Apokoes stand before Falconine and the all fall to one knee and bow to her. Much to her delight. Omagog speaks into Falconine's ear: "The Apokoes are ready for you orders, empress."

Falconine shows her devilish smile: "Excellent."

She steps forward raises her arms high: "My Apokoes! Your first mission is a simple one. Go out and wreak havoc! For the glory of the Endness!"

All the Apokoes excitedly jump to their feet and in unison they pound their chest with right fists and raise their fists to the air to salute Falconine. In mere seconds, the Apokoes disappear in the form of black lightning.

Falconine, Omagog and Rygog share in evil laughter. While Darkonda takes in the situation with mixed emotions.

Scene 5

Setting: The countryside. Paige and company ride their bikes faster after noticing that the storm is getting closer to them. Suddenly black lightning breaks in front of them. Causing them to stop immediately. Paige falls off her bike and lands on her bum while Chris and Redhead quickly get off their bikes and try to make sense of what is happening.

Redhead: "What the heck?"

Paige screams as the Apokoes appear and have them all surrounded.

Chris and Redhead stumble and fall in fear as the Apokoes stalk closer.

Scene 6

Setting: The Power Chamber. The alarms go off, catching everyone's attention.

Angela: "What is it now?"

Beta 1: "I've got something on the Viewing Globe, I'll bring it up."

The Rangers and Damien gather around see the Apokoes terrorizing three young people.

Angela: "What on earth are those things?"

Damien recognizes the omega signs on them: "Those insignias on them. They're the symbol of the Endness!"

Simon: "What? This is not good. Not good at all!"

Marcus' eyes get big and then he points to the Viewing Globe: "Hey! That's Paige and her friends their messing with!"

Zordon: "Rangers. You must hurry and save them but be careful. If these new creatures are indeed agents of the Endness. Then we have no idea what they are capable of."

Victor nods: "Right. Everyone ready."

Aundria yells out: "Wait. Lucas I don't think you shou.."

Lucas glares at Aundria. She after hesitation gives up her protest: "Nev.. nevermind."

Simon: "Someone want to fill me in on what this is about?"

Victor: "Worry about that later. We've business to take care of. Let's Get Psycho!"

In a flash, six colored blurs dash out of the Power Chamber Mountain. The Psycho Rangers fully morphed, do their signature running side-by-side.

Left behind in the Power Chamber. Damien quietly says: "Be careful."

Scene 7

Setting: The countryside. The Apokoes are just about to strike when suddenly black, blue and pink blurs run through the group of thugs.

Outside the group of Apokoes stands Psychos Black, Blue and Pink with Chris, Paige and Redhead in their protection. Psycho Blue tells Paige: "You guys better get behind those rocks. This is gonna get messy."

Chris rushes to the formation of rocks: "You don't have to tell me twice."

Redhead follows: "Right!"

Paige winks at Psycho Blue: "I knew you'd show up when we needed you."

Psycho Blue: "Heh. Get your butt behind those rocks, babe."

Psychos Red, Silver and Yellow arrive on the scene. The Rangers circle around the Apokoes. Psycho Red: "Okay. I don't what the heck you're supposed to be but we've got surrounded. It's best to surrender now."

The Apokoes are unintimidated and turn into a bunch of black streaks running past the Rangers. They reappear and now the Apokoes have the Psycho Rangers surrounded.

Psycho Pink: "Did you see that?"

Pyshco Black: "No, I didn't. They moved so fast."

The Apokoes charge while the Psychos hold up their guard. Psycho Red: "Stay on your toes. We've got a Psycho Ranger Rumble on our hands!"

Immediately each Psycho Ranger finds him or herself being overwhelmed by the unrelenting Apokoes. Paige, Chris and Redhead watch from the sidelines trying to cheer on the Rangers.

Psycho Pink takes a swing at one Apoko but it dodges faster than a blink. Two more Apokoes highkick from her behind. An Apoko grabs her before she can fall. She tries to break free but the Apoko spins around and slams her to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The Apoko tries stomp on her head but she rolls out of the way barely in time, as the Apoko's foot dives half a foot into the ground.

Chris: "Come on! Don't let them get you like that!"

Psycho Black crossarm blocks a highkick from an Apoko but the impact still causes him stumble back. Two more Apokoes grab his arms and hold him in place while the first Apoko unleashes a flurry of punches to his torso. The two Apokoes release him and the first grabs his head and facebreaks him across the knee. Then the Apoko spins around thrust kicks Psycho Black sending him into a tree.

Paige, Chris and Redhead yell "Ow!" in sympathy for Black.

Psycho Yellow charges towards an Apoko then baseball slides between it's legs. She jumps to her feet and tries to throw it a spinning calfkick from behind but the Apoko spins around to quickly and catches her leg. Psycho Yellow can't believe it: "What?!"

Paige: "Watch out!"

The Apoko lifts Psycho Yellow above it, by her leg then slams her into the ground. It then picks her back and spins around and around, assaulting her with multiple backhanded hammerfists. It finally stops winds up it's arm and throws a devastating punch to abdomen. Psycho Yellow is thrust back and keels over in mid-air before she falls.

Redhead: "Man!"

Psycho Blue leaps into the air and swandives but flips over to land on his feet in the middle of a pack of Apokoes. He quickly throws a thrust kick to one Apoko, a straight jab to another, a spinning roundhouse to a third and a crouch elbowdash to a fourth all in a fluid and hasty combo. Unforutanely all his moves were successfuly blocked and the Apokoes dogpile him and begin the clubberin'.

Paige: "Psycho Blue!"

The Apokoes let up and back off slightly only to reveal two Apokoes are swinging Psycho Blue by his arms and legs like a hammock, then slam him into the ground while another Apoko throws a corkscrew elbowdrop on him.

Paige lowers herself behind her large rock, starting to feel a touch of hopelessness.

Psycho Silver is elbowpunched in the back neck by an Apoko, he stumble forward right into a highkick by another Apoko. He falls backward but his fall is stopped by another Apoko that goes low and drives it's forearm into his kidney. Psycho Silver staggers but he summons his Psycho Silverizer and fires but the Apoko he aimed at easily jumps out of the way and lands behind then grabs his arms and squeezing them together behind his back. Psycho Silver drops his Silverizer and yells out in agony. More pressure and Silver's arms will be ripped right of their sockets.

Psycho Silver's screams of pain catches Yellow's attention. Even as she desperately tries to dodge and block a pair of Apokoes' vicious attacks she yells out for Silver: "Lucas!!"

Psycho Yellow tries to run to Psycho Silver's aid but the Apokoes grab her. She reaches out for him in vain: "No! Let me go! You can't do this!"

The Apoko continues to squeeze Silver's arms together, sparks start to fly from the shoulderblades of Psycho Silver's armor. Meanwhile another Apoko throws one slow hard jab after another into Silver's abdomen. Silver's screams are only haulted momentarily by a gurgling sound. Even with his helmet on, it's clear that he's coughing up his own blood as the Apoko continues to pound his body in mush.

Suddenly Psycho Red dives down with sword and slashes the Apoko holding Silver's arms' back. The sparks fly and the Apoko releases it's hold. Silver falls forward and the Apoko that was punching him leaps after Red but the Psycho Red bends backwards and slices the Apoko as it's leaping over him.

Psycho Silver holds his stomach as he tries to crawl. Meanwhile Yellow still yells out for him while trying to break free of the Apokoes. Psycho Red fends off a few Apokoes but soon one of them manages to kick him in the abdomen. Red drops his sword and the Apokoes start to beat him down.

Psycho Silver sees this: "Psycho Red!"

Silver attempts to stand up and help Red but an Apoko out of nowhere sidekicks him in the chest and then picks him up and throws him to the edge of a cliff. Psycho Silver struggles to his feet again and the Apoko charges into a jumpkick into the head. Sending Silver falling down the cliff.

Psycho Yellow: "Noooooo!"

Psycho Yellow gathers all her strength and breaks free of the trio of Apokoes holding her. She spinning calfkicks an Apoko to the ground, elbows another and hiptosses a third. She then rushes to save Silver.

Psycho Silver falls down the steep rocky hill beneath the cliff. His body gets roughed up even more as he rolls down across the rocks of the hill. He finally crashes to the bottom of what resembles a quary. Psycho Silver demorphs into Lucas, bloodied and bruised. Lucas coughs up more blood as he rolls to stomach. The Apoko that sent him down the cliff lands feet first right in front of him. And looks to administer the final blow.

Psycho Yellow's voice: "Oh no you don't!"

Psycho Yellow dives down from above and fires several shots of her Psycho Slinger at the Apoko. The bolts strike the Apoko and knock it away from Lucas. Psycho Yellow lands near the bottom of the hill and rolls down to one knee in front of Lucas. She places one hand on Lucas and her other hand aims her Slinger at the Apoko as it rises to his feet.

Lucas looks up at Yellow briefly: "Aundri..*"

Lucas falls unconscious.

Psycho Yellow keeps her hand on him at all times and yells at the Apoko: "Stay back!"

The Apoko doesn't head her order and slowly marches towards her and Lucas. She fires a shot from her Slinger. The shot hits the Apoko in the left shoulder, stunning for a second but then it resumes it's march.

Psycho Yellow with more authority in her voice: "Stay! Back!"

She fires two shots at the Apoko. On shot strikes in the right thigh and the other strikes it in left pec. Once again the Apoko staggers slightly then resumes it's march.

Psycho Yellow with even more authority in her voice: "Stay! The hell back!"

Psycho Yellow fires shot after shot after shot from her Psycho Slinger each shot forces the Apoko one step back. After the fifteenth shot the Apoko finally falls backward and explodes!

Yellow drops her Psycho Slinger and turns Lucas around on his back. She checks to see if he is alive: "Lucas! Lucas! Please, don't die on me!"

Damien's words haunt Psycho Yellow as the echo inside her head: "The crow caws and tiger shall fall."

Psycho Yellow takes off her helmet and throws it the ground as she frantically tries to bring Lucas back to consciousness. Aundria: "Lucas.. please. Please, don't die. Lucas."

Lucas starts to awaken: "Aun.. dria?"

Aundria's eyes are watering as she takes ahold of Lucas, holding him in her arms and crying over his bloodied shoulder, just grateful that he's still alive.

Lucas is dazed and incoherant: "Aundria. Why?"

Aundria keeps her hold on Lucas: "Please just promise me this. No matter what either of us choose to believe. At least believe in us."

Lucas closes his eyes over Aundria's armored shoulder and as he loses conciousness once again he manages to utter one last set of words: "Always.. my kitsune."

Aundria with her eyes closed and tears running down her face, she shows a smile and never lets go of him from her arms: "Thank you."

Meanwhile the fight above continues. An Apoko suddenly notices Paige, Chris and Redhead cheering on the Rangers from behind the rocks and it decides to leap at them. The trio vainly cover their faces from the incoming attack but are saved when the Psycho Axe goes into the spine of the Apoko. It falls straight down and explodes as the teens duck behind the rocks. Paige peeks up and sees Psycho Blue breathing hard with his arm down from the motion of throwing the Psycho Axe. She smiles and Blue stands up straight as best as his sore body can to give a thumbs up.

Paige sparks up and points behind Blue: "Look out behind you!"

Psycho Blue turns around just in time to duck under an Apoko's left hook. Psycho Blue leaps away and gathers with Red, Pink and Black. All the Rangers are hurting and try to regroup their senses.

Psycho Black: "Man! These guys aren't playing around."

Psycho Pink: "Tell me about it. I haven't been able to lay one single blow on them."

Psycho Blue: "I'm missing the Skullinites already."

The Apokoes start to surround the remaining for Rangers.

Psycho Black: "If only there was a way we could hit them without them hitting us."

Psycho Blue: "I know but let's face it. We're high and dry right now."

Psycho Red gets an idea: "High? That's it! Cover me guys."

Psycho Blue: "What you got in mind, Big Red?"

Psycho Red spots the Psycho Silverize laying on the ground: "I've got a plan. Just cover me."

Psycho Pink summons her Psycho Bow: "You need cover fire? You got it."

Psycho Red: "Here goes nothing!"

Psycho Red charges past a few Apokoes, thanks to the aid of Pink firing from her Psycho Bow. Psycho Red leaps over a few more Apokoes and in mid-air grabs the Psycho Silverizer as flips over it. He lands on one knee and fires the Psycho Silverizer into the crotch of an attacking Apoko.

Psycho Blue: "Ouch! Under normal circumstances, I'd feel sorry for that guy but what is Captain Frown upto?"

Psycho Black: "I have no idea but Victor's gotten us out of tighter situations than this before."

Psycho Pink continues to fire Psycho Arrows in increasingly futile effort to keep the Apokoes at bay.

Psycho Red fires the Psycho Silverizer to keep a few charging Apokoes away from him. Then he quickly crosses his arms and extends them like a hawk: "Psycho Wings Wing Out!"

[Psycho Wing activation sequence]

Psycho Wing Red flies into the sky but an Apoko grabs him by foot. Psycho Red: "Uh uh. This here is a solo flight!"

Psycho Red jets into the air and spins into a corkscrew and the Apoko loses it's grip. Psycho Red flies past the falling Apoko and slices it in half with the Silverizer.

Psycho Red: "Psycho Silverizer Rapid Fire Mode!"

Psycho Wing Red proceeds shower the Apokoes with energy bullets from the Silverizer. The Apokoes try to dodge the bullets but eventually the majority of them are taken down by the assault.

Psycho Black: "He's pulling it off!"

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahaha! Why do ever doubt the guy?"

Psycho Pink points: "Look out!"

Suddenly a black lightning bolt strikes Psycho Red's wingpack and he falls to ground as his the Psycho Wing Armor fades away: "Yaaaaaahhh!"

Psycho Black leaps and catches Psycho Red. Blue and Pink soon join their side. Psycho Red stands back up and is now quite angry: "Okay! Who sucker punched me up there."

A inhumanly deep and gravely voice: "Hahahahahaha!"

Black lightning appears and changes into Omagog: "Insects! I am Omagog the Harbinger!"

Psycho Red: "Omagog? So you're the one that sent these clowns!"

Omagog aims his lance at the Ranger and with one bolt the explosion knocks the Rangers to the ground. Omagog: "Hahahahaha! Fools! You weren't even a match for the Apokoes, you stand no chance against me. However you may consider yourselves blessed. For her own reasons, Empress Falconine has decreed that you shall live for now."

The Apokoes gather around Omagog as the Rangers can't even stand up. Psycho Red struggles to speak out: "But why? And what is this all about!"

Omagog: "You are in no place to demand answers of me. But the trumpet has sounded and the Era of the Endness is upon us. The final era the universe will ever know! When next we meet insects, I will destroy you both in body and soul! Hahahahahaha!"

Another storm of black lightning breaks out and then the laughing Omagog and his Apokoes vanish. Leaving the Rangers defeated and injured but at least the civilians are safe as the climb out from beneath the rocks to see if their heroes are okay.


Scene 5

Setting: The swamp. Omagog enters his lair and bows to Falconine while the other villains watch.

Omagog: "I am pleased to report that the Apokoes have performed even better than expected. The Power Rangers now know their place, under your foot!"

Falconine smiles and nods her head as places her hand underneath Omagog's chin and to gentle lift his eyes towards her face: "I am pleased, Omagog. But I sincerely doubt the Rangers know their place just yet."

Omagog stands up: "Hmm?"

Falconine: "Some insects are harder to train than others."

Falconine glances at Darkonda with a smirk on her face. Darkonda continues to hold back his anger.

Omagog: "That is true, empress. Some creatures tend to be headstrong but did you have me spare them?"

Falconine: "Because I want the Rangers to be destroy by him."

Omagog: "Oh yes. Now that the trumpet has sounded, he should be arriving in two days once the Tower of Finality has risen."

Falconine presses her fingers together: "Excellent. I look forward to his arrival."

Furio whispers to Darkonda: "Who is this he that they're speaking of?"

Darkonda: "Hmmm.. I can only think of one individual."

Scene 2

Setting: A cold snowy world.

In the freezing blizzard one mysterious figure makes his way through the snow without relief.

Darkonda's narration: "The man known as the Avatar of the Endness."

Furio's narration: "But who is he?"

Darkonda's narration: "I have no idea. But I suspect that as powerful as Omagog is. Even he is a mere insect to the Avatar."

The man dressed in black leather stops. The snowy blizzard keeps his face concealed as he looks up into the sky. Something on his neck projects a red light and he vanishes. The snow already covers his tracks as if he was never there at all.

Scene 3

Setting: The infirmary at Power Chamber Mountain. Lucas is in bed, asleep. His heart being monitored. Aundria is asleep at bedside with her head rested across his body and her hand holding his.

Damien stands at the entrance and just stares at them. His words echo in his head: "The crow caws and the tiger shall fall."

Damien looks down with sadness, he quietly turns off the lights and leaves the room.

Scene 4

Setting: Dr. Hinelar's lair. Dr. Hinelar stands before his many orbs and watches the Psycho Rangers' defeat at the hands of Omagog.

Dr. Hinelar grins: "So this so-called Era of the Endness has finally come. Hmhmhm. And all the players are in place for my grand game."

Dr. Hinelar turns away from the orbs while Twerp stays far away and quietly watches his master: "A game that I shall win. And as for my prize.."

Dr. Hinelar throws up his arms in anticipation: "..I SHALL BECOME GOD HIMSELF!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Dr. Hinelar's maniacal laughter would send chills up Twerp's spine. But he doesn't have one and right now he is eternally grateful.

The Beginning of the End

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