Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 43
"Silver Showdown"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Space. The Sky Knight Megaship is slowly making it's way back home to Deacon Blue but the Rangers still have a long way to go. Inside the bridge; Simon, Aundria and Lucas monitoring the progress of their voyage.

Lucas sits back in his seat and stretches his arms: "Ah!"

Aundria looks over to Lucas: "You finished your diagnostic review already?"

Lucas grins: "Indeed I have, my lady. How's your sectors coming along?"

Aundria doublechecks the data on her monitor and twists her lip with disappointment: "I still have forty percent to go."

Lucas: "Send half the remainder to my system. I'll help you check them."

Aundria's demeanor brightens: "Oh Lucas! Always the selfless gentlemen."

Lucas: "Thank you but I confess, my motives aren't quite selfless. The opposite actually."

Aundria lifts an eyebrow: "Oh?"

Lucas: "The faster we're done here the faster we can retire for the evening. We haven't had any time to ourselves since we left Deacon Blue."

Aundria nods in agreement with Lucas' suggestion: "Hehe. I see my craftiness has been rubbing off on you."

Lucas turns around back to his monitor and works on the files Aundria has just set him: "Yes. You've taught me bad habits."

Aundria: "And I've got some other bad habits to teach you. Hehe."

Simon, who unintentionally has been overhearing the young couple's conversation merely coughs as he blushes and adjust his glasses.

Simon recovers from his embarassment though, as something shows up on the radar: "What's this? That can't be right."

Aundria: "Simon, what is it?"

Simon: "A spaceship is coming our way."

Aundria: "Well that doesn't sound odd. We are in outerspace afterall."

Simon: "No. See for youself this thing is huge it's at least seven kilometers long!"

Aundria quickly gets out of her seat and checks out the radar monitor in front of Simon: "What?! No spaceship is that big!"

Lucas: "Is it possible the radar is malfunctioning?"

Simon: "If it is then I don't what we've been doing for the past six hours."

Lucas makes his way out of the bridge. Aundria: "Where are you going?"

Lucas: "To the Silver Stormer. I'll scout ahead and verify the size of that ship."

Aundria: "Be careful."

Lucas bows his head: "I always am."

Lucas leaves the bridge.

Scene 2

Setting: The hangar of the Sky Knight Megaship. Lucas has already morphed into Psycho Silver and boards the Silver Stormer along with Tora.

Psycho Silver pats Tora on the butt as the horned tiger leaps into it's place behind him: "Coming along for the ride, buddy?"

Tora roars with acknowledgement.

Psycho Silver grabs the joystick as the hatch closes up: "Then sit tight."

The Silver Stormer's thrusters fire up as the hangar bay opens. The Silver Stormer launches into space as the hangar doors close up behind it. Psycho Silver and Tora jet off past the Sky Knight and into the vastness of space.

Closing in on the mystery ship, the Silver Stormer finds itself in the middle of a cloud of space fog. Psycho Silver: "Great. I'm trying to make a visual of the spaceship and I'm stuck in this cloud. I didn't even know that there was fog in outerspace."

Simon's voice comes up on the comlink: "Well it's not fog as we would know it on a planet. It's actually a collection of space dust. In a couple million years they'll gather together tightly and form a planet."

Psycho Silver in awe of the fact: "So I'm in the middle of a world unborn? It's amazing how even dust can become something so great."

Simon's voice: "Haha. I knew you would appreciate that little tidbit."

Simon's voice changes from jovial to serious: "Lucas, I know your in that cloud but don't see anything yet. According to the radar you should be right in front of the ship."

Psycho Silver: "That's strange, I should see by.. AAAAHHH!"

Suddenly out of nowhere a large monster's mouth appears and roars. Everything goes black.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: In the space cloud. Psycho Silver in the Silver Stormer narrowly avoids getting eaten alive by the large monster's mouth.

Psycho Silver jerks the controls: "Whoah! That's no spaceship! We have to get out of here!"

The Silver Stormer breaks through the top of the cloud and speeds up to escape. Psycho Silver urgently speaks into the comlink: "Mayday! Mayday! Whatever this thing is, it's hostile!"

Simon's voice: "You don't stand a chance against that thing! Get out of there!"

Psycho Silver: "Trust me, that's exactly what I'm doing!"

Suddenly the Silver Stormer is cut off as the monster's head rises from the cloud before the jet. The monster is revealed to be none other than Serpenterra. Psycho Silver veers right to avoid ramming into Serpenterra.

Serpenterra roars as it opens it's mouth wide. Psycho Silver makes a quick observation even as he tries to escape: "That thing's not a spaceship or a monster. It's a Zord!"

Simon's voice shows recognition: "A Zord?! That big? Does it resemble a dragon?"

Scene 2

Setting: The bridge of the Sky Knight Megaship. Simon and Aundria's eyes are wide with concern.

Lucas' voice from the comlink: "Yes. I can only see the head but it's a giant, mechanical dragon!"

Aundria full of fear for Lucas: "Oh my god. It's Serpenterra isn't it?"

Simon slowly shakes his head: "This is bad. Real bad. We don't have the firepower to handle Serpenterra."

Lucas' voice: "Simon. Get the Sky Knight out of there now! It looks like it's going to fire!"

Simon: "What!"

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the Silver Stormer. Behind it, Serpenterra's gigantic head, peaking out of the cloud has it's mouth wide open and a light grows larger from within it's throat.

Psycho Silver: "It's target right at you! Move! Move! Mov.."

Psycho Silver's warnings are cut off as Serpenterra's massive beam attack, capable of destroying small planets, fires from it's mouth. The Silver Stormer avoids direct contact of the beam but it is so powerful that the mere vibrations of the move disrupts all of the Silver Stormer's systems causing it to fly wildly into deep space.

Scene 4

Setting: The bridge of the Sky Knight.

Aundria pushes Simon aside to yell into the comlink's speaker: "Lucas!"

Simon sees Serpenterra's beam attack, coming their way. And quickly pushes Aundria aside so he can take the controls. He yanks the control sticks and the Sky Knight tilts upward and tries to avoid the beam but the attack tears right into the rear thrusters of the ship. Large explosions erupt from the rear of Sky Knight.

In the bridge the impact of the blast knocks Aundria down to the floor and Simon hitting head first into the control panel.

Elsewhere in the ship the impact causes a training Victor to lose his footing in the gym and fall to the floor, he barely rolls out of the way in time as the weight rack tips over and all the weights crash onto the floor.

Elsewhere in the ship, Angela falls forward and grabs onto the kitchen table as dishes fall to the floor and break. The stew she was cooking on the stove spills over making a mess everywhere.

Elsewhere in the ship, Marcus is snoring away in the bottom bunk of his bed. The impact from the attack causes him to wake up suddenly. He hits his head on the bunk above him. "Ow!"

Marcus falls out of his bed: "Wahhh!"

Without it's thrusters, the Sky Knight Megaship becomes motionless.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the cloud. Believing the Megaship to be destroyed. Serpenterra roars and ducks back into the cloud of space dust. Meanwhile the Silver Stormer uncontrollably hurls itself towards a red planet.

The Silver Stormer heats up as it falls down into the atmosphere of the planet. Psycho Silver: "Tora, hold on! I'm going to have to go for a crash landing!"

The danger alarms loudly blaring through the ship as the Silver Stormer crashes into the planet. Everything goes into bright and nothingness for Psycho Silver.

Scene 6

Setting: A short while later in the Sky Knight's hangar. The Rangers have all gathered and wearing spacesuits.

Victor holds up the helmet for his spacesuit: "How long are we going to be stranded like this?"

Simon grimaces: "Hmmm.. Can't say for sure until I have a first look at the damage but right off the bat I can guess that we'll be working on those thrusters for at least twelve hours."

Aundria protests: "That's too long! Lucas could be hurt or worse we have to help him."

Victor: "I know Aundria. We're all worried about Lucas but unfortunately we don't even know where he is right now and until we get the ship repaired, there's absolutely nothing else we can do."

Simon locks on his helmet: "Let's get started then. The faster we repair the thrusters, the faster we can find Lucas."

Victor nods in agreement: "Right. Come on, everyone."

The Rangers make their way to the airlock. Aundria looks off into the distance: "Please be okay, Lucas."

Scene 7

Setting: The Silver Stormer has crashed onto a barren wasteland. The jet is in ruins. Lucas now unmorphed and unconscious is being brought to by a couple of licks to the cheek by Tora.

Lucas slowly comes to. He rubs the large bruise on his forehead: "Ow. Too bad a monk can't heal himself, eh Tora."

Man's voice: "Lucas. It is you!"

Lucas jumps out of the Stormer and takes a defensive stance: "Who's there?"

A familiar figure steps out from behind a large rock as the sand is blown in the wind. Lucas lowers his guard as he's surprised by who reveals himself: "Damien? What are you doing here?"

Damien smiles as he stands before Lucas, offering his hand: "I could ask the same. But I'd rather greet you."

Lucas smiles back and shakes Damien's hand: "Agreed." Tora sniffs Damien, making Falconine's little brother a bit uneasy: "Who is this?"

Lucas: "Don't worry. That's just Tora, we met up not long after you disappeared."

Damien: "I see. A powerful ally, I take it."

Lucas nods: "Yes. In fact he's connected with the Psycho Silver powers that you gave me."

Damien puzzled: "Huh?"

Lucas: "It's a long story but I'll be happy to explain it to you."

A beeper on Damien's wrist abruptly goes off. Damien inspects it then looks back at Lucas: "'Fraid we don't have time for that now."

Lucas: "What is it."

Damien walks past Lucas: "What else? Trouble. Follow me."

Lucas and Tora follow Damien. Lucas inquires: "This wouldn't have anything to do with a large Zord dragon, would it?"

Damien continues walking but turns his head to look at Lucas: "So you had a run in with Serpenterra, huh? That explains what happened to your ship. To answer your question, yes. This planet is Ordian and it's under dictatorship of a nasty group of thugs, who lucked into gaining control of that monstrocity."

Suddenly a shot of energy out of nowhere strikes the area between Lucas and Damien. The erupting explosion knocks both of them off their feet and stuns Tora.

They soon find themselves completely surrounded by a gang of mutant thugs dressed in raggy overcoats, scarves and hoods. They all have weapons of some sort, either clubs, rifles or cattleprods.

Lucas: "Who are they?"

Damien pulls out his sword as he attempts to stand back up: "The badguys."

One of the desert thugs fires his rifle in a flash, the bolt strikes Damien's hand forcing him to drop his sword. Several thugs swarm over him.

Lucas pulls out his Silver Morpher: "Let's Get Psy.."

Before Lucas can even morph one of the thugs kicks the Morpher out of his hand two more grab him. The pick him so the thug can jam his club into Lucas' stomach. The other two let him and he falls to ground holding his midsection. They proceed to stomp on him.

Damien also taken to the ground is kicked in his stomach. Meanwhile Tora is held at bay by a half-dozen of desert thugs armed with cattleprods. Tora slowly goes down due to the constant electric shocks.

Once again several energy blasts out of nowhere attack the area this time striking the desert thugs. This attack is just enough of a reprieve for Damien and Lucas to break free and roll away from the thugs. Several of the goons look up and on top of a large rocky crevace stands the Silver Ranger with Super Silverizer in hand!


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The barren wasteland.

Lucas points to the Silver Ranger: "Who is that?"

Damien smirks: "The goodguy."

One of the thugs points at the Silver Ranger and makes an unintelligible sound. The other desert bandits take aim with their rifles at the Silver Ranger.

Silver Ranger: "You guys never learn! Kiya!"

As the desert thugs fire their rifles but the Silver Ranger leaps off the rocky structure like a eagle, easily avoiding the attacks. He lands right in the middle of the gang. One bandit charges the Silver Ranger but he low slashes the goon off his feet with the Silverizer in blade mode. More goons make their move and the Silver Ranger easily disposes of all them. He runs right through the group as blue flashes of energy resulting from his Super Silverizer's swipes tears right through the gang.

Silver Ranger leaps out of the pack and stands before them: "Super Silverizer Blaster Mode!"

The Silver Ranger fires multiple rounds from his Silverizer onto the bandits. Explosions erupt all over. When the smoke clears only a handful of desert thugs remain and they quickly run away.

Silver Ranger: "They should know better than to mess with the Silver Ranger! Power down!"

Silver Ranger demorphs into Zhane. Zhane turns around to face those that he's just rescued.

Damien walks up to Zhane and greets him: "Thanks for the save."

Zhane with his trademark cocky smile: "All in a day's work."

Zhane points at Lucas: "A friend of yours Damien."

Damien: "In a manner of speaking, yes."

Damien introduces the two: "Lucas meet Zhane the Silver Ranger. Zhane meet Lucas the Silver Ranger."

Lucas and Zhane simultaneously point at each other: "You're a Silver Ranger too?"

Lucas shakes Zhane's hand: "It's an honor to meet you."

Zhane playfully responds: "I'm sure it is."

Lucas a bit dumbfounded: "Eh?"

Zhane pats Lucas on the back: "Just yankin' your chain. Nice to meet you too. And the more Rangers the merrier."

Damien interjects: "I'm pleased everyone is getting along but those thugs will report to the Dabil Brothers soon."

Zhane agrees: "Right. We better not stay out in the open. Follow me. The Galactic Rover isn't too far from here."

With that; Lucas, Damien and Tora follow Zhane through the desert.

Scene 2

Setting: Up in the snowy mountains surrounding the wasteland, resides a small village. With houses built in the most peculiar locations, many of them built over cliffs with a support bars built underneath to keep them from falling over. Various ladders, bridges and stairs that allow the villagers to move from house to house and raod to road. At the edge of the town, closest to the mountain itself is mineshaft, next to it, a large conveyor belt that rises above the town and makes it way all the down the bottom of the mountain where a train station and large piles of the dark grey substance known as hyperium which is used to fuel the hyper rush engines of spaceships.

The townspeople are dressed in baggy clothes such as rags, overcoats, scarfs and heavy boots. Clothing that would protect them from both the desert land below and the snowy terrain above them. They're hardworking people and try to go about various day to day activities.

Making their way up the small path leading to the mountain village, Zhane slowly drives the Galactic Rover with Damien hanging onto the side. Lucas riding Tora. A young boy points at them and yells out to the village: "Zhane and Damien are back!"

The villagers stop working and shopping to gather around the three recent arrivals. The young boy runs to Damien and jumps up into his arms: "Welcome back, Damien!"

Damien joyfully thrusts the child up in the air and spins him around: "Moishy! You haven't been giving your poor mother too much trouble, have you!"

Zhane feigns hurt feelings: "Hey! What about me? No one's glad that I'm back too?"

Moishy still in Damien's arms: "I'm happy you're back too."

Zhane: "But no greetings. What am I? Not cool enough for you?"

Moishy grins: "You're cool but Damien's cooler!"

Zhane pretends to be upset but he struggles to keep from laughing: "But I'm a Power Ranger!"

Moishy innocently responds: "But you're not a prince!"

Damien smirks: "Haha. The child has a point."

Lucas is startled by Damien's behavior initially but his expression changes to a warm smile. Clearly Damien has changed since they last met. Just then a middle-aged man steps forward from the crowd: "Okay. That's enough Moishy. I'm sure Zhane and Damien will play with you later but for now we must discuss serious matters.

Moishy disappointed: "Awww."

Damien sets Moishy down: "The grand is correct. We have other things we have to do right now. Besides it's getting close to your bedtime."

Moishy: "But you'll come back and finish telling me that story."

Damien: "Princess Falconine and Golden Dove? Of course I will, I still haven't gotten to the best part yet."

Lucas puzzled by the name of Damien's story: "Falconine?"

Moishy's mother steps out of the crowd and takes her son by the hand: "Come on, Moishy. Let's get you ready for bed."

Moishy leaves with his mother: "Right mom."

The grand of the village: "As Moishy said. Welcome back, my friends. How did things turn out today."

Zhane and Damien's expressions change from cheerful to a more serious tone. Zhane: "We've been able to hold off the Dabil Gang and today's load of hyperium made it to South City safely."

Damien: "Yes. For all the good it'll do. Even when the hyperium arrives in South City to be refined. They still can't send any ships out as long as the Dabil Gang controls Serpenterra."

The grand: "Unfortunately this true. However my people can't afford to stop our everyday way of life no matter how much the Dabils try to destroy us."

Lucas steps forward: "Excuse me. I'm lost in all of this. What has been going on here?"

The grand looks at Lucas: "My apologies, young stranger. I see Zhane and Damien have brought you and your peculiar beast to our village so I know you are not a threat but I'd still like to know who you are."

Lucas bows: "My apologies for not introducing myself earlier, sir. My name is Lucas Umetsu of the Silver Monks and of the Power Rangers."

The townspeople start to gossip amongst themselves. The grand is surprised: "Another Ranger?"

The grand looks to Zhane: "Is this true."

Zhane: "He's an old friend of Damien's."

Damien: "Yes. He was one of the people responsible for my repentance."

The grand nods: "I see."

The grand opens up his and hugs Lucas: "Then welcome, young Lucas. Welcome to our quaint village."

Lucas not knowing how to respond: "Um.. thank you."

The grand releases Lucas and motions for the trio to follow him: "I'm sure you're all very hungry and tired, come with me to the messhall and we'll prepare something for all of you and I'll explain our situation to the new arrival."

Zhane: "That's music to my ears, grand!"

Damien follows the grand as the townspeople return to work: "Indeed."

Zhane whispers to Lucas: "Don't worry. I know the people around here can get sappy at times but they're good people."

Lucas: "Yes, I've gathered that."

Zhane notices a group of curious children in awe of Tora: "Is Tora going to be alright around here."

Lucas smiles of course: "Tora may look mean at times but as my friend, Angela would say 'he's just a big ole' huggable kitten'!"

Just as Lucas said that Tora cheerfully plays with the children as several hop onto his back and he bats around a ball, rolled to him by a little girl. The horned-tiger smiles as much as his feline features will allow."

Zhane smiles and nods: "Cool. Come on, let's go eat and we'll fill you in on everything."

Lucas nods: "Right."

Scene 3

Setting: Elsewhere in the wasteland in small village surrounding by large mountains of hyperium and worked on by members of the Dabil Gang. Serpenterra drops in from the sky and lands on it's hind legs, standing up straight. The gigantic Zord's eyes go dark as it powers down.

Scene 4

Setting: Inside a danky bar members of the Dabil Gang are sitting at tables playing poker or drinking beverages at the counter. In the back of the room is a large monster with dark red skin. He's fairly tall and muscular yet skinny like Bruce Lee. He appears to be reptillian with his dragon like face and sharp horns bent backward. He's wearing no top but baggy black pants. His clawed feet exposed.

Another dragon like monster enters the bar. He resembles the other dragon but he's somewhat shorter and fatter. He wears baggy black pants and no shoes as well. He has on no shirt but a black west and gold chains around his neck. The fatty dragon speaks with voice resembling Danny DeVito: "Eh Tiago. How have things been today?"

Tiago stands up and speaks with a very deep Sylvester Stallone type voice: "Same old, same old, Magdon. Except for a small tidbit. The Silver Ranger and that bird guy gave our boys trouble again."

Magdon: "Those warmbloods? They're irratating. Perhaps I should take Serpenterra and crush that whole friggin' town already."

Tiago: "I've been thinking about that but let's not get hasty. Those people been making things easy for us. They dig up the hyperium, we steal it. If we destroy them that means we have to mine for the stuff ourselves."

Magdon: "I suppose your right. Why get our hands dirty when they do the hard part for us. It's funny though. We keep everyone under control because we have Serpenterra and use the hyperium we steal to keep Serpenterra powered up. Heh. It's a wonderful vicious cycle."

Tiago grabs a mug of foamed liquid from the bartender and chugs it down: "Heh heh. Absolutely."

Scene 5

Setting: The messhall of the mountain village. Lucas, Zhane, Damien and the village grand are all stationed at a long table in the hall. With cups of water and bowls of stew.

Lucas finishes off his bowl of stew and places the spoon beside the empty bowl: "Mmmm."

The grand smiles: "I take it, the dish was to your liking."

Lucas bows his head: "Yes it was. Thank you."

Zhane belches. Lucas is surprised and Damien shows embarassment.

Damien shakes his head then looks Lucas: "I suppose now we should tell what has been happening here on Hyperia."

Lucas: "Yes, that would be appreciated. I can tell the situation here is bad but I'd like to know the specifics."

The grand speaks: "Very well, young Lucas. I suppose I should tell the story from the beginning."

Scene 6

Setting: Flashback to Hyperia many years ago. The planet resembles Earth with green plants, trees, animals and blue skies.

Grand's narration: "Hyperia wasn't always the barren wasteland it is today. It was once a very peaceful and beautiful world. However things changed once the hyperium reserves were found beneath our planet's surface."

Images of spaceships landing on Hyperia, drill tanks tearing into the ground. Trees falling down and animals running away. Narration: "As you know Hyperium, is highly desirable material in the universe. It is necessary for hyper drive engines to operate. Without it space travel at lightspeed and beyond would be unattainable and travelling throughout the galaxy within one's lifetime would be impossible. So many people came to our world seeking out our hyperium. At first it was highly beneficial for us. The money coming in because of the hyperium brought to us, wealth we had never even imagined before."

Images of people being robbed, soldiers firing on the battlefields. Planes dropping bombs on cities.

Narration: "Unfortunately our age of propserity was short-lived for wealth begets greed and the hearts of the people grew dark. Crime flourished and wars broke out all over world. Eventually wiping everything out. By the time we learned the error of our ways it was too late. Hyperia was ruined forever."

Images of corpses and skeletons through out the desert lands. Crumbling buildings and spaceships leaving the planet.

Narration: "Ironically the very substance that started our troubles is now the only thing even keeps us alive. Hyperia can no longer support plant life and aside from a few breeds of insects and lizards, all our animals have become extinct. Selling the hyperium is the only way we can make ends meet and purchase precious food and water."

Images of people mining for hyperium. Hungry and cold children. A stuggling caravan in the desert as the sandy winds obstruct their journey.

Narration: "It's a harsh lifestyle but we brought it on ourselves. In time we managed to accept our fates and by returning to our simple ways have actually found happiness again. But then..."

Images of the Dabil Gang raiding the hyperium carrying trains. Dabil Gang members terrorizing the towns. The Dabil Brothers, Magdon and Tiago laughing while standing in the burning rubble of a house.

Narration: "...the Dabil Gang arrived. Lead by the ruthless Dabil Brothers. Magdon and Tiago. The ravaged what was left of our civilization, stealing our hyperium and destroying homes just for the fun of it. At first our warriors were able to fend them off but then they attained a new weapon. Serpenterra."

Images of Serpenterra firing showers of meteors from it's mouth, leveling entire cities. Crushing tanks under it's feet. Roaring as the sky grows black with smoke.

Narration: "With Serpenterra, the Dabils decimated our armies and have conquered what's left of this planet. Had Damien and Zhane not arrive, I'm afraid we would have already been destroyed a long time ago."

Scene 7

Setting: The messhall. Lucas is shaking his head in sympathetic disgust.

Lucas: "This is horrible. But where did Serpenterra come from?"

Zhane: "I'll answer this."

Zhane looks at Lucas: "I don't know what sector you rangered in but you probably remember the massive invasion by the Alliance five years ago."

Lucas hesitant with his response: "I've heard of it but I didn't witness it first hand."

Zhane a bit surprised: "Really? Well anyway if heard about it you heard how it ended right? My best friend Andros single-handedly infiltrated the Dark Fortress, ended up fighting his own sister who at the time went by the name, Astronema.

Flashback of Red Space Ranger luring Ecliptor and the Quantrons out of the command room of the Dark Fortress. Red Space Ranger discovering Zordon. Red Space Ranger attacked by Circuit Astronema. Red Space Ranger unintentionally reflecting Astronema's own finishing move on her. Red Space Ranger fending off Ecliptor then shattering Zordon's energy tube.

Zhane continues: "He defeated Astronema, shattered Zordon's energy tube so he could use his all of his energy to destroy the Alliance. Zordon's sacrifice turned the entire Alliance into dust, literally."

Lucas has a peculiar look on his face, realizing Zhane doesn't know what Zordon's wave really did to the Alliance. But Zhane continues: "The Alliance were gone but unfortunately their weapons and machines remained. The Dabil Brothers who used to be a couple of small time crooks from Onyx lucked onto Serpenterra and found a way to keep her powered up."

Lucas: "I see. But why are you the only Ranger that's been protecting Hyperia from the Dabil Gang?"

Zhane shows an expression of guilt: "It's my own fault. I have a habit of going off on my own and disappearing for months at a time. Andros and the other Power Rangers don't even think twice about my absence anymore. Messed my relationship with his sister too."

Lucas: "You dated your best friend's sister?"

Zhane: "Why does everyone find that so strange? For a former queen of evil, Karone is a sweet girl but she just couldn't deal with me disappearing all the time anymore so we broke up."

Lucas: "Karone? Ecliptor mentioned her a few times."

Zhane bemused: "Ah. So you had a few run-ins with that guy, eh."

Lucas: "Something like that."

Zhane: "Well anyway me being gone is not out of the ordinary and with them being on Earth which is three galaxies away, I don't think they even know about what's happening here yet."

Lucas: "But why not contact them?"

Zhane: "Can't. We don't have any communication equipment that can reach Earth and when I arrived on this planet, Serpenterra attacked my ship. I've repaired the Mega Winger to the point where it can fly and fight but it's not space worthy. I also had the Galaxy Glider but it was wasted in a battle with Tiago."

Damien adds in: "I'm also stranded on this planet. I was on my way back to Deacon Blue from Aquitar when Serpenterra attacked my ship. Thanks to Zhane pulling me out of my ship before it exploded, I'm alive today."

Lucas: "Yes. Billy knew where to find the myself and the other Rangers because of you. We left Deacon Blue to help Billy save Aquitar."

Damien puzzled: "Aquitar was under attack?"

Lucas: "Yes by a nasty character called Nepton but we took care of him."

Damien: "Now that doesn't surprise me. You certainly gave my sister and Darkonda a hard enough time."

Zhane interjects: "Darkonda too? Boy, Dark Specter's goons got around more than I thought. I wonder when they found the time attack planets out in the boonies and still harass me and my friends?"

Lucas: "Um. I don't think you understand. My friends and I have been fighting Darkonda very recently."

Zhane: "That can't be. Darkonda was destroyed during the great battle just like the rest of the Alliance."

Lucas turns to Damien: "I think it's time we told our friend here the truth."

Zhane looks confused.

A short while later after Lucas and Damien have explained the Hidden War to Zhane. Zhane sits back having trouble taking in all the new information.

Damien shows concern: "Zhane, are you alright?"

Zhane: "I don't know. It's all so hard to believe. Zordon still alive. Darkonda is head honcho of the Alliance. Ecliptor and the Psycho Rangers are the good guys. You Lucas are a Pyscho Ranger yourself. And all of this has been happening right under our noses because it's taking place in a galaxy, closed off from the rest of the universe. Dude, that's a big pill to swallow."

Lucas: "I can understand how strange it must seem but it's the truth."

Zhane: "I believe you, Luc. But still."

Damien: "If the others are in space, will they be arriving shortly?"

Lucas shakes his head with uncertainy: "I don't know."

Lucas looks down and clenches his fist: "I'm not even sure they survived the attack from Serpenterra."

Damien places his hand on Lucas' shoulder: "Don't think like that. I can't call them friends but I do know the Psycho Rangers well enough that they don't go down that easily."

Lucas works a smile: "You're right. Still we have to assume we're alone in this."

Zhane: "Whether we get more help or not, we can't fend off the Dabils forever. Eventually they're going to go all out on us so we have to do it first."

Lucas: "You have a plan?"

Zhane stands up: "Yeah."

Damien: "No, Zhane, we already discussed there's no way you would be able to escape and survive."

Lucas: "What's this plan?"

Zhane: "My Mega Winger can't fly in space but it can still fight, though it's no match for Serpenterra in a head-on battle."

Lucas: "Then how do you plan on defeating Serpenterra with the Mega Winger?"

Zhane smirks: "We can't hurt it from the outside but the inside is a different story."

The grand places a grey sphere on the table: "We've made thousands of these. They're explosives powered by hyperium it should rip Serpenterra apart from the inside out."

Damien: "Unfortunately, he'll be unable to escape back out the way he came before everything goes skyhigh."

Zhane grimaces: "Yeah because I'll have to go in from the mouth and I'll be trapped at the tail after the hyperbombs go off. So we haven't gone through with it yet but if I can save everyone else's life then my own is a small price to pay."

Lucas rubs his chin and smiles: "Admirable but I don't think it'll have to finalize just like that."

Zhane: "Tell me! If I don't have to become sky pudding, I'd like to know how!"

Lucas begins to go over his plan as everyone listens anxiously.

Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Dabil Gang's lair. The sunrises after a long night.

Tiago steps out of a building yawns: "*yawn* Hey looks like a beautiful day for some lootin' and plunderin'."

Magdon steps out behind Tiago: "And some complete and utter destruction."

Tiago notices something in distance: "Eh? What have we here?"

Magdon looks into the distance: "What? What?"

In the distance Zhane, Damien and Lucas march forward to the Dabils.

Tiago cross his arms and scoffs: "Hmmph. I guess the warmbloods are tired of playing around."

Magdon waves them off: "Pfft. I guess we'll be destroying the whole lot of them afterall."

Tiago: "That's shame, I was enjoying what we had here."

Magdon smirks: "Don't be so complacent. With Serpenterra we can rule this galaxy. Who cares about this mudball planet."

Tiago bobs his head: "Yeah yeah. Oh well. Go warm up Serpenterra and blow that mountain to kingdom come. The boys and I will have ourselves a little work out."

Magdon: "Heh heh heh. You got it."

In the distance. Damien: "They see us and they're making their move."

Zhane pulls out his Digi-Morpher: "Then let's make ours!"

Lucas nods and pulls out his Silver Morpher: "Indeed. Let's show them what two Silver Rangers can do!"

Damien grins: "And a former Silver Ranger, thank you very much."

Lucas: "Right."

Zhane: "Let's Rocket!"

Lucas: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Silver Ranger morph sequence]

[Psycho Silver morph sequence]

Tiago and the marching Dabils stop in their tracks. Tiago: "Two Rangers? Oh well."

Tiago snaps his fingers and points at the incoming heroes: "Have some fun, fellas."

With that, the Dabil Gang goons charge forward as Tiago keeps his arms crossed and watches the impending battle.

Damien, Psycho Silver and Silver Ranger charge forward as well and a melee breaks out.

Damien blocks the punch of a goon and counters with a spinning legsweep. As he rises back to his feet, he punchs another thug in the stomach and stretch kicks yet another as he continues to rise.

Damien: "Time to get serious."

Damien pulls out his sword and slashes away at various gangmembers of the Dabils. Blood and sparks fly as he takes down more bandits one by one and even two by two.

Tora out of nowhere leaps into the air and tackles an entire group of Dabils. A Dabil thug with a cattle prod looks to shock Tora but the tiger bats the weapon out of his head then spins around and knocks him off his feet with his tail.

Silver Ranger jumps right in the middle of a group of Dabil thugs. He thrust kicks one thug then elbow punches another. He judo flips a third and stomps him in the chest to insure a knockout. Three thugs at once charge at him but a high spinning kicks takes them all out at once. With the Dabils defeated and on the ground, the Silver Ranger takes a crouching pose: "Kiya!"

Psycho Silver leaps and comes down with a spiral dropkick, drilling a Dabil thug to the ground. As Psycho Silver lands on his back several Dabil goons try to surround but Psycho Silver spins on his head like a break dancer with his kicks aplenty, taking out his would be ambushers. A Dabil thug charges at him once he gets back to his feet but Psycho Silver merely legsplits and to jab the thug in the waist. The stunned Dabil falls to the ground, holding his mid-section.

Psycho Silver relaxes his stance and looks around realizing that he and the others have just defeated the pack of Dabils. Psycho Silver: "This was surprisingly easy."

Silver Ranger throws his hands: "Hey. What can I say? We're just too much Silver for 'em."

Damien, ever the pessimist: "Don't relax just yet. We haven't dealt with their worst yet."

Tiago's voice: "Absolutely!"

Psycho Silver, Silver Ranger, Damien and Tora look ahead as Tiago walks towards them, cracking his knuckles: "You may be able to punk out a few bums but let's see how you handle a real contender. Heh heh."

Silver Ranger: "Bring it on, scaley."

A pair dust clouds form in the distance behind Tiago: "Oh I'm gonna. But we've still got a few more joining the party."

Psycho Silver: "What the?"

As the sand clouds break away the Rangers and Damien see that it's caused by two speeding dune buggies with Dabil thugs driving them and more Dabils hanging on the sides with blasters in hand.

Silver Ranger: "Watch out!"

The dune buggies speed past the laughing Tiago and several shots are fired at the heroes as the buggies speed past them. Several explosions break out. Psycho Silver, Silver Ranger and Damien fall to their knees as Tora shakes the sand off of his body.

Damien stands back up and brushes the dirt off his pants: "Zhane, Lucas. Take care of them. I'll handle Tiago Dabil!"

Psycho Silver and Silver Ranger both close their fists and nod: "Right!"

Silver Ranger: "Think your friend can keep up?"

Psycho Silver: "You haven't begun to see what Tora is capable of."

Silver Ranger: "Haha. Alright then. Galactic Rover!"

In a flash of light the Galactic Rover appears, already moving. The Silver Ranger jumps into the air, flips and lands in the seat of the speeding Rover. Already in hot pursuit of the Dabil dune buggies.

Psycho Silver summons the Psycho Silverizer to his hand and holds out his other: "Tora ho!"

Tora roars and charges after the buggies. Psycho Silver also jumps into the air and flips, landing on and mounting Tora. Side by side Psycho Silver on Tora and Silver Ranger in the Galactic Rover gain up on the buggies.

Damien watches them head off then turns his attention to Tiago: "That just leaves you and me."

Tiago gets light on his feet and throws a few punches to warm up like a boxer before the start of a fight: "I'm game."

Damien and Tiago charge at each other. Tiago throws a punch, Damien manages to side-step it but Tiago trips him up. As Damien tries to maintain his balance, Tiago throws a powerful left into the chest. Damien winces at the blow. Tiago grabs Damien's arm and flips him to the ground. Damien barely rolls out of the way in time before Tiago can elbowdrop him.

Damien spins back to his feet and strikes Tiago in the chest with his sword. The sparks fly but Tiago barely flinches. He grabs Damien's arm and squeezes it until he's forced to drop his sword. The Tiago picks him up by that same, winds up and power punches Damien in the stomach, sending him flying down the street of the Dabil's town.

Damien on the ground holds up his chest in pain: "Urgh. You're tougher than you look."

Tiago stalks towards Damien pumping his arms backward and cracking his neck back and forth. Tiago grabs Damien by the throat of his collar and grins: "You don't know the half of it."

Scene 2

Setting: The Dabil's bar. Damien comes in, flying through the swinging doors and crashes on a poker table, collapsing it.

Tiago walks into the bar, slapping the dirt off his hands: "Heh heh heh."

Scene 3

Setting: Far away in the desert and a vehicular battle ensues.

The thugs hanging off one of the buggies, fire their blasters at Psycho Silver and Tora. Each blast blows out the dirt where it strikes but Tora outmanuevers each shot. Psycho Silver holds up his Psycho Silver and tightens his grip: "Hold steady Tora."

Psycho Silver takes aim and fires, he picks off two thugs, one at a time. Tora charges past the downed Dabil thugs as he maintains his pace behind the dune buggie.

Meanwhile, Silver Ranger in the Galactic Rover chases after the other buggie. Once again the thugs hanging off the buggie fire but the Galactic Rover avoids most of the shots, the few that do strike the Rover cause minimal damage. Silver Ranger: "Not bad but let me show you what I got!"

Silver Ranger presses a button on his controls and the Galactic Rover fires several shots, picking off the thugs.

Tora runs next to the first dune buggie and slashes the tires of the vehicle. The dune buggie spins out of control and stops, the Dabil thug at the steering wheel, pounds the wheel in frustration. Tora turns around and Psycho Silver slashes the tires of the other buggie. It also spins out of control and crashes into the first buggie. An explosion breaks out.

Silver Ranger locks on the buggies and speeds up the Galactic Rover. In a flash, the Rover drives right through the buggies. Once making a good distance, Silver Ranger stops the Galactic Rover as the dune buggies explode in the background.

Psycho Silver on Tora, stops next to the Rover: "Nice."

Silver Ranger sits back with his hands behind his head: "I know. Let's get back to the Dabil's base."

Psycho Silver nods and with that the Rangers head back.

Scene 4

Setting: The Dabil gang's bar.

Damien jumps behind a pool table as Tiago Dabil spits a fireball from his mouth. Damien cartwheels out of the way as the fireball destroys the pool table. As Damien lands on the ground, he picks up a rolling pool ball and throws it at Tiago's face.

Tiago grabs the pool ball with one hand and crushes it: "Heh. You're starting to get desperate."

Damien creates a ball of energy from his hand and throws it: "Not quite."

The energy ball strikes Tiago in the head as tries to recover, Damien throws a charging thrust punch into Tiago. Damien throws a fury of punches into Tiago. Tiago gathers his senses and grabs Damien's fist then throws him into the bar proper behind the counter.

Tiago steps up to the counter: "Come on out, kid. You got another punk card to punch."

Damien pops up from behind the counter and breaks a wine bottle over Tiago's head. Tiago stumbles back, trying to get the glass and wine off of him. Damien fills his mouth with a flask of vodka then spews it all over Tiago. Tiago grows enraged: "You spit on me, you no good punk!"

Tiago prepares to spit another fireball but Damien stands his ground and charges up another energy ball between his hands and grin on his face: "That's right. Sock it to me!"

Tiago spits a fireball but it sets himself on fire due be drenched in alchohol. Tiago flails wildly in flames: "You played me for a chump."

Damien launches his energy ball: "That I did."

The energy ball sends Tiago flying out of the bar and back onto the street. The fire on Tiago has died but he's covered in soot and still smoking.

Scene 5

Setting: Serpenterra's cockpit. Magdon Dabil has the Zord powering up and watches the battle below on a monitor.

Magdon: "Huh? Tiago. I know you not letting some cruiserweight warmblood punk you out!"

Magdon grabs the controls: "But don't worry, brother. Once Serpenterra's ready to go, those warmbloods are toast!"

Scene 6

Setting: The street. Damien holds out his hand and his sword returns to it. Silver Ranger and Psycho Silver return and stand by his side.

Silver Ranger: "How are things holding up?"

Damien holds his sword up ready to strike: "Tiago just learned what happened when you play with fire."

Silver Ranger: "Got burned, huh?"

Damien: "Let's finish this."

Damien charges with sword glowing red. Damien dashes past Tiago, striking him with the sword. A stream of smoke bursts out amongst the sparks. Tiago clutches his chest and stumbles forward.

Silver Ranger and Psycho Silver both summon their weapons. Silver Ranger: "Super Silverizer!"

Psycho Silver: "Psycho Silverizer!"

Silver Ranger and Psycho Silver charge towards Tiago and like twins they bother fire multiple shots from their Silverizers in rapid fire. Both Rangers leap into the air. In mid-air, Silver Ranger presses a button changing Super Silverizer from blaster mode to blade mode. And both down with the Silverizers on Tiago's chest. In blue streaks both Rangers strike down Tiago with the Silverizer blades.

Psycho Silver and Silver Ranger both turn around: "Silver power!"

Tiago slowly falls to the ground and explodes! Damien runs up to the Rangers: "Excellent. One down and one to go."

Psycho Silver: "Unfortunately it's the other one with the six mile long Zord."

Scene 7

Setting: Serpenterra's cockpit.

Magdon tightens fist in anger: "Tiago! You don't know the half of it warmblood. I'll wipe out this entire goddamn planet out of the universe!"

Magdon pounds the controls then grabs the sticks and yanks on them: "AAAAAAAHGGGHHH!!!"

Scene 8

Setting: The street below. The ground shakes as Serpenterra awakens and roars.

Damien and the Rangers turn their attention to opposite side of the town where Serpenterra is stationed. Serpenterra stomps the ground as it roars. Creating a shock wave and rush of dirt tears through the town. Damien and the Ranger are knocked off their feet. They turn around to cover their faces from the dirt.

Silver Ranger: "Do you think he's mad about his brother."

Psycho Silver: "You think?"

Damien: "We better get out of here!"

Silver Ranger: "No argument there."

The trio get back to their feet and run out of the town.

[Serpenterra cockpit scene: Magdon: "Oh no you don't. You're not going anywhere! I'm rubbing you out!"

Serpenterra's mouth lights up as builds up a massive energy attack. Meanwhile below, the Rangers and Damien are on Tora and the Galactic Rover making as much distance between them and Serpenterra as possible.

Serpenterra launches it's attack onto the town below. The sheer power of the attack tears the buildings from the ground and vaporizes everything in a flash of light including Dabil Gang.

Damien hanging on the side of the Galactic Rover looks behind and sees the eruption from Serpenterra's attack is catching up on them: "It's gaining! Go faster! Go faster!"

The heroes move as fast as possible the explosion starts fade but the force from the blast sends everyone flying into the air. Silver Ranger jumps out of the Galactic Rover and grabs Damien. Tora with Psycho Silver clutching onto him but horns, lands on his feet being a cat afterall. Tora jumps out of the way as Rover crashes into the ground and explodes.

Tora stops and Psycho Silver falls off. Silver Ranger helps him back up. Silver Ranger: "You okay?"

Psycho Silver: "Yeah, thanks."

Damien points behind them: "Look."

Psycho Silver in a horrified shock: "By the great spirits. The power of that Zord is horrific."

The three stare in horror of the gigantic crater that was once a town.

Serpenterra lifts off into the sky.

Silver Ranger: "Oh no! It's headed for the mountain village."

Psycho Silver: "We have to stop it."

Silver Ranger: "Right. It's do or die time!"

Damien: "Good luck. Make sure you do and don't die."

Psycho Silver: "We have no intention dying today."

Silver Ranger holds out his hand: "I call on the Mega Winger!"

Scene 9

Setting: The mountain village. From behind the mountain the Mega Winger in spaceship mode flies into the sky as the villagers watch on in amazement including the grand and Moishy.

The grand: "So it is time."

One of the townspeople speaks to the grand: "We already loaded up the Mega Winger with every last hyperbomb we made."

The grand: "Let us pray that it is enough."

Scene 10

Setting: Back to the crater.

Damien takes a step back as Psycho Silver holds up his Silver Morpher: "Silver Tora-Shinobizord Power!"

[Silver Tora-Shinobizord transformation sequence]

Psycho Silver leaps into the air and onto Tora-Shinobizord's head.

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver drops into his cockpit: "Silver Shinobizord mode!"

[Silver Shinobizord transformation sequence]

The Mega Winger comes in from the horizon and Silver Ranger leaps into the air.

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger arrives in his cockpit: "All aboard."

The Mega Winger flies in low and the Silver Shinobizord jumps on it's back. The Zords fly high into the sky. Ironically the Mega Winger is being used like a Galaxy Glyder by the Silver Shinobizord.

The Mega Winger flies past Serpenterra.

[Serpenterra cockpit scene] Magdon surprised by the presence of the Zords: "What? You're wasting your time. Your Zords are nothing but flies to my Serpenterra."

Serpenterra roars as it fires lasers from it's eyes. Explosions erupt in the sky as the Mega Winger dodges them all.

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Great moves, Zhane! Now bring us around."

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger: "You got it!"

The Mega Winger continues to dodge Serpenterra's lasers as it turns around and zeroes in on the massive machine's head.

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger: "Okay Lucas, this is the part where you get off because I'm going in!"

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Right. Let's do this!"

Silver Shinobizord jumps off the Mega Winger and in mid-air transforms back into Silver Tora-Shinobizord form. The Mega Winger flies into Serpenterra's mouth.

[Serpenterra cockpit scene] Magdon: "What are they doing?"

Inside Serpenterra. The Mega Winger flies through the large central shaft.

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger: "I'm in, now dropping the payload!"

The Mega Winger's bottom hatches open up and continuously dropping hyperbombs throughout Serpenterra. The Mega Winger releases more and more hyperbombs as it manueuvers around pipes, beams, cables and walls.

Outside Serpenterra. Silver Tora-Shinobizord runs down Serpenterra's back. Tora-Shinobizord roars as it's claws tear into the metal back of Serpenterra.

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Come on, buddy. You have run faster than you've ever ran before. We don't have much time!"

Silver Tora-Shinobizord roars wildly as it picks up the pace.

Inside Serpenterra, the Mega Winger continues dropping more hyperbombs as reaches closer to the end of gigantic Zord.

Outside Silver Tora-Shinobizord reaches the end of Serpenterra and leaps into the air. In mid-air the Zord transforms back into Silver Shinobizord. The Silver Shinobizord pulls out it's katana.

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Let's crack this egg open!"

Silver Shinobizord dives down with it's katana held in both hands and slices through the end of Serpenterra's tail. The tailend becomes loose.

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Oh no. The katana went through but the tail didn't come off! Zhane will be trapped!"

Inside Serpenterra, the Mega Winger dropping off the last of the hyperbombs, closes in on the end of Serpenterra.

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger notices that he's coming up on a dead end: "Oh man. Luc, don't leave me hanging!"

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Not going to let that happen my friend. Activate Tora Cannon!"

In mid-air, the Tora Cannon forms and the freefalling Silver Shinobizord grabs the weapon. Pyscho Silver's voice: "Fire!"

The Silver Shinobizord fires the Tora Cannon upward as it falls, blowing off the end of Serpenterra's tail.

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger pumps his arm: "Yahoo!"

With the escape provided, the Mega Winger flies out of Serpenterra just as the hyperbombs start to go off all throughout the machine. A burst of fire flies out the tailend, Mega Winger narrowly avoids it as it dives down to catch Silver Shinobizord.

Mega Winger dives under Silver Shinobizord catches it. Silver Shinobizord holds up the Tora Cannon in victory as Mega Winger flies away. Behind them explosions burst all throughout Serpenterra's gigantic frame.

[Serpenterra cockpit scene] Magdon in a panic, frantically presses every button and pulls every control stick he can: "No! This can't be happening. Serpenterra is the most powerful Zord in the universe, it can't be destroyed! I'm supposed to be invincible!"

[Serpenterra cockpit scene] A large ball of fire breaks into cockpit from behind Magdon. The inferno engulfs him completely: "Noooooo!..*"

Outside the explosion breaks open Serpenterra's forehead as wells the eyes. Magdon's body flies out and is incinerated by the explosion. Fire bursts out of Serpenterra's mouth. More explosions break out and the sky grows dark from the smoke coming from the evil Zord as it starts to fall from the heavens.

Down below, Mega Winger flies in low to the ground. Silver Shinobizord hops off and lands on the ground.

[Mega Winger robot mode transformation sequence]

The Mega Winger in robot mode stands side-by-side with Silver Shinobizord as the look on to see Serpenterra fall out of sight in the distant horizon behind some mountains. A gigantic explosion soon follows causing a shock wave on the entire planet. A mushroom cloud forms behind the mountains.

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger falls back in his seat and takes a sigh of relief: "Whew! We did it. We actually did it! Whoohoo! Lucas, my man! We did the impossible! We destroyed Serpenterra!"

[Tora cockpit scene] Psycho Silver falls forward on his controls: "Hahaha! Woooo! Now I need to lay down."

[Winger cockpit scene] Silver Ranger: "You do that. You earned it."

Sunlight pierces through the dark clouds of the sky and shines brightly on the victorious Zords.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The mountain village. For the first time in ages, the town in a festive mood. A large party is going on in the center of the town. With several townspeople playing on drums, horns and trumpets. Others are dancing with colorful ribbons.

Lucas and Zhane are cheerfully talking with the grand and several others. While Damien is sitting under a tree, telling a story to Moishy and the other children of the village.

Damien: "..and with the light of justice on her side, Princess Falconine and the golden dove vanquished the evil crow forever, bring peace throughout the world."

The children cheer. Moishy: "Tell us another one!"

The rest children egg Damien on.

Meanwhile Lucas and Zhane and being congratulated by the grand. The grand: "The people of Hyperia will be eternally grateful for what you have down for us today."

Lucas bows his head: "It was honor, sir."

Zhane winks: "All in the day's work for a couple of Silver Rangers. Right?"

Lucas smiles: "Right."

The grand: "If there is anything we can do to repay you, please let us know."

Lucas: "Your kindness has been payment enough."

The grand: "No. You saved our lives, you saved our way of life. With the Dabil Brothers and their minions defeated, perhaps my people can begin the long journey to restoring Hyperia to it's former glory."

Lucas: "That will be something to see, I'm sure."

Suddenly the Sky Knight Megaship drops in from orbit. Everyone stops in awe of the ship, wondering what it is.

Lucas shows excitement: "It's my friends. They've finally found me."

Zhane: "Wait a minute. Your friends, then that would mean they're the.."

Lucas nods: "That's right. I'll understand if you feel uncomfortable about this but believe me they're different from when you knew them."

Zhane: "Hey. The past is the past, right? They're your friends. And the friends of my friend are my friends too."

Zhane offers his hand. Lucas is warmed: "Thank you."

The Silver Rangers shake hands.

Damien walks up to them: "Well let's get down them and see your friends, shall we."

Lucas: "Yes. Let's. *chuckle* A Space Ranger and a Psycho Ranger and the younger brother of Falconine, saving the world from the largest Zord in the universe. I have quite the story to tell them."

Zhane pats Lucas on the shoulder: "Well come on. I'm getting anxious to see this reunion. Besides. If Aundria still looks the way I remember her, then she's a real hottie."

Lucas lifts his head back and raises an eyebrow: "Now wait a minute."

Zhane runs off to meet the Psycho Rangers: "Seeya!"

Lucas chases after him: "Hey. I think there's still a few things we have to go over, here!"

Damien shakes his head and laughs: "What a strange and beautiful universe we live in."

Damien and the rest of the villagers follow Zhane and Lucas down the mountain path. Lucas still yelling after Zhane.

The End.

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