Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 42
"Great Galaxy Hunters"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A barren asteroid. A small spaceship appears to have crashed on it and another ship with the Jolly Roger (skull & crossbones pirate flag) flowing on top appears to have landed safely.

Two space merchants on the asteroid run for their lives from a trio of mutated space pirates. They are dressed in Earthling pirate clothes with the assorted striped shirts, bandanas, crosspatches and such.

Merchant 1: "Hurry Trizar, they're right on our tail!"

Trizar breathing hard due to his overweight physique: "*huff* *huff* I can't go any further Bizar, leave without me and save yourself!"

Trizar starts to struggle with running and slows down. Bizar grabs him and tries to help him along: "I'm not leaving you behind old friend!"

Bizar and Trizar move as fast as they can but are stopped in their tracks when an explosion erupts just in front of them. They turn around and to their horror, the pirates have caught up with them. One of the pirates has a smoking pistol in his hand.

Pirate 1 with the pistol: "Don't worry about leaving your friend behind."

Pirate 2: "You both can die together!"

All three pirates: "Ar! Ar! Hahahaha!"

Bizar and Trizar hold each other in fear as the pirates surround them.

Suddenly more explosions erupt around the pirates, bringing them to cover their faces and flail wildly. Pirate 1: "Ar! Who did that?!"

Heroic man's voice: "We did!"

The pirates and the merchants look above them. On top of a rocky crevace stands three figures.

The merchants faces change from fear to joy and relief. Trizar: "We're saved! Power Rangers have come to our rescue!"

The other two pirates pull out large scimitars while the first pirate with the pistol takes aim. All three stand back with caution. Pirate 1: "Power Rangers!"

The three figures leap off the edge of the crevace and down to the land below, standing before the pirates. They are Galaxy Power Rangers, complete with the zigzag design across their chests. The lead one is white, the one on his left is slightly larger and wearing a dark red color, the one on the right is female and has a dark blue outfit, her outfit is also skirted like a Pink Ranger's. Their helmets' basic design maintain the animal theme of other Galaxy Rangers but the White Galaxy Ranger's helmet resembles a shark while the Blue Ranger's helmet is a phoenix and the Red Ranger's helmet is a rhinocerous.

Galaxy Shark: "That's right. I suggest you drop your weapons immediately or suffer the consequences!"

Pirate 1: "Har! Rangers or not, we won't surrender to the likes of you!"

Galaxy Shark: "Have it your way."

The Galaxy Rangers and the space pirates charge each other and battle off in pairs. Galaxy Phoenix summons her Quasar Saber and blocks pirate 3's scimitar. She leaps into the air like a bird and dives back down with her saber, striking him down. Ginga Rhino charges and rams pirate 2 down with his head, basically goring him.

Pirate 1 fires his pistol but Galaxy Shark deflects the attack with his Quasar Saber. Galaxy Shark starts to circle the pirate, running around him like a shark but hunched over with arms extended in the same manner as other Galaxy Rangers tend to run. He leaps and jumpkicks the pirate squarely in the jaw.

Pirate 3 throws several punches at Galaxy Phoenix but she gracefully hops away from each of them, causing the pirate to grow frustrated. Pirate 3: "Come on hold still, you hag!"

Galaxy Phoenix grabs the pirate's fist: "That's not the way to grab a lady's attention. I guess I'll have to beat some manners into you!"

Galaxy Phoenix spins around behind the pirate and twists his arm then shoves him, face first into a large rock. She jumps high into the air, jumps off the side of a rocky wall and narrows in on the pirate while charging her Quasar Saber with blue energy and slices the pirate in half. He explodes instantly.

Pirate 2 holds his scimitar with both hands and swings it clumsily. Galaxy Rhino avoids every swing then eventually catches the scimitar between his palms and breaks the blade right off it's handle. The pirate stares at the now bladeless handle then drops it as Galaxy Rhino grabs his arms and administers mulitple headbutts. He lets the pirate go as the thug holds his hands over his bleeding forehead.

Galaxy Rhino resummons his Quasar Saber and charges it up with red energy: "You go down!"

Galaxy Rhino slices the pirate in half, right down the middle. The pirate also explodes instantly.

The first pirate fires several more shots from his pistol and backs away. Clearly he's scared: "You.. you.. stay away from me!"

But Galaxy Shark knocks away every bullet with his saber. The pirate finally throws his pistol at Galaxy Shark in a final act of desperation and frustration but he catches it with one hand and crushes it. Pirate 1: "No.. spare me! Please!"

Galaxy Shark charges up his saber with white energy: "You had your chance."

Galaxy Shark circles around the pirate and leaps, striking him down with his saber. The pirate explodes. With the pirates defeated, the Galaxy Rangers regroup. Bizar and Trizar are overjoyed and run to the Rangers to thank them. Bizar: "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Trizar: "You saved our lives from those terrible space pirates. How can we ever repay you!"

Galaxy Shark tilts his head as if he were puzzled: "Saved you from the pirates? I think you misconstrued our actions."

The merchants are confused: "Huh?"

Suddenly Galaxy Shark impales Bizar with his saber and pulls it out. Blood gushes from the wound and also pumps out of his mouth. Trizar: "No! Bizar!"

Bizar falls to his knees and looks up to Galaxy Shark with disbelief on his dying face. Galaxy Shark holds up his Quasar Saber as blood drips off of it: "We were just taking care of the competition."

Bizar falls to the ground now motionless but his eyes wide open. He is dead.

Trizar almost tears as he backs away from the Rangers but still holding out his hand as if to reach for Bizar: "Bizar.. How.. How could you do that! You're Power Rangers!"

Galaxy Shark chuckles as the other two Galaxy Rangers walk past him and stalk Trizar: "Hahahaha! I never get tired of hearing that. Didn't you know?"

Galaxy Phoenix and Galaxy Rhino quickly dash to Trizar and they both impale him at the same time. Their sabers cross each other out the back of his body. They pull their blades out and Trizar falls to his knees bleeding in the same manner as his departed friend and share the same expression of disbelief. Galaxy Shark: "Not all Power Rangers are good guys."

The three Galaxy Rangers share with evil laughter as they walk away from the corpses of their victims.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Knight Megaship, travelling through space. On board are the Psycho Rangers who have gone about to their own little things to pass time on the long trip back home. Inside Victor's quarters, Victor has the room kept dark and sits at a drawer looking into a framed picture with a solemn look on his face.

The door bell rings with a computer sound. Victor responds: "Come in."

The mechanical door slides open and Aundria enters with a tray of what appears to spaghetti and meatballs and a bowl of salad. Aundria places the tray on the drawer: "Your dinner's ready."

Victor looks up and gives a half-smile: "Thanks. I'm not hungry right now but I'll have some later."

Aundria nods to the side and twists her lip: "Okay, if you say so."

Aundria stands behind Victor and wraps her arms around him, looking at the picture as well: "You're still bummed about what went down on Eltar?"

Victor lays the picture on the dresser, face down: "They were my best friends, Aundria."

Aundria smiles for Victor as she places her hand on his top of his head and messes up his hair: "I know. But there was nothing you could have done. They both made their own choices with what fate had given them just as you have."

Victor looks up back at Aundria: "I know. I just wish they could have gotten a second chance like you and me and the others all did. So they could have at least left behind a better legacy."

Victor smiles: "But at least I still have friends like you, right?"

Aundria nods with a smile.

Suddenly a beep comes from Victor's morpher, Victor speaks: "Go ahead."

Simon's voice comes from the morpher: "Victor come on up to the bridge quick. There's something you need to check out."

Victor replies: "I'll be there in a sec."

Victor stands up from his chair: "I guess I'll be eating that meal later afterall."

Aundria takes a meatball and playfully flicks it into Victor's mouth: "I guess so."

With that, Victor and Aundria quickly leave the room.

Scene 2

Setting: The bridge of the Sky Knight. Simon is alone at the controls. The elevator door slides open; Victor and Aundria soon enter the room.

Victor makes his way to Simon: "Okay, I'm here. What's going on?"

Simon: "I just picked up a distress signal coming from the Narkova system. It would be out of our way but do you want to check it out."

Victor: "We're Power Rangers, aren't we? Wouldn't be much of ones if we ignored it. Besides we already went out of our way when we went to Eltar."

Simon nods: "Figured that would be the move. Just had to make sure. Narkova system it is. Hyper rush five."

The Sky Knight Megaship's thrusters fire up and the ship speeds through space to the Narkova system.

Scene 3

Setting: The barren asteroid where the merchants were attacked by the rogue Galaxy Rangers. The Sky Knight Megaship arrives and it's underthrusters kick in as the ship slows down for a landing next to the merchants' raided and damaged ship.

Scene 4

Setting: Minutes later, just outside the merchants' attacked ship. Victor and Aundria inspect it.

Aundria lightly taps a large hole on the side of the ship: "No doubt about it, someone attacked this space ship."

Victor crosses his arms: "Probably space pirates."

Simon and Angela come out of the ship's broken open door, they have handheld scanning equipment in their hands. Victor turns to them: "Anything?"

Angela shakes her head: "Nothing."

Simon adds: "It looks whatever was in there that wasn't bolted down was taken."

Aundria nods to Victor: "Definitely space pirates but I wonder if there were any survivors?"

Victor: "Scour the area, if anyone survived this crash they may be hiding somewhere around here."

Aundria, Angela and Simon: "Right."

The four split in two groups. Victor and Aundria head out in one direction while Simon and Angela head out in another.

Angela and Simon turn the corner at a rock and Angela puts her hands to her mouth in horror: "Oh my god."

Simon: "What is it?"

Simon quickly walks around Angela and sees what she's found. The dead body of Trizar. Simon squats with his scanner to verify just that. He sadly closes the man's eyes, while shaking his own head with pity then turns to Angela: "He's dead."

Angela almost in tears: "That poor guy. We were too late for him."

A weak voice: "..help me.."

Simon and Angela turn and see Bizar laying in a pool of his blood with his left hand raised and shaking: "..help me.. please" Simon yells out: "Victor, Aundria! Over here quick!"

Simon and Angela rush to Bizar's side. Angela pulls out a roll of bandages and quickly starts to tape up Bizar's wounds. Victor and Aundria make their way to the scene as Simon and Angela tend to him.

Victor looks to Aundria: "Go get Lucas quick!"

Aundria hastily nods her head and runs off to the Sky Knight Megaship.

Victor runs to the scene: "What happened? Is he going to be okay?"

Simon shakes his head: "I don't know. He's lost a lot of blood. We can't even move him in the condition he's in."

Bizar speaks quietly: "It's.. too late for me.. You.. have to stop them... before they kill again."

Victor gets to his knees and calmly lifts the dying man's head: "Who? Who did this to you? Space pirates?"

Bizar: "No... *cough* *cough* They destroyed the pirates too."

Victor, Angela and Simon all have puzzled looks on their faces. Victor: "Then who?"

Simon tries to intervene: "Victor, I don't think you should be asking him questions. Talking is just going to drain what little energy he has.."

Bizar places his hand on Simon's arm: "It.. was three of them.. Never saw it coming... They were *cough* *cough* *cough* Power *cough* Rangers."

Victor's eyes grow wide: "Power Rangers!"

Bizar: "Please.. stop them..." Bizar's eyes slowly close and he becomes motionless. Simon and Angela slowly stop tending to the man realizing it's too late. Victor lowers his head softly but he's clearly holding back his anger.

Aundria and Lucas arrive. Angela stands: "Lucas! Quick! You have to heal him."

Lucas inspects Bizar and looks down in sorrow: "I'm sorry. My Silver Monk powers can heal injuries of the living but once they've left this realm, there's nothing I can do for them."

The Rangers look at each other with sadness while Lucas crosses the Bizar's arms across his chest. Then places his own hands together and quietly prays for the poor man's soul.

Victor still looking down: "He said it was Power Rangers that did this to him and his friend."

Aundria and Lucas both puzzled. Aundria: "Power Rangers attacking innocent people? Is that possible?"

Simon and Angela give Aundria a funny look and she realizes what she just said: "Sorry. I forgot who we used to be."

Simon: "So Victor what are we going to do. Can we afford to look for these guys? Who knows what's happening on Deacon Blue right now."

Victor still looking down: "We're not going back."

Simon: "But Victor.."

Victor looks up with intense anger: "We're not going back until we take these rogue Rangers down!"

Aundria: "I have to side with Simon here. It's a tragic injustic but there's evil all over the universe. We can't try to stop it all while our home is in danger from Darkonda and Falconine."

Victor: "Look! If it was just space pirates, I could almost agree with you two. But whoever did this were Power Rangers or at least looked like them. That means one of two things. Either someone's going around impersonating Rangers and hurting innocent people or there are Rangers being controlled like we once were. Either way this has just become personal for us."

Simon, Angela and Aundria come to agree. Simon: "You're right man. Let's find these guys and take them down."

Angela: "For all we know it could've been those robotic clones of ours that did this. We never did find out what happened to those data cards."

Victor: "So you guys are with me on this?"

Simon pats Victor on the shoulder: "I'm with you."

Aundria: "Same here."

Lucas: "Absolutely."

Angela: "You can count on me too."

Victor: "Good. First thing we have to do is get some shovels and honor the fallen with proper burials. Then we'll head out to the local spaceports and see what information we can gather."

The Rangers at once: "Right!"

Simon, Angela, Aundria and Lucas head back to the Megaship. Victor looks down at Bizar's body: "You'll be avenged. I promise."


Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: A spaceport. It's a large cylinder structure with countless docks extending from it with some of them empty and others with various spaceships parked. At the top of the structure is a small domed city, not unlike Terra Venture albeit significantly smaller than the space colony from Earth.

Amongst the buildings at the space port is a futuristic-looking bar. The clientele consists of various aliens, mutants and monsters. Amongst them are humans, Pirhanatrons, Tengas, and Kanaxians as well as various unnamed species. Some are at tables enjoying a good meal or playing poker. Some are playing pool and others are simply lounging around while listening to a Bookala play piano.

The entrance to the bar opens and in comes Aundria, Lucas and Marcus.

Marcus appears to be disappointed: "Aw man. What kind of bar is this? There's no poles or cages!"

Aundria elbows Marcus in the gut: "We're not here for one of your friday excursions, dimwit."

Lucas naively asks: "Why would poles or cages be necessary?"

Marcus grins: "The better for the ladies to show off their ti.."

Aundria yells: "Marcus!"

Marcus backs off: "I'll take you to a gentlemen's club when we get back on Deacon Blue, man. You can see for yourself."

Aundria stares at Marcus: "You will not take my sweet Lucas to a sleazy 'gentlemen's club'."

Lucas naively asks: "How can a establishment for gentlemen be sleazy?"

Marcus looks away as he tries to hold in his laughter. Aundria places her hand on Lucas shoulder with a bemused smile and shakes her head: "Don't ever change, sweetheart."

Aundria lifts her head: "Now let's not forget why we're here."

Marcus nods: "Right. Let's keep it subtle."

Marcus yells out: "You barkeep! We're looking for some crooks on the run!"

Everyone in the bar stops what they're doing and stares at the Rangers. Aundria slaps her forehead: "*sigh* Idiot."

A big muscular mutant with a tattoo of an anchor stands up: "You people, cops?"

Aundria: "No we're loansharks looking for some bums that owe us money. When we find them we're going to break their fingers and blow-up their home planet."

The muscular mutant calms down and returns to his seat: "Okay. It's cool then."

The rest of the bar return to their activities.

Aundria looks to Marcus: "Just let me handle this okay?"

Marcus rolls his eyes: "Fine."

The trio walk up to the bar. Aundria leans at the bar stand with a cute smile on her face. The bartender who looks relatively human except he has ridged nose. The bartender smiles at Aundria: "What will it be ma'am?"

Aundria: "I'll take an Edenite twist on the rocks, please."

The bartender fixes up her drink: "One Edenite twist coming up."

The bartender serves Aundria the Edenite twist. Aundria asks with puppy dog eyes: "How much?"

The bartender blushes: "Fer a fine-lookin' thang like you. It's on the house."

Marcus eagerly makes an order: "Hey! I'll go for a piece of that action."

The bartender's smile quickly fades into a frown: "Fer you that'll be six credaras."

Marcus offended: "Why you sexist pig."

Aundria under her breath: "Pot, kettle, black."

Aundria brightens up her expression and asks the bartender: "Thank you for the drink but I was hoping you could answer a few questions."

The bartender leans on the stand while cleaning some glasses: "Sure thang, ma'am."

Aundria: "Thanks. Have you heard anything about Power Rangers around here."

Bartender: "Power Rangers? These days ya have to be more specific, darlin'. Thar all over the place anymore."

Aundria: "Well these guys have been causing trouble."

The bartender smirks: "Heh. That don't narrow it down much fer folks aroun' here. Power Rangers cause trouble fer pirates, thugs and would-be world conquerors."

Aundria: "Well these Rangers have been attacking innocent people."

At the end of the barstand a large muscular human gains interest in the conversation. He's dressed in dusty rag jacket and has on a red shirt underneath. He has on a black bracelt on one hand and covers up a Trans-Morpher that's on his other hand.

The bartender: "Innocent people. Now that's a different story. Thar's been rumors about a group of Rangers that are rather nasty folk. I remember that fer sure. The last time thar was buzz about Rangers' from the wrong side of the tracks was those Psycho Rangers from a few yars back."

Aundria and Marcus cover up the funny look that appears on their faces briefly.

The bartender: "The word is that it's only a three man group. Supposedly they look like the Rangers from that Terror Adventure thingy from Earth. But that's about all I know, I'm afraid. Ain't like a lot of folks have seen them and lived, ya know?"

Aundria finishes off her drink: "Well thank you very much, sir."

The bartender takes Aundria's empty glass and winks: "No problem, darlin'."

A sleazy guy with an eyepatch walks up to Aundria: "Hey baby. You wanna know about Rangers, how about you come over to ma place and you can take a ride on ma 'Megazord'. Heh heh heh."

Lucas steps up to the guy: "I suggest you step back sir. The lady is with me."

Aundria holds up her hand in front of Lucas: "It's okay. Let's just go."

The sleazy guy smiles with a toothless grin: "You heard her, pretty boy. She wants to get with a real man."

Aundria: "Space slugs don't count as men, creep."

The sleazy guy feigns hurt feelings: "Aww.. Don't be like that. You gotta too nice a shape to go to waste on this loser."

The sleazy guy grabs ahold of Aundria's butt and Marcus pushes him away: "Hey! No one gropes Aundria but me, jerkwad!"

Lucas lifts an eyebrow at Marcus: "Excuse me?!"

Marcus adds: "Oh and her boyfriend too."

Lucas: "Marcus, I don't think you understand my problem with your statement."

Marcus: "What are you talkin' about?"

Aundria steps in front of Marcus and Lucas and faces the sleazy guy: "Look guys it's okay. This fellow here was nice enough make an offer, the least I can do is give a response it deserves."

The sleazy guy grins: "Yeah that's what I'm talking about..*oof!*" Aundria decks the sleazy guy before he saw it coming. This causes several other goons in the bar to stand up and surround the Rangers.

Lucas: "I think we have a situation here."

Marcus gets excited: "Cool! I always wanted to have a bar room brawl! YEHAW!!"

*cue good ole' fashioned bar room brawl music available in ole' cheesy western*

A pirate dressed in rags takes a swing at Marcus but with a grin on his face, Marcus ducks under it, comes back up grabs a beer bottle and smashes it over the pirate's head: "Yehaw!"

Aundria: "*sigh* Well when your already deep in it, you might as well take a swim!"

Aundria thrust kicks another pirate which sends him crashing into a table. While another thug grabs Lucas from behind and two more charge him. Lucas even being held in a full-nelson, launches a high swinging kick to the heads of the charging thugs. He then jumps up and flips behind the thug that had him in a full-nelson. He twists the thug's arm and slams him to the floor and then elbowpunches another thug trying to attack him from behind.

Marcus leaps onto a table and kicks away a goon that tries to jump onto the table as well. He jumps off the table and scissor kicks a Pirhanatron. Another thug with a baseball bat, takes a swing at Marcus from behind but Marcus leans forward to avoid and backkicks the bat from his hand. Marcus spins around right hooks the thug, knocking him out cold. Then Marcus catches the bat as it falls from the air, he quickly spins around again and slugs another Pirhanatron in the gut and pokes a Pirhanatron behind swings the bat upward to the jaw of the first Pirhanatron and spins around yet again and goes for a grandslam to head of the second Pirhantron, knocking it out but breaking the bat in the process.

Aundria uses a table for leverage and performs a cresent kick to a pirate. She then drops down and leg sweeps two more pirates off their feet. But she's then caught by the large mutant with a tattoo on his face she tries to break free but can't do so. She then speaks out to a pool player, whose dressed as a cowboy: "Excuse me sir, could you give me a hand."

The cowboy alien: "Sorry. It's your fight."

Aundria speaks with a terrible old western maiden accent: "But he stole ma' daddy's boots."

The cowboy alien breaks his pool cue over his knee in anger: "Why you yellow-bellied, lilly-liver varmit!"

The mutant releases Aundria only to receive a beatdown from the cowboy alien. Once he's done the cowboy alien turns around. Aundria taps him on the cheek: "My hero."

The cowboy alien stomps on the mutant one more time then takes off his hat in respect: "All in a day's work, ma'am."

Someone out of sight tosses the cowboy alien a new pool cue and he resumes his game. With all of the goons disposes of, Marcus and Lucas regroup with Aundria.

Marcus smacks the dust off his hands: "Well that was fun. Anyone wanna go for a second game?"

The goons gather themselves and all share sentiment of refusing Marcus' offer they cowardly run out the door. Marcus: "Suit yourself."

Aundria: "Come on guys, let's get out of here."

The three Rangers start to make their way out the door until Aundria spots the big guy in raggy jacket and notices the Trans-Morpher on his wrist. The man realizes he's been spotted. Aundria yells out: "Hey you!"

The man with the Trans-Morpher runs out the door.

Aundria: "Come on, after him?"

Marcus: "What for?"

Aundria: "It wasn't one like ours but I know a morpher when I see one, that guy was a Ranger."

Lucas heads for the door: "He might be one of the one's we're looking for!"

Aundria and Marcus quickly follow Lucas out the door.

Scene 2

Setting: Just outside the bar. Aundria, Lucas and Marcus run out the door and spot the man with the Trans-Morpher hopping into a beat-up old Velocifighter and taking off.

Aundria yells out: "Stop! We need to talk to you!"

The Velocifighter takes off and flies into space. Aundria quickly speaks into her Psycho Morpher: "Simon, there's a Velocifighter leaving out of B Side get a tracking lock on it now!"

Simon's voice from the morpher: "Got it, what's up!"

Aundria: "We just found one of the rogue Rangers and he's making a get away."

Simon's voice: "Awesome. Get back to the Sky Knight, we'll see where he goes."

Aundria: "Right. He may lead us to the whole lot of them."

Lucas: "Let's get moving then."

Aundria and Marcus both nod: "Right!"

The three run off.

Scene 3

Setting: Less than ten minutes later, outside the space station. The Sky Knight Megaship takes off and heads out into space.

Scene 4

Setting: A small planetoid with no life on it. It appears to be an old mining planet with various shafts located on it. It's roughly two thirds the size of the Earth's moon. Only one building remains on it's surface, a worn down old house that looks like it fits right in the middle of an urban ghetto.

The beat-up, old Velocifighter lands and the man jumps out and runs into the worn down house. Inside is a darkened room filled with various radios, blasters, jewels, energy tanks and other assorted junk that has been stolen through out the Narkova solar system. In the center of the room is a poker table just under the only light in the entire room. A man and a woman sit at the table. Both are a caucasian and look like gangbangers. The man is wearing torn up blue jeans, a white t-shirt saying "Will Work Kill For Food Fun". The woman has a rather skanky appearance, with spikey hair, dyed with green, purple and pink streaks. She's wearing tight black leather pants and mesh shirt with a blue bra underneath.

The man runs in: "Yo Mako, we've got a problem. It looks like there's some other Rangers looking for us."

Mako stands up: "It was only a matter of time, Bruno. Power Rangers weren't gonna leave us alone forever, right Trixie?"

Trixie crosses her legs on the table: "Right. So where did you see them, Bruno."

Bruno: "At the old bar. They spotted me so I came right back here."

Mako slaps Bruno across the face: "You idiot! You probably led them straight to us!"

Bruno rubs his cheek: "Ow! You didn't have to do all that, Mako. I was careful, those guys didn't follow me here."

A mechanical voice comes out of the shadows: "Oh but they did follow you, my dimwitted protege'. In fact they're on their way now."

Trixie gets up from her chair: "What?!"

Mako grabs Bruno and smacks him around some more: "You idiot! You stupid, frickin' idiot!"

Trixie: "We needz to get out of here now! Right boss?"

Voice in the shadows: "Oh I don't think running away will be necessary my dear. I've dealt with these other Rangers before and you'll be more than a match for them."

Mako stops abusing Bruno long enough to pay attention to the figure in the darkness: "You really think so, boss?"

The figure chuckles: "Oh I know so, in fact I've been waiting for this day for quite awhile."

The figure begins to step out of the shadows: "Finally I will extract my revenge and those miserable Psycho Power Rangers will rue the day they ever crossed Deviot!"

Deviot steps out of the shadows and the evil Galaxy Rangers smile with anticipation for the upcoming battle. All of the villians share a manical laughter that echoes throughout the mining planetoid.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Knight Megaship makes it's way to the mining planetoid. Inside the bridge of the ship all of the Psychos are stationed and the planetoid is up on the visuals.

Simon: "According to the tracer, our fugitive friend landed on that planet."

Aundria: "What is it? Looks like a some kind of space mine."

Simon checks out a small monitor on his right: "I'm checking the galactic info-files, Billy uploaded onto the Sky Knight. It's a small planetoid called Toriyama that was mined for it's hyperium reserves. A very valuable fuel since no one would be able utilize hyper rush speeds without it."

Aundria: "I'm guessing it was abandoned when the last of the hyperium was mined out."

Simon nods: "You would be guessing correctly."

Marcus smirks: "An old abandoned mine. They have to be the badguys, that's a classic villain hide-out."

Victor cracks his knuckles: "Well then, let's give them a classic Psycho Ranger butt-kickin'!"

Marcus: "Hehehehahaha! Now you're talking, Big Red!"

Back outside, the Sky Knight Megaship closes in on planetoid, Toriyama.

Scene 2

Setting: The old house on Toriyama. Mako, Bruno and Trixie stand just outside the door and witness the Sky Knight Megaship landing.

Mako smirks: "Here they come. Let's show them what we can do."

Bruno eagerly nods: "Yeah. We hurt them good, right Mako!"

Mako sneers at Bruno: "Shut up."

Trixie holds up her morpher: "Let's do this thing already!"

All three together: "Go Galactic!"

In a flash of light Mako becomes Galaxy Shark, Trixie becomes Galaxy Phoenix and Bruno becomes Galaxy Rhino.

Deviot steps out of the house and chuckles: "Hahaha. Those little ragamuffins won't know what hit them."

Galaxy Shark: "Say.. those Rangers have Zords right? What if they use them on us?"

Deviot: "Fret not. If it comes to that I'll provide you with the power of your Zords."

Galaxy Shark perks up: "You got our Zords back from those other Galaxy Rangers."

If Deviot wasn't wearing a mask Galaxy Shark would see that he has a sneaky grin on his face: "Hmhmhm. Something like that. Now go! Go and destroy!"

Galaxy Rhino tightens his fist: "Yeah! Destroying is good!"

Galaxy Shark: "Let's go!"

Deviot laughs away as the Galaxy Rangers run off to attack the Psychos. The lean forward as they run with their arms extended out.

Scene 3

Setting: Just outside the Sky Knight Megaship. The main hatch opens up and the Rangers exits the ship along with Tora.

Aundria looks around and is unimpressed with the surroundings: "Well, this is certainly a dreadful place to hideout in."

Simon concurs: "Really."

Victor looks around as well but with hawk-like eyes: "Okay. They must've seen us land, so stay on guard."

Aundria: "Right. They're probably getting ready to attack us at any moment now."

Tora tenses and emits an anrgy growl. Suddenly a beam out of nowhere strikes the ground behind the Rangers and an explosion erupts. The Rangers start to get back up from the dirt as the Galaxy Rangers make their appearance. Galaxy Shark: "Hahaha.. How right you are, chicky!"

Victor stands back but doesn't stop staring at the Galaxy Rangers for second: "Well that confirms it, these are the clowns we've been looking for and they really do look like Rangers."

Galaxy Phoenix: "Look nothing. We are Power Rangers!"

Aundria: "Maybe the second-rate variety."

Marcus: "Man. First the Aquitian Rangers, now these doofs. How many Rangers do we have to fight out here? Aren't we all supposed to be on the same team."

Galaxy White summons his Quasar Saber: "Hardly. Not all Power Rangers are goody-goodies like you."

Marcus is humorously taken aback and in his best Bugs Bunny impersonation: "Goody-goody? He don't know me verwy well, do he?"

Victor stands forward: "We may get up on the right side of the bed more often than we used to but don't think we can't take out a bunch of dollar store knock-offs like you!"

Galaxy Shark: "Give it your best shot, little man!"

Victor: "You asked for it! Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morph sequence]

[Psycho Black morph sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morph sequence]

[Psycho Pink morph sequence]

[Psycho Blue morph sequence]

[Psycho Silver morph sequence]

Now morphed the Rangers take a battle stance and in unison: "Psycho Power Rangers!"

Phoenix and Rhino summon their Quasar Sabers and the Galaxy Rangers together take a battle stance: "Galaxy Power Rangers!"

Tora growls with hatred towards the Galaxy Rangers, which catches the attention of Psycho Silver.

Psycho Silver notices something: "Huh? Hey guys, don't these guys remind you of anyone?"

Psycho Black: "Now that you mention it, their costumes look the Galactabeasts we fought awhile back."

Psycho Red figures it out: "Of course! Then that means Deviot is involved with this!"

Deviot's voice: "Right you are, Red Ranger."

Psycho Red looks ahead and sees Deviot appearing on the scene: "Everette, you scumbag! So you managed to corrupt a group of Rangers!"

Deviot stands in front of the battle ready Galaxy Rangers: "Hmhmhm. That's 'Deviot' thank you very much. And I didn't quite corrupt these fine children. They were quite nasty when I came across them awhile back. I just gave them the means to truly realize their evil potential."

Psycho Red: "So they're not brainwashed or under a spell? Good. Now I won't feel guilty when I break spandex boy's jaw."

Galaxy White: "You talk tough but you haven't backed it up yet!"

Psycho Silver: "But how can the Quasar Sabers be used for evil? They have a mind of their own and are strictly for the forces of good."

Deviot lights up to the opportunity to brag about his own brilliance: "Ah! A good question and I'll be more than happy to explain it to you before you perish. Since the Silver Monks' beliefs have close ties to the history of Planet Ginga, I'm sure you know all about the Quasar Sabers and the Galactabeasts."

Psycho Silver: "That's right. Though my people didn't know Planet Ginga or the Quasar Sabers were real until Tabuna told us of her past."

Deviot: "Ah yes, my lovely niece. Anyway, you are correct that Quasar Sabers are actually sentient and cannot be used by the forces of good. However the Quasar Sabers are strongly connected to the Galactabeasts. Which of course, thanks to my brilliant mechanization techniques were under my control. From that I learned how to trick the Quasar Sabers via my Dark Quasar Bracelets."

Galaxy Shark: "Yeah. As long as we have the Dark Quasar Bracelets, the power is ours!"

Galaxy Phoenix: "And it's more than you can handle!"

Psycho Red loses his patience: "Enough of the exposition. Pscyho Ranger Rumble!"

The Psycho Rangers charge towards Deviot and Galaxy Rangers. Deviot orders his Rangers: "Destroy them!"

The Galaxy Rangers charge and two groups pair off. Psycho Red and Psycho Silver take on Galaxy Shark, while Black and Blue handle Rhino, and the girls take on Phoenix.

Psycho Black attempts low swing kick but Rhino leaps over and tackles him. Psycho Blue grabs Rhino from behind. Psycho Blue noticeably has trouble keeping his grip: "Whoah! Aren't you the big boy!"

Galaxy Rhino overpowers Psycho Blue knocks him off his back: "Get off!"

Galaxy Rhino stomps on Psycho Blue: "Now you go flat!"

Psycho Black jumps over Galaxy Rhino and in mid-air throws a mule kick at Rhino's head. He sarcastically comments: "What the scholar you are."

Galaxy Rhino shakes the cobwebs out of his head: "Grrr... Crush you, man!"

Galaxy Rhino charges like the animal he's based and runs over both Black and Blue, despite their best efforts to fend him off.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Phoenix leaps into the air like a bird and flying clotheslines Psychos Yellow and Pink. The girls quickly recover and chase after Galaxy Phoenix. Psycho Pink throws a high side-kick but Galaxy Phoenix blocks it with her forearm and throws a punch with her other arm and in one fluid motion throws an elbow punch with the same arm at Yellow. Yellow takes the blow and uses the momentum to spin around she throws a backhanded punch but Phoenix ducks under it and uses a legsweep, Psycho Yellow is tripped by it but she rolls to the ground and back to her feet wile Pink hops over the legsweep then runs up Galaxy Phoenix chest and face as she finishes her spinning motion, Pink takes the momentum of the face run and flips backward to her feet and releases a quick a bolt of green lightning which sends Galaxy Phoenix back but Phoenix lands on one knee, summons her Quasar Saber and fires a bolt of her own. The resulting explosion unsettles both Psychos.

Galaxy Phoenix runs back towards them: "Hahaha! Let me just show who the baddest b*&%! is!"

Also Psycho Red and Galaxy Shark exchange fists. Galaxy Shark blocks a punch from Psycho Red then throws a sidekick on the opposite side of him at Psycho Silver. Psycho Silver though catches his foot and flips Galaxy Shark upward but Shark dives back down with stereo vertical chops. He throws a punch at Psycho Red but Red sidesteps it and elbows him in the face but..


Deviot shoots Psycho Red from behind. Sparks fly off his back and the blast sends Psycho Red crashing, shoulder first into a large rock. Deviot stalks towards Pyscho Red: "Hahaha.. Don't forget me."

Psycho Red gets back to his feet but holds his shoulder: "How could I? I still got a lot of payback with your name on it, Deviot!"

Psycho Red runs and leaps with a jump kick, Deviot sidesteps it and throws a punch but Red grabs him by the arm and throws a punch of his own but Deviot grabs that arm and the two cross arms trying to overpower each other. They push each other away and at the same time; Psycho Red charges up an energy ball and Deviot takes aim with his wrist blaster both fire at once and the clashing explosion sends them both flying.

Back to the girls. Galaxy Phoenix powers up her Quasar Saber and charges toward Psychos Pink and Yellow. Psycho Yellow looks to Pink: "Ready?"

Pink nods: "Yeah!"

Both Psychos simultaneously duck low and spin kick the charging Galaxy Phoenix off her feet. Galaxy Phoenix rolls and lands but as she turns around she sees a Psycho Bow and a Psycho Slinger right in her face. Galaxy Phoenix: "Uh oh."

Pyscho Yellow: "'Uh oh.' Is right."

With that the Psychos fire and the blast sends Galaxy Phoenix soaring in the air but not the way she likes to do it. She crashes into the ground hard and powers down back into Trixie. Her Quasar Saber stabs the ground as it lands and image of the Phoenix Galactabeast appears above the Saber then vanishes just as quickly. The Trans-Morpher on Trixie's arm vanishes as well.

Meanwhile Galaxy Rhino charges like a rhinocerous yet again. This time however Psychos Black and Blue are ready. Psycho Blue: "Man this is going to be too easy!"

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "I know what you mean, these guys may have Rangers powers but their fighting style is easy to figure out."

Galaxy Rhino tries to run over Psycho Black but Black sticks him in the gut with his Psycho Lance, falls back and launches Rhino into the air. Psycho Black: "He's all yours!"

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe and jumps into the air and in mid-air: "Psycho Spin!"

In mid-air, Psycho Blue launches into his Psycho Spin attack and sends Galaxy Rhino crashing into the dirt. He too demorphs and his Quasar Saber lands right next to Phoenix's saber. Bruno's Trans-Morpher vanishes.

Psycho Silver and Galaxy Shark clash weapons. Psycho Silver pushes Galaxy Shark back. He fires his weapon while running towards Shark: "Psycho Silverizer!"

The light bullets from the Psycho Silverizer all hit their mark, namely Galaxy Shark's chest. Psycho Silver jumps high into the air and comes back down with his Psycho Silverizer. Galaxy Shark rolls to the ground. He starts to get back up and spots Psycho Red waiting for him.

Galaxy Shark circles around Psycho Red: "Don't get cocky, Red Ranger. I'm not out yet!"

Psycho Red ignores Galaxy Shark's meaningless trash talk and instead pays attention to the Galaxy Ranger's movements. Psycho Red thinks to himself: "Hmmm.. He's circling me just like a shark would which means he'll make his move right about.."

Galaxy Shark leaps into the air with Quasar Saber in hand but Psycho Red drops to one knee and throws one punch directly into the breadbox just as Galaxy Shark lands: "..NOW!"

Galaxy Shark backs off while keeled over. Psycho Red: "Deviot may have found a loophole so you could be a Power Ranger but evil or not, it's clear you have no business being one. You fight like a complete amateur."

Galaxy Shark gets frustrated: "Shut up! I am a Power Ranger, no matter what you say! You were just lucky is all."

Psycho Red: "Luck ain't got nothing to do with it, crybaby. I'm Victor Red, the Red Psycho Power Ranger. I strive to be the best Ranger in the universe and just because you can kill a couple of defenseless merchants doesn't put a chumpstain little punk like you in my league. You're not in my league at all."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "It's time to send you back where you came from, little punk."

Galaxy Shark almost incoherant: "I.. I'll show you."

Psycho Red: "You'll show me nothing, little punk. Treacheron Sword!"

Psycho Red summons Treacheron's sword in his other hand and charges toward Galaxy Shark. Psycho Red runs with both swords in hand, the Psycho Sword glows red and Treacheron's sword glows blue. First Psycho Red brings down the Psycho Sword on Galaxy White, the sparks fly off his chest as he screams in pain. Then Psycho Red brings down Treacheron's sword and as strikes with the sword, he changes back and forth into Treacheron in brief flashes. Psycho Red turns around and takes a stance with both of his swords as Galaxy Shark slowly falls to the ground and explodes!

The Shark Quasar Saber strikes the ground between the other two sabers and a large stone rises from the ground beneath them. The three sabers now stuck in the stone, await for their true masters to one day arrive.

As the smoke clears, Mako is on the ground with no Trans-Morpher on his wrist only his Dark Quasar Bracelet. Trixie and Bruno struggle to Mako's side and help him up only to realize the Psycho Rangers have them surrounded.

Psycho Red: "You just lost your powers. I suggest you surrender now."

Trixie: "Mako, this don't look good. We lost our powers!"

Bruno: "Not good at all, man."

Mako pushes Bruno and Trixie away from him: "Get off of me!"

Mako looks to Deviot in the distance: "Boss, help us! You said we could use our Zords!"

Deviot: "If you wish. Though I didn't say anything about using Zords, I specically said 'Zord powers'."

Deviot pulls out a handheld device and presses a button. Suddenly the Dark Quasar Bracelets on the former Galaxy Rangers glow with black light and they all clutch their wrists in pain. Bruno: "Aaahhh! It hurts!"

Trixie: "Get it off! Get it off!"

Mako: "Aarghh! Deviot what are you doing to us?"

Deviot: "Hahahahaha! I'm giving you the powers of your Zords by making you into Galactabeasts! When I came to you with those Quasar Sabers you wanted power and now I'm giving it to you, granted once the transformation is complete you'll be mindless freaks but I've never been one to worry about the little things like that. Hahahaha!"

Mako: "No! You promised us power! This isn't what I wanted! Stop it!"

Psycho Pink: "What's happening to them?"

Psycho Red shakes his head: "They're learning the hard way, what happens when you make deals with someone like Deviot."

Mako's mouth disfigures and grows larger and his teeth become razor sharp: "Deviot! You doublecrossed us! Why?!"

Deviot: "Hahahahaha! How naive children can be. To think you actually thought there was honor among thieves!"

Mako: "Noooo!"

Trixie's whose skin is turning bluw and her hair changing into feathers: "You'll pay for this!"

Psycho Pink turns to Deviot: "Stop this, Deviot! Stop it now!"

Deviot crushes the control in his hand: "My work here is done. Despite what my would-be pupils are saying right now, once the transformation is complete they'll only have one goal in mind. To destroy all of you. Oh and Victor, if by some miracle you actually survive the Zestrataurus, please give my dear niece, my regards. Hahahahaha!"

Deviot teleports away before Psycho Red can take a swing at him with his swords: "Deviot! You coward!"

The Psychos gather around Red. Psycho Black points at the former Galaxy Rangers: "Forget about Deviot. We've got a problem here and it's getting bigger!"

The former Galaxy Rangers complete their transformation into the shark, phoenix and rhino Galactabeasts but then in an instant they merge into a giant mindless beast. The monster's body is creamy white with fins on it's hips and thighs and a large shark fin on it's hunched-over back. It's head is actually it's body, lacking a real chest. It's face is large and wide with large menacing mouth with thousands of sharp, pointy teeth. It's yellow eyes are small and narrow. All together the face resembles a megamouth shark. It's arms though are different colors. The right arm is blue and has a pair of underdeveloped wings on it's forearm, instead of a hand it has the head of the Phoenix Galactabeast. It's right arm is crimson red and rather bulky. Instead of a hand, there's the head of a Rhinocerous Galactabeast. All together, this abomination is the Zestrataurus.

All three of it's heads growl and roar in unison with it's unnatural sounds.

The Zestrataurus stomps the ground and shakes up the Psycho Rangers. Psycho Red: "Okay, it means business and so do we! Guardianzord Power!"

The core Psycho Rangers in unison sudden their Guardian Keys and slam them into the ground: "Guardianzord Power!"

In five colored pillars of light, the Guardianzords appear. The Rangers all leap into the air and enter the cockpits of their respective Zords.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red dives into his chair and grabs the controls: "Red Shogun Guardianzord!"

The Red Shogun Guardianzord pulls out it's sword and takes a battle stance.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black dives into his chair and grabs the controls: "Black Tengu Guardianzord!"

The Black Tengu Guardianzord spins it's lance around like a baton and squawks like a hawk.

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow dives into her chair and grabs the controls: "Yellow Samurai Guardianzord!"

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord pulls out it's katana and takes a battle stance.

[Pink cockpit scene] Psycho Pink dives into her chair and grabs the controls: "Pink Miko Guardianzord!"

Pink smoke rises as the Pink Miko Guardianzord motions it's hands like it's performing a spell.

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue dives into his chair and grabs the controls: "Blue Tanuki Guardianzord!"

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord wildly tears into the earth and then howls to the sky like a mad coyote.

Tora runs past Psycho Silver: "Okay it's our turn!"

Psycho Silver holds up his Silver Morpher and presses the middle button: "Tora-Shinobizord Power!"

[Silver Tora-Shinobizord transformation sequence]

Psycho Silver leaps into the air and jumps into the cockpit of his Zord.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver dives into his chair and grabs the controls: "Silver Tora-Shinobizord!"

The Silver Tora-Shinobizord roars so loudly that entire planetoid rumbles.

The Zestrataurus continues with it's unnatural sounds then jumps into the air landing right in front of the Zords. It grabs the Black Tanuki and tries to eat it with the shark head.

[Black cockpit scene] Sparks break out throughout the cockpit and shakes up Psycho Black: "Aaah! I could uses some help here guys!"

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Ask and you shall recieve!"

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord strikes Zestrataurus from behind with it's katana. The monster relinquishes the Black Tengu. Once free the Black Tengu Guardianzord strikes Zestrataurus with it's lance.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Thanks Psycho Yellow."

In a rage, Zestrataurus clubs both Zords and charges for Pink Miko. But the Pink Miko Guardianzord disappears in a puff a smoke, confusing the monster. Pink Miko reappears behind it and unleashes it's ribbons wrapping the monster up for the Red Shogun Guardianzord to dash past it and strike it with it's sword. Zestrataurus is released from Pink Miko's ribbons as it falls to the ground. Red Shogun charges up it's sword and launches three fireballs from the tip, striking Zestrataurus before it can even get back up.

[Blue cockpit scene] Pyscho Blue: "Hey! Don't leave me out of the fun!"

Blue Tanuki Guardianzord and Silver Tora-Shinobizord run side-by-side. The Blue Tanuki takes the lead and leaps and curls into a cannonball and crashing into Zestrataurus. The Blue Tanuki lands on it's feet and quickly bites into it's leg. The monster screams in pain but quickly kicks the Tanuki off it only to get shot down by Tora-Shinobizord's blasters as it makes it's way to the monster. The Silver Tora-Shinobizord impales the monster with it's horns and flips it over it's back.

The Zords regroup as the Zestrataurus recovers.

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

[Silver Shinobizord transformation sequence]

The Guardian Megazord and Silver Shinobizord take a defensive stance. The Zestrataurus growls, roars and hisses then fires large multi-colored waves of energy from all three of it's mouths at once. The blasts cause explosions to erupt all around the Zords.

Silver Shinobizord falls to ground.

[Silver cockpit scene] Sparks erupt all over the cockpit: "Aaah!"

Guardian Megazord falls to the ground.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Sparks and explosions break out everywhere and the Rangers are all shook from them.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "That monster sure packs a whallop!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "It's a tough one. We made need all the firepower we can get. Simon!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Black gets up from his seat: "I'm on it. Come on Angela."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink also gets up from her seat and nods to Psycho Black: "I'm right behind you!"

The Guardian Megazord gets back to it's feet as a pink and a black flash leap out of it's head and into the Sky Knight Megaship. The Sky Knight Megaship's thrusters pick up and the ship lifts off.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Pscyho Black and Psycho Pink are seated. Psycho Black: "Sky Knight Megaship is ready and able!"

The Sky Knight Megaship flies past the Zestrataurus and the monster grabs it and starts chomp down on the ship.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] The cockpit is shook up. Psycho Pink: "It's got ahold of us. We can't activate the Megazord mode like this!"

The Guardian Megazord and Silver Shinobizord grab Zestrataurus' jaws and force it's mouth open so the Megaship can escape. The monster however fires massive beam from it's shark mouth knocking the Zords back down.

The Sky Knight Megaship soars high into the black sky.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Sky Knight Megazord activate now!"

[Sky Knight Megazord transformation sequence]

The Sky Knight Megazord dives down kicks the Zestrataurus in it's main face. Knocking the monster off the Guardian Megazord. The Sky Knight Megazord fires from it's cannons on it's handless arms. All the fireballs hit their mark on the monster. Meanwhile, Silver Shinobizord offers it's hand and helps the Guardian Megazord up. Then the three Zords stand ready for the monster's next move.

The Silver Shinobizord throws several shurikens Zestrataurus but the monster eats all of the ninja stars. So it leaps into the air and comes down with it's katana, striking the monster. Then Silver Shinobizord throws it's grappling hook and wraps a cable around the monster, binding it. Silver Shinobizord jumps back and the Tora Cannon falls from the sky. Silver Shinobizord catches the Tora Cannon.

Clouds form in the starry sky as lightning breaks out. The Guardian Megazord holds up it's arm and a lightning bolt strikes it's hand, forming the Energy Sword.

Sky Knight Megazord's shoulder wings detach from the shoulders and combine to form the Wing Blade, levitating just above the Sky Knight's held forward arms.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Let's finish this!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Tora Cannon fire!"

The Silver Shinobizord fires the Tora Cannon and the massive beam tears right into Zestrataurus.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Wing Blade fire!"

The Sky Knight Megazord launches the Wing Blade and energizes it with red energy from the arm cannons. The Wing Blade goes right through the monster leaving behind a streak of fire.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Guardian Energy Sword Strike!"

The Guardian Megazord's eyes glow red and swings the Energy Sword at Zestrataurus. A hundred lightning bolts strike Zestrataurus all at once. A large explosion consumes Zestrataurus but the monster is still standing.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Whoah! It's still not destroyed!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "We'll fix that. Activate Guardian-Tora Megazord!"

The Silver Shinobizord throws the Tora Cannon up into the air and it's disassembles back into the individual Tora parts.

[Guardian-Tora Megazord transformation sequence]

The Zestrataurus stumbles forward as the Guardian-Tora Megazord raises it's clawed arms.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "One-Two Tiger Strike!"

The Guardian-Tora Megazord holds up both of it's arms as it's claws glow. It strikes the monster with the front-leg claws first, then the tail claw. The Guardian-Tora Megazord, Silver Shinobizord and Sky Knight Megazord all turn away as Zestrataurus finally falls to the ground and explodes!

With the monster the defeated the Zords all lower their arms and enter a relaxed state.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Dr. Hinelar's lab. Dr. Hinelar grins as he inspects the Infinity Stone.

Dr. Hinelar with a sixth sense speaks: "Enter Deviot."

The door to the lab opens and Deviot enters the room. Deviot bow downs to Dr. Hinelar: "Greetings, master. I'm afraid my band of rogue Power Rangers were defeated."

Dr. Hinelar doesn't bother to look at Deviot as he grins over the Infinity Stone: "It doesn't matter. I never figured them into my master plan. So their fates are inconsequential."

Deviot: "True. Still it is a shame. If our Rangers defeated the Psychos they would've proved beneficial against those annoying Power Rangers on Terra Venture."

Dr. Hinelar: "They'll be disposed of in due time. Now you had best return to the Scorpion Stinger before Trakeena notices your absence."

Deviot bows to Dr. Hinelar again: "At once master."

Deviot exits the room. Dr. Hinelar holds up the Infinity Stone: "Hahaha.. Soon the next phase of my master plan. Hahahahahaha!"

Scene 2

Setting: The mining planetoid of Toriyama. The Rangers now unmorphed stand before the stone with the Quasar Sabers. Marcus tries to pull one of the sabers out of the stone.

Marcus unsuccessfully pulls the saber out: "Man it just won't budge!"

Aundria: "Forget it, Marcus. It's probably best if these sabers stay here."

Angela: "But what if Deviot tries to use them again?"

Lucas: "I don't think that'll be possible. Not unless he breaks the link between the sabers and their Galactabeasts again."

Victor: "Well in any event, there's nothing we can do about it now. Let's go home."

Marcus: "I'm down with that."

Simon: "Same here."

The Rangers enter the Sky Knight Megaship but Victor stays behind for a moment, looking into the stars in the sky: "I kept my word you were avenged. I just wish we made it in time to save you."

Victor looks down and makes his way to the Sky Knight Megaship. Aundria waits for him. She puts his arm around him as they enter the ship. The hatch closes and the Sky Knight Megaship flies off into space leaving behind the Quasar Sabers as they glimmer under the stars.

The End.

End Credits


William Freider

Jeph Berkeley


Edgar H. Smith

Terry Lee Mitchells

John Zonars


Dr. Hinelar
Guil Lunde

Bob Pappenbrook


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