Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 41
"The Gauntlet"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The New Bethany trainyards. Currently inactive as most of the businesses in the city have temporarily closed due to the recent attacks by the Grey Senturions. A large rumbling sound emits from one of the railhouses. The railhouse is large shacky building with a few block glass windows about ten or so feet high from the ground. A few of them are broken by stones thrown by vandals over the years. Two railroad tracks lead into the railhouse for trains to be maintenanced, however the large double-door is closed. Suddenly...


The doors crash open and out comes large monster, resembling a black steam engine train. His steampipe is puffing away with big clouds and black smoke. He has two arms made out of stovepipe, right down to the jointed stovepipe fingers. With rusted rivets at all of joints including shoulders and elbows. He doesn't have a proper face, it looks like a steam engine train except the center has a singular eye like a cyclops and the cowherder is jagged slightly to resemble a teethy grin. Instead of legs he has two sets of three train wheels connected with a large beam. To make the description brief, he's a train monster.

Train monster: "*CHHOOO! CHOOOO!* Hahahaha! Enjoying the ride!"

The train monsters runs down the tracks like a loco locomotive at full speed as he horsedrags Ecliptor who's tied up with steel cable. Being dragged across the tracks at a frantic speed causes sparks to fly and considerable pain for Ecliptor as his body is being scraped, scratched, bumped and bruised.

Ecliptor struggles to free himself: "Argh..! You can let me off right here you rusty hunk of scrap!"

The train monster: "Ha! In a few more minutes, you'll be the hunk of scrap! At this rate, you'll either be torn to bits or grinded down to nothing."

Ecliptor: "We'll see about that."

Ecliptor's head disconnects from his body and flies past the train monster. After he gets some distance in front of the monster. Ecliptor's head turns around and stops: "Look ahead of you!"

The train monster is caught by surprise: "What the?"

But before he can react, Ecliptor's head fires to eye beams at the monster's wheels, derailing him. He crashes dusty ground next to the tracks and Ecliptor's body is whipped into the air by the wild cable. Ecliptor's head fires two more beams at the cable and it snaps. The body is set free and grabs the head in mid-air.

Ecliptor lands on his feet easily and places his head back on his shoulder. As he paces towards the recovering train monster, he casually summons his sword.

The train monster's wheelsets bend open like a hydralic pump to become a pair of blocky legs. He literally blows off some steam in anger: "*CHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!* You... You think you're so tough! Ha! Just you wait, the train may be late but the Doomsday Express is still going to run you over flat like a penny on the tracks!"

Ecliptor: "All you monsters talk big but you're just full of hot air."

Doomsday Express let's out another blast of steam in anger. Ecliptor almost chuckles: "Heh. My point exactly."

Doomsday Express tries to hammer Ecliptor with his massive left hand but Ecliptor blocks it with the flatside of his sword. The force is still enough to drop him to one knee. Doomsday Express swings his right fist and sends Ecliptor flying into an empty cargo car, breaking a hole in it's in the process.

Doomsday Express crosses his arms in front of his chest which is also actually his face: "Oh oh! It looks like it's gonna blow!"

Doomsday Express quickly uncrosses his arms and tilts his face/chest forward a fires a massive fireball from his steampipe into the cargo car. The cargo car explodes and Ecliptor is flung out of the explosion and into the dirt.

Ecliptor struggles on the ground. His is soldering from the explosion and bits of his outer shell have been blown off, exposing some of the delicate circuitry inside. Doomsday Express is amused at his opponent's predicament as he stalks towards Ecliptor: "I'm sending you on a oneway trip to the afterlife!"

Doomsday Express raises his fist and brings it down to crush Ecliptor but a sudden energy blast out of nowhere strikes Express' hand. Causing him to back off and look to the side: "Huh? Who are you?"

Tabuna with her right hand steaming from releasing an energy attack and her lowered left hand holding her sword. Doomsday Express: "A damsel in distress, perhaps."

Tabuna switches hands holding the sword and holds in front of her serious face: "Not even close."

Tabuna charges and leaps into the air, coming down a sharp strike to the monster. She lands crouched and spins in around to deliver a savage blow to the monster. The monster is knocked off his feet.

Ecliptor stands up but staggers a bit as he holds his right shoulder. Tabuna cautiously steps backward toward Ecliptor but never lifting her eyes from the Doomsday Express. Ecliptor seems to be unappreciative: "I don't need your help."

Tabuna: "You could've fooled me. Besides with the Rangers out in space somewhere, the two of us have to stick together."

Ecliptor pushes Tabuna away as he staggers towards Doomsday Express: "Step aside!"

The Doomsday Express also staggers back to his feet: "Ohh ohh.. Is.. Is that all you got?!"

Ecliptor gathers his strength and holds up his sword: "I've a got lot more where that came from!"

The Doomsday Express and Ecliptor run towards each other but Ecliptor goes low and slices Express as he runs past. An explosions bursts from Doomsday Express' chest/face. Ecliptor turns around and summons the shadow image of his head which fires massive bolts of green energy at the monsters back. More bursts of fire and sparks erupt from the monster as it falls forward and explodes.

Tabuna dashes to Ecliptor's side: "Whether you actually needed my help or not, it looks like that problem is fixed."

Ecliptor looks up: "Wrong."

Ecliptor points to the sky: "The problem is just getting bigger."

Falconine's raven dives in from above, caws and releases it's black energy onto the remains of Doomsday Express. Reconstructing the monster and turning him into a giant. The now giant stomps the earth in front of Ecliptor and Tabuna: "Haha! It looks like you guys have just been upgraded to the economy car! Hahahaha!"

Tabuna is noticeably worried: "I think I'll catch the next train."

Ecliptor: "You better clear the area, because it's about to get a bit more crowded."

Tabuna nods then runs away as Ecliptor crosses his arms across his chest. Smoke breaks through the ground around him and he grows into a giant.

As giants, their fight has been taken to a rocky desert terrain with mountains and plateau's in the background. Ecliptor and Doomsday Express slowly circle each other as they size each other up.

Doomsday Express: "This time you're going down, Ecliptor. You're the little car that gets stuck while crossing the tracks!"

Ecliptor prepares to fight: "Hmm.. You maybe a bigger scale model but the end result will be the same."

Doomsday Express summons two whips that are actually railroad tracks: "Ha! I don't think so!"

Doomsday Express snaps his railroad whip at Ecliptor. Then throws them, they wrap around and bind Ecliptor's arms and legs together and he falls down. Doomsday Express picks up the end of the tracks: "Looks like you're on the wrong side of the tracks."

Doomsday Express pulls the tracks and begins to spin Ecliptor around and around over his head like a ball and chain: "All abbooaarrdd!"

The Doomsday Express then slams Ecliptor into the ground hard. The tracks break apart on impact but Ecliptor is down. Doomsday Express walks over to Ecliptor and lifts his large blocky foot and is about to crush him: "If you don't have a ticket, then you have to get off!"

Doomsday Express tries to stomp Ecliptor but he grabs Express' foot with both hands and struggles to keep it from going down. Ecliptor: "Urg.. I don't think so! I was one of the greatest warriors the Alliance has ever seen and I refuse to be defeated by a lowly monster like you!"

With all of his strength, Ecliptor pushes Doomsday Express off and the monster rolls to the ground. Both giants get back to their feet. Ecliptor stands his ground as Doomsday Express once again crosses his arms, uncrosses them, tilts his body forward and releases a fireball from his top: "Let me know if it gets too hot to handle!"

Ecliptor holds out his hands and creates a green energy grid for a force field. It catches the fireball and strains the field but Ecliptor's will causes the grid to bounce the fireball back at the monster. Doomsday Express is caught by surprise by his attack returning: "What?!"

The fireball strikes the monster. Ecliptor's sword returns to his head. He charges toward the monster, his sword glows with green light and slices the monster twice. Green energy streaks across the screen with each slash of Ecliptor's sword. Explosions erupt from Doomsday Express' body.

Ecliptor stands back with his sword firmly in grip in front of him: "You've just made your last stop."

Doomsday Express gives out a weak whimper as he slowly falls backward and explodes! Ecliptor stands tall, damaged and wounded but victorious.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 and Zordon await as Ecliptor and Tabuna enter. Beta 1 quickly runs over to greet them.

Beta 1 almost hops in excited: "Ecliptor! Tabuna! Welcome back!"

Tabuna smiles as she places her hand on Beta's head: "Thanks Beta."

Zordon: "I must say, you two have been doing a commendable job as the defenders of this city in the Psycho Rangers absence. Thank you."

Tabuna grins with pride however Ecliptor is disinterested and turns away: "Your gratitude is unnecessary. If you'll need me, I'll be in my room, recharging my energy cells."

Beta 1 looks inspects Ecliptor's damaged arm: "But Ecliptor, don't you want me to look over your injuries, you were hurt in that last battle."

Ecliptor rudely pulls his arm away from Beta: "Don't bother!" Ecliptor holds up his arm and stares at it for a moment: "The Pyrin-7 in my body is already healing my injuries. I'll be ready for the next battle when it comes."

Tabuna shows concern: "Maybe you should relax, Ecliptor. And I don't just mean a recharge. You've gotten more intense than usual ever since Victor and the others left for Aquitar."

Ecliptor is on his way out of the room but turns his head towards Tabuna before leaving: "Darkonda knows the Rangers are gone and if you think he'll take it easy because of that, then you don't know him at all."

Ecliptor looks forward and finishes his words just before he exits: "But I do. We're at a weakened state and Darkonda will attack more aggressively than ever now that he can almost taste victory. Now don't bother me until they attack again."

The door closes behind Ecliptor and Tabuna places her hands at her hips and shakes her head in frustration: "He's gotten rude, even for him!"

Beta 1 nods in agreement but Zordon speaks: "Do not hold it against him, my dear. Ecliptor is a warrior who takes great pride in what he does and holds his responsibility with high regard. He acts the way he does out of concern of the city and the world that he is currently protecting."

Tabuna turns to Zordon: "But why do it alone? Everytime we go into battle he treats me like a pest instead of a partner."

Zordon: "I believe Ecliptor pushes you out of the way to protect you. He wouldn't forgive himself if he allowed anyone to get hurt in a battle he considers his own."

Tabuna twists her mouth, being not to sure: "I don't know. Even if that's the case, you'd think a guy who was living inside my head for awhile would show me a little more respect."

Beta 1: "I hear that. We've known each other for almost a year and I'm still trying to get some respect out of him."

Scene 2

Setting: A dark lifeless place. The tint of the area is purple instead of natural colors. Falconine wanders alone confused and even frightened.

A dark and chilling voice calls out to her: "Falconine. Falconine."

Falconine: "Who.. who.. who's there?"

Dark voice: "Falconine..."

Falconine tries to hide her fear by yelling: "Who's calling out my name! Show yourself!"

Suddenly a vague figure made of mist appears before Falconine: "Falconine. Come to me my child, my dear child."

Falconine eyes the figure of mist: "Who.. who are you?"

The figure of mist holds out it's hand: "You know who I am. I am oblivion itself."

Falconine's eyes grow wide in disbelief: "The Endness."

The figure of mist keeps his hand held out: "Come to me. Your destiny is at hand, embrace it."

Falconine cautiously reaches out for the figure's hand but another voice stops her: "Don't do it, Candra!"

Falconine turns around to see Damien behind her: "Damien!"

Damien pleads with Falconine: "Don't trust the Endness, Candra. It is beyond evil, all it desires is the destruction of existence itself!"

Falconine shakes her head slowly: "No... No. You are wrong, my dear sweet brother. The Endness is my ally, the key to my vengeance. To our vengeance! Against those who dare call themselves heroes but stand idly by as our poor sister Rachella lost her life."

Damien: "No Candra, your pain has twisted your perception of reality."

Falconine grows angry and yells: "Silence! You know nothing of my pain! You're not my brother, you're just some pitiful phantom taking his form. Begone!"

Damien vanishes.

Falconine takes the figure of mist's hands: "I am ready for my destiny, master. Show it to me!"

The figure of mist laughs and it's twisted and disturbing laughter echoes throughout the void: "Yes, my child. The Era of Endness is at hand and soon the Avatar of the Endness will arrive to bring forth the destruction of this world and this universe."

The figure of mist vanishes and before Falconine appears a mysterious man hidden in the shadows, dressed in black leather clothes. Brief flashes of light reveal that he has strange markings on his face but Falconine can not make out his exact appearance.

Falconine: "Are you the Avatar of the Endness?"

The mysterious figure: "Yes and my time is emminent but you must prepare for arrival."

Falconine: "How?"

Mysterious figure: "When the eagle falls the tower will rise and within it, the doorway to your true self."

Falconine ponders the figure's words: "When the eagle falls the tower will rise?"

The mysterious figure holds up his hand opens it to reveal a glowing red gem: "Yes."

The red gem glows brighter and soon the void is consumed in a flash of red light.

Scene 3

Setting: Falconine's personal chamber. Falconine quickly sits up from her slumber and screams before restraining herself. She breathes heavily.

Falconine: "The Endness spoke to me. Was it just a dream?"

Falconine looks up with a evil glimmer in her eye: "No... It was a message."

A knocking on the door and Rygog's voices comes from outside: "My queen! My queen! Is everything okay in there? I thought I heard screaming!"

Scene 4

Setting: Outside Falconine's chamber in the hallway. Rygog knocks on her door, hyperactive with worry.

Rygog: "My queen, please answer me!"

The door slams open and knocks Rygog to the floor. Falconine pops out of the door, wearing an elegant purple and black evening gown and her hair is scattered all over her without her helmet on: "I answer to no one, little toad!"

Rygog gets on his knees with begs for forgiveness: "I'm sorry my queen! I was only worried about you."

Falconine scoffs: "Bah! The concerns of a miserable slug such as yourself are meaningless to me. Disturb me again and I'll destroy you! Understood?"

Rygog bows his head: "Yes my queen. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again."

Falconine slams the door behind her: "Hmmph!"

Rygog wipes the sweat off his brow and gets back to his feet: "Whew!"

A voice makes a whip sound.

Elgar's voice: Man! You've got it bad, dude?"

Rygog turns to see Elgar and Rito Revolto chuckling at his expense: "Huh? Elgar and Rito? When did they let you too out of the Dungeon of Losers?"

Elgar dismisses that with his hand: "Oh that? We got time off for bad behavior."

Rito Revolto: "It was a good thing too. Do you know how hard it is to play strip poker when you don't even have skin?"

Rygog raises an eyebrow: "Uh.. right..."

Elgar walks and pats Rygog on the shoulder: "Look old buddy, old pal. You need to grow a backbone and stop being a suck-up. You can't let Falconine push you around like that."

Rygog smacks Elgar's hand off of his shoulder: "Oh Puhleaze! You suck-up so much you were born with a straw in your mouth. Or do the names Divatox and Astronema ring a bell?"

Elgar: "Well that was different you see. I'm spineless because I'm a coward! Not because I'm in.. *blech* in love. Girls have a cooties, man!"

Rygog grabs Elgar by the throat: "FALCONINE DOES NOT HAVE COOTIES!"

Elgar pulls away: "Okay! Okay! Geesh take a chill pill. Come on, Rito lets go hit the fridge, go to the arcade and kick some puppies."

Rito gets excited: "Ooh ooh! You're on! And let's see if we can steal some candy from babies. I'm in the mood for Jolly Ranchers."

Elgar and Rito high five: "Jolly Ranchers rule!"

Elgar and Rito make haste but Rito stops and turns around: "And just for the record, I have a backbone. In fact, I'm nothing but bones! Ha!"

Rygog shakes his head: "And they think I'm an idiot. Oy vey!"

Scene 5

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Furio and Cybera watch a project of Ecliptor's last battle with Doomsday Express and watch as Ecliptor destroys the monster.

Furio: "Another battle with Ecliptor on his own. That confirms it. The Psycho Rangers are not on Deacon Blue."

Darkonda grins: "Yes. Just as we suspected. Which means it's easy pickings. Ecliptor and Tabuna can only hold out for so long without the Rangers."

Furio: "I gather the Skullinites and attack their base."

Darkonda stops Furio: "No wait! I have a more delicious idea. Hmhmhmhm.."

Furio: "What did you have in mind?"

Darkonda: "I don't just want to defeat Ecliptor, I want to wear him down and make suffer before we destroy him. We'll have him face monster after monster until he has nothing left and when he is totally helpless it will make his destruction all the sweeter."

Furio: "So you shall I go wake Falconine to create a platoon of monsters?

Darkonda: "No. Don't bother her, there's one monster already created who will be more than suitable for this gauntlet?"

Furio: "Only one monster? But.."

Cybera interrupts and informs Furio with her usual emotionless speech: "Master Darkonda is referring to designate Dejadoom. Dejadoom is a class A monster with limited resurrection capabilities."

Furio: "Resurrection? You mean like Twerp?"

Cybera: "Comparison incorrect. Designate Twerp's capabilities consist of total resurrection within a 48-hour time period. Designate Dejadoom's capabilities consist of lesser resurrection with no constructed time limit."

Furio: "In other words, Dejadoom can bring back monsters that have been destroyed longer than two days but they're not as strong as they once were?"

Cybera nods: "Accessment correct. Monsters are inferior in second lifespan but will be sufficient for proposed mission."

Darkonda: "That's all I wanted to hear. Hahaha! Dejadoom!"

An effeminate male voice: "You called, master?"

Out from the shadows, Dejadoom appears. He's a slender monster with effeminate mannerisms. His shiny body is mostly metallic purple down the middle of his body and down his right leg. His left leg is a platinum silver as well as his arms and face. His face while slightly masculine could easily pass off for a female monster, it's actually quite beautiful and hardly what one would call grotesque. His eyes are white and his head is sloped back slightly like a falcon, giving him an aerodynamic look. His clothes consist of gold bracelets with green emeralds on his wrists and ankles. He also has on a shaman's dress draped around his right hip and tied together on his left hip so that the full length of his left leg is shown. Imbedded on his chest is a large analog clock with numbers in roman numerals. On the right side of his chest, next to the large clock are two smaller clocks with traditional numbers. He's also wearing an ivory necklace around his neck and gold chains hanging off of his arms. In his right hand is gold and purple staff with bandages on it and a hourglass on the top with a skull imbedded into it's design.

Darkonda: "Yes, Dejadoom. It is time for you to destroy Ecliptor, once and for all."

Dejadoom places his fingers to his lips: "Is that all? With the monsters I can regenerate, it'll be as easy as pie."

Furio is pleased and eagerly makes a suggestion: "Excellent! First recreate Quakemaker, he was a powerful monster that should.."

Dejadoom calmly shakes his head: "Nanana. Can't do that."

Furio puzzled and annoyed: "Huh? Why not?!"

Dejadoom: "I can only bring back monsters that were destroyed on the planet that I'm on, silly goose."

Furio: "I am not a silly goo.."

Darkonda pushes Furio aside as he cuts him off: "Silence! The monsters from Deacon Blue will be more than enough to finish off Ecliptor."

Dejadoom: "Of course they will! Ahahahahaha!"

Darkonda and Dejadoom share a maniacal laughter together.

Scene 6

Setting: The wilderness just outside Power Chamber Mountain. Dejadoom appears on a small cliffside with a group of Skullinites.

Dejadoom: "Ah. That delectable Ecliptor is inside there. But how do I draw him out?" Dejadoom snaps his fingers as a lightbulb figuratively appears above his head: "Of course. I'll just knock on the door!"

Dejadoom lets out a laughter and he releases a beam of energy from his staff that strikes the main entrance of the base.

Scene 7

Setting: The Power Chamber. Alarms are blarring as Beta 1 runs around in a panic.

Beta 1: "Aye yi yi! We're under attack!"

Zordon: "Check the Viewing Globe, Beta. Our attackers must be just outside."

Beta 1 heads for the controls and presses a button: "Right Zordon!"

The Viewing Globe lights up and an image of Dejadoom firing at the Power Chamber appears.

Zordon: "Hmm.. Another of Darkonda's monsters. If I'm not mistaken that is Dejadoom. Beta, alert Ecliptor and Tabuna immediately but tell them to be careful. Looks are deceiving. Dejadoom may not appear to be much but he's extremely powerful."

Beta 1 nods: "Right! I'll let them know right now!"

Beta 1 turns to controls to contact the others.

Scene 8

Setting: Outside Power Chamber Mountain. Dejadoom continues to fire shot after shot of energy beams at the mountain.

Dejadoom: "This is getting tiresome. Don't they know it's rude to keep company waiting?"

Ecliptor's voice: "My apologies. Proper etiquette has never been my strong suite."

Dejadoom and the Skullinites turn: "Eh?"

Ecliptor walks towards them with sword in hand: "But I assure, I'll destroy you as politely as possible."

Dejadoom smirks: "Of course you will. Skullinites! Be so kind as to destroy him!"

The Skullinites charge past Dejadoom with various weapons in hand.

Ecliptor stands his ground and holds his sword up high: "Heh. These boneheads have never been a match for me."

Ecliptor clocks the first charging Skullinite with his fist, blocks the bonesword of another with his own sword, kicks a third Skullinite in the stomach and goes low for a punch to gut on the second one whose weapon he blocked.

Ecliptor charges through the Skullinites and with several strikes of his sword he takes them down one-by-one. Once he runs past them he holds his hand to his face and releases a pair of optic beams at the Skullinites. Explosions break out from the ground around the mindless minions and soon they are all incapacitated on the ground.

With Skullinites defeated, Ecliptor turns his attention back to Dejadoom: "If you're done with the foreplay I'd like to get this over with and get back to my recharging cycle."

Dejadoom: "Far be it from me to hold anyone up."

Dejadoom and Ecliptor charge towards each other and weapons clash. Ecliptor makes a full circle as he tries to force the staff out of Dejadoom's hands. He then fires a pair of steady optic beams on the monster, forcing him back. Ecliptor charges and strikes Dejadoom down. The monster rolls on the ground and until getting back to one knee, breathing hard and holding his chest in pain.

Ecliptor is unimpressed: "Hmph! Zordon said you were a powerful monster but you're not strong at all. Darkonda must be trying to bore me to death with the likes of you."

Dejadoom grows angry as he stands back to his feet: "Grrr.. You of all people should know that strength isn't the only thing that equates power. Let me show my true power!"

Dejadoom stabs his staff into the ground and everything negates to their opposite color for a brief instant. The sand in the hourglass of his staff breaks the law of gravity by moving from the lower chamber into the upper chamber as if time was being reversed.

Ecliptor: "Well? I'm still here."

Monster's voice: "But not for long!"

Ecliptor turns around to see Doomsday Express in his full train form about to ram him: "What?! But I already destroyed you, no sooner than this morning!"

Doomsday Express barely misses running over Ecliptor as the warrior leaped out of the way and rolls to one knee. Ecliptor is on full guard as Doomsday Express turns around for a second attempt.

Zordon's voice emits from an unseen communicator on Ecliptor's wrist: "Ecliptor, be careful. Dejadoom has the ability to bring back defeated monsters."

Ecliptor is irratated: "You truly are worthless. You could have told me that sooner!"

Doomsday Express: "*CHOO! CHOO!* Hahaha! Last call!"

Ecliptor leaps out of the way and rolls to one knee yet again. This time he fires a green energy bolt from his palm and it knocks Doomsday Express off his wheels.

Dejadoom hastily runs to Doomsday Express' side as the train monster stands back up, once again with feet instead of wheels. Dejadoom: "Come now, Spressy old chum. Let's not be a two-time loser here."

Dejadoom nods as he steps forward: "Don't worry. This stowaway's lucky streak is coming to an end right now!"

Ecliptor stands his ground: "The only thing coming to end around here is you!"

Doomsday Express tips his head forward and fires a fireball from pipe once. Ecliptor creates a grid field and just like last time the force field bounces the fireball back at Doomsday Express. Dejadoom jumps out of the way as an explosion erupts around the train monster. Doomsday Express tries to regain his bearings and catches just a glimpse Ecliptor just before the warrior finishes him off with a hard blow with his sword. Ecliptor stands back as Doomsday Express screams in pain.

Ecliptor: "As the saying goes. Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you twice, you're dead!"

Doomsday Express falls to the ground and explodes a phantom image of a clock appears above the explosion and shatters.

Ecliptor turns to Dejadoom: "Ha. Destroying him gets easier everytime."

Dejadoom: "Perhaps but there's a lot more where he came from. A lot more!"

Before Ecliptor can respond he's blasted from behind and knocked to the ground. Flat on his stomach, Ecliptor turns his head to catch a glimpse of Cardinull.

Cardinull: "Well hello Ecliptor. Guess who's back!"

Ecliptor releases and energy bolt but Cardinull is prepared: "NULLIFY!"

The gems on Cardinull's chest glow just before the bolt reaches him and vanishes. Cardinull: "You'll have to do better than that! Hahaha!"

Dejadoom can barely contain his girlish giggle: "You better start saving your energy Ecliptor. Because darling, you're in for a long, long day!"

Dejadoom strikes his staff into the ground twice more and the hourglass sand once go goes up. Suddenly Destruxo and Conqueror Condorus appear at Dejadoom's side.

Ecliptor starts to to realize just how much danger he's in: "Oh no."

All of the monsters cackle as they close in on the lone warrior.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Outside Power Chamber Mountain. Ecliptor stands in rocky terrain surrounded in all sides by Dejadoom, Conqueror Condorus, Destruxo and Cardinull.

Conqueror Condorus aims his musket: "The sun sets for you senio'r."

Dejadoom pats Condorus on the back: "Well said. Hehehe.."

Ecliptor: "Bring it on."

Destruxo and Cardinull both charge Ecliptor and slash him with their swords. Ecliptor stumbles backward and Conqueror Condorus fires his musket. Sparks erupt from Ecliptor's chest as the blow knocks off the cliff and crashing onto the hard ground below.

Dejadoom mockingly pouts from the top of the cliff: "Poor baby fall down and go boom. Oh gentlemeennnnn... You may continue destroying him."

Destruxo, Conqueror Condorus and Cardinull leap from the cliff and land on their feet around Ecliptor.

Cardinull: "Hahaha.. Finishing off this loser is easier than I thought!"

Conqueror Condorus holds his gun right to Ecliptor's face: "Aye. Hasta la vista."

Condorus begins to squeeze the trigger but a energy blast strikes the musket from his hands. Condorus shakes his burning hands in pain: "Ayiii! Madre' deus!"

The three monsters turn their heads to see who attacked Condorus. Cardinull: "Who did that?"

Tabuna walks towards them from the sunny horizon: "I did."

Tabuna holds her sword up with a cool smirk on her face: "Four against one, hardly seems fair so I've come to even things up a bit."

Conqueror Condorus: "You've made a grave mistake, senio'rita!"

Cardinull adds on: "Emphasis on grave!"

Ecliptor tries to stand back up and is ungrateful for Tabuna's assistant: "Tabuna! Get out of here! I can handle these buffoons on my own."

Cardinull kicks Ecliptor in the face: "Oh! Is that a fact?"

Ecliptor shakes the pain of the blow off and in a rage impales Cardinull in the stomach, something even he can't nullify: "Yes! It is a fact!"

Ecliptor's sword charges and the energy released sends Cardinull flying into the air where he explodes and a phantom image of a clock appears only to shatter.

Conqueror Condorus angrily faces Ecliptor: "That was an amigo! You will pay!"

Tabuna strikes Condorus from behind: "You can bill him later."

Ecliptor takes advantage Condorus' moment of distraction and slices him in the waist. Condorus keels over and explodes and once again a phantom clock appears only to shatter.

Dejadoom is a bit startled: "Uh oh. Better bring back some more monsters and quick!"

Dejadoom pounds his staff multiple times and vague images of several monsters begin to appear. However Ecliptor and Tabuna aren't paying attention to the clifftop just yet.

Tabuna tries to encourage Ecliptor: "Come on, Ecliptor! Let's take care of business!"

Ecliptor grabs Tabuna by the arm with force: "No! I will take care of business! You will go home and stay out of my way. I don't need your help!"

Tabuna pulls away from Ecliptor: "I don't know what you're deal is but I'm not going anywhere. In case you forgotten I'm a warrior too, not some bimbo who needs her Prince Charming to rescue her at every turn."

Ecliptor: "This is my fight, woman!"

Tabuna tries to ignore Ecliptor's protests: "No. Whether you like it our not, this is our fight. Besides, I have some personal issues with Destruxo here. The two of us go way back."

Destruxo grins as he stands guard with his sword: "Indeed we do. I have a score to settle with you!"

Tabuna steps forward: "And I have one to settle with you! I haven't forgotten how you betrayed Treacheron when he tried to help me and my friends."

Destruxo sneers: "Grr.. It was your fault that my former master betrayed the cause of evil!"

Tabuna: "Then I guess we have a good old fashioned grudge match here."

Ecliptor: "Tabuna.."

Tabuna cuts him off: "I'm not debating this with you anymore. I'm fighting. Why don't you take care of Dejadoom while I handle Destruxo."

Tabuna and Destruxo charges. Ecliptor in vain holds up his hand as if to reach for Tabuna: "No wait!"

But Tabuna and Destruxo battle.

Ecliptor clenches his fist in anger: "The blasted woman."

Dejadoom's voice: "Oh. I wouldn't worry about her just yet."

Ecliptor looks up and sees Dejadoom with his arms crossed in a feminine matter. But also sees standing on boths sides of him. On his right side from left to right. Black Knightmare, Razorfang, Molelific, Evil Eagle, Pteranifier, Penguisamo and Swansong. The on his left side from left to right. Quackbacker, Robinrocker, Eric the Barbarian Master, Dark Hunter, Dragonator, Samuriot and Beanie Brute.

Dejadoom giggles: "Teehee. You have plenty of fighting for yourself. Hahaha."

Ecliptor points his sword upward at Dejadoom: "Resurrect all the monsters you want. No matter what, I'll defeat you!"

Dejadoom smirks: "We'll see."

Suddenly Sharkerus attacks Ecliptor from behind. The monster's massive, teethy jaw gnaws on Ecliptor's right shoulder. Ecliptor yells in agony: "Aaarrghh!"

Sharkerus pulls away with a huge chunk of Ecliptor's shoulder. Circuits are exposed and smoking as Ecliptor stumbles forward, holding his shoulder. Suddenly Beast-2 and Murklurker appear and both mindless monsters slash Ecliptor. Ecliptor falls to the ground and the three monsters pounce, clawing and biting.

Dejadoom presses his hands to his cheeks to give a insincere look of horror: "Oh my! Perhaps, I overdid it. Still this is so much fun! Hahahahahaha!"

The rest of the monsters on the cliff join Dejadoom in laughter.

Underneath the dogpile of ravenous monsters, Ecliptor yells with rage and a green light emits from under the dogpile. Soon a powerful force of energy blows Beast-2, Sharkerus and Murklurker off of Ecliptor.

Ecliptor uses his sword to help himself back up. He sees Beast-2 attempting to tackle him but he teleports away just in time as a ball of green light. Beast-2 crashes into the ground and stops it's mindless growling and rumbling for a moment to stare at it's hands in surprise: "Huh?"

Ecliptor reappears slightly above Beast-2, behind him and comes down with deep slice into the back. Sparks fly from Beast-2's back and it's falls to the ground, exploding. Another phantom clock appears and shatters.

Up above, Dejadoom's hourglass staff starts to crack and the monster notices: "What?"

Dejadoom looks back down at Ecliptor with concern on his face: "Hmmm.. I've never had anyone last this long before it's starting to wear on my staff."

Back below turns around away from the burning remains of Beast-2 just in time strike a charging Sharkerus in the stomach with his sword. The monster explodes and it's phantom clock shatters.

Murklurker hops in front of Ecliptor and spits green goop. Ecliptor covers his face with his forearm and the green slime burns his arm like acid: "No! It's melting my arm!"

Murklurker locks it's jaws on Ecliptor's burning arm causing him more stress. Ecliptor after cocking his head backward from the back, regains his composure and impales the side of Murklurker with his sword. He pulls sword out as Murklurker backs away. Ecliptor holds up his burned arm and releases a trio of fireballs from his palm. Each fireball knocks Murklurker further back until it too is destroyed.

Dejadoom gives Ecliptor a snobbish-style round of applause: "Bravo! But that's it for the exhibition, now for the real fight. Hohohoho!"

Dejadoom takes a bow as the group of monsters leap off the click and completely surround Ecliptor. Ecliptor tries to run to his left but he's blocked by Eric the Barbarian Master, Samuriot and Evil Eagle. He turns to his right and finds Black Knightmare, Molelific, Penguisamo and Swansong getting ever closer. He turns to his rear right only to be confronted by Quackbacker, Robinrocker and Dark Hunter. Ecliptor turns yet again and faces Dragonator, Beanie Brute, Pteranifier and Razorfang.

Beanie Brute in his dumb brutish voice: "Heh heh heh. Me think it sucks to be you!"

Ecliptor breathes hard as his body is scratched, ripped, singed and even slightly melted from fighting the monsters he's already defeated. He looks down for a moment then holds his head up proud: "Well then. Let's get this over with."

With that, the monsters all rush in with haste with a battlecry.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Furio and Cybera watch the battle from the floor project. Just then, Falconine and Rygog enter the room.

Darkonda is pleased to see Falconine: "Ah! Falconine, my dear. Come and watch as Ecliptor makes his last stand! It's only a matter of time now."

Falconine walks to the projection: "Oh really?"

Falconine slighlty impressed and surprised with what she sees in the projection: "Ah. He's fighting monsters we've already used. I take it, Dejadoom is behind this."

Darkonda grins: "Indeed."

Falconine is pleased: "Excellent, Darkonda. Excellent."

Scene 3

Setting: Back to Ecliptor's battle in the wilderness outside Power Chamber Mountain. He's surrounded as the monsters mob him.

Ecliptor in desperation tries to break free from the monsters but to no avail. So his head flies off his body and hovers above the battleground: "If we're going to have party then here's the disco lights!"

Ecliptor's head spins around at high speed releasing a barrage of optic beams at every direction. Explosions break everywhere below as monsters try to dodge some beams miss other monsters are struck. One stray beam almost hits Dejadoom on top of the cliff but he trips on himself to avoid it, falling on his butt: "Yow! Too hot too handle!"

Ecliptor's head continues his frenzied assault of lasers. Some of the monsters below start to fall. Swansong explodes and her phantom clock shatters. As does Penguisamo, Samuriot, Evil Eagle, Dragonator and Quackbacker.

With the attack, Ecliptor's headless body is set free and it wastes no time striking down Razorfang and Molelific with it's sword. Ecliptor's head finally stops and returns to it's body. The remaining monsters start to stand up again. Ecliptor takes advantage of the reprieve and makes a run for it.

Beanie Brute: "Hey! You not go far! You come back so me bash you good!"

Eric the Barbarian Master points at Ecliptor: "Dudes! He's like totally getting away, after him!"

Eric the Barbarian Master, Beanie Brute, Black Knightmare, Pteranifier, Robinrocker and Dark Hunter make chase.

Scene 4

Setting: Elsewhere in an open wheat field. Tabuna and Destruxo clash swords.

The two jump away from each other. Tabuna charges for Destruxo but he powers up his sword and delivers his double-slash attack. The energy catches Tabuna. She tries to cover her face as explosions erupt around but she's knocked to the ground. She looks up Destruxo charges for her. She rolls forward and uses a leg-scissors takedown. She flips into the air grabs her sword and rolls to one knee armed and ready for another attack.

Destruxo stands up and takes stance as well, the two begin to circle each other slowly. Destruxo: "I see you've improved since your days in the Lost Galaxy but it won't be enough!"

Tabuna: "I beg to differ, Destruxo. While you've been nothing more than a lapdog all these years, I've been fighting with my heart in every battle. That's why you'll lose this fight."

Destruxo sickened: "Heart? Bah! The heart is a source of weakness, it was Treacheron's heart that caused him to lose his path of honor and ultimately lead to his downfall."

Tabuna: "That's where you're run. It was Treacheron's heart helped him find the path of honor again. It was his strength not his weakness."

Destruxo: "Ha! His strength, eh? Is that why he's dead."

Tabuna tightens her grip in a calm anger: "I seem to recall you dying as well. But unlike you, Treacheron was actually mourned."

Destruxo: "I don't care if anyone mourns me or not because I assure you, I'm not the one to be put in a grave today."

Tabuna: "Let's just find out who's going in a grave then."

Destruxo: "Yes, let's!"

Tabuna and Destruxo with swords in hand charge past each and strike. A large burst of sparks break out from contact. They stop and stand still with swords held out and backs turned to each other.

Destruxo with a lowered voice: "Perhaps you were right."

Destruxo falls forward and explodes. The phantom clock appears and floats high into the sky then explodes as well.

Tabuna in a somber mood, sheathes her sword: "*sigh* Treacheron, I wish you were still here with me. But I have to get back to Ecliptor before I lose another friend. Even if he's particularly cranky today."

Tabuna runs off to find Ecliptor.

Scene 5

Setting: A dark path in the woods. Robinrocker, Eric the Barbarian Master, Black Knightmare, Beanie Brute, Pteranifier and Dark Hunter walk down the path looking for Ecliptor.

Eric the Barbarian Master: "Dude, this totally heinous. Where is Ecliptor?"

Dark Hunter is actually pleased: "Speak for yourself. I thrive on the hunt."

Robinrocker taking up the rear is grabbed by a hand from the shadows and pulled into the bushes. Robinrocker yells while struggling in the rustling bushes. Soon the rustling stops and a phantom clock appears out of the bushes then shatters.

The monsters turn around to notice Robinrocker missing. Ecliptor's laughter echoes throughout the woods.

Ecliptor: "Haha! I'm pleased you enjoy the hunt but who's the hunter and who's the prey?"

Dark Hunter: "Show yourself!"

Three bolts of green lightning burst out of the woods and strike Pteranifier. The monster is flown into the trees and explodes.

A silhouette that resembles Ecliptor jumps out of the shadows and stabs Eric from behind. The silhouette leaps back into the shadows. Energy currents flow over Eric the Barbarian Master's body, the monster falls to his knees slowly and explodes: "TOTALLY BOGU..*"

Dark Hunter and Black Knightmare turn around yet again to see the remains of Eric. The silhouette appears behind them, but a glimmer appears in Dark Hunter's eye and he turns around just in time to block Ecliptor's sword with his armblade.

Ecliptor: "What?"

Dark Hunter: "Peekaboo, I see you!"

Black Knightmare lacerates Ecliptor's waist with his sword. The pain forces Ecliptor to drop his sword. The two remaining monsters power up their hands and release a set of fireballs on him. Then a tentacle made up of circuits and wires wraps itself around Ecliptor and electrocutes him. Ecliptor falls to his knees and turns his head around to catch a glimpse of Owlful-Tech.

To the side, trees start to wither and collapse as another monster makes it's way to the fight. A tree falls before the battleground and out comes Scavenger. Scavenger quickly pounces on Ecliptor as Owful-Tech keeps him bound with his cables. Scavenger's mere touch burns and melts Ecliptor's already severely damaged body.

Ecliptor cries out in pain but gathers his rage to stand back and he shoulderblocks Scavenger off of him and onto Black Knightmare. Scavenger's touch proves to be too much for the evil knight, he yells out with fear and pain then explodes. The explosion takes Scavenger with him. Too clocks appear then shatter like glass.

Dark Hunter: "You're resilient to the end, I'll give you that but you're coming to your end."

Ecliptor: "I'm not done just yet."

Dark Hunter summons a crossbow and shoots an arrow. Ecliptor swings around and pulls Owful-Tech in the way. The arrow impales Owlful-Tech, the monster explodes on impact.

Dark Hunter is stunned by Ecliptor's manuever: "What?"

Ecliptor throws Owlful-Tech's bodiless tentacle to the ground. He rolls to the ground and picks up his sword. Dark Hunter takes aim with his crossbow and fires at the same time as Ecliptor throws his sword like a spear. The arrow nails Ecliptor in his shoulder but the sword impales Dark Hunter. The force from the blow thrusts the monster high into a tree. Dark Hunter loses consciousness in the tree and explodes.

Ecliptor strains then pulls the arrow out of his shouler. He takes a breather then looks up at his sword stuck in the tree. Ecliptor slowly raises his hand. The sword shakes and breaks free of the tree, returning to Ecliptor's hand. Ecliptor drops down to one knee and drives his sword to the dirt so he can rest on it for a moment.

Ecliptor: "*huff* *huff* *huff* How many more can there be? I can't keep this up much longer."

Ecliptor's voice: "That's because you are weak and inferior."

Ecliptor pops up and looks around him: "Who said that?!"

Ecliptor's voice: "Hmhmhm.. Don't know your own voice when you hear it?"

Ecliptor grows angry: "I have no tolerance for these ridiculous games! Reveal yourself!"

Ecliptor's voice: "With pleasure. Hahaha!"

Ecliptor looks down the path and is shocked to see who making his way towards him: "It.. it can't be!"

Walking down the pathway, laughing is another Ecliptor only this one walks with evil confidence and is in perfect condition.

The damaged Ecliptor holds up his sword: "I don't know who you are, you fraud but don't think that just because you look like me, that you can fight like me."

The fake Ecliptor stops and summons his own sword: "Oh. I don't fight like you. I fight better!"

Ecliptor: "We'll see!"

The real Ecliptor and the fake Ecliptor charge each other.

Scene 6

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda and Falconine are seated in their thrones. Cybera and Rygog stand beside their respective masters.

Furio enters the room: "Darkonda, I have disappointing news to report."

Darkonda stands up from his throne: "What is it?"

Furio: "It appears that Ecliptor has been holding his own against Dejadoom's monsters."

Falconine: "Unbelievable. Even without any Power Rangers, your plans still end up in smoke."

Darkonda turns his head to Falconine with a grin: "Not quite. Even if Ecliptor survives his ordeal with Dejadoom, this is one battle he will not win."

Falconine walks to Darkonda and lays her hand on his shoulder: "You've struck my curiosity Darkonda."

Darkonda nods then points to Furio: "Furio! Fire up the engines, we'll obliterate Ecliptor and Zordon with the full power of the Dark Carrier itself!"

Furio, Falconine and Rygog all widen their eyes in amazement. Rygog: "Whoah! He means business this time!"

Falconine: "Darkonda, you're serious. You want the Dark Carrier to attack one lone soldier?"

Furio: "Yes. This does seem overkill."

Darkonda: "I don't care if it is overkill, as long as Ecliptor is destroyed once and for all."

Falconine tips her head back: "You truly hate Ecliptor, don't you."

Darkonda tightens his fist with complete rage but keeps himself in check, lifts his head back up and smiles: "More than you'll ever know. Hahahaha.."

Darkonda and Furio leave the throne room for the bridge while Falconine stands in the center of the room. Suddenly she gets a headache as the voice of the Endness echos inside her mind: "ThE tImE iS cOmInG. sOoN. yOuR dEsTiNy Is At HaNd. SoOn."

Falconine holds her head and almost trips on herself but Rygog catches: "My mistress! What's wrong?"

Falconine gathers her senses and pushes Rygog away: "Hands off, you disgus.."

Falconine notices Rygog's genuine concern: "Rygog, your loyalty to me is unquestioned."

Rygog eagerly bows his head: "Of course, my queen. Your every whim is my command."

Falconine actually smiles: "I know. It's.. appreciated Rygog."

Falconine pats Rygog on the head: "Something monumental is about to transpire. I just may need that loyalty of yours more than ever."

Falconine leaves the room. Rygog waits until she leaves and big dopey grins appears on his face: "She appreciates me!"

Rygog faints and falls to the ground.

Cybera: "Analysis of designate Rygog. Peculiar."

Scene 7

Setting: The bridge of the Dark Carrier. Several Skullinites are already seated in the bridge, operating the controls. The door slides open, enter Darkonda and Furio.

Darkonda: "The time is now, old friend."

Furio places his hand to his chest and bows: "Right."

Furio holds his arm forward to the Skullinites: "Thrusters to full power! Take us to Power Chamber Mountain!"

The Skullinites all nod and return to their controls. Darkonda breaks into laughter.

Outside, the rear thrusters of the Dark Carrier fires and the massive ship flies past the ocean to land as Darkonda's laughter echoes throughout the sky.

Scene 8

Setting: The battle between the two Ecliptors continues but now the fight has moved out of the forest and into an open field. The unscathed fake Ecliptor appears to have the upperhand at the moment. In the distance, Dejadoom watches and admires the festivities.

The fake Ecliptor laughs maniacally as he repeatedly strikes blows on his counterpart's chest. Smoke blows with every hit.

Fake Ecliptor grabs Ecliptor by the throat with hand and holds his sword to his chest with the other, pushing Ecliptor backward. Ecliptor tries to remove the fake's hand from his throat. He gets close enough and headbutts the fake Ecliptor several times until the imposter releases him.

Fake Ecliptor stumbles a bit but shakes cobwebs out of his head and lunges forward to slice Ecliptor in half. Ecliptor blocks the attack with his forearm but the sword works it's way into his arm. Ecliptor screams out: "Aaaahhhh!"

Fake Ecliptor: "Hahaha! Give it up! You can't win. I'm the new and improved model."

Ecliptor: "I may be imitated, but I'm never duplicated!"

Ecliptor opens the palm of his free hand and fires a ball of destructive energy into the imposter's stomach.

Not too far away from the battle, Tabuna runs out of the woods and is caught off guard to see two Ecliptors duking it out.

Tabuna: "What in the world? Two Ecliptors? Which is the real one?"

Fake Ecliptor brings his hands together and releases a massive fireball that takes the real Ecliptor down.

Dejadoom cheers: "Oh yes! That's the ticket, darling! Finish him off."

Fake Ecliptor nods his head to Dejadoom: "Hmhmhm.. Of course."

Tabuna squints her eyes at the fake Ecliptor: "Well that answers mye question."

Tabuna runs to the fight.

Ecliptor's body sparks and steam bursts out of his side, he doesn't appear to have much left in him. The fake Ecliptor stomps his back and chuckles. He pulls his sword out of Ecliptor's arm and holds it above his head.

Fake Ecliptor: "Farewell, if it's any comfort, you're being replaced by the superior warrior."

Ecliptor is helpless but just before fake Ecliptor can drive his weapon into the his skull, Tabuna dives down from the air with her spinning arc attack. The sparks fly from the fake Ecliptor's chest as he backs off.

Tabuna: "Sorry big boy. One Ecliptor is enough trouble for me."

Tabuna charges and cuts into fake Ecliptor's body. The imposter drops his sword and continues to stumble backward.

Dejadoom: "Oh no!"

Dejadoom looks at his staff and notes that it's cracked to such a fragile degree that it looks like it'll break apart at the mearest touch: "Oh dear, dear, dear. I think I only have one resurrection left in me. I'll have to make it count. But who can get the job done where all others have failed?"

Tabuna releases five multi-colored beams from her hand in succession. Each blow chips away a bit more of fake Ecliptor's body. Tabuna charges up her sword and releases a large red bolt. Explosions erupt around fake Ecliptor. The imposter yells out: "NOOOOO!"

The imposter continues to yell out in defeat as he raises his arm, fake Ecliptor shatters to reveal Twin Master underneath, Twin Master contines to yell out as he shatters to reveal a phantom clock underneath and the clock shatters.

Tabuna lowers her guard as she looks over the flaming debris of Twin Master. Ecliptor suddenly grabs her by the shoulder and spins her around to face him: "Just what the hell do you think you're doing woman!"

Tabuna pushes Ecliptor away: "Back off! I was saving your butt!"

Ecliptor: "How many times do I have to say it, I don't need your help. Leave now!"

Tabuna: "And how many times do I have to say it, I'm not going anywhere. Whether you like it or not, we're in this together."

Ecliptor: "This is a fight for warriors, you have no place here."

Tabuna extremely ticked: "How dare you! Have you forgotten just who the hell I am. I've been fighting all my life. I'm just as much a warrior as you are."

Ecliptor speaks with all seriousness: "Leave or be destroyed."

Tabuna speaks with all seriousness: "No."

Dejadoom's voice: "Oh my, my, my. I hate to stick my nose in other people's business but I really don't mind if the lady chooses to stick around. I'll be more than happy to have you both destroyed! Teedlewee!"

Ecliptor steps in front of Tabuna to shield her: "Lay a finger on her and you'll experience hell on Earth before I send you to hell."

Tabuna is confused: "First you threaten to destroy me, then you protect me?"

Ecliptor: "Hush."

Ecliptor drags his left leg but makes his way towards Dejadoom.

Dejadoom shakes his finger: "Unh unh unh!"

Dejadoom holds up his staff in front of him: "You may want to give me a little room here."

Ecliptor: "Hmph. Judging by the looks of your staff, I'd say you're just about out of two-time losers."

Dejadoom: "You're half-right. I have just one monster resurrection left but as with all great hosts, I saved the best for last!"

Dejadoom drives his staff into the ground. It explodes with dark energy. Clouds form in the sky and break out dark red lightning. Several lightning bolts strike the ground around Ecliptor and Tabuna. The explosions send them both flying into the grass and dirt. More lightning bolts strike the ground before creating a cloud of dust and smoke. Dejadoom giggles with glee. The storm rages on as the cloud of dust starts to dissolve, a dark figure becomes visible and steps forward with a familiar laughter.

The figure stalks towards the downed Ecliptor and Tabuna. The red and brown feet appear familiar. Figure: "Heh heh heh."

The chipped shoulder plate and the rifle tapping on it both look familiar. Figure: "Heh heh heh."

The dangling chains from the chest appear familiar: "Heh heh heh."

The spiraled horns on the figure's head appears familiar: "Heh heh heh."

Ecliptor tries to get back up but struggles as he recognizes the last monster to be resurrected: "No. Not him..."

The figure aims his rifle at Ecliptor and Tabuna: "Oh but is, Ecliptor."

The figure fires, Ecliptor and Tabuna just barely get up in time to avoid a direct hit but the explosion sends them flying in the air again. The camera rotates to show a clear view of the resurrected monster: "Hahahaha! It's over for you because Dementian is back! And payback's a bitch! Hahahaha!"

Dementian and Dejadoom laugh maniacally as the wounded Ecliptor and Tabuna show deep concern for their predicament.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The bridge of the Dark Carrier. Falconine, Rygog and Cybera have joined Darkonda and Furio.

Furio: "We're approaching the battlesite, Darkonda."

Darkonda scratches his chin: "Excellent."

Scene 2

Setting: The field. Dementian quickly fires another shot from his rifle at Ecliptor: "Ha!"

Dementian quickly picks up Ecliptor and holds him up with one hand around the throat. Dementian is clearly dominant over the exhausted and severely wounded Ecliptor: "Oh how I'm going to enjoy paying you back for my destruction. There's nothing sweeter than revenge!"

Ecliptor grabs ahold of Dementian's arm: "Revenge? *urk* In case you forgot, you were destroyed.. *argh* by your own brother!"

Dementian smirks: "Heh heh heh. Oh I haven't what that backstabbing brother of mine did to me. Rest assured, I'll get my revenge on Darkonda soon enough. But that's later and this is now!"

Tabuna quickly slashes Dementian in the back, causing him to drop Ecliptor. Dementian turns around and smacks her with the back of his hand: "Little witch!"

Dementian aims his rifle directly at Tabuna's face and starts to squeeze the trigger. Ecliptor leaps from the ground: "No!"

Ecliptor gets in the way and takes a direct hit in the back. Large pieces of Ecliptor's body flies off. Ecliptor falls forward but Tabuna catches him: "Ecliptor!"

Dementian aims yet again: "There's more where that came from."

Dementian fires, Tabuna gets ahold of Ecliptor and pulls him out of the way with her and together they jump into a ditch in the field and hastily make their way back into the woods. Dementian and Dejadoom slowly walk to the edge of the ditch.

Dejadoom: "Oh poo. They're getting away."

Dementian cocks his rifle: "That's what they think."

Dementian hops into the ditch and follows the heroes' trail into the woods.

Scene 3

Setting: The wilderness around Power Chamber Mountain is quite varietous with it's woods, plains, mountains, plateaus, rivers, hills and valleys. Just outside the other end of the woods that Ecliptor and Tabuna ducked into is a deep valley, out comes Tabuna with Ecliptor's arm over her shoulder. She stumbles and the two roll down the bottom of the hill but safely.

Tabuna quickly returns to a vertical position and drags Ecliptor behind a group of rocks and boulders that almost forms a fort. Just in time as Dementian enters the valley from the woods and just missed spotting them.

Dementian looks around at the valley below him: "Hmm.. Where could they be."

Dementian fires a shot into the sky, causing a disruption in the peaceful tranquility of the valley. Birds fly from the trees and scatter to safety: "Come out, come out wherever you are! You can't hide forever! I'll find you sooner or later and your deaths will be excruiatingly painful! So why not just get it over with! Heh heh. Come out, come out wherever you are!"

Dementian cocks his rifle and makes his way down the valley, continuing his taunts in hopes of luring his would-be victims out into the open. Behind the rock formation; Tabuna and Ecliptor won't bite and remain hidden, as they sit on the ground leaning against the largest of the rocks.

Tabuna examines her sword: "He's right about one thing. We can't hide forever. He's going to find us sooner or later so we'll have to be ready for him."

Ecliptor holds his arm and looks squarely at Tabuna's face: "You mean I'll be ready for him. You will leave."

Tabuna shakes her head as she looks down: "This is getting old. Will you please explain what the big deal is. You've never been Mr. Friendly but you've never given me so much grief about fighting before."

Ecliptor looks away and up into the sky: "I don't have to explain anything to you."

Tabuna tries to keep calm and gently places her hand on his sore shoulder: "Please Ecliptor. Tell me what the problem is, we're both pretty banged up right now, you more than me. If we don't start working together neither of us will survive. I suspect your pride is keeping you from telling me the truth but if you really want me to do what you say you're going to have to be honest with me."

Ecliptor: "Hmph. Honest with you and the accomplishes what?"

Tabuna gently takes Ecliptor's chin and turns his head to face her: "It wasn't that long ago that no one except for Victor trusted me because I wasn't telling anyone the whole story about me and my motives."

Ecliptor: "You couldn't bring yourself to be honest with us."

Tabuna nods: "Right and it caused a lot of problems that we could've avoided. That I could've avoided if I just learned to trust you, Victor and everyone else sooner. Please. Trust me and tell me the truth."

Ecliptor casts a sigh of concession: "*sigh* Very well. The truth is, I'm deeply concerned that you will get hurt."

Tabuna: "I'm touched but this has never been a big issue before."

Ecliptor: "Victor has never been absent from this planet before. Remember how I've mentioned that I always thought of Karone as my daughter and took care of her as my own."

Tabuna smiles and nods: "Yes. The description of your relationship with this Karone reminded me of my relationship with Villamax."

Ecliptor faces forward: "Yes, well. For as far back as I can remember, Karone has been the only person I've ever truly cared for until this Hidden War started. I admit to a certain measure of fondness for you and the Rangers but particularly Victor. Training with him, fighting with him, mentoring him and tutoring him. I've come to think of him as my own son just as I've thought of Karone as my daughter. I would gladly give my life to protect him."

Tabuna: "But why risk your life for me with this foolish attempt to fight by yourself?"

Ecliptor faces Tabuna: "Because you're the most important thing in his life. While he is gone, you're saftey is my responsibility. If anything were to happen to you, I doubt he would ever forgive me nor could I forgive myself."

Tabuna places her hands on Ecliptor's shoulders: "I understand perfectly now but there's one thing you've forgotten big time."

Ecliptor: "And that is?"

Tabuna: "You're one of the most important things in his life. I may be his lover but he thinks of you as his father. He loves you."

Ecliptor pauses as he is caught off guard by that comment. He looks away briefly, if his face was capable of movement he would show a warm smile: "I see. I have been a fool. I thought this dilemna of responsibility was mine alone but all this time you had the same crisis as me."

Tabuna: "Exactly. Victor would be just as devastated if you were destroyed as if I were destroyed. So why don't we make sure we both survive."

Ecliptor nods and holds out his hand: "Very well."

Tabuna smiles from ear to ear with happiness and the two shake: "Then let's work together."

Ecliptor: "Right. And.. you know I'm not used to saying such things but.. I'm sorry for the way I've been acting."

Tabuna grins: "No problem."

Tabuna winks: "And I won't tell Beta you apologized either."

Ecliptor finds Tabuna amusing and can't help himself from laughing: "Eh? Heh heh hahahaha."

Tabuna starts to laugh as well. The two laugh as if they've been friends for years. But an interruption occurs. Dementian's voice: "Ahhh.. Such a Halmark moment and me without a camera to shoot with."

Ecliptor and Tabuna quickly face forward and start to stand back up as Dementian has found them, standing on top of the large rock before them: "So I guess I'll have to with this instead!"

Dementian quickly aims and fires: "Say cheese!"

Tabuna and Ecliptor both jump out of the way of Dementian's attack to opposite directions. Ecliptor rolls to the ground: "Tabuna!"

Tabuna rolls to the ground: "Now!"

Both of them fire from their hands at Dementian. The blasts knock Dementian off of the rock. He gets back to his feet and sees Ecliptor and Tabuna standing before him, both ready to fight.

Dementian: "Not going to run and hide again?"

Ecliptor: "The time for running has exceeded, disgusting worm."

Tabuna: "Yeppers! And now that we've settled our issues with each other, we're going to settle our issues with you."

Dementian: "What is this Roprah Hinfrey?"

Tabuna: "Actually I was thinking more along the lines of Gerry Stringer!"

Ecliptor and Tabuna both fire again at Dementian. After the smoke clears, Dementian looks up to see Tabuna coming down on him. He quickly releases his forearm blade and fends off the attack. He throws his over his shoulder and extends his other forearm blade and tries to slice n' dice Tabuna, forcing her back. He kicks her in the stomach.

Ecliptor runs in with his sword and the two monsters exchange blows with Dementian getting the best of it. Tabuna leaps in with a corkscrew jumpkick the sends Dementian flying into one of the rocks, cracking it in the process.

Dementian stumbles out of the rock and runs to the heroes with his blades stretched out. The two simultaneously grab his arms by the wrist with one free hand and slice off his blades with their swords. Dementian screams out in agony. He backs off and pulls out his rifle again and takes aim. Ecliptor and Tabuna charge up their swords with green and red energy respectively. All three fire steady beams.

Dementian's rifle tries to over power Ecliptor and Tabuna's swords and the three appear to have a stalemate for a moment but eventually the energy of the swords overpower the rifle and the energy starts coming towards Dementian. Dementian: "No!"

Dementian tightens his grip on his rifle in a vain attempt to squeeze more power out of it but rifle explodes in his hands and the swords' energy overcomes him. A large explosion breaks out and consumes Dementian. Ecliptor and Tabuna turn around as Dementian slowly screams and falls to the ground, exploding.

Dejadoom who had been watching this at the top of the valley hops back with fear: "Oh no. This is not good. This is not good at all. Not good at all."

Dejadoom looks up in the sky.

Scene 4

Setting: The bridge of the Dark Carrier. Dejadoom appears on a viewing screen in front of the room. Watched by Darkonda and company.

Dejadoom: "Would one you be so kind as to give poor little me a hand. It would be greatly appreciated!"

Furio is amused at Dejadoom's predicament: "Ha!"

Darkonda: "We'll be there in a few minutes, Dejadoom keep your shirt on."

Falconine summons her raven: "In the meantime, here's a little boost!"

Falconine sends her raven into the viewing scream as Darkonda breaks into his traditional cackle.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the valley. Ecliptor still hurting and Tabuna confront Dejadoom.

Ecliptor: "The game is over Dejadoom. You should've known better than to use defeated monsters. They were defeated for a reason!"

Dejadoom's voice crosses one arm around his waist and places his other hand on his cheek and speaks with the tone of stereotypical lady snob: "Oh I don't think the game is over at all darling."

The raven makes it's way to Dejadoom from the sky. Dejadoom's voice loses all feminity and he speaks with a masculine tone for once: "The game is just beginning! Bwahahahahaha!"

The raven flies above Dejadoom and releases it's black light on Dejadoom. The monster soon grows into a giant and stomps the ground: "Hahahahaha!"

Ecliptor places his hand on Tabuna's shoulder: "I know we already settled this but now it looks like I really do have to do this on my own."

Tabuna grabs Ecliptor's hand: "You're never going be on your own as long as I'm around."

Ecliptor: "Hmhmhmhm. Of course not."

Ecliptor steps away from Tabuna as she gives him space. Ecliptor crosses his arms and steam erupts all around him and soon he too becomes a giant.

Tabuna takes cover as the two giants circle one another.

Giant Dejadoom: "Maybe you were right about the game being over afterall, Ecliptor. Over for you!"

Giant Dejadoom takes a swing at Ecliptor but he sidesteps the attack and elbows Dejadoom in the back of the head. The monster stumbles to the ground. Ecliptor turns around: "I don't play games, weakling."

Dejadoom casts a freakish laughter: "Mwahahahaha. You call me weak but I'm not the one who has been fighting all day."

Dejadoom sweep kicks Ecliptor then grabs Ecliptor by the collar of his body and slams him into a mountain. Dejadoom laughs as he summons a pair of black spade-tipped swords resembling minutehands from a grandfather clock just like the blades of a certain group of fighters also connected with time. Dejadoom relentlessly strikes Ecliptor over and over and over again and continues to taunt him: "Even you can't beat me in the condition your in. Hahahaha! I couldn't destroy you with those losers but they succeeded in wearing down."

Dejadoom then viciously stomps on Ecliptor's head multiple times: "And now I'm going to finish the job they started! Mwahahahahaha!"

Tabuna on the sidelines is horrified by the abuse Ecliptor is taking: "Ecliptor! Use your ultimate form!"

Even as a giant and getting stomped on by Dejadoom, Ecliptor can still catch Tabuna's words and speaks to her: "No. It's not the right time."

Dejadoom picks up Ecliptor and thinks he was speaking to him: "Fool! I control your time now!"

Dejadoom kneekicks Ecliptor in the stomach several them slams face first into the mountain again. The impact creates an avalanche on that crumbling mountain.

Scene 6

Setting: The bridge of the Dark Carrier. The villains watch the battle on the viewscreen.

Furio: "It looks like Dejadoom is going to succeed afterall."

Darkonda: "I'm not taking any chances this time. I'm too close to total victory to hold back now. Power up the main cannon with everything we've got."

Falconine isn't comfortable with the decision: "Darkonda.."

Cybera inputs: "Artillery power will be insufficient for desired effect."

Darkonda shows a calm seriousness seldom seen on his face: "I'm well aware of that, my dear android."

Darkonda steps forward and yells another order: "Deactivate all defensive shields and transfer all power to main cannon."

Falconine protests: "Darkonda, you fool! You'll make us vunerable."

Darkonda ignores Falconine: "Take all axillary power as well! Deactivate all insignificant functions of this ship and transfer all to the main cannon. I don't want even want a single lightbulb wasting a drop of power."

Falconine grabs Darkonda by the shoulder: "Darkonda this is my ship! What I say will go."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "Aren't you tired of playing games with these miserable little toads. If you want to rule this world then you have to be willing to take risks every now and then."

Falconine relunctantly steps aside and lets Darkonda have his way: "So be it! But I don't want to see a solitary atom of that disgusting Ecliptor survive the attack."

Darkonda: "You won't see a solitary atom of the entire landscape once I'm through with it!"

Darkonda turns to the Skullinites at the controls and orders them: "Power up the main cannon beyond it's limits!"

Outside the Dark Carrier, it takes position with Ecliptor and Dejadoom in it's sight. The belly of the ship opens up and a large cannon, almost the size of the ship itself come out. The inside the shaft of the cannon, it's white hot with power.

Scene 7

Setting: The valley. Ecliptor is on all fours and Dejadoom comes down on him, impaling both of his swords into Ecliptor's body. A storm erupts from the attack and Ecliptor's cry of pain echoes throughout the valley and the wilderness.

Tabuna yells: "Ecliptor! You have to change into your ultimate form while you still can."

Ecliptor: "No!"

Tabuna speaks to herself: "Firs you wouldn't let me fight because you didn't want me to get hurt. Now you won't change into your ultimate form? Why?"

Tabuna turns her head and notices the Dark Carrier making it's way to the fight: "Oh no. Darkonda and Falconine definitely mean business this time."

Dejadoom flips Ecliptor over to his back presses his foot against the swords in his wound: "You've given me a great deal of frustration today, so I'm going to savor your pain for all it's worth."

Ecliptor catches a glimpse of the incoming Dark Carrier in the corner of his eye: "Fool."

Dejadoom: "What was that?"

Ecliptor: "You heard me. You're a fool for playing around when you could've finished me off."

Dejadoom: "Oh I'm getting to that."

Ecliptor: "If got to it already, you may have succeeded but let me show you how to finish off an enemy."

Dejadoom: "Huh?"

Ecliptor kicks Dejadoom in the crotch and Dejadoom's voice gets highpitched once again, only this time not by choice!

Dejadoom holds his crotch as he backs away: "Now that's not sporting.. ooohhhh."

Ecliptor stands up and grabs ahold of the twins swords lodged in his body: "Sportsmanship is for games and I told you, I don't play games!"

Ecliptor strains and pulls the swords out of his body. A blood-like substance sprays out of the wound. Ecliptor viciously drives the swords into Dejadoom. Releases a fireball to end all fireballs at pointblank. The explosion from impact shakes all the trees and knocks Tabuna to the ground.

Ecliptor: "You're in a lot of pain right now. I'd stand by and enjoy you suffering but unlike you I believe in business before pleasure. And my business is wiping vermin like you off the face of the universe!"

Ecliptor charges up his sword, it's enveloped with green light. Lightning out of nowhere strikes the sword as he raises it above him and he releases the full fury of his weapon onto Dejadoom. Lightning crackles all over Dejadoom's body, sparks fly and fire erupts from him as well. Ecliptor turns around as the monster falls down and explodes!

Tabuna jumps with excitement: "Yes! You did it!"

Scene 8

Setting: The bridge of the Dark Carrier.

Cybera turns to Darkonda: "Main cannon's power has reached maximum capacity. Desired effect of target's destruction at 100% probability."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Fire!"

Scene 9

Setting: The valley.

Tabuna points up at the Dark Carrier: "Ecliptor! Look out!"

Ecliptor sees the Dark Carrier's main cannon starting fire: "Now it's time."

Ecliptor presses the symbol on his wrist. White energy flows over his body. It suddenly begins to heal the many wounds and injuries he's amassed over the day but his body starts to crack open and white light seeps through. Ecliptor concentrates with everything he has and his body's outershell breaks away to reveal Ultimate Ecliptor!

Tabuna is in awe.

Ultimate Ecliptor creates a full spectrum of colors around as he holds his hands close together and creates a ball of white and gold fire: "I've waited a long time for this opening Darkonda ever I developed the ability to change to this form. And now we end this once and for all!"

Ultimate Ecliptor releases all of his power creating a massive wave of energy.

Scene 10

Setting: The Dark Carrier's bridge. Everyone scatters and takes cover as Ecliptor's attack is on it's way.

Furio: "No! No! We don't even have enough power to evade it!"

Falconine grabs Darkonda and shakes him: "You idiot! You made us into a sitting duck!"

Darkonda: "No! It can't end like this!"

Scene 11

Setting: Outside Ecliptor's wave hits the cannon and completely obliterates it and the attack goes through and rips the Dark Carrier in half. The rear end of the ship explodes. Darkonda's cries of defeat can be heard echoing out as the the head of the ship is set aflame and it's starts to fall from the sky.

Ultimate Ecliptor stands by as the remaining half of the Dark Carrier falls and crashes behind the mountains in the horizon out of site. From behind the mountains a mushroom cloud erupts.

Ultimate Ecliptor reaches a calm: "It is done."

With that, he starts to shrink and revert back into his normal black and green form. Back to normal, Ecliptor falls to the ground unconscious.

Tabuna runs to Ecliptor, calling out his name: "Ecliptor! Ecliptor! Oh no."


Act 5

Setting: The valley. Everything has returned to it's peaceful nature. Birds are chirping and the sun is shining. Tabuna is dragging an unconscious Ecliptor over her shoulder, taking him back to the Power Chamber.

Ecliptor starts to come to: "Ohh.. What hit me."

Tabuna smiles: "Good. You finally woke up. How are you feeling."

Ecliptor: "The Pyrin-7 seems to have healed my injuries but my power cells are completely empty. I can't even walk."

Tabuna: "That's okay. I'll help you."

Ecliptor: "Heh. I'm glad to have your help. Thank you."

Tabuna: "No problem. We'll get you home and you can rest all you want. You took down their entire ship with that stunt. But how come you didn't just become Ultimate Ecliptor and be done with it before?"

Ecliptor: "As hard as it is to believe. Even my ultimate form's power has it's limits. Attack the Dark Carrier with it's shields at full power would have been fruitless. But thankfully Darkonda took care of that problem for me."

Tabuna: "He shut down all of his shields? Why do something like that?"

Ecliptor: "I said before that when Darkonda can taste victory he becomes more aggressive than ever."

Tabuna: "Yeah?"

Ecliptor chuckles: "But the fool also gets careless. I had a hunch that with using a monster like Dejadoom to make me run a gauntlet of monsters, he would go all out and bring the Dark Carrier into the fight. So I made sure I refrained from using my ultimate form until he presented the perfect opportunity to take them out."

Tabuna: "Right because you can only maintain your ultimate form for a short period of time. If you had used it too soon you wouldn't have been able to use it to take out the Dark Carrier."

Ecliptor: "Yes. Sometimes it pays to have some patience."

Tabuna: "No kidding. You just brought an end to the war once and for all! Victor and the others are going to love this news when they get back!"

Ecliptor: "No. Don't jump to conclusions. Darkonda is notorious for surviving near death. I doubt we've seen the last of him and we have no idea what else Falconine may have besides the Dark Carrier. I slowed those two down but I haven't stopped them. I haven't stopped them at all."

Scene 2

Setting: Elsewhere in a desert terrain. The crash site of the Dark Carrier. Under large sheet of metal, something moves. The sheet of metal is kicked off and out comes a coughing Darkonda.

Darkonda: "*cough* *cough*"

Furio's hand extends helps Darkonda out of the wreckage.

Darkonda stands and dusts himself off and turns to see the remains of the Dark Carrier: "No.. No! We've lost. We've lost everything!"

Furio: "We've lost the Dark Carrier, master. But a good number of our forces survived the crash and there's still plenty of the Alliance scattered out in the world. Perhaps we can contact Mondo and Machina and they.."

Darkonda cuts Furio off: "And they will do what? Once they find out that my stronghold is gone, they'll destroy us in an instant. Damnit! My days as ruler of the United Alliance of Evil is over!"

Furio: "Perhaps Falconine has a back-up plan?"

Darkonda's discord from losing the Dark Carrier had caused him to forget about Falconine. He looks around him and sees Falconine standing in the distance by herself. Rygog orders a group of Skullinites as well as Elgar and Rito to search through the wreckage of supplies. Cybera makes her way to Darkonda.

Cybera: "Calculations conclude that 37% of ship's crew have remained functional."

Darkonda: "So I still have a small army but hardly enough to invade New Bethany now. Not unless Falconine.."

Darkonda hurries to Falconine who stands in the desert by herself with a dazed look in her eyes. Endness' voice: "ThE tImE iS nOw. ReAcH fOr YoUr DeStInY!"

Falconine stars at what was once the bird head of the Dark Carrier. Her eyes widened: "The eagle has fallen!"

Falconine's eyes glimmer as if she were in a trance, she turns and see in the distance a storm forming. Creating a fog that spirals down to earth below it. Darkonda walks up to Falconine: "What is that?"

Falconine seemingly ignores Darkonda and marches towards the spiraling clouds in the horizon: "My destiny."

Darkonda puzzled: "Your destiny? Falconine stop this instant and tell me what your up to?"

Rygog out of nowhere shoves Darkonda ground and places his boot on his Darkonda's chest: "Silence! Queen Falconine answers to no one, certainly not the likes of you!"

Darkonda outraged and in disbelief of Rygog's action: "Why you.. Who the hell do you think are! I am Darkonda, I rule over all you!"

Rygog stomps Darkonda: "You rule nothing! My queen is running things from now on! Your disrespect towards her will not be tolerated."

The tip of Furio's sword touches Rygog's neck causing him to ease up a little: "The crash must have knocked you for a loop, you buffoon. Have you forgotten your place amongst us."

Falconine stops in her tracks and speaks with a chilling calm but doesn't turn around to face any of them: "Rygog. Come with me."

Falconine continues her journey to the spiraling clouds. Rygog calmly takes ahold of Furio's sword and pushes it away from it: "As you command, my queen."

Rygog almost skips as he chases after Falconine like a puppy dog.

Darkonda gets back up and rubs his forehead as he's completely baffled: "What in the world is going on here, Furio? We've practically lost our entire army, Rygog's suddenly grown a backbone and Falconine seems to have completely lost her mind!"

Furio slowly shakes his head: "I have no idea but one things for sure. The Hidden War is far from over but the rules have changed!"

Darkonda starts to follow Falconine and Rygog: "Indeed."

Furio follows as well. As does everyone else that survived the crash, creating a sort of caravan through the desert. In the distance the inhuman laughter of the Endness can be heard.

The End.

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