Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 40
"The Creator, Part 3"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Power Chamber Mountain. More specifically the outside balcony. The sun is rising after a long night. Victor and Tabuna watch the rising sun together.

Tabuna rests her head on Victor's shoulder as he wraps his arm around her. The sun reflects elegantly off of her eyes: "Mmm.. There's nothing quite like a sunrise. You know, on KO-35 it's a belief that with each new day, our slate is wiped clean, sins of the past are washed away. As if yesterday never existed."

Victor smiles calmly: "I like one. It fits, for people like us."

Tabuna takes Victor's hand: "But it wasn't true until I met you. You helped me find inner peace. You destroyed my yesterday."

Victor turns to face Tabuna: "And you did mine."

Tabuna rests on Victor's chest: "I'm going to miss you, Victor. Please don't get killed out there."

Victor: "Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it."

Tabuna puts her hands on Victor's shoulders and looks right into his eyes: "I'm serious, Victor. I've lost so much, I don't think my heart can bear to lose yet you too."

Victor takes a serious look: "Tabuna. We may have took away each other's yesterday, but we will have a tomorrow together."

Tabuna almost giggles: "You really can be poetic when you want to."

Victor says nothing as he casts a smug grin and love love taps her on the cheek.

Tabuna smiles: "Get going, Aquitar needs you and the others."

Victor smiles back: "Right."

Victor and Tabuna turn their heads sideways as they reach closer to kiss. The sun shines on Power Chamber Mountain as the Sky Knight Megaship stands, waiting for launch.

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Knight Megaship, fires up and is ready to launch. On the balcony; Tabuna, Beta 1 and Paige wave to the Rangers inside the Megaship.

Inside the bridge of the Megaship. Simon sits in the pilot seat, Victor is placed in the co-pilot seat. Angela, Marcus, Aundria, Lucas, Billy and Catsysia are also seated. An image of the others waving goodbye appears on the front monitor. The majority of the group are pleased and Angela even waves back.

Angela's face turns from joy to puzzlement: "Where's Ecliptor?"

Victor smirks as he adjusts his controls: "Do you really have to ask? It's not the old man's M.O. to see us off."

Simon: "Heh. Knowing Ecliptor, he's probably already monitoring the city for trouble."

Victor: "Well he does have to keep a stronger vigil than ever. Without us here, Ecliptor is the only defense Deacon Blue has against Darkonda and Falconine."

Billy: "I'm sorry for that, Victor. I know I'm putting you guys in a tight situation here."

Angela puts her hand on Billy's lap: "Nonsense. What kind of Power Rangers would we be if we let this Nepton guy take over your home?"

Simon: "Exactly. Besides if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be Rangers in the first place."

Victor: "So let's get going. Our best bet is to leave before Darkonda figures out we're gone."

Simon: "We're ready for take off."

Marcus: "Hehe. Well then guys and gals. As a Psycho Ranger, I never thought I'd say this but.. 'Let's Rocket!'"

Everyone shakes their head in disgust of Marcus' lame jokes. The Sky Knight Megaship lifts off and flies into space. In the shadows, Ecliptor watches.

Ecliptor to himself: "...Good journey and good fight, Rangers..."

With that, Ecliptor turns and walks into the shadows. The irony of him of all people, being the sole guardian of Deacon Blue is not lost on him.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Falconine, Cybera, Rygog and Furio watch on the floor projection as the Sky Knight Megaship flies into space.

Rygog: "My queen, the Psycho Rangers are leaving!"

Falconine: "I can see that you raisin-faced buffoon."

Rygog puts his hands together: "Oh my beloved vision of vileness. You actually noticed my face."

Furio smacks Rygog in the back of the head: "Put a sock in it, you fool. We have more pressing matters at hand than your pathetic infatuations."

Falconine: "Agreed. The Rangers are giving us a perfect opportunity to strike. But why?"

Cybera in monotone as usual: "The enemy's relocation, evades all strategical logic."

Darkonda scracthes his chin: "Hmm.. Perhaps they are headed to the source of those Senturions we fought yesterday?"

Furio: "But where? The only other planet in this galaxy is Mirinoi and I've seen to it myself that it is as barren as the inside of Rygog's head."

Rygog: "Hey!"

Cybera: "Designate Furio's description of planet Mirinoi is inaccurate. Plant-based lifeforms were restored approximately three months and twelve days ago."

Furio: "What? How can that be?"

Falconine: "Isn't that around the same time you arrived here in the Dark Carrier, Furio?"

Furio: "As matter a fact it is. Hmm.. My spell must have reverted partially when I was destr.."

Darkonda motions a "cut it" hand gesture. As Falconine is unaware of Furio previously being killed nor about Twerp and Dr. Hinelar. Furio stops.

Furio: "Actually I'm digressing. What shall we do?"

Darkonda: "First we'll wait a little bit. Right now, it is too soon. The Rangers can still turn around and interfere with our plans for this world. But once they've flown far enough away from the nest. Hmhmhm. The cat will strike!"

Falconine with her seductive smirk full of confidence: "We'll finally take over Deacon Blue, once and for all."

Darkonda: "Ah hahahahaha!"

Darkonda's cackle echoes throughout the Dark Carrier as the ship jets off into the distance.

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Knight ships is set towards the barrier of the locked away galaxy. Inside the bridge.

Simon: "There's the barrier that keeps us away from the rest of the universe. Man, it's impressive."

Marcus' eyes have grown big with awe: "You ain't lying. How did ole' Tighty get through there anyway?"

Aundria: "Knowing Damien, he probably forced his way through."

Victor: "No time to wonder about that now. We gotta get through it ourselves. Billy, Simon do your magic."

Billy and Simon give each other with confident grins then turn to their respective controls. Billy: "Activate the polar pushcycle cannon."

Simon: "Activating."

Outside, a blue cannon attached to the nose of the Sky Knight charges up as blue sparkling energy forms at the mouth of the blaster.

Simon: "Power to polar pushcycle cannon at one-hundred percent."

Billy: "Fire!"

Outside, the polar cannon releases it's energy onto the asteroid wall. A rippling effect occurs within the wall causing a hole to form between asteroids. With the opening, the Sky Knight Megaship dashes thru the barrier and exits outside of the galaxy, where the Hidden War has resided in for the past year.

Angela's voice: "Wow! You guys pulled it of!"

Simon's voice: "Was there any doubt?"

The opening in the asteroid wall quickly closes back up behind the Sky Knight Megaship.

Back inside the Megaship's bridge.

Victor with determination in his eyes: "Don't pat yourself on back the just yet. The hard part is still ahead of us."

Billy pushes forward the steering wheel: "Hyper Rush 9!"

Outside, the Sky Knight Megaship's thrusters fire up as it darts off in a blur through space. Billy's voice: "Aquitar, here we come!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Aquitar just outside Nepton's palace of stronghold in the mountains. A pair of glowing red eyes pierce through the darkness and growls.

Mystery figures: "Grrr... It is almost time."

The figure vanishes into the night.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside Nepton's throneroom. He sits proudly with a menacing expression on his face. Billy's half-Aquitian, half-Terran son, Cestrion remains caged at the immortal tyrant's side.

In comes Cestro, the Blue Aquitian Ranger. However he has a strange collar on his neck and his pupils are purple. He stops and bows before Nepton. Cestro: "All hail.. Lord Nepton."

Nepton: "Yes my slave. What do you have to report.

Cestro looks up to his master. Even under mind control, his head still twitches from side to side as he speaks just like all Aquitians: "Master.. Coralis and Red Senturion.. have both failed.. it is presumed.. that Billy Cranston is returning to Aquitar.. with allies."

Cestrion grabs the bars of the cage and his face lights up with joy: "I knew my father would return!"

Nepton's left eye glances at the ever-hopeful boy and grins: "Hmhmhmhm.. Unfortunately, your father is only returning to step into his grave."

Nepton stands up and orders Cestro: "Go and inform the other Rangers. And just in case, I want you to warm up your 'special weapons'."

Cestro bows his head: "As.. you wish."

Scene 3

Setting: The Sky Knight continues on it's way to Aquitar. Inside the bridge, everyone is bit more loose in their posture and sitting now that they've been traveling for awhile. Marcus is having a conversation with Billy in progress.

Marcus: "But one thing bothers me. Your son is half-Aquitian, right? So doesn't that mean you must have.."

Billy cuts him off and seems to be slightly offended: "I know where you are going with this and yes, I was intimate with an Aquitian woman."

Marcus: "Eeww.. But dude, that's a fish!"

Billy shakes his head: "No they are not fish. Aside from a few minor differences they are just like you or me. The fact that it is possible for an Aquitian and Earthling to have a child proves that we're actually the same species regardless of origin."

Marcus: "How can you say they're the same species though. They evolved from fish right instead apes right."

Simon: "So? Edenites evolved from insects and they look completely human aside from the gems on their foreheads."

Marcus: "There's big difference between having a bunch of crap jewelry stuck on your head and having gills, man."

Billy corrects Marcus: "Actually Aquitians don't have gills perse', they have booklungs. Lungs capable of retreiving oxygen from water."

Lucas recognizes the term: "Ah, just like shellfish! Correct?"

Billy smiles: "I see you know your biology."

Lucas: "My people's teachings include being one with nature. Learning biology is just a simple extension of that."

Aundria notices that Catsysia is quiet: "Catsysia, are you okay. You're not offended by Marcus' comments are you. Because if you are, I'd be more than happy to smack some sense into him."

Marcus stands up and covers the back of his head: "Oh know you don't, woman! I can't even get a haircut right now because of all the bumps you put back here!"

Catsysia: "I.. am not offended. Ignorance.. appears to be common trait.. amongst your people."

Marcus gets defensive: "What's that supposed to mean."

Victor slams Marcus back into his chair: "It means you're an ignorant idiot. Now pipe down already!"

Angela: "Personally I think it's romantic that true love can cross such barriers."

Aundria nods in agreement: "Definitely. Don't you think so Lucas, dear?"

Lucas covers his face to hide his blushing: "*ahem!* Yes. Our love would know no such obstacles."

Aundria: "So you would love me even if I had scales and long fishy tale."

Lucas: "Of.. of course."

Marcus cracks up: "Ha! Aundria as a mermaid! Man, there's no way you could get a couple of clamshells to fit over those two gazoongas! Hehehahahaha!"

Aundria grits her teeth as she gets up from her seat and walks up behind the laughing Marcus and raises her hand: "Grrrrr..."

Outside the Megaship. Marcus' voice: "OOOOWWWWWWW!!!!"

Back inside the ship, Aundria marches back to her seat as Marcus lies on the floor hold his head: "Ow. Oh man.. I might as well grow an afro. *sniff*"

Victor: "Quit whining and get back in your seat. We're almost there."

Simon: "Aquitar is coming up on visual."

The Rangers look onward with awe Aquitar becomes visible before them.

Victor: "Aquitar.."

Lucas: "Amazing."

Simon: "Most impressive."

Angela: "It's just beautiful."

Aundria: "We're actually here."

Marcus breaks out of his awe: "Eh. It's okay."

Billy turns around to look at Catsysia: "We're almost home, Catsysia. And soon Nepton will be going down for good!"

Catsysia gives a forced smile: "Yes.. I am looking forward to it.."

Once no one pays attention to her, Catsysia whispers to herself in a non-Aquitian way: "Looking forward to it, indeed."

The Sky Knight Megaship reaches Aquitar and maintains an orbit around the watery world.

Scene 4

Setting: Inside the Sky Knight Megaship's launch bay. The five Psycho Cycles stand side-by-side. In the back is the Psycho Tank and already stationed for take-off by the closed hangar doors is the Silver Stormer where underneath the plane, Tora sleeps, curled up like a very big kitty.

Tora's ears twitch and Tora awakens as everyone enters the hangar. Tora runs towards Lucas.

Lucas pats Tora on the head: "Did you rest well, my friend?"

Tora roars in a positive fashion.

Victor stands in front of everyone: "Okay. We all know the gameplan. Simon, Angela, Aundria, Marcus and myself will essentially bust in through the front door and draw out Nepton's forces. Meanwhile Lucas will take Billy in through the rear of the palace where they will break in and take out the device Nepton is using to control most of the Aquitians.

Angela: "But how are we going to get down there?"

Billy: "That's where the new Psycho Wings that Simon and myself created will come in."

Angela: "Psycho Wings?"

Billy nods: "Yes. Tbey're battle armor with flight capabilities. I borrowed some design notes from Andros' Battilized Armor."

Aundria: "Oh yeah. I vaguely remember that from the time we were wandering ghosts in Secret City. Man, that was ages ago."

Billy: "Anyway, not only will they allow to fly but they should come in handy in battle. They're already connected to your power cores so once you morph all you have to do is call on them. You all have them except for Lucas, I'm afraid."

Lucas: "That's okay, I already have the Silver Stormer."

Victor turns to Catsysia: "You'll be staying behind on the Megaship, okay Catsysia?"

Catsysia nods: "Understood."

The Aquitian then exits the hangar back into the main portion of the ship.

Victor: "We know what to do so let's not waste anymore time. We have a planet to save!"

The Rangers nod: "Right!"

The Rangers raise their morphing arms: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morph sequence]

[Psycho Black morph sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morph sequence]

[Psycho Pink morph sequence]

[Psycho Blue morph sequence]

Lucas holds up Silver Morpher in the air: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Silver morph sequence]

Psycho Silver hops next to Billy: "Ready?"

Billy: "As ready as I'll ever be."

Psycho Silver wraps an arm around Billy: "Then hold on tight!"

Psycho Silver leaps into the air lands in the cockpit of the Silver Storm. Billy gets situated in the extra seat behind the pilot's chair. Psycho Silver hops into his seat: "Tora ho!"

Tora roars as charges toward the Silver Storm and leaps into the rear hatch of the ship. Both the rear hatch and the cockpit close up. The hangar doors of the Sky Knight begin to open up. The air is sucked out by the vacuum of space. The Psychos maintain their ground with no trouble.

Psycho Silver grabs ahold of the control sticks: "Silver Stormer, taking off!"

The engines of the Silver Stormer fire up and the Silver Stormer launches out of the Sky Knight Megaship. Billy's voice: "As Rocky would say, 'This is totally awesome!'"

Remaining on the Megaship, the Psycho Rangers. Psycho Red takes the lead: "Okay everyone. Follow me."

Psycho Red leaps out of the Megaship. Psycho Black: "I'm with you!"

Psycho Black leaps out. Psycho Yellow turns to Pink: "Ready?"

Psycho Pink excited: "Yeah!"

Psychos Yellow and Pink leap out. Psycho Blue runs jumps out last: "Don't forget meeeee...."

The momementum from the leap allows the Psychos to dive towards the planet until they're within it's gravity field. Psycho Red: "Okay now let's test out our new toys."

Psycho Blue: "Because the kids won't buy them unless we use them! Hahaha!"

The Psycho Rangers in unison cross the arms across their faces and pull them away like a hawk does with it's wings: "Psycho Wings Wing Out!"

[Psycho Wing activation sequence: A pair leg bracelets energize on Psycho Red's legs in a flash of red energy. As well a pair of red arm bracelets and gauntlets on the arms in a flash of red energy. A chest plate materialize and two large feathered wings made out of red light sprout out of Psycho Red's back then solidify into a more mechanical look. Finally Psycho Red's Psycho Sword materializes in his right hand and a large red cannon materializes on his left arm, locked onto the gauntlet. The process is the same for the other four except the energy is in their own respective colors and their own respective weapons appear in their right hands.]

The Psycho Wing Armor is mostly the same for each Ranger. A pair of large gold leg bracelets on the legs above the knees like garters. The bracelets have a three pronged fork symbol on them facing down to represent the talons of a hawk. The symbols are in each Ranger's respective color. The arm bracelets above the elbows are gold with the same talon design as the leg bracelets. The gauntles extend from wrist to elbow and are primarily black with gold trim at the bottom side of the forarm, gauntlets are thinner and made up of leather instead of metal and colored with each Ranger's respective color.

The cannons are oversized and bulky and almost with the hand covered up by the casing surrounding the trigger. The cannons are in each Ranger's color but have a gold talon symbol on the right-innerside and a gold "N" symbol on the left-outerside of the cannon.

The chest plate comes down into a diamond-shape design similar to the original Green Ranger's Dragon Shield. The armor is primarily gold with the diamond being black and have a large golden "N" insignia just like the Psycho Ranger's beltbuckles. The plate is connected to the large metallic wings on the back. Although they have razorsharp feathers, the wings do not look organic. The mostly gray with muscle of the wings being black and gold. On the back between the wings is smaller pair of thrusters in gray casing and a large talon symbol displayed.

With their Psycho Wings activated, the Psycho Rangers swoop down towards Aquitar for the battle to come. Psycho Pink is noticeably excited with her Psycho Wings.

Psycho Pink performs an aerial flip: "These Psycho Wings are awesome! I'm really flying! Wheee!"

Psycho Yellow chuckles and speaks to Red: "Haha. I think Angela is giving these Psycho Wings the thumbs up."

Psycho Red is not in a particularly jovial mood though: "Well she better get it out of her system fast. We need to be serious."

Psycho Pink stops: "Sorry. You're absolutely right, there will be plenty of time to fool around later."

Scene 5

Setting: Inside the bridge of the Megaship.

Catsysia watches the Psycho Rangers enter Aquitar's atmosphere with a viewing monitor. Catsysia talks to herself with unbroken speech, very unlike most Aquitians: "Good luck, Rangers. Nepton must pay for his crimes and Billy must reclaim Aquitar in order for my true plans to come to fruition."

Catsysia laughs as she spins around a teleports away in a gold and black flash of energy.

Scene 6

Setting: Down below in the city surrounding Nepton's palace. Ascend Meridia one of the few cities on Aquitar that are above water which is why Nepton made it his base of operations. The buildings are tall but more round and bubble like than the more familiar concrete buildings on Earth. Many of them are encased in large aquarium like domes filled with water and fish. There's not a spec of dirt to be found as Aquitians generally a clean and sanitary race. The sky has a uniquely pink tint to it like there was a sunset after a rainstorm. Through out the city are Aquitians armed with weapons that look like small Zeo Blasters. All of these armed Aquitians have the same mind-controlling shackles around their necks as the Alien Rangers do.

One of the Aquitians points out something in the distant sky and the other Aquitians cock their blasters in anticipation of combat.

In the sky five vague figures appear to grow larger as the come closer. Psycho Red's voice: "Okay everyone, let's give them a Psycho Ranger Rumble!"

The five figures turn out to be the Pyscho Rangers with their new winged armor as the dive down to attack.

Two Aquitians on the street take aim but before they can fire, Psycho Blue swoops down and double-clothesline: "Surprise!"

Another Aquitian fires his blaster but Psycho Yellow successfully out-manuevers his shots: "You'll have to do better than that if you want to take me down. Let me show how it's done!"

Psycho Yellow flies low past the Aquitian and twists her upper body around to fire behind her and shoots an energy bolt from her Psycho Slinger. The bolt doesn't hit the Aquitian as Yellow wasn't aiming to kill but the explosion caused it's hitting the ground thrusts the Aquitian off his feet and knocks him out cold.

Psycho Yellow resumes facing forward and is briefly startled to see to Aquitians ahead of her, ready to fire: "Not so fast!"

Psycho Yellow fires three more shots from her Psycho Slinger and the effect is the same. Two more Aquitians on the ground and out cold.

Elsewhere in the city a phalanx of Aquitians all take aim in unison at the incoming Psycho Black with their blaster rifles. Before they can fire, a pink energy arrow takes out all of their rifles in a straight row making a rifle shiskabob as the arrow strikes a building to the left of the Aquitians, it and all the rifles to pierced explode.

The Aquitians in unison all turn to their right to locate the source of the arrown and see Psycho Yellow with her Psycho Bow in one hand and waving with the other: "Hi guys!"

Psycho Black dives down from their left with his Psycho Lance held out and strikes them all down as if he were clotheslining them. They fall down like dominoes. Psycho Pink: "Bye guys!"

Psycho Black lands on the ground next to Pink and high fives her. But their celebration is cut short as another group of armed Aquitians catch them off guard and are about to fire but another explosion erupts from behind them to take them out.

Psychos Black and Pink look up to see Psycho Red with his Psycho Sword in one hand and his Wing Cannon steaming after being fired: "Stay on your toes people."

Psycho Black: "Thanks for the save, man."

Psycho Red nods and flies off to continue the fight with more Aquitians.

Scene 7

Setting: Behind the palace away from Ascend Meridia is nothing but ocean though underwater is it's sister city, Descend Meridia. The Silver Stormer flies in low and it's underthrusters kick in as it slows down for a landing. The landing gear open up and the Silver Stormer lands on a small grotto just below the palace. Ocean waves strike the beach as Psycho Silver's foot touches the sandy ground.

Psycho Silver helps Billy out of the jet: "We're here, right where you wanted me to land."

Billy nods his head as hastily makes way to a cave almost hidden behind several large rocks: "Excellent. There's a secret passage to the palace in this cave. Hopefully Nepton hasn't discovered it yet."

Psycho Silver presses a button on his morpher to open up the rear hatch of the Silver Stormer and Tora leaps out: "Wouldn't one of the mind-controlled Aquitians show Nepton the entrance."

Billy looks back: "Not unless my son is under his control. He's the only one other than myself who knows about this entrance and this grotto."

Psycho Silver grows curious: "Oh?"

Billy: "I'm something of a celebrity here on Aquitar because I helped the Aquitian Rangers stop Coralis and his Hydro-Contaminators a few years back. That and me being the only Terran on the entire planet."

Psycho Silver and Tora follow Billy into the cave and Billy flips a switch, turning on several lights on the ceiling and wall. Billy: "So I secretly installed this entrance when my late wife showed me this grotto on a swim one evening. So my family and myself could have a little privacy away from the papparazi."

Psycho Silver surprised: "There's papparazi on Aquitar?"

Billy half-jokingly states just as he opens a large steel door: "There's papparazi everywhere. Last time I visited Earth, Tommy can't even go to the bathroom without cameras following him."

Psycho Silver follows Billy through the door and up the stairs: "The people on Earth found out that your friend Tommy was a Ranger?"

Billy makes his way up the stairs: "No, he became famous on Earth for defeating Lucius Kendall to become the World Racecar Champion on his first trip to the finals. Lucius Kendall is considered by many to be the greatest racecar driving that every lived, it's a family tradition with the Kendalls."

Psycho Silver: "Impressive. I like his name too very similar to mine."

Billy gives a smirk back to Psycho Silver then turns his attention to the top of the stairs: "Ready?"

Psycho Silver: "As ready as I'll ever be."

Tora roars in agreement. And the three enter the palace and quickly make their way to their goal.

Scene 8

Setting: Back in the streets of Ascend Meridia. A stack of unconscious Aquitians keeps piling up as the winged Psycho Rangers make short work of the soldiers.

Psycho Blue makes a gesture of smacking dirt off of his hands: "Man, this almost too easy!"

Psycho Yellow: "Marcus, haven't you learned by now. You never say something is too easy! That practically guarantees that things are about to get a lot harder."

Psycho Blue: "Getting a little superstitious, aren't we?"

Psycho Black points down the street: "I think Aundria might be onto something look."

In the distance five Aquitians march down the street unlike the others that the Rangers have fought these five are unarmed. The few remaining Aquitians still standing carry as many of their fallen away as possible and clear out of the way of the marching five.

Psycho Black: "Something about these guys is different from the others."

Psycho Pink: "They look kinda familiar. Are they?"

Psycho Red grips his sword tightly, readying for another fight: "The Aquitian Rangers!"

The five stop about 30 feet away from the Psychos. From left to right they are Corcus, Aurico, Delphine, Cestro and Tideus. Delphine steps forward. Delphine with her watery voice: "We are.. the Power Rangers of Aquitar! Surrender now or.. be destroyed!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Ascend Meridia. In the main street of the city a stand off is taking place between the Psycho Rangers and the Alien Rangers.

Delphine: "We are.. the Power Rangers of Aquitar! Surrender now or.. be destroyed!"

The Psycho Rangers have taken their position. Psycho Red steps forward: "We are the Psycho Power Rangers! And we don't surrender to anyone!"

Delphine: "All those who oppose Lord Nepton.. must die!"

The five take stance. Delphine: "It's Morphing Time!"

[Alien Ranger morphing sequence]

Psycho Red: "It's been awhile guys but let's take down some Power Rangers!"

The Psycho Rangers, still winged, charge as do the Alien Rangers. Psycho Black clashes lance to sword with Alien Black, then Psycho Pink uses her bow to block Alien Red's sword, Psycho Red clashes swords with Alien White, Psycho Blue uses his axe while fighting Alien Blue and lastly Psycho Yellow squares off with Alien Yellow.

Psycho Black blocks Alien Black's attack and pushes him back. Alien Black backflips to maintain his footing and lunges forward, Psycho Black forward flips and keeps his lance held out with both hands and catches Alien Black. Psycho Black twists and flips to use his Psycho Lance to keep Alien Black in a choke hold but Alien Black strikes backward to hit Psycho Black in the gut with the blunt of his sword. Psycho Black releases the Alien Ranger and he takes the opportunity to strike him in the chest and the sparks fly.

Psycho Yellow hops over a sweeping kick attack from Alien Yellow and attempts a roundhouse but her wings knock her off balance and the Alien Ranger strikes her with a thrust kick while she's in mid-air, sending her back to ground.

Psycho Blue and Alien Blue have a standstill with the weapons. Psycho Blue tries to swing his axe out of the lock but almost loses his grip and turns around to keep from losing his axe. Alien Blue stomps Psycho Blue's back causing him to fall face-first to the ground.

Alien Red also makes short work of Psycho Pink. And Psycho Red finds himself outmatched by Alien White as slashes his chest with her sword. The Psycho Rangers fallback and try to get back up.

Psycho Blue: "This sucks! I thought Alien Rangers were nowhere near our power levels."

Psycho Yellow: "It's the Psycho Wings. They may great for aerial battle but once we're on the ground they just restrict our agility and balance."

Psycho Red: "At the moment, they're doing more harm than good. So let's take care of our handicap."

The Psycho Rangers together: "Psycho Wings Power Down!"

The in a flash of light the Psycho Wings disappear and the Rangers take a battle pose. Psycho Red: "Okay let's start this fight for real!"

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! Now the gillheads are going down!"

Psycho Black yells at Blue: "They don't have gi.. oh nevermind, I give up."

The Psycho Rangers charge once again as the Alien Rangers resume combat.

Psycho Black strikes his lance to the ground for leverage with a spinning thrust kick and takes down Alien Black. Leaving his weapon staked in the street Psycho Black takes on the recovering Alien Black, unarmed. Alien Black swings his sword but Black grabs him by the wrist and twists forcing the Aquitian Ranger to drop his weapon. Psycho Black lets go of his hand to block a chop and drives his knee into his stomach. Psycho Black leans back in a mantis position and leaps into a bicycle kick to take out his Alien Ranger counterpart, a very rare move from Simon.

Psycho Black makes a nose flick motion as he admires his handiwork: "Say! Those kung-fu lessons from Lucas are finally paying off!"

Psycho Yellow once again hops over a sweeping kick attempt from her counterpart and once again attempts a roundhouse kick, this time it connects and strikes Alien Yellow in the head, causing him sideways backflip to ground. Psycho Yellow falls to ground as well but "spinneroonies" like a breakdancer back to her feet and keeps the spinning motion going as she jumps and corkscrews into a fullmoon legdrop onto Alien Yellow's neck.

Psycho Blue keeps ducking under multiple clumsy swings from the Blue Alien Ranger. Finally Psycho Blue drops to one knee and punches the other Blue Ranger in the lower gut. As he holds his stomach, Psycho Blue jumps up with an uppercut. Alien Blue falls to the ground and drops his weapon but he jumps back to his feet holding his chin and charges but Psycho Blue spins around: "Psycho Spin!"

And strikes down the charging Alien Ranger with his Psycho Axe.

Psycho Blue: "Hehe.. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to kick another Blue Ranger's butt. Oops, almost forgot this classic move."

Psycho Blue quickly delivers his corkscrew elbowdrop to already down Alien Blue.

Psycho Pink backflips several times to avoid Alien Red's attacks until he loses patience and leaps into the around to land behind Pink but she merely lands on her hands and wraps her legs around his head and flips him overs, slamming him head first onto the street. She opens up her legs only to slam her feet back into his chest to insure the knockout.

Meanwhile, Psycho Red and Alien White continue clash swords. Their swordfight moves back and forth. Until finally Psycho Red drives his foot into White's knee, buckling it and causing her to fall to one knee. Psycho Red strikes the Aquitian Sword from her hand leaving her defenseless.

Alien White: "How.. can this be?"

Psycho Red: "Billy designed our powers to make us the strongest Power Rangers in the universe. You really never had a chance once we got came at you in fullforce."

Alien White: "You may have beaten us down.. but we will not stop.. until we.. destroy you!"

Psycho Red: "I know you're just brainwashed and aren't really evil so I thought about taking it easy on you. But then again so were we at one time..."

Psycho Red viciously strikes her down with his Psycho Sword and large stream of sparks fly off of her chest and she screams in pain then falls forward unconscious: "...and no one ever went easy on us."

Psycho Pink looks concerned: "Victor, you didn't did you?"

Psycho Red pushes Alien White's shoulder with his foot: "Don't worry, she's still alive. Now let's get into the palace and take out this Nepton clown for good."

Suddenly a blast knocks the Psycho Sword out of Psycho Red's hand. That's when the Rangers notice that they are completely surrounded by hundreds of Aquitian soldiers with rifles aimed at them.

Psycho Black: "They have us surrounded!"

Psycho Yellow: "We can't take them all out before they gun us down."

Psycho Blue: "D'oh! I guess I shouldn't have said this was too easy afterall."

Scene 2

Setting: At the balcony just outside of Nepton's throneroom he watches with amusement at the Psycho Rangers' predicament below.

Nepton: "Hahaha.. You fought valiantly, whoever you are but your fates were sealed as soon as stepped foot on my planet. You should have stayed where you came from and enjoyed your little victory over Coralis and the Senturions."

Nepton raises his fist: "Fire!"

Scene 3

Setting: Below the Aquitians charge up their blasters as the Psycho Rangers can do nothing in time to save themselves.

Psycho Blue: "Dammit! After all we've been through, I can't believe we're finally going down like this! This stinks!"

Psycho Red: "Yeah it does but they can bring it on. I'm not backing down from anyone."

The Aquitians start to squeeze their triggers but suddenly the shackles power down and fall off them. Their eyes return to normal and the Aquitians stand down their weapons, not sure of what has just happened.

Psycho Pink: "They're not firing. But how?"

Psycho Red figures it out: "Billy and Lucas must have held up their end of the deal!"

Psycho Pink points to the ground: "Look!"

The Alien Rangers start to regain consciousness and try to stand back up.

Alien Red: "Ow.. What.. happened?"

Alien Black: "Did anyone.. get the number.. of that boat?"

The Psycho Rangers realizing the Alien Rangers are enemies no longer help their fellow Rangers up.

Psycho Red helps Alien White: "Sorry about that blow from earlier, you were under Nepton's control."

Alien White: "I.. I see. But.. Who are you?"

Psycho Red: "We're Power Rangers, the Psycho chapter."

Psycho Black has Alien Black's arm around his shoulders: "We've spent the last year fighting the United Alliance within the sealed galaxy with Zordon's help."

Alien Blue excited to hear that name: "Zordon is still alive! This is.. this is.. incredible news!"

Scene 4

Setting: Nepton's throne room. He slams his fists into the railing of the balcony in rage.

Nepton: "They're free but how?! The central controller!"

Nepton turns around just in time to see Psycho Silver breaking the lock on Cestrion's cage with Psycho Silverizer. The cage door swings open and Cestrion leaps into Billy's arms: "Daddy!"

Billy tries to hold back his tears but fails to do so, he's too overjoyed to have his son back in his arms. Cestrion: "I knew you would save us! I missed you father."

Billy hugs his son tighter: "I missed you too, Cestrion. I can't tell you how much I'm relieved to see that you're okay."

Nepton's voice: "YOU!"

Billy, Cestrion and Psycho Silver turn to see an angry Nepton with glowing hands making his way to them: "Your lovely little family reunion is about to be cut short along with your wretched mortal bodies!"

Psycho Silver stands infront of Billy and Cestrion to shield them: "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Nepton fires and energy blast: "You don't."

Billy yells: "Watch out!"

But Billy's warning comes to late as the blast strikes Psycho Silver. He falls down. Nepton: "I will finish you and your friends myself, I don't need those worthless Rangers to do my bidding. I am Necrari, the proud race of immortal gods!"


Tora leaps out of nowhere at Nepton, out of anger for attacking his master. Nepton struggles for a moment but quickly regains control and holds the massive beast up with arm and throws him into a wall. Nepton: "Lowly creature."

Psycho Silver's voice: "The only lowly creature around here is you!"

Psycho Silver dives down with a Silverizer attack but Nepton sidesteps it and hammers him in the back of the head.

Cestrion is concerned: "Father, your friend is losing."

Billy: "I know. Son, take cover."

Cestrion: "But father.."

Billy raises his voice: "Just do it! I'm your father, I'll handle this."

Cestrion knows better than to disobey his father and he quietly runs behind Nepton's throne. Billy pulls something out from his back he appears to be nervous: "It's good thing we stopped by my lab after we took out the central controller. I just hope the artificial Power Coin battery will work."

Nepton while choking Psycho Silver with one hand notices Billy looking like he's about to fight. Nepton: "Don't be a fool, Cranston. Look at me, I'm defeating this Power Ranger with minimal effort. You're not even a Ranger, you're lower than a gnat to me."

Billy shows determination mixed with anxiety as sweat rolls down his face: "Once a Ranger, always a Ranger!"

Billy holds up old Power Morpher: "It's Morphing Time!"

[Blue Ranger morphing sequence, season 3 version]

Blue Ranger takes a moment to check out his morphed form: "Wow. It's been so long I actually forgotten how incredible this feels."

Nepton's hand is encased with dark energy as he prepares to attack the Blue Ranger: "Enjoy your fleeting moment of glory, Cranston. It will be your last!"

The Blue Ranger: "That may be true, Nepton..."

Nepton fires but the Blue Ranger jumps out of the way and takes a battle pose: "...but I'm taking you down regardless."

Psycho Silver stands up and notices the Blue Ranger: "Billy, is that you? Your morpher worked?"

The Blue Ranger gives Psycho Silver a thumbs up: "Indeed it has and it feels, heh, morphinominal!"

Psycho Silver thumbs up back: "Alright! Then let's show this guy what two Power Rangers can do."

Nepton fires again but the Rangers dodge: "I already know what you can do. Absolutely nothing!"

Blue Ranger leaps into jumpkick: "I disagree!"

Nepton sidesteps the jumpkick back stumbles right into a legsweep from Psycho Silver. Nepton falls to the floor. He leaps back up and fires again but Psycho Silver drops to one knee in front of Blue Ranger and deflects the attack with a shot from his Psycho Silverizer. Blue Ranger then jumps off of Psycho Silver's shoulders and in mid-air summons his weapon: "Power Lance!"

Psycho Silver fires his Silverizer in rapid fire mode: "Psycho Silverizer!"

The multiple shots strikes Nepton giving Blue Ranger the opening to strike him down with the Power Lance. The sparks just erupt from Nepton as he groans in agony. Blue Ranger splits his Power Lance into two sais and tears into Nepton with a ferocious series of blows. Nepton falls to one knee.

Blue Ranger: "You've attacked the world I've come to know as home. You've corrupted my inventions. Made slaves of my friends and imprisoned my son. I've fought villains before but you're the first one that I've taken personally."

Nepton smirks with his glowing: "Am I supposed to be touched?"

Nepton fires an unforgiving energy bolt directly at the Blue Ranger which sends him flying through the air and outside via the balcony and falling to the streets below.

Cestrion pops out from behind the throne: "Father!"

Psycho Silver: "I'll get him! Tora, get Cestrion out of here!"

Psycho Silver leaps out of the balcony after the Blue Ranger. Nepton levitates a foot off the floor and slowly follows them: "I will not permit escape except through death."

As Nepton leaves, Tora jumps up to throne stand and looks to Cestrion. The young boy is scared at first but soon realizes that the horned tiger means no harm. Cestrion: "You.. you.. want me to ride?"

Tora softs growls as he nods his head, it's as close to purring as beast as large as him can make. Tora the lowers his forelegs so that Cestrion can climb aboard. Cestrion hesitant at first slowly mounts Tora, then Tora stands up and gives a proud roar and runs through the halls with Cestrion holding on, the boy gives into the excitement: "This is awesome!"

Scene 5

Setting: Psycho Silver dives to reach the falling Blue Ranger. Once he gets ahold of his comrade he calls he resummons his Psycho Silverizer.

Psycho Silver: "Psycho Silverizer steady blast mode!"

The Psycho Silverizer fires a heavy and constant force of energy, slowing down the Rangers' descent. They safely land on the ground in front of the Alien and Psycho Rangers no less.

Psycho Pink: "It's Lucas and Billy?"

Alien White: "You've.. found a way to reactivate.. your morpher?"

Blue Ranger nods: "Yes but I've never tested it before so I don't know how well the Power Morpher is adapting to articial coin."

Nepton's voice: "You'll be dead before you have to concern yourself with that!"

Everyone looks above to see Nepton hovering to the ground. Psycho Black: "Who's that?"

Psycho Red: "My guess, this is the big bad Nepton that's caused this whole mess."

Alien White: "You are correct.. my colleague."

Nepton: "Twelve Rangers, eh? No matter. I am a Necrari thus I am immortal. I'll crush you no matter how great your number be."

Psycho Yellow: "Why are these overlord types always so full of themselves?"

Psycho Black: "Deceptive inadequatecy is my guess."

Nepton: "Die!"

Psycho Red: "Been there, done that. Thank you very much!"

Blue Ranger takes the lead: "Rangers Ready!"

All of the Rangers line-up and take a battle stance. From left to right: Psycho Black, Psycho Blue, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Pink, Psycho Red, Psycho Silver, Blue Ranger, Alien Red, Alien White, Alien Yellow, Alien Blue and Alien Black. All in unison: "Power Rangers!"

Nepton charges to battle but the Rangers all double-team him in pairs. The Yellow Rangers give him a legsweep, roundhouse combo. The Blue Rangers administer double elbowdrops. The Black Rangers pick him by the limbs slam him to the ground several times then swing back and forth to throw him. Once in the air the Pink and White Rangers fire energy balls. The explosion erupts in mid-air but before he can even fall down the Red Rangers are halfway through with double cresent kicking him back to ground. Finally Silver and original Blue dive in with their respective weapons. Nepton rolls to the ground and staggers as he stands back up, he opens his eyes only to notice that he completely surrounded, not just by the Rangers but by the Aquitian soldiers.

Psycho Red: "Weapons ready!"

[Psycho Blaster transformation sequence]

Psycho Red takes aim with the Psycho Blaster. The other four Psychos power up energy balls between their hands. Psycho Silver charges up his Silverizer. Blue Ranger pulls out his Blade Blaster in blaster mode. The Alien Rangers all power up their Aquitian Swords. All of the Aquitians have their rifles and hand blasters charged up. Nepton shows concern.

Psycho Red: "All weapons fires!"

A barrage of energy bolts, balls and shots strike Nepton. Every single shot hits it's mark. The smoke builds up and Nepton is almost not even visible anymore. Everyone stops firing as Nepton slowly falls to the ground and explodes! Everyone cheers in victory!

Psycho Blue: "Ha! So much for being immortal!"

Psycho Yellow: "As usual the evil overlord type was all talk."


Blue Ranger: "Impossible!"

As the smoke clears, Nepton rises unscathed laughing with glee: "Hahahaha! What did I tell you? I am immortal, the only thing that can kill a Necrari is another Necrari. Hahaha!"

Psycho Blue: "Man how are we going to stop this guy?"

Nepton: "You can't. But I'm tired of getting my hands dirty. I'll finish all you off with some special weapons. Hahahaha!"

Nepton releases a massive bolt of lightning into the sky and thunder erupts. He then vanishes: "Farewell foolish heroes. Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Blue: "What's he talking.."

Psycho Blue is cut off by a large shaking of the ground. Psycho Blue: "Okay.. what was that?"

Psycho Black: "I don't like this. Something or somethings massive is coming our way."

Psycho Yellow: "You're not kidding. Look!"

Psycho Yellow points up and all of the Rangers are startled.

Psycho Red: "What are those things."

Blue Ranger answers: "The Shogunzords."

The Shogunzords stand before the heroes in all of their massive glory.

Alien White: "I'm afraid.. we have no control over them."

Blue Ranger: "That's because Nepton reprogrammed them completely. I hurts me to say this but we have to destroy them before they destroy us."

Alien White: "Can we still use.. our Battleborgs?"

Blue Ranger: "You should. Because of the telepathic nature of your Battleborgs, Nepton would have to control you in order to control them."

Alien White: "Well then.. Battleborg power!"

With that, the five uni-colored beams of light dive in from the sky and form into the Battleborgs and standoff against their Shogunzord counterparts.

Psycho Red: "There's no way that the Psycho Rangers are staying on the sidelines! Ready?"

All of the Psychos summon their Guardian Keys: "Ready!"

Psycho Red: "Guardianzord Power!"

The Psycho Rangers throw their Guardian Keys to ground and five uni-colored pillars of light rise from the ground. When the vanish the Guardianzords stand in their place.

The Psycho Rangers leap into their Zords settle into their cockpits.

The Guardianzords and the Battleborgs stand side-by-side and large clouds of uni-colored smoke erupt from behind them.

Red Shogun Guardianzord and Red Battleborg exchange blows with Red Shogunzord. The other mecha all pair off in similar fashion. The fight appears to be even until a loud hawk's cry shakes the sky itself. Down below Blue Ranger looks up: "Oh no. I was afraid of this but it looks like Nepton has control of the White Falzonzord as well."

The Falconzord closes in it's wings and fires from the tips as it dives down the street and shoots at the Aquitians. The Aquitians run for cover. The Falconzord almost reaches the Blue Ranger until Silver Tora-Shinobizord leaps off of a tall building and ponces on the White Falconzord. Tora-Shinobizord and Falconzord make their respective animal cries as the two roll around and crashing into Nepton's palace in the process.

Blue Ranger: "That has to Tora's Zord form but where's Cestrion?"

Cestrion's voice: "Right here, father."

Blue Ranger turns around and sees Cestrion running towards the Blue Ranger hugs his son but he oddly demorphs as he does so. Billy: "Thank goodness you're safe."

Billy notices he has just demorphed involuntarily and inspects his morpher. Cestrion: "Is something wrong?"

Billy: "I'm not sure."

Suddenly the Power Morpher smokes and sparks, causing Billy to drop the morpher and step back. A fire breaks out from the morpher and it is lost forever. Billy: "Disappointing. The artificial coin and the morpher turned out to be incompatible afterall."

Cestrion: "At least you got to be a Power Ranger again for a little while, right?"

Billy puts his hand on his son's head and smiles: "Yeah."

Meanwhile the Shogunzords have just finished their tornado pyramid attack and the Battleborgs are taken out of the fight. On the ground the Alien Rangers also fall to the ground defeated due to their telepathic link to their Borgs. The shock causes the Alien Rangers to demorph. Billy runs to the Aquitian Rangers and helps Delphine up.

Billy with concern: "Delphine! Are you okay?"

Delphine holds her hand to her forehead: "I will.. survive. But the other Rangers are on their own."

Billy: "If anyone can handle this, they can."

The Shogunzords pose then begin charging while the Guardianzords stand their ground.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "What are they up to now?"

[Shogun Megazord transformation sequence]

The Shogun Megazord shakes the ground as it lands before the Guardianzords.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black is in shock: "Holy crap! Look at this thing, it's huge!"

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "I've never seen a Zord so huge!"

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red remains calm: "So this is the Shogun Megazord, huh? Well I've always been curious how the Guardian Megazord really measures up. So let's find out!"

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Yeah man! Now you're talking! Let's do it!"

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "We need Guardian Megazord power now!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

The Guardian Megazord lands before the Shogun Megazord which stands at three times it's size. The Shogun Megazord summons it's fire sabre and then the sky darkens as Guardian Megazord's turn from yellow to red. Lightning erupts in the clouds above, the Megazord holds it hand in the air and lightning strikes it forming the energy sword.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay big boy, let's see what you got!"

The two Megazords charge each other and clash swords. The unique nature of their weapons causes electricity and flames to break out every time the swords strike each other.

In the second Zord fight, White Falconzord tries to stand back up but Silver Tora-Shinobizord crouches in anticipation of another attack.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Sorry, my friend. But you are a bird and Tora here is a cat. You should know what cats do to birds. Shinobizord mode!"

[Silver Shinobizord transformation sequence]

The White Falzonzord gets and launches into flight yet again, it begins to take aim the Shinobizord. But the tiger portions of the Zord combine into a large cannon with the tiger head serving as the mouth of the gun instead of them usually combining with the Guardian Megazord. The large tiger-head cannon lands in Silver Shinobizord's hands.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Tora Cannon fire!"

The Silver Shinobizord charges up the Tora Cannon as fires build up inside the tiger's mouth then fires a large beam of white energy at the White Falconzord. The blast pierces right through the Falconzord and it explodes. Debris from the fallen Zord fall to ground surrounding the victorious Shinobizord.

Back to fight of the Megazords. The two Megazords break away from each other. Shogun Megazord spins it's saber around and strikes the Guardian Megazord with it's powerful finishing move. The blow causes explosions to erupt around the Guardian Megazord as it falls down hard.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Explosions and sparks break out from the control panels as the Psycho Rangers are shaken up. Psycho Black: "Man! This is intense!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red almost chuckles: "That's just the way I like it! But if that's the best the Shogun Megazord's got, then it's trouble. Let's finish this!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] The other Rangers nod and grab ahold of their controls: "Right!"

The Guardian Megazord rams it's fist into the dirt as picks itself back up. It holds it's hand in the air once again and forms another energy sword then leaps into the air with it's wing fully extended. The Shogun Megazord fires a few beams from it's eyes but the Guardian Megazord avoids them all and dives down with it's energy sword. The Shogun Megazord tries to block with it's sabre but the energy breaks in half.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "As the old saying goes. The bigger they are.."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink pumped up: "..The hard they fall!"

The Guardian Megazord with intensity in it's eyes, takes it's energy sword drives it right in the stomach of gargantuan Shogun Megazord. The Shogun Megazord struggles as if it were feeling pain. The Guardian Megazord lowers one knee to gain leverage as it slowly lifts the Shogun Megazord off the ground with the energy sword.

Below the bystanders in awe at the feat of the Guardian Megazord. Aurico: "Unbeliavable!"

Billy: "So this is the power of the Guardian Megazord. Incredible."

The Guardian Megazord has the Shogun Megazord overhead and with all of it's strength straightens it's arms to hold the Shogun Megazord as high possible. Lightning storms erupt all around the Megazord. One of the domed buildings break open and the water comes crashing out.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Full Power!"

The Guardian Megazord's energy erupts and the Shogun Megazord explodes completely. The bystanders below cover their faces. The Guardian Megazord lowers it's arms as the remains of the Shogun Megazord slowly fall to the ground around it. The Silver Shinobizord walks toward the Megazord and the two stand down. As the dark clouds break away and the sun shines through.

Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Ascend Meridia. The Aquitian people seem to have returned to their normal lives now that the threat of Nepton is gone. Just outside the city, the Sky Knight Megaship remains ready for launch. The Rangers are talking with Billy and the Aquitian Rangers.

Simon finishes walking down the entrance ramp of the Sky Knight: "I checked everywhere, Catsysia is nowhere to be found."

Aundria thinks about it: "Hmm.. Maybe she already left before we even got here."

Angela: "That's so weird though."

Marcus shrugs it off: "So? That chick was weird even by Aquitian standards."

Aundria grows angry: "Will you stop with that already? These are good people, Marcus."

Marcus defensive: "I know that. It's just that, it still freaks me out that Billy over there fell for one for an Aquitian girl. Granted you have that so-called true love thing going but how can you get attracted to someone that looks so different."

Aundria: "You really are an idiot, you know that."

Marcus: "Hey, it's not like I'm racist or anything but we're not even the same species."

Delphine puzzled: "But we are all humanoid.. and while our.. biological systems are different slightly.. they're still perfectly compatible.. with one another. By the rules of Terran biology.. that.. would classify us as the same species."

Marcus shakes his head: "Fine, I get that and hey if that's what floats your boat, Billy my man, then that's your deal. Me. I just don't see the..."

Marcus gets distracted as two shapely Aquitian girls in bikinis run by giggling and playing around with a beach ball: "...attract.. tion."

Marcus' changes from a dumbfounded expression to a sleazy smile: "Yeah! Baby got back! Hahahaha!"

The Psychos and Billy laugh at Marcus. Simon: "Hahaha.. I think Marcus has just opened his mind about human-aquitian relations."

The Rangers return to their conversation with Billy and the Aquitians while Marcus checks out the Aquitian women. Tideus seems confused and walks up to Marcus. Tideus: "Excuse me.. but.. what did you mean by.. baby.. got.. back..?"

Marcus pulls himself away from googling the women to talk to Tideus: "Oh that? It means they have nice powpows!"

Tideus even more confused: "Pow.. pows..? Is this a good thing?"

Marcus licks his lip in horndoggish many: "Ohhhh yeah! Ya see if she's powpow in the back and powpow in the front then it's all good. Heh heh heh."

Tideus: "I see.. and you compliment.. pow.. pow.. with that statement."

Marcus pats Tideus on the back: "The cool people such as myself do anyway. You just grab yourself a big load of powpow and everyone's happy."

Tideus: "I.. see.. thank you.. this has been.. most.. enlightening about your culture."

Marcus returns to checking out the women in bikinis: "Anything, my man."

Meanwhile the others are still engaged in conversation. Victor: "But what if Nepton returns?"

Billy: "Don't worry now that we're ready for him, he won't take over Aquitar again."

Delphine: "Indeed.. we thank you for your help.. Power Rangers of Deacon Blue."

Angela: "It was honor, Power Rangers of Aquitar."

Billy: "Once again, I'm glad to see that you're all alive and well. You may be a little different from your old selves back on Eltar, especially Marcus but it was good to see you again my friends."

Victor places his hand on Billy's shoulder: "The feeling is mutual."

Aurico stands forward: "If you'd like.. you would be more than welcome.. to stay here.. on Aquitar for awhile."

Simon: "Thanks but Deacon Blue still needs are protection."

Aundria stretches her arms above her head and yawns: "Besides I can't wait to get back home and relax. We haven't been gone long but I've already gotten home..."

Aundria pauses as Tideus strangely walks up to her: "...sick."

Tideus holds his hands in a cupping position and grabs Aundria's breasts: "Baby.. got.. front.."

Tideus squeezes her breasts twice: "pow.. pow.."

Everyone stares with their jaws dropped in shock. Marcus' laughter breaks out in the background and doesn't end. Delphine is outraged: "Tideus! Unhand her this instant."

Aundria in shock and completely offended: "Yes, please do."

Marcus' voice: "Hahahahahaha! I can't believe he actually did it! Ahahahahahaha!!!"

Aundria's eye twitches: "Grrr.. Marrrcuussss..."

Aundria grabs Tideus' wrists and squeeze them, his hands let go of her chest. She marches off as if she were possessed.

Marcus is on the ground clutching himself as he nearly laughs himself to death. Tears run down his face from laughing so hard: "Hahahahaha! Oh man! Hahahahaha! That was classic! Hahahahaha! Powpow! Hehehehehe! Some kill me now because it don't get better than this."

Aundria's voice: "With pleasure."

Marcus opens his eyes and his jovial expression quickly concedes: "Oh oh."

Marcus hops to feet runs for his life as Aundria chases him with fists wailing. Aundria: "Get back here! You've gone too far this time!"

Everyone stares in bewilderment. Aundria and Marcus' yelling can be heard in the background as Billy walks up to Victor: "We never had anything like this when I was a Ranger."

Victor still stares: "Then I envy you."

Billy places his hand on Victor's shoulder and turns him around: "But I'm still proud to see how far you've all come. Take care on your journey and give Zordon my thanks."

Victor smiles: "Right. Take care, old friend."

The Psycho Rangers part ways with Billy and the Aquitians. Delphine is pulling Tideus by the ear. Simon: "Heh. Leave it to Marcus to create Aquitar's first groper."

Angela agrees: "Really."

Lucas: "*sigh* I better stop Aundria before I become the 5th Psycho Ranger instead of the 6th."

The Rangers share a laugh.

Scene 2

Setting: A small time later the Sky Knight Megaship takes off the Aquitians have all gathered to wave farewell to the Rangers. Angela can be seen in one of the windows waving back as the ship lifts off and flies into space.

In the distant mountains from Ascend Meridia. Nepton watches in the darkness. Nepton casts an evil grin: "Yes. Return from wenst you came from fools. Prepared or not I will crush these miserable water breathers and show them true power of Nepton! And soon the entire universe will belong to me! Hahahaha!"

Deep gravely voice: "I think not."

Nepton turns around: "Eh? Who's there?"

Two red eyes appear in the darkness and a large muscular figure walks out of the shadows. The beast quite bulky with muscles in fact his shoulders are much wider than his narrow hips making him appear to be top-heavy. His upperbody mass has his hunched over. He is mostly a creamy white color. His head resembles that of a lion with a golden metallic mane, red glowing eyes, sharp teeth and vicious snout. He wears a black chest plate with golden shoulderpads and gold circle in the center with a blocky insignia representing a tiger. He has a pair of gold bracelets and anklets on. The beast growls.

Nepton: "Who are you? If you think you can stop me then you are a fool. I am Necrari, no one can kill me!"

A dark yet soft-spoken voice: "Don't be so sure of that."

Nepton turns his head to his right to see another figure step out of the shadows. The second figure is very tall but not quite lanky. His body is almost completely pitch black. His legs are skinny and seem to be wearing a cloth material. His actual body type is indeterminable because he seems to be wearing the most bizarre shaped armor. It bubbles out and is insymetrical like a spherical version of Ecliptor, with a large mass sticking out of the left side of his body like a mountain. On the side of the bubbling mountain sticks out a half-face with one glowing, narrow, red eye. In his chest a large void-like portal it appears to be a black hole imbedded in his body and it constantly swirls in a hypnotic fashion. His fingers a longer and dangly with creepishly long nails. His right hand has a cloak attached to it which he wraps around his body at most times.

Nepton: "You're an abomination but no match for me."

Woman's voice: "No, they are not. But they are not the ones who will stop you. I am."

Nepton looks forward: "Another one?"

The two mysterious creatures step aside and Catsysia steps forward between them. Catsysia is holding a long dark sword with a black hand and golden cup shapes like an Egyptian cat.

Nepton breaks out in laughter: "You? Foolish little fish. So you wish to avenge your people for what I've done to them. Hahaha! Very well."

Nepton throws out his arms: "Go ahead and 'kill' me. You will so seen how futile your heroic act truly is."

Nepton urges her to do so: "Do it! Do it or I'll destroy you all!"

Catsysia charges and impales Nepton. Nepton grimaces slightly but he maintains a confident smirk. Catsysia pulls out her sword. Nepton chuckles: "You see. I cannot be destroye by the likes of.. of.."

Nepton starts to choke and soon he coughs up his own blood and falls to his knees clutching his wound: "Im.. impossible. How is it possible that you could wound me so. You're no Aquitian! The only thing that can kill a Necrari..."

Catsysia gives a devilish smile: "...is another Necrari."

Catsysia grabs the edge of her clothing and pulls it off. As it falls to the ground her true form is revealed. A beautiful black woman dressed in Egyptian like garb. Primarily colors of black, crimson red and gold. The skintight outfit of red with black tiger stripes is outfited with a golden armor leotard in the shape a cat with black cat eyes on the breast plate. She has a pair of golden with red trim gauntlets, golden knee-high boots with black and red trimming. She wears several Egyptian necklaces around her neck and her headdress resembles that of a pharoah except that the top is molded to resemble a cat complete with small ears.

Nepton's eyes grow wide with realization: "It can't be! SHEBANA!"

Shebana gives Nepton a seductive smirk as she bounces her hips: "I see you haven't forgotten about me, Nepton. Despite your best efforts to."

Nepton: "But.. but why?"

Shebana: "Don't play me for a fool."

Shebana holds her sword to Nepton's chin and speaks with a voluptious tone: "You've been a very naughty boy, Nepton."

Shebana's golden eyes chill Nepton to the core: "Not only did expose the existence of our kind to the mortals but you attempted to destroy the creator before he could achieve his destiny."

Nepton slowly shakes his head in denial: "No. No. You.. you've got it all wrong. I was only insuring that master Destryus' plans were carried out. There was no treachery in my plans! Believe me!"

The dark figure speaks in a creepy and soft-spoken voice: "Hmhmhm.. He's lying."

Shebana grins: "I know."

Nepton almost breaks out in tears. The beast: "Grrr.. Pathetic."

Shebana holds up her sword: "You should have remained loyal to Destryus, Nepton. Thanks to the unknowing aid of the creator, the gateway to the freedom of the Necrari is at hand and when that gate opens we will unleash hell across the universe."

The beast: "Grr... The forgotten will be avenged."

The dark figure: "The shadows will reign supreme."

Shebana: "And it will be a glorious event for our kind the true gods of this universe."

Nepton nods: "Yes.. yes.. Glory to all Necrari."

Shebana pouts: "Too bad you won't be around to see it."

Shebana swings her sword at Nepton's head. Nepton screams: "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Scene 3

Setting: Ascend Meridia. Nepton's scream can be heard throughout the land. In the distance a large pillar of purple light breaks out from the ground in an explosion. It leads to the sky where an image of Nepton's face screaming in pain, shatters and all is silence.

Billy watches from the city: "What in the world was that?"

Scene 4

Setting: The mountain. Shebana watches in amusement as Nepton's headless body fades away into nothiness. She smiles like a vixen then turns to her minions. Shebana's hips swing back and forth as she walks like a runway model in slow-motion. She walks past her minions. The turn around and follow: "Come Shadomoore, come Weapon! Our time is at hand."

Shebana, Shadomoore and the Weapon erupt with laughter as they teleport away in a flash of darkness. As something greater than war between good and evil is on the horizon.

The End.

End Credits


David Bacon
Aurico/Red Alien Ranger

Rajia Baroudi
Delphine/White Alien Ranger

Jim Gray
Tideus/Yellow Alien Ranger

Suzette Lee

Alan Palmer
Corcus/Black Alien Ranger

Karim Prince
Cestro/Blue Alien Ranger

Alexander Thiesen

Michael Jai White

David Yost
Billy Cranston


Tristan Goddard

Steve Kramer

Walter Lang
Ecliptor, Rygog

Michael Sorich
The Weapon

Tom Wyner


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