Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 39
"The Creator, Part 2"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Knight Megaship flies through the air, successfully outmanuevering the many missles being projected from the Senturion Station.

Inside the Sky Knight, Psycho Black braces the controls and steers like he has an eagle eye. The constant shifting of the ship's balance causes Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow and Tabuna to grab onto whatever is available around them to maintain their balance.

Psycho Yellow almost loses her grip on the back of a chair, she's holding onto: "Simon! Can you keep a steadier course?"

Psycho Black: "Not unless you want to get blown into a bunch of little courses! Now pipe down and let me get us through this."

Psycho Red jumps into the seat next Psycho Black and pulls a joystick: "Let's see if I can give you a hand."

A holographic screen with crosshairs appears before Psycho Red. Psycho Red: "Locking on."

The crosshairs lock onto a red blip, representing a missle: "Fire!"

Psycho Red fires lasers from the Sky Knight, taking out a few of the missles. However the Senturion Station's assault is still overwhelming.

Psycho Red: "Ugh! I can't destroy them all!"

Psycho Black: "And I can't dodge them all!"

One missle in particular is heading straight for the Rangers' cockpit. Psycho Yellow: "Look out!"

Psycho Red: "I.. I can't zero in!"

Psycho Black covers his face: "No!"


The missle has exploding but everyone is still in one piece.

Tabuna: "We're.. we're still alive?"

Psycho Red: "What the heck just happened?"

Psycho Blue's voice emits from the speakers in the cockpit: "Hehehahahaha!"

Psycho Yellow: "Marcus!"

The Guardian Megazord flies in front of the Sky Knight Megaship, with it's eyes soldering from recently firing energy blasts.

[Guardian Megazord cockpit] Psychos Pink and Blue pilot the Guardian Megazord. Psycho Blue: "Hehe.. The one and only, mamacita."

[Guardian Megazord cockpit] Psycho Pink: "It looks like you guys could use a hand."

Psycho Red: "You got that right. Look out behind you!"

[Guardian Megazord cockpit] Psycho Blue: "We're right on it, Big Red."

The Guardian Megazord turns around and swipes a row of missles with it's energy sword. The explosions reflect off the shiny armor of the Megazord.

Psycho Black drives forward: "All right! They're buying us just enough space for me to get closer."

The Sky Knight Megaship hovers above the Senturion Station.

Tabuna looks at the visuals and points: "There! We can get in through that maintenance shaft!"

Psycho Red stands up from his seat and grabs Tabuna's shoulder: "You think you can get us to the main engines from that shaft."

Tabuna turns her head to Psycho Red and smirks: "You doubt my abilities?"

Psycho Red smirks underneath his helmet: "Heh. Of course not."

Tabuna leads Red and Yellow out of the Megaship's bridge: "Then let's go."

Psycho Yellow follows and then does Red but not before he stops to turn to Black: "Simon, once we get inside the ship I want both of the Megazords to fall back. I don't want to risk damaging them in mid-flight anymore than we need to."

Psycho Black: "But how will you guys get out of the monstrosity without your ride waiting?"

Psycho Red: "Are you kidding? We'll figure something out."

Psycho Black gives Psycho Red a thumbs up: "I don't doubt that at all. Good luck!"

Psycho Red gives Black a thumbs up back: "Right!"

Scene 2

Setting: On the surface of the Senturion Station. Psycho Red lands on the ground as Psycho Yellow waits for him. Tabuna is already working on the control panel to open up the shaft.

Tabuna places two wires in the opened up control panel together. They spark and then the maintenance shaft opens up next to her: "And open says-a-me!"

Psycho Red heads for the shaft: "Good job, Tabuna. Now let's get inside and take down these Robocop rejects, once and for all."

Tabuna and Psycho Yellow concur and follow Red inside the Senturion Station.

Scene 3

Setting: Inside the Senturion Station. Two Grey Senturions patrol an empty and dark hallway. As they turn the corner they spot Tabuna with hips tilted and sexy smirk. The Senturions pause.

Tabuna: "See something you like boys?"

The Grey Senturions pull out their Synergizers. One of the Grey Senturions speaks: "*click* You are trespassing. Surrender of immediately or be destroyed. *click*"

Before the Grey Senturion can fire Psycho Red's Psycho Sword swings from behind and chops off it's shooting arm. Psycho Red steps up from behind him: "Looks like you're now the SHORT arm of the law!"

Before either Grey Senturion can even respond, they are shot down from behind by Psycho Yellow and her Psycho Slinger. With the Senturions down, the trio of heroes gather.

Psycho Red looks to Tabuna: "Okay where do we go from here?"

Tabuna: "Just give me a moment to figure out the layout of this place. We'll have to get down to the lower levels to find the central engine since this isn't a forward propulsion ship."

One of the defeated Grey Senturion's struggles to speak: "*zzzzk* Senturion *zzzkk* 879002 reporting three intruders in level 14, sector 3B. *zzzzk* Officer down. Repeat *zzzk* Officer down..."

Psycho Red crushes the Grey Senturion's head under his boot: "We better move fast. They know where we are."

Psycho Yellow points in front of her: "No kidding!"

A dozen Grey Senturions stand at the opposite end of the hallway and take aim. The lead Senturion of the group: "*click* Intruders are presumed armed and dangerous. Shoot to kill. *click*"

Tabuna: "I don't like the sound of that."

Psycho Red grabs Tabuna's arm as he and Yellow make run for the corner: "Move! Move! Move!"

The trio make it around the corner, just narrowly avoiding the Senturions' laser shots. As the run down the other hallway more Senturions show up in front of them.

Psycho Yellow: "Other way!"

They turn around only to find themselves surrounded. Tabuna: "They have us cornered!"

Psycho Red charges up his hands with red energy: "We can't go forward or backward but we can still go.."

Psycho Red releases all of his energy onto the floor, blowing a hole through several floors: "..DOWN!"

Psycho Red motions for the girls jump: "Let's go!"

Psycho Yellow and Tabuna nod as they jump into the hole. Psycho Red quickly follows just as the Senturions open fire. Both groups take out their front lines in the process.

Scene 4

Setting: Four floors below. Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow and Tabuna run into a hallway. Loud footsteps can be heard.

Psycho Yellow: "They're coming this way. We have to lose them somehow."

Tabuna finishes fiddling with a control panel to large steel door: "I'm on that right now."

The door opens. Tabuna: "In here!"

The trio quickly run into the room as the door closes behind them. Just then a group of Grey Senturions turn the corner and look into the hallway. After scanning the hallway for a moment they turn around and leave.

Scene 5

Setting: Inside the dark room with Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow and Tabuna.

Tabuna: "Are they gone?"

Psycho Red: "I think so but they can show up again at any minute."

Psycho Yellow rightfully frustrated: "We're getting nowhere at this rate. It's only a matter of time before they find us again."

Psycho Red: "Any suggestions, Tabuna."

Tabuna shakes her head: "I'm good at sneaking around. But unless I find out the exact layout of this place, I can't get us to the engine room undetected."

An echoed voice: "I can help you find the engine room."

Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow and Tabuna are all startled. Psycho Red: "Who said that."

Echoed voice: "Look at the back of the room."

Psycho Yellow pulls out a flashlight and turns it on. Focusing the light on the back of the room: "It's coming from that ventilation duct."

Echoed voice: "Exactly. If you people can fit into the ventilation shaft the follow the sound of my voice."

Psycho Red: "Wait a minute. How do we know this isn't a trap?"

Echoed voice: "You'll have trust me on this. I don't sound like a Senturion do I?"

Psycho Red removes the grating from the shaft, Psycho Yellow stops him: "Victor, wait. Like you said it could be a trap."

Psycho Red: "I know but I'm willing to take that chance."

Psycho Yellow sighs then nods: "Very well. You're the leader so I'll follow your lead."

Psycho Red slides his body into the shaft: "Watch that first step, ladies. It's a doozy."

Psycho Yellow follows but not before giving a sarcastic laugh. Tabuna enters the shaft directly behind her.

Scene 6

Setting: Still inside the Senturion Station. The room appears to be a prison with half a dozen cells on both sides of a long hall. At one end of the hall is the entrance to the prison at the other end is a large ventilation duct. The grail is kicked off from inside the shaft by Psycho Red as he enters the hall.

Psycho Red scans the hall: "Hmmm.. The coast is clear so where is our mystery man?"

Psycho Yellow and Tabuna enter the hall. Psycho Yellow: "I don't like this at all. We could be walking into a trap."

Tabuna: "If we are, I'm sorry. I should've been able to get us to the engine room at the snap of finger."

Psycho Red walks down the hall: "Hey. Stop that both of you. We haven't failed at our mission yet. But where is the person that lead us to this place?"

Mysterious voice: "That would be me."

Psycho Red, Yellow and Tabuna all turn to the front of the hall. Psycho Yellow: "It came from one of those cells."

Psycho Red walks ahead: "I'll take a look."

Psycho Red walks past a cell and the voice speaks: "Oh my.. It's true. You are alive!"

Psycho Red turns his head to the cell: "Who's there?"

The figure in the dark cell steps out of the shadows: "Aldian, is that really you?"

Psycho Red inhales from shock as he slowly removes his helmet: "I don't believe it.. Billy?"

Billy steps up to Victor: "Yes, Aldian. It's me."

Billy smirks: "Long time no see."

Opening Theme

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The bridge of the Senturion Station. Coralis sits in the commander's chair. As several Grey Senturions press buttons on various control panels throughout the room. The Red Senturion enters the room.

The Red Senturion walks to Coralis: "*click* Three perpetrators have invaded the Senturion Station. *click*"

Coralis' eyes indicate that he would smile if he had a mouth: "Fools, they stepped right into the lion's den! Hahaha!"

Scene 2

Setting: The holding cells of the Senturion Station.

Psycho Red breaks open Billy's cell with his Psycho Sword. Billy steps out: "Thank you, Aldian."

Psycho Red and Billy pat each other on the shoulder rather than hug. Psycho Red: "Don't thank me yet, old friend. We're not out yet."

Billy: "I know and for that I'm sorry. This is really all my fault."

Tabuna: "Excuse me if this seems rude but who is this guy anyway?"

Psycho Red: "Tabby, you're looking at the creator of the Psycho Rangers. Billy Cranston."

Psycho Yellow: "This is the Billy? I wish I could recognize him."

Billy walks up to Psycho Yellow: "Matara, you don't remember me?"

Psycho Red: "Actually I'm the only Psycho who does. But that's a long story that we don't have time to tell."

Billy lifts his brows, not sure what to say next: "Well.. Can't wait to hear it. But you're right we need to get out of here first."

Billy heads for the shaft: "You said you need to get to the engines. I'm assuming so you can shut the entire station down."

Tabuna: "That's right. Do you know how to get to the engine?"

Billy: "Of course. I'm the person who designed this ship. But had I known that Nepton and Coralis would have taken control of the Senturion Station. I would have never created this monstrocity."

Psycho Red: "It's not your fault but you can still help us stop this."

Billy shakes his head: "There's a problem. The engines can't be accessed from inside. It has to be attacked externally."

Psycho Yellow: "Why is that?"

Billy: "The Senturion Station is segmented. So that it divided in half. You never know what upgrades you may want to add later."

Psycho Red: "You mean you had plans to have the Senturion Station transform into a Zord."

Billy nods: "Fortunately, we never got around to that upgrade. Otherwise the planet would be in real trouble."

Psycho Red: "No kidding. A Zord made from this space station would make Serpenterra look like a sea monkey!"

Billy: "Exactly. Now, do you have a ride waiting?"

Psycho Red: "I'll have to call Simon er.. Milon to you. We'll get out of here with the Sky Knight Megaship."

Billy looks pleasantly surprised: "Sky Knight Megaship? I see we have a lot of catching up to do." The foursome leave the cell.

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda and Falconine watch from a top of skyscraper with interest as the Sky Knight Megaship flies back to the Senturion Station as the Guardian Megazord covers it. After a few minutes both the Megaship and Megazord leave the Senturion Station yet again. Narrowly making it back and forth unscathed.

Falconine: "What exactly are the Rangers doing?"

Darkonda scratches his chin: "I'm afraid I'm completely baffled as well. You don't suppose they're retreating?"

Falconine: "If that's case then we're in trouble. As much as I hate to admit it we need those fools to eliminate this infernal Senturions!"

Darkonda points to the Sky Knight Megaship: "Look they're coming are way!"

The Sky Knight Megaship hovers infront of Darkonda and Falconine's skyscraper. A door on the side opens and Psycho Red leans out yelling: "Darkonda! There's been a change in plans. We're falling back for now."

Darkonda grows angry: "So you incompetant fools have failed to defeat the Senturions. Serves me right for relying on pups!"

Psycho Red: "Ain't nobody failed at anything yet, mutant. We just came across an unexpected development that demands a change in strategy."

Darkonda grows curious: "What exactly is this 'unexpected development'?"

Psycho Red: "That's none of your business."

Darkonda feigns hurt feelings: "Oh? Now that's not showing comraderie. There shouldn't be secrets between friends."

Psycho Red: "Keep your communication channels open. We'll contact you within two hours."

Darkonda: "Bah. At least tell me what you're planning to do now." Psycho Red waves and in mocking tone: "Buh-bye!"

The door closes up and the Sky Knights heads back for Power Chamber Mountain.

Darkonda clenches his fists in anger: "Grrrr!! The nerve of that little brat. Just who does he think he's dealing with!"

Falconine just shakes her head: "Hmph. To ally ourselves with the Rangers was your plan in the first place Darkonda. Don't forget that if this whole alliance blows up in our faces."

Falconine teleports away. Darkonda: "If this alliance falls apart, it'll be me that does the backstabbing. After all I'm the survivor around here."

Darkonda warps away.

Scene 4

Setting: The bridge of the Sky Knight Megaship. Psycho Red demorphs back into Victor as he enters the bridge. Already in their seats are Tabuna, Billy, Aundria and Simon piloting the ship.

Victor: "Okay I gave our 'ally' a very brief update on the situation and managed to get under his skin as well."

Tabuna smiles: "Nothing like killing two birds with one stone, is it?"

Victor smiles back.

Billy: "Considering what Darkonda did to all of you. I'm amazed you can even refer to him without being utterly disgusted."

Aundria: "We may not show it on the outside but Darkonda does disgust us like nothing else in this world."

Victor: "Yeah. That monster took all of our lives away. To this day I'm the only one that's managed to restore apart of it."

Billy: "About that. I'm curious as to how you were able to restore all of your Eltarian memories whereas the other Rangers couldn't?"

Victor: "Well like I mentioned before. During these Guardian tests we all had to take I, well failed mine and I was more or less killed. I got really strange after that and when I was.. for lack of a better word.. reborn I just had all of my old memories as Aldian Quentana back. I still haven't been able to figure what exactly happened to me."

Billy: "Well memories or no memories. I can't begin to tell you how overjoyed I am to find out that all of the Eltarian Power Rangers are still alive."

Billy looks out the window into the distance: "Despite my protests Zordon had me leave when Eltar was being invaded by Dark Specter's forces. I didn't want to leave you guys behind while you were all defenseless in cryogenic stasis."

Victor: "What happened after the invasion?"

Billy: "I returned to Eltar to find out if maybe the invasion forces missed you. Much to my horror they had indeed discover the five of you and had taken all to who knows where. All found in that lab was molten mess of wires and plastic which was once.."

Billy tries to keep from crying: "..I still can't believe they actually destroyed Alpha."

Victor: "I know. It was Darkonda's goat-faced brother, Dementian that did that particular deed."

Aundria nods: "But at least he got what he deserved in the end."

Simon: "By his own brother's sword no less."

Billy looks down: "So Alpha 5's murderer has in turn been destroyed. I wish that brought closure but it doesn't."

Victor puts his hand on Billy's shoulder: "I know, Billy, I know."

Billy tries to get back to his story: "Anyway. I had since heard rumors of a group of 'Psycho Rangers' that were attacking the Space Power Rangers. From the rumors it sounded like it was the same Psycho Rangers armor that I designed but I didn't know if someone put a spell on you or if someone else was using the powers though I don't know how that would be possible considering psychoempathsis."

Billy: "Of course by the time the rumors go to Aquitar, the Psycho Rangers were all destroyed so any shred of hope I had left that you were all alive had vanished. Until a young man named Damien arrived on Aquitar not too long ago."

Aundria inquires: "This was before Coralis and Nepton took over Aquitar, right?"

Billy: "Yes. Damien came and went exactly two days before Nepton arrived on Aquitar. He freed Coralis from prison and Coralis in turn, took control of the Red Senturion."

Victor: "How could he control all of the Senturions with just the red one?"

Billy: "The Red Senturion is the primary Senturion. Think of the Senturions as a whole as a body. The Red Senturion is the brain. We use the Red Senturion to control the entire body of Grey Senturions like a walking command station."

Simon: "Hmmm.. Is it possible that if the Red Senturion is destroyed all of the Grey Senturions would be inactive."

Billy: "Yes. The body can't function without the brain."

Victor: "Sounds like a solution to our problem."

Billy: "Unfortunately the Red Senturion itself is very powerful and Coralis knows that it's the achille's heel of all the Senturions so he'll take extra precautions with it."

Victor: "Well we'll figure something out at anyrate."

Simon: "Okay guys. We're here."

Billy looks up front and sees that Sky Knight Megaship is entering a large opening on top of a mountain: "Incredible. What is this place?"

Simon: "This is Power Chamber Mountain.."

The Sky Knight Megaship enters the hangar of the mountain. Simon's voice: "..our home."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon, Ecliptor, Angela, Marcus, Lucas and Beta 1 all wait as the others finally arrive.

Victor: "We're back!"

Marcus: "Well it sure took you guys long enough. What's the deal anyway. Why are we all back here with our tails between our legs?"

Victor tries to ignore him: "Later, Marcus."

Victor then turns to Zordon: "Zordon, there's someone I think you'll want to see."

Victor steps aside as Billy enters the Power Chamber. Billy looks around: "Incredible it looks a lot like the old Power Chamber back on Earth.."

Billy stops as he notices who else is in the room: "Oh I don't believe it. You're alive too, you're really alive!"

Zordon smiles: "Welcome Billy. It is beyond good to see you again. If it were possible I'd greet you with a hug to end all hugs."

Billy walks up to Zordon's tube: "The feeling is more than mutual, old friend. Everyone outside of this enclosed galaxy still thinks you passed away five years ago when Andros released your energy."

Zordon: "I wanted to keep the truth about the nature of this galaxy as secretive as possible. If the forces of evil were to learn of this truth then they would have escaped the enclosed galaxy years ago."

Billy: "And the great war would have started all over again with no end in sight."

Zordon: "Yes. My only regret was the guilt that I must've placed on Andros' conscience. Even though it was necessary."

Billy: "I understand."

Billy turns to look at the others: "Let's see.. I recognize Tyleran and Seranda."

Victor: "Um.. That would be Marcus and Angela now."

Billy: "Marcus and Angela."

Angela in a girlish manner smiles as she shakes Billy's hand: "It's honor to meet you Mr. Cranston. I guess I should say it's an honor to meet you, again."

Billy kisses Angela's hand: "The pleasure is all mine, Seran.. er.. Angela. Sorry about that."

Angela: "It's okay. I know it must be a little difficult for you right now. Same faces, new names.

Billy nods: "Right. But I see that at heart you're still the same sweet little Seranda."

Marcus walks up and slaps Billy's hand: "Yo Original Blue. You sweet on Angela? Then you best watch your back around Simon."

Billy is bemused: "And I see that you're absolutely nothing like the old Tyleran Edon. I don't suppose you're still a priest?"

Lucas' jaw almost drops: "By the spirits! Marcus was a priest?! That's almost enough to turn me into an aetheist!"

The group shares a laugh. Billy walks up to Lucas and shakes his hand: "I take it you must be Lucas. I understand that you're actually a monk, native to this planet and that you're also a sixth Psycho Ranger. How exactly is that possible?"

Lucas bows his head: "Yes sir. The truth is my powers are actually from a fraction of each of the other Rangers."

Billy grows curious: "So there's a loophole in my psycho-empathy technology. Interesting. And you became a Psycho Ranger without have the powers merged with your mind?"

Simon steps in: "I've actually done some tests on the Psycho Silver powers before. The combination of a small fraction of each of our powers makes the Silver Psycho Ranger more powerful than any of the other Psychos. Though he lacks the psycho-empathsis that allows the powers to increase as the user becomes more focused."

Lucas: "It's a paradox actually. I'm the most powerful and at the same the weakest of all the Psycho Rangers."

Billy: "Fascinating. If you don't mind I'd like to study your powers as well."

Ecliptor: "We don't have time for this nonsense, right now."

Billy gives Ecliptor the evil eye: "Ecliptor. You were a part of the invasion force that conquered Eltar."

Zordon: "That is in the past Billy. Rest assured Ecliptor is a warrior for the forces of good and justice."

Victor smirks at Ecliptor: "Whether he likes to admit it or not."

Ecliptor just sighs.

Billy: "I guess if Zordon himself can forgive you for what you've done. I guess I'll learn to as well."

Ecliptor: "Spare me your forgiveness. It's not like I regret my past."

Billy: "I see."

Beta 1's voice: "Oh nevermind him. Ecliptor is always a big sourpuss."

Billy turns around and sees Beta for the first time. He shows amazement: "Wow. A fully-sentient multi-function automaton. I've never seen anything like it.. except Alpha 5 of course."

Beta 1: "Why thank you. I was actually modeled after Alpha 5 based on the description that Zordon gave my creator, Almidor."

Billy: "Almidor must be brilliant to be able to create you. I'd like to meet him."

Zordon: "I'm afraid that is not possible at the moment. However that is a matter for another time. As Ecliptor mentioned we don't have time for pleasantries. We must figure out a way to defeat the Senturions."

Victor: "Right. By the way, where's Catsysia. She'll want to know that Billy is here."

Billy: "Who's Catsysia?"

Victor looks surprised: "You don't know her? She's the Aquitian that arrived here just before the Senturion Station did."

Billy: "An Aquitian made it to Deacon Blue? I'm intrigued but I've never heard of her."

Catsysia's voice: "That.. is all right, Billy."

Everyone turns their attention to the entrance as Catsysia slowly enters: "We.. can't expect you to know everyone on.. Aquitar. I am merely a lowly technician.. who helped with the construction of the Senturion Station."

Billy shakes Catsysia's hand: "I'm sorry for not knowing you. Still I'm glad that you're safe."

Catsysia: "Thank you.. Billy. Now.. how do we defeat Nepton?"

Billy: "We'll worry about Nepton later. First things first. We have to destroy the Senturion Station and with all of your help we'll be able to pull it off."

Victor: "Then let's get into action!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Several hours later. Inside the bridge of the Senturion Station. Coralis is speaking to Nepton via the a communication window.

Nepton is not amused: "You're beginning to disappoint me Coralis. Just how incompetant are you. Not only did you let the Power Rangers of that world infiltrate your stronghold and take away your prisoner. But now you tell me you've come across a stalemate?"

Coralis bows regretfuly: "I'm sorry, my liege. However the military of this world has come forward and combine with both the United Alliance of Evil and the Power Rangers. Well, it would be a bit much for even you."

Nepton: "I highly doubt that."

Coralis: "Still, I'm starting to think it was mistake to invade this strange planet, Deacon Blue."

Nepton: "Fool. Better we take the initiative. Did you honestly expect me to remain idle after learning that there was a possibility that the great United Alliance of Evil still existed in that enclosed galaxy? What good would it have done me if I conquered the universe only to have snatched from hands by whoever is in charge of the Alliance now."

Coralis: "Still.."

Nepton: "Silence. It is best to crush all of my enemies while they are still in a weakened state."

Nepton smirks: "After all that's how my kind, the Necrari were imprisoned eons ago. But I will not make the same mistakes that Destryus or Conqueron made billions of years ago. I will reclaim the universe that is rightfully mine and I will become omnipotent so that this Necrari is never caught by surprise again! Now crush those insignificant worms, Coralis! Or I will vaporize the very marrow of your bones!"

Coralis grows fearful: "I.. I.. I will not fail you."

Nepton: "You had better not. Nepton out."

Mepton's signal ends. Coralis turns away wiping his forehead: "Whew. That Nepton gives me the creeps. Still there's nothing I can do but serve him."

The Red Senturion rushes to Coralis' side. "*click* There is something on our radars that you will find interesting. *click*"

Coralis growing frustrated: "Oh what is it now?"

An image comes across the say communication window that Nepton was on moments ago. In it the Dark Carrier and the Sky Knight Megaship fly side-by-side as the Guardian Megazord flies just beneath them.

Coralis: "It looks like they're going to make a full-out assault. What is the current status of our artillery?"

Red Senturion: "*click* Average functionality for laser cannons currently at 80 percent. *click* Missle rounds down by 45 percent."

Coralis: "We've used up almost half of our missles already but I laser cannons are still healthy. Still this invasion is proving too costly. And most likely Billy Cranston has revealed to them the weakspot of the Senturion Station. I knew I should have destroyed him as soon as he tried to stowaway onboard of this ship to stop our invasion. But no, Nepton wanted him to 'standby and suffer' instead."

Red Senturion: "*click* What are standing orders? *click*"

Coralis: "Stand guard and fire at will. They may no the weakspot of our ship but they still have to reach it first!"

Red Senturion nods his head: "*click* Affirmative. *click*"

Scene 2

Setting: On Aquitar in Nepton's large throneroom. He sits in his throne as the Red and White Aquitian Rangers stand guard, motionless.

Little boy's voice: "You'll never take over the universe. My father will stop you!"

Nepton turns his attention to his left where a little boy is held in what resembles a large birdcage. He appears to be an Aquitian but his Aquitian features are tone down and looks more Earthlike than most Aquitians.

Nepton stands up from his throne and walks toward the little boy: "Is that so, little Cestrion? Do you think your father can defeat me?"

Cestrion holds onto the bars of his cage. His locking onto Nepton's every movement with anger: "He will. My father is the greatest Power Ranger of all time. He can beat anyone in the entire universe."

Nepton chuckles with amusement: "Hmhmhm. The blind faith that little children have in their parents never ceases to amaze me. But that's all it is. Blind faith. If I were to allow you to grow older, in time you would realize that your father as great as he admittfully is, is still nothing more than fragile little mortal who's ultimate destiny is to become nothing more than ashes to ashes and dust to dust."

Cestrion: "You're just scared. That's all."

Nepton: "I suppose a demonstration is in order."

Nepton turns to the White Alien Ranger: "Release the boy."

The White Alien Ranger doesn't speak but merely does as Nepton says. She opens the cage and calmly pulls Cestrion out by his arm.

Nepton: "Now give him your sword."

The White Alien Ranger pulls her Aquitian Power Sword out from the sheath on her back and holds it by the blade so that Cestrion can take it by the handle. Cestrion is nervous and just stares at the sword.

Nepton: "Go ahead, little Cestrion. Take the sword."

Cestrion no more than six maybe seven years old takes the sword. His hands shake.

Nepton steps up to Cestrion: "I'm giving you one chance and one chance only. Destroy me before I destroy your father."

Sweat pours down Cestrion's head as he shakes with the sword in his hand. Nepton: "Go ahead. Take that sword of yours and.."

Nepton lowers to his knees right in front of Cestrion: "..plunge it straight into my dark heart. Go ahead!"

Cestrion backs away slightly: "I.. can't.."

Nepton grows impatient: "Do it, boy! Because if you don't I will find your father and right before your eyes I will kill him! And it will not a quick and painless death either. It will be long and agonizing. You father will be begging for mercy! Pleading for his miserable life! Crying knowing that he was utter failure! In the end I will expose him for the pathetic, disgusting, little coward that he really is!"

Cestrion: "My father is not a coward!"


Cestrion screams as tears run down his face, he impales Nepton with the sword right into his heart. Nepton tenses as his eyes roll over he gives an inhuman scream as his body leans backward.

Cestrion starts to cry not for Nepton but because he took a life of anykind. Suddenly Nepton rises forward and: "Boo."

Cestrion jumps back and screams in fear. Nepton laughs colder than even Darkonda as stands back up: "Hahahahaha! Do you see now?"

Nepton pulls the blood dipped sword out of his body. The blood on the sword begins to fade away into nothingness as the wound on Nepton's body closes and heals itself instantly: "You cannot kill me and neither can your father. No one can."

Nepton grabs the crying and scared Cestrion by the back of his neck and throws him back into his cage: "Listen and listen well. I am a Necrari. I have lived for billions of years before most of your planets were even formed. The only thing that kill a Necrari is another Necrari and the rest of my kind are nowhere to be found. Hahahaha. Anyone else that tries to destroy will fail just as you have and they will suffer the worst of fates. That includes the Power Rangers especially your pathetic father."

Nepton slams the cage as he walks away leaving the weaping Cestrion alone: "But I suppose there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. When I destroy you and your father at least you'll be reunited with your dearly departed mother. Hahahahahaha!"

Cestrion to himself: "Mommy."

Nepton evil cackle echoes throughout all of Aquitar and seemingly into space as well.

Scene 3

Setting: Back on Deacon Blue. The Sky Knight Megaship, Dark Carrier and Guardian Megazord make their way to Senturion Station. Inside the bridge of the Dark Carrier. Darkonda, Falconine, Cybera and Furio stand as the Skullinites operate the ship.

Cybera: "We are approaching destination."

Furio: "I don't like this. Why do we have to take orders from those miserable Psychos?"

Darkonda: "Don't be so quick to complain, Furio. From what Psycho Red has told me, it's a sound plan. As much as I hate to admit it. We simply help the Sky Knight keep the Senturion Station at bay while the Guardian Megazord disposes it from underneath."

Falconine: "It makes sense. But I don't care much for the second phase of the Rangers' plan."

Darkonda smirks: "Agreed. Heh heh heh."

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Billy stands by with Beta 1, Catsysia, Tabuna and as always Zordon.

Billy: "Excellent. The ships have taken position and have distracted the Senturion Station's firepower."

Zordon: "Now it is up to the Rangers to bring the warship down for good."

Billy: "Let's hope it works and let's hope our 'friends' hold up their part of the job."

Tabuna: "I wouldn't get optimistic about that."

Catsysia: "But.. what will we do if Darkonda betrays us?"

Billy smiles as he turns to Catsysia: "Don't worry. Victor already has our insurance policy waiting in the sidelines. From what I understand he'll be able to handle the problem if it arises."

Scene 5

Setting: The Sky Knight and the Dark Carrier fly around the Senturion Station which floats above the city of New Bethany. They fire upon the massive sky fortress and draw it's fire away from the Guardian Megazord which gets into position below.

[Guardian cockpit scene] All the Psycho Rangers sans Black and Silver are in the Guardian Megazord cockpit. Psycho Red: "Okay guys. Let's get this plan into motion!"

The Guardian Megazord holds up it's arm as dark clouds begin to form. It's eyes turn from yellow to red. Lightning strikes the Guardian Megazord's hand forming the energy sword.

Scene 6

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Billy: "Incredible. The Guardian Megazord puts the Zords we had back in my day to shame."

Scene 7

Setting: New Bethany. The Guardian Megazord swings the energy sword around a little bit then looks up at the Senturion Station directly above it. At it's central propulsion jet.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "According to Billy the main engine is located directly above the exhaust of that jet. Take it down and the entire Senturion Station goes down with it."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Then what are you waiting for?"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Heh. Absolutely nothing. Energy Sword Strike Full Power!"

The Guardian Megazord's eyes glow vibrantly as it thrust the energy sword upward creating a large pillar of blinding energy from it's hands and striking the central jet of Senturion Station.

A large burst comes from the exhaust and small explosion erupt all around the underbelly of the Senturion Station. The explosions start to grow larger and larger as they climb up to the top of the Station.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "It's working!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Let's keep it going! Full power!"

Scene 8

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1: "Aye yi yi! They're doing it. The Senturion Station is going down!"

Billy smiles to himself: "I knew they would do it. After all they're Power Rangers."

Scene 9

Setting: The bridge of the Senturion Station. Sparks and explosions erupt everywhere as the entire place shakes. Coralis is shaken up. The Senturions try to maintain balance but some of them fall to the floor and damage themselves.

Coralis: "No no no! I knew this would happen! I knew this would happen!"

Nepton appears on the viewing screen: "Coralis! What the devil is going on over there!"

Coralis stumbles as he tries to keep from falling down: "It's the Rangers and the Alliance. The Senturion Station is going down! This mission is a disaster!"

Nepton: "Fool! Evacuate immediately. Even without the Station you should be able to overpower their forces with my Senturion army!"

Coralis: "We should retreat!"

Nepton grows angrier: "Do that and you'll suffer a thousand fates worse than death. I don't accept failure Coralis."

Nepton's image fades. Coralis falls forward as another shake-up strikes the ship hard. The Red Senturion helps Coralis up: "*click* What are your orders? *click*"

Coralis: "You heard him. Evacuate the ship. And show no mercy to the people of this world!"

The Red Senturion presses a button on it's chest: "*click* Affirmative. *click*"

Scene 10

Setting: Back outside, the Senturion Station continues the break apart as it slowly falls. The Guardian Megazord ceases it's assualt.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "The Senturion Station is coming down."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "But it's so big it'll crush half the city."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "I know. That's why we're moving onto phase two of the plan. We have to move the Senturion Station to the ocean where it's descent will do no harm. Simon, you know what to do."

Scene 11

Setting: The bridge of the Sky Knight Megaship. Psycho Black pilots the ship.

Psycho Black: "Right. Lowering anchors now."

Scene 12

Setting: Outside. The Sky Knight releases to chains with large hooks at the end. The latch onto the Senturion Station and the Sky Knight pulls on the massive chains to keep the Station from crashing ontop of the city.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red speaks into his microphone: "Okay Darkonda. The Sky Knight can't carry the Senturion Station on it's own. We're going to need your help with the Dark Carrier."

Scene 13

Setting: The bridge of the Dark Carrier.

Falconine: "It looks like once again the Rangers have 'defeated the forces of evil'. With our help no less. Of course I only had a problem with the Senturions trying to destroy us."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha. Yes. It looks like our has been solved."

Psycho Red's voice from a communications link: "What? But if that Senturion Station crashes where it is now. It'll destroy half the city."

Darkonda: "Which is no skin off my back. The threat is no longer common among us, so our brief alliance has come to an end. Now if you'll excuse I think you have something you need to take care of. Bye! Hahahahahaha!"

Psycho Red's voice: "Darkonda! You doublecrossing son of a.."

Darkonda ends the communication as he laughs maniacally.

Scene 14

Setting: Outside. Darkonda's laughter echoes as the Dark Carrier picks up speed and leaves New Bethany to it's terrible fate.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Man! That grapefruit lookin' freak played us but good! Doublecrossed us, stabbed us in the back and left us to rot."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Exactly as we planned. Ecliptor are you ready?"

On the streets below. Ecliptor stands by as Psycho Silver fends off some Grey Senturions in the background along with Deacon Blue military.

Ecliptor: "Of course, Psycho Red. You predicted Darkonda's actions well."

Ecliptor presses the Cybera symbol on his wrist. Blue energy crackles through out his body. He yells as the energy begins to break through his cracking body. His black and green exterior shatters as the energy erupts. Ecliptor transforms into the giant Ultimate Ecliptor!

Ultimate Ecliptor leaps into the air grabbing onto the Senturion Station from below. His hands break into the shell of the massive fortress easily. The Sky Knight releases it's anchors and flies out of the way.

Ultimate Ecliptor looks almost like a sun as his energy emits throughout the darkened sky. He looks towards the ocean that is miles away from a New Bethany. And with all of his strength he arcs and throws the Senturion Station towards the large body of water, far away from harm. The Senturion Station dives into the ocean still bursting with explosions as it slowly sinks like the titanic that it is.

Ultimate Ecliptor lands back down on the ground next to the Guardian Megazord: "Mission accomplished."

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Good job, old man."

Scene 15

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Billy is amazed at what he has just witnessed: "Incredible. I've never seen anything as powerful as Ecliptor before."

Zordon: "Ecliptor can only maintain that form for a couple of minutes but during that brief period, his power as Ultimate Ecliptor is truly unlimited."

Billy just shakes his head in amazement: "It's just unbelievable. I knew the Psycho Rangers had the potential to be the most powerful Rangers in the universe when I first designed them. But add that with everything you've come across here on Deacon Blue. I'm.. almost speechless."

Zordon smiles and even chuckles.

Scene 16

Setting: New Bethany. The Psycho Rangers are on the street. The citizens and military already start to the clean up. Ultimate Ecliptor stills stands tall as a giant next to the Guardian Megazord.

Psycho Black: "I can't believe we pulled that off."

Psycho Blue: "No kiddin' especially after Dorkonda acted like the snake that he is."

Psycho Red: "Of course I knew he was going to leave us out to dry. But I made him think that we needed his help to save the city from the falling Senturion Station."

Psycho Yellow: "Better to have him betray us when we can recover from it rather somewhere else down the line."

Psycho Red: "Exactly."

Coralis' voice: "The politics of your alliance, interest me not Rangers!"

The Rangers turn to see Coralis and the Red Senturion. With a large group of Grey Senturions behind them.

Psycho Red: "You must be Coralis and that's the infamous Red Senturion."

Coralis: "You are correct Ranger and now we will destroy you once and for all!"

Psycho Blue: "Ho boy! You must be dumber than you look pal. We just wasted your base. You should've get to gettin' while the gettin' was good."

Coralis: "Unfortunately, retreat is not an option that's available to me. Still you may be able to handle a few Grey Senturions but let's see how you handle me!"

Psycho Red motions with his hand: "Well just bring it!"

Coralis summons a sword made of coral: "Indeed I will!"

People scatter as the Grey Senturions attack once again. The Red Senturion and Coralis charge towards the Rangers.

Scene 17

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Falconine, Furio and Cybera watch on as the Rangers engage in battle with Coralis and the Red Senturion.

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "You know, my dear. Without the Senturion Station, those fools no longer pose a threat to us."

Falconine smirks: "Yes. I see where you are going with this."

Darkonda: "Hahaha. So would be so kind as to give our 'friends' a helping hand? Hahahaha!"

Falconine stands from her throne and summons a raven: "I would be delighted to. Hahahahaha!"

Falconine sends the raven into the projection of the battle.

Scene 18

Setting: Back to New Bethany. Falconine's raven appears from the sky and hovers above Coralis and the Red Senturion.

Psycho Yellow: "Oh great. Look who decided to get back involved."

Psycho Red: "I see things are getting back to normal around here already."

The raven releases black energy on Coralis and the Red Senturion. Much to their surprise. Coralis: "What is going on here?!"

Coralis and the Red Senturion grow into giants. Red Senturion: "*click* Our mass appears to be multiplying. *click*"

Giant Coralis: "It must be the United Alliance of Evil's doing. Oh well. This time I won't look a gift horse in the mouth! Hahaha!"

Coralis starts to trash the buildings around him as the Red Senturion pulls out his Synergizer and fires upon the city. Ultimate Ecliptor steps forward: "Stop right there.. er.. ugh! No not now!"

Ultimate Ecliptor's time limit has passed as he begins to shrink back down into his normal form.

Psycho Pink runs to Ecliptor's side: "Ecliptor are you okay?"

Ecliptor: "I'll be fine in time. Unfortunately at the moment I'm useless to you."

Psycho Red: "You already did your part. We'll handle from it here! Back to the Megazords!"

The Psycho Rangers nod in unison: "Right!"

Psycho Red: "Guardian Megazord Power!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow and Psycho Blue teleport back into the Guardian Megazord.

Psycho Black turns to Psycho Pink: "Ready Angela?"

Psycho Pink: "You know I am!"

Psycho Black holds out his hand: "Sky Knight Megazord Power!"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black and Psycho Pink teleport into the cockpit of the Sky Knight. Psycho Black: "Activate Megazord mode!"

[Sky Knight Megazord transformation sequence]

The Sky Knight Megazord lands on the ground side-by-side with the Guardian Megazord. The two Megazords take a battle stance together.

Psycho Silver meanwhile battles the Grey Senturions while Ecliptor tries to regain his strength.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Okay. Let's take these clowns down for good!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "They picked the wrong planet to try to invade!"

Coralis: "You're Megazords do not impress me. I'll crush them both! Attack!"

Coralis and the Red Senturion charge as does the Megazords. The Red Senturion pairs off with the Sky Knight Megazord while Coralis fights the Guardian Megazord.

Coralis takes a swing with his sword but the Guardian Megazord blocks the attack, forearm to forearm and responds by punching Coralis in the stomach.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehahaha! Tanuki Frenzy!

The Guardian Megazord's hands glow blue energy and then punch Coralis rapidly. A hundred punches thrown in just a few seconds. The coral on Coralis' body chips away at the onslaught from the Megazord.

Meanwhile the Red Senturion aims his Synergizer at the Sky Knight Megazord: "*click* Your Megazord is unauthorized. It must be destroyed. *click*"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Well forgive me if I don't show you my liscense and registration."

The Sky Knight fires multiple fireballs from it's cannon arms the Red Senturion drops his Synergizer from the attack. Both the Red Senturion and Coralis back into each other. The Megazords charge. The Guardian Megazord uppercuts Coralis while the Sky Knight Megazord clubs the Red Senturion with it's handless arms.

The two Megazords stand side by side and release energy beams from their eyes onto the giant monster and robot. Sparks erupt from their bodies.

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "We need the energy sword now!"

The sky darkens as clouds form above the Guardian Megazord. The Megazord's eyes turn red as lightning strikes it's rising hand, forming the energy sword.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Unlocking Sky Knight Wingblade!"

The Sky Knight's shoulder blade wings eject and the two wings come together to form a giant boomerang-like blade, now held on top of the Megazord's handless arms.

Coralis and the Red Senturion stagger.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Sky Knight Wingblade, Fire!"

[Guardian cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Guardian Energy Sword, Strike!"

Simultaneously both Megazord's administer their finishing moves onto the evil duo. The Sky Knight Megazord launches the Wingblade from it's arms followed fireballs from it's cannons. The Guardian Megazord swings the energy sword at the monsters and a hundred lightning bolts strike their bodies. The sparks and explosions erupt from the bodies of Coralis and the Red Senturion.

Red Senturion: "*click* Malfunction! Malfunction! Malffunt.. *zzzttt*"

The Red Senturion falls to ground, Coralis falls on top and they both explode!

Psycho Silver and Ecliptor stop fight as the Grey Senturion all deactivate and fall to the ground at once.

The Megazords look at each other, nod and pose. As we fade to black.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber Mountain. Victor, Simon and Billy walk together down the hallway.

Billy: "I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record. But I still can't tell how much I'm grateful for all your help."

Victor: "Hey. Don't thank us. If it wasn't you there wouldn't be any Psycho Rangers in the first place."

Simon: "Victor's right. If anything we should be thanking you."

Billy: "Maybe. But there's still another problem."

Victor: "We already talked about that. Everything is all set."

Billy stops: "Already?"

Simon: "Yep. We've already made the plans while you rested. Everyone is getting packed and with your help we'll set off in the Sky Knight first thing in the morning."

Billy: "Not that I don't appreciate your help but what about Deacon Blue?"

Victor: "That is a concern but it's a risk we're willing to take for our 'creator' and an old friend."

Billy is warmed: "I don't know what to say but.. thank you."

Victor: "No problem. Besides Ecliptor and Tabuna will stay be staying behind to hold the fort. After everything that's happened. I doubt Darkonda and Falconine will strike right away as long as they don't know we're gone."

Billy: "Before you do that. You have to keep in mind, that Nepton is seemingly indestructible. He may be even more than you can handle."

Victor gives a devilish smile: "Like that's ever stopped me before."

Billy smile back: "No. It hasn't even back when you were just Aldian Quentana, you never new the meaning of the word give up. That's why Zordon and I chose you to be the Red Psycho Power Ranger. It looks like we made the right choice, about all of you."

Billy: "Speaking of which. I understand that your still quite the scientist yourself, Simon."

Simon: "Still. You mean I was the brainy type back on Eltar?"

Billy puts his hand on Simon's shoulder: "Not only that. You were my protege'. If you don't mind me keeping you up late tonight. I wouldn't mind going over some of your plans for future Ranger tools."

Simon is pleased: "I would be honored."

Victor walks off: "Well I'll leave you two brainiacs alone just don't stay up to late. We got a big day tomorrow."

Victor turns around: "Tomorrow, this Nepton character better watch out because the Psycho Rangers are going to Aquitar!"

To Be Continued...

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
The White Alien Ranger: "We have visitors."

Nepton: "Well then. Let's give them a proper welcome, shall we?"

Clip 2
Tabuna hugs Victor: "I'm going to miss you, Victor. Please don't get killed out there."

Victor: "Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it."

Clip 3
The Sky Knight Megaship flies towards Aquitar.

Billy's voice: "There it is, my friend. The world I've called home for the past eight years, Aquitar!"

Clip 4
Nepton stands before the Psycho Rangers: "Welcome to my kingdom Rangers. However your stay will be short."

Clip 5
The Alien Rangers attack the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Pink: "I thought they were supposed to be the good guys?"

Clip 6
Billy enters a dark room: "I never thought I had to do this."

Clip 7
Billy holds up a mysterious device: "It looks like this Ranger is coming out of retirement!"

Clip 8
A large stomping sound stops the battle between the Psycho and Alien Rangers.

Clip 9
Psycho Black: "What the heck is that?"

Clip 10
A large metal foot comes down on the Rangers.

Psycho Red's voice: "Trouble with a capital 'S'!"

End Credits


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