Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 38
"The Creator, Part 1"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: It's night and the stars are out in the sky. Lucas and Aundria sit together on a rock at the top of a cliff on Power Chamber mountain, looking at the beautiful sky above.

Aundria looks into the sky: "You know what? It's times like this I really start to understand Angela."

Lucas: "How so?"

Aundria: "Just look at the night sky, it's beautiful. Just one of things I couldn't appreciate back in my monster days."

Lucas: "I see. It's hard for me to imagine that you used to be heartless monster. Especially when I have you beside me like this and I see nothing but a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful heart."

Aundria smiles holding back a blush: "Ever the romantic flatterer."

Lucas smiles then looks up to the sky as a shooting star dart across the stratosphere: "Look, a shooting star."

Aundria: "Wonderful. Let's make a wish."

Lucas sits back: "Very well. I wish that our love only grows as the days go by."

Aundria: "That's sweet."

Aundria looks up at the shooting: "My turn. I wish that.."

Aundria notices that the shooting star is flying past their planet but is crashing into the forest before them: "Wait a minute. That's no shooting star! Hurry!"

Aundria grabs Lucas by the hand: "Come on!"

Lucas: "What was it?"

Aundria: "I don't know but it looked to big too be a stray meteorite."

Aundria and Lucas run down the mountain path in haste.

Scene 2

Setting: The forest. The trees rustle as figures with flashlights push through them to the crash site of a grey orb with a hatchdoor partially opened from impact.

Marcus steps out from the bushes and spots the pod: "Yo! Over here, I found it!"

Marcus rushes to the pod just as Victor and Simon show up. Marcus reaches for the pod.

Simon tries to stop Marcus: "Marcus wait! It just came from outerspace, it has to immensely.."

Marcus' voice: "YOWHOWHOW! HOT! HOT! HOT!"

Victor and Simon cover their faces in shame. Simon: "Nevermind."

Angela pops from behind: "Here. I got something to take care of that."

Marcus shakes his burned hands in pain: "Hey thanks babe. My hands are in a lot of.."

Angela completely passes by Marcus with a bucket of water: "This will take care of the heat."

Marcus disappointed: "..pain."

Angela tosses the water onto the hatch of the pod. Steam shoots off. Simon and Victor join her up to the pod. Victor: "Good work Angela."

Angela winks: "No prob."

Lucas and Aundria finally join the others onto the scene. Aundria: "Guys, you saw it too?"

Lucas stops in awe of the pod: "What is it?"

Simon investigates the pod closer: "It looks like an escape pod from a larger spaceship."

Simon looks into the small window on the hatch door and sees a figure inside: "Someone is inside, whoever it is, he might be hurt because he's not moving."

Victor notices the door is partially open: "Well let's not waste anytime. Let get him out of there!"

Victor tries to lift the hatch open: "Urg! It's jammed, give me a hand."

Simon and Lucas join in trying to lift the door open. The three of them still can't seem to open the door. Aundria looks to her side and doubletakes: "And why aren't you helping out? You slacker."

Marcus shows Aundria the palms of his hands: "Hey! My hands are very sensitive right now."

Aundria slaps Marcus in the back of the head: "Quit your whinin' and lend a hand."

Marcus sneers thinks of a couple of obsenities to call Aundria. He relunctantly joins the guys in attempting to open the door. Marcus: "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.."

Victor: "Come on, pull! PULL!"

Marcus: "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.."

The guys all strain until finally the hatch lifts open.

Simon holds up his hand for Marcus: "Yeah baby! We did it!"

Marcus high five Simon then quickly regrets it, shaking his hand in pain: "Ouch. Owie. Just when I start to forget why I dislike you.."

Angela walks up to the pod: "So how is he?"

Victor looks into the pod and checks up on the figure inside: "Well first of all, he's not a he. He's a she."

Marcus perks a up: "A babe? Lemme see, lemme see!"

Marcus pushes Lucas and Marcus out of the way and his smile quickly turns upside down to a frown: "Whoah! Freakjob!"

Lucas pushes Marcus back: "Show some sensitivity, Marcus. We don't even know if this poor woman is alive."

Victor: "She's alive, but we need to get her to the infirmary."

Lucas: "Agreed, but what is she? I've never seen anyone like her before."

Marcus: "Yeah. What the hell is that thing?"

Victor: "You've never been away from Deacon Blue, Lucas. And Marcus, you've never been away from stupidity. She's from the planet Aquitar."

The camera rotates to show what is inside the pod. Resting unconscious in a single seat is a black Aquitian woman.

Victor: "It's an Aquitian. But what's she doing on Deacon Blue?"

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: In outerspace. A large space station, resembling the Dark Fortress. With two large siren lights on the top. One red, one blue. The front of the ship has three circular lights green, yellow and red. The space station reaches the Globe of Meteors.

Inside the space station a dark robotic figure gives a command: "*click* Activate reverse-polar beam. *click*"

The space station's three traffic lights in the front release three energy beams, they merge into one beam and strike the Globe of Meteors. The meteors struck by the beam push away from each other creating a hole in the galaxy border large enough for the space station to enter. The space station enters the sphere of meteors and the hole closes up behind it.

Inside the space station the robotic figure speaks: "*click* Continue with targeted destination. *click*"

The space station darts past Mirinoi and heads towards Deacon Blue.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber infirmary. Zordon is on a monitor in the room as the Aquitian woman lays unconscious. Beta 1 assists Simon in hooking up an I.V. unit to her. Victor and Ecliptor are also present.

Victor inquires: "What's that I.V. for?"

Simon: "According to Zordon, Aquitians need to be rehydrated constantly."

Zordon: "Aquitians can not develop the natural body oils needed to retain body water, thus their bodies need more water than humans do, in order to avoid dehydration."

Victor: "I see."

Ecliptor: "I don't care about the anatomy lesson. I want to know why this Aquitian is here on Deacon Blue? How could she travel to this universe?"

Victor: "I agree. I'm not an expert on Aquitian technology, but I'm sure they don't have the ability for interdimensional travel."

Zordon: "I've wanted to keep this a secret but the truth is that Deacon Blue is not in a seperate dimension from the rest of the universe."

Ecliptor's interest grows: "What?!"

Victor: "Why didn't you tell us the truth for so long?"

Zordon: "If the truth was revealed in any way, the United Alliance may have attempted to escape this locked away galaxy."

Ecliptor tightens his fist: "Or I may have attempted to leave this mudball."

Victor puts his hand on Ecliptor's should: "Calm down, Ecliptor."

Ecliptor shoves Victor to the ground: "Get away from me! I've been manipulated this whole time!"

Ecliptor looks at Zordon with anger: "I agreed to work with you for the promise that one day after Darkonda was defeated, I would be able to reunite with Astronema. But you never told me that all this time I could've left Deacon Blue anytime I wanted!"

Zordon: "Would you have freed the Psycho Rangers or fought so valiantly against the United Alliance otherwise?"

Ecliptor: "I would have eventually taken care of Darkonda anyway, and Astronema would have taken her rightful role as Queen of Evil!"

Victor: "You think Karone would have wanted it that way?"

Ecliptor stares at Victor with silence.

Victor: "Everyone has been locked away on Deacon Blue for the past five years. That's five years that Karone has been allowed to mature and grow without the influence of evil. She's most likely not the same Astronema that you knew."

Ecliptor: "..."

Victor: "If you were the same Ecliptor now that you were then, when all of this started, she wouldn't want anything to do with you. But since then you've done so much."

Ecliptor thinks.

Victor: "You've saved lives, destroyed evil, and fought for the side of good. You've reclaimed a stature of honor and you're warrior that we can all respect. Someone that Karone would want an association with."

Ecliptor looks away: "Yes."

Victor: "I understand you being angry about being lied about Deacon Blue, I do too. But it really was best this way."

Ecliptor: "Perhaps you are right, Victor."

Ecliptor begins to leave but stops then looks to the monitor with Zordon on it: "But if the lies continue, Zordon. You'll share the same fate that I have planned for Darkonda."

Ecliptor leaves with an aura of calm anger.

Simon relieved: "Whew! I know he's on our side, but he's still scary when he's angry."

Victor: "Ecliptor has a temper but he's also reasonable, he'll get over this.. maybe."

Victor turns his attention back to Zordon: "But why don't you tell us the whole truth already. If we're not in a seperate dimension, then where are we?"

Zordon: "Deacon Blue is in a galaxy closed off from the rest of the universe by an asteroid belt."

Simon: "You mean this entire galaxy? All of the planets, the stars, everything?"

Zordon nods: "Yes, Simon. An asteroid storm so large that it can contain an entire galaxy. It was formed by the Morphing Masters, millions of years ago to serve as a prison for the evil in the universe when it became too great."

Victor: "So that's why you sent the United Alliance here in the great battle."

Zordon: "Exactly, Victor."

Simon: "That still doesn't answer the question of how this Aquitian woman got to Deacon Blue."

Zordon: "It is possible that her escape pod managed to slip through the galaxy border."

Victor: "So this prison galaxy isn't exactly impenetrable. Another reason to keep this information away from the Alliance."

Beta 1: "Um.. I have an important question that no one has come up with yet."

Simon: "Oh really, Beta?"

Victor somewhat arrogant: "Okay, Lil' Bot Blue, shoot. What's this 'important' question you have for us."

Beta 1: "Well we know she must have went through the galaxy border to get here, and we know she got to Deacon Blue with the escape pod. But maybe the question we should ask is why she was in an escape pod?"

Victor, Simon and even Zordon all show expressions of concern because Beta 1 just made a very good point.

Scene 3

Setting: The space station moves closer to Deacon Blue. Inside the space station.

The dark robot figure watches on as the ship reaches Deacon Blue.

Computer voice: "Targeted destination reached."

Robot figure: "*click* Pinpoint coordinates and initiate landing procedures. *click*"

The space station enters Deacon Blue's orbit.

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom in the Dark Carrier. Darkonda, Falconine, Furio, Cybera and Rygog watch the projection of the space station arriving on Deacon Blue.

Furio: "What is that thing?"

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "My dear, is there something you've been keeping from us?"

Falconine shakes her head as she looks at the space station in awe: "No. I've never seen it before in my life."

Cybera in monotone: "Internal databanks, register no previous data on alien structure."

Darkonda rubs his chin with concern: "Hmmm.. I don't like this. I know the Power Rangers have no such craft, and it's not ours."

Falconine: "It appears there may be a third party added to our war."

Darkonda shakes his head in concern: "Grrr.. That ship is at least three times the size of the Dark Carrier, and there's no telling what kind of firepower it has or size army inside."

Rygog scratches his forehead and speaks quietly to himself: "Hmmm. That spaceship reminds me of something, but what was it?"

Falconine: "You're right to be concerned about this strange new visitor, Darkonda. We have enough trouble already with those annoying Psychos, the last thing we need is a rival empire vying for this planet."

Furio: "So what do we do?"

Darkonda: "For now, we wait. Who knows? Perhaps this new player in the game will take care of our problems for us."

Falconine: "Perhaps, but it's best not to remain idle."

Darkonda nods: "Agreed. Furio, move the Dark Carrier's location!"

Furio bows his head: "As you command."

Furio leaves for the bridge of the ship while Rygog continues to try and remember what the space station reminds him of.

The Dark Carrier picks up speed and jets away from it's current location.

Scene 5

Setting: The Power Chamber, the alarms blare off as the Psychos and Ecliptor rush into the Chamber.

Victor: "Zordon, what's going on?"

Beta 1 checks out the Viewing Globe: "Aye ai ai! Rangers, we have trouble!"

Aundria: "Darkonda and Falconine again?"

Marcus with his hands bandaged: "Hey, no sweat. I look forward to kicking to monster beeehind!"

Beta 1: "No, Marcus. It's not Darkonda or Falconine. It's someone else!"

Victor and Ecliptor quickly rush the Viewing Globe for a closer inspection.

Victor: "A spaceship.. and it's huge!"

Ecliptor: "That's definitely not one of the United Alliance's. I would have known about something this massive years ago."

The Space Station stops it's descent and hovers right above New Bethany.

Angela: "What is it and who's behind it?"

Victor: "I have a feeling we're going to find out all too soon."

The image in the Viewing Globe gets snowed with static.

Simon is stunned and quickly goes to Beta 1: "We're losing the visuals. What's happening?"

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! All frequencies are being jammed."

Simon: "Let me take a wild guess. By our new arrival."

Beta 1: "I think you're right!"

Scene 6

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. The villains watch on as the image in the floor projection becomes scrambled.

Scene 7

Setting: Through out New Bethany. Radios become jammed with static and televisons show only snow. As various citizens throughout the city either become frustrated or murmur in puzzlement.

Scene 8

Setting: Inside the mysterious space station. The robot figure stands in the darkness.

Computer's voice: "All radio and satellite frequences have been intercepted."

Robot figure: "*click* Encode all frequencies with mine. *click*"

Scene 9

Setting: The Power Chamber. Simon and Beta 1 anxiously work the control panels.

Victor inquired: "Any luck?"

Simon: "None. Whatever they are, they're audio/visual technology is vastly superior to our own."

Beta 1: "It's like trying to overpower a tank with a toy truck."

Simon: "Wait! Something's coming through.. on all.. frequencies."

Simon turns away from the controls: "We're about to get a pirate signal."

The Rangers and Ecliptor all turn their attention the Viewing Globe.

Scene 10

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. An image slowly begins to appear on the projection.

Falconine: "Something's coming through."

Darkonda: "It appears we're about to get our first glimpse at our new found 'friends'."

Scene 11

Setting: Throughout New Bethany. The people's curiosity grows as the televisions throughout the entire city begin to show an image. As well as a large projection coming from the space station itself.

Scene 12

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Psychos watch with even more interest.

Marcus: "Man, the suspense is killing me."

Simon: "Patience. It's coming in."

The fuzzy image finally clears, and the group is surprised by what they see. A robot that is nearly identical to the Blue Senturion except that it's primary color is red instead of blue.

Angela: "Who.. is that?"

Scene 13

Setting: The people of New Bethany point as the image of the Red Senturion appears on all the televisions. The static stops on the radios but remain silent. And the projection from the space station shows the Red Senturion.

Scene 14

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. The villains show surprise at the image of the Red Senturion.

Furio: "Who is that?"

Falconine shakes her head: "I have no idea."

Rygog pounds his hand: "I REMEMBER!"

Darkonda, Falconine, Furio and Cybera all turn their attention to Rygog. Falconine: "You remember what? You dimwitted buffoon."

Rygog: "Oh my eternal mistress of torturous bliss, we're dealing with an army of Senturions!"

Darkonda repeats the word to himself: "Senturions?"

The villains all turn back to the projection of the Red Senturion. Darkonda: "An army of Senturions?"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The citizens of New Bethany, the United Alliance of Evil and the Psycho Rangers all stand by in their respective locations as the Red Senturion speaks.

Red Senturion: "*click* People of Deacon Blue. *click*"

The space station opens up large hatch on it's underbelly.

Red Senturion: "*click* I am Senturion Unit 9997734 codename, Red Senturion and chief of Senturion Police. *click*"

Thousands of Grey Senturions drop from the space station with parachutes, landing on the rooftops and streets of New Bethany.

Red Senturion: "*click* You have been found guilty of harboring intergalactic criminals. *click*"

The Grey Senturions begin to spread throughout the entire city. Some of them start to surround the frightened crowds of people.

Red Senturion: "*click* We are here to carry out your sentence. *click*"

The Grey Senturions throughout the city pull out their Senturion Synergizers and take aim.

Red Senturion: "*click* Your sentence.. is death. *click*"

The image of Red Senturion vanishes as all radio and television signals return to normal. Suddenly the Grey Senturions fire their Synergizers throughout the entire city. Destroying buildings, vehicles, and injuring people left and right.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The image of the Red Senturion vanishes from the Viewing Globe. The Rangers all look at each other.

Simon looks very concerned: "This is not good."

Marcus: "Well duh!"

Aundria: "The entire planet has been found guilty and sentenced for death? Gee, I don't recall THAT trial."

Victor: "We better get on our toes, for when these Senturions attack."

Simon points the Viewing Globe: "I hope you guys are on your toes right now then, because they're attacking!"

The Rangers and Ecliptor all turn back to the Viewing Globe, which is now functioning normally again. The Grey Senturions are on a rampage destroying everything in sight.

Angela shakes her head in disbelief: "This is terrible."

Ecliptor: "Incredible. There must be thousands of them. It's a full-scale invasion!"

Victor: "Come on! We can't just stand by while this carnage is taking place."

Victor gets ready to morph but Simon grabs his hand: "Victor, are you nuts! That's an entire army! There's no way we can stop them!"

Victor pulls his arm away from Simon: "I don't care if we're outnumbered two-to-one or a million-to-one. We're Psycho Rangers, we never back away from a fight!"

Marcus: "Hehehahahaha! I'm with Big Red on this one. The way I see it, it's rumble time!"

Simon sighs: "Fine. I guess dying is nothing new to any of us anyway."

Zordon: "Be careful Rangers, this will be the fight of your lives."

Marcus: "As perceptive as ever, baldy."

Victor: "Let's Get Psycho!"

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. Two Grey Senturions have a family cornered and prepare to open fire.

One of the Grey Senturions: "All criminals are to be *click* executed."

The Grey Senturions are about to fire upon the family when suddenly. Psycho Red's voice: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

The Grey Senturions turn to their right and see Psycho Red charging towards them on his Psycho Cycle. The Psycho Cycle becomes a fireball and runs through the two Grey Senturions, exploding them both. The Psycho Cycle returns to normal as Psycho Red stops the bike.

The family father: "Thank you, Red Ranger! You saved us!"

Psycho Red: "No problem."

Psycho Red sees more Grey Senturions coming their way, he summons his Psycho Sword and hops off his bike: "Now you better get out of here while you can, I'll handle this."

The father and mother grab their children and make a run for it while Psycho Red fends off the pack of Grey Senturions.

Scene 4

Setting: Elsewhere in the city. Psycho Yellow and Psycho Blue dash past more Grey Senturions on their cycles. Firing from the cycle's blasters. Taking down a couple of Grey Senturions.

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! Like shooting monkeys in a barrell. Hell, they can't touch us while we're on these Psycho Cycles!"

Psycho Yellow looks behind them: "I think they already solved that problem."

Psycho Blue looks behind: "Huh? Wehehell, it looks like they got bikes too!"

A trio of Grey Senturions on Senturion Cycles chase after Blue and Yellow and fire upon them.

Psycho Yellow just narrowly dodges a shot that almost struck her head: "Yow! They're right on our tail!"

Psycho Blue: "Hehe.. No problem babe. We'll just give them the slip!"

Psycho Blue presses a button on his cycle and it releases a sheet of ice behind them. The ice causes the Grey Senturions to loose control of their bike. Two of the Senturions crash into each other. The third loses balance but shoots one last shot before he falls down to his side. The laser blast strikes the Blue Psycho Cycle, an explosion from the engine causes Psycho Blue to lose control of his bike and crash into hotdog stand.

Scene 5

Setting: High above New Bethany. Psycho Silver pilots the Silver Stormer firing at the Grey Senturions on the rooftop. He manages to take down a couple and even destroy a few more, but several Grey Senturions take aim and fire at the engines of the Silver Stormer.

Psycho Silver anxiously jerks the controls: "No! I'm losing altitude!"

The Silver Stormer with smoke and flames bursting from it's rear engines, the Stormer lowers towards a tall building at the end of the street. Psycho Silver unbuckles his belts and presses a large red button: "EJECT!"

Psycho Silver ejects from the Silver Stormer as it crashes into the side of the tall building. Psycho Silver lands on the roof of a smaller building and quickly finds himself in combat with more Grey Senturions. He tries to fend them off with his Psycho Silverizer.

Scene 6

Setting: In New Bethany. A Grey Senturion chases after a young woman.

The Grey Senturion aims his Synergizer: "*click* Freeze! *click* In the name of the law! *click*"

A Psycho Arrow knocks the Synergizer from the Grey Senturion. The Grey Senturion turns and sees Psycho Pink running towards him: "Leave her alone!"

Psycho Pink jumps high into the air and launches into a jumpkick, taking down the Senturion. Two shots to the back, however knock Psycho Pink off of the Grey Senturion. Two more Grey Senturions take aim but Psycho Black jumps them from behind, smashing their backs with his Psycho Lance.

Off the side, Tabuna impales a Senturion with her sword as two more sneak up on her. Psycho Pink yells: "Tabuna, behind you!"

Tabuna spots the two Senturions firing, she takes ahold of the Senturion's arm and jumps behind it, using it as a shield. Sparks burst off from the Grey Senturion, Tabuna takes the fallen Senturion's Synergizer and shoots down the other two.

Psycho Black starts to become overwhelmed by Senturions and he falls to the ground: "Ugh! There's just too many of them!"

Scene 7

Setting: In front of the city hall, a dozen Grey Senturions rush up the stairs to city hall. Ecliptor teleports behind them on the ground and releases a green storm of energy. The resulting explosion sends the back row of Senturions flying off the steps. The remaining Senturions turn around and shoot Ecliptor down.

Scene 8

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Falconine, Furio, Cybera and Rygog watch on the floor projection, the Psycho Rangers trying to prevent the Grey Senturions from destroying New Bethany.

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! I have to admit, this is very entertaining. Those Senturions are keeping the Psycho Rangers on the ropes!"

Furio: "Yes, but that Red Senturion mentioned something about harboring intergalactic criminals. You don't suppose that he was referring to us?"

Falconine: "If that's the case, then we'll be next."

Darkonda's laughter ceases: "You have a point. Cybera, begin gathering my forces."

Cybera nods: "Acknowledged."

Cybera leaves the room. Falconine turns her attention to Rygog: "Now Rygog, you said you recognized these Senturions. Tell us what you know."

Rygog: "Well my queen, back on Earth when I was working for Divatox. Who I might add was nothing compare to your sheer brilliance, my enchanting mistress of delightful evil."

Furio grows impatient: "Grrr.."

Rygog: "As a matter a fact anyone with half a brain would gladly serve your majesty instead of replacing you with some.."

Furio summons his sword and sticks it to Rygog's throat: "That's it! Cease your lovesick brown-nosing and tells us about the Senturions!"

Rygog: "Whaa ah ah.. Okay, okay. I'll get to the point."

Furio lowers his sword: "Then get on with it."

Rygog: "*sigh* The Senturions are like these robot policemen from the future. Back when I was working for Divatox one of the Senturions travelled back in time, the Blue Senturion."

Darkonda: "Blue Senturion? Ah yes, I recall him now. He managed to escape my grasp on Eltar. That meddlesome machine and that Dimitria woman foolishly thought they could save Zordon."

Falconine: "Dimitria?"

Darkonda: "I'll tell you about her, another time. Continue Rygog and pick it up a bit!"

Rygog: "Right. Well anyway, the Blue Senturion had a message for Dimitria but we got ahold of him first and saw the message. It was a preview of the mass invasion we all attempted before Zordon transported us all to this world. Divatox at first tried to destroy the Ashley and Carlos before they became Rangers but.. ah.. she let herself get distracted."

Falconine: "Knowing who would defeat the United Alliance beforehand and she forgot to take care of them? What a bimbo."

Rygog nods and agrees: "Yes, well you've seen Elgar. Stupidity runs in that family. Divatox is vastly inferior to you, my queen. You are much more smart, beautiful and.."

Furio raises his sword again: "You're doing it again."

Rygog flinches: "Oop. My bad, my bad! Back to the Blue Senturion!"

Furio: "*sigh*"

Rygog: "Anyway we tried to turn the Blue Senturion against the Rangers.. more than once actually. But he was goodygood at heart and the Rangers won him over. But he was a real stickler for the law. He'd give you a ticked just for not having your shoes tied. But what do you expect for a robot?"

Darkonda scratches his chin: "I see. Hmmm... So if this Red Senturion is just as singleminded as the Blue Senturion then it will stop at nothing to carry out it's 'law'."

Falconine: "Including destroy Deacon Blue just to apprehend his fugitives."

Darkonda: "Meaning us, most likely."

Darkonda turns around: "I don't like this. The Senturions are an impressive group and will more than likely elmininate those annoying Psychos for us.. but they pose too much of a threat to us as well. Perhaps more so than the Rangers do."

Furio: "So what are thinking of doing about this?"

Darkonda is silent for a moment but then a maniacal peeks out: "Hmmm hmhmhmheh heh hahahahahahahaha!"

Falconine: "Care to share with the rest of us?"

Darkonda: "Hahahahahahaha! I have the perfect plan to get rid of these Senturions and perhaps take care of the Rangers as well. Hahahahaha!"

Furio: "What is it?"

Falconine: "Yes, please tell us."

Darkonda halts his laughter and looks at Falconine and Furio with a huge grin on his face: "We're going to help the Power Rangers."

Falconine, Furio and Rygog just stare at Darkonda blankly as he goes into another fit of maniacal laughter.

Scene 9

Setting: Back to the city. Psycho Yellow and Psycho Blue are being forced back to an old bar with wooden walls. As the large group of Grey Senturions continue to outnumber them.

Psycho Blue: "You know, I'm starting to regret my earlier enthusiasm."

Psycho Yellow ducks under a punch from one of the Senturions: "Actually I regret a lot of stuff you do!"

Suddenly Psychos Black and Pink crash through the wall of the building and landing hard on the street as the Grey Senturions walk outside after them.

The Senturions aim their blasters at Pink and Black. They cover their faces.

Psycho Yellow sees this: "We got to help them!"

Psycho Blue can't break free of a pair of Grey Senturions: "Wish I could, babe. But these Metal Donut-Eaters ain't lettin' me!"

The Grey Senturions take aim and about to pull their triggers but suddenly they are shot. Causing them to fall down and explode before Psychos Pink and Black. The momentary distraction allows Yellow and Blue to briefly get the best of the other Senturions.

Psycho Black helps Pink: "Somebody just saved our tails, but who?"

Yellow points upward: "Look up!"

The Psychos look and on top of the tall building across the street, stands Psycho Silver with his Silverizer, smoking."

Psycho Pink: "Lucas! Look out!"

Psycho Silver turns around only to be blasted off the building.

Psycho Yellow: "Lucas!"

Psycho Black runs: "I got him!"

Psycho Black takes a dive and manages to break Silver's fall. The other three Psychos run up to them.

Psycho Pink: "Are you two okay."

Psycho Black: "Yeah I'm just, someone get him off me!"

Psycho Silver with a hand from Yellow gets up off of Black: "Sorry."

Two dozen Grey Senturions jump off the buildings and surround the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Blue: "Aw man, the tin fuzzboys got us completely out numbered here."

Psycho Black takes a defensive stance: "This is insane! We've been hitting a beehive with a stick. That's all we've accomplished."

One of the Grey Senturions speak: "*click* Identify yourselves. Are you Power Rangers? *click*"

Psycho Black: "Yes we are. The Power Rangers of this planet."

The Grey Senturions aim their Syngerizers. The lead Senturion speaks again: "*click* All Power Rangers have been listed as intergalactic enemy number one. Standing orders are to fire on sight. Accept no prisoners. *click*"

Grey Senturion: "*click* Ready. *click* Aim. *click*"

Psycho Red's voice: "Fire!"

Suddenly several bolts of energy attack the Senturions. Taking out a few of them. The Psychos look ahead and see that Psycho Red, Ecliptor and Tabuna have joined them.

Psycho Blue: "Yeah! Right on time, Big Red. Waste these robopigs!"

Psycho Red summons Treacheron's sword: "Treacheron Sword!"

Psycho Red charges at the lead Grey Senturion with both sword in hand. He swings his Psycho Sword as it glows red, first. Then strikes the Senturion with blue glowing samurai sword as he changes back and forth between Psycho Red and Treacheron. Psycho Red turns away as the Grey Senturion falls to the ground and explodes!

Psycho Pink fires a few shots from her Psycho Bow: "Victor. What can we do? We can't keep this up."

Ecliptor releases his eyebeams on a pair of Grey Senturions and slices a third one in half, at the waist: "We're all running low on energy. It may be best to retreat."

Psycho Red kicks away a few more Senturions: "What good will that do? We'll just end up coming back to start all over again."

Psycho Black: "I think you're letting your pride cloud your judgement, man! Be realistic. We're not even putting a dent in their forces."

Psycho Yellow roundhouse kicks another Senturion: "We're going about this the wrong way. They'll just keep coming and coming."

Suddenly a large humming sound erupts in the air and a dark shadow casts over the city.

Psycho Blue as the shadow moves over him: "Oh great. What now?"

The heroes look up and see the Dark Carrier flying above the city.

Ecliptor: "Darkonda and Falconine."

Psycho Red: "It looks like they plan on making the bad, the really fricked up bad!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The city of New Bethany. The Psycho Rangers, Ecliptor and Tabuna are completely swarmed by Grey Senturions and to make matters worse, the Dark Carrier has arrived on the scene.

Psycho Blue: "Geesh! What do they want? Don't they know we're already out of it."

Ecliptor: "Hmph. I'm not surprised at all. Darkonda enjoys kicking those that are down."

Suddenly the Dark Carrier unleashes a squadron of Skullfighters. And groups of Skullinites arrive on the scene.

Psycho Red: "As if we weren't outnumbered already."

The Skullinites however start to fight the Grey Senturions instead of the Rangers. As the Skullfighters fire throughout the city taking Grey Senturions down everywhere.

Psycho Black: "What!"

Psycho Yellow: "If I didn't see with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it!"

Psycho Red: "What's the deal here?"

Ecliptor: "I have no idea either."

A single Grey Senturion stands up from the ground and attempts to attack Psycho Red from behind while the heroes watch the Skullinites battle the other Senturions. But before the Grey Senturion can strike, he's blasted from the side by a red and yellow energy bolt. The Rangers turn their heads as another bolt strikes the Senturion. Two more are released and each one causes the Grey Senturion lower more and more until it finally falls and explodes.

Psycho Red turns to see who just saved him: "Who?.. I don't believe it, you!"

Standing before the Rangers are Darkonda and Falconine. The Rangers quickly take a defensive stance as the duo walk closer.

Falconine notes the Rangers weapons: "Point those toys elsewhere. We're not here to harm you.. at least not today."

Darkonda adds in: "Yes! We're here to help! Heh heh heh."

Psycho Red: "Like you honestly expect us to believe that?"

Ecliptor: "There's nothing honest about this mutant dog."

Darkonda feigns hurt feelings: "Tisk tisk. Is that anyway to talk to an old friend, especially someone that just saved your hide?"

Ecliptor gets ready to attack: "You want to talk about hides. Fine I'll rip yours off right off.."

Psychos Black and Silver hold back Ecliptor. Psycho Black: "Whoah. Hold it there, Ecliptor."

Psycho Silver: "Yeah. For once it's probably best to hear these two out."

Psycho Red: "Okay, so what's the deal Darkonda. Why are you helping us out? And don't give me any bull about you waking up one morning and seeing the light."

Darkonda: "You insult me Rangerboy. Do you really think I lack that much imagination. But I'll be honest with you."

Ecliptor pulls away from Silver and Black: "Hmph. I wasn't aware the "h" word was even in your vocabulary."

Darkonda ignore Ecliptor: "Quite simply Red Ranger, the Senturions pose just as much a threat to us as they do to you. Falconine and I think it would mutually beneficial to take care of our common foe now. Then we can resume our own little 'feud'."

Psycho Red chucks his head as he crosses his arms: "Heh. That actually sounds buyable. But don't expect us to actually trust you."

Falconine walks up to Psycho Red: "Why not? Afterall, they say war can make strange bedfellows."

Tabuna steps between Falconine and Psycho Red: "Ahem. Don't get so close, sister! I'm the only bedfellow Victor needs around here."

Darkonda chuckles: "Heh hahaha. Isn't that an interesting bit of information."

Psycho Red turns back to Darkonda: "Shut up. Here's the plan. Can your boneheads keep the metalheads at bay for at least two hours?"

Darkonda: "But of course. Oddly enough they seem to be holding their own against the Senturions at least for the time being."

Psycho Red: "Good. You keep the body at bay and we'll go straight to the head."

Falconine: "You plan on storming the Senturion Station itself?"

Psycho Yellow: "That's the plan."

Darkonda steps up to Psycho Red: "Then allow us to join you.."

Ecliptor holds his sword in front of Darkonda: "Stop right there. I know you too well, Darkonda. As soon as you had the chance, you'd take control of the Senturion Station yourself."

Falconine: "And we can expect you not do the same? No deal!"

Psycho Red: "We'll destroy the Senturion Station, not use it as our own. You have my word."

Falconine: "Words are cheap, Victor."

Tabuna: "Hmph. Not as cheap as you."

Psycho Blue overheard: "M'row!"

Psycho Yellow slaps Blue in the back of the head.

Falconine's eyes start to glow purple as she stares at Tabuna: "You want to repeat that, little girl."

Tabuna tightens her fist: "I'll do more than repeat my words if you call me little girl again."

Psycho Red puts his hand on Tabuna's shoulder: "Tabby, not now."

Tabuna: "No, Vic. The tramp's asking for it!"

Falconine gets ready to fire at Tabuna: "Why you little bi.."

Darkonda grabs Falconine and pulls her back: "That's quite enough, my dear. Now is not the time to give in to petty squabbles."

Falconine: "No one talks to me in that manner! No one!"

Darkonda: "Settle it later."

Darkonda turns back to the Rangers: "Very well, Psycho Red. I'll be the first to admit that your word is better than mine. We'll do things your way. The United Alliance will keep the Senturions at bay while the Power Rangers take care of the source of the problem."

Psycho Red: "Then it's settled."

Darkonda let's go of Falconine and offers his hand: "Good. We're at an agreement."

Psycho Red glances at Darkonda's hand for a moment. He grumbles to himself and slowly moves his hand to shake Darkonda's. He's about to shake Darkonda's hand but pulls back when he notices Darkonda's other hand pulling out his dagger.

Darkonda leaves his dagger in his sheathe: "Oops. Force of habit. Heh heh heh."

Psycho Red rejoins the others: "Yeah well. If you go back to your old habit of backstabbing. We'll go back to our old habit of kicking your can."

The Psycho Rangers, Ecliptor and Tabuna make their leave.

Darkonda smirks after they leave: "Perfect. Everything went down exactly as I planned it."

Falconine: "I don't think so. They're expecting your betrayal."

Darkonda: "But of course. Hahaha. And I have no intention of disappointing. Hahahahaha.. But a doublecross from Darkonda is like a death in the family. No matter how much you prepare for it, you're never quite ready. Heh heh hahahahahaha!"

Falconine smiles briefly: "Excellent. But one last thing, Darkonda."

Darkonda pauses in his laughter: "Eh?"

Falconine holds her glowing fist to Darkonda's face causing him to flinch from it: "Put your hands on me again, and you'll suffer a worse fate than what I have planned for that silver-haired skank!"

Darkonda apolgizes: "I'm sorry. It'll never happen again."

Falconine: "You had better make sure it doesn't."

Falconine walks away in fit: "Who the hell does she think she is? Calling me a tramp?! I'm going to enjoy destroying that bi..*"

Falconine's sentence is cut off as she teleports away. Darkonda just shakes his head as the Skullinites and Grey Senturions continue to battle, then warps away.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers have returned unmorphed.

Beta 1: "Welcome back Rangers, we overheard your discussion with Darkonda and I've already got the Sky Knight warmed for you."

Victor walks past Beta 1: "Good for you Beta."

Victor turns his attention to Zordon: "Zordon, how is our special guest?"

Zordon: "She seems to be doing well. She may wake up at any moment."

Woman's voice: "You are.. correct, Zordon."

Everyone turns around and to their surprise see the Aquitian woman standing before them.

Simon walks up to her: "You're awake!"

Aquitian nods among her other Aquitian head movements: "Yes.. Thanks to.. you."

Victor: "Well I'm glad to see you're okay miss. Because we have a lot of questions for you."

Aquitian: "I.. understand. I assume.. you are.. referring to the Senturions."

Lucas: "You know about the Senturions?"

Ecliptor with his arms crossed: "Why not? They did arrive just a little while after she did. In fact I'd bet that she was the fugitive that we're 'harboring' not Darkonda."

Victor: "So fishlady, is he right on the money?"

The Aquitian woman slowly lowers her head: "Yes.. this is true."

Aundria: "Then you really need to explain yourself because you've already caused us enough trouble."

Aquitian woman: "For this.. I am sorry and you deserve.. an explanation."

Aquitian woman looks back up: "My name.. is Catsysia. I come from the planet.. Aquitar."

Victor: "Which is outside this galaxy. And according to guy in the plastic tube back there, this isn't exactly an easy place to get to."

Catsysia: "You are correct. I lost.. my ship trying to manuever through the meteor field."

Angela confused: "But why did you do it in the first place?"

Catsysia: "I came here.. looking for you."

Zordon: "I'm afraid that brings about more questions, Catsysia. I took ever precaution possible to make sure that the existence of this galaxy and it's inhabitants were secret, how did you find out about us and why did you come here?"

Catsysia: "Good questions Zordon. I learned about your.. planet from.. a friend of yours. His name was.. Damien."

Aundria: "Damien!"

Marcus: "That snob boy! How did he get through the galaxy border?"

Ecliptor seems highly interested: "Yes. How did he escape this galaxy?"

Catsysia: "The same way I got in. Dangerously.. and through the galaxy border."

Zordon: "It appears the Morphing Masters didn't make the prison galaxy as impenetrable as they had thought."

Victor: "Then we definitely have to keep this information a secret from Darkonda and Falconine. Otherwise the prison galaxy will become just a revolving door prison."

Catsysia: "I see.. if this is where the United Alliance were taken to.. after the great battle of 1998. Does this mean.. that you are.. THE Zordon?"

Zordon: "Yes I am."

Catsysia bows her head: "Then I am.. relieved to see that Andros did not.. destroy you afterall."

Tabuna asks Victor: "Andros? Isn't he the guy you used.."

Victor slightly annoyed: "Yes."

Simon: "Andros is the leader of space team of Power Rangers. Not exactly a group that we've had a pleasant history with."

Angela adds in: "Ecliptor included."

Victor: "He's also from the same homeworld as you, Tabby."

Tabuna: "He's from KO-35 then?"

Zordon pays attention to Catsysia again: "Let us get back to the answers. Catsysia, Damien told you of us but you haven't told us why you came here."

Victor: "I'm guessing that it has very much to do with those Senturions."

Catsysia: "Yes.. About six months ago the Senturion project was finally completed. The Senturions.. were designed to ultimately be a replacement for the Power Rangers throughout the universe."

Catsysia: "We.. even sent our Blue Senturion.. back in time to test the time travel technology back in time."

Zordon: "I recall a Blue Senturion did arrive on Earth from the future six years ago. It was after I left Earth and Dimitria filled my place but before Dark Specter invaded Eltar."

Catsysia: "Yes.. we chronicled the great battle and it's ending in hopes of preparing everyone for it. So.. that Andros would not.. have had to sacrifice you."

Zordon: "I'm flattered. Unfortunately that plan did not work. Divatox got ahold of the Blue Senturion first and the message was damaged before Dimitria could view it."

Catsysia: "I see.. that is why history is unaltered."

Marcus: "Whoah. But if history did change, we wouldn't notice anyway and if Zordon wasn't thought to be dead no one would try to save him and send the message, so history would be exactly the way it is but the.. ow! I have a headache."

Simon: "It's best not to think about time travel too much. It would take every week of the year to make sense of it."

Victor: "Okay so if the Senturions were made to do good, why are they attacking Deacon Blue and why are they after you, Catsysia."

Catsysia: "Everything with the Senturions.. was going well.. until.. two months ago. When my people.. just completed construction.. of the Senturion Station."

Catsysia looks away with anger: "An evil fiend.. named Nepton arrived on Aquitar. He gained control.. of the Senturion Station.. and reprogrammed all of the Senturions."

Ecliptor: "Aquitar has it's own team of Power Rangers, correct? Why didn't they stop this Nepton?"

Catsysia looks down with a defeated expression: "They tried.. but Nepton was undefeatable. He is of a powerful race called Necrari."

Ecliptor: "Necrari? I've never heard of them."

Victor: "Me neither, what about you, Zordon?"

Zordon: "Even I am unfamiliar with these Necrari."

Catsysia: "That is not surprising.. the Necrari have been hiding.. throughout the universe. Waiting to strike.. like Nepton did on Aquitar."

Lucas: "So not only do we have the Endness hanging over our heads, there's another threat hiding in the shadows."

Zordon: "Unfortunately Lucas, evil is ever-present. There are many more evil forces throughout the universe that we're not even aware of. That is why as Power Rangers you must remain ever vigilant."

Marcus: "Yeah kung-fu boy. Retirement is out of the question for the goodguys like us."

Lucas: "A shame."

Catsysia continues: "The only thing that can destroy a Necrari.. is another Necrari. Unfortunately.. we cannot hope to find one.. especially one that would help us.. defeat Nepton."

Victor: "So basically we're dealing with an immortal here."

Simon: "That may not be as big a problem as you think. Remember our robotic clones? They were indestructable as well but they could still be imprisoned. If we can't stop Nepton by destroying him, perhaps we can capture somehow, instead."

Victor: "That's an idea worth keeping."

Catsysia smiles: "Yes.. that might just work. However, Nepton isn't here. He remains on Aquitar ruling over everyone there. Here on.. your planet he has his head general, Coralis and the Red Senturion in charge."

Ecliptor: "Is Coralis a Necrari as well?"

Catsysia shakes her head: "Thankfully no. Coralis was a criminal on Aquitar who conspired to take over our world.. with Hydro Contaminators. He was key.. in helping Nepton reprogram the Senturions."

Victor: "I see. So here's the plan. We already have Darkonda and his cronies fending off the Senturions. We'll raid the Senturion Station full force, take out Coralis and any Senturions left on the ship. Destroy the Senturion Station. Then we'll move on from there."

Aundria in a sarcastic tone: "You make it sound so easy. So how do we get on board and how do we destroy the Station."

Tabuna steps in: "As far as getting inside, I can help with that. Being a former space pirate, I've broken into a ship or two in my time."

Victor: "Alright then. Tabuna is in charge of the infiltration part. Simon any ideas about the destruction part."

Simon smirks: "Simple. We give that ship a big time heart attack."

Ecliptor: "Meaning what?"

Simon: "Blow up the heart of the ship, the engines. Without that it won't be able to stay afloat."

Aundria corrects Simon: "Of course then, the Senturion Station will come crashing down on the whole city."

Zordon: "It is an excellent plan so far, you can correct that single fault by merely changing the course of the Senturion Station's descent once the engines are depleted."

Victor: "Of course. The Zords can push the Station out of the way. We'll need the Sky Knight to get in and out of the Station. But that still leaves the Guardian Megazord, Shinobizord and Ecliptor."

Ecliptor thinks about it: "Hmmm.. Yes I can see that working. I'll even use my ultimate form to make sure we get the job done."

Victor: "Cool. So we have our gameplan, boys and girls. Now let's take action."

Catsysia bows her head in respect: "I.. am grateful.. for all of your help."

Angela: "Your welcome and besides these Senturions are a threat to us too."

Victor: "There's just one last thing, Catsysia."

Catsysia looks surprised: "Yes?"

Victor: "Even if the Aquitian Rangers were defeated, there was still the Space Rangers or guys like Phantom Ranger and Gold Ranger out there. Why go risk getting killed by entering this galaxy to get our help."

Catsysia: "To be honest.. you weren't my first choice.. however when Damien.. told us of the Psycho Power Rangers, a very close friend to our people.. needed confirmation that you were.. alive."

Victor: "Who?"

Catsysia: "The creator of the Senturions.. and the creator of your Psycho powers.. Billy Cranston."

The Psychos are stunned to hear that name. Victor more than anyone else.

Victor: "Billy."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany. Darkonda, Falconine and Furio stand on top of sky scrape where they get a clear view of the Senturion Station hovering high above the city. And their army fights the Grey Senturions below.

Furio isn't pleased: "Hmph. I still don't like this. Even if it's for our own needs, it's disgusting being allied to those Psychos."

Falconine: "Your sentiments are echoed, Furio. Still there may actually be an opportunity in this for us."

Darkonda: "Hahaha! Yes. We just might be able to get rid of all our problems at once. Both the Senturions AND the Psycho Rangers!"

Falconine: "But only if they actually take care of the Senturions. We haven't seen them since the alliance was formed. Where are they?"

Furio points ahead: "Look!"

Darkonda and Falconine look at where Furio's pointing. The Sky Knight Megaship flies past them and heads for the Senturion Station.

Darkonda: "Ah! There they are. As planned."

Falconine smiles smuggly: "Perfect. Let them take care of the hard part for us."

Darkonda: "And once they elminate the Senturions, we'll thank them by destroying them as well! Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda's laughters echoes throughout the city even as the Sky Knight flies in closer to the Senturion Station.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the bridge of the Sky Knight Megaship. Psycho Red, Psycho Black, Pscyho Yellow and Tabuna stand ready.

Psycho Black hears Darkonda's laughter faintly: "Is it just me or is Darkonda have something up his sleeve?"

Psycho Yellow crosses her arms: "If you reall need us to answer that for you then you're not as smart as we all thought."

Psycho Red: "We all see Darkonda's doublecross coming a mile away, we'll be ready for it when it happens. But let's take care of the here and now."

Psycho Black: "Okay, okay. My bad for asking a stupid question. Anyway we're getting with docking range. Surprisingly we're not getting any resistance from the Senturion Station yet."

Psycho Red: "Don't let your guard down. We haven't made it yet. Are the others in position?"

Psycho Yellow looks at some readings: "Yes. Angela and Marcus have the Guardian-Tora Megazord up and running, as does Lucas with the Silver Shinobizord. Ecliptor is standing by as well. They're ready for their part."

Psycho Red: "Good. Then let's do ours. Tabuna, your in charge of the next step."

Tabuna nods: "Right. Well first.. MOVE!"

Everyone looks ahead to see what has Tabuna suddenly excited. Psycho Black rushes to the controls to manuever the ship away from several missles coming from the Senturion Station.

Psycho Black: "Everyone hold on tight, we're in for a bumpy ride!"

Scene 3

Setting: Inside the control room of the Senturion Station. The Red Senturion and another figure standby watching the Sky Knight Megaship being bombarded with missles.

The monster is large, grey and muscular. His chest and face is milky white with pink gills across his chest and on his face instead of a nose and mouth. Narrow red eyes, and the tip of his head coming together almost like a fin. His scaley body is almost rock like and multi-colored coral sticks out of his shoulders, forearms and hips.

Monster with a deep voice: "Keep firing on them, Red Senturion. Hahaha! Those fools think they could get on board so easily, ha!"

Man's voice from the back of the room: "You won't succeed Coralis. You'll fail here just like you did on Aquitar."

Coralis turns around: "Silence! My Hydro Contaminators didn't get the job done, but I did take over that oversized aquarium in the end, now didn't I? Ha!"

The man in the shadows is silent with rage.

The monitor changes pictures now showing a muscular black man with a goatee and short hair in a flat-top. He appears to wearing a black leathering robe with a red scales down the center. Sitting on a throne with a large trident design in the back of it. Standing around his throne are Delphine and Aurico of the Alien Rangers, they appear to be in a trance.

The man on the monitor speaks: "It would be wise not to get too overconfident, Coralis. Afterall your guest there did pick them to help for a reason."

Coralis: "You have a point, Lord Nepton. But don't worry. I haven't failed you yet, I don't intend to start now."

Nepton: "See that you don't."

Nepton looks towards the back of the room: "Oh and as for you. I don't appreciate you getting 'outsiders' involved in our skirmishes. I'll deal with you when you return to Aquitar. In the meantime, I think your son will have to pay the consequences for your actions."

The man tries to charge the image of Nepton but shackles prevent him: "You leave Cestrion alone! Or I swear Nepton, no force in the universe will keep you safe from me."

Nepton chuckes: "Heh heh heh. Bold words for a mere human. You couldn't hurt me even if I wanted you to. Hahahaha!"

Man in shadows: "I'll find a way to stop you. Some how."

Nepton: "I doubt it. I am Necrari and the only thing that can defeat me is another Necrari. Nothing else in this universe can defeat me, not even the intellect of the great Billy Cranston!"

Nepton laughs as the lights brighten in the room to show that the prisoner within the Senturion Station is none other than Billy, the original Blue Ranger.

To be continued...

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Psycho Black pulls on the controls of the Sky Knight: "Hold on tight we're going in!"

Clip 2
The Sky Knight Megaship rams into the Senturion Station.

Clip 3
Coralis: "Fools, they stepped right into the lion's den! Hahaha!"

Clip 4
Psychos Red, Black and Yellow and Tabuna are attacked by some Grey Senturions lead by Red Senturion.

Clip 5
Psycho Red in a dark prison cell: "I don't believe it, Billy?"

Billy: "Aldian, is that you?"

Clip 6
Psycho Black's voice: "We have to get out of here now!"

Psycho Red and Billy run from an explosion inside the Senturion Station.

Clip 7
Darkonda to Falconine: "Hahahaha! It's time to make our move!"

Clip 8
Victor to the other Rangers: "You guys better start packing!"

Clip 9
Close-up of Victor: "The Psycho Rangers are going to Aquitar!"

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Billy Cranston


Richard Epcar

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Walter Lang
Ecliptor, Rygog

Bob Manahan

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Red Senturion, Grey Senturions

Richard Wood
Beta 1

Tom Wyner


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