Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 37
"Sunken Ship"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Deep underwater at the New Bethany harbor. The water is dark and murky. At below the surface on the floor of the harbor, lies the Sky Knight Megaship. There's damage left over from the Barillian Swarm incident where the ship crashed into the water in the first place.

Inside the Sky Knight Megaship, everything is dark as the power is shut off. The ship is flooded some small fish swim around. A stray fish swims past an open ventilation duct, and an eel shoots out and eats the stray fish, then returns to it's hiding place.

Elsewhere in the ship in a dark computer room that is high enough in the tilted ship that it hasn't been submerged. The computer room is small with various instruments and blinking lights. A monitor with a snaptop diskdrive in front of it, remains in the back center of the room, opposite from the door. A single red light tries to light up but dulls out. It tries again, then dulls out. Suddenly the red lights up and stays lit, the monitor manages to come on and the words "Sending Message" flicker on the screen. Then the monitor shuts off as the brief power surge fades.

Scene 2

Setting: In New Bethany. Simon and Angela walk down a peaceful street, holding hands. Angela is wearing burgandy khaki shorts and a pink tube top with a flower pattern, and sandles. Simon however, is still wearing his usual attire of black jeans and a grey button shirt. The only change is that the shirt is short-sleeved instead of long-sleeved.

Angela looks around her, cheerfuly: "What a beautiful day to take a walk, thanks for taking me, Simon."

Simon smiles, shyly: "You're welcome, Angie."

Simon and Angela stop where the sidewalk goes down a hill, the building stops and a small stone wall starts to form where the hill lowers. Behind the small wall is a rock garden with lots of pretty flowers. Angela sits on the wall and arcs backward to admire the flowers: "These smell nice."

Simon: "So do you. I mean.. not that I'm smelling you or anything.. or.."

Angela can't help but laugh: "Oh Simon, you can be so silly sometimes. Compliment accepted."

Angela pats the space on the wall next to her, Simon takes the invitation and sits down beside her. Angela leans back and kicks her feet back and forth, taking a deep breath and enjoying life itself. Simon smiles, knowing that Angela is content, he then looks at her feet as they kick in the air and notices a small tattoo on her ankle of a Japanese word in kanji.

Simon, puzzled: "When did you get a tattoo?"

Angela stops kick her feet, holding the tattooed ankle up for a minute: "I don't know. It just showed up just before we had that run in with Acornius. I have no idea where it came from."

Simon: "Why didn't you get it checked out?"

Angela: "Well, I think it's neat. I suspect it's a practical joke from Marcus, considering what it says."

Simon looks at the kanji closer: "Midara? But that means 'indecent'. You're anything but that. 'Seijun' would suit you better."

Angela: "You think I'm pure and innocent? How sweet."

Angela leans on Simon's shoulder: "Do you think it's possible to get it altered to say that?"

Simon: "Well.. Since you have the tattoo anyway, I guess it wouldn't hurt to check out a few parlors."

*beep! beep!*

Simon and Angela's communicator morphers go off. Simon looks around to make sure no one is watching then speaks into his communicator: "Simon here, shoot."

Victor's voice: "Simon, you and Angela need to get back to the Power Chamber, now."

Simon stands up from the wall then takes Angela's hand to help her up. The two then run off.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Victor stands next to Beta 1 with his arms crossed, looking into the Viewing Globe. Marcus, Aundria, and Lucas are working various control panels. Simon and Angela rush into the room.

Beta 1: "They're here!"

Simon: "Okay, we're here. What's going on?"

Beta 1 walks over to the main control panel: "Just twenty minutes ago we got a recorded message."

Angela: "A recorded message. What made it a priority for all of us to be here?"

Victor points to the Viewing Globe: "Just take a look at who it's from."

Simon and Angela look into the Viewing Globe and their eyes widen in shock.

Angela: "No way!"

In the Viewing Globe, a flickering image of Almidor is shown.

Simon, stunned: "The message is from Almidor."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom in the Dark Carrier. Furio walks into the room. Darkonda and Falconine are already sat in their respective thrones with Rygog and Cybera standing beside them.

Darkonda sits up: "What is it, Furio?"

Furio places his fist to his chest and bows his head: "We've just intercepted a message, I believe you'll find very interested."

Falconine perks up: "Oh really?"

Furio points two fingers to the floor and the projection of Almidor shows up: "See for yourself."

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Psychos stand and watch Almidor's message on the Viewing Globe.

Almidor: "If you are getting this message then that must mean I am no longer with you."

Angela holds Simon's arm tightly.

Almidor: "It also means that I didn't get a chance to show you the outstanding improvements I made to the Sky Knight."

Victor whispers to Simon's ear: "By the way, the Sky Knight is where this message originated from."

Simon: "But it's underwater!"

Almidor: "Simon, in my lab, you may have found a locked vault in the west wall. The code to unlock that vault is 5-7-19-74."

Victor puzzled speaks to himself: "Why does that number remind me of Tabby?"

Marcus: "Puhleaze man. Everything reminds you of your woman!"

Almidor: "There you will find a disk. Take this disk to computer room 12 inside the Sky Knight. Once the disk is inserted, input the sequence, 92-60-90."

Victor: "Now I KNOW those numbers seem familiar."

Marcus smirks: "Hehe.. I bet they do."

Almidor: "Once this code is inputted, you will be able to access the Sky Knight's full power. You will then have in your arsenal, the Sky Knight..*shiczzz*"

Almidor's message shorts out and cuts off. Simon rushes to the control panel, trying to be the transmission back on: "Argh! What happened?"

Victor: "That's where the transmission ended. We already tried to access more but that was all of it."

Zordon: "The Sky Knight Megaship's power systems must be down, this message only came through due to a possible fluke. However it was short lived."

Simon looks at readings from the transmission: "I think that's exactly what happened. After I go get the disk from Almidor's lab, we'll set out and reactivate the Sky Knight."

Aundria: "How exactly are we going to do that? The Sky Knight Megaship is resting at the bottom of New Bethany Harbor."

Simon: "There's a two-man submarine in a private dock at the harbor that we can use. Oh no. We have a problem."

Victor: "What?"

Simon: "We weren't the only ones that got this message. The signal was split and sent elsewhere as well."

Victor: "Let me guess. The Dark Carrier."

Simon turns around with a frown on his face, taps his finger on his nose.

Victor thinks for a moment: "We don't have time to waste. They can't get the disk, but they may still be able to acquire the Sky Knight Megaship."

Lucas adds: "They already took the Spear of Rebirth. We can't afford to lose another weapon."

Victor: "Simon, go get the disk now. Everyone let's get to that sub A.S.A.P."

Everyone nods in agreement: "Right!"

The Psychos rush out of the Power Chamber. Zordon: "Be careful, Rangers."

Scene 3

Setting: Later at New Bethany Harbor. The six Psycho Rangers make their way to a large dockhouse.

Psycho Black points to the dockhouse: "There it is. Our submarine is inside that dockhouse."

Psycho Red: "Then let's not dawdle."

The Psycho Rangers run to the dockhouse but they stop in their tracks when a red lightning bolt strikes the ground before them, Furio and a group of Skullinites appear before the Psychos.

Furio: "Hold it right there, Rangers."

Psycho Silver: "Furio!"

Psycho Black: "If you're here then you must have seen the message."

Furio smirks: "Yes. I'm well aware of the secrets of the Sky Knight Megaship. It has great power, and that power will be mine!"

Psycho Blue: "You can forget that, egghead!"

Furio points his sword at the Psychos and orders the Skullinites: "Skullinites, attack!"

The Skullinites charge towards the Psycho Rangers.

The Psycho Rangers take battle stance: "Psycho Rangers!"

Psycho Red pairs off with Furio while the other Psycho Rangers battle the Skullinites.

Psycho Red clashes swords with Furio: "You're fooling yourself if you think you can beat us, Furio. Your best bet is to step aside and let me through."

Furio: "Then you're the fool if you think I'll do that, Red Ranger. Today is your doomsday."

Psycho Red pushes Furio back: "Like I haven't heard that one before."

Psycho Red low slashes Furio, Furio stabs his sword into the ground using it as a balance when he highkicks Psycho Red to the chest. Furio pulls his sword back out and slashes Psycho Red across the chest.

Psycho Blue strikes down five Skullinites, one by one by striking them with the Psycho Axe.

Psycho Black balances himself with the Psycho Lance and spinkicks a Skullinite, then overhead smashes a second Skullinite, he brings his Lance back and hits a Skullinite behind him in the stomach. He flips forward so that the Lance uppercuts the Skullinite as it keels over. Psycho Black then goes into a breakdance spin with the Psycho Lance to knock several more Skullinites off their feet.

Psycho Red on one knee blocks Furio's sword with his own then leap back to his feet with a spinkick to Furio's chest.

Psycho Yellow knees a Skullinite in front of her and in one fluid motion brings that leg behind her to kick down another Skullinite. She shoots down a Skullinite to her left with the Psycho Slinger, rolls forward and shoots down another, then shoots a third in the opposite direction.

Psycho Pink finds her hands wrapped together by a Skullinites spinal whip, the Skullinite spins around, Psycho Pink rolls off her feet but bases her left heel to the ground and pulls the Skullinite to her and jumps up to give a flying roundhouse kick to the Skullinite as it's pulled to her, nearly decapitating the goon.

Psycho Silver using a flashier kung-fu style, spin chops a Skullinite, then spins into a double roundhouse kick on a Skullinite behind. A third Skullinite tries to charge him but Psycho Silver uses the back of the second Skullinite as it falls to the ground as a stand, lifts his legs and grabs the third Skullinite in a headscissors, he spirals over to flip the Skullinite off it's feet, he uses the momentum to launch into a leap and takes down two more Skullinites with a double clothesline he then fires several punches to the two downs Skullinites heads.

Furio fires an energy bolt at Psycho Red, but he deflects it with a swing from his sword as he runs to Furio. He jumps into the are and jumpkicks Furio in the chest, Furio is forced to take a step back but he doesn't get a chance to recover as Psycho Silver leaps off the squatted Psycho Red's shoulders and gives him a flying windmill kick to the head.

Psycho Silver summons his weapon: "Psycho Silverizer!"

Psycho Silver charges Furio shooting at rapid speed with his Silverizer. Sparks fly off of Furio's chest. Psycho Silver jumps into the air and drops down with the Silverizer in a blue vertical wave down the middle of Furio. Psycho Silver turns around as explosions burst all around Furio.

Furio falls to one knee: "No, not again! How many times must I suffer defeat?!"

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda and Falconine watch Furio's latest defeat.

Falconine responds to Furio's last comment: "My words exactly."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "My dear, would you care to give him an assist."

Falconine sighs: "If we must."

Falconine snaps her fingers: "Conqueror Condorus, come here!"

Monster's voice: "Coming, my queen."

Suddenly a bird monster dressed as a Spanish conquistador complete with gold armor, gold hat, and baggy pants with red and black stripes: "Conqueror Condorus at your service."

Falconine summons a raven: "Eliminate the Power Rangers."

Conqueror Condorus jumps into the projection: "It will be my pleasure!"

Falconine sends the raven into the projection after Conqueror Condorus.

Darkonda rubs his hands together: "Hahahahahahaha! Let the fun begin!"

Falconine: "Indeed."

Scene 5

Setting: The docks. The five core Psychos charge up their energy balls as Psycho Silver stands aside.

Psycho Red: "Psycho Fire!"

The Psycho Rangers release their energy balls, the five balls merge into one large black energy ball and strikes down Furio. The explosion sends Furio into the air and he rolls to the ground. Furio tries to stand back up, breathing hard.

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! Now he's a scrambled egghead!"

Furio stands back up and coughs: "Heh. I wouldn't boast just yet, Blue Ranger."

Furio points to the sky, the Psychos turn to see what he's pointing at. In the sky, Conqueror Condorus falls towards them with the grow raven cawing behind him. Conqueror Condorus: "Hahahaha! It's death from above for you, Rangers! Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Red runs ahead of the other Psychos: "Okay guys. You know what we have to do!"

The Psycho Rangers agree: "Right!"

The five core Psychos hold their hands up and summon their Guardian Keys: "Guardian Force Unleash!"

The five core Psychos slam their keys into the ground forming five pillars of light. The pillars vanish, to reveal the five Guardianzords.

Furio teleports away: "I'll leave this up to him."

The raven releases a black energy on Conqueror Condorus and he turns into a giant before he lands on his feet. Tearing up the streets below.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black teleports inside: "Black Tengu Guardianzord!"

The Black Tengu Guardianzord energizes it's lance and it's wings extend as a mountain appears behind it.

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow teleports inside: "Yellow Samurai Guardianzord!"

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord pulls out it's sword as lightning strikes behind it.

[Pink cockpit scene] Psycho Pink teleports inside: "Pink Miko Guardianzord!"

The Pink Miko Guardianzord puts it's hands together and bows as pink clouds form all around it.

Psycho Silver turns around: "No sense in me just standing on the sidelines."

Psycho Silver yells: "Tora Ho!"

[Tora arrival sequence]

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue teleports inside: "Blue Tanuki Guardianzord!"

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord growls as it's rear legs dig into the ground and it shakes it's head in a crazed frenzy.

Psycho Silver holds up his morpher and presses the first button: "Tora-Shinobizord Transform!"

[Tora-Shinobizord transformation sequence]

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver teleports inside: "Silver Tora-Shinobizord!"

The Silver Tora-Shinobizord roars and silver light shines behind it.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red teleports inside: "Red Shogun Guardianzord!"

The Red Shogun Guardianzord takes a battle stance as fire erupts around it.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Bring together the Guardian Megazord!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

Conqueror Condorus summons a Spanish rifle and takes aim: "You think your Megazord is impressive, I'll show you otherwise. Hahahaha!"

Conqueror Condorus fires his rifle at the Zords. Explosions erupt around Guardian Megazord and Tora-Shinobizord.

The Tora-Shinobizord rushes forward, Conqueror Condorus shoots at the tiger but Tora-Shinobizord outmanuevers them, roars mightily and gores Conqueror and flips him over the robot beast's back onto the ground. Conqueror Condorus stands back: "Come back here, kitty. I'm not through with you!"

Before Conqueror Condorus can shoot again, the Guardian Megazord walks up behind him and turns him around. Conqueror Condorus: "What?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahahaha! I just love this part! Tanuki Fists!"

The Guardian Megazord's fists cast a blue glow and launches hundreds of punches to Conqueror Condorus. Condorus backs off but then Silver Tora-Shinobizord fires from it's side cannons at him. Condorus falls to the ground again.

Conqueror Condorus stands back up: "Grrr.. I hope you have your summer clothes on, because things are about to get hot!"

Conqueror Condorus extends his arms and a 2-dimensional Aztec sun appears behind him, rising: "Hahahahaha! Remember, don't look directly into the sun! Hahahahahaha!"

Conqueror Condorus laughs as the 2-dimensional painted sun fires several fire balls from the sky at the Zords. The explosions take down both Zords.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Sparks fly from the control panels as the Psychos are shook up.

[Silver cockpit scene] Sparks flry from Psycho Silver's controls as well. He recovers: "Okay, Condorus. If you're going to turn it up a notch, so will I! Shinobizord Power!"

The Silver Tora-Shinobizord roars as it stands back up.

[Silver Shinobizord transformation sequence]

The Silver Shinobizord throws several shurikens at Conqueror Condorus but they bounce off his armored chest, and he merely laughs them off.

The Silver Shinobizord runs and jumps into the air, pulling out it's katana. It drops down and slices the Aztec sun in half.

Conqueror Condorus puts his hands to his head: "No! My sun!"

[Guardian-Tora Megazord transformation sequence]

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "I'd turn around if I were you!"

Conqueror Condorus turns around and jumps back as he sees the Guardian-Tora Megazord before him.

[Megazord cockpit scene]: Psycho Red: "One-Two Tiger Strike!"

The Guardian-Tora Megazord holds up it's arms as both sets of claws glow. It strikes the monster with the front-leg claws first, then the tail claw. The Guardian-Tora Megazord and Silver Shinobizord turn away as Conqueror Condorus falls down and explodes.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "We got that out of the way, now let's go get that sub."

The Guardian-Tora Megazord and Silver Shinobizord stand before the flaming debris that was once Conqueror Condorus.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the wooden dockhouse. While the dockhouse looked rustic on the outside, it's very high-tech inside. In the middle of the large room is a pool with a black sub that strongly resembles a hovercar, with a black dome on top. Simon and Victor are suiting up in scubadiving gear.

Victor: "So basically we just turn the power inside the Sky Knight back on, then plug in that disk and wait to see what happens next, right?"

Simon nods as puts on his oxygen pack: "Right. Just remember that Sky Knight has been underwater for a long time now. Even without intereference from Darkonda, it may still be dangerous."

Angela: "Well be careful."

Aundria: "Same here. Are you sure you guys don't want the rest of us to come along."

Victor fits on his oxygen pack: "No. Only two of us can fit inside that sub and really this is only a two man job anyway."

Lucas adds in: "Besides, Furio may come back. Some of us need to stay on the surface to take care of him."

Aundria: "I got all of that. Just be careful guys."

Simon and Victor load into the open sidehatch of the sub. Victor smirks: "Careful? What is this word you speak of?"

Aundria: "I'm serious."

Victor chuckles: "Relax. This will be a piece of cake."

Marcus remarks: "Well it would have been until you just jinxed yourself."

Victor closes the hatch behind him: "We'll be okay, Marcus."

Victor sits inside and Simon presses some switches. The submarine begins to submerge in the water.

Marcus yells: "Hey! If you don't come back. I'll make sure that Tabuna and Angela aren't lonely at night! Hehehe."

Aundria slaps Marcus in the back of the head: "You need to be cold at night. A few icecubes down your pants would do the trick."

Marcus mutters some profanity as he rubs the back of his head.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Falconine berates Furio for failing yet again.

Falconine: "How incompetant can one idiotic mutant get?"

Furio drops his head: "I'm sorry. Give me one more chance and I will destroy those Rangers, next time."

Falconine: "As if you haven't used that line before."

Darkonda: "Never mind my colleague's incompetance, my dear. The Rangers don't haven't reactivated the Sky Knight Megaship yet."

Falconine: "Yes, but they're now out of our reach, now that they're underwater."

Furio: "Perhaps an underwater monster would be useful in this situation."

Rygog notices a dark mist flooding the room: "Um.. My dark delight?"

Falconine doesn't give Rygog any notice and waves him off: "Not now, fool."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "Well, do you have an amphibious monster?"

Falconine caresses her chin: "Hmmm... Well there was Penguisamo but he was destroyed months ago."

Rygog gets worried about the dark mist: "But my queen, you should.."

The mist causes Rygog to fall unconscious and fall on the ground.

Falconine still doesn't turn her head to look at Rygog: "There is nothing I 'should' do. You would do best to remember that.."

The mist affects Falconine and she slowly falls asleep. She begins to fall backward but Dr. Hinelar catches her: "Sleep well, little one. Hmhmhmhm."

Darkonda and Furio quickly bow to Dr. Hinelar.

Darkonda: "Dr. Hinelar, what do we owe this pleasure."

Dr. Hinelar mentally lifts Falconine off the ground and lightly sets her in her throne. He then turns his attention to his Crulian servants: "Get on your feet, worms. I haven't come here for your worship."

Darkonda and Furio quickly jump to their feet. Furio: "Of course, master."

Darkonda: "My apologize, your evilness, but what are you doing here?"

Dr. Hinelar: "I have a vested interest in this particular mission of yours, Darkonda."

Dr. Hinelar uncovers his arm to reveal that he is wearing the Infinity Stone.

Darkonda's eyes widen: "The Infinity Stone?"

The Infinity Stone glows on Dr. Hinelar's arm: "Yes. I have been studying it's powers and I believe I have found a way to creat more of my superbeast monsters."

Darkonda: "So you'll create for us, an amphibious monster?"

Dr. Hinelar slightly smiles evily: "Hmhmhm.. Beast-3, the Murklurker, arise!"

Dr. Hinelar raises the Infinity Stone and it begins to glow eerily.

Scene 3

Setting: A strange realm. The sky and it's clouds are green. The ground is nothing but barrenous rocks. On top of a cliff, stands Almidor.

Almidor protests: "No! I won't let you use the Infinity Stone for evil. I won't allow it!"

A screeching female: "Hahahaha! Like you have any say in the matter, Almidor."

Three wisps appear and circle around Almidor, all laughing maniacally at Almidor. Almidor tries to shake them off: "No, stay away from me!"

The three wisps change into Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Divatox, but they're all transparent.

Rita Repulsa: "Hahahaha! You.. should have thought of that before you trapped us inside the Infinity Stone."

Lord Zedd: "Torturing you is the only pleasure we have these days."

Divatox: "So you better get used to it, bub! Hahahahahaha!"

Rita Repulsa: "But don't get too used to it. Otherwise, where's the fun? Hahahahahaha!"

Rita, Zedd and Divatox laugh as they unleash electrical currents on Almidor. Almidor falls to his knees in pain as his unending torture by the three spirits continues inside the Infinity Stone.

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. The room glows in a green storm as the Infinity Stone creates a large ball of green light. The light spreads as it lowers to the floor and forms into a monster cast in darkness. The only thing that is visible is it's drooling teeth.

The Murklurker snarls and drools in the darkness. Darkonda is impressed with it's appearance: "Very impressive, master. The Murklurker will serve us well."

Dr. Hinelar lowers his arm: "It will. Just be sure that you serve me well."

Dr. Hinelar teleports away. Darkonda points to the projection of New Bethany Harbor: "Murklurker, get into the water and destroy the Rangers!"

The Murklurker growls as it jumps into the projection. With Dr. Hinelar absent, Falconine and Rygog begin to awaken. Darkonda and Furio watch the projections on the image wirh interest.

Scene 5

Setting: New Bethany Harbor. Lucas, Aundria, Marcus, and Angela stand outside the dockhouse looking out to the water and wait for Victor and Simon's return.

Angela asks Aundria: "Do you think they're okay?"

Aundria: "Don't worry about them. Those two know how to take care of themselves."

Lucas points to the sky: "Look. Something is coming."

A large scaily figure cannoballs into the water.

Marcus: "What the hell was that?"

Aundria grows concerned and holds up her morpher hand: "It was trouble, that's what it was."

Aundria speaks into her communicator: "Victor! Simon! Something's coming your way?"

Aundria gets nothing but static on her communicator.

Aundria tries again: "Victor! Simon! Respond now!"


Angela: "Can't you reach them?"

Aundria throws down her arms in frustration: "No good. They must too far deep. Our communicators don't work."

Lucas: "Which means, whatever that thing was, Victor and Simon are not going to see it coming."

Marcus: "Well that certainly sucks and blows!"

Aundria looks at Marcus then looks at the water with nothing but worry on her face.

Scene 6

Setting: The black submarine makes it's way underwater. Inside, Victor and Simon are slowly working their controls, making sure they're careful, piloting the sub.

Victor: "How much further?"

Simon: "We're now one kilometer under the surface. The Sky Knight should only be about 200 meters to the northeast."

Victor: "Gotcha."

Victor points ahead: "Look. The Sky Knight is coming up on the visuals."

Simon and Victor look ahead and see the sunken Sky Knight Megaship, tilted on several rocks. Simon: "The Sky Knight Megaship, resting in it's watery grave."

Victor: "Let's just hope it doesn't become our graves."

Simon: "Ready?"

Victor pushes forward: "Let's go in."

In the distance without Victor and Simon's knowledge, the dark Murklurker follows them.

The submarine reaches the Sky Knight, swimming low to get below the ship. Simon's voice: "The underhatch should be over here."

Victor's voice: "I see it. Directly above us."

The submarine opens up a rear hatch and two mechanical arms with pincers eject, they slowly attach to the underhatch of the Sky Knight Megaship. Simon's voice: "With the power out, we'll have to open the Sky Knight's baydoors manually."

The pincers grab hold of the ridges of the underhatch and begin pull the hatch open. The hatch swings up and the pincers retract back into the sub. Simon's voice: "The door is open, now we let ourselves in."

The sub raises and enters the Sky Knight. The Sky Knight inside is completely flooded, the submarine stops. It's main hatch flips open, Victor and Simon swim out in full scuba gear and underwater flashlights. The exit the bay and into a smaller hallway. A creepy figure swims into the ship as Victor and Simon leave the bay and into the rest of the ship. The creepy figure's eyes cast an eery red glow as begins to rip the submarine to shreds with it's bare claws.

Scene 7

Setting: Further into the ship. Victor and Simon swim to a fork in the hallway.

Victor: "Okay, now where to?"

Simon: "First we have to repair the generators so that power returns to the ship, then we insert the disk."

Victor: "Sounds easy enough."

Simon: "Don't jinx us! Follow me, if I remember correctly the power room is this way."

Simon leads Victor down the first hallway to the left. After they turn around the corner at the hallway the creepy figure makes it's way to the fork, it's eyes cast an eery red glow as it's teeth extend.

Scene 8

Setting: The generator room. Unlike the rest of the ship it is dry and closed off. There are three large generators at the edge of the room. A second floor walkway with a grailing over the generators, only accessable by one ladder. There is large ventillation duct above at the top of the room. There is steel door, closed and appears to be the only other entrance to the room.

Simon's voice from outside the room: "It's closed tight."

Victor's voice from outside the room: "Alright. On three. One, two, three!"

The steel door starts to budge ever so slightly.

Victor's voice: "Come on, don't give up. It's moving!"

The door starts to open and water tries to rush in, Victor and Simon squeeze through the barely open door.

Victor: "Quickly, close it back up!"

Victor and Simon work together and force the door back closed before the generator room is flooded like the rest of the ship.

Victor and Simon rest against the door and take off their oxygen masks. They're tired. Simon: "Whew! We made it."

Victor smirks: "Good job."

The duo slap each other's fists then turn their attention to the generators.

Simon aims his light towards the generators: "Here they are. This is the powersource for the Sky Knight. Hmmm... Everything looks okay, I wonder where the problem is?"

Victor points upward: "Look."

Simon looks up and sees a pipe that came off the ceiling and fell on the main powerswitch: "You've got to be kidding me! All we have to do is flip the switch?"

Victor pats Simon on the back: "What are you complaining about? You should be relieved that the task is so simple."

Simon makes his way to the ladder: "I know, I know. But I was kind of hoping to use my technical skills a bit."

Victor: "Never look a gift horse in the mouth, my friend."

Simon climbs to the top of the ladder and onto the second floor grailing. He makes his way to the switch. He picks the large pipe off of the switch and drops it to the floor: "Oh well. At least this means we can go home all the faster. Sky Knight, wake up."

Before Simon can pull the switch, the main door begins to open. Victor turns around: "Huh? Simon, turn the doors off before this place floods!"

Simon grows concerned: "It's not my doing. I haven't turned the power back on, yet."

Victor: "You mean, we have a visitor."

Victor prepares to morph: "Well he's about to get more than he bargained for. Let's Get.."

Simon yells: "Stop! If you morph you may damage your scuba suit, which means you're a dead duck if this place is flooded."

Victor stomps his foot in frustration as the door opens up and water rushes in: "Damn. Fine I'll do this old fashioned way."

Victor takes a martial arts stance: "Flip the switch now, Simon!"

Simon rushes to flip the switch but suddenly a hand pokes the small opening at the door and releases an energy bolt at the switch. It explodes before Simon can reach it. The explosion sends Simon falling back and he flips backward over the railing and hangs for dear life above the generators.

Victor: "Simon!"

Simon turns his head backward: "Victor, look out!"

Victor turns around and large, dark green, finned claw is the last thing he sees.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The generator room of the Sky Knight. Simon continues to hang on to the edge of the second floor and avoid falling to the fatal generators below. Victor's life is being choked out of him by the Murklurker as it's huge webbed hand completey covers his face. Water is also flooding into the generator room as the main door has been left open by the Murklurker.

Simon losing his grip, one hand slips off and he comes closer to falling to his doom: "No. Gotta hold on.. Can't.. give up!"

The Murklurker is still well hidden by the darkness even as it makes terrible noises and chokes out Victor. Victor falls to his knees and struggles with all of his strength to break free of the Murklurker.

Simon strains himself trying to get his other arm back to the edge, he finally regains his hold. He then tries to pull himself up, completely.

Victor not able to see the monster, flails his arms blindly at first then concentrates on pounding his fists into the monster's elbow joint. Murklurker begins to be annoyed and the claws on it's free hand extend as it prepares slash Victor. Victor's relentless hammering on the monster's arm eventually forces it to let go. Victor gasps deeply for air and turns his head just in time to see the other claw coming for him, Victor tries to roll out of the way, the claw tears into his oxygen tank and oxygen steams out. Victor makes a run for it as the Murklurker snarls and takes chase. Victor removes his ruined oxygen pack he then slams it into the side of the monster's face. Stunning it, ever so briefly.

Victor slips on the slipper floor and lands on his bum. The Murklurker charges him. Victor tries to get up he jumps to his feet and hops back to avoid the monster's claws. He continues to duck and swerve to avoid the monster's frenzied attack but the monster finally slashes Victor's right shoulder and falls to ground with blood dripping. The monster tries to crush his chest with it's foot but Victor catches it with both hands and struggles to keep it off of him.

Meanwhile Simon inches his right leg over the edge then rolls his enter body back to safety. He lets go a deep breath in relief then turns his attention to Victor: "Victor!"

Victor looks up: "Don't worry about me! Just get the power online."

Simon: "But!"

Victor grows angry even as the Murklurker tries to crush him: "Just do it, damnit!"

Simon relunctantly complies and rushes to the damaged switch. He surveys the damage and realizes he has some work ahead of him: "Crap, and I was upset because it was going to be too easy."

Meanwhile the Murklurker gives up on trying to crush Victor's chest, it reaches down and grabs Victor by the top of the head and lifts him up off the ground. The monster prepares to slice Victor in half but Victor grabs ahold of the monster's wrist, lifts his body up and proceeds to give the monster several mule kicks to the face. It lets go of him and he falls to the ground. He spins around and backflips several feet away from the monster. He looks down on the ground and sees his damaged oxygen tank: "Well. It looks like I'm going to drown anyway, so I might as well. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Psycho Red takes a battle stance against Murklurker even though the water is now a foot deep: "Alright ugly. Let's see how you can handle a fully-morphed Psycho Ranger!"

The Murklurker snarls and charges towards Psycho Red.

Psycho Red: "Heh. Come and get me."

Psycho Red throws a roundhouse kick as the Murklurker runs to him but the monster grabs his leg and slams Psycho Red to the ground.

Meanwhile Simon fidgets with the few stray wires left from the busted switch: "Come on, come on. I almost have it."

Sparks fly off the open panel, Simon flinches and covers his face: "Yah!"

Simon puts his finger in his mouth because it was burned, he shakes off the pain and returns to working with the wires, trying to get the power back on.

Psycho Red from the floor, gives Murklurker a spinning bicycle kick to the knee. The monster bends over slightly but backhands Psycho Red into a wall. Psycho Red turns his head and notices that the flooding water is getting too close to the generators: "Uh oh. That's not good. Unless I want to be the most electrifying Ranger of all time."

The Murklurker charges and tries to pin Psycho Red to the wall, but Psycho Red leapfrogs over the monster and makes a run to the ladder. The Murklurker chases. Psycho Red leaps from the ground and grabs ahold of the ladder just a moment before the water reaches the generators. Electricity rushes through the water, sparks fly as the Murklurker is electrocuted and falls backward into the water. Psycho Red: "Whew!"

Psycho Red climbs up the ladder just as Simon ties to wires together and the lights in the room turn on: "Yes! Who's da man!"

Psycho Red: "I am, but you're close."

Simon sarcastic: "Ha.. ha."

Simon looks around the room: "Anyway. What's the status of the monster?"

Psycho Red: "Don't worry about that thing, it's been fried and no longer a problem for us."

Suddenly the Murklurker leaps onto the second floor and swipes Psycho Red in the back, taking him down.

Simon: "Victor!"

Psycho Red lifts himself back up: "Simon, get to the computer room now!"

Simon: "But the water, it may still be electrified!"

Psycho Red battles the Murklurker but still manages to point to the ladder. Simon runs and takes off his oxygen pack and hurls it at the Murklurker to distract it long enough for Psycho Red to get in a few good shots. Simon climbs up the second ladder and opens the hatch up top. He turns around and looks down the hatch: "Victor, come on!"

Psycho Red struggles to break free of the Murklurker's grip: "I'm coming, I'm coming! Just get to the computer room!"

Psycho Red throws several punches to the monster, but it's unphased: "Come on, sushibreath, go down already."

The Murklurker punches Psycho Red so hard, that he flies and crashes into the ladder. The Murklurker charges. Psycho Red turns around and climbs up the ladder as fast as he can, the Murklurker misses him but his swipe, shreds the ladder below Red. The Murklurker looks up and sees Psycho Red climbing to safety and it's expression is that of pure animalistic rage.

Psycho Red makes it out of the hatch, breathing hard he slams the hatch back shut just before the Murklurker reaches it. Heavy pounding comes from below the hatch as it slowly starts to come off it's hinges. Psycho Red makes his way down the new hall and sees Simon ahead of him. Simon points past Psycho Red: "Victor, run!"

Psycho Red looks back and sees a wave of water as big as the hallway rushing towards him: "Oh no! Some of the doors must have automatically opened when the power came back on!"

Psycho Red makes a run for it but he can't out run the water and he's soon caught in it's tidal grip. Simon, already far ahead gets caught in the wave of rushing water as well. Both Psycho Red and Simon are helpless inside the rushing water. They're taking down a hallway, in the middle of the hallway is large steel pillar, Simon smashes, backfirst into the pillar, knocking him out. Psycho Red sees that Simon is unconscious, underwater so he grabs Simon as the water reaches the end of the hall and begins to settle. Psycho Red places the back of his hand against Simon to make sure he's still alive. He then looks back again and sees the Murklurker swimming his way. Psycho Red carries Simon around his shoulder and tries to swim down a sidehall and evade Murklurker. However, Murklurker is much fast and eventually catches up to Psycho Red and grabs him by the leg just before he can reach another door at the end of that hallway. Psycho Red tries to shake loose, Murklurker's grip on his leg but then unleashes a green bolt on Murklurker, the monster flinches and backs off long enough for Psycho Red to open the last door and enter a dry room, closing it behind him.

Psycho Red lightly slaps Simon on the cheek: "Simon? Come on, old friend. Wake up. Please don't tell me I have to use mouth-to-mouth."

Simon begins to wake up, he coughs up some water and shakes his head. He then sees Psycho Red helping him stand up: "Victor? Am I still alive?"

Psycho Red: "Thankfully yes. Now let's find the computer room."

Simon looks around in the new room: "Finally. Something going are way."

Simon sees three doors in the room they are in. Simon walks up to the center and presses a button sequence on the control panel, the door opens to reveal the computer room: "Bingo."

Psycho Red: "That's great. You take care of business here. I'm going to take care of some other business."

Simon turns his head back to Psycho Red: "What?"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "That monster is still onboard our ship. I have to take it out before it causes anymore damage."

Simon: "Good luck."

Psycho Red: "Same to you."

Psycho Red leaves the computer room as Simon smirks and pulls out the disk.

Psycho Red exits the computer room and looks down the hall: "Now where is that thing..*"

Blindside the monster tackles Psycho Red and slams him into the wall, denting it. The monster takes it's claws and slashes Psycho Red's chest. Sparks fly off of his chest as Red falls to the ground and the monster stomps on his back: "Ahhh!"

The Murklurker picks up Psycho Red by the back of the head and opens it's mouth wide. Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword and drives the blade right into the monster's chest behind him. The monster lets go of Psycho Red and he charges with monster down the third of the three small doors and down a shute. Sparks fly all over the place as Psycho Red and the Murklurker slide down the shute, together. They fly out of the shute and fall into a very large room with missles and other weapons stacked. There's three feet of water on the floor, enough to reach Psycho Red's hips.

Psycho Red looks around and doesn't see the monster anywhere in sight: "Now where the hell is that thing. I'm getting tired of this peekaboo garbage."

The Murklurker roars and hisses as it leaps out of the water right behind Psycho Red and grabs him. Psycho Red screams as the monster drives it's claws into his chest. The monster falls forward with Psycho Red in it's grip and holds him underwater like a crocodile. Psycho Red tries to break free underwater, he manages to get one arm free and reaches for his Psycho Sword as it lays at the bottom of the floor just inches away.

Scene 2

Setting: The computer room. Simon works anxiously to get the computer started. The computer comes online, Simon opens the lid to the diskdrive and places the disk inside.

Simon closes the lid and the computer screen asks for the code: "Simple enough. 91-60-90."

The computer says: "INCORRECT CODE!"

Simon is frustrated: "What?! No, what did I do wrong? 91-60-91."

The computer says: "INCORRECT CODE!"

Simon slaps his forehead in frustration, shakes his head and tries again: "Okay, one more time. 91-61-91."


Simon stands back for a moment: "Oh crap. This is not good."

The alarms go off flashing red as the computer begins the countdown: "60, 59, 58,"

Simon rubs his temples: "Come on Simon, think, think! You know the code!"

Computer: "56, 55, 54.."

Simon punches his own hand: "Ugh! I knew I should have written it down!"

Scene 3

Setting: In the missle room. Psycho Red is still being held underwater by the Murklurker and reaches for his Psycho Sword. The alarms go off in and the lights flash red just like in the rest of the ship. The alarms going off distracts the monster long enough for Psycho Red to break free and grab his Psycho Sword. The monster notices Psycho Red getting free and tries to attack him again, but Psycho Red jumps up and upward strikes the monster in the chest.

Psycho Red then notices the alarms going off: "Oh man! What now?! Simon you better not be getting us killed or I'm going to kick your.."

The Murklurker attacks Psycho Red again before he can finish his sentence.

Scene 4

Setting: The computer room. Simon frantically tries more number sequences.

Simon: "Uh, uh. 90-60-90? No, no. They weren't all multiples of 3 or 10."

Scene 5

Setting: Missle room. Psycho Red uses his sword to the deflect the monster's attacks. He then sees a missle shute to the side.

Psycho Red: "Excellent."

Psycho Red ducks under a swipe from the monster and rolls past it, making a run for the missle silo. The monster chases after Psycho Red. Psycho Red stops once he reaches the loading clamp for the silo. He waits and doesn't look back to the see the monster: "I hope this works. Come on and get me you Charlie Tuna on steroids."

The Murklurker leaps into the air to pounce Psycho Red, Psycho Red turns his head just slightly and sees the monster coming for him, at last second he sidesteps and the monster lands on the loading clamp. Psycho Red pulls a lever and the clamp locks the monster in place.

Psycho Red: "Okay Jabberjaws, I hope you like wild rides because this one is going to be real wild!"

Psycho Red pulls a second lever and the monster is loaded into the missle shoot. Psycho Red runs to a big red button: "As Divabimbo would say, 'Fire The Torpedos!'"

Psycho Red slams the big red button and the monster is shot out of the Sky Knight like a missle and out of the water. Psycho Red slaps the dust from his heads: "And don't come back."

Scene 6

Setting: The harbor. Aundria, Angela, Lucas and Marcus remain worried.

Aundria stops pacing back and forth and stomps her foot on the floor: "Ugh. I can't take this anymore. We have no way of knowing how Victor and Simon are doing down there! We don't even know what that monster was!"

Angela points up: "I think we're just about to find out, look!"

The Psychos look as the Murklurker is flying the air like a missle over them and crashes into the street. The Murklurker stands back up and sees the Psychos.

Marcus: "Oh yuck. I hate seafood."

Aundria: "Let's Get Psycho!"

Scene 7

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Furio and Falconine watch the projection as the Murklurker charges for the morphing Psychos.

Falconine seems puzzled: "What is that monster? That's not one of mine. I don't even remember us sending it."

Darkonda: "It's a special monster of mine, my dear. I sent it while you were taking a nap."

Falconine: "And that's another thing, what happened to me?"

Darkonda: "Clearly you've been working yourself very hard lately. I suggest you take a beauty rest, but first. Would you mind giving my Murklurker monster a little boost?"

Falconine summons her raven: "Perhaps your right."

Falconine launches the raven into the projection.

Scene 8

Setting: The harbor. The Murklurker charges towards Psychos Yellow, Silver, Blue and Pink.

Psycho Yellow: "Stand ready."

Psycho Silver looks up: "Our troubles are about to get bigger."

Psycho Yellow looks up and sees the raven: "Oh no. Like we really need this. We can't even use the Guardian Megazord without the other two."

The raven flies over the Murklurker and unleashes it's black energy, making the monster grow into a giant. The giant Murklurker unleashes a black mist from it's pores, clouding the Psycho Rangers and making them fall to their knees and cough.

Psycho Yellow: "*cough* *cough* We need Red and Black to take this thing? What's taking them *cough* so long."

Scene 9

Setting: Psycho Red runs into the computer room. He sees the countdown reaching 15.

Psycho Red: "Simon, what did you do?"

Simon turns to Psycho Red in panic: "I'm sorry Vic! I couldn't remember the code, and now the Sky Knight set itself on self-destruct."

Computer: "12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7,"

Psycho Red: "What was the code?"

Simon: "I don't know! It was 90 something, 60 something, 90 something."

Computer: "5, 4, 3,"

Psycho Red rushes to the computer: "I know what it is! Out of the way!"

Psycho Red tries to type in the number sequence: "92-60-"

Computer: "1, Ze.."

Scene 10

Setting: Outside in the harbor. The Murklurker is about to put it's foot on the coughing Psychos when suddenly a large explosion underwater creates a geyser in the bay.

Psycho Yellow: "No! That was an explosion!"

Psycho Pink: "You don't think the Sky Knight was destroyed, do you? With Victor and Simon inside?"

Psycho Blue: "No, my bros can't go out like that!"

Psycho Silver looks down and shakes his head on the ground: "They two of the noblest warriors and greatest men I've ever had the pleasure of fighting with."

The Murklurker turns it's attention back to the Psycho Rangers and reaches for them.

Psycho Yellow: "Look out!"

Psycho Pink: "I.. I.. can't move!"

Just before the Murklurker can reach the Psycho Rangers something large flies out of the water rams Murklurker into the ground away from the Psychos.

Psycho Silver stands up: "What's that?"

Psycho Blue: "It can't be!"

Psycho Pink looks up with excitement: "It is! It is!"

Psycho Yellow cranks her fist: "Yes! It's the Sky Knight!"

The Sky Knight Megaship flies over the Murklurker as it's knocked to the ground. The Sky Knight turns around and heads back for the Psychos.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] In a cockpit very similar to the Guardian Megazord cockpit, except that's it' primarily white instead of black and has six seats instead of five. Psycho Red sits in the front middle seat while Black sits in the front left seat. Psycho Red: "Look who's back in the saddle! Simon, how about we give the gang a lift?"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black pulls a joystick and presses a small green button on his control panel: "All aboard!"

The Sky Knight Megaship unleashes a blue beam on the Psychos as it flies over them, when the beam vanishes so do the Psychos.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] The other four Psycho Rangers teleport into the cockpit. Psycho Silver in the rear middle seat behind Psycho Red. Yellow in the left rear seat behind Black. Blue in the right front seat and Pink behind him in the rear right seat.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Pink claps her hands together: "You two are okay!"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Red, cocky: "You were worried about us? Shame on you."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Where are we?"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow looks around: "Yeah, I don't remember this cockpit. Why aren't we in the bridge?"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Because we're going to be using the Sky Knight just a little bit different today."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Blue rubs his hands together: "Hehehahahaha! Well blondie, don't keep us in suspense. On with the show, man!"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "You got it. Victor? The disk uploaded the Megazord program into the Sky Knight. So are you ready?"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Red sits back: "Of course. Activate Sky Knight Megazord!"

[Sky Knight Megazord transformation sequence: The Sky Knight flies high into the air and the background looks like outerspace. White electricity flows every which was as the Sky Knight begins to extend in the center, strecthing. The front half of the Sky Knight splits and the head where the bridge is locate rotates upward to create the feet. The two circular thrusters in the back split off from the ship and twist to the sides, unfolding to create arms, the wings extend and slide to the shoulders. The secondary thrusters, the square ones in the front of the ship, slide and rotate 180' degrees to form the back of the ship. Finally the head begins to slide out from the body. It is mostly white with lower triangular jaw, resembling a cow ram found in the front of an old fashioned steam engine train with two white blades where the ears would be, arced backwards like antennas, with a large black dome for a forehead and two sleek yellow eyes between the dome and jawplaint. The Sky Knight Megazord poses and raises it's left arm and lightning thunders in the background.]

The Sky Knight Megazord lands on the ground in front of the Murklurker. It's body is mostly white with black and red trim. It's chest has a large black rectangular design with a red rectangle with in it, a black oval in the red triangle containing the Psycho Ranger "N" symbol on it's chest. It's legs are bellbottom like with it's large oversized shins and feet compared to it's thinner upper legs. It's arms are bulky and square with the Sky Knight's wing on it's should arced backward like blades, just like the ones on the head. It doesn't have any hands instead it has two cannons at the end of it's arms made from the circular thrusters found on the back of the ship.

The Sky Knight Megazord poses in front of the confused Murklurker. Psycho Ranger's voice: "Sky Knight Megazord!"

Scene 11

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Falconine and Furio are upset to see the Sky Knight Megazord.

Falconine: "What? A new Megazord?!"

Darkonda: "Blast it! The Murklurker failed to stop the Rangers."

Furio: "This new Megazord must be the Sky Knight's hidden power that Almidor was talking about."

Falconine walks away in frustration: "The Rangers have a new weapon. This is getting highly annoying."

Darkonda looks back into the projection: "Agreed."

Scene 12

Setting: The Zord battle at the harbor docks. The Murklurker tightens it's fists and charges the Sky Knight Megazord.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "It's coming this way!"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Red takes control of his joysticks: "Okay, let's see what the Sky Knight Megazord can do!"

The Murklurker strikes the Sky Knight Megazord in the chest, sparks fly. The Sky Knight Megazord steps back side punches the monster in the chest, the clubs the monster with it's other arm but the monster takes a bite into the shoulder of the Sky Knight.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Sparks fly in the cockpit as the Rangers are shook up. Psycho Red tries to keep from falling out of seat: "Simon, what's the deal why is the Sky Knight Megazord so sluggish?!"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Give me a break! The Sky Knight's been dormant underwater for several months, we're not at full power right now."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Maybe we should summon the Guardian Megazord?"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Black looks at the readings on his personal monitor: "Wait. That may not be necessary. The Sky Knight Megazord may not be at full strength, but it's still got some nice tricks."

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Red looks at his controls: "Ah haha! I see what you're talking about. Activating chest missles!"

The Sky Knight Megazord takes it's arms and clubs the Murklurker in the head, several times until the monster is forced to let go. The Sky Knight then pushes the Murklurker back, it holds up one of it's arms as it lights up and places it to the Murklurker's face unleashing the thruster fire, the monster backs off, covering it's face. The Sky Knight puts it's thruster arms to it's chest then to the sides as the chest plate splits open revealing a eight missle launchers.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Fire!"

The Sky Knight shoots multiple rounds of missles from it's chest on the Murklurker. The Murklurker tries to block them but backs off in pain.

The Sky Knight Megazord then holds out it's right arm as the thruster end charges up: "Fire Thruster Cannon!"

The Sky Knight unleashes a beam of red energy from it's thruster cannon at the monster. Then it holds both arms forward and like a pair of pogo cannons release multiple fireballs on the monster. Sparks fly everywhich way as explosions burst from the monster's body.

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! This badboy can kick some butt!"

[Sky Knight cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Let's wrap this up. Unlocking Sky Knight Wingblade!"

The Sky Knight's shoulder blade wings eject and to wings come together to form a giant boomerang like blade, held on top of the arms. Psycho Red's voice: "Sky Knight Wingblade, Fire!"

The Wingblade launches from the arms followed by more fireballs from the Sky Knight's cannons. The Murklurker stands up and looks ahead just in time to see the Wingblade and fireballs coming towards it. The Wingblade flies right through the monster and the fireballs strike it down. The Sky Knight Megazord turns around and stands still as the Murklurker falls down and explodes! The Sky Knight Megazord's Wingblade splits into two wings and return the shoulders as the Megazord lowers it's arms.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany. Just outside a tattoo parlor. Simon waits nervously.

Angela cheerfully skips out of the door.

Simon: "Did everything go okay?"

Angela lifts up her leg to show her ankle: "See for yourself."

Simon inspects the tattoo: "Wow. Rick did a really good job, it says 'seijun' now. You can't even tell that it used to say 'midara'."

Angela: "I'm glad you liked it. Though I do think 'midara' did fit me a little bit."

Simon smiles as he takes Angela's hand: "Everyone's a little naughty sometimes. I guess even you, but you have such an inner goodness that some of us may never have. That's why I am so grateful that you're my little seijun girl."

Angela smiles: "Simon, I think that's the first time you said something romantic and didn't blush."

Simon surprised: "I am?"

Angela kisses Simon on the cheek: "You're coming out of your shell, Simon and that's great. Because you have an inner goodness that some of us may never have either."

Simon: "If I do, then I have to thank for helping me bring it out."

Angela takes Simon by the arm: "And I have you to thank for bringing mine out too."

Angela and Simon and walk hold each other as they walk down the street and look up to the sunny sky. Where the Sky Knight Megaship peacefully makes it's way back to the Power Chamber to return home at last.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Lucas and Aundria see a shooting star.

Lucas: "Look, a shooting star."

Clip 2
Aundria: "That's no shooting star! Hurry."

Clip 3
The Psychos open a strange pod. Marcus: "What the hell is that thing?"

Clip 4
A black Aquitian woman is unconscious inside the pod.

Victor: "It's an Aquitian! But what's she doing on Deacon Blue?"

Clip 5
A large Dark Fortress like space ship hovers down to New Bethany as people scatter.

Clip 6
The Psycho Rangers run into the Power Chamber. Victor: "Zordon, what's going on?"

Clip 7
A Red Senturion on the Viewing Globe: "People of *click* Deacon Blue. You *click* have been found guilty of *click* harboring intergalactic criminals."

Clip 8
Thousands of Grey Senturions attack of the city.

Red Senturion's voice: "Your sentence *click* is death."

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