Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 36
"Black Swan"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Just outside New Bethany Museum. In the front courtyard. All seems quiet, early in the morning as the sun is just now rising. Suddenly the front doors fly off their hinges as an explosion breaks out from inside, and Psycho Blue flies out with the explosion.

Psycho Blue, soldering, falls to the ground and rolls around, he stands back up to one knee with his Psycho Axe in hand: "Yah! Okay, okay, okay. That smarted but it ain't over yet sweetbeaks!"

A female swan monster steps out of the museum. She's mostly white but wearing an armored leotard with a blue girdle and pink top, with a large purple gem embedded on the center of her chest. Her neck is slightly long and her feathered hair is arced backwards, with a yellow beak, white eyes. She doesn't have any wings but she has pink scarf tied to her left hand. Lots of gold jewelry such as bracelets, arm bracelets and chains around her arms and legs. Her feet are wrapped in blue and pink bandages with her talons sticking out.

The swan monster summons a long thin sword with a gold handle and blue blade: "Oh but is for you, darling. Though I'll be more than happy to play a little more."

Psycho Red's voice: "We're through playing with you, Swansong!"

Swansong turns around: "Eh? The other Psycho Rangers."

Psychos Red, Black, Pink, and Yellow are busy fighting the Skullinites while making their way out of museum.

Psycho Red slashes his sword through two Skullinites and roundhouse kicks a third Skullinite so hard, that it's face shatters.

Swansong feigns shock at Psycho Red's brutality: "Oh my. You certainly play rough, darling."

Psycho Red: "Heh. You're next, sister."

Swansong motions Psycho Red to come to her with her fingers: "Then bring it on, darling."

Psycho Red jumps up in the air and over Swansong, arcing his body in the process he attempts to strike with the Psycho Sword but Swansong spins around and blocks his attack with her own sword. The two clash swords to a temporary standstill, Swansong pushes Psycho Red back with her heel to his stomach and swings her sword but Psycho Red blocks it and delivers a spinning legsweep. Taking the monster down.

Psycho Blue runs to the fight: "Hehehahaha! My turn, baybee!"

Psycho Blue hops and spirals down, delivering an elbowdrop to Swansong's chest, Psycho Blue jumps back up: "Mmmmm.. Bouncy."

Swansong stands back up holding her chest in pain: "Such a crude and disgusting behavior you have, Blue Ranger."

Psycho Blue crosses his arms: "Hey bird babe, it's not my fault that you can't take a compliment."

Swansong: "Then compliment this, darling!"

Swansong jumps to the top off a tree and back flips off of it's limbs.

Psychos Red and Blue take a defensive stance. Psycho Blue: "What the heck is she doing?"

Psycho Red: "Have no idea, just be ready to counter it."

Swansong casts a white glow as she soars high to the ground: "SWANDIVE!"

Swansong arcs back down and dives like a missle towards Psychos Red and Blue. Psycho Red: "She's coming right for us, blast her!"

Psychos Red and Blue release green lightning bolts but Swansong dodges them and in a flash of light strikes the two Psycho Rangers. A huge explosion takes them both out as Swansong stands above them.

Swansong giggles: "Tehe. It looks you weren't ready for my Swandive attack, darlings."

Psycho Red and Psycho Blue try to regather their senses as Swansong holds her sword high above: "Sleep tight, darlings. It's your last naptime!"

But before Swansong can administer the final blow she is struck by several blasts of energy from the side, Swansong turns to see Psycho Yellow shooting at her with the Psycho Slinger.

Psycho Yellow: "Back off, Swansong! If you don't wanna get plucked."

Swansong looks around just in time to see Psychos Black and Pink taking out the last of the Skullinites. Psycho Black: "Your posse is down for the count, so now it's five to one, in our favor."

Swansong backs away: "Sad but true. *giggle* But I have what I came for anyway. We'll play again later, darlings. Toodles! Hehehe!"

Swansong teleports away before Psycho Yellow can hit her: "She got away!"

Psycho Black helps up Blue while Pink helps up Red. Psycho Pink: "Victor, are you okay?"

Psycho Red stands back up: "Yeah, I'm okay. The only thing that's hurt is my pride, right now."

Psycho Blue: "Yeah man. She just punked us out like.. um.. punks."

Psycho Yellow being sarcastic: "As witty as ever, Marcus."

Psycho Pink: "Oh well. She's gone, so everything is okay for now."

Psycho Red: "No, it's not. She said she got what she came for. What did Swansong come here for?"

Psycho Blue: "Does it really matter? It's almost 8 o'clock in the morning. We should be having breakfast right about now, not worrying about the latest loser monster."

Psycho Pink hits her own head: "8 o'clock! Oh no! We're going to be late!"

Psycho Yellow: "Late for what?"

Psycho Pink in a panic grabs Psychos Black and Pink by the arms: "We have to get to New Bethany Park now!"

Both Psychos Black and Yellow are confused. Psycho Yellow: "What for?"

Psycho Pink hurries with the two: "Don't you remember. We're supposed to help Christina take care of the Junior Fuzzy Rabbits' park picnic!"

Psycho Black: "Oh no. I completely forgot."

Psycho Pink pushes Yellow and Black: "Come on, let's go go go!"

Psycho Red and Psycho Blue just stand by and watch as the other three hurry. Psycho Red with his arms crossed shakes his head: "*tsk* *tsk* *tsk* I'm glad I never volunteered to help out those girlscouts in the first place, what about you?"

Psycho Blue: "I'm not allowed be near those rugrats anymore. Not after I explained what kind of flowers I'm interested in."

Psycho Red shakes his head: "I don't even want to know."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany Park. Christy and her group of Junior Fuzzy Rabbits girlscouts are all, already busy, planting a flower garden.

Christina instructs the girlscouts: "Don't play with the spades! They're sharp."

A girlscout apologizes: "Sorry, scoutmaster."

Christy smiles: "That's okay, just be careful."

Angela's voice yelling: "Christy!"

Christina looks up and sees Angela, Aundria, and Simon running to them. Christy is happy to see them and waves the over: "Angela! Over here!"

The trio meet up with Christy. The girlscouts are all excited to see them as several of them call out Angela by name.

Angela sqauts to hug a few the scouts that greet: "Hey guys. Are we having fun yet?"

A redheaded little girl: "We're almost ready to plant the flowers you got for us yesterday, Angela."

Angela: "That's great. Just give me a minute and I'll help, okay?"

Redheaded girl: "Thanks, Angela."

Angela smiles at the little girl, then stands back up to talk to Christina: "Christy, sorry that we're late. We got caught up in other business this morning."

Christina isn't concerned: "That's okay. We're all set up now. I just need you and Aundria to help supervise the kids, to make sure they don't hurt themselves or the flowers."

Aundria playfully saltutes Christy: "No problem. Just as long as I don't get dirty."

Christy: "Oh, you're going to get dirty, Aundry. You'll have to get right on your knees and get right down their in the dirt and mud."

Aundria looks down at her pants and her enthusiasm is drained: "Yuck. And I just bought these pants. *sigh*"

Simon: "Um.. What about me?"

Christy: "Well, I need you carry the bags of potting soil for me. Their over 50lbs. each and there's a dozen of them in the truck."

Christy puts her hand Simon's shoulder and feels up his bicep: "But that shouldn't be a problem for a big strong like you, right?"

Angela is a bit uncomfortable with Christy's contact with Simon and weasels her way in between them: "Nope. It shouldn't be a problem for him at all. So let's say we get to work, okay?"

Simon pulls himself out of trance: "Huh? Yeah, let me at those heavy bags!"

Christy takes Simon by the arm: "Come this way. I had my brother load them in the pick-up in the first place, but he had to work this morning so he couldn't help out here."

Simon: "I see."

Angela stares at Christy and Simon leaving for a moment until Aundria taps her on the shoulder, startling Angela: "Huh? What?"

Aundria: "You okay, Angela? You seem dazed, for a moment."

Angela shakes her head: "Who me? Oh it was nothing."

Angela looks at Simon leaving again: "Nothing at all."

Scene 2

Setting: The throneroom of the Dark Carrier. Swansong stands before Falconine. Rygog and Goldar stand in the background. Darkonda, Furio and Cybera are noticeably absent.

Falconine speaks to Swansong: "Where is it?"

Swansong pulls out a small purple amulet with a ruby embedded inside: "I have it right here, Queen Falconine. *giggle*"

Swansong hands the amulet to Falconine. Falconine is pleased: "Excellent. The Ragnarastone, one of the many treasure empowered by the Endness."

Falconine stops looking at the Ragnarastone, to give Swansong a nod of approval: "You did well, Swansong."

Swansong giddishly bows: "Why thank you, my queen. It was an honor."

Falconine: "There's something else I want you to take care of for me."

Swansong: "Anything for you, dear."

Falconine snaps her fingers: "Porto!"

Porto hurriedly enters the throneroom, waddling as fast as he can: "I am have them right here, Falconine."

Porto opens his hands in front of Falconine to reveal seven small robot hummingbirds. Red, blue, yellow, pink, black, green and purple: "The Draining Birds. Each designed to drain the energies of a specific Psycho Ranger. I even made to special ones for Ecliptor and Tabuna."

Falconine smirks: "Excellent. Swansong you'll use these Draining Birds, to finish off the Psycho Rangers for me."

Porto hands Swansong the seven Draining Birds: "Here you go."

Swansong: "Thank you, darling."

Swansong counts the Draining Birds: "Um.. Darling, there's only seven birds here. Where's the one for the Silver Ranger?"

Falconine: "I instructed him, not to do so. I have other plans for Psycho Silver."

Swansong: "I see. Well then, I'll destroy the rest. Toodles! *giggle*"

Swansong teleports away in a blue flash and pink flash.

Rygog steps forward: "Uh. My beautiful vision of evilness, what are your plans for Psycho Silver?"

Falconine holds up the Ragnarastone: "The Silver Psycho Ranger is a special target. Behold."

Falconine snaps her fingers and the floor projection pops up, showing Psycho Silver fighting Singhabah with the Spear of Rebirth: "Mere days ago, Psycho Silver acquired a powerful weapon called the Spear of Rebirth."

The projection shows Psycho Silver penetrating Singhabah's body with the Spear of Rebirth: "He used the Spear of Rebirth to defeat my father's ghost."

The projection shows Singhabah vanishing as white light bursts out from where he was struck: "Not only that."

The projection shows the Silver Shinobizord using the Spear of Rebirth to form the energy cross and strike Omega Scorpina with it: "But he used the Spear of Rebirth to fight Scorpina."

The projection shows Omega Scorpina, falling down and exploding: "And destroyed her with it."

Goldar looks on with anger and interest.

Falconine: "I must have the Spear of Rebirth destroyed or in my posession. It's too powerful for the Psycho Rangers to keep."

Falconine turns to Goldar: "And that's where you come in, Goldar."

Goldar: "Me?"

Falconine walks up to Goldar, seductively: "Yes. You and Scorpina were very close, correct?"

Goldar seems almost embarassed and tries to avoid looking Falconine in the face: "Er.. yes. We were comrades, back in the old days when we worked for Rita and Zedd."

Falconine takes Goldar by the chin and slowly lifts his chin to look her in the eyes: "But you two were much more than that, weren't you."

Goldar: "Er.."

Falconine: "I know all about your feelings for her. I can sense them."

Goldar backs away: "Yes. It's true. I.. I.. was in love with her, once. Grrr..."

Falconine holds up her hand and drops the Ragnarastone, letting it dangle by it's chain in front of Goldar: "Then use this, and take revenge for your love, Goldar."

Goldar takes the Ragnarastone: "What will this do?"

Falconine smiles evilishly: "Put it on, and it will empower you. Empower you enough that you'll be able to destroy Psycho Silver, and avenge Scorpina's death."

Goldar nods with anger: "Yes, my queen!"

Falconine takes a few steps back as Goldar puts the Ragnarstone around his neck. Goldar: "Hmmm? Nothing's happening.. URGH!"

Goldar suddenly finds himself struggling with pain as his heartbeat grows louder and louder and black energy flows from the Ragnarastone. Rygog backs away in fear as Goldar moans in agony. Porto covers his face and turns away. Falconine watches on with evil in her eyes. Goldar fangs begin to grow and holds his left arm as veins begin to bulge. Black energy flows out of his eyes. Goldar backs into the shadows as his wings grow larger and sharper. Goldar's voice turns deeper and more distorted, and various pieces of his gold armor breaks off and falls to the ground.

Rygog: "My queen, what's happening to him?"

Falconine: "He's improving."

Finally the groaning and thunderous heartbeats stop. Porto turns back around and uncovers his face. Porto hops back in shock: "Oh my goodness!"

Rygog: "Goldar, is that you?"

Goldar's voice, much more gravelly: "Yessss..."

Falconine: "Now you're ready to destroy the Silver Ranger, Goldar. Destroy him and bring me the Spear of Rebirth!"

Goldar stands up in the shadows, he's clearly two feet taller but in the shadows only his red eyes and his silhouette is visible: "I will destroy him, once and for all! Grrrrrrooooaaarrrr!!!"

Rygog and Porto cower as Goldar growls. Falconine can't help but fall into a maniacal laughter.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The park. A little bit later in the day. The last of the girlscouts leave with their parents and wave goodbye to Angela, Simon, Aundria and Christy.

Angela waves: "Bye!"

The girlscouts are all gone, leaving only the four young adults. They all turn around to see the beautiful flower garden that the Junior Fuzzy Rabbits have put together.

Christy: "Wow. Look at it, it's beautiful."

Angela: "Yeah the children did a great job."

Christy pats Angela on the back: "Thanks to your fine supervision. You too, Aundry."

Aundria has a half-smile. Proud that she helped the girlscouts do a good job, but bothered by her ruined pants: "Yeah. Great job."

Simon: "It does look great. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would."

Christy smiles at Simon: "Well that's great Simon. Can you help me with those soil bags?"

Simon winks: "No problem."

Simon picks up several bags of potting soil, Christy picks up a halfbag that she's capable of carrying. Christy: "Are you okay, Simon? My truck is a ways away, all the way on the other side of the park."

Simon: "I'm a big strong man, right? I can handle it."

Christy: "I'm sure you can."

Christy turns around to Angela: "Thanks again Angela? I'll see you next week."

Angela waves goodbye as Simon and Christy leave: "Okay! Next week it is."

Angela's smile drops when the two turn around and can't see her anymore. Aundria notices Angela's frown, she inspects it closer and closer with a funny look on her face until Angela just can't ignore her anymore: "What? What?!"

Aundria puts her finger to Angela's lip: "Why isn't this frown, upside down? We did just put in a great flower garden."

Angela: "It's nothing, really."

Aundria: "Don't lie to me, Angela. It's just not your style."

Angela turns away. Aundria: "It's Simon, isn't it?"

Angela: "It's just.. I'm starting to think maybe he isn't interested in me afterall."

Aundria: "What do you mean? Simon is nuts about you."

Angela: "Why can't he just tell me?"

Aundria: "You know that Simon is shy about his feelings. He loves you but he just can't bring himself to admit it. We've all waited this long, just give him more time."

Angela slowly shakes her head: "I don't know if I can wait for him anymore. He seemed awfully close to Christy, this morning. Even flirtatious. He never even flirted with me."

Aundria: "Angela, maybe that's just because he doesn't care what Christy thinks of him. That's why he was comfortable around her. With you, he doesn't flirt because he's scared that you'll be turned off."

Angela: "I don't know."

Aundria puts her hands on Angela's shoulder: "Look. You're both crazy about each other, but not doing anything about it, is hurting both of you. He doesn't know that his feelings for you are mutual, you do. Maybe you should be the one to take the intiative and tell him how you feel."

Angela: "But I want him to be honest with his feelings about me."

Aundria: "Trust me, if Simon knows that you care about him like he does you. He'll be able to confess to you."

Angela goes over to her bag, leaning on the tree: "Maybe you're right. This has been dragged on for long enough."

She pulls out the potted rose that she found in the bushes one day, and pulls it out of the pot, wiping off the dirt: "All this time, I've just been doing the same thing he has. One of us has to take the first step and it might as well be me."

Aundria smiles: "Exactly. Go catch up to him now. The sooner you do this, the better."

Angela: "What about the rest of the tools and.."

Aundria: "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it."

Angela smiles: "Thanks, Aundry. You're the best."

Aundria crosses her arms and winks: "And don't you forget it."

Angela runs off as Aundria cheerfully gathers the spades and other tools: "I'm glad that's finally going to be taken care of, but these pants. *sigh*"

Swansong's voice: "You have bigger problems than your wardrobe, dear."

Aundria turns around: "What?"

Aundria looks up and sees Swansong but before she can do anything the yellow Draining Bird strikes her in the back of the neck and yellow energy flows from her and into the little bird as she falls to her knees: "What just hit me.. feel so weak."

Swansong walks towards the weakened Aundria: "That would be the work of the Draining Bird, darling. You're helpless now, hehe."

Aundria summons her morpher and speaks into it: "Victor, Lucas, Beta.. I.. need help."

Aundria falls unconscious as Swansong stands above her and laughs.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 moves in a panic as Victor, Marcus and Lucas rush in.

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! Aundria's in trouble."

Victor: "Where?"

Beta 1: "In New Bethany Park, the Swansong monster has shown up again and Aundria needs your help."

Victor: "Where's Angela and Simon?"

Beta 1: "I can't get to them right now, so you'll have to stop Swansong without them."

Marcus: "Heh. Fine by me. I owe that chick a rematch."

Zordon speaks: "There's another problem arising in New Bethany, Rangers. Look to the Viewing Globe."

Victor, Marcus and Lucas turn around and look into the Viewing Globe. The Viewing Globe shows a dark figure high above a building releasing black energy above the city.

Lucas: "It's another agent of the Endness. I'll take care of this."

Lucas walks off but Victor grabs his shoulder: "Wait. What about back up?"

Lucas: "I'll be okay. I have the Spear of Rebirth. You guys should worry more about Aundria and that Swansong monster."

Victor sighs but relunctantly goes along with Lucas' decision: "Okay. Just be careful. Spear or no spear, the Endness is not something to take lightly."

Lucas: "Victor, that's something I know all to well."

Zordon: "You should be careful as well Victor. Aundria is not someone to be defeated easily. I've already sent Ecliptor and Tabuna to assisst her."

Victor: "Well then. Let's take care of this."

Victor, Marcus, and Lucas all summon their respective morphers: "Let's Get Psycho!"

The Silver Stormer flies out of the mountain while Psychos Red and Blue drive out with their Psycho Cycles.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to New Bethany Park at the flower garden. Ecliptor and Tabuna arrive through teleportation but no one is there.

Ecliptor: "Where's the Yellow Ranger and the monster?"

Tabuna: "This is where we were told to show up."

Ecliptor: "Grrr.. That bald-headed fool had better not be wasting my time."

Tabuna sees something and yells: "Watch out!"

Ecliptor turns around just in time to get struck by a green Draining Bird. It takes him down. Tabuna tries to help Ecliptor but she's struck by a purple Draining Bird in the back of the neck. Energy is sucked out of both of them as they lose consciousness.

Swansong steps out from behind a tree: "Hehehe! These Draining Birds are making things MUCH too easy, I don't even have to worry about breaking a nail! *giggle*"

Scene 4

Setting: High above New Bethany, the Silver Stormer flies to source of the black energy.

Psycho Silver: "This is where that Endness agent was seen, but there's nothing here now. What gives?"

Suddenly a dark figure flies towards the Silver Stormer with it's large wings. The winged figure hitchhikes to the back of the Stormer and rips off a panel, then drives his fist into the engine inside.

In the cockpit, sparks fly and Psycho Silver tries to regain control of the Silver Stormer: "Something's attacking the Stormer. All engines are offline. I'm going down!"

The winged figure let's go of the Silver Stormer and watches as the ship crashes into the roof of a skyscraper. Psycho Silver survives the crash and climbs out of the damaged Silver Stormer.

Psycho Silver stumbles out of the Stormer, shakes his head and surveys the damage: "Oh wow. The Stormer isn't going to fly out of here, but the damage does look repairable. So who did it?"

Psycho Silver looks up just in time to see the winged figure land behind brick stairwell on the roof: "Whoever you are, show yourself now!"

A dark laughter echoes on top of the roof: "If you wish."

A slight rumble shakes up the roof as the figure steps out from behind the stairwell, Psycho Silver takes a defensive stance. A dark blue foot with long black claws steps out from behind the stairwell, the figure's huge black wings with gold tips and crimson skin become visible to Psycho Silver.

Psycho Silver summons his Psycho Silverizer: "Unbelievable."

The dark figure reveals himself and towers over Psycho Silver. He has dark blue skin. It's clearly Goldar but his face is more birdlike, like a gryphen with bright red eyes, a longer snout with long fangs, a gold plate, bolted to his chin. His helmet has been broken off and in it's place is long black hair draped around his shoulders as part of his former fur color. The Ragnarastone is no longer an amulet but a part of his chest and blinks like a heartbeat. His arms are covered in blood red bandages and a few remnants of his old armor. His lap coverings have remained intact but the rest of the armor on his legs has been broken off and his legs are covered in the same blood red bandages on his arms. His claws on his feet and hands are long and black.

Omega Goldar speaks: "It's time for your end, Silver Ranger."

Psycho Silver: "I can barely recognize you, Goldar?"

Omega Goldar smirks as he summons a long black sword: "Yes. Or at least I used to be. But I'm much more now, much more than you can handle."

Psycho Silver holds his Psycho Silverizer in place: "We'll have to see about that."

Omega Goldar: "We will!"

Omega Goldar yells and charges towards Psycho Silver, he takes a swing with his sword, Psycho Silver jumps out of the way, but Omega Goldar's attack breaks through the roof and concrete flies. Omega Goldar holds his fingers to his eyes then unleashes two intense beams of red energy on Psycho Silver while he's still in mid-air. A huge explosion knocks Psycho Silver to the corner of the roof. Omega Goldar swings his sword around then impales the roof and a huge explosion consumes the entire roof. Psycho Silver flies off the roof and falls to the street below as bystanders run and scatter as the debris from the roof falls to the streets. Omega Goldar laughs as he leaps from the roof and lands on the ground, feet first. The impact from his landing is so hard sends asphalt flying into the air.

Omega Goldar stalks towards the hurting Psycho Silver: "Enjoy the last few minutes of your life. I'm not going to destroy you right away, I want you to suffer, for what you did to Scorpina."

Psycho Silver struggles to stand back up and holds his shoulder: "What happened to Scorpina was unavoidable. Her mind, body and soul was consumed by the Endness, just like you are, right now. You have to reject the Endness now, for your own sake, Goldar."

Omega Goldar doesn't respond with words, he backhands Psycho Silver into a lamp post, bending it on impact.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to New Bethany Park. Psycho Red and Psycho Blue arrive on the scene and they see Ecliptor and Tabuna, unconscious on the ground.

Psycho Blue checks Ecliptor: "Whoah. These two are completely out of it."

Pscyho Red holds up Tabuna's head and tries to wake her up: "Tabby? Tabuna, wake up."

Swansong: "Sorry darling. That's just not going to happen. *giggle*"

Psychos Red and Blue stand up from Ecliptor and Tabuna and see Swansong dragging an unconscious Aundria. Swansong: "But don't worry. Maybe you'll see her again in the afterlife."

Psycho Red: "You're on a thin line witch."

Psycho Blue jumps ahead of Red: "Let me at this bimbo! Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue launches into his Psycho Spin and strikes Swansong, sending her back into a tree. Psycho Red jumps into the air and releases an energy bolt on Swansong, sparks burst from her as Psycho Red comes down and strikes her with the Psycho Sword. Swansong falls to the ground, she stands back up and summons her sword.

Swansong charges towards Psycho Red: "That's no way to treat a lady!"

Psycho Red blocks her sword: "Who the hell said you were a lady?! I'd like to know what they're smoking."

Psycho Red pulls his sword out of the standstill, then swings low. She jumps over Psycho Red and strikes him from behind but then gets a spinning elbow to the beak from Psycho Blue. Swansong recovers and jumps up the tree and launches off of it: "SWANDIVE!"

Swansong dives in her swandive attack again and takes out Psycho Blue in a huge explosion. Psycho Red charges but Swansong strikes Psycho Red in the stomach, Psycho Red flips over the sword and falls to the ground. He tries to stand back up but gets a stiff spinning kick to the chest and sends back into a tree. Psycho Red falls off the tree and falls to the ground, demorphing. Psycho Blue also demorphs.

Swansong: "Hehe. Phase one done. Now for phase two!"

Swansong summons the red and blue Draining Birds and launches them. Both birds strike their respective Psychos in the back of their necks and they fall down with their powers being drained by the birds. Swansong laughs in happiness over her victory.

Scene 6

Setting: Elsewhere in the park at the parking lot. Simon loads the last of the heavy bags of potting soil into Christy's truck.

Simon wipes his forehead: "There! That's the last of them."

Christy: "Thanks. I really appreciate it."

Simon smiles: "Hey. Like I said, no problem."

Christy: "No, I mean it. You've been really helpful today. And I don't just mean with the bags. You have a real knack with children."

Simon: "Thank you. Though to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to this morning. But the kids' smiles made it worth it."

Christy: "Well that's great that you turned around, but why did you come here in the first place?"

Simon: "I agreed to help out, for Angela."

Christy becomes inquisitive: "I see. Well it's still good that you're willing to make sacrifices for your girlfriend, I imagine you had other plans this morning."

Simon: "Oh, she's not my girlfriend. Just a friend."

Christy brightens up: "Oh really? Had me fooled."

Simon: "Well we're just friends. Really. It's the single life for me, whether I like it or not."

Christy puts her hand on Simon's arm: "To be honest, I'm kinda happy to hear that. You being single, that is."

Simon: "Huh?"

Christy: "Well, it's just that you seem like such a nice guy. And I though we were hitting it off pretty well lately."

Simon: "Oh. Well I think your pretty and intelligent, very kind person, but.."

Christy: "But?"

Scene 7

Setting: Making her way to the parking lot, Angela smiles as she looks at the rose, she sees Simon and Christina talking.

Angela: "There they are."

Angela takes a deep breath: "Now or never."

Scene 8

Setting: Back to Simon and Christina.

Christina: "You said 'but'. So there's something wrong with me?"

Simon: "No, no, no. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you. It's just that I'm not exactly the most open guy around."

Christy gets closer to Simon: "I already knew that you were kind of shy. I think it's sweet, there's just too many guys around that have the exact opposite problem."

Christy stands real close to Simon. Simon is nervous: "Just keep one thing in mind. Contrary to popular belief, the good girls like the nice guys. You just have to take the initiative from time to time, like this."

Christy takes Simon and kisses him deeply. Simon is caught off guard but surprises himself by not pulling away immediately. Angela walks around the truck and sees them kissing. She doesn't say a thing and they don't notice her. Angela is horrified and heartbroken and just runs off.

Angela runs around the park bathroom building with tears running down, she leans back on the wall: "I was an idiot! Why did I think he liked me?"

Angela looks at the single rose: "You've made your choice, Simon."

Angela turns and tosses the rose in the trashcan next to the bathroom door: "It's over."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The park, parking lot. Christina is kissing Simon. Simon seems almost entranced.

Christy finishes her kiss: "So how did you like it?"

Simon adjusts his glasses: "I.. I liked it but.."

Christy: "There's that 'but' again. Here."

Christina goes for another kiss but Simon backs off: "Please, don't."

Christina is confused: "I'm sorry. I'm forcing myself on you."

Simon: "No. It's not you. In a different situation, I would feel like the luckiest man in the world, but.. I don't have any feelings like that for you."

Christy: "Oh. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

Simon: "Don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong. It's my fault for not being straight-forward."

Christy: "I'm missing something, ain't I?"

Simon: "Angela's not my girlfriend and we are just friends, but the truth is. I want it to be much more than that."

Christy uncrosses her arms as she understands the situation: "I see. But you're too shy to tell her."

Christy: "Well look, it's my thing to mess with other people's romances. So consider my advances, graciously withdrawn. But you really should go over your fear and tell her how you feel."

Simon sits on the flatbed of the truck: "I know. That's what everyone tells me, but I just.. can't. I just can't get that fear that she'll reject me out of my mind."

Christina: "You have to take that chance or you'll always regret it. It's that simple. Sure there's a chance that Angela might not be interested in you, but as long as you don't tell her, then you know nothing will ever happen between you and her."

Simon looks up: "You.. you're right."

Christy smiles: "And look at it this way. Even if there's nothing between you two, you know that at least I'll be here."

Simon smiles: "Thanks. I.. know that you're absolutely right. I need to bring myself to say something. It's either now or never."

Christina nods.

Simon stands back up: "But what about you? I mean.. what if I can get together with Angela."

Christina places her hand on Simon's shoulder: "Don't worry about me. It's not like I have trouble getting a date. Make your move on Angela with a clean conscience."

Simon gives Christina a hug: "Thank you. I'm going to go for it."

Christy: "Cool."

Simon closes the back of the truck then makes his way out: "I'll see you next week for the next Fuzzy Rabbit meeting."

Christy: "Look forward to it."

Simon walks away but Christina stops him: "Simon, one more thing."

Simon turns around.

Christina gives Simon a thumb up: "Good luck."

Simon gives a thumb up back.

Scene 2

Setting: The streets of New Bethany. Omega Goldar continues to have his way with Psycho Silver. Now holding him up by the throat with one hand.

Psycho Silver struggles to break free of Omega Goldar's grip: "Can't.. breathe!"

Omega Goldar smiles with glee: "Hahaha! Finally, not only will I avenge Scorpina, but I'll redeem myself as well."

Omega Goldar tosses Psycho Silver aside and resummons his black sword: "I was once one of the most feared warriors in the universe, but I had.. a few bad years lately. But with this new power, I'll destroy not just you but all of the Power Rangers and everyone will fear Goldar again."

Psycho Silver tries to stand back up: "The Endness won't let you live long enough to enjoy that glory, Goldar. It destroys everything and everyone, good or evil."

Omega Goldar: "It doesn't matter anymore!"

Omega Goldar charges and strikes down Psycho Silver with his sword. Psycho Silver falls to the ground, Goldar tries to impale him, but Silver rolls out of the way. Goldar tries to impale him on the ground again, and again, and again, Psycho Silver continues to roll out of the way from each attempt until Omega Goldar actually strikes a gas pipe underneath, the explosion sends Omega Goldar back.

Psycho Silver stands back up and takes a monkey kung-fu stance: "You don't want to believe me about the Endness, so be it. You've dug your path, Goldar. Now you'll have to walk it."

Omega Goldar smirks and motions for Psycho Silver to come to him.

Psycho Silver screams: "Kiyyyaaaaaa!"

Psycho Silver runs to the side and jumps off the brick wall of a building flips in mid-air and comes down to Omega Goldar with a repeated bicycle kicks to the face. Psycho Silver drops down to the ground, then throws several chops to Goldar's chest, Omega Goldar takes a swing with his sword but Silver spins around as he ducks under it and comes back up with a spinning roundhouse kick, he stays in the air and throws two more roundhouse kicks in one jump, but Omega Goldar grabs Psycho Silver's foot on the third kick and slams him to the ground. Goldar tightens his fist and tries to hammer Psycho Silver but he slides between his legs. Goldar's fist shatters the asphalt.

Psycho Silver tenses his palm and delivers a mighty palm slap to Omega Goldar's face when he turns around. Omega Goldar takes a step back then releases another pair of eyeblasts on Psycho Silver, sending the Power Ranger into a car, putting a large dent in the passenger door. Omega Goldar charges up his sword and releases a large bolt of black energy, Psycho Silver recovers just in time to jump out of the way, the bolt destroys the car and the explosion sends Psycho Silver flying right back to Goldar. Omega Goldar laughs as he grabs Psycho Silver in the air, by the head and slams him into the wall, Omega Goldar, runs down the wall, grinds Psycho Silver's head against then when reaches the corner, he slams Psycho Silver into the sidewalk.

Omega Goldar stands over a nearly unconscious, Psycho Silver and prepares to impale him: "I'm finished playing now. Hahahaha!"


Before Omega Goldar can finish off Psycho Silver, Tora runs onto the scene and gores Omega Goldar into the wall.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the park. Simon is busy looking for Angela as she makes her around the bathroom building. They bump into each other by accident when they reach the corner.

Simon: "Oh. I'm sorry Angela. I didn't see you coming."

Angela tries not to look at Simon: "It's okay. I should've looked where I was going."

Angela tries to walk away. Simon stops her: "Angela, wait! There's something I wanted to talk to you about."

Angela doesn't want to hear it: "Please, I'm not really in the mood to talk right now."

Simon: "But it's important."

Angela continues to walk away: "No, Simon. Can it wait? I.. I need to get going."

Simon grabs Angela by the shoulder: "Angela, please. I really need to tell you this or I might not be able to."


Simon slowly lets go of Angela, his face is filled with shock and he can almost literally feel his heart stop as Angela's words cut through him like a hot knife through butter: "I.. I'm.. sorry. I.. didn't mean to bother you."

Simon turns away with the shocked expression still on his face, he walks away. Angela wipes some tears from her face: "*sniff* Simon, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. You didn't do anything wrong, it's my fault for misunderstanding."

Simon stops walking and turns his head back to Angela: "You misunderstood what?"

Angela shakes her head: "Nevermind that. What is it you wanted to tell me?"

Simon remembers the words that Angela just yelled at him and any nerve he just built up was lost: "It.. it was nothing important. Sorry."

Angela: "That's not what you said just a moment ago."

Before Simon can respond, their communicators go off.

Beta 1's voice: "Simon, Angela. Aye ai ai! I'm glad I finally got in reach."

Simon speaks into his morpher: "What is it, Beta?"

Beta 1's voice: "The other Rangers need your help. Swansong has them all down."

Angela: "All of them?"

Beta 1: "Except for Lucas, but he's busy with Goldar. But aye ai ai. Even Ecliptor and Tabuna are down!"

Simon: "Okay, Beta. We're on it."

Simon looks to Angela. Angela tries to keep strong and nods to Simon. Simon nods back and they both hold out their morphers: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

Scene 4

Setting: At the flower garden in New Bethany Park. Swansong continues to admire her defeated opponents.

Swansong: "*giggle* Only two more Power Rangers to go. Queen Falconine will be so pleased with me."

Psychos Pink and Black sneak up from behind. Psycho Pink: "There she is, let's get her."

Psycho Black grabs Pink and stops her: "Wait."

Psycho Pink: "What?"

Psycho Black: "She just took out the other Rangers, Ecliptor and Tabuna by herself. She may not look like much, but she's clearly dangerous. We have to do this carefully."

Psycho Pink: "I see your point."

Psycho Black points out the unconscious heroes to Pink: "Look at them, what do you see?"

Psycho Pink: "They all have little hummingbird things on them and they all have matching colors."

Psycho Black: "Exactly. That must be how she took out everyone, and I bet she has two more, with our colors on them."

Psycho Pink: "So how are we going to avoid them?"

Psycho Black: "I have a plan."

Psycho Black begins to whisper to Psycho Pink, his plan.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the New Bethany streets. Psycho Silver and Tora are fighting for their lives against Omega Goldar. Falconine arrives via teleportation on a rooftop and enjoys the fight below.

Falconine: "Goldar is doing well, but Lucas must use the Spear of Rebirth for my plan to work."

Psycho Silver jumps off of Tora and spins like a drill with his Psycho Silverizer as the tip: "Psycho Drill!"

Psycho Silver drills into Omega Goldar's chest, but Goldar absorbs the pain and releases a charge of black energy from the Ragnarastone. Psycho Silver is sent back.

Omega Goldar turns his attention to Tora: "I'll destroy you, yet and restory my glory. But first, your kitty cat!"

Tora snarls then pounces but Omega Goldar grabs the beast by the throat and electrocutes him with black energy. Tora yelps in pain. Omega Goldar laughs as he drops the unconscious tiger.

Falconine watches from above: "Impressive."

Psycho Silver stands back up: "Tora! You're going to far, Goldar!"

Psycho Silver holds up his hand: "Spear of Rebirth!"

A white pillar of light consumes Psycho Silver, when the light vanishes Psycho Silver stands with the Spear of Rebirth in his hands.

Falconine grows excited: "Finally!"

Omega Goldar smirks: "The Spear of Rebirth, the very same weapon that destroyed Scorpina."

Psycho Silver spins the Spear of Rebirth around like a baton: "That's right, I didn't want to come to this, but there's no reasoning with you."

Omega Goldar charges up his sword and releases a steady beam of black energy: "Take this!"

Psycho Silver releases a steady beam of white energy from the Spear of Rebirth. The beams of energy collide and the two come to a standstill, almost like a game of tug-a-war.

Scene 6

Setting: New Bethany Park. Swansong looks around for the remaing Psycho Rangers.

Swansong: "Hmmm.. Where are the last two? They should have been here by now."

Psycho Black: "Looking for me?"

Swansong turns around to see Psycho Black with Psycho Lance in hand: "But of course, darling. But where's your friend? I can't destroy her if she isn't kind enough to show up?"

Psycho Black: "I'm sorry. You'll just have to settle for me."

Swansong pulls out the black Draining Bird: "*giggle* That, I will, darling. That I will."

Swansong launches the Draining Bird as flies towards Psycho Black but before it can strike him, it's destroyed by a Psycho Arrow.

Swansong turns to the side: "What?"

Psycho Pink: "Bullseye."

Swansong pulls out the last Draining Bird: "Oh dear. Now that wasn't nice at all, darling."

Swansong launches the pink Draining Bird but Psycho Black intercepts it in mid-air and shatters it with his Psycho Lance: "Catch the birdie!"

Swansong summons her sword: "Well this certainly makes things more difficult, but that doesn't mean I can't destroy you the old fashioned way!"

Swansong charges for the kill. Psycho Pink jumps next to Black. Psycho Black: "Ready?"

Psycho Pink nods: "Yeah."

Pyscho Black: "Then One, Two,.."

Swansong reaches the two but the both throw a roundhouse kick to her head, to send her back: "Three!"

Swansong regains her sense and jumps off the tree and launches into her swandive attack: "SWANDIVE!"

Psycho Pink fires a pair of Psycho Arrows at Swansong, the arrows explode as flashes and temporarily blind Swansong. Swansong continues to dive but covers her eyes: "I can't see!"

Psycho Black winds up, swings and hits Swansong, baseball style as Swansong comes down to them with his Psycho Lance. Swansong crashes into the ground. Psycho Black charges and uses his lance as a polevault and launches into a jumpkick and strikes Swansong yet again. Psycho Pink jumps up into the air and unleashes several Psycho Arrows on Swansong, explosions send Swansong flying off to the side.

Psycho Black high fives Pink: "Awesome. Now let's finish it!"

Psycho Pink: "Right!"

Psycho Pink charges her Psycho Bow while Psycho Black builds up an energy ball. Psycho Pink: "Readdyyy...."

Swansong stands back up and is getting very upset: "You two are starting to get on my nerves, darlings."

Psycho Pink yells: "FIRE!"

Psycho Black releases his energy ball and Psycho Pink fires a charged up Psycho Arrow on Swansong.

Swansong cowers: "Oh dear."

The energy ball and Psycho Arrow strike Swansong, explosions burst all over her body. Psycho Black and Psycho Pink turn around as Swansong slowly falls to the ground and explodes.

Scene 7

Setting: The streets of New Bethany. Falconine continues to watch the test of strength between Psycho Silver and Omega Goldar's energy beams.

Omega Goldar is clearly weaking as the white beam slowly grows longer at the expense of the black beam. Omega Goldar: "No.. This can't be. I should be invincible now."

Psycho Silver pours on more power: "It's still not too late Goldar. Stand down and renounce the Endness' powers and you have my word that I'll spare you."

Falconine watches with interest: "Yes. We're getting closer."

Rygog teleports in behind Falconine: "My queen! My queen!"

Falconine turns around: "What are you doing here, Rygog?!"

Rygog is worried: "It's Swansong, my evilness. She's just been defeated."

Falconine: "What?!"

Falconine summons a raven: "Very well, I'll take care of that! Now begone!"

Rygog is confused: "Huh? If you say so."

Rygog teleports away.

Falconine sends the raven into the sky, which catches the attention of Psycho Silver: "Falconine's here in person. I better make this quick!"

Psycho Silver concentrates and unleashes all of his energy from the Spear of Rebirth into the beam. The white beam completely consumes Omega Goldar's black beam and hits Goldar, the resulting explosion is so big that even sends Psycho Silver back.

Falconine gives a devilish smile: "Perfect."

Scene 8

Setting: The Park. Psychos Black and Pink help the recovering heroes up with the Draining Birds all destroyed.

Victor: "What happened?"

Psycho Black: "Swansong got the best of you, that's what happened?"

Marcus: "What? Oh man. I never did get a chance to get the best of that bimbo."

Tabuna points up to the sky: "I think you'll have that chance yet, Marcus. Look!"

The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor all look up and see the raven from the sky, the raven stops above the remains of Swansong and casts black shadow of energy. The remains of Swansong reform and she becomes a giant.

Giant Swansong stomps the ground before the heroes: "My, my, my. Look how small you all now. Such cute little darlings! Hehehehe!"

Psycho Black jumps forward next to Victor: "That laugh has been annoying me all day."

Victor: "Agreed, let's take this bird back to the coup already."

Marcus and Aundria stand next to Victor and they hold out their morpher arms: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

Tabuna stands back as the Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor step forward. The Psycho Rangers summon their Guardian Keys. Psycho Red yells: "Guardian Force Unleash!"

The Psycho Rangers slam their Guardian Keys into the ground and multi-colored pillars of light form the Guardianzords right before them. The Rangers jump into their respective Guardianzords.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Guardian Megazord Power!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

Ecliptor presses the Cybera button on his wrist an yells in pain as white light cracks through his body. His outershell shatters and he becomes a giant to reveal Ultimate Ecliptor.

Guardian Megazord and Ultimate Ecliptor stand before the giant Swansong.

Swansong: "I see you want to play big too. Fine with me, darlings! *giggle*"

Swansong charges with her sword but Ultimate Ecliptor decks her to the ground.

Scene 9

Setting: The street of New Bethany. Psycho Silver tries to catch his breath as uses the Spear of Rebirth to stay standing.

Omega Goldar is in pain but he stands back up, stumbling slightly: "We're not finished yet."

Psycho Silver is shocked: "Impossible. You're still standing."

Omega Goldar picks up his sword and charges. Psycho Silver holds up his Spear of Rebirth and prepares to throw it: "Alright. One more time!"

Falconine is excited: "Yes, finally!"

Psycho Silver throws the Spear of Rebirth at the charging Goldar.

Falconine: "And the fish bit the hook."

The Spear of Rebirth zeroes right in on the Ragnarastone but at the last second, the Ragnarastone turns liquid and flies off Omega Goldar's chest, wrapping itself around the Spear of Rebirth. Both Goldar and Psycho Silver are shocked.

Without the Ragnarastone, Goldar's extra power fades and shrinks back to his normal self but the damage he suffered overwhelms him, he screams in agony as he falls down with scares and burned marks on his entire body: "No.. All of my power...*"

Psycho Silver: "What's going on around here?"

Falconine jumps off the roof with a villonius laughter she grabs the enwrapped Spear of Rebirth: "Everything went exactly as I planned."

Goldar struggles to speak: "You.. set.. me up."

Falconine looks at the fallen Goldar: "That I did, but don't feel bad, Goldar. You've accomplished the task I set out for you, extremely well. The Spear of Rebirth is mine now."

Psycho Silver protests: "You're a fool, Falconine. The Spear of Rebirth can never be used by evil hands."

Falconine caresses the enwrapped spear: "Oh, I'm well aware of that. But as long as I have the Spear of Rebirth, it can't be used by your hands either. I've just taken away your only chance of survival against the Endness."

Psycho Silver tries to grab Falconine: "You haven't gotten away with it yet!"

Falconine turns into purple energy and outmanuevers Psycho Silver, appearing back at the rooftop: "Oh but I have, Lucas. You're the fool to think that you can stop the Endness. Let me give you one last warning, be smart and surrender now."

Psycho Silver summons his Psycho Silverizer: "That is never going to happen."

Goldar gathers all of his strength and stands back up and speaks to himself: "No. I won't be the fool again. Never again."

Falconine: "Then you'll rue the day, my brother handed you the powers of the Silver Psycho Ranger. Hahahahahaha!"

Falconine laughs away as she vanishes with the Spear of Rebirth.

Psycho Silver shoots at Falconine but she disappears before he can attack. Goldar runs and tries to attack Psycho Silver from behind, he gives a warcry, Psycho Silver notices it at the last second, he sidesteps and spins around and strikes Goldar in the belly with the Psycho Silverizer, Goldar slides to his knees an explosion bursts from his stomach.

Goldar holds his stomach, he looks at his blood covered hands and his moans so turn to an insane laughter: "*groan* Hahahahahahahaha!"

Psycho Silver stares at Goldar in awe: "What the? What's so funny?"

Goldar: "I truly am a loser, I couldn't even avenge the death of the only person in this universe I ever cared for. Hahahahahaha! What a joke."

Psycho Silver shakes his head: "I pity you."

Goldar: "Save your pity. I'd rather die with my dignity."

With those last words, Goldar falls over and explodes, as Psycho Silver just stands there and watches.

Scene 10

Setting: The Zord battle. Swansong launches into another swandive attack.

Swansong dives: "SWANDIVE!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Not this time, 'darling'."

The Guardian Megazord holds up it's hand, dark clouds form and lightning strikes it's hand. Forming the energy sword.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Energy Saber Strike!"

The Guardian Megazord strikes Swansong with the energy sword just as she reaches them with the swandive attack. A hundred lightning bolts all hit Swansong, causing her to explode in mid-air.

The dark clouds fade away, as the Guardian Megazord's eyes return to normal color. The Guardian Megazord and Ultimate Ecliptor stand as the bright sun shines off their bodies.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Dark Carrier throneroom. Falconine admires the Spear of Rebirth. Rygog questions her methods.

Rygog: "My queen. Please forgive for being so bold as to question you, but did you have to sacrifice Goldar's life?"

Falconine glares at Rygog: "Would you prefer it, if it was you?"

Rygog hops back: "Wha? No, or course not."

Falconine: "Then never question me again. I have the Spear of Rebirth now, so Goldar's death wasn't in vain. Hahahaha... But once the Avatar of the Endness arrives, the Psycho Rangers' deaths will. Hahahahahaha!"

Scene 2

Setting: The park. Aundria helps gather the last of the gardening tools and notices that Angela seems to be very depressed.

[Soundtrack song: "Loser" by 3 Doors Down]

Aundria walks up to Angela: "Angela, what's wrong?"

Angela looks up to Aundria: "He's not interested in me."

Aundria: "Who?"

Angela wipes tears from her face: "Simon, it's Christy that he likes."

Aundria: "What? That's nonsense."

Angela: "They were kissing."

Aundria is shocked: "What? That can't be. Simon wouldn't even think of looking at another girl."

Angela: "I saw them with my own eyes."

Aundria gives Angela her shoulder to cry on: "I'm sorry. It just doesn't seem like him."

Scene 3

Setting: Around the bathroom building of New Bethany Park. Simon just walks out of the backroom. Wiping his hands with papertowel, he tosses it in the garbage and notices the single rose in the trashcan.

Simon picks up the rose: "What's this? Who would throw a rose away like common garbage?"

Simon: "Angela. Does she like me? What she said, that she didn't want anything to do with me."

Simon stares at the rose for a moment: "I can't live in doubt anymore."

Simon marches off.

Scene 4

Setting: Aundria takes Angela to their burgandy minivan.

Aundria: "Come on Angela, I'll take you to Burger Lord and treat you to a Lopper and onion rings. Who knows maybe we'll be lucky and they'll have that 3-D video you've been wanting."

Angela tries to smile: "I don't know. You can't find that video anywhere."

Simon runs to the van: "Angela!"

Angela: "Oh no. I don't know if I stand to be around him right now. It just hurts too much."

Aundria: "Come on."

Aundria and Angela step inside the van but before they can close the door, Simon grabs the door: "Wait!"

Aundria: "Look Simon, we need to get going now."

Simon: "No. I need to say this. I really.. need to say this."

Aundria pleads with Simon: "Simon, please. Angela is feeling very well right now."

Simon: "Aundria. I need to say this. It's something that's been on my mind for a long time. A.. long.. time."

Aundria's eyes widen as she realizes what Simon wants to say she whispers: "Well it's about time."

Aundria steps out of the van. Angela is upset: "Aundry, where are you going?"

Aundria: "I'd hate for us to have another disappointment. I'm going to call Burger Lord and see if they have that video or not."

Angela: "Aundria wait. Don't leave me here."

Aundria: "It'll just be a minute."

Aundria runs off, leaving Angela with Simon. Simon: "Angela, I need to tell you something."

Angela: "Please, Simon. I'm.. I'm just not up to it right now."

Angela opens her door and gets out of the van. She walks down the side of the van but Simon is already waiting for her. Startling her.

Angela: "Please, just leave me alone."

Simon holds out his arms: "Wait. Just let me say this and I'll never bother you ever again. But I can't keep this back anymore."

Angela is teary eyed, she throws down her arms in frustration: "Oh.. Fine! Just say what you have to, but to be honest, there's nothing you can say right now that I want to hear."

Simon takes a swallow and clenches his fist: "I was afraid of that, well at least now I know my heart won't be anymore broken so here it goes."

Angela looks away.

Simon: "Angela.. I've been holding back this for a very long time. Actually, ever since we were first released from the data cards."

Simon shakes his head trying to psyche himself to say this: "I can do this. I can do this."

Simon puts his hands on Angela's shoulders, which catches her by surprise, she finally looks him in the face.

Simon: "Even if the feeling.. isn't mutual. I want you to know.. that. That.. I.. That I love you."

Angela's eyes widen and in a quiet voice: "Simon?"

Simon: "I've.. been in love with you for a long time now. But I couldn't bring myself to say it, because I was scared."

Angela pulls away: "Simon, I don't know what to say. I thought you liked Christy."

Simon: "As a friend. She kissed me, and it made me realize how much I really am in love with you and she helped me build up the courage to say it. Even if you hate me."

Angela puts her hand under her nose: "Oh Simon, I could never hate you. I.. I've been in love with you too, for a long time also."

Simon: "Really?"

Angela: "I've been upset today, because I saw Christy kiss you, I thought you had feelings for her instead."

Simon: "No. Only you. It's always been you. I always thought you had feelings for Victor."

Angela: "Victor? Why on earth would you think that?"

Simon: "Because you and Victor were married back on Eltar. I know that was in a different life, but those feelings they had to still be there."

Angela walks back up to Simon: "No. It's true Victor and I, were married but I never had feelings for him. At least not like the feelings I've always had for you."

Simon: "What? But why were you married."

Angela: "Simon, Eltarian marriages are arranged. Victor and myself, our parents arranged for us to be married when we were children. There was never anything between us, romantically."

Simon gives a smile of relief: "You mean, it was me you always liked?"

Angela: "Yes. Remember how scared I was when I first discovered we were human again? You held me, right then and there even before we started to change for the better."

Simon: "That's when I fell in love. You seemed so, so.. pure."

Angela starts laughing: "All this time. Hehehe.."

Simon: "Everyone knew but us. Hahahaha.."

Angela smiles as she wipes off the last tear from her face.

Simon: "So where do we go from here. I mean this little escapade in our lives is finally over."

Angela walks over to Simon: "No. It's just beginning."

Simon looks into Angela's eyes with an expression of shyness. Angela stares into Simon's eyes. The look into each other for just a moment.

Marcus' voice: "Oh for the love of the god. Just kiss each other already, so we can go home!"

Simon and Angela turn to see that they were putting on a show for Victor, Aundria and Marcus.

Simon: "How long have you guys been standing there."

Victor: "Long enough. Now why don't you two give everyone what they've been waiting so long to see."

Angela: "You're the boss."

Simon and Angela look into each other and finally, finally Simon Black and Angela Pink share their first kiss.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Victor to Simon: "What is it?"

Simon: "I don't believe it, it's a message from Almidor."

Clip 2
Almidor on the Viewing Globe: "Go to the sub-engine room in the Sky Knight Megaship, inside you'll find a disk that will unlock my proudest achievement."

Clip 3
Simon and Victor in a mini-sub.

Clip 4
Simon and Victor inside the darkened Sky Knight Megaship.

Simon: "Did you hear that?"

Clip 5
A monster attacks Victor and Simon in the darkness.

Clip 6
A giant sea monster is about to attack the Psycho Rangers.

Clip 7
Bubbles come out of the bay harbor.

Psycho Silver's voice: "What is that?"

Clip 8
Two giant white robot feet land on the ground.

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