Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 35
"Home Again"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Near the top of Power Chamber Mountain. On a cliff, Lucas stands at the edge, frozen in a praying mantis fighting stance, his eyes closed, meditating. Tora makes his way to Lucas.

Tora lightly rubs his head against Lucas' leg, awakening him from meditation: "Hmmm? What is it Tora?"

Tora points his head down the mountain towards a minivan driving towards the Power Chamber: "Aundria is back from town."

Lucas pats Tora on his head: "Come on, Tora, let's eat."

Tora nods happily as the two head down the mountain.

Scene 2

Setting: Lucas arrives at the main entrance of the Power Chamber with Tora. Sitting against the burgandy minivan is Aundria sorting through various envelopes.

Lucas walks up to Aundria and kisses her on the forehead: "Good morning."

Aundria smiles: "Good morning, I just got today's mail from Almidor's P.O. Box."

Tora walks up to Aundria she pats him on the head.

Lucas: "That's nice, so what do we get today?"

Aundria: "The usual, this week's check from Almidor's secret account. Generic junkmail, a Playguy magazine for Marcus."

Lucas untightens the bandages around his wrists: "Oh."

Aundria: "Waiitt.. There's a letter for you."

Aundria hands it to Lucas. Lucas reads the envelope: "It's from my home village."

Aundria gets excited playfully pushes Lucas: "Well open it! Open it!"

Lucas enjoys Aundria's goofing: "Okay, okay. I'm opening it."

Lucas opens up the letter, and reads it, but his smile slowly fades and turns into an expression of concern: "Oh no."

Tora looks at Lucas with concern: "Hrm?"

Lucas tries to walk away. His face looks like the life is just being sucked from him.

Aundria grows concerned: "Lucas, what's wrong?"

Lucas looks at the letter again as he tries to hold back his tears: "I.. I have to go back home, it's my father, he's dying."

Aundria: "Oh. I'm sorry. I'll go let everyone know what's happening, and we'll take the Silver Stormer and fly to the Jakalise Islands."

Lucas: "Thank you. But I think I should go back home alone. There's no telling how long I'll be gone and if Darkonda attacks. You'll need to be here so you can use the Guardian Megazord if need be."

Aundria: "I need to be by your side if you're going to go through some tough times."

Lucas turns around puts his hands on Aundria's shoulders: "I appreciate your concern but I'll be strong about this."

Aundria: "Will you come back?"

Lucas turns his head away: "I.. I don't know. But no matter what, I love you."

Aundria holds Lucas tightly: "I love you too. So take care of yourself, or I'll kick your butt."

Lucas gives a small smile: "Let the others know, I'm leaving. I guess this is goodbye, at least for now."

Lucas walks off to gather his things: "Come along, Tora. Let's go home."

Tora follows Lucas as they leave Aundria behind.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Inside a hallway of the Power Chamber. There are windows on the left side of the hallway and the hangar bay is visible from the windows. Aundria is walking down the hallway.

Aundria stops walking for a moment and watches as the Silver Stormer takes off. She holds her hand on the sunwarmed glass as stares as Lucas departs, the sunlight bounces of the Silver Stormer's reflective surface, almost blinding.

Scene 2

Setting: Almidor's lab. Simon is sitting down and operating a keyboard. Victor, Angela, Marcus and Ecliptor look on with curiousity. Before them is a large holographic image being projected of the Guardian Puzzle. The image of the Guardian Puzzle rotates completely in all directions showing all the sides of the Puzzle.

Victor: "So what do we have, Simon."

Simon: "I think I've finally found a way to crack it open. Each side of the Guardian Puzzle shows one of our respective insignias."

Simon: "The flame for Victor, the snowflack for Marcus, flower for Angela, wolf for Aundria, and a mountain for me."

Marcus: "Tell us something that isn't obvious, Blondie!"

Simon: "I discovered that each insignia can be pressed down, ever so slightly. Almost undetectable. I figured maybe it was a case of pressing the insignias in certain order."

Victor: "So have you figured out the order they need to be pressed yet?"

Simon smiles: "Yes I did. The same order as the temples. Flower first, wolf second, ice and mountain at the same time, then the flame and finally press all of them at once to represent the fifth temple."

Simon presses the enter key on his keyboard and the Guardian Puzzle image disappears in it's place is an image of a scroll: "The Puzzle cracked open and inside was another layer to the puzzle that I have yet to decipher but there was a scroll wrapped around the second layer, underneath the first layer. The scroll was written in an ancient language but luckily I was able to translate it with Almidor's old notes."

Victor: "Long story short, Simon."

Simon: "I have some cool info about the Guardianzords."

Angela: "Neat. What is it?"

Simon pulls out his Guardian Key: "As long as we have our Guardian Keys we can summon the Guardianzord from anywhere. Just hold them up, yell 'Guardian Force Unleash!', slam the key into the ground and your Guardianzord will instantly appear before you."

Ecliptor: "Excellent. That will make the Guardianzords easier to transport if and when we begin interplanetary transportation."

Simon: "Exactly. I also learned a lot about the Endness."

Victor puts his hand on Simon's shoulder as he leans closer towards the holographic projections: "The Endness. The Guardians mentioned that, and Damien seemed very concerned about it. What exactly is the Endness?"

Simon shakes his head slowly: "I'm still not exactly sure what the Endness is. Near as I can tell it's not even a person or creature. More of an entity or maybe even an event. But there was some other names that applied to the Endness that I don't think you guys will like."

Ecliptor: "Other names?"

Simon: "The Great Calamity, Ragnarok, Armageddon, Apocalypse."

Victor grows concerned: "Oh man. You mean the Guardians chose us to stop Armageddon itself?"

Simon: "I don't know for sure, but chosen ones or not, we're way over our heads here. And it gets worse. There's a sixth temple on Deacon Blue.

Victor: "Another temple? I thought we found all the Guardian Temples?"

Simon: "We did."

Simon presses a button and the projection shows another temple but it is twisted and warped with skulls and skeleltons draped over the entrance: "It's not a Guardian Temple, it is temple for the Endness."

Marcus: "Man. What's inside it?"

Simon presses another key and the projection shows a dark birdlike figure, towering over mountains: "I don't know for sure, but I suspect that it might have this."

Angela looks horrified: "What is that thing."

Simon: "The Machine of Death. Kurasu the Destroyerzord."

Ecliptor: "Kurasu the Destroyerzord? You mean it's right here on Deacon Blue?"

Everyone turns to Ecliptor. Victor: "You've heard of Kurasu?"

Ecliptor nods as he puts his hand to his chin: "Yes. Kurasu is a legend amongst evil, throughout the universe. It is believed that Kurasu the Destroyerzord was the very first Zord ever created, a machine of pure evil and power, built for nothing but destruction. It is truly the ultimate weapon. Dark Specter spent many resources and sacrificed many people's lives trying to find it. Ultimately everyone believed that it was nothing more than a legend."

Victor: "But if the Guardian Puzzle is correct, then Kurasu is very real and it's somewhere on this planet."

Ecliptor: "We have to keep this information a secret from Darkonda and Falconine at all costs."

Marcus: "Maybe we should start a search for it. With a Zord that powerful on our side, we could take care of Darkonda once and for all."

Simon: "No! If we find Kurasu the Destroyerzord, we have to destroy it. Marcus, it's pure unadulterated evil. I don't even know if we could even come near it and live."

Victor: "Do you know anything else about it?"

Simon: "It has a pilot chosen by the Endness. The Dark Avatar."

Victor: "The Dark Avatar, do you know who that is?"

Marcus: "I bet it's Falconine."

Simon: "I don't know. All I know about the Dark Avatar is that whoever it is, is that he or she is somewhere out there in that universe and it could be anyone. Someone that has given up their very soul to the Endness and is now nothing but a ghost of their former self."

Victor scratches his chin: "A soulless ghost that pilots the Machine of Death to bring upon the Apocalypse. That's just swell."

Ecliptor: "Hmmm.. There's a lot to think about here."

Aundria's saddened voice: "Guys."

Everyone turns around to see a depressed Aundria standing in the doorway: "There's something I have to tell you."

Angela: "Where's Lucas?"

Aundria looks up slowly but she is uncharacteristicly silent.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The Jakalise Islands. The Silver Stormer flies towards the islands. The Stormer moves so fast that it cuts the surface of the ocean, creating a rippling effect. The Silver Stormer stops at the village located at the top of the mountains. The Silver Stormer slowly hovers down to the ground.

Mere minutes later, Lucas and Tora walk away from the Silver Stormer. Lucas looks around and notices that his home village is very quiet and no one is outside despite it being the middle of the day: "Something's not right here."

In the shadows a feminine figure dressed in a yellow cloak watches Lucas, in secret: "He's finally here. I've missed you, but it's not time for us to reunite just yet."

The feminine figure disappears into the shadows.

Lucas looks around: "Where is everyone? I know many of my people have left the village to explore the rest of the world after Aundria reclaimed her Guardianzord, but it's become a ghost town."

Lucas walks up to paperwall house and knocks on the door: "Mr. Sawachi? Mr. Sawachi?"

Lucas exhales deeply from his nose with frustration: "No one."

Tora: "Hrm?"

Lucas: "Come on Tora, let's go find my father."

A girl's voice: "Lucas!"

Lucas perks up, recognizing the voice: "Natsu?"

A beautiful young Asian girl in an outfit similar to Lucas' only light brown and red instead of black and silver, and a skirt instead of pants, runs to Lucas, excited: "Lucas! You finally came home."

Lucas holds out his arms: "Natsu!"

Natsu runs into Lucas' arms and the hug each other tightly: "Lucas, it's so good to see you again."

Lucas and Natsu let go of each other but remain close. Lucas: "It's good to see you as well."

Natsu: "Are you going to be staying long?"

Lucas: "I'm not sure, but I believe so."

Natsu takes Lucas by the arm and leans her head on his shoulder as she escourts him down the street, Tora looks at Natsu's affectionate behavior towards Lucas with interest.

Natsu notices Tora: "Who is the cute little guy."

Lucas: "His name is Tora, he's become a comrade of mine over the past couple of months."

Natsu: "If you're going to be around for awhile, do you think we can get back to.."

Lucas stops and pulls away from Natsu: "Natsu, that would be impossible now."

Natsu's smile drops: "Oh. I see.."

Lucas: "Natsu, I'm sorry."

Natsu lifts her smile back up: "Oh don't worry about me. As long as she makes you happy that's good enough for me. There's plenty of other cute guys in the world."

Lucas smiles: "Yes there is. And you can easily have your pick of the lot."

Natsu takes Lucas by the hand: "Well anyway, I know I'm not the reason you came back."

Lucas: "Yes, where is my father? And how is he doing?"

Natsu's mood turns down once again as she leads Lucas towards the house at the edge of the town, next to the ruins of the second Guardian Temple: "You're father is in the priest's house, and.. he's not doing to well."

Lucas, Natsu and Tora arrive at the priest's house, suddenly the priest opens the door and is pleasantly surprised to see Lucas: "Lucas, my son. It is good that you've returned. Luther is inside resting."

Lucas bows his head: "Thank you."

Lucas enters the house with the others.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the priest's house in the backroom, rests an elder man in bed. He is obviously very sickly and his once strong body has deteriorated due to illness.

Lucas' voice: "Papa?"

The ill man lifts his head as much as he can and in a weakened and tired voice: "Lucas, is.. that you."

Lucas stands at the doorway to the backroom and walks closer to the bed: "Yes, papa. I'm here now."

Lucas gets on one knee and holds his father's hand: "And I'll stay here as long as you need me."

Luther coughs: "I can't believe the priest sent that letter to bring you here despite my protests."

Lucas seems confused: "Why? Why would you not want me to come here, especially while you're in this condition?"

Luther tries hard to keep his eyes open: "Lucas, you're the Silver Ranger, you belong to the world, not to me."

Lucas shakes his head: "Nonsense, I'm your son, my place is here by your side."

Luther: "Yes. You are my son, my only son and there's not a day that passes by that I'm not thankful for being able to say that. But you have been given a great honor to protect this world from evil. Your time shouldn't be here, wasting it on me."

Lucas looks down then back at his father: "Father, I need to know. What happened?"

Luther takes a deep breath and rests his head back against his pillow: "No one knows. We brought several doctors to the village and none of them can figure out what is wrong. It's partially my fault, I refuse to step foot in a hospital. I know I'm dying and I want to die here in my homeland, not some big city hospital."

Lucas: "I know, that would be the last thing you would ever want. You have always been so transfixed on the old ways, but inspite of that you never kept me from flourishing."

Luther smiles ever so slightly: "As I said, you belong to the world. Now why don't you return to it. I'm grateful that you came to see me, but your place is not here."

Lucas tries to keep his tears at bay: "As you wish papa. I'll make you proud."

Luther: "You've always made me proud, Lucas. Never forget that I love you, my son."

Lucas holds his father's hand tightly: "And I love you, papa."

Luther smiles as he closes his eyes to nap. Lucas stands back up and tries to keep strong as he slowly leaves the room. As he exits the room, Natsu is waiting outside and asks: "Are you going to be okay, Lucas?"

Lucas quietly nods.

The priest walks over to Lucas: "Lucas, there's something I need to tell you. Come with me to the Jakal Shrine."

Lucas nods and walks away with the priest.

Scene 3

Setting: Quite a ways outside the small village. At a shrine with Buda like statue set in the center. Lucas and the priest stand before it and talk with each other.

Lucas: "What is it that you needed to talk to me out here for?"

The priest walks up to Lucas and speaks in a low voice: "I need to speak to you of this, on holy ground, where *he* can't hear us."

Lucas seems puzzled: "Who is 'he'?"

The priest in as serious a tone as possible: "Singhabah is among us."

Lucas eyes widen: "Singhabah! The Forbidden One?"

The priest takes Lucas by the shoulder and they face the shrine: "Not so loud, child. Yes, the Forbidden One is plaguing this village, that is why so many of our people have left and he is the one draining your father's lifeforce."

Lucas: "How do you know for sure that is Singhabah? His spirit hasn't plagued the world since the days of the original Guardians."

The priest: "I've seen him myself. A soulless ghost dressed a red and gold armor, a mockery of own garments. His eyes full of dark fire. He stalks the shadows at night and ever since he has shown himself, our people have fled the village. All except your father and Natsu."

Lucas: "Why didn't you mention this to me in the letter? If I had known, I would have brought along my friends. Together we may be able to stop Singhabah."

The priest: "I couldn't risk him finding out that you were the sixth modernday Guardian. He would have destroyed you and us before you even arrived."

Lucas: "Sixth Guardian? No. I'm not a successor to the Guardians. There were only five Guardians in the olden days."

The priest shakes his head: "No. There was a sixth Guardian and his name was Singhabah."

Lucas: "What?"

The priest: "Singhabah was the sixth Guardian, however he betrayed all that was good and gave his soul to the Endness. It was he who originally opened the gate for the Endness. If it wasn't for the noble sacrifice of his youngest daughter, our world would have been lost, centuries ago."

Lucas: "Youngest daughter, you don't mean Rachella?"

The priest: "Yes, but how did you know the girl's name? That was part of the information that I've always kept a secret."

Lucas: "I've fought side-by-side with her brother, briefly and I battle her sister with the Psycho Rangers to this day."

The priest: "Damien and Candra are still alive in the modern day?"

Lucas: "Yes. However I had no idea that they were the children of the Forbidden One, Singhabah."

Dark voice: "Yesss... Regretfully only my eldest child, has made me proud."

Lucas and the priest look up in horror as an Asian man dressed in a blood red samurai armor and golden scales, with a long black cape draped down his back stands in the middle of the shrine behind the holy statue.

Lucas: "You.. You must be Singhabah."

Singhabah smirks: "Yes, the Forbidden One himself."

The priest grows angry and points at Singhabah with conviction: "Blasphemer! How dare one such as you, soil this holy place?!"

Singhabah backhands the Buda-like statue, shattering the head: "Nothing is sacred to the Endness. It is beyond such meager concepts as good and evil."

The priest stares painfully at the shattered remains of the holy statue: "The horror. You truly are a soulless creature."

Singhabah raises two fingers at the priest: "Yes, and you are a lifeless creature."

Singhabah releases a stream of black fire from his fingers that strikes down the priest. Lucas looks in horror: "NO!"

Lucas turns to Singhabah: "You monster! He is a man, that deserves nothing but respect!"

Lucas pulls out his Silver Morpher: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Silver morphing sequence]

Psycho Silver jumps in the air and summons the Psycho Silverizer: "I hate to fight on holy ground, but you give me no choice! Psycho Silverizer!"

Psycho Silver drops down with the Silverize and slices right through Singhabah, but the blade goes right through him, like he wasn't even there: "What the? It didn't even touch you!"

Singhabah: "My physical body, rotted away beneath the Earth centuries ago. Only my spirit remains but I will soon change that."

Singhabah releases black energy that knocks Psycho Silver back: "I have found a physical body for me. Unfortunately, it was already occupied, but that minor problem is being rectified as we speak."

Psycho Silver stands back up: "You mean my father, don't you!"

Singhabah casts a ghastly smile: "Yes. Your father's soul belongs to the Endness now, boy. Slowly his very soul is being sucked out of his body and into my crypt, when his body is nothing but an empty shell I will enter it and be free to roam this world once more, instead of being confined to this pitiful village."

Psycho Silver finds himself demorphing since he can't fight Singhabah anyway: "Let my father go now!"

Singhabah floats in the air: "I think not. I rather enjoy seeing the pain in your eyes. That's why I chose his body in the first place, for you see, the priest's efforts to keep my knowledge of you a secret were in vain. I'm well aware that you are the sixth Guardian. Just like I was in the old days."

Lucas: "The thought that I am even remotely your successor, sickens me!"

Singhabah: "I imagine it does. After all, I'm the Forbidden One. But I should never have been erased from the history books while the other five Guardians gained all the glory and prestige."

Lucas: "You lost the right to be remembered when you gave up your soul."

Singhabah: "No. The pitiful creatures of this world lost the right to live when they refused to bow to the greatness, that is the Endness. When they forgot about me."

Singhabah's glare pierces through Lucas: "But they'll remember you, won't they? You stole my destiny, boy. Now I'm taking it back. Hahahahahaha!"

Singhabah's laughter echoes throughout the mountain as he vanishes.

Lucas runs to the downed priest as Singhabah's dark laughter haunts the mountain.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The priest's house. Lucas rushes in with the priest in his in his arms. Natsu stops petting Tora when she sees Lucas is worried and that the priest is hurt.

Natsu helps Lucas set the priest down on a couch: "Lucas, what happened?"

Lucas: "We were attacked by Singhabah?"

Natsu, confused: "Singhabah? I'm not familiar with him."

Lucas: "You weren't a Silver Monk."

Lucas gets up: "Tend to his injuries. I need to find a way to stop Singhabah before it's too late for my father. Come with me, Tora!"

Tora nods as he follows Lucas: "Growl!"

The priest is weakened but yells nonetheless: "Lucas, wait, my son! Wait."

Lucas stop and turns back to the priest. The priest speaks hard: "There is only one way you'll be able to defeat Singhabah."

Lucas gets on one knee beside the priest: "And how is that?"

The priest clutches his chest tightly while Natsu runs back in with a bowl of water and wet washcloth and begins wiping on his chest: "The.. the Spear of Rebirth has always been believed to be the only thing that can defeat the Endness or it's worshippers."

Lucas: "The Spear of Rebirth?"

The priest lightly nods: "Yes. The Endness is death itself, the end of life. The only thing that can undo death is rebirth, a new life. The Spear of Rebirth is in this very village."

Lucas: "Where?"

The priest: "The tree before the temple. The Spear of Rebirth is believed to be held inside. Only the sixth chosen one can wield it's powers to destroy the Endness."

Lucas nods: "Then I vow to stop this madness once and for all. Come Tora!"

Lucas and Tora run outside the house. Once outside, Lucas runs in front of Tora, heading for the ruins to the temple. Lucas jumps up into the air: "Let's Get Psycho!"

In a flash of light, Lucas Umetsu becomes Psycho Silver and in mid-air: "Tora Ho!"

Tora jumps ahead and Psycho Silver lands on him, riding the heroic beast like a steed, Tora growls: "ROOOOARRRRRRR! ROOOOOAAAARRRRR!"

In the shadows the woman in the yellow cloak looks on: "Where is he going?"

Scene 2

Setting: The ocean. Seaguls flying in together scatter in fear a large black birdlike machine flies past, eclipsing the sunlight.

Scene 3

Setting: The temple ruins. A large crooked tree stands before the ruins. Psycho Silver and Tora arrive.

Psycho Silver jumps off of Tora and forward flips to the ground, right before the tree: "This must be where the Spear of Rebirth is held."

Singhabah's voice: "It is."

A black energy consumes Psycho Silver, and sends Psycho Silver backward before Tora.

Pscyho Silver on the ground clutches his chest and breathes hard: "No. He's already here."

Black clouds form in front of the tree and fade away to reveal Singhabah: "You are one of the so-called Chosen Ones. The problem however is that you don't know what you've been chosen to do."

Psycho Silver stands back up. Singhabah holds out his fingers: "You were chosen to die."

Singhabah releases a stream of black fire from his fingers and knocks Psycho Silver back down to the ground.

Scene 4

Setting: The ocean. On a fishing boat the crew look up in terror as the huge black bird machine flies past them, shaking up their boat.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the temple ruins. Singhabah unleashes more black energy on Psycho Silver.

Singhabah remains cold as Psycho Silver screams in agony: "Pathetic. To think that you are my successor. Is it any wonder I betrayed the Guardians?"

Tora grows angry: "Grrrr..."

Singhabah: "Come to me Tora. Afterall, you were mine before you were his."

Tora growls as he leaps to attack Singhabah, but Singhabah merely slaps Tora away: "Stupid beast."

Singhabah pours on more black energy on Psycho Silver: "How fitting that like me, you will die alone."

Psycho Silver gathers his strength and punches the ground as he brings himself back up and jumps out of Singhabah's energy: "I won't die alone, Singha. I don't stand alone. Even if my friends aren't here in person, they'll always be with me in spirit. That's something you can never claim."

Suddenly the woman in the yellow cloak jumps onto the scene: "No, you are not alone, Lucas!"

Psycho Silver is caught off guard: "Aundria?"

The cloaked woman shoots an energy blast and strikes Psycho Silver down: "Not quite."

Psycho Silver rolls to the ground beside Tora. Silver tries to get back up: "You're not Aundria! So who are you?!"

The cloaked woman begins to remove her cloak: "Hahahaha! I thought you'd never ask."

The cloak flies into the air and Psycho Silver is shocked: "No! It can't be you!"

Woman's voice: "Oh but it is."

Scene 6

Setting: The ocean. The large black machine gets closer to the Jakalise Islands.

Scene 7

Setting: Just before the ruins. Psycho Silver is on the ground before Singhabah after just being blasted by the cloaked woman, who just removed her cloak.

Psycho Silver is shocked by who it is: "No! It's can't be you!"

Woman's voice: "Oh but it is."

Psycho Silver: "I can't believe it. Scorpina!"

Scorpina: "Hahahaha! Yes, did you miss me? Because I certainly missed you Silver Ranger."

Scorpina releases another blast of energy on Psycho Silver and Tora.

Psycho Silver jumps out of the way: "But what are you doing here? And what are you doing with Singhabah?"

Singhabah: "Fool. It never even occured to you, why I never attacked this village before."

Psycho Silver: "Now that you mention it."

Singhabah: "You see, centuries ago after the Endness was closed off from our world by the Guardians and my daughter, I was destroyed but my spirit lived on. The Silver Monks imprisoned me in a crypt far deep the caverns of this Guardian Temple. Where I remained for centuries. That was until Scorpina released me."

Psycho Silver: "Of course. Why didn't it dawn on me before."

Scorpina smirks: "You finally figured out, huh. Let me explain, to make sure your peabrain got it right."

Scene 8

Setting: Scorpina's flashback. Inside the second Guardian Temple. An explosion knocks Lucas to the edge of the cliff of the bottomless pit and Psycho Yellow falls over the edge. Psycho Yellow hangs on.

Lucas rushes to Psycho Yellow up: "Aundria!"

But Scorpina grabs Lucas by the back of the head and pulls him away from the pit: "Not so fast."

Psycho Yellow begins to lose her grip: "I can't hold on!"

Scorpina gives Lucas a roundhose kick to knock to the ground and then turns her sword into an energy boomerang: "Then let go."

Scorpina throws her boomerang in the pit in hopes that it will come back up and strike Psycho Yellow, knocking her down.

Psycho Yellow sees the boomerang coming for her: "Only one chance. I have to time this perfectly."

As the boomerang heads back up for Psycho Yellow, she let's go and grabs ahold of the flying boomerang as it takes her back up to safety. Catching Scorpina by surprise.

Scorpina: "Imposs.."

Scorpina is cut off as Psycho Yellow uses the momentum of the boomerang to launch her into a jumpkick.

Scorpina on the ground, notices that her nose is bleeding: "That's it!"

Scorpina gets up: "I've never had to do this without becoming a giant before but the hell with beauty! You're going to fight the beast!"

Scorpina turns into her true form, the scorpion monster.

Monster Scorpina charges after Psycho Yellow but she jumps out of the way and gets a legsweep from Lucas.

The momentum sends into the pit, Monster Scorpina: "Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!...."

Monster Scorpina falls to the bottom of the pit and crashes into the ground creating a crater. Pulling herself out of the crater, Scorpina has returned to her human form, but is bloody and bruised. She sees a skull covered double door before her.

Scene 9

Setting: Back to the present. Psycho Silver and Tora and faced off with Singhabah and Scorpina.

Scorpina: "That day, I found Singhabah's crypt and released him. We bid our time and waited for the time strike for revenge."

Psycho Silver: "Don't you realize what you're doing when you side with him and the Endness?"

Scorpina: "I will have power beyond my wildest dreams."

Psycho Silver: "You will, but you won't be able to enjoy it. The Endness is called that for a reason. It doesn't care about good or evil. It's the destruction of everything and everyone. Pure oblivion."

Scorpina smirks: "Nice try, but I know you would say anything to save your skin."

Singhabah: "Hahahaha. The age of the Endness is at hand, the Spear of Rebirth shall be destroyed, the Avatar shall arrive and Kurasu the Destroyerzord shall come to us, then it will be oblivion for all those that are foolish enough to rebel."

A giant bird's screach shakes the everything.

Tora and Psycho Silver brace themselves.

Scorpina looks up at the sky: "What is that?!"

Singhabah shows a smile: "Yes. Yes! Kurasu the Destroyerzord has arrived! Hahahahahahaha!"

A large black machine is visible from the distance. Singhabah floats into the air to embrace the arrival of Kurasu: "Come Kurasu! Come Machine of Death! Come and ravage this pitiful world in the name of the Endness!"

Singhabah's smile turns into disappointment: "Wait a minute.. That's not Kuras.."

Before Singhabah can finish his sentence a tornado grabs him and spins him around.

Tora roars in delight and Psycho Silver cranks his fist: "That's not Kurasu. It's the Tengu Guardianzord!"

Black Tengu Guardianzord arrives lands on the ground. The impact from the Zord knocks Scorpina off her feet.

Five balls of light fly from the head of the Black Tengu. Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Green. The solidify into Psycho Red, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Blue, Psycho Pink and Ecliptor. Psycho Black remaining inside the Black Tengu Guardianzord.

Psycho Red: "Party time is over, Scorpina."

Scorpina retreats: "Curse you."

Psycho Silver and Tora run to the others: "Not that I'm ungrateful but what are you guys doing here?"

Psycho Yellow hugs Silver: "Thank the spirits, that you're okay. Simon has discovered what is here in your village, thanks to the Guardian Puzzle. When we realized that this Singhabah character may be the one that's causing you father's illness, we rushed as fast as we can."

Singhabah reappears before the tree: "That damnable Guardian Puzzle. I knew that would lead to nothing but trouble."

Scorpina runs to Singhabah: "What do we do now."

Singhabah: "You want ultimate power, Scorpina?"

Scorpina nods with conviction: "More than anything."

Singhabah: "Then give away your soul and welcome the Endness into your heart."

Scorpina closes her eyes and holds out her arms: "I am yours."

Psycho Silver sees what is happening and yells: "Scorpina don't! For your own sake, if no one else's don't let the Endness touch you!"

Singhabah's eyes turn black: "Too late, boy. Today is the day you all die!"

Dark clouds form in the sky as Singhabah raises his arm: "Oh great Apocalypse, this child seeks your power. Bestow to her the power of uncreation so that she may bring forth the destruction that you so desire!"

Psycho Blue: "What are standing here for. Let's stop this."

Psycho Blue runs but an invisible field knocks him back with black energy: "Ah! What the?"

Psycho Silver: "It's too late, Marcus."

A bolt of black lightning comes from the sky and strikes Scorpina, dark energy consumes her as she screams in pain, but her screams change into perverted laughter as her voice is no longer human. She turns around glowing in dark energy and her eyes pitchblack: "The power is mine now. Behold. The power of the Endness!"

Scorpina unleashes a storm of black lightning upon the Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor striking them all down. Scorpina has been driven completely mad: "DEATH! That is all there is now!"

Scorpina laughs maniacally as she turns into a giant scorpion monster, her eyes pitch black and her gold and red armor turns black and gold.

Singhabah: "Here is the Omega, Power Rangers, your end. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Singhabah's dark laughter chills the Rangers as he vanishes. Omega Scorpina snarls as she charges towards the Tengu Guardianzord: "Diiieee........"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Whoah! What the heck is going on around here!"

Omega Scorpina strikes the Tengu Guardianzord and black energy erupts from every blow she administers.

The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor watches on. Ecliptor: "Her power is immense!"

Psycho Red jumps forward and pulls out his Guardian Key: "There's no way Simon is going to stop her by himself. Let's hope what he discovered about the Guardian Keys was right!"

Psychos Yellow, Blue and Pink all pull out their Guardian Keys: "Right!"

Psycho Red: "Guardian Force Unleash!"

Psychos Red, Yellow, Blue and Pink: "Guardian Force Unleash!"

The Psychos slam their Guardian Keys into the ground and four pillars of light form before them. The pillar vanish and in their place are Red Shogun, Yellow Samurai, Blue Tanuki and Pink Miko Guardianzords.

Psycho Pink: "It worked!"

Psycho Blue: "Yeah baby, yeah!"

Psycho Yellow: "Incredible."

Psycho Red: "Now let's put them to good use!"

Psycho Red jumps high into the air and the other three quickly follow.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red teleports inside: "Red Shogun Guardianzord!"

The Red Shogun Guardianzord takes a battle stance as fire erupts around it.

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue teleports inside: "Blue Tanuki Guardianzord!"

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord growls as it's rear legs dig into the ground and it shakes it's head in a crazed frenzy.

[Pink cockpit scene] Psycho Pink teleports inside: "Pink Miko Guardianzord!"

The Pink Miko Guardianzord puts it's hands together and bows as pink clouds form all around it.

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow teleports inside: "Yellow Samurai Guardianzord!"

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord pulls out it's sword as lightning strikes behind it.

Ecliptor concetrates and becomes a giant: "I'm not going to be left out of this fight."

Psycho Silver turns to Tora: "Come on Tora, let's do this!"

Tora runs to Psycho Silver, roaring triumphantly as Psycho Silver presses the button on his morpher!

[Tora-Shinobizord morphing sequence]

Psycho Silver high into the air: "Kiya!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver teleports inside: "Silver Tora-Shinobizord!"

The Silver Tora-Shinobizord roars and silver light shines behind piercing through the dark clouds.

The Guardianzords, Tora-Shinobizord, and Giant Ecliptor stand before Omega Scorpina as an explosion erupts behind them.

Omega Scorpina: "I see you've gotten plenty of new toys since we last fought. Big deal, just more for me to destroy!"

Omega Scorpina charges towards the heroes.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Don't hold back, everyone. Give it everything we've got!"

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehehahahaha! Leave this one to ole' Blue kids and kiddies!"

Blue Tanuki jumps around in a frenzy and charges towards Omega Scorpina and bites her claw arm. Omega Scorpina is unphased: "Bad dog!"

Omega Scorpina bats off the Tanuki, Tora-Shinobizord attempts the same but is batted off as well. Black Tengu flies in with it's lance spinning and strikes, but Omega Scorpina releases dark energy from the newly opened wound and sends the Tengu flying backward. Red Shogun charges up while Pink Miko creates illusions of itself but Omega Scorpina turns her sword into a black energy boomerang and throws, taking out all the Pink Mikos, including the real one. Yellow Samurai charges and takes a swing, but Omega Scorpina grabs the samurai sword with her claw and breaks it in half with her own sword. The Yellow Samurai appears stunned as it holds it's broken sword, Omega Scorpina unleashes a blast of black fire from her mouth. Sending it crashing on top of Blue Tanuki and Silver Tora-Shinobizord.

Ecliptor charges: "My turn."

Ecliptor and Omega Scorpina block each other with their swords, jump back and charge at each other. Ecliptor strikes Omega Scorpina as he runs past her but when they turn around, Omega Scorpina strikes Ecliptor twice with her sword, then spins around and wraps him up with scorpion tail hair. She unleashes a current of black energy down the tail and consumes Ecliptor.

The Red Shogun unleashes it's charged up fireball attack but Omega Scorpina hold up her arms and accepts the full fury of the attack. The smoke clears and Omega Scorpina still stands.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red pounds the controls: "No way! That didn't even tickle her! Ugh! Let's bring them together guys. We're going nowhere fast like this!"

The five Guardianzords regroup.

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "We need the energy saber now!"

New dark clouds form as the Guardian Megazord holds up it's arm. Lightning strikes it's hand, forming the energy sword.

Omega Scorpina: "Hardly impressive."

The Guardian Megazord and Omega Scorpina clash swords as yellow and black energy intermingle. The Guardian Megazord uses all of it's energy and throws Omega Scorpina over it's shoulders. Omega Scorpina lands on her feet and just as she turns around, the Guardian Megazord unleashes it's finishing, striking her and a hundred lightning bolts strike the former beauty. Explosions erupt all over the place. The Guardian Megazord steps back as the smoke clears again and still stands Omega Scorpina, absorbing more dark energy and laughing insanely.

[Megazord cockpit scene] All of the Psychos are horrified. Psycho Black: "No way! Even the Guardian Megazord's strongest attack had no effect on her."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Man! Whatever happened to the simple, one move Zord battles like in the good ole days."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Nevermind that. She may not be down yet, but neither are we. Lucas, let's turn it up another notch."

The Silver Tora-Shinobizord stands back up.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Gotcha! Guardian-Tora Megazord power!"

[Silver Shinobizord transformation sequence]

[Guardian-Tora Megazord transformation sequence]

Ecliptor pulls himself back up as well: "Hmph. We're going to need every ounce of strength we have for this one."

Ecliptor presses the Cybera button on his wrist, he yells in agony as his outershell shatters, revealing Ultimate Ecliptor.

Silver Shinobizord, Guardian-Tora Megazord, and Ultimate Ecliptor stand side-by-side before Omega Scorpina as a huge explosion breaks out behind them.

Omega Scorpina charges: "You can rearrange your toys all you want. I'll still put them in their place!"

Omega Scorpina strikes Ultimate Ecliptor, then Silver Shinobizord, and finally Guardian-Tora Megazord. Ultimate Ecliptor recovers and charges up a storm of blue energy: "Take this!"

Ultimate Ecliptor unleashes all of his energy on Omega Scorpina consuming her in blue and silver light. The Silver Shinobizord jumps up in the air and drops down with's katana, going through Omega Scorpina, right down the middle. The Guardian-Tora Megazord takes position and raises it's arms.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "One-Two Tigerstrike!"

Guardian-Tora Megazord's arms glow as it strikes Omega Scorpina with the rear claw, then the fore claw. Omega Scorpina falls to one knee.

Omega Scorpina starts to breathe hard: "Good Rangers, but not good enough!"

Omega Scorpina throws up her arms as more black energy flows into her as she laughs insanely once again.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Oh man. This chick just ain't going down. Well one more time. One-Two Tigerstrike!"

The Guardian-Tora Megazord goes for it's finishing move yet again but this time Omega Scorpina grabs it's arms: "Naughty, naughty. Hahahahaha!"

Omega Scorpina unleashes another wave of black fire breath sending the Megazord into the sky. Omega Scorpina resummons her sword and jumps straight into the air and strikes the Guardian-Tora Megazord as it falls down.

[Megazord cockpit scene] The Psycho Rangers are all shook from their seats as explosions erupt every which way and the Guardian-Tora Megazord crashes into the ground hard.

Omega Scorpina lands on her feet and consumes Ultimate Ecliptor in black energy. The force is so strong the Ecliptor is forced to shrink and become his normal self again.

The Silver Shinobizord stays on the ground.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "This is all so hopeless. She's just too powerful. But we can't give up!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver looks into his monitor and sees the tree in front of the Guardian Temple ruins: "Of course. The Spear of Rebirth. I hope it's in that tree, because it's our only chance at this point!"

Psycho Silver jumps out of the Silver Shinobizord and runs towards the tree: "For the sake of everything, I hope the Spear is in there."

Psycho Silver arrives at the tree but before he can reach it, Singhabah reappears: "Going somewhere, boy?"

Psycho Silver jumps up into the air: "Out of the way!"

Singhabah unleashes a beam of black energy on Psycho Silver and knocks him down: "Give it up boy. You're going to die, no matter what you do. You might as well make it as painless as possible."

Psycho Silver stands back up in anger: "No way! I'm not going to give up! That's what you did, wasn't it? Well I'm not going to end up as some pitiful ghost like you. There's a reason why you need a body, and I'm betting that if I can't touch you, you can't touch me either!"

Psycho Silver runs with his Psycho Silverizer, Singhabah releases more bolts of energy: "You're a fool, boy!"

Psycho Silver dodges all of Singhabah's attacks and charges up the Psycho Silverizer: "Psycho Silverizer!"

Psycho Silver runs right through Singhabah and unleashes the Psycho Silverizer on the tree behind him. Burning the tree down and a pillar of white light erupts for the tree.

The light is painful for Singhabah to even look at as he covers his eyes: "No!"

Psycho Silver desummons his Silverizer as he steps to the pillar of light: "It is here!"

Psycho Silver reaches into the light and pulls out a long silver blade with a triangular blade as large as his head, with three symbols on it. A baby for birth, a skull for death, and another baby for rebirth. Psycho Silver holds the Spear of Rebirth above his head and an explosion erupts behind him: "Spear of Rebirth!"

Singhabah: "Noooo.... That was supposed to be mine, it was always supposed to be mine."

Psycho Silver charges and strikes Singhabah: "Then take it!"

A spot of white light breaks out of Singhabah and he screams in pain as he teleports away cursing Lucas.<> Omega Scorpina notices Singhabah's leaving: "What's happening down there?"

Psycho Silver jumps back inside the Silver Shinobizord. The Silver Shinobizord punches the ground as it stands back up and takes a battle stance as the only Zord left standing in front of Omega Scorpina.

Omega Scorpina: "You just don't learn, do you. With the power of the Endness flowing through me, I am invincible!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver holds the Spear of Rebirth in his hands: "This is your only warning Scorpina. Renounce the Endness now, or you'll have to be destroyed along with it."

Omega Scorpina: "And give up all of this power? Never!"

Omega Scorpina charges.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Then I pity your soul, Scorpina."

The Silver Shinobizord jumps over the charging Omega Scorpina and kicks her in the back of the head.

Psycho Silver's voice: "Spear of Rebirth!"

The Spear of Rebirth flies out of the Silver Shinobizord and grows in size so that it can be held by the Shinobizord. The light casting from it breaks away all the dark clouds.

Omega Scorpina looks around as the black clouds fade away: "What? No, where is all the power going?"

Omega Scorpina starts to hold her stomach: "No. I'm.. I'm feeling weaker."

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "I regret this, but it must be done!"

The Silver Shinobizord charges and strikes the Spear of Rebirth into Omega Scorpina's belly. White energy flows from the Spear into Omega Scorpina and white light cracks through Omega Scorpina's body. The Silver Shinobizord pulls back and swings the Spear of Rebirth upward then horizontally to form a holy cross, the energy cross runs right through Omega Scorpina and the black energy breaks out of her.

Omega Scorpina drops her sword and remains still: "No. I had ultimate power, this can't be....*"

Omega Scorpina falls backward and explodes before the Silver Shinobizord.

Scene 10

Setting: A dark room. Singhabah's crypt. A weakened Singhabah looks on as Omega Scorpina dies.

Singhabah: "Impossible. They've just faced the power of the Endness and survived. But still, hahahaha... They've only faced a portion of the Endness' power. The Avatar has yet to arrive and the Machine of Death has to have been awakened. But when they do, only death shall remain for them."

Suddenly purple mist floods the crypt as lightning crackles inside. Singhabah shows fear at first the turns to joy: "Ah. The Endness is here."

A completely inhuman voice: "Singhabahh....."

Singhabah: "Yes, great masters. Your loyal servant is here."

Suddenly the mist enwraps itself around Singhabah's limbs: "What? What is this?"

Endness' voice: "Oblivion."

A giant purple hand of energy forms right before Singhabah.

Singhabah is fearful: "What? Oblivion to me? No! I'm loyal! I live only to serve you."

Endness' voice: "No life. No afterlife. Only oblivion."

The purple hand reaches closer to the bound the Singhabah. Singhabah pleads: "No! Please! No! Not me! Everyone else but meeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

The purple hand reaches inside Singhabah and pulls out a ball of blue light from his chest, his soul itself. With his soul removed, Singha's body freezes and falls apart into ashes.

The Endness' voice repeats: "Oblivion."

The purple hand squeezes the soul tighter and tighter as the Endness' voice continues: "Oblivion to all living and unliving."

A horrible screaming breaks out as the purple crushes the soul into a million tiny shreds: "Oblivion to all."

"Oblivion to all."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The sun is back up. And the birds chirp again in the village as Lucas admires the Spear of Rebirth in his hands. Tora sits beside him.

Aundria's voice: "Lucas!"

Lucas turns around and sees the other unmorphed Psychos and Ecliptor running to join him.

Lucas: "Aundria!"

Aundria hugs Lucas: "You did it, you actually did it."

Lucas: "Not without your help. Thanks for coming."

Aundria: "We would never leave you out to dry, love."

Lucas smiles: "I know."

Victor: "But what about this Spear of Rebirth?"

Ecliptor: "Yes. It truly is a most impressive weapon."

Marcus: "Yeah Kung-Fu Boy with that badboy on our side, Darkonda better watch out."

Lucas holds down the Spear of Rebirth: "No. The Spear cannot be wasted on Darkonda. It's powers can only be used for the Endness and the Endness alone."

Victor: "I suppose that's good enough. At least with that on our side, we may stand a chance when the Avatar and Kurasu show up."

Angela: "We have hope now."

Natsu's voice: "Lucas!"

Lucas turns around: "Natsu?"

Natsu motions for everyone to come to the priest's house: "Come on, Lucas. You have to see this!"

The gang all runs to the priest's house. The priest steps outside all healed. Lucas stops in pleasant surprise: "You're okay."

The priest smiles: "I'm not the only one, my son."

The priest steps aside and Luther steps out all healthy and better.

Lucas is almost silent with awe as his eyes grow watery.

Lucas runs into his father's arms: "Papa!"

Luther and Lucas hug tightly. Father and son reunited.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Simon holds flowers in his hands: "It's either now or never."

Clip 2
Angela to Aundria: "I don't know if I can wait for him anymore."

Clip 3
Simon bumps into a blonde girl.

Clip 4
The blonde girl introduces herself: "Hi. I'm Christina."

Clip 5
Psycho Pink is attacked by a swan monster.

Clip 6
Angela turns around the corner and sees Simon kissing Christina.

Clip 7
Angela with tears in her eyes: "You've made your choice Simon."

Angela tosses her single rose into a trashcan: "It's over."

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