Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 34
"Simon Says"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Somewhere inside the Dark Carrier. An army drumbeat is played while two mysterious figures gathers various papers and rolls them into a carrying case. The mysterious figrues sheathe their peculiar swords. A dark hand zips up a backpack. One of the figures tosses a backpack over his shoulder. The two figures look at a Mickey Mouse clock with the time "7:15am" and they synchronize their watches.

First mysterious figure: "Are you ready?"

The second mysterious figure replies: "As ready as I'll ever be."

The first figure holds out his hand: "Then let's do this!"

The second figure shakes his hand: "You got it!"

The two figures leave the mysterious room and the hallway. They make their way down the hallway, Skullinites stop and move to side, looking at the two figures with curiosity. They stop in front of the large doubledoor entrance to Darkonda's throneroom.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda and Falconine are sitting in their thrones and appear to be bored. Cybera stands off to the side as emotionless as ever. Furio with one foot on the step to the thrones seems to be talking to Darkonda and Falconine.

Furio: "So then the Quadrarian priest says to the rabbi..."

Furio doesn't get to the punchline of his bad joke because suddenly the doubledoors slam open and surprise everyone in the room.

Darkonda: "What the?"

Falconine: "Who dares?!"

Suddenly Elgar and Rito Revolto burst into the room. Rito: "TADAAAAA!!!!"

Elgar pulls out a tripod: "Today is your lucky day."

Rito Revolto spingestures his hand as he bows: "Riiittooo Revoltoooo at.. your service."

Elgar puts his arm around Rito: "And don't forget the coolest cat in town, me, Grandmaster E. er.. I mean Elgar!"

Falconine is unamused: "You're wasting our time."

Rito Revolto: "That is where you're wrong, Falcababe."

Falconine stands up from her throne, her eyes glowing purple: "What did you just call me?"

Elgar realizes their in trouble: "Whoah! He didn't mean to dis ya, Queen Falconine. He's just an idiot."

Rito is hurt: "Hey!"

Elgar whispers to Rito: "Ixnay on the ab-bay talk."

Rito Revolto scratches his head: "Huh? Are you feeling okay."

Elgar shakes his head: "Nevermind."

Furio takes a step forward and summons his sword: "You two morons better have a good reason for barging in here and interrupting my story."

Darkonda stands up from his throne: "Actually, interrupting your tired jokes is the only reason I haven't vaporized them yet."

Darkonda turns his attention to Rito and Elgar as he pulls out his sword: "But that can change if you don't tell me you're doing here."

Rito and Elgar step back. Rito puts his hands out to make a "stop" pantomime: "Okay, okay. Here's the deal. Elgar and I were playing table tennis the other day and a thought came across us."

Falconine under her breath: "Well there's a historic event."

Elgar adds to Rito's explanation: "The Rangers always use catchphrases for their moves and how they morph right? You know like "'Shift Into Turbo!'"

Rito: "'It's Morphin' Time!'"

Elgar: "'Let's Rocket!'"

Rito: "And of course 'Let's Get Psycho!'"

Darkonda: "The better to catch the kiddies' attention with, so what's your point?"

Elgar steps forward: "Well what if there was some way to keep the brats from talking. They wouldn't be able to use any of their activation codes."

Falconine crosses her arms, still not amused.

Elgar: "We were thinking about how to do that until our heads hurt."

Furio under his breath: "That must have taken a total of two seconds."

Rito: "We then searched through the left over notes from our old bosses. You know, Rita and Ed."

Elgar: "We even went through some Auntie D's old plans. And we finally found something that jusssttt might do the trick!"

Elgar adjusts the tripod and unrolls the plans and sets them up. Showing crayon drawings. The first figure is named "Rito" and the second is named "ME" with the "E" backwards: "See, this is us."

Elgar then points out five other crayon figures, saying "WE SUCK!": "And these are the Psycho Rangers."

Falconine being sarcastic: "How enlightening."

Elgar points to the Rito & Elgar crayon figures holding a bag: "And this is us with a bag of magic dust and with it we're going to."

Rito enthusiastically pulls out the bag: "Ooh! Ooh! Let me show! Let me show!"

Rito rubs his boney hands together as he pulls out some of the magic dust and throws it at Cybera: "Check this out."

Cybera twitches at first: "Circuits are malfunctioning. Gninoitcnuflam era stiucric."

Darkonda, Falconine and Furio all do a doubletake. Furio: "Say that again?"

Cybera: "Gninoiycnuflam era stiucric. Gninoiycnuflam era smetsys oidua. Rerro gnissecorp. Rerro gnissecorp."

Darkonda puts his hand towards Cybera's face: "Stop talking. Stop talking. You're giving me a headache."

Rito Revolto puts his elbow on Darkonda's shoulder: "You know, my sister used to have those all the time. What she used to do was she would start up a nice warm bath and.."

Darkonda smacks Rito away: "Grrr... Get your hands off of me!"

Elgar: "See? The magic dust makes people talk backwards!"

Rito then points to the next crayon drawing of Rito & Elgar blowing dust on the Psycho Rangers: "We'll make everyone talk backwards! The Psycho Rangers won't know what him them."

Elgar shows the next picture. Five tombstones. Red R.I.P., Blue R.I.P., Yellow R.I.P., Pink R.I.P., and Black R.I.P. As well as Rito and Elgar high-fiving at the funeral: "We destroy the Psycho Rangers."

Elgar shows the final picture, crayon drawings of Furio, Darkonda and Falconine standing on top of Deacon Blue: "With the Rangers out of the way, you guys can take over the world!"

Elgar: "So isn't that the greatest plan you ever heard or what?"

Rito and Elgar wait anxiously for the villains' response. Darkonda and Falconine just give them blank stares, they look at each other for a moment then look back at Rito and Elgar.

Scene 3

Setting: Just outside Darkonda's throne room. At the doors.

Elgar flies out of the room and crashes onto the ground: "Yaaaaahhhhh!"

Then Rito flies out of the room and crashes on the ground with bones flying up in the air when he lands: "Whoooohhhh!"

Furio casually walks out of the room, smacking the dust from his hands: "And stay out!"

Furio goes back into the room and slams the door behind him.

On the floor is Elgar with Rito on top of them, looking dazed and confused even for them.

Elgar taps his fingers on the floor: "You know. I'm no brain surgeron or anything but I don't think that went very well."

Rito's head spins around a bit due to dizzyness: "*moan* You think? So what should we do?"

Elgar: "I say we go through with it anyway! Auntie D would and when it does work, Darkonda and Falconine will reward us with all the Happy Meals we can eat!"

Rito: "Sounds good to me."

Rito's head falls off his body and hits Elgar on the head. Elgar: "Doh!"

Rito: "Sorry."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany Mall. It's a busy saturday afternoon and the citizens of New Bethany are all busy inside the mall shopping till they drop. In the courtyard of three-story mall, is a large water fountain with a skylight in the ceiling. There are two escalators on opposite sides of the courtyard, and a stage off to the side for mallshows. There are various stores circled around the courtyard and three hallways from three different sides. Walking into the courtyard from the south hallway are four very familiar females with what looks like two large piles of packages walking behind them and behind those two piles is one very large pile of packages that seems to be walking. From left to right the four ladies are Paige, Aundria, Angela and Tabuna in street clothes.

Paige looks around the courtyard and spins around: "Oooh.. I just love the mall."

Aundria: "It certainly beats staying in that stuffy mountain all day."

Angela: "Especially on a nice summer's day like this."

Angela turns to Tabuna: "So Tabby, how are you enjoying your first time in the mall."

Tabuna seems to be perkier than usual: "I love it! Where are we going next?"

Marcus' voice: "How about going home?"

The first pile of packages lowers and behind it is Marcus.

Lucas' voice: "For once I have to agree with him."

The second pile of packages lowers and behind it is Lucas.

Lucas seems to be sweatsoaked and wipes his forehead: "This is getting very tiring."

Aundria walks over to Lucas with a waterbottle in hand: "Ah. Poor baby. Don't tell a couple of packages are too heavy for a couple of healthy, strong men like you."

Aundria squirts some water from the bottle into Lucas' mouth. He gives an ever so grateful smile.

Marcus: "You know, you chicks can at least carry some of these."

The girls all look at each for a moment then break out laughing.

Paige pinches Marcus' cheek: "Isn't that cute."

Marcus pushes Paige's hand away: "Knock it off, I'm serious. Can we just go home already?"

Tabuna: "No way. We still haven't been to The Space, Astrobucks, J.D. Cents, and that two for one sale and at Stacers."

Victor's voice: "N-O! No way!"

The extralarge pile drops rapidly and from behind it walks out Victor: "We're not going to one more store. Not one. You girls are breaking wallets and our backs."

Tabuna gingerly walks over to Victor: "It's okay, Hon. We don't have to go Stacers or the Space."

Victor eyes roll in relief: "Thank god."

Tabuna puts her hands behind her back and girlish fakes innocence: "Of course, I guess I don't have to get anything Lover's Lane either."

Victor's smile turns to horror: "No, no, no. We can go to Lover's Lane. After all of this, please tell me you'll go to Lover's Lane."

Tabuna: "Hmmm.. I.. don't know."

Victor looks like he's ready to beg.

Lucas looks on with confusion and asks Marcus: "Why does Victor want Tabuna to shop at Lover's Lane?"

Marcus gives Lucas a funny look: "You really are a country bumpkin, aren't you? Isn't that woman of yours educating you?"

Aundria slaps Marcus in the back of the head while casually taking a sip from her water bottle: "None of you business. And it's not like you've graduated from kindergarten yourself."

Angela looks at her watch: "Maybe we should give the guys a reprieve, it's getting close to lunch time."

Aundria: "Sounds good to me. Fastfood or buffet?"

All three guys speak up at once: "Buffet!"

Everyone shares a laugh.

Paige: "Well boys, the foodcourt is on the second floor so you better get our stuff up those escalators before the food gets cold."

Marcus: "No, wait. You can't play us like that.."

Alas Marcus' protests fall on deaf ears as the girls already hop on the escalator without the guys, they all wave goodbye to stick it to them even further.

Marcus throws up a fist and begins to raise a finger, but Lucas puts his hand over Marcus' fist: "Let's remain dignified about this, Marcus."

Marcus: "Kung-fu boy, there ain't nothing dignified about this. Those chicks got each and every one of us, kitty-whipped."

"Paige's got her ball and chain on me, Audry's got her on you. Tabuna has Big Red wrapped around her little finger, and Angela is having her way with.. Victor too. Say, Vic, where the hell is Blondie? How did he escape ox-duty?"

Victor sits on a couple of the packages while wiping his forehead: "Simon is the only one of us that's single. So he managed to escape our cruel fate."

Lucas: "Shouldn't Simon still have to carry Angela's items by default. Regardless of their relationship."

Victor smirks: "Yeah. Well, as far as he's concerned I deserve to carry twice the load."

Marcus: "What are you talking about, man?"

Victor takes a deep breath: "I guess I might as well fill in the rest of you guys, since Simon already knows. In our previous life as Eltarians, Angela and I were married."

Lucas: "Oh."

Marcus: "Ouch. That has to suck. But that was on Eltar, literally in a different life. We all know Simon and Angela are sweet on each except for Simon and Angela themselves."

Victor: "Simon doesn't see it that way, remember I'm more Eltarian than the rest of you."

A bystander walks by: "Eltarian? Where's Eltar?"

Victor tries to cover himself: "Uh.. It's just my hometown off on the west coast, really out there in boondocks. So small you can't even find it on most maps."

The bystands continues on his way: "Oh."

Victor takes a sigh of relief then stands back up: "I'll take that as a cue to stop discussing this in public."

Victor then starts to pick up his packages: "Well come on guys, I'm starving."

Marcus puts his packages in Lucas' arms. Lucas: "What are you doing?"

Marcus: "Just take care of this for me, I'm going to deal with Supershy."

Lucas: "But.."

Marcus runs off: "Hey thanks man, I owe you one! *snicker*"

Lucas: "But, but, but."

Victor with his packages in hand walks by: "Don't expect me to help, this boat is full."

Lucas hangs his head down as if he were ready to cry.

As the duo head up the escalator and have trouble maintain balance, a dark figure watches them from behind the curtain on mallstage. The figure disappears behind the curtain.

Scene 2

Setting: Behind the mall's courtyard stage, lurks Rito Revolto, Elgar and a large pale-skinned monster with oversized arms that drag on the ground like a gorilla a large underbite with a single sabretooth standing up. The monster is wearing a beanie cap and seems to be dressed in a striped shirt small shorts and suspenders. Possibly a left over Divatox monster.

Rito stops looking through the curtain: "Teehee. All of the Rangers are in the mall. This is going to be easier than taking candy from a baby."

Large monster: "Me want candy!"

Elgar: "Yeah, me want candy. Uh.. I mean.. I want candy too."

Rito bonks Elgar on the head: "Hey, keep your mind on the business at hand."

Rito then ponders: "Although, I could really go for a jawbreaker right about now."

Large monster: "Me love breaking jaws."

Rito Revolto seems dumbfounded: "Uh.. yeah."

Rito whispers in Elgar's ear: "Where did you find this guy?"

Elgar: "Hey, he's the best I could do on such short notice. Now about that candy."

Rito: "We'll go get some candy AFTER we conquer the world! Now let's follow the Blue Ranger."

Elgar: "Okay but no licorace! I hate that stuff."

Scene 3

Setting: In the streets of New Bethany. Falconine, Darkonda, and Furio terrorize the people. Releasing energy bolts at the people and explosions erupting everywhere.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! No one can stop us now! We're invicible!"

Furio: "You've got that right!"

Falconine: "The only thing that ruin this moment is those acursed Psycho Rangers."

Psycho Red's voice: "I hate to ruin the moment."

Falconine, Darkonda and Furio look ahead and see the five core Psycho Rangers standing before them. Psycho Red: "But that's exactly what we're here to do."

Psycho Blue: "So surrender foul fiends!"

Darkonda: "Oh no, not them!"

Furio: "Let's rush them!"

Darkonda and Furio rush past Falconine and charge towards the Psycho Rangers with their sword wailing.

Psycho Red in a sarcastic mockery: "Oh no. I'm so scared."

The Psycho Rangers bring together the Psycho Blaster. Psycho Red fires: "Fire!"

The beam runs right through Darkonda and Furio, explosions erupt.

Darkonda: "Oh no."

Furio: "We're dead."

Darkonda and Furio fall to the ground and explode.

Psycho Red turns his attention to Falconine: "Now it's your turn, Falconine!"

Falconine puts her finger to her mouth as she backs away in fear: "Stay away from me."

The Psycho Rangers slowly stalk towards the cowering Falconine. Psycho Blue grabs Falconine's hand and tightens his fist: "Hehehahaha! Say bye-bye!"

Psycho Blue prepares throw a punch but a dark hand grabs his fist: "Unhand her, ruffian!"

Psycho Blue turns and sees Rygog holding his fist: "What the?"

Psycho Yellow is scared: "Oh no, it's the mighty Rygog. We're in for it now!"

Falconine looks at Rygog ever so longful: "Ohhh Rygog."

Rygog winks to Falconine: "How's it hanging, babe."

Rygog belly punches Psycho Blue: "You should bow in the presence of a lady."

Rygog then winds up and throws an uppercut that sends Psycho Blue flying out of sight. Rygog holds his hand over his eyes as he watches Psycho Blue flying away: "And he's out of there!"

Rygog turns to face the other Psychos as Falconine stands behind him, in love like a schoolgirl. Rygog puts his fists to his hips: "As for the rest of you, I hope you have your insurance paid off."

The remaining Psycho Rangers literally shake in their boots as Rygog casts a heroic laugh.

Psycho Red in a panic, orders the other Psychos: "Well don't just stand there get him."

Psycho Black: "Up yours Victor! I have a wife and kids to think about. I'm out of here!"

Psycho Pink: "Yeah!"

Psycho Yellow: "Same here!"

Psychos Black, Pink and Yellow teleport away. Leaving only Psycho Red.

Rygog: "Hahahahaha! It looks like your friends, had the right idea. Now why don't you run along the rest of the little boys."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "Why you! I don't care if you are the almighty Rygog. You can't talk to me like that!"

Psycho Red charges, Rygog shakes his head: "Tsk tsk tsk. They never learn."

Rygog holds his hand out and holds Psycho Red back by his head. Psycho Red swings in vain but he can't reach Rygog. Rygog blows at his finger nails and rubs his chest, then yawn. He then picks up Psycho Red.

Psycho Red: "Whoah. Put me down! Put me down!"

Rygog spins Psycho Red around over his head like a pizza: "Whatever you say. Hahahahaha!"

Rygog slams Psycho Red, head first into the ground, making him look like an ostrich. Rygog slaps the dust of his hands: "And that is that."

Falconine keeps her hands together as she runs to Rygog's side: "Oh Rygog. My villain. How can I ever repay you."

Rygog grabs Falconine and dips her. Falconine: "Oh my."

Rygog: "Falconine, my dear. There is but one thing I request of you. There is nothing sweeter but the passionate embrace of your luscious lips."

Falconine begins to pucker up: "Oh Rygog."

Rygog: "Falconine."

Falconine gets her lips closer to Rygog as he closes his eyes and puckers up. Falconine: "Rygog."

Rygog slobbery mouth puckers up as Falconine continues to call out his name: "Oh Rygog. Rygog. Rygog."

Falconine's voice this time angry: "RYGOG!"

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Rygog wakes up from his dream as Falconine sits in her throne, yelling at him.

Falconine: "RYGOG! Wake up! Your snoring is repulsive."

Rygog, startled: "What? Huh? Oh! Please forgive me, your lovely evilness."

Falconine: "Silence!"

Rygog covers his mouth in panic.

Falconine: "That's better. Now go make yourself useful and fetch my lunch and bring it to my room. I'll be hungry after my daily meditations."

Rygog anxiously bows: "Right away, my queen!"

Rygog stumbles as he rushes out to go get Falconine something to eat. Falconine gets up from her throne and rolls her eyes.

Scene 5

Setting: In the hallway Rygog rushes past some Skullinites.

Rygog: "Gotta get Queen Falconine her lunch. Maybe if I get her some butterscotch pudding, she'll notice."

Rygog rushes around the corner and bumps into Goldar and Finster. He knocks Goldar down. Goldar is very upset: "Watch where you're going you buffoon!"

Rygog hops back: "Oh oh. Sorry Goldar, I'm in a hurry."

Goldar gets back and summons his sword: "In a hurry to the infirmary."

Finster: "Goldar, Rygog is Falconine's personal servant. If you harm him, you may have to deal with her."

Goldar refrains from striking Rygog: "Grrr.. You have a point."

Goldar pokes his finger on Rygog's chest: "I'll let you off easy this time, but watch you're going next time."

Goldar pushes Rygog aside and walks off. Rygog wipes his forehead; "Whew!"

Finster becomes curious: "Why are you in such a hurry anyway?"

Rygog: "Huh? Oh I'm just on my way to get Falconine's lunch. *sigh* Not that she'll appreciate it. Oh Falconine, why are you so cruel to one that loves you so much, my temptress. *sigh*"

Finster scatches his chin: "Oh my. Cupid certainly knows how to pick them. None the less, if it's Queen Falconine's affections you desire, I could help you."

Rygog pulls out of his daydream: "Huh? You can? How?"

Rygog shakes Finster: "You have to tell me, how can I make Falconine fall in love with me."

Finster tries to speak but Rygog is shaking him: "We.. ll.ll.. I.. I.. ha..ha..vvv..ve a lo..lo..vvv..ve potion!"

Rygog lets go of Finster. Finster falls to the ground: "A love potion! That's perfect! But will it work?"

Finster rubs his head as he gets back up: "Of course it will. My love potion managed to get Lord Zedd to marry Rita Repulsa a few years back. It should have no problem working for you."

Rygog picks up Finster: "Excellent!"

Rygog lays a fat one on Finster's nose. Finster: "Oh my!"

Rygog grabs Finster and carries him off: "Come on, let's not waste any time. Go fix me up a batch of that love potion now!"

Finster: "Waitttt...."

Scene 6

Setting: Back at the mall. Simon is in the electronics store. He's busy reading a large video game box.

Simon: "Hmmm.. Mega Imaginecast. 256-bit graphics, Quadriple speed DVD drive, high-density television. 16 controller ports. 600 MB memory cards, hmmm... I wonder if it plays Pac-Man?"

Marcus sneaks up on Simon: "Hey watcha doing?!"

Simon is startled and drops the Imaginecast box: "Ya!"

Clerk's voice: "Hey, if you broke it, you bought it!"

Marcus looks at the game system: "Mega Imaginecast? Ugh. No wonder you're such a lonely man. As much babeage there is in this mall, you're thinking about videogames?"

Simon: "Well excuse me for trying have a hobby."

Marcus: "Blondie. Your hobby should be taking care of your joystick, not buying joysticks."

Simon walks out of the electronics store: "Look. Unlike you, I don't have my mind in the gutter, 24-7."

Marcus: "Hey man. You should at least be trying to put the moves on Angela. She's the only girl in our group that doesn't have a boyfriend. I bet you, that's starting to get to her. She might even give an ugly dog like you a chance."

Simon turns around: "Shut the hell up, Marcus! I'm not in the mood. Besides, it's pointless to worry about getting together with Angela, now."

Marcus: "You know, Victor told me about his marriage to Angela back on Eltar."

Simon: "Then you know why I'm not in the mood to talk about this."

Marcus rushes in front of Simon and cuts him off: "Look. I know that had to be quite a bombshell, dropped on you. But you seem to be forgetting that after Dumbkonda erased our memories and turned us into monsters, all previous contracts were null and void. We were all different people back then."

Simon: "Not Victor. He had his Eltarian memories restored."

Marcus: "But that doesn't mean he still has feelings for Angela. He only has eyes for our little silver-haired pirate babe."

Simon takes a deep breath: "Look. I appreciate what you're trying to do. It's always an occasion to stop the presses when Marcus Blue is trying to help out a pal. But even if there was never anything between Vic and Angela, why would she want anything to do with someone like me?"

Marcus rolls his eyes: "Aye ai ai. You're still stuck up on that? For crying out loud, even I know that Angela is the last girl on Deacon Blue, that would reject a guy solely on his looks."

Simon: "I know you're right. But still."

Marcus puts his arm around Simon and drags him to a clothing store: "Okay. Maybe what you need is some new gear. Clothes make the man, you know."

Simon: "I don't know."

Marcus: "I know you don't. I've seen your closet. It should be labeled 'Dorks-R-Us' but Mac Marcus will hook you up."

Simon gives up: "*sigh* Fine. What do you suggest."

Marcus: "Okay first of all, you need to stop wearing these Salvation Army rags you call clothes. Get yourself some namebrand clothing."

Marcus shakes Simon's chin: "And get some cool brand names that are in. Don't get any Damage, Karl Kani, Used, and especially don't get any Cross Colors. What you need is some Fubu, FU.. BU!"

Simon: "Um.. I don't know about that, Marcus."

Marcus: "Whatever. Look those shirts over there look cool enough. Flip through them. I'm going to see about getting you some pants that don't scream 'Hey girls, I'm a big loser."

Simon rolls his eyes as he heads for the shirt rack: "Fine."

Marcus heads over to the other side of the clothing store as Simon flips through the shirts. However a rolling rack of coats, slowly moves towards Simon. Behind the coat rack is Rito Revolto and Elgar.

Rito and Elgar duck behind the coats. Rito whispers to Elgar: "Okay. The Black Ranger is all alone, give me the magic dust."

Elgar pulls out the pouch: "Here you go, Rito my man! Yeah."

Rito checks out that bag: "Haha. This is going to be a piece of cake."

Man's voice: "Hey, what are the coats doing here?"

Rito and Elgar freeze. Elgar: "Oh oh. The manager is coming this way."

Rito: "Doh! If our cover is blown we won't be able to get this dust on the Black Ranger. Hide!"

Elgar ducks under the display of dresses next to him. Rito panics, looking for a place to hide but can't seem to find one.

The manager of the clothing store makes his way to the other side of the coat rack: "Who moved these coats over here!"

The manager turns his head and does a doubletake: "By all that is holy, what is this?!"

The manager sees Rito Revolto, standing still and wearing a flower dress: "That has to be the ugliest mannequin, I have ever seen. I can't just leave this here. It'll scare away the customers."

The manager turns around and yells: "Hey Steve! Go get me a spare mannequin head from the back."

Teenager's voice: "Right away, boss!"

The manager removes Rito's head from his body: "Yuck! This must have been a pratical joke."

Steve returns with a blonde female mannequin head: "Here you go, boss."

The manager tosses Rito's head in a nearby trashcan. Rito's voice: "Ouch!"

The manager takes the mannequin head puts in on Rito's body. Elgar tries his hardest not to laugh from under the dress table. The manager: "There. I guess that's a little better. Come on, Steve, help me with this coat rack."

The manager and Steve pull the coatrack away. Elgar waits until the coast is clear and pops out from the table wearing a sundress, feather boa, and a flower hat. He helps Rito's body to the trashcan. Elgar: "Hey are you okay?"

Rito's voice from the trashcan: "Just help me out of here."

Elgar looks at the mannequin head on Rito's body: "I don't know. I think it's an improvement. You're almost cute now."

Rito's voice from the trashcan: "Hardy har har. Just get me out of here, so we can get back to business."

Elgar: "Okay, okay. Geesh."

Rito's voice from the trashcan is suddenly enthusiastic: "Hey! There's a half-eaten Twinkie in here! Every dark cloud does have a silver lining."

Meanwhile Simon flips through the shirts and talks to himself: "This is ridiculous. No matter how nice these clothes are, it's not going to help my problems any. Though I guess I should at least humor Marcus. It's not often he tries to be helpful, even if it is in his own way."

Elgar and Rito sneak up behind him. Elgar has the magic dust, while Rito finishes screwing his head back on.

Elgar pours some of the magic dust in his hands: "There he is a sitting duck."

Rito with his head on backwards: "Well don't just stand there, do it to it!"

Elgar: "Right!"

Elgar blows the magic dust from his hands on Simon. Simon sneezes: "What the? I must be allergic to this shirt."

Elgar: "It's done. Now let's go get the others."

Rito: "Right."

Elgar and Rito make their way but with Rito's head on backward he bumps into clothes rack and trips over it. Making a large noise. Everyone turns around and spots Rito and Elgar.

Rito: "Ooops."

Woman shopper: "Monsters!"

Simon turns around and sees Rito and Elgar: "What the? Won ton!"

Simon is stunned by what he just said. The various people in the store run out, frightened by Rito and Elgar. Marcus rushes in jumpkicks Elgar over the counter. Rito keeps trying to get his head on straight.

Marcus: "I don't what you two clowns are doing here, but if you want a floorwaxin'. I'm your man!"

Elgar gets up from behind the counter: "No thanks. We are sooo out of here!"

Elgar teleports away. Rito finally gets his head on right: "Huh? Where did Elgar go?"

Marcus: "Your pal left."

Rito: "Doh!"

Rito teleports away.

Marcus looks puzzled: "What was that all about?"

Marcus elbows Simon in the stomach: "So man, did you pick out some sucky shirts?"

Simon evil eyes Marcus: "Krej a hcus eb t'nod."

Marcus doubletakes Simon: "Huh? Say that again."

Simon grows worried: "On ho! Sdrawkcab gniklat m'i!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The foodcourt at the mall. Victor, Angela, Tabuna, Lucas, Paige and Aundria are just finishing up their lunch at the buffet restauraunt when Simon and Marcus run in urgently.

Marcus: "Guys! Guys!"

Aundria cleans off her plate: "Too late guys. We got tired of waiting for you too."

Marcus: "Nevermind that. We got a problem."

Victor: "What is it?"

Marcus: "Here. I'll show you. Simon, explain to everyone what just happened."

Simon: "Em no lleps a tsac Ragle dna Otir. Sdrawkcab gniklat pots t'nac I won!"

Paige: "What's wrong with him?"

Marcus: "What does it sound like? The man is stuck, talking backwards."

Angela's smile drops: "Oh no. Poor Simon. Who did this to him?"

Simon: "Ragle dna Otir."

Angela: "I never heard of Ragle and Otir."

Marcus: "No. Rito and Elgar."

Aundria: "*snicker* Rito and Elgar? You let those two get the drop on you?"

Victor: "This isn't a laughing matter, Aundry. Rito and Elgar may be a couple of dopes, but that doesn't mean they can't be dangerous. And Simon not being able to speak is going to cause problems."

Simon: "Yltcaxe."

Marcus: "Give it up, Blondie."

Angela puts sits on her knees on her booth seat and puts her hand on Simon: "Simon, can you say anything at all? Have you tried talking backwards on purpose. Maybe that'll make you speak normal."

Simon shakes his head: "Taht deirt ydaerla I."

Victor: "Come on guys. I'm betting Rito and Elgar are still here in this mall. Making people talk backwards doesn't fit Darkonda or Falconine's style, so it's possible that Elgar and Rito are doing this on their own."

Aundria: "I think you're right. And they'll probably try to get the rest of us."

Victor: "Okay then we'll split up. We're also going to have to find a way to get all of these shoppers out of the mall. If something's going to go down, it's not going to be safe for everyone."

Paige pulls out a lighter: "Hey, I got that covered."

Paige stands on the table and sets her lighter directly under a sprinkler. Setting off the fire alarm and causing the sprinklers to go off. All the civilians in the mall runs in a panic. Paige enjoys the shower she's getting: "Ah! See, taken care of."

Marcus: "Hehehahaha. You're a girl after my own heart. You just started the world's largest wet t-shirt contest."

Marcus checks out a blonde running past them: "Oh ho ho. She wasn't wearing a bra."

Aundria gets ready to backslap Marcus but Victor stops her: "Not now, Aundry. We got business to take care of. And I don't feel like catching pnemonia so let's get this over with."

Everyone nods: "Right."

Simon looks around: "Raelc si tsaoc."

Tabuna: "The coast is clear."

Simon: "Dias tsuj I tahw s'taht. Dnimreven ho."

Tabuna: "That had better be you talking backwards. Otherwise I take strong offense to being called that."

Victor: "Let's Get Psycho!"

The Psycho Rangers except for Simon all morph.

Simon: "Ohcysp teg s'tel!"

Simon throws his hands up in frustration as nothing happens.

Psycho Red: "Tabuna, take Paige out of here."

Paige: "Hey, I can help."

Psycho Blue: "Babe, this is official Psycho Ranger business now."

Tabuna escourts Paige: "Come on. This water is ruining your bangs."

Psycho Red: "Marcus you're with me. Aundria your with Angela. Lucas stick with Simon."

The Psychos all nod as they head split off into groups.

Scene 2

Setting: Elsewhere in the mall. Elgar and Rito's monster runs in frenzy, as Rito and Elgar try to catch up with him.

Large monster: "Me hate water! Me hate water!"

Rito: "Beanie Brute, wait!"

Elgar stumbles: "Yeah, hold up!"

Beanie Brute runs into the toystore: "Ooh. Me like toys! Me like dry place too."

Elgar and Rito follow Beanie Brute into the toystore. Elgar: "Sayyy... How come the sprinklers aren't on in here? That's not very safe for children."

Rito: "People thinking about the safety of children?"

Rito and Elgar break out in laughter as they wander the fire hazard that is the toystore, searching for Beanie Brute.

Elgar stops at the counter: "Cool! They have the new Mega Imaginecast!"

Rito: "We don't have time for that! We still got the other Rangers to deal with."

Elgar: "Hey lighten up, bonebrain."

Rito and Elgar and make their way down the center aisle. Rito: "Well EXCUSSSEEE em' mwa! It's not my fault that I'm the brains of this outfit."

Elgar gets angry: "Now wait just a minute. I'm the brains of this team."

Rito: "Don't make me laugh. Hahahahah! Ooops you already did." Rito stops and tenses his fist: "You wanna rumble? Fine with me. I'll.."

Rito and Elgar both stop when they see what is at the end of the aisle. A large display of cards with a huge cardboard cutout of a yellow mouse with red cheeks is set up on top. The theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey' plays when Rito and Elgar look at the huge display of cards in awe.

Rito and Elgar simultaneously yell: "ROKEMON CARDS!!!!"

Rito and Elgar rush to the display in excitement. Completely forgetting about everything else. They waste no time tear into the packages as cards fly every which way.: "Out of the way!" "Gimme gimme gimme!"

Scene 3

Setting: The kitchen of the Dark Carrier. Finster presents to Rygog a bottle of love potion.

Finster: "As promised, one bottle of love potion. Guaranteed to make Falconine fall head over heels for you."

Rygog anxiously snatches the bottle from Finster: "Gimme gimme gimme!"

Rygog pulls the cork from the bottle a pours the love potion on a tray of food meant for Falconine: "Are you sure this will work?"

Finster: "Of course it will. But make sure, that you're the first person she sees when she eats it."

Rygog: "Got it. Hahahaha. This is perfect."

Finster: "I hope so."

Scene 4

Setting: The hallway just outside Falconine's room. Rygog pushes the cart with Falconine's food, up to the door.

Rygog knocks on Falconine's door: "My queen?"

Falconine's voice from inside the room: "Rygog, where have you been?"

Rygog: "Your lunch is ready, my evilness."

Falconine's voice: "It took you long enough. Just leave it at my door and begone."

Rygog: "As you command, my queen."

Rygog rubs his hands together as he leaves: "Hehehe."

Just as Rygog leaves a pair of Skullinites wander by. They appear to be hungry as they are holding their stomachs. The first of the Skullinites sees the food and points it out. The second Skullinite looks around and sees that the coast is clear. The two Skullinites proceed to scarf down Falconine's food. After they finish eating, they seem to feel weird. Just then, Furio walks by.

Furio: "Hey, you two! What are you doing over there?! Get back to your posts immediately!"

The two Skullinites turn around and see Furio. Hearts appear above their heads and they rush towards Furio.

Furio: "Huh? What are you two doing? Go back to your posts."

The two Skullinites grab Furio and try to kiss him. Furio: "What? Unhand me! I'll make bone soup out of both of you for this!"

Furio struggles to break free of the passionate Skullinites. Furio: "Have you lost your minds! Let go of me."

Furio breaks free and the two Skullinite hold out they're arms, wanting more of Furio. Furio: "Stay back! Or I'll destroy both of you. I don't swing that way!"

The two Skullinites ignore Furio's protest and chase after him. Furio makes a run for it, as even he finds two Skullinites of questionable preference, intimidating.

When everyone is gone, Falconine just happens to open her door. Her hair is down as she doesn't have her helmet on: "What was all that racket?"

Falconine sees that her foodcart is empty: "Where is my food? Grrr.. If Rygog thinks this is funny. Ugh. I'll punish him later. I need a shower."

Falconine shuts the door as she goes back in her room. Rygog returns and sees that the foodcart is empty: "Ah yes! She ate every last crumb! Now I have to make sure I'm the first person she sees, but first I need to dress more appropriately."

Rygog almost skips away, he's so happy.

Scene 5

Setting: Back at the toystore. Rito and Elgar are sorting through their Rokemon cards. Sitting on the floor.

Rito: "Hahaha! I just found a Jugglybuff."

Elgar: "Big deal. I just got a Woo-Two."

Rito: "Really? I'll trade you three Zikachus for your Woo-Two."

Elgar: "As if! What do you take me for, an idiot."

Rito: "If the shoe fits."

Elgar: "Well anyway, the only card I'll give up my Woo-Two for is your holofoil Burnizard."

Rito: "Deal!"

Rito and Elgar exchange Rokemon cards and they both whisper: "Hehehe.. Sucker."

Elgar: "Hey Rito. Mind if I ask a personal question?"

Rito admires his newly acquired Woo-Two card: "Go for it."

Elgar: "I've been wondering. You and Rita are brother and sister, right? So how come you two look nothing alike?"

Rito sits back: "Well actually. Rita takes after mom."

Elgar: "Okay. But you still don't look nothing like your dad."

Rito: "I wondered about that too. But I always figured I got my looks from grandpa or something. Since I don't what they look like. Funny thing. I share a strong resemblence to our ex-butler."

Elgar: "Really?"

Rito: "Yeah. I always wanted to ask Jeffries what he thought about such a wild coincidence, but pop vaporized him on the day I was born. Never did figure that out."

Elgar: "Uhh. I don't think you've done the math there."

Rito: "My turn. I know Divatox was your aunt and General Havoc is your uncle. So who were your parents?"

Elgar: "Actually I don't know. Auntie D and Uncie Havoc never did tell me about me mom. Even grandmama wouldn't tell me about it. About the only thing I remember about my mom was that when I was real little she always asked these stupid questions. I wanted a bottle of milk and she would say something like 'Is the bottle half full or half empty? Is it the bottle or the milk, which you desire?"

Just then Beanie Brute shows up with cards of his own: "Me have Rokemon cards too! Me have Rokemon cards too! Wanna trade Beanie Brute's cards for holofoil Burnizard card?"

Elgar: "Well let me see what you got first."

Beanie Brute hands Elgar his cards. Elgar flips through them: "Say these must be very rare cards. I never heard of any of them. You gotta deal!"

Elgar gives Big Brute the holofoil Burnizard card. Rito takes a look at Elgar's new cards: "Hey wait a minute! Augermon, Bluemon, Metal Bluemon, Angelicamon? These aren't Rokemon cards, they're stinkin' Tekimon cards!"

Elgar is disgusted: "TEKIMON! Hey, what are you trying to pull here. Give me back my Burnizard card."

Beanie Brute grabs Elgar by the throat: "Me say no tradebacks!"

Elgar wimps out: "Okay. Me say, enjoy that Burnizard card."

Beanie Brute drops Elgar on the ground and walks off. Elgar rubs his throat: "I can't believe I mistook Tekimon cards for Rokemon cards."

Rito Revolto tosses the Tekimon cards at Elgar: "Oh well it could have been worse. They could have been Monster Farmer cards."

Elgar cringes at the thought of Monster Farmer.

Psycho Yellow's voice: "Are these guys for real?"

Rito and Elgar look up and see Psychos Yellow and Pink with their arms crossed: "Oh oh."

Psycho Pink: "This has to be first. A couple of monsters discussing Rokemon."

Psycho Yellow: "That stuff is for kids."

Rito and Elgar stand back up. Rito defends himself: "Hey, don't knock it till you tried it, sweetheart."

Elgar: "Say what you girls bothering us for anyway."

Elgar puts his hands behind his head and gyrates his hips while Rito flexes his biceps. Elgar: "You girls wanted to check out a couple of super studs like us?"

Rito sniffs his underarm: "Ah! I don't blame ya. Considering the manly smell I'm packing."

Elgar waves his hands in front of his nose: "Peeuww!"

Psycho Yellow shakes her head: "Oh gawd. They didn't break the mold after they made Marcus, afterall."

Psycho Pink takes a battle stance: "You two had better reverse that spell you put on Simon, or else!"

Rito Revolto: "Or else what? What can a couple of frails like you do to us?"

Elgar: "Yeah. You two are in trouble now. Come here!"

Rito and Elgar take a step towards Psychos Yellow and Pink. Psycho Yellow sarcastly says: "Oooh. I'm so scared."

Psycho Yellow casually strikes the shelf next to year and a case of marbles fall from the top of the shelf and on Rito and Elgar. The marbles that don't hit Rito and Elgar, fall on the ground and the duo loses their balance. Falling to the ground.

Psycho Yellow summons her Psycho Slinger and aims it at the two goons: "Went down already, 'superstud'?"

Rito: "Nope. But you two will be."

Just then Beanie Brute grabs both Psychos Pink and Yellow by the back of their necks and begins to choke them both out. Psycho Yellow: "What? Who?"

Psycho Pink: "I.. can't breathe!"

Rito and Elgar stand back up and laugh. Beanie Brute squeezes the girls' necks harder: "Me hate Power Rangers. Me love popping Rangers like grapes! Hahahahahaha!"

The villains laugh as the Psychos squirm in the grips of Beanie Brute.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The toystore at the mall. Beanie Brute continues to choke the life out of Psycho Yellow and Psycho Pink while Rito Revolto and Elgar and cheer him on.

Beanie Brute: "Me doing good! Me doing good!"

Suddenly someone strikes Big Brute from behind, causing him to let go of the girls. Psycho Blue's voice: "You pretty dumb. You pretty dumb."

As Beanie Brute falls down, Rito and Elgar see Psychos Blue with his Psycho Axe in hand as well as Psycho Red.

Rito: "Oh oh. Quick get the magic dust!"

Elgar: "Yeah! Play your voices backwards and you get secret message!"

Elgar throws the bag of magic dust at the Rangers.

Psycho Red: "Watch out."

Psycho Blue: "I got it covered."

Psycho Blue releases a blue mist from his free hand and freezes the dust in mid-air: "No goofy talk for us, chumps."

Rito and Elgar back off. Elgar: "We are soooo out of here!"

Rito and Elgar run off to the side. But Rito comes back and picks an armload of Rokemon cards and jets off.

Psycho Red jumps over the marbles and chases after Rito and Elgar: "I'll go get those two, you make sure the girls are okay."

Psycho Blue helps Psycho Yellow: "I knew you'd fall for me, eventually. Heh heh heh."

Psycho Yellow: "Don't flatter yourself. Though I'll give you credit. That was pretty clever way of getting rid of the magic dust."

Psycho Blue: "Hey what can I say? I'm on a roll today. Took care of this big goon down here, stopped the magic dust, my girlfriend gets rid of all the civilians. I'm even helping Simon build up enough confidence to ask out Ange.. oomph!"

Psycho Yellow: "Marcus, you idiot. You just blew your track record."

Psycho Pink: "It's okay, Aundry. I already know how Simon feels about me."

Psycho Blue: "You do? Cool! Then that makes everything much easier. I'll just let Simon know that you know and he'll have no excuse to chicken out."

Psycho Pink protests: "Don't!"

Psycho Blue: "Why?"

Psycho Pink holds her hand tightly as she looks down: "I like Simon, a lot. But I need to know that he has the courage to speak his true feelings to me. I need him to be able to be completely honest with me. If he knows how I feel, then I'll never know for sure if Simon can be truly honest with me."

Psycho Yellow nods: "I think I understand."

Psycho Blue: "Well you're the only one that does. I think you two deserve each other, you're both nuts!"

Psycho Pink giggles for a moment: "I hope that's true."

Beanie Brute growls as he suddenly stands back up: "Raarrrr!!! Me hate mushy stuff!"

Beanie Brute swats Psycho Blue into the shelf, knocking the entire shelf down.

Psycho Yellow tries to reason with Beanie Brute: "Now wait just a minute. Don't you know girls like that mushy stuff?"

Beanie Brute pounds the ground: "Me hate girls! They have cooties!"

Beanie Brute opens his mouth a massive fireblast fires out, striking down both Psycho girls.

Beanie Brute runs off to find Rito and Elgar: "Me find Rito and Elgar. They promise me candy."

Psycho Yellow holds her head: "Ow. Did someone get the number of that truck?"

Psycho Pink: "Truck nothing. That was a train that just run us over."

Psycho Blue sits up on the floor and shakes the cobwebs from his head: "Ow. That dude packs a wallop."

A Purby doll on the floor next Psycho Blue begins to speak: "Megu Megu. I love you. Megu Megu. I love you."

Psycho Blue smashes the Purby doll with his Psycho Axe: "Shut up."

Scene 2

Setting: In the courtyard of the mall. Rito Revolto and Elgar run into the courtyard with their stash of Rokemon cards. The sprinklers and alarms have since stopped as the mall is completely vacated.

Rito suddenly stops and drops the Rokemon cards: "Hey wait a minute! I'm Rito Revolllttoo. Why am I running?"

Elgar: "Um.. Because the Psycho Rangers are tougher than us?"

Rito: "Maybe.."

Rito summons his flame-thrower with backpack: "..But I bet they ain't tougher than this baby. Hahahahaha! Now where is that Red Power Punk."

Psycho Red's voice: "Right here, bones-for-brains!"

Psycho Red charges towards Rito and Elgar with Psycho Sword in hand.

Elgar: "Here he comes, give it to him!"

Rito Revolto takes aim: "One toasted Rangermallow coming up!"

Rito fires his flamethrower at Psycho Red but Psycho Red isn't phased by the flame at all: "Not too bright! I'm the Psycho Ranger of fire!"

Psycho Red reaches Rito and puts his finger in the barrel of his flamethrower. Rito Revolto tries to pull his flamethrower away from Psycho Red: "Hey, get your finger out of there. That's private property!"

The backpack on Rito begins to bulk up. Elgar jumps out of the way: "It's going to blow!"

The backpacks explodes on Rito's back setting his back on fire. Rito Revolto runs back and forth in pain: "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Where's those sprinklers when you really need them!"

Rito jumps into the fountain and takes deep breath of relief as the fountain water puts the fire out.

Elgar sees that it's just him and Psycho Red: "Uh. I don't suppose you would just let me go with a slap on the wrist."

Psycho Red: "Heh. You don't know me very well, do you."

Beanie Brute jumps Psycho Red from behind with a hammer punch to the back: "Beanie Brute smash!"

Psycho Red tries to get back up: "You know, you're really starting to annoy meeee.... woah!"

Beanie Brute just picked up Psycho Red and threw him like dart at the skylight above. Smashing the glass. Psycho Red tries to regain his composure in mid-air and falls straight down. He tries to land feet first on Beanie Brute, but Beanie Brute side steps him and bats him away. Sending Psycho Red through a small wooden door and lot of crashing.

Inside the door is a janitorial closet. Psycho Red is covered in janitorial equipment including a mop on his head: "Someone is going to hurt for this."

Scene 3

Setting: The Dark Carrier. In Falconine's room. Falconine just walks out of her personal bathroom, wearing a towel.

Falconine: "Ah. That was relaxing. EEEEKKKKKK!!!!"

Falconine is horrified to see, Rygog laying on her bed with a single rose in his mouth and wearing a silk robe.

Rygog: "Hello my dear, are you ready for a night of passion with the doctor of love."

Rygog pops a cork off of a bottle of champagne as Barry White music plays in the background.

Falconine grinds her teeth, her eyes begin to glow purple, and her fists tighten as they glow with energy.

Scene 4

Setting: Outside the Dark Carrier. A huge explosion breaks out of the side of the Dark Carrier. Even outside the Dark Carrier, Rygog's scream of pain is loud and clear.

Scene 5

Setting: Back at the mall. Beanie Brute seems to be having his way with Psycho Red as Rito and Elgar cheer their monster on.

Beanie Brute smashes Psycho Red into the ground: "Me love smashing Rangers!"

Rito Revolto: "And we love watching you smash Rangers! Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Blue runs towards Rito and Elgar: "And we love smashing stupid dolts! Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue spins into his Psycho Spin attack and strikes down both Rito and Elgar.

Psycho Red tries to break free of Beanie Brute's arm: "Argh. Just how strong are you?"

Psycho Yellow's voice: "Need a hand?"

Psycho Yellow and Psycho Pink appear from above as they fire from their respective weapons at Beanie Brute. Beanie Brute is forced to let go of Psycho Red. Psychos Pink and Yellow run to Red and help him up.

Psycho Red: "Nice save."

Psycho Yellow: "No problem, hon."

Beanie Brute gets back up: "Me hurt all of you!"

Beanie Brute smashes the ground shaking all three Rangers off their feet. Then turns around and releases an energy blast from his mouth at Psycho Blue. That sends him into a hotdog cart.

Scene 6

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda is working on circuits on Cybera's back.

Darkonda tinkers a bit: "Speak."

Cybera in monotone: "Rorre ni llits stiucric lacov."

Darkonda: "Curses! It didn't work. If I don't fix you soon, Dr. Hinelar will have my head. Where is Furio?"

Just on cue Furio bursts into the room in a panic: "Darkonda, you have to help me!"

The two Skullinites arrive in the room and pounce on Furio, taking him to the ground. Furio dodges the Skullinites' many attempts to kiss him: "No get off of me. HELP! HELP! Get them off of me!"

Darkonda is dumbfounded: "What is the meaning of this?"

Just then Finster runs into the room. Finster runs to Darkonda: "Oh your evilness, save me! I'm in trouble."

Darkonda: "You have lovestarved Skullinites chasing after you too?"

Finster: "Oh goodness no! It's Rygog. He wants to skin me alive!"

Rygog runs in. He is pitchblack and is still soldering from Falconine's attack: "There you are, you little worm! You said that love potion would work. I'll crush you for embarassing me like that."

Finster: "Oh no!"

Rygog chases Finster around in circles.

Darkonda shakes his head in sheer disbelief. Then Falconine, still dripping wet and wearing a towel: "Rygog! There you are! I'm not finished with you. How dare you attempt to proposition me!"

Rygog grabs Finster: "Wait, my queen. I can explain. It's all his fault!"

Falconine fires another blast: "Silence!"

Rygog ducks under Falconine's attack: "Ya!"

Finster tries to make his escape, but Rygog chases after him: "Oh no you don't, I'm not through with you."

Falconine: "And I'm not through with you!"

Rygog chases Finster in circles as Falconine shoots at Rygog. Furio tries to fight off the pair of crazed Skullinites. Darkonda is dumbfounded with silence. He stares at Cybera for a moment as she constantly repeats: "Rorre gnissecorp. Rorre gnissecorp. Rorre gnissecorp." He then turns his head to the left and sees Furio fighting for his heterosexuality against the two crazed Skullinites. He then looks towards the left where an enraged Falconine is trying to kill Rygog, who in turn is trying to kill Finster. The yelling in the room is unbelievable.

Darkonda slowly sits back into his throne and puts his hand on his forehead, suffering a headache: "I became the King of Evil for this? Aye ai ai."

Scene 7

Setting: Back at the mall. Where things are not much better. Beanie Brute continues to slug it out with the Psycho Rangers, present.

Psychos Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink regroup after another failed attempt to stop Beanie Brute.

Rito Revolto and Elgar jump to Beanie Brute's side. Rito: "Ah ha! Give it up Rangers. You thought we were pushovers, but we outsmarted ya!"

Elgar: "Yeah. After we destroy you losers, Darkonda might even start paying us!"

Psycho Silver's voice: "If I was Darkonda, I wouldn't sign the check just yet!"

Everyone looks up and on the second floor of the courtyard at the balcony stands Psychos Silver and Black.

Psycho Red: "Just in time guys! And I see you figured out how to get Simon to morph even without a voice activation."

Psycho Silver: "It was simple. Just had to hold Simon's wrist and yell the activation code for him."

Psycho Black: "Tuo Hctaw! Emag eht ni llits si Kcalb Ohcysp!"

Elgar motions for the Psychos to come down: "Bring it on!"

Psycho Silver: "You asked for it!"

Psycho Silver and Psycho Black jump off the balcony. In mid-air they summon their respective weapons and strike down Beanie Brute.

Elgar charges at Psycho Black: "I'll handle you myself!"

Psycho Black sidesteps and trips up Elgar with his Psycho Lance: "Pirt ecin a evah!"

Rito summons his bone sword and tries to attack Psycho Silver, but Silver merely grabs Rito's hand and uses the Psycho Silverizer to shatter the bonesword. Rito: "Wow! That was pretty cool."

Psycho Silver: "Thanks, and I know you'll like this one too!"

Psycho Silver twists Rito's arm to take him to the ground, then drops an elbowdrop on him.

Beanie Brute stands back up yet again and takes aim at Psychos Black and Silver: "Me smash all Power Rangers!"

Beanie Brute opens his mouth to fire, but Psycho Red jumps him from behind and strikes him with the Psycho Sword: "Oh no you don't!"

Psycho Red summons his other sword: "Treacheron Sword!"

Psycho Red charges at Beanie Brute, his both swords glowing. He strikes Beanie Brute first with the Psycho Sword then he strikes him with Treacheron's sword. Switching back and forth between Psycho Red and Treacheron in appearance. Psycho Red turns around as the sparks fly off of Beanie Brute and he falls down.

Rito and Elgar hold each other as the get back up from the ground.

Elgar: "Oh no! Our monster."

Rito: "We're need some help!"

Scene 8

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. The insanity still continues suddenly the projection from the floor opens. Showing Rito and Elgar.

Rito: "Hey boss! We could really use some help right about now."

Elgar: "Yeah! We went ahead with our plan but now the Rangers' are kicking our butts. Our monster is in trouble."

Rito: "We wonderin' if you could like lend Beanie Brute a hand."

Elgar: "Yeah. Fire the torpedos!"

Rito: "Use your magic wand!"

Elgar: "Fire the satellasers!"

Elgar and Rito at the same time: "Fire down anything!"

Falconine pulls herself away from attacking Rygog just long enough to to aim a shot into the projection: "How about.. THIS!"

Scene 9

Setting: Back to the mall. A huge purple lightning comes out of the ground and strikes Rito and Elgar. Scorching the both of them.

Rito: "Owww... That's not.."

Elgar finishes his sentence: "..what we had in mind."

Both of them fall unconscious.

Meanwhile the Rangers combine their attacks. Psycho Silver charges at Beanie Brute firing away with the Psycho Silverizer: "Psycho Silverizer!"

Psycho Silver jumps up in the air and dives down, as the Psycho Silverizer glows blue. He strikes Beanie Brute with a large wave of energy then moves aside as Psycho Red takes aim with the Psycho Blaster. The other four core Psychos stand behind him. Psycho Red: "Fire!"

Psycho Red fires the Psycho Blaster at Beanie Brute. The Psycho Rangers stand and watch as Beanie Brute falls to the ground and explodes.

The Psycho Rangers cheer yet another victory.

Psycho Yellow: "I don't see a raven coming from the sky, so it looks like this fight is over!"

Psycho Silver points out the unconscious Rito and Elgar: "But what about those two?"

Psycho Red: "Leave them. I have a feeling Darkonda and Falconine are going to take care of them better than we ever could."

The Psychos laugh as Rito and Elgar lay unconscious, both of them sucking on their thumbs.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Donnie's Nightclub. Victor, Simon, Lucas, Marcus, Aundria, Angela, Paige and Tabuna are all sitting down and at their usual booth and enjoying themselves.

Aundria: "And can you believe it. There they were, actually arguing about those Rokemon cards."

The gang laughs.

Paige: "Hehehe... Sounds like those two were a bit more fun to deal with than the usual bunch."

Simon: "Far from it. Not being able to talk forward wasn't fun at all. I'm just thankful that Zordon knew how to reverse the spell."

Marcus: "I don't know. When you start talking about physics, you actually make more sense talking backwards.

The gang laughs together once again.

Tabuna asks: "So what happened to Rito and Elgar?"

Victor sits back and puts his arm around Tabuna: "Well we can only imagine. I'll tell you this though. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the Dark Carrier right about now."

Simon: "Ain't that the truth."

Laughter fills the room as we fade away from Donnie's to..

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda drops two tablets of alka-seltzer in a glass of water while sitting his throne. Falconine is in her throne and is very moody. Standing beside her is the very crispy Rygog, and he's bandaged all over. Standing besides Darkonda is the emotionless Cybera with duct-tape put over her mouth. Standing before all of them is Rito Revolto and Elgar, on their knees and in chains. Being held down by Furio, who seems to be walking funny.

Darkonda drinks his alka-seltzer water: "Let's see. You carried out a plan behind our backs despite our strict rejection. Wasted a perfectly good monster, not to mention thanks to you, Cybera can't shut up. You made my empire into a laughing stock. And of course all of the other insanity that happened on this Dark Carrier. Furio won't be able to look at Skullinite the same way again, my throneroom is going to be under repairs for weeks, and I don't even want to know what the deal with Rygog in Falconine's bed was all about. All of this has given me a serious migraine."

Rito Revolto: "We're toast aren't we."

Elgar: "You're not going to have us play with Scruddley are you?"

Darkonda smirks: "Oh no no. That's too kind for your incompetence and stupidity. I have something much more torturous in mind. Hahahahahaha... ow."

Darkonda holds his head in pain: "Furio, take these two, into the Dungeon of Losers."

Furio: "With pleasure. Come on you two."

Furio drags Rito and Elgar by their chains and he has a hard time walking straight. There are two Skullinites guarding the door. He eyes them very cautiously as he exits through the door.

Darkonda sits back down in his throne: "It's days like this, that make me almost regret being evil. Almost."

Rygog: "I know what you mean."

Falconine gives Rygog the evil eye: "Just stand there and keep quiet."

Rygog looks down in depression.

Scene 3

Setting: A dark dungeon. The door opens up and Furio throws Rito and Elgar into the dungeon.

Furio: "I hope you two are real miserable, because you're going to be in here for a long, lonnngggg time! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!"

Furio breaks out in laughter as he slams the dungeon door shut. Leaving Rito and Elgar by themselves.

Rito Revolto: "Well that was complete disaster. Serves me right for working with a complete idiot!"

Elgar: "Me?! You're the idiot!"

Rito: "No. You are!"

Elgar crosses his arms and turns away from Rito: "Hmph! Well at least down here, I don't have to deal with any other idiots like you."

Rito crosses his arms and turns away from Elgar: "Hmph! Same here, pal! Same here!"

A wimpy voice: "Hey look! We finally have company."

Rito is horrified as he recognizes that voice: "Oh no. It couldn't be."

Rito and Elgar look behind them and see Squatt and Baboo.

Squatt: "Hey guys! Long time no see!"

Baboo: "We've been down here for ages. So it's nice to finally have some company."

Squatt: "Now that there's four of us. Maybe we can start to have a little fun down here."

Baboo: "Who's up for a good game of Twister?"

Rito and Elgar stare at each for a moment then look at Squatt and Baboo again. The look and they both scream: "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

Outside the Dark Carrier, Rito and Elgar's scream reaches out: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

Outside of Deacon Blue, Rito and Elgar's scream reaches out: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

And it couldn't have happened to a nicer pair of buffoons.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Lucas to Aundria: "I have to go back home, it's my father, he's dying."

Clip 2
Aundria: "Will you come back?"

Lucas: "I.. I don't know."

Clip 3
Lucas in his hometown: "Something's not right here."

Clip 4
A man dressed in red and gold armor: "Your father's soul belongs to the Endness now, boy."

Clip 5
Lucas yells: "Let my father go now!"

Clip 6
Man in red and gold armor: "You stole my destiny, boy. Now I'm taking it back."

Clip 7
Man's voice: "Give in. You cannot withstand the power of the Endnesss."

Black energy flows out of Lucas: "NOOOOOO!!!!"

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