Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 33
"A Pirate's Life For Me, Part 2"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Deep inside a dark forest.

Acornius' voice: "I can feel your suffering Tabuna. It's as sweet as nectar."

The bushes rattle in the darkness: "And it's not over yet. Soon my vengeance will be complete."

Acornius' eyes glow brightly red in the shadows: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Acornius' laughter echoes throughout the forest as the camera shifts to the Power Chamber mountain.

Scene 2

Setting: The infirmary of the Power Chamber. Tabuna sits next to the unconscious Victor holding his hand tightly. Ecliptor and the other five Psycho Rangers stand around ready to listen to more of her story.

Aundria: "So after Deviot manipulated you into swearing loyalty to Captain Mutiny, what happened next?"

Tabuna looks at Victor for a moment then turns her attention to Aundria: "Well I wasn't Mutiny's soldier yet. I.. I had some training to go through first."

Scene 3

Setting: Tabuna's flashback. Young Tabuna, Villamax, and Kegler stand in the desert. Three targets have been set up looking like savages in bright colors.

Villamax speaks to Kegler: "Kegler, are we ready?"

Kegler nods: "The targets have all been set in place mighty Villamax."

Villamax unsheathes sword: "Hahaha. Excellent."

Villamax turns to Tabuna and gets one knee to speak to her in the ear, Tabuna looks uninterested: "Now Tabuna, I know the loss of your father has you disheartened, but for your own sake you will have to do what I say. You have sworn loyalty to Captain Mutiny in the name of not only your honor but in the memory of your father as well. Something I respect very deeply, I might add."

Tabuna looks at Villamax briefly: "I don't care what you respect. Let's just get this over with."

Villamax is taken aback but composes himself as he stands back up: "I'd be careful with that attitude, if I were you, young lady. However, I'll let that slide.. this time."

Villamax turns to the targets: "Anyway the reason why you have been spared the fate of suffering in Barbarax' slave camp is because the power of the Galaxy Book flows through you now. It is my duty and privelege to help you harness and focus that power, to make you into a great warrior for Captain Mutiny's army."

Tabuna: "You mean, you're going to make into a destructive monster like you."

Kegler pleads with Tabuna: "Please, Miss Tabuna. Let's not make this any more difficult than it has to be."

Tabuna: "You have no idea how difficult this is for me. You people took my father away from me!"

Kegler doesn't know what to say next. Villamax steps in: "Now that's enough! Regardless of whether or not you wish to do so, you have a vow to keep. Now let's get to work. See those targets over there?"

Tabuna crosses her arms: "Hmph. Yeah."

Villamax begins to pace: "Your first objective is to shoot them."

Tabuna: "With what? There's no blasters."

Villamax: "You don't need a blaster. Watch me."

Villamax holds up his free hand and it casts a red glow, he points his hand towards the first of the targets and a bolt of energy flies from his fingers and strikes the target.

Villamax turns back towards Tabuna: "Now it's your turn."

Tabuna shakes her head: "I can't do that."

Villamax: "Up until you chanted the Keonta Spell that was true, but now you can do it. Just focus all of your rage into one central point in your body."

Tabuna half-heartedly holds up her hand and stares at it: "Nothing's happening."

Villamax: "You have to concentrate."

Tabuna tenses herself and gives a slight groan. Sparks begin to flare up from her fist. Villamax and Kegler watch with anticipation.

Villamax: "That's it, focus that energy and release it."

Tabuna throws her hand towards the targets but instead of releasing an energy burst the energy explodes in front of her and knocks her down on her bottom.

Villamax' excitement drops while Kegler shakes his head and puts his hand over his face: "Oh dear."

Villamax holds out his hand to help Tabuna up: "You have to maintain focus even after you release the energy."

Tabuna slaps away Villamax' hand as she stands up on her own.

Villamax steps back and crosses his arms: "Have it your way. Let's try it again."

Time passes, as it's now sunset. Tabuna seemingly still hasn't master the art of energy projection. Kegler and Villamax become frustrated and disappointed with Tabuna's lack of progress.

Tabuna: "Can we stop this now. I'm just not going to get this right."

Villamax: "Not until you can focus your energy into a beam. We'll keep at it all day until you can at least make a shot past three feet."

Kegler tugs at Villamax' leg: "But Villamax, we HAVE been at this all day. We've missed supper and I just know that Barbarax is eating all of my cornbread by now. Not that he wouldn't just take it from me anyway but still."

Tabuna releases another energy burst but once again it just explodes in front of them.

Villamax throws down his arms: "*sigh* Perhaps we should call it a day. I just can't seem to get the concept through to her. Perhaps.. I'm losing my edge."

Kegler: "Now, don't be silly Villamax. Your the best teacher in all of the Lost Galaxy if you can't make Tabuna into a warrior, then nobody can."

Villamax walks away, dejected: "Whatever Kegler. Come on Tabuna let's get back to Castle Mutiny."

Kegler: "Villamax?"

Villamax walks away in the distance. Kegler: "Poor Villamax, I've never seem him so down before."

Tabuna smirks as she crosses her arms: "Serves him right."

Kegler: "Eh? You've been messing up on purpose haven't you?"

Tabuna: "You can't prove that."

Kegler: "I know you don't like us very much and to be honest, you don't have much reason to. But Villamax isn't really a bad guy. Just give him a chance."

Tabuna: "Why do you care?"

Kegler: "He saved my life when I first arrive in the Lost Galaxy if it wasn't for him, I would have been made into toothpicks for Barbarax by now."

Tabuna: "So he saved your life. I don't owe him anything. If he were as honorable as you two claim, he wouldn't be working for Captain Dorkiny in the first place."

Kegler actually gets angry: "Hmph! You don't know the first thing about Villamax. He gave up his own freedom and became one Captain Mutiny's generals to make sure his people escaped the Lost Galaxy safely. He had to give up on ever seeing his only son again, just so the child could live in freedom away from Mutiny's tyranny."

Kegler begins to walk away: "Don't think your the only one that isn't happy here."

Tabuna watches as Kegler and Villamax leave. Tabuna thinks to herself for a moment. She turns around and concentrates her energy yet again, takes aim and releases a beam of energy from her hand onto the targets before her: "I did it!"

Villamax and Kegler's heads lift up and they turn around, astonished to see Tabuna firing the targets.

Villamax pulls his fist: "Yes, she's done it!"

Kegler adjusts his glasses: "I see that."

Villamax runs back to Tabuna. Tabuna asks Villamax: "Is that what you wanted?"

Villamax nods: "Yes."

Villamax takes Tabuna's arm and helps her aim: "But keep your arm straightened like this to keep the beam..."

Kegler smiles as Villamax enthusiastically instructs Tabuna with energy projection and whispers to herself: "She may learn how to live in the Lost Galaxy yet."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the past, but time has progressed. Tabuna is now in her midteens. In the desert she struggles to pull a tractor full of boulders. Villamax coaches her.

Tabuna's narration: "It was rough at first knowing that I was being trained to fight for the monster that took away my father. I held a lot of resentment towards Villamax at first but over time, I learned to respect him and even started to like him."

Villamax: "Come on Tabuna! You've got a ways to go!"

Tabuna uses all of her strength to take another step while draging the large tractor: "*Urgh!* I'm.. I'm working at it."

Villamax: "You'll have to work harder if you want to get back to Castle Mutiny in time for dinner."

Tabuna takes a deep breath and nods.

Various scenes pass. Tabuna running through the desert as Villamax trails her on his motorcycle. Tabuna in combat with the Swabbies. Tabuna practicing her kicks with Villamax. Tabuna fighting Quakemaker. Tabuna performing sit-ups. Tabuna taking down Swabbies with her sword. Tabuna and Villamax working sword manuevers. Tabuna defeating Quakemaker. Tabuna finishing off the Swabbies with storm of white lightning.

Tabuna falls to one knee, and uses her sword to hold her self up as the sweat pours down her face. Villamax walks over to the tired young fighter and hands a small metal cup filled with water.

Villamax: "Not bad, not bad at all. Your skills have grown remarkable since you've come under my tutelage."

Tabuna takes the cup and drinks it all in one gulp. She takes Villamax' hand as he helps her up: "Thank you."

Kegler's voice: "Villamax! Tabuna!"

Villamax and Tabuna both turn to see Kegler scurrying towards them in an excited frenzy: "Today's the big day."

Tabuna: "What are you talking about, Kegler?"

Kegler: "Today's the day that he returns."

Villamax pleased: "Ah! Of course, I'll look forward to sparing with him again."

Tabuna still doesn't know what they're talking about: "Who's returning? Fill me in here."

Villamax: "Come on Tabuna. Your training is done for the day. You should get cleaned up and meet us in the main chamber. You'll see exactly who we're talking about. Hahahaha..."

Villamax walks away in an upbeat mood. Kegler grabs Tabuna's hand: "Come on, come on, come on!"

Tabuna: "Alright, alright. I'm going okay. I don't think I've ever seen you guys this excited."

Scene 2

Setting: The main chamber of Castle Mutiny. Captain Mutiny stands in the center. Everette and Barbarax at his side.

Captain Mutiny: "Barbarax, have those cells been prepared for the new slaves yet?"

Barbarax salutes: "Aye ai, Cap'n! We 'cleaned up' the place. We're all ready for the new slaves."

Captain Mutiny: "Ar! Good. Scorpius had better not short arm me this century. Or we'll be raising the Jolly Roger on the Scorpion Stinger by sundown."

Everette's voice: "Surely you'll be more diplomatic than that, Captain Mutiny."

Captain Mutiny and Barbarax turn around with interest as Everette steps out of the shadows: "From what you've told me, it would be a shame for such a sweet deal to fall to pieces. Quite ingenious actually. Trading off one monster for two hundred slaves."

Captain Mutiny: "Aye. It is a beneficial exchange indeed but only if that lilly-livered bellyrat holds up his end of the bargain."

Everette: "But this contract you have with Scorpius has been held true for over 3,000 years now, correct? Surely you can trust him by now."

Captain Mutiny lets loose a thunderous laughter: "Har! Har! Har! This ole' seadog trusts no one. Tis how I've continued to set sail after all these years."

Everette bows: "You'll get no argument from me."

Captain Mutiny turns his attention to the just recently appeared Hexuba: "Hexuba ya ole' hag, open up the portal for my ambassador!"

Hexuba bows her head: "Of course, Captain."

Hexuba begins her incantation as the room begins to shake: "Oh great spirits, quake and thunder. Cast the threads of reality asunder!"

The sky outside grows dark and lightning erupts. A ministorm opens inside Captain Mutiny's chamber. The green light bounces off the fiends eerily. As Villamax, Tabuna and Kegler enter the room to join the others.

Hexuba continues her incantation as a portal begins to open: "Rip through space and time tonight. And welcome home our warrior of great might!"

Tabuna asks Everette: "Uncle Everette, what's going on?"

Everette tells Tabuna to hush: "Shshshsh!"

Hexuba: "Send the new slaves to the camp where they'll have no nap. And bring to us our friend, full of his honor crap!"

The villains all watch on the portal grows larger. A brown ball of light exits the portal and rushes out of the castle, flying into Barbarax' slavecamp. The ball grows and becomes hundreds and hundreds of slaves, all chained up. The confused slaves are already hearded to the mines by the Swabbies and some of the other monsters.

Back at Castle Mutiny, a figure steps out of the portal. The great light from the portal causes only his silouette to be visible.

Tabuna holds her hand over her eyes due to the bright light: "Who is that?"

Kegler hops excitedly: "Treacheron has returned!"

Tabuna: "Who?"

The portal closes and figure becomes visible as Treacheron. Treacheron bows before Captain Mutiny: "Ahoy great Captain! Your loyal samurai, Treacheron has returned at last."

Captain Mutiny steps forward and holds up his arms: "Har har har! Welcome back to the Lost Galaxy, Treacheron. Welcome back!"

Tabuna looks upon Treacheron with curiosity.

Villamax bends sideways to whisper into Tabuna's ear: "Young lady, prepare to have your training, taken to whole new level."

Scene 3

Setting: Villamax's training room. An unfriendly but clean room. On each of the walls is a large banner with Villamax's insignia. Tabuna spares with Spikaka while Villamax coaches her on.

Spikaka stomps the ground: "I'll crush you like the little peanut that you are."

Villamax orders: "Spikaka, show no mercy! Tabuna, keep your guard up and stay focused."

Tabuna looks intense as she stares at the charging Spikaka, even as she nods to Villamax.

Spikaka charges right at Tabuna and takes a swing at her, but she slides under, between the behemoth's legs, catching him off guard. When Spikaka turns around he gets a spinning-thrust kick to the jaw that sends him flying backward. Spikaka throws a bolt of energy but Tabuna counters it with her own she pulls out her sword and jumps in the air.

Tabuna holds her sword down like a spike with her knees bent as if she was kneeling in mid-air: "It's over, Spikaka! It's over!"

Tabuna thrusts her sword down the right shoulder of Spikaka, sparks erupt as Tabuna driver her sword further and further and then finally pulls it out as she jumps backward. Sparks continue to erupt as Spikaka falls to the ground.

Spikaka holds his shoulder in pain and in his usual whiny voice: "I hate being the sparing partner."

Villamax: "Good performance Tabuna."

Tabuna smiles: "Thank you."

Treacheron's voice: "Yes. It was good but not great."

Everyone turns their attention to the entrance as Treacheron stands in the doorway: "You have some nice moves, girl. But Spikaka is hardly what I'd call a worthy a opponent."

Tabuna crosses her arms: "Let me guess. But you are."

Treacheron smirks: "Hmmm... You catch on fast. I'll give you that."

Treacheron pulls out his own sword: "Care to see how your skills measure up to mine?"

Tabuna: "Why not? I could use the laugh."

Villamax rushes up to Tabuna: "Now Tabuna. Treacheron's boasts of his abilities are not exagerrated. You shouldn't.."

Tabuna cuts Villamax off: "Hey. Wasn't I trained by the great Villamax?"

Treacheron gives off a chuckle and in a mocking tone: "Hahahaha... Yes. Wasn't she trained by the 'great' Villamax?"

Villamax clenches his fist: "Grrr... Take no prisoners, woman."

Kegler cheers Tabuna on: "Go Tabuna! You can do it! ...I hope."

Villamax steps back as Treacheron and Tabuna begin to face off.

Treacheron: "Now. Let's see what you really got!"

Tabuna smirks: "Bring it on."

Tabuna and Treacheron clash swords, and block each others blows. Tabuna tries a spinning legsweep but Treacheron jumps over her and twists his body in mid-air, coming down with his sword, but Tabuna holds her sword behind her, blocking his assault. Tabuna pushes him away and spins back around and back to her feet. Tabuna charges towards Treacheron yet again but he merely sidesteps and holds out his knee. Striking Tabuna in the gut, the momentum forces her to flipfoward to the ground. Treacheron stabs his sword into the ground, just as Tabuna moves out of the way. Tabuna swings her sword towards Treacheron's gut as she stands back up but Treacheron holds his sword in front of his body to block her attack.

Treacheron: "Nice try."

Treacheron flips backward and thrusts his foot on her left shoulder. Knocking her to the ground. Treacheron jumps forward but Tabuna slides between his legs like she did to Spikaka but Treacheron tosses his sword in the air and it lands right between Tabuna's legs. Tabuna lifts her legs up and grabs Treacheron just as he turns around, and takes him to the ground with a legscissors, but as Treacheron rolls on the ground he grabs his sword and rolls back to his feet with sword in hand. Tabuna and Treacheron clash swords yet again, Tabuna pushes Treacheron back and spins around for a mid-area shot but Treacheron grabs her hand and flips her to the ground and before she can even stand back up Treacheron holds his sword to her throat.

Treacheron: "Bang. You're dead."

Villamax and Kegler watch on in worry.

Tabuna looks into Treacheron's eyes with fear.

Treacheron: "Not bad, not bad at all."

Treacheron pulls his sword away from Tabuna's throat: "Most people wouldn't even last that long with me. Villamax has taught you well."

Treacheron holds out his hand for Tabuna, she reluntanctly accepts his offer to help her up.

Villamax walks up to Treacheron: "I've done my best to teach her the basics. Will you be teaching some of your more refined swordsmanship."

Treacheron considers it for a moment: "Why not. It will be another two years before I leave the Lost Galaxy and work under Scorpius again."

Villamax: "Excellent."

Tabuna not too happy: "Waitaminute! He's going to be training me now?!"

Villamax: "You should feel honored Tabuna. Treacheron is one of the best, and it's not everyday that he deems someone, worthy to be his protege'."

Treacheron: "But be forewarned. I won't be as easy on you as Villamax."

Tabuna looks worried: "Villamax was easy?"

Treacheron and Villamax both give a dirty laugh.

Tabuna's narration: "And that was not an empty threat. As tough as Villamax was, Treacheron was worse. It was very hard for me to keep going but in retrospect, I don't regret it. Both Villamax and Treacheron were excellent teachers, they made me into one of the finest warriors in Captain Mutiny's army. For awhile, I think I was actually proud of how far I had come. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I was being trained to be a soldier. And what good is a soldier without a war?"

Scene 4

Setting: Just outside Captain Mutiny's chamber. In the night sky is a green planet. Captain Mutiny admires the planet in the sky. Everette joins Captain Mutiny on the balcony. It is roughly two years after Treacheron arrived.

Everette holds his hands together as he notices Captain Mutiny's attention towards the planet: "A penny for your thoughts my liege?"

Captain Mutiny points his hook towards the green planet: "That planet is the only planet in the Lost Galaxy that is not under my rule, Everette."

Everette: "Ah. So that is the ever elusive Planet Ginga."

Captain Mutiny: "Yes. Remember this Everette. Helping me conquer Planet Ginga is the sole reason, your not dwelling in slave camps and mining me jewels."

Everette: "I have taken some measures. I understand the warriors of the hidden forest are your greatest opposition. I have developed a device that will take care of them."

Captain Mutiny: "Tell me more."

Everette pulls out a small, black, spike-covered device with a red gem placed in it's center: "This is a wondrous little device I developed as an offshoot from my experiments with mechanization. It will drain the life energies of everyone in that forest and freeze them in a statue like state for all eternity. And thanks to it's security features it can only be destroyed by whoever turns it on."

Captain Mutiny: "Impressive, of course there's one problem ye be overlookin'. Only humans can enter the hidden forest."

Everette: "Ah! That only means that I would have to use the Drainbox myself. Naturally I'm not the most able warrior but my niece should be able to take care of that. Hahahaha."

Captain Mutiny smiles: "Har har har! Ye be earnin' yer keep, Everette. Hahaha! But be warned, if ya fail me, you'll be walking the plank and swimming with the sharks."

Everette bows his head: "I assure you, I nor my niece shall fail you."

Captain Mutiny: "See that you don't!"

Captain Mutiny yells: "Barbarax!"

Barbarax quickly enters the room: "Yes, Cap'n?"

Captain Mutiny: "Lock the slaves up and gather all my forces. We set sail for Planet Ginga at sunrise!"

Barbarax excitedly nods in approval: "Aye ai, Cap'n! Consider it done!"

Captain Mutiny turns his attention back to Planet Ginga: "Hahaha! Soon, Planet Ginga will be mine."

Everette: "Yes. Everything is coming into play."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Still in Tabuna's past. Villamax, Treacheron and Kegler stand together in Villamax's gym. They appear to be waiting.

Kegler: "Oh my this is certainly exciting, isn't it, Villamax?"

Villamax: "It is, Kegler. Today is the day we'll truly find out if all of our time and effort spent of training young Tabuna was well worth it."

Treacheron: "I have no doubt that she's ready."

Kegler: "But where is she?"

Treacheron: "Fitting on her new armor. I had my finest blacksmith, Samuron work on it for weeks now."

Kegler: "I hope she doesn't take too long. Captain Mutiny will have all of our hides if we're late for the big invasion."

Tabuna's voice: "Put your worries to rest Kegler. I'm ready."

Treacheron: "Well then, don't keep us in suspense. Come out here."

Tabuna's voice: "Alright."

Tabuna steps out from behind a curtain in her silver armor with blue cape that she wears to the present day. The trio are all in awe.

Tabuna seems uncomfortable: "What do you think?"

Villamax: "You look lovely."

Treacheron: "You stand as a warrior born."

Kegler: "I like it! But what do you think, Tabuna?"

Tabuna looks down at her body for moment: "I think it looks great but.."

Tabuna looks up at the trio with an eyebrow raised: "..It's pretty obvious which gender designed this armor."

Villamax, Treacheron, and Kegler all try to look away and cover their faces to hide their blushing.

Villamax embarassed: "*cough* *cough* Yes, well.. *ahem* I suppose.. uh.."

Kegler adjusts his glasses but his face is as red as an apple: "*ahem* Well uh... I was admiring the cape myself. *cough* *cough*"

Treacheron wipes his forehead and almost jumps when the proverbial bell savior rings in his head: "We really should be joining up with the others. You know how the Captain feels about punctuality."

Villamax jumps onto Treacheron's subject change: "YES! Let's all go. Come Tabuna."

Kegler follows Tabuna, trying to insist to her that his thoughts were pure: "That really is a fine cape, Tabuna. The fabric looks fabulous. And the craftsmanship on the armor itself is esquisite and.."

Tabuna stops: "Kegler?"

Kegler: "Huh? Yes?"

Tabuna: "Why are your glasses foggy?"

Scene 2

Setting: The present and back in the infirmary. The Rangers all laugh at Tabuna's tale of Kegler's embarassment.

Simon: "Hehehe... Wandering eyes, eh?"

Aundria: "You know, I always wondered why you dressed like the postergirl for hypothermia, now I know."

Tabuna somewhat defensive: "Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the attention."

Marcus: "Hey. You're not gonna get any complaints from me. If you got it, flaunt it. That's what I say."

Aundria: "Of course. Not all of us are as base as you, Marcus."

Marcus: "Oh come on. All men are like me, I'm just honest and I have no shame is all."

Simon under his breath: "Well, you're right about the shameless part, at any rate."

Aundria crosses her arms in anger at Marcus: "Hmph. Well no offense to Tabuna, but I prefer to dress classy."

Marcus: "Well I'm sure Kung-Fu Boy would agree with me on this on. I wouldn't mind seeing you in a skimpy little number like that. Right Mr. Umetsu?"

Everyone looks at Lucas. Lucas is slightly embarassed: "Uh.. Well.. my beloved Aundria would look beautiful in anything. She could make anything classy and if it were to be revealing she would just look all the more beautiful."

Marcus raises his eyebrows at Aundria: "See.. Even your goody-goody boyfriend thinks you would look good in something like a bikini."

Marcus pokes his finger in Aundria's side by her belly: "Of course. You'd have to trim off some of those extra inches. Cutting down on the cheesecake wouldn't hurt."

Aundria teeth grind in anger: "Grrrrrrr...."

Everyone turns away from Marcus and Aundria.


Marcus' voice: "OOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!"

Scene 3

Setting: Back to Tabuna's past in the Lost Galaxy. Titanisaur with Castle Mutiny on it's back heads for Planet Ginga, followed by a full-grown Grunchor.

Captain Mutiny's voice: "Ahoy mateys! Cast a shore, and remind these landluvers why Captain Mutiny is the scourge of the seven seas of the Lost Galaxy!"

Numerous monsters, Swabbies and villains' voices: "Aye ai!"

Titanisaur and Grunchor land on wilderness world of Planet Ginga. Ginga looks like a primitive world. With no big cities only small villages with huts. But they're are many tall mountains on Planet Ginga. Eight of them, each resembling one of the Galactabeasts. In each Galactabeast statue's mouth rests a large purple stone. The purple stones in each of the Galactabeasts' mouths glow from eight locations spread out on the planet.

Scene 4

Setting: Inside Castle Mutiny on Titanisaur's back. A Swabbie sees the Lion Galactabeast statue and it's glowing purple stone through a telescope. The Swabbie rushes to Captain Mutiny in a panicked state.

Swabbie: "Ar! Ar ar ar ar ar."

Captain Mutiny: "So once again they're raising the Galactabarrier. The one thing that has kept me conquering the backwater planet."

Captain Mutiny turns to Everette: "Now Everette. Earn yer keep!"

Everette nods: "Of course, captain."

Everette walks up to the balcony outside the main chamber and pulls a small remote device: "In the last two years, I've been secretly studying the Galactabarriers and I've discovered that they're one weakness are green emeralds. Which of course, your mines have plenty of. Hahahahahaha!"

Everette presses a green button on his remote device, and toggles the joystick. Out of the roof of Castle Mutiny flies eight small mechanized pigeons, with emeralds grafted onto their beaks. Everette pushes the joystick forward, with authority and the eight mechanized birds fly off into different directions. At rapid speed. The birds fly across the planet, each one flying beak first into the purple stones of the Galactabeast statues.

A purple energy field tries to generate from the stones but the emerald tipped birds shatter the stones before the field becomes a threat to Titanisaur and Grunchor. First the lion statue, then the phoenix statue, the rhino statue, the shark statue, the condor statue, the wildcat statue, the wolf statue, and finally the gorilla statue. With the stones shattered, each of the Galactabeast statues begin to crumble and fall apart, much to the horror of all the inhabitants of Planet Ginga.

Inside Castle Mutiny's main chamber. Everette and Captain Mutiny watch the crumbling lion statue with glee.

Everette with a smirk, speaks to Mutiny: "Didn't I tell you, I had a plan."

Captain Mutiny: "Well done, Everette. With the Galactabarrier down, the primitives will be easy pickins'! Har har har!"

Grunchor begins to ravage the land, consuming mountains and releasing a wave of destructive energy, destroying everything in sight. Forests, lakes, and villages. Various natives in primitive clothes scatter but some are not fortunate enough to escape Grunchor's assault on the land. Titanisaur rises off the ground and lands in the sea, it's natural habitat.

Captain Mutiny turns around and sees the rest of his crew in the main chamber. The Swabbies gather.

[Sentai Footage: Villamax walks to his lowering banner with the gold wings insignia as he places his pistol in his holster. Next to him Treacheron takes his position as his banner with the rising sun isignia lowers behind him. Next to him, Hexuba is already in position as her banner with the magic eye insignia lowers. Finally, next to her, Barbarax already in position as his banner with the anchor insignia has lowered behind him.]

[Sentai Footage: Captain Mutiny steps down from his highspot and begins a small speech as Tabuna stands in the background: "Ar. Listen up mateys, and listen well. Destroy this planet in any fashion you'd like. Just so long as spare enough people for slaves. Don't fail me, or you'll all feel the cold steel of Captain Mutiny's right arm!"]

[Sentai Footage: Villamax and Treacheron's hands rise in the air as well as the Swabbies: "Aye ai!"]

[Sentai Footage: Hexuba and Barbarax's hands do the same with more Swabbies arms in the background: "Aye ai!"]

[Sentai Footage: Outside the resting Titanisaur in the sea. Villamax drives out on sea with his motorcycle, a group of biking Swabbies quickly follow him: "Let us go Swabbies, and make the Captain proud!"]

[Sentai Footage: Hexuba quickly follows, riding on a cloud with Swabbies flying on clouds as well: "Hahahaha! This should be fun."]

[Sentai Footage: Treacheron follows, merely gliding across the sea on one knee. Finally Barbarax flies out, using his axe as helicopter blade, and carrying a group of Swabbies below him in a pyramid formation.]

Scene 5

Setting: Inside a library in Castle Mutiny. It is empty, with books and papers scattered everywhere. Maps spread out on an old desk. No one seems to be present, yet there is a distinct snoring sound.

Tabuna enters the room: "Kegler? Kegler are you here? I think I have butterflies. I need to talk to you."

Tabuna hears snoring but doesn't see anyone in the room: "Kegler? I know your here."

Tabuna's eyes spark as she spots a barrel next to the desk, moving ever so slightly. She deduces that the snoring is coming from the barrel: "There you are!"

Tabuna walks over to the barrel but stops once she gets a devilish smile. In a narrative tone: "It appears that an evil warlock has sealed the wise old man. But fear not! I will unseal you!"

Tabuna pulls out her sword and stabs the lower bottom of the barrel. Kegler's head quickly pops out of the top of the barrel: "Ya ho hoooo!"

Kegler takes form, turns around and adjusts his glasses: "What are you trying to do, kill me?"

Tabuna rubs the top of Kegler's head: "Of course not. I'm just playing with you. I guess I just need to try and eliminate some of this anxiety I'm feeling."

Kegler: "Understandable. This is after all your first true battle."

Kegler rubs his bottom: "But surely, there are less painful ways for you to find your inner calm?"

Tabuna's smile fades: "I'm sorry Kegler. I shouldn't have done that. But why were you sleeping anyway, this is pretty big. A full-scale invasion."

Kegler squeaks as he begins to walk away from the desk: "Oh that. Well, this sort of thing, I'm not too crazy with it. I try to sleep through the invasions, I suppose to help me imagine that such a thing isn't really happening."

Kegler quickly hops to turns around: "But don't let that dishearten you. I'm simply not a warrior, but you are!"

Tabuna holds her sword in her hand: "I.. I don't know. My father gave me this sword to protect people, not destroy them. I've tried to fool myself over the years, but the truth is, destroying people is exactly what I've been trained to do. I've never taken an innocent life before and I don't want to start now."

Kegler: "Then don't! Captain Mutiny prefers slaves over corpses. You don't have to destroy anyone, you just have to defeat them."

Tabuna: "But even so. I'll be taking away these people's freedom."

Kegler: "You sound just like Villamax."

Tabuna's interest piques: "Huh?"

Kegler adjusts his glasses: "You have good heart, Tabuna. I've seen you sneak the slaves extra water and food at night. As well as warm blankets."

Tabuna: "You.. have?"

Kegler: "I hate Captain Mutiny. He and his lot are despicable bunch, and I know deep down inside that Villamax does too. Treacheron, I'm not so sure but he's far from the worst of the bunch. But Tabuna, there's so few of us and so many of them. There's nothing we can do to stop Mutiny. All you can do is make sure that you, yourself survives. And if that means you have join the machine and take away the freedom of others so be it."

Tabuna is in awe and shock with what Kegler is saying: "Kegler, I've never seen you like this before. If anyone heard this, they would destroy you on the spot."

Kegler has a tear coming down his face: "I know, I've kept this bottled up inside for so long. Seen so many horrors over the centuries, but there was nothing I can do. I'm telling you this because I trust you more than anyone else. Life is not going to get any easier for you. Your conscience is going to suffer much but you have to keep going. You have make sure that you survive, not only to honor your father's memory but to you must survive so that you never betray yourself."

Tabuna starts to shake up: "But I'm scared, Kegler. I'm scared that I might like it."

Kegler: "I doubt that you will, but perhaps for your own sake, it would be blessing if you do like it. You wouldn't feel the pain that I feel every day."

Tabuna bends down on one knee and puts her arms around Kegler: "I'm going to need you to give me strength Kegler."

Kegler: "I'm not a strong person, but I'll do what I can for you. In all this time I've spent in the Lost Galaxy, your the second person I can call a friend."

Tabuna smiles as she hugs Kegler, despite her tears: "And I call you friend."

Everette's voice: "What is this?!"

Tabuna and Kegler let go of each other and turn their attention to an irate Everette.

Tabuna: "Uncle Everette. What are you doing here?"

Everette: "It is time, dear niece. We have an important role in this play. It is time to carry it out."

Tabuna wipes her face and nods: "Yes, Uncle Everette. I'm ready."

Everette: "Good."

Everette gives Tabuna an evil eye behind her back as she walks out of the room and turns his attention to Kegler once she leaves: "And you! Watch you had best watch your back. I will not have you make me my niece soft. I've spent too long molding her to have some pipsqueak ruin everything!"

Everette aims a blaster at Kegler: "Got it?!"

Kegler jumps aback in fear: "Ye.. yes. Not unmolding from me. No siree!"

Everette chucks his head back as he leaves the room: "Hmph!"

Kegler wipes his forehead: "Oh dear. Please stay strong, Tabuna."

Scene 6

Setting: Outside Castle Mutiny, on Planet Ginga. A lone rowboat floats over to a mysterious looking forest. On the rowboat, a pack of Swabbies along with Everette and Tabuna. Below Tabuna sees the destruction being caused by Mutiny's minions as explosions burst randomly through out the countryside.

Tabuna: "This is terrible."

Everette notices Tabuna's behavior: "You mustn't show any sympathy to these primitives. Remember the promise your father made, that you must keep."

Tabuna: "I know that, Uncle Everette. But still, I wonder what my father knew what he was doing when he made that deal with Mutiny."

Everette: "He was saving your life, child. That was what he was doing."

Tabuna questions it: "Was he?"

Scene 7

Setting: The hidden forest. Various Ginga natives scurry about. Gathering bows and other weapons. In the center of the small village inside the hidden forest is larger hut. It has five poles set up in front of it. Each pole has a wooden carving, representing the five core Galactbeasts from left to right. Condor, Wildcat, Lion, Wolf, and Gorilla. Standing before the center hut is an old man dressed in white robe and rags. His long white hair drapes over his back and his beard and mustache is almost as long. He holds himself up with a long wooden staff.

Old man: "I can sense it. The end is near for us."

Younger man's voice: "Oogon! The Galaxy Pirates."

The old man turns his attention forward as six young warriors run to him. The eldest of the six is dressed in black costume with red details, and has an almost Mexican look to it. The next one to him is younger and appears to be his brother, smaller build and wearing an outfit, that's primarily white but the red details are more apparent. The largest of the six warriors looks humble and is wearing a primarily blue costume. The sole female of the group is wearing white with pink details, but has a skirt rather than pants. The smallest of the group is wearing shorts and has very thin frame. He has a cocky look to him and is wearing yellow with brown. The sixth of the warriors has longer hair than any of the other men, his build is average and he is wearing a green costume with a Native American resemblence and a hood on the back. The six warriors are followed by a little forest spirit. He looks like an acorn with a small pudgy body and a leaf necklace, which spins around his neck to keep him afloat. His acorn helmet drapes over his large eyes and is constant need of being adjusted.

The black and red warrior: "Oogon, the Galaxy Pirates are here! They've managed to tear down the Galactabarriers and the whole countryside is being ravaged."

The female warrior steps forward: "Is there anything we can do, Oogon?"

Oogon: "I'm afraid there is not. 3,000 years ago, five chosen warriors took the Quasar Sabers and the Galactabeasts to fight the evil throughout the universe and recover the Galaxy Book that is rightfully ours. It is believed that one day five new warriors will return to us and destroy the evil scourge of the Lost Galaxy, once and for all. Our only hope is that legend is true and that these five warriors with Quasar Sabers shall return to the Lost Galaxy in our darkest hour."

The white and red warrior: "But what if the Chosen Ones never return? What can we do then?"

Oogon: "Only human beings can enter the hidden forest. Until the Chosen Ones return, the hidden forest shall have to serve as the refuge for our people."

The green warrior steps forward and pulls out a sword: "And we must remain vigil and make sure that no one evil enters the hidden forest, our last stand."

The little acorn creature claps and lands on the green warrior's shoulder: "We won't let anyone enter the hidden forest! Right, Hikaro?"

Hikaro turns his head to the little acorn guy on his shoulder: "That's right, Acornius."

Scene 8

Setting: Just outside the hidden forest. In the woods.

[Sentai Footage: Tabuna and a group of Swabbies follow a small path. Tabuna stops and turns to her right as she notices something peculiar about the forest: "This, this must be the hidden forest."]

[Sentai Footage: The Swabbies take that as a cue and run past Tabuna towards the entrance to the hidden forest. Tabuna: "Wait."]

[Sentai Footage: The Swabby in the lead taps it's foot against the invisible barrier. Red energy strikes it's foot.]

The red energy grows more violent and consumes the Swabby, destroying the unfortunate Swabby right on the spot. Tabuna is surprised. Everette walks up behind her: "This is why we are the only two that can enter. Only those that are human can enter the hidden forest."

Tabuna turns to Everette: "So whatever is in that forest, the two of us will have to fight by ourselves."

Everette: "Not quite. I believe a human can cut a hole in the barrier for nonhumans to enter. While I've spied here before, I've seen a little acorn spirit enter the forest after one of the natives cuts a hole for him."

Tabuna: "So I might be able to cut a hole in the barrier for the Swabbies?"

Everette: "Yes, but it will only last for a few moments. So we have to do this quickly, or we're on our own."

Tabuna nods to Everette: "Understood."

[Sentai Footage: The Swabbies step aside as Tabuna makes her way to the barrier: "So this is the border. It'll be child's play."]

[Sentai Footage: Tabuna pulls out her mother's sword, a takes a swing at the air above her, making a tear in the barrier. She pulls away the illusion of a forest like it was wall paper, revealing the true hidden forest inside. A red line with scrolls hanging, set aflame and burns. Tabuna steps aside as the Swabbies enter the hidden forest.]

Tabuna begins to follow the last Swabby but the hole closes back up before her: "Gasp!"

Everette puts his hand on her back: "Don't fear it. The barrier will not harm us."

Tabuna relunctant for a moment enters hidden forest through the barrier. Everette gives an evil smile just before he follows her through.

Scene 9

Setting: In the center of the hidden forest's village. Various warriors continue to gather weapons.

[Sentai Footage: Oogon walks amongst the warriors: "Be on your guard."]

[Sentai Footage: One of the native's points to the side: "Over there! Swabbies!"]

[Sentai Footage: The Swabbies charge into the village, the villages charges and melee breaks out. Some of the villagers shoot arrows at the Swabbies. Oogon himself throws his hand forward and releases a blast of red energy. The explosion takes out a few more Swabbies.]

The six warriors join in the battle with the Swabbies. In the background stands Everette and Tabuna.

Everette: "Excellent. The Swabbies are keeping the villagers distracted. Now Tabuna, here is the purpose of our mission."

Everette hands Tabuna the spikey device: "Use this drain the lifeforce of everyone in this forest."

Tabuna protests: "But Uncle, why must we destroy them? It's not necessary!"

Everette gets angry: "Don't be a fool, girl! The people of this forest pose the greatest threat to Captain Mutiny's plans. They above anyone else must be destroyed!"

Tabuna: "If they actually pose a threat, why don't we let them stop Captain Mutiny? We would all be much better off if that pirate was put in his place."

Everette slaps Tabuna across the face: "How dare you shame your father's word! Averon would be ashamed of you, right now! You've been trained to be a warrior all your life. Now act like one!"

Tabuna looks at Everette with confusion at first as she sees a glimpse of the man that her uncle really is for the first time in her life: "..Yes.. You're right, uncle. I'm sorry."

Everette points to the village: "Activate the Drainbox, and all will be forgiven, my child."

Tabuna walks to the center of the village. She takes down any villager that comes her way, but she stays careful to make sure she only knocks them out. Avoiding any fatal injuries to her enemies.

[Sentai Footage: Tabuna continues her march to the center of the village, she releases some energy beams from her free hand at some of the villagers and stops once she reaches the center. Five of the six warriors, sans the red and black on stand before her.]

[Sentai Footage: Tabuna holds the Drainbox in her hand: "This Drainbox shall drain all the lifeforce from this forest."

[Sentai Footage: Tabuna drops the Drainbox onto the ground. The warriors show concern as the Drainbox begins to shake and glow. It begins to suck the energy from the forest. The green warrior: "What's that?"]

[Sentai Footage: Oogon points up at one of the trees as the Drainbox causes the tree to wrinkle and shrink: "It is stealing all of the lifeforce from our forest!"]

[Sentai Footage: Tabuna speaks as the Drainbox grows: "It will suck all the lifeforce from the hidden forest and stop all of you as well. I sincerely hope that it is painless end. This is not something I take pleasure in.]

[Sentai Footage: Oogon: "You have silver hair and you have great powers for a human. You must have used the Galaxy Book, like I did years ago.]

[Sentai Footage: The blue warrior, standing beside Oogon charges and tries to shatter the Drainbox with his Quasar Saber replica sword. But the Drainbox releases a surge of energy and thrust the blue warrior back.]

Tabuna: "You can't stop the Drainbox. Only the person that activated it can do that."

Oogon: "Then I plead with you child, destroy the Drainbox. If you have no desire to destroy us then you don't have to."

Tabuna stares at her sword: "No. This is the way it has to be. I'm sorry, it's not a matter of what I want to do, but what I must do."

Oogon walks toward Tabuna: "What you must do is, what is right. I believe you know this."

The pink warriors grabs Oogon's arm: "Oogon! Don't get too close to her. She's a Galaxy Pirate."

Oogon: "But she is different. I can feel it."

The black and red warrior: "Sayana! Let Oogon go. He knows what he is doing."

Sayana looks at Oogon for a moment and let's him go: "You're right, Hugo."

Tabuna takes a step back: "Stay away from me old man. I don't want to destroy you like this."

Oogon puts his hand on Tabuna's shoulder. She flinches at first but doesn't move away.

Oogon: "You were manipulated into this position. You are not from the Lost Galaxy, otherwise you wouldn't be empowered by the Galaxy Book, like me. And your heart is not into this."

Tabuna looks down: "I hate what is happening to your world, but there is nothing I can do. I have to honor my father's memory."

Oogon sticks his head up: "If your father was an honorable man, do you think he would want his daughter to destroy an entire world in the name of evil. Are you honoring your father's memory through destruction."

Tabuna's eyes open up as she looks at Oogon: "I.. I.. don't know."

Oogon: "Child, I believe that deep down inside you know what your father really wants you to do."

Tabuna looks at her sword then looks at the Drainbox. Her father's words echo in her head: "I know you will become a great hero to our people."

Tabuna holds her sword tightly: "This isn't right. This isn't what my father would want me doing."

Tabuna walks towards the Drainbox and holds up her sword. Oogon smiles: "Yes child. I knew you were different from the other pirates. Your heart is clean and...*oogh!*"

Oogon looks down in pain as he sees an energy blast has just penetrated his body. Oogon turns around and sees Everette holding a smoking blaster in his hand: "I don't know about her heart, but yours is full of holes right about now. Hahahahaha!"

Tabuna turns around and sees Oogon fall to the ground as Everette laughs: "Uncle Everette, what are you doing?!"

Hugo: "Oogon!"

Little Acornius: "Oh no, no, no, no!"

The six warriors charge towards Evertte. Hugo: "You'll pay for your crimes, fiend!"

Hikaro turns to Tabuna: "You! Destroy that Drainbox before it's too late."

Tabuna looks confused. Everette yells: "Don't you dare, my niece! Don't you dare spit on Averon's memory!"

Everette shoots at the six warriors, the explosions knock most of them down. But before Hugo falls to the ground he throw a rock at Everette, knocking the blaster from his hand.

Everette holds his hand in pain as he sees the blaster fall away from him in the distance: "No!"

Hikaro, the only warrior still standing charges towards Everette and takes him down with a shoulder to the chest, knocking Everette to the ground.

Tabuna looks worried: "No! Uncle Everette!"

Hikaro holds his Quasar Saber replica above Everette: "I will never forgive you for what you've done to Oogon. Your kind are a cancer in the Lost Galaxy!"

Tabuna: "No don't!"

Hikaro takes a swing for Everette as Everette covers his head, but Tabuna grabs Hikaro from behind and in the heat of the moment, she thrusts her sword into the stomach of Hikaro. Tabuna's eyes widen when she realizes what she's just done. Hikaro looks up in shock in and in pain as he falls backward, the blood-covered sword slides out of his body. All Tabuna can do is stare at Hikaro's lifeless body with horror in her face.

Tabuna shakes her head trying to deny what just happened: "No. What have I done?"

Little Acornius sees Tabuna standing over Hikaro's lifeless body: "NO! Hikaroooo!!!!!"

Tabuna looks up at Acornius: "I.. I.. didn't mean to."

Acornius in great emotinal pain: "Liar! You're a lying whore! You killed him!"

The Drainbox grows more violently as the energy surge grows massive and everything and everyone on the ground except for Tabuna and Everette turns to stone.

Acornius looks around in rage: "Hikaro! Oogon! Hugo! Everyone, they're all gone! You've destroyed everything."

Everette looks at Acornius with an evil smile then yells: "Tabuna!"

Acornius looks at Tabuna: "Tabuna, that's your name! I swear, I will never forget that name! Once I increase my power, I'll get revenge and destroy you and everything you hold dear, just as you've done to me! I hate you Tabuna, I hate you!"

Acornius flies off in a rage: "I HATE YOU!!!!"

Tabuna reaches out in vain: "No wait!"

Tabuna turns around: "Uncle Everette, what are we going to do?"

Tabuna looks around and sees that Everette is missing: "Uncle Everette?"

Scene 10

Setting: Elsewhere in the now stone hidden forest. Acornius sheds his tears.

Acornius: "She'll pay. All of the Galaxy Pirates will pay! I'll go into my deep sleep state, and once I strike the ground, I'll awaken in my more powerful and invicible form. I'll be unstoppable and no one will be able to stop from obtaining my revenge!"

Arcornius turns red as he closes his eyes as spins around. He shrinks and changes into a single acorn. And falls for the ground. But a hand intercepts the acorn before it touches the ground.

Everette stands back up with the acorn in his hand: "Hahahahahaha! Perfect. There's no way this could come out any better. Now with Planet Ginga under Captain Mutiny's rule, nothing stands in my way. And with my little friend here, I have a weapon just in case my 'beloved' niece ever becomes more trouble than she's worth! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

Everette's evil laughter echoes throughout the stone forest.

Scene 11

Setting: Later that day. The sun is setting. Castle Mutiny sets on the shore as Swabbies herd new slaves into the castle. Other slaves are sucked into a barrel, held by Barbarax.

Captain Mutiny holds a goblet with win in his hand and toasts with Everette: "Har har har! Well low me down. After so many years, Planet Ginga finally belongs to me. And I owe it all to you Everette. My new number one general. Har har!"

Everette bows his head: "Why thank you, my liege. My only desire is to serve the great Captain Mutiny."

Treacheron watches from the sidelines with his arms crossed along side Villamax and Kegler: "Hmph! Me thinks 'backstabber' is written on his forehead."

Villamax: "Agreed. After what Kegler has told me about the man. It disgusts me what he has done to manipulate his own niece."

Treacheron: "Yes. It is a dishonorable deed. Do you think she should learn the truth?"

Villamax turns around and sees Tabuna staring at the now stone forest in sadness: "No. She is already in great pain. For her to learn the truth now, she may do something that she will regret. For her sake, she must believe that she has been doing these things to honor her father. That belief is the only thing that keeps her morality intact."

Treacheron: "Perhaps."

Treacheron, Kegler, and Villamax look on as Tabuna stays on knee and her tears fall on a single stone flower in her hands. Tabuna: "Daddy, did I do the right thing today?"

Scene 12

Setting: The following day. Titanisaur is back on Captain Mutiny's planet. Inside Castle Mutiny's main chamber. The Galaxy Pirates are assembled. A portal is open. Treacheron with large group of monsters stand before the portal.

Spikaka, Quakemaker, Chameliac, Icy Angel, Maronda, and Teska all enter the portal. Treacheron stops at the portal and turns around and waves to the pirates: "Farewell my comrades! I'll see you again in the next thousand years or so with a new batch of slaves."

Captain Mutiny: "Ar! And make sure Scorpius brings me a sturdier crop of slaves next time!"

Treacheron nods as he begins to enter the portal. Barbarax speaks to Captain Mutiny: "By the way Cap'n, with new batch of slaves from Planet Ginga, my camp is getting over crowded. What should we do about that."

Captain Mutiny: "Why eliminate the older ones of course. They're all worn out and useless to me anyway. In fact, first thing sunrise, take Tabuna and keelhaul the lot of them!"

Tabuna eyes widen: "No! I can't."

Everette looks at Tabuna with angry eyes: "Remember your place Tabuna!"

Tabuna shakes her head with her eyes tear-eyed: "I.. can't do this. I can't live like this, taking the lives of others."

Captain Mutiny: "Are my ears hearing right or is that a notion of mutiny! You'll walk the plank for that lassie!"

Kegler whispers to Tabuna: "Jump into the portal, Tabuna."

Tabuna turns Kegler: "What? But.."

Kegler: "Just do it, Tabuna. This life isn't for you. It's your only hope. I.. I'll make sure you make it through safely."

Captain Mutiny: "Barbarax, string up the wench and remind her who's in charge of this ship!"

Barbarax: "Aye ai, Cap'n! The broad has annoyed me for years!"

Barbarax stomps towards Tabuna. Kegler pushes Tabuna: "Tabuna now!"

Tabuna: "But what about.."

Kegler: "Don't worry about me!"

Tabuna jumps out of the way just as Barbarax swings his axe at her. Tabuna makes a run for the portal. Captain Mutiny is outraged.

Villamax: "Tabuna, what are you doing?!"

Captain Mutiny: "The seahag is trying to abandon ship! Barbarax stop her! Hexuba you old witch! Close that portal now!"

Hexuba quickly begins to cast a spell to close the portal. Tabuna tries to fend off the Swabbies. Barbarax makes his way to her: "I'll teach you, you little brat!"

Barbarax catches up to Tabuna as she has trouble with a pair of Swabbies. He raises his axe: "Now you'll pay for betraying the Cap'n!"

Kegler hops and runs towards the scene: "Oh no you don't, you big bully!"

Kegler falls sideways and becomes a barrel, rolling towards Barbarax. He hits Barbarax's legs causing the humongous monster to stumble backwards as Tabuna jumps into the portal.

Everette: "No! There goes my meal ticket. If I want to keep my own neck in one piece, it's best to blow this taco stand."

Everette sneaks away while everyone else's attention is directed towards Kegler.

Kegler stands back up: "Yes. She did it. I hope Tabuna is okay."

Barbarax stands up behind Kegler and swings his axe: "Worry about yourself! I've always wanted to make a stew out of you. And I'll use your backside for the toothpick!"

Kegler covers his face as Barbarax takes a swing but and explosion breaks from Barbarax's back and the monster falls backward. Behind stands Villamax with his pistol smoking: "No one harms Kegler. No one."

Captain Mutiny turns his hook into a cannon: "Villamax! You traitorous dog! You'll be sleeping in Davey Jones' locker for the rest of eternity you miserable barnacle! Ar!"

Villamax jumps out of the way as Captain Mutiny takes a shot at him. Villamax grabs Kegler and runs into the portal: "Come on, Kegler. We're out of here!"

Captain Mutiny shoots in the portal in rage just before it finally closes: "Argh! The whole lot of them escaped! You worthless minnows! I oughtta skin the whole lot of ya! Where's Everette, this is his fault!"

Hexuba looks around: "He appears to have vanished, Captain."

Captain Mutiny throws his arms up in rage: "Well find him! I want to look him with me one good eye before I keelhaul the little snot! Ar!"

Barbarax and Hexuba run off with the Swabbies: "Aye ai!"

Scene 13

Setting: Inside the portal. Tabuna sees an opening ahead of her, she looks behind and sees the tunnel behind her warping because of Mutiny's assault, as a result, Villamax and Kegler are sent off into a different path than her: "Kegler, Villamax!"

Kegler: "Tabuna! Stay stronngggggg!!!!*"

Tabuna vanishes from the portal's tunnel: "Kegle.."

Scene 14

Setting: In a vast desert. A portal opens up and Villamax and Kegler fall through, landing on the ground.

Villamax gets back up and shakes the dirt off his body he turns to Kegler: "Kegler, are you alright?"

Kegler gets back up and rubs his forehead: "I'll be okay. I'm sorry for getting you into trouble."

Villamax casually waves it off: "Hahaha.. No need to apologize, old friend. It was for the best. For all of us."

Kegler: "Of course now, if we ever enter the Lost Galaxy we'll never come out again, if you catch my drift."

Villamax: "Yes. We're deadmen if we ever return to the Lost Galaxy for sure, but like I said, perhaps it's for the best. Now where are we?"

Just then Villamax sees a stagecoach driving past them. Villamax waves to the man in the stagecoach: "Excuse me. Excuse me, my goodman."

The stagecoach driver ignores Villamax and Kegler as he continues. Villamax is annoyed and jumps on the stage and holds his sword to the driver: "Excuse me! Ignoring others is just not good manners!"

Villamax tosses the stagecoach driver off the stagecoach and holds his sword to the man's throat as the stagecoach stops. The man begs: "Please.. please don't hurt me! I'm sorry!"

Villamax: "That's better! Now tell me. Where are we and where's the nearest town."

The old man is fearful and quickly answers Villamax's questions: "You're on the planet, Onyx! And the nearest town is only a day's away by foot that way!"

Villamax: "Only a day away on foot? Good for you. It won't be long before you get your stagecoach back. Come with me Kegler."

Kegler: "Right away, Villamax."

Villamax and Kegler jump onto the front seat of the stagecoach: "Onward!"

The man protests: "But what about me? You can't just leave me here!"

Villamax: "Let this be a lesson to you. It pays to be polite. Hahahahahahaha!"

Villamax pulls the horse rope and the stagecoach moves on it's way: "Ya! Ya!"

The man begs: "Please! Don't leave me here! There's wolves out here!"

Villamax laughs as the stagecoach rides off into the sunset.

Scene 15

Setting: Back in the Lost Galaxy. In Everette's private room. Barbarax pounds on the door as Everette grabs various notes and papers.

Barbarax pounds on the door: "Open up toad! Your days are numbered!"

Everette is extremely worried: "Curse the little brat niece of mine. Thanks to her everything is ruined! I'll never get out of her alive!"

Ominous voice: "At least not by yourself."

Everette turns around: "Who said that?"

Dr. Hinelar steps out of the shadows: "I did, Everette of KO-35."

Everette: "Who.. who.. are you?"

Dr. Hinelar smiles in the darkness and holds out his hand: "I am your new master."

Everette is sweating bullets as Barbarax begins to use his axe on the door, starting to break through: "But what about my lost Galactabeasts, and the rest of my experiments."

Dr. Hinelar: "I have already transported the phoenix, rhino, and shark out of the Lost Galaxy for you. All you have to do is surrender yourself to me. Mind, body, and soul.. and you will have everything which you desire."

Everette thinks about it for a moment. Suddenly Barbarax crashes through the door: "Now you've had it, Everette! Huh? Where did he go."

Barbarax and the Swabbies are in shock as Everette has vanished as well as Dr. Hinelar. Only Dr. Hinelar's laughter remains as it echoes throughout the Lost Galaxy.

Scene 16

Setting: On the Scorpion Stinger. In Scorpius' lair. Treacheron presents to Scorpius his new batch of monsters from Captain Mutiny.

Treacheron: "Behold oh great Scorpius. These monsters are of the greatest stock and will serve you well. Courtesy of Captain Mutiny."

Scorpius: "Excellent *slurp* Treacheron. Once again *slurp* you have served me well. Make sure you continue to do so. *slurp*"

Treacheron bows: "Of course master Scorpius."

Tabuna's voice: "Let me go! Unhand me!"

Treacheron turns his attention the entrance of the lair and is shocked to see a pair of Sting Wingers dragging Tabuna: "Tabuna!"

Scorpius is angered: "What is the meaning of this!"

Treacheron: "Guards, let her go!"

Scorpius: "Treacheron! *slurp* Who is this woman?"

Treacheron is concerned for a moment: "She.. *ah* is a very special gift from Captain Mutiny. As a thank you for so many years of a fine partnership. She is Tabuna and she was responsible in Captain Mutiny's victory over Planet Ginga."

Scorpius rubs on of his tentacles across his insect face: "I see. *slurp* Very well, come over here. *slurp* Tabuna."

Tabuna pulls herself away from the Sting Wingers and gets on one knee for you Tabuna: "It is an honor to finally serve the great Scorpius. I hope I can serve you as well as I have Mutiny."

Scorpius: "If you managed to conquer Planet Ginga. *slurp* I have no doubt that you will. *slurp* Ahhahahaha! Treacheron will show you to your nest. *slurp*"

Tabuna stands up and bows her head: "Thank you, master Scorpius."

Tabuna turns and leaves the lair with Treacheron. Tabuna whispers to Treacheron: "Thanks for the save. I'll explain everything."

Treacheron cuts her off: "Explain later. For now just do as I say if you want to live. Scorpius is no better than Mutiny."

Scorpius' voice from outside the room: "Treacheron! Come here! I have something else to discuss with you."

Treacheron: "Coming Scorpius!"

Treacheron turns to Tabuna: "Go to my chamber for now. It is the first room, two hallways from here. We'll discuss this there."

Tabuna smiles to Treacheron: "Thanks."

Tabuna begins to follow Treacheron's directions but a female voice taunts her: "You think your so special."

Tabuna stops: "Hmmm? Who's there?"

Trakeena steps out of the shadows: "Tabuna, huh? I'm Trakeena and let me get you a little advice."

Tabuna: "What's that?"

Trakeena: "Don't get too full of yourself. Just because you conquered Planet Ginga, don't think that you can't be replaced."

Tabuna smirks: "And who would replace me?"

Trakeena: "If need be, I would replace you!"

Tabuna throws a punch, Trakeena cowers and hides her face but Tabuna stops the punch as a taught: "Hmph. You replace me? That's a joke."

Tabuna walks past Trakeena: "See you around Truckzina, or whatever your name is."

Trakeena tightens her fists as she stares a Tabuna in anger: "Grrrr....."

Scene 17

Setting: Back to the present and in the infirmary of Power Chamber Mountain. The Psychos and Ecliptor are stand around as Tabuna finishes her story.

Tabuna: "And that's pretty much it. I worked for Scorpius for a few years, I managed to actually save lives by sparing people under Scorpius' nose at whatever planets we conquered. I somehow managed to maintain my sanity but unfortunately part of my fears were realized. A part of me began to enjoy the excitement of battle, but I always did my best to minimize the damage caused by Scorpius and his forces and even had a little fun getting under Trakeena's skin. Until one day, I pushed her too far and she finally had Scorpius sentence me to death while we were hunting the Galactabeasts."

Tabuna holds Victor's hand tightly and rubs his forehead: "Thankfully Treacheron managed to convince everyone on the Scorpion Stinger that I was dead and he left behind, here on Deacon Blue. I took to burglary and that's how I met.. Victor."

Tabuna: "So now you know everything about me, and why Acornius wants revenge against me. I realize you guys probably respect me even less than you already did now that you know what horrible things I've done."

Aundria: "Actually. Now that we know what really happened in your past, I have a newfound respect for you."

Tabuna looks up with surprise on her face: "Wha?"

Simon: "Same here."

Lucas: "You're more honorable than you give yourself credit for."

Ecliptor: "In a way, your tale reminds me of my own beloved princess."

Angela walks up and puts her arms around Tabuna: "You've just shared your soul with us."

Tabuna is taken aback: "I.. I.. don't what you say."

Marcus: "Hey babe. We understand you now. So it's cool. But I have a couple of questions."

Tabuna: "Huh? Okay."

Marcus smirks: "Is this Trakeena chick as much of a babe as you. And when you two were going at it, she didn't happen to loose an antenna did she? Hehehe.."

Aundria smacks Marcus in the back of the head: "Can't you think with Mr. Brain instead of Mr. Happy for just once in your life?"

Marcus rubs the back of his head: "Ow. Come on, twice in one day?"

Tabuna can't help but giggle. Her laughter become contagious as everyone else laughs.

Victor's voice: "How the hell is a guy supposed to get any rest with all of this racket going on?"

Everyone stops laughing and stares at Victor.

Angela: "Victor! You're awake!"

Victor sits up: "Well yeah. You didn't expect me to sleep through Tabby's story did you?"

Tabuna is shocked: "You mean.. you heard everything?"

Victor smiles as he puts a hand under Tabuna's chin: "Yeah. I've been conscious for quite awhile. I just didn't say anything because I didn't want you to stop."

Tabuna smiles: "Why you.. You're just as much a little devil as I am."

Tabuna hugs Victor. Victor replies: "And you have nothing to be ashamed of Tabby. Your past is just like ours."

Tabuna: "But. You were and the others were forced against your will to become monsters and your past was erased by Darkonda. Your sins weren't your fault."

Victor: "And neither were yours. You were manipulated and changed against your will just like we were. Deviot used a different method than Darkonda, but it was the same thing."

Victor looks in Tabuna's eyes: "Your heart was always in the right place. Even when you were fighting for evil. Deviot was never able to corrupt your heart, no matter how hard he tried."

Ecliptor: "I'm sure this would be a tender moment if I were as emotional as you humans, but we still have the issue of Acornius to deal with."

Simon: "Ecliptor's right. It's a miracle that your okay Victor. But next time we won't be as lucky. We have to find a way to stop him."

Angela: "But can we really destroy him? He's doing wrong things now, but like the rest of us, his innocence was stolen from him."

Victor: "If Tabuna could undo what she did on Planet Ginga, I know she would."

Tabuna slaps her forehead: "That's it! I can't believe it! The answer was right there the whole time!"

Marcus: "Whatchu talking about, Boomboom Girl?"

Tabuna: "I can undo what happened on Planet Ginga! That's the answer."

Simon: "But how? First of all, there's no way we can get to the Lost Galaxy."

Tabuna looks at her wrist: "The power of the Galaxy Book flows through my veins. It's very possible."

Suddenly on the communicators' Beta 1's voice: "Rangers! Acornius is attack the city again!"

Tabuna: "Perfect, let's hope this works!"

Tabuna gets up and leaves: "Come on!"

Everyone follows even Victor but Angela tries to stop him, which catches Simon's attention: "Victor! You shouldn't get out of bed."

Victor smirks it off: "Nonsense. I've gotten back from worse. I'm Psycho Red, bedresting during a fight isn't my thing. And you know that."

Angela frowns as she lets Victor go: "I know I can't stop you from doing what you want to. Just.. Just be careful out there. I wouldn't want to lose you."

Victor puts his hands on Angela's shoulders: "That's not going to happen."

Simon from the hallway walks away with a depressed expression without Victor or Angela noticing.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany. Acornius shoots down more buildings.

Acornius: "Come out, come out, wherever you are, Tabuna! It's time to finish this once and for all!"

Tabuna's voice: "My sentiments exactly."

Acornius turns around and sees at the end of the street all the morphed Psycho Rangers, Ecliptor and Tabuna in the center with their weapons in hand.

Tabuna: "I know I've hurt you in the past Acornius. But I'm going to make things right, if you let me."

Acornius: "Ha! You can make things right by dying!"

Acornius fires an energy attack at the heroes. The all jump away from the explosion.

Psycho Red jumps at Acornius strikes him with the Psycho Sword: "Okay everyone! Don't hold back!"

Acornius eyes widen in shock: "What?! Psycho Red but how?!"

Psycho Red in a cocky tone: "Heh. One thing you need to know about the Psycho Rangers, Acornius. No matter how many times you think you've destroyed us, we always come back and better than ever!"

Psycho Red ducks under a blow made by Acornius just as the other Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor all release energy bolts at the monster. While Acornius is stunned by the attack, Ecliptor grabs him from behind in a full-nelson. Psycho Blue grabs his left leg, Black his right. Yellow grabs wraps her arms around his belly from the side, and Pink from the other. Red and Silver grabs his arms.

Psycho Red: "We got him! Now Tabuna!"

Acornius: "Ha! Give it your best shot. Nothing you do can hurt me. I'm invicible!"

Tabuna walks up to Acornius and puts her hand on his chest: "I have no plans on hurting you, Acornius. I already did enough of that years ago. I said I was going to end this and that's exactly what I'm going to do! If just having the power of the Galaxy Book in me is enough to make this work."

Tabuna holds her head back and closes her eyes: "Keonta Karova Melanite Hakova!"

A storm begins to build above the city.

Acornius: "What are you doing?"

Tabuna ignores Acornius and continues the incantation: "A thousand nightmares will soon come true. Space will twist then rip in two."

The storms centralizes on the heroes and Acornius.

Psycho Blue: "Man, I don't like this."

Psycho Red: "Stop whinin' Marcus. This is the only way we can do things right!"

Tabuna: "Reality ends, time is tossed. As galaxies found become galaxies lost!"

The storm consumes the heroes and Acornius in a ball of energy. Everyone screams and yells as the ball of energy vanishes.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: In the Lost Galaxy on Planet Ginga. The Psychos, Ecliptor and Tabuna all lay on the ground unconscious. Tabuna begins to come to and as she sits up, rubbing her forehead.

Tabuna: "Ow. Did it work?"

Acornius suddenly grabs her by the throat: "Apparently not, because I'm still here, witch! I don't know what you were planning by bringing me back to Ginga, but it is fitting that we end this where it all began."

Psycho Red's voice: "I think that's the general idea, Sherlock!"

Acornius drops Tabuna in pain. He looks down and sees Psycho Red on the ground with his sword, driven into Acornius' leg.

Acornius: "You little gnat! You'll pay for that."

Psycho Red pulls his sword out and jumps out of the just before Acornius can impale him with his sharp arm: "Just put it on my tab, oakhead."

Tabuna's voice: "Victor, be careful!"

Acornius turns around and sees Tabuna running towards the stone forest: "Running back to the hidden forest? Hahaha, foolish witch. That's last place you should hide from me. I know the hidden forest like the back of my leaves."

Acornius follows Tabuna but Psycho Red grabs him: "Leave her be, Acornius. You don't know what you're doing."

Acornius shoves Psycho Red off of him: "Back off, worm!"

The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor all get back up but Acornius blasts them all back down and uses roots from underground to tie them all down.

Psycho Yellow: "No, not again!"

Acornius: "I'll deal with the rest of you later. After I get my revenge on that silver-haired witch!"

Psycho Red tries to break free: "Acornius, you don't know what you're doing. Let Tabuna do what she has to do! You have to listen!"

Acornius ignores Psycho Red as he laughs away while entering the hidden forest. Which while stoned, the barrier is down. Psycho Red tries his hardest to pull free: "No! Tabuna is so close to redemption. So close to closing all of her demons! I can't let this happen to her. I won't!"

Psycho Red yells as he glows red, breaking free of the vines, his mass increases for just a moment and breaks free. He seems to be on fire.

Ecliptor: "Huh? What's happening to him."

Psycho Black: "I don't believe it. He's finally done it."

Psycho Yellow: "Done what?"

Psycho Red turns into a fireball and rushes into the hidden forest.

Psycho Black: "His determination to see Tabuna, reach redemption has brought him to a higher state of Psycho-Empathsis."

Psycho Yellow: "Then that means, even by himself he may be able to finally give Acornius a run for his money!"

Psycho Black: "Let's hope so."

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the hidden forest. Tabuna runs to the center of the village past the statues of the Ginga Warriors. Heading straight for the Drainbox.

But before she can reach the Drainbox, a vine wraps around her feet and drags to the ground: "No! I was so close!"

Acornius pulls Tabuna towards him: "Hahahaha! It's over witch. It's finally over!"

Psycho Red's voice: "You better believe firewood breath!"

Acornius turns around and a huge fireball takes him down. Acornius let's go of Tabuna. The fireball solidifies in Psycho Red, standing over Acornius.

Acornius gets back up and throws a fist: "You!"

Psycho Red still with flames on his body grabs Acornius fist and begins to twist it in his hand: "Can't you get it into your thick head. Tabuna is trying to help you."

Acornius struggles to pull his hand from Psycho Red's: "How.. How did you get so strong all of the sudden?"

Psycho Red: "Let's just say this is more important to me than anything else in the world, right now."

Psycho Red throws a punch which sends Acornius flying into a stone tree. Psycho Red turns to Tabuna: "Now Tabuna. Let's end this once and for all."

Tabuna pulls out her sword and nods: "I should have done this years ago!"

Tabuna thrusts her sword in the red gem of the Drainbox!

The Drainbox shatters and blue energy flows out of it, consuming the entire forest.

Acornius gets up: "What is going on here?"

The blue energy unpetrafies all the plants and animals in the forest. The wrinkled trees restore to fullness and new leaves grow on them. All the people become flesh again.

Hugo gets up from the ground: "What.. what just happened?"

Sayana points at an angered Acornius: "Acornius? Is that you."

Acornius pays no attention to Sayana and focuses all of his attention on Tabuna: "You think turning everyone back to flesh, is going solve everything? It doesn't bring back Oogon or Hikaro!"

Tabuna throws down her sword: "You're right it doesn't. I can't undo everything I've done. I am sincerely sorry for what I did. But your entitled to justice."

Psycho Red: "I won't let that happen. Acornius you're going down."

Tabuna yells: "Victor Stop! This is the way it has to be. If destroying me will finally let Acornius' spirit rest, then so be it. I'm ready for my punishment."

Psycho Red: "But Tabuna.."

Tabuna yells again: "Everette took away my honor, Victor. Don't you take away my honor too."

Acornius smiles: "About time you finally acting like a woman. But don't think I'm going easy on you!"

Acornius throws his fatal attack but stops just before he strikes Tabuna. Tabuna doesn't even close her eyes, she stands still ready to accept her fate.

Acornius: "I.. can't.. No.. what am I doing? This is justice. I'm letting hatred consume me. I've become the real monster here."

Sayana: "Acornius."

Acornius turns to stone as his red eyes fade.

Psycho Red demorphs back into Victor and runs to Tabuna: "Is he?"

Tabuna: "I don't know."

Oogon's voice: "No he's not, Red Ranger."

Tabuna looks at the side and sees Oogon and Hikaro alive and well: "I don't believe. You're all alive."

Oogon smiles as he puts his hands on Tabuna's shoulders: "Thanks to you my child."

Tabuna: "But how?"

Hikaro speaks as the other warriors gather around: "Turning into stone and becoming flesh again, restored our wounds."

Tabuna smiles deeply as she looks down: "Then all the blood I've shed in this forest has been undone."

Tabuna turns to the statue of Acornius: "Except for poor Acornius. I created such a strong hatred in him, in perverted his very soul."

Tabuna puts her hand on Acornius' stone face: "I'm sorry Acornius. I tried to undo all the wrong, I did here. But I couldn't save you, the one person that needed saving the most. I am happy that in the end you managed to let go of that hate. I hope wherever you are, you spirit can finally rest."

Tabuna places a kiss on Acornius' forehead as a tear runs down her face. Suddenly light begins to crack out from underneath his body. Acornius' statues crumbles and falls to the ground.

Tabuna: "No. I didn't mean.."

A soft voice: "I forgive you Tabuna."

Tabuna looks up and sees Acornius back to his little floaty form: "You're alive."

Acornius: "Thanks to you."

Oogon: "Yes, thanks to you. We're all alive."

Tabuna: "But.. I was the one that the stole your lifeforce in the first place."

Sayana smiles: "If you didn't, you uncle would have anyway. And unlike you, he wouldn't have come back and restored us."

Oogon: "And the hidden forest is still pure, this time Captain Mutiny has no knowledge of it. Our people can flourish on Planet Ginga once again, and I know the Chosen Ones will return soon to destroy Captain Mutiny's evil once and for all."

Tabuna: "How can you be so sure?"

Oogon: "I don't but I have a feeling it will happen that way. Just like I had a feeling that you had a good heart inside all along."

Tabuna smiles deeply: "Thank you, Oogon. Thank you all."

Scene 3

Setting: Later in the day. A portal to leave the Lost Galaxy is opened.

The Psychos and Ecliptor enter the portal back to Deacon Blue. Tabuna and Victor are the last two.

Tabuna and Victor turn around one last time to wave goodbye to the people of the hidden forest. Victor looks at the huge smile on Tabuna's face: "You're beaming."

Tabuna turns back to the portal and takes Victor by the arm resting her head on his shoulder: "For the first time in a long time, I feel.. clean."

Victor puts his arm over her shoulder: "Oh really? Maybe I should make you dirty again."

Tabuna pulls her head away from his shoulder with a amused expression: "Why you. And everybody thinks Marcus is the naughty one."

Victor and Tabuna share a chuckle as the leave the Lost Galaxy through the portal. The portal closes behind them and so does this chapter of Tabuna's life.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Rito Revolto with Elgar by his side: "Okay, here's the deal."

Clip 2
Rito Revolto blows some powder towards Simon.

Rito's voice: "We'll make everyone talk backwards!"

Clip 3
Simon to Marcus: "Krej a hcus eb t'nod."

Marcus: "Huh? Say that again."

Simon: "On ho! Sdrawkcab gniklat m'i!"

Clip 4
Elgar: "Isn't that the greatest plan you ever heard."

Clip 5
Rito and Elgar stop in front a huge display in the toystore and at the same time: "ROKEMON CARDS!!!"

Clip 6
Psycho Yellow's voice: "Are these guys for real?"

Rito and Elgar stuff themselves with a cake.

Clip 7
Victor stuck in pile a janitoral supplies: "Someone is going to hurt for this."

Clip 8
Rito Revolto to Elgar: "Alright! Who is da man!"

Elgar points to Rito: "You da man!"

Rito: "High five!"

Elgar and Rito try to high five, but they miss each other's hands and the bump their heads. Simultaneously: "Doh!"

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