Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 32
"A Pirate's Life For Me, Part 1"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Sunset in the desert. Deviot's laughter echoes throughout as his ship flies into the air and takes the Zenith Carrierzord through a large portal.

On the ground. A deep, monstrous voice cries out: "Revenge!"

A hand breaks out from out of the ground as the voice cries out again: "She's here. Revenge!"

The hand sinks back down, the ground starts to shake. Suddenly the ground explodes, the sky grows dark from the dust clouds being formed, when the smoke clears there is huge crater in the ground and large monstrous figure steps out of the crater. In the darkness, the monster can't be made out except for it's glowing red eyes.

The monster take a couple of earth shaking steps, the monster holds up it's hand in front of it: "I can feel it. She's on this planet, I will find her, and destroy her!"

The monster holds out it's hands, and the fingers stretch into the ground like roots and travel through the ground at incredible speed.

Scene 2

Setting: New Bethany Park. The trees begin to move and shake like the wind is rustling through them, but there is no wind, the air is calm. A couple of bystanders notice this and begin to show concern.

Scene 3

Setting: The woods. The trees move and shake like the ones in the park, with the absence of wind. The birds sense something evil and fly out of the trees in panic, other various animals run away from the tree, as a monstrous growl seems to come trees.

Scene 4

Setting: The desert. The monster's eyes glow even brighter, as it's finger roots continue to stretch below the ground.

The monster: "I will find you, Tabuna and you will die, you and everyone and everything you hold dear!"

The monster yells, echoing through out the desert: "ROAWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!"

Scene 5

Setting: The Power Chamber. Lucas, Aundria, and Beta 1 stand there along with Zordon working on some of the control panels.

Suddenly Lucas grabs his chest in pain as lowers to his knees: "Ahh!! NO!"

Aundria runs to Lucas to help from falling down: "Lucas! What's wrong?"

Lucas: "I've never felt such raw, unadulterated hatred in my life. It was terrible."

Aundria: "Luc, what are you talking about?"

Zordon: "Lucas' abilities as a Silver Monk gives him a spiritual sensitivity, Aundria. He can sense things that the rest of us can't."

Lucas tries to stand back up: "Yes, Zordon, and what I just felt, was overpowering."

Aundria helps Lucas back up: "But what could have made what you just felt."

Lucas: "I.. I don't know. But something, something is out there, something unbelievably powerful."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany. The trees on the sidewalk shake and rustle.

Monster's voice: "Where is she? I can sense her throughout this city, but where is she?"

One of the skinny trees warps, the tip falls to the ground to form a gateway, in flash of light, the monster steps. Still shrouded in darkness, it's eyes glow red.

The monster looks around in the city: "She has spent a lot of time in this city. This, this New Bethany must be her home."

The monster looks at it's deformed right hand as it tightens to a fist: "If this is her home.."

The monster holds up his hand and releases a massive blast of energy filled with what looks like razor-sharp leaves: "..then I'l destroy it, just as she destroyed mine!"

The monster's attack levels an entire building. The monster in rage, destroys another building, then another, and another. People start running to the streets and scattering as the monster destroys everything in sight.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The alarms are blaring. Victor, Simon, Marcus and Angela all run in to see what is happening.

Victor: "Zordon, what's going on?"

Zordon: "Look into the Viewing Globe, a monster of unmeasured power is destroying the city."

The Rangers gather around the Viewing Globe as they look at the monster in the darkness, attacking their city.

Marcus: "Whoah. That hombre' is huge!"

Angela: "What is that thing?"

Victor: "Another of Darkonda and Falconine's monsters."

Zordon: "No. This monster isn't a part of the Alliance."

Lucas watches but the pain strikes him again, Aundria quickly grabs his shoulders to keep him falling down.

Lucas: "Augh! That thing, it's the source of the hatred."

Victor turns quizically: "What are you talking about?"

Aundria answers for Lucas: "Lucas' training makes him sensitive to whatever energies that monster is casting out."

Lucas tries to stay standing: "Whatever that creature is, it's not here for the usual reasons. It's vendetta is personal."

Victor: "Any idea what that vendetta is?"

Lucas: "I have no.. *argh!*"

Aundria yells at Victor: "No more questions."

Aundria helps Lucas: "Come on, you need to lie down."

Victor: "Whatever reason that monster has for attacking the city, we have to stop him. Let's go."

Lucas: "I'll come with.."

Aundria tightens her grip on his arms: "Oh no you won't. You're going to bed."

Lucas: "But.."

Zordon: "Aundria is right, Lucas. The monster's mere presence on this planet is causing you great pain. Being in close contact with it, may be too dangerous for you, maybe even fatal."

Marcus: "You here that kung-fu boy, thou shalt go to bed, for the bald guy has spoken."

Aundria whispers to Lucas as she helps him out of the room: "Remind to backslap him later. Beta help Lucas out of here."

Beta 1 rushes to Lucas: "Of course, Aundria."

Beta 1 helps Lucas walk away.

Victor: "Enough wasting time."

Victor and the others hold their morpher arms in front of them: "Let's Get Psycho!"

A flash of red.

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. The monster targets a car full of terrified people. With a slight hiss to an intimidating laugh he takes aim but for he can attack, Psycho Red jumpkicks the monster in the head from the side.

The monster barely moves, but he shakes his head as he turns his attention to the recently arrived Psycho Rangers: "Who dares!"

The car of civilians make their way to safety.

Psycho Blue takes his battle pose: "We dare of course."

Psycho Red: "If you're not familiar with us, we're the Psycho Rangers."

Psycho Blue: "Yeah baby. The sheriffs of this town."

The monster is unamused: "I don't care who you are. Just die!"

The monster unleases a fury of needles from it's chest at the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers jump away from the attack which causes damage to everything behind them.

Psycho Yellow and Psycho Pink stand together. Yellow turns to Pink: "Angela, can you get us a better look at what we're dealing with?"

Psycho Pink nods as she summons her Psycho Bow: "No problem."

An arrow forms in her bow as Psycho Pink takes aim at the sky: "How about a Psycho Flare!"

Psycho Pink fires the arrow in the sky, it explodes leaving a ball of light, almost a mini-sun casting light to the street below and at last the monster is clear.

Psycho Black: "Whoah."

Psycho Blue: "Now that's one ugly mamma jamma!"

The monster stands before the Psychos. It is very large, at least 8 feet tall. It is also very bulky and thick like oak. It's body appears to made of wood, with tree bark for skin. Leafy vines are wrapped all over it's body. It's hands and feet are oversized and tipped with sharp claws. Thorns stick out from the monster's shoulders, some are big enough to impale with. The monster's chest has a zig-zag design across it. It's head looks like an acorn, but it's face is scarred and constantly angry. With sharp teeth in it's frown. The eyes are piercing and bright red. Around it's very thick neck is necklace made of oak leaves.

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "Who are you?"

The monster cares not to respond as it charges with it's large claws. It takes a swipe at Psycho Red, but Psycho Red jumps over the monster summons his Psycho Sword in mid-air and comes down on it's back. The sparks fly, but the monster doesn't flinch, it merely spins and uppercuts Psycho Red.

Psycho Pink shoots several Psycho Arrows at the monster, it merely holds up it's hand, all three arrows penetrate the hand, but the monster doesn't show any pain, instead it merely closes it's hand, breaking all of the arrows.

Psycho Pink: "Wha?! That didn't even phase him!"

Psycho Black runs with a stiff flying kick to the stomach: "Hit him hard!"

The monster steps back as Psycho Yellow runs around the monster and fires several shots from her Psycho Slinger. Psycho Blue jumps over the distracted monster to it's back.

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe: "I always wanted to say this. Timber!"

Psycho Blue takes a chop from the monster, but it still doesn't flinch. Instead it releases a pair of eye beams on Psycho Black, then Yellow, turns around to shoot as Blue, but Psychos Pink and Red grab the monster's arms.

Psycho Red: "Marcus, go for it!"

Psycho Blue nods: "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue spins on his toes as he uses the Psycho Spin attack on the held back monster. But the monster swings Red and Pink to "clap" Psycho Blue.

The monster opens it's mouth and release blast of brown energy that pushes all three of the Psychos away. The monster then thrusts it's open palm upward, and three spyres rise from the ground attempting to impale the three Psychos.

Psycho Black with his Psycho Lance swings down from behind but the monster grabs his lance just as it reaches his shoulder and tosses Psycho Black over his shoulder and slams him to the ground. Psycho Yellow jumps over the monster's back and pulls Psycho Black out way before the monster's stomp could crush his skull.

The Psycho Rangers regroup.

Psycho Yellow: "We can't stop him!"

Psycho Black: "Yeah, everything we're using has no effect on him at all. He's even worse than that Cardinull monster we fought yesterday."

The monster throws up it's hands and unleashes a stormy fury of razor leaves, red energy bolts, and needles from it's entire body. The explosion sends the Psycho Rangers flying into the air. The Psycho Rangers are all on the ground in pain from the attack.

The monster: "Pathetic. You're not worth my wrath."

The monster begins to turn away until it takes a sniff: "Wait, YOU!"

The monster rushes and grabs Psycho Red by the throat, squeezing tightly: "*sniff* *sniff* I can detect that damnable whore's scent all over you! Where is she?! Where is that silver-haired whore, Tabuna!"

Psycho Red can't breathe, but that doesn't keep him from threatening the monster: "*gasp* Call my woman that word again and your pile of *urg* toothpicks!"

The monster's grip tightens: "Your woman?! You're that whore's lover?!"

Psycho Red glows red with anger: "I told you not to use that word again!"

Psycho Red breaks free of the monster's grip and kicks him several times in the stomach. Psycho Red then releases huge fireball at the monster's stomach. The monster actually falls to one knee.

Psycho Red summons the Psychorang: "Psychorang!"

Psycho Red rubs the Psychorang, causing it to glow red: "As promised, one economy-size box of toothpicks coming up!"

Psycho Red throws the Psychorang, but the monster grabs it with one hand.

Psycho Red stunned: "What?"

The monster stands back up and breaks the Psychorang in two. Then aims it's fist at Psycho Red unleashing an intense beam of energy at Psycho Red. The blast sends Psycho Red flying backward, crashing into a store window.

Psycho Pink: "Victor!"

The monster turns it's attention to the other Psychos: "Stay here!"

Vines come from the ground and pull all of the Psychos down, pinning them down.

Psycho Yellow: "I.. can't move!"

Psycho Black: "It's getting tighter."

Psycho Pink: "We have to break free. There's no way Victor can handle that creature by himself."

Scene 4

Setting: Inside a closed down and empty store. Psycho Red gets up from the broken glass and shakes his head.

Psycho Red: "Ow. I feel like I just got run over a bus."

Monster's voice: "Here's another one!"

The monster charges through the broken window and grabs Psycho Red, he effortlessly hurls Psycho Red through several shelves. Spark erupt all over as Psycho Red is soon buried under broken shelves. The monster release a wave of dark power from it's mouth, it sends Psycho Red flying in further back into the store. Psycho Red slams back first into a refrigerator.

Psycho Red: "Have.. have to get up."

The monster grabs Psycho Red by the head and slams him into a brick wooden wall, breaking right through it, into the store's back room. Psycho Red tries to get up again, but the monster picks him up by the head again, and winds back a fist, and throws.

Scene 5

Setting: An empty parking lot behind the store. There's an abandoned car, Psycho Red suddenly is sent crashing through the brick wall of the store and lands hard on the roof of the car, caving it in.

The monster jumps through the hole it made with Psycho Red's body, picks up the car by the front bender, then quick turns it upside and slams it into the ground, so that Psycho Red hits the ground first. The monster picks the car back up leaving Psycho Red, in the broken asphalt, the monster slams the car on Psycho Red. The monster hurls the broken car into the air just before it explodes! A beaten Psycho Red demorphs in the hole in the ground, shaped like his body.

The monster: "Broken and battered."

Tabuna's voice: "Keep away from him!"

The monster looks up just in time to see Tabuna's boot strike his face. The monster backs away and gets a clear look at Tabuna hold her sword at him.

The monster with anger and happiness: "Yes! Revenge is mine!"

The monster takes a swipe at Tabuna. She jumps backward and throws several beams of multi-colored energy at the monster in mid-air. Lands and charges past the monster, give him a deep slice in the belly as she slides to her knees behind him. The monster turns around as Tabuna takes several running shots at him with her sword. The monster flinches for a moment from her attacks and then bats her away. Tabuna crashes into several trash cans. The monster charges at her, but she removes her blue cape can throws at his face as she slides between his legs holding the sword upward, slicing a very sensitive area in half. The monster screams in both rage and pain.

Tabuna stands next to the down Victor: "Now who are you? And what do you want."

The monster rips Tabuna's cape to shreds as he removes it from his face: "You don't recognize me? Of course not, a witch like has probably lost count of all the innocent lives she's ruined."

Tabuna startled and confused: "Huh? I never met you before in my entire life."

Victor's weak voice: "Tabuna.."

Tabuna looks down.

Victor just barely gathers enough strength to tug on Tabuna's boot: "Tabuna watch out. This.. monster he wants you.. and he just plowed through.. all of the Psychos like we were nothing."

Tabuna looks concerned: "Victor, please. Save your strength. I have to get you out of here."

Victor: "No. Save yourself. He wants you more than anyone else."

The monster: "That's right. You'll pay for what you did to me."

Tabuna yells: "I already said, I've never seen you before in my life. I know I could never forget a face as ugly as yours!"

The monster snarls as it charges. Tabuna releases several shots of her energy but the monster is unphased as it rams right into Tabuna. It sends her flying and crashing into the ground in a distance, possibly cracking several of her ribs.

The monster jumps in the air and lands right on top of Tabuna. It's feet tear right into the asphalt on both sides of Tabuna. It then grabs her by the throat with on hand. It's free hand changes into into a large wooden stake and prepares to impale Tabuna in the heart.

The monster: "Finally, after almost ten years, I will finally have my revenge."

Tabuna half-dazed: "Ten.. ten years, I was still in the Lost Galaxy."

The monster cracks a smile in excitement, it's leaf necklace begins to spin around. Tabuna's eyes widen as she recognizes the monster: "It can't be. You.. you're Acornius!"

Acornius pauses: "So you finally recognize me."

Tabuna shakes her head: "But how.. How did you change?"

Acornius: "After you ruined my life, I became consumed with hatred for you and the rest of those damned pirates. I hibernated in cocoon shaped as a small acorn for the past ten years, letting my hatred and rage increase my powers so that one day I would awaken and take my revenge on you and all the others."

Acornius prepares to stab: "And now, I shall have my revenge!"

Acornius swings but stops just before the stake can penetrate Tabuna's body: "No. This is too easy."

Acornius drops Tabuna. Meanwhile Victor gets back up, and holds up his morpher: "I have to save Tabby, no matter what it takes."

Acornius turns around: "You must suffer the same you made me suffer. You and the other pirates destroyed all of my friends and the people I loved. So I will destroy everythin you hold dear! Starting with the man you love!"

Tabuna tugs on Acornius' leg: "No!"

Acornius takes aim as the hurt Victor doesn't even see the attack coming: "Hahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahah!"

Tabuna yells at the top of her lungs: "VICTOR GET OUT OF THERE!"

Acornius laughs maniacally as he unleashes a massive barrage of needles and unforgiving energy blasts at Victor. Victor looks up and sees the attack coming, too little, too late. The furious assault creates and explosion that consumes his unmorphed form.

Tabuna: "VICTOR!!!!!!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber infirmary. Victor lies unconscious in bed. Bandaged all over, including his forehead. He has bruises on his face and arms. The other Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor stand around Victor's bed.

Aundria look in Simon's direction across the bed: "Simon, will he?"

Simon: "I don't know. He didn't even have his armor when he took the full fury of that attack."

Lucas looks up with sadness: "I'm sorry. If I was a better Silver Monk, I would be able to heal him."

Aundria puts her hand on Lucas' shoulder: "It's not your fault."

Simon: "Aundria's right. If it wasn't for your powers, Victor wouldn't be alive at all right now. Thanks to you he at least has a chance to pull through."

Ecliptor with his arms crossed: "I should have been there to prevent this."

Simon: "I doubt even you would have been able to do anything to prevent this. That Acornius was unbelievably powerful."

Marcus: "We still should have been able to find a way to beat nuts-for-brains."

Angela takes Victor's hand: "I'm sorry Victor. We let you down."

Simon tries not to look at Angela hold Victor's hand.

Tabuna's voice: "No. I'm the only one to blame here."

Aundria get angry: "You?! What are you doing here?"

Simon: "Calm down, Aundry. Tabuna is no more to blame for this than any of us."

Tabuna walks up to the bed: "No that's where you are wrong. Acornius hurt Victor to get at me. I'm the one that brought Acornius here."

Ecliptor with a stern tone: "You had better mean that figuratively, woman."

Tabuna steps away from Tabuna: "I didn't mean literally but still if Victor had never met me, he wouldn't be where he is right now."

Marcus: "That's about the first true thing you've ever told us."

Lucas steps in between Tabuna and the other Psychos: "Knock it off. Tabuna is not the villain here. She's feeling the same pain we are right now."

Angela: "Lucas is right. You think Victor would want you to attack her if he was awake?"

Aundria: "I suppose you're right."

Simon: "Right. We need to figure out how to stop Acornius. He will strike again."

Marcus: "But how we gonna do that, blondie. We don't know square one about the treeguy except that he's ugly and he kicked are butts. Heck. We don't even know square one about the chick he has a mad on for."

Lucas: "Marcus, please."

Marcus: "Please nuthin'! We don't even know why Acornius wants Tabuna and all of us dead, except that it was something she did."

Angela: "Marcus."

Marcus: "Damnit! We've been letting Ms. Doesn't-Even-Know-The-Meaning -Of-Pneumonia over there wander around ffreely for the past three months. Doing who knows what behind our backs. We know she's still a thief and this isn't the first time she's gotten Victor in the infirmary. For all we know she could have been a spy of Darkonda's all this time, just setting us up like now."

Ecliptor: "That's not accurate, Blue Ranger. I've been in her mind for a brief period."

Tabuna: "No need to defend me. Marcus is right. I haven't really done anything to earn anyone's trust since I first came to this planet."

Aundria: "Yeah. And what are you going to do to change that."

Tabuna: "I'll tell you guys everything. Including why Acornius wants revenge on me."

Simon: "Okay. Maybe if we know what the whole story is, we'll be able to figure out how to stop Acornius when he strikes again."

Marcus: "How do we know she won't just give us a load of crap, she already lied about her past to Lucas once, right?"

Lucas: "I believe she'll tell us the truth this time. I can feel it in my heart."

Aundria: "That's good enough for me. So shoot Tabuna."

Tabuna: "Alright then. I guess I'll start at the very beginning."

The Psychos and Ecliptor start to get comfortable for the tale to be told as Tabuna takes a deep breath and tells her origin: "I guess everything started about ten years ago. Just after my homeworld was destroyed by Dark Specter."

Scene 2

Setting: Tabuna's flashback, ten years ago. In space, a lone copper-colored ship, that resembles the shape of manta ray travels at highspeed, trying to evade a pair of Velocifighters, piloted by Quantrons.

Tabuna's narration: "I was originally from a space colony, but our people abandoned the planet we colonized."

Simon's voice: "Wait a minute. You're not talking about."

Tabuna's voice: "Yes, I'm from KO-35. That's why I never told you Psycho Rangers the truth about my past before, because I knew Victor had some problems with the Power Rangers from my homeworld in the past, and I didn't want that to come between us."

The ship is under attack by the Velocifighters as the two fighters shoot.

Scene 3

Setting: Tabuna's flashback. Inside the space ship at the bridge. Several KO-35 soldiers work the controls on the bridge. In the middle of the room at the main controls stands two mean that look to be the leaders. One is Everette in KO-35 gear, the other is another Asian man with short black hair, share a resemblence to Everette.

Another shake up for the ship, and the first guard off to the side looks at the readings on his viewing panel: "Commander Averon, we won't be able to take another hit like that, sir!"

The leader next to Everette steps forward: "We have to fight back, can we get a lock on them."

First soldier: "Negative sir. They're behind us and all rear cannons have already been destroyed."

Everette grabs Averon's shoulder and speaks into his ear: "Averon, we have no choice, we must use the Galaxy Book to escape!"

Averon removes Everette's hand from his shoulder: "No. I've already told you, the Galaxy Book is too dangerous. There is another way out of this."

Everette: "How? We've already been seperated from Kimwon and the rest of our people. Half of our weapons have been taken off line, our fuel is depleted, and we're over twenty light years away from any known planets! Even if we do survive this attack, we'll still drift for eternity."

Averon: "Listen to me, Everette. We were ordered to guard the Galaxy Book not use it. You know as well as I do, that to use the Galaxy Book violates everything we stand for."

Everette: "You'll refuse to use the Galaxy Book even at the cost of our lives, even the cost of your daughter's life?"

Averon: "No. I refuse to use the Galaxy Book because it will risk our lives, including my daughter's."

Everette: "But.."

Averon: "This debate is over."

The another blast hits the ship and the bridge shakes up again.

Second soldier: "Commander Averon, we just lost the hyper rush thrusters!"

Everette: "Brother, we must.."

Averon pushes Everette aside and grabs the controls: "Not now!"

Averon commands the soldiers: "I have plan. We don't have the rear cannons but do we still have the fore-cannons?"

First soldier: "Affirmative!"

Averon: "Then let the Velocifighters get in front us. Stop all acceleration and open fire!"

Second solider: "Yes sir!"

Scene 4

Setting: The KO-35 spaceship stops and two Velocifighters fly right past the ship.

Scene 5

Setting: The bridge.

Averon: "FIRE!"

Scene 6

Setting: Outerspace, the KO-35 ship fires from two blaster located in the front. Destroying both Quantron piloted Velocifighters.

Scene 7

Setting: Inside the bridge, the soldiers cheer as the Velocifighters have been destroyed.

First soldier: "Both bogeys are off the map sir!"

Averon with a hint of a smile: "Excellent. Compile a damage report and bring it to my quarters in twenty minutes."

First soldier: "Yes sir."

Averon turns away and leaves the bridge, Everette follows closely by as the two head into a hallway, resembling one from the Astro Megaship.

Everette: "An excellent manuever, Averon. But we're still not of the water. Dark Specter knows that we have the Galaxy Book and he knows we're out here alone. More will follow."

Averon: "I'm well aware of that, once I get the damage report we'll initiate repairs and make our way to Milky Way system. Hopefully once we reach Earth, we'll be able to get assistance from the Power Rangers of that world."

Everette: "Even if the ship was 100%, that would be a two day voyage. We only have level 4 hyper rush capabalities. Now we have none, we'll freeze to death once all the power runs out. Why must you be stubborn. The Keonta Spell is our salvation."

Averon stops and turns to Everette: "You actually think the Lost Galaxy will be any better than where we already are. We could still be stranded in the middle of nowhere and at least here we won't be in danger of the 'Devil Man of Dragon Castle'."

Everette: "The Devil Man is just an old fairy tale to keep little children behaved."

Averon: "All legends have some basis in fact, now speaking of little children, I must check up on Tabuna. Come with?"

Everette refrains: "Perhaps later. I must do some thinking, I might as well check to see if Kella's shrine was undamaged in the attack."

Averon looks winsome for a moment: "Kella, my wife. Very well then, we'll meet again in 25 minutes, little brother."

Everette puts his hands together and nods: "Of course Averon."

Everette walks down a seperate hallway as Averon stops in front of a door. He presses a button on the panel next to the door and it slides open. Inside the bedroom is similar to the ones found in the Astro Megaship.

Averon: "Tabby? It's daddy, is everything okay sweetheart."

A little girl's voice: "Daddy?"

Averon looks to the side and sees a young girl about ten or eleven years old. Wearing a black jumpsuit, with silver trimming. The little girl is clearly a young Tabuna, but her hair is a normal dark reddish-brown color rather than her modern-day silver hair. She crawls out from under a desk.

Averon: "Come on out, everything is okay."

Young Tabuna stands and runs to Averon, Averon gets down on one knee to accept a hug from his little girl: "Come here!"

Tabuna hugs her father tightly: "Daddy! Are the Quantrons gone?"

Averon: "Yes, we've rid ourselve of them."

Tabuna lets go of her father as he stands back up: "When can we go back home, I don't like being in space anymore."

Averon's smile drops: "I'm afraid we can't go back to KO-35. At least not anytime soon."

Tabuna starts to pout: "But it's lonely and I miss my friends."

Averon: "KO-35 isn't safe anymore. One day we will go back but not until safe again. In the meantime, I've been told you've been coming along quite nicely in your swordsmanship."

Tabuna smiles with a child's excitement: "Yeah. But to tell you the truth, I think my instructor is a wimp. What he has me do isn't hard at all."

Averon smiles proudly: "Your a natural, my darling. That's why I think it's time I gave you this."

Averon unzips a bag attached to his side and pulls out two swords, both of which look like the sword that Tabuna uses in the present.

Tabuna's eyes widen in amazement: "Wow."

Averon gets down to one knee as he shows off the swords to Tabuna: "These swords were given to your mother and myself on the day we were married. We were going to give them to you once you were ready, but after your mother's.. Well.. I think she'd be very proud at how much you've come along, and I know she would want you to have hers now."

Averon hands Tabuna her mother's sword, she clutches it tightly: "Thank you, I'll cherish it."

Averon's smile grows: "I know you will and I know you will become a great hero to our people."

Scene 8

Setting: The present in the Power Chamber's infirmary.

Angela points to Tabuna's sword in her sheathe and asks: "That sword, is that your mother's?"

Tabuna nods.

Scene 9

Setting: Back to the past. In young Tabuna's room. Tabuna puts her sword in it's sheathe and places it on her bed.

Averon: "Daddy has some work to do, so I want you to get cleaned up and into bed, okay?"

Tabuna not happy but accepts her father's answer: "Oh okay. Can I see Uncle Everette before I go to bed?"

Averon: "Alright but be quiet, he's visiting your mother right now."

Tabuna smiles and motions for Averon to come lower. He bends over and she gives him a peck on the cheek: "Thank you."

Averon: "Of course, just don't take too long."

Tabuna skips away: "Don't worry, I won't."

Tabuna exits the room, Averon follows and stops at the doorway looking at the sword on the bed that once belonged to his late wife, now his daughter's. He holds a faint smile as he remembers the past: "I wish you could see how Tabuna is maturing Kella. You would be proud."

Averon leaves, closing the door behind him.

Scene 10

Setting: A small room, elsewhere on the KO-35 spaceship. Everette kneels before a small shrine, dedicated to the woman, named Kella. A small black and gold-trimmed pedestal, set on top of it a metal frame holding a picture of a beautiful woman. Everette stays silent and seems to be praying, but his eyes are open and he can see the entrance to the shrine through the reflection cast from the pedestal.

Tabuna enters the room: "Uncle.. oo.."<> Tabuna sees Everette praying and remains silent.

Everette sees Tabuna in the reflection and speaks quietly to himself: "Perfect."

Everette then speaks up to make sure Tabuna can hear him but doesn't speak to her directly: "Oh Kella. I wish you were still with us, you would be able to talk some sense into Averon."

Tabuna speaks to herself: "Huh? Uncle Everette is talking to mom."

Everette: "Averon is a good man, but he is stubborn. You would be able to make him realize that reciting the Keonta Spell in the Galaxy Book is the only way to save us from freezing in space."

Tabuna continues to watch and listen in curiosity.

Everette: "Still as a soldier I can't defy his orders, nor can he from Kimwon to protect the Galaxy Book. If there was only someone with the courage to save us all."

Tabuna remembers her father's words: "I know you will become a great hero to our people."

Tabuna whispers to herself as she thinks she secretly leaving the shrine room: "Don't worry Uncle Everette, I'll save us."

Everette watches Tabuna leave through the reflection and he develops a devilish smile: "Hmhmhmhm. Hook, line, and sinker."

Everette stands back up: "Even as his brother, Averon would courtmarshall me if I defied a direct order, but what can he do about his daughter taking us to the Lost Galaxy. Hahahahahaha."

Everette turns and looks at the picture of Kella: "I must thank you Kella. You've turned out to be more useful to me in death, than you ever did in life. Now I remember why I arranged that little 'accident'."

Everette laughs maniacally as he slams Kella's picture, face down: "Hahahahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahaha..."

Scene 11

Setting: Young Tabuna runs down a hallway to a guarded door.

Tabuna acts concerned and excited: "Guards! Guards!"

The two guards step away from their post. The first guard: "What is it Miss Tabuna."

Tabuna: "It's my father. He wants everyone to report to the bridge immediately, including you two!"

The second guard: "What? Are you sure. Why doesn't Commander Averon just use the D.E.C.A. system."

Tabuna: "The D.E.C.A. is down. Just hurry."

The two guards look at each other for a moment. Still not sure, but they nod and run to the bridge, elsewhere on the ship. Tabuna waits until they've travelled a good distance away, she gets a sneaky smile on her face and presses some button on the panel next to the door. The door opens up, and inside the dark room rests the Galaxy Book on a pedestal.

Tabuna runs to the book and opens it up, flipping through the pages: "Now where's the Keonta Spell, Uncle Everette was talking about?"

Tabuna stops as she finds what she's looking for: "Ah here it is!"

Tabuna takes a deep breath, as she gets nervous.

Scene 12

Setting: The bridge of the ship. The two guards enter as Averon and Everette are already discussing the repairs.

The guards stop and salute Commander Averon: "We're here as you've ordered, sir."

Averon looks confused: "What? I didn't order you to come here? Why have you left the Galaxy Book."

The first guard: "But sir, your daughter told us herself that you wanted to see us."

Averon: "That's strange. I told her no such thing. Everette do you know anything about this, she talked to you last."

Everette: "No. My council with Kella was uninterupted."

Averon: "Hmmm..."

Scene 13

Setting: Tabuna takes another deep breath with Galaxy Book in her hand: "Okay. Here goes nothing."

Tabuna swallows: "Keonta.. Karova.."

The Galaxy Book starts to spark, frightening Tabuna at first, she tries to get her nerves back: "Come on, Tabuna. You can do this."

Tabuna continues the reciting: "Melanite.. Hakova!"

A storm of energy breaks out from the Galaxy Book.

Scene 14

Setting: The bridge. The storm enters the bridge.

Everette: "What's going on?"

Averon: "Oh no. She wouldn't."

Averon looks angry as he stares at Everette: "Everette, did you tell Tabuna to recite the Keonta Spell?"

Everette: "Of course not, I wouldn't dream of having her do such a thing. I discussed it to Kella's spirit, maybe she overheard me and took me seriously."

Averon: "For your sake that had better be the case and for all of our sakes, we better be able to stop her before she recites the entire spell. To the Galaxy Book chamber!"

Averon, Everette, and the guards leave the bridge in haste.

Scene 15

Setting: The room with Tabuna.

Tabuna: "A thousand nightmares will soon come true."

Scene 16

Setting: A hallway in the spaceship as Averon, Everette and the guards rush to Tabuna's location.

Averon: "Hurry! We don't have much time left!"

Scene 17

Setting: The Galaxy Book room.

Tabuna: "Space will twist then rip in two."

The storm grows more violent as Tabuna finds herself having trouble standing.

Averon and Everette enter the room in haste.

Tabuna: "Reality ends, time is tossed. As galaxies found.."

Averon reaches for Tabuna and the book: "Tabuna, don't!"

Tabuna: "..becomes galaxies lost!"

Averon: "NOOOOOOO!!!"

Tabuna's last words echo as the galaxy storm starts damaging the ship and a huge purple and green portal opens up sucking the spaceship into it.

Averon: "No! We're too late!"

The Galaxy Book floats away from Tabuna's hands and floats above her, striking her with energy. She screams in pain as the Galaxy Book charges her with energy.

Averon: "Tabuna!"

Averon quickly rushes and pulls Tabuna away from the Galaxy Book as it leaves the space ship on it's own power. Leaving behind the space ship as the ship is sucked into the portal. The portal closes and the Galaxy Book, lies drifting in space. Where it will remain until some poor travelers come across and are foolish enough to make it into a scientific research experiment.

In the ship, the storm ceases. The guards quickly enter the room. Everette and Averon are both on the ground, with Averon covering Tabuna with his body.

Everette uncovers the back of his head: "Well don't just stand there, help me up!"

The guard quickly helps Everette get back off, he brushes the dust off of his clothes and turns his attention to the other guard, standing over Averon.

The second guard: "Commander Averon, are you okay?"

Averon: "I'm fine. Tabuna. Tabuna speak to me."

Averon gets up from Tabun and she turns around. Averon's eyes widen, the guards are also shocked. Everette is impressed as well: "My word."

Tabuna: "Huh, what is it?"

Averon: "Tabuna, your hair."

Tabuna gets up: "What about my hair?"

Tabuna grabs a her hair and pushes it in front of her and she is also shocked to see that it has changed from a reddish-brown to a silver color: "What happened to me?"

Averon: "I want you to see the doctor immediately. If your okay, then something *will* happen to you, young lady. Just what did you think you were doing, chanting the Keonta Spell like that."

Tabuna: "I'm sorry father. It's just that, I overheard Uncle Everette talking to mother and.. I thought I was doing the right thing by chanting the spell."

Averon grabs Tabuna's wrist: "Well you thought wrong. Come on, we lost the Galaxy Book, but I want to see if it's effects will prove harmful to you."

Averon takes Tabuna with him as Everette and the guards follow him into the hallway. They stop in front of the windows.

Averon is stunned: "Oh no."

Tabuna: "What is it?"

Averon, Everette and Tabuna all look through the window in the hallway and see that outer space has changed.

Averon: "Just as I feared might happen. We're trapped in the Lost Galaxy!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the past. At the bridge of the KO-35 spaceship. Averon, Everette and young Tabuna rush into the bridge.

Averon: "Quickly, give me a status report. Is there anyway to go back the way we came?"

First soldier: "Negative sir. The portal closed as soon as we went through it, and all the instruments have gone haywire. We wouldn't know where to go even if the portal was still open."

Averon: "Great, this is just great. We better find a way out of here before the Devil Man discovers us."

Tabuna: "Daddy. I'm sorry."

Averon: "Not now. I don't want to hear it."

Tabuna starts to get teary eyed: "But daddy.."

Everette takes Tabuna and escorts her away: "I think it's best if you leave your father alone for the moment, dear niece. I'll take you to your room."

Averon: "Everyone! I want you to get busy with the repairs immediately. We have to be ready, the Devil Man may show up at any minute."

The soldiers all at once: "Yes sir!"

Then they all hurry working on the controls and begin the repairs.

Scene 2

Setting: Elsewhere in the Lost Galaxy. On planet with three deformed moons. Deep in it's seas, a stone dragon with a castle on it, starts to rise. A barrier surrounding the castle breaks away as the stone dragon rises to the surface. Inside the dark castle, the water rushes down the steps and clears the areas as the candles light back up.

Captain Mutiny stands up: "Arise ye scurvy seadogs! Another ship has stumbled onto the shores of the Lost Galaxy. And that means more slaves for Captain Mutiny! Har har har!"

The Swabbies run into the room wandering about, some dancing all going off: "Ar! Ar! Ar, ar! Ar!"

Deep voice: "Silence Swabbies!"

Barbarax stomps on the floor and the Swabbies all shut up in fear: "That's better."

Barbarax turns to Captain Mutiny: "Barbarax reportin' for duty Cap'n!"

A female voice: "You're too noisy Barbarax."

A curtain moves away, revealing Hexuba, hold a crystal ball: "You ruined by beautiful morning."

Captain Mutiny: "Har har har! Hexuba's here as well. Now where's the rest of me crew!"

A squeaking sound comes from outside. Mutiny, Hexuba and Bararax look at the entrance as it burst open and in comes Kegler running at a frantic pace.

Kegler: "Oh dear, oh my."

Kegler trips over himself and falls down, he adjusts his glasses as he tries to stand back up, he rushes to Captain Mutiny's side but bumps into Barbarax by accident: "Ooop! Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there."

Barbarax holds his axe over his head: "Grrrr... Why you little pipsqueak, I'll make firewood out of your hide."

A firm almost heroic voice: "Stand down Barbarax."

Barbarax looks up: "Eh?"

Villamax enters the room: "Leave Kegler be, it was obviously an accident and he did apologize."

Barbarax chucks his head and walks away from the nervous Kegler: "Hmph!"

Villamax stands before Captain Mutiny: "Good morning, Captain!"

Villamax takes a bow: "Noble Villamax ready to serve as always."

Captain Mutiny: "Look alive mateys. Another ship has just entered the Lost Galaxy, and I want it."

Kegler: "Another ship? It can't be Treacheron he's not scheduled to return from Scorpius for another five years!"

Captain Mutiny holds his hook at Kegler: "I know that you miserable scaliwag. This ship will have new slaves to mine for jewels in my slave camp."

Barbarax steps and pats his chest: "Just give me the order Cap'n and I'll capture them all for you. My monsters are unbeatable."

Villamax: "I would also like to volunteer my services for this mission."

Hexuba: "Hmph. Men, always eager to get themselves dirty."

Captain Mutiny: "Ar! You can both take care of this, but first let's get back into ship shape! Awaken Titanisaur!"

Outside the stone dragon begins to move as Titanisaur awakens from underneath, breaking away the stone outer layer. Titanisaur's tail strikes the sea creating a pair of waves as the huge beast flies out of the sea and into outer space.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the KO-35 spaceship. At the bridge. Everette walks in as the soldiers and Averon look concerned.

Everette: "Well, I've taken Tabuna back to her room for the time-being."

Everette notices that Averon is quiet: "Eh? What's going on?"

Averon point out front as Titanisaur heads for their spaceship: "We're too late. That has to be the Devil Man's dragon."

Everette quiet: "Perfect. Oops!"

Everette speaks up: "I mean, 'Oh no. This is terrible. We must get out of here'!"

Averon: "No such luck, our engines are down, we're sitting ducks out here."

Titanisaur roars as grabs the ship, to make sure it doesn't fly away, even if it could. Three small rowboats exit the castle. Being rowed by the Swabbies, the first boat holding Villamax and Kegler, the second with Barbarax, and the third being captained by Captain Mutiny.

Captain Mutiny amused: "Well low me down! Har har har! Looks like an impressive catch for the day. Har har har!"

Captain Mutiny points to Barbarax: "Barbarax, open the door, so we can board this fine vessel."

Barbarax salutes Mutiny: "Right away Cap'n!"

Barbarax has the Swabbies row his boat closer to the ship, and then jumps on top of the roof of the ship. He takes his axe and drives into the hull, tearing a hole. Once a small hole is formed, Barbarax takes his boot and stomps to make the hole bigger.

Villamax jumps off his row boat and jumps into the hole, Barbarax has made: "Excellent work as always Barbarax. Swabbies! Follow me!"

The Swabbies follow Villamax into the ship.

Scene 4

Setting: Back inside the bridge.

First soldier steps up from his station: "Commander Averon! They're aboard our ship."

Commander Averon pulls out his sword: "Full alert! I want every man on board to pick up a blaster and stop these pirates! NOW!"

A soldier slams a huge red button and the sirens go off and red lights flash. Soldiers all over the ship run around with blasters in hand.

Averon turns to Everette and tosses him a hand blaster: "Everette, stay with Tabuna."

Everette nods: "Of course, I'll guard her with my life."

Averon nods as he leads the soldiers out of the bridge for combat.

Scene 5

Setting: In one of the hallways on the ship. Several Swabbies run down the hall.

At the end of the hallway, a group of KO-35 soldiers make a stand. With several getting on knee and taking aim. The leader of the pack yells: "Open fire!"

The KO-35 soldiers fire upon the Swabbies, taking several of the down, but more keep coming.

Barbarax runs past the Swabbies: "Out of the way, I'll handle these weaklings!"

The soldiers' laser blasts have no effect on Barbarax as he holds his head forward and releases a massive blast of green energy from where his mouth would be if he had one. The green fire rushes down the hall and burns the soldiers alive.

Barbarax stomps the butt of his axe on the ground: "Ha! Onward Swabbies!"

The Swabbies resume their charge as Barbarax laughs: "AR!"

Scene 6

Setting: Another hallway, Villamax releases an energy blast from his hand to take down a KO-35 soldier, he pulls out his dagger and elongates it to sword as he takes down more soldiers, one by one. He moves past a door but stops when he hears something tip over inside.

Villamax: "Eh? Someone's hiding in there."

Villamax kicks the door in. And a little girl's voice screams: "Keep away!"

Villamax looks forward and sees Tabuna charge with her sword, Villamax takes a strike and knocks the sword from her hand, and grabs her by the shoulder.

Everette's voice: "Don't harm her!"

Villamax stands up and releases a blast as turns around, knocking Everette's blaster from his hand, he quickly grabs Everette and knocks him to the ground: "I wouldn't dream of it. There's no honor in harming children."

Kegler hurries in with a pair of Swabbies: "Villamax! Villamax! Captain Mutiny is fighting the commander of the ship! I think your assistance is needed!"

Villamax nods approvingly: "Very well, Kegler."

Tabuna: "No! Leave my daddy alone."

Villamax turns his head to Tabuna and Everette in curiosity: "Eh? You're the commander's daughter? Kegler, keep and eye on these two while I help our captain."

Kegler not sure about it: "Wha? Oh! Sure, fine. Right away."

Villamax bows his head: "Excellent."

Villamax rushes out of the room, as Kegler and the two Swabbies stand guard.

Tabuna thinks of reaching her sword, but Kegler stops her.

Kegler: "Please don't. I'm not good with confrontation. Oh dear, I hope we don't hurt too many people this time around."

Tabuna stares at Kegler with both curiosity and anger.

Scene 7

Setting: The main cargo bay of the ship. Several KO-35 soldiers are tossed into large boxes by Barbarax, as Captain Mutiny duels with Averon. Villamax rushes into to the room, jumps up in the air and lunges a kick at Averon, taking him down.

Averon tries to get back up but Villamax holds his sword to his throat: "I wouldn't if I were you. Think of your daughter before you do something foolish."

Averon stops: "Grrr.. We.. surrender."

Villamax: "Good man."

Captain Mutiny: "Har har har! Good job Villamax. You'll get shore leave for this. Ha ha ha."

Villamax and Barbarax laugh maniacally as well.

Scene 8

Setting: A little while later. Titanisaur is back at sea with Castle Mutiny resting on top. Inside the main chamber. Captain Mutiny stands at his high spot. With Villamax and Kegler at his side. Hexuba on the other. Barbarax and the Swabbies keep Averon and Everette tied and on their knees.

Tabuna's narration: "So we were now prisoners of Captain Mutiny. I was kept in a private cell while my father and Uncle Everette were brought before Captain Mutiny himself."

Captain Mutiny: "Another glorious victory for Captain Mutiny. As a fellow captain, do you have any last words before ye walk the plank."

Everette: "Won't we be working in the slave camp with all the others?"

Captain Mutiny: "Of course not. This old seadog has learned a lot of things over the years. I've learned it's best to get rid of the leaders all together."

Captain Mutiny adjusts his hook: "Ironic as it is, thar's one thing I can't stand and that's a mutiny against me."

Averon: "My men will never work for you willingly, Devil Man!"

Captain Mutiny amused: "Devil Man?! Is that what you landluvers are callin' the ole' Cap'n this century. Har! Har! Har! It's always a new myth every century. But remember this and remember it well, the name's Captain Mutiny."

Captain Mutiny pulls out his sword: "Not that ye'll have to worry about rememberin' for long."

Everette: "Wait! Perhaps we can cut a deal!"

Barbarax: "Silence dog! The Cap'n doesn't make deals with the likes of you."

Everette: "How about giving us a sporting chance here."

Averon turns his head to Everette: "Everette, what are you doing?"

Everette speaks to Averon: "Saving our necks!"

Everette speaks up to Mutiny: "Captain Mutiny. If you would be so kind to grant me a private audience for just a minute, I promise, I could make it worth your while."

Captain Mutiny: "Ha! Forget it, your about to be keelhauled!"

Everette gives devilish smirk: "Please, I am completely at your mercy. What harm could it do to listen for just a moment. You don't even know who it was that recited the Keonta Spell that brought us here."

Hexuba: "He's right Captain. Whoever reads the Keonta Spell is granted incredible powers."

Villamax: "If I may be so bold, it would be advantageous to us if we were able to identify the one that was empowered by the Keonta Spell. Your centennial trade with Scorpius, while providing you with more slaves has also left your armies diminished over the years. It would be wise to build it back up."

Captain Mutiny: "Alright, you've made your point."

Captain Mutiny turns to Everette: "You have two minutes to make your offer, but if I'm not interested. You'll be spending the rest of eternity in Davey Jones' locker!"

Averon: "Everette, what are you trying to pull here?"

Everette: "I'm trying to pull us out of this mess. Fear not, dear brother, I'll take care of this... 'Trust me.'"

Averon is still not sure what Everette's plan is as Barbarax picks him up and takes him away.

Barbarax: "Come on, you. The Cap'n wants this to be a private conversation."

Everyone leaves the room. Leaving behind only Captain Mutiny and Everette.

Captain Mutiny: "Alright we're alone now. But if you think you can talk me into letting your people go, then forget it. They're my slaves now."

Everette stands up: "Puhleaze. I couldn't care less about 'my people'."

Captain Mutiny is both amused and caught off guard by Everette's comments: "Eh? Now you have my attention lad. Explain yourself."

Everette: "Gladly. I am the reason why our ship entered your Lost Galaxy."

Captain Mutiny: "So you recited the Keonta Spell."

Everette: "Not quite. It was actually my niece, Commander Averon's daughter that chanted the spell. But only after careful planning on my part."

Everette begans to pace: "I wish to align myself with you. I think a partnership could be beneficial for the both of us."

Captain Mutiny: "How do ye figure that?"

Everette smirks: "Not one to toot my own horn, but I am a brilliant genius. I've been experimenting with mechanization. The process of turning flesh and blood into machines. My progress has been slow at the moment due to 'troubles' at home. But this experimental technology, I have been developing could be of great use to you in the future."

Captain Mutiny: "And what is that you want from me?"

Everette: "Two things actually. One, you are a very powerful man. You could provide me with a very comfortable position of power in your organization. Also, are you familiar with the Galactabeasts?"

Captain Mutiny: "The Galactabeasts? I remember those cursed seaslugs. They originated from a miserable little mudball called Planet Ginga. They've kept me from conquering that planet centuries ago. Though most of them have set sail for other seas years ago."

Everette: "Only five of them. In the Galaxy Book, I noticed there were eight of them total."

Captain Mutiny: "Yes. There's three of them resting dormant in an asteroid belt not far from here. I've never bothed with them, they posed no threat or interest to me as long as they be sleepin'."

Everette: "They would make excellent subjects to experiment my mechanization science with. Right there I could use them to make you three powerful super weapons."

Captain Mutiny strokes his beard: "Hmmm. Interesting proposition. What of the young lass."

Everette: "She could also prove to be useful to you. She's read the Galaxy Book, so her potential is limitless. However there are only two people she'll trust enough to convince her to work for you. Her father and myself."

Captain Mutiny: "Of course her father wouldn't stand for such an action."

Everette: "Leave that to me. I have a plan, to take care of him and convince Tabuna to pledge loyalty to you as well."

Captain Mutiny grins as he walks towards Everette: "Har har har. Tell me."

Everette's evil smile grows: "Of course. Hahahahahaha!"

Everette begins to tell Captain Mutiny his plan as the camera fades to black.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: In a private room. Everette is talking with Averon as he helps Everette put on his battle clothes.

Averon: "I'm stll not sure about this Everette. I'm impressed that you've managed to convince Captain Mutiny to give us a chance at freedom, but we can't trust him."

Everette: "I've given us a chance. Now remember if you win, Captain Mutiny will set us all free and we'll be able to leave the Lost Galaxy with a fully repaired ship. But if you lose, Tabuna must serve as a soldier in Mutiny's army while the rest of the crew work in the slave camp. It's not great, but at least now there's hope."

Averon: "You've done well. What's this?"

Everette places a bracelet on Averon's wrist: "Please forgive me for doing so, but I'm cheating a little bit."

Averon: "What?"

Everette: "This bracelet will increase your strength and give you more of a chance in one on one combat with Captain Mutiny. It's cheating but we're fighting for our freedom here."

Averon: "I don't know. Mutiny is evil, but this still isn't honorable."

Everette looks Averon in the eyes: "Averon, your honor will be your downfall. We must take any advantage we can get."

Averon is relunctant but tightens the bracelet: "*sigh* Very well. Then let's do this."

Everette: "Yes. Let's."

Barbarax enters the room: "Alright you two. You've had more than enough time to prepare. It's time for you to fight!"

Averon: "I'm ready."

Barbarax grabs Averon and Everette and takes them back to the main chamber of Castle Mutiny.

Scene 2

Setting: The main chamber of Castle Mutiny. Captain Mutiny stands in the middle of the room, awaiting for the fight. Hexuba stands off to the side with the Swabbies and various monsters like Nightmare, Icy Angel, Maronda, Chameliac and Teska. The Swabbies surround the entire area. Villamax and Kegler stand at Captain Mutiny's high spot. Villamax keeping his hands on young Tabuna's shoulders.

Barbarax enters the chamber with Averon and Everette: "He's ready for battle, Cap'n!"

Captain Mutiny: "Aye Barbarax. Well Averon, are you ready to face Captain Mutiny one on one. Har har har."

Averon pulls out his sword and holds it tightly: "Always."

Captain Mutiny: "Har har har! Then let's stop foolin' around. The sharks will be feasting on your carcass before the sun is down. Har har har!"

Averon and Captain Mutiny charge each other. The Swabbies and monsters cheer on.

Tabuna yells: "Take him out daddy!"

Villamax holds Tabuna in place: "Now, now child. Behave yourself."

Averon and Captain Mutiny clash swords and the battle begins. Averon strikes Mutiny in the chest. Mutiny retaliates with boot to the leg. Averon backflips away and charges again. Mutiny swings with his hook, and slashes Averon's face but he falls down to avoid a deeper blow.

Tabuna yells: "Daddy!"

Kegler: "Oh my."

Averon spins into a thrust kick and knocks Mutiny back. He runs up Mutiny's chest and comes down with his sword. Sparks fly from Mutiny's chest.

Villamax: "Impressive. You should be very proud of your father Tabuna."

Barbarax tries to interefer but Villamax fires at him.

Barbarax: "What do you think your doing you pansywaist?"

Villamax: "Don't dishonor the Captain. This will be a fair fight."

Captain Mutiny recovers from Averon's latest attack: "Not bad lad. But you don't have the sea legs that I have."

Captain Mutiny stomps the ground and the entire ship rows, causing Averon to lose his balance temporarily. Mutiny tries to take advantage but Averon regains his balance just in time to block Mutiny's latest blow with his own sword. He pushes Mutiny back and takes several strikes to his chest.

Averon: "I'll never lose to the likes of you!"

Everette: "Averon is doing well, but it's time to fix this fight. Heh heh heh."

Everette slips out a remote device and presses a button. Suddenly the bracelet on Averon's wrist blinks and pain surges through his body.

Averon grabs his wrist in pain: "What? The bracelet, something's wrong!"

Young Tabuna very concerned: "What's wrong with him."

Villamax: "Hmm.. This is odd."

Kegler notices Everette at the other side of the room with the device in his hand and strokes his chin: "Hmmmm..."

Averon tries to land another blow on Captain Mutiny but the pain from the bracelet is too great and he drops his sword, Averon turns around to face Everette: "Everette! What's wro..?"

Averon sees the remote device in Everette's hands and the evil smile on his face. Averon looks both angry and heartbroken: "Everette! How could you?"

Tabuna: "Daddy watch out!"

Averon turns around just in time to see Captain Mutiny strike down Averon with his sword right down the chest! Averon gives a scream in pain as blood flies. Tabuna breaks free of Villamax's grip and runs to her dying father.

Tabuna falls to her knees at Averon's side: "Daddy, please. You have to get back up!"

Barbarax reaches for Tabuna but Captain Mutiny steps before: "Stand down Barbarax. Let them have their last moment. Hahaha."

Barbarax nods approvingly.

Everyone watches with curiosity as Tabuna holds her father's hand.

Tabuna: "Daddy, please."

Averon with very little left in him: "Tabuna, I'm sorry. There's not.. *urg* much time for me left."

Tabuna's eyes flood with tears: "No! You can't leave me too like mom did."

Averon breathes hard: "I'm sorry sweetheart, please forgive me. I won't be able to stay with you any longer. But I.. I want you to know that I've always loved you and I always will."

Tabuna holds her father's hand tightly: "I love you too, I'm sorry for chanting that spell, this is all my fault."

Averon: "No. I've always been so proud of you. I wish I could.. *gag* see you grow up, I know you'll become a beautiful and strong woman. You will do that won't you?"

Tabuna nods.

Averon: "But.. but.. you mustn't trust..

Tabuna: "I mustn't trust who?"

Averon: "You.. you.. mustn't trust.. mustn't trust.. Ever..*"

Averon doesn't finish his sentence as his eyes glaze over and his head slowly falls to the ground. His eyes close and all signs of life leave his body.

Tabuna shakes her head: "No.. NO! DADDY! Don't leave me! Please!"

Tabuna falls on Averon's bloodstained chest as she cries away.

Barbarax turns to Captain Mutiny: "Shall I destroy her too, Cap'n?"

Captain Mutiny: "Rest your axe, Barbarax. Just watch and learn."

Everette gets on one knee and places his hand on Tabuna's back: "Tabuna, my child. You must be strong. I believe what your father was trying to say, is that mustn't trust everyone. You must trust me."

Tabuna looks up to Everette.

Everette: "You do trust me, don't you?"

Tabuna wipes the tears from her face: "Always, Uncle Everette."

Everette grins: "Good. I am as saddened by your father's lost as you are, afterall he is my brother. But now we must keep his word. You must pledge loyalty to Captain Mutiny."

Tabuna gets up in anger: "No! He just destroyed my father!"

Everette grabs Tabuna's shoulders: "I know, but your father gave his word that if Captain Mutiny won this fight, that you would join him. It was the only thing that your father could do to try and regain all of our freedom."

Tabuna: "But.."

Everette: "Please, Tabuna. We must live up to Averon's word. Otherwise we'll dishonor his memory. You don't want to dishonor your father, my brother do you?"

Tabuna tries to hold back the anger and tears: "No."

Everette picks up Averon's sword and hands it to young Tabuna: "Then you know what you must do. I know this will be hard, but for the sake of Averon's memory, you must do this."

Tabuna holds Averon's sword tightly: "I know your right, Uncle Everette. I don't want to do this, but I must."

Everette: "Yes you must."

Tabuna takes a deep breath and turns around to face Captain Mutiny and the others. She slowly walks over to Captain Mutiny with her father's sword. Everette smiles evily behind her back, chuckling to himself.

Tabuna stops before Mutiny looks up at him hatred, but she gets on one knee and bows: "I, Tabuna. Daughter of Averon, pledge my loyalty to you, Captain Mutiny."

Tabuna presents Mutiny with her father's sword. Mutiny laughs to himself as he takes the sword from the child's hand: "Hahahaha. You've made the right choice, lass. Welcome aboard! Har har har!"

Captain Mutiny admires Averon's sword for a moment: "I will keep this weapon as a symbol for when I personally enter battle."

Captain Mutiny hands the sword to a Swabbie then turns his attention to Villamax: "Villamax! You scurvy dog! I want you to take this lil' sea urchin and make a real pirate out of her! Or ye'll be walking the plank!"

Villamax rushes to Captain Mutiny's side: "Threats will not be necessary Captain."

Villamax bows: "It will be an honor."

Captain Mutiny: "Take her away for now. I wish to speak with her uncle."

Villamax: "Of course."

Villamax takes Tabuna by the shoulder: "Come with me child. We'll be spending a lot of time with each other from now on."

Tabuna pulls away from Villamax's touch but still goes with him and Kegler out of the chamber.

Everette waits until they leave then raises an eyebrow to Captain Mutiny: "It worked like a charm."

Captain Mutiny walks over to Everette: "You've sold out your people. You've betrayed your own brother to his grave. And you've manipulated your only niece. You Everette are the sorriest barnicle, I've ever had the pleasure to lay me one good eye upon! Har har har!"

Everette bows: "Why thank you. Hahahahahahahaha!"

The villains laugh as the sun sets.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the present, in the Power Chamber infirmary. The Psycho Rangers are all stunned by what they've just heard.

Marcus: "Man."

Simon: "I always knew that Deviot was scum, but I never thought that even he could sink so low."

Aundria: "How did you find out about this."

Tabuna: "Kegler and later Treacheron filled me in on the rest of the story later on."

Ecliptor: "That's a sad tale, true. But you still haven't gotten to the part where Acornius comes in."

Simon: "Yeah. We have to know more about Acornius, because he's still out there."

Tabuna looks down: "I know."

Scene 4

Setting: Elsewhere deep inside a dark forest.

Acornius's voice: "I can feel your suffering Tabuna. It's as sweet as nectar."

The bushes rattle in the darkness: "And it's not over yet. Soon my vengeance will be complete."

Acornius' eyes glow brightly red in the shadows: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

To Be Continued...

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Acornius takes down the Pscyho Rangers: "Fools! When will you learn you can't stop me!"

Clip 2
Captain Mutiny looks up to a green planet: "Soon, Planet Ginga will be mine."

Clip 3
Titanisaur and Grunchor destroy everything in sight in a country land.

Clip 4
A teenaged Tabuna trains with Villamax.

Villamax: "Come on Tabuna! You've got a ways to go!"

Clip 5
Acornius holds his claws to Tabuna's face: "It's time to finish this, once and for all!"

Clip 6
Treacheron steps out of a portal.

Kegler's voice: "Treacheron has returned!"

Clip 7
A man dressed in black and red rushes to an old man in white with a long white beard: "Oogon! The Galaxy Pirates."

Clip 8
Man's voice: "The Galaxy Pirates are here!"

From left to right, Hexuba, Treacheron, full-grown Tabuna, Captain Mutiny, Villamax, and Barbarax stand at the edge of a forest as an explosion erupts behind them.

End Credits


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Young Tabuna

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Second Soldier


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Captain Mutiny

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