Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 31
"Family Ties"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The woods. Tabuna slowly wonders by herself in deep thought. In her hands she holds small wooden locket with gold-trimmed carvings etched in. The carvings are a pair of wave lines with two dots between the lines. The round edge of the locket is colored black.

Tabuna stares at the wooden locket and speaks with a soft voice: "Uncle Everette."

Tabuna's memories go back to her childhood.

[Tabuna's flashback] Tabuna is a four-year old girl dressed in a purple blouse and short brown shorts and sandals. She is crying and on the dirty ground holding her knee with a big bruise. A younger Everette walks up to her smiles and starts to bandage her knee.

[Tabuna's flashback] Everette: "Don't cry child. I'll take care of it, but the next time you want an apple, ask me and I'll climb the tree for you. Okay?"

[Tabuna's flashback] Young Tabuna looks up at Everette and smiles past her tears: "Thank you."

Tabuna looks up at the tree above her and sees that the tree before her is an apple tree: "Hmmm... Maybe a snack would do me some good."

Tabuna prepares to climb the tree and retrieve an apple but..


A laser shot strikes an apple and it falls in Tabuna's hand. She's surprised.

Deviot's voice: "If you wanted an apple.."

Tabuna slowly turns around and sees Deviot standing before her: "Uncle Everette."

Tabuna quickly stashes the locket in the pouch next to her sword's sheathe.

Deviot notices the apple: "Well aren't you going to eat? You are still a growing girl aren't you."

Tabuna: "Not. I'm a woman now. I have been for a while."

Deviot casually walks to Tabuna and puts his hands on her shoulders: "Ah. You'll always be my brother's little girl in my eyes."

Tabuna pulls away from Deviot: "Knowing what you did to my father, that sentiment means nothing."

Deviot: "What I did was necessary. We both would have been destroyed in the Lost Galaxy years ago, if I didn't make the proper sacrifices. I'm sure your father knows this in the afterlife."

Tabuna turns away holds her arms looks down in sorrow: "I honestly wish that were true."

Deviot: "Regardless of what your feeling right now, we're family and as such, I have an offer to make to you. Despite what we've both done to each other."

Tabuna turns back around and looks to Deviot with curiosity: "An offer?"

Deviot crosses his left arm and puts his other hand to his chin: "Yes. You see I will be leaving Deacon Blue at sunset and I want you to come with me."

Tabuna: "You're leaving? Why?"

Deviot: "An opportunity has opened up elsewhere. You're familiar with Scorpius?"

Tabuna crosses her arms and pouts slightly with a hint of disgust: "I know him and that little brat daughter of his."

Deviot tips his head like he's raising an eyebrow beneath his mask: "Ah. So you do know Scorpius and Trakeena. Well then you'll be interested to find out that they've recently had a 'family squabble'. Trakeena has run away, leaving Scorpius all alone and vulnerable. A perfect opportunity to weasel in and take over his operation for ourselves."

Tabuna: "And what makes you think I would be interested."

Deviot: "Because in the end we ARE family. Not only that but we are the last of our people, the last two survivors of our family. If I lose you, then I have no one. And if you lose me, the YOU have no one."

Tabuna tries not to look Deviot in face: "So I should abandon everything I have here on Deacon Blue for you, just because of the blood in our veins. I don't know if I can do that, no matter how badly I wish for my Uncle Everette to return to me."

Deviot: "I'm sure it's a difficult decision to make, you have till sunset to make your choice."

Tabuna: "So at sunset, if I decide to join you in taking over Scorpius' rule, that would be that. We would be family again."

Deviot pauses: "Ahh. Not quite. You see, I'm well aware that since your stay on Deacon Blue, you've taken a liking to fighting for the cause of good, whereas I have chosen evil over the years. If you come with me, there would always be a lingering doubt in my mind that you're just a spy for the Power Rangers and would bring about my fall once Scorpius was destroyed."

Tabuna pleads: "But I wouldn't do that."

Deviot: "I can't be sure... But! There is a way you can prove your sincerity to me."

Tabuna raises an eyebrow: "Like what?"

Deviot: "If you join me, you must prove that you are willing to embrace the darkness once again along with me. To do that you must destroy the man most responsible for your change of ways."

Deviot begins to walk away: "To prove your loyalty to me, you must destroy.."

Deviot turns his head back to Tabuna: "..the Red Ranger!"

Tabuna pauses as a fury of emotions rushes to her: "Me destroy Victor?"

Deviot: "You don't have to do it, if you don't want to. We just won't be a family anymore. You have a hard choice to make this day, my dear niece. Although I have faith that you will make the right decision. Hahahahahahahaha..."

Deviot laughs like a madman as he teleports away.

Tabuna reaches for Deviot: "Uncle Everette wait!"

But is too late, Deviot has already left. Leaving behind Tabuna to think to herself: "I can't do this."

Tabuna looks to the ground with pain in her face: "Either I lose the only family I have left, or I lose the man I love."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Out in the desert. It is now mid day and the land is steaming hot from the scorching sun. On top of a cliff stands Darkonda, Falconine, Furio and Cybera. Below them from the cliff is a group of Skullinites waiting for battle.

Furio walks to Darkonda: "Where is Deviot? I haven't seen him all day."

Darkonda: "Deviot has given up on the Psycho Rangers and has left us."

Furio: "Hmph. Good riddance then. He was nothing but an incompetant."

Falconine turns her head towards Darkonda and Furio: "I don't recall you accomplishing anything since you've joined us, Furio."

Furio begins to say something to respond but thinks better of himself and stands down.

Darkonda chuckles just slightly for Furio backing down from Falconine then turns his attention to Falconine herself: "As cute as that was, is there any reason why you've dragged us out here in the middle of nowhere right under this unforgiving sun?"

Falconine: "You are about to witness a demonstration."

Darkonda: "A demonstration of what?"

Falconine snaps her fingers: "Cardinull!"

Suddenly below them, away from the cliff a red monster teleports before the Skullinites. It is a monster based on a red cardinal bird, complete with a spiked slope on the back of it's head and a black face. The monster is muscular but very lean, not stocky at all. His wings are bent upward, then straight down in an unnatural fashion, making them resemble something regal or even holy. Cardinull has gold disk embedded on his chest looking like it's been cut in for pieces. Each piece has a gem on it. Starting at the top and going clockwise, the gems are red, yellow, blue and purple. With a large green gem in the center. On his arms are leather gauntlets, each with smaller version of his disk placed on the back of his hands. His legs have black sharp talons for feet.

Cardinull turns to Falconine and bows: "I am here my queen."

Falconine: "Show Darkonda your powers, and destroy the Skullinites."

Cardinull nods his head and turns his attention to the Skullinites: "As you command."

Cardinull motions for the Skullinites to face him with his fingers: "Come to me. Come to me and face your destruction!"

The Skullinites get angry and they charge towards Cardinull. A Skullinite throws a punch, but Cardinull blocks it with his forearm, held 90 degrees. He uses his sharp claws and strikes the Skullinite down in it's chest. Cardinull ducks under another Skullinite's kick, and kicks it in the kneecap then strikes down to more Skullinites with his claws. He takes down a fifth Skullinite as it runs past him, he drives his elbow into it's back and the first squad of Skullinites are down.

Furio: "Not bad, but I'm not impressed. Defeating the Skullinites is not a difficult task. Quadroplegic 2-year olds in rusty wheelchairs could defeat the Skullinites."

Falconine gives a devilish smile: "The demonstration isn't finished yet."

Another pack of Skullinites appear before Cardinull, however this new group have various weapons in hand.

Falconine: "Use the flamethrower!"

A Skullinite wearing a flamethrower and backpack runs ahead and shoots a large stream of fire heading towards Cardinull.

Cardinull is not worried: "Hmph. Fire is nothing. NULLIFY!"

Cardinull holds up his left arm and the fire stops one inch away from his hand. Between his hand and the fire is a cold icy mist.

Cardinull: "I can take the heat but can you take the cold?"

Cardinull's gems on his chest blink in a clockwise direction then the green gem glows and releases an icy blast, that consumes the fire and strikes the Skullinite, freezing it in ice. The frozes Skullinite shatters to pieces as another Skullinite holding a large blue rifle takes place.

Falconine: "Fire!"

The Skullinite fires a blast blue freezing energy from it's rifle.

Cardinull holds up his left arm again: "Ice, eh? NULLIFY!"

Once again the blast stops a mere inch away from Cardinull's hand, this time between the cold energy and his hand, is small flame, neutralizing the icy powers.

Cardinull: "Now it is your turn."

Cardinull's gems on his chest blink in a clockwise direction once again as the green gem glows and releases a stream of fire, it consumes the ice blast and strikes the Skullinite hard. Leaving behind only a pile of ashes.

Darkonda: "Now I'm getting impressed. Is fire and ice all he has control over?"

Falconine: "Cardinull can neutralize any form of energy. Behold, Skullinites fire all of your weapons!"

The remaining four Skullinites all fire their energy blasters at Cardinull.

Cardinull holds up both of his hands: "It matters not what you throw at me. I can stop everything. NULLIFY!"

None of the energy blasts and lasers even come close to Cardinull as the all vanish before him.

Cardinull backs his head in laughter: "Hahahahaha! And not only can I take anything you can dish out. I always give back with three fold!"

Cardinull's chest gems blink clockwise over and over again in a crazed frenzy as the green gem in the center glows violently and releasing a large wave of energy that completely consumes the Skullinites. The villains on the cliff all cover their eyes from the blinding light. When the uncover their eyes, Darkonda and Furio gasp in amazement, Falconine smiles proudly, and Cybera of course is as lifeless as ever.

Cardinull stands in front a large mass of black nothing. As all of the Skullinites and their remains have been vaporized.

Falconine: "Excellent Cardinull. You will do well."

Cardinull turns around and bows to Falconine: "Thank you my queen."

Darkonda: "Yes. He may just have what it takes to destroy the Rangers."

Falconine: "Cardinull, now go destroy New Bethany and with it, the Power Rangers Psycho!"

Cardinull bows his head as he teleports away: "As always, your wish is my command, my queen."

Darkonda and the other villains laugh as evil laughs with the exception of Cybera as the look at the destruction Cardinull has left behind.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the Psycho Ranger's home at the Power Chamber's mountain. More specifically the gym. Victor almost in a deep trance relentlessly works on the punching bag, covered in his own sweat. Simon walks in and is amazed at Victor's machine like assault on the bag.

Simon: "Um.. Vic? Victor?"

Victor lets go one final blow to the punching back and turns his attention to Simon. The mean stare he has unnerves Simon.

Simon: "Whoah. I see your more Psycho Red than Aldian at the moment. I'll come back later.

Victor begins to remove his boxing gloves: "Wait, you came here to bother me for a reason, so what's up?"

Simon: "Well.. See.. It's.. About.."

Victor loses his patience: "Spit it out!"

Simon pauses.

Victor removes the other boxing glove and tosses them to the ground as he regains his composure: "*sigh* Look, I'm sorry about that. I'm just a little tense right now."

Simon: "You've been like this ever since we fought those Galactabeasts two days ago. What happened?"

Victor sits on the bench and squirts some cold water on his face from a water bottle: "What else? Trouble in paradise."

Simon walks up to Victor: "You mean something's wrong between you and Tabuna?"

Victor: "Yeah. After that last run-in with Deviot, she's become distant with me. I don't know what happened, but she won't tell me a thing, that is even when I can find her. I don't think it's a spell or anything, but something has unnerved her."

Simon: "Oh. And here I am, looking to you for help with my own girl problems when it turns you have some of your own. Sorry to bother you."

Victor gets up and puts his hand on Simon's shoulder: "Don't worry about it. I'll work something out. So tell me what's up. Maybe I'll have better luck with you than with myself."

Simon takes a deep breath and turns around to face Victor: "Okay. You know how I feel about Angela right."

Victor gets coy: "Everyone knows how you feel about Angela, except for Angela herself."

Simon: "Yeah I know. I.. I just can't bring myself to confess to her. No matter how much it seems like she likes me back, I just can't get away from this self-doubt that she would back away from me if she knew how I felt."

Victor: "Simon. Not counting Luc, Angela's the best of the Psychos. Granted you're no Rico Suave' but you're a nice guy. Nicer than I can be, and definitely nicer than Marcus. And Angela's the type of girl that goes for the nice guys. You know that."

Simon: "Deep down, I do know that. It's just.. I just wish there was a way to be a hundred percent certain, you know? That's why I wanted to talk to you specifically."

Victor: "Oh?"

Simon: "Yeah. You're the only one of us that has his Eltarian memories."

Victor steps down: "I see where this is going, and I don't like it."

Simon: "I need to know. Before we became Psycho Rangers, before Darkonda erased our original memories and turned us into monsters. Were Angela and me an item."

Victor turns away: "Well.. even before we became Psycho Rangers, there seemed to be some chemistry between you two."

Simon gets a smile of relief: "There was? So we were an item."

Victor slowly sits back down on the bench: "Not exactly. Angela was.. married."

Simon's smile turns to a frown of fear. A fear of being heartbroken: "Angela was married? To who?"

Victor can't look Simon in the face: "On Eltar, Angela was married.. to me."

Simon tries to keep his composure: "Wh.. What? Please tell me your joking."

Victor: "I wish I was."

Simon turns away and throws his hands up in the air in frustration: "I.. I don't believe this! You and Angela were married! Married!"

Victor gets up: "Look Simon. It doesn't matter. That was in a different life. None of us were the same then. We were all different people."

Victor puts his hand on Simon's should but Simon pushes Victor away in anger: "Except for you! You were restored! Which means you still have feelings for her, don't you!"

Victor gets up from the ground: "Simon, no. It's not like that."

Simon: "How could you keep this from me for so long?! Knowing how I felt about Angela. I thought you were my friend!"

Simon runs out, Victor chases after him: "Simon wait!"

Victor stops and pounds the wall next to the door in the hallway: "Damn."

Victor looks down and notices a folded card on the floor next to the door, saying "To Victor".

Victor bends down and picks up the card and opens it up: "A card for me? From Tabuna?"

Victor reads the note and it says: "Victor, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting lately. I want to make it up to you. Come meet me at our usual spot in the forest, but come alone. The surprise I have for you isn't for you alone. Love, Tabby." The end of the note is concluded with a smiley face and lipstick impression of Tabuna's lips.

Victor smiles: "Figures. My love life seems to be back on track, just when I derail a friend's."

Victor looks in the direction Simon ran to: "I'll give him some time to cool off."

Victor then looks at the note with a fun smile: "After I heat up."

Victor runs but stops as he takes a sniff of himself. After getting sweaty from working out in the gym: "Um.. I'll heat up AFTER I take a shower."

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany Park. In the shade of a tree on blanket sits Lucas, Aundria, Angela, Marcus and Paige. With Paige playing on an acoustic guitar. Paige just wraps up the song and the others give her a little applause, except for Marcus who has an expression of boredom upon him.

Angela pats Paige on the knee: "Great song Paige. I never knew you had such a beautiful voice."

Lucas: "Yes. It was a soothing tone."

Paige smiles: "Thanks guys. So Marcus, what did you think?"

Marcus: "It was.. um.. It was nice."

Paige's mood falls down: "Oh. You didn't like it."

Marcus: "Hey it's just not my thang okay? I'm more into music with a heavy bassline."

Aundria: "Don't listen to him, Paige. You're great, it's not your fault Marcus' taste in music is classless."

Marcus gets defensive: "Hey! At least I wasn't rude about it for once. I can't help it if I'm not into this feminist soft music crap. Not all of us, guys can be spineless, women wannabes like kung fu boy over there!"

Aundria: "Well I think it's great that my man is in touch with his feminine side."

Marcus: "Heh. I don't want to be in touch with my feminine side, I want to be in touch with a woman's feminine side. Hehehaha."

Aundria gets up and begins to roll up her sleeve: "Why you little pig! I'm gonna.."

Lucas quickly gets up and holds Aundria back: "Whoah! Hold it right there. We're here to relax no need for violence, especially on my account."

Cardinull's voice: "Oh, but there IS a need for violence, Rangers!"

The Rangers and Paige all turn and see Cardinull standing before them. A woman sees Cardinull and screams: "Aaahhh! It's a monster! Run!"

The various civilians in the park begin to run away as Cardinull makes his way to the Psychos.

Lucas let's Aundria's arms go and gets into a fighting stance: "So much for relaxing."

Marcus turns to Paige: "You hotcakes. You better make like a banana and split. You might get dirt in your undies or something."

Paige: "But I want to help."

Angela speaks calmly to Paige: "Paige, no offense but this is really no place for you. You'll just get in our way."

Marcus: "In other words, babe. Leave the butt kicking to the professionals! I'll tell you how I saved the day once again, later tonight."

Marcus smirks: "And you can 'thank me' for my heroic efforts. Heh heh heh."

Paige not too happy about it: "Okay. I'll go, but you better pull your mind out of your pants when you take this guy on, Marcus. Otherwise you won't be around for me to thank you."

Paige leaves behind her guitar as she runs with the other scared civilians.

Cardinull getting impatient with the Psychos: "Well, are you going to make your move or not Rangers? I'm letting you have the first blow."

Aundria: "Look birdboy! We're not in the mood to be dealing with the likes of you, so why don't you get going while you still can."

Marcus: "Yeah! In case you haven't heard, the win-loss record is in our favor! You monsters ain't got what it takes to finish of the Psycho Rangers."

Cardinull crosses his arms: "Perhaps most monsters don't. But I'm not most monsters."

Lucas: "Let's not waste time with this fiend. It's best if we take him out fast."

Angela looks around: "No one's watching so... Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Silver morphing sequence]

Cardinull gets excited: "Excellent. Bring it on Rangers!"

Psycho Yellow: "You heard the clucker guys. Let's bring it on!"

Psycho Yellow, Psycho Blue and Psycho Pink charge up their energy balls and release them at Cardinull.

Cardinull: "Energy balls? How droll. NULLIFY!"

The three energy balls vanish right before Cardinull.

Psycho Yellow: "Huh? What happened to my balls?"

Psycho Blue tries to get funny with Psycho Silver: "Hey Lucas, I didn't know your girlfriend had ba.."

Psycho Yellow bonks Blue in the head: "Not another word!"

Psycho Silver shakes his head: "*sigh* Here let me take a shot at him."

Psycho Silver forward flips over the others and summons his Psycho Silverizer, he takes aim and fires: "Psycho Silverizer fire!"

Cardinull merely holds up his hands and the Silverizer shots vanish just inches before them: "Hahahaha! You'll have to do better than that."

Psycho Pink: "He does have some kind of field. Perhaps we should use an attack not so straightforward?"

Psycho Yellow: "I think you're right. Then let's do it!"

The Psychos all unleashes a fury of green lightning bolts from their hands. Explosions erupt on either side of Cardinull but none of the bolts actually strikes Cardinull himself.

The Psychos Rangers stop and are dishearted to see Cardinull is unharmed.

Psycho Blue: "No way! He didn't even budge!"

Psycho Silver: "What exactly are we dealing with here?"

Cardinull puts his hand to his beak to chuckle: "You've had your fun. Now it's my turn!"

The gems on Cardinull's chest once again blink in a clockwise direction until the center gem glows. Cardinull then throws up his hands and unleashes a storm of red lightning upon the Psychos, striking them all down.

The Psycho Rangers try to get back to their feet. Psycho Pink: "Ow. He threw it right back at us."

Psycho Silver: "Not quite. Our attack was green, while his was red."

Psycho Blue: "So his lightning was the opposite color of ours. He still just made us look like chumps just a moment ago."

Psycho Yellow: "Energy attacks don't seem to phase this guy. So let's get physical on him!"

Psycho Blue hops: "Hehehahahaha! Now you're talking chicky!"

Cardinull gets in a karate stance: "Please do. You'll soon find out that I'm more than a match for you no matter how you fight me."

Psycho Silver: "There's only one way to find that out for sure and that's to try!"

The Psycho Rangers all charge towards Cardinull. Psycho Yellow runs in with a spinning kick, but Cardinull ducks under it and strikes her in the back. Psycho Pink throws a punch, but Cardinull catches it and strikes her multiple times in the chest. Psycho Blue runs in with a clothesline, but Cardinull counters it with one of his own, slamming Blue to the ground. Psycho Silver jumps into the air spiraling down with multiple kicks, almost stomping on Cardinull's chest in mid-air. Cardinull is forced back and Psycho Blue jumps down behind him to topple him over, schoolboy style. Psycho Blue jumps up and lands on Cardinull with an elbowdrop to the chest.

Psycho Blue: "Yeah heah! This guy ain't as tough as he thinks he is."

Cardinull jumps to his feet, holding his chest: "The same can be said of you."

Psycho Pink summons her Psycho Bow: "He doesn't have a forcefield after all, so maybe another shot is in order!"

Psycho Pink shoots her Psycho Bow, Yellow tries to stop her: "Angela don't! I think I know how this guy's powers work!"

But it's too late and Cardinull holds up his hand: "Ah! Thank you! Psycho Arrows. NULLIFY!"

The Psycho Arrows vanish just inches before the palm of his hand. Cardinull then summons a large narrow sword, almost a lance wrapped in a red tentacle-like substance: "Just the bit of anti-energy I needed to finish you miserable brats off, once and for all!"

Psycho Pink: "Oh no. I just goofed didn't I?"

Psycho Blue: "I could've told you that."

Cardinull's long sword gets charged with red energy and strikes down the Psycho Rangers one by one, despite them either trying to dodge or block. Cardinull's wings then open and hovers above them. He holds his sword up in the air and charges it's once again: "Now for the coupe de grace! Say bye-bye!"

Cardinull thrusts his sword releasing a furious wave of red light and lightning bolts down upon the Psychos. The energy takes them down and forces them to demorph as the fall to the ground. Cardinull laughs with glee for his inevitable victory.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Still in New Bethany Park. Aundria, Lucas, Marcus and Angela are on the ground, just defeated by Cardinull as he hovers back down to the ground. He stalks towards them.

Cardinull: "I have to be honest. I'm a little disappointed. Considering all the trouble you've caused for me queen. I would have expected more from the likes of you.. agh!"


From behind Paige smashes Cardinull in the head with her guitar.

Cardinull moves away shaking the pieces of wood off him: "What? Who dares?!"

Paige stands before Cardinull holding the neck of a shattered guitar: "You leave my friends, you creep."

Cardinull: "You should have ran away when you had the chance little girl!"

Cardinull runs towards Paige with his long sword in hand.

Marcus: "Paige! Get out of there!"

Paige gets frozen with fear but before Cardinull can ram her through, Tora charges in and strikes him down from the side.

Cardinull flies into the air and crashes into a tree. When he falls to the ground Tora gets in his face roaring and gnawing at his arms. Cardinull manages to get out from under Tora and in a panicked hurry makes his escape: "You haven't seen the last me. I'll get you Rangers yet, and your little cat too!"

Cardinull teleports away before Tora can pounce on him again.

The Psychos run up to Tora. Lucas gets down on one knee and wraps one arm around it's neck and patting it's head with the other: "Good job Tora! You saved us!"

Aundria turns to Paige: "And so did you. Thanks."

Paige smiles: "No problem. Sorry I froze back there."

Marcus: "All the more reason why shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place."

Angela: "Actually Marcus is right, you put yourself in danger when you shouldn't have. But we're grateful anyway Paige."

Paige: "Thanks."

Aundria: "Come on. We better get back to the Power Chamber. We're going to have to come up with a plan before we take on that monster again and we should probably have Victor and Simon with us, next time."

Lucas stands back up: "Then let's go."

Angela: "Right!"

The trio make a move along with Tora. Paige picks up the broken pieces of her guitar. Marcus walks up behind her.

Paige: "Well I guess your happy. You won't have to listen to my music again."

Marcus: "Ah cheer up babe. I'll tell you what. I'll help you pick out a new one tomorrow."

Paige turns around to Marcus with a smile of surprise on her face: "You will?"

Paige wraps her arms around Marcus: "Thank you!"

Paige kisses Marcus on the cheek: "You know you can be really sweet when you really want to."

Marcus tries to hide a blush: "I know. I know. But don't tell anyone. I have an a-hole image to maintain."

Paige nods: "Of course. You better get going with the others. I'll pick up here."

Marcus begins to run off: "Of course babe. I'll see you tomorrow."

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Cardinull is cowering before a very upset Falconine. Darkonda and Furio also watch.

Falconine: "You failed me, Cardinull. I expected better of you."

Cardinull gets on his knees: "Please forgive me, my queen. Give me another chance, and I will destroy them!"

Falconine's eyes glow purple: "You had better. Keep in mind that as long as hold your birth statue, I can destroy even you."

Cardinull stands back: "I.. I understand. I will not fail you again, even if that accursed feline jumps me again."

Furio steps in: "Leave Tora to me. I have a plan for the Silver Ranger's annoying pet."

Falconine: "Then go already, you're not going to destroy the Psycho Rangers by standing around here collecting dust."

Furio smirks as he nods: "Of course."

Furio and Cardinull both teleport away leaving Falconine and Darkonda by themselves.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to New Bethany Park. Furio and Cardinull arrive.

Furio raises his sword and throws a mist of red energy from his sword to the ground, the red mist rises and forms a cage. The cage's four walls fall to the ground and hide in the grass: "The trap is set."

Cardinull tenses his hand: "Hmhmhmhm. Now to spring it."

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. All of the Rangers minus Victor are in the Power Chamber and see Cardinull on the Viewing Globe, terrorizing the city.

Simon: "So this monster can absorb our energy attacks?"

Aundria: "Not quite, more like he counters it."

Simon: "So we'll have to refrain from energy attacks and keep thing physical."

Simon turns to Beta 1: "Beta have you been able to contact Victor yet?"

Beta 1 shakes his had sadly: "Unfortunately no. I've been trying to reach him for the past fifteen minutes."

Simon with a very dry attitude: "Then we'll just have to stop that monster without him. Let's go."

Aundria: "Right. Hopefully the second time's the charm."

The Ranger begin to rush out of the Power Chamber. Angela grabs Simon by the arm, Simon slowly looks at her.

Angela: "You seem down, is something wrong."

Simon casually removes Angela's hand from him: "Not really. I just realized that there's some things out of my grasp. Now let's go stop that monster."

Angela not sure what's going slowly nods: "Okay."

Angela leaves and Simon follows but turns to Beta: "Beta, keep trying to reach Victor."

Beta 1: "Of course Simon."

Simon leaves, Beta 1 continues working the control panels: "Oh aye ai ai. Zordon, Victor just isn't responding. He might not even has his morpher with him."

Zordon: "Then perform a scan with the Viewing Globe. We may have to attempt visual contact with him."

Beta 1: "Right Zordon. Oh Victor, where are you? Aye ai ai."

Scene 5

Setting: The woods. Victor standing next to an apple tree. Growing impatient.

Victor looks at his watch: "Where is she?"

Victor hollars: "Tabuna! Where are you?! Tabuna!"

Victor turns around and looks at the tree: "Why would she leave me that message if she wasn't going to show up?"


A pair of energy beams strike the tree, and the explosion sends Victor backwards.

Victor gets up and turns around: "Deviot!"

Deviot holding up his shooting arm, smoke coming from the mouths of his blaster: "The one and only."

Victor grows angry: "What did you do to Tabuna, frill boy!"

Deviot feigns an innocent voice: "Mwa? Absolutely nothing! I swear I never laid a finger on her."

Victor gets in a battle pose: "Yeah right, like I believe you as far as I can spit a dead rat."

Deviot takes aim: "Well I can assure you that what I'm about to do to you is much more than I've done to her!"

Deviot shoots and Victor jumps out of the way.

Victor holds up his morphing hand: "Let's Get Psycho!"

Victor is shocked when nothing happens and he looks at his wrist: "Huh? My Psycho Morpher! I must have left it back at the Power Chamber."

Deviot shoots again: "Maybe. Heh heh heh."

Victor jumps out of the way and jumps up and grabs a thick tree branch and swings upward on top of it. Deviot fires again and Victor jumps off the tree into a jump kick and strikes Deviot down. Victor throws another kick to Deviot's side. Victor tries to throw a punch, but Deviot block with his and throws several forearm shots to Victor's stomach. Victor strains for a moment but recovers and shoves Deviot. Victor decides to make a run for it and Deviot fires again the blast nicks Victor in the leg causing him to fall to the ground.

Scene 6

Setting: Back to New Bethany Park. Cardinull destroys various trees and park structures. The Psycho Rangers minus Red arrive on the scene.

Psycho Yellow: "Stop right there featherhead!"

Cardinull stops and turns his attention to the Psycho Rangers: "Ah. I see your finally ready for the rematch. But the name's Cardinull, not 'featherhead'."

Psycho Blue: "Cardidull is more like it. You're going down this time."

Cardinull motions for the Rangers to come to him: "You're more than welcome to try."

The Rangers charge and another fight ensues. Furio stands in the bushes watches on.

Scene 7

Setting: Back to the woods. Victor strains to stand back up and hobbles to a tree, as Deviot casually stalks him.

Victor looks down at his right leg and sees the torn pant leg, and burned flesh underneath: "Oh man. Well this sucks."

Deviot: "Hmhmhm. I'm sure it does, but I can tell you that falling in a vat of molten metal is no walk in the park either."

Victor braces himself and Deviot fires again, Victor spins out of the way and the blast strikes the tree, Victor grabs a piece of broken wood, gathers all of his strength jumps and strikes Deviot down.

Deviot: "What? No!"

Victor bashes the wood fragment repeatedly on Deviot and takes an upper swing on Deviot's chin. Deviot flips to the ground, and Victor swings the wood fragment towards Deviot's head but an energy beam strikes the wood out of Victor's hand.

Victor looks at the wood fragment as it falls to the ground: "What now?"

Victor turns the other way to see who shot at him: "Who? NO!"

Tabuna stands off to the side with her sword pulled out.

Victor: "Tabuna! Why?"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the woods. Victor holds his hand in pain and struggles to stay standing on his bad leg. As Deviot is ground next to him and Tabuna looks ready to attack him.

Victor confused and angry: "Tabuna, what the hell is going on here?"

Tabuna: "I'm sorry, this is the way it has to be."

Tabuna charges and takes a swing at Victor, he moves out of the way, but she kicks Victor in his good leg. Victor hops to keep his balance but lands on his bad leg, the pain causes him to scream in pain as some blood squirt out. Tabuna stops just for a moment, shakes her head and tries to resume her attack. Victor catches her sword arm and pushes her away. Deviot gets up and takes aim with blaster again, but Victor swings around and puts Deviot in a headlock.

Deviot: "Let go of me, boy!"

Victor tries to pull Deviot's blaster from his arm: "Not until I even up the odds."

Victor gathers all of his strength and pulls the blaster off of Deviot's arms. Victor slides the blaster on his own arm and fires at the ground in front of Deviot and Tabuna. Deviot and Tabuna block their faces from the flying dirt.

Victor takes the moment of distraction to try and escape and limps away as fast as he can.

Deviot shakes some dirt away from his face: "Don't let him get away!"

Tabuna relunctantly nods and jumps in the air and lands right before Victor: "Stop right there."

Victor: "Tab, why are you doing this? Please tell me this is just a spell or something like that."

Tabuna: "Honest to god, I wish it was."

Victor holds Deviot's blaster right at Tabuna's face: "I don't want to do this, but I will if I have to."

Tabuna: "Same here."

Victor: "But why? What is going on here?!"

Deviot grabs Victor from behind: "Your frustration is sweet. I wish I could savor this moment forever."

Victor turns around and swings Deviot over his shoulder and takes aim: "NO! This is your doing Deviot! I swear to God, you're going to hell for this!"

Victor takes aim and prepares to squeeze the trigger, Tabuna's eyes widen as Victor is just a moment away from destroying Deviot.

Everything moves in slow-motion as Tabuna runs: "NOOOOOO!"

Tabuna grabs Victor by the shoulder, spins him around and thrusts her sword at her his stomach but a sudden flash from her memory strikes.

Tabuna recalls her impaling a man dressed in green as Everette is on the ground. Tabuna looks at the man as his dying body slides off her sword and her face is horrified.

Back to the present Tabuna stops just before her sword strikes Victor. She has the same horrified face from her memory: "Oh my god. What have I done?"

Tabuna drops her sword and backs away from Victor: "Planet Ginga all over again."

Victor: "Planet Ginga?"

Deviot gets up impatiently: "What are you waiting for? Run him through!"

Tabuna falls to her knees: "I can't do this Uncle Everette. Not again."

Victor: "Uncle Everette? Deviot is your uncle?"

Tabuna looks up at Victor and nods.

Victor turns to Deviot as he tosses Deviot's blaster to the ground: "So that's it, you use a family connection to manipulate her. You really are scum, Deviot."

Deviot chucks his head: "Hmph! You know nothing of our affairs."

Victor: "I don't know the whole story but I do know that have tried to destroy Tabuna in past, you gleefully destroyed someone that was important to her, and looking at her now, I can tell you caused her a lot of pain. You may share her blood, but you're far from family."

Deviot: "As if you're in any position to say."

Tabuna still on the ground: "He's right though."

Deviot: "Eh?"

Tabuna stands up with anger in her tear-stained eyes: "You have caused me a lot of pain. You were caring at one time, but ever since you returned, you haven't acted like my Uncle Everette."

Deviot gets firm: "But I am your uncle."

Tabuna shakes her head: "No! You've changed, the old Uncle Everette would have never tried to make kill the man I love, especially if you remembered why I left you in the Lost Galaxy, years ago."

Deviot: "Huh? What.. do you mean?"

Victor looks at Tabuna with a mixture of concern and curiosity as she begins to pour out her soul.

Tabuna: "When we conquered Planet Ginga, I took a human life for you. When I did that, a part of me died right along with him. Then you and Captain Mutiny wanted me to take away more, I.. I.. I *sniff* couldn't do what you wanted me to, because I would never be able to live with myself, I was barely able to as it was."

Tabuna turns away: "Now you still want me to kill and destroy for you, but it's just not in me."

Deviot picks up his blaster while neither Victor or Tabuna are paying attention: "You blame me for your actions?"

Tabuna shakes her head: "No. I was the one that thrust that sword into another human being, I was the one that betrayed Victor. And I hate myself for it. I hate myself."

Victor: "Tabuna."

Tabuna: "But you did played a big part in my corruption, Deviot. I can't stay with you anymore. You'll have to leave Deacon Blue without me. Your not my uncle anymore."

Deviot fixes his blaster back onto his arm: "Very well then. If I'm no longer your uncle, then that means you're no longer my niece. Which means there's no longer a reason to keep me from destroying you!"

Victor sees Deviot taking aim and pulls on the trigger, Victor: "Tabuna get down!"

Deviot shoots, Victor pushes Tabuna out of the way, but the blast strikes Victor on the small of his back. Victor falls to the ground beside Tabuna.

Tabuna drops to her knees to check on Victor: "Victor! Please no!"

Tabuna pats Victor on the cheek trying to keep him awak: "Victor, please. Please tell me your alright!"

Victor speaks slowly: "Don't.. hate yourself. I don't."

Victor loses consciousness as Tabuna closes her eyes and rests his head to the ground.

Deviot: "Well it looks like you destroyed the Red Ranger afterall. Hahahahaha!"

Tabuna tightens her hand as her nails dig into the dirt in anger: "No..."

Tabuna picks up her sword and stands up in rage: "I won't let you get away with this!"

Tabuna releases an intense energy bolt from her hand directly at Deviot's chest. Sparks burst from him.

Deviot backs off as he holds his chest: "Tabuna wait!"

Tabuna strikes Deviot in the chest with her sword. Deviot falls to the ground and Tabuna prepares to a final blow. Deviot covers his face, but Tabuna doesn't strike, instead she drops her wooden amulet in his lap.

Deviot looks at the amulet: "Huh? What is this?"

Tabuna: "You gave me that when I was a child. You told me that it was symbol of your love for me as if I was your own daughter. It was meant as a promise that you would always be there for me."

Deviot looks at the wooden amulet in his hand: "Yes, yes. I remember making that promise."

Tabuna walks away: "A promise you broke. So keep it. I don't what happened to you, but I finally realize that the Everette I knew is long gone."

Deviot teleports away: "If he ever existed."

Tabuna looks down in pain: "Yes, if he ever existed."

Tabuna turns her attention back to Victor, who's starting to come to.

Tabuna slides to her knees as she helps Victor sit up: "Victor are you.."

Victor shakes the cobwebs out of his head: "Ow. I'm hurting but I'll live."

Tabuna: "I can't tell you how much I'm sorry for what I did."

Victor: "Tab.. I"

Tabuna: "I can't believe, I tried to destroy you. You of all people."

Victor: "But you didn't go through with it. I'm not going to lie and say, I'm not hurt that even thought about it, and I don't know if I can trust you the same way again."

Tabuna looks down: "I.. I understand."

Victor puts his hand on her face and turns her back to him: "But I forgive you."

Tabuna: "Wha.. What? Even after what I've done, you'll still give me another chance? I.. I don't know what to say."

Victor: "You don't have to."

Tabuna moves suddenly: "I almost forgot. The others have been calling for your help."

Victor: "Huh? How do you know?"

Tabuna hands Victor his Psycho Morpher.

Victor: "You took my Morpher?"

Tabuna: "I'm sorry."

Victor struggles to get back up: "We'll talk about this later. Right now I better get going."

Tabuna tries to hold back Victor: "But you're hurt, I need to get you to some kind of medical facility."

Victor pulls away from Tabuna: "If you think I'm going to let some minor wounds keep me from fighting, then you must have forgot who you're talking to."

Victor puts his Psycho Morpher on his wrist and straps it, then moves his arm into position: "Stay here, I'll talk to you later."

Victor: "Let's Get Psycho!"

A red flash.

Scene 2

Setting: Once again, at New Bethany Park. The Psycho Rangers are standing but hurt from Cardinull's attacks. Cardinull walks towards them with his long sword held up in the air.

Cardinull: "Hahahaha! You might as well lay down your weapons, Rangers. You've given me everything you had, and couldn't get the job done."

Psycho Silver rushes to forefront: "We don't give up Cardinull and the fight isn't over yet! Tora Ho!"

[Tora arrival sequence]

Cardinull: "Not the cat again!"

Furio jumps out of the bushes: "Not this time kitty! Hahahahaha!"

Furio stabs his sword into the ground the cage from earlier rises up and traps Tora before it can reach Cardinull.

Psycho Silver reaches for Tora: "Tora no! You had better let him go, if you know what's good for you, Furio."

Cardinull holds down his sword and strikes Psycho Silver sideways with it: "Don't worry about your pet, worry about yourself!"

Sparks break out from Psycho Silver as he flips forward and falls to the ground on his back.

Psycho Black tries to lead another charge: "Gotta stop him."

Furio throws some red energy at the Psychos to strike them down.

Cardinull stands over the fallen Psycho Silver: "Hahahahaha! Finally, I Cardinull will succeed where many before me have failed. Farewell Silver Ranger! Hahahahaha!"

Cardinull holds his long sword over Psycho Silver, ready to impale him but suddenly. "KIYA!"

Cardinull looks up just in time to see Psycho Red's boot break in his beak. Cardinull flies backward and rolls to the ground.

Psycho Pink: "Victor! Thank goodness you finally showed up!"

Psycho Black looks at Pink for moment then turns to Red: "Vic, watch out energy attacks won't work."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "I know. Beta already told me the whole story about this guy. Besides being the mascot of a loser baseball team, this guys neutralizes energy attacks."

Cardinull gets back up: "That's right, but don't think fighting me mano a birdo will do you any good. I'm too intense for you."

Psycho Red gets very coy in his tone of voice: "Intense eh? Feathers-for-brains, I'm the dictionary definition of intensity."

Psycho Red jumps forward with Psycho Sword in he drops down attempting to slice Cardinull in half but Cardinull block the blow with his own sword, Psycho Red with the swords at a standstill unleashes a fury of kicks to Cardinull's sides, Psycho Red hops back and thrusts a spin kick right into Cardinull's front sending the bird crashing into a tree.

Furio charges swinging sword: "I'll finish you Red Ranger. You're no match for me."

Psycho Red: "Not only are you ugly, your delusional."

Psycho Silver jumps on and off of Psycho Red's shoulders with Psycho Silverizer in hand, stretches out his body and spins in a spiral with the tip of the Silverizer drilling into Furio: "Psycho Spear!"

The other Psycho Rangers form energy balls and release them at Furio. Furio is knocked to the ground hard.

Psycho Yellow: "Cardinull maybe able to neutralize our attacks, but you still take your beatdowns the old fashioned way."

Cardinull stands back up holds his long sword, as it energizes he swings it down releasing an energy bolt at Psycho Red. Psycho Red tries to block with his sword but the blast knocks the Psycho Sword from his hand.

Cardinull charges: "Hahahaha! Now let's see how you fight without your sword!"

Psycho Red: "Heh. I fight with someone else's. Treacheron Sword!"

Treacheron's sword and sheathe forms on his hip. Psycho Red pulls the sword out and blocks Cardinull's attack.

Cardinull: "Huh? Where did that come from?!"

Psycho Red: "It magically appeared. Duh!"

Psycho Red pushes Cardinull backward and strikes him twice in the chest, spins it around in his hands, holds it tightly with both hands and strikes deeply into Cardinull. The sparks burst of Cardinull like mad.

Cardinull tries to recover and takes a swing at Psycho Red, but Red jumps up and kicks him in the back as Red lands behind him. Red rolls to the ground and picks up his Psycho Sword, and turns around in one smooth motion as he stands back up from the roll. Cardinull pains to turn around.

Psycho Red charges toward Cardinull with his Psycho Sword glowing red, and the Treacheron Sword glowing blue: "T-Sword Tagteam!"

Psycho Red hops in the air and drops down striking Cardinull with his Psycho Sword first, the strikes with Treacheron's sword. His appearance flashes back and forth between Psycho Red and Treacheron. Psycho Red holds both swords together in a cross formation and turns away as Cardinull slowly falls to the ground and explodes!

Furio sees Cardinull's destruction: "No! Impossible!"

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda and Falconine watch the battle with concern.

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "Falconinnnneee..."

Falconine summons her raven: "Quiet! I'll take care of it."

Falconine unleashes the raven into the projection of the battle.

Scene 4

Setting: New Bethany Park. The Rangers look up and see Falconine's raven flying down from the sky.

Psycho Red jumps to the others: "I think by now we all know what that means."

The Psycho Rangers nod in unison: "Right! We need Guardianzord power now!"

Simultaneously, [Guardianzord arrival sequence], the raven's black energy strikes Cardinull's remains, bringing the monster back to life, the Psycho Rangers jump high into the air, inside their Guardianzords, Cardinull grows into a giant, [Guardian Megazord transformation sequence].

Psycho Silver: "My turn."

Furio: "Forgetting something?"

Psycho Silver turns and sees Tora still trapped in Furio's cage: "Tora!"

Psycho Silver holds up his Psycho Silverizer: "Well then Furio, I guess that means we go at it."

Furio smirks as he holds his sword to his shoulder: "Gladly."

The two run at each other and exchange blows.

Scene 5

Setting: Zord battle in New Bethany. Cardinull summons his long sword once again.

Cardinull: "Don't think your overgrown toys are going to save you. I will destroy all of you!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "We'll see about that! Shogun fireblast!"

The Guardian Megazord's eyes glow as it holds it's right hand to it's face, drops the hand and unleashes a stream of fire at Cardinull.

Cardinull: "Slow learners are we? Fire. NULLIFY!"

Cardinull holds up his hands and the flame vanishes just in front of them. Cardinull's chest gems once again blink clockwise, with the center gem releasing a stream of icy force. The Guardian Megazord blocks with it's hands and ice forms all around them. Cuffing the hands together in a large block of ice.

[Megazord cockpit scene] The Psycho Rangers are all in shock. Psycho Blue: "No way!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red bats his forehead: "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Fire is energy."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Now we're stuck."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Maybe, not yet. Psycho Blue, do you thing."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "You want some Tanuki power? Alrighty then!"

Cardinull charges with his lance like sword, the Guardian Megazord's hands glow blue from underneath the ice, and swings it's arms upward, uppercutting Cardinull with the large block of ice. The Guardian Megazord proceeds to beatdown Cardinull by hammering the block of ice on his back. The Guardian Megazord builds enough power, to break the block of ice into two, giving the Megazord a pair of "boxing gloves" made out of the ice.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! Now here's the part I love!"

Cardinull stands back up, but the Guardian Megazord punches him hundreds of times at super speed using it's Tanuki Frenzy attack even with the ice on it's hands. The Guardian Megazord continues to pound on Cardinull's body and face forcing backward, and gradually the ice chips away from the fury of fists until all the ice is gone, and Cardinull feeling nothing but fist. The Guardian Megazord pauses and gives a massive uppercut to the beak, Cardinull falls to the ground.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Now it's my turn. Tengu Twister!"

As Cardinull stumbles back to his feet, the Guardian Megazord throws up it's arms and the tengu head on it's chest spits out a pair of tornadoes. The dust picks up as the wind heads for Cardinull. Cardinulls shakes his head to gather his senses and holds up his hands yet again: "NULLIFY!"

The tornadoes stop just before Cardinull and changes direction back towards the Guardian Megazord.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black pounds his control panel: "Ugh! I don't believe it, this guy can neutralize the wind too?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "We can't take this guy lightly. Lightning Sword full power!"

The Guardian Megazord's wings open up and it jumps into the air to avoid the tornadoes. The dark clouds form as it's eyes change from yellow to red and lightning strikes it's right hand from the energy sword. The Guardian Megazord drops down ready to strike Cardinull.

Cardinull: "Ah! Your trump card! NULLIFY!"

The Guardian Megazord drops down and strikes Cardinull with the energy sword, but Cardinull laughs like a lunatic as the sword breaks into a lightnight storm of madness, destroying every building with surrounding to the two titans, but most of the energy striking the Guardian Megazord itself.

[Megazord cockpit scene] The attack is so intense that the sparks breaking out all over inside the cockpit nearly consume the Psycho Rangers. Psycho Black: "We're going down!"

The Guardian Megazord breaks out with explosions and sparks all over as it falls to the ground hard, breaking up the asphalt street below and even busting a fire hydrant causing the water burst out like a geyser.

Scene 6

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda and Falconine watch in excitement.

Darkonda: "Even the Lightning Sword had no effect on Cardinull!"

Even Falconine seems surprised: "He's going to do it. He's really going to pull it off."

Scene 7

Setting: Zord battle. Cardinull seems to have been driven completely insane as he does nothing but laugh hysterically as continues to thrust his talon feet into the Guardian Megazord.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Arh! We can't take much more of this."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow struggles just not to fall out of her seat as the explosions and shaking keep the cockpit unstable: "If we don't come up with something fast, we've had it!"

Cardinull slashes the downed Megazord three times with his sword, while still in his berzerker madness.

Scene 8

Setting: New Bethany Park, Psycho Silver and Furio are still going at it with everything they have. They charge each other at full speed and strike each other in the belly as the run past each other. The explosion from the impact sends the both flying in opposite directions.

Psycho Silver rolls and jumps back to his feet. His Silverizer energizes as he jumps straight up in the air, backflips, twists his hips and turns completely around dropping down and slashing Furio right down the middle with a quick flash of blue light. Psycho Silver thrusts his blade into Furio's chest. Several energy pulses charge right into Furio's body as Psycho Silver yells, forcing all of his power into the attack. The force finally sends Furio flying backward as hundreds of energy bullets fly out of the Psycho Silverizer. Furio flies right into the cage. An explosion breaks out from impact as Furio looks as if he was cruxified at the cage then falls to the ground as the explosion breaks apart the cage and Tora is free.

Scene 9

Setting: Zord battle. Cardinull stands over the Guardian Megazord and prepares to impale the Megazord. He brings the sword down.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "MOVE!"

The Guardian Megazord rolls out of the way, knocking Cardinull down in the process. Cardinull's madness ceases as the blows brings him back to reality.

The Guardian Megazord stands back up, but stumbles as it takes it's first step.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Okay, we're up, but how are we going to stop this guy. He was even able to neutralize the energy sword."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Maybe we should summon Ecliptor. Perhaps his ultimate form would be enough to stop Cardinull."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Not a good idea."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Aundria's right. Cardinull would just send Ultimate Ecliptor's energy right back at us. The force would not only destroy us, but it would level the entire city."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Yeah all he'll do is say 'NULLIFY'. And we get our butts handed to us."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red snaps his fingers: "That's it!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "What did I say?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Listen up. Cardinull always says 'nullify' before he neutralizes our attacks. That means his abilities may not be automatic, his nullifying abilities may be conscious."

[Megazord cockpit scene] It dawns on Psycho Yellow, what Red is getting at: "Which means it's possible to trick him."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink claps her hands together in joy: "That means we have a chance. Victor, you're my hero."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black almost snidely: "Actually he's more than that to you."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red turns to Black: "Not now Simon. Let's energize the sword again."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Whoah, whoah, whoah! Are you whacked, Big Red?! That almost destroyed us the first time around!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "I know what I'm doing. Simon, at the last second, I want you to change the polarity of the Lightning Sword. I mean at the last possible moment."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "That'll be extremely dangerous. The Lightning Sword will become very unstable."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "But Cardinull won't be able to neutralize it if he doesn't see it coming."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "But Victor, Simon's right. That might destroy us along with Cardinull."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Are we Psycho Rangers and Power Rangers. We have to be willing to take that chance."

[Megazord cockpit scene] The Psycho Rangers all nod in agreement. Psycho Black: "Okay. Let's hope this works."

The Guardian Megazord holds up his hand, as Cardinull charges towards them yet again. The dark clouds are still up. Lightning strikes the hand yet again, and the energy sword is formed for a second time.

Cardinull stops: "What? You Rangers must have a deathwish. I'll destroy you this time!"

Scene 10

Setting: New Bethany Park. Furio looks almost finished, as Psycho Silver mounts Tora and charges toward the Crulian.

Psycho Silver: "Let's finish him off, Tora. Tiger Charge Full-Power!"

Tora roars as the he picks up speed. They become a force of silver light and runs right through Furio. The explosion sends Furio flying in to the air and he falls to the ground hard.

Psycho Silver and Tora stop. Psycho Silver: "Had enough?"

Furio keeps quiet as he teleport away in a red bolt.

Psycho Silver hops off of Tora: "I'll take that as a yes."

Scene 11

Setting: The Zord battle. The Guardian Megazord holds up it's sword of raw energy as Cardinull prepares to strike himself.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Guardian Energy Sword Strike!"

The Guardian Megazord brings the energy sword down, as Cardinull drops his sword and holds it his arms to embrace the attack: "NULLIFY! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Cardinull laughs as the sword gets closer and closer. Psycho Red: "Wait." Cardinull: "Hahahahaha!" Psycho Red: "Wait." Cardinull: "Hahahahaha!" Just before the sword touches Cardinull. Psycho Red: "NOW!"

[Megazord cockpit scene]: Psycho Black urgently pounds a button on his control panel.

The Guardian Megazord's sword changes from yellow to purple at the last second and a lightning storm breaks out.

Cardinull: "Hahahahahah... eh. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

The Guardian Megazord's purple energy breaks out all over the place like last time, but now most of the attack breaks through Cardinull's invisible field and runs right through him. Cardinull's gems all shatter as his disks crack and energy bursts out of his mouth and eyes. The force sends the Guardian Megazord back, it falls to the ground and watches as Cardinull falls to the ground and explodes!

[Megazord cockpit scene] The Psycho Ranger all cheer with a very hard fought victory.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Sunset at the lake, just out the Power Chamber. Victor is shirtless and bandaged up. He stands still in a medative position.

Tabuna's voice: "Am I interrupting something."

Victor opens his eyes and turns around with a faint smile: "Tabby."

Tabuna with the briefest of smiles: "Victor. I'm surprised you can still talk to me in such an endearing tone."

Victor: "Tabuna. You hurt me, but I understand your state of mind earlier. I've been there."

Tabuna: "I don't know about that. You can forgive me. But.."

Tabuna looks down: "I don't know if I can forgive myself. There's so few people in my life that have cared about me, and I almost destroyed one of them."

Victor: "But you didn't. Deviot pulled all of your chords to make you consider doing something you would regret, but when it got right down to it. It just wasn't in you. I think the only thing that really bothers me about this whole this is that if Deviot was your uncle then you lied to me about never knowing any of your family."

Tabuna: "I know. My mother died, when I was born. But I did lie when I said I never knew my father. It's just.. it's just that there's still so much in my life that I'm still too ashamed to share, even with you."

Victor limps towards Tabuna and puts his hand on Tabuna's shoulder: "I understand. You'll tell me the whole truth when your ready. But let's just be honest with each other now."

Tabuna: "How can you be so forgiving?"

Victor: "My past isn't clean either Tabby. And in all three of my lives, your the first person I've ever fallen in love with, that's got to allow you somekind of leeway."

Tabuna builds a slow smile as she reaches over to embrace his lips: "I was a fool. Your the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Victor reaches over as well: "No. Your the best thing to ever happen to me."

Victor and Tabuna press against each other's lips tightly, prepared to move past this most recent obstacle in their relationship.

Scene 2

Setting: The desert. The Zenith Carrierzord is chained up to Deviot's spaceship. Deviot stands outside looking at the amulet that Tabuna gave back to him. Twerp hovers about.

Twerp: "Come on, Deviot. You got a date with one lonely slug pappy."

Deviot doesn't respond but stares into the amulet: "I did break my promise."

Deviot tosses the amulet into the air: "Bah! Sentiments are for fools and twits."


Deviot fires and destroys the amulet. The fragments fall to the ground: "I've wasted enough of my time with that brat of niece. I have more important things to contend with. Such as the unimaginable power that the cocoon is surely to give me as well as recovering my Galaxy Book!"

Deviot makes his way to his ship then pauses: "Still, it would be rude of me to not leave something behind for the only daughter of my only brother."

Deviot turns around, gets on one knee and digs a small hole in the dirt.

Deviot nods: "Yes. I can't believe I almost forgot my old friend here."

Deviot summons a small pouch and pulls out a single acorn.

Deviot stares dastardly at the acorn: "Yes. Someone who will be VERY interested in meeting with you again my dear niece. Hahahahahaha!"

Deviot places the acorn in the hole and pushes the dirt on it: "Hahahahahahaha! Yes. He will keep you company, until I return. That is, there's a niece left to return to. Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahaha!"

Deviot gleefully marches to his ship: "Open the portal Twerp. My role in this little tale is over, but a new one is just about to begin, while Tabuna and the Psycho Rangers' role, ends forever! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Twerp flies up in the air, spins around as a portal opens up. Deviot's ship lifts up and takes the Zenith Carrierzord with it through the portal, as Deviot's mechanical laughter echoes throughout the desert.

The portal closes behind them. And where Deviot buried the acorn. A growling sound is heard.


"Yes. Revenge."

A clawed hand bursts from the ground.


The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
A huge tree like monster tears down the Psycho Rangers.

Clip 2
The Psycho Rangers are thrust into the air by an explosion.

Psycho Yellow's voice: "We can't stop him!"

Clip 3
Lucas: "I've never felt such raw, unadulterated hatred in my life."

Clip 4
Lucas' voice: "It was terrible."

The tree like monster destroys everything in sight.

Clip 5
Everette and another man run into a room as a little girl chants from the Galaxy Book.

Little girl: "Reality ends when time is tossed. As galaxies found..

Other man: "Tabuna don't!"

Little girl: "..become galaxies lost!"

Clip 6
Titanisaur awakens from the bottom of the sea.

Clip 7
Captain Mutiny: "Welcome to Lost Galaxy! Har har har! Tis be the last voyage you'll ever make!"

Clip 8
Tree-like monster holds Psycho Red by the throat: "Where is Tabuna?!"

Clip 9
Everette to Captain Mutiny: "I have an offer you might be interested in."

Clip 10
Victor: "Tabuna watch out!"

Clip 11
Tree-like monster to Tabuna: "I will destroy everything you hold dear! Starting with the man you love!"

Clip 12
Tree-like monster unleashes a massive barrage of needles and energy blasts at Victor. Consuming him in an explosion.

Tabuna: "VICTOR!!!!!"

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