Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 30
"Rage of the Beasts"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: In the barren desert outside of New Bethany. At night. Deviot and Darkonda walk to the edge of a plateau with Twerp hovering about, above them.

Deviot turns his head towards Twerp: "Is this the location for my delivery?"

Twerp gives Deviot a thumbs up: "Rightarino Devioso. You're super duper secret weapons sure be arriving at any minute now."

Deviot rubs his hands together: "Excellent."

Darkonda: "And what exactly are your secret weapons Deviot? They had better turn out much better than that Robo-Psycho fiasco?"

Deviot chucks his hand back: "Hmph! I guarantee you that my latest plan WILL destroy those Rangers for you!"

In the distance a large green portal opens up.

The strong light from the portal causes Darkonda to cover his forehead: "What is this?"

Deviot confidently nods his head: "My secret weapons."

Three large objects exit the portal and the portal closes. Without the blinding light behind them the three creatures become visible to Deviot and Darkonda. The lifeless creature in the center is the Zenith Carrierzord. The creature to the left is the Rhino Galactabeast with cybernetic attachments and circuitry sticking out from it's shoulders, hips, forearms, back, the left pec, right foot, right side of it's face and it's horns. The creature to the right is the Phoenix Galactabeast with cybernetic attachments and circuitry sticking ot from it's left shoulder, right arm, wings, tail, talons, abdominals, left side of the collar, and forehead.

Darkonda admires the beasts: "Impressive. Are they Zords?"

Deviot: "The one in the center, Zenith, yes. The other two the Phoenix and Rhino Cyberbeasts are Zords-in-progress. Heh heh. But once awakened they will be more than a match for the Rangers."

The sun begins to rise behind the Cyberbeasts and Zenith.

Darkonda claps his hands together: "Excellent! Then let this sunrise be the last for the Rangers! Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda and Deviot laugh together as Twerp looks on at the massive beasts.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Just outside Power Chamber's mountain. In somewhat closed off area is small garden and a greenhouse. Simon walks nervously towards the greenhouse holding a single wrapped rose in his right hand.

Simon takes a deep breath and looks at the rose in his hand: "Okay. This time I'm going to do it. I'll tell her how I feel."

Simon walks around the corner and accidentally bumps into Angela. Angela grabs a hold of the greenhouse's corner to keep from falling down. Simon on the other hand falls down on his behind and quickly hides the rose behind him.

Angela holding a pot full of tulips: "Simon. Oh I'm so sorry. I should watched where I was going."

Angela holds out her free hand to help Simon up. Simon begins to accept but remembers the rose behind him and refrains: "Um.. That's okay. While I'm down here I might as well give me feet a rest."

Angela smiles and squats in front of Simon: "Suit yourself. What are you doing in my little garden anyway?"

Simon's tension increases in his voice: "Oh nothing. I just needed to take a whiff of fresh air. Been stuck up in Almidor's lab too long lately. Trying to solve the Guardian Puzzle."

Angela fondles the tulips a bit: "Oh yeah, how are you coming along with it."

Simon: "Not much. I've figured out that each of the five sides represents one of us, but other than that. I can't figure what's supposed to be done with it though."

Simon notices potted flowers in Angela's hand: "What are those?"

Angela: "They're tulips. They weren't selling so Paige gave them to me. I figured I would go ahead an plant them in my garden."

Simon: "They're pretty. I'm surprised no one would want them."

Angela: "Everyone buys roses and carnations. No one wants to buy the potted plants they only want the cut ones."

Angela a slight hint of sadness in Angela's face: "But when the flowers are cut from their roots, they're given their death sentence. It's sad."

Simon hides the rose even further behind him. Angela notices him hiding something: "Is there something behind you?"

Simon hastily shakes his head: "No! No, um.. Just getting more comfortable."

Angela sucks in her lips for a moment, knowing that Simon is hiding something but she doesn't investigate any further. She quickly resumes her warm smile and gets back up: "Well, I'm going to go plant this. I'll see you around."

Simon smiles back and nods: "Yeah, see you later."

Angela walks away with her potted flowers. Simon waits for her to become distant then finally gets up. Simon looks at his face in the reflection of the greenhouse windows and feels his face: "Who am I kidding."

Simon looks at the rose, that has been roughed up. In a depressed voice: "I'm an idiot."

Simon tosses the rose behind the bushes to the side and begins to leave. Suddenly Beta 1 runs to the scene.

Beta 1 very excited: "Simon! Angela! Simon! Hurry!"

Beta trips on himself but Simon catches him: "Whoah! Oomph! Simon!"

Simon helps Beta stand back up: "Beta, what is it?"

Beta 1: "You and Angela better get to the Power Chamber quickly. Darkonda's gang is at it again!"

Simon nods: "Right Beta."

Simon turns around and yells to Angela: "ANGELA!"

Angela turns around. Simon yells: "WE'VE GOT RANGER BUSINESS! TO THE POWER CHAMBER!"

Angela yells back: "I'LL BE THERE!"

Simon and Beta 1 turn away and run. Angela catches up but stops when she notices small, shiny, green paper behind the bushes. She walks to the paper and picks up, it's the rose in it's wrapping.

Angela looks puzzled: "A rose? This is what Simon was hiding."

Angela walks around the corner and sees Simon and Beta 1 enter the Power Chamber mountain: "But why was he hiding this rose from me?"

Angela's eyes grow wide when a revelation strikes her: "Was he going to give it to me?"

Angela puts to the potted flowers down and with a small half-smile on her face. She places the rose in the pot with the tulips and runs towards the Power Chamber, leaving behind the flowers.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Ecliptor, Beta 1, Zordon, and the unmorphed Psychos sans Angela are already there. Angela finally runs in.

Angela catching her breath: "Sorry that it took me so long."

Victor half-joking: "Well it took you long enough."

Marcus: "Heh! What do you expect? She's the slow one of the bunch!"

Marcus speaking under his breath: "In more ways than one."

Simon crosses his arms and stomps on Marcus' foot.

Marcus: "Ow! What's your problem you blonde goof. I oughtta.."

Ecliptor yells at the both of them: "Silence! We're wasting time with your insipid little squabble."

Marcus being quiet. The Rangers look at the Viewing Globe. Victor: "So Zordon. What's going down here."

The Viewing Globe shows the Dark Carrier hovering above New Bethany, carrying the Phoenix and Rhino Cyberbeasts with harness and chains below it.

Ecliptor: "New monsters?"

Zordon: "Not just any monsters. Those are Galactabeasts."

Ecliptor turns around to face Zordon: "Galactabeasts? But I thought they were just a myth."

Zordon: "No. The Galactabeasts are quite real. Eight beasts that have fought for the side of goodness through out the universe for centuries until around 3,000 years ago."

Simon: "There's eight of them? I only see two here."

Zordon: "There are eight full-fledged Galactabeasts. The lion, the gorilla, the wildcat, the wolf, the condor, the rhino, the phoenix, and the shark. However Lucas, your Tora is a distant cousin to the Galactabeasts, like a wolf is a distant cousin to a dog."

Lucas nods: "I'm not surprised."

Victor: "I take it that, that's the phoenix and rhino being carried by the Dark Carrier then."

Zordon: "You are correct, Victor."

Angela: "But if the Galactabeasts are good, then why does Darkonda and Falconine have them?"

Aundria: "I'll take a wild guess and say that they've been captured and are being held under control against their will."

Marcus: "Hmph! It's not like we need a book to spell that out for us!"

Zordon: "The Galactabeasts, isn't the only thing to concern ourselves with. Behold."

The Viewing Globe shows an image of Cybera at the harbor of New Bethany setting up a large, blocky, battery like device. Mostly black with a large red lens set up on top.

Ecliptor gets interested: "Cybera."

The Viewing Globe changes images again, now showing Falconine and Rygog at a school playground. Falconine orders Rygog around, with Rygog carrying the same type of battery device that Cybera had.

Aundria: "Looks like Falconine is up to something as well."

The Viewing Globe changes images once more, now showing Furio setting up another battery device at New Bethany Park.

The Viewing Globe changes images another time, showing Darkonda and Deviot handling a fourth battery device in the warehouse district.

Victor: "It looks like all the big wigs are taking an active role on this one."

Simon: "That's not good."

Angela: "But what are those devices they're setting up?"

Simon rubs his chin: "They look almost like batteries."

Victor: "Batteries? Beta! Take us back to the Galactabeasts."

Beta 1: "Of course, Victor."

Beta 1 works the controls and changes the Viewing Globe's image back to the Galactabeasts being lowered by the Dark Carrier in the center of the city.

Victor: "Look at the Galactabeasts, they're asleep."

Simon: "Or perhaps dormant, would be a more accurate description."

Aundria: "Then those batteries might be just that. I recognize those locations. They're setting up one at each side of the city."

Simon: "Exactly. They must be getting ready to set up some kind of energy field to awaken them."

Victor turns back to Zordon: "And I take these Galactabeasts are a couple of powerhouses."

Zordon: "Yes. Galactabeasts are known for being some of the most powerful creatures in the universe."

Victor: "Alright then. We stop them before the awaken. Cybera's just about the strongest of the bunch so Ecliptor and Lucas takes her."

Ecliptor: "I would have selected Cybera, even without your order. I've been meaning to take another shot at her."

Marcus smirks: "I bet you do."

Ecliptor turns towards Marcus: "Grrr.."

Ecliptor releases a minor eyeblast at Marcus causing him to hop out of the way.

Ecliptor turns to Lucas: "Hmph! Let's go boy."

Lucas not exactly pleased to have to deal with Ecliptor's attitude: "Right away, 'sir'".

Ecliptor and Lucas leave the Power Chamber.

Victor: "Simon and Angela takes Falconine, Aundria and Marcus takes Furio and then."

Simon interrupts: "Uh.. Actually, I think maybe I should work with Marcus against Furio."

Angela looks at Simon with curiousity.

Victor a bit surprised: "What's up, bro?"

Simon: "I just think the ladies would be able to handle Falconine than I would."

Angela: "But.."

Aundria realizing why Simon doesn't want to work with Angela: "It's okay. I have some issues with Falconine. And besides, if I'm stuck with Marcus, I'll probably kill him, instead of Furio."

Marcus: "Hey!"

Victor: "Whatever. We'll do it that way. In the meantime, I'll go hook up with Tabuna and we'll deal with Darkonda and Deviot. We got a score to settle with those two."

Victor holds Treacheron's sword tightly, in his hands: "Especially Deviot."

Victor: "So let's stop wasting time here and get into action!"

The Rangers get into position: "Let's Get Psycho!"

A bright flash strikes and then shifts to the next scene.

Scene 3

Setting: The docks at New Bethany's harbor. Cybera smoothly presses a button sequence on the battery.

Cybera: "Preparation complete. Placing battery key."

Ecliptor's voice: "Stop right there Cybera!"

Cybera raises her head and slowly turns around and sees Ecliptor and Psycho Silver running towards her and the battery: "Opposition has arrived. Subject Ecliptor and subject Silver Psycho Ranger. Standing orders. Eliminate on sight."

Cybera unsheathes her sword and charges towards the duo. Psycho Silver and Cybera clash swords, but spins around with his arm held and slams him to the ground just in time to impale Ecliptor in the stomach.

Ecliptor groans in pain, but gathers his strength and pushes Cybera away. Bare circuits spark as he holds his hand over his wound and stares at Cybera: "I still don't know the whole situation between us, but no one runs me through like that!"

Ecliptor decks Cybera in the jaw, sending her back. Cybera holds her jaw for a moment looks back at Ecliptor with no expression whatsoever, but her fist casts a blue glow and she decks Ecliptor back.

Psycho Silver gets back up and holds his Silverizer in place and watches the two go at it: "Ouch, that had to hurt."

Scene 4

Setting: A school playground. The children and teachers run away as Rygog chases them off. Falconine stands by with her arms crossed and hip tilt.

Rygog is actually having a little fun while scaring away the children: "That's right! Run! Hahahaha! Run away from the mighty Rygog! Roar! Hahahahaha!"

Falconine yells: "Rygog! Cease this fooling around and get that energy field battery in place immediately!"

Rygog stops suddenly with fear and hurries to the battery next to Falconine: "Oh! Of.. Of course my queen!"

Rygog picks up the battery device and sets up on top of wooden bridge-type swingset. Falconine kicks away an abandoned basketball: "Hmph! Annoying brats."

Psycho Pink's voice: "Well that's not very nice!"

Falconine turns around and sees Psychos Pink and Yellow, ready to fight.

Psycho Yellow: "Whatever it is you're up to Falconine. You'd better stop if you know what's good for you."

Psycho Pink agrees: "Yeah!"

Falconine sneers: "Well if it isn't the Pink Bimbo, and the Yellow Tramp that turned my own brother against me."

Psycho Yellow crosses her arms: "I'd check out my wardrobe before I called anyone else a tramp if I were you."

Rygog jumps off the wooden bridge down to the ground: "How dare you speak to Falconine like that!"

Falconine: "Rygog, destroy these two annoyances for me and I might let you stand within ten feet of me."

Rygog anxiously nods: "As you wish my queen!"

Rygog charges: "Prepare to feel my wrath."

Psychos Yellow and Pink are unitimidated but keep their eyes on Rygog anyway.

Psycho Yellow: "You want to? Or shall I?"

Psycho Pink jokingly: "Letting me fight for you? Hehe. Somethings never change."

Psycho Pink runs towards Rygog: "Here I go!"

Rygog takes a swing at Psycho Pink but she ducks under it and then jumps up in the air, flips and lands on Rygog's head.

Rygog confused: "Huh? Where did she go."

Psycho Yellow's voice: "*Ahem!*"

Rygog turns to Yellow: "Hrmm?"

Psycho Yellow pats the top of head.

Rygog rolls his eyes upward and sees Psycho Pink on his head: "Wha?! Get off of my head!"

Psycho Pink jumps on Rygog's head, repeatedly, pushing Rygog's head down into his body: "Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!"

Psycho Pink finally jumps off of him dusts off her hands: "Uh. You can fall down now."

Rygog falls backward: "Ow."

Falconine shakes her head in disgust: "Worthless idiot."

Falconine snaps her fingers and a pack of Skullinites appear before her: "Skullinites! Attack!"

The Skullinite run towards the lady Psychos.

Psycho Yellow: "Skullinites? Geesh! I would have thought you guys would have realized by now that they couldn't beat an egg, let alone us!"

Psychos Pink and Yellow charge in and proceed to take out the numerous Skullinites while Falconine watches on.

Scene 5

Setting: New Bethany Park. Furio sets up his battery device, suddenly sparks burst from his back. Furio turns around and sees Psychos Blue and Black charging towards them with Psycho Weapons in hand.

Furio: "Rangers!"

Psycho Blue begins to spin around: "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue spins into his Psycho Spin attack and slashes Furio in the chest several times. He then moves out of the way and Furio sees Psycho Black dives in with his Psycho Lance. Psycho Black jumps up in the air and rolls down on the ground and flips Furio down in the process. Furio rolls back to his feet, holding his chest.

Furio summons his sword and casts in a red glow of energy, resembling a fiery mist and swings it, releasing large burst of red mist energy, the explosion sends both Psychos down.

Scene 6

Setting: The warehouse district of New Bethany. Darkonda and Deviot are busy setting up the fourth and final energy field battery. Deviot locks the battery device in place on top of several crates.

Deviot presses a few buttons on the battery device then turns around to Darkonda: "There. Everything is all set. Now we just have to wait for the other three and my Cyberbeasts will be awakened and ready to destroy the Psycho Rangers, once and for all! Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda smiles: "Hahahahaha! Good, good. Those color-coded saps won't know what hit them... Huh?"

Darkonda and Deviot hear a motor rumbling and turn around, seeing Psycho Red and Tabuna on the Red Psycho Cycle firing away at them. Darkonda and Deviot jump out of the way. Tabuna jumps off the cycle and lunges towards Deviot, tackling him.

Tabuna and Deviot get back up but Deviot recieves a swift kick to the chin, sending back into a brick wall.

Tabuna clenches her fists: "It's payback time for what you did to Treacheron, scumbag!"

Deviot tries to plea with Tabuna: "Tabuna wait! Let's be so hast..OOMPH!"

Tabuna decks Deviot, then grabs him by the chest and slams him into some empty boxes. Deviot just barely escape a stabbing blow from Tabuna's sword.

Deviot runs into an alley away from the others: "You wish to destroy me? Then let's take our little skirmish to someplace more 'private'! Hahahahahaha!"

Tabuna pulls her sword out of the ground and chases after Deviot: "Come back here!"

Psycho Red and Darkonda look on at Deviot and Tabuna then turn their attentions to each other.

Darkonda smirks: "I see you like your women spicy."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "Well I am a RED Ranger afterall."

Darkonda chuckles as unsheathes his dagger and elongates it to a full-length sword: "Hahahaha! Well you'll be wearing red of a different variety in just a moment. Hahahahahahaha!"

Psycho Red: "Bring it on!"

Psycho Red and Darkonda clash swords. Darkonda uses his free hand and strikes Psycho Red in the shoulder causing Red to back off. Then Darkonda throws a spin kick then follows it with a stiff side kick to the stomach. Psycho Red ducks under a third kick and legsweeps Darkonda. Psycho Red jumps for an elbowdrop but Darkonda warps out of the way and reforms behind Psycho Red, placing him in a sleeperhold from behind, and squeezing his head. Psycho Red gets up and struggles to break free. He dips forward, flipping Darkonda over his back, Darkonda spins his body and lands on his feet, but Psycho Red spins into a low elbowpunch into Darkonda's gut. The two jump away from each other. Darkonda lands on top of a closed dumpster on one knee and holds his sword in front of his face. Psycho Red lands on the hood of an abandoned pick-up truck, and holds his sword over his shoulder in a forward thrust position.

Darkonda: "Not bad at all. But let's take this to a higher level."

Psycho Red in a cocky tone: "Heh. Fine with me."

Both Psycho Red and Darkonda launch into superspeed becoming blurs and hopping all over the parking. The only time they become visible is when the momentarily block each other's swords. Psycho Red then lands on the ground, smoke seathing from his back, he eyes the battery all by itself.

Psycho Red: "Almost forgot what I came here for."

Psycho Red jumps up in the air with his sword ready to slice the battery device in half but chains fly up and pulls Psycho Red down, slamming him into the ground. The chains coming from Darkonda's forearms.

Darkonda: "Not so fast. I appreciate you trying something so underhanded, but don't forgot I'm the master of underhandeness! Bwahahahaha!"

Darkonda sends electrical currents into Psycho Red, forcing him to his knees in pain, while Darkonda enjoys a good sadistic laugh, that is his trademark.

Scene 7

Setting: Back to New Bethany Harbor. After another attack Ecliptor falls to the ground next to Psycho Silver's feet. Psycho Silver looks forward and sees Cybera holding her shoulder and breathing hard from combat in front of wrecked automobile.

Psycho Silver holds his Silverizer before as it charges it up: "Her appearance is deceptive. She's unbelievably strong, but we have to stop her anyway."

Psycho Silver charges and fires away with his Psycho Silverizer. Psycho Silver jumps up in the air for his Silverizer dive but Cybera picks up the car behind her and slams it on top of Psycho Silver.

Ecliptor gets up in a hurry: "Lucas!"

Cybera in her usual monotone voice: "Silver Psycho Ranger terminated."

Cybera casually walks past the car and towards Ecliptor, but suddenly the car explodes Cybera. Cybera turns around as she and Ecliptor see Psycho Silver in battle pose glowing silver.

Psycho Silver: "KIYAAAA!!!!!"

Ecliptor: "Heh heh heh. I knew he couldn't be destroyed so easily."

Psycho Silver leaps from the remains of the car leapfrogs in mid-air and becomes straight like an arrow and spins around like a spiral: "Psycho Spear!"

Psycho Silver with Silverizer at the end strikes Cybera in the chest and sends her to the ground in front of Ecliptor.

Ecliptor charges up his sword in a green glow: "My turn."

Ecliptor releases a large bolt of green energy at Cybera. The sparks erupt from Cybera. Psycho Silver dives down with his Psycho Silverizer and strikes her in the back, then lowspins another blow to her back, and stands half-crouched in front of Ecliptor. They stand as Cybera slowly falls to the ground and explosions erupt from her body.

Psycho Silver stands up straight: "We actually stopped her."

Ecliptor stands silent with mix feelings of pride for a fight well fought yet concern for Cybera's welfare.

Cybera struggles to get up and twitches just slightly. She looks at Ecliptor and for just a moment shows sadness: "Ecliptor?"

Small currents flow over Cybera's face and her usual cold expression returns as well as her emotionless tone of voice: "Systems damage reaching extreme levels. Must resume primary mission."

Cybera stiffly turns her head away from Ecliptor and Psycho Silver and back to the first battery device and runs to it.

Ecliptor: "The battery!"

Psycho Silver: "I'll stop her, Psycho Silverizer fullpower!"

Psycho Silver prepares to shoot but Ecliptor throws his sword and trips Psycho Silver. Psycho Silver is caught off guard and falls to the ground. Cybera reaches the batter and finishes the activation sequence.

Psycho Silver picks up Ecliptor's sword: "What's going on?"

The battery device begins to hum and Cybera steps back, turns around: "Primary operation, completed. Repair sequence to be initiated. Standing order will be resumed at a later cycle."

Cybera teleports away in a blue light. Then the battery releases a large yellow pillar of light into the sky. Ecliptor and Psycho Silver look on as the pillar begins to arc high above the city and stops at the center of the city just below the Dark Carrier and just above the Cyberbeasts.

Psycho Silver tights his grip as he hands Ecliptor back his sword: "What just happened?"

Ecliptor takes his sword back and is relunctant to answer.

Psycho Silver slowly nods: "I see. I understand perfectly then. We'll keep this to ourselves."

Psycho Silver turns his attention to the battery device: "We didn't stop Cybera but we may still be able to destroy the battery."

Ecliptor: "I doubt it."

Psycho Silver shoots at the battery but his blasts are deflected by an invisible force field.

Ecliptor: "Just as I thought. An energy field to protect the battery. She wouldn't have left it unguarded without some kind of defense."

Psycho Silver: "So what do we do now?"

Ecliptor: "Regroup and hope the other three teams do better than we just did."

Psycho Silver and Ecliptor leave the battery site.

Scene 8

Setting: Back to the school playground. Falconine continues to watch on as Psychos Pink and Yellow continue to battle the Skullinites.

Psycho Pink rolls past a Skullinite's fishbone sword, jumps backward and fires her Psycho Bow. The Psycho Arrow flies right through a long of row of Skullinites. The explosions erupt and they fall to the ground.

Two Skullinites throw fists at Psycho Yellow, she grabs their arms, jumps in the air, forward flips the ground and takes the Skullinites down with her. The land on the ground on both sides of her, she then drops her forearms down across their necks. She then rolls backward back to her feet, blocks a Skullinite's attack with an elbowpunch to the stomach followed by a leghook. She then charges an energy ball between her hands and releases it on a running Skullinite then turns around and releases another energy ball to the last of the Skullinites.

Falconine grows frustrated as her eyes glow purple: "Ugh. Must I do everything myself."

Falconine holds her hands above her and charging a purple current of energy between her hands then releases the energy on the Psycho girls. The explosions created from Falconine's attack take down the Psycho Rangers as well as destroy the unconscious Skullinites on the ground.

Falconine: "Hmph."

Falconine then walks to the bridge-swingset and stop in front Rygog, still on the ground with his head tucked into his body.

Falconine: "And you're pathetic."

Rygog: "Um.. My queen, could you give me a hand?"

Falconine stomps on Rygog's chest with the stilleto heel of her boot. The pressure pops Rygog's head back out and his eyes to bug out as well. Falconine them walks over Rygog to the bridge.

Rygog tries to get up but holds his chest and high-pitched tone: "Thank you."

Falconine jumps onto the bridge and finishes the battery activation sequence. It starts to hum and a yellow pillar of light flies into the sky and connects with the first pillar's end. The space between the two pillars forms a translucent yellow field, covering one quarter of the city.

Falconine looks at the female Psychos: "You failed miserably girls. Oh and Aundria, we'll settle our dispute later."

Psycho Yellow: "Grrrrrr..."

Falconine pulls her cape over and teleports away: "Hurry up Rygog!"

Rygog finally gets back up and mocks the Psychos: "This isn't over Rangers and next time I won't be so lenient!"

Falconine's voice: "RYGOG!"

Rygog grows worried: "Coming my queen!"

Rygog's eyes glow red and teleports away.

Psycho Pink helps Yellow up: "Man, she clobbered us but good."

Psycho Yellow: "Yeah. But what about that Rygog."

Psycho Pink: "She has him whipped, doesn't she."

Psycho Yellow: "If for nothing else, I'll give her credit for that much."

Scene 9

Setting: New Bethany Park. Psychos Black and Blue jump away from an explosion created by Furio.

Furio: "If you thought that was something, then you haven't seen anything yet!"

Furio's sword charges up with power as he strikes the ground, splitting the very earth beneath the Psychos. Psycho Black jumps out of the way, but Blue falls down the pit.

Furio turns his attention back to the battery: "Have a nice trip! Hahahaha!"

Psycho Black gets on the ground an reaches over the edge: "Marcus give me your hand!"

Psycho Blue is down in the chasm holding for his life: "I can't hold on!"

Psycho Black reaches further down: "Give me your hand!"

Psycho Blue holds up his Psycho Axe: "Quick, take my axe!"

Psycho Black: "No, I don't want your weapon. Give me your hand!"

Psycho Blue: "No you idiot! I can't reach you, pull my up by my axe! Geesh!"

Psycho Black snaps out of the melodramatic mood: "Oh. Yeah, of course."

Psycho Black grabs ahold of Psycho Blue's axe and pulls him up from the chasm, just before it closes in on them.

Psycho Blue: "Alright, blondie. Now let's stop the big red doof before.."

Psycho Black points: "Too late."

Furio laughs away as the third battery releases the pillar of light, arcing above the city and connects with the other two pillars. Forming a translucent field, now covering half of the city. The Cyberbeasts eyes start to light up.

Furio: "Better luck next time Pathetic Rangers! Hahahahahaha!"

Furio teleports away in a red bolt of energy.

Psycho Black: "We blew it."

Psycho Blue crosses his arms: "Well duh, Sherlocke. Next time we split up, I'm working with one of the chicks."

Scene 10

Setting: Back to the warehouse. Darkonda maintains his chain grip on Psycho Red. Still laughing.

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Your pain is delicious. I wish I could feed on it more."

Darkonda picks up his sword as he drags Psycho Red closer to him: "Sadly this feast will have to come to an end, but your death will make a great dessert! Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!"

Psycho Red struggles to break free of Darkonda's electrifying chains: "*urg* You know what?..*gasp*"

As Psycho Red is pulled right next to Darkonda and Darkonda makes his deathblow, Psycho Red back kicks Darkonda in his kneecap: "I'm really sick of that stupid laugh of yours!"

Psycho Red spins around and slashes Darkonda in the chest, upward.

Darkonda falls to the ground hard and squirms in pain. Psycho Red summons the Psychorang: "Now to destroy that battery."

Psycho Red turns around but sees the fourth and final battery already releasing the last pillar. The pillar of light rises and arcs to form a complete dome with the other three pillars. With the energy field complete the Cyberbeasts begin to awaken.

Psycho Red: "No! But how? There's no one else here!"

Darkonda stands up with a devilish smile on his face: "Hahahaha! Is there? Bwahahahahah! Looks like you Psychos blew it this time. I can't wait to see the Centaurus and Stratoforce Cyberbeasts make toothpicks out of your hides! Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Red throws his Psychorang at Darkonda in anger but the Crulian warps away just in time.

Psycho Red catches his Psychorang when it returns to him: "Ugh!"

Darkonda's voice taunts Psycho Red even after he has left: "Behold the Centaurus and Stratoforce Galactabeasts! Enjoy the destruction, Psycho Red. I know I will! Hahahahahaha!"

And Darkonda's laughter continues as the two Cyberbeasts growl and begin to tear apart the buildings around them, and destroy everything in their sights.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Still at the warehouse setting where Psycho Red stands. The other Psychos and Ecliptor regroup with him and look on as the Cyberbeasts go on a rampage.

Psycho Black: "That energy field is complete and it's energizing the Galactabeasts."

Psycho Yellow: "It looks like we all dropped the ball this time."

Psycho Red tightens his fist and stares at it then throws his hand down: "Okay, so Darkonda won round one, but the game isn't over yet!"

Psycho Black nods: "Right."

Psycho Black holds up his hand: "We need Guardianzord Power NOW!"

Psycho Red to himself: "I wonder who it was that activated the last battery while I was fighting Darkonda?"

Above the Psychos, hidden in the shadows, Twerp can be heard snickering.

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

The five core Psycho Rangers all jump high into the air and into their respective Guardianzords. Ecliptor then crosses his arms in front of his face and becomes a giant.

Psycho Silver: "No sense in me staying behind. Tora Ho!"

[Tora arrival sequence: Deep in the forest, on top of the mountain. Tora roars at the dark sky. Then runs down the mountain, he becomes flash of silver light jumping from point to point down the mountain and into the woods. Deep in the woods, Tora growls as he runs through the bushes. A pair of deers run out of his way, and the birds fly out of the trees.]

Tora in flash of light leaps from the sky and lands before Psycho Silver. Psycho Silver pats him on the head: "Okay my friend, it's time."

Psycho Silver holds up his morpher and presses the green button on it: "Tora-Shinobi Power!"

[Tora-Shinobizord morphing sequence]

Psycho Silver jumps high into the air and enters the cockpit of the Silver Tora-Shinobizord: "I'm coming aboard!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Alright Tora. Let's join the others."

The Tora-Shinobizord roars and runs through the center joining the Guardian Megazord and Giant Ecliptor who are already standing off in front of the Phoenix and Rhino Cyberbeasts.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Tora Charge!"

The Tora-Shinobizord begins to charge towards the Cyberbeasts but stops suddenly. Shaking it's head, and backing away.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Huh? Lucas, what are you doing?"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver struggles with his controls: "It's not me! Tora isn't following my commands."

The Tora-Shinobizord continues to protest, then casts itself in a deep glow, it shrinks into two small silver balls of energy, the two energy forms rush to the top of a nearby skyscraper and solidify into Tora and Psycho Silver.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Yo! What's up with that?!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "It looks like Tora pulled himself out of the fight."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red grabs his controls in haste: "Well brace yourselves, because we're just about to be pulled into the fight!"

The Rhino Cyberbeast charges and gores the Guardian Megazord.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Sparks erupt all over the cockpit as the Psychos are shaken up by the Cyberbeast's attack. Psycho Red struggles to stay still but grabs his controls: "We have to stop his momentum!"

The Guardian Megazord grabs the Rhino Cyberbeast by the shoulders and tries to push the beast out of it's chest. But the Rhino keeps moving forward, slowly pushing the Guardian Megazord backwards.

Ecliptor holds up his sword and runs towards the two: "I'll stop him."

Ecliptor suddenly turns his head just as the Phoenix Cyberbeast dives in on him. Ecliptor struggles with the Phoenix: "Get off of me, you *urg* overgrown turkey!"

The Phoenix responds by pecking Ecliptor's left shoulder. Ecliptor breaks free of the beast and holds his shoulder in pain, but the beast charges right back and strikes Ecliptor twice with it's claws.

Meanwhile Psycho Silver watches helplessly on the sidelines: "I can't believe. My friends are in trouble, and I can't do anything to help them! ... Unless, maybe a little assistance from the Silver Stormer."

Pscyho Silver holds up his hand to call for the Silver Stormer but Tora jumps in front of him, protesting. Psycho Silver turns his attention to Tora: "Tora, what is it? Why won't you let me fight those monsters."

Tora looks at the beasts as they attack Ecliptor and the Megazord and moans in sad frustration.

Pscyho Silver puts his hand to his chinplate to think: "Why is Tora concerned? Wait a minute!"

Psycho Silver flashbacks to Zordon's words: "There are eight full-fledged Galactabeasts. The lion, the gorilla, the wildcat, the wolf, the condor, the rhino, the phoenix, and the shark. However Lucas, your Tora is a distant cousin to the Galactabeasts, like a wolf is to a dog."

Psycho Silver looks at Tora as Tora watches in pain at the Cyberbeasts. Psycho Silver walks up to Tora gets on one knee and rubs it's head: "It's okay. They're family to you, and it's not their fault that Darkonda and Deviot have made them into monsters."

Psycho Silver stands up and holds forearm in front of his face: "Psycho Red, this is Psycho Silver. Whatever you do, you can't harm the Cyberbeasts."

The Rhino punches the Guardian Megazord in the head.

[Megazord cockpit scene] The punch shakes up the Rangers again. Psycho Red speaks through the communicator: "Unfortunately. Not hurting them, isn't the problem right now!"

Psycho Silver: "No I'm serious. The Galactabeasts aren't evil. We have to find another way of stopping them."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red gets angry: "That's nonsense! They may have only been changed by Darkonda, but right now they pose a threat to us and the people of New Bethany. They have to be stopped."

Psycho Silver: "But.."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "No buts! Now isn't the time for your pseudo-pacificism!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink turns around to face Psycho Red: "But Lucas is right! The Galactabeasts are just like us! Or have you forgotten that Darkonda also changed us against our will!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red pause: "But.. No. You're right. We're getting our butts kicked anyway. Fall back, we need to change strategies."

Psycho Silver nods: "Understood."

Tora looks up to Psycho Silver with a relieved expression.

Psycho Silver: "Come on Tora, to base!"

The Guardian Megazord pushes the Rhino Cyberbeast out of the way and runs to Ecliptor and the Phoenix Cyberbeast. The Guardian Megazord grabs the Phoenix from behind pulls it off Ecliptor. The Guardian Megazord helps up Ecliptor.

Ecliptor notices the Guardian Megazord, lifting off: "Huh? What do you think you're doing?!"

Psycho Red's voice comes out of the Megazord: "We're getting out of here."

The Guardian Megazord flies away with Ecliptor and goes right through the energy field.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Falconine, and Furio watch the Rangers retreating. They are please with what they see.

Furio: "Incredible! The Rangers are running away with their tails caught between their legs."

Falconine turns to Darkonda with a confident smile on her face: "Well done Darkonda. It looks like you and Deviot have finally come up with a scheme that's actually paying off!"

Darkonda being very jovial: "Hahaha! Yes, Deviot is finally starting to earn his keep!"

Darkonda finally notices Deviot's absence: "Say.. Where is he anyway?"

Furio: "I don't know. Didn't he go into the field with you?"

Darkonda scratches his chin: "Hmmm.. Oh yes. That's right, the last I saw of him, he was having a little trouble with the space thief, Tabuna."

Falconine: "He hasn't returned. He might be in trouble. Perhaps he should send someone to help him out."

Darkonda: "No bother. Deviot is a crafty one. I'm sure he can handle the silver-haired girl."

Falconine raises an eyebrow seductively: "And if he doesn't?"

Darkonda: "It just means more of the world for us! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Falconine smiles: "One less person to split the world with. I have no regrets about that. Hmhmhmhmhm."

Darkonda smiles and speaks under his breath to himself: "Yes. I thought you wouldn't but when the Psychos are destroyed, you'll be one less person to split the world with and Deacon Blue will be all to myself. Heh heh heh."

Scene 3

Setting: An empty warehouse. There are boxes and crates everywhere and it is dark with only one main entrance. Which suddenly busts open by Tabuna's boot.

Tabuna enters the warehouse: "Deviot!"

Tabuna looks around the warehouse and doesn't see him anywhere: "Where is he? I saw him run in here."

Suddenly a large pile of boxes topples over. Tabuna jumps out of the way and the fallen boxes block the only exit. Deviot's laughter echoes throughout the warehouse.

Tabuna gets up from the ground: "So you are in here. Show yourself coward!"

Deviot's voice: "Hahahaha! And why would I do a stupid thing like that my dear? Somehow I doubt you want to seem to give me a nice warm hug."

Tabuna looks up at the balconies trying to spot Deviot: "Oh I'll give you hug alright. But just so I can stick my sword in your back!"

Deviot's voice: "Stab me in the back? Why not, you already did that to me once before."

Tabuna: "I don't know what you're talking about. I never saw you before in my life, before the day you took Treacheron away from me."

Deviot's voice: "I'm hurt that you still haven't figure it out. You know Treacheron recognized me right before I finished him off."

Tabuna: "If you used to be someone else, then who?!"

Deviot's voice: "Hahahaha! Let's save that little mystery for later, shall we. That is if there is a later for you!"

A figure tries to jump Tabuna from behind but Tabuna hears and flips him over her back. Tabuna kick the figure into a wooden beam, the figure turns out to be Deviot and Tabuna presses her boot against his chest as she holds up her sword for the final blow.

Deviot looks worried as Tabuna prepares to strike: "And now you pay for what you did to Treacheron and for anyone else's life you may have ruined."

Deviot's fear turns to confidence: "You won't destroy me."

Tabuna: "What makes you think that."

Deviot: "Remove my mask and see for yourself."

Tabuna raises her sword again: "Forget it, I'm not falling for your tricks."

Deviot: "What's the matter. Are you afraid to confront the truth."

Deviot slowly raises his hands and presses against his mask: "Here let me show you."

Tabuna watches on with a combination of curiosity and disgust. As Deviot presses against the sides of his mask, his red eyes dim down and steam bursts out from the sides. Deviot slowly removes the mask from his face and Tabuna's eyes grow big.

Tabuna backs away from Deviot as he stands up: "No.. Im.. Impossible."

Deviot: "Oh but is my dear Tabuna."

Tabuna shakes her head in disbelief as she slowly backs away: "It can't be... what did you do to yourself Uncle Everette?!"

Everette smiles devilishly: "Oh, let's just say I've been through some rough times lately. Now are you still going to destroy or do you want to give your dear sweet Uncle Deviot a hug! Hahahahaha!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the warehouse. Everette with his Deviot mask removed stands before a shaken Tabuna.

Tabuna's eyes begin to tear as she still can't believe what she sees: "I don't believe it. How.. Uncle Everette, how did you get here?"

Everette puts his hands together: "You mean how did I survive Captain Mutiny's wrath after you abandoned me in the Lost Galaxy?"

Tabuna turns away: "I didn't abandon you. I had to get out of the Lost Galaxy. After what happened on planet Ginga, I just stomach the thought of working for that slave tyrant anymore."

Everette: "Yes. And in the process, you left me behind all alone. And after everything I did for you. If it wasn't for me, you would be rotting in Barbarax's slave camp instead of becoming one of Captain Mutiny's elite warriors."

Tabuna yells: "No!"

Tabuna turns around, teary-eyed but angry: "If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have been trapped in the Lost Galaxy in the first place! After I left the Lost Galaxy, Treacheron told me the whole truth about how you manipulated me, how you manipulated my father, how you set us all up. You let your own people die in that slave camp just so you could empower yourself with that damn book!"

Tabuna holds her sword at Everette's throat: "Treacheron also told me what really happened on the day my father died. How could you do it? He was your own brother! I should destroy you right where you stand!"

Everette smirks: "But you won't. I know you too well my dear niece. I know that for all the hatred you have for the man who lied to you, changed you from innocent girl into a notorious space pirate and murderer. For all the hatred you have for the man who sold out his people, and his own family. For the man took all you hold dear, away. Even with all that hatred you have for me, you won't destroy me."

Tabuna lets up just slightly.

Everette presses his throat against Tabuna's sword as a taunt: "You can't destroy me, because you can't forget about the man who first taught you how to laugh, you can't forget about the man who rocked you to sleep at night, and chased away the bogeymen. The man who told you the stories of our people in his lap. You can't forget about the man cared for you as if you were his own daughter. You can't your forget dear ole' Uncle Everette."

Tabuna lets the tears run down her face as she pulls her sword away from Deviot. She turns away: "Why are you doing this to me? Your own flesh and blood."

Everette places his mask back on his face: "To make you strong, my dear. Your father, my brother didn't have the courage to make you into the great warrior you should be. Consider the pain I've brought onto, as tough love."

Deviot walks around Tabuna in a circle: "Make no mistake about it. I have been cruel to you, yes. But I haven't forgotten that you are my flesh and blood. We're family Tabuna. Not just that, we are the only family we have left. And that's why I make you this offer."

Tabuna raises her head with curiosity: "An offer?"

Deviot walks up to Tabuna: "Yes. Join me, my dear niece and forget about these silly notions of romance and redemption that you've been having lately. Forget about the Red Psycho Ranger and join your uncle in the path of darkness."

Tabuna: "You mean, you want me to betray Victor for you. Why should I do that?"

Deviot: "Why else? Blood is thicker than water. But you don't have to decide right now. I'll give you time to think about it. Till next we meet my child. Hahahahaha!"

Deviot teleports away just as Tabuna reaches for him: "No wait!"

Tabuna shakes her fists and stands still in silent rage until she let's out her frustration in the form of an explosion force upon the warehouse. After the rage subsides, Tabuna falls to her knees and cries.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Deviot just teleports in and joins Darkonda and the other, who are watching the Cyberbeasts in action.

Darkonda holds out his arms: "Ah Deviot! We were starting to worry that you wouldn't return."

Deviot chuckles as he taps the side of his head: "Now why do I not quite believe in your sincerity Darkonda?"

Darkonda: "You wound me. Still you should be commended. You're Galactabeasts are working out splendidly."

Furio adds in: "The Rangers have already been forced to retreat!"

Deviot walks up the the projection: "Excellent. They are more active than I originally hoped for. They may already be ready for the rest of the mechanization process!"

Falconine questions Deviot: "You mean what we see here are not the final forms of your monsters?"

Deviot waves his finger: "Oh no, my lady Falconine. The Cyberebeast forms are only the intermediate stage between Galactabeast forms and the evil Megazord forms that I have design."

Deviot pulls out his Centaurus and Stratoforce remote device and presses one of the buttons as he aims it at the projection of two Cyberbeasts: "Behold! Now that they are currently being powered, I'll speed up the mechanization process on their bodies. Elmininating their beast forms forever and creating two powerful Megazords for our own beck and call!"

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. The Dark Carrier emits a green light down the center of the energy field and spreads so that it covers both Cyberbeasts. The Rhino Cyberbeasts glows red and the Phoenix Cyberbeast glows blue.

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Deviot continues to show off to the other villains.

Deviot: "Now watch as the Rhino Cyberbeast becomes my Centaurus Megazord and the Phoenix Cyberbeast becomes my Stratoforce Megazord."

Scene 5

Setting: New Bethany. The Rhino Cyberbeast contine to glow and suddenly in a flash of red light the Rhino Cyberbeast becomes the evil version of the Centaurus Megazord. The Phoenix Cyberbeast goes through the same process and becomes the evil version of the Stratoforce Megazord.

The two evil Megazords stand tall in the city as the Dark Carrier looms over them.

Deviot's voice: "Behold their evil might. Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

Scene 6

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Psychos and Ecliptor along with Beta 1 and Zordon watch the two Cyberbeasts become Megazords on the Viewing Globe.

Aundria: "Did you see that? They just changed into Zords!"

Lucas: "Whatever transformation process they were being forced into must be complete."

Victor: "Which means we don't have much time."

Victor turns and looks straight into Lucas and Angela: "Okay you two were the ones that wanted an alternative to destroying those Galactabeasts, so do you have any suggestions at all?"

Marcus: "Why are we wasting our time with this non-violent crap. Let's just waste them."

Lucas: "But they are not evil."

Marcus throws up his hands: "SO? They're not like us. We were people, those Galactabeasts are just a couple of ugly, dumb animals."

Angela gets angry: "It doesn't matter that they're not people. It definitely shouldn't matter that they may not have been beautiful. They were still good creatures once. I don't care if they're ugly or not, that doesn't matter to me."

Simon looks at Angela with the faintest of smiles from behind.

Victor: "We still need to get to the heart of the matter. Destroying them or otherwise we still need to stop them."

Simon lights up: "That's it!"

Marcus: "What's 'it' Blondie."

Simon: "We need to strike them in the heart."

Lucas not sure what Simon means: "But won't that destroy them."

Simon: "No I mean the heart or source of their power. The energy field."

Aundria: "But we've all already tried destroying those batteries. None us could get through their forcefields."

Simon presses a button on a control panel and the Viewing Globe shows the center point of the energy field, directly under the Dark Carrier: "Look, the energy field wasn't complete until all four pillars met at the center of the city. That's the nexus of the field. If we can disrupt that, we might be able to destroy the energy field and the Galactabeasts will be all out of power."

Victor: "Alright then. We'll go with that, but if it doesn't work, we give those Galactabeasts everything we got and we destroy them."

Victor turns to Angela and Lucas again: "Got it?"

Angela and Lucas both nod.

Victor: "Then back to action!"

A flash of multi-colored light.

Scene 7

Setting: New Bethany. The evil Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords release eyebeams upon the city, destroying buildings everywhere. Suddenly the Guardian Megazord and giant Ecliptor appear again.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Alright. Ecliptor, you gotta give us time to reach the central point of the energy field. Can you hold them off long enough?"

Ecliptor chucks his head backward: "Hmph! Don't insult me."

Ecliptor presses the Cybera symbol on his wrist. Light starts to crack through his body. Ecliptor clutches himself then let's go and in a flash of light his body shatters, revealing Ultimate Ecliptor.

Scene 8

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Deviot, Falconine, and Furio watch on through the floor projection.

Deviot: "What? They've come back for more?"

Furio scoffs: "Ha! Then they're fools."

Darkonda watches closers and grinds his teeth: "No. Only Ecliptor is fighting our Megazords. Those Rangers are upto something. But what?"

Scene 9

Setting: Back to New Bethany.

The Guardian Megazord flies past the evil Megazords. Both Stratoforce and Centaurus take aim at the Guardian Megazord but Ultimate Ecliptor knocks them both down from behind.

Ultimate Ecliptor: "I don't think so."

Stratoforce Megazord gets up and energizes it's boomerang sword and throws it, however Ultimate Ecliptor just holds out his sword and catches the boomerang like they were a pole and a horseshoe. Ecliptor holds the sword with the boomerang spinning around it above his head and swings his sword at the Megazord.

Ultimate Ecliptor: "As I recall, boomerangs have a tendency to return to their owners!"

The boomerang flies off Ecliptor's sword as he swings it and strikes the Stratoforce Megazord down.

Ultimate Ecliptor laughs at his fallen opponent and recieves a couple of shots to the back. He turns around and sees the Centaurus Megazord aiming it's gun at Ultimate Ecliptor.

Ultimate Ecliptor motions with his finger for the Megazord to come to him: "Come on then. You won't be the first Megazord I've destroyed."

The Centaurus Megazord charges, skating and throws a punch. Ultimate Ecliptor grabs the fist and throws several chops to the belly of the Megazord.

Meanwhile the Guardian Megazord arrives just below the Dark Carrier and the center of the energy field.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Are we in position?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "We're perfect."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Then let's finish this! Guardian Energy Sword Unleash!"

The Guardian Megazord's eyes turn red as it holds up it's hand and the dark clouds start to form.

Scene 10

Setting: Back to Darkonda's throneroom. The onlooking villains start to show concern over what the Psychos are doing just below them.

Falconine: "What are they doing? They're right below us and it looks like their calling the Megazord's weapon."

Deviot: "Oh no! We have to get out of here or we'll be destroyed!"

Darkonda: "What are you blathering about? They can't destroy us through the field."

Deviot: "You idiot! It's an energy field to keep my Megazords moving. Not a forcefield. Whatever attack they use will go right through it and strike us."

Falconine: "No. Furio, get to the bridge and move us immediately."

Furio bows his head: "As you command."

Furio hurriedly leaves the throneroom.

Scene 11

Setting: Back to New Bethany. Ultimate Ecliptor continues to hold the evil Megazords at bay, while the Guardian Megazord holds it's arm up. Lightning strikes the Guardian Megazord's hand an the energy sword is formed.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Full power!"

The Guardian Megazord holds down the sword, looks up and thrusts the energy sword upward creating it's own pillar of energy and striking the center of the energy field. The Guardian Megazord's energy starts to disrupt the energy field and strikes the Dark Carrier as well.

Scene 12

Setting: Back to Darkonda's throneroom. The room shakes and the lights go on and off as the Dark Carrier is under attack.

Deviot: "No! We're all going to be destroyed."

Falconine tries to maintain her balance and pushes Deviot aside: "Stop being a pathetic worrywart. Furio should be moving us in just a moment."

Scene 13

Setting: Back to New Bethany. Ultimate Ecliptor continues to knock down the evil Megazords while the Guardian Megazord continues to unleashe it's power on the energy field.

Ultimate Ecliptor starts to fade back into his normal form momentarily. Ultimate Ecliptor looks at his hands: "Oh no. My power is starting to fade, I've been in my ultimate form for too long."

The evil Megazord's take advantage of Ecliptor's fading power and proceed to beat on him. Meanwhile the Dark Carrier finally moves away from the energy field, damaged but still functional it retreats.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "It looks like Darkonda and Falconine couldn't handle the heat. They're leaving."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Then let's wrap this up. Bring everything we've got into the energy sword."

[Megazord cockpit scene] The other Psychos all nod and agree: "Right!"

The Guardian Megazord strikes the energy field harder and large surge flies up it's pillar of energy. The energy field starts to crack and currents of multi-colored energy flow down each of the field's pillars and strikes all four batteries, destroying them, one by one. The energy field shatters like glass and the shards fade into nothingness.

Just in time as Ecliptor returns to his normal form, but before the Megazords can strike their eyes dim and the slow to a hault.

Ecliptor: "It's over."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Yes! We did it!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black turns to Pink: "And we didn't have to destroy the Galactabeasts to do it."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink slowly nods: "Yes. And Simon.."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink reaches over and puts her hand on Psycho Black's hand: "..thanks."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black pauses for moment, most likely because he is blushing underneath his helmet: "Uh.. Yeah.. You're welcome."

Scene 14

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom as the Dark Carrier flies away.

Deviot: "They've cut all the power to my Zords."

Furio: "It looks like they're the Rangers' Zords now."

Deviot holds up his Megazord remote: "I think not. The field was up long enough that they should have built up enough reserve energy for them to disengage into smaller Zords and return to Zenith."

Deviot works the Megazord remote and on the projection the two Megazord turn into beings of light and split into five small balls of energy each. The balls of energy fly out of the city and into Zenith Carrierzord's open mouth. Once all ten balls of energy enter Zenith, Zenith closes it's mouth and shuts down.

Darkonda: "So we still have those Zords, but they failed."

Deviot: "We'll use them again later. In the meantime I have something more personal to deal with."

Falconine: "Meaning what?"

Deviot: "Hmhmhm.. You'll see. You'll see."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The warehouse where Tabuna still remains. Victor runs in.

Victor: "Tabuna!"

Victor runs to Tabuna and puts his hands on her shoulders as she still on her knees: "Tabuna, are you okay?"

Tabuna rests her head on Victor's right hand on her shoulder: "I'm not hurt if that's what you mean."

Victor: "What happened?"

Tabuna gets up: "A revelation. Look, I need some time to myself."

Tabuna begins to walk away, not even looking back at Victor.

Victor: "Tabby. Wait, I'm sorry I didn't get her sooner but the Galactabeasts had to be stopped."

Tabuna: "If you're worried that I'm upset with you, don't be."

Victor: "Tabuna. What went down here. Something got to you. Don't leave me in the dark."

Tabuna: "Bye Vic. I'll see you around."

Tabuna vanishes leaving Victor behind to wonder what happened to her.

Scene 2

Setting: Just outside Angela's greenhouse. Simon looks throw the bushes trying to find the rose, he discarded earlier.

Simon: "Where is it? I'm pretty sure I tossed it right here."

Angela's voice: "Simon, what are you doing over there?"

Simon turns around in panic: "Oh.. Nothing! I mean, I was just looking for my watch I lost earlier."

Angela: "You don't have a watch."

Simon: "Well I don't, now. It was brand new. But wherever it is, it's not here. Sorry for disrupting your plants."

Simon tries to leave, Angela grabs him by the shoulder: "Simon?"

Simon takes a swallow and turns his head: "Ah.. Yes?"

Angela: "Are you sure you didn't have anything to tell me this morning?"

Simon thinks about it for a moment, he tries to build up his courage but faulters: "No. Nothing at all. Look, I.. I need to get back to work."

Angela with a tone of disappointment and slowly let's go of Simon's arm: "Oh.. Okay then."

Simon waves and rushes out of there: "Later."

Angela watches Simon leave and go inside and speaks to herself: "It's okay."

Angela picks up her potted flowers with Simon's rose in it: "You'll tell me, when you're ready."

The End.

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