Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 29
"The Better Machine"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A dark lab in an undisclosed location. In front of the room are five large tubes filled with water. In each of the tubes is a mechanical skeleton. In the rear of the lab is control panel facing the tubes. At the controls are Deviot, Darkonda, and Furio. Behind them in the shadows stands Dr. Hinelar, overseeing the project while Twerp hovers about. Cybera stands off to the side watching on, in her usual emotionless manner.

Deviot: "Skeletal frames are complete and ready for fusion process."

Dr. Hinelar: "Blend the genetic material with the Pyrin-7."

Darkonda pulls a switch in front of him: "Combining Pyrin-7 with their genetic material now."

Above the tubes with the skeleton robots are smaller tubes containing black chunks of decayed flesh fragments. The Pyrin-7 enters the small tubes via tiny glass pipes as a bright orange liquid. The first tube contains fragments that look like ice, the Pyrin-7 turns into a blue liquid and the blue liquid enters the first tube and encases the skeleton. The second small tube's fragments have bee like qualities, when those fragments mix in with the Pyrin-7 a yellow liquid is formed and encases the mechanical skeleton below. The fourth set of fragments look like black rocks, the Pyrin-7 mixed with the rocks forms a black liquid that encases the skeleton below. The fifth set of fragments have plant-like qualities to them and the Pyrin-7 turns it into a pink liquid that encases the skeleton beloew. Finally the center set of fragments are black and red and the Pyrin-7 makes a red liquid out of it and encases the skeleton below.

Deviot: "The pieces of the puzzle are together, Dr. Hinelar."

Dr. Hinelar slightly smirks: "Solidify them."

Deviot chuckles in anticipation and he presses a big yellow button. The five tubes darken as the Pyrin-7 covered skeletons start to harden into a more defined and familiar form.

Dr. Hinelar: "Furio, give me status."

Furio looks at the small green monitor in front of him: "All signs look good. They are ready for awakening."

Darkonda rubs his hands together: "Excellent, I'll awaken them immediately! Hahahaha!"

Darkonda reaches for another switch but Deviot grabs his hand and stops: "Not yet my overeager friend. If they are turn out to be just like the originals, we'll need to take certain precautions."

Darkonda: "Such as?"

Deviot: "Hmhmhmhm. Watch and learn. Hahahaha."

Deviot presses another button and small grey devices with a red LED in the center forms in the tubes and they attach to the left arms of the creatures inside.

Deviot holds up a remote device in his hand: "With this wonderful little beauty, we'll make sure they're good little boys and girls."

Darkonda: "Not too good I hope."

Deviot: "Hahahaha. Of course not."

Dr. Hinelar: "Enough. Awaken them."

Darkonda: "With please Dr. Hinelar. Hahahahahahaha!"

Darkonda pulls another switch. A humming sound starts up as the lights in the lab flash on and off. Steam and mist spurts out of the large tubes as the tubes open. Five figures, cast in the darkness, step out of the tubes.

The figure in the center clenches his fists in front of him: "Finally! We're alive again! Now to get our revenge on the Rangers!"

The first figure: "Hehehahahahaha! If there's just one of them or five of them, the Blue Ranger is mine!"

Darkonda stands up: "Eager to get back to work, I see. Excellent. But the Power Rangers will have to wait."

The center figure: "Darkonda! Bah! We don't take orders from you!"

The fourth figure: "Even if you apparently brought us back to life, why should we do what you say!"

First figure: "Let's trash this place."

Deviot presses a button on his remote: "Let's not."

The devices on the figures' arms shock them.

Center figure: "Aaaaahhhh! Turn it off! Turn it off!"

Darkonda smirks and nods to Deviot, Deviot turns off the devices.

Darkonda: "Will you listen now?"

Center figure: "Yes. We'll hear you out but make it quick!"

Darkonda: "First of all, you will have another shot at the Power Rangers in due time. However, I think there's someone else you'll want to eliminate first."

Center figure: "I don't care about anyone else. All I want is the Red Ranger!"

Darkonda raises a brow: "Ah. But how would you feel about another Red Ranger. Another group of Power Rangers."

Second figure: "Oh we'll destroy all other Rangers but there's no group we want more than the Space Rangers."

Deviot: "I think we can change that. You may want the destruction of the Space Rangers but this particular group of Power Rangers have made it their mission to ruin you good evil names."

Center figure is curious: "Ruin our reputation? How?!"

Deviot: "See for yourself."

Deviot presses a button and holo-image shows the Psycho Rangers.

The five figures are surprised to see Psychos standing side by side with Ecliptor.

Images of Psycho Blue fighting Skullinites and fighting the Molelific monster angers the first figure: "What?!"

Images of Psycho Pink protecting a group of girlscouts from Dark Hunter upsets the fifth figure: "Disgusting."

Images of Psycho Yellow shielding Lucas from an attack by Damien angers the second figure: "Whoever she is, she's dead!"

Images of Psycho Black rescuing Psycho Pink from Boppadillo's attacks. Angers the fourth figure. The fourth figure turns to the fifth figure: "As if."

The fifth figure turns her head away from the fourth figure: "Hmph!"

Finally images of Psycho Red battling various monsters, catch the attention of the center figure. Psycho Red fighting side-by-side with Ecliptor angers the figure more. But when an image of Psycho Red being goofy with Tabuna like he's in love enrages the center figure: "I'VE SEEN ENOUGH!"

The center figure blasts the holographic image projector in rage, explosions erupt.

Darkonda after covering his eyes from the explosion: "I take it you're interested?"

The center figure with hatred in his voice: "Yes. Andros and his lot can wait. Those do-gooders have committed the ultimate insult to us!"

The five figures step out of the darkness.

The center figure: "We'll teach those imposters that no one messes with the Psycho Rangers!"

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Downtown of the city of New Bethany. People are busy going about their normal business. Among them is Lucas carrying two big paperbags of groceries. A sudden explosion around the corner, catches Lucas off guard and he drops his groceries. Civilians start to run away past Lucas.

Lucas: "Huh?"

A middle-aged man runs past Lucas, but Lucas grabs his arm to question him: "Sir, wait! What just happened?"

The middle-aged man speaks quickly out of fear and excitement: "It's the Psycho Rangers! They've turned against us! Get out of here before they get you?"

Lucas slowly lets the old man go in shock: "The Psycho Rangers? Impossible."

Lucas runs in the opposite direction as everyone else and turns the corner to see the other Psycho Rangers attacking the city scape. Releasing energy blasts on buildings. Psycho Yellow in particular finds a scared woman who didn't get away from them.

The scared woman makes a run for it but Psycho Yellow turns into yellow light, sinks into the ground and rises back up in front of her.

Scared woman: "No!"

Psycho Yellow: "Where do you think you're going?"

Scared woman: "Please, don't hurt me? You've helped us so many times in the past why are you doing this?"

Psycho Yellow reaches to put her hand on the poor woman's forehead: "Things change. Now sit tight, this will only hurt for a moment."

Lucas jumps in and grabs Psycho Yellow's arm: "Stop!"

Lucas turns to the woman: "Get out of here now!"

The scared woman starts to back away: "What about.."

Lucas: "I'll be okay, you just get out of here!"

The scared woman nods and runs away.

Lucas turns his attention back to Psycho Yellow: "Aundria, what are you doing?"

Psycho Yellow: "Grrrr... I don't know who you are, but first let go of me.. NOW!"

Psycho Yellow punches Lucas in the gut causing him to keel over and back down.

Lucas holds his stomach looks up: "Aundry? Something's not right here!"

Psycho Yellow: "Aundria? There is no Aundria here!"

Psycho Yellow releases an energy bolt from her hand, causing an explosion on the ground, forcing Lucas to hop forward and roll back to his feet. By now the other four Psychos have Lucas surrounded.

Psycho Blue: "Who's this loser you picked up Psycho Yellow?"

Psycho Yellow: "I don't know but he's trying to be familiar with me?"

Psycho Red crosses his arms: "How insolent of him. Destroy him!"

Lucas starts to notice something about the Psychos: "Wait a minute, your voices. You're all morphed but the echo in your voices are missing! You're not the Psycho Rangers."

Psycho Red becomes infuriated and strikes Lucas down: "Shut your mouth you little worm! We ARE the Psycho Rangers! Those little goodie goods, you people idolize are the fakes!"

Psycho Pink pushes Psychos Black and Blue aside and prepares to shoot her Psycho Bow: "Enough talk. Let's get rid of him already! Hahahahaha!"

Lucas rolls backward out of the way from Psycho Pink's attack and pulls out his Silver Morpher: "You're definitely not the sweet Angela I know. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Silver morphing sequence]

Psycho Silver summons his Psycho Silverizer: "I don't appreciate you guys impersonating my friends, so you're going down!"

Robo-Psycho Red: "He's one of those Psycho Fakes! Get him!"

Robo-Psycho Blue pushes Red out of the way: "NO! He's mine! The last team we fought a Psycho Silver, I got destroyed!"

Robo-Psycho Black crosses his arms: "Hmph! Be my guest! If we're lucky you'll get destroyed again!"

Robo-Psycho Blue gets in Black's face: "Why you?! Maybe I'll start with you instead?"

Robo-Psycho Yellow pushes Blue away: "Knock it off both of you! It's this fighting amongst ourselves that caused our defeat the first time around!"

Psycho Silver shakes his head in disbelief and speaks to himself: "Incredible. Their not the real Psychos but their personalities have so much familiarity. They're more than just mere imposters, but how?"

Robo-Psycho Pink jumps in front and charges towards Silver: "Enough of these petty squabbles. I want to get this over with and find that Fako Pink!"

Psycho Silver blocks Robo Pink's first strike and strikes her back, in the stomach with the Silverizer. Pushing her aside as the other Robo-Psychos charge in with their own attacks.

Robo-Psycho Blue: "He's mine!"

Psycho Silver backflips away from Robo Blue's axe swip and follows it with a legsweep as Robo Blue charges again, tripping up Robo Blue just in time to block kick from Robo Black between his wrists. Psycho Silver pushes upward to keep Robo Black away. Psycho Silver then gets up and runs up Robo Black's chest coming back down with an upside-down, double roundhouse kick.

Robo-Psycho Red summons his sword from his shoulder: "Hmmm.. He's not half-bad."

Robo-Psycho Yellow, standing in front of Red: "I'll distract him, you take him down."

Robo-Psycho Red nods: "Hmhmhm. Right."

Robo-Psycho Yellow charges after Psycho Silver, Silver jumps in the air and jumps again off of Yellow's head. Psycho Silver stretches out his body, spinning around like a spear with his Silverizer held out front, but Robo Red ducks just low enough to avoid the tip of Silver's blade, grabs his arm drags him down, getting in two shots from his sword while Silver land hard into the ground, almost head first.

Robo-Psycho Red picks up Psycho Silver by the head: "Not bad but don't think you're actually going to win here. We're out of your league!"

Robo-Psycho Red swings his sword but Silver twists and ducks releasing a spinning elbow to Robo Red's stomach and as Red keels over, Psycho Silver uses the back of his head to butt Red's chin.

Psycho Silver rolls away from the fallen Robo-Psycho and turns around to release a wave of energy bullets from his Psycho Silver at the other four Robo-Psychos.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Deviot, and Falconine watch the battle via the floor image projector. Furio and Cybera stand in the background with their arms crossed.

Darkonda enraged: "Ugh! They're pathetic!"

Falconine crosses her arms, in an unimpressed matter: "Hmph. These Robo-Psychos can't even handle the would-be pacifist. How do you expect them to handle the other five Psychos?"

Darkonda: "Not to mention Ecliptor."

Falconine: "And that silver-haired tramp!"

Deviot gives Falconine a funny look for a moment for her last comment and then speaks up: "My dear Falconine. I would have thought such debasing name-calling would be beneath. But you two do have a point. My Robo-Psychos do need a little fine-tuning but don't lose faith in them just yet. They'll get their act together in time."

Darkonda: "They had better Deviot. So far this plan of yours to create robot clones of the Psycho Rangers is turning into just as much a disaster as your last plan."

Deviot getting defensive: "My Psycho Rangers are perfect! Just you wait and see."

Falconine: "Perfect, Deviot? I don't know about that. They don't even have the mechanical echo in their voices that the real Psycho Rangers do."

Deviot: "That was just a minor deffect from having to use the remains of the real Psychos' original bodies while they were in monster form."

Darkonda: "That's one thing I've been curious about. How exactly did you get ahold of the remains of the Psycho Rangers' original bodies?"

Falconine: "Original bodies? What are you two talking about?"

Deviot steps away from the hologram projector to explain himself: "I suppose an explanation is in order. Very well."

Deviot turns around: "As you know Falconine. At one time, the Psycho Rangers were on the side of evil. Thanks to some manipulation on Darkonda's part, five teenagers from Zordon's homeworld were changed into five monsters and combined with the Ranger powers that was meant to be theirs anyway, creating the Psycho Rangers! With absolutely no memory of their Eltarian lives, the Psychos believed themselves to have always been monsters and were mentally programmed to hate all things good, particularly the Power Rangers."

Darkonda: "Their respective colors at that."

Deviot: "Yes. However the Psycho Rangers' hatred and greed caused them to fight amongst themselves almost as much as they did with the other Power Ranger team. And ultimately, the Power Rangers of KO-35 destroyed the Psychos. However, I worked in secret during this time along with the late Dementian."

Darkonda half-smiling: "May he rest in peace. Heh heh heh."

Falconine looks at Darkonda briefly with disgust.

Deviot: "During this time, Dementian and myself gathered the bits and pieces of the Psycho Rangers' monster bodies to use at a later time."

Falconine: "But how did the Psycho Rangers return then?"

Deviot: "Well.."

Darkonda cuts Deviot off: "I'll take over from here, as I managed to squeeze the rest of the story out of Ecliptor while he was my prisoner for the past five years."

Darkonda: "Somehow the Psycho Rangers' spirits lived on, from the afterlife. After the Psychos were destroyed, Astronema and Ecliptor developed a plan to trap slaves in data cards."

Falconine: "Ah yes, those green circuit cards that the Psychos were once held in."

Darkonda: "Exactly. Well the theory is that the Psycho Ranger's ghosts managed to enter the machine that digitizes people and set it on reverse, creating for them, new bodies. However the team of Power Rangers they feuded with, managed to trap them into the five data cards by the same machine that may have given them life."

Darkonda continues walking: "After that, however, the Secret City where this was happening was destroyed. The Space Rangers probably thought that the Psychos were gone forever at last, but Astronema got ahold of those cards."

Falconine: "And how did you get ahold of them?"

Darkonda: "During the final battle between the Alliance of Evil and the forces of good in the old universe, when Zordon transported all of us to your homeworld here, at Deacon Blue. The data cards were transported with us, even though Astronema was left behind on Earth. You know the rest."

Falconine: "Yes. Ecliptor and that mystic blacksmith escaped with the data cards and released the Psychos and somehow restoring their lost humanity in the process."

Deviot: "Exactly."

Falconine: "So the Psycho Rangers that are our enemies, are actually made from the spirits of the original Psycho Rangers. And the Psycho Rangers that are our allies, are actually made from the bodies of the original Psycho Rangers."

Deviot nods his head, excitedley: "Making the delightful twist that both groups of Psycho Rangers have just as much claim to being the real thing as the other. Hahahahahaha!"

Falconine smugs her face, being impressed: "Hmm.. What a cute touch."

Deviot bows: "Thank you. Now if you two will be so kind as to direct your attention back to the images at hand, we'll see just how 'psycho' OUR Psycho Rangers can get!"

Darkonda, Deviot, and Falconine turn back to the floor projection of Psycho Silver's battle with the Robo-Psychos.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the fight at hand. Psycho Silver charges in to take out the dizzy Robo-Yellow.

Psycho Silver: "This game ends now imposter!"

Robo-Psycho Yellow gets on one knee and blocks her face: "Wait! Why are you attacking me?"

Psycho Silver stops his attack and pauses: "Huh?"

Robo-Psycho Yellow looks up at Silver: "Please, it's me. Aundria!"

Psycho Silver: "Aundria?"

Robo-Psycho Yellow: "Darkonda somehow cast a spell on me and the others to make us evil again. But my love for you broke the spell on me."

Psycho Silver holds down his weapon: "Aundria? If this is true, then we have to find a way to break the spell on the others."

Robo-Psycho Yellow nods: "Yes and I know exactly how to do it. Help me up.. please."

Psycho Silver nods and begins to help up Robo Yellow: "Of course milady."

Psycho Silver helps Yellow up: "There now how do we break the spell on the others."

Yellow: "Thanks. Oh.. Before we stop the others, I have a question for you."

Psycho Silver: "Yes?"

Robo-Psycho Yellow: "Are all the fake Psychos as stupid as you?"

Psycho Silver: "Wha?"

Before Psycho Silver can react, Robo Yellow knees him in the stomach then smashes her knee into his face, laughing victoriously.

Robo Blue joins in the beatdown: "Hehehahahahaha! The kung-fu boy really is a chump ain't he?!" Robo-Psycho Red catchs Psycho Silver off guard knocks his Psycho Silverizer, right out of his hands. Robo-Psycho Red then kicks Psycho Silver in the chest and moves out of the way.

Robo-Psycho Black standing between Yellow and Pink: "Let him have it!"

Robo Yellow and Robo Pink fire from their Psycho Weapons while Black releasing green energy bolts from his hands, all on Psycho Silver. Explosions erupt all around Silver and sends him flying backward, and slamming hard into a brick wall of the building behind him. The impact forces Psycho Silver to demorph back into Lucas.

Robo-Psycho Red charges in and punches Lucas hard into the stomach but holds him up with one hand: "One more for the road."

The other Robo-Psychos gather around, laughing all the way.

Robo-Psycho Red holds up his other hand in front of the half-conscious Lucas: "Now to make you useful for once in your miserable little life."

Robo Red places his hand on Lucas' face and begins to steal Lucas' knowledge.

Lucas tries to mutter words but all he can come up with is a gurgled: "stop it."

Robo Red lets go off his Lucas and gives him one more elbow to the back as Lucas falls to the ground.

Robo Red squats down and picks up Lucas by the back of his head to tell him something: "I'm not going to kill you just yet, 'Lucas'. Because I want you to give a message to your friends. The real Psycho Rangers are back in town, and we're going to collect the fine for copyright infrigement out of their goodie good hides!"

Robo-Psycho Red slams Lucas face back into the ground as the Robo-Psychos laugh away and teleport away by way of an eerie wave of warped reality.

Lucas struggles to move but falls unconscious.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber infirmary. Lucas lies down in bed, asleep while Aundria watches on, holding his hand.

The door opens and Simon walks in: "Aundria?"

Aundria looks up and turns her head towards Simon: "Yes?"

Simon: "We're going to try and find the fake Psychos. Come on."

Aundria looks back down at Lucas: "What about Lucas?"

Simon: "A mild concussion and a sprained shoulder muscle. But other than that, all he has are bumps and bruises. He'll be okay."

Aundria: "You sure?"

Lucas speaks: "I'll be okay Aundry. My healing magic doesn't work as well on myself as it does others but with a little sleep I'll be back in top form."

Aundria smiles and kisses Lucas on the forehead: "Okay. But I'm still going to make that impersonating skank pay for this. No one messes with Aundria Yellow's man!"

Lucas chuckles slightly: "Be careful."

Simon playfully grabs Aundria by the shoulders: "Okay you two lovebirds. We really need to get going."

Aundria: "Alright. Alright. I'm going. I'm going."

Aundria begins to leave and turns to Lucas one last time: "Get some rest Luc. I'll be back soon."

Lucas: "I'll be counting seconds."

Simon: "Take care of yourself bro."

Aundria and Simon leave the infirmary as Lucas lays his head back into his pillow: "Be careful, the impending battle will be intense."

Scene 2

Setting: In New Bethany. Victor stands at the edge of rooftop looking over the city, wearing his classic outfit of black pants, black shoes, black leather jacket, and red shirt that he hasn't worn for months.

Tabuna suddenly pops up and grabs Victor from behind: "Gotcha!"

Victor caught off guard quickly spins around and flips Tabuna over his shoulder and onto the roof floor.

Tabuna: "Oomph! Serves me right."

Victor: "Just what did you think you were doing?"

Tabuna rubs her buttocks and holds out her hand: "Aren't you going to help me up?"

Victor pulls Tabuna up from the ground: "Sorry about that. I'm just on edge right now."

Victor then turns back around to look out in the city.

Tabuna getting a quizical look on her face: "Huh? What's up?"

Victor scans the city: "Lucas was attacked by five monsters claiming to be the real Psycho Rangers today."

Tabuna: "Is Lucas okay?"

Victor: "Not sure yet. Those Psychos left him in one piece, but I'm sure he's still shaken up."

Tabuna: "But where did these other Psycho Rangers come from?"

Victor turns back around: "From what we understand it looks like Darkonda and Deviot recreated them from the remains of our original monster bodies."

Tabuna: "I see."

Victor gets closer to Tabuna: "Look Tab. You may be in danger. This.. other Psycho Red. I don't think he's too crazy about us doing the goodguy thing, and he might go after you to get me."

Tabuna: "You think the other Psycho Red might want to destroy me?"

Victor: "In fact I know he will try to destroy you."

Tabuna half-smiles: "How can you be so sure?"

Victor gets an evil smile on his face and grabs Tabuna by the throat: "Because I'm doing it right now!"

Tabuna struggles to get loose of Robo-Victor's grip but he's too strong for her: "Vic..tor what.. what are you doing? *choke*"

Robo-Victor's tight-grip forces Tabuna to weaken and lower to one knee: "What do you think I'm doing you little bimbo. 'Victor' thinks he can go around dressed like a Psycho Ranger and serve good? I'm going to teach him a lesson, using you?"

Tabuna tries to pull out her sword but Robo-Victor kicks it out of her hand.

Robo-Victor: "I don't think so, witch."

Tabuna with tears running down her face: "Victor.. Stop.. this!"

Robo-Victor: "You're a dense one aren't ya. I'm not you're precious little Victor. I'm Psycho Red!"

Suddenly a green energy bolt strikes Robo-Victor in the chest and knocks towards the edge of the roof. Robo-Victor gets back holding his burning chest: "Who did that?!"

Psycho Red appears holding his sword in Robo-Victor's direction and in a very angry and serious tone: "Get away from her.. RIGHT.. NOW!"

Robo-Victor with extreme hatred in his voice: "YOU! I've been waiting for this."

Tabuna holds her throat and turns around to see Psycho: "Victor! So this guy is an imposter."

Robo-Victor: "No! He's the imposter here, not me!"

Robo-Victor charges towards Psycho Red, but Tabuna still on ground kicks out her leg to trip him up, she gets and grabs her sword. Robo-Victor gets back and up finds Tabuna running at him, giving him an uppercut strike from her sword, the sparks fly as Robo-Victor backflips hard onto the ground.

Psycho Red runs up to Tabuna as she looks down at Robo-Victor: "That's for calling me a bimbo, jerk!"

Psycho Red puts his free hand on Tabuna's shoulder: "You okay?"

Tabuna smiles and nods to real Psycho Red: "I am now. So who is this guy?"

Robo-Victor looks up with his teeth ground and releases an energy wave that knocks both Psycho Red and Tabuna down.

Robo-Victor gets up and in a flash of red light becomes Robo-Psycho Red: "I already told you! I'm the real Psycho Red!"

Psycho Red and Tabuna get back up.

Tabuna: "Give it up. I already know you're the fake."

Psycho Red whispers to Tabuna: "I don't think he's trying to fool us Tab. I think he thinks that he really IS Psycho Red."

Tabuna: "Well that makes this just a little more interesting, doesn't it."

Psycho Red gets smug: "Hey don't worry. Regardless of what HE thinks, he's still just a second-rate imitation."

Robo-Psycho Red spins his head completely around: "ME the imitation? Why don't you put your money where your mouth is."

Psycho Red chuckles slightly: "Ha! That proves your the fake here. I'd never do something that retarded!"

Robo-Psycho Red gets enraged and charges towards the real Psycho Red. The Psychos Red clash Psycho Swords. They both move around so much that it becomes difficult to tell which is which. One Psycho Red throws a roundhouse kick, but the other ducks it and does his own roundhouse kick, but the first one ducks that one. Both Psychos Red go for forearm shot but their forearms unintentionally block each other. They push away from each other and charge with their swords and strike each other in the stomach, both of them fall to their knees.

The Psycho Red closest to Tabuna points to the other: "Tabuna! I need your help!"

Tabuna: "How stupid do you think I am?"

Tabuna kicks that Psycho Red in the face. He rolls away.

Robo-Psycho Red gets back to one knee after rolling: "How.. How could you tell the difference between us?"

The real Psycho Red gets back up and stands next to Tabuna.

Tabuna smiles: "Hmph. You two may look alike, but my Psycho Red has an echo in his voice. Something you seem to be missing."

Psycho Red: "You never even noticed that, did you?"

Robo-Psycho Red shakes his head: "Hmmm.. I remember that I used to have an echo in my voice when I was in Ranger form, but how come I don't have it anymore. Unless I am.."

Robo-Psycho Red jumps and shakes his head in denial: "NO! I AM THE REAL PSYCHO RED!"

Robo-Psycho Red shoots a series of fireballs from his Psycho Sword: "You two are trying to trick me!"

Psycho Red covers up Tabuna with his own body as explosions break out all around them: "Watch out!"

Psycho Red gets back up and summons his Psychorang: "That's it! Psychorang!"

Psycho Red rubs the Psychored, casting it in a red glow and throws it at Robo-Psycho Red. The Psychorang flies right through Robo-Psycho Red and explosions erupt from the Robo-Psycho. The Psychorang returns to Psycho Red's hand as the red glow vanishes. Robo-Psycho Red falls to the ground and rolls over while the other Robo-Psychos' laughter can be heard.

Suddenly Robo-Psychos Black, Pink, and Yellow appear next to the fallen Red.

Robo-Psycho Black: "Hahahaha! Some leader you are!"

Robo-Psycho Pink: "You can't even handle one fake Psycho, you're pathetic."

Robo-Psycho Red gets back up and pushes Pink: "Shut up before I decide that Pink should be the first to go again!"

Robo-Psycho Yellow steps in between Pink and Red: "Calm down both of you. Bickering amongst ourselves is what cost us victory the last time."

Psycho Red takes Tabuna's hand: "Come on. While they're distracted."

Tabuna: "You're not going to stay and fight?"

Psycho Red: "As much as I hate to admit it. That other Psycho Red can give me a run for my money. One thing I've learned as Victor Red is that sometimes, you're just outmatched. I'm not going let my ego get the best of me for once. There's no way just the two of us can handle four of these guys. We need to get the others."

Tabuna nods as the two begin to sneak away.

Robo-Psycho Red: "Let's not forget one thing here. I'm the leader so we do what I say! Got it!"

Robo-Psycho Black half snickering: "Well 'fearless leader'. In case you haven't noticed. Your wannabe and his girlfriend are getting away."

Robo-Psycho Red turns around: "What?!"

Psycho Red stands at the edge of the roof with Tabuna in his arms facing the Robo-Psychos.

Tabuna waves goodbye: "Bye guys. We really oughtta do this again sometime."

Psycho Red jumps off the roof. The Robo-Psychos run to edge to see where they landed and see Psycho Red and Tabuna getting away on Red's Psycho Cycle. Tabuna holding onto Red as he drives.

Robo-Psycho Yellow: "They're getting away."

Robo-Psycho Red looks at the powerlines on the street: "Oh no they're not!"

Robo-Psycho Red leaps off the roof and becomes red energy and enters the powerlines. Inside the powerlines he chases after the real Psycho Red and Tabuna.

Scene 3

Setting: Paige's flowershop. She's in the back room where it's dark organizing unopened boxes from her latest shipment of bouquets. She whistles a tune to herself but stops when she hears a couple of footsteps.

Paige turns around to see what was behind: "Who's there? We're closed right now."

Marcus' voice: "Oh I'm sure you're always open for me babe."

Paige's concern turns into a smile: "Oh Marcus' it's you. Where are you?"

Suddenly Robo-Psycho Blue grabs Paige from behind and wraps his arms around her head: "Right behind ya! Hehehahahahahaha!"

Paige tries break free from Robo-Psycho Blue: "Marcus! This isn't funny! Let me go right now!"

Robo-Psycho Blue tightens his grip: "Sorry babe. But the honeymoon is over right now for you and the Psycho wannabe."

The real Psycho Blue's voice: "I couldn't have put it better myself!"

Paige gets confused: "Huh? There's two of you?"

Robo-Psycho Blue: "Yes! I was wondering when you'd show up."

The real Psycho Blue appears before Robo-Psycho Blue and Paige with his Psycho Axe already in hand: "Don't worry babe. The True Blue is here. As for you Mr. Imposter-type guy. I'd recommend that you let go of the chick before you get a major booboo."

Robo-Psycho Blue clenches Paige against him: "Take one more step and I'll make a Sunday dinner out of this chick! You want a wing or a thigh? Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Blue: "Heh heh. I'm more of a breast man, myself."

Paige yells at Psycho Blue: "MARCUS!"

Psycho Blue holds out his hand: "Whoah, whoah there. No need to get all antsy. I'll get you out of this."

Robo-Psycho Blue: "Hey. I said one more step and she's wasted. Drop your weapon and surrender to me. That way I'll only destroy you, and your girlfriend can go on with her dull, dreary life."

Psycho Blue: "Drop my weapon and surrender. That's all I got to do to save Paige?"

Robo-Psycho Blue: "That's the general idea, Sherlock!"

Psycho Blue holds up his Psycho Axe: "And what's to stop from just taking you out right here?"

Robo-Psycho Blue: "HA! You wouldn't dare risk hurting the hostage. You goodguys never do."

Psycho Blue: "Well then, let me ask you this. If the roles were switched would YOU surrender or take a chance?"

Robo-Psycho Blue: "That's easy. I'd let you have it with that *urk*!"

Robo Blue's sentence is cut off almost literally as he suddenly finds Psycho Blue's Psycho Axe wedged into his head. Paige screamed at the moment of impact. Robo Blue lets her go in the shock of it all and backs away with the Psycho Axe stuck in his head. Paige runs to Psycho Blue.

Paige elbows Psycho Blue: "You could've killed me!"

Psycho Blue: "Hey! What can I say? You guys didn't take into account that my resume' has 'Supervillain Extraodinaire' listed on it!"

Robo-Psycho Blue tries walk but stumbles in the pain: "I can't go out like this!"

Psycho Blue crosses his arms: "Oh but you are. But wait. Before you fall down and go boom. I just have to say this one line."

Robo-Psycho Blue looks up: "What's that?"

Psycho Blue jokingly states: "It looks like you have a splitting headache! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Paige whispers to herself: "Oh that's just terrible."

Robo-Psycho Blue: "Heh. Exactly what I would've said."

Robo-Psycho Blue then falls down and explodes before Psycho Blue and Paige.

Paige turns to Psycho Blue: "Okay. Thanks for saving me, but what's going on here."

Psycho Blue demorphs back to Marcus: "I'll explain it to you over lunch."

Paige uses a fire-extinquisher on the flames of the Robo Blue's remains: "Okay. Where to?"

Marcus smirks: "How about Kevin's Fried Chicken? I'm in the mood for chicken breast."

Paige gets a devilish smile and uses the fire extinguisher on Marcus.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the streets of New Bethany. Psycho Red and Tabuna are still on his Psycho Cycle. While Robo Red chases them, through the powerlines.

Tabuna: "I think we lost them."

Psycho Red: "He's in the powerlines."

Tabuna confused: "How do you know?"

Psycho Red: "Because, if I still had the ability to turn into energy and was chasing someone on the streets, that's what I would do."

Robo Red's voice: "Enough running. Let's make this exciting!"

Suddenly the red ball of energy riding the powerlines shoots several bolts of red lightning at Psycho Red and Tabuna. Bring up explosions on the street and causing civilians to scatter.

Tabuna holds tightly to Psycho Red as the explosions get closer: "You're right! He's firing at us!"

Psycho Red: "Hold on!"

Psycho Red speeds up his Psycho Cycle and manuevers around moving cars going in both directions as Robo Red continues to shoot at them.

Psycho Red: "We can't keep this up forever. Someone's going to get hurt."

Tabuna looks up at the powerlines and sees the red ball of energy that is Robo Red: "Then I'll end it right now."

Tabuna pulls out her sword and throws it like a spear at the powerlines just infront of the red energy. It cuts open the powerlines and Robo-Psycho Red flies right out and crashes onto the ground below.

Tabuna's sword returns to her and she catches it with one hand: "Got him."

Psycho Red stops the bike: "Good work. Now you better hop off. This ride is about to get a little hot to handle."

Tabuna smiles as she hops of Psycho Red's bike: "Hotter than me?"

Psycho Red chuckles: "Heh heh heh. Not even close."

Psycho Red turns around and zeroes in on the recovering Robo Red: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

Psycho Red speeds up the Psycho Cycle until it becomes a red ball of fire.

Robo-Psycho Red gathers his sense just in time to see the Psycho Cycle coming his way: "Oh no."

The red fireball rams right through Robo Red. The fireball slows down and becomes Psycho Red on the Red Psycho Cycle again just as Robo Red falls to the ground and explodes!

Psycho Red hops off his Psycho Cycle and runs to the remains of Robo Red. Tabuna joins him: "You did it!"

Psycho Red gets on one knee and picks up a fragment of Robo Red's remains. Which look robotic.

Tabuna: "What are you doing?"

Psycho Red: "I'm taking a sample back to the Power Chamber. I want to know what these other Psycho Rangers are made of."

Tabuna: "Judging from these remains it looks like their robots."

Psycho Red: "No. They're more than that. They're just like me and the others before Zordon made us human again. They're too identical to just be machines."

Tabuna: "Oh well. At any rate it looks we only have four more to deal with."

Psycho Red nods: "True but Darkonda might be able to make more. They're inferior, but too many of them may cause problems."

Psycho Red looks at the chunk of Robo Red's armor in his hands: "But in the meantime, let's go home."

Psycho Red gets back on his Psycho Cycle and helps Tabuna hop on as well and they drive away. Some of the bystanders start to walk towards Robo Red's remains out of curiosity but an energy blast scares them off.

Deviot and Darkonda teleport next to remains.

Deviot: "Back off you pathetic vermin!"

Darkonda looks at the remains of Robo Red: "Well these Robo Psychos are turning out to be some real duds, Deviot."

Deviot: "They're not finished yet, Darkonda. They're best feature has yet to be demonstrated. Look."

Darkonda: "Well I'll be. Hahahahahaha!"

Deviot and Darkonda watch as Robo Red's robot hand begins to twitch and the burning pieces start to come back together.

Darkonda: "Of course! The Pyrin-7. These Robo-Psycho Rangers are immortal!"

Deviot: "Exactly."

Darkonda and Deviot laugh maniacally as Robo-Psycho Red pulls himself back together.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber lab. Simon, Victor, Ecliptor, and Beta 1 watch as Almidor's computer analyzes the Robo Red fragment.

Victor leans on Simon's chair: "So what have you come up with? What are these guys made of?"

Simon: "I have to give Darkonda and Deviot credit. They took advantage of a major loophole here."

Ecliptor: "What are you talking about?"

Simon: "These 'Robo-Psycho Rangers' as you've dubbed them are part machine but they've also been made from the remains of our original bodies!"

Victor: "What? But how is that possible?"

Simon: "Remember our original bodies were destroyed by the Space Rangers and we created new bodies for ourselves through Astronema and Ecliptor's data card machine back in Secret City."

Ecliptor: "Of course. I remember that, I still owe you brats for that little incident."

Victor puts his hand on Ecliptor's shoulder: "Hey. That was such a confusing time for us crazy kids."

Ecliptor slaps Victor's hand off of him and turns his attention back to the monitor.

Simon: "But that's not all of it. These guys are also made from Pyrin-7, just like you, Ecliptor."

Ecliptor shakes his head: "Then we have a problem."

Victor: "What do you mean?"

Ecliptor: "Pyrin-7 is a unique metal like no other. It has regenerative properties. It's what gives me near immortality."

Victor: "Then that means Robos Red and Blue are probably up and running as we speak."

Beta 1: "Is there anyway to destroy Pyrin-7?"

Ecliptor: "There is, but I doubt you Rangers would be too crazy about it. Pyrin-7 can only be destroyed by complete obliteration. Not a single atom must remain, but the explosive force required to do so would be too devastating."

Victor: "Yeah. I remember that incident with the Evolution Crystal."

Ecliptor: "An explosive force big enough to destroy five people made out of Pyrin-7 would take out the entire city and most likely all of us as well."

Victor: "So we can't just destroy them that way."

Victor punches his own hand in frustration: "Ugh! How can we destroy someone that can't be destroyed?"

Simon lights up: "Waitaminute. We're going about this the wrong way. The solution isn't to destroy them but to imprison them!"

Victor: "Huh?"

Simon turns around and gets up from his chair. He turns to Beta: "Beta, remember the contigency plan Zordon and Almidor originally had set up for us when we were first released from the datacards."

Beta 1: "Yes. If you and the others proved to be too dangerous, Almidor was prepared to put you back into the datacards."

Simon smiles: "And how was Almidor going to do that?"

Beta 1: "Almidor had a Datatrapper Gun."

Simon: "You know where the Datatrapper is then?"

Victor: "Simon, you're a genius man."

Ecliptor: "Clever idea. And once digitized, there may be a way to break down the Pyrin-7 composition."

Simon turns to Victor and Ecliptor: "So is it a plan?"

Victor: "Get on it."

Suddenly the alarms go off!

Victor: "You get three guesses what those alarms are for and the first two don't count."

Simon nods: "Right. You guys better keep the Robo-Psychos out of trouble. I'll catch up once Beta and I find the Datatrapper."

Victor: "Right!"

Victor and Ecliptor leave the lab.

Simon turns back to Beta 1: "Come on, let's get going."

Beta 1 gets excited: "Right away Simon!"

Scene 2

Setting: Back to New Bethany. In the middle of the city. All five Robo-Psychos are back together and they are tearing the city apart.

Robo-Psycho Red is obsessed and destroys everything in sight: "Come on Fake Rangers! Show yourselves or we're going to burn this cesspool you call a city down to the ground! NOW!"

Explosions erupt around the Robo-Psychos. When the smoke clears they uncover the faces and see Psychos Red, Blue, Yellow, and Pink as well as Ecliptor standing before them.

Robo Red: "Finally! We're going to end this once and for all!"

Robo Pink: "You imposters are through!"

Robo Blue: "Yeah!"

Psycho Red waves his finger: "Sorry guys. Hate to break it to you, but we're the real deal here. Not you!"

Robo Yellow: "Doesn't really matter. We can't be destroyed, but you can!"

Robo Black: "Wait! Where's the Black Psychofake?"

Ecliptor: "He's taking care of something a bit more important than dealing with the likes of you. Consider me his replacement."

Robo Black: "Very well Ecliptor. I've got no problem with destroying you anyway!"

Psycho Pink turns to Yellow: "Aundry? I can't help but feel a little nervous here."

Psycho Yellow: "Don't worry Angela. I'll watch your back."

Psycho Pink: "Thanks. I appreciate it."

Robo Pink turns to Robo Yellow: "Don't you dare try to doublecross me like you did the last time Yellow! Otherwise I'll make sure your the first one I destroy!"

Robo Yellow: "I'd watch your mouth if I were you."

Robo Red: "Enough talk! It's Psycho Ranger Rumble time!"

The Robo Rangers charge!

Psycho Red: "Couldn't have said it better myself."

The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor charge!

The Psychos Blue clash Psycho Axes! The Psychos Pink exchange kicks! The Psychos Yellow exchange punches. Ecliptor strikes Robo Black down with his sword. The Psychos Red come to standstill block each other's Psycho Sword with their own.

Robo Black summons his Psycho Lance and takes a stab at Ecliptor but Ecliptor catches it in his under arm and uses the butt of his sword to break the Psycho Lance in half.

Robo Black stumbles back and looks at his broken weapon in shock: "No! It can't be!"

Ecliptor energizes his sword in a green glow: "Oh yes it can!"

Ecliptor releases the full fury of his sword on Robo Black. Robo Black is knocked to the ground. Then Ecliptor energizes his sword again and releases a wave of green energy on Robo Black. Robo Black is knocked to the ground and explodes!

The Robo-Psycho girls take the Real-Psycho girls down. Psychos Yellow and Pink try to help each other up as Robo Pink takes aim.

Robo Pink: "Now to finish off both of you once and for all!"

Robo Yellow pushes Pink aside: "No way! They're mine!"

Robo Pink pushes Yellow back: "Well you can't have Pink, she belongs to me!"

Robo Yellow pushes his Pink back: "And you were about to take Yellow away from me."

Psycho Yellow's voice: "Um.. Ladies if we could have your attention for just a moment."

The Robo-Psycho girls turn towards the others and receive a heavy dose of Psycho Slinger and Psycho Arrow shots, sending them both flying into a store window.

The Real-Psycho girls both on one knee and their respetive Psycho Weapons with smoke coming from the tips.

Psycho Pink: "Did we used to act like that?"

Psycho Yellow puts her arm around Pink's shoulder.

Psycho Blue and Robo Blue continue to exchange blows.

Pscyho Red and Robo Red continue blocking and dodging each other's attacks. Then they come to another standstill of swords.

Robo Red: "Give it up! We may fight alike, but I guarantee you'll get tired before me. I'm a machine!"

Psycho Red: "That you are. But one thing you haven't realized. Up until the Mega Voyager destroyed us we have the same memories. But I've learned a LOT of new tricks since then."

Psycho Red drops to his knees and comes back up with a spinning uppercut. Robo Red falls backward.

Psycho Red tosses his Psycho Sword from his right hand to his left hand: "In fact here's one I just learned recently."

Treacheron's sword and sheath appears on Psycho Red's left hip: "Treacheron Sword!"

Psycho Red pulls out Treacheron's sword with his right hand and holds both swords in a cross formation.

Robo Red gets back up: "Huh? Where did that come from?"

Psycho Red charges towards Robo Red with his Psycho Sword glowing red, and the Treacheron Sword glowing blue: "T-Sword Tagteam!"

Psycho Red hops in the air and drops down striking Robo Red with his Psycho Sword first, then strikes with Treacheron's sword. His appearance flashes back and forth between Psycho Red and Treacheron. Psycho Red holds both his swords together in a cross formation and turns away as Robo Red slowly falls to the ground and explodes!

Robo Blue falls to the ground as Psycho Blue gets an assist from Psychos Yellow and Pink.

Psycho Blue: "Ha! These guys are no problem at all!"

Robo Black strikes all three of them down from behind: "Think again!"

Robos Yellow and Pink jump out of the store and shoot at Psychos and Ecliptor.

Psycho Red turns away from the remains of Robo Red: "What? They're back up already?"

Robo Red jumps from the flames of his recent destruction and strikes Psycho Red down.

Robo Red: "You may be able to knock us down, but in the end, it's the real Psycho Rangers that will stand victorious. US!"

Robo Black stands over Ecliptor: "Play time is over. Hahahaha!"

Robo Black with his newly reformed Psycho Lance prepares to impale Ecliptor in the head but before he can strike, a white flash of energy strikes him and Robo Black disappears.

Robo Blue: "Huh? Where did Psycho Black go?"

Robo Red points off to the side: "Over there!"

The Psychos and Robo look down the street and see Psycho Black standing with the sunset behind him. Psycho Black is holding a large cannon in his arms. A long sleek black weapon with silver lining and two handles to hold onto. The first one on the side and the rear one in a traditional handle positon with a trigger. On the side opposite from the first handle are five slots each with a datacard in it. On top of the weapon is small monitor say "Robo Black, captured. Beginning Pyrin-7 decomposition process."

Psycho Black: "Allow me to introduce you guys to the Datatrapper. Your new home!"

Robo Blue: "Oh no you don't!"

Robo Blue charges, Psycho Black shoots at him, but Robo Blue jumps in to the air and comes down in a Psycho Spin attack. Psycho Black rolls out of the way shoots Robo Blue again, trapping him. The monitor on the Datatrapper says "Robo Black, Pyrin 7 decomposition complete. Robo Blue, captured. Beginning Pyrin-7 decomposition process."

Scene 3

Setting: A dark room in Dr. Hinelar's lair. Dr. Hinelar, Twerp, and Deviot watch the battle continuing.

Deviot: "Oh no! They're trapping our Robo-Psycho Rangers in those datacards."

Twerp: "Well this scheme is going down the crapper real fast."

Deviot: "Dr. Hinelar, sire. What should we do?"

Dr. Hinelar turns his head to Deviot: "Put your worries to rest Deviot. I will take care of this matter."

Twerp: "But uh.. bossarino, these Robo-Psychos are getting taken out like flies!"

Dr. Hinelar: "Perhaps using the Robo-Psycho Rangers against the real Psycho Rangers may have been a mistake. The Robo-Psychos may prove more use to us against another set of Power Rangers."

Deviot: "The Space Rangers? They already defeated the real Psycho Rangers."

Dr. Hinelar: "The Power Rangers of Terra Venture are still inexperienced. They will be easy prey for the Robo-Psychos."

Dr. Hinelar grabs Twerp: "Twerp. Prepare to obtain those datacards once the Black Psycho Ranger captures all of the Robo-Psychos."

Dr. Hinelar lets Twerp go. Twerp backs away and salutes the doctor: "Right away Dr. Bossguy!"

Twerp spins around and teleports away.

Deviot: "And how will we get the Robo-Psychos to the Terra Venture Power Rangers?"

Dr. Hinelar: "We'll save the Robo-Psychos for when you are placed in Scorpius' organization. When the time is right. I'll have an agent bring the datacards to you."

Dr. Hinelar pulls out a key and gives it to Deviot: "I'll have the datacards placed in a case. This will be the key to that case."

Deviot takes the key and bows: "As you wish master."

Dr. Hinelar: "Now leave my sight. I have more important things to think about."

Deviot bows and teleports away.

Dr. Hinelar sits in his throne with a small crack of smile on his face: "If the oracle is right, this will start the chain of events that will lead my chosen one back to a great power. Hahahahahahahaha!"

Dr. Hinelar laughs to himself as his room grows darker.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to New Bethany. With the other Psycho Rangers back up and standing at his side. Psycho Black zaps Robo Red with the datatrapper leaving only Robos Yellow and Pink.

Psycho Black aims at Robos Yellow and Pink: "Three down, two to go."

Robo Yellow whispers to Robo Pink: "Charge in and I'll cover you!"

Psycho Black fires the Datatrapper.

Robo Pink shakes her head and spins Robo Yellow around and infront of her: "Not this time! I'm not going to be your little whipping girl anymore!"

Robo Yellow: "No!"

Robo Yellow is trapped inside her datacard. The Datatrapper monitor shows: "Robo Red, Pyrin-7 decomposition complete. Robo Yellow, captured. Beginning Pyrin-7 decomposition process."

Robo Pink: "I'm outta here!"

Robo Pink tries teleport away but Psycho Pink shoots her down: "Not so fast!"

Psycho Pink turns to Psycho Black: "Go for it Simon!"

Psycho Black takes aim at Robo Pink: "Got it!"

Psycho Black fires at Robo Pink and traps her in the last datacard. The Datatrapper shows: "Robo Yellow, Pyrin-7 decomposition complete. Robo Pink captured. Beginning Pyrin-7..."

A sudden energy blast strikes the Datatrapper out of Psycho Black's hands.

Psycho Black: "What?"

Another energy blast strikes the Datatrapper, destroying it in an explosion.

The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor all look in the air to see where the energy shots came from.

Psycho Yellow: "Does anyone see anything?"

Psycho Blue: "Absolutely nothing."

Psycho Black walks to the remains of the Datatrapper: "I have no idea who did that or why? But the datacards must have been vaporized. I don't see any sign of them here."

Psycho Red: "Well I guess that's the end of our robot counterparts."

Psycho Yellow: "Well then if it's all the same to you guys. I'd rather get home than try and figure out this mystery. Lucas should be back up by now."

Psycho Red puts his hand on Psycho Black's shoulder: "Forget about it for now. Let's go home. You did good."

Psycho Black nods and the Psychos and Ecliptor leave the sight of their battle.

Watching them from the rooftops is Twerp. He turns away holding the datacards in his hands: "Hehehehehehehe!"


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: A mountainous region in an undisclosed location. Up on high ground are two cloaked individuals hiding behind the bushes and watching the scene below them. Below them is a parked spaceship. Out of the space ship is a cloaked insect monster with an open case.

The first cloaked figure speaks to second: "There he is. The monster that tried to assassinate Kimwon last month."

The second cloaked figure: "But what's he doing out here?"

The insect monster waits and suddenly Dr. Hinelar teleports before him. The insect monster stands intimidated by Dr. Hinelar's presence.

The first cloaked figure: "Who's that?"

The second cloaked figure: "I have no idea. But.. he looks familiar somehow."

Dr. Hinelar pulls out a velvet bag holding the datacards in it: "When the time comes you will give this case to one of my agents. Deviot."

The first cloaked figure: "It can't be. Those are datacards! You don't think they're the Psycho Rangers, do you?"

The second cloaked figure: "It must be. We never did recover them from Secret City."

Dr. Hinelar places the datacards in the case and close it: "Now go."

The insect monster nods it's head and heads back to the spaceship.

The first cloaked figure: "Well if those are the Psycho Rangers. We have to stop these guys now before it's too late!"

The second cloaked figure: "Right."

Dr. Hinelar turns up and looks right at the cloaked figures in the bushes and gives them an evil smile and teleports away.

The first cloaked figure: "Oh man. Do you think he saw us?"

The second cloaked figure is speechless.

The first cloaked figure turns his attention to the second one. Meanwhile the insect's spaceship takes off.

The first cloaked figure removes his hood and it's Zhane.

Zhane: "Andros? Andros what's wrong."

Zhane removes Andros' hood and sees Andros with a paled face.

Andros in shock slowly shakes his head: "I.. I don't know. When that man looked at me. It.. It chilled me to the bone."

Zhane: "Huh? Do you know who he is?"

Andros looks to Zhane: "Not a clue. But I've got a feeling I've met him before, and it was terrible."

Zhane looks worried as Andros tries to recover from the sight of Dr. Hinelar.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Deviot shows off two giant beasts to Darkonda: "Behold! My ultimate weapons!"

Clip 2
A giant blue bird-like monster attacks the city.

Deviot's voice: "The Phoenix Cyberbeast!"

Clip 3
A giant red rhinocerous monster rams the Guardian Megazord.

Deviot's voice: "And the Rhino Cyberbeast!"

Clip 4
Tora jumps in Psycho Silver's way.

Psycho Silver: "Tora, what is it?"

Clip 5
The two Cyberbeasts take down the Guardian Megazord.

Psycho Red's voice: "Man! Where did these things come from?!"

Clip 6
Deviot's maniacal laughter is cut short when Tabuna's sword strikes him down.

Clip 7
Tabuna holds her sword to Deviot's neck: "You stop those monsters now! Or I'll finish you once and for all!"

Deviot: "You won't destroy me."

Clip 8
Deviot begins to remove his mask.

Tabuna's voice: "And why is that?"

Clip 9
Deviot shows his face to a shocked Tabuna: "Im.. impossible."

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