Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 28
"Forgotten Path"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Next to a river in a forest with a rocky bedside and mountainous terrain. The Galaxy Rangers have just activated the Lights of Orion and the Red Galaxy Ranger unleashes a ball of energy on the Shark Brothers, forcing them to their knees.

Green Shark: "Curse those Lights of Orion!"

The Galaxy Rangers stand in a defensive position.

The Red Shark gets up: "They's just too strong for us."

Treacheron's voice: "Maybe for you two."

The Shark Brothers turn around and see Treacheron walking onto the battlesite. Treacheron: "But not for me."

Red Shark: "Oh great Treacheron.."

Green Shark finishes his sentence for him: "..what can we do?"

Treacheron walks up to the Shark Brothers: "Worry not, brave soldiers. For this is my battle and I'll finish it!"

Red Galaxy Ranger tenses.

Treacheron pulls his sword out of it's sheath: "Starting with you Red Ranger."

Treacheron tosses his sheath aside: "And this time we fight to the finish."

The Green Shark protests: "Treacheron, no!"

Red Shark: "What are you doing?!"

Treacheron: "I have been dishonored. This can go on no longer. I will destroy him or be destroyed, trying."

Green Shark: "I understand."

Treacheron challenges the Red Galaxy Ranger: "To the finish Red Ranger!"

Red Galaxy Ranger holds his Quasar Saber in front of him: "If there's no other way."

Treacheron: "There isn't."

As Treacheron's sheath rolls of the rocks it was thrown on, Treacheron and the Red Ranger begin their battle. First blocking each other's attacks and coming to a brief standstill. They push away from each other. The Red Ranger squats catlike ready for the next exchange of blows. Treacheron and the Red Ranger then begin to measure each other up and run off while facing each other.

Treacheron: "You fight well. It will almost be a shame to destroy you."

The two run off a cliff and become two balls of sparring energy. They roll to the ground below as they regain solid form and block each other's attacks yet again. The Red Ranger uses the sword block to sidestep around behind Treacheron. The come to another brief standstill, and push away from each other again.

The background becomes black with flames erupting from the ground. The Red Ranger fully-extends his Orion Claw: "Power up claw!"

He brings his claw and saber together and holds them directly infront of him, turning his claw 90' behind the saber as the flames increase. Treacheron strikes but Red Ranger blocks it and strikes Treacheron in the gut, following it with one more blow to the chest. Treacheron fends off the third blow and strikes Red Ranger in the gut. Then follows it with a chest shot. Treacheron backs off slightly and energizes his sword in a blue glow and swings, but the Red Galaxy Ranger blocks it with his Orion Claw. Holds it down and breaks Treacheron's sword in half with the handle of his Orion Quasar Saber.

Treacheron looks at the remaining half of his sword in shock: "My sword!"

The Red Galaxy Ranger enegizes both his Orion Quasar Saber and Orion Claw in a red glow and double strikes Treacheron to the chest. Treacheron backs away into the inferno, screaming in agony, and rolls back into the real world. He quickly stands up but falls one knee, coughing.

Treacheron looks up to the Red Ranger: "Red Ranger. You stand for everything I hate. Goodness, honesty, decency."

Treacheron struggles to get back up and begins to stumble towards the Red Galaxy Ranger with the broken half of his sword out front. He pains just speaking: "I will destroy you.. even if it takes.. every.. last.. ounce of myy beingg, to do so."

Red Galaxy Ranger: "Don't force me to destroy you Treacheron."

The Red Ranger's final warning falls on deaf ears as Treacheron gathers all of the strength he has left in his dying body and makes a stab at the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger fends off this final attack and administers the finishing blow to Treacheron. The Shark Brothers watch in horror.

Green Shark: "No!"

Red Shark: "It can't be!"

Treacheron drops his broken sword as he slowly falls backward to the ground and explodes, the explosion sends his broken sword into the air, and it lands at the bedside of the river. Standing, then toppling over.

Scene 2

Setting: Back to Deacon Blue, on a mountain cliff. Tabuna looks off to the side and suddenly gets an eerie feeling that startles her.

Tabuna looks up at the sky in sadness: "Treacheron! I can feel it, something's wrong."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The wilderness outside the Power Chamber mountain. On another moutain in the distance away from the Power Chamber. Almost hidden on a cliff edge on the side of the moutain, is a large missle cannon aimed towards the Chamber mountain. Various Skullinites scurry around to help build up the mountain. Darkonda and Furio are in charge of the Skullinites. It is night time.

Furio commands the Skullinites: "You! Get those beams attached to the south side now! The Mountain Missle must be ready for launch by sunrise!"

Darkonda smirks: "I have to admit, this plan is actually pretty clever."

Mechanical voice: "Why thank you.."

Darkonda turns his head and behind him, Deviot teleports in along with Twerp.

Darkonda holds out his arms: "Deviot! You're here to oversee the operation?"

Deviot walks up to Darkonda and chuckles slightly: "Hmhmhm. I don't see why not. It is MY plan afterall."

Darkonda: "It's clever, but it remains to be seen if it will actually work. The Psychos have turned out to be as difficult to exterminate as cockroaches."

Deviot: "We'll see, but even so. Even cockroaches can be squashed."

Twerp: "Geesh! What is with you two and insect analogies."

Darkonda grabs Twerp: "Speaking of squashing bugs."

Suddenly an explosion breaks out.

Darkonda lets Twerp go as he and Deviot turn to see where the explosion came from. At the missle cannon a fire is being put out, the Skullinites hold their hands to their head. Furio is angry.

Furio: "You fools! Look at what you have done!"

Darkonda yells: "Furio, you idiot!"

Deviot hurries to the controls: "No! If the Rangers detected that explosion then they'll be here before we can get the Mountain Missle prepared in time to destroy the Power Chamber!"

Furio: "Well then, perhaps a distraction is in order. One of the monsters."

Darkonda: "Bah! Those monsters are all useless. What we need is someone with some measure of competance, a true warrior."

Deviot asks himself: "A true warrior?"

Deviot turns around and snaps his fingers: "That's it! Twerp, go bring us Treacheron and his right-hand monster as well!"

Furio confused: "Treacheron? But isn't he still under Scorpius' command?"

Deviot: "Was. Like you, he was recently "removed" from active duty."

Twerp: "Treachy won't be a problem Devioso, but his goon has been dead for over a day now. It may be tricky with my 48-hour time limit."

Deviot losing his patience: "Don't give me the details! Just do it!"

Twerp: "Okay! Okay! I'm on it!"

Twerp spins around and teleports away.

Scene 2

Setting: Just outside Terra Venture, a white ball of energy rushes to forest dome. Twerp appears in a small opening in the forest to a small patch on the ground, blackened. There are small red fragments here and there.

Twerp surveys the site: "Whoah, whoah, whoah. Not much left here. Oh well."

Twerp glows and begins to spin around and speaks in a gameshow host voice: "Heeeeerrrrrrreeee we go!"

Twerp spins around and blue and white dust sprinkle on the remains of the monster, the red fragments lift from the ground, start to grow and come together in a white glow.

Twerp stops spinning around: "Alrighty! It looks like this badboy hasn't been dead that long afterall. Now for 'Samurai Manta'!"

Twerp flies away as the red fragments start forming an almost recognizable body.

Scene 3

Setting: Still on Terra Venture's forest dome but next to a river. Twerp arrives and sees another black patch on the ground still burning.

Twerp: "Okay blueboy, it's time for your sequel!"

Twerp once again begins to spin around, releasing blue and white dust on the black patch. A white-toned body begins to form under the dust.

Twerp stops as an awakening groan comes from the newly-formed body below him: "Hehehe. Welcome back to the world of the living, Treacheron."

Treacheron is groggy and slowly walks back to the river side and picks up his broken sword from the riverbed. Remaining silent.

Scene 4

Setting: Elsewhere again on Terra Venture's forest dome, just outside the woods on a big road. Leo and Maya arrive on a small Terra Venture car. In the bushes a female voice laughs to herself and a monster figure pulls back into the woods.

The female monster stands up and it is Impostra: "Hahahaha! They're all alone. It should be simple matter to destroy them for Trakeena."

Impostra stands up: "Sting Wingers attack!"

She hears the Sting Wingers behind her but they aren't running forward.

Impostra: "Sting Wingers? I said attack!"

Impostra grows impatient and turns around: "What are you waiting fo.. YOU!"

Impostra pauses in fear as she sees the Sting Wingers on their backs, most of them unconscious.

Impostra: "It.. it.. can't be! You were destroyed! How can you be here?!"

A big monster steps forward: "Hahahaha! That's for me to know, and you to never find out!"

The monster is Destruxo and holds his sword in front of Impostra: "And now you're going to pay for costing me the Lights of Orion!"

Impostra shakes her head in disbelief: "I don't know how you came back to life, but I'll send you back where you came from!"

Impostra summons a snakeskin bullwhip and snaps it, then strikes Destruxo, but he merely catches the end of the whip and cuts it with his sword. Destruxo shakes his head in a "naughty, naughty, naughty" pantomime.

Impostra: "Nooo.."

Impostra charges at Destruxo but her attacks have no effect on him, he then grabs her right arm and slashes her in the chest, knocking her down.

Back in the opening, Maya stops setting a picnic blanket: "Leo, did you hear something?"

Leo: "Not a thing. Why?"

Maya: "Oh nothing, it must have been the wind."

Leo: "Must have been."

Meanwhile Impostra gives up on trying to fight Destruxo and makes a run for her life.

Destruxo: "You can run but you can't hide. In fact you can't even run! Hahahaha!"

Impostra holds her chest in pain as she hobbles in haste into the forest away from Destruxo.

Impostra tries to catch her breath as she pauses: "How.. how did Destruxo return?"

Treacheron's voice: "The same way I did!"

Impostra looks up: "Wha... oooommph!"

Impostra is suddenly knocked to the ground by another sword blow, she looks up in horror: "Impossible! You too!"

Treacheron stands above Impostra with his sword now full restored: "Yes! I still live, but the same can not be said of you. Now you pay for you role in my loss of honor!"

Destruxo arrives and pins Impostra to the ground with his boot to her chest.

Impostra: "Wait! Treacheron, Destruxo. I was only doing what Trakeena told me to do. It.. it was nothing personal! I was just being a good soldier, doing what she was told."

Treacheron: "I have no doubt of that. But this is war, and in war, soldiers die."

Impostra screams for mercy but they are cut short as Treacheron and Destruxo impale her with their swords.

Treacheron and Destruxo slowly walk away, not even looking back at Impostra's lifeless body as it explodes behind them. Twerp flies in.

Twerp: "Okay now that you two have had your fun, it's time to get down to business."

Destruxo: "We don't have to do what you say! There's no reason why I shouldn't make coleslaw out of you!"

Treacheron holds out his hand in front of Destruxo: "That's enough, Destruxo. He has brought as back from the dead we owe it to whoever his commanders are to hear them out. Besides, we have been disgraced. Working for Scorpius is no longer an option."

Twerp: "Yeah. I knew you would want to thank the guy that signed your release in person. You honor wusses seem to like that gratitude crap."

Treacheron grumbles to himself, unamused by Twerp's remarks about his morals.

Twerp spins around: "Let's go, go, go!"

Twerp's glow encases Treacheron and Destruxo and teleports them away from Terra Venture.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Back to the site of the Mountain Missle. Deviot watches the five core Psychos on their Psycho Cycles making their way to the mountain through a pair of binoculars.

Deviot: "They're coming. Where is that little twerp?!"

Twerp's voice: "I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk!"

Twerp teleports in with Treacheron and Destruxo.

Twerp presents the samurai duo to Deviot and the Crulians: "And I brought some friends."

Deviot rubs his fingers: "Excellent."

Treacheron: "Furio, I recognize. But which one of you is Darkonda and which of you is Deviot?"

Darkonda begins to introduce himself but Deviot weasels past him: "Allow me.. My associate here, is Darkonda. I am Deviot, and may I add, it is a *pleasure* working with you again."

Treacheron confused: "Again? We've met before?"

Deviot backtracks in worry: "Again? No, no. Of course not. You'll have to forgive me. My head isn't exactly screwed on straight right now. For you see we have a current problem with the Power Rangers."

Destruxo: "The Power Rangers?! I can't wait to get another crack at them. Lights of Orion or no Lights of Orion."

Furio: "Wrong group of Rangers. We're dealing with a group of ex-villains turned heroes. The Power Rangers Psycho."

Treacheron: "I see, and that's why you had Twerp bring us back to life? Not that I'm ungrateful, but have we truly come back from the dead? I once knew a sorceress named Hexuba, who could create illusions of the dead, they even thought they were the real, but they were significantly weaker than the originals."

Twerp almost offended: "Hey! Illusions ain't my gig. I only deal in quality resurrections."

Deviot bows: "I can assure you that you two are no mere illusions. You are as real as real can be."

Destruxo: "Well that's a relief."

Darkonda: "Now as much as I'd LOVE to continue this conversation, we need to get to the business at hand. Namely you two taking care of the Psychos while the rest of us get that missle ready for launch and blow their base, not to mention Zordon, sky high!"

Treacheron nods his head: "Of course. I cannot return to Scorpius, and we owe you for bringing us back to life. You have our loyalty, tell us as much as you can about these Pyscho Rangers and we will destroy them!"

Deviot: "Very well, but we must make this quick, bring the projector!"

A Skullinite walks up to the conversive villains and activates a small projector showing the Psycho Rangers in action.

Darkonda points out the Rangers: "These are the your enemies. The Psycho Rangers. There are six of them. Five core Rangers. Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Black. As well as a Silver Psycho Ranger. You may also have to deal with their two allies. Both of which are traitors to the cause of evil just like the Psychos. Ecliptor and.."

Treacheron cuts Darkonda off when Tabuna's image appears in the projection: "Tabuna! She fights with the Rangers?! How did this happen?"

Destruxo turns to Treacheron: "Wait a minute. Didn't you say you would destroy her yourself, when Scorpius ordered me to execute her?"

Treacheron doesn't look Destruxo in the eye, slightly ashamed.

Furio crosses his arms and smirks: "Well.. besides you throwing loyalty aside and sparing her life, another reason why she now fights for good is because of the Red Psycho Ranger."

Treacheron: "Explain."

Furio chuckles slightly: "Gladly. Open file 6.8"

The projection's images changes, to show various scenes of Tabuna and Psycho Red fighting side-by-side and saving each other's lives. With each scene shown, Treacheron's temper grows and begins to clench his fist. When images of Psycho Red and Tabuna in civilian clothes, acting very intimate towards each other, Treacheron squeezes his own hand so hard, that it starts to bleed.

Treacheron: "I need not see anymore. These Psycho Rangers will be destroyed!"

Darkonda: "Well then, get to it!"

Treacheron nods his head: "Right!"

Treacheron turns around: "Destruxo! Skullinites! Follow me!"

Treacheron, Destruxo and most of the Skullinites charge down the mountain side to battle the Rangers. However, a few Skullinites remain to continue building the Mountain Missle.

Deviot, Darkonda, and Furio watch the others run off to battle.

Deviot rubs his chinplate: "Hahahaha. We three make excellent puppeteers."

Furio: "And what will we do when the puppets have served their purpose. Treacheron fights for evil, but he has that annoying code of honor that could trouble us in the future."

Darkonda: "Why that's quite simple, when the puppet show is over.."

Deviot finishes his sentence: "..You cut the strings."

Twerp to himself: "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with all of this talk about cutting strings for some odd reason. I'm outta here!"

Twerp spins around and teleports away.

The trio of villains laugh away, maniacally.

Scene 2

Setting: Down in the forest, and getting very close to Mountain Missle site are the Psycho Rangers on their Psycho Cycles (in some cases recently rebuilt Psycho Cycles) sans Psycho Silver.

Psycho Black: "We're getting close to the location of that explosion."

Psycho Pink: "I wonder what's going on up there."

Psycho Red: "Around here, most likely Darkonda is up to something again."

Destruxo teleports on the road in front of the Psychos.

Psycho Black: "Monster at 12 o' clock!"

Psycho Red: "I'll take him out."

Psycho Red flips a switch on his handlebars: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Bli.. ooomph!"

A white flash strikes Psycho Red knocking him off his bike.

Psycho Yellow: "Victor!"

Psycho Red rolls to the ground and quickly gets back up: "Okay whoever did that, show yourself!"

Treacheron jumps from the air and lands in front of Psycho Red: "With pleasure, Red Ranger. Prepare to be destroyed!"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword just in time to block Treacheron's strike.

Psycho Black turns around from watching Red and Treacheron go at it: "Vic's busy guys, so let's take this clown down. Fire!"

The Psychos all fire from the Cycles.

Destruxo holds his arms out: "Oh yeah. Bring it on!"

The Psycho Cycles blasts don't even faze him.

Destruxo: "Is that all you got? Now it's my turn!"

Destruxo pulls out his sword and energizes it in a red glow, he swings it twice releasing a pair of powerful energy waves on the Rangers. Explosions erupt from the bikes sending all the Psychos to the air and landing hard on the ground.

Psycho Black slowly gets back up and holds his head: "Ow.. Whoever this guy is, his power level is immense!"

Psycho Blue rushes back up and summons his Psycho Axe: "Hehehahahahaha! He's tough cookie, but all of these monsters crumble eventually."

Destruxo charges and slams Psycho Blue into a tree: "I do get tired of being mistaken as being a mere monster, I am Destruxo!"

Destruxo then knees Psycho Blue in the stomach and when Blue keels over, Destruxo smashes the butt of his sword into his back.

Psychos Pink and Yellow fire from their respective weapons but Destruxo deflects their assault by swinging his sword. He charges them, and strikes down Psycho Yellow, Pink flip-jumps over Destruxo shooting several times from her bow, but Destruxo grabs her arm and slams her into the ground.

Psycho Black charges with his Psycho Lance: "Back off chump!"

Destruxo catches the lance under his arm, and the two struggle in a circle, he swings at Black, but he ducks under the sword and drops to his knees, spins around and the momentmum spins Destruxo off his feet. Psycho Blue rushes in with an elbowdrop.

Destruxo gets back up and breaks away from the two guys, but then the girls double jump kick him in the back, forcing Destruxo forward and recieves a double elbow-smash from Blue and Black and he falls to the ground hard.

Psycho Blue high fives Black: "Haha! Told you they all crumble eventually."

Meanwhile Psycho Red continues to spar with Treacheron but their fight moves away from the others. Psycho Red spins around and tries to clip the Treacheron by the legs, but Treacheron hops and rolls like a ball he quickly hops back to his feet and jumps to the air and spins with a sword strike to Red's chest. Psycho Red falls backward and Treacheron goes for another blow but Psycho Red lifts of up his legs and pushes Treacheron back as he hops to his feet and side-strikes Treacheron to the gut. The two back off and catch their breaths.

Treacheron: "Your skills are excellent. I will take great honor in destroying you, even without your connections to Tabuna!"

Psycho Red, surprised: "Tabuna? What does this have to with Tabuna?!"

Treacheron: "I was once her mentor and helped mold her into a mighty warrior for evil, and then you come along and corrupt her into a traitor!"

Psycho Red starts click: "Her mentor? Then that would make you Treacheron!"

Treacheron holds out his sword ready for another strike: "I see she has spoken of me."<> Psycho Red: "Yeah she has. If she's the only reason we're fighting then it's pointless. Tabuna made her own choices with her life. Regardless of me."

Treacheron raises his eyebrow: "Hmph."

Treacheron charges once again and Psycho Red blocks, follows it with a backhand to the chest, then spins around out of the way, but Treacheron kicks Psycho Red in the back of his leg, taking him down to one knee. Psycho Red tries to swing his sword again but Treacheron strikes his hand, forcing Psycho Red to throw his sword in the air. Treacheron grabs the Psycho Sword and then holds both swords to opposite sides of his neck like a scissors.

Treacheron: "Say your final words to your maker."

Tabuna's voice: "Treacheron stop!"

Treacheron turns around and with a half-breath: "Tabuna! What are you doing here?"

Tabuna stands of in the distance her sword pulled out and ready to fight: "I was going to ask you the same question, but first. Let him go now."

Treacheron: "You have no right to tell me what to do! My quarrel with the Red Ranger has nothing to do with you. The Psycho Rangers are to be destroyed at Darkonda's order."

Psycho Red with a slightly cocky tone, despite the swords, still placed against his neck: "You're working for Darkonda huh? From what Tabuna told me about you, I thought you were supposed to be honorable."

Treacheron turns his attention back to Psycho Red and pushes him to the ground with his foot: "How dare you!"

Tabuna makes her way towards Treacheron: "But why are you working for Darkonda? What happened to Scorpius?"

Treacheron looks down: "Nothing happened to Scorpius. It happened to me. Destruxo and myself finally came across the Lights of Orion, but Trakeena had framed me for treason. I was imprisoned and dishonored, if it weren't for the Shark Brothers I would be rotting there as we speak. Once free I tried to get my revenge on that bugeyed brat, but I was foiled by another group of Power Rangers. I was even destroyed by that group's Red Ranger."

Tabuna: "You were destroyed? That's what I felt earlier."

Psycho Red getting curious: "Hmm?"

Tabuna is standing right next to Treacheron: "But if you were destroyed.. How can you be standing here now?"

Treacheron: "I was resurrected by a little white imp called Twerp?"

Psycho Red: "Who's Twerp?"

Treacheron: "Twerp resurrected me at Darkonda's command. I owe him so I have pledged my loyalty to him and now I will carry my new leader's first orders, destroy the Psycho Rangers."

Tabuna pleads: "Treacheron. There's no honor in working for the likes of Darkonda. As evil as Scorpius was, at least he cares for his family. Darkonda destroyed his own brother! Let Victor go, like you did me."

Treacheron pauses and thinks deeply.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the Mountain Missle site. The Skullinite stop putting the Mountain Missle cannon together.

Furio opens his arms proudly: "Ah! It's finally finished!"

Deviot clenches his fist in front of him: "Excellent. Now we can blow that mountain sky high! And it's just now sunrise."

Darkonda: "Yes. I wonder how Treacheron and Destruxo is doing."

Deviot: "I will check up on them. Hahahahaha."

Deviot teleports away.

Darkonda: "Hahahahahahaha! Furio! Let's get this show on the road! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Furio smiles: "With pleasure."

Furio walks to the Mountain Missle control, and presses a button, making the turret turn towards the Power Chamber's mountain.

Furio: "Aiming.. It'll only be a matter of minutes now. Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda: "Finally. This little hidden war of ours will finally be over. And once Deacon Blue is under my rule, I'll settle some old scores with Andros and his lot! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Furio: "Yes. Hahahahahaha!"

On the controls monitor crosshairs are shown aiming directly at the Power Chamber's location. *beep* *beep* *beep*

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the fight between Psychos Black, Blue, Yellow, & Pink with Destruxo. Destruxo puts the finishing touches on Pink and Yellow.

Psycho Black tries drag Destruxo down, but he spins and strikes him twice to knock him out.

Psycho Blue gets up from the distance: "Ow.."

Destruxo smirks: "I believe you said something about me crumbling."


An energy blast strikes Psycho Blue from behind, he falls to ground to reveal Deviot standing behind him with smoke coming from his wrist blaster.

Destruxo: "Deviot!"

Deviot walks towards Destruxo and steps on Psycho Blue: "Yes. You've done well, Destruxo."

Destruxo: "Thank you. Now I'll finish them off for good!"

Deviot: "Wait. I have an idea. Tie them up and take to the Mountain Missle."

Destruxo bows his head: "As you wish."

Deviot: "Hmhmhmhm. Now to check up on Treacheron."

Deviot teleports away as Destruxo picks up the unconscious Psychos, one by one.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the Psycho Red's fight with Treacheron. The battle has resumed despite Tabuna's protests.

Treacheron charges towards Psycho Red and swings his sword, Red jumps over Treacheron, out of the way at last second, causing Treahceron to slice down an oak tree behind where Psycho Red was standing. Psycho Red lands and throws a roundhouse kick, Treacheron sidesteps it spins around and goes for a low swing of his blade, in mid-kick Psycho Red hops over the blade and turns his roundhouse kick into a 360' kick catching Treacheron in a headscissor, he continues the spin taking Treacheron off his feet.

Tabuna: "Victor! Treacheron! Knock it off already!"

Psycho Red continues blocking Treacheron's blows with his own sword: "I'd be more than happy Tabby, but I'm not stopping until Mr. Seafood Special here stops first."

Treacheron continues attacking: "Oh I'll stop as soon as your headless body falls before my feet!"

Tabuna grows extremely frustrated and pulls out her sword: "Grrr.. Men!"

Tabuna strikes her sword to the ground creating a gold current of energy in ground, when the currents reach the fighting warriors it erupts and knocks them both off their feet, away from each other.

Tabuna very angry: "This is the last time I'm going to say this. STOP FIGHTING!"

Psycho Red to himself: "Uh oh. Looks like I won't be gettin' psycho tonight."

Treacheron tries to get up: "How dare you strike against me. I am still your sensei!"

Tabuna walks towards them once again: "Normally, I'd show you nothing but respect, Treacheron. But I'm not going to let either of you hurt someone I care about deeply."

Tabuna turns to Treacheron specifically: "And I'm not going to stand by while you disgrace yourself."

Treacheron: "Disgrace myself. Bah! I have done no such thing. If anything YOU have disgraced me. You've turn your back on everything I taught you about the honor of serving the cause of evil."

Tabuna: "No. It took me awhile, but I eventually realized that evil and honor just doesn't mix. I chose honor over evil."

Treacheron shakes his head: "Bah! You have no idea what you're talking about little girl! I am evil, and unlike I won't turn my back on my master."

Treacheron turns his attention back to Psycho Red, Psycho Red gets back up.

Tabuna: "Why do you have to always serve another, Treacheron. I know deep down inside you're not like this. Why do you have to honor the likes of Mutiny, Scorpius, and now Darkonda. Three monsters that could never appreciate your loyalty and honor. They don't even know what those words mean."

Treacheron: "You would ask me to become ronin? That is an insult."

Treacheron pushes Tabuna aside and heads for Psycho Red: "Now step aside. I'll destroy even you, if you try to stop me from completing my mission again."

Treacheron picks up speed and charges, Psycho Red releases a large energy bolt from his hands, Treacheron deflects it just barely with his sword, but the bolt strikes Tabuna in the face, and sends her backward down a rocky hill.

Psycho Red and Treacheron both rush to her aid: "Tabuna!"

Psycho Red and Treacheron bump shoulders and push each other away, and run down the hill as Tabuna rolls down the bottom, the bottom of the hill leads to a stone wall, making almost a canyon. The duo slide down for their last steps.

Psycho Red cross his arms: "Psycho Red, power down!"

In a red flash, Psycho Red demorphs back to Victor. Treacheron pauses beside Tabuna, as Victor gets down to one knee and helps her sit up, holding her head up.

Victor: "Tab, are you okay? Is anything broken."

Tabuna comes to, with face slightly singed: "Ooh.. I have a headache, but.. I'll live."

Victor: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have used such a careless attack."

Treacheron contemplates reaching for Tabuna but turns away.

Tabuna: "Treacheron?"

Treacheron can't bring himself to look at Tabuna: "Hmmmm..."

Victor looks up: "Look, Treacheron. Normally I wouldn't mind going one on one to the death. But there's nothing to be gained from this fight. And no matter who wins, we're going to hurt Tabuna here."

Treacheron: "That.. doesn't matter. We are who we are, and right now we are enemies."

Treacheron turns back around prepares to swing: "And I always destroy my enemies!"

Treacheron swings but pauses when he sees how lovingly Victor holds Tabuna in his arms.

Treacheron thinks painfully for a moment and hastilly turns away, leaving: "We'll continue this another time but this isn't over."

Deviot's voice: "Oh but it is over!"

Treacheron looks up: "Deviot!"

Victor helps Tabuna up from the ground: "Who's he?"

Tabuna slowly shakes her head: "I have no idea. But he.. seems familiar somehow."

Treacheron: "Deviot, this isn't what you think. This situation is about to be finished."

Deviot chuckles slightly and clutches his shooting fist: "Oh it's finished alright. FOR ALL OF YOU!"

Deviot aims and shoots. *BRAKUWA* *BRAKUWA*

The energy strikes the base of the stonewall, causing it to collapse.

Victor, Tabuna, and Treacheron all look up.

Treacheron: "It's coming down!"

Victor grabs Tabuna and pushes away from avalanche site: "Tabuna move!"

Tabuna falls on the rocky surface, and turns around just in time to see the avalanche fall on Victor and Treacheron: "Nooo!"

Tabuna: "Victor! Treacheron! No!"

Deviot breaks out in diabolical laughter as Tabuna frantically tries to dig through the rocks.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: In the woods at the site of the former chasm. Tabuna almost heartbroken, pushes rocks aside trying to reach Victor and Treacheron beneath. Deviot looks on, very amused.

Tabuna with tears: "Treacheron. Victor..."

Deviot: "Hahahahahahaha! Oh woe is them. So much for Treacheron and his insipid 'honor'. Hahahahaha!"

Tabuna grows angry and wipes the tears from her eyes, she stands up and turns around with her sword in hand: "YOU! I don't know who you are, but I'm see to it that you suffer greatly for this!"

Deviot tips his head to the side slightly and slowly shakes: "You don't know me?"

Tabuna: "Should I?"

Deviot rubs his chinplate: "Hmhmhmhm.. I suppose not. Allow me to introduce myself."

Deviot mockingly takes a bow: "I am Deviot but you may call me your destroyer!"

Deviot shoots at Tabuna but she jumps out of the way and throws her sword at him like a spear. Deviot tries to dodge it but it clips him just enough the stumbles and falls down the stony hill.

Deviot stops rolling and tries gather his senses but suddenly finds the tip of Tabuna's sword up against his neck: "No wait! Spare me! I was only kidding about that whole 'call me your destroyer' nonsense!"

Tabuna: "Well I'm not."

Deviot cowers back but Tabuna keeps the blade to his neck. Deviot the points past Tabuna: "Ah! Red Ranger, I'll see to it you pay for this!"

Tabuna turns around: "What? Victor you're alive.."

Deviot quickly double-hammers Tabuna away from him: "Hahahaha! Sucker!"

Deviot then fires an energy blast at Tabuna, the blast sends her against a boulder, knocking her out cold.

Deviot once again moves confidently: "Hmhmhahahaha. Shame on you, my dear sweet Tabuna. You fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book."

Deviot picks up Tabuna and carries her over her shoulder, teleporting away and laughing. Leaving behind Tabuna's sword on the ground.

Scene 2

Setting: Back to the Mountain Missle site. Simon, Aundria, Marcus, and Angela are all unmorphed and tied up. The Skullinites put the finishing touches on the Mountain Missle, while Furio admires the work well done. Darkonda and Destruxo stand over the captive rangers.

Darkonda: "Hahahahahahahaha! This is working out better than I expected! The Mountain Missle will be ready for launch in just a few moments and not only will the missle itself destroy the Power Chamber along with Zordon, the Silver Psycho Ranger, and of course my 'old friend' Ecliptor. But the exhaust from the launched missle will toast you pathetic Psychos like marshmallows on an open fire! Hahahahahahah!"

Destruxo: "Yes. Not a bad haul with four Rangers."

Deviot's voice: "Make that four Rangers.."

Deviot teleports onto the scene with the still unconscious Tabuna. He drops her next to the Rangers: "..and one ex-pirate turned goodie good."

Darkonda, impressed: "Good work Deviot!"

Angela: "Oh no. They even got Tabuna."

Deviot commands a couple of Skullinites: "You two! Tie her up like the others."

The two Skullinites quickly begin tying up Tabuna.

Aundria struggles with her rope: "Hrg! Victor would never stand for her being treated like this!"

Simon grows worried: "Then that means.. He must've already been defeated."

Deviot chuckles: "You're quite right. You're 'beloved' leader is pushing up daisies as we speak."

Destruxo walks up to Deviot: "But Deviot, where is Treacheron?"

Deviot fakes sadness: "Oh dear. I hate to be the one to tell you this. But your noble master, Treacheron has unfortunately returned to the afterlife in his epic battle with Psycho Red."

Destruxo a bit distraught: "The great Treacheron once again defeated?"

Deviot puts his hand on Destruxo's shoulder: "But fret not my hard-shelled friend. Treacheron's demise was an honorable one, worthy of a mighty warrior such as he."

Destruxo nods: "Yes. Very well. Let Treacheron's name go down in history as a mighty monster that destroyed a Red Ranger in combat."

Tabuna just beginning to awaken: "He's lying. Treacheron wasn't destroyed by Psycho Red. He was destroyed by.."

Deviot shoots next to Tabuna: "Silence! Skullinites, I want her gagged!"

Deviot turns to Destruxo: "Come Destruxo. Let us help with the finishing touches. These fools shall meet their end soon."

Destruxo: "Of course."

As Destruxo walks over to assist Furio, Darkonda whispers in Deviot's proverbial ear: "You destroyed Treacheron didn't you."

Deviot whispers back: "But of course. He would have been trouble for us eventually and besides he shared his fate with the Red Ranger."

Darkonda: "You stabbed him in the back and now you're conning his protege'?"

Deviot: "And your point is?"

Darkonda smiles: "Oh nothing. You're just my kind of guy is all! Hahahahaha!"

Deviot and Darkonda laugh along as Tabuna and the Rangers struggle in their ropes.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the disaster area where Victor and Treacheron were last seen. Beneath the rubble, something begins to move. A large rock moves and is finally tipped over. Out comes Psycho Red, even morphed he takes a deep breath of freedom.

Psycho Red: "Made it!"

Psycho Red looks around: "Tabuna? I hope she managed to get out of the way."

Psycho Red notices something moving beneath rubble about ten feet from him, a familiar moan is heard.

Psycho Red runs to the shifting area: "Treacheron."

Psycho Red gets down and begins digging in the rubble until Treacheron's hand is visible, reaching upward. Psycho Red grabs the hand: "Come on, I got you."

Psycho Red, with a bit of struggling manages to pull Treacheron free from rocks and dirt.

Treacheron relieved to be free of the rocks: "I'm free. I'm.."

Treacheron surprised to see that was Psycho Red that just helped him out: "..You. You helped me?"

Psycho Red: "Yeah, so?"

Treacheron turns his head: "Even though I tried to destroy you."

Treacheron starts to walk but stumbles a bit: "Even though we are rivals for Tabuna's affection.. Urg."

Psycho Red catches Treacheron and helps him stand with an arm around his shoulder: "You mean let someone, that the woman I love, cares about, die? Where's the honor in that?"

Treacheron pauses and looks up: "Huh? You.. you're right. Honor. How could I have completely lost touch with something I value so much?"

Treacheron pulls away and tries to walk on his, he has a little bit of trouble but manages to stand on his own power: "What have I been doing all this time."

Psycho Red: "You've thought that evil and honor could mix, and maybe to extent it can, but a code of honor by it's very nature is an element of good, not evil. You can't have both forever."

Psycho Red turns around: "I know a guy who's gone through the same dilemna you have. Ecliptor has long since realized that, and he's ultimately chosen good and honor over evil, although he'll never admit that in a million years."

Psycho Red then notices Tabuna's sword on the ground: "Oh no."

Treacheron: "What is it?"

Psycho Red runs to Tabuna's sword and picks it up: "It's Tabuna's sword. She would never leave it behind unless.. That reject from a Shakespeare play must have took her!"

Psycho Red clutches the sword: "Okay Treacheron. I take it you know where he would have taken her. So let's go."

Treacheron's voice: "Oh. I know where she's held captive alright. And I'll most definitely take you there! In how many pieces, I haven't decided yet!"

Psycho Red turns around: "What?!"

Psycho Red is struck down the chest with an extremely vicious blow by Treacheron's sword. Treacheron stands still as sparks erupt from Psycho Red and he slowly falls to the ground.

Psycho Red tries to move: "What are you doing? I thought you realized.."

Treacheron stomps on Psycho Red's back: "I do realize now that I can't have both my honor and work for evil. I must make a choice between the two, but until I make that choice..."

Treacheron stomps on Psycho Red again, knocking him out: "We'll stick with what works! Hahahahahahaha!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the Mountain Missle site. The Skullinites have already left. Deviot works the controls of the missle as Darkonda, Furio, and Destruxo watch on. The Psychos and Tabuna are still tied up.

Deviot finishes pushing buttons: "There it's all set. Now to start the clock, and our work here is finished."

Deviot turns around and holds his hands together in anticipation: "In just a matter of minutes, all of these little annoyances will be gone, once and for all! Hahaha!"

Darkonda, very jovial: "Ahhaha! Excellent Deviot. Then there's no further need for Furio and myself to be here. Stay here until ten seconds before countdown. Make sure the Rangers don't get untied, you know how these heroes are known for getting out of deathtraps."

Deviot: "Good idea. I see you're quite aware of the cliche's."

Darkonda: "When you're in this business as long as I have been, you tend to notice the patterns."

Furio: "Then let us get going."

Darkonda nods: "Of course. But first."

Darkonda turns and mocks the prisoners: "Well so long Rangers. I would say it's been a pleasure knowing you but you know me. I'd hate to tell a lie."

Darkonda stands up as if he was just struck with some sort of revelation: "Wait a minute! I DO like to lie!"

Darkonda smiles at the Rangers: "Bye Rangers. 'It's been a pleasure knowing you.' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Aundria looks at Darkonda with hatred as he laughs, and warps away with Furio: "I hope he catches laryngitus!"

Deviot counts off a list with his fingers: "Let's see. I've destroyed Auric the Conqueror, and caused the destruction of the Zeozords. Destroyed Psycho Red *and Treacheron*. And in just a few minutes I'll have destroyed Zordon, the Power Rangers of Deacon Blue, and Ecliptor all in one blow. I am on roll here!"

Marcus: "Why don't you just roll over and die then! Or at the very least take off that ridiculous collar! You look like you may be a little 'peculiar'."

Deviot shakes his fist in anger: "Grrr.. Just for that you don't even get to die with you friends."

Deviot aims his wrist blaster at Marcus: "Farepoorly Blue Ranger!"

Treacheron's voice: "Deviot!"

Deviot stops and turns: "What, it can't be! Treacheron."

Destruxo: "Treacheron!"

Treacheron walks in the site and drops Psycho Red to the ground: "Deviot! You traitorous slime! You'll pay for what you tried to do to me."

Tabuna looks up and sees Treacheron and Psycho Red: "Treacheron! Victor!"

Aundria turns to Tabuna: "Who is he?"

Tabuna: "He's Treacheron, at one time he was a good friend."

Simon: "Is he on our side?"

Marcus snipes: "Geesh! You really are a blonde! If he was on our side, would Big Red be catching some Z's at his feet?"

Tabuna: "I don't know if he's on our side or not."

Deviot sucks up to Treacheron: "I am so relieved that you survived. I hope you understand that there was no way for me to destroy the Red Ranger without.."

Treacheron holds his sword to Deviot's neck: "How stupid do you think I am?! Destruxo seize him!"

Destruxo nods and quickly grabs Deviot.

Deviot struggles to break free of Destruxo: "No! Let me go! Are you going to betray Darkonda?"

Treacheron: "Of course not. The Rangers are still going to be destroyed, but you're going with them!"

Deviot: "What?! Destroy me! Don't you know who I am? I'm Deviot, do you think Darkonda will stand for you destroying his partner?"

Treacheron grows angrier: "I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE! Which makes the fact that you would actually try to destroy Tabuna even more disgusting."

Deviot gets coy: "So you managed to figure out who it is behind this mask. But let me ask you this? If Tabuna discovers the truth, do you think she'll ever forgive you for destroying me?"

Treacheron stops and looks at Tabuna, who is too far away to hear what they are saying. "Damn you Everette."

Deviot chuckles: "If there is such as a god, then I assure you, he already beat you to that. Hahahahaha."

Treacheron throws his shoulders in frustration: "Let him go, Destruxo."

Deviot: "You heard him."

Destruxo let's go of Deviot: "Treacheron, what exactly is going on here."

Treacheron: "Old wounds are resurfacing."

Deviot: "Now with that out of the way. You two stand guard and make sure those Rangers don't try anything funny."

Treacheron: "As you wish, 'Deviot'."

Treacheron walks over to the Rangers but Psycho Red grabs his foot. Treacheron looks down.

Psycho Red struggles to speak: "Treacheron.. there's.. no honor.. in this."

Treacheron: "You think I don't know that? Let go of me."

Treacheron pulls away from Psycho Red.

Psycho Red tries to speak up: "So that's the choice you're going to make! I guess I had you pegged wrong afterall. It's a shame.. you turned out to be.. a disgrace of a samurai afterall."

Treacheron grows angry and pulls his sword out and faces Psycho Red: "Silence! You've been pestering me all day! I am a warrior! I don't need to take this nonsense from the likes of you! I.."

Treacheron stops again and looks back at Tabuna.

Tabuna watches on and speaks to herself: "What's going on in your head Treacheron?"

Deviot walks up to Psycho Red and Treacheron: "Well.. What are you waiting for?! Destroy him already! Destroy him! Don't just stand there like an idiot. Make a decision and do it already!"

Treacheron: "Yes. It's about time I did make a decision!"

Treacheron holds up his sword ready to swing at Psycho Red. Tabuna and the Rangers watch in horror. Treacheron swings but changes direction and strikes Deviot!

Tabuna smiles: "YES!"

The blow causes Deviot backflip onto the ground as the sparks fly!

Destruxo is shocked: "Treacheron, what are you doing?!"

Treacheron puts his sword back in his sheathe: "Loyal Destruxo. I've come to realize that we can't have both honor and evil and a choice must be made. I have chosen honor over evil."

Destruxo almost heartbroken: "What? Treacheron, say it ain't so? You would betray evil?"

Treacheron: "Evil betray me first. Now untie the Rangers. I will stop that missle."

Destruxo still in shock nods and walks towards the Rangers. Deviot struggles to get back up but Psycho Red pins him back down with a sudden reboost of energy: "Not so fast Deviot."

Treacheron runs to the controls and sees a counter: "Only two minutes left. Still it should be a simple matter to stop the countdown."

Something strikes Treacheron from behind. He falls to his knees in pain: "Who?"

Treacheron turns his head and is shocked to see Destruxo stand over him: "Destruxo?! What are you doing?"

Destruxo: "You may have sold out, but if I can't have honor. I'll gladly take evil anyday of the week!"

Treacheron: "Traitor!"

Destruxo swings but Treacheron rolls out of the way and kicks Destruxo in the back of his leg to clip him. Treacheron unsheathes his sword and the two fight.

Tabuna tries to struggle: "We got to help him!"

Simon: "But how?"

Psycho Red pops up and starts to untie them: "You figure that out as soon as your loose."

Tabuna smiles: "Victor, are you okay."

Psycho Red: "I've been better, but I'll survive."

Destruxo almost loses grip of his sword when Treacheron spins around and rotates their blades. Treacheron then sidekicks Destruxo in the gut.

Treacheron: "I'm disappointed Destruxo. I've never realized how much of a sloppy fighter you are."

Destruxo sneers: "You may be more skilled than I, but I'm still stronger than you!"

Before Destruxo can even throw another blow he struck by several energy blasts: "What?!"

Destruxo and Treacheron turns and sees all five Psycho Rangers, fully-morphed and ready for fight.

Psycho Blue: "Yo ugly! It's time for the rematch, and this time we're gonna make a shrimp cocktail out of you!"

Destruxo gets enraged and charges the Psychos but he's intercepted and tackled by Tora!

Psycho Silver lands on the ground in front of the other Psychos: "Hey guys! What's the situation here?"

Psycho Blue: "Well it sure to you a long enough to get here! You're a real Sixth Ranger after all."

Psycho Silver: "Not sure what you mean by that, but I waited back at the Power Chamber while you guys went to investigate that explosion, but after awhile when you guys didn't come back. I figured you found something up here."

Psycho Red: "You figured right. Here's the scorecard. The blue and white guy is on our side. The red guy and the robot are not."

Psycho Silver nods as he summons his Psycho Silverizer: "Got it."

Destruxo knocks Tora off of him: "Get off of me, you overgrown furball!"

Psycho Red turns to Treacheron and Tabuna: "You two, stop that missle. We'll handle Destruxo!"

Tabuna nods: "Right!"

Tabuna and Treacheron rush to the Mountain Missle controls.

Destruxo enraged: "I don't care how many of you there are! I'll destroy all of you with my barehands if I have to!"

Destruxo charges and the five core Psycho Rangers charge up their energy balls and release them, the five energy balls merge into one large energy ball and it strikes him, but Destruxo just barely flinches.

Psycho Red puts his hands together and in a flash of red light, summons the Psychorang: "You're one of the strongest we've ever come across, I gotta give you that much. But you're still not going to beat the Psycho Rangers. Psychorang!"

Psycho Red throws the Psychorang, it turns red and flies right through Destruxo.

Psycho Silver charges Destruxo and fires away with his Psycho Silverizer, then jumps up in the air and the blade glows blue as he dives back down and strikes Destruxo. As Psycho Silver finishes his attack, the others have already formed the Psycho Blaster and Psycho Red fires as Silver rolls out of the way. Destruxo screams in pain as the Rangers stand by and he slowly falls down and explode.

Psycho Blue: "I knew the chump would crumble!"

Suddenly Destruxo rises up and becomes a giant and stomps the ground: "I'll crush you all like peanuts!"

The Psycho Rangers hold out their arms: "We need Guardianzord power now!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

Tora roars as he jumps to Psycho Silver's side.

Psycho Silver: "You ready Tora?"

Tora roars to respond with a yes.

Psycho Silver holds up his morpher: "Tora-Shinobizord Power Activate!"

[Tora-Shinobizord morphing sequence]

[Shinobizord transformation sequence]

[Guardian-Tora Megazord transformation sequence]

Lightning breaks out as the Guardian-Tora Megazord and Silver Shinobizord stand before Destruxo.

Destruxo energizes his sword and swings. The Zords take the full force of the attack, but when smoke begins to clear the Silver Shinobizord jumps out flying bicycle kicks Destruxo repeatedly in the face. The Shinobizord spin kicks Destruxo in the gut, and spins around again, releasing a legsweep, taking Destruxo off his feet. Destruxo rolls away and gets back up.

Destruxo: "I'm NOT going to take this from the likes of you! I WILL DESTROY YOU!"

Destruxo charges up and becomes encased in red energy.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the missle site. Treacheron and Tabuna try to stop the missle.

Tabuna: "We almost got it."

Treacheron: "Hurry."


Treacheron hears the noise and turns around just in time to grab Tabuna and jump out of the way of Deviot's attack. The energy blast strikes the control console and explodes. The explosion thrusts Treacheron and Tabuna off their feet.

Deviot holds his arm in pain: "Sorry, this flight will not be cancelled."

Tabuna and Treacheron get back up.

Tabuna: "Deviot!"

Treacheron: "The controls, there's no way to turn off the missle now."

Deviot: "Yes. The only way to stop the missle now is to hold it down manually, but if you do that, the missle will destroy you. It's not set to explode by impact but by time."

Treacheron runs to the missle: "So be it."

Tabuna: "Treacheron, no! You'll be destroyed!"

Treacheron: "I've been there once before my love. I have no fear of death."

Tabuna pleads: "But Treacheron.."

Treacheron removes his sword and sheathe from his side and throws his sword to the ground: "This is settled Tabuna."

Tabuna saddened when she looks at Treacheron's sword on the ground. A tear rolls down her face. She picks up the sword, quietly nods. Treacheron marches to the missle.

Deviot takes aim at Treacheron: "Oh no you don't."

Tabuna runs and tackles Deviot: "Oh no YOU don't!"

Treacheron grabs a large black lever, next to the missle and strains himself to pull on it. A manual clamp holds the missle as it tries to launch. Treacheron strains to hold the missle in place.

Treacheron: "Great spirits. I know I haven't done much to deserve it, but I need your strength now!"

Tabuna holds Deviot back: "NO! He's ruining everything!"

Tabuna smirks: "That's the whole point jerk!"

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the Zord fight. Destruxo finishes powering up and releases a huge wall of fire upon the Zords. Taking them down.

Destruxo: "Whoohahahaha! Hahaha! You can't stop me, I'm invinicible!"

Destruxo charges again but the Silver Shinobizord throws a grappling hook and rope to wrap around Destruxo's legs, tripping him up.

Destruxo: "What's this?"

The Zords get back up.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Let's finish this!"

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "You got it!"

The Silver Shinobizord pulls out it's katana and jumps up in the air spins around and dives it's blade right down the middle on a recently just stood up, Destruxo.

The Guardian-Tora Megazord runs forward, and holds up both of it's claws as they illuminate.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "One-Two Tiger Strike!"

The Megazord strikes Destruxo with the front-leg claws first, then the tail claw. Destruxo stands back in shock as the two Zords turn away. Destruxo falls to the ground and explodes!

Scene 7

Setting: The Mountain Missle site. Sweat breaks out on Treacheron's face as he strains to hold the missle in place with the lever.

Deviot gets frustrated: "No! I put too much work into this plan for you two to ruin it!"

Deviot breaks free of Tabuna and releases an energy blast behind, the force knocks her off her feet. Deviot runs to the missle site.

Treacheron: "Just.. a.. little.. lon..ger!"

Deviot runs to the missle: "Let go of that lever this instant!"

Tabuna tries to get back up and sees Deviot running up behind Treacheron: "Treacheron! It's gonna blow, get out of there!"

Deviot: "I won't let you do this!"

Treacheron: "It's over."

The missle explodes, and the explosion consumes both Treacheron and Deviot. Tabuna watches from the distance in horror: "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Later in the day from the battle. Tabuna stands amongst the wreckage that was once the missle site. Victor walks up to her.

Victor quiet and concerned, puts his hand on Tabuna's shoulder: "Tab. How are you feeling?"

Tabuna holds Treacheron's sword tightly to her breast: "I can't believe, I lost him again."

Victor: "I honestly don't know what to say. I know you cared for him a lot."

Tabuna looks up: "He was one of the few people that truly cared about me. He was more than a mere warrior, even if he never saw that."

Victor: "Tabby.. I.."

Suddenly a metal plate moves.

Victor: "What the?"

Tabuna's face shows a glimpse of hope: "It can't be."

Tabuna and Victor run to the metal plate.

Tabuna gets down and tries to lift the plate: "Help me lift."

Victor gets down and together the move the metal plate over and underneath, a badly beaten and half-dead Treacheron coughs.

Tabuna smiles with tears of joy: "Treacheron!"

Treacheron almost out of it: "Oohh.. Tabuna? Then I'm still alive."

Tabuna: "Yes, you are."

Victor: "We better get him to the infirmary."

Treacheron: "Where do we go from.. here?"

Victor: "I guess you're one of us now."

Deviot's voice: "He's not the only survivor of that explosion!"

Victor and Tabuna turn around and see a badly damaged Deviot holding his shoulder.

Victor: "Unbelievable."

Deviot: "You haven't seen the last of me by a longshot Red Ranger. I will return but in the meantime, let me give you something to remember me by!"

Deviot fires at Victor and Tabuna, Treacheron gathers all of his strength, gets off the ground and jumps in the way of the attack.

Treacheron screams as sparks break out all over him. Tabuna reachers for him: "NO!"

Treacheron falls to his knees and then falls to the ground completely. Deviot laughs as teleports away before Victor can reach him.

Victor: "No! He got away!"

Victor looks and sees Tabuna crying as she holds a dying Treacheron in her arms.

Treacheron looks up at Tabuna's tear-stained face: "Don't shed your tears for me Tabuna. This is an honorable death for me."

Tabuna: "There shouldn't be any kind of death for you. You can't leave me again!"

Treacheron: "My sweet Tabuna. There's nothing that can be done. Just let this be. Victor."

Victor walks up to Treacheron: "Yes?"

Treacheron: "I hated you because Tabuna loved you but now I see that you are not my enemy, but my ally. *cough* You seek to protect Tabuna just as always have. I won't be able to protect her anymore."

Tabuna: "Treacheron."

Treacheron: "Take my sword and use it as your own, so that I may still protect Tabuna in spirit."

Victor picks up the sword from the ground next to Treacheron: "I.. don't know what to say."

Treacheron: "You need not say anything. You are an excellent warrior. I am honored to pass it on to you."

Victor: "No. I am the one that is honored."

Tabuna: "Treacheron. I'll never forgive Deviot for this. He'll pay."

Treacheron: "No, my love. Don't fill your heart with hatred for Deviot. You will only regret it in time."

Tabuna: "What do you mean?"

Treacheron's eyes begin to close: "The light. It's beautiful. I never saw it the first time I died. I didn't deserve it the last time. So beautiful, like you. Goodbye Tabuna."

Tabuna: "I love you. Goodbye Treacheron."

Treacheron closes his eyes as his body becomes lifeless. Tabuna lowers her head as Treacheron's body turns into pure light, the blue light sprinkles into the sky as Tabuna and Victor watches on.

The End.

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Leo Corbett/Red Galaxy Ranger

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