Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 27
"A Golden Opportunity"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Outerspace. Damien's raven-inspired ship jets forth at seemingly lightspeed. Inside the one-man spaceship, sits Damien monitoring his progress and speaking to himself somewhat out of boredom.

Damien somewhat disgusted with the lack of any planets in the vicinity: "Nothing. Absolutely nothing in this area, I don't know what urged me to travel this far off to the edge of the galaxy. I need to find more allies for the inevitable war with the Endness, as the Psychos simply won't be enough to stop it, no matter how courageous they may be."

Damien looks off to the side of his cockpit at a picture of Falconine in civilian clothes: "I don't want to fight you Candra, but the Endness must be stopped before you unleash it unto the universe. It took Rachella's life, I have to find a way to keep it from taking your soul."

The ship's computer speaks in a feminine voice: "Warning. You are travelling within hazardous distance of the galaxy border."

Damien: "Hmmm.. Might as well turn around, there's nothing out here anyway."

Damien looks forward into the distance and sees a near infinite amount of circling meteors: "The Globe of Meteors, it completely encases our small galaxy from the rest of the universe. It's what prevents anyone from leaving or anyone from entering. Makes me wonder how the Rangers or Darkonda's forces got through. Up til a few years ago, Scorpius was the only threat in these parts."

The ship slows down, and the computer speaks up again: "Warning. You must turn around immediately or risk being destroyed by the galaxy border."

Damien: "Alright. Change course 180' horizontally. Can't stop the Endness if I'm ground up but billions of space rocks. Still, I can't help but wonder what is on the other side of that wall of meteors."

Damien notices that the ship is not turning around, despite his orders: "That's odd. We're not turning. Computer, I said turn ship around 180 degrees horizontally."

Computer: "Invalid command."

Damien getting frustrated and worried at the same time: "What?! Computer, change ship's course 180 degrees horizontally!"

Computer: "Invalid command."

Damien: "You picked the worst time to malfunction. Switching to manual drive."

Damien tries to pull on the pilot's wheel in front of him, but it won't budge: "It's not moving!"

Damien struggles: "What the hell is going on here?! I can't change the course!"

Darkonda's laughter begins to erupt in the speakers: "Hahahahaha! Well, well, well. Looks like someone's in quite a pickle here."

Damien grows angry: "Darkonda! You slithering mutant! I should have known you were behind this!"

Darkonda's image pops up infront of the window: "The one and only. Hahahaha!"

Damien: "How did you?"

Darkonda cuts him off: "How did I take control of your ship? Quite simple really. I had tampered with it since the very first day we met. I didn't trust you from the very beginning and decided to take a little insurance."

Damien: "Why you monkey's turd! You had planned to stab me in the back from day one!"

Darkonda: "Oh don't take it too personally. I backstab everyone, it's just my nature! Hahahaha! In fact I've stabbed my own mother in the back, both figuratively and literally. Hahahahahahaha!"

Damien: "You're scum Darkonda. I'll see to it that you pay for this, even if it's the last thing I ever do!"

Darkonda continues to laugh: "Hahahahaha! Well considering the last thing you're about to do is become space dust, I find that highly unlikely! Heh heh heh. Oh but don't worry, I'll 'take care' of your beloved sister for you. Hahahahahaha!"

Damien: "Grrrrrr...."

Darkonda looks at an imaginary watch: "Well it looks you have about ten seconds before your date with destiny, so I'll let you go enjoy yourself. I hope your wearing your clean underwear! Bye! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Darkonda's image fades but his maniacal laughter still erupts throughout the ship, Damien becomes infuriated and smashes his monitor in anger and the computer begins the countdown.

Simultaneously the computer counts, Darkonda laughs, and Damien yells.


As the computer reaches "1" the ship flies into the wall of meteors and explosions erupt and both Darkonda's laugh and Damien's yelling are cut abruptly.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the Globe of Meteors. Damien's ship is badly damaged and is getting struck by several smaller meteors and the ship just narrowly avoids a large one. But the jets in the back explodes and and the wings are torn completely off. Inside the ship, Damien tries to brace himself but is getting terribly shaken by the barrage of meteors.

Damien: "I.. *urg* have to get out of somehow."

Damien's eyes widen as he sees something up ahead: "I don't believe it! An opening! If I can just last a few more seconds I might actually survive the meteors!"

Suddenly a large meteor the size of the ship itself drops in front of him and out of instinct Damien holds out his hands a releases a large energy bolt to destroy the meteor. The meteor explodes and the ship flies right through the explosion, albeit wildly out of control as Damien's ship doesn't even have a proper cockpit anymore.

The vacuum created by the shattered window forces Damien to clench his eyes and mouth and hold tightly as the ship jets forth to a orange and brown planet, spiraling out of control.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside a very large triangular spaceship just in orbit of the orange and brown planet. A figure in the darkness sees Damien's ship crashing towards the planet.

Mysterious figure: "I don't believe it! That ship just came out of the Globe of Meteors and still has the bulk of it together! It's slim but there may actually be a survivor!"

The mysterious figure presses a button and an image of slightly aged Asian man with long black-hair in braids the stretch all the way down to his backside appears, and the mysterious figure speaks to the braided-man: "Everette!"

Everette bows his head in image: "Yes, your majesty?"

Mysterious figure: "A lone spacejet has just flown out of the Globe of Meteors and looks like it's going to crash in the Vacininian Zone. Take some medics and guards to the crash site. If anyone survives that crash, I want them helped immediately."

Everette a bit surprised: "A jet out the Globe of Meteors? Incredible. I'll gather the troops immediately! Advisor Everette out."

Everette's image disappears and the shadowy figure plots his own course: "I better get down there myself. A ship coming out of the Globe of Meteors? This may be the biggest news to strike the galaxy since the final defeat of the United Alliance, or Earth's launching of the Terra Venture space colony."

With that, the huge triangular spaceship flies out of orbit and heads down for the planet below.

Scene 3

Setting: On the mysterious planet at the crashsite of Damien's ship. Parts of the spaceship is flaming as Damien lays back in his seat, covered in soot and unconscious. He starts to come to and begins to crawl out of the jet.

Damien falls to the ground: "I made it. I actually went through the galaxy's borders and survived."

Damien gets up and stumbles as far from the jet as he can and suddenly the ship explodes and sending Damien flying forward and hitting the sandy ground: "Whoooah! Ooomph!"

Damien tries to get up and suddenly hears the familiar sound of numerous rifles being cocked. And a man's voice speaks: "Get up and throwdown your weapons intruder!"

Damien looks up and sees Advisor Everette dressed a regal looking outfit and that he is surrounding by over a dozen soliders wearing grey battle armor. He notices something odd with the guards in that they seem to be comprised of groups of triplets.

Damien slowly gets up and holds up his hands: "I don't mean any of you harm. I arrived on your planet by accident."

Everette snears: "No doubt. You meant to spy on our world, and had no attention of falling into our rage. Guards destroy him!"

One of the guards turns to Everette in confusion: "Sir?"

Everette: "You heard me, he is a threat to us all. We must destroy him now!"

Damien is confused by Everette's commands but pulls out his sword in preparation for a fight.

Everette points out that Damien has just pulled out his sword: "See? He plots to attack, stop him now!"

The guards finally rush to attack, Damien fends off the first few, but soon they overpower and hold, as Everette takes one of the guards rifles and prepares to aim: "Farewell, intruder."

The mysterious figure's voice yells: "Everette stop!"

Everette lowers his gun and turns around, all the guards look up at the top of the sand hill behind them. Some of them begin to bow.

Guard in awe: "It's the king."

Mysterious figure: "Release him, even if he really did mean harm to our people, I doubt he's in any condition to fight after the crash he suffered."

The guards let Damien go, Everette quickly rushes ahead of Damien puts his hands together and nods: "I apologize for my rashness, your lordship. I was merely concerned when you said that he arrived from the Globe of Meteors. Who knows what exists inside that space anomaly."

Damien looks up and sees the mysterious figure, but with the bright sun behind, he can only make out the figure's silhouette: "Thank you. Whoever you are. My name is Damien and I guess I'm from the galaxy within the meteor storm. But who are you? And where am I?"

The mysterious figure steps down from the hill and with sun no longer directly behind him, he starts to become more visible: "No problem. I'm am the ruler of this planet. The planet, Triforia, and my name is Trey, the Gold Ranger."

Damien is surprised to see another Power Ranger other than the Psychos as the Gold Ranger stands before him: "Another Ranger?!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Trey's palace on Triforia during the evening. Inside the palace is Trey's throneroom. A very large white-walled room. The pillars are gold, and his black and red throne had a long red carpet leading up to it. Behind his throne is large black banner with the gold six-pronged symbol that is the Gold Ranger's insignia. Trey shows Damien into the throne, who has been cleaned up since the crash. Along with them is Everette and some guards.

Trey in amazement: "Incredible. You mean there is an entire galaxy inside that meteor storm."

Damien nods: "Yes. It's not quite another universe but it appears that my world exists in a kind of lost galaxy."

Everette: "But it's not *the* Lost Galaxy of myth is it?"

Damien raises an eyebrow: "I'm not familiar with '*the*' Lost Galaxy. What is it?"

Everette wanting to change the subject: "Um.. Nothing just an old legend shared throughout the universe. Simply myth."

Trey smiles: "Yes. Just an old story. Anyway regardless of whether or not you home galaxy is the Lost Galaxy, it has still been cut off from the rest of the universe since before anyone can remember. I find it fascinating that there's actually an entire galaxy in it."

Damien: "I'm equally fascinated with your world. Tell me, is there any others like you, Rangers, I mean."

Trey: "Well I'm currently the only Gold Ranger, but yes there are other Power Rangers throughout the universe. On a planet called Earth there's a group of Power Rangers with a seemingly constant rotation of it's roster. I've had the honor of assisting them first hand during what we've come to call the Zeo Era of the Earth Rangers. I've even been given protectorship of the weapons from the period called Zords, which we keep here in the capital city of Triforia."

Damien: "Zords? Yes. I'm familiar with them."

Trey scratches his chin while thinking: "There's also a Phantom Ranger but no one really knows much about him, living up to his name. He seems to have made his base of operations on the abandoned world of Eltar, which I believe was supposed to have it's own team of Rangers at one time but disaster befell, and the last I heard they were destroyed by a cretin named Darkonda before they even had the chance to make their debut in the universe."

Damien in a hate-filled tone, clenches his fist: "Darkonda."

Everette notices it and makes a mental note, while Trey continues his speaking: "And of course Zhane, the Silver Ranger remains on the planet KO-35 to help the people of that world rebuild after the great war ended."

Damien: "Interesting."

Trey: "And there's been rumors circulating lately that a new team of Power Rangers have started up on a young space colony called Terra Venture. And finally there's a group of Power Rangers on Triforia's sister planet Aquitar. We try to stay close allies but even though there's no ill-will on either planet's behalf, our relationship is strained."

Damien: "Oh?"

Everette adds in: "The Aquitian atmosphere is poisonous to Triforians, even though it's habitant is harmless to most cultures throughout the universe, Triforians have a natural allergic reaction to their world."

Damien: "I see. With all of these heroes throughout your universe, it may have been a blessing for me to come through that meteor storm. I propose to form a grand alliance to stop the evil entity called the Endness before it destroys the universe."

Everette scoffs: "Bah! This Endness that you've been babbling about sounds like it's no more real than the Lost Galaxy. Surely you're not suggesting that my lord waste his time over secluded world's fairy-tale."

Trey holds his hand: "Now, Everette. I know you were appointed my advisor by my late father, but this decision will ultimately be mine. I've seen too many things in my career as a Ranger, to cast aside any possible threat as a 'fairy-tale'."

Trey turns to Damien with a confident look: "I will consider your proposal, but in the meantime.. *cough*"

Trey starts keel over and cough violently. Everette quickly rushes to his aid: "My lord! Your breaking up again. We must get you back to bed immediately."

Trey is relunctant to accept Everette advice even though he needs the guards' support to even stand up. He suddenly splits into his three selves; Trey of Courage, Trey of Wisdom, and Trey of Heart.

Trey of Courage: "*cough* Nonsense Everette, I've been fighting this illness for well over a year now. I've suffered worst attacks in *cough cough* past!"

Trey of Wisdom: "Still *cough* it isn't wise to ignore such pain. *cough* A little rest would do well about now."

Trey of Heart: "*cough* Rest it is."

Trey of Heart turns to Everette as the guards help him: "Everette, make sure our guest feels welcome, continue the grand tour for us."

Everette hesitant: "Ehh.."

Everette turns to Damien with slight disgust sighs then turns back to the Treys and bows: "As you wish, your lordship."

Trey of Heart: "Thank you, Everette. Don't worry about us Damien. Enjoy yourself."

Damien bows his head to the Treys as they helped out: "Thank you for everything Lord Trey."

Everette walks past Damien in a rushed manner and in a slightly impatient tone: "Well come on. His lordship says I must give you a tour so let's get this over with."

Damien in a slightly sarcastic tone: "You don't like me, do you."

Everette speaks under his breath: "Isn't that obvious."

Damien also speaks to himself: "I'm starting to see why so many people found me annoying. That arrogance of his is irritating."

Scene 2

Setting: A little while later. Everette continues to show Damien around the palace. They come down a lower-level hallway. While still elegant, it is of darker mood than the rest of the palace.

Everette: "Now we are coming across the science division. Here there are various labs set up for various experiments. Including ways to make Triforian physiology more adaptable to Aquitian geology."

Damien on an off-topic question: "Everette? Trey said that you were appointed royal advisor by his late father. What exactly happened?"

Everette: "Well.. his father and I go back many years as good friends. However, while he was on Earth assisting the Power Rangers of that planet against the Machine Empire we were attacked by some of Dark Specter's forces. Trey's father Lord Triad and piloted the flagship of the Triforian fleet. Unfortunately the ship was destroyed. I survived but alas, Lord Triad perished as his escape pod had a 'malfunction'. But before he passed on, he made sure that I was to serve at his son's side. As couraegous as Trey is. He's actually still a young lad and has much to learn about ruling a planet. He is the sole ruler now, yet he still insists on travelling to other worlds and helping alien races. Sometimes, I think he's too heroic for his own good."

Damien stops at a labdoor and sees that it is marked as Everette's personal lab. He enters the door just before Everette turns around and notices.

Everette worried: "No wait! Don't go in there! I have delicate projects in progress."

Everette rushes in after Damien. Damien sees a peculiar pair of mechanical rats in cages, and sees mechanical fish swimming in an aquarium, as well as some mechanical insects and mechanical birds on display in Everette's lab.

Everette: "Please! You shouldn't be in here!"

Damien: "Sorry. The door wasn't locked."

Everette: "Yes well. We Triforians are a very peacefull race, and have long since risen above crime, thus we have no use for such things as locks anymore, not for several centuries. But still there are some places a stranger such as yourself shouldn't go."

Damien: "Once again, I apologize. But still, I can't help but be amazed at these machines. They're so lifelike. How did you make them so real."

Everette tries to pull Damien away, casually: "Um.. Well robotics have been a longtime passion of mine. I've even been put in charge of caretaking the Zeozords, but the um.. circuitry can be very sensitive in this room. And you really shouldn't be in here without proper clothing to prevent dust from or other filth from disrupting the machines' processors."

Damien: "Very well."

Damien and Everette finally leave. Everette looks at the robot machines with an mean glare then turns off the lights and closes the door behind him.

Back in the hallway, Damien turns back to Everette: "Would it be okay for me to check on Trey by now."

Everette a bit off guard: "Uh.. Yes. In fact I'm sure his lordship is thirsty. I'll go fetch him a glass of water."

Everette rushes off as Damien a bit suspicious secretly follows him.

Scene 3

Setting: Just outside Trey's bedroom. Everette walks up with a glass of water for Trey. He then looks around to see if anyone is watching then pulls vial of clear-blue liquid from his sleeve, pulls the cork and begins to pour some of the liquid into the water, but Damien's hand grabs his wrist suddenly.

Everette: "Wha?"

Damien in an accusatory tone: "What do you think you're doing?"

Everette pulls away in anger: "Well you have some nerve! How dare you lay your hands on me."

Damien: "Answer my question. What were you doing just now?"

Everette sneers then holds up the vial: "I was merely enhances his lordship's drink."

Damien crosses his arms: "I bet."

Everette: "If you must know, this is just harmless spring water. It has a remarkable taste but Trey only prefers small doses of it. So I mix in with the rest of the water to give it the perfect taste."

Damien: "How do I know that, that's really just water."

Everette gives a devilish smirk: "I'll prove it."

Everette holds the vial and drinks some of the water then looks to Damien: "See? Nothing's happening and if it WAS poison, I wouldn't drink it myself, now would I?"

Damien's confidence in his accusation drops and he backs down: "I suppose.. you're right. I.. I apologize."

Everette: "Hmph!"

Everette pushes Damien aside as he heads for Trey's chamber: "You have much to learn about manners boy."

Damien watches Everette enter Trey's room, unsure of himself: "No. Something about that guy stinks. After dealing with Darkonda, I know shiftiness when I see it. But what is he up to?"

Damien walks away unbeknownest to him he is being watched ball a small ball-shaped figure hiding in the shadows of the ceiling.

Ball-shaped figure: "Hmmm... Everette's slipping up. The bossman ain't going to be happy to about this. Heh heh heh."

The ball-shaped figure spins around and teleports away.

Scene 4

Setting: Everette's lab. It is dark and Everette just enters it but doesn't turn on the lights. Leaving the place dark but the various small lights set off by the mechanical animals' habitats make it so that things are visible.

Everette walks forwards and the ball-shaped figure flies in front of him: "Who?"

The ball-shaped figure flies into the light: "Well, well, well. Hello there Everino. It looks like the kiddy kid is giving youze some hassles."

Everette recognizes the figure: "Twerp. As 'delightful' as ever, I see. But if you're here then that means that.."

A omninous voice cuts Everette off: "Yes. I am also here, Everette."

Everette's face shows slight fear as another figure steps out where he can see him.

Everette puts his hands together and bows: "Dr. Hinelar?! It is ALWAYS a pleasure to be honored by your presence master."

Dr. Hinelar unamused: "Save it. I've get my fill of brown-nosing from Darkonda."

Everette keeps his hands together infront of him: "I apologize. I'm assuming you know of this Damien boy."

Dr. Hinelar puts his finger in the bird cage and rubs the mechanical bird's head: "Yes. I'm fully aware of Damien. He is the younger brother of Darkonda's associate Falconine. He proved to quite the thorn for him as well."

Everette: "I see. Then you know that he is causing complications in our plans."

Dr. Hinelar opens the cage and lets the bird fly into his hand as he pets it: "Yes. You may have to speed up the final stages of Operation Gold."

Everette nods: "That won't be too much of a problem. I have Zeo and Super Zeozords already rewired as well as the Warrior Wheel."

Dr. Hinelar: "What of the Red Battlezord and Auric the Conqueror?"

Everette: "Unfortunately do to the psycho-empathic nature of the Red Battlezord, I was unable to modify enough to meet your needs. So I have made the preparations to destroy it all together. The old 'if you can't have it, no one can' ploy. I'm afraid. Auric will share it's fate."

Dr. Hinelar: "Excellent. Two Megazords are better than none. And what of Pyramidas?"

Everette: "The Gold Ranger uses it too frequently. I haven't had the opportunity to work on it. Still it shouldn't pose too much of threat with the other three Zords at my command. The only real complication is that the destruction of Trey himself has gone much slower than expected. I'm afraid I won't be able to eliminate as subtle as originally planned."

Dr. Hinelar: "That is a shame. Subtlety is the whole point of your mission. I want all the heroes in this universe destroyed, but we must do this in secret. If the other Power Rangers know that the United Alliance still exists, my master plan could be shattered."

Everette: "Then what must be done with Damien?"

Dr. Hinelar: "Oh please. You're much brighter than that. Do I actually have to spell out the obvious for you?"

Dr. Hinelar holds out the mechanical bird then crushes it with one hand: "Eliminate him."

Everette, not too happy with Dr. Hinelar casually destroying one of his creations but doesn't protest.

Dr. Hinelar: "Pull this off Everette and I guarantee you a high-ranking position in my empire once the universe belongs to me. By the way, I'm very pleased with how your research is coming along."

Dr. Hinelar admires Everette's other mechanical animals: "You're mechanization techniques have come along quite nicely over the years. You are doing well."

Everette smiles as he bows: "Thank you master. But in all honesty."

Twerp: "Honesty. Heh heh heh. I'm surprised that's even in your vocab, vocab.. Um.. Boss?"

Dr. Hinelar: "Vocabulary."

Twerp: "Yeah! That woid."

Everette rolls his eyes at Twerp: "As I was saying. In all honesty, these experiments, as impressive as they may be are nothing compared to some of my other projects. I've finally came across a trio of specimens that hold tremendous potential!"

Dr. Hinelar: "Very well. Then I will leave everything up to you. And make sure Damien doesn't leave Triforia, alive."

Dr. Hinelar turns around and vanishes as Twerp follows: "Yeah! Everino! Don't screw it up!"

Twerp spins around and teleports away after Dr. Hinelar.

Everette smirks: "Of course, my dear Dr. Hinelar. The Gold Ranger shall be eliminated soon, and as far as Damien goes.."

Everette slips on a blaster that fits on the back of his hand: "Heh heh heh."

Everette takes aim at the remains of his mechanical bird and shoots: "I'll enjoy his eminent demise. Hahahahahahahahaha!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The middle of the night in Everette's lab. Damien sneaks into the lab with a flashlight. He sees the destroyed remains of the former mechanical bird, then looks at those animals.

Damien studies the actions of the mechanical rats. He puts his finger up to the cage as the rat is chewing on some cardboard. The rat quickly runs away from the finger and buries itself in bedding to hide.

Damien slightly shakes: "There's something wrong here. It acts too realisitic."

Damien heads over to the desk at the far end of the lab, and tries to open the drawer but it's locked: "Hmmm.. So much for no locks on Triforia. Everette's hiding something."

Damien holds his finger to the lock and it glows slightly, he shoots a very small beam of energy from the tip of his finger at the lock. He then opens the drawer and finds several folders.

Damien sees a file and opens it up, finding information showing that Everette has travelled to Aquitar on several occasions: "According to this Everette seems to have been to Aquitar quite a bit. But how? Triforians aren't supposed to be able to survive Aquitar's atmosphere. Unless.."

Damien then finds several pictures of the mechanical animals in the lab, then sees pictures of the same animals made of flesh and blood: "Wait a minute!"

Damien looks up at the mechanical animals and their realistic motions: "He's not building advanced robots. He's somehow found away to turn real animals into machines!"

Damien starts placing the folders back into the drawer and suddenly the lights come on.

Everette's voice: "Guards! Seize him!"

Suddenly two sets of triplet guards aim rifles at Damien while two other guards grab him.

Everette walks up to Damien: "I knew you were a spy. Guards! Prepare him for execution immediately."

The guard holding Damien's left arm: "But Advisor sir, shouldn't Lord Trey be the one to issue sentence?"

Everette: "Eh.. His lordship has been very ill lately. He doesn't need to be bothered with this worm!"

Damien smirks: "What's the matter Everette? Sounds like you're in hurry to get rid of me, like you have something to hide."

Everette smirks: "Hmph. I have nothing to hide, but I am in a hurry to get rid of you, just as would anyone that would pose a threat to our world."

Damien: "I demand to be judged by the ruler."

Everette grows angrier: "You're in no position to demand anything. Now guards, destroy him!"

Trey's voice: "Belay that order!"

Everette turns around to see Trey: "Your lordship?!"

Trey: "As the Lord of Triforia it is my role to judge our would-be criminals in court. Not you."

Everette puts his hands together and nods his head: "I.. I apologize my lord. I was merely concerned that such matters would only stress you in your weakened state."

Trey: "Let's go."

Trey leaves the room, the guards follow with Damien prisoner. Damien smirks and winks at Everette as he taken past him. Damien tightens his fist in anger: "Grrrrrrr..."

Scene 2

Setting: Trey's throneroom. Trey sits in his throne. Before him stands Damien being held by two guards. Everette stands off to the side.

Everette: "Your lordship, I say we should eliminate this spy immediately. He's been snooping around this palace ever since he arrived and what exactly do we know of the galaxy he comes from. For all we know he is an agent of this Endness that he wants you to ally against. He's setting you up for a fall."

Trey: "I'm well aware of the charges Everette. There's no need to rehash them here. Now Damien, do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Damien: "Tre.. Your highness. It is Everette that plots against you. In fact he's been poisoning you!"

Everette: "How dare you?!"

Trey: "Damien, I welcomed you to palace as a guest and you make very harsh accusations about a man that's been advisor to my family for several years. Do you have any kind of proof at all?"

Damien: "Yes. He's been poisoning you with water from Aquitar. He has a vial of the substance on him right now!"

Trey turns to Everette: "Everette?"

Everette pulls out the vial: "Your lordship. This is not Aquitian water or any kind of poison. If it was, it would destroy me if I were to drink it."

Everette pulls the cork of the vial and takes a big gulp: "See? Nothing is happening to me."

Damien: "That's because you're not a Triforian!"

Several bystanders start gossiping, Everette steps back shaking his head: "That's absurd!"

Everette turns to Trey, pleading: "Of course I am a Triforian, your lordship. Not only does this spy hold ill will towards us, but he's also mad!"

Damien: "Let me ask you this. If you're a Triforian, how come you haven't split into three selves?"

Trey: "Damien. Some Triforians prefer to keep their three selves in one form, including myself."

Damien: "Still if Everette is truly a Triforian, he should be capable of splitting into three selves, regardless of whether he prefers to be divided or whole."

Trey turns to Everette: "He does have a point. Everette if you wouldn't mind. Please show Damien wrong."

Everette smirks and bows: "It will be a pleasure."

Everette puts his hands together but Damien notices that he presses a button on his glove and the button blinks slightly as Everette splits into three selves.

Everette 1: "See? I am a Triforian!"

Everette 2 turns to Trey: "I have prove my innocence your lordship, Damien has yet to do the same."

Damien: "Oh no you don't. I see what you're doing."

Damien breaks free of the guards and pushes one down and grabs the blaster from his holster. The other guards prepare to shoot at him. Damien rolls and shoots Everette 1's glove.

Everette 1 yells: "Guards! Destroy him now! He's trying to assassinate me!"

But suddenly Everette's glove smokes and his two other selves flicker and vanish.

Trey: "Guards! Stop!"

The guards stop just before they shoot at Damien.

Trey gets up as Everette holds his hand in pain: "Those weren't you're other selves, those were holograms! Why the deception?"

Everette gets up and backs away: "Your lordship, I assure you. I am innocent. He's framing me!"

Damien: "Give it up Everette. You're deceptions may have been able to work due to the Triforians overtrusting nature, but someone that's used to dealing with evil can see right through your facade."

Everette sneers at Damien as he continues to back away: "Curse you boy. Yes. I am not a Triforian.."

Everette turns to Trey: "..and yes, I never stood by your father's side in the war against Dark Specter, it was I, who destroyed him!"

Trey in anger and shock: "What?! Guards seize him!"

Everette gives a devilish smile: "I.. think.. not!"

Everette pulls out a handheld device and presses a button, suddenly all the guards suffer an electric shock and fall to the ground unconscious: "Hmmhmm hahaha! You may recall that it was I that redesigned the new uniforms for the guards. I added a few improvements to the design to better serve me for just such an occasion."

Damien picks up his sword that was confiscated by one of the guards: "You still have to deal with the two of us Everette!"

Trey stares at Everette in anger: "You destroyed my father, you tried to destroy me, and you manipulated me and my people. Why?"

Everette: "You pose a threat to my true master, and you and your world are to be destroyed. And ironically enough, I'll do it with your own Zords!"

Trey: "The Zeozords? No! I'll stop you right now!"

Everette: "I highly doubt that as you'll have something else to deal with. You see, I turn animals into machines and I have three very special specimens I'd like to introduce to you!"

Everette runs off and presses another button on his remote, Damien and Trey chase after him but they are cut off when the ceiling opens up and three mechanical monsters drop through. One a yellow lion, the second a bear, and the third a raptor. As Everette makes his escape.

Trey: "Damien! Stop Everette! I'll take care of these monsters!"

Damien: "All by yourself?"

Trey: "I can handle them."

Trey holds up his hand and the Golden Power Staff energizes in it: "Gold Ranger Power!"

In a flash of gold light, Trey morphs into the Gold Ranger. Damien smiles as he jumps over the animals and chase after Everette. The raptor tries to pounce Damien but Gold Ranger blasts it with his power staff. Gold Ranger turns into black lightning and quickly attacks all three monsters and when he returns to solid form behind them, he holds up the Golden Power Staff.

The Gold Ranger's staff begins to glow and it opens up with gold energy flowing into three small lenses: "It's time for a Gold Rush!"

The Gold Ranger releases the Gold Rush attack on the monsters. Explosions erupt all over them and they all fall down to explode.

Gold Ranger: "That takes care of them, now to stop Everette."

Suddenly the entire place shakes, Gold Ranger: "What the? Oh no! It must be the Zords under Everette's control!"

Gold Ranger teleports out of the palace.

Scene 3

Setting: Outside the palace in the capitol city of Triforia. The Zeo Megazord, Super Zeo Megazord, and Warrior Wheel start destroying various buildings, causing civilians to scatter.

Suddenly the Pyramidas Carrierzord hovers down to the city.

[Pyramidas cockpit scene] Gold Ranger: "I have to stop them now, or they'll destroy all of my people. I'm sorry Tommy. I know I promised to take of Zords when you upgraded to the Turbo powers, but the safety of my people come first!"

Pyramidas shoots at the trio of Zords, but the Zeo Megazord summons Zeo Battle Helmet III and then locks Pyramidas in place with a telekinetic forcefield!

[Pyramidas cockpit scene] Gold Ranger very worried: "No! I'm a sitting duck! But where is the Red Battlezord or for that matter Auric?"

Scene 4

Setting: A large metal factory. Everette runs onto a bridge standing over a large vat of molten metal. He has a case in his arms. When he presses some switches on the control station on the bridge a large door opens up and a ceiling crane pulls out the Red Battlezord, leaving the Zord suspended over the molten metal.

Everette: "I was unable to take control of the Red Battlezord so I'll just destroy it so that it won't pose a threat to me or Dr. Hinelar. Hahahahaha! But first."

Everette opens up the case he brought with him and pulls out Auric, who is still dormant in his tiki form. Everette then holds Auric over the edge of the bridge looks at like a familiar character did with a skull: "Alas poor Auric, I knew him well. Hahahahaha!"

Everette casually drops Auric's tiki into the vat of molten metal. When the tiki falls into the molten metal it slowly sinks in to the hot red liquid, already melting away, bringing an end to the hero.

Everette turns his attention back to the controls with an evil smile: "Hmhmhmhm. An now for the Red Battlezord."

Damien's voice: "EVERETTE!"

Everette turns around and sees Damien running towards him on the bridge. He puts on his wrist blaster, takes aim, and in a hate-filled tone: "Youuu!"

Everette shoots at Damien, the explosions caused by the blasts cause Damien to fall to the floor of the bridge.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the Zord fight. The Zeo Megazord now stands behind Pyramidas, while the Super Zeo Megazord and Warrior Wheel stand in front him.

The Warrior Wheel transforms into wheel mode and is held by the Super Zeo Megazord and prepares to launch the Warrior Wheel.

[Pyramidas cockpit scene] Gold Ranger struggles with his controls: "No! I have to get free!"

Suddenly the Zeo Megazord converts back to using Zeo Battle Helmet V and summons the Zeo Power Sword and energizes.

[Pyramidas cockpit scene] Gold Ranger: "Yes! He can't maintain telekinesis without Zeo Battle Helmet III."

Super Zeo Megazord launches the Warrior Wheel just as the Zeo Megazord prepares to use it's finishing attack as well. Pyramidas flies out of the way at the last second. Warrior Wheel strikes the Zeo Megazord at the same the Megazord uses it's Power Sword. Causing the two Zords to destroy each other. A huge explosion erupts and various parts of the Zords fly all over the place.

But then Super Zeo Megazord releases a star-shaped energy blast from it's chest at Pyramidas' bottom.

[Pyramidas cockpit scene] Gold Ranger: "No! I can't maintain control! I'm going down!"

People scatter as Pyramidas spirals down and crashes into the streets, the Carrierzord slides down the street causing the pavement to fly.

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the factory. With Everette distracted with fighting Damien, the ceiling crane is not stopped and the Red Battlezord starts to hang directly over the bridge.

Everette continues to shoot at Damien: "Hahahahahaha! Give up boy! I have you cornered."

Damien pulls out his sword while on the ground: "Don't be so sure about that!"

Damien throws his sword at Everette, and destroys Everette's wrist blaster. The sword finally strikes the control station, which causes the ceiling crane to finally stop and the Red Battlezord remains suspended over the bridge.

Everette shakes off the remains of the wrist blaster and when he looks up he sees Damien's fist coming his way. With a left cross Damien stumbles close to the edge of the bridge and braces himself against the railing.

Everette: "Why you!"

Everette turns around with a hook of his own, but when he strikes Damien, he breaks his own hand and holds it: "Owwww!"

Damien grabs Everette by his hair and knees him in the gut. Everette falls to the ground.

Damien rushes to the control station: "Now let's see what I can do to save this Zord."

Scene 7

Setting: Back to the Zord fight. The Super Zeo Megazord places it's two lances together forming a pillar of light.

[Pyramidas cockpit scene] Gold Ranger: "Can't move. Only one chance."

Pyramidas is struck by a pillar of it's own energy and releases a massive wave of power just as Super Zeo Megazord drops it's lance on Pyramidas. Both Zords explode violently, but Gold Ranger teleports away from Pyramidas at the last second.

Gold Ranger resolidifies ontop of his palace and surveys the wreckage: "No.. What have I done? They're all gone."

Super Zeo Megazord's left leg topples over.

Scene 8

Setting: Back to the factory. Damien fiddles with the controls.

Damien: "Blast! I caused more harm than good to these controls."

Everette notices that Damien is no longer paying any attention to him and slowly gets back up with hatred in his eyes, he picks up a long pipe and stalks Damien.

Damien pulls his sword out of the controls and notices that the ceiling crane's grip is loosening on the Red Battlezord: "That Zord is going to drop at any second, I better get out of here before it takes down the whole place."

Everette limps towards Damien with the pipe in hand: "You ruined my perfect plan. You'll pay for ruining my perfect plan!"

Everette yells as he swings the pipe at Damien, but Damien catches it in the corner of his eye and jumps out of the way at the last second. Everette unintentionally smashes the controls, and shorts out the ceiling crane. A fire starts as the Red Battlezord is released.

Damien and Everette look up.

Everette: "NO!"

Damien: "It's coming down!"

Both Damien and Everette make a run for it as the Red Battlezord comes crashing down on the bridge, and explosion erupts as the bridge falls to pieces, causing Damien and Everette to fly through the air. Damien lands on the edge of the bridge that hasn't broken off, but Everette only manages to catch the very edge and hnags for dear life.

Everette looks down as the Red Battlezord sinks into the molten metal and as the entire building starts to collapse.

Damien stands above Everette: "Everette!"

Everette looks up at Damien: "Please! Help me! Don't let me fall!"

Everette starts to loose his grip. Damien catches his left hand.

Everette starts to look a little relieved but still worried: "Yes, yes. That's it, help me up!"

Gold Ranger runs onto the scene and sees Damien helping Everette up: "Damien hurry! The whole place is about to go at any second!"

Everette extends his other hand for Damien to help him up with: "Quickly take my other hand and pull me up."

Damien slowly reaches for Everette's hand then pauses: "No."

Everette looks shocked: "What?! Wha.. What are you doing?!"

Gold Ranger: "Damien! Hurry up!"

Damien looks at Everette with spite: "All the harm you've caused. I've seen your kind before. You're just like Darkonda and if the roles were reversed you would send me to my death."

Everette: "No, no, no. You're the good guy here! Help me up, you have to save me!"

Gold Ranger: "Damien no! Don't do it!"

Damien coldly tells Everette: "Deviants like you deserve to die."

Everette's eyes grow wide as Damien lets Everette go.

Gold Ranger reaches out from the distance: "NO!"

Everette falls to his death towards the molten metal: "NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

Damien watches on as Everette's hand is all that's above the molten metal. It reaches up in vain as it slowly sink and even becomes to catch on fire.

Damien: "The universe is a better place without the likes of him."

Gold Ranger looks on in disbelief: "Damien.. What have you done?"

The ceiling starts to come down from the explosions.

Damien turns around: "We have to get out of here!"

Gold Ranger tries to shake off his shock and leads Damien out of the doomed factory: "Come on, follow me!"

Scene 9

Setting: Just outside the factory. Gold Ranger and Damien run away from the building as it explodes! The jump to the ground.

Damien and Gold Ranger look on at the burning mess that was once a factory.

Damien: "It's over."

Gold Ranger: "Yes. But that wasn't the way it should have ended."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The next day. All the fires have been put out at last, at a launchpad behind Trey's palace. A shiny new spaceship is set up for Damien. Damien prepares to leave as Trey stands behind him.

Trey: "There you go. This ship is top of the line. It should serve you well on your travels."

Damien climbs up the ladder of the jet and hops into the cockpit: "I want to thank you for all the help. I just wish my visit to your beautiful world didn't end up with such destruction."

Trey: "That makes two of us."

Damien smiles: "Shouldn't that be four of us?"

Trey tries to laugh but can't bring himself to do it.

Damien: "Perhaps my next visit won't be as destructive."

Trey: "I'm afraid there won't be another visit."

Damien: "Eh?"

Trey looks up at Damien with a saddened expression: "I'm providing you with a spaceship and supplies to last you several months, because I am grateful for your help. You revealed Everette for the traitor he really was, in doing so saved my people and my own life, and prevented whatever damage he may have caused."

Trey turns away: "However that doesn't change the fact that you killed a man in cold blood last night."

Damien: "But he was evil."

Trey: "Maybe, but he was human being, and at the moment you played judge, jury, and executioner he was harmless and helpless. His plans were shattered, he was unarmed, and was in no condition to continue fighting. He was at your mercy and you showed him none."

Trey looks back to Damien: "I believe you may genuinely be a good person at heart, but I can't in good conscience align myself with a cold-blooded killer."

Damien looks down with a hint of shame: "I see."

Trey: "I wish you well on your travels Damien, but you are no longer welcome on Triforia."

Trey walks away: "Farewell."

Damien closes the cockpit in a down mood: "Yes. Farewell, Trey. It looks like my quest for allies to fight against the Endness, starts all over again."

Damien launches the spaceship and flies off into space as Trey watches on.

Scene 2

Setting: A dark place. At first nothing is visible.

Twerp's voice: "Hey boss! I think he's coming to!"

Dr. Hinelar's voice: "Excellent."

A pair of eyes open with a slight groan and the whoever has just awakened sees the blurry figures of Dr. Hinelar and Twerp, but his eyes start to focus.

Twerp: "Yeah boss! To quote that Earth book. 'He's Alive! He's Alive!'"

Dr. Hinelar: "Silence Twerp."

Dr. Hinelar turns his attention to the man just awakened: "How do you feel?"

Man's voice: "Doc.. Doctor Hinelar? But how? The last thing I remember was falling into the vat of molten metal. Wait.. my voice! What's wrong with my voice?!"

Dr. Hinelar: "First things first. You did fall into a vat of molten metal, and you would have died, but Twerp teleported you away at the last second. However in order to save you, we had to 'modify' your body. That is also why your voice now has a mechanical echo to it. You are now a cyborg, Everette."

Everette: "A.. a cyborg?"

Dr. Hinelar gives a slight smile: "Yes. Care for a look? Twerp the mirror."

Twerp flies in front of Everette with a mirror, and he sees his face. It is now severely burned and scarred, what's still flesh at any rate. Most of his lower jaw is half metal, and the sides of his face are covered in wires and circuitry.

Everette shatters the mirror in horror: "NO!"

Everette climbs out of the bed and stands in the shadows putting his hands to his face: "What have you done to me?! You made me a freak?!"

Twerp: "Geesh! What are you upset about? We used your own mechanization technology and now you actually have power!"

Everette with a hint of curiousity: "Power?"

Dr. Hinelar smiles: "Yes.. power. You are much more than you once were Everette. Certainly a man of your intelligence realizes that ultimately power is more important than mere vanity or even humanity itself."

Everette in shadows turns his head back towards Dr. Hinelar: "Hmm.. Yes. You do have a point."

Dr. Hinelar: "Still if you wish to hide your disfigurement, I took the liberty of creating a mask for you. Twerp?"

Twerp flies over to Everette carrying a metal mask that's not quite visible in the darkness: "You'll like it Everino. It was my idea to make the isignia resemble the Gold Rangers'. You know just for kicks babe."

Everette takes the mask from Twerp and begins to put it on. Air is released as it locks into place.

Dr. Hinelar: "Consider your second chance at life and your newfound power as a reward for your excellent work on Triforia. While your cover was blown and things weren't as discreet as I originally wanted most of the job was accomplished. All the Zords and even that Conqueror have been destroyed despite the Gold Ranger himself still living."

Everette feels the mask on his face: "I see. Very well. Then I take you have something else in mind?"

Dr. Hinelar: "Yes. Ultimately I have plans for you to serve as my mole in a rival organization of evil, but in the meantime, I want you to assist Darkonda with his operations on Deacon Blue. One of his assisstants, Furio will also be able to give you all the info you'll need for your next mission after Deacon Blue."

Everette: "Excellent. Hmhmhm. I look forward to testing this new body, and I have a project in mind that involves the Psycho Rangers anyway."

Dr. Hinelar crosses his arms: "Excellent. Then you'll be off to cause mayhem and destruction on Deacon Blue, tomorrow morning. Make sure you serve me well Everette."

Everette: "Everette? Oh no, no, no. My dear Dr. Hinelar, Everette is dead. Hmhmhmhm."

The villain formerly known as Everette turns around and begins to step out of the shadows for Dr. Hinelar to see: "From this day forth, the universe will be under siege by the evil known as.. Deviot!"

Dr. Hinelar: "Deviot? Hahahahahahaha! The name suits you well, Deviot!"

Deviot: "Doesn't it though. Hahahaha. And if I ever come across that acursed brat again, I'll shall make him pay for he did to my previous self."

Deviot aims at a set of small figurines of the Psychos Rangers and shoots *BRAKUWA! BRAKUWA!*

Dr. Hinelar and Deviot begin to laugh maniacally into the night with evil plans they have in mind.

The End.

End Credits


Shoichiro Akaboshi

DiFilipino Brothers
Lord Trey

Yukijiro Hotaru

Ed Neil
Royal Guard


Brad Hawkins
Lord Trey/Gold Ranger

Steve Kramer

Katerina Luciani

Guil Lunde
Dr. Hinelar

Bob Pappenbrook


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