Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 26
"The Ancient Ones"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: An island in the middle of the ocean. The island is mostly desert with very little plant life other than palm trees and some shrubbery. Close to the center of the island, Furio and the Skullinites travel further into the sandy maze created by large sand dunes.

Furio marches onward and pushes the Skullinites around: "Faster! I said faster you worthless bonebrains. According to Falconine's spies say we're close to finding the last of the Guardian Temples."

Furio looks up at the sun, then turns his head as a golden reflection catches the corner of his eye: "What's this?"

Furio holds his hand above his eyes to keep the sun out, he focuses and sees a golden tip in the sand: "Could it be?"

Furio: "Finally! The Fifth Guardian Temple has been located!"

Furio grabs a Skullinite by the shoulder and points to the tip with his sword: "You get down there now!"

The Skullinite nods and hastily runs to the golden tip in the distance.

Furio looks at the rest of the Skullinites and yells some more: "Well! Get going all of you! If that's the Guardian Temple I want it dug up now!"

The Skullinite cower as Furio gives a minor display of his powers, and quickly run to the golden tip.

Time passes and the Guardian Temple is dug up. Furio returns.

Furio grabs a Skullinite by the would-be collar: "Well?"

The Skullinite points at the temple, and Furio admires: "Excellent. The fifth and final Guardian Temple is ours at last! Darkonda will be pleased. Hahahahahahaha!"

A dozen Skullinites start ramming at the gate of the temple with a large battering ram.

Furio walks up to the side of the barking out more orders: "Harder! I said hit it harder! Come on, put some backbone into it. You are skeletons after all! Hurry it up! Or I'll make bone soup out of each and every one of you!"

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the darkened temple. Five huge medallions hang on the far wall side-by-side with five different symbols on them. From left to right; the mountain, the flower, the flame, the lion, and the snowflake. The thunderous crash caused by the Skullinites' battering ram shakes the dust of the wall. The five medallions begin to glow. The mountain casts a grey glow, the flower a pink one, the flame a red glow, the lion a yellow glow, and the snowflake a blue glow.

In their respective lairs, the five Guardianzords begin to glow in their respective colors as well.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 runs around the control panels in a bit of worry.

Beta 1 quickly presses some buttons as he looks at one of the monitors on the control panels: "Aye ai ai!"

Zordon: "What is it Beta?"

Beta 1 turns to Zordon and throw his hands up: "It's the Rangers' Guardianzords, Zordon. Their casting a strange energy signal, that I've never seen before."

Zordon closes his eyes for a moment: "Hmmm.. I see. It's the final Guardian Temple, Beta. It has been uncovered by evil hands, and forces beyond our understanding are using the Guardianzords to send a distress signal to the Power Rangers."

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai? How did you know all of that Zordon?"

Zordon: "That is not important right now, Beta. What is important is that the Rangers reach the fifth Guardian Temple immediately. Connect me to the Rangers now, Beta. This is most urgent."

Beta 1 quickly presses a few button on the panel beside him: "Right away Zordon."

Scene 4

Setting: Just outside the mountain. Beside their lake. Lucas and Victor spar with one another as Ecliptor coaches them. Simon, Aundria, Marcus, and Angela sit under a tree watching them both go at it.

Victor throws a punch and Lucas blocks it, Lucas throws one of his own but Victor catches it in his hand. Victor gives a devilish grin as he shakes his finger, then spins around low and flips Lucas to the ground.

Victor: "Come on Luc. If you're going to be one of us, you gotta do better than that!"

Lucas jumps back to his feet and puts Victor in a head scissors with his legs: "Noted."

Lucas flips Victor to the ground and spins around just in time to catche Lucas' kick and lift his leg up in the air. Lucas backflips and Victor stays low and spins into an elbowpunch, striking Lucas in the stomach as he comes back down from his backflip.

Lucas falls to the ground hard, the guys watching from the tree all cringe.

Marcus: "Ew. That had to hurt."

Marcus turns to Aundria: "I don't think kung-fu boy is gonna be able to give ya some luvin' tonight, Aundry babe."

Aundria doesn't even turn to Marcus' direction and casually smacks him in the back of the head: "Shut up Marcus."

Ecliptor gets between Victor and Lucas: "Alright. This sparing match is over."

Lucas rubs his stomach: "And not a moment too soon. You did great Victor."

Victor winks as he holds out his hand for Lucas: "Hey. What can I say."

Lucas takes Victor's hand and is helped up: "But you're right about what you said earlier. If I'm going to be the Silver Psycho Ranger, I'm going to have to turn it up a notch. I didn't even see that last blow coming."

Victor smirks: "Well as I Psycho Ranger, you're going have to be ready for anything. You gotta see surprises coming."

Victor turns around and walks past Ecliptor in a cocky strut. Ecliptor nods: "Yes. I couldn't have said it.."

Ecliptor sticks out his foot and trips up Victor causing Vicky to fall flat on his face: "..better myself."

Victor turns his head: "Hey! What was that for old man?"

Ecliptor pulls Victor up by the back of shirt: "You gotta see surprises coming."

The rest of the Psychos laugh at Victor's expense, but their laughter is interupted by their communicators.

The Rangers click on their morphers as Ecliptor stands by a listens. Victor: "What is it Zordon?"

Zordon's voice: "Victor. You and the rest of the Power Rangers will have to take the Guardian Megazord to the fifth Guardian Temple immediately."

Victor: "You mean there was another Guardian Temple?"

Simon: "Of course because the third temple had both Marcus and my Zords."

Aundria: "And we've already used all the Guardian Keys? We've been to all the temples already, right?"

Zordon's voice: "No. There were always five temples, even though the third temple had both the Blue and Black Guardianzords, there is still one more left."

Victor: "So what's in it? Another Zord?"

Angela looks around: "Hey? That's not bad right? We've already added Tora to the team. The more, the merrier."

Zordon's voice: "I'm afraid it's not a new Zord."

Victor: "Then.. What is in the last temple."

Zordon's voice: "I cannot say."

Marucs: "Whoah. Wait a minute. You mean you don't know? Or is this another of those (mimicking Zordon's voice) 'I cannot tell you my Rangers, because there is a valuable lesson that you must learn for yourselves.' crap?!"

Zordon's voice: "Um."

Aundria: "Never mind that Zordon. So where is the fifth temple?"

Zordon's voice: "The Guardianzords will take you there."

The Psychos look at each other with a puzzled expression.

Scene 5

Setting: High above Power Chamber mountain. The Guardian Megazord flies off for the final temple.

Victor's voice: "We're on our way!"

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Above a bright and beautiful ocean. The Guardian Megazord soars at high speed. Inside the cockpit sits the five core Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Red looks out: "Well. I have to say, it's not as fast as the Sky Knight Megaship but considering it's collecting seaweed right now, I'd say our old friends are doing a good job filling in."

Psycho Yellow: "Yeah, but because we had to travel Megazord Air, Lucas and Ecliptor couldn't come along for the ride."

Psycho Black holds his hands behind his head and slouches back in his seat: "Oh don't worry about them Aundry. I put the finishing touches on one of Almidor's old projects the other night."

Psycho Yellow turns her head to Black in curiosity: "Oh?"

Psycho Black: "Yeah. Remember that Skullfighter, that Ecliptor and Almidor hijacked from the Dark Carrier, when they escaped with our datacards?"

Psycho Pink: "Wow. That was ages ago. That was before Zordon freed us from the data cards and reversed the gene slamming Darkonda did on our bodies."

Psycho Black: "Yeah well. You know Almidor, he could never let a piece of machinery go to waste, so he was working on it before he.. you know."

Psycho Pink holds her head down: "Yeah."

Psycho Red: "Look. That's one loose end we're going to have to get back to eventually, but the Guardian Temple is what we have to deal with now."

Psycho Yellow: "So Simon, get back to what you were telling us about that Skullfighter."

Psycho Blue interupts in urgence: "Yo! Enough of that shiznit! We gotta whole mess of Skullfighters on our tail. It looks like laughing boy and bird babe plan on keeping us from getting to that thar last temple."

Psycho Red grabs his control sticks: "Then gear up kids. We're taking them out!"

Scene 2

Setting: Still above the ocean but back outside the Guardian Megazord. The Megazord stops in mid-air, stands up straight and turns around to face the swarm of Skullfighters heading their way.

Psycho Red's voice: "Firing Shogun heat beams!"

The Guardian Megazord fires to red beams of heat from it's eyes, destroying two of the Skullfighters, but at least two dozen more continue charging firing away.

One Skullfighter flies past the Megazord and gets smashed by it's fist.

Psycho Black's voice: "Tengu Tornado Attack!"

The Tengu-head chest spits out a tornado sucking up a good six of the Skullfighters, causing them to crash into each other and explode.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Oh come on! Darkonda can't possible expect these losers to be able to stop us!"

The Guardian Megazord turns it's head as Psycho Yellow's voice speaks: "I don't think he did. There's more coming in from the east side."

The Skullfighters begin to outnumber the Guardian Megazord and the shots start to cause trouble for the Psychos. The Megazord still smashes more Skullfighters but it's not enough.

[Megazord cockpit scene] The cockpit shakes up. Psycho Black grabs the console to keep from falling down: "Whoah! That last shot was only inches away from the central power supply. Another shot like that, and we'll have another vehicle sleeping with the fishes."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink looks at her personal monitor: "It's getting worse. We got a real fast one flying in from the northwest. Where we were coming from."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black cranks his fist and snaps his fingers: "Alright! Ecliptor taught him how to pilot it faster than I thought!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "What are you talking about?"

In the distance a bright silver light comes rushing onto the scene, as it gets close it become more visible. It's a silver jet fighter with the same basic design as the Skullfighters but the skeleton motif has been removed, and replaced with a black trim.

Psycho Black's voice: "The calvary has arrived!"

Psycho Blue's voice: "What the fudge is it, blondie?"

Psycho Silver's voice: "I'll answer that question!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow gets up from her seat: "Lucas!"

The silver jet fighter fires to missles and blows up the two Skullfighters it just passed.

Inside the silver jet, sits Psycho Silver in the front seat. Behind him sits Ecliptor and Tora. Psycho Silver: "Allow me to introduce to you, the Silver Stormer!"

The Silver Stormer shoots down two more Skullfighters.

Psycho Red's voice: "The Silver Stormer?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "It's what I was getting around to telling you guys."

The Guardian Megazord shoots down two more Skullfighters of it's own.

The Silver Stormer zips past the Guardian Megazord and shoots down another Skullfighter then turns around.

[Silver Stormer cockpit scene] Psycho Silver looks at the windshield and the crosshairs light up on the remaining ten Skullfighters: "Targeted."

[Silver Stormer cockpit scene] Ecliptor: "What are you waiting for? Do it!"

[Silver Stormer cockpit scene] Psycho Silver nods to Ecliptor: "Right! Silver Stormer.."

The Silver Stormer heats up and it's engines grow louder. Psycho Silver's voice: "..Torpedo Mode!"

The Silver Stormer pauses in mid-air as it charges up then launches at lightspeed, becoming a missle made out of pure light. The light missle flies through all of the Skullfighters, exploding all of them, then slows back down into the Silver Stormer.

[Silver Stormer cockpit scene] Psycho Silver holds up his thumb in self-approval: "Alright! This beats the boxkites I used to fly back at the monastery!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red nods: "Not bad Luc. Not bad at all."

The Silver Storm flies up next to the Guardian Megazord as they both get back on course to their destination.

Psycho Red's voice: "Now let's get to that temple!"

Scene 3

Setting: The fifth temple's island. Just outside the Guardian Temple, the Guardian Megazord stands tall and motionless and on the ground beside it is the parked Silver Stormer. At the steps of the temple stand the six now-unmorphed Psycho Rangers, as well as Ecliptor and Tora.

Tora roars at the temple. Lucas pats him on the head: "It looks like the temple in my home village, just a little bigger."

Victor holds his hand above his eyes: "Sure enough. It's another Guardian Temple. Let's go."

The Psychos begin to walk up the steps, but Victor stops Lucas: "Not you Luc."

Lucas: "Huh? But why? I'm a Psycho Ranger too, aren't I?"

Aundria: "True, but your not one of the five champions. You should leave this to us."

Lucas: "But, Aundria. Remember your temple. I went inside with you then."

Aundria smiles: "I know, and it was because of your help then, that I'm not just another notch on Scorpina's belt but look around."

Lucas looks around: "I see nothing but a couple of trees."

Victor fills him in: "Exactly. Zordon said the temple was discovered by Darkonda's goons. Yet. They're nowhere to be found. We need you to watch our backs outside with Ecliptor, just in case we're walking into a trap."

Lucas nods and smiles: "Very well. I understand perfectly. Let the spirits protect you."

Marcus surprised: "What? No pouting or whining that you don't get to get in on the fun?!"

Aundria glares at Marcus: "Some people are more mature than others Psycho Dork."

Aundria winks at Lucas: "We'll be back soon babe."

Lucas smiles back at Aundria: "Don't keep me waiting too long."

Marcus to himself: "Ugh. I think I'm gonna puke."

Angela grabs Victor by the hand being a little hyper: "Come on! What are we waiting for. Let's go go go!"

Victor nods mildly: "Right."

The Psychos climb up the steps as Ecliptor, Lucas, and Tora stay behind.

From the far distance they are being watched through binoculars by Furio.

Furio smirks as he watches the Psychos head for the temple gate: "That's right go on in. I may not be able to enter the temple myself, but.."

Furio focuses his binoculars on Ecliptor and Psycho Silver: "..that doesn't mean there isn't an opportunity here I can exploit. Hahahahahahahaha!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the temple. The five medallions blink on and off in unison, and the stone gate slides open. The room is suddenly well-lit via the sunlight and the Rangers enter.

Angela looks around: "Wow. It is bigger than the other temples."

Simon points at the medallions: "Look! There's one for each of us."

Victor: "I guess this means all five of us are supposed to be here afterall."

Aundria walks up to the far wall: "Hmmm... I don't see another gate inside like the other temples had."

Aundria notices something else on the wall: "What's this?"

Aundria discovers five coin sized holes forming a pentagon: "Guys, come check this out."

The other Rangers run up to Aundria. Victor holds his Guardian Key up to the holes and it glows red. He turns his head to Angela and Marcus, they nod. He turns his head to Aundria and Simon, they nod as well. They all place their Guardian Keys into the five slots, and magically the pentagon of coins begins to spin around even though they appear to be solid into the wall and the room grows darker and lighter and back again and again.

Angela a bit scared: "Wha.. what's going on?"

The doors close behind them.

Victor in a moment of clarity: "Our destiny."

Marcus: "What? Our destiny is to spend the rest of our lives trapped in a 5,000 year old disco?"

A loud shifting sound breaks out underneath them.

Aundria: "Um. What was that?"

Simon looks down and notices the floor shifting: "Oh no. Guys the floor. I think it's dro.."

The floor quickly falls wide open and the Psychos fall down the seemingly bottomless pit below.

Simon: "..ooppppppppppppppppiiiinnnggg**"

Scene 2

Setting: Back outside the temple. Ecliptor and Lucas stand in silence, suddenly Lucas sparks up.

Lucas: "No!"

Ecliptor: "What is it?"

Lucas: "The others. Something just happened to them. I can sense it."

Furio's voice: "Well something is just about to happen to you!"

An explosion erupts between Lucas and Ecliptor knocking them both two the ground. Tora turns his head and sees Furio with the Skullinites and snarls at them.

Furio bats his sword in his head: "What a bad kitty. I think it's time to send you to your litterbox, forever!"

Furio swings his sword to release red crackle of energy on Tora. Lucas jumps back to his feet and pulls out his sword: "Leave him alone!"

Furio releases a crackle of deadly energy on Lucas: "Very well, I'll mess with you instead. Hahahaha!"

Lucas falls to the ground and lands on his shoulder hard. Ecliptor gets up: "Furio!"

Scene 3

Setting: Back inside the temple. A deep, dark, cavern beneath the temple. Victor, Simon, Aundria, Angela, and Marcus lie on the ground unconscious and bruised.

Simon starts to come to. He slowly sits up and holds his forehead: "*ow* My whole body aches."

Marcus gets up and rubs his shoulder: "You ain't the only one chump."

Aundria gets up on her feet and holds her back: "I can't believe we're alive. How far down did we fall?"

Simon looks up and doesn't see anything but darkness: "I don't know. The floor must have closed back up after we fell through."

Marcus flicks Victor's nose to wake him up: "You big red! Wake up man!"

Victor grabs Marcus' wrist and begins to twist it: "You ever do that again, and I break you hand off like a stick of beef jerky. Got it?!"

Marcus pulls his hand free from Victor and rubs it: "Yeah, yeah. I got it. Now let go already."

Victor gets up and rubs the back of his head: "So is everyone okay?"

Simon: "Yeah it looks like every.."

Simon sees Angela bent over on the ground: "Oh god. Angela!"

Simon runs and kneels down beside Angela. Aundria helps him check on her.

Aundria checks for Angela's pulse: "She's alive."

Angela still not fully awake: "Oh. My head. Victor?"

Simon horrified: "Victor?"

Simon looks at Victor with a heartbroken expression: "She.. wants you. I think."

Victor: "Huh?"

Simon gets up and takes Victor to Angela: "She.. she wants to talk to you."

Victor: "Simon.. You know that I wouldn't."

Simon: "I know Vic. Just.. talk to her."

Victor gives Simon a regretful look and gets on his knees beside Angela: "Angela.. I don't think I'm.. the best man.. for you"

Angela comes to: "What are you talking about? I wanted to point out that opening over there."

Angela points to where she was looking from being on the ground: "I.. think we can get out through that opening up there. You're the leader so I figured I should point it out to you."

Victor: "Oh."

Victor looks to Simon and shrugs. Simon gives a sigh of relief.

Simon: "Well then boss. What do you say?"

Victor looks up at the opening: "It's a bit high. But I think we can make it, but first I think we better morph just in case we have a few more surprises."

The Rangers hold out their morphers: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Scene 4

Setting: Another room. With five statues of warriors dressed in jungle tribe clothes. A man with a fire emblem on his shoulder, another man with a mountain emblem on his shoulder, a third man with a snowflake emblem, a female warrior with a lion emblem, and finally another female warrior statue with a flower emblem. The now-morphed Psychos drop in from the ceiling, and the room lights up.

Psycho Yellow: "Great. Where are we now?"

Psycho Black: "I have no idea. But these statues. They seem familiar somehow."

Psycho Red checks out the statue with the fire emblem: "Hmmm.. Look at the insignias on them. I think these are statues of the original Guardians."

Psycho Yellow walks up to Red: "I think you're right."

Yellow checks out the lion warrior statue: "So I guess this would be my predecessor? Interesting."

The statue begins to glow yellow causing Psycho Yellow to step back in caution: "Oh oh. Something's happening again."

The Psychos get in a defensive stance and stand next to each other as all the statues begin to glow in their respective Rangers' colors.

Psycho Red: "Be ready for anything. That's all I can say."

Scene 5

Setting: Back outside the temple. Lucas and Ecliptor battle Furio and the Skullinites.

Lucas kicks down on Skullinite, then slashes another. He then runs up a Skullinite back flips and in mid-air spins into an upsidedown roundhouse, knocking out three Skullinites at once. But a dozen more Skullinites dogpile him.

Ecliptor duels with Furio. Furio slashes Ecliptor across the chest, but Ecliptor spins around behind Furio and and elbows him in the back. Furio turns around and tries to strike Ecliptor again, but Ecliptor blocks it by putting his forearm under Furio's.

Furio: "What?"

Ecliptor: "Hmph. You're pathetic."

Ecliptor decks Furio in the jaw, then slashe Furio twice across the chest to knock him down. Ecliptor stands over Furio, so Furio counters with a small burst of energy from his free hand. Ecliptor is forced to take a step back but recovers quickly.

Ecliptor: "Like I said, you're pathetic."

Before Ecliptor can strike Furio down, a Skullinite uses a spinal whip to tie up his sword arm.

Ecliptor: "What the?"

Another Skullinite wraps it's spinal whip around Ecliptor's other arm and they both pull tightly, forcing Ecliptor to let go of his sword is spread wide open.

Furio smiles as he gets back up: "Heh heh heh. We'll see who the pathetic one is, in just a moment."

Furio charges in and strikes Ecliptor with his sword numerous times and laughing like a madman. The scars on Ecliptor's chest get bigger and bigger as Furio keeps whacking at him.

Lucas tries to muscle out from under the Skullinites that have him pinned down: "Stop it! There's no honor in attacking a defenseless opponent!"

Furio strikes Ecliptor and again and turns to Lucas: "Honor?! Hahahahaha.. I don't think you realize who you're talking to. Honor is a meaningless concept for weaklings such as yourself."

Ecliptor struggles to speak: "Urg. Furio.. you're nothing but a egg-headed punk."

Furio frowns at Ecliptor then releases a small storm of red currents on Ecliptor. Sparks burst out of Ecliptor as the Skullinites finally let him go and he drops to the ground.

Lucas: "No!"

Tora also being held down by a dog pile of Skullinites: "Growwwwweoorrrrr!"

Furio laughs as he presses his oversized foot into the back of Ecliptor, trying to crush him.

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the statue room inside the Guardian Temple. The Rangers are still in a defensive position. Suddenly five balls of light appear before them, and take the same humanoid shapes as the beings of light have in the past. Each one is a color of one of the Psychos and stands before their respective Ranger.

Psycho Red a bit surprised: "You!"

Red being of light: "We meet again Psycho Power Rangers. Your destiny is now."

The five beings of light turn back into balls of light and enter their respective statues.

Psycho Pink: "What exactly is going on?"

Psycho Black slowly shakes his head: "I couldn't even begin to guess."

The five statues' eyes glow and slowly begin to move, suddenly in a bright flash of light, the statues turn flesh and five warriors wearing the same color scheme as the Psycho Rangers stand before them.

The man in red steps forward: "Welcome Power Rangers. We are the Guardians of Justice."

The Psychos Rangers stand in awe.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the statue room. The Psycho Rangers stand before the Guardians.

Psycho Red: "The Guardians. You mean our supposed predecessors? But how? I thought you all expired 5,000 years ago?"

The Red Guardian speaks in a calm tone: "We did. Only our spirits remain to protect this planet and the rest of the universe as well."

The Yellow Guardian: "It is a rare opportunity for us to take a physical form."

The Blue Guardian: "But is also a rare opportunity to see a legend in the making, in it's opening chapter."

The Psycho Rangers remove their helmets.

Victor: "So you are the ones that originally piloted the Guardianzords, the ones that created the Guardian Keys, and originally imprisoned Falconine.

The Red Guardian nods: "Yes we are all those things."

Simon: "So why are we here?"

Black Guardian: "When we passed away, our spirits couldn't leave this world in good conscience, not with Endness still on it's way."

Angela: "The.. Endness?"

Pink Guardian: "The Endness is the most terrible force you can imagine. It's not a person or even creature. It's a force of nature made up of pure evil."

The Red Guardian steps forward: "The Endness has already destroyed an entire universe, and soon it will arrive in this universe to destroy everything. Planets, stars, people, good or bad, everything will be destroyed."

Blue Guardian: "The Endness seeks nothing but pure oblivion."

Victor: "But why would it want to destroy the universe?"

Red Guardian: "It is a thing of pure unadulterated evil. We managed to stop Falconine from brining it into our universe years ago, but we never managed to actually stop the Endness. Only slow it down, and thus we could never truly rest in peace until possibly now."

Aundria figuring it out: "You needed the new Guardians to show up, to know if the fate of the universe is in good hands."

Yellow Guardian smiles and nods: "Exactly."

Victor: "Okay then tell us what we need to know to stop it, and we'll be on our way."

The Red Guardian slowly shakes his while not letting his eyes off of Victor: "I'm afraid it's not that simple."

Black Guardian: "Knowledge is power. But too much power corrupts."

Pink Guardian steps forward: "That was a mistake we learned when we chose Candra and Rachella to be a successors."

Yellow Guardian: "Rachella was Candra's sister, Candra is the one you know as Falconine. They were both informed about everything from the legend of the Guardians to the danger of the Endness."

Angela with a slightly saddened tone: "Something went wrong didn't it."

The Guardians nod.

Red Guardian: "When the Endness was trying to enter our world over 5,000 years ago, Rachella sacrificed herself to keep the Endness prisoner. There was nothing we could do to save her without causing the destruction of the rest of the universe."

Pink Guardian frowns: "Candra never forgave us for that and over time her heart grew cold and dark. She was angry at the universe and vowed to destroy it, but especially the forces of good in which she thought was hypocritical for not saving her sister."

Red Guardian: "Over time she found four crystals of incredible power and she used them to give Damien and herself immortality as well as access to dark sorcery. She plans to release the very Endness that caused the destruction of her sister in order to obtain her vengeance upon the universe."

Marcus: "The crazy broad is nuts then. I mean it was the Endness that offed her sis, right? Why the hell would she want it's help."

Blue Guardian: "Her very soul is filled with anger and hatred, two terrible emotions that can twist the truth of reality in one's own mind."

Victor: "Okay then. Tell us how to stop the Endness and Falconine then and we'll get right to it."

The Red Guardian puts his hand in front of Victor: "As I said before, I'm afraid it's not that simple. If Candra never knew the entirety of our tale and knowledge of the Endness. She wouldn't have become as big a threat to the very existence of the universe that she is today. We will not make the same mistake of sharing all of the knowledge too soon again."

The Guardians step aside and the wall behind them slides open to reveal a very long hallway. At the end of the dark hallway stands a lone pedestal holding a five sided block, resembling a rubix cube. But it has six colors instead of five for each side. Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Green. On both sides of the pedestal are two flaming pits.

The Red Guardian holds his arm in the direction of the hallway: "Behind the Guardian Puzzle, it contains all of the knowledge you will need to know about the Endness. But you cannot obtain the answers until the time is right, until you will be capable of solving the puzzle. This is our way of leaving behind our knowledge after we finally take a long deserved rest."

Victor heads towards the hallway: "Okay then. I'll just.."

The Red Guardian pulls out his sword and uses it to block Victor from the hallway like a velvet rope.

Victor looks at the Red Guardian with a peculiar look: "What's the deal?"

The Red Guardian: "After 5,000 years of being imprisoned within the five temples, we are finally ready to rest, but only after the last of our physical bodies are destroyed."

Angela: "You mean, you want us to destroy you. But.. we.. we.. can't. I mean you're heroes."

Pink Guardian pleads with Angela: "Angela you must. We've lived good lives but we've grown so tired and sad over the years of supernatural confinement. You must set us free."

Angela looks down: "But.."

Simon: "Angela's right. I mean.. evil monsters is one thing but I don't know if I can live with myself if I destroyed the people that saved the universe."

Victor: "We've been trying to break that nasty little habit of trying destroy our counterparts for the past year."

Marcus puts his helmet back on and summons his Psycho Axe: "Oh for crying out loud you bunch of softies! They WANT you to destroy them. So do it already!"

Psycho Blue charges the Blue Guardian but the Guardian blocks his attack.

Psycho Blue: "Hey man, now what's the deal. You want us to destroy or not."

Blue Guardian: "We want the destruction of these physical shells so that we may rejoin the Greatness, but that cannot happen unless we die as warriors. Rangers you will have defeat us in battle for us to truly be set free."

The Red Guardian palm slams Victor in the chest to knock him back: "A coward's death of just standing down will not earn us a seat in the Hall of Heroes."

Psycho Black puts his helmet back on: "Interesting you're religion is similar to Norse mythology. The Vikings have to die as heroes in order to enter Valhalla."

The remaining Psycho Rangers put their helmets back on.

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword and fences off with the Red Guardian: "Very well. I'm still not too crazy about this, but if this is what it will take, so be it!"

The five Psycho Rangers and the five Guardians begin to battle, in the hallway the two flaming pits' fires begin to grow violent.

Scene 2

Setting: Back outside the temple. Furio continues to wail on a defeated Ecliptor while Lucas and Tora are held down.

Lucas: "Furio, I said stop! Ecliptor has nothing left. You're almost literally beating a dead horse. It's nothing but pointless cruelty now."

Furio slaps Ecliptor across the face: "Bah! You don't get it do you boy. I am a Crulian. Cruelty is practically a part of kind's name!"

Furio slashes Ecliptor down the chest again, and Ecliptor falls back down to his knee. Lucas is infuriated: "I've never seen such a monster before. Evil like you has to be stopped!"

Lucas gathers all of his strength and digs his hands into the dirt and strains himself as he begins to lift over a dozen Skullinites off of his back: "And.. *urg* I.. will.."

Lucas powers out and knocks all the Skullinites to the ground: "..STOP YOU!"

Lucas summons his Silver Morpher holds it up and his sword in his other hand, then presses blue button: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Silver morphing sequence]

Psycho Silver charges at Furio giving out a warcry, catching Furio off guard and striking the Crulian down.

Psycho Silver turns to the Skullinites holding Tora down: "Psycho Silverizer!"

Psycho Silver fires the Psycho Silverizer on the Skullinites, shooting them all down.

Furio gets back up: "Blast you Psycho Silver. I will destroy you."

Furio tries to charge and attack Psycho Silver from behind but Ecliptor suddenly gets back up and shoots two eyebeams on him.

Psycho Silver turns around help Ecliptor stay standing: "You going to be okay."

Ecliptor: "Save the sentiments of concern for later, boy. Let's send this dog back home with his tail between his legs."

Psycho Silver nods: "Got it!"

Furio grows angrier: "You dare compare the great Furio to a mere dog? You'll pay for such an insult!"

Meanwhile Tora manhandles the Skullinites, pouncing on them, mule kicking them, clawing the down, biting, and goring them with it's horns.

Furio charges at Ecliptor and Psycho Silver. Both of them charge their weapon in a glow. Ecliptor charges his sword in a green glow then releases a large bolt of energy on Furio. Explosions erupt from the Crulian as the green bolt strikes him.

Psycho Silver then charges firing away with the Psycho Silver: "Psycho Silverizer Full Power!"

He then jumps up in the arm and dives down with a blue wave of energy down the middle of Furio, then follows it with another massive shot across the middle. Psycho Silver and Ecliptor turn away as explosions break out all around Furio as he falls to the ground.

Furio holds his chest as he tries to get back up: "Curse you both! You haven't seen the last of me!"

Furio warps away.

Psycho Silver turns his attention to Tora and the Skullinites: "One down, now for the boneheads."

Psycho Silver: "Tora wo!"

Psycho Silver jumps in the air and Tora follows. Allowing Psycho Silver to mount the mighty beast in mid-air, as they land, the slowly turn around to the face large number of Skullinites that grow very worried.

Psycho Silver aims his Silverizer at the Skullinites: "Tora Charge!"

Tora roars then charges towards the Skullinites. Psycho Silver and Tora begin to glow as Tora's horns grow longer and Psycho Silver fires away at the Skullinite, and silver flash of light runs past the Skullinites. After they passed the Skullinites, Tora and Silver keep their backs turned as all of the Skullinites fall to the ground and explode!"

Ecliptor walks up to Psycho Silver: "Very impressive, Silver Psycho Ranger."

Psycho Silver nods: "Thank you, now let's pray that the others are faring well inside the temple."

Scene 3

Setting: Back inside the temple, the place begins to shake as the flaming pits grow more dangerous. The Psycho Rangers continue to battle with their respective Guardians.

Psycho Pink jumps in the air and fires her Psycho Arrows, but the Pink Guardian uses a double-edged dagger, spinning it around to deflect all of the arrows then throws the double-edged dagger, striking Psycho Pink in mid-air and knocking her down.

Psycho Blue swings his Psycho Axe, but the Blue Guardian blocks the attack and punches him in the gut. Psycho Blue tries to counter by tripping up the Blue Guardian, but the Guardian hops over his attempt and sends a pump kick directly into Psycho Blue's face.

Psycho Yellow and the Yellow Guardian keep exchanging punches, so Psycho Yellow spins around into a leg sweep, and knocks the Yellow Guardian of her feet. But the Yellow Guardian grabs Psycho Yellow's leg and trips her the ground, then rolls over her unleashing a fury of dropdown kicks and a rolling elbow drop.

Psycho Black and the Black Guardian block each other's attacks with the lances. They lock their lances together, Psycho Black tries to roll to get behind the Black Guardian, but the Guardian back kicks him, the rolls forward his lance and strikes Psycho Black on his way back up from the roll.

Psycho Red and the Red Guardian reach a stalemate with their swords.

Red Guardian: "You Rangers have a lot of skill and power. You should feel proud of yourselves."

Psycho Red: "Some skill. You guys are mopping up the floor with us!"

Red Guardian: "We are the Guardians. Defeat at our hands is nothing to be ashamed of."

Psycho Red: "Sorry. But I don't accept defeat at anyone's hands!"

Psycho Red powers out of the sword stalemate and laucnhes into a roundhouse kick on the Red Guardian, sending the Guardian crashing into the ground.

Psycho Red turns to the others: "Come on. Get up! You're Psycho Rangers. If we go down, we down fighting just like their willing to do."

Psycho Black: "Right!"

The Psycho Rangers get back up and simultaneously charge into a jumpkick with Psycho Red to knock all of the Guardians into the wall behind them. The Pscyho Rangers charge up five individual balls of black energy, the release them, the balls form one large ball of energy and strikes the Guardians.

The Pyscho Rangers then form the Psycho Blaster, and Psycho Red aims the blaster at the Guardians. The Red Guardian smiles as Psycho Red fires: "Psycho Blaster Fire!"

Explosions break out all around the Guardians.

Blue Guardian: "You have done well."

Pink Guardian: "We can finally pass on now."

Yellow Guardian: "Do not mourn us Rangers."

Black Guardian: "You have set us free."

Red Guardian: "Thank you."

The five balls of light exit the Guardians as their bodies once again become statues. The statues fall and explode as the five balls of light hover before the Rangers for a moment then vanish.

Psycho Pink holds her head down: "Rest in peace, friends."

The temple shakes as the ceiling begins to fall down.

Psycho Yellow: "Oh no! This place falling apart, and we're trapped down here!"

Psycho Blue: "What a jip! After all of that, we're going to end up joining those Guardians anyway!"

Psycho Black points behind the Psychos: "Look!"

The wall behind them opens up revealing a long stairway with sunlight at the end.

Psycho Black: "It's our way out."

A huge chunk of a boulder crashes into the floor.

Psycho Yellow: "And not a moment too soon, let's get out of here!"

The Psycho Rangers make their way up the stairs, but Psycho Red stops.

Psycho Black: "Victor, what are you doing?! Let's go. The place is going to blow at any second."

Psycho Red looks at the hallway and sees a red sparkle: "No. The Guardian Puzzle. It's what we came for, I have to get it."

Psycho Black: "Forget about the puzzle. You'll never make it."

Psycho Red looks to Psycho Black: "Never tell me never! Now get out of here, I'll follow!"

Psycho Red runs back down the stairs and the exit caves in behind him.

Psycho Black: "Victor no!"

Psycho Yellow grabs Psycho Black's arm: "Come on, Simon! We have to save ourselves!"

Psycho Black: "But Vic.."

Psycho Yellow pulls Black with her: "Psycho Red knows what he's doing. Now let's get out of here while we still can."

Psycho Black relunctantly nods and runs up the stairs with the others. The Psycho Rangers just barely manage to escape the temple as the other end of the staircase collapses behind them. The Rangers demorph.

Angela: "How is Victor going to get out there?!"

Aundria: "He will."

Simon shakes his head in fear: "I hope your right Aundry."

Scene 4

Setting: Back inside the temple again. Psycho Red runs down the hallway as the whole place continues to come falling down.

Psycho Red: "Almost there!"

The flaming pits break loose and the hallway becomes filled with a huge fireball head straight towards Psycho Red, but Psycho Red doesn't flinch and runs straight into the fire that consumes. The force of the fire starts to inch Psycho Red backwards.

Psycho Red stays determined and slowly makes his way through the rushing inferno even as his armor slowly melts away: "I.. won't.. stop.. until.. I.. get the Guardian Puzzle!"

Psycho Red grabs the Guardian Puzzle as another fireball erupts from the pits, forcing him out of the hallway, off of his feet. Psycho Red crashes into the ground and looks up to see the entire ceiling caving in on him.

Scene 5

Setting: Back outside the temple. The unmorphed Psychos stand outside the temple with concern as the temple begins to collapse on itself. Lucas and Ecliptor rejoin them.

Lucas: "You guys made it out alive and well!"

Simon: "Not all of us, Lucas."

Ecliptor turns to the temple: "Victor is still inside."

Angela nods with tears in her eyes.

Simon: "Watch out!"

The Psychos and Ecliptor brace themselves as the temple explodes!

Angela: "VICTOR!"

The Psychos look on in horror as the last remaining pieces of the ruins fall to ground the ground from the explosion.

Marcus saddened: "He.. he didn't make it. Big Red didn't make it."

Angela holds her head down.

Aundria begins to get teary eyed: "I.. I thought for sure he would come through somehow. I guess I was.. wrong."

Aundria begins cry and Lucas puts his arms around her.

Simon holds his head down: "Victor."

Ecliptor looks up at the ruins: "Hmph. Save your tears for another day children."

Ecliptor points: "Look."

The Psychos slowly look up and their expressions uplift as they see Victor singed and in torn clothes but otherwise alive.

Victor smirks as makes his way through the rubble: "That's right. Turn those frowns upside down. I'm not dead yet."

The Rangers gather around Victor in a cheery mood. Ecliptor nods in approval and makes his way back home as the Rangers enjoy their victory.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. The gang are all standing before Zordon.

Zordon: "Good work Rangers. Once again, I am very proud of the courage that you have all demonstrated today. Not only have you recovered the Guardian Puzzle which will hold the key to saving the universe whenever the Endness should arrive, but you have finally put five very noble souls to rest."

Victor smiles: "I have to admit baldy. It feels good knowing that the Guardians can finally rest."

Simon turns to the Guardian Puzzle being held in a glass case in the Power Chamber: "But what about the Guardian Puzzle? What do you do with it now? I mean who knows what kind of power it truly holds."

Victor puts his hand on Simon's shoulder: "We'll know when the time is right friend. We'll know when the time is right."

The Rangers look over at the Guardian Puzzle.

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber on top of the mountain. Tora looks up at the night sky and give a loud roar at the sight of five new multicolored stars in the sky.

The End.

End Credits


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Pink Guardian

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Red Guardian

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Black Guardian

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Yellow Guardian


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