Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 25
"Eye of the Tiger"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A forest landscape. Even though it's a very sunny day, the natural ceiling creating by the trees makes the forest very dark. In small dirtpath, a couple hike through the woods. Both seem to be in their mid to late twenties, a dark-haired, caucasian male and a blonde caucasian female.

Male hiker: "What a beautiful day, eh honeycup?"

Female hiker jokes with him: "Beautiful day? How can you tell? It's dark here."

Male hiker: "Come on sweetiepie, don't ruin the moment here. We're finally all alone. No more cars and smog. No more punk kids and vandals."

Female hiker: "No more giant monsters trashing our apartment building."

Male hiker: "Um yeah. That too."

Female hiker smiles: "Come on let's keep going. I want to reach the campsite before nightfall and it gets even darker around here."

The couple continue hiking.

Scene 2

Setting: Elsewhere in the forest, a creature covered in the shadows stalks around in the bushes. All that's visible are two red cat-like eyes. It makes a small growling sound as if it were hungry.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the hikers. The female hiker suddenly stops.

Female hiker looks at her shoes: "Oh drat!"

Male hiker stops and turns around: "What is it, sugarcake?"

Female hiker looks around the ground: "I think I dropped my car keys back on the path somewhere."

Male hiker: "Well if we backtrack to look for them now, we may never get to campsite before nightfall. We'll look for them in the morning."

Female hiker: "No. I'd feel a lot better if I found them now. A lot can happen between now and tomorrow."

Male hiker: "Come on! We're the only ones in the entire valley! I doubt the squirrels and chipmunks will want your keys."

Scene 4

Setting: The dark creature walks at a faster pace on all fours through the brushery.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the hikers. The male continues to try and talk his companion into just forgetting about the keys for the moment and get back to hiking to the campsite. Until he hears some shaking in the bushes near her.

Male hiker: "Wait!"

The female hiker turns to look at the shaking bushes: "Huh? What's in there."

Male hiker: "Don't go over there! It's probably just a racoon or something like that but you don't want it to bite you."

Female hiker continues to walk closer to the bushes: "I'll take that chance. If we're going to be out here for the whole weekend, I wanna at least see SOME wildlife."

She starts pushing away at some of the bushes: "That's right. Come on out little guy."

Something jumps out of the bushes and the female hiker screams. Her friend runs up to her. But out of the bushes is a black rabbit.

Male hiker: "It was just a rabbit. Geesh. You scream like a girl."

Female hiker playfully pushes: "Oh don't be so mean."

A dark claw slashes at a large tree. The tree starts to fall. The male hiker sees it and quickly pulls the lady hiker out of the way: "Look out!"

Female hiker: "What just happened?"

The male hiker grows scared and points to where the tree just fell from: "Oh no. Look!"

The female hiker turns around and screams as large dark creature with glowing red eyes stands up over nine feet tall with large long claws and gives and an inhuman cry.

Female hiker starting to cry: "Wha.. wha.. is it?!"

The creature starts knocking down trees to work it's way to the hikers on the path.

The male hiker grabs her by the arm: "Run! It's after us!"

The two hikers make a run for their lives while the monster breaks out of the brushery and makes it's way onto the path. And follows them on all fours at top speed.

Female hiker running as fast as possible: "*huf huf* Wha.. what was.. *huf* that thing?! *huh huf* Where *huf huf* di.. did it come from?! *huf huf huf*"

Male hiker taking the lead: "*huf huf huf* Don't.. ask questions! Ju.. just *huf huf* keep running! *huf huf*"

The monster follows them, it's claws tear up the ground beneath as it runs low.

Male hiker grabs his friend by the arm and they reach a bridge and jump to the side into a stream below and run in the water: "This way!"

After making some distance and the monster no longer seems to be in sight the couple climb their way out of the small stream ditch and into a small opening in the forest trying to catch their breath.

Female hiker: "*gasp* Now.. what was it?"

Male hiker: "I don't know, but we have to get out of these woods. I.. I.. I.. think we finally lost it."

The two hikers grow pale in fear as the monster's scream erupts through the forest and the birds all fly out of the trees and in to the air.

Female hiker: "No.. no.. no..! It's still here!"

The monster jumps out off the trees and dives for the hikers claws first! The hikers scream in complete fear.

Scene 6: The forest from the distance. All that can be heard are couple of hacking sounds and then the monster's scream shaking the entire valley.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The New Bethany Youth Center. Various young folk do their thing around the center, lifting weights, exercising, eating, or just talking. Sitting at the juice bar are Angela, Marcus, and Paige watching a news report on the television.

The lady reporter: "We are sad to report that two more people have turned up missing in Dead Man's Valley. This has been the fourth case of disappearances in the past three months. Police are currently...."

The reporter continues on as the trio begin to talk amongst themselves.

Angela: "Dead Man's Valley isn't too far from the Power Chamber. I wonder what's going on out there?"

Marcus takes a sip out of his cola: "Eh. They probably didn't give some bear their picnic basket. What a booboo on their part. Heh heh heh."

Angela looks at Marcus for a moment then turns to Paige: "And you're DATING him?"

Paige shakes her head in embarassment: "*sigh* What can I say?"

Marcus gets a funny look: "Eh?"

Paige and Angela try to ignore Marcus.

Angela: "But anyway, it's kind of eerie these disappearings happening so close to home."

Paige gets closer as if she was gossiping: "Well actually... Legend has it that the Beast of Dead Man's Valley is behind the disappearings."

Angela somewhat puzzled: "Beast of Dead Man's Valley?"

Paige nods actively: "Yes. It's an old legend here in New Bethany."

Angela: "What exactly is the beast?"

Paige: "Well from what I remember the beast showed up in the valley over 5,000 years ago around the same time the Guardians disappeared."

Marcus actually interested now, turns his stool around to pay attention: "The Guardians? You mean the same Guardians that piloted the Guardianzords before us?"

Paige: "I'm not completely sure but I think they're one and the same, anyway the beast showed up about 5,000 years ago, screaming in pain and chasing away the evil of the valley."

Angela: "Well if the beast chases away evil, why would anyone connect it to these disappearances?"

Paige: "Well it's just a legend, and people have a tendency to twist these kind of tales all the time."

Angela: "I guess."

Scene 2

Setting: The infirmary of the Power Chamber. Tabuna is laying down in a full-body scanning device. Simon is operating the device while Victor and Lucas watch on. The scanning device finally stops.

Simon: "Okay you can come out now."

Victor helps Tabuna out of the scanning device: "Here you go."

Tabuna half-smiles to Victor: "Thank you."

Tabuna turns to Simon: "So.. What is the verdict."

Simon looks at the read-outs with half a breath: "Well.. Keep in mind, that I'm not an expert but from what I can tell, for the most part your perfectly healthy."

Tabuna: "What about the surge attacks?"

Simon: "Well I compared the energy signature of the surge attacks to the one that Ecliptor has in powered-up form and sure enough they're one and the same."

Victor: "So Tabuna is just growing more powerful like Ecliptor?"

Simon: "Well that's partially correct but the problem is, unlike Ecliptor, the power is too much for your body. It's killing you."

Tabuna grows slightly pale: "Killing me?"

Simon frowns: "I'm sorry."

Lucas: "But if the power is the same, then how come it's not harming Ecliptor?"

Simon: "It's simple. Ecliptor isn't human and his body is self-regenerating at that. His body can handle the power surge but even then he has to turn into a giant to control it when he unleashes the energy."

Simon turns off the computer: "However Tabuna, being human, your body can't handle so much power."

Victor very concerned: "Is there anything at all we can do about it?"

Tabuna adds in: "Anything?"

Simon: "The only solution I can come up with is to transfer the power into a person or creature that's not human."

Victor with hope in his face: "Then we'll give it to Ecliptor?"

Simon shakes his head: "Sorry, but no. That won't work. Ecliptor is capable of handling half of the Evolution Crystal in him, but all of it may be too much for him."

Victor: "But.."

Tabuna: "It's okay. I don't want to put his life in jeopardy for the sake of mine. He's a mighty warrior, I'm just a thief."

Tabuna depressed walks over and puts on her headdress.

Victor: "Tabuna?"

Lucas turns to Simon: "What about some other creature?"

Simon: "You mean Darkonda or one of his minions. I don't think it would be a bright idea to give the United Alliance such power."

Victor getting angry: "Damnit! There's gotta be something we can do!"

Tabuna picks up her cape and sword and sneaks out the room.

Simon: "Vic.. look. I wish I could do something, anything to help but I.. I.. just don't know what to do here. I mean, maybe Almidor could have come up with something, but I'm not Almidor."

Victor: "Nevermind then. Maybe Zordon can figure something out. I'll take you to him, Tabuna."

Victor notices Tabuna is missing: "Tabuna? Where.. did she go?"

Lucas: "She left to try and gather some sense in all of this."

Lucas looks down with in sadness: "My.. mother died of cancer six years ago. She went through the same mental phase that Tabuna is going through now."

Victor stunned by Lucas' past: "Luc.. I.. don't know what to say."

Lucas gathers his breath: "Victor.. If you don't mind, I would like to have a word with her. If we can't save her physically, we can at least try to help her cope with it emotionally."

Victor grows silent but nods in approval.

Lucas nods back: "I'm on my way then."

Lucas exits the infirmary.

Simon turns to Victor: "Vic.. I'm sorry. I know how much she means to you. I wish I could do something.. but.."

Victor walks off: "Don't sweat it man. It's not your fault. I'm not going to give up just yet, but maybe you should take a cue from this."

Simon confused: "Huh? How's that?"

Victor: "I might lose my girl soon. We had some good times but there could've been so much more."

Victor turns his head back to Simon: "Maybe you oughtta have some good times with *your* girl before something happens that cut's your time together short."

Simon to himself: "Angela."

Victor walks out the door: "See ya later."

Scene 3

Setting: Deep dark in the forest of Dead Man's Valley. A shadowy tiger monster growls to itself and walks down the trail the two hikers were once walking. The monster's front leg steps on female hiker's missing keys.

Scene 4

Setting: Elsewhere in the forest. In a small opening Darkonda stands in the darkness. Suddenly a portal opens up and out steps Dr. Hinelar with Twerp floating around him.

Darkonda holds up his arms then bows: "Ah! Welcome back master!"

Dr. Hinelar stomps his staff into the dirt ground: "How goes my latest creation."

Darkonda turns to the side: "Her comes Furio with an update on the Beast right now."

Furio bows to Dr. Hinelar: "It is good to see you again master."

Dr. Hinelar unamused: "I'm sure it is. And that's why you abandoned your post to work for Scorpius instead of me."

Furio grows scared: "Uh..."

Dr. Hinelar: "Consider yourself fortunate, that I have a use for you, or would have had Twerp leave you for dead in that cave."

Twerp being a brat adds on: "Yeah!"

Furio bows again: "I am most grateful for your eternal forgiveness. I swear I won't let you down again."

Dr. Hinelar: "See that you don't now how goes my 'Beast of Dead Man's Valley'?"

Furio smirks as he pulls out a pair torn and bloodied rags: "Excellent. The Beast is on a full-stomach again thanks to it's incredible speed and strength."

Dr. Hinelar: "Excellent and it's ferocity?"

Furio: "Superb. It's unrelenting, and single-minded. It's truly a predatorial animal."

Darkonda adds in: "Your new breed of monster is light years ahead of our current pathetic crop of monsters."

Dr. Hinelar: "Excellent. So the days of monsters with petty fears and useless personalities are almost over."

Darkonda smiles and nods: "Yes. So when can we expect more monsters like the prototype Beast?"

Twerp: "Prototype? The Beast isn't a prototype. It's the second of it's kind."

Both Darkonda and Furio seem surprised: "Eh?"

Darkonda: "You mean there's already another Beast?"

Dr. Hinelar gives a slight hint of smirk: "Yes. Beast-1 was developed months ago. You're actually using Beast-2 right now."

Darkonda: "I see and was Beast-1 as efficient as Beast-2 seems to be?"

Twerp floats ahead: "Oh you know Darkakundi, my man! The bossman had me transport Beast-1 to some spaceship for it's first test run. It destroyed the entire crew in record time. They never even saw it coming. The captain managed to get a distress signal out but by the time anyone recieves all they'll find are a bunch of stiffs and one mean beast."

Dr. Hinelar: "That is enough Twerp."

Twerp stops: "Oop. Yep boss."

Twerp floats behind Dr. Hinelar as he glares at the Crulians: "If Beast-2's performace to date is satisfactory then it is time to test it against stronger victims than hapless civilians."

Darkonda gets an evil smile: "The Psycho Rangers."

Dr. Hinelar opens up a portal: "Yes. Destroy them Darkonda. Destroy them with Beast-2."

Darkonda bows again: "Hahahahahaha! As you wish master! Hahahahaha!"

Darkonda and Furio laugh away as Dr. Hinelar and Twerp leave through the portal.

Furio looks at the bloodied rags: "I can't wait to see the Beast in action against the Power Rangers. Hahahaha! The Rangers' will never know what hit them."

Furio drops the rags on the ground and uses his foot to smudge them into the dirt: "The Rangers won't stand a chance. Hahahahahaha!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: A shadowy monster runs through the bushes then quickly climbs up a tree making disturbing inhuman noises.

Scene 2

Setting: Elsewhere in the forest. Tabuna sits on a rock thinking about her life.

Tabuna looks up to sky: "Treacheron, where are you?"

Lucas' voice: "Tabuna?"

Tabuna caught off guard quickly turns gets up and turns around: "Vic! Oh it's you."

Lucas: "How.. are you feeling?"

Tabuna a bit snide: "How do you think I feel? I just found I'm going to die and there's nothing I can do about."

Lucas walks up to Tabuna: "Look. Don't give up hope. You're not dead yet, so there's still a chance a miracle could happen."

Tabuna looks down and turns away: "A miracle. Maybe those happen to people who deserve them, but I don't expect the great spirits to be looking out for me."

Lucas: "What do you mean?"

Tabuna pulls out her sword and looks at it: "This death sentence. It's a punishment for my crimes. How ironic that it was signed by me trying to make up for them."

Tabuna turns back to Lucas: "But I guess, no matter how many lives I save or help, it doesn't make up for the ones that I helped take and ruin."

Lucas: "There's a very important teaching amongst the Silver Monks that applies here."

Tabuna perks up slightly in curiousity: "Hmmm?"

Lucas: "The scripture goes like this. 'The act of taking a life may never be forgiven for that life can never be returned, but a the life taker CAN be forgiven if they truly mourn the loss of life and seek redemption.'"

Tabuna getting misty eyed: "Redemption. I don't know about that."

Lucas: "The tears in your eyes show that regret your crimes. I assure you the great spirits will forgive you. So don't give up, Victor isn't."

Tabuna looks up: "Victor?"

Tabuna gives a hint of a smile: "He's such a unique person. He was the first person I met since being abandoned on this planet. We enjoyed each other from the day we first met."

Tabuna wipes the tears out of her face and smiles: "He even tried to tell me, he loves me."

Lucas: "Do you love him?"

Tabuna caught off guard: "Love him? I.. I don't know. I like him well enough. But I'm not sure if I love him. I'm not even sure how that would feel."

Lucas puts his hand on Tabuna's shoulder she eyes it for a moment: "If you do love him, then you shouldn't give up hope. For his sake if nothing else."

Tabuna walks off for a moment and puts her sword back in her sheath: "For his sake? *giggle* You're starting to turn into a walking cliche' Lucas."

Lucas smiles: "According to Marcus, I already am. Apparently he's surprised that my voice matches my lips."

Tabuna: "*giggle* You're a unique person also, Lucas. Regardless of my future. I hope yours shines brightly."

Lucas: "Thank you. But there's still a chance for a bright future for you."

Tabuna turns around and takes a deep breath: "Thank you."

An inhuman roar erupts through the valley and shakes up both Lucas and Tabuna.

Tabuna: "What was that?!"

Lucas: "I don't know, but it doesn't sound like any animal I've ever heard of before."

Suddenly the trees in front of Tabuna in the distance begin to shake, and whatever is causing the trees to shake gets closer and closer as the closer trees begin to shake.

Tabuna pulls out her sword in self-defense: "Whatever it is, it's coming for us."

Tabuna gets another brief surge attack that causes her to almost buckle over, Lucas grabs below the arms to help her back up: "You're in no condition to fight. We need to get out of here."

Tabuna relunctantly agrees then Lucas and Tabuna make a run for it, as the monster jumps out of the bushes and chases them down the a small path.

Tabuna energizes her sword in a blue glows as she runs and swings an energy wave at some trees high up. The tops of four trees break off and fall to the ground behind Lucas and Tabuna but the monster just jumps over the branches.

Tabuna looks back and turns to Lucas: "It's still after us! You got any ideas."

Lucas reaches under his shirt: "Maybe."

Lucas thinks to himself: "But do I really want to use it?"

Lucas and Tabuna reach a rope bridge and when the cross it, Tabuna cuts the rope and continue running. The monster jumps off the edge and onto the other side in a white blur.

Tabuna turns back: "No! It's still coming."

Lucas: "Keep running! We'll come up with something, but keep running!"

The monster stops momentarily to let loose another earth-shattering roar!

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the dark opening where Darkonda and Furio were a brief time ago. Furio is alone now. He places a small black cylinder device with a grey satellite dish on top, and a red blinking light on the side. He turns on the device, the light blinks and the dish rotates as it releases a beeping sound.

Furio: "There. The decoy distress signal is set. Now those Rangers will fall right into our trap. Hahahahahaha!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back to Lucas and Tabuna. The duo reach an end. There's a large rock hill almost a mountain at a vertical angle serving as a wall. They stop and try to catch their breath.

Tabuna: "*gasp gasp* Do you think we lost it? *gasp*"

Lucas: "I'm.. *gasp* not sure. *gasp gasp* But I don't hear it anymore."

The bushes start to shake again as strange hissings sound chills Lucas and Tabuna.

Tabuna: "It's right there."

Lucas: "Brace yourself, we're trapped now."

Lucas and Tabuna both unsheath their swords then the bushes stop shaking. And everything is quiet.

Lucas: "Huh?"

Suddenly a large black monster jumps out of the bushes and attacks Lucas and Tabuna!


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Lucas and Tabuna are trapped against a natural wall of rock with a large yet lanky., nine-foot monster with red eyes, long bony arms with claws at least a foot long. The monster has a long black tail with a red stinger at the end like a scorpion, it's body is black with a slight hint of red, and it's head it has large backskull like an alien with a long teeth-filled mouth and slight underbite. Below it's red eyes are four smaller eyes to complete the inhuman appearance.

Lucas steps in front: "Tabuna get out of here! I'll hold it off!"

Tabuna pushes Lucas aside: "No way! I'm the one that's dying anyway!"

Tabuna releases a rainbow like beam of energy from her hand but the monster is unphased by it. The monster swings it's claws at her, Lucas tackles her to get her out of the way. The claws shatter the rocks behind them. Lucas swings his sword at the monster but it catches the blade in it's hand and completely over powers him, slamming him against the wall. Tabuna takes off her cape and throws it over it's face, then proceeds to sidekick it repeatedly in the stomach. The monster's tail swings around and knocks Tabuna to the ground as it's eyes shoots small red bullets of energy, ripping the blue cape to shreds.

Tabuna and Lucas are laying on the ground against the wall as the monster towers over them with drool running down it's many many teeth. It lifts up it's arms as it growls, both Tabuna and Lucas close their eyes to wait for the final blow.

Suddenly another growling noise erupts through the forest. The monster turns around and sees large white tiger with dark grey horns and red eyes.

Lucas surprised: "Another one?"

Tabuna: "That's the one that was chasing us earlier."

The scorpion monster and the tiger monster begin to circle each other until the tiger monster is between the scorpion monster and the duo of Lucas and Tabuna. The tiger monster turns it's head to Lucas gives a light growl to him then turns it's attention back to scorpion monster. Lucas doesn't know what to think of it.

The scorpion monster stirkes and the tiger monster charges in and gores the scorpion monster in the stomach. The scorpion monster gives a screech in pain then impales the tiger monster in the ribs from both sides with both claws. Both monsters pull out from each other. The scorpion monster is about to strike the tiger monster again but a green light blinks on the scorpion monster's chest. The scorpion gets in the wounded tiger monster's face then runs off.

Tabuna: "What was that thing? What is this thing?"

Lucas gets up then helps Tabuna up: "I.. don't know. But this one just saved us."

The tiger monster lays on it's side in pain. Lucas squats next to it and rubs it head: "He's hurt. Bad."

Tabuna frowns: "Poor thing. It must have chased us earlier because it was trying to warn us about that scorpion beast."

Lucas continues to pat the tiger monster: "I'm going to try and heal it with my monk magic."

Lucas crawls over to the monster's wounds, his hands glow white as he holds them over the wound. The tiger watches as best as it can.

Tabuna: "Well? Is it working?"

Lucas stops: "No. The wound is too severe, I don't have the power for it, and I'm not familiar with it's anatomy to begin with. It's not a normal animal, it's a monster. A good monster, but a monster."

Tabuna brightens up: "Lucas! Quick. You're going to have to help me here, but I think we just might have a miracle in the works."

Lucas smiles as he realizes what Tabuna means: "Are you sure you wanna try it?"

Tabuna nods: "Yes. Let's give it a shot."

Lucas: "All right then. Get down beside me and let's see if we can get this to work."

Tabuna gets on her knees beside Lucas as they make plans.

Scene 2

Setting: Back to the dark opening where Furio awaits the arrival of the Psycho Rangers. Suddenly the Psycho Rangers sure enough arrive and see the signal device.

Psycho Black: "Huh? This is where the distress signal was coming from. But there's no one here."

Psycho Red checks out the device: "This is a decoy. We've been suckered."

Psycho Pink turns to Blue: "So it wasn't the missing hikers."

Furio's voice: "Hahahahahaha! You mean the latest victims of the 'Beast of Dead Man's Valley'! Hahahaha! They're still around but just at the belly of the beast. Hahahaha!"

The Psycho Rangers get in defensive stance as Furio steps out of the shadows.

Psycho Red: "Furio! You're the one behind this little charade!"

Furio holds open his arms: "But of course, but of course. Hahahaha."

Psycho Red: "You know I got other problems on my mind, right now. I don't have time for your little games you fat-headed goof."

Psycho Yellow steps up: "Yeah. Why did you drag us all out here? Spill it!"

Furio: "You know. Even your counterparts on Terra Venture aren't as rude. Still I'll show you why I tricked you out here. In fact, I think I'll let the reason why, show itself! Hahahaha!"

Furio puts to left, the Psychos turn to that direction and the scorpion monster suddenly jumps out of the trees dives and strikes down Psychos Black and Blue immediately. It spins around and it's clawed tail knocks down the other three and screams!

Furio: "Allow me to introduce to you, the latest breakthrough in monster technology. Beast-2! Enjoy! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

Furio continues to laugh as he warps away.

Psycho Red: "What the hell is this thing?!"

The scorpion monster charges strikes down Psycho Red again. Psycho Yellow rolls out of the way and shoots her Psycho Slinger, but the monster jumps in the air and grabs Psycho Yellow from behind and claws her chest. As it drops Yellow it releases a barrage of red energy bullets on Psychos Blue and Pink.

Pyscho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "I got it!"

Psycho Black jumps up in the air with Lance in hand and strikes the monster down, then spins around with a blow for the gut, but the monster catches the second shot and breaks the Psycho Lance in half then uppercut claws Psycho Black to send him backwards to the ground. The monster quickly charges and kicks Psycho Red up from the ground then, strikes him back down in mid-air.

Psycho Yellow holds her shoulder: "Oh man. This thing is unbelievable! I hope Lucas and Tabuna didn't run into this thing."

Scene 3

Setting: Back to Lucas, Tabuna, and the tiger.

Tabuna stands behind Lucas with her hands on his shoulders.

Lucas puts his hands on the tigers wound: "Okay. Concentrate and try to force the Evolution Crystal's power into me. I'll work through me and into our friend here. Hopefully this will work."

Tabuna: "Got it."

Lucas: "Ready?"

Tabuna: "Let's do this, and hopefully this will give both of us a new lease on life."

Lucase: "Okay then. Concentrate."

Tabuna holds her head back and closes her eyes, a silver glow emits from her closes eyes and flows into Lucas' body, he then releases into the tiger monster. All three strain at the pain of transferring such power.

Tabuna: "I.. can't.. keep.. this.. up!"

Lucas: "You.. have.. to!"

The light grows stronger as three are interlocked in power.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to fight. The Psychos all stand side-by-side as Beast-2 gets all fours and begins to circle them.

Psycho Red: "Okay. Let him have it!"

The Psycho Rangers unleashes the energy bolt attack on the monster, the monster screams in pain.

Psycho Red: "Pour it on!"

The Psycho Rangers' energy grows as they intensify their attack, the monster screams but it gets up and charges the Rangers. It claws all of them down and shakes off the after effects of their attack. Sparks erupt from all the Psychos as they fall to ground.

Psycho Black: "It's unstoppable."

Psycho Red grips the dirt: "No! I won't accept that! We WILL find it's weakness somehow!"

Beast-2 grabs Psycho Yellow by the head and lifts her body off the ground, the monster is about to impale her in the head with it's other hand.

Psycho Ranger's voice: "Put her down now!"

Psycho Silver dives from the trees with Psycho Silver in hand and strikes the monster's arms, it backs off and let's go of Psycho Yellow.

Psycho Silver catches Psycho Yellow before she can fall: "I've got you."

Psycho Yellow: "Damien? You're back so soon?!"

Psycho Silver: "About that. I'll explain in a minute. But we have to stop this monster now."

Beast-2 eyes Psycho Silver. Psycho Silver and the Beast circle each other.

Beast-2: "Wrgrrawltribnorrrr!!"

Psycho Silver: "I don't know what you just said but you're going down! Psycho Silverizer!"

Beast-2 releases it's red energy bullets just as Psycho Silver shoots his Psycho Silverizer, the Psycho Silverizer energy bullets counteract all monster's bullets and strike the monster.

Psycho Silver charges towards the monster, firing away: "Silverizer Full Power!"

The Psycho Silverizer glows silver as Psycho Silver jumps in the air and dives down with large blue wave of energy, then spins around with another blue wave of energy. Psycho Silver turns away from Beast-2 as it slowly falls to the ground and explodes!

The Psycho Rangers get up and stand next to Yellow as they face Psycho Silver.

Psycho Yellow: "Not that were not grateful, Damien. But why are you here?"

Psycho Blue: "Yeah! We thought skidaddled out of here to do a Switzerland routine."

Psycho Red: "I thought it would be a while before we'd ever see Psycho Silver again."

Psycho Silver: "Psycho Silver never left."

The Psycho Rangers are all confused.

Psycho Silver holds his arms, crossed in front of his face then drops them: "Psycho Silver Powerdown!"

The Pyscho Rangers cover their visors from the bright flash of light. Pyscho Yellow looks up: "I.. don't believe it!"

Psycho Yellow takes off her helmet with a large smile on her face: "Lucas!"

Lucas smiles: "Surprise."

Aundria runs to Lucas and hugs him: "I don't believe it. You're Psycho Silver now! But how?"

Lucas: "Well.."

Scene 5

Setting: Lucas' flashback. Falconine stands before Damien and Lucas.

Falconine tells Lucas: "Listen well. Despite my actions today, this changes nothing between us. I will return and I will destroy the Psycho Rangers and conquer the world. So remember my name and fear it!"

Falconine teleports away.

Damien walks up to Lucas: "Lucas."

Lucas turns around: "Yes?"

Damien: "Despite what my sister's feelings are. Things between you and me have changed. I owe you a lot for saving me."

Lucas: "You already paid me back by convincing Falconine to save the city from the Barillian Swarm."

Damien looks down and hands Lucas a silver control with three buttons on it. A blue button, then a green button, and finally a magenta button.

Lucas looks at the device: "What is this?"

Damien: "That is the Silver Morpher, it is what makes me Psycho Silver. I want you to have it, to use it. Even though I want no part of this war, you long to fight alongside your friends. Let this be your chance."

Lucas overwhelmed by the offer: "I don't know what to say. But how did you.."

Damien answers his question before Lucas can even finish asking it: "The device was made from the energy amplifier that Tabuna stole from Darkonda, and is powered by a small portion of each of the Psycho Rangers, along with power from the Syphon Crystal itself, so even though it contains just a fraction of the other Rangers' powers. Psycho Silver is the most powerful of them all."

Lucas: "But why are you doing this?"

Damien: "I owe you. But more importantly, I'm giving you the means to protect Aundria."

Lucas smiles: "I'll have to think about it. This is a huge responsibility. I don't know if I'm up for it. But thank you. I will protect Aundria with my very life."

Damien smiles and the two shake hands: "Then it's settled. Take care of Aundria for me and treat her well."

Lucas smiles back: "I will. And you take care of yourself on your journey."

Aundria's voice: "Lucas!"

Lucas turns and sees the unmorphed Psychos in the distance: "There she is now."

Damien: "I best be leaving."

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the present. Lucas is unmorphed, the other Psychos are still morphed but have their helmets off.

Angela: "So Damien gave you his powers before he left."

Aundria holds her hand against Lucas cheek: "To protect me. That's.. so sweet of both of you."

Aundria gets ready to kiss Lucas but Victor stops them: "Okay kids. You're going to have to break it up! The fight's not over yet! Look!"

Aundria and Lucas look at where Victor is pointing. Beast-2 gets back up from the ground.

The Psychos sans Lucas put their helmets back on.

Psycho Red: "It looks like this thing wants a round two!"

Beast-2 screams it's inhuman cry as it turns into a giant.

Lucas: "It looks like I've been taken out of the fight. No zord."

Psycho Yellow pats Lucas on the back: "It's okay. We can handle it from here! Guardian Megazord Power!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Red: "Guardian Megazord full power!"

Lucas runs off to the sidelines as the Guardian Megazord and Giant Beast-2 face off.

Guardian Megazord punches the monster, but Beast-2 ducks under it's attack claws the mid-section of the Megazord. Beast-2 spins around and attacks with it's tail, then charges with claws in front of it and gores the Megazord. Beast-2 yells as it holds up the Guardian Megazord above it and unleashes it's red energy bullets at the Megazord, sending the Megazord flying off it's claws. The monster steps back as the Guardian Megazord crashes into the ground.

Lucas: "No! They're getting overpowered by the Beast!"

Tabuna's voice: "Lucas!"

Lucas turns around and sees Tabuna and the now-healthy tiger monster running to him.

Tabuna: "Look who wanted to see you!"

Lucas rubs the head of the tiger monster as it gives an almost intimidating purr: "I see someone's doing better. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the others."

Tabuna looks up and sees the Beast-2 trashing the down Guardian Megazord: "No. Victor and the others are in trouble. They need to get Ecliptor down here and fast."

Lucas shakes his head: "Ecliptor is in the middle of recharging, even if he could get here in time, he would only be at half-strength."

The tiger monster places it's paw on Luca's arm and gives a gentle growl.

Lucas turns to the tiger monster: "Huh? What is it? Are you trying to tell me something."

The tiger monster continues patting Lucas' wrist.

Tabuna: "Your morpher. It's trying to tell you something about your morpher."

Lucas removes his morpher from his wrist: "The Silver Morpher? What about it? I can't understand what he's trying to say."

The tiger monster's eyes glow silver and stares at Lucas' eyes. Lucas' eyes glow and his expression turns to that of surprise: "What?!"

Tabuna: "What's going on?"

Lucas' eyes stop glowing along with the tiger monster's: "I.. I understand now. You're the real Beast of Dead Man's Valley, but more importantly, you were an ally to the original Guardians, before Falconine used the Syphon Crystal to steal your powers five thousand years ago and your name is Tora."

Tora nods and growls.

Tabuna: "So what does that mean?"

Lucas smirks: "It means I'm back in the game."

Tabuna confused: "Huh?"

Lucas presses the blue button on the Silver Morpher and holds in the air and pulls out his sword: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Silver morphing sequence: Lucas stands alone surrounded by pure light. He glows as black armor wraps around his body, then his legs, and his arms. Then the Psycho Ranger detailing energizes on the core armor in the same order. His eyes glow and the light burst out of them and forms the helmet, and his hand his sword energizes and morphs into the Psycho Silverizer]

Psycho Silver: "That was phase one, now for phase two! Tora-Shinobi Power!"

Psycho Silver presses the green button on the Silver Morpher and silver light emits from it and strikes Tora.

[Tora-Shinobizord morphing sequence: Tora stands alone surrounded by pure light. He glows and grows into a giant, his body turns metallic. Black and silver armor forms around his body. His claws sharpen into black, his tail becomes more wire like. His head becomes robotic, mostly silver with a black jaw. His eyes are white with no pupils. His entire body is mostly black underneath but the top is silver with black stripes all over. The front half's armor houses two cannons on both sides of the Zord, and finally it's horns turn less organic and black.]

Psycho Silver jumps high into the air and into the Tora-Shinobizord.

[Silver cockpit scene: The cockpit looks like the other Psychos' cockpits except it's primarily black and there's no large medallian in the back instead is a silver sword design] Psycho Silver: "Don't worry guys! Help's on the way!"

Silver Tora-Shinobizord roars and shakes the very earth as it stomps the ground.

Tabuna very impressed and in awe: "Incredible."

The Silver Tora-Shinobizord charges into the Zord battle. Beast-2 stops it's attack on the Guardianzord, surprised by the new arrival. The Silver Tora-Shinobizord tackles Beast-2 off of the Guardian Megazord.

[Megazord cockpit scene] All of the Psycho Rangers are shocked to see a new zord. Psycho Blue: "Where did that big kitty come from?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "I have no idea."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "It has to be Lucas, but how did he get a new Zord?"

The Tora-Shinobizord bites Beast-2's arms as it tries to attack. Then Tora-Shinobizord backs up just a bit then runs up the monster's body, backflips in the air.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Tora-Cannons Fire!"

In mid-air, the Tora-Shinobizord unleashes a barrage of missles from the two cannon's on it's back on the monster.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Okay Tora. Let's wrap this up."

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver places the Silver Morpher on a slot in controls and presses the third and final button, the magenta button: "Shinobizord. Full Power!"

[Shinobizord transformation sequence: The Silver Tora-Shinobizord is surrounded in darkness, and silver light cracks from underneath. The front half of the zord disconnects from as the head roars. Underneath is a humanoid looking robot, the armor and tail all remove, and the humanoid robot stands tall. It resembles a ninja complete with hood. It's primarily black but has silver lining on the sides, of it's legs and arms. It's boots are leather like and black with silver rope tied around the toes like a ninja's foot. The face is covered in a black hood and mask, but the face upperside of the face is visible, it is silver with pitch-white eyes. It's body looks like it's wearing clothing like the Pink Miko Guardianzord's does. It has silver belt with black tiger stripes around the waste and two straps over the left shoulder with the same look. On the back is a black sheath containing a katanna blade, on the belt is a pouch. The Silver Shinobizord poses in a mantis position as the darkness fades into light.]

The Guardian Megazord gets back up.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Well I'll be, his new Zord is full of surprises."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "It looks like ours is too! Look!"

The tiger fragments of the Tora-Shinobizord head for the Guardian Megazord.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "What the?!"

[Guardian-Tora Megazord transformation sequence: The Guardian Megazord holds out it's arms to the side as the Tora fragments attach themselves to it's body. The rear end and wirey tail turn into a blade and attach to the left arm of the Megazord. The rear legs attach to the sides of the Guardian Megazord's legs. The front legs attach to each other side-by-side then connect to the right arm to form a set of claws. The back side with cannons splits apart and attaches to the back and shoulders of the Megazord, with a cannon on each shoulder, finally the tiger head's mouth opens wide, the Guardian Megazord's samurai helmet disappears as the tiger-helmet replaces it. The lower jaw attaches to the chin of the Megazord and the upper-half hooks to the top. The Guardian-Tora Megazord is formed as the earth breaks up behind it.]

The Silver Shinobizord charges and lightning kicks the Beast-2 in the face non-stop until the monster's armored head starts to crack and break apart. The Shinobizord then dropkicks the monster in the jaw and it falls to the ground. It then reaches into it's pouch jumps into the air throws a dozen shuirkens at the monster. Sparks erupt from the monster as the shuirkens explode on it's body.

[Silver cockpit scene] Psycho Silver: "Katanna Dive Attack!"

In mid-air the Silver Shinobizord pulls out it's katanna and dives straight down in a corkscrew with the sword glowing. The Silver Shinobizord turns into a ball of spiraling energy, strikes the monster then jumps away as the monster erupts in more sparks. The Guardian-Tora Megazord steps in, cannons firing.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "One-Two Tiger Strike!"

The Guardian-Tora Megazord holds up it's arms as both sets of claws glow. It strikes the monster with the front-leg claws first, then the tail claw. The Guardian-Tora Megazord and Silver Shinobizord turn away as Beast-2 falls down and explodes.

Scene 7

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda and Furio are enraged that the Rangers just destroyed Beast-2. Falconine sits back unamused.

Darkonda: "I don't believe it! We had them beat! We had them beat!"

Furio: "Where did that new Zord come from?"

Falconine: "That was the real Beast of Dead Man's Valley."

Darkonda and Furio both turn to Falconine, puzzled.

Furio: "You mean there's a REAL Beast of Dead Man's Valley afterall?"

Falconine: "Yes. In fact I created it, sort of."

Darkonda a bit angry: "What?!"

Falconine gets up from her throne: "Five thousand years ago, before the Guardian could imprison me, I used the Syphon Crystal to steal the powers of Tora the Horned Tiger of the Guardians. It remained in Dead Man's Valley ever since, a shell of it's former self."

Darkonda: "Why didn't you inform me of this?"

Falconine: "I didn't think it mattered. The tiger was long since defeated and powerless. Somehow the new Psycho Silver is capable of restoring Tora's powers by using the energy of the Syphon Crystal that you used to create the Silver Morpher. Hmhmhmhmhm!"

Darkonda: "What's so funny?"

Falconine: "Don't you see? By creating the Silver Morpher and giving Damien a reason to hand the Rangers' the Morpher, YOU created the Rangers' new zord. Hahahahahahahaha!"

Falconine laughs at Darkonda's expense as she leaves the room. Darkonda clenches his fists and growls in rage. Furio backs off as Darkonda looks like he's going to blow.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Back to the opening in the forest. The sun finally shines through the valley and everything is beautiful. Victor, Simon, Marcus, Aundria, and Angela await the arrival of Lucas and Tora.

Lucas and Tora walk to the opening: "Hey guys."

Aundria: "Lucas!"

Lucas and Aundria hug each other.

Aundria: "I still can't get over it. You're one of us now."

Lucas smiles: "Yes. I think I've finally found my destiny."

Victor looks around: "Tabuna?"

Victor continues to look: "Tabuna? Where are you?"

Simon grabs Victor by the shoulder and points to a tree: "I.. think that's for you."

Victor: "Huh?"

Victor looks at the tree and smiley face is carved into the tree with a message below it.






Victor smiles to himself.

Aundria and Lucas walk down the path along with the other Psychos and Tora. Tora is by Lucas side.

Lucas: "I still can't get over it. I'm a Power Ranger now."

Aundria: "Yeah. But why didn't you tell us sooner."

Lucas a bit relunctant to answer: "Well.. To tell you truth, I wasn't sure if this was for me at first. So I wanted to think about it."

Aundria: "So why didn't you tell me, sweetie. I could've helped you out make up your mind."

Lucas: "Yeahhh.. You could have.. but I wanted to make up my own my mind about the matter."

Aundria raises an eyebrow: "And what exactly do you mean by that?"

Victor, Simon, and Angela see it coming and back off and simultaneously say: "Oh oh."

Marcus sees it coming and is smiling ear-to-ear and rubs his hands together in anticipation: "Hehehahahahaha."

Lucas getting worried: "Well Aundry. You know I love you right."

Victor clenches his eyes and looks: "Oooohhh. No he didn't just say that."

Simon and Angela: "He's dead."

Marcus: "Yeah baby yeah."

Lucas: "I love you but sometimes you can be a littttllle bit demanding with you opinion."

Aundria: "So I'm a demanding huh?!"

Lucas tries to turn away and quietly says: "Um.. yeah."


Aundria smacks Lucas in the back of the head.

Lucas rubs the back of his head: "Ow."

Marcus jumps up: "Yeah! Finally! Kung-fu boy finally got it! Oh I've been so long for this day... Hahahahahah.


Aundria smacks Marcus in the back of the head.

Marcus rubs the back of his head: "Ow."

Lucas begins to laugh, Marcus follows and eventually all six of the Psycho Rangers laugh as Tora looks at the quizically: "Grrr?"

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Furio stands before a temple: "Finally! The Fifth Guardian Temple has been located!"

Clip 2
Victor: "You mean there was another Guardian Temple?"

Clip 3
Simon: "Of course because the third temple had both Marcus and my Zords."

Clip 4
A silver fighter flies through the air.

Lucas' voice: "Allow me to introduce to you, the Silver Stormer!"

Clip 5
Ecliptor and Psycho Silver fighting the Skullinites.

Clip 6
The core five Psycho Rangers confront the beings of energy.

Red being of energy: "Your destiny is now."

Clip 7
The core five Psycho Rangers fall down a pit.

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