Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 24
"Twisted Silver, Part 2"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A hallway in the Power Chamber. Simon and Ecliptor walk down to the infirmary. Simon presses a button next to the infirmary door and it opens up. Inside they see Tabuna in a coma on the medical bed with a life-support device, reading her heartbeats. Standing at her bedside is Victor.

Simon: "Victor?"

Victor slowly turns his head towards Simon and Ecliptor: "So what's her status?"

Simon slowly shakes his head: "I wish I was a doctor, so I could be more sure but I'm afraid she's dying. I'm sorry."

Victor frowns and looks back at Tabuna who looks different without her armor and makeup on, yet still has her silver hair: "I figured as much."

Victor looks back at Simon: "So is there anything we can do for her at the moment."

Simon: "Just let her rest. With Almidor's notes, I could probably figure out more about her condition but it's going to take time."

Victor moves some of Tabuna's hair away from her face: "I hate to say it, but she'll have to wait."

Simon looks at Victor with a confused look: "What?"

Victor: "There's an entire city in need right now. We need to find a way to stop the Barillian Swarm, Darkurio, and Psycho Silver or New Bethany is finished."

Victor stares at Tabuna: "We have to worry about the lives of the thousands before the life of just one person, no matter how important she is to me."

Ecliptor: "I respect your decision Red Ranger. I know it's a hard one to make."

Victor: "Tell me about it."

Ecliptor puts his hand on Victor's shoulder: "I'll make you this promise. We'll stop Darkonda and solve the Barillian problem as fast as possible. Tabuna saved my life, I wish to see her well too."

Victor gives a half smile: "Thanks old man."

Simon smiles: "It's amazing how much both of you have changed over the past year."

Victor smiles back: "It's amazing how much all of us has changed, but onto more important matters. How exactly are we going to stop the Barillian Swarm."

Ecliptor: "First we'll have to contain them somehow to prevent the infestation on the city from spreading further. As it is, Beta's last readings show that approximately over 700,000 people have been turned into barillians. About 40% of the entire city."

Simon: "Well I got an idea."

Victor: "Spill it."

Simon: "We've done it before but it might work again. Remember when Damien first showed up. He and Falconine used that large murder of crows to attack the city."

Victor: "Yeah and we used the Sky Knight and Black Tengu to round them all up. Good idea. It's worth a shot."

Ecliptor: "Then let us attempt it."

Victor nods: "Right!"

Victor, Simon, and Ecliptor leave the infirmary, but before he closes the door, Victor takes one last look at Tabuna.

Scene 2

Setting: A large chemical plant inside the Dark Carrier. There are two large rail bridges at the top of the room. One with a crane on top of it. On the first rail bridge stands Darkonda and Furio overseeing the work being performed on the main floor. At the main floor are two large vats of green liquid. The Skullinites are all over the place dragging oil barrels, and moving crates. They are being supervised by Psycho Silver and Cybera.

Psycho Silver in emotionless tone commands the Skullinites: "Take the Vectex-67 and combine with the Corillium."

Cybera: "Move those barrels to the southside."

At the top of the rail bridge, Furio asks Darkonda a question: "This is a very impressive operation you have here old friend, but I don't understand the logic of making an insecticide for the Barillian Swarm."

Darkonda: "It's quite simple Furio. While I may be able to control most of the barillian bugs as they are now, their numbers are growing to such depths that if they were to turn on us, we wouldn't be able to stop them."

Furio: "Ah! I see, then the insecticide is for protection in case the Barillian Swarm gets out of hand. Good thinking."

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! That's why I'm the boss. Hahahahaha!"

In the shadows on the second rail bridge behind the crane. Falconine watches in secret.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany. The city is still under attack by the Barillian Swarm. The Sky Knight and Black Tengu Guardianzord fly above the city. Inside the Sky Knight bridge stand Ecliptor, Victor, Aundria, Marcus, Angela, and Lucas.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Black Tengu in position."

Aundria: "Check. Sky Knight in position, now releasing confinement net."

Aundria presses two buttons on the handle of her controls. Outside, the Sky Knight releases two missles, dragging a green line behind them. When the missles reach the end of their respective lines, they stop in place and a large green energy net forms with the Sky Knight serving the end of one side, and the two missles serving the end on the other side.

[Black cockpit scene] Aundria's voice through a speaker: "The net is out."

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Alright then. My turn."

The Black Tengu tenses then spins around at superspeed creating a tornado. The tornado begins sucking up the barillian bugs and trapping them in the energy net.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Cool! It looks like it's working."

Inside the Sky Knight, Victor watches: "Don't let your guard down too much. Darkonda could strike at any moment. He's not going to let us go through with this without a hitch."

Psycho Black's voice on the speaker: "Got it. Eh? You guys better check out the airspace 3 o'clock from your position."

Victor turns to Angela: "Angela check out that position."

Angela spins around her chair to look at the radar screen: "Right."

Angela gets a small concerned look: "Oh oh. Simon's right. There's about three Skullfighters coming in from the right."

Ecliptor walks to terminal an pulls down a parascope with a hand and trigger underneath it. He puts his eyes to the parascope and a grabs the trigger: "This is not a problem. I'll take them down with the turret guns."

Marcus jumps up like a little kid: "Oooh! Let me! I wanna blow up some stuff!"

Aundria shakes her head in annoyance: "Grow up."

Ecliptor: "*sigh*"

From Ecliptor's point-of-view he sees three green blips a screen with a pair of red crosshairs. He targets the red crosshairs on the first green blip and pulls the trigger.

Outside the Sky Knight's rightside turret gun on the wing fires and blows up the first Skullfighter.

The process repeats for the second Skullfighter.

Ecliptor targets the third and final Skullfighter: "Come on, come on."

The third Skullfighter flies low and just above the Sky Knight and zips right past ship.

Ecliptor targets the last Skullfighter and fires, the turret gun on the left side of the ship shoots down the final Skullfighter. But a dark figure on top the Sky Knight gets up and watches as the Skullfighter explodes. The dark figure walks to a hatch and uses a blade to cut it open.

Inside the bridge, Ecliptor moves the parascope back up into it's cavity in the ceiling: "Got them all."

Victor nods and smiles then turns his attention back to the Black Tengu and the barillian capturing process.

Lucas stands at the door: "So it looks like all is going well."

Aundria: "Looks like it."

Lucas hears a tapping sound: "Huh? Did any of you hear that?"

Angela gets up from her chair: "No. I didn't hear a thing."

Victor: "Same here."

Suddenly door explodes open knocking Lucas the ground.

Aundria quickly gets up from her seat to check on Lucas: "Lucas!"

Victor, Marcus, Angela, and Ecliptor all get into a defensive stance as Psycho Silver enters the bridge.

Ecliptor summons his sword in green glow: "Psycho Silver!"

Psycho Silver holds his Psycho Silveryzer towards the Rangers and in a monotone and echoed voice: "Die."

Victor pushes Marcus out of the way: "Everyone move!"

Psycho Silver shoots up the controls of the Sky Knight as the heroes move out of the way.

Aundria: "Oh no! The controls!"

Outside the Sky Knight the missles short-circuit and the net disappears, freeing the Barillian Swarm. The missles fly out of control.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black, very concerned: "What?! Guys what's going in there? Guys! Victor, Aundria answer me!"

The two missles strike the Black Tengu Guardianzord.

[Black cockpit scene] The cockpit shakes and sparks. Psycho Black: "I've been hit!"

The Black Tengu Guardianzord crashes into the ground.

Back inside the bridge of the Sky Knight, Psycho Silver beats up the unmorphed Psychos.

Victor grabs Psycho Silver from behind in a headlock: "I don't know who the hell you are but you're not getting away with this."

Psycho Silver grabs Victor and overshoulder tosses him and holds his Silverizer over him: "Die."

Ecliptor charges Psycho Silver and grabs the evil Ranger ramming him into the windshield of the bridge: "Why don't you take your own suggestion?!"

Aundria tries to stop Ecliptor: "Ecliptor wait! If you break the windshield we'll all.."

But it's too late as Ecliptor lunges forward with Psycho Silver through the windshield. The two fall to the ground far below.

The wind starts to rush into the bridge as the controls continue to explode, and the barillian bugs start to fly into the bridge and buzz around the Psychos and Lucas.

Lucas: "We have to get out here!"

Marcus swats away some of the barillian bugs: "Thanks for stating the obvious, Sammo Dumb!"

Aundria tries to cover her face as she tries to get out of the bridge: "Knock it off Marcus! We DO have to get out of here."

Aundria trips and hits her head against the wall as barillian bug zips right past her head.

Lucas rushes to Aundria: "Aundria!"

Lucas helps up a stunned Aundria as the Psychos swat away the barillian bugs and leave the bridge. Victor grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it on the barillian bugs to keep them at bay as the Psychos leave the bridge. They may their way down to another room, and Angela quickly slams a red button to close the door.

Lucas checks on the stumblin Aundria: "Aundria, are you okay?"

Aundria holds her forehead: "Ow. Yeah, I'll be okay."

The Sky Knight shakes as the ship starts to go down.

Angela: "I don't like the feel of this at all."

Victor: "The ship's going down and since none of us here are captains, we better get to the parachutes."

The five teens run to the dock and jump out with parachutes and land on top of skyscraper. They watch in horror as explosions erupt from the Sky Knight and begins to dive.

Angela shakes her head in disbelief: "No. The Sky Knight."

Marcus: "Looks like it's down for the count."

The burning Sky Knight crashes into the harbor of the city.

Aundria still being held up by Lucas turns to Victor: "So what do we do now Vic?"

Victor clenches his fist as he watches the Sky Knight sinks into the water: "We have only one chance now. We're going to have to stop Psycho Silver and Darkonda head on."

Marcus scoffs: "Yeah right! And how do we go about doing that? The last time we tangled with Zhane Jr. and Darkurio, they laid the smackdown on us!"

Victor gives Marcus a mean glare, unnerving Marcus just slightly.

Marcus: "Um. Please don't look at me like that."

Victor: "We'll just have to try harder next time. We won't even give them a chance to breathe."

Aundria tries to walk on her own power: "I guess at this point, we have no other options."

Aundria rubs the back of her neck: "Ow."

Victor: "Come on, let's morph and get back down there. Lucas you better take cover."

Lucas shakes his head and pulls out his sword: "No can do. I may not be a Power Ranger but there's no honor in standing on the sidelines while my friends risk their lives."

Aundria: "Lucas, please."

Lucas: "No. I'm sticking with you guys till the end on this one."

Victor a bit annoyed and relunctant: "*ugh* Fine! I'm not going to waste anymore time, debating this with you. Let's go!"

Victor, Angela, and Marcus head out. Aundria tries to follow but stumbles again, Lucas catches her.

Lucas: "Are you sure you're going to be okay."

Aundria rubs the back of her neck: "Yeah, I'll be okay. I just need to sit the cobwebs out a bit. But I'll be okay."

Aundria rubs her neck and not noticing the barillian sting on her neck: "I'll be okay."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: On the streets of New Bethany. Ecliptor and Psycho Silver battle one-on-one.

Ecliptor and Psycho Silver block each other's blows with their weapons. Psycho Silver pulls away and swipes Ecliptor in the gut, then spins around for an elbowpunch to the face, but Ecliptor recovers and trips up Psycho Silver, then spins around with his own elbowpunch, then spins around again then upperswing strikes the Ranger. Psycho Silver backflips from the blow and lands on one knee.

Ecliptor: "Hmph! You're not so tough on your own."

Psycho Silver gets back up: "We.. will see."

Psycho Silver jumps up, surprising Ecliptor, and kicks him in the face, but Ecliptor grabs him by the boot and tries to slam him into the ground, Psycho Silver puts his left hand in front of him to stop from slamming into the ground, he then uses his other hand and throws his Silverizer into Ecliptor's chest, causing Ecliptor to let him go.

Psycho Silver stands up straight and motions his hands to form a ball of energy: "Feel pain."

Psycho Silver releases a beam of energy at the Psycho Silverizer, charging up the weapon while still imbedded in Ecliptor's chest. The pain forces Ecliptor to one knee, he drops his sword and tries to pull the Silverizer out of his chest as Psycho Silver keeps charging it. Ecliptor manages to pull the weapon free and throws it at Psycho Silver. Psycho Silver catches the Psycho Silverizer and jumps into the air for energy strike. Ecliptor quickly picks back up his sword and blocks the attack, put in a standstill. Ecliptor charges up his eyes and let's loose on the Ranger sending him back.

Ecliptor gets back up: "It's going to take more than some no good punk to take me down!"

Darkonda's voice: "Hahahaha! How about three no good punks! Hahahaha!"

Ecliptor is struck in the back by a pair of beams. Ecliptor turns around: "I was wondering when you would show up scum."

Darkonda and Furio walk onto the scene.

Darkonda: "Good to see you too! Especially since this will be the last time. Now!"

Psycho Silver shoots Ecliptor with the Psycho Silverizer. When Ecliptor turns around to fight back, Darkonda and Furio charge and attack him from behind.

Furio kicks Ecliptor in the gut: "It's over Ecliptor! Give up now and make it easier on yourself."

Ecliptor rushes back up with a rising uppercut: "You underestimate me, Furio!"

Ecliptor then spins around with a sword strike on Darkonda then a releases an beam of energy from his free hand on Psycho Silver. Ecliptor then grabs Darkonda by the throat: "You never could beat by yourself, you miserable little coward."

Darkonda's face full of hatred for Ecliptor: "You're the coward here. I'm not the one trying to fool myself into believing that I'm some noble warrior. We're both evil and twisted Ecliptor. The only difference is that you are afraid to admit it to yourself."

Ecliptor throws Darkonda at Furio. Furio catches his fellow Crulian with ease and helps Darkonda back to his feet.

Ecliptor: "You don't know a single thing about me Darkonda."

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! Now that's just stupid. I know more about you than you'll ever be privileged to know."

In a dark alley, Falconine watches the fight in secret.

Falconine thinks to herself: "The hatred between those two. It's so strong, it rivals my own with the Guardians for what they did to my sister."

A lone barillian bug flies to Falconine. She grabs it and her eyes glow purple, the barillian bug vaporizes in her hand: "Then again, I'm not too fond of Darkonda either at the moment for he's done to my brother. Eh?"

Falconine looks in the distance and sees the other Psychos arriving onto the scene.

The five morphed Psycho Rangers along with Lucas arrive.

Psycho Red: "Three on one? Hardly fair. Let's screw those clowns back!"

Psycho Yellow slowly walks up to Red: "Let's do it!"

Lucas stands aside as the Psycho Rangers get together and perform their multiple black ball attack on the Crulians and Psycho Silver.

Furio turns around to see who just struck them: "Blast! The others have showed up. So much for capturing Ecliptor."

Darkonda: "Damien! Destroy those irksome pests!"

Psycho Silver: "As you wish."

Psycho Silver charges towards the Psycho Rangers.

Lucas, the only one that heard Darkonda's order to Psycho Silver: "Damien? So it's Damien that is Psycho Silver. It makes sense. The power stealing of the Rangers and that energy amplifier must have been used to create a morpher for his powers."

Psycho Silver jumps in the air and strikes but Psycho Red blocks it with his Psycho Sword: "You don't have the element of surprise this time, and when you get right down to it you're just a Psycho Ranger wannabe! Get 'em boys!"

Psychos Black and Blue grab Psycho Silver and pull him away from Red. The girl Psychos jump off Psycho Red's shoulders and shoot their weapons on the Silver Psycho Ranger. Psycho Silver falls to the ground back he backflips twice to get back up on his feet and unleashes his Psycho Fury Attack, an onslaught of silver lightning bolts on all the Psychos.

Back to Ecliptor battling Darkonda and Furio. Ecliptor energizes his sword with an green glow and releases a energy blast on the Crulians.

Darkonda and Furio recover from the attack. Furio holds up his sword next to Darkonda: "I think it's time to raise the bar on our little friend here!"

Darkonda holds up his sword to Furio: "Now you're talking! Hahahahaha!"

The Crulians laugh as they once again merge into Darkurio and additionally grow into a giant.

Giant Darkurio stomps on the ground: "Ready to move to the big time Ecliptor? Hahahahaha!"

Ecliptor grows into a giant: "Always!"

Giant Ecliptor and Giant Darkurio exchange sword blows.

Back to the street level, Psycho Silver takes down each of the Rangers one by one. Until only Psycho Red is left standing.

Psycho Red breathing hard: "You sonuva.. I'm not going to let a pale imitation take us down."

Psycho Silver walks towards Psycho Red with his Silverizer in hand: "You.. have no choice."

Psycho Silver charges and the two block each others blow. The they come to a stand still and try to rotate the other's sword out of the hands. Both weapons fly out of their hands and fall to the ground. Psycho Silver and punches Red in the gut.

Psycho Red: "Low blow."

Psycho Red comes back with a right cross, and the two violently exchange blows. Kicking each other in the side, punching each other in the head, kicking each other in the mid-section. Finally the two come to a test of strength.

Psycho Silver: "You effort is impressive but futile. You will die soon."

Psycho Red struggles back: "If it meant you, gaining a personality, I'd almost be tempted. Almost."

Psycho Red pushes Psycho Silver away, the two dive for their weapons. The get back up but Psycho Silver manages to get power blow in first, taking down Psycho Red.

Lucas pulls out his sword getting ready to fight Psycho Silver: "No. I'm the only one left."

Psycho Yellow gets back up making an inhuman sound.

Lucas: "What? Aundria?"

Psycho Pink tries to get back up: "What's happening to her?"

Psycho Yellow screams at the top of her lungs as a monster hand breaks out of her armored glove.

Lucas: "Aundria!"

The Psycho Rangers start to get back up.

Psycho Blue: "What's going on?!"

Psycho Black: "Oh no. She must have been stung by a barillian bug and she's turning into one herself!"

Falconine watches from the alley: "Interesting. This was an unexpected development."

The Psycho Yellow armor completely shatters as a yellow barillian monster stands and gives a loud growl!


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still on the streets of New Bethany. Lucas stands off to the side trying to assess the situation. Falconine continues to watch in the shadows as Psycho Silver and Psycho Barillian stand off.

Psycho Pink in an unsure tone: "Aundria? Are you.. still you?"

Psycho Barillian turns around shoots down all of the Psychos as she growls.

Psycho Silver turns his head at an angle slowly: "This development will not change the outcome."

Psycho Silver aims his Psycho Silverizer at Psycho Barillian but when he shoots, the monster jumps in the air and completely overpowers him.

Falconine grows concerned: "Damien!"

Psycho Silver pinned to the ground: "I can't move."

Psycho Barillian pins Psycho Silver to the ground with her knees and growls to the sky then relentlessly hacks away Psycho Silver's helmet. Psycho Silver is completely helpless.

Falconine's eyes glow purple and is just about to jump into the battle herself as the Psycho Barillian shatters Silver's helmet and exposes Circuit-Damien's face. Damien breathes heavily even though his face still shows no emotion.

Falconine is just about to blast Psycho Barillian but suddenly Lucas grabs the Psycho Barillian's arm before it can give Damien the final blow.

Lucas struggles with the Psycho Barillian: "Aundria! Please, you have to stop!"

The Psycho Barillian just knocks Lucas aside, he gets into a defensive position as the monster gets up from Damien and targets Lucas.

Falconine watches with amazement: "Incredible. He actually tried to save my brother."

The Psycho Barillian attempts to pounce on Lucas but Psycho Red tackles her in mid-air. The other Psychos dogpile on her.

Psycho Red struggles to hold Psycho Barillian down: "Lucas! You're in way over your head here! Get out of here now!"

Lucas shakes his head as he sees Damien getting up and notices the circuitry on his face: "No. Not yet. I think.. there's a way to stop this madness!"

Lucas grabs Damien from behind and tries to pry the main piece of circuitry from the side of his head.

Falconine's eyes glow in the shadows: "What does he think he's doing?"

Lucas: "Stop struggling! I'm.. *urg* trying to help!"

Scene 2

Setting: Still in New Bethany but it is the battle between the two giants Ecliptor and Darkurio.

Darkurio has his tentacle wrapped around Ecliptor's throat: "Give it up Ecliptor! There is no way you can stop our combined power!"

Ecliptor tenses his fist around his sword: "I'm sure.. I can find a way!"

Ecliptor strikes Darkurio's tentacle, forcing Darkurio to retract it. Darkurio glares at Ecliptor: "Cursseeee yoouuu!"

Ecliptor would smirk if his mouth could move: "Heh heh heh."

Darkurio charges Ecliptor with his sword flailing. Ecliptor tries to block but Darkurio ducks under Ecliptor's sword strike and gives one of his own to Ecliptor in the stomach. Darkurio then strikes Ecliptor in the head with his tentacle, followed by two more savage blows from his sword.

Darkurio steps back to charge up his sword in a red glow: "Feel the burn! Hahahahahaha!"

Darkurio releases two waves of red energy upon Ecliptor followed by a pair of eye blasts. The sparks, heavily erupt from Ecliptor's body as he drops his sword and falls to his knees.

Darkurio runs to Ecliptor and strikes him down: "And here's one more for the road! Hahahahahaha!"

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the streets where Psychos Red, Blue, Black, and Pink try to keep Psycho Barillian at bay. Meanwhile Circuit-Damien picks up his Psycho Silverizer and shoots at Lucas.

Lucas jumps away from Psycho Damien's Silverizer shots: "Whoah!"

The shots hit a car behind Lucas, causing it to blow and in turn lanching Lucas into the air. He tries to tuck and roll and finds Damien pressing his boot against Lucas' throat.

Circuit-Damien presses his foot harder against Lucas' neck: "Data shows that a collapsed larnyx will cause extermination."

Meanwhile the Psycho Barillain hacks away at Psycho Black: "Aundria, please! It's me Simon, you gotta come to your senses."

Psycho Pink gets up and aims her Psycho Bow at Psycho Barillian: "I have to save Simon. I'm sorry Aundry, but we have to stop you."

Psycho Pink relunctantly fires three Psycho Arrows at the former Ranger's back. Psycho Barillian pauses then slowly turns around roars then shoots down Psycho Pink.

Psycho Black on the ground grabs Psycho Barillian's legs from behind: "Gotcha!"

Psycho Red and Psycho Blue come from opposing sides and grab Psycho Barillian by the arms.

Psycho Red: "Whatever you do, don't.. let.. go!"

Psycho Blue struggles: "Urg! That's.. easy.. for you to say!"

Psycho Red struggles with Aundria as well: "No.. it isn't!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the big fight. Darkurio laughs as he once again has Ecliptor wrapped in his extended tentacle and starts slamming Ecliptor into buildings, laughing all the way.

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the street. Circuit-Damien continues to choke the life out of Lucas with his boot against Lucas' throat. Lucas tries to push the boot of him but is slowly losing his strength.

Circuit-Damien: "It is almost over. Your mortal pain is almost over."

Lucas' eyes glaze over he stops breathing and struggling. His hands let go of Damien's leg and fall to the ground.

Damien finally lifts his foot off of Lucas: "The target has been terminated. Next operation, re-engage other targets for termination."

Damien turns his attention back to the other Psychos and walks to them while they are still struggling with Barillian Aundria.

Lucas suddenly gets back up behind Damien with his sword in hand: "DAMIEN!"

Damien turns around like a cold machine, so emotionless that he's not even surprised that Lucas is still alive. He just aims his Psycho Silverizer at Lucas: "Die again."

Lucas prepping himself: "All right Lucas, you have to make this blow precise and stop him permanentley!"

Lucas jumps in the air with sword in hand just in time to avoid Psycho Damien's Silverizer shots.

Falconine watches in horror: "No! Damien watchout!"

Lucas drops down in the air and swings his sword at Damien's head: "It's over!"

Falconine finally rushes out of the alley: "Noooooooo!"

Lucas stands back as Damien's hand lifelessly drops the Silverizer to the ground and his body falls to it's knees and finally the body falls to the ground.

Lucas momentarily relaxes his tense body to catch his breath: "Whew. I hope I never have to do something like that ever again."

Falconine charges and grabs Lucas by the throat lifting him up as her eyes glow violently: "Don't worry. You won't."

Falconine's eyes get watery as she tries to squeeze the life out of Lucas: "Once again a so-called hero has taken away a beloved sibling. Well now I will take away your life in return for Damien's!"

Damien's voice: "Candra! Let him go!"

Falconine's eyes stop glowing and grow wide in shock of hearing her brother's voice, and quickly drops Lucas to the ground to turn around. Lucas massages his neck, trying to breath again.

Falconine turns around: "Damien? You're alive!"

Damien stands before Falconine still in his helmetless Psycho Silver outfit and a little blood dripping down the side of his face, where Lucas sliced off the mind control circuitry. His face is slowly regaining it's maple color: "Candra, don't kill him. He wasn't trying to kill me, he saved me."

Falconine runs to Damien to hug him but she stops and regains her villainous composure: "It is good to see you are okay."

Damien shakes his head: "Please Candra, you have to release the Barillian Insecticide on the city."

Falconine, surprised by Damien's request: "What?! Are you mad, little brother. You want me to save this wretched city?"

Damien: "Please. As a favor to your little brother."

Falconine turns away from Damien with head turned down: "No. I won't give the order to help those wretched Rangers."

Damien: "Don't think of it as helping the Power Rangers. Think of it as teaching Darkonda a lesson for betraying me, for betraying you."

Falconine thinks about it for a moment. She looks at Lucas starting to regain his composure, then gives a sigh as she speaks to Rygog over her communicator: "Rygog, answer me."

Rygog's voice via communicator: "Wha ah ah. Yes my queen. What may I do for you?"

Falconine: "Fly the Dark Carrier directly over the city and release the Barillian Insecticide."

Rygog's voice: "What? Please forgive my queen but wouldn't that stop the Barillian Swarm."

Falconine grows angry: "Are you questioning me?"

Rygog's voice grows worried: "No oo o No. Of course not. I.. I'll carry out your orders immediately, my queen!"

Falconine: "Good. Falconine out."

Falconine turns back to Damien: "There it is done."

Damien bows his head with a smile: "Thank you, dear sister."

Falconine, not wanting to accept Damien's gratitude: "Hmph!"

Scene 6

Setting: High above the city of New Bethany. The Dark Carrier flies over the city and almost thirty large sprinklers at the bottom of the ship start spraying the insecticide over the entire city.

Barillian bugs everywhere start dropping like the flies they are and even begin vaporizing. The barillian monsters in the city stop rampaging as they fall to the ground and begin turning back to humans.

Scene 7

Setting: Darkurio is about to lay another mighty blow on Ecliptor then notices the Dark Carrier spraying on the city.

Darkurio: "What?! No! Someone is releasing the insecticide on the city! Why?!"

Ecliptor on one knee in front of Darkurio forearm smashes Darkurio in the mid-section: "Heh heh heh. It looks like a rainy day for you!"

Scene 8

Setting: Back to the ground where Psycho Barillian breaks free of the Rangers' grip and prepares to attack until the insecticide reaches it. Psycho Barillian starts to smoke as it falls to the ground.

Psycho Black catches his breath: "Huh? What's going on."

Psycho Red looks up: "I don't believe it. The Dark Carrier is spraying some kind of insecticide on the city."

Psycho Red sees the dying barillian bugs falling from the sky: "It's killing the Barillian Swarm!"

Psycho Pink points to the civilians down the street: "Look! It's also changing everyone back to normal!"

Psycho Blue: "Well. Then that means our little booty babe must be changing back too!"

Aundria's voice: "Changed back! Past tense."

Aundria unmorphed and back to normal stands before their fellow Psychos who all power down.

Simon: "Alright!"

The Psychos group hug Aundria.

Angela: "It's good to have you back."

Aundria: "Thanks but where's Lucas? We better find him."

Victor nods: "That's right! He was fighting Psycho Silver by himself!"

Simon adds on: "And I don't think this insecticide is going to stop him any."

Aundria: "Let's go!"

The Psychos run to find Lucas and Psycho Silver. Aundria slaps Marcus in the back of the head while they are running.

Marcus grabs the back of his head: "Ow! What was that for?"

Aundria: "That was for that 'booty babe' remark."

Marcus smirks: "Hehe. If you got it, you should shake that moneymaker! Hahahaha!"

Aundria: "I'd kick your behind, but I think Paige will take care of that for me."

Aundria runs ahead.

Marcus grows concerned: "Paige? Whoah! Wait Aundry! I take it back! I take it baaack!"

Scene 9

Setting: Back to Lucas, Damien, and Falconine. Lucas stands off to the side while Falconine and Damien talk. Damien is now unmorphed and is back to wearing his usual attire.

Falconine takes Damien by the shoulder: "Well come on Damien. I did what you asked of me, now let's go back to the ship before the Psychos arrive. I'm through for the day."

Damien gently removes Falconine's hand off of his shoulder: "No. I can't go back to the ship."

Falconine confused: "What?"

Damien shakes his head with an expression of regret: "I'm sorry, Candr.. Falconine. I.. I've tried for so many years to be like you, but the hatred. It's just not in me like it is you. I can't bring myself to cause suffering to others any longer."

Falconine looks at Damien with sadness: "What.. what are you saying?"

Damien holds his hand over his chestplate: "I"m saying that I'm through working for the side of evil."

Damien's hand glows as his armor, sword, and cape vanish leaving him wearing only the black spandex bodysuit underneath it all: "I love you Falconine. You're my sister but I can't fight by your side."

Falconine grows slightly angry in tone: "So you would side with the Psycho Rangers and that Psycho Yellow girl against your own sister."

Damien holds his head down and shakes his head: "No. Because you ARE my sister, I won't side with the Rangers either. I'm in love with Aundria Yellow, true. But I can't fight by her side to destroy you just as I can't fight by your side to destroy her."

Falconine: "Then who's side are you on?"

Damien smirks as he picks off the last bit of circuitry from his face: "I'm on my side. Heh. That seems appropriate somehow."

Damien crushes the bit of circuitry between his fingers: "And my side is not involved in this war anymore. I'm sorry dear sister. I just won't be involved."

Falconine puts her hand on her young brothers shoulder with a small half smile: "I understand."

Falconine gives Damien a small kiss on his cheek: "I shouldn't have dragged into my battles in the first place."

Damien: "Thank you.. Candra."

Falconine nods slighlty then turns her attention to Lucas. She shoots a blast right in front of his feet: "As for you!"

Lucas looks up at Falconine: "Huh?"

Falconine: "Listen well. Despite my actions today, this changes nothing between us. I will return and I will destroy the Psycho Rangers and conquer the world. So remember my name and fear it!"

Falconine pulls her cape over her shoulder and teleports away.

Scene 10

Setting: The large scale battle between Darkurio and Ecliptor continues. Ecliptor hammer smashes Darkurio on top of the head.

Darkurio rolls out of the way of Ecliptor: "No! The Barillian Swarm may have been destroyed but I'm still powerful enough to destroy you and the Rangers by myself!"

Ecliptor stands back and laughs: "Hahahahahaha! Don't be so delusional Darkonda! You may be powerful when merged with Furio but, you'll never be able top me."

Darkurio gets back up: "Ha! You're the one that's delusional, Ecliptor! I already defeated you once in this form and that was when you had those Psychos at your side! If unleashing the Barillian Insecticide was your trump card, you've still lost!"

Ecliptor holds out his arm as the Cybera symbol on his wrist glows: "That's where you are wrong, Darkonda. THIS is my trump card!"

Ecliptor presses the Cybera symbol on his wrist, Darkurio steps back: "No! I completely forgot about your surge powers! I should have destroyed you immediately rather than play around!"

Ecliptor tenses up as the light starts breaking through from under his would-be skin: "Should've, could've, would've. But you didn't!"

Ecliptor yells as his outershell explodes off and Ultimate Ecliptor is formed.

Darkurio swings his tentacle at Ultimate Ecliptor: "No! I'll still destroy you!"

Ultimate Ecliptor grabs the tentacle as it burns in his hands. Darkurio retracts the tentacle in pain.

Ultimate Ecliptor summons his sword: "It's over for you two!"

Ultimate Ecliptor charges up his sword, and the light is so strong that everything becomes pitch white and blinds Darkurio.

Darkurio covers his eyes: "Ahh! My eyes!"

Ultimate Ecliptor holds his sword center and swings it down the middle: "Face destruction Darkurio!"

Darkurio sees the finishing move coming: "No! Split apart before the sword does it for us!"

Darkurio splits back into Darkonda and Furio just before the sword would have sliced Darkurio in half. Darkonda and Furio shrink as they warp away.

Darkonda: "It's not over Ecliptor! I'll destroy you yet!"

Ultimate Ecliptor stands down: "Whatever, worthless mutant. I've heard it all before."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda paces back and forth in anger as Furio and Cybera watch on. Falconine sits on her throne with a cocky smile on her face.

Darkonda: "Curse those putrid punks! Every single one of them! How did they even get inside the Dark Carrier to release the insecticide?!"

Furio: "It is puzzling."

Falconine: "Simple. The Rangers managed to break your hold over Damien, and he was more than willing to help them get aboard the ship."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "What?! I knew that wretched little snot was behind this! I'll tear his heart out with my bare hands!"

Falconine grows angry and zaps Darkonda, getting up from her throne: "You brought it on yourself Darkonda!"

Darkonda falls to the ground: "Falconine! I.. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. But still Damien's transgression against us, shouldn't go unpunished."

Falconine glides her fingers over her shooting hand: "I already took care of that. Damien won't bother either us for a long time to come. From now on we should concentrate all of our energies on the Rangers."

Furio helps Darkonda back up.

Darkonda bows his head: "You are right of course, my dear. We'll concern ourselves exclusively with the Power Rangers from now on."

Darkonda turns to Furio as they leave along with Cybera: "Let's go."

Darkonda whispers to wear Furio's ear would be if he had one: "Keep an eye on her. Falconine is growing too unpredictable for my tastes, lately."

Furio: "Of course."

As the Crulians and Cybera leave, Falconine watches on with a glare and speaks to herself: "You wish to make our alliance more 'interesting' Darkonda. Fine! I'm game."

Scene 2

Setting: Back to New Bethany. Lucas and Damien are shaking hands as the Psychos finally catch up to them.

Damien: "Then it's settled. Take care of Aundria for me and treat her well."

Lucas smiles: "I will. And you take care of yourself on your journeys."

Aundria's voice: "Lucas!"

Lucas: "There she is now."

Damien turns around: "I best be leaving."

Lucas grabs Damien's arm: "No. Say goodbye to her in person. You'll regret not doing so."

Damien turns back around: "Perhaps. You are right."

Aundria grabs and hugs Lucas: "Lucas. I'm so glad you are okay!"

Lucas hugs Aundria back tightly: "The feeling is more than mutual, my love."

Damien relunctantly smiles as he watches Aundria and Lucas embrace each other. He steps back and begins to leave again.

Victor grabs Damien by the shoulder: "Hold it right there! You've got some explaining to do."

Damien turns around and knocks Victor's hand off of him: "I don't have to answer to you or anyone else peasa.."

Damien stops himself: "I'm sorry. Please forgive my rudeness."

The Psychos are all stunned by Damien's words. Aundria pulls away from Lucas in surprise as well.

Aundria: "Damien?"

Damien swallows his pride: "I apologize for all the trouble I've caused you and your friends over the past few weeks. I hope you will find it in yourselves, one day to forgive. But until then, you have nothing more to fear from me."

Marcus whispers to Simon: "As if we ever had something to fear from him."

Aundria smacks Marcus in the back of the head: "Quiet!"

Simon: "So you're through with fighting us?"

Damien nods: "Yes. But I won't be helping you either. I.. can't side against my own sister, no matter what she has done. I'll be leaving. It's the only decision I can make right now, until I think about this some more."

Victor not particularly impressed with Damien's notions: "Very well, but what about the Psycho Silver powers. Do you still have them?"

Damien: "The Silver Psycho powers are made from a portion of each of your own, enhanced by the Syphon Crystal and energy amplifier are still functional. However I.. can't guarantee you'll ever see Psycho Silver again. Good or bad."

Victor: "I see."

Damien turns around and leaves again: "Farewell Psycho Rangers. Perhaps someday I will return as an ally rather than an enemy."

Lucas bows: "I for one will look forward to that day if it ever occurs."

Damien walks away and Aundria yells: "Damien!"

Damien stops.

Aundria: "Take care."

Damien smiles to himself and walks into the sunset as Lucas and the Psycho Rangers watch on.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
A couple of hikers run scared in the forest: "Run! It's after us!"

Clip 2
Reporter on televsion: "We are sad to report that two more people have turned up missing in Dead Man's Valley."

Clip 3
Paige to Marcus and Angela: "Legend has it.."

Clip 4
Paige's voice: "..that the Beast of Dead Man's Valley is behind the disappearings."

A shadowed monster attacks the Psycho Rangers.

Clip 5
Angela's voice: "The Beast of Dead Man's Valley?"

Two hikers continue to run scared.

Clip 6
Paige to Angela: "Yes. It's an old legend here in New Bethany."

Clip 7
Tabuna to Lucas: "What was that?"

Lucas: "I don't know, but it doesn't sound like any animal I've ever heard of before."

Clip 8
A shadowy monster attacks Psycho Black: "Ah! What is this thing?"

Clip 9
Furio to Darkonda: "Hahahaha! The Rangers' will never know what hit them."

Clip 10
A giant white leg stomps the ground.

Clip 11
Scared hiker to other scared hiker: "I.. I.. I.. think we finally lost it."

A monster jumps out of the bushes and attacks the screaming hikers.

End Credits


Shoichiro Akaboshi
Damien/Psycho Silver

Takuya Kimura
Lucas Umetsu


Steve Kramer

Walter Lang
Ecliptor, Rygog

Tom Wyner


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