Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 23
"Twisted Silver, Part 1"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: In the forest lands surrounding the Power Chamber. Lucas and Paige are out on a nature walk. Dragging with them sizable backpacks with various hiking equipment. The arrive at a rocky landscape and see a beautiful sight as large green valley is visible.

Lucas holds his hand above his eyes to keep the sun out: "Incredible."

Paige: "I agree."

Paige thinks for a moment and turns to Lucas: "Lucas?"

Lucas directs his attention to her: "Hmm?"

Paige: "Can I ask you a question about the Rangers?"

Lucas: "I guess so, but wouldn't it make more sense to ask them?"

Paige: "Well. I wanted to ask if you ever thought about what it would be like to be a Ranger yourself."

Lucas thinks about it: "The thought has crossed my mind, but it's not possible. The Psycho Rangers are five of a kind."

Paige looks back at the valley: "I guess you're right. It's not like you can just buy a morpher at the local corner store."

Paige: "Still it doesn't hurt to fantasize about it."

Lucas smiles as he admires the scenery: "No, it doesn't."

Just then, Lucas and Paige hear a scream in agony off in the distance.

Paige caught of guard by the scream: "What was that?!"

Lucas dropping his backpack in order to run faster: "It sounds like someone's in trouble. It came from over there!"

Lucas runs to where he heard the screaming, Paige quickly follows.

Lucas and Paige make their way past the brushery and finally find on the ground, Tabuna in a fetal position on the ground, casting a silver glow.

Paige: "That's Tabuna, isn't it?"

Lucas nods as he goes to Tabuna: "Yeah, and it looks like she's having a problem."

Tabuna gets up and backs away from Lucas: "Stand back! I can't contain it anymore."

The surge attack grows stronger and Tabuna falls to the ground. Lucas and Paige rush down to her aid.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the forest. A little time has passed and the surge attacks have stopped for the moment but Tabuna is in a very weakened state. Lucas and Paige have set up a fire and a pot of water is boiling while Tabuna is rested against a tree in a blanket.

Paige gives Tabuna a cup of the hot water: "Here."

Tabuna slowly takes the cup: "Thank you."

Lucas working through his bag: "Tabuna, what was that we just saw back there."

Tabuna: "It was a surge attack. I've been getting them for the past month, ever since I helped save Ecliptor."

Lucas: "You mean that incident where Darkonda used the Evolution Crystal on Ecliptor?"

Tabuna nods with a surprise: "Exactly, how did you.."

Lucas: "Aundria told me about it. It happened not too much before I came to New Bethany."

Tabuna: "Really. That's funny because it happened not too much after I came to New Bethany."

Tabuna turns to Paige: "What about you?"

Paige caught off guard: "Who me? I've lived in New Bethany my whole life."

Tabuna takes a sip from the hot water: "That's nice."

Paige asks as Tabuna hands her the cup back: "What's nice?"

Tabuna: "It's nice that you've had a place you could call home for so long. Me, I've travelled my entire life. Never had a home or family."

Paige: "You mean you were an orphan and you moved from orphanage to orphanage?"

Tabuna shakes her head: "No. I don't know if I'm an orphan or not, but I probably am if my parents ever encountered either of my former employers."

Lucas curious: "Oh?"

Tabuna trying back away from the subject: "Nevermind. I don't really want to go into it."

Paige: "That's okay, your life is your life."

Tabuna looks down in sadness: "Yeah, as short as it looks like it's going to be."

Scene 2

Setting: New Bethany. On top of a skyscraper. The matter warps as Darkonda and Furio arrive. The Skullinites teleport behind them holding a large hive about the size of a tank.

Darkonda holds his arms up in jubilation: "Hahahahahaha! What a beautiful day for a little armageddon, don't you think Mr. Furio?"

Furio smirks: "I couldn't agree more. Shall we begin?"

Darkonda turns around to face the hive: "Of course. Skullinites! You may leave."

The Skullinites bow and teleport away.

Darkonda turns to Furio: "You may have the honors."

Furio bows his head: "Why thank you. Hahahahaha!"

Furio energizes his sword and releases a red whip of energy on the hive, breaking it in half. Out comes thousands of barillian bugs. The barillian bugs fly into the city and start terrorizing the populace.

Darkonda admires the devastation, as people everywhere are running away in terror and others get stung by the bugs. Automobiles start crashing into telephone poles, buildings, and each other. The bugs break into windows as people indoors are not safe from the bugs either.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! Excellent! The Barillian Swarm will devastate the entire population!"

Furio points out that some of the people that have been stung are turning into barillian monsters: "And from the ashes shall rise a new army!"

Darkonda watches as the barillian monsters start breaking into the various buildings and vehicles attacking the people inside: "A new army indeed. We'll see if those accursed Psychos or anyone else for that matter can handle an entire fleet of barillian monsters."

The people that were attacked by the barillian monsters start turning into barillian monsters themselves.

Furio: "At this rate the entire city will be converted."

Darkonda pretends to wipe a tear from his eye: "Ah yes. It's KO-35 all over again. Ah! The memories."

Darkonda and Furio laugh maniacally as the chaos grows worse.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. The alarms go off as the entire complex flashes with red light. Ecliptor, Victor, Marcus, Simon, Angela, and Aundria all run into the Power Chamber.

Victor: "Zordon, what's going on around here?!"

Beta 1: "Aye yi yi! It's an emergence like no other before Rangers!"

Zordon: "Beta 1 is correct. Look into the Viewing Globe."

Ecliptor and the Psychos gather around the Viewing Globe. All of them are shocked by what they see.

Angela covers her mouth in horror: "Oh my god. I've never seen anything so horrible."

Victor: "What's going on out there?"

Ecliptor: "The Barillian Swarm."

Victor: "What?"

Simon: "You know what those bugs are?"

Ecliptor nods: "Yes. Yes I do. They are called barillian bugs. They originated from Darkonda's homeworld. While they are harmless to Crulians any other race that gets stung by them turn into mindless barillian monsters. Darkonda used them on KO-35 to cut the population down drastically so that Dark Specter's armies would be able to break down their defenses easier. He also tried to destroy the Space Rangers with them before but not with such a sheer number."

Victor: "I guess we should be flattered."

Ecliptor: "This is not something to take lightly. If any of you get stung by those bugs you will become barillian monsters as well. Being a machine I will be immune but the rest of you are not to demorph at all once we leave the Power Chamber."

Aundria just remembers: "Oh no! Lucas and Paige are out there!"

Zordon: "They are nowhere near the city, so they will be safe from the Barillian Swarm for now. Still, Beta 1 will try to contact them to have them return to the Power Chamber immediately."

Beta 1 rushes to a control console: "Right away Zordon!"

Ecliptor sees Furio in the Viewing Globe with Darkonda: "It can't be!"

Victor: "What? Who's that?"

Ecliptor: "His name is Furio, he's a lowlife Crulian like Darkonda. He was one of three survivors along with Darkonda and Dementian, but he disappeared years ago."

Victor: "Well we'll just have to take of him as well."

Ecliptor: "Use caution. In some ways, Furio is actually more dangerous than Darkonda himself."

Simon nods: "Noted."

The Rangers hold up their morpher arms.

Victor: "Let's Get Psycho!"

Scene 4

Setting: New Bethany. Ecliptor and the now morphed Psycho Rangers arrive on the scene. In the middle of the chaos. Crashed cars are burning everywhere as explosions erupt at random everywhere.

Psycho Blue casually grabs a barillian bug and squeezes it in his hand: "Heh. They may do a lot of damage but they still squish easy."

Psycho Black points to the side: "Oh yeah? Think you can squash them so easy?"

Over a dozen barillain monsters charge towards the Psychos and Ecliptor.

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe: "Hehehahahahaha! I can try can't I?"

Psycho Pink grabs Blue by the shoulder to stop him: "No! Wait!"

Psycho Blue: "Huh? What's your deal bubblebum?!"

Psycho Pink: "They may be monsters now but they were innocent people."

Psycho Blue: "Emphasis on the 'be monsters now' part chiquita. I say we waste these chumps!"

Psycho Yellow smacks Blue in the back of the head.

Psycho Blue holds the back of his head: "Hey! What was that for?"

Psycho Yellow: "You idiot. Don't tell me you've forgotten that we were turned to monsters against our will at one time too."

Psycho Blue in angry sarcastic tone: "Oh yeah right! Like T.J. really hesitated to shove a V3 missle up my.."

Psycho Black cuts Blue off: "They didn't know who we were! We know that these monsters used to be people. There's a difference."

Ecliptor: "Innocent or not! Right now they pose a danger to us, so stop them now!"

Psycho Red: "At this point we don't have choice! Watch out!"

The Psychos and Ecliptor and jump out of the way as the barillian monsters try to jump them.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany. The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor try to fend off the legions of barillian bugs and monsters.

Psycho Blue strikes down one barillian monster with Psycho Axe. Back kicks another, and then uses his axe like a flyswatter to squash a barillian bug against a brick wall. Then barillian monster that he back kicked grabs him from behind as another barillian monster starts slashing at his chest.

Psycho Black tries to fend off some of the barillian monsters with his Psycho Lance but they quickly dogpile him.

Psycho Pink shoots down several barillian bugs with her Psycho Bow, she then sees a little girl running away with her doll: "Oh no."

A barillian monster grabs the little girl and stings her turning her into a monster as well.

Psycho Pink goes berzerk and shoots down the barillian monster that stung little girl: "NO! Stop it!"

A barillian leaps for Psycho Pink.

Psycho Red uses his sword and strikes the monster in mid-air: "Angela!"

Psycho Pink falls to her knees: "It's hopeless. There's just too many of them. Every man, woman, child. They're all being turned into those monster."

Ecliptor like a relentess machines mows down several barillian monsters, one after another: "Stop moping and fight girl! This isn't the time for one of your moral depressions!"

Psycho Black breaks away from a couple of barillian monsters: "Hey back off, you green goon!"

Ecliptor gives a warcry as he blasts down several barillian monsters with his eyes: "We're wasting our time here."

Psycho Red tries to muscle off two more barillian monsters as a bug tries to sting his helmet: "Well if you got an idea, spill it out old man!"

Ecliptor: "When dealing with a snake you cut off it's head."

Psycho Red pushes off the barillian monsters off of him: "I get what you're saying and there's no bigger snake than Darkonda."

Psycho Red grabs Pink's shoulder and forces her back up: "Come on. We're going snake hunting!"

Psycho Red motions to the others: "Come on!"

Ecliptor and the Psycho Rangers make a retreat.

Scene 2

Setting: A skyscraper rooftop. Darkonda and Furio continue to survey the damage caused by the Barillian Swarm.

Furio: "You know, it's been a long time since I've had this much fun."

Darkonda: "Heh heh heh. Scorpius was that much of a drag huh?"

Furio: "The worst."

Ecliptor's voice: "DARKONDA!"

Darkonda and Furio turn around and see Ecliptor and the Psycho Rangers ready for battle.

Darkonda smirks: "We were wondering when you'd show up."

Furio: "Ah! Long time, no see!"

Ecliptor gets ready to strike: "Not long enough."

Darkonda: "Heh heh. Predictable as ever."

Darkonda and Furio simultaneously release energy beams from their swords at Ecliptor and the Psychos. The group jump out of the way of the attack. The Psycho Rangers gather and release their energy frenzy attack with a plethora of green lightning. As Ecliptor on the opposite side of Furio and Darkonda releases a pair of eyebeams. Sparks erupt out of the two Crulians.

Scene 3

Setting: The forest. Tabuna lying down while Lucas and Paige tend to making some kind of soup.

Tabuna gets up in hurry: "No, not again!"

Lucas and Paige quickly turn around.

Paige: "What is it?"

Tabuna: "Get back!"

Tabuna clutches herself a flash of energy breaks out, knocking both Lucas and Paige to the ground a destroying the campfire.

Tabuna falls to her knees again: "I can't take this.. anymorrrreeeee!"

Lucas turns to Paige: "We've got to stop this now. At this rate she won't even last the rest of the day!"

Paige has a terrified look but still nods in agreement.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the rooftop. The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor continue to unleash their attack on the Crulians until there's nothing but smoke where they once stood.

Psycho Red stops: "Okay, that's enough. They've got to be down by now."

The rest of the Psychos and Ecliptor stop their attack.

Psycho Pink: "Are they?"

Darkonda & Furio's laughter erupts as the smoke clears and the two Crulians get back up.

Furio: "I have to admit, that you Rangers pack a whallop. But it will take more than that to stop us."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword and gets into stance: "Oh ho ho. We got a lot more than that. Believe you me."

Darkonda smirks: "We'll see. Hahahahahahaha."

Darkonda and Furio stand side-by-side and then cross their swords in the air. Red currents of electricity break out from their swords. The two swords begin to melt into each as the Crulians go into mad laughter.

Ecliptor regroups with the Psychos.

Psycho Black: "What the heck are they doing?"

Psycho Yellow: "It almost looks like they're.."

Ecliptor adds in: "They're fusing. Prepare yourselves."

Darkonda glows yellow and red: "Yes, prepare yourselves! Not that it will do any of you any good! Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda and Furio continue laughing merge into one monster. The end result a monster that has all the twisted, organic armor that Crulians share. The primary color scheme is red with orange and brown highlights. The body is thinner than Furio but still looks like his with a crooked point sticking out of the back but the armor in front is still open to reveal Darkonda's chest. Two chains come off the right pec and wrap around the side to the back. The right arm is a long, red, stiff tentacle while the left arm is Darkonda's and has large sword that resemble's Darkonda's except that it has teeth on the back of the blade like Furio's. The left leg has large bell-bottom foot like Furio's while the right leg resembles Darkonda's. The head is large and egglike, like Furio's and the face is white but the head has the same gems and horns as Darkondas. The face is still distinctly Darkonda's despite being a ghostly white.

Darkonda/Furio fusion speaks with Darkonda's voice but has the same inhuman echo as Furio: "Behold my friends! Feel the fury of two Crulians as one! Feel the fury of Darkurio!"

Darkurio charges up his sword and stabs it into the floor. Causing the entire roof to shake.

Ecliptor: "The whole place is going to blow!"

Psycho Red: "Everyone get out of here!"

Ecliptor and the Psychos begin to move but the entire top two floors of the skyscraper explodes!


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 is suddenly worried by something he reads off one of the computers.

Beta 1: "Aye yi yi! Oh no!"

Zordon: "What is it Beta?"

Beta 1: "I'm getting a new power reading. There's something just outside the Power Chamber. It's powers are running off the scales!"

Zordon: "This is most troublesome. Keep an eye on it, Beta and keep me informed of any more developments."

Beta 1: "Will do Zordon."

Scene 2

Setting: Back to the forest. Tabuna is in the middle of another surge attack screaming in pain. Finally it passes momentarily. Lucas and Paige catch her before she collapses from exhaustion.

Tabuna starts to glow lightly and tries to gather her strength to speak: "You.. two.. should get out.. of here."

Lucas shakes his head: "No. We're not leaving you here now. You need help."

Tabuna: "But.."

Paige: "Just hush! We'll find a way to get you out of this mess."

Paige looks to Lucas hoping for a face of confidence but Lucas can't give her one. He's just filled in concern.

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. On the street next to the recently damaged building. A black gloved hand breaks out from under the rubble and Psycho Red pulls himself from out of the wreckage.

Psycho Red holds his forehead: "Ow.. Is everyone else.."

Psycho Black drags himself and Yellow out from under a beam: "We're sore but we'll live."

Psycho Yellow nods.

Psychos Pink and Blue soon follow.

Ecliptor breaks out from more of the wreckage: "Darkonda! Where are you, you lowlife piece of.."

Ecliptor gets blasted down, the Psychos turn around and see Darkurio waiting for them.

Darkurio holds out his sword and smirks: "Ready for round two? Heh heh."

Darkurio unleashes his tentacle and it stretches to wrap around Psycho Pink's neck, pulling her away from the rest of the Psychos.

Psycho Black: "Angela!"

Psycho Black quickly summons the Psycho Lance runs up and strikes the tentacle to release Pink but Darkurio blasts him to the ground.

Darkurio: "So anxious. You're turn will come."

Darkurio then blasts Psycho Pink to the ground beside Black.

Psycho Yellow shoots a energy bolt but Darkurio blocks it with his forearm.

Darkurio swings his sword to create an energy whip and whips to knock down all the Psychos with one blow.

Darkurio stands full of confidence and mockingly shakes his head: "Tsk, tsk, tsk. I have sooo much power in this form, you little gnats are not even in my league anymore. But! I'm feeling generous today, so let's make even MORE unfair for you!"

Darkurio snaps his one hand and many barillian bugs begin to gather above Darkurio. He then motions his hand towards the Psychos and the barillian bugs attack kamikaze style. With hundreds ramming into the Psychos, they are out powered.

Scene 4

Setting: The forest. Tabuna shakes violently as her eyes are now pupiless and the currents starts to flow off of her.

Lucas tries to hold Tabuna in place: "Hold her still!"

Paige struggles as well: "I'm trying!"

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the fight. Psycho Red shoots the Psycho Blaster but the blast doesn't even faze Darkurio.

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the forest. Lucas and Paige pin Tabuna to the ground to prevent her from hurting herself.

Tabuna: "Save yourselves!"

Scene 7

Setting: Back to the fight. Darkurion moves his sword in a circle motion and releases a ring of fire on the Psychos and Ecliptor.

Scene 8

Setting: Back to the forest. Tears of pain start to flow from Tabuna's pupiless eyes as the glow starts to spread on Paige and Lucas.

Paige: "What's happening."

Tabuna: "Get out of here. I can feel it. I'm going to blow up!"

Paige: "But you're human! You won't blow up!"

Tabuna: "I.. wish.. that was true!"

Scene 9

Setting: Back to the fight. Darkurio runs at superspeed and beats down Ecliptor and all of the Psychos one by one.

Scene 10

Setting: Back to the forest. Tabuna screams at the top of her lungs as a blinding light bursts out of her and consumes both Lucas and Paige. They all scream in pain. As the whole place goes pitch white with blinding light.

Scene 11

Setting: Back to the fight. Darkurio and the Barillian Swarm stand over the defeated heroes. Darkurio just let's loose a devilish laughter.

Darkurio: "Hahahahahahaha! Incredible. Even I never imagined that all of you would be this easy to defeat. I didn't even have to use my trump card, now to finish this."

Psycho Red digs into the dirt as he gathers his strength to get back up: "No. I won't let it end like this. We've fought too long and too hard to go down this easy."

Darkurio mildly surprised that Psycho Red is actually getting back up: "Eh? You still want a little more."

Psycho Red holds up his Psycho Sword and holds it with both hands ready to strike: "I don't care how many times you knock me down. I'll wipe that damned smirk of your stupid little face."

Darkurio raises an eyebrow: "Well! I see someone has a deathwish. Heh heh heh."

Psycho Red slowly limps towards to Darkurio: "That's right. Laugh it off bigboy. I'm not some punk highschool brat. I'm Psycho Red and you're going to learn just how bad I can be, you big goof!"

Psycho Black looks up and speaks to himself: "Oh no. That doesn't sound like the calmer Aldian personality. The fight has slipped him back to his Psycho Red persona."

Psycho Red glows red as he charges his sword: "You're going down once and for all. Darkonda, Darkurio, whatever your name is!"

Darkurio just motions a "come and get me" signal with his fingers: "Bring it on."

Psycho Red and Darkurio begin to charge at each other but suddenly an explosion erupts between them and they both stop in their tracks.

Darkurio turns his head: "Eh?"

Psycho Red breathes heavily: "What now?"

Ecliptor and the rest of the Psychos start to get back up.

Psycho Pink: "Huh?"

Psycho Yellow: "I don't believe it."

Ecliptor: "Another one."

Psycho Black: "But how?"

Psycho Blue: "Aw man! If I see five Blue Rangers show up, I quit!"

Everyone stare at the horizon and in the distance stands Psycho Silver as the sun reflects off his armor.

Psycho Black: "It can't be Zhane. He's still in the old universe, isn't he?"

Psycho Yellow: "I have no idea."

Psycho Red: "Hmph! For his sake, he better be on our side."

Psycho Silver starts to walk towards the battle as heroes and Darkurio alike watch on, waiting to see what Psycho Silver will do.

Psycho Silver stiffens his right arm and the Psycho Silverizer forms in his hand.

Psycho Silver aims the Psycho Silverizer in the air: "Fire."

Psycho Silver shoots down all the barillian bugs in the area with amazing speed. It almost starts to rain dead bugs.

Psycho Red: "Hmmm."

Psycho Silver puts down his arm, the Psycho Red turns his attention back to Darkurio: "I don't know where this guy came from. But it doesn't look like he's on your team. So where were we?"

Psycho Red charges towards Darkurio and jumps in the air to go for diving sword strike but Psycho Silver also jumps in the air and strikes down Psycho Red in mid-air.

Psycho Red tries to get back up but Darkurio stomps on his back: "Stay down!"

Darkurio and Psycho Silver stand side by side and face the remaining heroes.

Psycho Black: "I knew it was too good to be true."

Psycho Blue: "Guys. I'm having a real bad case of deja vu here."

Ecliptor: "I can tell you that they're more powerful than us. So if you're going to stand and fight, don't hold back at all."

The heroes charge but Psycho Silver charges takes them all down one by one with his Silverizer. Then charges it with a blue energy and swings it as he turns around after running past the Psychos and Ecliptor. Sparks burst insanely out of all of them as they slowly fall to the ground.

Psycho Black tries to move but can't: "Where.. did this guy come from?"

Ecliptor gets back up and charges towards Psycho Silver. But Psycho Silver moves in fast-motion, dodges Ecliptor blows and releases a fury of punches and kicks all over Ecliptor's body like a blur. Wrapping it up with an energized elbow punch. Ecliptor falls down hard.

Darkurio's eyes glow red: "Heh heh heh. Can't let them have all the fun."

Darkurio calmly shoots his eyebeams on the downed Psychos one at a time.

Psycho Silver speaks in monotone but with an echo: "Finish them."

Darkurio laughs: "Hahahahahahaha! Yes! But spare Ecliptor. The good doctor still has plans for him. Hahahahaha."

Psycho Silver stalks the downed Psychos: "But the Rangers die."

Psycho Silver stands over Psycho Yellow and raises his Silverizer to administer the final blow.

Psycho Pink tries to reach for her: "No."

Psycho Silver swings the Silverizer but suddenly a large blast of energy from the sky strikes Psycho Silver down.

Darkurio: "What the? Where did that come from?!"

Darkurio looks up: "NO!"

Darkurio gets shot down by the Sky Knight.

Psycho Yellow: "It's.. the Sky Knight!"

Psycho Black: "But who's piloting it?"

Scene 12

Setting: Inside the bridge of the Sky Knight. Beta 1 pilots the Sky Knight.

Beta 1: "That would be me, Simon! I'll teach Darkonda to mess with my friends."

Scene 13

Setting: Outside. The Sky Knight continues to shoot at Darkurio and Psycho Silver. A large blast hits Darkurio dead center in the chest and forces him to split back into Darkonda and Furio. Both of the Crulians fall to the ground.

Furio: "Where did that come from?"

Darkonda gets back up: "Curses! And we were so close."

Psycho Silver gets back and picks up his Psycho Silverizer and is about to give the final blow to a downed Psycho Red.

Psycho Silver: "I am the only Psycho Ranger."

Darkonda's voice: "Psycho Silver!"

Psycho Silver stops and turns his attention to Darkonda.

Darkonda: "We're outta here. Come on."

Psycho Silver steps over Psycho Red and to Darkonda. Together the trio teleports away.

Scene 14

Setting: Inside the Sky Knight's bridge.

Zordon's voice: "Did you make it in time, Beta?"

Beta 1: "I.. I.. don't know Zordon."

Beta 1 looks out the windshield and sees the Psychos and Ecliptor, badly and beaten why the barillian bugs and monsters still rampage throughout the city.

Beta 1 in a horrified voice: "Aye ai ai."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber, a while later after the battle with Psycho Silver and Darkurio. The Psychos are unmorphed and they're all wearing bandages on various parts of their bodies. Even Ecliptor's body isn't in it's best shape.

Angela watches the continued rampage of the barillian monsters throughout the city: "It's terrible, and we couldn't even slow it down."

Victor: "I can't believe we were beaten so badly. We couldn't even put a dent on Darkurio or that new Psycho Silver."

Ecliptor: "Hmmm... He seems like a true Psycho Ranger, but where did he come from."

Simon: "Another question. Who is he?"

Aundria: "Or who is she? Silver's voice was so monotone, I couldn't tell if it was male or female."

Victor just realises something: "A she? Oh no."

Simon: "What?"

Victor: "Could Psycho Silver be.. Tabuna?"

Aundria: "Tabuna. You mean that thief you have a thing for?"

Victor: "She made a deal with Darkonda a while ago, because she was looking for a cure for a condition she had?"

Ecliptor: "Condition? What condition?"

Victor: "She had these.. surge attacks."

Ecliptor: "Hmmmm... So did I until I turned into my ultimate form for the first time. We did share a psychic link for a short period after my original body was completely destroyed."

Victor: "What? You two had psychic link."

Ecliptor: "I guess it's time I explained exactly what happened after that incident with the Evolution Crystal."

Suddenly the doors to the Power Chamber open up.

Marcus: "Huh? What are happened to you goofs?"

Lucas and Paige hastily walk into the Power Chamber, carrying an unconscious Tabuna on their shoulders.

Lucas: "Quick! Where is the infirmary?"

Victor runs to help hold up Tabuna: "Tabuna! Where did you guys.."

Paige cuts him off: "I think she's dying. We've been watching over her for the past couple of hours."

Simon helps Victor take Tabuna to the infirmary: "Couple of hours. She can't possibly be Psycho Silver then."

Lucas: "Psycho Silver?"

Paige just notices that everyone is bandaged up: "What happened to you guys?"

Ecliptor: "We had a nasty run in with two of Darkonda's new friends. One of them is another Psycho Ranger."

Lucas: "Another.. Psycho Ranger?"

Victor and Simon leave with Tabuna and the door closes behind them.

Aundria nods: "Yes. A new Psycho Ranger. A Psycho Silver to be exact. We're trying to figure who he or she is and where he came from."

Ecliptor: "It looked like it may have been Tabuna but your alibies disprove that."

Marcus: "So if Tabuna isn't Psycho Silver. Who is?"

Zordon: "A very good question indeed."

Everyone stands in silence with concerned looks on their faces.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Furio, Cybera, and Psycho Silver await the arrival of Falconine.

Falconine walks in the room and claps her hand with a slight smile: "Congratulations Darkonda. It looks like we may finally achieve victory over Zordon's heroes."

Darkonda takes a bow: "Why thank you my dear. And we also have Furio and of course Psycho Silver for our impending victory."

Furio nods his head with subtle laughter of confidence.

Falconine walks to Psycho Silver: "Yes. I didn't even know there was another Psycho Ranger, let alone one on our side."

Darkonda: "One must always have a trump card. Heh heh heh."

Falconine checks out the quiet Psycho Silver: "Very true, Darkonda. So who's under this helmet?"

Darkonda: "Why don't you see for yourself."

Falconine raises her eyebrow in a subtle "thank you" expression then turns back to Psycho Silver. She slowly unclamps the locks on the sides of Silver's helmet. She then pulls the helmet off of Psycho Silver and gets a good look at his face. Falconine takes a step back and unknowingly drops the helmet in shock.

Falconine in a slightly horrified expression: "What the hell is this?"

Falconine sees Damien but his face pale and circuitry covers the right side of his face.

Falconine: "Damien?"

Circuit-Damien doesn't answer.

Falconine's eyes glow purple in anger and turns around to Darkonda: "Darkonda! What is the meaning of this!"

Darkonda waves his hands in front of him: "Now don't do something you'll regret my dear. Give me a chance and I'll explain."

Falconine: "Make it quick or you become the new wallpaper!"

Darkonda: "As you know Damien had a little moral dilemma recently. All because of Psycho Yellow. She toyed with your brothers emotions."

Falconine: "And?"

Darkonda: "Aundria made Damien want to be hero like your poor sister, Rachella."

Falconine: "How dare you bring up that name! I should destroy you right now."

Furio steps between Falconine and Darkonda: "Please my dear. Hear Darkonda out."

Darkonda: "Damien wanted to be a hero, Falconine. A hero. It would have eventually led to his own destruction. You know this. So Furio and myself took the liberty of taking Damien putting a few 'correctional' devices on him for his own good until the Psychos are destroyed."

Falconine still ready to shoot: "And why didn't you tell me?"

Darkonda: "Would you have gone along with this? I doubt it. But keep in mind that Damien's welfare is my top concern in this matter."

Falconine: "Don't insult my intelligence. Concern for others is not on your very short list of admirable qualities."

Darkonda: "But.."

Falconine eye's stop glowing and she lowers her arm: "Still.. It is for his own good that he be put under control while he's in a confused state of mind. As long as once the Psycho Rangers, specifically Psycho Yellow is destroyed, the control devices are removed afterwards."

Darkonda crosses his fingers behind his back: "Of course. You have my word."

Falconine turns around to look at Damien again: "Save it. I know you too well to know that word means nothing. But you have my word that if you cross me like this again, I'll destroy you on the spot."

Darkonda nods his head: "I understand."

Darkonda motions his head to Furio and Cybera to follow him out of the room. The three leave.

Falconine stands before Circuit-Damien: "It's for your own good, Damien."

A single tear runs down Falconine's face: "It's for your own good."

To be continued...

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Darkonda's voice: "Psycho Silver will destroy the Power Rangers at all costs!"

Psycho Silver breaks into the bridge of the Sky Knight and attacks.

Clip 2
Falconine chokes Lucas with one hand.

Clip 3
Giant Ecliptor battles Giant Darkurio.

Clip 4
Victor: "We have only one more chance now."

Clip 5
A monster hand bursts out of Psycho Yellow's glove.

Clip 6
Lucas fights Circuit-Damien.

Clip 7
Darkonda's voice: "Hahahahahahaha! Victory is ours at last!"

A burning Sky Knight crashes into sea.

Simon: "No!"

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