Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 22
"One Last Chance"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the Dark Carrier, more specifically Falconine's bedroom. It is a large, regal room. With a bird motif. A large bed in the shape of falcon's head, with the matress inside the beak, the and pink see-thru curtains around. The bed is on a peacock feathered rug. Off to the side is a large walk-thru closet but the doors are closed, with feather-shaped shingles. On the opposite side of the room is the bathroom with large, ivory-made door. Next to the bed is fine oak dresser complete with a tall mirror. On the dresser is mannequin head which currently holds Falconine's pink helmet. The chair in front of the dresser has a purple silk padding on it.

Falconine walks into the room from the bathoom. However she's not in costume. She's not wearing her helmet and hair is still damp from her show, she's wearing a black kimono with gold and red feathers for the trim. Falconine sits at the dresser and begins to comb her hair as she looks into the mirror.

Falconine while combing her hair talks to herself: "My poor little brother. You've trapped yourself in corner and why? Because in your heart, you want to be a hero."

Falconine stops combing and her eyes wander to side in thought: "But why? Why would you want to be hero? It was those so-called heroes who caused the death of our beloved sister, Rachella, all those years ago."

A flash of Falconine's memory shows a younger Falconine running to a castle but gets blocked off by a man dressed in black and red.

Young Falconine: "No! Let me through! Rachella!"

Man in red: "She's inside the castle but you can't go it's too dangerous."

Young Falconine pushes the man in red aside: "No, I have to get to Rachella!"

Suddenly the castle explodes.

Young Falconine yelling: "NOOOOOOO!!!"

Fade back to the present where Falconine starts to shake slightly from her bad memories.

Fading back to the flashback, where young Falconine and a small child dressed like Damien arrive at the burning ruins of the castle.

The man in red shows up with four other strangers. A man dressed in black, another man dressed in blue, a woman dressed in yellow, and a woman dressed in pink.

Young Falconine turns to the man in red: "Is she?"

The man in red holds his head down and pulls out a burned, small, white piece of cloth, with a small pink gem on it.

Young Falconine takes the piece of cloth from the man in red: "Rachella.."

After looking at the cloth for a moment, young Falconine shakes up the man in red: "Why?! Why didn't you save her like you've done everyone else! You're supposed to be the guardians!"

The man in red pushes Falconine off of him: "I'm sorry Candra. We tried to take her with us when we were trying to escape, but she insisted on staying behind to make sure the portal to Endness was closed. She died a hero."

Candra slaps the man in red: "You lie! You heroes! You pretend to be so damn highly and just, but everytime my family needed you, you abandoned us! You let Scorpius kill my parents, and now you left my sister to burn to death!"

Candra takes young Damien by the hand and begins to leave but stops to turn to the Guardians one last time: "I see now, that good is a fraud, heroes are hypocrites. From now on I vow to capture all of the Crystals of the Endness and gain true power, and when I do, I'll get my revenge by destroying all of you, and the people that YOU care about!"

The man in black walks after Candra and Damien but the man in red stops him.

Man in black: "We can't just let them go!"

Man in red: "No leave her be. Candra and Damien have suffered greatly. She needs to time to calm down and mourn."

Man in black: "But you heard what she said, she vowed to take the Crystals of the Endness and destroy everything."

Man in red: "Empty threats from a little girl that just lost everything but her brother, a little girl that just needed to vent her frustration with words."

Man in black: "But.."

Man in red: "I know Candra. She's a good girl and a strong one. Over time the pain will dampen and she'll move on."

Candra and Damien walk off into the sunset.

Fade to present.

Falconine sneers at the thought of the Red Guardian's words: "It was too bad, that you didn't heed my words Guardian. I lived up to them. I found all four of the Crystals of the Endness. The Magic Crystal imbedded Damien and myself with our powers, the Evolution Crystal which I gave to Darkonda but was destroyed, and the Syphon Crystal which also ended up being destroyed. But I still have the most powerful crystal of all. The Amrageddon Crystal which when the time is right, I will use to finish the rest of my vengeance, to conquer this world and destroy it's heroes and everything else that claims to be good."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The New Bethany Park. Down next to a large tree, the Psychos as well as Paige and Lucas sit down trying to enjoy a picnic. Angela's idea of course. Suddenly Damien and a large group of Skullinites teleport in and scare away all the civilians. The Psychos and company get up and get in a defensive stance.

Victor: "Damien!"

Simon: "Geesh! Can't we even enjoy a little picnic without having to put up with this garbage?"

Damien pulls out his sword: "The games end today Rangers. We finish this once and for all."

Damien swings his sword to release a forcewave at the group.

Victor: "Move!"

Marcus grabs Paige as the every scatters from the forcewave, which chops down the tree with one blow.

Victor gets back up and turns to Aundria: "Aundria, are there any bystanders left?"

Aundria looks around: "Except for Lucas and Paige, they've all scattered."

Marcus, Angela, and Simon gather with them, together they all hold up their morpher arms.

Victor: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing seqeunce]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

The Psycho Rangers get in battle pose: "Psycho Rangers!"

Damien holds his sword: "Skullinites charge!"

The Skullinites run past Damien to the Psycho Rangers.

A Skullinite swings a spinal whip at Psycho Red but Red catches it, pulls the Skullinite to him and decks the goon down. Meanwhile Pink spinkicks a running Skullinite, then legsweeps another, rolls backward on the ground, grabs a Skullinite with a legscissors and slams it into the ground headfirst. Then Yellow runs up a tree backflips and pump kicks the Skullinite that was running behind into the tree, then overshoulder throws a Skullinite that tried to grab her from behind.

Psycho Blue gives a Skullinite a noogie attack and runs it head first into a tree, then low spins an elbowpunch into it's gut. He then takes another Skullinite, flips it to the ground then elbowdrops the goon.

Psycho Blue then looks up and sees Lucas trying to fend off some Skullinites from Paige: "Yo! Kung-Fu boy!"

Lucas and Paige turn to Blue from the distance: "Make yerself useful and get her the hell out of here."

Damien strikes Psycho Blue from behind rapidly with his sword.

Paige tries to run to Psycho Blue: "Marcus!"

Lucas grabs her: "No. They'll take care of it."

Paige: "But.."

Lucas shakes his head: "We've got no business being here, we'll only get in the Rangers' way."

Psycho Blue kicks Damien in the knee while he's on the ground. Paige sees that then relunctantly agrees to get out of there. Lucas and Paige make a run for it.

Psycho Blue then gathers with the rest of the Psychos as the Skullinites come running for them again.

Psycho Red: "Ready?"

The Psycho Rangers get into position.

Psycho Red: "Fire!"

The Psychos release their energy storm attack consisting of green bolts of energy on the Skullinites. Sparks fly off the Skullinites as they fall to the ground. The Psychos then turn their attention to Damien.

Psycho Red: "Your 'boys' are down for the count Damien. Now this is the part where you make your retreat, right."

Damien sneers: "Not this time. It's all or nothing."

Damien holds up his sword: "Penguisamo! Quackbacker! Pteranifier!"

Lightning breaks out as three monsters appear out of nowhere.

Penguisamo a penguin monster. A chubby black feathered monster with a large white crest, dressed in merchant's clothing complete with skull cap, and a purple silk robe.

Quackbacker a duck monster. A muscular black feathered monster with a green head, and a jagged bill. A mohawk, spiked dog collar, webbed feet, and chains wrapped around his body, and down his arms.

The third monster, Pteranifier a pteranodon monster. A dark red scaled monster with a long yellow beak, a somewhat skinny frame, but with spikes covering his arms, and large pair of boney wings. Holding a black staff that seems to be made up of three black poles that were twisted around each other, the end of the staff as large dinosaur tooth as a blade.

Damien: "Destroy them now!"

The three monsters charge after the Psychos. Yellow jumps over the monsters and goes straight for Damien. While the other four Psychos battle the monsters.

Damien holds his sword in front of Yellow: "Don't come any closer, or I'll destroy you."

Psycho Yellow casually moves his sword aside: "I don't believe that. Otherwise, you wouldn't have saved me the other night."

Damien looks down and off to the side and in a solemn tone: "That.. was.."

Damien looks up with determination and pushes Yellow back: "That was a mistake. If I don't destroy you and the others, it's over for me."

Damien energizes his sword: "I regret this, but even you will have to be destroyed."

Psycho Yellow gets in a defensive stance: "You're not sure about that. You don't have the confidence in your voice like you used to."

Psycho Yellow demorphs: "Psycho Yellow power down!"

Psycho Blue struggling with the Quackbacker monster sees Aundria talking with Damien: "What the heck is that crazy broad up to?!"

Quackbacker: "Grrr.. Don't worry about her, worry about me!"

Quackbacker pulls away from Blue then overhead smashes him to the ground, then stomps on Psycho Blue.

Damien steps back in confusion: "What.. are you doing?"

Aundria: "I'm not going to fight you and you're not going to fight me."

Damien shows a sign of anger and shakes his head: "You're wrong!"

Damien releases a ball of energy and it knocks Aundria out, he grabs her before she falls to the ground.

Psycho Blue: "Aundria!"

Psycho Pink pulls away from the Penguisamo monster: "Aundria no!"

Psychos Red and Black also make their break.

Psycho Red: "Damien! If you hurt her.."

The three monsters suddenly jump in front of the Psychos with Pteranifier in the middle of the trio.

Pteranifier holds up his staff: "Zap em' boys!"

The trio of monsters shoot energy beams at the Psycho Rangers causing explosions to break out all around them. Damien smirks as he teleports away with an unconscious Aundria in his hands.

Psycho Blue on the ground and in pain: "That stupid idiot. What the hell was she doing unmorphing in front of that little dingaling?!"

Pteranifier and the other two monsters stalk towards the hurt Psychos laughing.

Scene 2

Setting: A dark room in the Dark Carrier. Darkonda watch the recent events in the park transpire. Dr. Hinelar stands in the darkness behind him.

Darkonda: "The Rangers are at bay, but where is Damien? He's run off with the Yellow Psycho Ranger."

Dr. Hinelar: "So it seems, that the boy is infatuated with the enemy."

Darkonda turns to Dr. Hinelar: "Exactly master. It's not just that, he's not like his sister. He won't be flexible to your plans. He's proven to be too much of a liability."

Dr. Hinelar raises an eyebrow: "You will destroy him then?"

Darkonda smiles and nods his head: "But of course master. Getting rid of him won't be too much of a problem, but the reason I requested an audience from you is that I really need a new assistant. You told me that you had someone else in mind but it wasn't the right time."

Dr. Hinelar: "Yes. Yes I did. But now. It is time, Darkonda. Twerp!"

Suddenly Twerp warps into the room spinning around: "I'm here bossman! Ready, willing, and able to do whatever ya need doing. As long as the gettin' doing is gettin' good and.."

Darkonda growing annoyed with Twerp's nonstop blathering grabs the little imp: "Will you shut up! That voice of yours is wreckening to my ears."

Twerp breaks free of Darkonda's grip: "Hey, hey, hey! Watch the merchandise. It's that kind of rough handling that made me decide NOT to resurrect you anymore after that little incident with Cybera breaking free of the bossman's control."

Darkonda: "I remember that. I crossed out my remaining two lives thinking that you wouldn't bring me back again."

Darkonda smirks: "Of course you must not have kept your word, because I'm still here even after that little 'skirmish' I had with Dark Specter."

Twerp almost pouting: "Well that's only because the bossman told me to give you another chance."

Dr. Hinelar: "Silence! Both of you. The details of your issues with each other bores me."

Both Darkonda and Twerp bow and apologize to Hinelar.

Dr. Hinelar turns his head upwards to Twerp: "Has the target been 'relieved' of his current occupation?"

Twerp smiles: "Yesiree bossman. Shall I bring him back to the world of living?"

Dr. Hinelar slowly nods.

Twerp begins to spin around: "Then it's time to do the voodoo that only I can do! Toodaloo!"

Twerp warps away.

Darkonda: "Honestly master. I don't know how you can tolerate with that annoying little imp."

Dr. Hinelar: "Twerp lives up to his name, true. But for those that I have a use for, I can be surprisingly tolerant. To a point."

Darkonda: "I see."

Dr. Hinelar: "If I didn't, I would have obliterated you a long, long time ago."

Darkonda swallows his breath in fear.

Dr. Hinelar: "Twerp will deliver your new assistant soon. Do not disappoint me Darkonda. My tolerance has it's limits."

Darkonda bows: "I understand."

Dr. Hinelar teleports away.

Scene 3

Setting: A mountainous desert terrain. Twerp appears high in the air and looks below to see two warriors dueling with each other. He flies lower to get a closer look.

Treacheron runs to pick up his fallen sword.

An unarmed Magna Defender: "You are as dispicable as I remember Treacheron."

Treacheron inches his way to Magna Defender's sword: "Flattery will not buy you time."

Treacheron grabs Magna Defender's standing sword: "Just as this sword cannot save your life."

Twerp: "Hmmm.. Well this looks good."

Treacheron holds Magna Defender's sword: "But if it will make you feel any better, you can go down holding your weapon! Kiyaa!"

Treacheron tosses Magna Defender his sword.

Twerp: "Aw man! This guy is one of those honor wusses. Oh well, he's not the one I came here for anyway."

Twerp rushes off as Magna Defender and Treacheron prepare to fight again.

Scene 4

Setting: A dark cave, Twerp flies into the cave and looks around.

Twerp: "I believe this is the place so where is the big goof. Ah!"

Twerp flies over to a soddering pile of debris. A white hand still twitches: "Eeeewww! Well bigboy, it time for round two for you!"

Twerp spins around and sprinkles some dust on the debris, causing it to come together, the white hand becomes more lively.

Monster voice: "The sounds, the scents, I'm alive. Hahahahahahahaha! I live."

Twerp backs away as a now bulky figure gets up from the ground: "Hahahahahahahahaha! I LIVE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: A dark dungeon. Damp and depressing. Aundria is chained up and on the floor. She starts to wake up.

Aundria: "Oww.. Where.. where am I?"

Aundria looks up as her vision starts to clear up and she sees Damien standing before her: "You."

Damien in a disturbingly calm tone: "Yes, me."

Aundria tries to get up then notices that her arms have been shackled: "What? Why am I chained? Let me go immediately!"

Damien squats down in front of her: "Talk to me."

Aundria calmed down: "Okay, but let me go first."

Damien pauses.

Aundria: "Please."

Damien presses a button on his wrist and the shackles unlock. Damien gets up and stands back as Aundria stands up.

Damien: "Better?"

Aundria half-smiles: "Much. Now let's talk."

Scene 2

Setting: Back to the park where the four remaining Psychos are being overpowered by the trio of monsters. Penguisamo exchanges blows with Psycho Blue, Quackbacker overpowers Psycho Black, while Pteranifier uses his staff to choke down Psycho Red on the ground. Psycho Pink is down on the ground still hurt.

Penguisamo grabs Psycho Blue's arm and begins to repeatedely punch him in the stomach: "Haha! Where are those smart alleck comments now blue boy! Hahaha!"

Quackbacker grabs Psycho Black and rams him into a tree.

Pteranifier continues to chokedown Psycho Red: "I can't believe how easy this is. I would have expected so much more from the 'mighty' Power Rangers."

Psycho Red struggles to get free: "*urg!* You want more? You got it!"

Psycho Red gathers his strength and manages to roll Pteranifier off of him and to the side. Psycho Red gets up and summons his Psycho Sword then upward swings it across the monster's chest.

Quackbacker continues to wail on Psycho Black. Psycho Pink watches and tries to get up.

Ecliptor arrives and helps Psycho Pink up: "Need a hand?"

Psycho Pink relieved to see him: "Ecliptor! Thank goodness you're here. Damien kidnapped Aundria and these monsters are making us look like amateurs."

Ecliptor's eyes begin to glow as he looks at Quackbacker beating on Psycho Black: "Then let's show them that their dealing with professionals!"

Psycho Pink summons her Psycho Bow and she shoots her Psycho Arrows at Quackbacker as Ecliptor releases a pair of eyebeams, striking the monster from behind.

Quackbacker begins to back away from Black: "What the?"

Using the distraction, Psycho Black reverse mule-kicks the monster away from him using the tree as a base. Psycho Blue manages to get away from Penguisamo so the Psychos gather up with Ecliptor.

Psycho Red: "Good to have you here old man. Ready to take these clowns down?"

Ecliptor: "Of course."

Psycho Red summons his Psychorang.

Ecliptor enegerizes his sword in a green glow.

Psycho Red energizes the Psychorang and aims it at Quackbacker and Penguisamo.

Psycho Red: "Fire!"

Psycho Red throws the Psychorang as Ecliptor releasing a green energy shot from the tip of his sword at the two monsters.

Psycho Red and Ecliptor turn around as Quackbacker slowly falls to ground and explodes while large amounts of pyro burst from Penguisamo.

Penguisamo stumbles off a bit: "I.. I.. need to get out of here."

Paige runs onto the scene from a distance yelling: "Marcus!"

Penguisamo sees her and heads for her: "Ah! Hostage. That's my ticket out of here."

Psycho Blue: "What? Oh no you don't."

Psycho Blue grabs the Psychorang from Psycho Red.

Psycho Red: "Hey!"

Psycho Blue: "Here's one for the road fatboy!"

Psycho Blue throws the Psychorang striking down Penguisamo and causing the monster to finally explode.

Psycho Blue yells: "Girl! Don't be an idiot! I told you to get your boney behind out of here!"

Paige: "Boney?! Why you.."

Paige picks up a rock: "You guys better duck!"

Paige throws the rock, the Psychos and Ecliptor duck as the rock flies past them and hits Pteranifier in the forehead.

Pteranifier holds his forehead and drops the glowing ball of energy he was building up: "Ow!"

The ball of energy falls on the ground and explodes on Pteranifier: "Noooooo!"

Psycho Blue: "Huh? She was aiming for him."

Psycho Red: "It looks like we owe your girl one. She may have just saved us."

Psycho Blue crosses his arms: "Heh. What can I say?"

Paige and Lucas run up to them.

Paige playfully elbows Psycho Blue in the stomach: "So did I do good?"

Psycho Pink puts her arm around her: "Yes, yes you did. You go girlfriend!"

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Falconine hastily walks into the room while adjusting her helmet. Cybera is the only other one in the room and she is calmly watching the battle.

Falconine: "Cybera, why wasn't I informed that Damien already made his strike."

Cybera: "Darkonda did not order me to keep you aware of his activities."

Falconine: "When it involves my brother, I am to be informed at all times! Got it?"

Cybera doesn't reply.

Falconine shakes her head in frustration: "Never mind. Where is he?"

Cybera: "Subject Damien has left battlesite with target Yellow. Subject Damien left behind three monsters in his place. Only one is still active."

Falconine summons her raven: "Then let's make up for that."

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the park.

Psycho Red: "Okay, so now we have to find out where Damien took Aundria."

Psycho Black points up: "I think we still a little more business to deal with before that. Look!"

Psycho Red summons the Psychorang: "Ugh. We don't have time for a clash of the titans right now."

Psycho Red energizes the Psychorang: "Psychorang!"

Psycho Red throws the Psychorang but the raven outmanuevers it and releases it's black energy on Pteranifier. Causing the monster to grow to a giant.

Psycho Red catches his Psychorang: "Crap! I missed!"

Ecliptor: "Nevermind that. Deal with what we got on our hands now."

Pteranifier stomps the ground in front of them: "Hahahahaha! Good advice. Cuz now you got a whole lot to deal with! Hahahahaha!"

Pteranifier laughs as he releases a shower of fireballs from his eyes.

Psycho Red: "Watch out!"

The Psycho Rangers, Lucas, and Paige scatter as the shower of fireballs comes their way and hits the ground.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Damien's dungeon. Damien and Aundria are now sitting across from each other.

Aundria with a look of interest on her face: "So Falconine hates the Guardians because she blames them for the loss of your sister and parents."

Damien removes his helmet: "Yes. After the day Rachella, died it was almost like Candra died as well. She still cared for me, raised me, but her soul.. She grew colder every day and over time she became so obsessed with getting revenge on the Guardians, I felt that.. if I didn't go along with it all, then I would.."

Aundria finishes his sentence: "Lose your sister entirely."

Damien: "Exactly. Over the years of trying to go along with her, I began to share her vision. But lately I've come to realize that my heart isn't into the notion of evil like she is."

Aundria takes Damien's hand: "Then join us, Damien."

Damien pulls away and gets up and turns around: "To be honest, a part of me wants to. But I can't.. Falconine is evil, but I'm not much cleaner than she is, and she's still my sister. I can't turn against the only family I have left."

Aundria gets up: "I understand. So what will you do?"

Damien: "I'm not sure what I'll do in the longterm. But for now I should return you to your friends, while I do some more thinking."

Aundria: "But in doing that, you're going to blow your last chance to get in Darkonda's good graces."

Damien: "I couldn't care less about that slimey mutant. But it would probably be best for Candr.. Falconine that I leave after this anyway. The way I'm so confused right now, I would be a liability to her just as I would to you."

Aundria puts her hand on Damien shoulder: "You know if you showed this more sensitive side of your personality more often, you would probably have more friends."

Damien with a curious look: "Including you?"

Aundria smiles and she nods.

Damien: "And more?"

Aundria: "Sorry, I can be your friend but not more than that. Lucas beat you to the punch."

Damien relunctantly accepts that: "He's lucky."

Aundria smirks and with a smug tone: "Yes he is. And he damn well better remember that."

Aundria and Damien share brief chuckle.

Scene 2

Setting: Open terrain just outside the city of New Bethany. From left to right, Blue Tanuki Guardianzord, Red Shogun Guardianzord, Giant Ecliptor, Black Tengu Guardianzord, and Pink Miko Guardianzord stand side-by-side in the sunset facing Giant Pteranifier.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay. Without Aundria, we don't have the Guardian Megazord. So we'll have to hope that strength in numbers will be able to make up for that here."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahahaha! I can take down this dimwad by myself!"

The Blue Tanuki howls as begins to claw up the ground and shakes it's head. The Blue Tanuki charges at Pteranifier at full force but the monster merely kicks the Zord in the stomach.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black holds his head down and shakes it side-to-side: "What an idiot."

Pteranifier holds up his staff and charges it up with black energy: "Enough fun and games, boys and girls! Now we get serious!"

Pteranifier swings his staff back and forth twice to release two black waves of energy, the energy waves strike Ecliptor and the Guardianzords hard.

Pteranifier: "Hahahahaha! Here's some more!"

Pteranifier charges and takes out each of the Zords one by one by smashing them with his staff, first Tanuki, then Miko, then Tengu, and finally Shogun. The Pteranifier then jumps in the air for a diving attack on Ecliptor but Ecliptor grabs the staff and throws the monster over him. However the monster lands on his feet and releases more energy on Ecliptor.

The Shogun Guardian charges with it's sword, but the Pteranifier blocks the attack with his staff and kicks the Zord in the stomach: "Nice try!"

Pteranifier then releases another wave on the others, laughing all the way.

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda finally returns as Falconine and Cybera watch on.

Darkonda: "Ah! I see Pteranifier is having a field day with those annoying Rangers! Hahahahahaha."

Falconine: "Not all of them. Psycho Yellow is missing."

Darkonda gets a closer look at the image: "Eh? Where is she?"

Cybera: "Designate Damien has left with her."

Darkonda scratches his chin: "Hmmmmm... I see. Well for his sake, I hope he's not doing anything stupid."

Falconine in a stern voice: "Be careful how you phrase things Darkonda. I have agreed that if Damien fails again, then he is banished from the Dark Carrier, however if you harm him, I will destroy you on the spot."

Darkonda smirks: "Oh have no fear. I have no intention of harming the 'charming' lad."

Falconine clenches her lips: "That had better be the case."

Falconine abruptly leaves the room.

Darkonda: "Heh heh heh. Cybera, when we return to the old universe. Remind me to sell her the Manhattan Bridge. Hahahahahahahaha!"

Cybera: "Illogical request, but acknowledged."

Darkonda: "Hahahahahahahaha... Eh? What's this?"

Darkonda turns his attention back to the image projection as Damien teleports back to the battlesite with Aundria.

Scene 4

Setting: The park. Damien teleports with Aundria.

Damien and Aundria look up and see the Zord battle.

Damien: "It looks like I've brought you back just in time. Your friends need your help."

Aundria: "They can be your friends too, you know."

Lucas' voice: "Aundria!"

Damien and Aundria turn around and see Lucas running towards them with his sword in hand.

Aundria: "Lucas no! It's.. oka.."

Aundria can't finish her sentence in time as Lucas already jump kicks Damien to the ground.

Damien on one knee pulls his sword out: "You vile miscreant. How dare you touch me like that!"

Lucas stands in front of Aundria and turns his head to her: "This monster didn't hurt you did he."

Aundria: "No he didn't and he wasn't about to either. So put your sword down now."

Damien charging at Lucas, and the two began fencing. Paige rushes onto the scene as well.

Paige runs up to Aundria: "Aundria, you're back! But how?"

Aundria: "Damien brought me back, but that was before the boys decided to play macho here."

Paige: "Then let's put a stop to it."

Paige runs out.

Aundria: "Paige wait! Not you too."

Damien and Lucas break away from each other, then as Damien is about to shoot at Lucas, and explosion breaks out in front of him.

Damien: "What? Who did that?!"

Damien, Lucas, and Paige look to the side and see Tabuna in the distance.

Tabuna smirks: "Looks like you kids got a fun little party starting here. Mind if I join in?"

Damien, Paige, Lucas, and Tabuna stand off in a fourway. The way the sun reflects off the lake in the background gives the illusion that all four them are glowing silver.

Damien taunts Lucas: "Someone's destiny is about to unfold."

Lucas gets in a defensive stance: "We'll see."

Aundria runs into the middle: "THAT'S IT! KNOCK IT OFF ALL OF YOU!"

Aundria turns to Damien: "This isn't the way to make things change."

Aundria turns to Paige: "You've got no business being here."

Aundria turns around to Tabuna: "Same to you."

Aundria finally turns to Lucas: "And you.. I'm disappointed. I thought you were more level-headed than this."

Lucas: "But Aundria.. I thought you were in danger."

Aundria: "And if you actually listened to me instead of acting like Marcus, you would have known that I wasn't."

Tabuna backs off: "Well.. I came to see what the commotion was about, but hey. I know when I'm not wanted. Ciao!"

Tabuna teleports away.

Lucas holds his head down: "I'm sorry. I overreacted."

Damien walks up to Aundria and hands her, her morpher: "You'll need this."

Aundria realizes that Damien had taken it earlier when she was in his dungeon: "My morpher?"

Damien begins to teleport away: "I'll be leaving now. Away from Falconine as well as you, but thank you for talking to me. I needed it."

Damien teleports completely.

Paige: "Am I missing something here?"

Aundria: "Long story short, Damien's not as bad as we thought and Falconine may not be either. But we'll talk about this in depth later. For now.. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

Psycho Yellow jumps into the recently arrived Yellow Samurai Guardianzord.

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Okay, I'm back! So let's take of business!"

The Red Shogun Guardianzord gets up from the ground.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Aundria, you're back. I'm sure you've got a tale to tell us."

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "It'll have to wait."

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Got that right. Guardian Megazord power now!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

Ecliptor presses the Cybera symbol on his wrist, then screams in pain as his outer shell shatters to become Ultimate Ecliptor.

Pteranifier: "So you guys are bit bigger now! Who cares?!"

Pteranifier spreads out his wings and flies into the air. The Guardian Megazord follows as it raises it's hand to form the dark clouds. Ultimate Ecliptor releases a barrage of blue crystal shards which strike Pteranifier. The lightning strikes the Guardian Megazord's hand, forming the energy sword.

Ultimate Ecliptor: "Now!"

Ultimate Ecliptor releases a spiral of blue energy from his palm and it drills right through the monster as the Guardian Megazord swings it's sword at him. A hundred lightning bolts trike the monster and it explodes in mid-air!

Scene 5

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. It's much darker than usual and only Darkonda is present. Damien slowly walks into the room.

Damien looks around and sees that it's empty except for Darkonda: "Where is Falconine?"

Darkonda: "She doesn't wish to see you. Your display with the Psycho Rangers, disgusted her."

Damien holds his head down: "I see."

Damien lifts his head back up: "Then I will leave immediately. While I have no love lost for you, I regret the dissapointment I've caused my sister."

Darkonda: "I'm SURE she'll forgive over time. She is your sister, afterall."

Damien looks to the side: "Perhaps. Well then, wish her luck for me. I'll leave you be now."

Damien turns away and begins to walk.

Darkonda: "Oh Damien?"

Damien stops and speaks in a annoyed tone: "What is it mutant?"

Darkonda: "Let me share something with you."

Damien with a confused look turns around.

Darkonda: "Falconine and I.. We will eventually destroy the Rangers, and when that happens the rest of this little backwater planet will be child's play."

Damien: "Yes?"

Darkonda: "Your sister is lovely woman. It will be a glorious vision to see her triumphant along side me."

Damien looks on with interest.

Darkonda pulls out his dagger: "And with this, we shall conquer the world together."

Damien crosses his arms.

Darkonda: "Then after my greatest triumph, I will take this sword and retire it as a trophy to establish the end of my days as a conqueror."

Damien: "I see and your point?"

Darkonda gives an evil smile: "Of course I'll be using your sister's back as the trophy base. Heh heh hahahahaha..."

Damien pulls out his sword in rage: "Why you! I'll retire that damned sword in your back tonight! You'll never harm Candra! Never! This is your last day on this plane of existence."

Darkonda: "Oh this is the last day for someone, but not me."

Damien prepares to attack Darkonda but a sharp-toothed sword strikes him from behind, knocking him to the ground.

Damien reaches for his dropped sword but Darkonda steps on his hand and grinds it. If Damien had enough strength left he would scream in pain.

Darkonda squats beside Damien: "I make you this one promise dear Damien. Before the inevitable betrayal occurs, I assure you I will treat your beloved sister 'very, very well'. Heh heh heh."

Damien struggles to say his last words: "*gurgle* You're nothing.. but a bastard, Darkonda. You.. and.. your minion..."

Damien gathers all his strength to look up and see who Darkonda's partner is. But the last he ever sees is a large red boot crashing into his face as Darkonda says: "Farewell Damien, farewell."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The forest. Tabuna breathes hard as she suffers another surge attack.

Tabuna: "When.. when will this end? Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

Scene 2

Setting: A bridge in New Bethany. Marcus and Paige lean over the edge of it to watch the rushing water.

Paige: "Incredible sight, isn't it? The way the water looks so crystal like."

Marcus: "Whatever. Is there a reason you dragged me out here?"

Paige: "I wanted to ask you something."

Marcus smirks: "It's 10-inches."

Paige: "What's 10-inches?"

Marcus turns to Paige and raises an eyebrow with a smug look. Paige figures it out and pushes him: "No! I wasn't going to ask about THAT!"

Marcus: "Hehehahahahahahaha!"

Paige: "Please, I'm serious. I wanted to ask you about something."

Marcus: "Go for it."

Paige: "What exactly is it like being a Ranger?"

Marcus a bit surprised by the question: "Why are you asking me that?"

Paige: "I just.. I just wanted an idea what it was like. I mean, I know I didn't do much but throw a rock, but just getting into the fight for the briefest of moments. There was just such a rush going through me, like I somehow I was important because I just saved the world. Is that what you get when you save the day?"

Marcus: "Noooo... I just like explosions. Heh heh. But what's up you wanna be a Psycho Ranger or something?"

Paige looks back at the water: "I don't know. Maybe I do."

Marcus pushes her head with fist in playful manner: "Well tough noogies girlie. Becoming a Psycho Ranger isn't something you just apply for and get. It's a bit exclusive, you know."

Paige looks up and Marcus with a disappointed smile: "Yeah I know. But it doesn't hurt to dream, right."

Marcus: "Of course not."

Scene 3

Setting: Back at New Bethany Park. Angela has gathered their scatter picnic supplies, Simon is helping her. Lucas leans on tree looking at the children once again playing in the park without a care in the world.

Aundria sneaks up on Lucas and grabs him in a playful manner: "Why hello there handsome stranger."

Lucas smiles briefly and turns his head to Aundria: "Hello Aundria. I take it you're not mad at me anymore?"

Aundria kisses him on the cheek: "Of course not. You're a guy, I guess even you aren't perfect."

Lucas turns back to watching the children: "Thank you for your forgiveness."

Aundria watches with him: "What's the matter, you seem like you're a galaxy away. What are you thinking about?"

Lucas: "I was just thinking about my people, and my home, in the Jakalise Islands. The elder said I had a great destiny ahead of me, and Damien's mention of that word struck up some old feelings about that."

Aundria: "Your destiny?"

Lucas: "I have a deep feeling that I'm destined for something truly great. Something that will make my existence meaningful."

Aundria: "You're existence is meaningful."

Lucas: "I know I'm not worthless but I just feel that I can do so much more. I have no idea what the future holds for me and yet I have an idea. It's intimidating."

Aundria: "Well don't worry about the future. Think about the present, really, that's the only tense that's worth worrying about. Not the past or the future, but the present."

Lucas gets up from the tree and turns around: "You're right. You're absolutely right."

Simon yells from the distance: "Aundria! Lucas! Come on, we're going home!"

Aundria walks and drags Lucas with her: "Come on sweetie, let's go home."

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda sits in his throne as Falconine walks into the room. Darkonda gets up from his throne: "He already left. He said he was sorry that he couldn't say goodbye to you personally. He was too ashamed to see face-to-face."

Falconine: "I see. So it's back to just you and me, to rule the Alliance."

Darkonda: "Not quite. Dementian's replacement has finally arrived."

Falconine: "Dementian's replacement? I thought Damien filled that role?"

Darkonda smiles as he shakes his head: "Oh no no no. You brought Damien here, but after I had no choice but to destroy Dementian, I had sent out word to bring in another old friend of mine. Someone who will prove to be far more competant than our little brothers."

Falconine a bit curious: "Well then. Where is he?"

Darkonda: "He's right here. Allow me to introduce to you.."

The bulky figure in the shadows speaks: "Please old friend. Allow me to introduce myself to the fair lady."

Darkonda steps aside: "Be my guest."

Falconine: "Come out of the shadows and tell me who you are."

The bulky figure: "Of course."

The bulky figure steps out of the shadows and Falconine is somewhat surprised to see what he looks like: "My name is Furio, and the rules have changed forever."

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Darkonda's voice: "The Barillian Swarm devastate the entire population!"

Darkonda and Furio unleash a swarm of barillian bugs.

Clip 2
Furio's voice: "And from the ashes shall rise might new army!"

The barillian bugs attack people and turning them into barillian monsters.

Clip 3
Tabuna in pain to Lucas and Paige: "Stand back! I can't contain it anymore."

Clip 4
Furio to Ecliptor: "Ah! Long time, no see!"

Ecliptor: "Not long enough."

Clip 5
Lucas and Paige try to hold Tabuna as she glows heavily.

Clip 6
Darkonda and Furio begin to merge.

Clip 7
The Darkonda/Furio fusion devastates the Psycho Rangers.

Clip 8
Psycho Red on the ground: "Who.. is.. that?"

Clip 9
Tabuna's silver light consumes both Lucas and Paige.

Clip 10
Psycho Silver standing in the horizon.

End Credits


Shoichiro Akaboshi

Charles Johnson
Red Guardian

Takuya Kimura
Lucas Umetsu

Chang Lee
Young Damien

Sally Liu
Young Falconine

Dante Moore
Black Guardian

Stacey Wiles


Alonzo Bodden

Steve Kramer

Walter Lang

Katerina Luciani

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Dr. Hinelar, Penguisamo

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Magna Defender

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