Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 21
"A Thief in the Night"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Night time. Just outside a warehouse on the outskirts of New Bethany named "Energux Industries". Two security guards wait at the front door of the large white building.

First security guard: "This is boring. How come nothing ever happens around here?"

Second security guard: "Be quiet or you might get what you ask for. With all of these wierd monsters running around the city over the past year, we don't know what could happen."

First security guard: "Yeah right. You actually believe in those giant monsters. They're just an urban myth."

Second security guard: "All the property damage downtown would prove otherwise. My insurance rates have gone through the roof because of those stupid aliens."

First security guard: "Ha! Sounds like you're insurance company is ripping you off! There's no such thing as evil monsters trying to take over the world!"

Suddenly Damien, the Skullinites, and dark grey cyborg owl monster teleport in front of the two security guards.

Damien smirks: "I beg to differ."

Damien points to the security guards and the Skullinites charge. The formerly-skeptical security guard wets his pants the Skullinites chase after him with their bone clubs. The second security pulls out a can of mace.

Second security guard shaking as he holds up his mace: "Stop! Don't make me use this!"

Damien amused by his little threat: "Mace! A little spraycan of mace is going to stop me, the great Damien of the Choju Clan! I've come face to face with weapons of mass destruction, that little toy of yours is isignificant to me."

Damien destroys the can of mace with a small energy blast, the mace explodes onto the security guard's face causing him to scream as it burns. The owl-monster backfists the guard to knock him out.

The owl-monster is covered with red and black wires all centralizing from a green monitor on his chest. The wires follow up his shoulders and down to his wrists as well as trail down to his ankles. His left eye is actually a red lense camera scope while the right eye is that of a normal owl.

Damien: "Excellent work, Owlful-Tech. Now get us inside."

Owlful-Tech bows: "Of course. Hoo."

Owlful-Tech walks up to the control panel next to the door and holds up his hand, the wires from his hand fly off and attach to the panel. Random numbers start showing up on the monster's monitor chest until the words "PASSWORD UNLOCKED" start flashing on it. Suddenly the door slides open.

Owlful-Tech motions for Damien to enter: "Please walk this way. Hoo."

Damien enters the warehouse: "Excellent. I may have the powers of each of the Psycho Rangers, but without a way to channel it, they're worthless. Inside this warehouse is a prototype energy amplifier that may be just what I need. Now hurry."

Damien and Owlful-Tech make their way into the warehouse and a few energy blasts strike before them, stopping them in their tracks.

Damien uncovers his eyes as the smoke clears: "What?! But how did you know we would be here?!"

Standing before Damien and Owlful-Tech are all five Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Red with his arms crossed: "Zordon always has all of the technological facilities in the city under surveillance, for just this sort of thing. Now bend over and get your butt kicked."

Damien releases an energy blast: "Crude vagrant."

The Psycho Rangers jump out over the explosion and rush Damien and Owlful-Tech.

Psycho Red: "Energy ball attack!"

The Psycho Rangers form their own small energy balls and release them, the balls of energy merge into one large one and explodes before Damien and his monster. The Psycho Rangers then release an onslaught of electricity on the duo.

Owlful-Tech: "Ow ow ow ow!"

Damien covers his face: "Argh! Retreat!"

Damien and Owlful-Tech teleport away just before Psycho Red can reach them.

Psycho Red: "Power down!"

The Psychos demorph.

Aundria a bit surprised: "Well that was.. easy."

Victor: "And that's my cue to say 'Yeah, a little too easy'."

Marcus disregards Aundria and Victor's concern: "Oh come on, we know that Damien snot is just a big crybaby. He's probably already crying to his mommy again."

Simon: "Maybe but why was he here?"

Victor: "We'll have to figure that out later, let's go."

The Psychos begin to leave as the security guard finally starts to come to.

Scene 2

Setting: On top of a hill, not too far away from the warehouse. Watching the Psychos leave the ware from the hill is Tabuna and figure shrouded in the darkness behind her, with only his yellow eyes visible in the shadows.

Tabuna: "What you seek is inside?"

Dark figure: "Yes. Retrieve the energy amplifier for me, and I'll make you are handsomely rewarded."

Tabuna turns her head back towards the dark figure: "How handsome?"

Dark figure: "Besides a cure to your current condition, I'll also provide this."

The dark figure holds a small dagger with two red gems on the handle.

Tabuna turns completley around: "The Silver Tanto?! How did you get that? It belonged to my belov.. to Treacheron."

The dark figure pulls back before Tabuna can take: "Mm mm mm! Get me my energy amplifier first, then we can make the trade."

Tabuna smirks: "Okay. I'll play it your way for now."

The dark figure begins to step out of the shadows: "Excellent."

The dark figure turns out to be Darkonda: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Hahahahahahaha!"

Tabuna turns her attention back to the warehouse and looks at Victor while Darkonda laughs on.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Rangers, Ecliptor, and Zordon are in the middle of a discussion over Damien's recent raid attempt.

Victor walking back and forth as he speaks: "..and then he just left. We don't even know what exactly he was after."

Zordon: "Very puzzling indeed. If whatever Damien was looking for is important to him, he'll most likely return."

Simon adds in: "We should probably have someone stand guard over there for the rest of the night. To make sure we're right on it."

Victor: "Good idea. So who's volunteering?"

Aundria steps forward and anxiously answers: "I WILL! I mean.. I will."

Everyone gives Aundria a funny look for a brief moment.

Victor: "Okay, you and Simon go watch the warehouse and keep tabs on Damien's activities."

Aundria nods her head and leaves with Simon.

Ecliptor: "That was peculiar."

Angela agrees: "Really."

Marcus thinks about what just transpired: "Hmmm..."

Scene 2

Setting: The hallway just outside the core Power Chamber room. Simon walks up to Aundria from behind and gets into her ear.

Simon: "You wanna tell me why you're so eager to stand guard at the warehouse?"

Aundria half-smiles: "Oh nothing in particular."

Simon not believing her: "Yeah right."

Scene 3

Setting: A construction site in New Bethany. The Owlful-Tech monster teleports into the construction site.

Owlful-Tech runs up to a bulldozer: "Aha! This place will provide the perfect distraction for those Psychos. Hoo hoo!"

Owlful-Tech sends some of his wires to the bulldozer and connects with it, the bulldozer starts running and rolls over the chainlink fence at the edge of the construction site while Owlful-Tech laughs.

Owlful-Tech then turns his attention to a steamshovel and he repeats the same process causing the steamshovel to go bezerks and start breaking into the walls of the buildings next to the site: "This is wonderful! Hoo hoo!"

Owlful-Tech runs around using his powers to cause other construction vehicles to go bezerk and cause destruction. Including a wreckingball, a dumptruck, a cement truck, and magnetcrane.

Owlful-Tech does a little jig to celebrate his destruction: "Excellent! Hoo hoo! The Power Rangers will be so busy dealing with these berzerk machines, I'll be able to steal that energy amplifier for Damien with no trouble at all! Hoo hoo!"

Owlful-Tech teleports away just as Psychos Red, Blue, and Pink arrive on the scene with their Psycho Cycles.

Psycho Pink: "What's going on here?"

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahaha! Looks like someone wants to party with the big toys!"

Psycho Red: "Let's stop this nonsense then."

Psycho Pink points up in the air: "Watch out!"

The wrecking ball swings towards them.

Psycho Red: "Get out of the way!"

Psycho Red and Psycho Pink manage to drive away in time but Psycho Blue has to jump off his Psycho Cycle as the wrecking ball smashes it. Psycho Blue lands on top of the wrecking ball.

Psycho Blue looks down as sees the dumptruck heading towards Pink: "Hehehahahaha! I got an ideaaaaaaa. Psycho Axe!"

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe and cuts the cable holding the wreckingball as it swings above the charging dumptruck. The ball crashes into the dumptruck and destroys it.

Psycho Blue then swings off the cable and heads toward the control car of the crane and begins to spin.

Psycho Blue: "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue spins around and becomes a blue hurricane as goes right through the base of the wreckingball crane. Psycho Blue lands on one knee and keeps his back turned as the crane explodes!

Psycho Red and Psycho Pink drive next to Blue.

Psycho Blue: "Hehe! I almost forgot how much fun mindless vandalism can be!"

Psycho Pink points past Blue: "I wouldn't gloat if I were you."

Psycho Blue: "Oh?"

Psycho Blue turns around and loses his jubilance: "Oh."

As the remaining construction vehicles head toward the Psychos. Psycho Red says: "I think we're going to be busy for a while."

Psycho Blue: "You think?"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The main office of the Energux Industries' warehouse. Inside the office, the lights are off and there is a large desk covered with papers. A couple of file cabinets with a small television and radio on them. A couple of chairs for clients in front of the desk. A solitary window and a safe in the corner by the file cabinets. The window begins to slide open as the control box for the security system begins to smoke and pop.

Tabuna sneaks in through the window and looks at the shorted out security box, she then holds a small black device and kisses it: "Works every time."

Tabuna then looks around the office: "What a dump."

Tabuna then notices the safe in the corner: "Eh?"

Tabuna walks up to the safe and locks at the combination lock: "Hmmmm.."

Tabuna smiles as she presses her red choker, causing the blue plates on her finned headdress to glow. The headdress while glowing enhances her hearing so she can hear the tumblers inside the lock click when she turns the knob. She turns the knob clockwise, very slowly until it clicks on "11", she then turns the knob counter-clockwise until it clicks on "17", finally she turns the knob clockwise again until the tumbler inside clicks on "79".

Tabuna: "Bingo!"

Her headdress stops glowing as she opens the safe a takes a small grey device, about the size of a wrist watch. She then pulls out some of the papers that are also in the safe and sees that they are blueprints for the device, she confirms that it is indeed the energy amplifier that Darkonda wanted her to take.

Tabuna admires the device: "So this is the precious prototype device Darkonda wants so badly. Hmmm..."

Damien's voice: "Who are you?!"

Tabuna turns around with a bit of shock on her face: "Huh?"

Damien flashbacks to when Tabuna and Ecliptor were fighting the Scavenger monster: "I recognize you now. You're one of the Psycho Rangers' friends."

Tabuna looks at Damien: "Friend? Maybe. Now if you don't mind I'll be leaving now."

Damien shoots a small beam in front of Tabuna to stop her in her tracks: "That's mine!"

Tabuna holds up the device: "You mean this little thing? Sorry but I stole it first!"

Damien getting here: "Listen you little tramp! Give me the energy amplifier now or be destroyed!"

Tabuna pulls out her sword: "Watch who you call a tramp little boy or this is going to stop being fun and games real quick."

Damien pulls out his own sword: "I'm not playing any games!"

Tabuna and Damien fence off in the office and heated battle between them begins.

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the warehouse. Simon and Aundria stand guard a good distance away from the building trying to keep out of the sight of the two security guards who are a little worse for wear thanks to Damien.

Simon gets a peculiar look on his face: "Did you hear that?"

Aundria: "Hear what?"

Simon: "It sounds like.. fighting. Come on let's go!"

Simon and Aundria run towards the warehouse and morph into their armor and are stopped along the way by a recently arrived Owlful-Tech.

Owlful-Tech: "Ha ha ha! Where do you think you're going? Hoo."

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance and responds: "Right through you."

The two security guards just notice the Psychos and the monster.

1st guard: "Oh no!"

2nd guard: "Not again!"

1st guard: "I don't know about you but I quit! Let's get out of here!"

The 2nd guard nods and the two of them rip off their badges, toss them to ground, stomp on them, and run away.

Owlful-Tech notices the two *ex* security guards running away: "Yeah that's right! Get out of here. I'll get you two later. Hoohoo!"

Psycho Black strikes Owlful-Tech with his lance: "You're going to have to get us first Hootie!"

Owlful-Tech grabs the lance and entangles Psycho Black in his wires and slams him around a couple of times: "I'm doing just that! Hoo!"

Psycho Yellow tries to sneak up behind on Owlful-Tech but the monster quickly wraps a cable around her neck.

Psycho Yellow: "No! Aaahhh!"

Owlful-Tech laughs off as he sends electric currents to shock both of the Psychos.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the construction site when Psychos Red, Blue, and Pink find themselves surrounded by the remaining construction vehicles.

Beta 1 speaks on Psycho Red's communicator: "Victor! You have to get back to the warehouse quick! Aundria and Simon are being overpowered by the Owlful-Tech monster!"

Psycho Red: "Well T.S. for them. We got our own problem right now, but we'll try to get to the others as soon as we can."

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai, but Victor."

Psycho Red: "I said we'll get there! Now get off my line already!"

Psycho Red turns to the others: "Okay you two. Simon and Aundria need our help. So let's get this over with!"

Psycho Pink and Blue both nod: "Right!"

Psycho Red and Psycho Pink drive off in opposite directions with their Cycles while Blue stands his ground.

Psycho Pink heads for the cement truck: "I'll guess I'll go for this one. Wha? Hey!"

Psycho Pink suddenly finds her Psycho Cycle being lifted off the ground, she looks up and sees the magnetcrane. Psycho Pink quickly shifts her weight around so that the Psycho Cycle is pulled upside down to avoid her getting crushed between the magnet and bike.

Psycho Pink: "So you think you got me trapped do you? Well guess again. Psycho Cycle Vinegrip!"

The Psycho Cycle releases a dozen vines from it's lower engine. The vines grow and wrap around the entire magnetcrane machine. The vines start to tighten and slowly crush the magnetcrane causing sparks to fly out all over. Psycho Pink jumps off her bike and summons her Psycho Bow in mid-air as flips around to get right-side-up and releases a series a of Psycho Arrows on the vinewrapped magnetcrane, destroying the machine.

Psycho Pink cranks her arm: "Yes!"

Psycho Pink looks and quickly jumps out of the way as the steamshovel tries to crush her: "Yipe!"

Psycho Blue goes into a Psycho Spin and destroys the arm of the steamshovel: "Run Pink!"

Psycho Pink turns around as sees the bulldozer charging in their direction: "Wha? Oh yeah run!"

Psycho Pink and Psycho Blue run past the armless steamshovel as the bulldozer chases after them. The bulldozer crashes past the steamshovel without relent and tips the machine over then exploding.

Psycho Pink looks behind her while running and sees the bulldozer still coming their way: "That bull means business!"

Psycho Blue snaps: "Well duh! Geesh! You are a bimbo!"

Psycho Pink: "Hey! You little.."

Psycho Pink looks ahead: "Jump!"

Psycho Pink and Psycho Blue look ahead and see the cement truck heading their way, they quickly jump over the truck as it tried to run over them. As the land behind the truck they see Psycho Red waiting on his Cycle.

Psycho Pink: "Victor? Why are you just standing there?"

Psycho Blue: "Yeah! Don't tell me Big Bad Red is getting cold feet."

Psycho Red in a smug tone: "Just wait and see."

Psychos Pink and Blue turn around and see the cement truck get crushed by the bulldozer, still charging after them.

Psycho Pink: "It's still coming!"

Psycho Red: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

Psycho Red revs up the Psycho Cycle in place and dashes off in the bulldozer's direction, as if he was playing chicken. The Psycho Cycle glows red and becomes a huge fireball as it runs right through the bulldozer, once past the bulldozer Psycho Red stops his Cycle and the bulldozer explodes!

Psychos Pink and Blue catch up to Red.

Psycho Pink: "That was great!"

Psycho Blue: "I gotta give you props on that one, Big Red."

Psycho Red shakes his head: "Not now kids. The others need our help so let's go!"

Psycho Blue: "Um. Like how? You're the only one who still has his wheels."

Psycho Red cranks up his engine: "Then hop on."

Psycho Pink: "All three of us?"

Psycho Red: "Yes. Now hurry up!"

Psycho Blue: "Yeah. Pink and you get to be the 'meat' in our little motorcycle sandwhich."

Psycho Pink realizing what's going on in Marcus' mind: "Eeeewwww."

Scene 4

Setting: Inside the warehouse where Tabuna is in the middle of fight with Damien.

Tabuna blocks Damien's sword strike with her own.

Damien: "For the last time witch! Give me the amplifier."

Tabuna gets pinned against a wall by Damien as the swords get ever so closer to her face as the two of them struggle: "And.. for the last time.. urgh.."

Tabuna pressed against the wall lifts her legs up and gets her feet on Damien's stomach, she then uses her legs to push Damien away and onto the floor: "..BACK OFF!"

Tabuna jumps out the window with a cute smile before Damien can even get back up.

Damien runs to the window trying to grab her but he's too late: "No! Wait!"

Damien strains his face and arms in frustration: "Nooo!"

Damien starts trashing the office in rage.

Scene 5

Setting: Outside the warehouse. Psychos Red, Blue, and Pink finally arrive on the scene and join the fray against Owlful-Tech.

Psycho Pink runs to help: "Simon! We're coming!"

Psycho Black tries to struggle out of the wire tentacles of the monster: "No! Wait! He's.."

Psycho Pink quickly finds her legs tied up by the monster: "No! I.. can't get loose!"

Psycho Blue uses his axe to chop the tentacles off of Pink causing the monster to yell in pain. With the monster distracted momentarily, Black and Yellow break free of his grip.

Psycho Black turns to Yellow: "Ready?"

Psycho Yellow nods: "Yeah."

Yellow and Black simultaneously spin elbowpunch the monster: "One!"

Then spin around and for a pair of flying hook punches: "Two!"

Finally the duo at the same time spin kick Owlful-Tech in chest to send him down: "Three!"

Blue and Pink join with Yellow and Black.

Psycho Black: "Thanks for the save guys."

Psycho Pink: "Actually Marcus should get the credit."

Psycho Blue getting cocky puts his fists to his hips: "Ah yes! Once again it was up to *I* to save the day."

Psycho Blue wandering off on a tangent: "Although.. Seeing you and Aundria all tied up was kinda my style. Maybe you girls oughtta do that again someti.."

Psycho Yellow cuts Blue off by smacking him in the back of the head.

Psycho Blue holds the back of his helmet: "Hey!"

Psycho Pink and Psycho Yellow at the same time in a disgusted tone: "Pervert!"

Owlful-Tech gets back up: "I wouldn't be joking around if I were you. Hoo! I'm not done yet!"

Owlful-Tech's cyber eye glows brightly as he turns each of his fingers into wirey tentacles and unleashes all ten of them at the Psychos. The Psycho Rangers try to fend them all off.

Psycho Red keeps knocking the tentacles away from him with his Psycho Sword: "Keep at it guys. He can't keep this up forever!"

Psycho Black struggle with the tentacles himself: "Problem is, I don't think we can either!"

Psycho Red: "Well just.. huh?"

Psycho Red notices Tabuna in the distance running into the woods: "Tabuna? What is she up to?"

Psycho Red yells for Tabuna while continuing to battle the wirey tentacles: "TABUNA!"

Tabuna pauses and turns her head slightly. She sees Psycho Red then continues running away.

Damien runs outside the warehouse through the main door in a hurry: "Where the hell has that little thief gone! I'll destroy her!"

Damien sees Tabuna and runs in her direction but Psycho Red kicks him from the side: "Stop right there! Leave her alone you little snot!"

Damien backs up: "Why you.."

Psycho Red slashes upward on Damien's chest causing Damien to backflip fall to the ground as sparks erupt all over as Psycho Red runs after Tabuna.

Psycho Yellow trying to keep a tentacle from choking her: "Victor wait! Where are you going?!"

Psycho Pink: "Yeah we've got a little.. urgh.. problem here!"

Psycho Red running: "I'll be back soon. You guys can take of this reject without me!"

Psycho Black turns to the others as he struggles with a big tentacle: "What is his problem? He's just leaving us stranded. All for that Tabuna chick!"

Psycho Yellow: "I don't know.. *gasp* but he's got serious chewing out coming!"

Psycho Blue: "Ooohhh.. Sounds like fu.."

Psycho Yellow: "Shut up Marcus!"

Scene 6

Setting: Deep in the woods. Tabuna runs to small opening.

Tabuna stops and yells: "Darkonda? Darkonda where are you? I have the energy amplifier!"

Darkonda's laughter echoes throughout the clearing as the Crulian warps in front of Tabuna.

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Excellent! You've done quite well my dear now give it to me."

Psycho Red catches up but when he sees Tabuna casually with Darkonda he stays in hiding to find out what's going on: "Tabu.. huh? What's she doing with Darkonda?"

Darkonda reaches for the energy amplifier but Tabuna pulls back.

Darkonda: "What?"

Tabuna keeps the amplifier away from Darkonda: "I want the Silver Tanto first!"

Darkonda: "You'll have it as soon as I have that amplifier."

Darkonda reaches for it again but Tabuna pulls back again: "No! I'll be blunt Darkonda. I don't trust you as far as I can throw you. Give the tanto first!"

Darkonda raises an eyebrow: "Heh heh heh. And why should you be any more trustworthy than me? You are a thief after all."

Tabuna: "I'll still want the cure for these surge attacks I've been getting. I want at least one of the two things I was promised before I give away my only bartering tool."

Psycho Red to himself: "Surge attacks? What's wrong with Tabuna?"

Darkonda smiles: "You're a bright girl. Very well."

Darkonda holds out his hand and the Silver Tanto appears in it. Tabuna takes the Tanto.

Darkonda: "Now give me the energy amplifier."

Psycho Red: "Tabuna, don't!"

Tabuna nods and hands the device to Darkonda: "Here."

Darkonda enjoys holding the amplifier: "Hahahahahahaha! Excellent my dear! With this amplifier I'll finally be able to destroy those miserable Psychos once and for all! Hahahahahahaha!"

Tabuna smirks half-heartedly.

Psycho Red shakes his head in disbelief: "Tabuna, why?"

Darkonda continues laughing while holding the energy amplifier.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still at the clearing in the woods. Darkonda laughs while Tabuna stands in front of him. Psycho Red remains in the bushes.

Darkonda: "Now my dear. We'll take care of your surge attacks."

Tabuna smiles: "Good. I don't think I could stand the pain any.. MoooorrrEE!"

Tabuna falls to her knees as she begins to glow silver again and scream in pain: "No! Another one!"

Darkonda: "A surge attack?"

Tabuna holds her down trying to suck in the pain: "Yes! Make it stop! You promised you would end this!"

Darkonda pulls out his dagger and elongates it: "Of course. I did say I would 'end' your pain didn't I? Heh heh."

Darkonda raises his sword above Tabuna ready to strike: "Well.. here's the cure!"

Psycho Red rushes out of the woods: "TABUNA WATCHOUT!"

Darkonda: "What?! Psycho Red!"

Psycho Red jumps kicks Darkonda in the face and then legsweeps Darkonda as he lands. Darkonda rolls out of the way and jumps back to his feet.

Tabuna finally looks up: "Victor, what are you doing? Stop!"

Psycho Red: "No! Darkonda was about to doublecross you!"

Tabuna: "No, you don't understand."

Psycho Red charges after Darkonda: "I'll destroy you!"

Darkonda stands guard: "Come and get me then! Hahahahahaha!"

Psycho Red charges but gets caught in an explosion and knocked away from Darkonda. He looks up and sees Tabuna with her sword aimed at him and smoke coming from the tip of it: "Tabby, why?"

Tabuna: "Victor get out of here! You're gonna ruin everything!"

Darkonda turns his head back and forth: "*tsk* *tsk* *tsk* I'm afraid he already has ruined YOUR plan Tabuna, my dear."

Tabuna gives Darkonda a funny look: "What?"

Darkonda: "I'm disappointed that you had Psycho Red here, waiting to destroy ME as soon as you got what you wanted. Too bad for YOU, he jumped the gun."

Tabuna shakers her head: "No wait! I didn't bring him here!"

Psycho Red tries to get back up: "Tabuna, he's trying to trick you. He was going to.."

Tabuna shoots an energy beam at Psycho Red: "Quiet!"

Tabuna turns back to Darkonda: "Darkonda, I assure you. I had nothing to do with this. I was upholding my half of the bargain."

Darkonda holds out his hand and the Silver Tanto disappears from Tabuna's hand and appear in his own: "I'm afraid this deal is now defunct! It's really a shame you couldn't be trusted. Hahahahahaha!"

Tabuna runs to Darkonda as he warps away: "Darkonda wait! I wasn't.."

But Tabuna can't reach him in time: "No!"

Psycho Red finally gets back to his feet: "What were you do you think you were doing, making deals with Darkonda. He's the enemy."

Tabuna turns her head slightly to Psycho Red: "No. He's YOUR enemy. He wasn't my enemy. Doesn't matter now. You just had to ruin everything!"

Psycho Red: "He was going to.."

Tabuna puts her hand to his face: "I don't want to hear it. Just.."

Tabuna walks backwards away from Psycho Red: "Just.. go away."

Tabuna teleports away.

Psycho Red reaches for her: "Tabuna wait!"

Psycho Red looks down: "Oh man."

Psycho Red then looks back up when he realizes he just forgot: "Oh no! The others! They're still fighting that monster!"

Psycho Red runs off.

Scene 2

Setting: Back to outside the warehouse. Owlful-Tech gets blasted and falls to ground beside Damien.

Psycho Pink puts her arms down after shooting the Psycho Bow and Psycho Yellow does the same with her weapon.

Psycho Black: "Good work girls. It was about time we finally broke through that monster's defenses."

Damien pulls out his sword and turns his attention to Owlful-Tech: "Get up you worthless piece of cyber trash."

Owlful-Tech gets back to his feet: "I'm sorry boss! I won't let these Power Punks get the best of me again! Hoo."

Suddenly Falconine teleports next to Damien: "Care for a hand?"

Damien: "Sister!"

Psycho Black tenses: "Oh no. Things just got from getting better to getting worse."

Damien gives a devilish smile: "That's right. Now you will face the full wrath of both of the Choju Clan siblings!"

Falconine and Damien charge up their hands and release an onslaught of purple energy. The Psycho Rangers get caught in a large fury of explosions.

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Cybera is already waiting. Darkonda warps in with a big smile.

Cybera in a quite tone: "Welcome back master."

Darkonda bows: "Thank you, my lovely! Hahahahahaha! Things have gone better than I thought! I now have the energy amplifier I need to manipulate Damien's stolen Psycho Powers. Plus I got to ruin another match made in heaven! Hahahahahaha! I love playing anti-Cupid!"

Cybera nods slightly.

Darkonda: "Cybera?"

Cybera: "Yes."

Darkonda: "Remind me to thank the master for providing me the information on Tabuna's background as well as the info on this.. Treacheron character."

Cybera unemotional: "As you wish."

Darkonda holds the Silver Tanto: "I'll also have to thank for giving me this perfect replica of Treacheron's Silver Tanto. Tabuna held it in her hands and she never realized it was a fake!"

Darkonda laughs as the Silver Tanto disentigrates in a white powder in his hands.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to outside the warehouse. The fight continues to heat up.

Psycho Pink fights with Falconine. Owlful-Tech has Psycho Yellow pinned, and Damien is fighting with Psychos Black and Blue.

Damien swings his sword and creates a trio of energy waves that strikes down Psychos Black and Blue.

Owlful-Tech pins Psycho Yellow down to the ground with his foot on her chest he then turns his fingers into razor sharp claws with circuitry all over them: "Hahahaha! Get ready to get 'jacked in'! Hoo! Hoo!"

Damien smiles as he watches his oppenents go down then notices that Owlful-Tech is about to finish Psycho Yellow: "Aundria."

Falconine blasts down Psycho Pink: "Hahahaha! Pathetic little girl, you're no match for me!"

Falconine looks at Damien turn his attention to Owlful-Tech and Psycho Yellow: "Eh?"

Owlful-Tech goes for the kill: "Die!"

Owlful-Tech stops suddenly and steps off of Psycho Yellow to slowly turn around. Psycho Yellow sees a large sword mark on the back of the monster then sees Damien with his sword in hand: "Damien?"

Owlful-Tech: "Why boss? That hu..rtt...*"

Owlful-Tech falls to ground as Damien stares at his sword, surprised at his own action then looks at Psycho Yellow who's regain her breath and is also puzzled.

Falconine slowly shakes her head in disappointed: "Oh Damien. What are you doing little brother?"

Psycho Yellow rolls away from Damien as Falconine walks up to him and puts her hand on his shoulder: "What am I going to do with you?"

Falconine looks up in the sky and the raven appears out of nowhere.

Damien looks up Falconine: "Falconine?"

Falconine: "We're leaving."

Falconine teleports away with Damien as the raven releases it's black energy causing Owlful-Tech to get back up and grow into a giant.

Giant Owlful-Tech: "Hahahahahaha! I don't know what that was about, but you Rangers are going to know what THIS is about! Hoo hoo HOO!"

The giant monster stomps the ground as the Psycho Rangers roll out of the way. Psycho Red finally reunites with the rest of them.

Psycho Red: "Whoah! What just happened?"

Psycho Black: "Haven't the slighest, but where the heck were you?"

Psycho Red changing the subject: "Uh. That's not important right now! We need the Guardian Megazord now!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay Owlful-Tech! Hope you had fun, because now you're going down!"

Owlful-Tech: "Hahahaha! I doubt that's going to happen. What with you not having a Megazord and all! Hoo!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink turns to the others: "What is he talking about?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow points: "Look out!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] All the Psychos brace themselves.

Owlful-Tech unleashes his wire tentacles and wraps up the Guardian Megazord: "Hahahahahaha!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] The controls start going haywire. Psycho Black: "What is he doing?!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Oh no! I think I know exactly what he's doing!"

Owlful-Tech starts to glow white and turns into a raw energy as he enters the Guardian Megazord.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red shocked: "Where did he go?!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "He's inside the Megazord!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Owlful-Tech's voice erupts in the cockpit: "Hoo hoo! Close! I AM the Guardian Megazord now!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "What? But how?!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Remember he's able to control machines!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "You mean the Tootsie Pop-eater is controlling the Megazord?"

The Guardian Megazord speaks with Owlful-Tech's voice as uses the fire beams to destroy the warehouse: "Hoo hoo! I'm in charge now! So let's have some fun! Hoo! Hahahahahaha!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "I can't stop him! We're completely locked out!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Wait a minute guys! Remember I did the same trick on the Mega Voyager once before! We can beat this!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Problem is I don't have a monster form to beat the oil out of the Megazord anymore."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "But there is someone who can do it!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Right! Ecliptor!"

Suddenly giant-size Ecliptor arrives on the scene: "Huh? Zordon said you needed my help, but where's the monster?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Ecliptor watch out! He's got control of the Megazord!"

Ecliptor: "What?"

Suddenly the Guardian Megazord laughs with Owlful-Tech's voice as it decks Ecliptor.

Ecliptor holds his chin: "Okay. That was your one free shot!"

Ecliptor punches the Guardian Megazord. Then the Guardian Megazord releases a pink mist ala the Pink Mike Guardianzord. Ecliptor distracted by the mist is open for the Tanuki Hundred-Punch attack. Ecliptor responds with eye blast to the head.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Sparks erupt all over in the cockpit as the Psycho Rangers take cover. Psycho Red: "Hey watch it old man!"

Ecliptor strikes down the Megazord with a sword strike.

[Megazord cockpit scene] The Psycho Rangers get shaken up. Psycho Pink: "I don't think this is such a good idea."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Angela's right, Victor. If this keeps up we may not even HAVE a Megazord left to kick that monster out of!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Hmmmm. Aundria. What exactly caused you to lose control of the Mega Voyager when I attacked it?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow snaps her fingers: "Of course! We're going about this, the wrong way. It wasn't the attack itself. It was the loss of concentration that caused me to get kicked out of the Mega Voyager. So what we have to do is ruin the Owlful-Tech's concentration!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Ecliptor wait!"

Ecliptor stops from impaling the megazord.

Psycho Red's voice comes from the Guardian Megazord: "Stand back Ecliptor! We're working on something."

Ecliptor nods and steps back but keeps his guard up.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow starts working on her controls: "Let's see. First we need to pinpoint Owlful-Tech's location inside the Megazord."

[Megazord cockpit scene] The monitor in front of Psycho Yellow shows an blueprint image of the Guardian Megazord and zeroes in on the owlhead image at the chest of the Megazord, making a hooting sound.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Found him! He's in your Zord, Simon."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Alright. I got the feed connected directly to my Zord. Now what?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Now we ruin his concentration! We'll send an annoying sound to disrupt his control."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Owlful-Tech's voice: "Hahaha! Hoo! It won't work! I'm in control here!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] The Rangers try to ignore Owlful-Tech's taunting. Psycho Pink: "What kind of annoying noise do we have?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow turns to Blue and speaks to him in a cutie-pie voice: "Marcus honey?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Huh? Yeah babe?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow still speaking in the cutie-pie voice: "Would you be a dear and do that damned laugh of yours!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue figuring it out: "Hey! My laugh is NOT annoying! Is it?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] The other Psychos turn away from Blue, not wanting to give him a straight answer.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue puts a microphone to his mouth and in a upset voice: "You know what? F*bleep!*k each and everyone you!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Just do it already!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Alright already. Geesh! Here it goes. Hehehahahahahaha! Hehehahahahahaha! Hehehahahahahaha! Hehehahahahahaha! Hehehahahahahaha!......."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue continues his laugh as Owlful-Tech's voice begins screaming: "Aaarghh! Make it stop! Make it stoppppp!"

Owlful-Tech flies out of the Guardian Megazord: "Hooooooo! My ears are ringing!"

The Guardian Megazord gets back up and stands side-by-side with Ecliptor.

Ecliptor: "Are we ready?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Alright! The Psycho Rangers are back in control! Now let's finish this bird!"

Owlful-Tech holds his head, where his ears would be: "That awful awful sound."

Ecliptor holds out his sword while the Guardian Megazord holds up it's hand. The dark clouds start to gather and lightning breaks out. Ecliptor's sword becomes consumed in a green glow. A lightning bolt strikes the Guardian Megazord's hand and the energy sword forms.

Ecliptor swings his sword at Owlful-Tech and a huge green beam strikes the monster, then the Guardian Megazord strikes the monster with the energy sword and a hundred lightning bolts strike the monster at once.

The Guardian Megazord and Ecliptor turn around as Owlful-Tech falls to the ground and explodes!


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda paces back and forth in anger while Falconine and Damien stand before him!

Darkonda: "HOW DARE YOU! How dare you save one of the Rangers!"

Falconine: "Darkonda! I don't appreciate you yelling at my brother!"

Darkonda: "It is that fact that he's your brother that he's still breathing!"

Damien begins to rush forward: "Why you.."

Falconine puts her arm out to block Damien. Damien looks to Falconine. She closes her eyes and shakes her head. Damien remains quiet.

Darkonda: "Up till now you were simply incompetant, but now you've become a liability! I should destroy you right where you stand."

Darkonda looks at Falconine and she gives him a mean glare.

Darkonda pouts slightly: "However I'm in a 'generous' mode today, so you will have one last chance to destroy the Rangers. But if you fail again, you will be banished from the Dark Carrier once and for all."

Damien outraged: "What? You have no right to.."

Falconine cuts him off: "It is agreed Darkonda. Damien will have one last chance to destroy the Rangers. Specifically Psycho Yellow."

Damien looks at Falconine with a worried look: "But Candra.. I.."

Falconine grabs Damiens mouth with her hand and glares at him: "Don't you ever use that name again! Candra died along with Rachella!"

Darkonda watches with interest: "Hmmmm..."

Falconine let's Damien go: "You have one last chance. No more, after that if you fail again, you will never plague me with the sight of you again. Understand."

Damien with a somewhat heartbroken expression on his face, quietly nods in agreement as Darkonda and Falconine leave.

Damien to himself with a very worried face: "One last chance."

Scene 2

Setting: It's now daytime. The rooftop of a building in New Bethany. Victor leans on the edge looking out the street.

Tabuna's voice: "I'm here, you wanted to speak to me about last night, no doubt."

Victor turns around and sees Tabuna with her arms crossed and her body language is more serious than her usual playful behavior.

Victor: "Tabuna. *sigh* Why did you make a deal with Darkonda?"

Tabuna has a little trouble looking Victor in the face: "I needed his help."

Victor: "Help with what?"

Tabuna: *sigh* I.. I think I might be dying."

Victor walks up to Tabuna and grabs his shoulders: "What?! Dying how?"

Tabuna pulls away from Victor: "I absorbed some energy from the Evolution Crystal along with Ecliptor last month. Ever since then I get these 'surge attacks' and the pain is too much for me to be bear. They've been getting worse everyday."

Victor worried: "But why go to Darkonda? You should have come to me. I would have helped. Zordon he would have found out what the problem is."

Tabuna: "Darkonda approached me first."

Victor getting inquisitive: "And you didn't even question HOW he knew. How did he know about Treacheron? I thought I was the only person you told about him."

Tabuna eyes widen when she realizes Victor's right: "Oh no. I can't believe I was such an idiot."

Victor: "Look. Come with me now then. Zordon will help you."

Tabuna shakes her head: "No. I can't go with you. Your friends wouldn't understand."

Victor: "Why? Because you worked for an evil overlord and a space pirate? Wellelel in case you didn't know, I don't exactly have the clean record myself. Nor do any of the Psychos or Ecliptor."

Tabuna: "That's different. You've all changed from your pasts. Me... I'm still the same as I was when I helped Scorpius destroy worlds. I haven't changed."

Victor: "You're not evil. If you were, I wouldn't be able to fall in lo.."

Tabuna: "Don't say it! Please don't say THAT word."

Victor: "But.."

Tabuna: "Our friendship is over."

Victor: "What?! But why?"

Tabuna: "I did betray you last night Victor and I'll do it again. For your sake, it's over."

Victor confused and saddened: "Tabuna wait."

Tabuna slowly shakes her head: "Good bye Psycho Red."

Tabuna vanishes while Victor just stands there with a heartbroken expression. Victor: "Tabuna."

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Damien: "It's all or nothing."

Clip 2
Damien attacks the Psycho Rangers.

Clip 3
Damien kidnaps Psycho Yellow.

Clip 4
Magna Defender fighting Treacheron.

Clip 5
Dr. Hinelar to Darkonda: "It is time, Darkonda."

Darkonda: "At last!"

Clip 6
Psycho Blue jumping: "Paige!"

Clip 7
Twerp: "It's time to do the voodoo that only I can do!"

Clip 8
Damien: "End game."

End Credits


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