Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 20

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Brushy area at night. The exact location is unknown. Victor arrives alone and waits under a double trunked tree.

Woman's voice: "Your late."

Victor: "Getting here without the others' knowledge was more difficult than I thought."

Woman's voice: "No excuses. You need to work on your punctuality."

A figure drops down from the tree: "So did you bring what I asked you to."

Victor nods and pulls out a brown package from under his jacket: "They'd freak if they knew I was doing this."

The dark figure takes the package: "All the more reason to keep it a secret. Are the rest of the plans still in motion."

Victor: "Yes. But this secrecy. I feel like I'm betraying the other Psychos."

The dark figure: "Well you are betraying them, so what time will we meet tomorrow."

Victor: "Donnie's at nine o'clock sharp."

The dark figure: "Will you be on time next time."

Victor nods: "Count on it."

The dark figure hops out of the shadows in joy: "Then it's a date!"

Tabuna kisses Victor on the forehead and jumps back into the trees: "And wear something nice."

Tabuna disappears, Victor rubs his forehead where Tabuna kissed him and smiles.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The next day. Just outside Victor's room at the Power Chamber. The door to the hallway opens up and Victor pops his head out looking both ways and sneaks out with a black bag on a coat hanger.

Victor stops and clenches his eyes in frustration as he hears Marcus' voice: "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Victor relunctantly turns around and tries to fake a smile for him: "What's up Marc?"

Marcus walks up to Victor: "Oh don't 'What's up' me."

Marcus pinches the bag and Victor quickly pulls it away: "If I didn't know better, I'd say our fearless leader was up to something."

Marcus smirks and gets Victor's face: "So what's in the bag boss."

Victor smirks back: "Wouldn't you like to know."

Marcus goes for the bag: "You're right. I'd like to know, so let's see!"

Victor and Marcus stuggle over the black bag until Lucas walks by: "Hey, what's going here?"

Marcus clenches his eyes in frustration: "Oh no, anyone but him!"

Lucas walks up: "Marcus, I wanted to talk to you."

Victor quickly jumps on the opportunity, turns Marcus around: "By all means.."

Victor pushes Marcus towards Lucas: "Talk!"

Victor quickly makes his exit. Marcus whispers to himself referring to Victor: "Sonuva.."

Marcus relunctantly talks to Lucas: "Okay, Ho-Sung Punk. What the hell do you want talk about?"

Lucas: "It's about us and Aundria.."

Marcus cuts Lucas off and puts his hand in Lucas' face: "Stop right there. I already told you leave me alone about that."

Lucas pushes Marcus' hand out of the way: "But this tension is unnessecary, there's no reason we can't be friends."

Marcus smirks and chuckles a bit: "You wanna be my friend. Heh. You ain't got what it takes to be a friend of Marcus Blue."

Just then Angela walks in with a grocery bag, some streamers and other festive decorations are sticking out from the top. She is cheerfully humming to herself.

Angela smiles: "Hello guys! Marcus, Lucas."

Marcus: "Busy hallway today isn't it?"

Angela: "Oookayy.. Don't know what you mean by that, but anyway I'm heading off to the Youth Center to help with decorations for the upcoming Winston Fest celebration."

Lucas: "Ah. The Winston Fest. This year's will be your first won't it?"

Angela smiles and nods: "Yeah. I'm kinda excited about it, but it looks like I'm the only one. Everyone else seems to have their own agenda these days."

Angela: "I'd ask you Marcus, but I know you would just make fun of it and say no."

Marcus: "*sigh* Why not? I don't have anything else to do today anyway."

Angela pleasantly surprised: "Really?"

Marcus smiles: "Besides, I oughtta know what it is I'm going to be making fun of it."

Angela giggles a bit: "Okay."

Angela takes Marcus by the hand: "Then let's go!"

Lucas adds in: "Well if you don't think that three's a crowd, I'd be honored to assist as well."

Angela: "Cool."

Marcus rolls his eyes.

Lucas takes Angela's bag: "Allow me."

Angela wraps her arms around both Lucas and Marcus' arms as the trio walks out and jokingly says: "Wow! I got two fine young men with me today, Aundria would throw a fit!"

Marcus speaks below his breath: "So would Simon."

Angela: "What was that?"

Marcus gets an evil smile and in a fake innocent voice: "Ohhhh nothing. Heh heh heh."

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Damien, and Cybera stand back as Falconine is in the process of bringing another monster to life.

Falconine has already placed a small robin statue on her altar and begins her incantation as her eyes glow purple: "Oh great raven, bird god of trickery and evil, bring life to this vessel so that your dark word shall be spread amongst the mortals."

The raven statue on top of the altar's eyes begin to glow and two beams from the eyes strike the small robin statue.

Falconine seductively smiles as the robin statue jumps off the altar and changes into a monster. A fat little robin monster with a huge red belly. He's wearing black leather pants and dark blue boots with his talons sticking out at the ends. He has on black flat-top cap with gold trimming.

Falconine: "I bring to you, the Robinrocker."

Robinrocker pats his belly with both hands and speaks with a gruff voice: "Harharhar! It's pleasure to see you again mistress! I hope you got something for this bigboy to destroy!"

Falconine nods with a smile: "Indeed I do."

Darkonda steps forward: "Is it true that this Robinrocker monster will be able to bring the entire city down to the ground?"

Damien scoffs: "My sister said he would didn't she? Of course I suppose you mutant peabrain wouldn't be capable of remember such details."

Darkonda turns around and shakes his fist at Damien: "Why you.."

Falconine yells: "Knock it off! Both of you!"

Falconine turns back to Robinrocker: "Never mind them. I want you use your molecule disrupting powers to destroy the foundations of all the buildings of New Bethany. Causing them to collapse."

Robinrocker rubs his belly: "Harharhar! As you wish! Harharhar!"

Robinrocker teleports away.

Falconine turns to Darkonda and Damien: "I'll be in my room. Don't disturb me until Robinrocker returns."

Falconine leaves as Darkonda and Damien give each other the evil eye.

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. A black car that looks "suspisciously" like a '99 Lincoln Towncar stops in front of a floral shop. Inside the car, Victor looks in the rearview mirror, adjusting his suit, wearing black pants, and suit jacket over a, nice tuxedo shirt. He however is not wearing a bowtie.

Victor looks at his face: "Hmmmm... Not bad. I make pretty good pretty boy when I want to. If I do say so myself."

Victor looks at his left collar and notices a big bulge: "Ugh! The morpher is too obstructive though."

Victor removes his Psycho Morpher and places it in the glovebox: "Shouldn't really do this, but it's only for a couple of hours."

Victor gets out of the car and closes the door behind him: "Now for some flowers."

Victor's smile quickly turns upside down when he realizes the floral shop is closed: "Closed? Well that's just great."

A young woman's voice: "I'm sorry can I help you."

Victor turns around and sees a pretty young lady with purple hair, Paige: "You work here?"

Paige walks to the door and unlocks it: "Yeah. I'm sorry about it being closed. I'm helping the local youth center get decorated for the upcoming Winston Fest, but then I realized I didn't have enough balloons so I had to come back."

Victor: "I guess I just lucked out then."

Paige smiles as she opens the door: "I guess you did. Come in. I'll see what I can do for you."

Victor walks in: "Thanks."

Paige turns on the lights and walks to the counter off to the right of the entrance. The floral shop is filled with displays of flowers, bouqets, box candy, and balloons: "So who's the lucky girl?"

Victor: "Excuse me?"

Paige a bit embarassed: "Ooops! I'm sorry, I guess since it's the 21st century and all, I should say 'So who's the lucky "person"?'"

It just dawns on Victor and he quickly backtracks and shakes his hands: "Oh no no no! It's a lady, it's a lady! I'm a bit nervous cuz tonights going to be our first date even though there's been sparks between us for a while now."

Paige: "Oh, I'm sorry if I offended you!"

Victor: "Don't worry about it."

Paige gets her balloons together: "Well anyway, I'm glad that someone as handsome as you isn't a lost cause."

Victor smiles: "Thanks."

Paige: "Anyway go ahead and pick what you need. The roses are on the back wall is that's what you want."

Victor goes to the back wall and picks out a dozen: "Yes. These look nice."

Paige takes the roses to the counter: "Okay I'll wrap them up."

Victor: "You said you were going to the Youth Center?"

Paige: "Yeah."

Victor: "I think one of my friends is helping out there too. Her name's Angela."

Paige looks up and smiles: "Angela Pink? Yeah I know her too. She's very nice. Is she.."

Victor: "No, my date is someone else."

Paige: "Heh. Small world. I wonder if Angela knows anyone else that I know."

Victor: "I doubt it. Angela are kind of in a close-knit group. Neither one of know very many people."

Paige finishes wrapping up the roses: "Really? That's surprising that a hotty like you wouldn't know a lot of people."

Victor adjusts his collar, being slightly embarassed by Paige's minor flirting.

Paige hands Victor the wrapped roses: "Here you go."

Victor: "Thanks, how much?"

Paige: "It's on the house. As much as Angela's been helping me out, the least I can do is help out her friends."

Victor: "Are you sure?"

Paige winks: "I'm sure. Go ahead and treat that lucky girl of yours nice."

Victor: "Well.. thank you. I really appreciate this."

Paige waves goodbye: "No problem. Take care."

Victor leaves the door and stops: "I just realized we don't know each other's names. Mine's Victor."

Paige: "Victor? A strong name, my name's Paige."

Victor waves goodbye: "Paige. I'll remember thanks! You take care too!"

Paige waves.

Scene 4

Setting: The New Bethany Youth Center. Various young people are enjoying the juice bar while others are eating and some working on the exercise machines. Among the people working on the Winston Fest decorations are Angela, Marcus, and Lucas.

Marcus is on a ladder using a staple gun to staple up some banners.

Lucas on floor shouts out some advice: "Hold the staple gun closer to the banner. Letting the shoot out from distance can put someone's eye out!"

Marcus to himself: "I wouldn't mind putting a certain kung-fu boy's eyes out right about now."

Lucas: "What was that?"

Marcus turns to Lucas with a fake smile: "Ohhhh nothing! Thanks a for the tip 'buddy'."

Marcus gets back to work and grumbles: "You little wishy washy sonuva.."

Angela unwittingly cuts Marcus off: "That looks great Marcus!"

Marcus gives Angela a fake smile then gets back to work and grumbles: "I can't believe I'm actually doing this shi.."

A staple bounces off the wall and strikes Marcus in the arm, causing him to fall but Lucas quickly breaks his fall.

Lucas helps Marcus up: "Are you okay?"

Marcus with a bitter tone: "Do I look okay?!"

Lucas takes Marcus arm: "I think I can fix this. I told you to hold the gun closer to the.."

Marcus pulls his arm away from Lucas: "Hey! If I want your little mystic sideshow done on me, I'll carve it so on your forehead!"

Angela worried: "Marcus, please! He's just trying to help."

Lucas takes Angela by the shoulder: "It's okay. He needs to get this off his chest."

Marcus offended: "Oh.. so now you're my therapist too?! You self-righteous piece of.."

Angela: "Marcus! Come on already."

Lucas: "No Angela let him get it all out."

Marcus nods in anger: "Oh you want me to let it all out. Well here you go!"

Marcus decks Lucas, causing a scene.

Paige runs in and sees a fight starting: "What's going on here?!"

Marcus stops in the middle of another punch when he sees Paige: "P.. Paige?! What are you doing here?"

Paige crosses her arms: "I was about to ask you the same question! I see you're just as volitiale as ever, Marcus."

Marcus lets Lucas go with an expression of shame on his face as flashbacks to when he almost killed a biker on top of skyscraper in front of Paige, frightening her.

Marcus in an uncharacteristic broken voice: "Angela.. I'm sorry.. I.. I gotta go."

Marcus runs out. Angela: "Marcus wait!"

Lucas adjusts his jaw: "I'll go after him."

Angela: "Are you that's a bright idea. I don't know why, but Marcus seems to really dislike you."

Lucas: "Exactly. We need to settle this issue between us now. I'll be back soon."

Lucas bows to both Angela and Paige: "Later Angela, and miss."

Lucas then leaves after Marcus.

Paige turns to Angela: "Angie, what's going on? You know that creep?"

Angela: "Marcus isn't a creep! He's got a LOT of rough edges, but at his core he's a nice guy whether he wants to admit or not."

Paige: "Whoah. He's not your boyfriend is he."

Angela smiles: "Of course not. But we've been friends for a long time. I know what kind of person, he really is."

Paige and Angela get back to working on the decorations: "I see. So is he a part of your close-knit group also?"

Angela confused: "Excuse me?"

Paige smiles: "I met your other friend, Victor at my flower shop just a little while ago."

Angela: "Oh you met Victor!"

Angela gets a puzzled look: "But why would he be at a flower shop?"

Scene 5

Setting: Just outside the Youth Center. Marcus runs out and Lucas follows him.

Lucas yells: "Marcus wait!"

Marcus stops and turns around: "Can't you take a hint?! I don't want anything to do with you!"

Lucas: "I'm not going accept that. There's no reason why we have to be enemies."

Marcus: "There's no reason why the Connors and the McCoys were enemies either but they were. So get out of my face!"

Marcus turns around: "Besides we do have a reason and that reason's name is Aundria Yellow."

Lucas: "Marcus! We need to settle this right now!"

Marcus sees something off to the side and yells: "Watch out!"

An explosion erupts causing Lucas to fly through the air.

Damien's voice: "Hahahaha! How convient. Both of my rivals for Aundria's affections. Together making one easy little target."

Lucas gets up next to Marcus and at the same time: "Damien!"

Damien holds his hand up, glowing red: "Yes. Here to destroy both of you. But rest assured you can take solace in the fact that I'll treat the woman you both love very well."

Marcus and Lucas get into a defensive stance as Damien prepares to attack.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Another section of New Bethany. A large parking ramp next to a community college. Robinrocker stands before the parking ramp.

Robinrocker pats his belly: "Harharhar! Look at all those nice cars. This seems to be as good as place as any to get started!"

Robinrocker rubs his hands together to make them sparkle with red energy then focuses that energy at the base of the ramp causing the pillars all around to crumble and bringing down the entire structure: "Harharhar!"

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The alarms are going off. Simon, Aundria, and Ecliptor run into the room, as Beta 1 goes frantic.

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! Darkonda's forces are attacking at two different fronts."

Ecliptor: "Where?"

Images of Robinrocker destroying the parking ramp, then images of Damien fighting Marcus and Lucas show up on the Viewing Globe.

Zordon: "As you can see, Marcus and Lucas are under attack by Damien, with one of Falconine's monsters causing mayhem in another section of the city."

Simon: "We'll have to split up then. Beta, contact Angela and Victor."

Beta 1: "I've already informed Angela. She managed to sneak into a back hallway at the Youth Center, and is on her way to stop the monster."

Ecliptor: "What about Psycho Red?"

Beta 1: "I've tried but he's not responding."

Ecliptor: "That's odd."

Simon: "I hope he's not in trouble either."

Aundria: "We'll have to worry about that later. I'll go help Marcus and Lucas. You two give Angela some back-up."

Simon nods: "Right."

Ecliptor relunctantly nods, not appreciating Aundria telling him what to do.

Simon and Aundria hold up the Psycho Morphers: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

Scene 3

Setting: Just outside Power Chamber Mountain. Three teleportation beams fly out of the mountain, one black, one yellow, and one green.

Scene 4

Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Beta 1 works at the controls.

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai. Why aren't you answering Victor?"

Scene 5

Setting: Just outside Donnie's Nightclub at Victor's car. A beeping sound emits from the glovebox.

Scene 6

Setting: Inside Donnie's Nightclub. Victor waits at his table for Tabuna, somewhat impatiently.

Scene 7

Setting: Back to the college campus where Robinrocker admires his destructive handiwork and laughing until Ecliptor and Psychos Black and Pink teleports in front of him.

Psycho Black: "Stop right there fatboy!"

Robinrocker: "Eh? Ah the Power Rangers! I've been wondering when you scrawny brats would show up!"

Ecliptor holds his fingers to his eyes then releases an energy beam: "That had better not have referred to me!"

The energy beam strikes Robinrocker in the belly but he manages to absorb it and burps: "Oops. Excuse me! Harharhar!"

Psycho Black: "Oh great! Not another energy absorber. I getting really sick of these kind of monsters!"

Psycho Pink summons her Psycho Bow: "So we'll just have get more physical!"

Psycho Black blushes underneath his helmet when hearing Pink talk about getting physical: "Uh yeah. Physical."

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "Then let's get him!"

Psycho Black, Pink, & Ecliptor charge at the Robinrocker.

Robinrocker: "Harharhar! That's right, bring it on!"

Psycho Pink tries to club Robinrocker with her bow but he blocks and sidechops her in the stomach as he walks past her and the same process repeats with Black. Ecliptor swings but Robinrocker ducks and back punches Ecliptor.

Robinrocker: "Don't tell me that's all you got."

Psycho Black helps Pink up: "This is one is going to be tough."

Robinrocker pats his belly as he laughs.

Scene 8

Setting: Back to Donnie's Nightclub. Victor sits at his table still waiting for Tabuna.

Victor: "Where is.."

Victor jaw drops in awe: ".. she?"

Tabuna's voice: "So what do you think?"

Victor gets up from the table: "You.. look beautiful."

Tabuna walks up to him, wearing a sexy, red, Chinese-style dress, with red lowheel shoes, and her hair is a normal dark brown color, rather than her usual silver-white look: "How sweet."

Victor pulls a chair for Tabuna: "I mean it. When you had me get that dress for you, I had no idea that you.."

Tabuna looks up with a smile and finishes his sentence: ".. and fit it so well?"

Victor nods as he sits down: "Yeah."

A waiter hands Victor and Tabuna their menus: "Would you care to order?"

Victor: "Yes um.."

Tabuna cuts him off: "Yes. We'd like two bowls of jelly noodles!"

The waiter gets a surprised look and nods: "But of course, my dear."

The waiter leaves as Victor has a stunned look: "Jelly noodles?"

Tabuna winks: "Trust me, you'll like it."

Victor not sure about it relunctantly says: "Okay."

Victor notices her hair: "Your hair. You changed it."

Tabuna: "I figured a 'normal' look would attract less attention."

Victor halfjokes: "Well you failed miserably!"

Tabuna smiles again at Victor.

Scene 9

Setting: Outside the Youth Center. Damien battles Psycho Yellow and a now morphed Psycho Blue, while Lucas stands on the sidelines.

Damien blocks a chop from Psycho Yellow: "I honestly regret fighting you, my dear."

Psycho Yellow: "What?!"

Damien pushes Psycho Yellow aside and shoots an energy blast at Psycho Blue: "But him on the other hand!"

Psycho Blue falls down hard. Paige suddenly runs outside after hearing all the ruckus: "What's going on out here?!"

Psycho Blue yells to Paige: "Paige go back inside, now!"

Paige: "Psycho Blue!"

Damien shoots at Paige but Lucas pushes her out of the way.

Damien: "There's already enough people in this little party, peasant girl!"

Psycho Yellow grabs Damien from behind and yells: "Psycho Blue, get the civilians out of here before they get hurt!"

Psycho Blue: "No way! My boot's got primp boy's @$$ written all over it!"

Psycho Yellow struggles with Damien: "This isn't open for debate! Just do it!"

Psycho Blue relunctantly runs to Paige and Lucas and grabs them by the arms: "Come on, we're getting out of here!"

Lucas: "But what about.."

Psycho Blue: "She can take care of herself for a few minutes. We got to get you two crazy kids out of here first!"

Psycho Blue takes Lucas and Paige to an alley next to the Youth Center but Damien manages to break free of Psycho Yellow, knocking her off her feet.

Damien draws his sword and it glows heavily: "Not so fast, you lowly commoner worm!"

Psycho Yellow holds out her hand: "No! Marcus look out!"

Damien releases a large wave of grey energy from his sword and strikes Psycho Blue extremely hard in the back, enough to tear his armor on his back right off, and falls to the ground in the alley right next to Lucas and Paige.

Psycho Yellow: "Noooo!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The alley next to the Youth Center. Lucas and Paige drag an out-of-it Psycho Blue further into the alley away from the battle.

Paige: "I can't believe this happening, Psycho Blue saved me before!"

Lucas: "Well now we got to save him, help me get up against the dumpster."

Lucas and Paige set Psycho Blue face down behind a large dumpster.

Paige extremely worried: "His back, do you think he'll make it?"

Lucas: "If I don't heal him now, he won't."

Psycho Blue mumbles: "No.. I don't.. need help.. from you."

Lucas: "Too bad. You need my help whether you want it or not."

Psycho Blue: "How.. humiliating."

Psycho Blue unwillingly demorphs back into Marcus right before Paige's eyes.

Paige: "Oh my god.. Marcus is Psycho Blue. I never.. knew."

Lucas rips off what's left of Marcus shirt as his hand glow white: "I need quiet. I've never tried to heal a wound this severe before."

Lucas concentrates but the wound isn't healing: "No. It's too much, it's not working."

Marcus with a lack of breath: "So I'm a goner, huh? I.. guess *cough cough* It's for the best. I wasn't much a human being anyway.."

Lucas: "That's not true. Whether you wanted to admit it or not, you were.. you are hero, Marcus. You've done a lot of good for New Bethany and the rest of Deacon Blue."

Marcus: "That's only because, I'd get sent right back into the datacards if I didn't. I'm.. selfish.. rude.. sick.. demented.. a liar."

Paige with tearfilled eyes: "Stop it! You have problems, but if you really were all of those things, you wouldn't feel sorry for all of it."

Marcus halfsmiles: "Who said.. *cough* Who said I was sorry for any of it? It's.. who I am.. I ain't going to change.. into a cardboard goodguy for anyone. *cough*."

Lucas tries to heal Marcus again.

Marcus: "I know.. *cough* I know because of who I am, I'm not most popular.. *cough cough* guy.. around. But the way I.. figure it.. If they can't like me.. as.. a jerk.. as an @$$, then they don't matter enough.. for me to be nice."

Lucas: "I.. see."

Marcus: "Maybe.. that's my problem.. with you. I used to think.. that Aundria liked me, even though she smacked me around all the time for.. my stuff. Deep down inside.. she had to.. Otherwise she wouldn't hang around with.. *cough* at all. I thought that deep down inside.. she actually liked Marcus the jerk."

Lucas: "And you resent me, because I'm practically the exact opposite of you. If she likes your opposite, then how can she like you."

Marcus smiles: "*cough* Exactly."

Lucas: "But she does like you, Marcus. She played along with your games, long before I showed up. Just because, we're an item doesn't change how she feels for you as a friend."

Marcus smirks as he starts to die: "Oh god. If I had enough energy to.. do so.. *cough* I'd barf right about now."

Lucas and Paige both smile at Marcus' joke.

Marcus loses consciousness: "It looks like.. I'm dead again. At least this time I'm not getting a missle shoved up my candy@$$."

Lucas tries harder to heal Marcus: "No. I refuse to let this happen! I refuse!"

Scene 2

Setting: Donnie's Nightclub. Victor and Tabuna begin dancing.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to outside of the Youth Center. Psycho Yellow has her Psycho Slinger aimed right at Damien.

Psycho Yellow: "I'll see to it you pay for what you just did to Marcus! He can be annoying but I can't what things would be like without him! You!"

Damien holds his hand up calmly: "Wait. I need to.. tell you something."

Psycho Yellow: "What could you possibly have to tell me!"

Damien: "As embarassing as this is for me, I must tell you that I think I've.. fallen in love with you."

Psycho Yellow completley shocked: "What?!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the fight with Robinrocker. Psycho Black and Psycho Pink fall to ground in front of Ecliptor.

Ecliptor is about to press his Cybera wrist symbol: "Enough of this! I'll finish this right.."

An explosion erupts knocking Ecliptor away from Robinrocker and the Rangers.

Ecliptor gets back up: "Who did that?!"

Darkonda's laughter erupts all around Ecliptor as he warps in with Cybera.

Ecliptor: "Darkonda!"

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Well, who else?!"

Ecliptor holds out his sword: "Well then. Since you're already here. I might as well as destroy you now!"

Darkonda smirks as Cybera stands at his side: "Someone's going to get destroyed in just a minute, but I think you better make a second guess! Cybera, destroy him!"

Cybera and Darkonda release energy bolts from their swords but Ecliptor deflects those sword blasts with his own. Ecliptor then creates a cyber shadow of himself and it becomes a tag fight. Ecliptor battles Darkonda while his cyber shadow battle Cybera. All four exchanging sword blows. Cybera grabs the cyber shadow and uses a palm slap to push the cyber shadow back into Ecliptor. Ecliptor falls to the ground and rolls out of the way just in time to avoid getting impaled by Darkonda.

Darkonda: "Stand still."

Darkonda thrusts his sword at Ecliptor, Ecliptor blocks with his forearm, the sword goes right through his forearm and gets stuck, causing Darkonda to lose his sword. Ecliptor then gives Darkonda a haymaker. Darkonda steps back and holds his mouth. He jacks his jaw around then spits a tooth out of his mouth.

Darkonda looks at his tooth in his hand then looks at Ecliptor: "Grrrr..."

Ecliptor pulls Darkonda's sword out of his forearm: "Heh heh heh. Here's a Darkliptor special for you!"

Ecliptor strikes Darkonda with both swords and releases a cross formation energy blast, but Cybera strikes him from behind.

Darkonda holds his chest as he runs to Ecliptor and kicks him in the abdomen: "My turn."

Darkonda kicks again but Ecliptor grabs his leg and twists it, taking Darkonda down. Ecliptor gets back up but Cybera impales him from behind, Ecliptor screams in pain as Cybera remains emotionless.

Ecliptor: "Where the hell is Psycho Red?! Aaaahhhhhh!"

Scene 5

Setting: Just outside Donnie's Nightclub. Victor and Tabuna walk out.

Tabuna: "So what did you think of the jelly noodles?"

Victor relunctant to answer: "It was.. different."

Tabuna raises an eyebrow: "If you want to get lucky, you're going to have to lie better than that."

Victor pauses: "Wha?"

Tabuna laughs: "Hahahahaha! That's why I like you so much, you're so easy to mess with."

Victor: "Okay, my date is mocking me. I guess I'll have to live with that."

Tabuna nods jokingly: "Yes, you will."

Victor opens the passenger door of his car for Tabuna: "Well, anyway. How about a moonlight cruise?"

Tabuna begins to sit in the seat then pauses: "Sounds sweet, but what's that beeping noise?"

Victor eyes open up wide: "Oh no!"

Victor quickly takes his Psycho Morpher out of the glovebox: "I can't believe how stupid I was!"

Tabuna: "Business?"

Victor speaks into his morpher as a communicator: "Victor here? What is it?!"

Beta 1's voice: "Finally Victor! Where have you been?"

Victor: "I'm sorry, I should have told someone but I.."

Zordon's voice: "That is not important at the moment Victor. Right now your fellow Rangers need your help."

Victor nods: "Right. Just tell me where to go.. and.."

Victor notices that Tabuna has vanished: "Tabuna? Where did she go?"

Victor then sees a note written with lipstick on the seat saying "I forgive you for having to call off the rest of date, but feel free to grovel for forgiveness when next we meet anyway! ;) 'Love Tabby."

Victor looks at the note and smiles with his mind elsewhere, on his morpher, Beta's voice is heard saying: "Victor? Victor are you there? Hello? Oh aye ai ai."

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the alley where Lucas and Paige watch over a half-dead Marcus.

Lucas, energy flows from his hands to Marcus' back: "I don't have enough to do this! I.."

Paige puts her hands on Lucas shoulders: "I don't if this helps but if you can um.. I guess borrow my energy or soul or whatever it is, your using. Go for it."

Lucas closes his eyes: "Yes. I can feel your spirit flowing through me. Together we can do this!"

The energy flowing from Lucas grows stonger as Marcus' wound starts to heal almost instantly, leaving behind a scar on his back.

Lucas and Paige step back as Marcus wakes up and slowly gets back up.

Paige smiles with relief: "It.. worked!"

Marcus: "I can't believe I was just saved by the oldest cliche' in the book."

Lucas jokes: "Sometimes the cliche's still ring true."

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe: "Well um.. thanks Bruce Leech! Now you two should take cover, while I kick some snooty buttox!"

Lucas: "Right."

Psycho Blue heads out but Paige yells: "Marcus!"

Psycho Blue stops and turns around.

Paige with a tender look in her face: "Good luck."

Psycho Blue pauses trying to figure it all out: "I.. thanks."

Psycho Blue runs out as Lucas and Paige get to safety.

Scene 7

Setting: Outside the Youth Center. Damien talks to a confused Psycho Yellow.

Damien: "..and that's my offer. Join me and be my future queen. Together we would be unstoppable."

Psycho Yellow looks down and shakes her head: "I.. I don't what to say.. I mean how can I refuse such an offer of power."

Damien gives a devilish smile: "You can't. Falconine told me what kind of a person you are."

Psycho Yellow looks up and under her helmet she gives Damien a mean glare: "Oh really?"

Damien smirks: "So what do you say Aundria?"

Psycho Yellow removes her helmet and walks seductively towards Damien: "What do I have to say?"

Aundria gets next to Damien and whispers in his ear: "Sweety. I say you need to think with the head on your shoulders instead of the.."

Aundria knees Damien in the groin: "..other one!"

Damien falls to his knees and looks up at Aundria: "*ow* What did you do that for? I told you that I love you."

Aundria puts her helmet back on: "You don't love me, you creep! You need to learn the difference between love and lust first."

Damien remains bent over as he gets up and backs away: "No you're wrong. I know I'm in love with you, no one has ever captivated me like you have. And I'll find a way to prove it to you, somehow!"

Damien teleports away.

Psycho Yellow: "What a loser."

Psycho Blue runs to Psycho Yellow: "Whoah ho ho! Did you just do to him, what I think I saw?"

Psycho Yellow: "Marcus, you're okay! You had me worried sick about you!"

Psycho Blue: "Huh? You were worried?"

Psycho Yellow grabs Blue and gives him a playful noogie: "Of course I was. Without you, who else am I going smack in the back of the head?"

Psycho Blue: "How about kung-fu boy! I'd pay to see you smack him around."

Psycho Yellow laughs.

Psycho Blue: "In fact, I'd probably pay you to smack *me* around. If you catch my drift."

Psycho Yellow smacks Blue in the back of the head: "Don't be such a perv!"

Psycho Blue: "You don't how much I actually missed that."

Psycho Yellow: "Eeewww... I'm going to have to start thinking twice about that then. Anyway, the others need our help, let's go!"

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahahaha! The boys are back in town!"

Scene 8

Setting: Outside the college campus of New Bethany. Robinrocker chokes out both Psycho Black and Pink with one hand each.

Robinrocker: "Harharhar! This is more fun than a can full of worms!"

Suddenly three energy blasts strike the monster in the back causing him to jump to the side in pain.

Black and Pink fall to their knees and hold their necks.

Psycho Black: "It's about time you guys. What took you so long?"

Psychos Red, Yellow, and Blue walk in form the horizon.

Psycho Blue: "Never mind that. I'm back in the mood for some birdbustin'!"

Psycho Black gets up: "Well be careful. That monster can absorb energy attacks."

Psycho Yellow: "That can't be we just shocked him down!"

Psycho Pink: "It must be that red crest of his. He must only be able to absorb energy through his stomach!"

Psycho Red: "So we have to hit him from behind? No problem for bunch of ex-cons like us!"

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! You said it my man!"

Robinrocker gets back up: "So now it's five on one! No problem! I'll destroy all of you!"

Psycho Red: "Okay guys. Let's take the not-so-rockin' robin down!"

The other Psycho Rangers nod: "Right!"

The Psycho Ranger jump and forward flip over Robinrocker and turn around.

Robinrocker: "Huh? What are you brats doing?"

Psycho Red: "Now!"

The Psycho Rangers create small energy balls and release them, the five energy balls merge into one large energy ball and strike down the Robinrocker from behind, sending the monster flying into a brick wall. Suddenly a black raven flies in from the sky and releases a black energy over the monster, turning him into a giant.

Giant Robinrocker stomps on the ground in front of the Psychos: "Harharhar! Now I really am a bigboy! Harharhar!"

Psycho Red: "Big boys get taken down by big toys. Guardian Megazord Power Now!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

The Guardian Megazord's eyes hold it's hand up in the air as the storm clouds begin to form, a lightning bolt strikes the Megazord's hand and the energy sword is formed. The Guardian Megazord swings the energy sword at Robinrocker and a hundred lightning bolts strike the monster all at once, but when the sparks and smoke clears, Robinrocker is still standing and his red belly begins to glow.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "I don't believe it!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "No way! He absorbed our most powerful attack!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink turns to Red: "So what do we do now?!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "I'd say we probably get our butts kicked!"

Robinrocker holds his hands out and the energy flows out of his belly and turn into red bolts from his hands: "I'd say you're right! Harharhar!"

The red lightning strike the Guardian Megazord, sparks erupt all over.

Robinrocker: "Now let's really rock!"

Robinrocker pats his belly then holds his hands out towards the ground, the Guardian Megazord is standing on. The ground beneath the Megazord begins to crumble and the Megazord falls into a sandpit. While Robinrocker laughs away.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "No! We're stuck!"

Scene 9

Setting: Back to the ground where Cybera has sword right through Ecliptor's body. Darkonda gets up and snatches his sword away from Ecliptor.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! It's the end of the line for you 'old friend'. And you never did learn the big secret about Cybera over there. Hahahaha!"

Ecliptor: "It's not over yet!"

Ecliptor eye blasts Darkonda down, then falls forward to force Cyber to pull her sword out. Ecliptor quickly gets back up and puts Cybera in headlock: "As for Cybera. She's important to me, even though I don't know why."

Darkonda gets back up: "No, you fool! Let her go, or you'll infuriate Dr. Hinelar!"

Ecliptor: "I'm taking Cybera with me, Darkonda. If you try to stop me, I'll destroy you!"

Darkonda laughs at Ecliptor's threat: "Hahahahaha! I'd like to see you try."

Ecliptor: "Try I will."

Cybera breaks free of Ecliptor and elbows him.

Cybera stands next to Darkonda.

Ecliptor: "Cybera, no wait!"

Darkonda: "I think not, Ecliptor. You blew it again! Hahahahaha!"

Darkonda warps away with Cybera, Ecliptor tries to catch them but fails to do so.

Ecliptor: "No! Not again! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

Ecliptor screams at the top of his lungs as the symbol on his wrist glows and white energy cracks from under his outer-shell. His outershell shatters and Ultimate Ecliptor breaks out in giantsize.

Ultimate Ecliptor turns his attention to the giant Robinrocker who is attacking a defenseless Guardian Megazord. Ultimate Ecliptor releases six blue crystals from the palms of his hands. The six crystals all strike Robinrocker, cutting him at the shoulders, hips, and sides of his belly. Ecliptor then motions a "come back" signal with his hands and the six crystals form a long blue crystalized spear.

Robinrocker: "Oh no."

The blue spear impales the Robinrocker right in his large red crest, as the spear returns to Ultimate Ecliptor he catches it and the spear shatters away.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay now here's are chance. Simon?"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Activate Tengu Tornado Power!"

The Megazord climbs out of the sandtrap and releases a twister from it's Tengu-head chest, the twister spins around the monster rapidly. Ecliptor then takes the opportunity to create a pillar of pure energy encasing the monster, causing the monster to be disentigrated instantly.

Scene 10

Setting: Just outside the Youth Center. Lucas and Paige watch the monster get destroyed.

Paige: "Awesome!"

Lucas: "Yes. They did it again."

Paige turns to Lucas: "And Marcus is one of the people that have saved our city so many times."

Lucas nods with an agreeing look.

Paige thinks to herself.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Falconine, and Damien are all reasonably upset at having another defeat.

Darkonda: "Grrrrr.. I can't believe it happened again! No matter what we send after them, they always come out on top!"

Damien: "That's because vermin like are used to being at the bottom."

Darkonda begins to draw his sword then notices Falconine giving him a stare, Darkonda sneers as we warps away.

Damien smirks: "Heh. Maybe the little mutant will know his place after all."

Falconine grabs Damien by the neck: "I've told you time and time again, do not provoke him! Not only does it put our alliance with Darkonda in jeopardy, but in the process your also defying me!"

Falconine squeezes Damien's neck hard: "And no one defies me. No one! Not even my own flesh and blood."

Falconine drops Damien to the ground: "You would do well to remember that."

Damien rubs his neck: "Yes sister, I'm sorry."

Falconine: "Yes. Yes you are."

Falconine leaves as Damien goes into some deep thought.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the Youth Center. At a table, the five unmorphed Psychos along with Lucas and Marcus.

Paige: "I still can't believe it that I know the Power Rangers!"

Marcus corrects her: "Psycho Rangers."

Simon: "Like there's really difference anymore."

Victor: "I'd like to think so. I may be more mellow these days but I never want to get as goodygood as Andros."

Marcus: "Ha! I think it's bit too late for that. Sorry bossman, but you've gone the way of the wusses."

Angela: "Well in all fairness, I doubt Andros would ever leave his friends in danger while trying to score with a mysterious exhibitionist jewel thief."

Victor: "How did you.."

Paige: "Remember me?"

Angela: "Besides the suit is a dead giveaway."

Marcus: "Wellelelelel! Did you two 'get pyscho'?"

Aundria slaps Marcus in the back of the head: "That's enough out of you, go get us some hamburgers."

Marcus rubs the back of his head: "Okay okay, geesh. Seven hamburgers and fries coming up."

Lucas: "I'd rather have the broiled chicken. I'm prevented from eating red meat."

Marcus with a somewhat sarcastic tone: "Sure. Anything for you 'friend'."

Marcus gets up and goes to the counter while the others continue their conversation. Marcus makes the order and Paige sits next to him as he waits.

Paige: "Marcus, there's something I need to tell you."

Marcus: "Look if it's to tell me that now that you know who I am, that you're going give me a second chance, don't bother. I.."

Paige: "I guess that's not to far off, but what I wanted to say.. was that I was wrong about you."

Paige touches Marcus' chest where his heart is: "Maybe deep down inside, there is someone I'd like to know. There's a good person in you, but don't get me wrong. You also have a dark side to you, I mean you did frighten me that one night."

Marcus: "I already told you I was sorry about that."

Paige puts her hand on Marcus shoulder: "I know, and I believe you mean it, but well I guess I just need some time to really figure out what I think of you."

Marcus smirks: "No prob. Just remember, I won't change for anyone, not even you."

Paige smiles: "There's one person you should change for. Yourself but only if you feel that change needs to come."

Marcus looks at her with curiosity: "What do you mean by that?"

Paige: "There's a difference between not selling yourself out, and alienating yourself. If someone offers you there friendship, don't be so quick to turn on them. Give them a chance, give Lucas a chance."

Marcus turns his head and looks at Lucas: "Heh. Lucas and me, friends. I don't think he has what it takes to be my friend."

Paige: "Then find out."

The clerk brings up six hamburgers and fries along with a small basked of broiled chicken.

Marcus: "Alright I will."

Paige pats Marcus on the shoulder and goes back to the table.

Marcus eyes Lucas' chicken then eyes a bottle of extra-hot tobasco sauce and gets a devilish smile: "You wanna be my friend Lucas?"

Marcus takes the tobasco sauce and starts pouring it on the chicken: "Let's see if you got what it takes to be a friend of Marcus Blue! Heh heh heh heh."

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Damien: "I may have the powers of each of the Psycho Rangers, but without a way to channel it, they're worthless."

Clip 2
An cyborg owl monster breaks into a warehouse.

Clip 3
Psycho Red: "Stop right there!"

Clip 4
The owl monster wraps wires around each of the Psychos one-by-one.

Clip 5
Tabuna picks a small mechanical device: "Hmmmm..."

Clip 6
Damien shoots at Tabuna: "That's mine!"

Clip 7
Psycho Red to Psycho Black: "What is she up to?"

Clip 8
Tabuna hands Darkonda the small device as he laughs.

Clip 9
Psycho Red: "Tabuna, don't!"

Clip 10
Psycho Red gets caught in an explosion.

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