Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 19
"Power Games"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Falconine, and Cybera await Damien's arrival.

Darkonda grows impatient and turns to Falconine: "This plan of your brother's had better be good, Falconine."

Falconine gives a small confident smile: "It will be. Damien can be brilliantly evil when he puts his mind to it."

Darkonda: "We'll see."

Damien enters the room: "I finally found it!"

Darkonda: "What is it?"

Damien holds up a blue crystal shard: "I present to you, the Syphon Crystal!"

Darkonda looks at it and is excited over it: "It looks like another Evolution Crystal."

Damien smiles: "In a sense it is. It was created by the same druids who made the Evolution Crystal several millennia ago. However, although it is similar, it is also different than the Evolution Crystal. It doesn't evolve monsters."

Darkonda: "Then what does it do?"

Damien admires the Syphon Crystal: "With this I'll be able to steal the Psycho Rangers' very powers!"

Darkonda reaches for the Syphon Crystal: "Perfect! With it I'll be able to.."

Damien snatches the Syphon Crystal away from Darkonda: "Don't touch it mutant! This isn't for you!"

Darkonda becoming enraged: "What?!"

Falconine: "Explain yourself, brother."

Damien: "You gave Darkonda the Evolution Crystal and his foolishness caused it to be destroyed forever. I won't simply hand him the Syphon Crystal. I'll destroy the Psycho Rangers myself with this crystal."

Darkonda: "Why you..."

Darkonda pauses as he realizes that Falconine is still in the room then calms down: "Heh heh. Very well. Do as you wish. I'm suuurrreee that you will do what I have failed to so many times in the past."

Damien gives Darkonda an arrogant look: "I'm sure I will."

Darkonda gives Damien a hate-filled expression and quietly snarls before he leaves.

Falconine: "You shouldn't push Darkonda like that, Damien."

Damien: "Why? He's just a lowly mutant. He's nothing compared to your powers, sister."

Falconine: "Perhaps, but Darkonda is very cunning and deceptive. If your not careful you may end up to regret disrespecting him so blatantly."

Damien smiles and shrugs it off: "You worry over your little brother, too much. I know his type. Darkonda is no threat to me."

Damien puts the Syphon Crystal in a pouch on his belt: "Now I'm off to destroy the Rangers. I'll be back soon."

Damien winks just before he teleports away.

Falconine thinks about her situation and raises her eyebrows: "Heh."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: A commercial plaza somewhere in New Bethany. It looks to be around lunchtime as people are sitting at picnic tables eating, and the hotdog vendors are busy. In the center of the plaza is a fairly large fountain with a statue of somesort of Greek goddess pouring water into the fountain.

Damien teleports in, standing on the head of the fountain statue catching the attention of some of the bystanders: "What a beautiful day. Too bad I have to ruin it for everyone."

Suddenly about two dozen Skullinites appear throughout the plaza terrorizing the people and causing them scatter.

Damien: "A little chaos to lure the Psychos here. Not the most original plan I've ever come up with. But it should be effective none the less."

Damien jumps off the statue and scares away an old man from bench. Damien picks up the hotdog he left behind: "Hmmm..."

Damien takes a bite out of the hotdog and quickly spits it out: "Blech! Serves me right for sampling the food of commoners. Yuck."

Damien points his finger the hotdog stand. The vendor quickly gets out of the way as Damien blows up the hotdog stand: "That's for making such an attrocious excuse for food. Blech! *I think I swallowed some of the juices.*"

Behind Damien, one of the Skullinites picks up the hotdog, sniffs it, and shrugs, not knowing what was wrong with it.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon, Beta 1, Ecliptor, Victor, Simon, Angela, and Marcus watch Damien and the Skullinites terrrorize the civilians on the Viewing Globe. Aundria and Lucas enter.

Aundria apologetic: "Sorry guys, we were busy getting Lucas settled in."

Marcus with his arms crossed coldly says: "Yeah, I bet."

Victor: "Well your remodeling will have to wait. Bird boy is at it again."

Lucas observes the scene: "That's odd. It just looks like random violence."

Marcus: "Well duh, Chow Yun-Fathead!"

Aundria getting defensive over Lucas: "Marcus shut up!"

Aundria turns to the others: "But Lucas has a point. Something's up. Usually when these guys are just trashing stuff, their trying to lure us out."

Simon: "Well maybe he's just having a joyride, so to speak."

Victor: "No. Aundria may have a point. Hell, we used to do the same trick ourselves when we were trying to take out Andros' crew."

Angela: "Well even if it may be a trap, we still can't just let him harm innocent people. Right Zordon?"

Zordon: "You are correct Angela. Still, Rangers use caution. Something does feel amiss here."

Victor: "Well then let's go!"

The Psychos and Ecliptor all head out. Marcus purposely bumps shoulders with Lucas: "Move it or lose it! Monk-ey."

Lucas: "Hey!"

As the Psychos leave, Aundria stops to check on Lucas: "You okay?"

Lucas rubs his shoulder: "I'm not sure why, but I don't think he likes me very much."

Aundria pats Lucas on the shoulder: "Don't worry about it. He's just clueless jerk, it doesn't matter who he likes and who he doesn't. Just ignore him."

Aundria winks just before she begins to leave: "I'll be back soon."

Marcus pops his head into the doorway from the hall: "Come on Aundri, get your fat Ben N' Jerry loaded heiney in gear!"

Aundria turns back to Lucas with a very annoyed look on her face: "*brrrr* Like I said.. iGnOrE hIm."

Aundria dashes out after Marcus.

Lucas speaks to himself: "Ignore him. Hmmmm... I wonder..."

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the plaza in New Bethany. Damien blows up a parked car causing more people to run for cover. Suddenly the morphed Psycho Rangers arrive on the scene along with Ecliptor.

Psycho Red holds up his palm: "Fun time's over kid."

Damien holds both of his arms up in the air: "Ah. I was wondering when you lowlifes would finally show up. It's very annoying have to entertain one's self."

Psycho Yellow: "I'm sure it's already pretty annoying, just being around yourself."

Damien's smile turns to a frown: "How droll."

Damien shoots an energy blast at the Rangers and Ecliptor. But they jump out of the way from the explosion.

Damien: "Skullinites! Earn your existence and cease theirs!"

The Skullinites run past Damien and charge after the Psychos. One Skullinite swings it's fishbone sword at Psycho Red but he catches the Skullinite's arm and side kicks another Skullinite, then gives the first Skullinite a knife-edge chop, followed by an arm flip.

Another Skullinite throws a punch at Psycho Black. Black catches it's fist and starts forcing the Skullinite to it's knees by crushing it's hand in his own, he then elbow punches the Skullinite that's trying to sneak up on him. He then spins around to use the first Skullinite as a huge club on the second one. Another third Skullinite tries to sneak up on Psycho Black but gets a mule kick followed by a roundhouse kick for it's trouble.

Psycho Pink dash elbows a Skullinite then turns around and dash elbows a second one. She then jumps straight up and uses her feet to ram the two Skullinite's heads together. She then forward rolls and legsweeps a thrid Skullinite infront of her.

Ecliptor grabs a Skullinite by the throat and lifts it up of it's feet. He then turns his head and eye blasts two more Skullinites. Ecliptor quickly twists his wrist and breaks the neck of the Skullinite in his hand. Then simply drops the now motionless body. He quickly turns around and catches a Skullinite that was charging after him. He gorilla presses the Skullinite over his head and throws it like a dart at the two Skullinites he just eye blasted.

Psycho Blue cross punches a Skullinite with a right then grabs it's head to smash his knee into it's face. The Skullinite falls to the ground hard and recieves an elbowpunch from it: "Hehehahahahaha!"

Yet another Skullinite swings it's spinal whip at Psycho Yellow but she merely ducks and the whip wraps around the neck of another Skullinite by mistake. Psycho Yellow then pulls the whip causing the first Skullinite to run into the second: "I love it when they do most of the work for me."

A Skullinite lands at Damien's feet. Damien is unamused: "Incompetants. I guess it's up to a REAL warrior to take care of these peasant protectors."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword and stands before Damien while Ecliptor and the other Psychos continue to fight the Skullinites: "A real warrior huh? You seem to have awfully high opinion of your fighting abilities for someone who probably wears Scooby Doo jammy jams to bed."

Damien pulls out his sword: "I don't know what this.. 'Scooby.. Doo' is but you'll regret saying that, nonetheless." Damien works back up to his feet, struggling with Psycho Red: "I have to admit. You're actually not that bad of a fighter."

Psycho Red in a sarcastic tone: "I'm touched."

Psycho Red and Damien pulls away from each other and at the same time spin around and go for energy blast from their free hands. Psycho Red and Damien go down at the same time.

Psycho Red uses his sword to help himself back up: "Okayyy. That's not going to work. We'll just have to turn this up notch."

Psycho Red swings his sword around in a "Z" formation followed by a "N" formation leaving behind a flame trail as the sword glows red.

Damien still on the ground pulls out the Syphon Crystal: "Enough of this scrimmage. Let's play the real game!"

Damien zaps Psycho Red with the Syphon Crystal. A steady blue beam enwraps Psycho Red.

Psycho Red tries to break free of the blue beam: "Agh! What is.. this?!"

Damien smiles and he stands back up: "You're impressive powers are mine now. As it should be. Power is for royalty not the peasants like you."

Psycho Red's armor starts to fade away as Victor falls to his knees: "You.. little snob of a punk! You won't.. be able.. to use my powers. They've been.. encoded.. for.. my use only!"

Victor falls unconscious as his Psycho Red armor is sucked right off of hims and pulled into the Syphon Crystal.

Damien smirks: "We'll see about that."

Psycho Pink struggles with some Skullinites and sees Victor out cold: "Victor!"

Psycho Pink pushes the Skullinites away and rushes to help Victor, but Damien zaps her with the Syphon Crystal.

Psycho Pink falls to her knees: "Aaahhhh..... My power... I feel.. so tired..*"

Angela falls unconscious as her Psycho armor is sucked into Damien's Syphon Crystal.

Damien smirks as he walks past Victor and Angela and targets his attention on Psycho Yellow who's busy: "Two down. You're next."

Damien holds up the Syphon Crystal but suddenly gets struck by a green energy blast. Damien turns around: "What?!"

Ecliptor comes charging for Damien: "The game's over for you!"

Damien holds up his Syphon Crystal: "Another freak. How disappointing."

Damien gets double jumpkicked from behind by Psycho's Blue and Black. Damien gets out of the way of Ecliptor's attack and gets some distance. He gets back up and sees Ecliptor and the three remaining Psycho Rangers stands side-by-side. He observes the battlesite and sees all of the Skullinites have been defeated.

Damien: "Hmmmm... This is no way for someone of my stature to meet defeat. We'll finish this later!"

Damien teleports away just as Ecliptor and the Psychos shoot with their various methods.

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! Apparently 'princess' can't take the heat."

Psycho Blue turns around to see that Psycho Black, Yellow, and Ecliptor are checking out Victor and Angela, completley ignoring him.

Psycho Blue, quiet: "Isn't anyone even going to tell me to shut up?"

The Psychos power down. Ecliptor checks for Victor's pulse.

Simon: "Are they?"

Ecliptor: "They're alive. They're just unconscious."

Aundria: "What exactly happened?"

Ecliptor gets back up and carries Victor in his arms as Simon does the same with Angela.

Ecliptor: "From what I saw it looked like Damien drained their powers."

Aundria: "That's not good. You mean Damien has Victor and Angie's powers now."

Ecliptor nods.

Simon: "He may have their powers but he can't use them."

Aundria: "How so?"

Simon adjusts the way he's holding Angela: "Our powers are Psycho-Empathic. Billy made sure that no one can use them but us. It's like our powers are part of us. Their in tune with our very D.N.A."

Aundria: "I see."

Ecliptor: "We'll discuss this later. First we better take them back to the Power Chamber."

Simon nods: "Right. Let's go."

Aundria stops: "Wait! Where did Marcus go?"

Simon: "Oh for the love of.. He probably already left without us. As impatient as he is."

Aundria rubs her chin: "Probably. Okay let's go."

Simon, Aundria, and Ecliptor teleport out with Victor and Angela, Marcus is walking down the street with his head down and hands in his pockets, just out of the plaza.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany Park. Marcus is alone and goes into some deep thinking while walking down the main pathway.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda and Falconine watch through the projection that Marcus is alone as Damien teleports in the room.

Damien: "I'm back."

Darkonda keeps his arms crossed but turns his head around to look back at Damien: "Hmph! You did well to take out two of the Psychos."

Falconine turns around completely and gives Damien a smile: "Yes and now you have an easy opportunity to eliminate another one."

Damien walks torwards the projection: "Oh? Is that one of the Psychos? Red and Pink are the only two I've seen out of costume so far."

Falconine: "Yes. That is Marcus, he's the Blue Ranger."

Damien: "Excellent. Hopefully I won't get outnumbered again."

Darkonda: "Take some more Skullinites with you."

Damien sneers at Darkonda: "Those bonebrains of yours are worthless, underling."

Darkonda turns around and gets in Damien's face: "Underling?! You would do well to watch your tongue BOY or you'll find it removed from your throat by my bare claw."

Falconine steps in between Darkonda and Damien: "And YOU would do well, not to threaten my brother, Darkonda."

Darkonda backs away and throws his hands up in a "I don't want any trouble" motion.

Falconine whispers in Damien's ear: "What did I tell you about pushing him?!"

Falconine steps away from both of them and snaps her fingers, causing her monster altar to rise from the floor, she then holds up her hand and a small statue of a skeletal bird appears in it. She then places the statue on the altar. Her eyes begin to cast a purple glow as she chants the incantation: "Oh great raven, bird god of trickery and evil bring life to this vessel so that your dark word shall be spread amongst the mortals."

The raven statue on top of the altar's eyes begin to glow and two beams from the eyes strike the small skeletal statue.

Falconine steps back just in front of Darkonda and Damien: "Behold the Scavenger!"

The small statue jumps off the altar and turns into a human-sized monster. It looks like a vulture man complete with feathers, but it's beak is bent and scarred and parts of it's body looks like it's decomposing. It's chest is partially missing to reveal it's ribcage, and it's left hand and forearm is skeletal with no muscle or skin on it. It's right eye socket is missing with the left eye being pitch red. It's entire body is covered with scars and damaged looking flesh. It has two wings on it's back but only the left wing has flesh and feathers on it. The right wing is skeletal. It's feet are the talons of a vulture but it's left hip shows raw muscle.

Darkonda admires the Scavenger while Damien shows slight signs of disgust.

Damien tries to swallow his own breath: "This Scavenger.. it is truly a grotesque monster."

Falconine turns around with a slight smile: "Yes, but is also one of my most powerful monsters. Once you drain the Ranger's powers, the Scavenger will live up to it's name and finish them off like the vulture it is."

Damien: "I see. Well then let us eliminate the Blue peasant lover first."

Damien walks past Darkonda pushing him slightly: "Step aside mutant."

Darkonda almost goes for his sword but restrains himself.

Damien stands beside the Scavenger with an expression of disgust: "Let us go.."

Damien hesitates and relunctantly puts his hand on the Scavenger's shoulder: "Let us go and destroy the Psycho Rangers!"

Damien teleports away with the Scavenger.

Darkonda: "Falconine."

Falconine turns to face Darkonda: "Yes."

Darkonda: "Do have a talk with your brother. If he doesn't learn his place, I'm afraid I may have to show him, personally, and we wouldn't want it to come to that."

Falconine lifts her head slightly: "I will for both of your sakes."

Darkonda intrigued: "Both of our sakes?"

Falconine: "Yes. If Damien continues to cross you, you'll have no choice but to destroy him, then I'll have no choice but to destroy you. It would 'suck' to have to lose two fine warriors in one day."

Darkonda smirks slightly: "I see."

Scene 3

Setting: Marcus with a disgruntled look on his face looks at an empty basketball court in the distance.

Marcus to himself: "I don't get it. Why the hell am I letting myself feel down over that little bi..."

Marcus is knocked off his feet by an explosion, he falls to the ground hard: "What the hell?!"

Marcus looks up and sees Damien and the Scavenger walking in his direction.

Damien holds his hand in front of him: "Get up miscreant. I'm not through with you yet."

Marcus gets up and smiles: "Well, well, well if it isn't Prince Snootikins!"

Damien: "Am I supposed to be amused by that?"

Marcus: "No. You're supposed to be abused by this!"

Marcus holds up his morpher arm: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe: "Hehehahahahaha! You know what, you may actually what the doctor ordered to pull me out of this funk!"

Damien fire an energy blast: "Well then here's the medicine!"

Psycho Blue jumps over it and begins spinning around in mid-air: "Psycho Spin!"

Damien moves out of the way and instead the Scavenger becomes the recipient of the Psycho Spin attack. The Scavenger is unfazed.

Psycho Blue: "Huh? Mmphr!"

The Scavenger grabs Psycho Blue by the face, causing his helmet to deteriorate!

Damien rubs his chin: "Interesting. So that's the Scavenger's powers."

Psycho Blue pulls away from the Scavenger only to get struck in the chest by the monster. Damien attacks from behind with a sword strike to the back.

Psycho Blue falls to the ground: "Agh! Well this blows chunks!"

Damien, disgusted yet again: "Blech. Such a disgusting terminology. I'll be doing the world a favor, eliminating gutter trash such as yourself!"

Psycho Blue legsweeps Damien but as he gets up, the Scavenger grabs him from behind and starts deteriorating the rest of his costume. Psycho Blue screams in pain.

Damien smirks as he gets back up: "Hmmph!"

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Simon, Aundria, Ecliptor, and Zordon discuss their recent encounter with Damien.

Aundria: "And there you have it Zordon."

Zordon: "I see. This Syphon Crystal is indeed a dangerous threat to us. We must find a way to get it away from Damien and destroy it. While he may not be able to use the Psycho Powers, neither will Victor and Angela as long as the powers are trapped in the crystal."

Simon: "So how are we going to go about doing that? We're alread down two teammates, and Marcus has apparently gone A.W.O.L. on us for whatever reason."

Just then Lucas and Beta 1 enter the Power Chamber.

Lucas: "Okay. Took Victor and Angela to the infirmary and checked them over as you requested Zordon. Their resting comfortably and they should recover from the energy loss with a good night's sleep."

Simon: "Well that's good to know, but that doesn't change the problem we currently have here."

Aundria oddly moves to the Viewing Globe.

Simon: "Aundria? What's up."

Aundria: "I don't know. I just got a weird feeling."

Aundria presses some buttons and the Viewing Globe shows various scenes of New Bethany until she finally comes across the battle between Psycho Blue, Damien, and the Scavenger: "Oh no! I knew it. Marcus is in trouble."

Simon: "What?"

Simon, Ecliptor, and Lucas head to the Viewing Globe.

Aundria: "It's Damien and some new monster."

Ecliptor: "A particularly ugly one at that."

Simon: "Well so much for making up a plan for our next encounter. We have to get their now. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the park. Psycho's Black and Yellow along with Ecliptor teleport into the scene.

Psycho Black: "Remember. Watch out for Damien's Syphon Crystal."

Psycho Yellow: "You don't have to remind me."

Ecliptor: "I'll take care of this monster. You two handle the boy."

Psycho Black and Psycho Yellow nod: "Right!"

The trio run into the battle. While Damien has started to drain Psycho Blue's powers until the damaged armor appears to be sucked into the Crystal. Marcus falls to the ground unconscious.

Damien gives a confident smile: "There. Oomph!"

Psycho Yellow swing kicks Damien in the gut: "You little snot. Marcus may be a punk but he's our punk! And if you so much as.."

The Scavenger grabs Yellow from behind a begins the deterioration of her costume but Ecliptor then tackles the monster to the ground.

Damien pulls out his sword: "You were saying?"

Psycho Black dives in from behind with his Psycho Lance but Damien catches it in the corner of his eye and jumps out of the way.

Psycho Black: "What she was pretty much telling you is that the Psycho Rangers take care of our own these days!"

Damien: "Is that a fact?"

Damien zaps Psycho Black with the Syphon Crystal causing Black to fall to his knees.

Psycho Black: "Nooooo... Aundri take this clown down.. now!"

Psycho Yellow shoots her Psycho Slinger at Damien but he jumps out of the way, she then checks up Simon.

Psycho Yellow: "Are you okay?"

Psycho Black breathes a little heavy: "I'm feeling slightly exhausted but I still got enough juice to go!"

Psycho Yellow and Psycho Black charge after Damien who jumps into a tree and jumps over the two to get behind them.

Damien releases another beam from his Syphon Crystal: "Your turn miss Yellow."

Psycho Black pushes Yellow out of the way and gets zapped himself: "Out of the way Aundriaaaaaaaa......*"

Psycho Black's armor is sucked into the Syphon Crystal and Simon falls unconscious.

Psycho Yellow: "Not you too!"

Damien: "You're all that's left, not counting the freak of course, as he seems to be more than occupied at the moment."

Damien turns his head to look at the Scavenger, who's touch is eating away at Ecliptor's body. Ecliptor is trying to break free of the monster's grip but to no avail.

Psycho Yellow gets ready to shoot: "You're going down. These are my friend your hurting."

Damien smirks: "You make it sound like as it you and and your peasant friends are significant."

Psycho Yellow: "I don't what this upper class mentality deal of yours is but I for am sick of it! Kiya!"

Psycho Yellow charges in shooting away with her Psycho Slinger. Damien covers his faces as the shots erupt all around him as explosions. He he removes his hands all he's sees is Psycho Yellow's fist heading his way. Damien falls to the ground hard.

Damien: "Little witch!"

Damien spins around back to his feet like a break dancer and finishes his spin with a sword strike to Yellow's leg causing her to fall down with a now injured leg.

Psycho Yellow: "Aaaagghh! My leg!"

Damien holds his sword to Psycho Yellow's head as she clutches her injured right leg: "Now there will be one less Ranger in my way!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Lucas, Beta 1, and Zordon watch the battle on the Viewing Globe.

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! They're all down!"

Lucas extremely worried, slowly shakes his head: "Zordon. They need my help! There has to be something I can do!"

Zordon: "I'm afraid it may too dangerous for you, Lucas. While you are good friend to the Rangers you are still a civilian."

Lucas: "Well from the looks of it, their in more danger right now than I am. Send down there now!"

Beta 1: "But Lucas, Zordon just said..."

Zordon cuts Beta off: "No, Beta. Teleport Lucas to the battle. While I have reservations about this, Lucas is the only able body left, Ranger or not!"

Beta 1 rubs his forehead as if he could sweat and starts pressing some buttons on the console next to him: "Aye ai ai. Be careful Lucas!"

Lucas picks up his katana blade: "I will. Now hurry!"

Beta 1: "Teleporting now!"

Lucas is teleported out in a beam of grey light.

Scene 2

Setting: The park. Damien is about to finish Psycho Yellow off, while the Scavenger has badly damaged Ecliptor under it's feet.

Ecliptor: "I have.. to.. stop this. It can't end like this."

Damien draws his sword back: "All I have to do is give you one good strike to the neck and it's all over for you. But first, I might as well take your powers as well. I'm curious to see what kind of a wretched hag face you have."

Damien pulls out the Syphon Crystal.

Psycho Yellow: "Ow... No!"

Damien zaps Yellow with the Syphon Crystal, draining her powers and she falls unconscious as her armor is visually sucked off of her body.

Damien puts the Crystal away and raises his sword: "And now for the coup de grace!"

Damien stops as he actually gets a good look at Aundria's face: "Huh?"

Damien lowers his sword: "She's... the most beautiful creature I've ever seen."

Lucas' voice: "GET AWAY FROM HER NOW!"

Damien looks up: "Huh?"

Lucas jumpkicks Damien right in the face, sending him flying right into the Scavenger. Who unwittingly dissolves his cape by accident. Damien quickly gets up from the Scavenger.

Damien: "How dare you!"

Damien pauses and checks his face as he just realizes his nose is bleeding. He stares at the blood on his fingers from his nose then gives Lucas an enraged look: "You dare cause me to shed noble blood? I'll personally gut you for this!"

Lucas a bit confused: "Noble blood? Pardon me for saying this but you really need to get a life!"

Damien holds out his sword: "Enough!"

Damien and Lucas charge at each other and begin to exchange sword blows. Meanwhile Ecliptor tries to get up as the Scavenger works it's way back to him.

Just as the Scavenger tries to attack Ecliptor again it gets struck down by a multi-colored beam of energy.

Ecliptor: "Who?"

Ecliptor looks up and sees Tabuna standing on top of tree branch: "Tabuna!"

Tabuna smiles: "We meet again Mr. Ecliptor!"

Tabuna jumps down to the ground and helps Ecliptor up: "I go to all that trouble to help you get a brand spanking new body and this is how you mess it up? tsk tsk tsk"

Ecliptor: "Enough jokes my dear. This monster is extremely dangerous. It's mere touch may prove fatal."

Tabuna pulls out her sword: "Hmph. How about that."

The Scavenger charges for Ecliptor and Tabuna but they move out of the way and the Scavenger grabs the tree instead. Causing the tree's leaves to instantly brown and fall off, then the tree itself begins to rot and slightly crumble.

Tabuna holds her sword up as the Scavenger turns around to face her: "It does have a death touch!"

Tabuna stands her ground and strikes the Scavenger several times but it's unphased each time. Ecliptor gives it several energy blasts from behind causing it to turn and slowly walk towards him instead.

Tabuna: "It's like fighting the living undead!"

Ecliptor: "I'm not so sure that's not the case."

Ecliptor holds out his hand and shoots a beam of fire from his palm at the monster. The Scavenger backs away from the flames in pain.

Ecliptor: "Ah so that is it's weakness."

Tabuna: "Ecliptor! Set the tree on fire?"

Ecliptor turns the tree: "Hmmm? I see."

Ecliptor launches another wave of fire, this time at the dead tree, setting the tree a blaze!

Tabuna jumps over the Scavenger and next to the flaming tree. She slices the base of the tree and quickly kicks it over in the monster's direction. The flaming tree falls on the Scavenger taking it down at last.

Ecliptor nods to Tabuna: "That was clever."

Tabuna smiles: "As if there was any doubtaaaaaa!"

Tabuna is once again consumed in a silver glow and struggles to maintain her posture.

Ecliptor: "Huh? What is happening to you?!"

Tabuna: "I.. don't.. know!"

Ecliptor walks over to Tabuna but she strikes him down with a multicolored beam: "KEEP AWAY FROM ME!"

Tabuna holds her gut as she teleports away.

Ecliptor gets back up: "Hmmmm... There's more than meets the eye, concerning her."

Ecliptor then turns his attention back to the fight between Lucas and Damien. Lucas knocks Damien's sword from his hand and goes for a roundhouse kick, but Damien gives a stiff boot to Lucas in the stomach while he is in mid-air, Lucas falls down hard, clutching his stomach!

Damien: "I don't know who you are, but in a moment, it won't matter."

As Damien is about to impale Lucas, he's gets struck from behind by Ecliptor. Damien runs off a ways holding his back: "YOU! But you should be a pile of deteriorated dust by now!"

Damien turns his head and sees the Scavenger paralyzed in pain under the flaming tree: "No!"

Ecliptor holds his sword in place: "Oh yes. Now let's finish this game."

Damien smirks as he quickly pulls out the Syphon Crystal: "Oh let's!"

Damien zaps Ecliptor with the Syphon Crystal beginning to drain his powers: "I might as well add your strength to my own as well, you abomination. I'm sure you have plenty of power."

Ecliptor struggles to keep standing: "Urgh! You want.. power! I'll give you more.. power.. than you can handle!"

Ecliptor presses the Cybera symbol on his wrist and begins to scream in pain, as white light begins to break through from under what would be his skin if he were human.

Ecliptor holds his stomach and looks up at Damien: "Here's a real taste at power!"

Ecliptor throws his arms up in the air as he yells at the top of his lungs and his body shatters and from underneath a negated Ecliptor grows to giant size.

Damien has trouble holding the Syphon Crystal as it shakes wildly: "No! Even the Syphon Crystal can't handle this much power! But how!"

Damien can't handle the pain so he throws the Syphon Crystal away but Lucas sees the opportunity and jumps in the air to it.

Damien realizes what Lucas is about to do: "No! Dooonnnnn'ttttt!"

Lucas with his sword, shatters the Syphon Crystal and out comes six balls of energy, each a different color. The blue energy ball enters Marcus, the black one enters Simon, yellow to Aundria, green to Ecliptor. The pink and red balls head for the Power Chamber to restore Victor and Angela. And once the Ranger regains their power they also begin to regain consciousness.

Marcus starts to wake up but holds his head due to a headache: "Ow! What just happened?"

Simon wakes up, not to far from Marcus: "I don't know. Someone must have stopped Damien."

Aundria away from the other two also begins to wake: "Wha?"

Aundria looks up and sees Damien attacking Lucas: "Huh? What's going on here!"

Damien picks up Lucas by the collar of his shirt and tosses him to ground: "You! You ruined everything!"

Aundria: "Lucas?"

Damien blasts Lucas with several bolts of energy from his fingers: "Die!"

Lucas is knocked down hard.

Aundria: "Lucas! NOOOOOO!"

Damien turns around and sees an upset Aundria: "You're awake..."

Aundria: "You hurt my Lucas! I'll see you that you rot in hell for that!"

Damien to himself with a unhappy and guilt ridden expression: "YOUR Lucas? He's your.."

Damien looks up at Aundria: "I'm sorry."

Damien teleports away, leaving Aundria with a confused look: "Sorry?"

Aundria runs to see if Lucas is okay. Meanwhile having reached his time-limit Ecliptor is forced to revert from his ultimate form back to his normal black with green lines form.

Aundria checks on Lucas: "Luc, you okay?"

Lucas gets up but slowly: "Ow. I'll live, is everyone else..."

Aundria looks and sees Marcus and Simon up and about: "Looks like it."

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Damien arrives to find Darkonda and Falconine waiting for him.

Darkonda: "Ha! I knew you would blow it!"

Damien: "Shows what you know mutant. They may regained most of their powers."

Damien holds up his hands to show a ball of multicolored light floating between his hands: "I managed to keep a small portion of each of the Psychos powers."

Falconine: "Excellent. I'm guessing you have plans for it later."

Damien smiles as he nods.

Darkonda is not too happy about Damien's minor victory and clearly shows it: "Forget later. I want those pests destroyed now!"

Falconine summons a raven: "Be careful Darkonda. If I didn't know better I'd swear you were trying to tell me what to do."

Falconine sends the raven into the projection of the Psychos.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the park.

Aundria looks to Marcus: "By the way, what were you doing out here by yourself anyway."

Marcus in a sassy tone: "Does it matter?"

Aundria: "Hey. Don't cop a 'tude with me, I'm just curious is all."

Simon looks up: "Oh oh. We better morph."

Aundria: "Why?"

Simon: "Cuz business is about to pick up!"

Falconine's raven flies down form the sky and emits a black energy over the body of the defeated Scavenger. Causing the monster to break out from under the burning wood and turn into a giant.

Simon holds out his Psycho Morpher: "You better take cover, Lucas."

Lucas nods and leaves the scene.

Simon: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

Suddenly Psycho Red and Pyscho Pink arrive on the scene.

Psycho Red: "Look who's back in town."

Psycho Black: "Alright then Big Red. Kick it off for us."

Psycho Red: "Heh. Big Red. I like that one. Alright, we need the Guardianzords now!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

Ecliptor joins in the battle by growing into a giant himself. The Guardian Megazord and Ecliptor stand side-by-side against the Scavenger.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "I'll still need to vent some frustrations, so if you don't mind, I'll lead this baby."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red turns his head to Blue: "Eh? Have it your way."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahahaha! Tanuki frenzy skills activated!"

A canine growling sound is heard as the Megazord's arms glow blue. The Guardian Megazord charges at Scavenger.

Ecliptor tries to stop the Megazord: "No! Wait don't touch it!"

The Guardian Megazord goes for the Frenzy Fist attack but the Scavenger grabs it and causes the left arm and chest to rust and crack.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "What the hell?!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Oh no! It's causing the Megazord's body to age rapidly."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "At this rate we'll only last a few minutes. We need to break away now!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Right! Simon activate the Tengu tornado skills!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Right!"

The Guardian Megazord tries to break free from the monster then the Tengu-head chest opens it's mouth and blows a twister pushing the monster away. The Guardian Megazord stumbles a bit as backs away but Ecliptor catches it.

Ecliptor: "Fire is it's weakness. Victor use any flame techniques that your megazord has. Like this!"

Ecliptor releases a beam of fire from his palm at the monster, the Scavenger tries to block it but backs off instead.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay I get it. Activate Shogun Firegaze Attack!"

The Guardian Megazord shoots two streams of fire from it's eyes at the monster. Ecliptor and the Guardian Megazord doubleteam the monster with fire attacks, until the monster falls to it's knees.

Ecliptor turns to the Megazord: "Now!"

The Guardian Megazord holds it hand in the air as dark clouds form and it's eyes glow red. A lightning bolt strikes it's hand forming the energy sword, the Guardian Megazord then swings the energy sword at Scavenger. A hundred lightning bolts strike the monster and it falls forward then explodes.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Score one more for the Voltron Force!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] The other four Psychos turn their heads to Blue and stare in dumbfounded silence.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue getting defensive: "What?!"


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Only Falconine and Damien are in the room as they watch over the destruction of the monster.

Damien: "I'm sorry sister. It looks like I failed again. Despite retaining some of their powers."

Falconine: "Damien. We'll get them next time. They may be formidable opponents but they're still nothing compared to the original guardians of this planet."

Damien: "Still I've been underestimating them."

Damien gets a sneaky expression on his face: "Would you mind briefing me on the details of the Rangers. I'll need to know their strengths and weaknesses for future references."

Falconine: "Good thinking. You should know your enemies. Is there anyone in particular you want to concentrate on?"

Damien gives a devilish grin but hides it from Falconine: "Actually I do have one in mind. Please, tell me everything you know about.. Psycho Yellow."

Falconine raises an eyebrow, suspecting Damien's true motives but doesn't act on it: "Very well."

Falconine walks Damien out putting her arm over his shoulder: "The first thing you should know about Aundria is that she is a documented con artist, so watch out for her tricks... blah blah blah."

Scene 2

Setting: A dark room. It's empty except for a monitor showing Falconine and Damien talking in the throne room. Darkonda sits in a chair in the darkness.

Darkonda rubs his chin: "Hmmmm... I'll be keeping my eye on you, little boy. Hahahahahahaha!"

Scene 3

Setting: Just outside the main room of the Power Chamber. In the hallway. The Rangers are inside getting a congratulatory speech from Zordon, but Marcus has slipped out into the hallway to wonder off alone.

Lucas' voice: "Marcus, where are you going?"

Marcus turns around: "Huh? What do you want?"

Lucas steps up to Marcus: "I think we need to talk."

Marcus chuckles slightly: "About what?"

Lucas: "About Aundria. You like her, don't you."

Marcus scoffs at Lucas' suggestion: "Yeah right! She's always putting me down. As far as I'm concerned she's just another bimbo who I could do without."

Lucas: "I don't think you're being honest here."

Marcus sneers: "It doesn't matter what you think Jackie Chump. So stop bugging me."

Marcus walks off.

Lucas speaks up: "You know you don't always have to be the odd man out. All you have to do is just.."

Marcus cuts him off: "Just mind your own business. I am who I am, I'm not gonna clean up my act for anyone. No matter what I think about them."

Marcus leaves. Lucas looks down trying to think about the situation: "It doesn't have to be like this."

Lucas leaves in the opposite direction with a walk of determination: "And I won't let it!"

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Aundria to Damien: "You!"

Damien: "Wait. I need to.. tell you something."

Clip 2
Lucas: "Marcus! We need to settle this right now!"

Marcus: "Watch out!"

Clip 3
Lucas jumps from an explosion.

Clip 4
Victor with his jaw dropped in awe.

Tabuna's voice: "So what do you think?"

Clip 5
Ecliptor to Darkonda: "I'm taking Cybera with me, Darkonda. If you try to stop me, I'll destroy you!"

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! I'd like to see you try."

Clip 6
Ecliptor and Darkonda fighting as explosions erupt all over them.

Clip 7
Marcus stops fighting with Lucas: "Paige?! What are you doing here?"

Paige: "I was about to ask you the same question!"

End Credits


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Takuya Kimura
Lucas Umetsu


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Darkonda, Scavenger

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