Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 18
"Oh Brother!"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Dark Carrier hovers in the night sky. A small raven-shaped jet flies towards it. The pilot is shrouded in darkness.

Pilot: "There it is. She's inside, I can feel it."

The raven-shaped jet hovers above the Dark Carrier and slowly lands like a real bird with it's wings even folding to the sides.

The pilot steps off the jet.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda sits in his throne in the darkness. His eyes shine brightly in the darkness. Cybera stands at his side in complete silence. Falconine stands before them and several Skullinites stand guard at the entrances.

Falconine: "You've been sitting there all night. Surely your devious little mind has come up with something by now."

Darkonda: "I have other matters to attend to. At the moment I can't allow myself to be distracted with Zordon's bunch of turncoats."

Darkonda gets up from his throne and walks past Falconine: "Do whatever you want."

Falconine raises an eyebrow: "Don't tell me you're actually in mourning over Dementian."

Darkonda smirks: "Heh heh. Don't be so naive my dear. I helped destroy my own homeworld, what's one more little brother. Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda laughs as he warps away.

Falconine: "I hate to admit, but sometimes he even gives me the creeps. Sometimes, I wonder why I prolong this alliance of ours?"

Man's voice: "I've been pondering that same question myself."

Falconine turns around and is surprised at who she see: "You?!"

An Asian man, looks to be in his early twenties, if one goes by a traditional aging scale. He is dressed in an outfit not too unlike Falconine's. A mostly black spandex outfit covering his entire body from the neck down. He's wearing a red cape with a golden feather design on the back. A red chestplate with a gold raven insignia on his chest. The outfit also includes a pair of silver, forearm length gloves with red claw tips. His boots follow a similar patern. Instead of a helmet he's wearing a silver crown with wingtips on both sides of his head. His spikey hair is burst out on top. The bird man steps toward Falconine: "Long time no see, Falconine."

The Skullinites rush the bird man, thinking he's about to attack Falconine. The first Skullinite recieves a roundhouse kick from the bird man and the other three are struck down by a golden lightning bolt from his hands, and are vaporized.

Cybera pulls out her sword but Falconine holds her arm out in front of her: "Cybera stop!"

Cybera in her usual quiet tone: "He is an intruder."

Falconine: "No he isn't. I invited him here, myself."

The bird man smiles: "I'm glad to see that I didn't burn the bridge, after all."

Falconine: "I'm not above giving second chances. Especially when my own family is concerned, little brother. So did you bring it?"

The bird man walks up to Falconine and pulls out a small velvet case: "Of course. The Murder of Destruction is ready to be awakened again after all these years."

Falconine takes the case and opens, hearing thousands of crow screams inside: "Excellent."

Falconine puts her arm behind the bird man and escorts him with her: "Come, Damien. It's time to remind the world, why Falconine was once the most feared name in the galaxy."

Falconine and Damien laugh as they teleport away leaving the still cold Cybera behind.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Outside of the New Bethany Youth Center. It's a busy saturday afternoon. An out of town bus stops on the street in front of it.

The bus driver: "Last stop, New Bethany Youth Center! Everyone off."

Various people of all sizes, ages, and races step off the bus as the door opens and leave with their luggage. One particular figure is spotlighted. He's black jeans, a silvery-white t-shirt, and a black denim jacket. He has a black and white baseball cap on and a pair of generic black sneakers. He carries with him a large black back pack over his shoulder, and oddly enough also has to tied to his back a sword in sheath, and bo stick, which catches some unwanted attention.

The figure sees the Youth Center: "I'm finally here. There it is. She's inside, I can feel it."

The figure heads for the Youth Center.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the Youth Center. Hauntingly similiar to the Angel Grove Youth Center. Various young people are at the juice bar or at tables, enjoying a good meal. Some are working out on various exercise machines. Victor and Simon share a sparring match, kickboxing style. At a table in front of them, sits Aundria, Marcus, and Angela. Aundria and Angela watch and admire to the two fighters abilities. While Marcus is off in his own little world sipping on a shake.

Angela claps as Victor and Simon put on a great demonstration of martial arts skills: "Awesome guys!"

Marcus: "Eh. I could do that if I really wanted to."

Aundria turns her head to Marcus: "Sheah right! Either one of them would mop up the floor with you. You don't have the disicipline or grace that they have."

Marcus: "Grace huh? Let's see about that."

Marcus stands up and tosses his shake at the floor by Victor and Simon. The shake spills over and Simon slips and falls to the ground: "Aaarrgh!"

Victor gets on one knee to help out Simon: "Whoah! You okay man?"

Marcus smirks: "Don't look too graceful to me. Hehehahaha!"

Angela gets up and turns to Marcus: "How could you.. Oh nevermind!"

Angela runs to help out Simon.

Aundria turns around and starts smacking Marcus on the head repeatedly: "You @$$! Just when I think you can't become even more of a jerk or idiot! You sink to new lows!"

Marcus tries to block: "Ow! Hey! Quit it! I was just joking with blondie! Geesh! Ow! Knock it off already!"

Aundria picks up her own shake and pours it over Marcus' head: "Why do even put up with you?! Ugh! I'm outta here!"

Aundria walks off in disgust as bystanders watch on and laugh at Marcus.

Aundria heads for the exit but bumps into the black and white wearing stranger.

Aundria and stranger at the same time: "Oooh. Sorry about that!"

Aundria and the stranger turn around to face each other and pause as they recognize each other.

Aundria surprise turns to happiness: "I don't believe it! Lucas!"

Lucas takes off his cap: "Aundria! I knew my inner sense was accurate!"

Aundria hugs Lucas: "I don't believe it! What are you doing here? And how did you get here?"

Lucas: "Well.. You said if I was ever in New Bethany, I was to visit you. I'm here and I'm visiting you. As to how, I take plane, then bus."

Aundria: "Well it's good to see you again. The others are here also. I'll introduce you to them."

Aundria takes Lucas to meet the other Psycho Rangers. Angela and Victor help Simon get back up. Marcus is cleaning himself up with a towel.

Aundria: "Hey guys! There's someone I'd like you to meet."

Marcus jokingly says: "Hey! It's kung-fu boy!"

Lucas holds out his hand to shake Marcus': "It's Marcus, right?"

Marcus looks at Lucas' hand and instead of shaking, just tosse his towel on Lucas' arm: "Yep. The one and only!"

Lucas unamused simply takes off Marcus' towel and toss onto a bench off to the side: "Let us pray then, that, that is true."

Aundria giggles at Lucas' dry humor which causes Marcus to give her a funny look.

Aundria: "Anyway guys, this is Lucas. He's the guy that helped us out when we trying to get my Guardianzord."

Angela smiles: "So this is the guy! You're right he is cute!"

Simon's eyebrow raises. No one sees it.

Angela: "It's too bad I got eye on someone else right now."

Simon gives a sigh of relief. Once again no one sees it.

Angela holds out her hand and shakes Lucas': "Anyway, I'm Angela."

Lucas gives a slight bow as he shakes her hand: "I'm honored."

Victor also shakes Lucas' hand: "My name's Victor. The leader of our little ragtag group of ours."

Lucas a bit star struck bows again: "The Champion of Fire? I'm am very honored to meet you sir."

Victor: "Whoah man! No need for this 'sir' stuff. We look to be about the same age anyway."

Lucas: "My apologies."

Marcus speaks under his breath: "Dork."

Lucas holds out his hand to shake Simon's next: "And Simon, right? We also met in the Jakalise Islands."

Simon steps away from Angela and Victor so he can shake Lucas' hand: "Yeah. Nice to see you agai.."

Simon starts to fall but Victor and Angela catch him: "Ow."

Angela: "Simon, you're hurt? Where?"

Simon: "I think I must have twisted my ankle when I slipped."

Lucas: "How did this happen?"

Angela, Simon, Victor, and Aundria all give Marcus a cold stare.

Marcus getting defensive: "What?! It was a joke?"

Simon: "Yeah. A joke that may put me out of commission for a while."

Lucas squats down and investigates Simon's ankle then rubs his chin as he thinks: "Hmmmm... I think I can help here. Set him down on that bench."

Victor: "You a doctor or something?"

Lucas gets back up: "No. But there are some tricks as a Silver Monk, I know, that might help here."

Angela and Victor help Simon sit down on the bench. Lucas takes off Simon's shoe and sock. He then places his index fingers on both sides of Simon's ankle.

Lucas: "I need you to tell me where you feel the most pain."

Simon: "Okay."

Lucas presses against Simon's ankle: "Here?"

Lucas then slides his fingers slightly and presses again: "Or here?"

Simon strains: "Ow! Definitely the last one."

Lucas: "Okay."

Lucas closes his eyes as holds tight Simon's ankle with one hand and twists his foot to the counter-clockwise with the other, causing a cracking sound: "There."

Lucas pulls a pouch out of backpack and sprinkles some small white dust on his ankle: "Now a little cold dust to prevent swelling, and we're done."

Lucas gets up: "Now try to walk on it."

Simon slowly stands back up and is pleasantly surprised to see that the pain is completley gone: "Incredible! How did you do that."

Marcus jokes: "It's maaagic!"

Everyone ignores him.

Lucas: "It's a minor healing spell of the Silver Monks."

Victor: "Can you do major healing spells as well?"

Lucas humbly smiles: "No. Only healers know the more difficult spells. I was trained more as a warrior."

Victor: "Oh ho! A warrior? That means you must have some skills right? I think we could have little sparring match, later on."

Lucas smiles: "Sure."

Marcus in a childish tone mocks Lucas: " 'Sure!' "

Aundria takes Lucas by the arm: "Um. Maybe later. I want to show him around."

Marcus steps forward: "Well then, let's get going!"

Simon pulls Marcus back and shakes his head.

Angela winks as she pats Aundria on the shoulder: "Have fun, you crazy kids, you."

Aundria and Lucas make their exit. Laughing together. Marcus watches with disapproval.

While Marcus is boiling, in the background the other three discuss Lucas.

Simon: "So what do you guys think of Lucas."

Victor: "Seems like an okay enough guy. I'm kinda surprised that cleancut niceguy like him is apparently Aundria's type."

Simon: "Heh heh. Easier to manipulate."

Simon, Victor and Angela: "Hahahahahaha..."

Marcus: "Grrrr..."

Simon, Victor and Angela: "blah blah blah blah..."

Marcus: "I don't like this new guy already."

Scene 3

Setting: The rooftop of one of the skyscrapers in New Bethany. Falconine and Damien stand at the ledge.

Damien smiles and turns to Falconine: "Well are we ready for some mass destruction?"

Falconine nods: "But of course. Release the Murder of Destruction!"

Damien holds up the small case and opens it in front of the city, thousands of bird cries of all kinds come out of the case suddenly a black cloud emerges from the case, the cloud starts to blacken a large portion of the sky, at closer inspection the cloud is actually a large murder of crows and flocks of other twisted looking birds.

Falconine looks at the Murder of Destruction and points to the city: "Go! Leave not one stone untouched by your evil!"

The crows scatter and cause destruction all over the city. By flying through windows, terrorizing people, dropping stones everywhere, stealing food, ripping apart signs, and some of the bigger crows begin shooting eyebeams to cause even more destruction. Total chaos as thousands and thousands of evil birds ravage the city of New Bethany.

Damien watches the destruction on the ledge of the building with one leg elevated so he can rest his arms on his knee, he turns his head to Falconine: "Well?"

Falconine smiles as she gazes upon the destruction her pets cause, the chaos is reflected from her eyes: "Excellent. Just excellent."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The New Bethany Park. Aundria and Lucas sit on a bench on the beautiful sunny day.

Aundria: "So how long are you going to be staying here anyway?"

Lucas: "I'm not sure. I think I'll be staying here awhile. The city is quickly growing on me."

Aundria: "I have to admit, it has it's charm."

Lucas: "There's another reason I have for staying. At least I think there it is."

Aundria curious: "Oh?"

Lucas takes Aundria's hand.

Aundria figures it out: "Oh. Well then, I think you DO have another reason to stay here."

Aundria and Lucas stare into each other for brief moment until chaos breaks up their moment. Birds everywhere start ravaging the park.

Lucas and Aundria get up and duck under some of the birds that are flying every which way.

Lucas: "Is this normal for New Bethany?!"

Aundria ducks under another bird: "No! It's not! This has to be another of Darkonda and Falconine's schemes. With the bird theme, I'd say more specifically one of Falconine's schemes!"

A large oversized crow heads for a young boy. Lucas rushes and knocks the crow out of the way with his backpack. The boy's mother rushes in and takes her son to safety.

Aundria grabs Lucas' hand: "We have to get out of here."

Lucas: "But all of these people need your help!"

Aundria takes Lucas to the bushes: "I know, but you're one of the few people who know who the Psychos really are, and I'd rather it stay that way!"

Aundria bats away a small bird from her face as she and Lucas run for cover.

Scene 2

Setting: Almidor's lab in the Power Chamber. Ecliptor is hooked up to a large scanning device as Beta 1 works the controls. Zordon is watching from a monitor. Two green rings of light move up and down Ecliptor until Beta turns off the machine and the rings fade away.

Beta 1: "We're done."

Ecliptor gets up from the scanning device: "Yes. So what can you tell me about these surges I've been getting."

Beta 1 looks at the information: "I wish Almidor was still here. He could have given us more conclusive information but as near as I can tell, you're in perfect shape."

Ecliptor getting impatient: "But what about the surges?"

Beta 1: "Well... With never actually studying the Evolution Crystal, I can't be sure, but from the looks of it a large portion of the Crystal's power flows through your body. However the energy is unstable and can only be maintained for short periods of time."

Ecliptor rubs his chin: "Hmmmm... I see. And what about this marking on my wrist."

Beta 1: "That seems to be the focal point of the power. It looks like it may actually be an on and off switch for the power."

Ecliptor is about to press the Cybera marking on his wrist: "You mean if I touch it, I will turn into that more powerful form again?"

Beta 1 quickly stops: "Aye ai ai! Don't! Don't activate indoors!"

Ecliptor: "Why?"

Zordon: "Your body in it's current state cannot maintain that much power. As a safety precaution, your body will automatically grow to giant size to prevent overload."

Beta 1: "Meaning you can't turn on your 'surge power' indoors unless you want to pay for the roofing cause."

Ecliptor: "I see. Very well. But what about the minor surge attacks I've had."

Zordon: "Since you haven't had anything after the first time you changed into your ultimate form, it may have been simply your new body adjusting to your set-up."

Ecliptor: "Then I am relieved. This new power of mine will prove to be quite beneficial."

Zordon: "Yes. It does tip the scales in our favor, however I must recommend that you only use it when absolutely necessary. You will only be able to stay your ultimate form for brief periods of time, and even then it may do more harm to yourself then good. I'm sure though that you'll remain aware of your own limits."

Zordon's image on the monitor blacks out.

Ecliptor: "My limits. Heh. With these new powers I have no limits. Still caution would be wise."

The computer starts beeping and Beta 1 responds: "Aye ai ai! We're getting an emergence alert from Aundria! The city is under attack."

Ecliptor: "Hmmmm... It looks like I'll be able to test my 'limits' sooner than we thought!"

Ecliptor teleports away. Beta 1 tries to add: "Ecliptor! Be careful."

Beta 1: "Oh aye ai ai."

Scene 3

Setting: Just outside the New Bethany Youth Center. Victor, Angela, Simon, and Marcus all run outside to see what the ruckus is. They are in shock when they see the thousands of birds terrorizing the city.

Marcus: "Whoah! This is just like that one Hitchcock movie!"

Simon: "You mean 'The Birds'?"

Marcus: "Of course I'm referring to the birds! Even my attention span isn't that short! But what was the name of that Hitchcock move with all the crazy birds?"

Simon: "No. 'The Birds' is the name... Oh the hell with it!"

Victor turns around: "Knock it off, you two. This is serious."

Aundria and Lucas run to the others.

Aundria: "Guys, we better do something fast! I already informed Zordon and the others, what's going on."

Victor: "Good."

Victor turns and points to an alley: "Let's morph in that alley and take care of business."

The Psychos head for the alley, Victor turns to Lucas: "You better head for cover."

Lucas nods and heads back inside the Youth Center.

As the Psychos run into the alley the all hold out their Psycho Morphers: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

The Psycho Rangers run out of the alley.

Psycho Black: "Okay we're morphed. So now what do we do?"

Psycho Pink: "Yeah. We can't possibly take all them down, one by one. There's too many."

Psycho Red: "I'm open to suggestions."

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe and bats in his hands: "Hehehahahaha! I say we just go ahead and piss off the P.E.T.A.!"

Psycho Yellow: "Whatever. Red, I got an idea."

Psycho Red turns to Yellow: "Lay it on me."

Psycho Yellow begins to explain her plan to Red.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the rooftop. While Falconine and Damien survey the damage. On another building behind, Tabuna sneaks up on them.

Tabuna: "There they are. The one's behind all of this. How am I supposed to cause my own brand mischief at night with all of these birds ruining my beauty sleep?"

Tabuna pulls out her sword and targets Falconine: "One bird on a stick coming up!"

Just as Tabuna is about to throw her sword like a spear at Falconine a silver grow consumes her again and she drops her weapon in pain.

Falconine and Damien turn around to see what the noise was. Tabuna quickly ducks behind a large roof fan.

Damien: "What was that?"

Falconine: "It was probably a cat or one of my birds."

Tabuna continues to glow silver and holds her head: "What's happening to me? The pain!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: New Bethany or rather above New Bethany. The Sky Knight flies in. The Sky Knight shoots two missles and creates a large green net made up of energy. With the Sky Knight holding the top of the net, and the two missle serving as the bottom two corners. The net is large enough that it scales over a large portion of the city. Inside the Sky Knight, Ecliptor and the Psycho Rangers survey the sight.

Ecliptor: "The net has been deployed."

Psycho Red turns to Psycho Yellow: "Okay. Now for phase two of your plan, Aundria."

Psycho Yellow nods: "Right! Let's get to the Psycho Cycles!"

Scene 2

Setting: Back outside the Sky Knight. A hatch opens up from the side and the five Psychos on their cycles launch out. The Psycho Cycles land on the roof of one of the tall buildings.

Psycho Red: "Okay guys! You know the plans. Heard as many birds as you can to the energy net."

The other Psychos nod: "Right!"

The Psycho Rangers drive off the building in different directions.

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. The park, where Psycho Pink on her Cycle does her thing.

Psycho Pink rushes in on her Cycle and shoots some Psycho Arrows at some of the birds to rile them up.

Psycho Pink: "Psycho Cycle Vinegrip!"

The Psycho Cycle shoots out two vines into the ground and large wall of vines comes out of the ground, steering the large mass of birds upward and directly to the net. The birds fly into the net. The birds stick to net like flypaper.

Psycho Pink speaks to her wrist: "Pink to Psycho Red. The New Bethany Park is clear."

Scene 4

Setting: The cultural center of New Bethany. Psycho Yellow drives in on her Psycho Cycle.

Psycho Yellow: "Psycho Cycle Beastwave Frenzy!"

The Yellow Psycho Cycle shoots out hundreds of bee-like bullets at the birds and steers them all into the large net above.

Scene 5

Setting: Downtown New Bethany. Psycho Red on his Psycho Cycle launch off City Hall and into the sky!

Psycho Red: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

The Psycho Cycle turns into a red fireball, leaving behind a large streak of flames in the air and the hot air it causes forces the birds to fly up and into the net.

Psycho Red lands next to Psycho Black's Cycle.

Psycho Red: "So how's it looking."

Psycho Black: "Well, we're making progress but there's still too many. We need to pick up the pace somehow. We need something bigger than the Psycho Cycles. We need.."

Psycho Black looks up in excitement: "I got it!"

Psycho Red: "What?"

Psycho Black gets off his Psycho Cycle: "Just you watch!"

Psycho Black holds his arm up in the air: "Black Tengu Guardianzord arise!"

Setting: High into the sky. The Black Tengu flies in from the horizon. Giving a large hawk like cry! A black beam of energy goes inside the head.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black drops into his seat: "There, now let's see if I can pull this off without causing too much damage myself!"

The Black Tengu hovers above the energy net. Then starts spinning around to create a twister serving as a vacuum. The loose birds start getting sucked into the twister and eventually pulled into the net.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Careful. Careful. Just need enough power to suck the birds. Don't want to drag people and small animals up as well."

The Black Tengu Guardianzord finally stops as all the birds the city are trapped in the net. The two missles return to the Sky Knight, closing in the net. Creating a giant ball full of birds.

Scene 7

Setting: Back on the ground. The Psycho Rangers watch.

Psycho Pink jumps up and down: "Yes! He did it!"

Psycho Red: "An that takes care of that."

Psycho Black jumps out of the Black Tengu and lands beside the Rangers.

Psycho Red: "You guys did good."

Psycho Yellow: "Um.. There's still one problem. Now that we have all the birds, what do we do with them?"

Psycho Blue shrugs: "Simple! We waste them all!"

Psycho Pink steps in front of Blue: "No! We can't! Sure there's a lot of evil birds in there, but plenty of them are innocent animals that got caught in the crossfire. We can't destroy them too!"

Psycho Blue: "Sure we can. Their all just dumb animals."

Psycho Yellow: "The only dumb animal I see is you. And Angela is right. While I'm not a big animal lover like Angela, we can't just kill off the entire bird population of New Bethany."

Psycho Red thinks about: "Hmmmm.. I guess we could try to sort through them all but that might take too long!"

Damien's voice: "Oh don't worry about the Murder of Destruction! I'll be more than happy to take them off your hands!"

The Psycho Rangers turn to see who is speaking to him.

Damien and Falconine appear right before them.

Psycho Red: "Falconine! And someone I've never seen before."

Damien steps forward and mockingly bows over: "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Damien, and I'm here to eliminate some of my big sister's little annoyances."

Psycho Yellow: "Sister? You mean Falconine?"

Falconine steps forward: "Yes. Damien here is my younger brother. As you know a slot in the Alliance hiearchy was recently opened up."

Psycho Red: "Yeah. You're boyfriend took out his own brother!"

Damien steps forward in anger: "Boyfriend! How dare you insinuate that my sister would have any romantic ties to that freak!"

Psycho Red smuggly takes: "Well! Touchy little brat, aren't ya?"

Damien: "Grrr... Watch your tongue, boy!"

Damien releases a couple of energy beams at Psycho Red. Psycho Red jumps out of the way.

Damien summons a long sword with a red crystal at the tip, and crow-shaped handle: "Let's see if you'll be so cocky after I scewer you!"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "Cocky? Oh I get it. Cocky, chicken, bird! That was a joke right?"

Damien: "Son of a.."

Damien charges towards Psycho Red and the two fend off block each other's sword strikes.

Meanwhile the other four Psycho Rangers surround Falconine.

Psycho Blue: "So how about it babe! Ready to get it on!"

Falconine raises an eyebrow: "With you? Puhleaze!"

Psycho Black: "Get her!"

Falconine raises her hand an invisible force of energy knocks all four Psychos down: "I don't think so. I have monsters for this sort of thing."

Falconine snaps her fingers and a bald eagle monster appears at her side. The bald eagle monster is dressed like a roman gladiator with a gold chest plate and metal skirt. He has two arms as well as large wings on stretched from his back. His color scheme is mostly dark brown and covered with feathers except for his head which is white. He has talons for feet.

Falconine looks to her monster: "Evil Eagle, have fun!"

Falconine swings her cape over her shoulder as she teleports away.

Evil Eagle bows to the vanishing Falconine: "Thank you, my lady."

Evil Eagle looks around him: "Well? You heard what she said? I'm going to have some fun with you guys! Hahahahahaha!"

Evil Eagle charges and kicks Psycho Pink before she can get back up.

Psycho Black gets back up immediatley: "Hey! Watch how you treat her!"

Evil Eagle: "Well then, let's have at it!"

Psycho Black and Evil Eagle square off. Evil Eagle blocks Psycho Black's punch and gives his own to the chest. Psycho Yellow jumps on him from behind but he merely throws her over his shoulder.

Psycho Blue begins to spin around: "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue's Psycho Spin attack strikes Evil Eagle several times, allowing Psycho Pink the opportunity to get her some Psycho Bow shots on him.

Meanwhile Damien strikes Psycho Red in the chest with his sword, causing Psycho Red to fall to the ground, Damien rushes in to impale him, but Red rolls out of the way and gives Damien a spinning leg sweep. Damien backflips to regain his footing shoots a pair of energy beams from his fingers at Psycho Red. Which knock Psycho Red hard into a mail deposit box.

Damien: "Learned your lesson yet, dog?"

Psycho Red gets back up: "Heh. I haven't even opened up the book yet."

Psycho Red quickly releases a green energy bolt from his hand and distracts Damien long enough, to get a good dive-in strike on him. Damien falls down but spins back up to one knee just in time to block Psycho Red's next sword attack. Damien punches Psycho Red in the gut, causing him to back off a few steps. Damien then knees Psycho Red in the head and prepares to decapitate the kneeling Psycho Ranger until suddenly and multi-colored beam strikes him in the shoulder causing Damien to fall back.

Psycho Red surprised by the save looks up: "Huh?"

Tabuna stands on the ledge of on of the buildings. She's blows Psycho Red a kiss before teleporting away.

Psycho Red gets back up: "You know, I'm REALLY starting to like her!"

Damien charges at Psycho Red from behind. Psycho Red merely sidesteps and holds his sword to the side so that Damien runs right into it. Damien jumps over his sword to prevent getting sliced in half but drops the small case that held the Murder of Destruction. Damien rolls to the ground hard and is quite a few yards away from Psycho Red.

Psycho Red notices the case and picks it up: "Eh? What's this?"

Damien holds out his hand: "No! Give that back!"

Psycho Red looks at the case then up at the birds trapped in the energy ball: "Hmmmm... Being an ex-super villain, I can make the educated guess, that this little thingy is what's behind those crazed birds. Sooooo...."

Pscyho Red tosses the case up in the air and summons the Psychorang. He strokes it and it glows red: "Psychorang!"

Psycho Red throws the Psychorang up into the air and it flies right through the case, causing it to explode.

Damien: "No!"

The Psychorang returns to Psycho Red. As the evil birds trapped in the energy net simply vanish. Leaving behind only the innocent normal birds.

Damien gets back up: "You! You ruined everything?"

Psycho Red: "Didn't big sis tell ya? We always win. So you better get used to it, if you want to continue playing with the Psycho Power Rangers!"

Damien looks like he's about to throw a temper tantrum: "I'll get you for this! I'll make sure you pay for this! You haven't seen the last of me!"

Damien teleports away.

Psycho Red: "Well for the new kid on the block, he got all the classic villain cliche's down! Now to the others!"

Psycho Red joins the others just as Evil Eagle is send flying into the ground: "Well. It looks like you guys don't need my help on this clown after all." Psycho Red: "Gotcha."

The Psycho Rangers bring their Psycho Weapons together and the Psycho Blaster formed.

Evil Eagle gets back up: "Why you little snots. No one treats me like that."

Psycho Red aims the Psycho Blaster at Evil Eagle: "Get used to it."

Psycho Red fires the Psycho Blaster at Evil Eagle. The blast strikes Evil Eagle and sparks erupt all over his body. Psycho Red turns away as Evil Eagle slowly falls to the ground and explode!

Scene 8

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Falconine watches her monster get destroyed in the floor projection. Damien walks in, distressed.

Damien: "I'm sorry sister. I let those Rangers humiliate us."

Falconine summons her raven: "The battle isn't quite over yet, Damien."

Falconine sends the raven into the projection.

Scene 9

Setting: Back to New Bethany. The Psycho Rangers are pleased with their work but their jubilation is cut short.

Psycho Pink points up in the air: "Oh oh. Look what's coming down."

Psycho Red sees the raven: "We better not waste anytime."

The other Psycho Rangers all nod: "Right!"

The raven releases a black energy over the remains of Evil Eagle, reconstructing him into a giant monster!

Giant Evil Eagle checks out the city: "Ah hahahaha! I'm back and bigger than ever. Prepare to get stomped little Psychos! Hahahaha!"

Giant Evil Eagle looks down and notices that the Psycho Rangers are missing: "Huh? Where did they go?"

Suddenly the Guardian Megazord's fist decks Evil Eagle from behind.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Sorry bigboy. We Psycho Rangers are a bit on the impatient side."

Evil Eagle gets back up: "Ha! You think this toy robot impresses me? Well it doesn't!"

Evil Eagle charges after the Guardian Megazord and knocks the Zord down. He then flies into the air and releases a series of energy bolts, but the Guardian Megazord jumps out of the way and flies into the air itself.

Evil Eagle: "So you can fly too? Big deal!"

The Guardian Megazord releases a tornado from it's Tengu-head chest and spins the Evil Eagle around. Then Guardian Megazord's eyes glow red and dark clouds form. The Guardian Megazord holds up it's hand a lightning bolt strikes it. Forming the Energy Sword.

Evil Eagle charges towards the Guardian Megazord: "I'll get you."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "I think not."

The Guardian Megazord strikes Evil Eagle with the Energy Sword and a hundred lightning bolts strikes the monster all at once causing it too explode! The sword fades away and the eyes of the Guardian Megazord resume their normal color as the clouds clear up.

Scene 10

Setting: The cockpit of the Sky Knight. Ecliptor watches the battle finish.

Ecliptor: "Not bad. I'm a bit disappointed that my assistance wasn't needed this time though."

Ecliptor looks at the Cybera marking on his wrist: "Perhaps next time."

Scene 11

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Falconine and Damien watch as the Evil Eagle monster is destroyed in mid-air and the innocent normal birds are released from the Sky Knight's energy net.

Falconine is silent.

Damien very apologetic: "I'm sorry Falconine. I thought I could have been more of a help too you, but my incompetence has ruined your good name."

Falconine: "Stop."

Damien looks up in surprise: "Eh?"

Falconine turns around to face Damien: "You're too hard on yourself, little brother. These Psycho Rangers have proven themselves to be quite worthy adversaries in the past. Defeat at their hands is nothing new to me."

Damien: "But surely, it gets frustrating."

Falconine: "Very. But there is another reason why I wanted you to rejoin my side little brother. Other than to destroy the Psycho Rangers."

Damien: "There is?"

Falconine puts her hand on Damien's shoulder: "I need someone I can trust with me. Darkonda just destroyed his own flesh and blood, and he has too many plans that I don't know the details of. He's a powerful ally, but I fear he may become a more powerful enemy all too soon."

Damien smirks: "I see. You need me to watch your back, like in the good old days. Except Rachella is no longer with us."

Falconine gets angry: "I've told you to never mention her ever again!"

Damien backs away in fear: "I'm sorry. I wasn't aware that you were still haunted by her death. I'm sorry."

Falconine calms down and looks down: "Some scars never fade away little brother. Now leave me be for awhile. I need to think."

Damien bows his head and leaves the room like and officer.

Falconine has a brief flashback of a young girl dressed in white: "Rachella."


Act 5

Setting: The Youth Center. Victor, Simon, Angela, Aundria, Marcus, and Lucas sit at the table having hamburgers and fries.

Angela surprised at what Lucas just said: "You mean you don't have a place to stay yet!"

Lucas: "No I just got here. But I'll find a hotel or something tonight."

Aundria: "Why don't you stay with us for awhile?"

Lucas: "You mean that?"

Victor interrupts: "Wait just a minute! Look, you're a cool guy and all, but we have a lot of privacy to keep in mind."

Angela: "But he already knows are secret identities. He's one of the goodguys. I don't see what the problem is."

Simon: "I have to side with Victor on this. I mean no offense, Lucas, but we don't really know if we can trust you."

Lucas looks down a bit: "I understand. I have no problem with it."

Aundria shakes her head: "No. Look guys. If it's a matter of trust than I shouldn't be living at the Power Chamber either. I mean, let's be honest. Lucas is the only person at this table who doesn't have a salty past. He's certainly more trust worthy than me!"

Simon shrugs: "I guess you do have a point there."

Victor: "Well. We still have to run this by the big bald guy in a tube, but I guess we could use someone else around the joint to keep things clean."

Angela turns to Marcus: "What about you Marc. What do you think?"

Marcus was zoned out, suddenly gets brought back into the real world: "What? Oh um.. sure. I got no probs with it."

Aundria raises an eyebrow: "You sure?"

Marcus a bit nervous trying to hide his true feelings: "Sure. I mean we could always another nice guy to balance out my jerkiness, right! Sure. We'd love to have you aboard, kung-fu boy."

Marcus says these last words to himself: "Dork."

Aundria gets up and takes Lucas by the arm: "Then it's settled. Welcome to the family Lucas! Let's go get your stuff ready."

Aundria and Lucas begin to leave Lucas bows to the Psychos: "I don't know what to say except, Thank you for your unending kindness."

Simon: "No prob."

Victor: "Yeah."

Marcus watches as Aundria and Lucas run off like a couple of giggly highschool sweethearts, he gets up and leaves without saying anything or finishing his food.

Angela: "Marcus. You okay?"

Marcus doesn't say a thing and just leaves.

Angela: "Marcus?"

Angela turns to Simon and Victor: "Guys, what's wrong with him?"

Victor: "I have no idea."

Simon: "Ditto."

Angela watches on as Marcus leaves with a hint of sadness in his walk.

Angela whispers to herself: "Hmmmm... I wonder."

Scene 2

Setting: A dark room. It is almost complete darkness. Darkonda enters the room through the single door. His eyes are the only that lights up.

Darkonda: "Master, are you here?"

A dark figure gets up from what looks to be a throne in the darkness: "Yes. You have destroyed Dementian. Correct?"

Darkonda nods: "Yes. He paid the ultimate price for his betrayal."

Dark figure: "Excellent."

Darkonda: "I trust, you won't have Twerp resurrect him then."

Dark figure: "No. Dementian is lost forever. He did something even you don't have the gall to do, and that is to betray me. That is why I like you Darkonda. For all you're cunning and treacherous scheming, you know better than to try and cross me in any way, shape, or form. Is it any wonder you were the only Crulian, I told Twerp to give nine lives to?"

Darkonda smiles: "Thank you master. Still, with Dementian gone, I'll need someone else to take his place."

The dark figure steps closer to Darkonda: "I have someone in mind."

Darkonda: "Excellent. I'll need him immediatley."

The dark figure walks away: "Patience Darkonda. You new partner is currently busy 'elsewhere'. When he is available, I'll send him to you. Till then, make do on your own."

Darkonda bows: "As you wish, Dr. Hinelar."

Dr. Hinelar steps into the small bit of light, just barely enough to see his face. It is an aged Asian man, with purple hair, his hair is styled to resemble the head dress of an owl, the two points in his hair are white.

Dr. Hinelar smiles: "Yes, as I wish. Hahahahahahahaha.."

Dr. Hinelar's laughter echoes through out the darkness in a truly evil manner.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Damien holds a blue crystal in his hands: "With this I'll be able to steal the Psycho Rangers' very powers!"

Darkonda: "Hahahahahaha! Excellent."

Clip 2
Damien zaps Psycho Blue.

Clip 3
Damien zaps Psycho Pink.

Clip 4
Damien zaps Psycho Black.

Clip 5
Damien zaps Psycho Red.

Clip 6
Damien zaps Psycho Yellow.

Clip 7
Damien holds his sword of Psycho Yellow's head: "Now there will be one less Ranger in my way!"

Clip 8
Lucas to Zordon: "They need my help! There has to be something I can do!"

Clip 9
Damien blasts Lucas.

Clip 10
Aundria: "Lucas! NOOOOO!!"

End Credits


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