Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 17
"Surging Ecliptor"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A barren desert terrain at a mountainous locale. On top of a cliff but below another cliff, Ecliptor tied down in front of the Evolution Crystal which is about to explode. Psycho Red is running to him. The other four Psycho Rangers are battling Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, and Cybera.

Psycho Red runs to Ecliptor: "I'm coming old man!"

Ecliptor is so far gone that he's hardly recognizable anymore and barely manages to utter: "No. Victor get back it's going to..."

The Evolution Crystal explodes in a very violent explosion. The explosion consumes what's left of Ecliptor.

Psycho Red stops in his tracks as the explosion heads for him, Psycho Red drops his sword: "ECLIPTOR! NOOOOOOOOO!"

Psycho Red continues to scream as the fireball reaches and consumes him as well!

The Psychos and the villains all stop fighting when the huge fireball heads for them.

Psycho Pink: "VICTOR!"

Falconine turns to Darkonda: "Darkonda, we better get out of here!"

Darkonda: "I'm way ahead of you my dear! Retreat!"

Darkonda, Falconine, Dementian, Cybera all teleport away in their own special methods, leaving behind the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Black commands: "Everyone! Get down and brace yourselves!"

The Psychos fall flat on the grounds as the fireball reaches them. In the center of the inferno, the flames start to tear away at Psycho Red's armor but he crosses his arms in front of his head and begins to glow red, absorbing the heat around him.

Psycho Red: "I am the fire! I won't be killed by it!"

The huge explosion finally fades away. Since there was no plants around, there is nothing to burn. But the very ground itself is singed and blackened.

Psycho Black looks up: "I don't believe it. I'm alive!"

Psycho Black gets up and turns around to see that the others are all getting up as well with their armor all just singed on the back.

Psycho Black: "Is everyone okay?"

Psycho Pink: "I'm fine."

Psycho Yellow adds: "Same here, but I never want to go through that again."

Psycho Blue smuggly comments: "Speak for yourself chicky! That was such a rush!"

Psycho Yellow just shakes her head in a "whatever" pantomime.

Psycho Pink: "Where's Victor?"

Psycho Black turns around and sees Psycho Red standing in front of the rocks where Ecliptor was last standing.

Psycho Red takes off his helmet and Victor's expression is that of complete sorrow and loss as he falls to his knees.

The other Psychos run up to him and take off their helmets as well.

Simon: "Vic? Are you?"

Victor shakes his head: "There's nothing left. Not a solitary wire."

Aundria gets on one knee behind Victor and puts her arms on his shoulders to comfort him.

Victor: "He's gone. Ecliptor's gone."

Aundria rubs Victor's shoulders as he bows his head in sadness. The others look at each other with sadness as well.

Victor: "Why did he have to go on by himself? He knew it was a trap."

Simon squats next to Victor: "I don't know."

Simon looks around and tries to get more firm: "Look. There's nothing left for us here. Let's go back to base and see what we can do from there."

Victor looks up at Simon and tries to be strong as he nods. Victor, Simon, and Aundria get up and the Psychos all begin to leave. The camera shot pulls away to show on top of the cliff an unconscious and unharmed Tabuna emitting a silver glow and suddenly awakening.

(Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Tabuna has trouble walk through the desert in an almost drunken manner. She's holding her head in pain.

Tabuna: "What's happening to me?"

Tabuna suddenly stops as she hears a voice in her head: "You're going the wrong way."

Tabuna: "Wha? Who.. who said that? Show yourself."

Voice: "That's impossible. I'm not here at least not physically?"

Tabuna eyes widen as she realizes where the voice is coming from: "Oh my god! I'm hearing voices in my head! That explosion must have knocked some screws loose."

Voice: "Believe me, your not crazy. The name is Tabuna, isn't it?"

Tabuna shakes her head in disbelief: "If I'm not going insane, then who are you."

Voice: "I am Ecliptor."

Tabuna: "Impossible. I thought that explosion destroyed you?"

Ecliptor's voice: "It did. But somehow through the Evolution Crystal our minds connected. When my body was destroyed by the explosion, my mind somehow entered into you."

Tabuna a bit worried: "You're in my head? Then does that mean you can read my..."

Ecliptor's voice: "Yes. But don't worry. I haven't looked too far into your past. Just enough to know who you are. But I'll respect your privacy.. for now."

Tabuna gets on one knee to rest for a moment: "Thanks, I guess. So what do we do? Crazy or not, I don't want voices in my head for the rest of my existence."

Ecliptor's voice: "And I don't want to be just a voice in a head for the rest of mine."

Tabuna: "So how do we get you out of my head?"

Ecliptor's voice: "I would imagine by reuniting me with my own body."

Tabuna gets up: "But how? Your body was destroyed!"

Ecliptor's voice: "If there is a fragment of my body left, I'll be able to reconstruct myself. It's one of the benefits of being made from Pryrin Seven."

Tabuna: "How do you know you can do that?"

Ecliptor's voice: "This isn't the first time my body was destroyed."

Tabuna seductively smiles: "Very well then. Let's go back to the site where all this started. And maybe you can tell me a little bit about.."

Ecliptor's voice is a cocky tone: "Victor Red."

Tabuna smirks: "So you did go that far back."

Ecliptor's voice: "Yes. And perhaps in return you will tell me what you know about Furio without me having to violate your memories further."

Tabuna walks off into the sunset heading back for the explosion site: "Very well then."

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Darkonda, Falconine, Dementian watch the unmorphed Psycho Rangers make their way through the desert back to the Power Chamber. Cybera stands behind them in the darkness.

Falconine: "They don't look too happy, do they."

Darkonda: "Yes. They lost a friend, now they're all depressed."

Darkonda lifts his head and sniffs: "*sniff* *sniff* What's that smell?"

Dementian smiles: "Opportunity."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Yes. Those Psychos are heading for their base with their guard down, they must think that the destruction of Ecliptor was the culmination of our plan."

Dementian: "Exactly as we anticipated."

Falconine raises an eyebrow: "You mean you two have planned this all out even further? I'm impressed."

Dementian pulls out a small black device: "Yes. We anticipated that the Psycho Rangers would try to rescue Ecliptor, and in the event that they would fail, they might take the long way home to dwell on their depression."

Darkonda: "The trap has been set."

Dementian: "And they're walking right into it!"

Falconine with a tone of pleasant surprise: "Well.. You go boy."

Darkonda and Dementian begin the laugh maniacally as Dementian twirls his finger around right before he presses the big red button on his little black device. A black lightning bolt flies out of the device and into the image of the Psycho Rangers.

Scene 3

Setting: The desert. Victor is in the lead but has his head down in depression. Angela walks up to him and puts her arm around him to for comfort. Victor gives her a half-smile, appreciating the sentiment. Then suddenly black lightning erupts from the sky.

Marcus holds his hand over his forehead: "What the heck is this shiznit?!"

Simon: "Oh no! They're not through with us yet."

Victor grabs Angela by the arm: "Everyone get out of the way!"

Four black lightning bolts erupt around the Psycho Rangers and turn into four black pillars. Walls start to emerge from both sides of the corner pillars.

Victor and Angela jump outside of the structure just as the walls close in the gap.

Angela turns around just in time to see Simon just reach wall before it closes in on him: "No!"

A ceiling forms over the walls as well as a black wall, completley encasing Simon, Aundria, and Marcus.

Angela pounds on the wall: "No! We gotta get them out of there!"

Victor nods and holds out his morpher arm: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Psycho Red and Psycho Pink charge up their energy balls.

Psycho Red: "Fire!"

Psycho Red and Psycho Pink unleash their energy balls and a large explosion erupts as they hit the black wall infront of them, but as the smoke clears but the wall is unscathed.

Psycho Red upset and shocked: "No! I'm not going to lose any more friends today!"

Psycho Red charges at the wall and repeatedly strikes it with his Psycho Sword but it has no effect.

Dementian's voice: "Hahahahaha! Try as you might but it's futile."

Psycho Red looks up: "You!"

Dementian stands on top of the black cube: "Yes it's me."

Dementian bows with his hand to his back: "Dementian, scumbag extrordinaire at your service."

Psycho Pink: "Let them go now!"

Dementian: "Oooh. You're a demanding little thing aren't you. You should watch your back with a mouth like that."

Dementian snaps his fingers and a dragon monster with silver hair, red reptile eyes, and clothed in a leather jacket with sleeves torn out to show off his massive biceps, his long red tail is covered with piercings appears behind Psycho Pink and grabs.

Psycho Pink struggles with the dragon monster: "Let.. me.. go!"

Dragon monster: "Uh uh. Little girlie. We gonna have lots of fun."

Psycho Red charges for the dragon monster but Dementian aims his gun at him and shoots: "Not so fast Mister Red!"

Psycho Red falls to the ground hard and Dementian jumps off the cube to land on him.

Dementian grinds his foot into Psycho Red's back as he turns his attention to Pink and the monster: "Dragonator, finish her off elsewhere."

Dragonator smiles and nods as he teleports away with Psycho Pink in a sleeper hold.

Psycho Red: "Nooo!"

Dementian looks at Psycho Red: "Hahahaha! This just must not be a good day to be a goodguy! Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Red: "I'm.. gonna kill you."

Dementian: "Eh?"

Psycho Red: "You and Darkonda both, are going to pay for what you did to Ecliptor."

Dementian: "You want revenge huh?"

Dementian puts his gun right to Psycho Red's head: "If want to make me pay, I guess you'll just have to do it from beyond the grave. Hahahahaha!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The site where Ecliptor's body was destroyed. Tabuna checks through it.

Tabuna: "There's nothing left. I can't even find the smallest fragment."

Ecliptor's voice: "This isn't good. My body must have been completley vaporized."

Tabuna unhappy: "So this means, I'm going to have you stuck in head for the rest of my life?!"

Tabuna sits down on the ground and puts her head to her knees: "I really don't need this."

Ecliptor's voice: "Hmmm... There may yet be something we can do."

Tabuna perks up: "What?"

Ecliptor's voice: "I've never tried it before but I might be able to transfer my consciousness into a piece of Pryrin Seven, even if it wasn't from my body?"

Tabuna: "Is.. that possible?"

Ecliptor's voice: "I'm not sure but we won't know until we try."

Tabuna gets back up: "Then tell me where I can some and I'll go get it."

Ecliptor's voice: "It won't be that easy. Pryrin Seven is one of the rarest substances in the universe. Other than myself, there is only one thing I've ever encountered that was made from Pryrin Seven."

Tabuna: "Please tell me, you happen to know where it is."

Ecliptor's voice: "Yes. I'll give you instructions on how to reach it, but.. it may tricky. It's a heavily secured location."

Tabuna seductively smiles: "Oh really?! This could be fun after all."

Tabuna walks away.

Scene 2

Setting: Back to site where Dementian has Psycho Red pin down at the barrells of his gun.

Dementian: "If you want to make me pay, I guess you'll just have to do it from beyond the grave. Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Red rams his fist into the ground: "I'm not going down like that you horn-headed, goat-faced punk!"

Psycho Red spins to his back and kicks Dementian in the groin, then grabs his gun-holding arm and flips Dementian to the ground.

Psycho Red picks up Psycho Sword and gets back up: "I'm taking you out, Dementian plain and simple."

Dementian smirks and pulls out his little black device: "You go ahead and think that."

Dementian presses the red button and four lightning bolts shoot out of it and wrap around each of Psycho Red's limbs, chain him in place and forcing him to drop his sword.

Psycho Red struggles to break free: "No!"

Dementian gets back up: "Hahahaha! Is it just me or have we been here before."

Psycho Red: "You son of a.."

Dementian cuts him: "Now, now, now. There's no need for such language."

Dementian clenches his fist and winds up: "Now open wide!"

Dementian throws his fist but stops right before he hits Red: "Wait. Something's not right here."

Psycho Red: "Huh?"

Dementian has the proverbial lightbulb: "Ah! Now I remember."

Dementian puts his gun into his holster then puts his hands on Psycho Red's helmet clips and unclips them. He then removes Red's helmet. Victor gives him a hate-filled stare.

Dementian smiles as he balls up his fist again: "Now that's better."

Victor: "Go to hell."

Dementian throws his punch.

Scene 3

Setting: The woods. Dragonator still has Psycho Pink in a sleeper hold.

Dragonator: "That's it my little girlie. Feel the air leaving your body. Feel the bloodstream being blocked for your head. Feel your heartbeat fading away. It will all be over soon. Heh heh heh."

Psycho Pink wakes up from near unconsciouness: "No!"

Psycho Pink then begins to repeatedly elbowpunch Dragonator in the gut."

Dragonator: "Ugh! Knock it off!"

Psycho Pink continues to elbowpunch him: "I.. said.. let.. me.. go!"

Finally Dragonator is forced to let go and hold his gut. Psycho Pink takes a few steps away and leans on tree to regain her breath. Dragonator gives a beastial scream as he charges towards Psycho Pink. She ducks under his punch as his fist practically shatters the entire tree into wooden shards. Psycho Pink slides away from under his legs, spins around and summons her Psycho Bow as she gets back up.

Dragonator turns around: "Ha ha ha! Go ahead, it won't phase me at all!"

Psycho Pink shoots three Psycho Arrows and all three of them bounce off of him.

Dragonator: "Told you!"

Psycho Pink: "Sorry, but I've danced this dance before!"

Psycho Pink shoots another Psycho Arrow right into Dragonator's mouth and his eyes bulge out. Sparks erupt all over Dragonator's body as he falls to the ground.

Psycho Pink turns around and walks away, having trouble keeping her balance: "I have to see if Simon.. and the others are okay."

A flash in the sky causes Psycho Pink to turn around: "Oh no."

A black raven flies from the sky and strikes Dragonator, causing him to rise back up, laughing maniacally as he turns into a giant.

Giant Dragonator stomps his foot into the ground to shake up Psycho Pink: "Hahahaha! Wanna play again little girlie! Hahahaha!"

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber mountain. All is calm until suddenly alarms go off.

A female computer voice repeats: "intruder altert, intruder alert"

A wire grating for ventilation shaft is knocked as a silver armored glove punches through it and a caped figure jumps out of the vent and lands in front of the main entrance.

Scene 5

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 and Zordon see Tabuna running away with Cybera's sword in hand.

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! A thief! I'll activate the autoguns Zordon."

Before Beta can press the button the bring out the auto-guns Zordon speaks: "Wait Beta!"

Beta turns to Zordon, confused: "Zordon?"

Zordon: "I have a feeling that our mysterious visitor may actually be an ally, not an enemy."

Beta 1: "Are you sure Zordon?"

Zordon: "No, I am not and I hope I don't come to regret this decision."

Beta 1 rubs his forehead: "If you say so, Zordon. Aye ai ai."

The Viewing Globe shows Tabuna looking at Cybera's sword and smiling as she makes her getaway.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Just outside a cave in an opening in the woods. Tabuna sets down Cybera's sword.

Tabuna: "Okay. Now what do I do?"

Ecliptor's voice: "Concentrate and put your body at rest. I've never done this before."

Tabuna nods: "Okay."

Tabuna gets on her knees, cocks her head back and closes her eyes. A silver glow begins to emit from her body and silver mist flows from her mouth and consumes the sword.

Tabuna opens her eyes and looks at the sword: "Ecliptor?"


Tabuna: "Ecliptoorrrrrr? Are you still there?"

Still nothing.

Tabuna smiles: "Yes! It's working."

The sword glows and turns black with a green grid temporarily.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom.

Cybera is startled by something and actually goes into deep thought. Darkonda and Falconine discuss the activities of Dementian against the Psychos in the background as Cybera just walks and teleports away. Darkonda and Falconine never even notice.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the opening by the cave.

Tabuna walks away from the sword but suddenly an energy blast hits the ground and sends Tabuna and the sword flying in opposite directions.

Tabuna falls to the ground and turns her head: "What the?"

Cybera stands before her as she picks up her sword: "This.. does not belong to you."

Tabuna gets up: "You must be Cybera."

Cybera inspects her sword: "Yes. Do you serve Darkonda?"

Tabuna: "Of course not."

Cybera holds her sword up then turns to Tabuna: "Then you must die."

Cybera swings her sword a blue wave of energy strikes the ground next to Tabuna. Tabuna rolls out of the way and pulls out her sword, and counters with an rainbow colored energy beam from her fingers. Tabuna jumps into the air with her sword in front of her, but Cybera blocks it. Tabuna punches Cybera in the face but she is unaffected, instead Tabuna shakes her hand in pain. Cybera grabs Tabuna by the wrist and throws her aside. Tabuna rolls on the ground beside the cave entrance.

Cybera releases another blue energy wave: "Die."

Tabuna runs into the cave for cover, Cybera follows. Then she pauses as her sword glows.

Tabuna: "What's going on here?"

Scene 4

Setting: A dark grey room. A white mist is flowing on the floor. The room is dark and completley empty except for one steel door. Inside the room wanders Ecliptor.

Ecliptor looks around in the room: "What is this place?"

Woman's voice: "I believe you're in my subconscious, if that makes sense."

Ecliptor turns around to look behind: "Huh? You.. You look familiar."

In front of Ecliptor stands an oriental woman with short hair wearing a light blue skirt, a white blouse, and a light blue jacket, and light blue high-heel shoes.

Ecliptor finally recognizes her: "Cybera?"

Cybera smiles and nods: "Yes. It's feels good to see you again."

Ecliptor a bit confused: "You're happy to see me? But you're a minion of Darkonda."

Cybera turns her head with a puzzled look: "I am? How can that be? I'm just asleep, aren't I?"

Ecliptor shakes his head: "No. You've been working for Darkonda for quite sometime, but I think I know what's going on. You're being controlled the same way Astronema and myself have been."

Cybera: "I'm being controlled? Then that means I'm doing whatever that sick freak is telling me to do?"

Ecliptor nods.

Cybera falls into Ecliptor's arms crying: "No! This can't be. It wasn't supposed to be like this at all."

Ecliptor is confused. For a moment he almost pushes Cybera away from him but feels an almost deep instinct to hold her in his arms. To comfort her.

Ecliptor: "What was it supposed to be like?"

Cybera looks up with tear soaked eyes: "You don't remember at all?"

Ecliptor: "I don't even know what I'm supposed to remember."

Cybera pulls away and tries to think: "Do you remember Argovia?"

Ecliptor: "No."

Cybera: "The Six Khayman Moons of Achrislee."

Ecliptor: "No. I don't know any of those places."

Cybera: "What have they done to us?"

Cybera holds her hand to her forehead: "Wait. Something is coming back to me. The last time we met. You.. you.. did remember me but then you were different too. You were red?"

Ecliptor thinks to himself: "Red?"

Cybera nods: "Yes."

Scene 5

Setting: Cybera's flashback. The scene is of a giant red version of Cyber-Ecliptor standing over a defeating Astro Megazord in the middle of Angel Grove.

Giant Red Ecliptor stops his attack as steam begins to burst out of his body: "Wha.. What's happening to me? Aaaaahhhhh!"

Red Ecliptor shrinks down to normal size and falls down to one knee: "My extra power is depleted!"

The five Space Rangers jump from out of the Astro Megazord and stand before Red Ecliptor, and get into battle pose. The Red Ranger speaks up: "You seem to have lost something Ecliptor."

Red Ecliptor works his way back up: "No problem. I can defeat the likes of you at any size!"

Red Ranger: "Then we're just going to have to prove you wrong! Kiya!"

In the distance a portal opens up from an alley, and a disoriented Cybera stumbles out of the portal and falls to her knees: "Where.. am I?"

Cybera looks up and sees Red Ecliptor charging and taking out the Power Rangers one by one until he tangles with the Black Ranger: "E.. Ecliptor? Is that you? You've changed. But how did we get here?"

Red Ecliptor has the Black Space Ranger pinned against telephone pole until the Ranger manages to blast Ecliptor away from him with his Astro Blaster. The female Rangers quickly take advantage of the situation by shooting Ecliptor with their Power Weapons.

Yellow Ranger fires: "Star Slinger!"

Pink Ranger fires: "Satellite Stunner!"

Ecliptor drops his sword as the Blue Ranger is launched into the air by the female Rangers, spinning around: "Astro Axe!"

After the Blue Ranger strikes Ecliptor back further, he then launches the Red Ranger into the air and he goes into into a corkscrew spin: "Spiral Saber!"

The Rangers pose as Ecliptor falls the ground hard.

Cybera charges her hands in a blue energy: "Ecliptor! No! I won't let you hurt him!"

Cybera releases a furious onslaught a small blue energy blades at the Rangers from behind, they never see the attack coming. The blast sends all the Rangers into the air and knocks them all out except for the Red Ranger.

Red Ecliptor struggles back to his feet: "Huh? Where did that come from?"

The Red Ranger gets back up and sees the others out cold: "Oh no! T.J.! Cassie! Carlos! Ashley! Their all unconscious! Who did this?"

Cybera's voice: "I did."

The Red Ranger turns around just in time to get struck in the chest by Cybera with her sword: "I don't know who you are, but if your my beloved's enemy then that makes you my enemy."

Red Ranger gets back up just in time to jump away from another of Cybera's attacks: "Beloved? You mean you and Ecliptor?!"

Red Ecliptor surveys the battle between Cybera and the Red Space Ranger, trying to figure where she came from: "Who is that woman? Someone Astronema didn't tell me about? Or... Aaaahhhh!"

Red Ecliptor holds his head as his mind-controlling circuitry begins to short out, Ecliptor pause and removes his hands as he looks closely at Cybera: "Cybera? My beautiful Cybera, how did she get here?"

The Red Ranger knocks Cybera down with his Spiral Saber and then blasts her in the face with his Astro Blaster.

Red Ecliptor shoulderblocks the Red Ranger: "Cybera! No!"

Red Ecliptor holds Cybera in his arm: "Cybera are you okay?"

Cybera rubs her eyes: "I think so."

Red Ranger's voice: "Ecliptor!"

The Red Ranger jumps in the air but Ecliptor blasts him down with one hand while holding Cybera to his side with the other.

The Red Ranger summons his Battilizer and tenses up: "This is it Ecliptor! This ends now!"

Red Ecliptor: "So be it."

Red Ecliptor turns back to Cybera: "Get down. After I take care of this we'll need to figure what's going around here."

Cybera nods as she is lowered down to her knees: "Be careful."

Red Ecliptor charges after the Red Ranger.

Red Ranger jumps into the air: "Battilizer Power Punch!"

Red Ranger presses button 01 on his Battilizer then flying punches Ecliptor, quickly followed by a chop to the shoulder. Knocking Ecliptor back.

The Red Ranger resummons his Spiral Saber and it spins ready for the final blow: "Spiral Saber!"

The Red Ranger administers his Spiral Saber finisher, sparks erupt from Red Ecliptor's body. Ecliptor slowly falls to ground as Cybera kneels behind him and the Ranger stands his ground. Ecliptor then explodes.

The Red Ranger: "Yeah!"

Cybera gets up and yells: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Suddenly Darkonda warps in behind Cybera and takes her away, laughing maniacally. Ecliptor's remains already begin to reasemble.

The Red Ranger: "Huh? Darkonda, who was that woman in blue?"

Suddenly a small monster appears above the Red Ranger without his knowledge. The monster looks like a white ball with black wirey arms and legs. Oversized white shoes and gloves. A huge smile and laid back eyes. A black wirey tale with white point at the end. Red and black batlike wings, and peculiar red and green flower on top of his head.

The small monster sprinkles some dust on the Red Ranger: "Hehehehe. With my Dust of Forgetfulness, you won't remember single thing about Cybera."

The Red Ranger loses consciousness and falls to the ground.

The small monster spins around and teleports away: "Bye bye loserino!"

Cyber-Ecliptor starts to reform but back in his black and green colors. The Rangers regain consciousness as well, not knowing.

Scene 6

Setting: Back to dark room that represents Cybera's subconscious.

Ecliptor looks back up: "I can remember bits and pieces of that."

Ecliptor begins to fade: "What's going on?!"

Cybera feels Ecliptor's face in a lover's gesture: "You're leaving my mind."

Ecliptor is disappearing but isn't too happy about it: "No. There is still so much I don't know. What is our connection?"

Cybera: "Whatever they're doing to us. We'll find a way to stop it, somehow."

Ecliptor: "But?"

Cybera kisses Ecliptor just before he disappear completley.

Cybera's dress begins to morph into her more familiar cyber armor: "Farewell Ecliptor, my love."

Scene 7

Setting: Back to the cave, where Cybera has Tabuna pinned against a wall and choking her out. Tabuna tries to struggle her way free but to no avail.

Cybera suddenly lets Tabuna goes as her left earring breaks off of her, with silver glow.

Tabuna rubs her neck as she regains her breath and sees Cybera distracted by watching her earring on the ground change shape.

Tabuna picks up her sword: "Take this witch!"

Tabuna strikes Cybera from behind with a vital shot, Cybera falls to the ground unconscious.

Tabuna holds her sword over Cybera's head: "*gasp* I can't risk you waking up. I hate to take a cheap victory but.."

Tabuna raises her hand and swings down to impale Cybera but, a familiar black hand with a green grid grabs her wrist and stops her.

Ecliptor's voice: "Stop!"

Tabuna looks and sees Ecliptor reborn: "Huh? It worked!"

Tabuna backs away from Cybera: "So should I finish her off or not?"

Ecliptor shakes his head: "No. I know it doesn't look like it, but she's not the enemy."

Tabuna looks confused: "Okaayyy. If you say so. She's your problem now, anyway. I'm outta here."

Ecliptor looks down at Cybera and turns her over and leans her against the wall: "Cybera."

Tabuna's voice: "Wait! I almost forgot!"

Tabuna puts something in Ecliptor's hands: "I think this belongs to you. I would have kept it for myself but it seemed important to you."

Ecliptor: "What could you have..."

Ecliptor looks at what Tabuna handed to her and it is the yellow star piece that Astronema gave him when she was a child: "I don't believe it. How did you.."

Ecliptor looks up and sees that Tabuna is gone: "Hmmmm... What an intriguing woman. Hm hm hm. Victor doesn't know what kind of a ride he's in for."

Scene 8

Setting: Outside the cave, Ecliptor walks out of the cave and looks around. He makes some distance from the cave then turns around to see Cybera standing at the cave entrance. Ecliptor and Cybera stare at each other. A blue energy flows from her helmet and she teleports away. Ecliptor looks at his right inner wrist and sees a marking resembling Cybera's earring that his body refromed from.

Ecliptor: "So many questions. But first the Psychos need my help."

A blue energy flows around Ecliptor causing him to tense in pain: "Aaaahhh!"

Ecliptor tries to shake the pain off: "What happened? A side-effect from being recreated from a piece of Cybera?"

Ecliptor teleports away.

Scene 9

Setting: The desert. In the foreground is Dementian standing before a chained and beaten Psycho Red and the giant black cube which imprisons Simon, Marcus, and Aundria. In the background is the giant Dragonator defeating the Pink Miko Guardianzord in battle.

Ecliptor has just arrives and surveys the battle: "Pink is not having much luck with that monster."

Ecliptor looks down: "Victor is being beaten to death! The others must be trapped in that cube."

Ecliptor runs down the hillside to stop Dementian.

Dementian holds up the unconscious Victor's chin and extends the forearm blade from his other hand: "It's been fun kid. Buutt! To all good things must come an end! Hahahahaha!"

Just as Dementian administers the fatal blow, Ecliptor charges onto the scene yelling: "DEMMENNNTIAANNNNN!"

Dementian turns and sees Ecliptor: "Wha? Ecliptor! No, no, no! Impossible!"

Ecliptor runs to Dementian and summons his sword.

Victor, half-dead turns his head and sparks back up: "Ecliptor.. I must be dead."

Dementian shook up as if he's seen a ghost doesn't even try to defend himself from Ecliptor's attack.

Scene 10

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda and Falconine are shocked to see Ecliptor, alive and well. In the background Cybera teleports back as if nothing happened.

Darkonda clutches his fists: "Ecliptor! But how! He was completley vaporized! There was no way he could reconstruct himself."

Falconine: "This is very upsetting Darkonda, do something."

Darkonda is completley oblivious to Falconine's presence and continues talking to himself: "How?! How can he still be alive! It's impossible! Unless.."

Falconine very upset that Darkonda is ignoring her: "Darkonda! Answer me mutant!"

Darkonda still talking to himself: "Could it be, that Twerp has betrayed me again?!"

Falconine: "Twerp?! Who's a twerp."

Darkonda finally shakes out of it and notices Falconine's presence: "Huh? Nothing. Let's watch and see how Dementian handles this."

Falconine looks very puzzled but they both turn to watch the action.

Scene 11

Setting: The desert where Ecliptor struggles with Dementian.

Ecliptor: "*Urg!* I never liked you Dementian, but after what you did to me today, I'm going to destroy you once and for all."

Dementian: "I don't.. know how you survived that explosion but I'll make sure the job is finished this time!"

Dementian and Ecliptor break away from each other. Dementian cocks his gun and shoots a steady beam, Ecliptor counters with a pair of steady eyebeams. The two get caught in a reverse tug-of-war with their energy beams. Dementian's gun starts overheat and the Ecliptor's beam begins to take over.

Dementian: "No."

Suddenly Ecliptor gets another blue surge attack and loses concentration, and gets taken down by Dementian's beam.

Ecliptor tries to get up but the blue surge hurts too much: "No.. *agh!* Not again! Why is this happening?!"

Dementian stands over Ecliptor and extends both of his forearm blades: "Search me. But I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Hahahaha!"

Dementian slashes Ecliptor in the chest, and once again the yellow star is uncovered: "Eh? What's this?"

Dementian takes the yellow star from Ecliptor.

Ecliptor: "No! Give that back, tin-eater!"

Dementian steps back: "Oooh. Sounds like it's awfully important to you! Hmhmhm."

Dementian throws the yellow start off in the distance. The blue surge has worn off and Ecliptor gets up to chase after the star. Dementian aims the yellow star in his sights and fires. The yellow star is destroyed right before Ecliptor can reach. All that's left are pebbles and yellow sand. Dementian laughts hysterically as Ecliptor holds the broken pieces as if his Karone herself were killed by Dementian.

Ecliptor stands up and coldly states: "No more games Dementian."

Dementian aims his gun: "Sorry but I'm having too much fun!"

Ecliptor charges at Dementian in full force!

Dementian shoots his gun: "That's right! Charge like the big stupid heroic hero!"

Dementian shoots several shots at Ecliptor but none of them phase the enraged warrior.

Ecliptor: "DEEEMENNTIANNNNN!!!!!!!!!!" Dementian begins to warp away.

Ecliptor turns into a green ball of energy: "No! You're not getting away this time!"

The green ball tackles Dementian right before he can completely warp away. The green ball of energy changes back into Ecliptor and he tackles Dementian hard into the ground.

Dementian tries to break free: "Ecliptor wait!"

Ecliptor grabs Dementian by the face and tosses him back into the ground. Dementian rolls to one knee and shoots Ecliptor, but he destroys Dementian's gun with an energy blast from his sword.

Dementian, shocked: "No!"

Ecliptor runs in and decks Dementian in the jaw, grabs Dementian and repeatedly bashes his knee into Dementian's face. Until Dementian's left horn breaks off. Dementian extends his claws and tries to slash Ecliptor but, he grabs both of them and breaks them off in place, then blasts Dementian with another pair of eye blasts.

Dementian's black device falls to the ground and explodes. Causing the black cube and chains to vanish. Victor starts to fall to the ground but Simon catches him.

Simon: "Victor? You look half dead, what happened."

Victor musters up enough strength to say "The old man's alive." before finally losing consciouness.

Aundria points to the battle between Ecliptor and Dementian: "Look!"

Ecliptor creates a cyber head, and the cyber head releases a massive array of energy at Dementian. Sparks erupts all over Dementian's body.

Ecliptor charges up his sword: "Go back to the pit you came from!"

Ecliptor swings his glowing green sword and the final wave of energy goes right through Dementian. Ecliptor turns away as explosions erupt all over Dementian's body, as he slowly falls to the ground.

Victor limps away from Simon: "It looks like Ecliptor is taking care of business here. Let's go help Angela."

Simon: "Wait. I think you should sit this one out. Your practically walking dead."

Victor bends over and picks up his helmet: "I'm not dead yet."

Simon: "But Vic.."

Marcus pushes Simon aside: "Come on man. This is the big bad Psycho Red, you're talking about. If the man thinks he still got some to rumble with, I say we let him rumble!"

Simon relunctantly holds out his morpher arm: "*sigh* Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

Scene 12

Setting: Still in the desert but at the Zord fight. Where Dragonator has the Pink Miko pinned to the ground grinding his foot into the Zord.

Dragonator: "Soon little girlie, I'm going to have my fun with you. You can't hide in this overgrown action figure forever! Hahahaha!"

Dragonator gets blasted off the Pink Miko. He looks up and sees the other four Guardianzord's ready for battle, and the hip cannons on the Blue Tanuki are soldering.

[Pink cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Alright. You guys are free! How did you do it?"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "We have Ecliptor to thank for that."

The Dragonator gets back up: "So now it's five on one. BIG DEAL! I'll just take all of you down!"

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "I don't think so Dumbzilla! Activate the Guardian Megazord!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

Dragonator spits out a cyclone of fire from his mouth, but the Guardian Megazord counters by releasing a cyclone of it's own from the Tengu-head chest. The Megazord cyclone changes the direction of the flaming cyclone causing Dragonator to get taken down by his own attack.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "It looks like Barney can't handle his own medicine. So let's put him to bed!"

Dark clouds begin to form and gather in the sky. The Guardian Megazord holds it's hand up in the air and a lightning bolt strikes forming the Energy Sword.

Dragonator: "Oh no you don't!"

Dragonator releases over a dozen fireballs and takes the Guardian Megazord down. The Energy Sword breaks apart and vaporizes as the Guardian Megazord falls to the ground. Dragonator laughs as the Guardian Megazord has trouble getting back up.

Scene 13

Setting: The desert, at Ecliptor and Dementian's location. Dementian can barely get up on his knees. Ecliptor stands over him with his sword held up high.

Ecliptor: "It's over Dementian. Finally, you're going to pay for what you did to me, to Karone, to Victor, to Cybera."

Dementian holds his hands up motion for a cease fire: "Ecliptor wait! Spare me!"

Ecliptor: "Spare you? Like you spared me?! Bah!"

Dementian: "But Ecliptor, I'll give you whatever you want if you let me go."

Ecliptor scoffs at the notion: "There's nothing you have that I can possibly want, you're the lowest of the low."

Scene 14

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda and Falconine watch the events unfold with growing interest.

Falconine turns to Darkonda: "Aren't you going to get Dementian out of there."

Darkonda speaks to Dementian even though Dementian can't possibly hear what he's saying: "Don't do what I think you're planning on doing. The master will have our heads!"

Falconine, puzzled, speaks to herself: "Master?"

Scene 15

Setting: Back to Ecliptor and Dementian.

Dementian gets up and stumbles a bit: "There is one thing I have that may be of interest to you. The truth."

Ecliptor: "You don't the meaning of the word."

Dementian starts to back away: "Let me go, and I'll tell you everything. About Darkonda, about Cybera, about you! There's so much you don't know."

Ecliptor: "Like what?!"

Dementian smirks as blood slides down the side of his mouth: "Haven't you ever wondered who ordered Darkonda to kidnap Karone and give her to you?"

Scene 16

Setting: Darkonda's throne room.

Darkonda clutches his fists: "No! That fool!"

Darkonda warps away.

Falconine: "Darkonda, where are you going?! Darkonda!"

Scene 17

Ecliptor: "Dark Specter did. I already know that. You're wasting my time, as well as what little time you have left!"

Dementian: "Wrong. Dark Specter was just a puppet like the rest of the Alliance. There was another, the true mastermind who stayed behind the scenes. Someone you know all to well."

Scene 18

Setting: The desert. Darkonda warps in and makes a run for it.

Scene 19

Setting: Back to Ecliptor and Dementian.

Dementian falls to one knee, lacking the strength to stay standing.

Ecliptor: "Who?! Tell me who it was, or I swear! I'll choke you to death with your own twisted heart!"

Dementian: "It was your creator, Ecliptor!"

Ecliptor: "What?!"

Dementian: "That's right. He was the master mind behind it all. The invasion on Eltar, the kidnapping of Karone, even the destruction of my brother and I's homeworld! You're creator was behind that."

Scene 20

Setting: Back to Darkonda. He pulls out his dagger and elongates it into a sword as he continues running.

Scene 21

Setting: Ecliptor and Dementian.

Ecliptor shakes his head in disbelief: "No that's impossible! You have to be lying. He's been dead for years, long before I even came into the service of the United Alliance!"

Dementian smiles as he gets back up: "Yes. That's what everyone thought. Even Darkonda and myself. But the truth is, he faked his death to control the United Alliance from behind the curtain, so that he would never be a direct target of Zordon or any of his precious superheroes."

Ecliptor shakes his head: "No. I saw him die with my own eyes."

Dementian: "Oh but he is alive. Your creator lives Ecliptor."

Scene 22

Setting: Darkonda running.

Scene 23

Setting: Dementian has inched quite a bit of distance between himself and Ecliptor. Ecliptor is too distraught by the information he's recieving.

Dementian: "Your creator lives. Dr. Hinelar lives!"

Ecliptor has a memory flash of Dr. Hinelar laughing: "Noooo!!"

Dementian: "And here's the real kicker. The reason why he picked Karone to be corrupted into Astronema is that she is really the daughter of.."

Darkonda runs into the scene yelling: "Nooooooooo!!"

Darkonda runs past Dementian and strikes him down with sword.

Ecliptor shocked by what he just saw: "What?!"

Darkonda stops running and drops to one knee with his now blood stained sword held horizontally. But doesn't turn around to see Dementian.

Dementian slowly turns around to look at Darkonda. His face isn't that of hatred but that of disbelief: "Dark.. onda.. I.. I.. didn't think.. even.. you.. could.. could....*"

Darkonda to whispers to himself: "Goodbye forever, little brother."

Darkonda continues to face away from Dementian as he slowly falls to ground and explodes!

Darkonda finally stands up and turns around, Ecliptor stares at him.

Ecliptor: "I knew you were truly sick, Darkonda. But I never thought that even you would destroy your own brother.. unless.. everything he saying was true. Hinelar is alive!"

Darkonda smiles: "Hmhmhmhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Ecliptor: "My creator, he's alive. But why? Why did he want Karone? Why her?!"

Darkonda doesn't answer Ecliptor's question, instead he warps away continuously laughing.

Ecliptor reaches for Darkonda but to no avail: "No! I have to know the truth!"

The blue surge starts to flow over Ecliptor again, but this time he's ignoring it: "I have to know the truth!"

The Cybera symbol on his wrist begins to glow intensely.

Ecliptor: "If Hinelar is alive, my princess will never be safe!"

Ecliptor's body starts to crack and white light starts to break out from within. Ecliptor yells as loud as possible in a deep rage: "DDDAARRKKONNNNNDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"

Ecliptor's outer body shatters as he turns into a giant. His body colors have changed from black with green to white with black. His eyes are now blue. A blue crystal like energy surrounds him.

Ultimate Ecliptor turns his head to face Dragonator as the monster pounds on the Guardian Megazord.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "We can't take much more of this!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "The Megazord is done for!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "What the #$%@ is that?!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "It looks like."

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Ecliptor?"

Ultimate Ecliptor holds his hand in Dragonator's direction.

Dragonator begins to get very nervous: "I.. I.. don't like where this is going."

Ultimate Ecliptor's hand glows and the Dragonator is suddenly trapped in a pillar of pure energy, being disentigrated instantly!

With the monster destroyed, Ultimate Ecliptor gives out an inhuman scream as he falls to ground and shrinks back to normal size. Ecliptor's traditional color scheme returns as well.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The desert. Ecliptor sits on a rock thinking to himself. The unmorphed Psychos run to him. Except for Simon and Victor who trail behind. Simon has Victor's arm over his shoulder to help him walk.

Angela smiles with joy: "Ecliptor!"

Ecliptor stands up and looks at the Psychos: "I was wondering when you children would show up."

Angela jumps and hugs Ecliptor: "Thank god, you're still alive."

Ecliptor lightly pulls away from Angela's embrace, not being used to such things: "Uh.. Yes. I must admit it is good to see that the rest of you have survived as well."

Marcus play boxes with Ecliptor: "Man! That was wicked what you did to that big scaley doof! How did you do that?!"

Ecliptor: "I'm.. I'm not sure. It's just another riddle I'll have to find the answer to."

Aundria: "Another? What do you mean? What has been going on around here?"

Ecliptor walks past Aundria: "I'll explain once we get back to.. home."

Ecliptor walks up to Simon and Victor: "You've fought bravely today. I'm proud."

Victor looks up with an expression of both happiness and confusion from Ecliptor's words: "I knew those creeps couldn't keep you down, old man."

Ecliptor puts Victor's other arm over his shoulder: "Hmhmhm. Your confidence in me, is apreciated, but I'm tired and I've had enough for today."

Simon: "Can't argue with that."

Victor smiles: "Ditto."

Ecliptor and Psychos walks off as Tabuna watches them from the distance.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Darkonda to dark figure: "With Dementian gone, I'll need someone else to take his place."

Dark figure: "I have someone in mind."

Clip 2
A man dressed in similar clothing as Falconine smiles as shoots an energy beam at Psycho Red.

Clip 3
Tabuna looks like she's having a headache and is glowing silver again: "What's happening to me?"

Clip 4
Falconine and the similarly dressed man laugh as thousands of birds terrorize the city.

Clip 5
Marcus sneering: "I don't like this new guy, already."

Clip 6
A giant eagle monster knocks the Guardian Megazord down.

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