Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 16
"Father's Day"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A barren landscape in the mountainous regions outside of New Bethany. Darkonda and Dementian are setting their plans into motion. Cybera is also assisting them. A chair is set up.

Darkonda: "Is everything set?"

Dementian: "We are ready whenever you are."

Darkonda: "Hahaha! Excellent."

Darkonda turns to Cybera: "Cybera!"

Cybera walks lifelessly to Darkonda: "What is your command?"

Darkonda: "Get the camera ready my dear. We're going to be broadcasting live!"

Darkonda then turns to Dementian: "As for you, go make sure or special guest is 'ready'. Hahahahaha."

Dementian bows with an evil smile on his face: "Immediatley."

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 and the unmorphed Psycho Rangers are already there. They look very concerned. Ecliptor walks into the room in a hurry.

Ecliptor: "I'm here. Now what was so urgent?"

Angela: "It's Darkonda."

Victor: "He says he has something he wished to discuss with you."

Ecliptor rubs his chin: "I see."

Beta 1 presses some buttons on the terminal beside him: "I'll open up the frequency for you."

Darkonda's image appears in the Viewing Globe.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! Ah! I'm glad you decided to grant me an audience Ecliptor. I have something VERY special to share with you, or rather someone. Heh heh heh."

Ecliptor walks up the Viewing Globe and in anger: "What do you want?"

Darkonda smirks: "Actually it should be me asking YOU that question! Hahahaha!"

Ecliptor confused: "Huh? What are you getting at? Scum!"

Darkonda moves his finger back and forth: "Un un un! Watch the name calling or I may not share my company with you."

Ecliptor: "Bah! There's nothing you have I could possibly want from your slimy hands! You're wasting your time."

Darkonda smiles: "Oh, I don't think so. Well... enough dilly daddling. I'll get straight to the point. Join me Ecliptor and destroy these wretched brats behind you or you will lose the one person you truly care about."

Ecliptor: "What?!"

Darkonda steps to the side to reveal what's behind him.

Ecliptor is at a lost for words when he sees who it is. Everyone else is also shocked.

Ecliptor: "It can't be!"

Darkonda's voice: "Oh but it is. Karone or Astronema. The name doesn't matter. If you don't surrender yourself to me, I will destroy your precious little 'princess' right before your eyes! Hahahahahaha!"

Ecliptor shakes his head: "No... Princess!"

The Viewing Globe shows Karone tied up and gagged trying to struggle to get free as Darkonda laughs away.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The lake just outside the Power Chamber mountain. Ecliptor stands at the bed looking onto the horizon. With heavy thoughts.

Ecliptor quietly speaks to himself: "So my princess, it appears our reunion may be at hand, if what I saw was true. It could be just a cruel trick by Darkonda. I can never underestimate his abilities of deception. Still..."

Ecliptor presses his hand against his chest and the chest splits open. Ecliptor then pulls out a small, yellow stone, five-point star with a purple stone embedded in the center.

Ecliptor looks at the small star in his hand as his chest closes back up: "I still remember the day you gave me this, Astronema. So long ago."

Ecliptor looks up into the sun as the scene fades into a flashback.

Scene 2

Setting: Ecliptor's flashback. Roughly eight years after Karone was kidnapped but still many years before she would become Astronema. In a valley on planet where all the plants are purple and blue instead of green. A pre-teen Karone goes through her daily bo staff exercise as Ecliptor coaches her.

Karone is wearing black sweatpants, yellow tanktop, and silver shoes. She of course has her locket around her neck and is wearing a green headband. Her stillblonde and still long hair is tied up back in a ponytail. Karone spins her bo staff around and pulls a small series of manuevers with the staff.

Ecliptor stands behind a peculiar looking device, standing on top of a tripod: "Pull!"

The device shoots a silver disk at Karone. Karone destroys the disk with her staff.

Ecliptor: "Pull!"

This time two disks shoot. Once again Karone manages to hit the two disks to the ground with her staff.

Ecliptor: "Pull!"

This time three disks shoot. Karone destroys the first two easily but she is almost hit by the third disk.

Ecliptor: "Pull!"

Now four disks shoot out. Karone getting nervous manages to take out the first two disks ducks under the third disk, but as the fourth disk is about to hit her in the face, she gets scared and zaps it with a purple bolt of energy from her fingers.

Ecliptor infuriated knocks the disk shooting device to the ground: "What was that?!"

Ecliptor paces towards Karone: "You were not supposed to use your powers! You were supposed to rely on your own skills no matter what!"

Karone backs away a bit from the angry Ecliptor she tries to look him in the face but has trouble: "I'm.. I'm sorry Ecliptor. It's just that.."

Ecliptor: "You broke the rules of the exercise."

Karone: "I know but you always say that you should do whatever it takes to win, no matter how many rules you break, and how many people get in your way. I.."

Ecliptor pauses: "I.."

If his face could move, Ecliptor would smile: "Hmhmhm. So I did. Very well then. I'll let it go.. this time."

Ecliptor looks at the shadows on the ground: "It's almost mid-day."

Ecliptor looks back at Karone: "You have an hour of recess. I will have your daily meal prepared soon."

Karone very relieved that Ecliptor's temper has faded, nods an almost flippintly runs off to play or whatnot.

Ecliptor begins pick up the disks that weren't completley shattered: "Hmhmhm. Ah Karone, what will I ever do with you."

Darkonda's voice: "Why Ecliptor. If I didn't know you better, I'd almost say that sounded affectionate."

Ecliptor stands up sees Darkonda standing in front of him with arms crossed: "Darkonda? What the hell are you doing here?! Ran out of puppies to kick in the Gregmar Galaxy?"

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! You can never harm too many innocent animals. Heh heh. But actually I just came to check up on one of my proudest achievements. It's been what. Six? Seven years now."

Ecliptor: "Eight. I don't see how you can be proud with kidnapping a little girl while she was playing in the park. Besides you have no business checking up on her. Dark Specter made her my responsibility years ago."

Darkonda puts his hand on my shoulder: "Oh believe me. I'll always have a measure of responsibility in that girl's fate. Always. Heh heh heh."

Ecliptor smacks Darkonda's hand away from him and shove him back then summons his sword: "You will stay away from her! Unless Dark Specter himself commands it, no one but me is to have contact with the future princess of evil."

Darkonda raises and eyebrow and smirks: "Oh really? You seem to be taking her welfare a little too seriously. Don't tell me, the great Ecliptor has been going soft all of these years."

Ecliptor's eyes glow: "I'm as evil and as cold as ever. You would do well to remember that."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! You keep telling yourself that, you big ole' teddy bear! Bwahahahahaha!"

Darkonda warps as Ecliptor shoots as series of energy bolts at him.

Ecliptor: "Why that stinkin' no good.. But perhaps I have been too lenient on the girl. She should be vicious by now."

Ecliptor stabs his sword into the ground in anger and crosses his arms, quietly growling to himself.

Karone's voice: "Ecliptor?"

Ecliptor turns his head: "What?"

Karone: "I.. I.. have something for you."

Ecliptor turns around: "Hmmm?"

Karone gives Ecliptor a the yellow star: "I hope you like it?"

Ecliptor looks at the star: "What is this?"

Karone: "It's something I've been working on during my daily recess. I made it from a yellow nemastone, and a pretty astrorock I found by the lake. I wanted to thank you for taking care of me, and preparing me so that I can get revenge on the Power Rangers for what they did to my family."

Ecliptor is taken off guard by this gesture of love: "I.. don't know what to say."

Ecliptor shakes his head as if coming back to his senses: "Bah!"

Ecliptor throws the yellow star to the ground: "You've been wasting your time on this garbage! Evil allows no room for such 'sweet' gestures. From now on you will have no more recess."

Karone shocked and saddened: "But.."

Ecliptor: "But nothing! If you are to be the Princess of Evil, you are to show kindness to no one! No one! Not even me. Kindness shows weakness. It's that weakness the Power Rangers exploited when they destroyed your brother and your parents."

Karone's eyes begin to get watery: "I'm.. sorry."

Ecliptor puts his hands on Karone's shoulders: "Show no weakness. When the time comes for you to take revenge, it will be the strong that are victorious. Always remember that."

Karone wipes the tears from her eyes and replaces her saddened face with a determined look: "Yes. I will be strong."

Ecliptor stands up straight: "Excellent, now go take thirty laps around the lake."

Karone nods and jogs off.

Ecliptor crosses his arms: "Bah! I'll show that lowly mutant, who's soft! Under my guidance, she will become the most evil creature in the universe."

Ecliptor looks to the ground and sees the yellow star, he picks it up and clutches it and quietly says: "I will make sure you are not weak, my.. princess."

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the present. The lake just outside the Power Chamber. Ecliptor continues to look at the yellow star in his hand with his thoughts wandering.

Angela's voice: "Ecliptor?"

Ecliptor startled by Angela turns around but hides the star behind him: "What are you doing here?"

Angela swallows her breath, being wary around Ecliptor: "Um.. I was concerned about you."

Ecliptor a bit surprised: "Concerned?"

Angela nods and half-smiles: "Ye.. yeah. I know you must have a lot on your mind right now and if there was anything I could do to help.."

Ecliptor holds his hand up in a stop motion: "Stop. I haven't decided what I will do, but whatever it is, I will have to do it myself."

Ecliptor walks past Angela and heads back inside keeping the star out of her sight. He stops and looks at the star one last time then turns to the concerned Angela: "I uh.. I appreciate your concern... hmmm.. Thank you."

Angela caught off guard by Ecliptor's last comment: "Uh.. No problem."

Scene 4

Setting: The Power Chamber. Ecliptor enters and walks up to Beta 1. Also standing in the room are Victor and Simon.

Ecliptor: "Well, is there reason to believe that Darkonda's claims are true?"

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! We detected almost a dozen portals opening and closing leading to the old universe in the past twenty-four hours. It is very possible that Darkonda has indeed kidnapped Karone from KO-35."

Ecliptor rubs his chin: "I see. Then I must go immediatley."

Zordon: "Ecliptor. While the decision is ultimatley yours, I must request that you use caution. While there is evidence that the Karone you saw in the Viewing Globe was genuine, there is still an even greater chance that it is a trap."

Ecliptor raises his voice: "You think I don't know that?! But if there is even the slightest chance that Karone is being held hostage by that Crulian, then it is my duty as her guardian to save her. No matter the risk."

Zordon: "I respect your loyalty to Karone, however to rush off into danger may prove disastrous."

Simon walks up to Ecliptor: "Zordon's right. You should at least let us come with you."

Ecliptor: "No! I must do this alone. Darkonda will not hesitate to destroy Karone, if I don't follow his instructions."

Ecliptor pushes Simon aside: "Now back off. I'll be back within two hours."

Ecliptor leaves the Command Center and turns to others one last time: "With Karone."

Scene 5

Setting: The hallway leading outside. Ecliptor walks down but Victor exits out of the Power Chamber and catches up with him.

Victor: "You can't. You gotta know he's setting you up."

Ecliptor turns to Victor: "And how can you be so sure?"

Victor: "Because if Darkonda and Dementian really did get back to the old universe, don't you think they would stay there. I mean they wouldn't have to deal with us anymore."

Ecliptor: "There are still Power Rangers in the old universe. They would be opposed no matter where they went."

Victor stands in front of Ecliptor: "Come on Ecliptor. You know Darkonda better than any of us, you know you can't take anything he says at face value."

Ecliptor: "Even Darkonda will tell the truth if it he has something to gain from it."

Victor stops Ecliptor: "Look. I'm not going to let you do this. I was foolish and it got me killed. But unlike me you don't have a prophecy to use as a 'get out of death, free card'. I don't want you get yourself killed old man."

Ecliptor looks down then with intensity looks back at Victor: "You're showing weakness."

Ecliptor rams his fist into Victor's stomach causing him to keel over and fall to his knees.

Victor coughing up on himself: "*gasp* *cough* Whhhyy?"

Ecliptor: "You Psychos wouldn't understand. You weren't created from pure evil like me. Kar.. Astronema represents everything in me that is even remotley decent. She's the only thing that truly seperates Darkonda and myself."

Victor looks up at Ecliptor in pain: "That's not true. If it was then you wouldn't be concerned about being different from Darkonda at all."

Ecliptor backhands Victor: "Don't play devil's advocate with me!"

Ecliptor walks away: "Just in case you actually think the time we've spent together these past few months mean anything to me, then here's a warning."

Victor turns his head to look at Ecliptor, his nose starts to bleed.

Ecliptor: "Don't get in my way again, or I WILL destroy you!"

Ecliptor walks away and teleports in a ball of green light.

Victor lays down on the floor as he loses consciousness: "*Ecliptor*"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The barren landscape. Darkonda and Dementian stand on top of cliff and see Ecliptor arriving from the horizon with their binoculars.

Dementian: "He's getting soooo predictable!"

Darkonda looks through his binoculars: "Hahahaha! If anything his foolishness is consistent. Heh heh heh."

Dementian aims his gun at Ecliptor: "Hmhmhm. I never did see what the master saw in him."

Darkonda pushes Dementian's gun down: "Not yet. I want to have some 'fun' first before we get to the main event."

Dementian shrugs: "Suit yourself."

Darkonda pulls out a remote control device laughing maniacally, then presses the button.

Scene 2

Setting: Still in the barren landscape but at Ecliptor's location. Ecliptor hears a strange noise and stops. Suddenly the ground beneath him opens up and he falls down a pit.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to Darkonda and Dementian.

Dementian smirks while looking through the binoculars: "Hmhmhm. Got im'."

Scene 4

Setting: At the bottom of a dark pit. Ecliptor shakes his head and gets back up.

Ecliptor breathes hard.

Darkonda's voice: "Bwahahahaha! Did you enjoy your trip! Hahahaha!"

Ecliptor yells: "Enough of your games, Darkonda!"

Darkonda's voice: "Ohhh. We haven't even begun to play, Ecliptor."

Ecliptor: "Take me to Astronema now, you slime eating piece of..."

Darkonda's voice: "Now watch your language! What would Karone say if she heard such foul talk."

Ecliptor getting frustrated: "Well then, let's get this over with."

Darkonda's voice: "Here. Let my 'associates' help you out. Bwahahahaha!"

Suddenly Skullinites appear all around Ecliptor. They all attack.

Ecliptor: "Grrr. I don't have time for this!"

Ecliptor swings his sword and takes out two of the Skullinites immediatley. He shoots an eye blast to take out another one. The sheer amount of Skullinite begin to over power him.

Ecliptor: "You think there's strength in numbers? Let me increase my own!"

Ecliptor's head floats off of his body and rams into a whole row of Skullinites, while his body continues to take down more with his body. Then Ecliptor's head reattaches to his body.

Ecliptor: "Let's see if you bone bags can take the heat!"

Ecliptor glows red and releases strong flames from both of his hands, setting the whole pit on fire.

Scene 5

Setting: Just outside the pit. Dementian arrives at the edge of the pit.

Dementian: "Hahaha. Sounds like the big green goon is having some problems down there. Huh?"

Dementian covers his face as the pit just erupts with a huge fireball. Ecliptor jumps out of the flames and tackles Dementian.

Ecliptor grabs Dementian by the throat: "Where is she?"

Dementian: "*gasp* How did you.."

Ecliptor tightens his grip: "WHERE IS SHE?!"

Dementian: "Alright! *gasp* I'll take you to.. *cough cough* to her! Just let go! *wheez*"

Ecliptor growls as picks Dementian up off his feet by the throat, he finally lets go of him.

Dementian rubs his throat: "You'll pay for that."

Ecliptor: "You'll pay for wasting my time if you don't take me to Astronema immediatley."

Dementian upset: "Fine! Follow me."

Dementian walks and Ecliptor follows.

Scene 6

Setting: The Power Chamber. Angela, Aundria, and Marcus wait along with Beta and Zordon. Simon walks in with Victor, who doesn't have his shirt on but has his ribs taped up.

Angela: "Victor are you.."

Victor looking more like his former more aggressive self: "I'm fine."

Marcus: "Whoah ho ho! Sounds like someone's attitude is coming back."

Victor: "Marcus, shut up!"

Victor turns to Zordon: "Well Zordon, where is Ecliptor?"

Zordon: "He is in the Anshrunian desert exactly where Darkonda told him to go."

Victor: "Then it's the Anshrunian desert we go."

Simon grabs Victor by the shoulder: "Where do you think you're going. Ecliptor busted you up pretty good because he wanted to do this alone."

Victor pulls away from Simon: "We've got to save him no matter what! He may not be human or a Psycho Ranger, but he's still one of us."

Simon: "You're right but still, you should take it easy."

Victor gets in Simon's face: "The last time I checked it's the man in red that runs the show. Guess who wears the red underoos."

Marcus smirks: "Boxers or briefs?"

Aundria smacks Marcus in the back of the head: "Idiot."

Simon: "Victor, you're irrational."

Victor: "Your damn right I'm irrational, in fact I'm feeling a little bit psycho. All the more reason to get going as Psycho Rangers. If you want wussyfoot around here, then that's your business, but I'm going to help Ecliptor. Whether he wants it or not. Whether you want it or not."

Victor points to everyone else: "Or whether any of you want it or not! If anyone has a problem with it, they better get out of my face now, cuz I'm pissed."

Marcus smiles and rubs his hands: "Oh ho ho. Now THIS is the Psycho Red I know and love. I'm with you my man."

Aundria: "As much as I hate to admit it, I'm in agreement with the Blue Dummie over here."

Angela nods: "I don't want to see Ecliptor get himself killed either. I'm in."

Victor turns to Simon: "Well?"

Simon sighs: "Might as well make it unanimous."

Simon puts out his hand, Victor shakes it.

Victor then turns to Zordon: "Do you have a problem with baldy?"

Zordon smiles: "Take care Power Rangers."

Victor and the others hold out their morphing arms: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Scene 7

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber. The Psycho Rangers move so fast outside the Power Chamber they look like flashes of multicolored light.

[Sentai footage]: The Psycho Rangers as flashes of light jump through the city, rooftop by rooftop.

[Sentai footage]: The Pyscho Rangers run at super speed, side-by-side.

Scene 8

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Falconine sits in her throne legs crossed, looking bored while Rygog and Elgar fan her. Cybera stands next to the holographic projection.

Cybera: "Psycho Rangers are reaching Darkonda's location."

Falconine gets up from her throne: "What? Darkonda doesn't need that. We'll send a monster to slow down those pathetic Psychos."

Rygog, lovestruck: "Ahahah. She's so brilliant."

Elgar: "What are you talking about?! Sending a monster is their answer to everything."

Rygog bops Elgar on top of his head: "Silence!"

Suddenly a blue and yellow ball bounces into the room and ricochets all over the place. The ball turns into a giant, blue rodent with yellow stripes all across his body.

Blue rodent monster: "Somebody call for a monster? Boppadillo at your service."

Falconine: "Very well Boppadillo. Take care of those Psycho Rangers."

Boppadillo: "Rangers."

Boppadillo eagerly throws many air punches: "Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em!"

Boppadillo turns back into a ball and bounces out of the room.

After Boppadillo leaves, Falconine turns to Rygog: "Rygog. Take a note."

Rygog: "Yes my queen."

Falconine: "Make sure I have a talk with Darkonda about which of Finster's monsters he evolves."

Rygog: "As you command, my vision of lovlyness."

Elgar just gives Rygog a funny look and shakes his head.

Scene 9

Setting: Back to the city, where Tabuna rests at one of the rooftop and sees the Psycho Rangers racing by.

Tabuna holds her hand over her forehead to get a better look: "Well, well, well. There's my little handsome stranger and his friends. I wonder where they are headed in such a hurry."

Tabuna jumps off the roof to follow them.

Scene 10

Setting: The barren desert. Ecliptor and Dementian arrive at the cliffside.

Dementian: "We're heerrreeee!"

Ecliptor: "Where is she?!"

Dementian: "You have a real one track mind don't you?"

Ecliptor: "Quit your stalling."

Dementian: "Alright, alright! Sheesh!"

Dementian snaps his fingers and the rocks away from the cliff move away and Karone rises out of the ground, tied down to a stone chair.

Ecliptor reaches for her: "Karone!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The desert cliff. Karone is tied down. Ecliptor heads for her while Dementian stands there smirking. Suddenly Ecliptor stops.

Ecliptor: "Wait a minute. Where's Darkonda?"

Dementian raises an eyebrow: "Hmmm?"

Ecliptor: "Darkonda's ego, wouldn't let him miss such a moment. Where is he?"

Dementian: "He's watching from his throneroom of course."

Ecliptor stares down Dementian: "You're lying. That's not Karone, that's Darkonda in disguise. This IS a trap."

Ecliptor then walks away, Karone looks and tries to say something but the gag on her mouth prevents her: "I'm no one's fool Dementian."

Dementian cocks his gun and aims at Karone and in a sarcastic tone: "Oh you're toooo smart for us! Oh well, since you won't bite, I guess there's no need for the bait."

Ecliptor stops and looks worried: "Ha! You won't destroy Darkonda."

Karone looks extremely worried.

Dementian starts to squeeze the trigger: "Wouldn't I? I'm a Crulian, Ecliptor. We were known for being the most treacherous and backstabbing race in the universe. I would have no qualms about destroying my FORMER leader. But can you ignore even the slightest chance that maybe the scared young lady I'm about to vaporize is the real thing?"

Ecliptor comes to a moment of indecision.

Dementian: "Whether that's Karone or Darkonda sitting in that chair, it won't matter to me. But it does matter to you, doesn't it!"

Ecliptor clenches his fist.

Dementian: "Still not going to move. I guess it MUST be Darkonda all tied up over there. Now let's see if you're right, shall we?"

As Dementian pulls the trigger, at the last moment Ecliptor jumps in the way of the blast: "NOOO!"

Ecliptor falls to the ground hard with soldering from Dementian's blast.

Karone even tied up can almost clearly say: "ECLIPTOR!!! NOOOOOO!"

Dementian walks to and stands over Ecliptor: "Hahahahahaha! Bwahahahaha! I guess it must have been your precious 'princess' afterall. Hahahahahaha!"

Ecliptor: "You Crulians just love to hear your own laughter, don't you."

Ecliptor grabs Dementian's leg and flips the Crulian to the ground, Ecliptor gets back up and runs to Karone: "Stand still my princess!"

Ecliptor shoots several eyebeams while running to Karone. The eyebeams destroy the ropes, allowing Karone to finally stand up.

Dementian gets back up and worried: "No! This wasn't part of the deal. You were supposed to surrender!"

Ecliptor helps Karone out of her seat as she removes her gag, Ecliptor speaks in cocky tone: "You expected me to keep my end of the deal? Next time you should look at MY resume'!"

Karone smiles: "For that matter you should look at my resume'!"

Karone spins around and changes into Astronema and summons her staff.

Dementian: "I won't let either of you escape here alive!"

Dementian charges but both Ecliptor and Astronema shoots at Dementian, explosions erupt all around Dementian and send him flying off the cliff: "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIIIIIissssssss*"

Astronema turns to Ecliptor: "Ecliptor, is it really you? I thought you..."

Ecliptor: "It's a long story my princess. I'll tell you when we get back to the Power Chamber, but right now we should get out of here before Darkonda sets up any more traps."

Astronema nods and the two run off.

Scene 2

Setting: Still in the desert, the Psycho Rangers just arrive at superspeed arriving side by side and one at a time. Suddenly they are caught by surprise when Boppadillo in ball form bounces in from above them and tries to bounce on top of all of them.

Boppadillo turns into monster form and lands in front of the somewhat confused Psychos: "Well hello hello hello there, Power Rangers! You're really in for it now!"

Boppadillo charges at the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Black: "Boppadillo?"

Psycho Red steps forward: "We don't have time for this crap! Let's take him down fast, and let's take him down hard!"

The Psycho Rangers simultaneously nod: "Right!"

All the Psycho Ranger get into position and release their green lightning attack, stopping Boppadillo in his tracks.

Boppadillo: "Yaahahahhhh! Thissss isn't fairrrrrrr!!!"

The Psycho Rangers stop and form individual black balls of energy then release them, the five balls of energy merge into one and strike Boppadillo down!

Psycho Red: "Now let's finish this goof off now!"

Psycho Yellow: "You got it!"

The Psycho Rangers summon their Psycho Weapons and merge them into the Psycho Blaster. The Psycho Blaster falls into Psycho Red's hand.

Psycho Red: "Don't feel too bad rodent. You're about to make a new record! The fastest monster to get destroyed by the Psycho Rangers!"

Psycho Red shoots the Psycho Blaster and Boppadillo falls to the ground and explodes!

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throneroom. Falconine, Cybera, Rygog, and Elgar watch Boppadillo get destroyed.

Rygog eagerly yells: "I'll fire the torpedos!"

Elgar: "No! I'll fire the satelasers!"

Falconine: "What?!"

Falconine turns her head to Cybera: "What possessed me to ever let those two stay on my ship?"

Cybera doesn't answer instead she remains silent.

Falconine gives up, sighs and then summons her raven.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the Psycho Ranger's fight with Boppadillo. Falconine's raven appears from the sky and releases a wave of black energy onto Boppadillo's remains. Reforming the monster into a giant.

Psycho Yellow: "It looks like Boppadillo is finished yet!"

Psycho Red: "Grrrr.. We're wasting too much time!"

Psycho Pink: "We can't let this monster run free."

Psycho Red very angrily raises his arm: "Aaarrghh! We need Guardianzord power now!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence]

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay bucktooth! You're gonna regret getting in the way of the Red Psycho Ranger! Forming Guardian Megazord!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

While the Guardian Megazord and the giant Boppadillo prepare to face off, Tabuna just arrives at the scene and watches from the sidelines.

Tabuna: "Impressive. Those Rangers have some big toys."

Scene 5

Setting: Just a little ways away from the giant fight. Ecliptor and Astronema stop running when they see the Guardian Megazord but they are still out of sight from the Rangers.

Astronema: "What is that?" Astronema very confused: "The Psycho Rangers? You mean they're helping Zordon too?" Astronema: "But how did he.."

Ecliptor: "That is also a long story, and one that even I don't have all the details. From what I understand, the Psycho Rangers are really Eltarians, but were captured and transformed into monsters by Darkonda."

Astronema: "I see. You think they will win?"

Ecliptor: "I know it. They are a lot more focused now than they when they were under our command."

Astronema: "I vaguely remember that."

Ecliptor puts his head down: "Yes. I'm not surprised that memories of the Psychos aren't clear to you. It was during the period of time we were both under cybernetic control. I'm sorry, you should have never had to go through that."

Astronema puts her hand on Ecliptor's shoulder: "It wasn't your fault."

Ecliptor pulls away and shakes his head: "No! It was my fault. Don't you remember, it was I who personally kidnapped you and so that Darkonda could transform you to evil. It was just like when the roles he and I played when you were a child, only we reversed it. I'm.. no better that slug. We have more in common that I care to admit."

Ecliptor turns his back to Astronema and looks down in shame.

Astronema tries to console Ecliptor: "No Ecliptor..."

Astronema's tone changes drastically: ".. you're absolutey right!"

Ecliptor turns around only to receive and energy blast right into the chest by Astronema.

Ecliptor falls to the ground hard: "Princess! Why?!"

Astronema holds her staff to Ecliptor's throat: "You were a worthless excuse for a guardian Ecliptor! You failed me and kept me away from my brother! You lied to me all these years and corrupted me! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"

Ecliptor shakes his head: "No prince.. Astronema. I'm sorry! I had no choi... No! You're not Karone! You're Darkonda!"

Astronema gives an evil smile and morphs into a laughing Darkonda: "Bwahahahahahaha! You're right! I'm not Karone or Astronema! But you bought it! Hook, line, and sinker! Bwahahahaha!"

Darkonda stomps on Ecliptor's chest. Ecliptor struggles to speak: "But why didn't you just destroy me immediatley? Why go through this whole charade for so long?"

Darkonda: "Bwahahaha! And miss that expression on you're cold face when you thought your precious little 'princess' had betrayed you and hated you? Hahahaha! I wouldn't have missed that for the world. It was a real Kodak moment! Hahaha! Speaking of which..."

Dementian steps out of the bushes with a camera: "I got it all on film. Precious memories. Hahahahaha!"

Ecliptor: "I can't believe I fell for it."

Darkonda: "But you did. I knew you wouldn't stand by if you thought the one thing in entire universe that truly meant anything to you was in danger. Karone is your weakness!"

Ecliptor enraged: "I HAVE NO WEAKNESS!"

Ecliptor knocks Darkonda off from on him and releases a series eye beams at both the Crulians.

Darkonda unsheathes his sword and elongates, while Dementian extends his forearm blades. The two Crulians begin to double team Ecliptor and eventually overpower him. Ecliptor drops his sword after several damaging strikes to his body. The Crulians attack with an unrelenting fury, preventing Ecliptor from even fighting back. Darkonda grabs Ecliptor and holds him for Dementian.

Ecliptor: "I'll never surrender to the likes of you."

Darkonda: "My my my. Even being utterly defeated, Ecliptor still shows a lot of heart. If I wasn't such a rotten bastard, I would almost feel touched! Hahahahahaha!"

Dementian: "Yes! He has real big heart for so called evil monster! We'll just have to rip it out!"

Dementian jams his forearm blade into Ecliptor's chest and rips his almost his entire chest off. Sparks erupt from Ecliptor's body, as Karone's yellow star rock flies out of Ecliptor's chest and falls to the ground. Unnoticed by the Crulians, but Ecliptor looks as if his heart really was ripped out. Ecliptor falls to the ground. Crawling for the star.

Ecliptor reaches for the star but it is so far away: "Nooo!"

Darkonda and Dementian just mercilessly beat down Ecliptor. Stomping on him and kicking him. But Ecliptor himself is more concerned with getting back his star than defending himself, making him easy pickings for the Crulians.

Scene 6

Setting: To battle with the Guardian Megazord and giant Boppadillo. Tabuna watches as the two titans exchange blows but she hears more fighting elsewhere.

Tabuna: "Hmmm?"

Tabuna wanders through the bushes and sees Darkonda and Dementian brutally beating Ecliptor, who's suffered so much damage that his body is covered with raw and exposed circuits and wires.

Tabuna shocked: "They look like Furio! I wonder if there's any connection."

Tabuna then notices that Ecliptor isn't paying attention the Crulians but to a small yellow star-shaped rock: "He.. doesn't care that he's being destroyed?"

Ecliptor: "I.. have.. to.. get.. it.. back!"

Darkonda steps in front of Ecliptor: "I don't know what you're talking about but it's time to end the games and get to the REAL business at hand!"

Darkonda laughs as Ecliptor looks, and the last thing he sees before total blackness is Darkonda's fist heading straight for him.

Total blackness.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The blackness fades and Darkonda's face is all that shown.

Darkonda: "Ah! He's conscious. Excellent I hate to see this be painless for him."

Ecliptor is tied up to a stone altar held up vertically, strapped in almost as if he was to be crucified. Darkonda and Dementian step and enjoy their handiwork. Tabuna lays on the ground on a cliff above the scene watching with curiosity and concern.

Ecliptor: "What.. where am I?"

Darkonda: "Oh.. Not far from where you were beaten senseless. Which was one of the greatest moments in my life, by the way. Hahahaha!"

Ecliptor: "If you're going to destroy me, then get it over with already!"

Darkonda: "You know that's actually quite tempting, but no. Surprisingly I'm not going to let your death be in vain."

Ecliptor: "Huh?"

Darkonda pulls out his Evolution Crystal: "You see, this is the Evolution Crystal. I have been using it to evolve old monsters in newer and stronger ones. Yet the Psychos still manage to defeat them, time and time again. So I think what the Crystal needs is it's own power boost and that's where you come in."

Dementian sets up small marble legstand in front of Ecliptor.

Ecliptor: "What are you.. going to do?"

Darkonda spins the Evolution Crystal in his hand: "Despite your rather pathetic appearance and position at the moment, admitedly you are still one of the most powerful warriors in existence, and since the Evolution Crystal can take away power as well as give it, I'm going to have it drain your very lifeforce."

Ecliptor: "What?!"

Darkonda: "Hmhmhm! Once I add your own powers to the Evolution Crystal, I will have a more powerful Evolution Crystal. A more powerful Evolution Crystal equals more powerful monsters. With more powerful monsters, I can finally rid myself of those bothersome Psychos, and conquer this miserable planet, unopposed!"

Tabuna watches on from the sidelines.

The Evolution Crystal emits a red glow as Darkonda places it in the stand.

Dementian: "Oh this is going to be so deliciously good."

Darkonda: "And without further ado! Let the show begin! Bwahahahahaha!"

The Crulians laugh as the Evolution Crystal releases all of it's energy upon Ecliptor, causing him to scream in pain like never before. Green strands of energy from Ecliptor start to enter the Evolution Crystal as the black and green plating from his body begins to peel off.

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! I could watch this all day!"

Dementian: "Hmmm. Maybe we should check up on the Psychos."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Oh very well. He's not going anywhere, except to oblivion! Bwahahahahaha!"

The Crulians laugh as they warp away.

Tabuna stands up: "They're gone."

Tabuna pulls out the yellow star from her side belt: "This Ecliptor, I can sense it. He's in such pain, not just physically, but his very soul is on fire."

Tabuna stands there watching in sadness.

Scene 2

Setting: The Zord fight.

The Guardian Megazord finishes up with it's Tanuki powered rapid fists, then shoots a tornado from it's Tengu chest, sending Boppadillo flying into the air.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay this has gone long enough! Let's finish this!"

Dark clouds begin to form and gather in the sky. The Guardian Megazord holds it hand up and lightning bolt strikes forming a sword made out of pure energy and the Guardian Megazord's eyes glow red.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Guardian Energy Sword Strike!"

The Guardian Megazord swings the energy sword at the Boppadillo, who's still caught in the tornado. A hundred lightning bolts strike Boppadillo all at once. Boppadillo explodes in mid-air in the tornado, creating a flaming tornado before it finally fades. The Guardian Megazord's eyes turn back yellow as it's sword dissipates and the skies become clear again.

The Psycho Rangers all jump out of the Guardian Megazord as they finally see Ecliptor being drained by the Evolution Crystal.

Psycho Red: "Ecliptor!"

The Psycho Rangers run to Ecliptor, who's still very far away. Suddenly Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, and Cybera all appear in their way.

Dementian waves his finger: "Uh uh uh! There's not going to be a last second rescue this time!"

Falconine: "This is the end for Ecliptor as well as you!"

Darkonda: "So give up now kiddies! The game is over and you lose!"

Psycho Red steps forward and holds up his fist: "Like hell it is! No one is going to stop from saving Ecliptor. Not Cybera, not Falconine, not any monster, and not you! So step aside and let me through!"

Darkonda smirks: "Kids today."

Darkonda, Falconine, Cybera, and Dementian all release their attack beams at once at the Psycho Rangers. Explosion erupt all around them.

Scene 3

Setting: Tabuna stands atop of a cliff away from all the action and watches Ecliptor in pain: "No.. I can't stand by and do nothing."

Tabuna pulls out her sword and prepares to throw it at the Evolution Crystal like a spear, but to her surprise the sword reacts and shoots out a blue lightning bolt at the Evolution Crystal. The Crystal uses red energy strands to connect itself to Tabuna.

Tabuna screams as the energy flows through her and finall she falls to the ground unconscious, as a silver light emits from her.

While the Evolution Crystal continues to drain Ecliptor and pull his very circuits apart, Tabuna's interference messes up the energy flow and the Crystal begins to shake violently.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the main fight. The villains release an onslaught of energy attacks at the Psychos, so much that smoke rises up and consumes the Psychos completley. Suddenly Psycho Red jumps out of the smoke yelling at the top of his lungs.

The villains shoot at Psycho Red. But he runs dodges them all, and what few hit him, don't even faze him. Dementian and Cybera take the lead but as Psycho Red glows red he takes them both down with a strike from Psycho Sword. Psycho Red releases a wave of red energy at Darkonda and Falconine, knocking them both off their feet. Psycho Red runs past them and to Ecliptor.

Psycho Red: "I'm coming old man!"

Ecliptor is so far gone that he's hardly recognizable anymore and barely manages to utter: "No. Victor get back it's going to..."

The Evolution Crystal explodes in very a violent explosion. The explosion consumes what's left of Ecliptor.

Psycho Red stops in his tracks as the explosion heads for him, Psycho Red drops his sword: "ECLIPTOR! NOOOOOOOOO!"

Psycho Red continues to scream as the fireball reaches and consumes him as well!

To Be Continued... ?

Simon's voice: "Here's what you can expect to see in fall, during all a new season of Power Rangers: Hidden War!"

Clip 1
Simon's voice: "New villains!"

A small white imp flying around with batwings.

Clip 2
Falconine and an asian man dressed in similar clothing both shoot an energy beam.

Clip 3
Simon's voice: "New weapons!"

Psycho Red holding both his Psycho Sword and a samurai sword, and transforming.

Clip 4
A silver glider type vehicle flying through the city.

Clip 5
Simon's voice: "Shocking revelations!"

The mysterious master of Darkonda and Dementian begins to step out of the shadows.

Clip 6
Cybera smashing a computer terminal in rage.

Clip 7
Angela stands in front of portal as a figure begins to step out of it.

Clip 8
Simon's voice: "New Zords!"

A silver and blue ninja robot jumps through the air.

Clip 9
The Sky Knight transforming into a Megazord.

Clip 10
Simon's voice: "A new Ranger!"

Psycho Silver stands before the Psychos.

Clip 11
Psycho Silver and Psycho Yellow charging side by side shooting from their Psycho Silveryzer and Psycho Slinger respectively.

Clip 12
Psycho Silver summoning a Zord.

Clip 13
Psycho Silver turning away from a exploding monster.

Clip 14
Psycho Red and Psycho Silver going at it.

Clip 15
Simon's voice: "And of course more of the awesome action, you've come to expect from Power Rangers: Hidden War!"

The Psycho Rangers jumping from an explosion.

Clip 16
Angela confronting Simon.

Clip 17
Buildings exploding everywhere.

Clip 18
Simon's voice: "Till then!"

The Psycho Rangers in a battle pose.

End Credits


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Kei Mizutani

Melody Perkins

Elizabeth Wright
Young Karone


Barbara Goodson

Steve Kramer

Walter Lang
Ecliptor, Rygog

Bob Manahan

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Richard Wood
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