Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 15

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: In space. A green covered planet rests in orbit by itself. Suddenly a portal opens up not far from it and the Astro Megazord flies out of the portal.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Beta 1 checks out a computer terminal and grows frantic: "Aye ai ai ai! Zordon! I'm detecting a series of portal opening!"

Zordon: "Where is the location of these portals Beta?"

Beta 1: "Roughly five lightyears away from Deacon Blue, Zordon!"

Zordon: "Hmmmm... This is an interesting development. However it is too far away for us to do anything about it at the moment. Keep me informed if any other developments come forth."

Beta 1 nods and returns to the terminal: "Right Zordon."

Scene 3

Setting: A small space in the shape of a black and yellow vulture flies out of the Dark Carrier and heads into space and lightning speed. Inside the ship's cockpit sits Darkonda, Dementian, and Cybera as well as a half-dozen Skullinites.

Dementian fiddles with some of the sensors: "Hmmm. According to the radar, we're the only ones heading out to check these portal anomalies. Do you think the Rangers don't know about it?"

Darkonda: "I doubt it. More likely than not, the Psychos just don't have the means to leave Deacon Blue like we do. Especially now that they no longer have the blacksmith with them."

The ship travels at warp speed and arrives at the green planet in no time at all.

Dementian: "I detect two other ships in the area. One is in the planet's orbit. The other has just taken off."

Darkonda: "I want to know what's going on down there. Take us down."

Dementian nods and brings the ship to the planet's orbit.

Darkonda, Dementian, Cybera, and the Skullinites teleport to the planet's surface.

Scene 4

Setting: The planet's surface. A very thick jungle setting surrounds them.

Suddenly a large engine sound shakes the trees, everyone looks up and are shock at what they see with the exception of Cybera who shows little interest in what she sees.

Darkonda and Dementian see the Astro Megaship flow over them head into space. Darkonda: "The Astro Megaship?! That's impossible!"

Dementian: "How did the Power Rangers get to this universe?"

Dementian hears a strange hardening sound and rushes down the path that they are on with the Skullinites to check it out.

Dementian: "What?!"

The everything ahead of Dementian is turning to stone and the wave gets closer. When the stone wave reaches Dementian and the Skullinites, the Skullinites turn to stone but Dementian is unaffected. Darkonda notices this and quickly picks Cybera up off her feet before the spell reaches them. Darkonda is also unaffected.

Darkonda tells Cybera: "Cybera teleport back to the ship, my dear."

Cybera nods and teleports out of Darkonda's arms.

Dementian rubs his horned goatee: "Interesting. The Skullinites and all of the vegetation have turned to stone by that spell but we were unaffected."

Darkonda adds: "That's because we are Crulians. As a result we are immune to spells created by other Crulians."

Dementian: "Huh? But the only Crulian that had the ability to turn the land itself to stone was.."

Darkonda finishes Dementian's sentence: "Furio! Yes, that would mean that he was recently on this planet."

Dementian: "So Furio was transported to this new dimension with the rest of us. Then how come we never found him on Deacon Blue."

Darkonda: "Simple. He was already here. Remember when Furio disappeared soon after Barillia was destroyed. Even though the master spared him along with us."

Dementian: "You mean this new universe is where he disappeared to all those years ago?"

Darkonda: "Yes. I'm starting to wonder where exactly we are."

A beeping sound emits from Dementian, he is startled and summons a handheld electronic device: "Darkonda, one more portal has opened, about ten kilometers north from here."

Darkonda motions a "follow-me" pantomime with his hand: "Then hurry!"

Darkonda and Dementian both run at a blurring superspeed. They run past a village of people turned to stone and eventually get far ahead of the stone spell and arrive at a very large portal, roughly the size of a Zord, but it is slowly shrinking.

Darkonda stops and looks at the portal: "Ah! That portal will take us back to the old universe!"

Dementian: "Then I'll go get Cybera and we'll return to the old universe!"

Before Dementian can warp he sees a golden ball of light in the air, heading for the portal, he points to the ball of light: "What is that?"

Darkonda: "I don't know! But I can sense it's power. I must have it!"

Darkonda runs to the light but just before he can touch it and black dagger strikes his hand causing Darkonda to hold his hand in pain: "Aaaaarrggh! Who did that?!"

A stranger's voice: "The Lights of Orion shall not fall into your hands vile creature."

Dementian confused by the voice: "Huh? Ecliptor?"

Dementian gets blasted down next to Darkonda.

Stranger's voice: "I don't know who this Ecliptor is, but if you know what's good for you, you will surrender."

Darkonda pulls the dagger out of his hand and gets: "Who are you!"

The figure reveals himself to Darkonda and Dementian: "Stand down now, or prepare to be destroyed by the Magna Defender!"

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Setting: The planet Miranoi. The portal to the old universe is slowly closing but is still very large. Darkonda and Dementian get up and prepare to face off with Magna Defender.

Dementian cocks his gun: "Magna Defender huh? Never heard of you."

Magna Defender: "Whether or not you have heard of me doesn't matter. All you need to know is that if you pull that trigger your destruction will be near."

Darkonda smirks: "Hmhmhm. You have big ones, I'll grant you that stranger. Eh?"

Darkonda notices the Lights of Orion entering the portal.

Darkonda: "What the Lights of Orion!"

Darkonda chases after them but Magna Defender pulls out his Magna Blaster and unloads on Darkonda, keeping him away.

Magna Defender looks up and calls: "Torozord!"

The ground shakes, stirring up the Crulians. Suddenly the ground erupts.

Dementian: "By all that is evil, what is that?!"

The Torozord walks out from beneath the ground and gives an earth shaking yell as it snorts some rocks out of it's nose.

Magna Defender: "Torozord! Follow the Lights of Orion into that portal while I handle these two."

The Torozord nods and walks to the portal. Darkonda and Dementian jump out of the way as Torozord almost steps on them. The Torozord enters the shrinking portal, just barely able to fit in as the portal gets smaller.

Darkonda pulls out his dagger and elongates it to sword length: "Ha! You made a big mistake sending your Zord away! Now suffer the power of King Darkonda! Hahahahaha!"

Darkonda charges at Magna Defender.

Magna Defender unsheathes his sword: "So be it."

Magna Defender blocks Darkonda's first strike, then counters it is in turn blocked by Darkonda. It goes back and forth until Magna Defender spins around low and back strikes Darkonda in the gut. Dementian goes for a cheap shot in the back with his forearm claws extended but Magna Defender still crouching kicks behind him to nail Dementian in the groin. Magna Defender rolls away from the Crulians.

Darkonda: "You've got some good moves."

Darkonda rushes in with a jump kick but Defender grabs Darkonda's foot and flips him above himself, then follows through with a sword strike to Darkonda while the Crulian is in mid-air. Darkonda falls down hard.

Dementian cocks his gun: "Take this hornboy!"

Dementian shoots but Magna Defender jumps out of the way causing Dementian to blast Darkonda by mistake.

Dementian: "Darkonda!"

Magna Defender reassembles his blaster and cocks it: "Hornboy? Like you should talk."

Magna Defender shoots but Dementian jumps out of the way. And shoots back. Magna Defender and Dementian run down in the same direction while facing each other and shooting at each other. Finally Magna Defender jumps into the air.

Dementian: "Ha! Now you're easy prey!"

Dementian shoots but Magna Defender turns his gun back into a sword and sheath in mid-air, pulls the sword and swings it to deflect Dementian's energy blasts back at him. Dementian is taken down again. Magna Defender finishes his leap with a sharp strike to Dementian. Dementian backflips to the ground as sparks fly.

Darkonda throws a chain and wraps Magna Defender. Releasing an electric current, the Defender yells in pain while Darkonda laughs. Darkonda yanks the chain to take Magna Defender off his feet and continues the circuit.

Darkonda sees Furio's stone spell getting closer and taunts Magna Defender: "Ah the wave is getting closer. Dementian and myself are immune to it, but I doubt you can say the same. It's only a matter of time now. Hahahahaha!"

Magna Defender struggles to get back on one knee: "Erg. No! I didn't escape a 3,000 year old prison just be robbed of vengeance again!"

Magna Defender gathers all of his strength and works hard to ignore the pain of Darkonda's electric attack. He stands back up and grabs the chain to Darkonda's surprise and yanks to spin Darkonda around and launches him at Dementian.

The Crulians get back up. Dementian: "That does it! Who does this guy think he is!"

Darkonda: "Get him!"

The Crulians charge, Magna Defender charges as well. Magna Defender runs up their bodies and launches into a backflip then comes back down with an energized Magna Sword strike. Magna Defender lands away from them, then turns around to face away from them as explosions and sparks erupt all over Darkonda and Dementian as they slowly to the ground.

Magna Defender sees that portal has gotten considerably smaller during the battle and that the spell wave is getting closer: "The portal is almost gone and I can sense that Scorpius is on the other side. I must make it to the other side."

Magna Defender makes a run for the closing portal as the spell wave almost catches up to him.

Dementian and Darkonda slowly get back up just in time to see it. Dementian: "He'll never make it."

Magna Defender races to the portal and leaps as the portal is too small for him to just walk into it. The spell wave races past Magna Defender just as his feet leave the ground: "Scorpius, no where in the universe will you be safe from my vengeance!"

Magna Defender goes through the portal just as it closes and the spell wave completley covers Mirinoi.

Darkonda falls to his knees in rage: "Noooooo!!! We were so close!"

Dementian: "Who was that guy? And where did he come from?"

Darkonda: "I don't know. He seemed like a native of this universe, so maybe Falconine has heard of him. At any rate, he's on the top of my list with Ecliptor and the Psycho Rangers."

Dementian: "Well then. This was a bust. Let's go back to Deacon Blue."

Darkonda grabs Dementian by the arm to stop him: "No not just yet. There was more than one portal that opened and closed around here in the past hour. Let's way and see if another opportunity presents itself."

Dementian: "But what about the others back at Deacon Blue?"

Darkonda: "I'll inform Falconine. She's more than suitable enough to handle things in our absence."

Dementian: "If you say so."

Scene 2

Setting: New Bethany. It is currently nightfall. At skyscraper rooftop, among other tall buildings stands a mysterious woman in a black cloak looks up at the stars and sees a shooting star. She holds up blue, diamond-shaped pendant. The pendant glows.

Cloaked woman: "The pendant can sense it. You are no longer apart of this galaxy are you, Treacheron?"

The cloaked woman pulls down her hood and it is Tabuna: "As long as you keep your promise to one day return to me, though."

Tabuna removes the cloak entirely and jumps off the building onto another. Her cape flies upwards and she lands onto the lower building: "Oh well, while I'm stranded on this world, I might as well make the best of it. I've always liked New Bethany for some reason though."

Tabuna stands next to skylight window and looks down below to see a jewel store below: "Maybe it's the scenery."

Tabuna gives a devilish smile as she pulls out her sword and slowly cuts the glass.

Scene 3

Setting: On top of another building, only across the street from the jewelry store. Stands Psycho Red searching.

Psycho Red speaks into his wrist communicator: "Simon come in."

Psycho Black's voice: "Simon here, what's the status Vic."

Psycho Red: "No sign of the Infinity Stone that Almidor left behind. I'm going to check the rest of this block then I guess we'll have to call it a night."

Psycho Black's voice: "Alright. We'll meet you at Donnie's unmorphed in a half-hour."

Psycho Red: "You got it. Psycho Red out."

Psycho Red looks around: "I can't believe no one remembers where Almidor stood when he sacrificed himself to save us from Rizedatox."

Something catches Psycho Red's attention: "Hello... What do we have here?"

Psycho Red sees Tabuna breaking into the jewelry store: "Some breaking and entering. Hardly any of my business, except the lady's got choice in clothes that only guys in our business wear. Might be one of Darkonda's goons."

Psycho Red leaps across the street as Tabuna removes the glass and jumps inside the store.

Psycho Red lands on top off the roof just in time see Tabuna's cape follow her into the store: "Okay let's see what your up to."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the jewel store. A security guard makes his rounds. The main room of the jewelry store is fairly large with glass case counters set up on three walls. The fourth wall is the entrance to the store. In the center of the room is another counter with watches, shades, and less expensive jewelry, as well as the cash register.

The security guard stands next to the center counter: "Geesh. It's gotten awfully breezy in here."

The security guard looks up and notices that the skylight window has been cut open: "What the?"

Tabuna stands up from behind the counter and blows some silver dust at him. The security guard falls to ground asleep immediatley. Tabuna smiles as hops onto the counter sitting on it then spins around to get over the counter on the other side. She pulls out a small disk and throws it at a security camera in the upper corner of the store. An LCD image appears on the disk and reads "Security System Breached.... Security System Diabled".

Tabuna walks to the glass counter and checks out the jewelry inside: "Hmmm... Not bad. But I wonder where they keep the real goods."

Tabuna eyes a hallway off to the side at the end of the hallway is large vault door. She taps her nose and smiles as she heads to the vault. Once she reaches the vault door she sizes up the lock and pulls out her sword. Then proceeds to slice the lock right off. With the lock gone, Tabuna simply spins the vault valve and the door opens up.

Tabuna sees all the expensive gems and gold jewelry: "Jackpot!"

Tabuna walks inside and opens a case and scoops up some treasure in her hands, the pearl necklace and coin almost drip from her hands as she smiles in excitement. She then sees off to the side two necklaces placed in glass on the wall. One has an emerald gem in it, the other a ruby.

Tabuna walks to the necklaces: "Hmmm. Emerald or ruby. Both so beautiful. Decisions, decisions."

Psycho Red's voice: "I'd go with the red gem."

Tabuna turns around: "What?"

Psycho Red stands at the entrance leaning against the wall with his arms cross: "Of course I've always been partial to red."

Tabuna: "Who.. who are you?"

Psycho Red walks forward: "You don't know? I guess that means your not one of Darkonda's goons afterall."

Tabuna: "Darkonda? Never heard of him."

Psycho Red: "Well then add another point to plus column. Now if you don't mind me asking. Who are you?"

Tabuna smirks: "I asked you first."

Psycho Red: "Well sweety, when the helmet's on. I go by the name of Psycho Red or lately I've taken a liking to Red Ranger. Now who are you?"

Tabuna smiles and pulls out her sword: "The name's Tabuna, Mr. Red. It's a pleasure to meet me, I'm sure."

Psycho Red whispers to himself: "You got that right."

Psycho Red awakens back to his senses and summons his Psycho Sword: "Well anyway, I'm sure you know that burgarly is illegal in this city. Now that I think about it, that outfit probably is also."

Tabuna backhand smashes the glass behind her and grabs the ruby necklace: "I think I will go with ruby. I'm not too crazy about green anyway."

Psycho Red charges after her but doesn't hold his sword in an attack position. Tabuna jumps over him anyway and runs out of the vault. Psycho Red turns around just in time to see her wave bye-bye as she closes the vault on him.

Psycho Red: "Not so fast."

Psycho Red kicks the vault door back open and runs into the main room just in time to see Tabuna climbing back out. Psycho Red jumps straight up and out of the store, he lands right in front of Tabuna so that she can't escape.

Psycho Red: "Don't be in such a rush. We've just met."

Tabuna holds up her sword: "Sorry, gotta go."

Tabuna swings at Psycho Red but he ducks under it and counters by grabbing her arm. She trips him up though and goes for another swing, he block it with his own sword then counters with a leg sweep. Tabuna rolls to the ground and just as Psycho Red charges her again she releases a flash of light from her hands to temporarily blind him.

Tabuna then pins Psycho Red to the wall by holding her sword to his throat.

Psycho Red: "You're pretty good."

Tabuna: "You're not bad either. You could have beaten me easily if you weren't 'distracted'."

Psycho Red checks out Tabuna but is unable to move because of the sword to his throat.

Tabuna gives a devilish smile: "Your eyes wander. You naughty boy."

Tabuna pulls her sword away and gives a spin kick to the gut, causing him to keel over. Tabuna runs to edge of the roof.

Psycho Red holds his stomach: "Oooohhh... That's going to be sore tomorrow."

Psycho Red looks up just in time to see Tabuna blow him a kiss just before she jumps off the edge of the roof.

Psycho Red jumps and rushes to the edge: "Hey wait!"

Psycho Red looks over the edge of the roof and sees that Tabuna has disappeared: "Huh? She just vanished. Maybe she teleported."

Psycho Red takes off his helmet and wipes his forehead giving a deep release of air: "Wheeeew! Well that Tabuna's caught my interest."

Victor leans over the roof and checks out the traffic below: "Gonna have to keep an eye out for her."

Victor rubs his stomach: "Man, she packs a whallop. She's cute though."

As Victor walks away, on the other side of the street at the higher building stands Tabuna watching him through binoculars.

Tabuna puts down the binoculars and smiles: "You're not half bad yourself.. Psycho Red."

Tabuna turns around and walks away into the shadows.

Scene 2

Setting: Donnie's a nightclub/bar in New Bethany. It's fairly dark inside but a myriad of colorful lights flash around the dancefloor. A musical band that looks suspiciously like the Cherry Poppin' Daddies are playing a song that sounds suspiciously like "Zoot Suit Riot" in the background. There are quite a few young people swing dancing to the music on the floor. Waitresses in purple spandex catsuits and black bowties walk around serving drinks. Off to the side are many booths. One of the circular booths from left to right sits Simon, Angela, Marcus, and Aundria.

Simon is getting into the groove and hums to the music, much to the girls delight. Marcus picks up one of the nuts from the bowl on the table and flicks at Simon to break him out of his self-trance.

Marcus: "Snap out of it."

Simon shakes his head a bit: "Oh sorry. Just getting into the music is all."

Aundria: "I don't blame you. This place is pretty cool."

Simon: "Glad you liked it. Just figured we all needed to get out of the Power Chamber for some lightening up. Considering everything we've been through lately."

Marcus tilts his hand side to side: "Eehhh. You did okaaayyy. The waitresses' outfits could be skimpier."

Aundria motions a cough: "*cough* Pervert! *cough*"

Simon snickers a bit then turns Angela: "So Angela, what do you think."

Angela: "I don't know. It's nice and all. I think the place is little bit too wild for my tastes."

Angela gets an idea: "Sayyy. How about tomorrow we go and check out that youth center we saw on the way here."

Marcus gawks: "A youth center! Come on girl, only dorks hang out youth centers!"

Angela in a mock crying tone: "Gee thanks Marc. I wasn't aware that I was a dork."

Aundria smacks Marcus in the back of the head.

Marcus rubs the back of his head and gives Aundria a dirty: "Ow! Geesh!"

Simon, Angela, and Aundria break laughing at Marcus' expense.

Angela notices someone and points out: "Hey look! Victor's here!"

Victor just walks into the club and checks the place out until he spots the others. Simon scoots over so that Victor can sit in the booth.

Simon: "Good to see you, Vic. Did you find the Infinity Stone."

Victor: "No such luck. Found something else er.. someone at any rate."

Aundria's eyes widen up in curiosity: "Someone else eh? So who is she?"

Victor: "How do you it's a she?"

Aundria: "Because you smiled when you said 'someone at any rate'."

Victor smirks: "How observant of you. Yeah it's a she. Her name's Tabuna. Pros include nice skills, cute smile, likes to have fun, and generally one hot number."

Aundria: "Cons?"

Victor shrugs: "Cons. She's a thief and maybe a part of the United Alliance."

Simon: "That's not too good."

Angela frowns: "But what about Almidor?"

Simon, Victor, and Aundria look down.

Marcus almost disgusted: "Geesh! Lighten up! It's not like the dude is dead or anything."

Simon looks up at Marcus: "True, but we don't where he is either."

Victor: "And we won't until we find the Infinity Stone."

Aundria: "Besides what if Darkonda, Falconine, or someone else gets ahold of the Infinity Stone."

Marcus: "I know all of that, but we gotta keep our spirits up. Right?"

Victor halfsmiles: "Right."

Simon: "You know what? Sometimes you do have your moments."

Marcus smirks and turns to Aundria: "Here that? I have my moments. Wanna have a 'moment' together."

Aundria splashes her glass of water at Marcus: "As if."

Once again the other Psychos have a good laugh at Marcus' expense.

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Sitting in the throne is Falconine with her legs crossed and working on her finger nails. Rygog is waving a giant fan beside her. Darkonda appears in a projection.

Darkonda: "So that's the situation here. Dementian and myself will be staying to if anything else develops. In the meantime my dear, you are in charge."

Falconine: "*sigh* Very well, not that I had anything for tonight anyway. Falconine out."

Darkonda's image disappears.

Falconine: "With Darkonda and Dementian gone, it's my turn to run the show!"

Rygog: "My queen, what will you do?"

Falconine gets up: "I think we'll use this opportunity to evaluate the Rangers."

Rygog puts down the fan: "Huh?"

Falconine snaps her fingers and a red and gold altar with a metal raven sit on top of it raises from the floor: "Darkonda's monsters have proven to be off little use against the Rangers. I'm curious as to see how my personal collection can fare."

Falconine holds up her hand and a small gargoyle statue appears in it, she places the statue on a skull shaped platform on the altar: "Win or lose, the information should prove useful to me when it's time for me to work my own plans."

Rygog: "You're brilliant, my que.."

Falconine: "Quiet! I'm about to make the incantation."

Falconine's eyes glow purple: "Oh great raven, bird god of trickery and evil bring life to this vessel so that your word shall be spread amongst the mortals."

The raven statue's eyes glow and two beams from the eyes strike the small gargoyle statue.

Falconine steps back: "Excellent."

The gargoyle statue jumps off the altar and turns into a rather large gargoyle monster made out of grey stone. The monster is ripped and very muscular looking like marble. He wears purple metallic trunks around his torso held up by a dark grey almost black belt with a red pearl on the buckle. He has a purple and gold shoulder plate attached to his left shoulder. As well as a purple gauntley on his left arm with gold trimming. His chest has Falconine's raven insignia etched into it, almost like a tattoo. He has to large bat like wings in dark grey coloring with gold points at the joints, the webbing between the wing bones are purple. His face resembles a monkey and is made out of stone but he has two gold horns sticking out of forehead facing forward about eight inches until the tips are bent backward. His eyes glow purple. His weapon is large, red, five-pronged trident with golden trimming down the bo of it and gold prongs.

The gargoyle monster bows on one knee: "It is an honor to once again be awakened Queen Falconine. How I serve you."

Falconine: "Gargoyle Grand, I want you to wreck havoc across the city of New Bethany."

Gargoyle Grand stands up and spins his trident around: "Hahaha! As you wish, after being asleep for a couple thousand years I could use some senseless destruction."

Falconine: "That's not all. A group of multi-colored 'heroes' will show up to spoil your fun. I want you to destroy them with prejudice."

Gargoyle Grand bows: "It will be done yesterday."

Gargoyle Grand teleports away.

Falconine walks back to her throne and sits down, crossing her legs: "Now we'll see how the Rangers handle a Falconine monster."

Falconine smirks: "This may even be fun."

Scene 4

Setting: One of the rooftops of New Bethany. Gargoyle Grand runs to the edge of the building to check out the city scape.

Gargoyle Grand: "Ah! New Bethany at night is a beautiful sight indeed. That's going to make tearing down all the more fun! Hahahaha!"

Gargoyle Grand summons his trident and holds it up in the air: "Let the bad times roll!"

Gargoyle Grand shoots a lightning bolt into the air and the sky begins to rain rocks onto the city. People scatter for cover as the rocks fall onto the streets and destroys cars, street lights, and the pavement.

Gargoyle Grand aims his trident at a building: "And for a more traditional method of mindless destruction!"

Gargoyle Grand shoots the building and causes it to explode.

Gargoyle Grand aims at another building: "Yeah!"

Gargoyle Grands laughs as he destroys more and more buildings.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Just outside the Donnie's nightclub. Various terrified citizens scatter from the falling rocks, some of them are running into the club for cover. The unmorphed Psychos run outside to see what's going on.

Simon: "What the heck?!"

Victor: "Now this is definitely the Alliance's handywork."

Aundria grabs Victor by the arm and pulls him out of the way of a falling rock.

Victor a bit shook up turns to Aundria: "Thanks."

Aundria: "No prob."

Victor: "Come on let's go someplace more 'private'."

Marcus raises an eyebrow at Victor and Aundria: "Oh ho ho ho ho! Do you two crazy kids have something to tell the rest of us?"

Aundria gives Marcus a "you idiot" look: "He doesn't mean THAT, you moron! He means we need to find a place to morph."

Victor and Aundria run off, Simon and Angela end up having to pull Marcus with them.

Scene 2

Setting: Back to the rooftop with Gargoyle Grand enjoying the destruction he's causing.

Gargoyle Grand takes it all in: "Hahahahahaha! Oh I haven't had this much fun in centuries! Oh ho ho hahahaha!"

Suddenly five green energy bolts strike Gargoyle Grand down.

Gargoyle Grand quickly gets back up and looks behind him: "What?!"

The five Psycho Rangers are now morphed stand side by side with a steam coming off all their hands.

Psycho Red: "Well hello there tall, dark, and rock ugly. We're the Psycho Rangers and we're here to ruin your fun."

Psycho Blue adds on: "So turn that smile upside down big boy!"

Psycho Pink: "Cuz you're going down!"

Gargoyle Grand aims his trident at the Psychos: "Whatever."

Gargoyle Grand shoots and the Psycho Rangers jump out of the way. The explosion however sends all the Psychos and Gargoyle Grand himself flying off the roof and onto the street. Everyone lands hard.

Psycho Yellow tries to get back up: "Ouch. Red, this guy packs a punch!"

Psycho Red gets and gets on his communicator: "You're right. We may need Ecliptor on this on."

Scene 3

Setting: Ecliptor's room at the Power Chamber base. It's a dark and sterile room. There's a bed in it but his no sheets or pillows on it since it's never been used. There also sits a lone drawer. On it rests a sword case. A pencil drawing of Astronema has been tacked on the wall. Off to side Ecliptor rests in a closet like chamber. Two cords are hooked up to his right arm. Ecliptor's red eyes are unlit. He's asleep.

Ecliptor's head twitches slightly. He's having a dream.

Scene 4

Setting: Ecliptor's dream. Ecliptor is walking down a serene field with a purple-haired Astronema.

Astronema: "Thank you Ecliptor."

Ecliptor turns to Astronema in curiosity: "What for?"

Astronema smiles: "For taking me away from the Dark Fortress and bringing me to this peaceful if even for a moment."

Ecliptor looks up into the sky as they continue walking: "Even the Princess of Evil needs to take a break sometimes, my princess."

Ecliptor doesn't recieve an answer: "My princess?"

Ecliptor turns to Astronema and is shocked to see Cyber-Astronema instead: "My princess! What's happened to you."

Darkonda's voice: "I happened to her. Bwahahaha!"

Darkonda steps up from behind Cyber-Astronema: "Astronema is mine now. Isn't that right 'princess'."

Cyber-Astronema coldly states: "Yes Darkonda."

Ecliptor summons his sword: "NO! Stay away from her you vile toad!"

Darkonda unsheathes his own sword: "Hahahahaha! I'd like to see you try! Hahahaha!"

Darkonda pushes Cyber-Astronema out of the way as Ecliptor charges after him. A sword fight breaks out.

Ecliptor slams Darkonda to the ground and prepares to impale him: "I'll never let you corrupt her!"

Darkonda smirks: "Why not? You have."

Ecliptor shakes his head in denial: "No! I have never done harm to Astronema. I've always protected her, cared for her. I was training her, not corrupting her."

Darkonda: "You keep telling yourself that. But you know deep down inside that you've done just as much wrong to your 'princess' as I have. If not more so."

Ecliptor impales Darkonda and Darkonda vanishes into mist: "THAT'S NOT TRUE!"

Darkonda's voice: "But it is. You're just afraid to admit that you're just as guilty as I am. That we're the same. We're both sides of the same coin, Ecliptor. We are the same!"

Darkliptor attacks Ecliptor from behind striking him down. Darkliptor continues to slash at Ecliptor until his chest is bare with circuitry and wires, Ecliptor falls to the ground soldering.

Darkliptor: "We are the same Ecliptor. Admit to yourself. You know it to be true!"

Ecliptor's eyes light and he releases a massive energy beam from his eyes to vaporize Darkliptor: "NEVER! We are not the same! No matter what you say!"

Ecliptor manages to get back up to his feet although he has trouble walking: "Astronema? Where are you?"

Ecliptor looks around and sees Andros and Karone walking away into the sunset: "Princess! Wait!"

Andros turns around and changes into the Red Space Ranger: "You took her away from me Ecliptor. Now I take her away from you, forever!"

Ecliptor: "No!"

The Red Space Ranger summons his Spiral Sabre and swings it releasing a large golden wave: "You'll never see Karone again! Never!"

The golden wave strikes Ecliptor and his body slowly turns to sand: "No! Astronema! Karone don't go!"

Karone walks away and but briefly turns her head to Ecliptor with a sad face: "Goodbye Ecliptor."

Ecliptor reaches out for Karone but his arm falls apart into sand right before his eyes: "Karone don't leave me behind, my princess!"

Ecliptor turns into a pile of sand as the Red Space Ranger gives a maniacal laugh.

Ecliptor's voice: "Asssstrrronemmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa........"

Scene 4

Setting: Still Ecliptor's nightmare. This time there is nothing but darkness. Ecliptor is laying down where there would be ground.

Ecliptor to himself: "Astronema."

Ecliptor sits up and sees young Karone playing with a floating ball of colorful strips: "Princess?"

Young Karone vanishes as a woman's soft voice speaks: "Ecliptor?"

Ecliptor gets up and suddenly perfectly healed: "Huh? Who's there?"

Woman's voice: "Ecliptor, help me."

Ecliptor turns around and sees Cybera appear in front of him: "Ecliptor, please help me. You're the only one who can."

Ecliptor: "Cybera."

Tears run down Cybera's face: "Ecliptor. Please help me. I shouldn't be like this. Neither should you."

Ecliptor: "What are you talking about?"

Cybera: "Please Ecliptor, save me.. save me from 'him'."

Ecliptor: "Save you from who? Darkonda?"

Cybera screams in pain as becomes enveloped in circuits and wires and dragged to the floor of darkness.

Mysterious man's voice: "No! From me!"

Ecliptor acts as if he hears a ghost: "No! It can't be! You're dead."

A giant black gloved hand grabs Ecliptor from the darkness: "Hahahahahahaha! Am I? Hahahahahahahahaha!"

The giant hand crushes Ecliptor. Ecliptor screams in pain as the mysterious man laughs. And Beta 1's voice can be heard: "Ecliptor! Ecliptor! Ecliptor!"

Scene 5

Setting: Ecliptor's room. Ecliptor's eyes light up red and grabs the nearest thing.

Beta 1: "Ecliptor wake upp *gack*."

Ecliptor in a brief fit of madness grabs Beta 1 by the throat and picks him up. Beta 1 was trying to bring him back online.

Beta 1's feet swing back and forth: "Ecliptor! Snap out of it."

Ecliptor shakes his head and calms back down as he tosses Beta 1 to the floor: "Where am..."

Ecliptor disconnects himself from his recharger and speaks coldly to Beta: "What do YOU want robot?"

Beta 1 gets back up: "Aye ai ai! What were you dreaming about?"

Ecliptor: "Never mind that! Tell me what you came here to tell me or I'll finish what I just started."

Beta 1 backs away and holds his hands up in a stop motion: "Okay. Aye ai ai ai. The Power Rangers are fighting a monster in the city, but the monster is too strong for them. They need your help."

Ecliptor turns away and nods: "I'm on my way."

Ecliptor turns his head back to Beta: "Now get out of my sight."

Beta 1 leaves: "Alright, alright. Geeshs. What a grouch! Oh aye ai ai."

As the door closes behind Beta, Ecliptor walks to the dresser and opens the sword case. He picks up his sword out of the case.

He looks into the case and feels Cybera's sword which he keeps hidden under his own sword: "Cybera.. Who exactly are you? And why does your presence invade my dreams?"

Ecliptor closes the case and turns away: "No matter. I have to pull the children out of their mess.. again."

Scene 6

Setting: One of the streets of New Bethany, where the Psycho Rangers are in the middle of a heated battle with Gargoyle Grand. The rain of rocks has stopped.

Psycho Black rushes into Gargoyle Grand with his Psycho Lance. He strikes Grand but he merely bats Black away with his trident. Then Psychos Blue and Yellow grab him by the arms to hold him.

Psycho Yellow: "Angela now!"

Psycho Pink aims her Psycho Bow at Gargoyle Grand but as she shoots Grand out muscles the Psychos by bringing his arms together. In the process slamming Blue and Yellow into each other and getting struck by Pink's Psycho Arrow. As the two Rangers fall, Grand immediatley follows with an energy bolt from his trident to strike Pink down.

Gargoyle Grand: "Is that the best you got? Stop wasting my time!"

Psycho Red dives down on Grand with his Psycho Sword, striking Grand right down the middle, then following it with a spinning slash to the midsection. But Grand kicks Red away and shoots him with a pair of eyeblasts to boot.

The Psychos gather. Psycho Black helps Red up: "Vic! You okay?"

Psycho Red shrugs Black away: "Geesh! Lay off 'MOM'!"

Gargoyle Grand aims his trident at the Psychos: "Let's rock and roll!"

Five boulders fly out of the ground and land on the Psychos, pinning them down.

Psycho Blue: "Ugh! This sucks! I can't move!"

Psycho Pink: "Aaaahhh. It's crushing me!"

Psycho Black: "I don't believe this. I'm being beaten by my own element!"

Psycho Yellow: "Where is Ecliptor?"

Psycho Red: "He'll get here. Now just give it everything you got guys! We can't go down like this!"

Gargoyle Grand walks to the pinned Psychos: "Oh but you will! You kids are pathetic. Real pushovers!"

Gargoyle Grand aims his trident at the Psychos: "Oh well. I'll finish this anyway. Hahahaha..."

Gargoyle Grand's laughter is cut off by being struck in the back by a green energy whip. The energy whip slams Grand to the ground and then tosses him into a parked car. The car explodes on impact.

Psycho Red: "Alright!"

Ecliptor walks down the street from the horizon as small fires and wreckage are all around him. Ecliptor shoots a series of eyeblasts to destroy the boulders pinning down the Psychos.

Psycho Red runs up to Ecliptor: "Thanks a lot, old man."

Ecliptor bops Psycho Red on the head. Psycho Red: "Ow! What's that for?"

Ecliptor: "You let a pathetic monster like that get the best of you?! I thought I've been training you better than that!"

Psycho Red: "Hey this guy was tough! What's wrong with needing a little help?"

Ecliptor shakes his head in disgust: "Pathetic. Ever since you merged with your previous self, you've been growing soft Psycho Red. So much wasted potential."

Psycho Red tries to defend himself: "Look I.."

Gargoyle Grand cuts Psycho Red off: "Hate to break up this little teacher conference, but I'm not down for the count yet!"

Gargoyle Grand climb out from the car wreckage: "Bring it on!"

The other Psychos stand side-by-side with Psycho Red and Ecliptor.

Psycho Red holds his sword in front of him with both arms: "Come on, old man. Let's take this clown together."

Ecliptor picks up his sword in front of him: "Very well Psycho Red. But after this you're going to have to get your act together."

Grand hugs himself: "You think I'm some pushover? CHECK THIS OUT!"

Grand releases his hug and shoots out dozens of rocks from his chest. Ecliptor and the Psychos jump out of the way. Ecliptor rolls to one knee and shoots another pair of eye beams to strike Gargoyle Grand.

Psycho Red: "Now! Give him everything we got!"

The other Psychos all nod: "Right!"

Psycho Yellow shoots her Psycho Slinger as Psycho Pink shoots her Psycho Bow from two different sides of Gargoyle Grand. Then Black dives in with a steady blow from his lance. He then jumps over Black and grabs the monster by holding his Psycho Lance against Grand's neck. Psycho Black holds Grand so Psycho Blue strikes him with his Psycho Spin attack.

Psycho Red summons the Psychorang: "Psychorang!"

Psycho Red rubs the Psychorang and it glows red as he throws it at Gargoyle Grand. It goes right through causing a big burst of explosions.

The Psycho Rangers then form the Psycho Blaster. The Psycho Blaster falls into Red's hands. Ecliptor energizes his sword with a green glow. The Psycho Blaster charges up.

Psycho Red shoots the Psycho Blaster: "Psycho Blaster Fire!"

Ecliptor releases a large energy bolt from his sword: "Yaaaaahhhh!"

The two energy blasts merge as they strike Gargoyle Grand. Psycho Red and Ecliptor turn away as Gargoyle Grand slowly falls to the ground and explodes.

Scene 7

Setting: Darkonda's throne room, where Falconine and Rygog watch Gargoyle Grand get destroyed.

Rygog: "I'll fire the torpedos my queen!"

Falconine holds her hand up: "We don't do that here, you idiot."

A raven appears in her hand, and Falconine releases the raven into the image before her.

Scene 8

Setting: Back to the battleground. The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor watch as the raven appears in the sky.

Psycho Pink: "What's that?"

The raven hovers over the rocky remains of Gargoyle Grand and releases a shower of black energy. The pieces come together and turn into a giant Gargoyle Grand.

Gargoyle Grand stomps the ground the Rangers and Ecliptor jump out of the way: "Hahahahaha! Now it's time I show you pipsqueaks just how graaannnnd I am! Ah hahahaha!"

Psycho Red turns to Ecliptor: "We'll handle it from here."

Ecliptor nods and teleports away.

The Psycho Rangers hold up their arms: "Guardianzord Power Now!"

[Guardianzord arrival sequence: The Power Chamber mountain opens up. The Pink Miko and Yellow Samurai Guardianzords rise on an elevator lift. The Pink Miko becomes a pink mist and blows away as the Yellow Samurai begins to run.

The ground in front of the mountain opens up like a ramp. Two red eyes can be seen in the darkness and a large canine growl is heard as the Blue Tanuki Guardianzord runs out in a wild frenzy.

Another mounatin in the distance from the Power Chamber, splits apart at the peak. A bird cry is heard and the Black Tengu Guardianzord flies out and soars into the sky.

The lake next to the Power Chamber mountain begins to boil as the Red Shogun Guardianzord glows red and rises out from beneath the water. The Red Shogun Guardianzord becomes a huge fireball and flies into the sky.

At the center of New Bethany. The Yellow Samurai arrives. The Blue Tanuki lands from jumping. The Pink Miko appears from the mist. The Black Tengu lands from the air. The Red Shogun appears from the fireball.

The Psycho Rangers jump into the cockpits of their respective Guardianzords.]

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Forming Guardian Megazord!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence]

The Guardian Megazord marches towards the giant Gargoyle Grand.

Gargoyle Grand spins around his trident and aims it at the Megazord: "Ha! That big can opener is supposed to impress me?"

Gargoyle Grand shoots a series of rocks at the Gargoyle Grand.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Samurai defense skills activated!"

The Guardian Megazord's left leg glows yellow and the Megazord manages to catch every single rock with a martial artist's precision. The Megazord winds up and throws all the rocks back Grand.

Gargoyle Grand falls to the ground: "Whoah ahhhhh! Oomph! Okay that was impressive."

Gargoyle Grand gets back up and aims his trident again.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Okay my turn. Miko magic skills activated!"

The Guardian Megazord's right leg glows pink and the Megazord releases a pink mist of sparkles at Gargoyle Grand. Causing Grand to rub his eyes and cough. Then the Guardian Megazord floats slightly and strikes Grand down with a swinging jumpkick. Gargoyle Grand falls once again. But he quickly gets back up.

Gargoyle Grand gets frustrated: "Grrrrr! No more mister nice guy!"

Gargoyle Grand charges towards the Megazord with Trident in hand.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Let's see if he likes this. Tengu tornado skills activated!"

The Tengu head on Guardian Megazord's chest gives a white glow as the Tengu head blows a tornado out of it's mouth. The tornado grabs Gargoyle Grand and spins him around.

Gargoyle Grand spins around in the tornado: "Yayayaya. Stop this crazy thing!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hehehahahaha! You ain't seen nuthin' yet ma' boy! Tanuki frenzy skills activated!"

A canine growling sound is heard as the Megazord's arms glow blue. The Guardian Megazord charges at Gargoyle Grand. Then releases a hundred punches at in just five seconds!

Gargoyle Grand gets wobly but the Guardian Megazord holds him by the chin with one hand, clenches it's fist with the other, winds up and sends Gargoyle Grand flying with an energized punch. Gargoyle Grand crashes into the ground hard.

Gargoyle Grand opens up his wings as he gets up: "Okay. Let's see how you can handle it when I take this to the skies!"

Gargoyle Grand flies into the sky, but the Guardian Megazord merely opens it's Tengu wings and flies high into sky after him.

Gargoyle Grand holds his trident in place: "Hey! Get back down there!"

Grand releases a dozen energy bolts from his trident, but none of them even phase the Guardian Megazord and charges directly towards him in the sky. The Guardian Megazord gives him a devastating uppercut, actually breaking Gargoyle Grand's lower jaw right off of his face. As well as breaking his trident which he tried to block with in half.

The Guardian Megazord is now higher in the sky than Gargoyle Grand and it's eye begin to glow red from yellow.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay let's finish this!"

The Guardian Megazord holds it's hand above it and clouds begin to form as a lightning storm breaks out. A lightning bolt strikes it's hand and a sword made out of pure energy is formed.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Guardian Energy Sword Strike!"

The Guardian Megazord swings the energy sword at Gargoyle Grand. A hundred lightning bolts strike Gargoyle Grand all at once. Gargoyle Grand explodes in mid-air! The Guardian Megazord flies around the explosion as it's sword disisipates away since the monster is destroyed. The eyes turn back yellow as the clouds clear away allowing the moonlight to shine through.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Ecliptor, Beta 1, and Zordon await the arrival of the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers walk into the Power Chamber feeling jubilant from their victory.

Marcus runs ahead: "Did you see that mean combo I pulled?!"

Marcus shadow boxes: "I was bam bam kablam!"

Aundria pushes Marcus on the forehead: "Puhleaze. The part where I caught all those rocks was the best."

Simon smirks: "I have to say I wasn't too bad myself."

Victor grabs Simon by the shoulder: "Just remember it was ME that finished the job."

Marcus: "Whatever! Only after we softened him up for you!"

Aundria notices Angela not bragging: "What's up Angela. Aren't you going to boast about your Miko Magic?"

Angela gives a half-smile and shrugs trying to be modest: "That's okay guys. I did my part. The rest of you were really great."

Marcus shakes his head in almost disgust: "Oh come on! Stop trying to be Little Miss Cute. You know you think you're better than rest of us, just like the rest of us think we're better than you."

Simon gets in Marcus' face: "Lay off. I think it's cool that she's a little more modest than the rest of us."

Marcus smirks: "You would, loverboy."

Zordon: "You all did well Rangers. It was another decisive and clean victory on your behalf. You should all be proud."

Victor smiles and pats Ecliptor on the shoulder: "See old man. We did good."

Ecliptor pushes Victor away from him: "You have nothing to be proud about. All of you have become too reliant on toys and luck. If you had faced Astronema and myself today, you all would have been destroyed hours ago."

Ecliptor walks out of the room: "You're are pathetic. It's disgusting to think I was once pleased to be associated with any of you!"

Aundria: "Wow! What's bugging him?"

Marcus downplays it: "Eh. He's always like that."

Victor disagrees: "No. Even Ecliptor isn't usually this cold. There's something bothering him."

Simon: "I wonder what it could be."

Angela: "Maybe we should try talking to him about it."

Victor: "No. Ecliptor only gets conversive when he feels like it. He's just not in the mood."

Zordon: "Rangers. Don't let his words bother you. Despite his past, Ecliptor has proven himself a reliable ally and dare I say friend over the past couple of months."

Victor looks down: "He did have one point though. I am getting too soft these days. I.. I.. going to go the gym."

Victor walks out of the Power Chamber with a hint of depression.

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Falconine awaits the arrival of Darkonda and Cybera.

Darkonda and Cybera walk into the room.

Darkonda: "Hi honey! I'm hooommmee."

Falconine, unamused: "If you even think about saying 'Where's my dinner woman!' I'll destroy you where you stand."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha. Your lack of humor aside, it's good to be back!"

Falconine: "Oh really? Did another portal open up for you?"

Darkonda gives an evil smile: "Heh heh heh. Oh it did. In fact a portal directly to KO-35. Home to some 'old friends' of mine."

Falconine shows some interest: "Yet you're still here? Why?"

Darkonda: "There's still some old scores here on Deacon Blue, I have to settle. Especially with that self-righteous loon, Ecliptor! And now I have the means to do just that."

Falconine confused: "What are you talking about?"

Darkonda turns to Cybera: "Cybera, be a dear and bring in my 'souveneir' from KO-35."

Cybera nods and pulls a person, tied up and with a cloth bag over their head. Cybera pulls the bag off of the person's head.

Darkonda: "Ecliptor will be very interested to say the least."

Falconine smiles with anticipation: "You mean this is..."

Darkonda nods: "The one and only! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Darkonda's mad laughter can be heard through out the entire Dark Carrier.

The End.

Next time on the season finale of Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Ecliptor to a Viewing Globe image of Darkonda: "What do you want?"

Darkonda: "Actually it should be me asking YOU that question! Hahahaha!"

Clip 2
Darkonda and Dementian watch Ecliptor arriving.

Dementian: "He's getting soooo predictable!"

Clip 3
Victor tries to stop Ecliptor from leaving: "You can't. You gotta know he's setting you up."

Clip 4
Ecliptor punches Victor in the stomach and takes him down: "Don't get in my way again, or I WILL destroy you!"

Clip 5
Ecliptor trapped in a dark pit: "Enough of your games, Darkonda!"

Darkonda's voice: "Ohhh. We haven't even begun to play, Ecliptor."

Clip 6
Darkonda and Dementian double teaming Ecliptor.

Clip 7
Victor to Simon: "We've got to save him no matter what!"

Clip 8
The Evolution Crystal releasing all of it's energy on a tied up Ecliptor as he screams in pain.

Clip 9
Psycho Red: "Nooooooo!"

Clip 10
An explosion consumes Psycho Red.

End Credits


David Fielding

Kei Mizutani

Erin O'Grady
Security Guard

Melody Perkins


Steve Kramer

Walter Lang
Ecliptor, Rygog

Kerrigan Mahan
Magna Defender

Bob Manahan

Scott McNeil

Kevin Smith
Gargoyle Grand

Richard Wood
Beta 1


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