Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 14
"Warzone, Part 2"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A balcony leading outside the Power Chamber. It's night and a quarter-moon is shining. Angela stands alone looking into the sky. Simon walks onto the balcony to see if she's all right.

Angela look at the moon and single tear runs down her face: "Victor."

Simon: "Angela?"

Angela wipes the tear from her face and turns around a bit startled: "Simon! I didn't know you were there."

Simon walks up to her: "I'm sorry. Didn't mean to do that."

Angela: "So what's up?"

Simon: "Just checking up on you. It looks like you could use someone to talk to."

Angela gives a half-smile: "Thanks.."

Angela turns around to look back into the moon: ".. but I think I'd rather be alone. Right now. Besides isn't almost time for you turn over the Guardianzords to Darkonda?"

Simon: "I've got fifteen minutes left. Sure you don't want to talk?"

Angela turns her head back to Simon: "What's the point? It's not like there's anything you or anyone can say to make me feel better right now. We lost one of own today. Our leader, teammate,... friend."

Simon: "I.."

Angela turns around and almost yells: "But what really bothers me is that.. that.. monster in a tube could have saved Victor. I know he could have but he just did nothing while we had to watch Victor.."

Angela begins to break up: "We watched Victor.. we.. watched him.."

Angela runs into Simon's arms crying her eyes out: "Why didn't Zordon do anything?"

Simon holds Angela: "I don't know. I honestly don't know."

Angela: "I've been thinking, why are we doing this?"

Simon: "What do you mean?"

Angela pulls away from Simon and turns back to the sky: "Why are we fighting for good. Is it even who we are?"

Simon keeps silent.

Angela: "It would be so much easier to just stop the charade and go back to the Alliance. It's not like there would be anyone to stop us. We were the one's stopping evil."

Simon a bit confused: "Angela?"

Angela turns to Simon: "Maybe we should go back to evil."

Simon grabs Angela by the shoulders: "You don't mean that! You know who we really are. That past life was a lie."

Angela pulls away: "I know that! But did you feel the pain when Marcus or me died the first time?"

Simon can't say anything: "I.. I.."

Angela shakes her head: "You didn't did you. Because when you're evil you can't feel the pain of loss."

Simon: "But you also can't feel the joy of love. You can't feel the happiness that comes from friendship. You can't feel that warm feeling you get when you know you did something right. Angela you're the one that taught the rest of us that. You of all people should know that lack of pain is a benefit of being evil, it's part of evil's curse."

Angela looks down: "You.. you're right. What's wrong with me?"

Simon: "There's nothing wrong with you. You're just going through a difficult time right now... Like the rest of us."

Angela half smiles: "You're right."

Angela begins to leave the balcony but gives Simon a quick hug before she leaves the balcony: "Thank you."

Simon watches as Angela goes through the door: "*sigh* No problem."

Simon leans on the balcony deep thinking: "Victor why couldn't you just let it go."

Ecliptor's voice: "The past isn't an easy thing to let go."

Simon turns and sees Ecliptor standing in shadows: "How long have you been there?"

Ecliptor: "Does it matter. Considering what we have to deal with right now."

Simon takes a deep breath: "I don't have choice. I'm going to have to give Darkonda the Guardianzords."

Ecliptor: "Don't fool yourself. You know as well as I do that Darkonda's word is meaningless."

Simon: "But we don't have anything else. Rizedatox took us all out without even trying and we've lost Victor."

Ecliptor: "As cold as this may sound to you, Victor's loss may yet be an advantage."

Simon raises a brow: "What?"

Ecliptor: "Darkonda can be a brillian schemer, but when he has the upperhand he tends to get... careless."

Simon gets a devilish smile: "You have a plan don't you."

Ecliptor nods.

Simon and Ecliptor leave the balcony. Simon: "Then let's go."

Scene 2

Setting: A dark chasm underground from where Victor met his doom. Deep down at the bottom of the chasm lies Victor's broken and battered body. A deep wind can be heard.

Victor begins to twitch. Flashes of the beating he recieved from the illusional Red Rangers. Suddenly Victor's eyes opens wide and sits up straight like a zombie.

Victor looks at his hands and suddenly all of his wounds are gone: "What happened to me?"

Victor gets up and begins to walk around until he stumbles a bit. He looks down. His eyes almost bug out as takes a step back: "No! Not again."

Victor sees his own dead body lying on the ground: "I'm dead... again."

Victor puts his hand to his head in shame: "I blew it."

A young boy's voice speaks: "Don't be to hard on yourself. All is not lost."

Victor turns around and sees a little caucasian boy dressed in a red jumpsuit, and has dark brown hair with blonde streaks: "You look.. familiar."

The young boy speaks: "I should. I'm Andros the reason you're here."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Victor's ghost stands at the bottom of the chasm with a spirit in the form of Andros as a boy.

Victor: "You're not the real Red Ranger. You're too young."

Andros: "I am just as much the real thing as the one you believed in destroying."

Victor looks down in shame: "I thought I had let that part of me go. But in the end I was still obsessed."

The young Andros begins to walk away: "Follow me."

Victor relunctantly follows: "Where are you taking me."

Young Andros turns to Victor: "To your truth."

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Falconine, Dementian, Master Vile, and Rizedatox celebrate their apparent victory. Cybera stands in the darkness remaining silent.

Darkonda boasts: "Hahaha! In just a matter of minutes, those pathetic Psychos will hand over Ecliptor and the Guardianzords to me, then nothing will be able to stop us! Nothing!"

Master Vile: "And you owe it all to me for wonderful little creature here."

Darkonda smirks: "Yes.. we do owe you some gratitude."

Darkonda turns to Rizedatox: "Rizedatox, please show Vile how much we 'appreciate' his efforts."

Rizedatox nods: "With pleasure."

Rizedatox grabs Master Vile much to his surprise.

Vile: "What? Unhand me! What are you doing."

Rizedatox: "The time for the old evil has long since gone. You're services are no longer required."

Rizedatox opens a portal to a barren landscape: "This is your retirement suite, the Lost Lands."

Vile struggles: "You can't do this to me! Part of you is my daughter!"

Rizedatox: "Only a third of us is your daughter. Another third is your hated son-in-law. The other third doesn't care much for you either. It's democracy at it's best."

Master Vile turns to Darkonda: "You miserable little mutant. I'll see to it that your very soul shall suffer an eternity for this betrayal."

Darkonda crosses his arms and cackles: "Hahahahaha. I would take that threat seriously if I had a soul to suffer. Heh heh heh."

Vile: "Grrrrrrr..."

Rizedatox tosses Master Vile into the portal and Master Vile lands head first into the sandy ground.

Rizedatox: "Bye bye 'daddy'."

Darkonda snaps his fingers and the portal closes: "Well done Rizedatox. That demonstration of loyalty to me has earned you place as my new second-in-command."

Rizedatox bows: "We... are honoredddd."

Falconine surprised and upset at this development: "What?! You have no authority to make that promotion!"

Darkonda: "Falconine, please! You're position of power is unharmed."

Falconine sneers: "It better not be."

Falconine paces out of the room.

Dementian: "She didn't like that at all did she?"

Darkonda: "Dementian, sometimes your grasp of the obvious amazes me."

Darkonda turns to Rizedatox: "Well without further ado, let's put this baby to rest! Hahahahahahaha!"

Rizedatox nods in agreement.

Suddenly Goldar runs into the room: "Darkonda! I have urgent news from the Dyranna Islands."

Rizedatox yells: "Goldar! Hold your tongue!"

Goldar backs away: "But.."

Rizedatox: "We are about to elminate the Rangers once and for all. We can not be bothered with minor details on the other side of the world."

Goldar: "But there are reports that another.."

Darkonda: "Never mind that! Your top priority should be preparing a celebration for I am about to reach my most glorious achievement since the destruction of Dark Specter himself!"

Goldar bows: "Grrr... As you wish."

Goldar leaves the room and shakes his head giving a "What a bunch of idiots!" pantomime.

Darkonda: "Now without further ado let's go get my new Zords. Hahahaha!"

Darkonda, Dementian, and Rizedatox teleport away laughing all the way.

Cybera notes it.

Scene 3

Setting: The Dyranna Islands. It is night time. A long skinny spaceship is parked amongst the trees.

A group of shadowy figures chain a giant beast in the darkness, having a little trouble but finally dragging the beast inside a giant cage and close the cage door.

Two shadowy figures step forward from the shadows. One is very bulky with large feet and hands. The other is smaller with an agile build and a triangular shape on his back.

Bulky figure: "I'm glad that my plans have succeeded once again."

Agile figure: "The master will be pleased with you for capturing this great beast!"

Bulky figure bows his head: "Why thank you."

The bulky figure points to the other characters: "You take it inside immediatley."

The shadowy figures respond by simply doing what they are told.

Agile figure: "Where shall we go to next?"

Bulky figure: "Just some back water plane called Mi..."

The bulky figure is cut off as the door opens and woman is heard yelling "Let me go! Let me go now!"

Out of the ship comes an armored figure pushing a woman to the ground: "There! You should have no better than to cross the princess."

The woman on ground turns to the armored figure: "She's a useless, cowardly, spoiled brat it's about time someone has the guts to tell her to her face!"

The armored figure pulls out a sword and gets ready to strike: "Perhaps. But nonetheless a little mouse like you should know your place."

The bulky figure inquires: "What's going on here?"

The armored figure turns to the bulky figure: "None of your business."

The agile figure steps forward: "Stand down my loyal servant and explain yourself."

The armored figure steps back and puts his sword back in his sheath: "I.. I apologize for my rudeness sensei. However I have been ordered to execute Tabuna for treason."

The agile figure puts his hand to his chin: "I see. Very well, if it must be done, then I'll do it myself."

The armored figure: "But, I was ordered to..."

The agile figure raises his voice: "I said I will do it! Do not disobey me!"

The armored figure bows and steps back into the ship: "Once again I apologize. Do as you wish sensei."

The bulky figure follows into the ship: "The grunts have finished loading are cargo. After you finish the deed come aboard and we'll leave for the next planet."

The agile figure: "Yes. We'll do that."

The bulky figure and armored figure both enter the ship, then the agile figure picks up Tabuna by the arm and takes her with him: "We'll do this in a more secluded area."

Scene 4

Setting: Still in the darkness but far away from the ship, the agile figure sends Tabuna out of the bushes and into a very small opening. The moonlight allows Tabuna to be seen clearly, she looks like an asian woman with long silver hair, she is wearing silver head dress with marine qualities and blue trimming. She also has on white/silver bikini. The top has red scale armor imbedded on it. The bottom is covered by silver skirt like belt growing shorter towards the belt buckle. She had two large, silver, shoulder plates extending to her elbows, and holding up a long blue cape. Her gloves are wrist length and have bolted silver plates on her backhand. A triangular, magenta choker around her neck. And a pair of silver, high-heel, knee high boots with triangular tops at the knees. Her eyes a very slight bugeyed and she has a mole just below her her mouth on her left.

The agile figure in stays in the darkness and pulls out his sword: "I regret doing this."

Tabuna relunctantly bows her head awaiting her execution: "I understand. At least my end will be by your hand."

The agile figure swings his sword at Tabuna's head and a lock of her hair floats in the air. The agile figure grabs the lock of hair: "This shall be my proof of your destruction."

Tabuna opens her eyes and raises her head: "What?"

The agile figure sheathes his sword and tosses another sword to Tabuna with a blue and silver crested handle: "Here is your weapon. You will need it on this world."

Tabuna: "You're.. you're letting me live?"

The agile figure: "Yes. This is the first time I have disobeyed my master, but I will not let your life come to an end over that pampered brat."

The agile figure turns and leaves, Tabuna speaks up: "Wait. Come with me."

The agile figure turns around and steps forward to her: "I can't. If I disappear with you, then they will know that something is up. If they think you are dead, they won't search for you."

Tabuna holds out her hand: "But Tre..."

The agile figure cuts her off: "No! This is the way it has to be."

Tabuna: "Then promise me you will return for me someday."

The agile takes Tabuna's hand and kisses it: "I promise that nothing will keep me from returning to you, not even death itself. Farewell, my love."

Tabuna remains silent as the agile figure teleports away. Mere moments later the space ship can be heard taking off. Tabuna only catches a brief glipse of the ship as it disappears into space.

Tabuna holds her sword tightly: "So I am alone, once again."

Scene 5

Setting: A large park in the city of New Bethany. In the center of the park is a statue of man with a strong resemblence to George Washington. Ecliptor, Simon, Marcus, Angela, and Aundria stand next to the statue waiting.

Simon turns to Ecliptor: "Are you sure about this."

Ecliptor: "Just do what we discussed. Remember Darkonda will be careless."

Simon nods: "I hope this works."

Ecliptor looks at the statue: "I hope so too."

Aundria notices Marcus is being uncharacteristically quiet and speaks to him: "Marcus, you've been awfully quiet. Usually you'd be mouthing off ready for someone to slap you across the face."

Marcus in a half-hearted voice: "What can I say, I'm just not in the mood."

Aundria: "I'm sorry. It just never crossed my mind that Victor's death would be eating away at you too."

Marcus still half-hearted: "Just because I can be pretty nasty doesn't mean I'm heartless."

Aundria half smiles: "No I guess it doesn't."

Aundria walks up to Marcus: "Come here."

Marcus: "Huh?"

Aundria hugs Marcus to comfort him. Marcus is seemingly too depressed to hug back: "This is hard on all us. I guess we just need pull strength from each other right now."

Marcus leans his head against: "Thanks Aundria."

Aundria: "No problem."

Marcus still half-hearted: "Aundria?"

Aundria: "Yeah?"

Marcus cheers up slightly: "Have you always been this well endowed?"

Aundria pushes Marcus away and halfsmiles then playfully punches him in the arm: "You.. What are we going to do with you."

Marcus smiles.

Suddenly Darkonda, Dementian, and Rizedatox teleport in front of Ecliptor and the Psychos.

Darkonda: "Hahaha! Sorry to keep you crazy kids waiting. I'm sure you have lots of moping and crying to do."

Simon sneers: "Let's just get this over with you slimeball."

Darkonda waves his finger: "Now now. Considering the position you're in. It wouldn't be wise to insult me."

Rizedatox: "Now hand over the Guardian Keys to us."

Dementian itchingly holds out his hand: "Right here."

Angela puts her Guardian Key in Dementian's hand: "Here."

Dementian: "Next!"

Marcus places his Guardian Key in Dementian's hand: "Is it too late for me to change career choices?"

Aundria yells: "Marcus!"

Marcus: "Hey! Why should I have to take the big fall too?"

Darkonda: "Heh heh. Forget it kid! I don't care for what I saw on your resume'."

Marcus shrugs and steps back to the other Psychos. Aundria slaps him on the back of the head on her way to Dementian.

Aundria places her Guardian Key in Dementian's hand: "Here you go, you poor excuse for a farm animal."

Dementian moves his fingers and in a taunting voice: "Oooooh. That really hurt."

Rizedatox: "Now you, Black Ranger."

Simon steps forward and relunctantly gives Dementian his Guardian Key: "Now it's done."

Darkonda: "Not quite. Now for you Ecliptor."

Ecliptor looks to the Psychos and sighs as he slowly steps forward to Darkonda. Ecliptor holds his hands low and in front of him in a handcuff position.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! Finally, complete victory is mine."

Darkonda steps forward with a pair of cuffs but just he is about to put them on, Ecliptor punches Darkonda in the gut and grabs him by the throat then summons his sword.

Darkonda: "What? *gasp*"

Ecliptor puts his sword to Darkonda's throat: "I'll never surrender to you!"

Rizedatox: "Fool! Your actions condemn you!"

Ecliptor: "We'll see about that."

Ecliptor tosses Darkonda at Rizedatox which in turn causes Darkonda and Rizedatox to bump into Dementian and they all fall down. Dementian drops the Guardian Keys.

Dementian: "The keys!"

The Guardian Keys explodes on the villains. As the Psychos cover their faces.

Simon turns to the others Psychos: "For Victor's memory, we have to do this!"

Marcus, Angela, and Aundria clench their fists: "Right!"

Simon holds his Psycho Morpher arm: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

As the smoke clears Darkonda, Dementian, and Rizedatox get back up.

Darkonda: "Those weren't the Guardian Keys! You were setting us up!"

Psycho Yellow: "Like you weren't?!"

Darkonda pulls out his dagger and elongates it: "Hmmm. You do have a point there. None the less. Destroy them!"

Suddenly a force field surrounds Darkonda, Dementian, and Rizedatox and shocks all of them.

Dementian: "It was a trap!"

The Psycho Rangers summon their weapons and stand side-by-side with Ecliptor. Psycho Black: "It's working."

Rizedatox raises her arms: "Fool! Everything belongs to us! Including this energy field!"

Rizedatox traps the energy field into a energy ball and sends it at the Psychos. Ecliptor jumps out of the way in the nick of time. The ball turns back into an energy field and traps the Psychos.

Psycho Black: "What?! No!"

Pscyho Yellow: "She just trapped us in our own force field!"

Darkonda cocks a walk: "Hahahaha! I just love it when plans backfire on someone else! Now we'll take the Guardianzords, destroy you, and destroy this whole miserable planet, and there's nothing any of you can do about it! Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda, Dementian, and Rizedatox laugh as the Psycho Rangers struggle to break free of the energy field.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: A cavernous room with a huge glass mirror in it. Victor and young Andros enter the room.

Victor surprised to see the room: "Huh? Where are we?"

Young Andros: "This is History Room. A place only the dead can visit."

Victor: "I see. What does this huge window do?"

Young Andros: "It shows the past. In the afterlife time isn't as restrictive so anything that has happened in the past can be witnessed in the present."

Victor: "Really. So you're going to show me my life or something like that? Don't bother. I know my life story. Me and the other Psychos were created by Astronema and linked to Dark Specter's energy to destroy the Rangers. We kicked butt at first but because we couldn't keep our act together we ended up getting destroyed. Wandered around as ghosts, used a fancy machine to come back to life. End up getting digitized and imprisoned in computer chips by the same machine. Zordon uses magic to bring us out of the datacards to be his own personal Ranger squad. He makes us human so that we don't automatically tear him and everyone else a new one. We fight the good fight for a while. The monsters get bigger so we got to go through a big test to earn the Guardianzords in order to continue to kick monster butt. Everything goes smoothly until I blew it and get killed. Getting mumbo jumbo from a pint-sized twerp, namely you."

Young Andros: "Part of that is true, but you're true past has been hidden from you. You do not remember the truth." Young Andros points to the mirror: "Watch. This is the truth you seek."

Victor confused yet curious watches the window an image of Cyber-Astronema and Darkonda inside a lab of some sorts in the Dark Fortress. There are five large wanterfilled tanks. Inside each tank is one of the Psycho Monsters.

Victor: "Hmmm.."

Young Andros: "Watch and learn."

Scene 2

Setting: The Dark Fortress Lab.

Darkonda: "Behold! Despite how you rudely kicked me out yesterday, I still present to you the Psycho Rangers."

Cyber-Astronema observes the Psycho Monsters: "Psycho Rangers? Interesting."

Darkonda: "They are faster, stronger, and more powerful than the Power Rangers. Only they will serve you in destroying the Rangers as well as Dark Specter."

Cyber-Astronema quickly aims her staff at Darkonda: "Plotting against Dark Specter is treason. I should destroy you immediatley!"

Darkonda smirks: "Should but won't."

A hand presses against Astronema's control device on her forehead from behind and she falls unconscious. It is revealed to be Dementian.

Darkonda: "Good work Dementian. Now hurry we must finish her program modifications before Ecliptor shows up."

Dementian pulls out a computer device and hooks it up to Astronema: "Heh heh heh. Don't worry. I haven't been working in secret this long to blow our cover now."

Dementian presses some buttons: "There!"

Darkonda: "Yes?"

Dementian: "Astronema's reprogramming has been fine tuned. Now she'll never turn on you again, and her absolute loyalty to Dark Specter will only be a facade."

Darkonda rubs his hands together as Dementian disconnects the device from Astronema: "Excellent. Now she'll have no qualms about the Psycho Rangers draining Dark Specter's powers."

Dementian smiles: "And with Dark Specter out of the way, you'll be one step closer to becoming the King of All Evil."

Darkonda: "And the best part about all of this is that if Astronema is revealed as a traitor, then it will be her that will feel Dark Specter's wrath! Hahahahaha!"

Scene 3

Setting: The History Room.

Victor: "So Darkonda was pulling Astronema's strings all along. But I don't see how this changes what I know about my life."

Young Andros raises his hand again: "Let us look even further back in time to Eltar where the tale of the Psycho Rangers truly began."

Victor very confused: "Eltar? Isn't that Zordon's homeworld."

Young Andros: "Watch and see the truth."

Victor looks into the window.

Scene 4

Setting: The planet Eltar. Inside a large palace is a huge lab. The lab holds a strong resemblence to the Power Chamber with computer terminals located throughout. Off to the side are five empty lab tanks. In the center of the room towards the front lies Zordon in his energy tube. Alpha 5 and Billy Cranston are busy working on one of the terminals.

Billy: "There. We're finally ready to merge the new powers with the Power Rangers."

Zordon: "Excellent Billy, this is a proud moment for the side of good."

Alpha 5: "I'll bring in the Rangers now, Billy."

Billy: "Thanks Alpha."

Alpha 5 presses a button and the door to the lab opens up. The light from the opening entrance is almost blinding and five figures step out.

Scene 5

Setting: The History Room.

Victor's jaw drops in shock: "No.. way!"

Victor grabs young Andros by the shirt and picks him up: "What are you trying to pull kid! This is impossible."

Young Andros remains calm even though he's being rough handled by Victor: "No this is the truth. You must bring yourself to face it."

Victor puts down young Andros and relunctantly looks back at the image from Eltar.

Scene 6

Setting: Billy's Eltarian lab. The five figures step into the room and they are revealed to be Victor, Simon, Angela, Aundria, and Marcus.

Victor: "Is it ready?"

Zordon: "Welcome my friends. You five have been selected to become the first of an expiremental new brand of Power Rangers."

Marcus bows: "We are honored sir."

Zordon: "Please, such formality is not needed here."

Marcus: "I'm sorry. It's just that it's so awe-inspiring to be in the presence of the legendary Zordon."

Scene 7

Setting: History Room.

Victor really shocked: "Marcus is being polite. This has to be a trick."

Young Andros sh's him.

Scene 8

Setting: Billy's Eltarian lab.

Billy presses a button and the five tanks lift up from the ground to show a display of the Psycho Ranger outfits.

Angela looks at them closely: "Wow! They look wonderful Billy."

Aundria: "They seem to be more heavy set than the standard Ranger uniforms aren't they."

Billy: "I just thought a more diverse look was needed considering the diverse nature of these particular Ranger powers."

Billy waves his hand towards the outifts: "Anyway, I present to you the Psycho Power Rangers!"

Simon a bit confused: "PSYCHO Rangers? Isn't that an odd name for weapons of good?"

Billy smiles: "No not psycho as in psychotic. Psycho as in psychoempathic."

Victor: "Psychoempathic?"

Billy: "The Psycho Ranger powers will be linked directly to your neural impulses and synapses. To allow optimal power flow. As long as your mind is clear."

Simon crosses his arms in a curious matter: "Interesting."

Billy: "In other words, the more focused and clear your mind is, the more powerful you will be."

Simon: "But that would mean that if we're upset or mentally unstable, our power levels would drop."

Billy: "Yes, that is the one flaw in the Psycho Power System or P.P.S. It's actually quite similar to a set-up I developed for the Red Battlezord back on Earth."

Angela turns to Marcus: "This is all so exciting. We're going to be Power Rangers!"

Marcus: "I know, I've always wanted to be one ever since I was little boy."

Zordon smiles: "Hm hm hm. I'm pleased that we could help you accomplish one of your dreams."

Billy: "I should warn you that the process may be dangerous."

Victor: "Huh? Dangerous how?"

Billy: "In order to connect the P.P.S. directly to your mind you'll all have to go under hyperstasis for at least two months. In that time the P.P.S. will slowly merge with your mind. If anything were to interrupt the two month process, the results could be fatal. I just think you all should know the risks before you agree to go through with this."

Marcus: "Well sir, like I said before I've always wanted to be a Power Ranger. I'm really to take the risk."

Angela: "Me too."

Aundria nods.

Simon: "We'll be risking our lives as Power Rangers anyway."

Victor: "It looks like it's unanimous."

Zordon: "I applaud your courage, all of you. Then let us begin the preparations."

Scene 9

Setting: History Room.

Victor: "So we were originally human and that Billy guy created the Psycho Rangers not Astronema. So how did Darkonda get ahold of us? And why didn't Zordon tell us that we were really Eltarian."

Young Andros: "It happened only mere hours after you were put under hyperstasis. Dark Specter unleashed an invasion on Eltar."

Young Andros waves his hand and the image changes to show the Dark Carrier and an armada of Velocifighters heading towards Eltar.

Victor: "The infamous invasion of Eltar. I've heard of this. I guess now I get to see it."

Young Andros: "You won't just see it. You were apart of it."

Victor looks into the window.

Scene 10

Setting: On the brigde of the Dark Carrier in the past. Various Quantrons and Piranhatrons work the controls. Darkonda and Ecliptor stand in front. Dark Specter's image appears before Darkonda and Ecliptor.

Dark Specter: "Darkonda, this shall be the great invasion in the history of the Alliance."

Darkonda: "Not only will we conquer Eltar for you but we will also capture the mighty Zordon."

Dark Specter: "Excellent Darkonda. Be sure that for your sake that you do not fail me."

Darkonda bows: "Of course Dark Specter."

Dark Specter laughs as his image vanishes.

Darkonda stands up straight and turns to Ecliptor: "By the way Ecliptor, where is your young prodigy?"

Ecliptor: "Hmmm. Astronema doesn't need to be here."

Darkonda: "Oh? Don't tell me that raising that young KO-35 girl into the future princess of evil is nagging at your conscience!"

Ecliptor backtracks: "Of course not! What I meant is that this will be a large-scale invasion. Astronema is still very green. Her first mission for Dark Specter should be something.. simpler."

Darkonda smirks: "Or so you say. Heh heh heh."

Ecliptor turns away: "We're in close enough. Let's begin."

Darkonda: "Now you're talking! Velocifighters attack!"

With that the Velocifighters fly into Eltar's atmosphere and attack the various cities below.

Scene 11

Setting: Billy's Eltarian lab. Billy is busy making sure that the P.P.S. merging process goes smoothly. The five Eltarians that will one day be known as the Psycho Rangers are already in hyperstasis inside the five tubes. Suddenly Phantom Ranger teleports in the lab.

Billy: "Phantom Ranger!"

Alpha 5: "Aye ai ai! Phantom Ranger what are you doing here?"

Phantom Ranger: "I'm afraid I'm too late but Eltar is under attack!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Just outside Zordon's palace. Darkonda leads a group of Quantrons and Piranhatrons in the attack. Various buildings are being destroyed. People are scattering everywhere.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! Such beautiful chaos! It warms what passes for my heart! Hahahahaha!"

Dementian's voice: "I'm hurt that you didn't invite me to join the party boss."

Dementian warps in next to Darkonda.

Darkonda: "Ah Dementian! If you're here then that must mean that Cybera has been properly stored."

Dementian smiles: "Yes. She'll remain asleep until we need her again. No need for Dark Specter to know of her existence."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Excellent. Then your more than welcome to join in the fun. We'll be working our way into the palace and capturing the mighty Zordon himself!"

Dementian: "Sounds exciting! Hahahaha!"

T.J.'s voice: "Stop right there! You're not going to get any closer to Zordon!"

Darkonda and Dementian look forward and see the Turbo Rangers heading towards them.

Darkonda: "Power Rangers? I didn't know there was still some on Eltar. Oh well. Hahahaha. The Blue Turbo Ranger falls to the ground: "Ah! I've been hit!"

Darkonda uses his sword and impales the Yellow Turbo Ranger, he then notices several wires popping out: "Eh? They're robots!"

Dementian blows off the Blue Turbo Ranger's head at pointblank: "Rats! I was hoping for a splatterfest. Oh well, destruction is destruction! Hahahaha!"

Scene 2

Setting: Billy's Eltarian lab.

Billy is frantic trying to delete all the files on his many inventions and projects so that they don't fall into the wrong hands: "I've deleted most of my files including the information on the Mega Voyager Key Cards, but I can't risk tampering with the P.P.S. files. It could prove fatal."

Zordon: "I understand Billy. However we should at least place the Psycho Rangers in a more secure location."

Billy nods: "Right!"

Billy presses a few more buttons and the hyperstatis tanks lower into the floor and into hiding: "There. The Psycho Rangers are secure. Now let's see if we can hold Dark Specter's forces off."

Zordon: "Phantom Ranger, you must take Billy back to Aquitar."

Phantom Ranger nods: "Right away, Zordon."

Billy against Zordon's decision: "No! I can help Zordon. I can't leave you behind."

Zordon: "Billy, while I applaud your courage and loyalty. I can't ask you to stay here and put your life in danger. It would be unfair to Cestria and your newborn son."

Billy: "But Zordon!"

Billy lowers his head and pulls out a seashell necklace from under his shirt: "You're.. you're right. I can't abandon Cestria or Clorus."

Phantom Ranger puts his hand on Billy's shoulder: "Right. Let's go."

Billy just remembers something: "Wait!"

Billy rushes to his desk and picks up the Battilizer and gives it to the Phantom Ranger: "We'll need this to pilot the Delta Megaship."

Phantom Ranger looks at the Battilizer: "Okay. Now let's get you back to your family."

Phantom Ranger turns to Zordon: "I'll return as soon as possible Zordon. If it's not too late."

Zordon shakes his head: "Thank you, now you must hurry."

Phantom Ranger grabs Billy by the shoulder: "Then we're off."

Billy looks to Zordon and Alpha 5: "Farewell old friends. Hopefully this won't be the last time we meet."

Alpha 5 waves to Billy: "Farewell Billy."

Phantom Ranger teleports himself and Billy out of the lab.

Suddenly Quantrons and Piranhatrons break down the doors and enter the lab. Ecliptor quickly follows.

Ecliptor: "At last."

Two Piranhatrons quickly subdue Alpha 5. Ecliptor steps forward to Zordon.

Zordon: "Ecliptor. Then Dark Specter is using his best soldiers for this invasion."

Ecliptor looks up: "I'm flattered that the mighty Zordon has heard of me. I'm also pleased that you consider me one of the best."

Ecliptor heads to one of the terminals and presses some buttons which cause Zordon to scream in pain: "Aaaahh! Stop this immediatley!"

Ecliptor: "There. Now you've been locked in that energy tube. You won't be escaping into the timeflux now."

Ecliptor commands the Piranhatrons: "Piranatrons prepare Zordon to be loaded onto Dark Specter's ship."

Darkonda walks into the room with his sword over his right shoulder and juggling the Red Robot Ranger's head in his left hand: "Hahahaha! Should have stuck to using the real thing Zordon old boy. These machines just don't cut it. But I sure did. Hahahahaha!"

Ecliptor shakes his head: "Your sense of humor still stinks, Darkonda."

Darkonda: "Perhaps. But at least I have one. Heh heh heh."

Ecliptor shakes his head: "Whatever. I have Zordon. Finish up the loose ends, Crulian."

The Piranatrons finish loading Zordon onto a carrier then Ecliptor and the Piranatrons teleport away with Zordon.

Dementian walks in: "Finish up the loose ends?! Who does that glorified calculator think he is?"

Darkonda: "Never mind that. Ecliptor didn't notice that this is the Eltarian lab of the famous Billy Cranston. He has to be one of the most brilliant beings in the universe. Imagine what wonderful toys we can find in here."

Dementian smiles: "You're right! Hey that computer terminal is still turned on."

Alpha struggles to get free from the Piranhatrons: "No! Stay away from there."

Darkonda bangs on Alpha 5's head: "Oh hush! Hahahaha."

Dementian checks out the files: "Blast!"

Darkonda: "What is it?"

Dementian: "All the files have been deleted. Without them there's no way of knowing what any of this junk does."

Darkonda: "Hmmm.. That is a bit of a downer." Darkonda: "Psycho Rangers? That's sounds interesting."

Alpha 5: "No!"

Dementian: "Oh ho ho! They're here right now! In hyperstasis. Oh I could get my teeth into this."

Alpha 5: "Stop, please!"

Dementian works on the computer: "There. I managed to crack Billy's codes. Bit easier than you would think. The Psycho Rangers should be coming up in a just a moment."

The five hyperstasis tanks rise from the floor to reveal the future Psychos in hyperstasis.

Darkonda: "Excellent. I've just gotten a delightfully evil idea."

Dementian stands next to Darkonda: "Oh?"

Darkonda: "I do believe that Zordon and Billy Cranston have just provided me with five new test subjects for my experiments. I have some monster DNA that our late master developed. If I were to merge them with these Power Rangers, we may just develop the most powerful weapons ever."

Dementian: "Brilliant. It looks like the good doctor helps us out even in death. I'll just get these kids ready for transportation."

Darkonda: "I'll send for my personal ship. Dark Specter doesn't need to know about this. Heh heh."

Dementian heads back to the computer and works on it: "Hmmm. If I make one wrong move it could destroy those Rangers in hyperstasis. Oh well, no scales off of my back!"

Alpha 5 breaks free from the Piranhatrons: "No! I can't let you do that!"

Dementian bats Alpha away: "Back off!"

Alpha 5 tears a pipe away off the wall and swings it at Dementian's head, tearing the right side of his face apart: "Get away from those controls!"

Dementian holds his face: "AAAAH!!! YOU MISERABLE LITTLE TINCAN!"

Dementian shoots Alpha 5 pointblank in the head: "GO TO HELL YOU PILE OF NUTS AND BOLTS! GO TO HELL!"

Alpha 5: "Aye ai aiiiiiii!"

Dementian mercilessly unleashes several shots at Alpha 5 in ragem utterly destroying him.

Scene 3

Setting: The History Room.

Victor screams: "ALPHA! NOOOOOO!!!!"

Victor falls to his knees and turns to young Andros: "Why is Alpha's destruction so painful even if I don't remember him?"

Young Andros: "Even though all your memories before Darkonda originally tampered with you genetic makeup was lost. Alpha 5 still leaves an imprint on your soul."

Victor: "Please. Stop this. I've seen enough."

Young Andros waves his hand an the images stop: "Very well. You know the truth now anyway."

Victor: "Yes, the truth. The truth is, Zordon didn't turn us into humans, he gave us back our humanity. Darkonda corrupted us."

Young Andros: "Darkonda laid the seeds of corruption but don't allow that to be an excuse for your own actions. The man you once were, Aldian Quentana of Eltar was lost a long time ago, but his spirit still exists within you Victor Red."

Victor gets up: "Aldian Quentana? That's my real name?"

Young Andros: "It was the name of your previous life."

Victor: "Your right. I'm not Aldian anymore. I'm Victor Red now, but now I know that the Psychos aren't meant for evil. We were meant for good."

Young Andros nods: "Yes."

Victor: "Andros' destruction wasn't my purpose. It was working along side him, that was what I should have done. Because Psycho Rangers aren't the counterparts to the Power Rangers. They ARE Power Rangers!"

Young Andros smiles: "Your fate has been very unusual, Victor Red. Do you believe yourself changed?"

Victor: "I'm much wiser now. Yes. Thanks to you."

A tear runs down Victor's face.

Young Andros: "You're upset. Why?"

Victor: "I can feel him. I can feel Aldian inside of me. Like he's... waking up."

Young Andros: "Interesting."

Victor: "I can remember it all now. My first kiss, my first day of school, dreaming of being a Power Ranger. My family, friends."

Victor starts to glow: "Huh? What's going on with me?"

Young Andros: "The other Psycho Rangers were given knowledge of their past lives after they past the test. But you are the first one to go through of a metamorphisis in spirit. You are the first one to become whole. Now ask yourself. Who are you?"

Victor: "I am Victor Red. I am both Aldian Quentana and Psycho Red. I am both man and monster. Both good and evil. I am the Red Ranger. But most of all, I am Victor Red."

Young Andros: "Then go Victor Red. Go back and grow with what you have learned."

Victor: "I'm going back? But how?"

Young Andros turns into the Red figure of light: "I have disobeyed the ancient laws of the Guardians, but I believe you have changed for the better now, and you shall be given another chance at life."

Victor both surprised and happy: "I don't know what to say... but.. thank you!"

The figure of light: "You're welcome."

Victor is consumed by the glowing energy from within and become a ball of light and leaves the history room. The ball of light returns to the bottom of the chasm and enters Victor's dead body.

Victor's eyes open and his wounds heal as he floats out of the chasm back to the temple. Victor morphs into Psycho Red and lands in front of the temple.

Psycho Red holds out his hand: "I know what you will be, my Guardianzord. Red Shogun Guardianzord arise!"

The shrine begins to shake and rocks fall from the ceiling but Psycho Red doesn't budge. A giant robot head appears before him.

Psycho Red: "Let's go!"

Scene 4

Setting: Outside the ruins of the temple.

A giant red fireball burst out of the ruins and leaves the underground valley.

The giant red fireball zips across the ocean.

Victor's voice over: "Watch out Darkonda. You're about to face the full fury of the Power Rangers!"


Act 5

Setting: Back at the park in New Bethany. Rizedatox still has the Psychos pinned in an energy field. Ecliptor is busy fighting off both Darkonda and Dementian.

Rizedatox: "Hahahaha! Give it up, Psycho Rangers. We have you defeated! Hahahaha!"

Psycho Black fights through the field: "No! We can't give up! For Victor we won't give up. Stay focused make yourselves as strong as possible."

Psycho Pink fights through the field: "For Victor!"

Psycho Yellow fights through the field: "For Victor!"

Psycho Blue fights through the field: "For Victor!"

Rizedatox starts to struggle: "Huh? What's going on? This.. this is impossible!"

Psycho Black: "No. Nothing is impossible for us!"

The Psycho Rangers stand tall and the field shatters sending Rizedatox flying through the air and on Dementian and Darkonda.

Darkonda: "Agh! Get off!"

Dementian: "Yeah!"

Rizedatox gets up: "Ah shove it! We'll take care of this ourselves!"

Rizedatox summons her Rita and Zedd staffs and hold them above her: "Make us grow!"

The staff strikes Rizedatox with a blue lightning bolt and Rizedatox grows into a giant.

Darkonda helps Dementian up: "Let's go! She'll handle this once and for all."

Dementian nods and they both warp away. Ecliptor gets up but they escape from him.

Rizedatox: "Hahahaha! This time we'll crush you once and for all!"

Rizedatox stomps on the ground. Psycho Black: "Okay guys, this is it! We have to take her down now!"

The Psycho Rangers hold their hands up in the air: "Guardianzord Power Now!"

Nothing happens.

Psycho Pink: "Huh?"

Psycho Blue: "What's up with this."

Psycho Yellow: "The Guardianzords must not have recovered from the last battle with Rizedatox."

Rizedatox: "Too bad. Then that will just make this easier!"

Rizedatox is about to step on the Psycho Rangers until suddenly a giant red fireball strikes past her. Knocking Rizedatox down.

The fireball takes form.

Psycho Black: "What? I don't believe it!"

Psycho Blue: "No way!"

Psycho Yellow: "But how?"

Psycho Pink: "I don't care how! All that matters is that Victor's back."

[Red cockpit scene] The cockpit looks like all the other cockpits except the primary color is red and the isignia in the back is of a flame.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Thanks guys. Now I say we take care of this freaked out goon!"

The Red Shogun Guardianzord looks similar to the Yellow Samurai in design except it's larger, it's primary color is red, and the shoulder plates come to a larger edge, and the helmet resembles a golden flame.

The Red Shogun Guardianzord arms glow and the other four Guardianzords appear around it.

Psycho Black: "Awesome! Let's go!"

The Psychos jump into their respective Guardianzords.

[Red cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Let's not waste anytime guys. Guardian Megazord!"

[Guardian Megazord transformation sequence: All five Guardianzords charge. The Pink Miko and Yellow Samurai stop and stand back to from each other. The robe and scarf vanish off of the Miko, while the helmet and armor vanish off of the Samurai. The heads and arms go inside the bodies. The legs come together and shorten.

The Black Tengu Guardianzord detaches it's wings from it's body. The legs and arms fold inside the body. The head moves to it's chest and remains facing forward.

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord splits it's body at the stomach, growling all the way. The legs fold into the respective haves of the bodies. The front half's head splits apart and folds back over the body to reveal a black robotic hand. The back half's tail folds back and a black hand extends out of the back.

The Red Shogun Guardianzord shortens it's arms and legs. The Yellow Samurai attaches to form the left leg. The Pink Miko attaches to form the right leg. The Black Tengu attaches to form the chest. The Blue Tanuki front half attaches to form the right forearm and hand. The Blue Tanuki back half attaches to form the left forearm and hand. The Black Tengu wings open up and attach to the back. A black samurai helmet with a golden lightning bolt decoration fits over the Red Shogun head to form the Guardian Megazord.]

[Megazord cockpit scene] A large version of the individual cockpits with a large golden Pscyho "N" insignia on the back wall. Psycho Red is seated in the center. Psycho Black is seated in the upper left corner, Blue in upper right corner, Pink in lower left corner, and Yellow in the lower right corner.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Okay guys, let's do this!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Rangers: "Right!"

The Guardian Megazord charges towards Giant Rizedatox.

Almidor stands on a rooftop and watches the fight begin, his Infinity Stone glows: "I don't like this."

Guardian Megazord punches Rizedatox and Rizedatox counters with a kick to the gut. Then Rizedatox creates an energy wave and strikes the Guardian Megazord.

Rizedatox creates a series of tornados and shoots a series of tornados and lightning bolts at the Guardian Megazord. Causing the Megazord to fall.

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "Ugh! I can't believe this!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Even with all of the Guardianzords we're just no match for Rizedatox!"

[Megazord cockpit scene] Psycho Red: "No! It's not going to end like this! We'll come up with something!"

Almidor pulls off his Infinity Stone gauntlet: "The combine power of those evil spirits inside that monster is just too great."

Almidor looks at the Infinity Stone: "For the sake of everything, I know what I must do!"

The Guardian Megazord gets back up and only to be struck by Rizedatox's Zedd staff.

Almidor holds the Infinity Stone and aims it at Rizedatox, he becomes consumed with a green glow as the Infinity Stone releases a huge green beam at Rizedatox, Almidor screams.

Rizedatox stops and struggles with the green beam: "Aaaah! What is happening to us!"

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Pink: "Look it's Almidor!"

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Blue: "What the heck is that dude doing?"

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Red: "He's saving us. That's what he's doing."

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Yellow: "Look at Rizedatox, she's falling apart!"

Rizedatox drops her staffs: "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Divatox, Rita Repulsa, and Lord Zedd are pulled out of Rizedatox and sucked into the Infinity Stone. Rita Repulsa yells: "Zeddy! I have a headacheeeeeeeee!"

Almidor falls down and has trouble holding the evil spirits in the stone: "Agh! They're too strong! I'm going to have to hold them in personally!"

Almidor looks to the Megazord: "Goodbye everyone! It's been an honor to work with all of you!"

Almidor becomes a green energy and jumps into the Infinity Stone. The Infinity Stone falls to the floor of the roof.

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Pink: "Almidor!"

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Yellow: "No!"

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Red: "Hate to sound cold, considering what happened to me recently, but Almidor sacrificed himself to save us so let's not let it go wasted!"

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Black turns to the others: "He's right. Let's finish this!"

The Guardian Megazord holds it's hand in the air and lightning storm breaks out. A lightning bolt strikes it's hand and a sword made out of pure energy is formed.

[Megazord cockpit] Psycho Red: "Guardian Energy Sword Strike!"

The Guardian Megazord's eyes glow red and swings the Energy Sword at Rizedatox. A hundred lightning bolts strike Rizedatox all at once. The Guardian Megazord turns around as Rizedatox falls down and explodes. With the monster destroyed the Energy Sword disisipates away and the thunderstorm clears allowing the sun to shine through.

A mysterious figure appears and picks up the Infinity Stone: "Darkonda has failed again. But at least this time, a prize has been gained."

The mysterious figue vanishes.

The Psycho Rangers jump out of the Guardian Megazord and demorph. Ecliptor awaits them.

Ecliptor: "I'm glad that the rumors of your demise were greatly exagerated Victor."

Victor smiles: "Thanks."

Angela, Aundria, Simon, and Marcus surround Victor and are in uplifted mood.

Angela hugs Victor tight and she's almost in tears: "Don't you ever die on us again, you big jerk!"

Marcus: "Yeah my man. I can't do all the bad@$$ing around here by myself!"

Aundria hugs Victor: "I thought we lost you. How did you..."

Victor: "There will be time for that later."

Simon: "At any rate it's good to have you back. But what about Almidor."

Victor's smile leaves his face: "We'll have to deal with that as well. Come on guys, let's go home. We've got a LOT to talk about."

Simon pats Victor on the back. As the Psychos and Ecliptor walk down the stree while the sun shines on the Guardian Megazord.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War

Clip 1
Beta 1: "I'm detecting a series of portals opening!"

Clip 2
Darkonda and Dementian on space ship see the Astro Megaship flying away from a planet.

Darkonda: "The Astro Megaship?! That's impossible!"

Clip 3
Darkonda to Demenian: "That portal will take us back to the old universe!"

Clip 4
Darkonda and Dementian jumping from an explosion.

Clip 5
Psycho Red to Tabuna: "Who are you?"

Clip 6
Tabuna holds her sword to Psycho Red's neck.

Clip 7
Falconine to Rygog: "With Darkonda and Dementian gone, it's my turn to run the show!"

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