Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 13
"Warzone, Part 1"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The infirmary of the Power Chamber where Victor lies unconscious in a medical bed. His heartbeat is shown on the scanner next to him.

Victor's hand begins to move. Then the heartbeat scanner flatlines.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Where the other four unmorphed Psychos, Ecliptor, Beta 1, and Almidor are. Discussing their current situation. Suddenly a blue light flashes and warning alarm yells.

Angela: "What's going on?!"

Almidor very worried: "Oh no! It's Victor. He's flatlining!"

Simon grabs Almidor: "We got to save him now!"

Everyone rushes out of the Power Chamber.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the infirmary. Everyone runs into and are surprised to see Victor up and about.

Victor surprised to see everyone: "What's up with you guys. You all look like it's the end of the world."

Angela rushes and hugs Victor in relief: "You're okay!"

Victor doesn't hug back but doesn't push her away either. He's taken unaware by Angela's actions: "Huh?"

Simon and Aundria gather with Victor and Angela.

Simon: "You were unconcsious for thirty-two hours thanks to Dementian."

Victor regains his aggressive expression: "Now I remember."

Victor flashbacks Dementian kneeing him in the face.

Marcus stands in the doorway with his arms crossed: "Isn't that like Dementian two, Victor zero now?"

Victor walks past the others to face Marcus: "What's your point."

Marcus smiles and playing fist taps Victor in the shoulder: "Nothing. I think your just due for some payback with that goatboy."

Victor gives a cocky smile: "You got that right."

Almidor interrupts: "Ahem! I'm glad you're awake Victor. But you should still take it easy. I also think I should run some more tests on you to see if Dementian's attack will have any other lasting affects."

Ecliptor walks into the room: "A wise decision. In fact I think we should all prepare ourselves to be in top condition. Darkonda's efforts will become more intense now that there is only one Guardianzord left."

Victor walks up to Ecliptor and pats him on the shoulder: "Don't worry about it old man. I won't let you guys down. Darkonda and his pals are about to know what the Psycho Rangers are all about."

Simon speaks to Almidor: "It looks to me like Victor's going to be okay."

Almidor: "We'll see."

Scene 4

Setting: A dark room with skulls and other gothic materials placed everywhere. Darkonda, Falconine, and Master Vile are in the room along with a large brown and gold coffin set up vertically.

Falconine looks to Master Vile: "I hope your 'ultimate monster' lives up to your promises. The Psycho Rangers are too close to tipping the scales of power to their favor for us to have any more disappointments."

Master Vile: "My dear, Master Vile does not make empty promises. My new monster will three times as powerful, three times as strong, and three times as evil as any of us."

Darkonda: "Then show us already!"

Master Vile raises his voice: "Patience!"

Master Vile raises his staff. The skull head glows and the coffin opens up. Out steps a female monster completley covered from head to toe in brown bandages.

Falconine disappointed and annoyed at the same time: "This is your ultimate monster? I'm underwhelmed."

Master Vile: "This isn't my ultimate monster. Just the foundation of it. Behold."

Master Vile pulls a twisted jar with three balls of light inside of it: "These evil spirits will make my ultimate monster whole."

Darkonda rubs his hands together in anticipation: "Hahahahaha! I'm getting giddy with excitement. Especially if those are what I think they are."

Master Vile smirks: "They are."

Lightning erupts around the room as Master Vile hands Falconine the jar. Then Vile raises his arms as he begins an incantation.

Master Vile: "Un na la. Shaka! Ancient evil this soulless body."

The bandaged monster's eye glow from beneath it's wrappings as ghosts and phantoms seem to swim around it's body.

Master Vile: "Un na la. Shaka! And take these bodiless souls."

The jar begins to glow in Falconine's hands.

Master Vile: "Un na la. Shaka! And merge them to create the ultimate evil!"

The lightning in the room begins to erupt louder and faster. The lid of the jar lifts itself off and the three souls fly out of it. Familiar voices erupt in the room with laughter as the three souls fly around the room and enter the soulless body.

Falconine shows awe: "Incredible the body is mutating right before our eyes!"

Darkonda: "It's beautiful."

The monster's fingertips are covered with silver claws. The right hand is given a golden gauntlet blaster. The bandages tear away to show skinless muscle. A red and black girdle forms around it's waist and black skirt forms beneath it. The right leg recieves a black knee high boot while the left leg is covered with silver skeletal plating. Fluid tubes form around the arms and body. A red cape appear on it's back. A silver grid forms and covers the monster's mouth while a half-face plate covers it's right eye. The face becomes metallic yet feminine features. A head dress forms with to ribbons falling down on boths sides of the head. Two pointy pig tails merge from it's scalp with a slight bald spot leaving an exposed brain. Finall two familiar staffs form in it's hands. One silver staff with a large Z on top and the other staff with cresent at the top containing a large jewel.

Darkonda: "Vile you have outdone yourself, there is no way Ecliptor or the Rangers can defeat this monster."

Falconine: "Who or what is this?"

Master Vile proudly speaks: "This is the amalgamation of three of the most evil beings in the universe. Three beings that were somehow lost to us when Zordon transported all of us to this foreign universe. This is Rizedatox!"

Rizedatox crosses her staffs and laughs with evil and her voice sounds Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Divatox speaking all at once: "It is good to be alive again. And if you thought we were evil before, then prepare to be blown away! Ah hahahahaha!"

Everyone begins to share a maniacal laugh as the lightning erupts once again.

(Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Almidor's lab. The lights are out and no one is in it. The door slides open and in walks Ecliptor. He doesn't turn on the lights.

Ecliptor speaking quietly: "Almidor? Is anyone in here."

He recieves no answer.

Ecliptor presses a series of buttons on the door panel: "Excellent."

The door closes and locks itself. Ecliptor walks to the center of the room to a large scanning device. Ecliptor presses a button and the scanning device lights.

A computer voice speaks: "Scanning Systems are online. How may I assist you?"

Ecliptor pulls out Cybera's rapier and places it on the scanner: "I want you to scan this sword and tell me what it is made of."

Computer voice: "Acknowledged."

The scanning device works for a moment and the computer voice speaks: "Sword's alloys are not found in my files."

Ecliptor removes the rapier: "I see. Hmmmm. Perhaps..."

Ecliptor lays his arm on the scanning device: "Computer scan my arm."

The scanning device works for a moment and the computer voice speaks: "Arm is of unknown origin. It's alloy is not found in my files."

Ecliptor removes his arm from the scanner: "I am made from the rare metal known as Pryrin Seven."

Computer: "Pryrin Seven has been catalogued."

Ecliptor places the rapier on the scanner once again: "Computer, scan the sword once again."

The scanning device works for a moment and the computer voice speaks: "Scanning complete. Sword is composed of alloy, Pryrin Seven."

Ecliptor picks up the sword and examines it with himself: "As I suspected. Whoever Cybera is, we do have a connected past. There was only one man in the entire universe who had access to Pryrin Seven, my creator but he died years ago."

Ecliptor begins to leave and turns to the scanner: "Computer, delete all information received on Pryrin Seven."

Computer voice: "Acknowledged. Item has been deleted from all databases."

Ecliptor leaves the room.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The Psychos, and are already there with Zordon. Victor is trying to leave but Angela tries to stop him.

Angela very concerned: "You can't go, you'll get killed!"

Victor pushes Angela aside: "Out of my way."

Almidor speaks up: "Victor, she's right. The scans show that right now you're very fragile. One more blow to the head could prove fatal."

Victor turns around: "It doesn't matter. If I don't get the last Guardianzord soon we may all be dead anyway."

Simon shakes his head: "Vic, we can't risk your well-being."

Angela looks to Simon then to Zordon: "Right. Zordon don't you have anything say?"

Zordon: "I am afraid that no one can decide what Victor should do except Victor himself."

Victor: "Yeah and I choose to find my Guardianzord now, before it's too late."

Angela: "But.."

Angela is cut off as the alarms go off.

Aundria: "Oh great. What is it now."

Zordon: "Rangers look to the Viewing Globe."

The Psychos look to the viewing globe and see the Skullinites rampaging through the city lead by Dementian and Rizedatox. Skull Fighters are flying through the air and various buildings are being destroyed.

Marcus: "Looks like Darkonda's breaking out a rockin' party!"

Aundria smacks Marcus in the back of the head.

Simon: "It's.. a full-scale attack."

Simon turns back to Zordon: "Darkonda's forces are going all out."

Victor grabs Simon by the shoulder and looks him in the eye: "You see, we can't waste anymore time."

Zordon: "Victor has made his decision. Almidor will accompany you to the final temple."

Ecliptor runs into the Power Chamber: "I heard the alarms, what is going on?"

Aundria: "New Bethany is under attack."

Zordon: "Victor and Almidor will be departing for the final Guardianzord soon. Ecliptor, take the rest of the Psycho Rangers and keep the United Alliance at bay."

Ecliptor motions his arms to go with his speech: "Very well. Then let us go."

Everyone leaves with Simon and Aundria taking up the rear.

Aundria grabs Simon's arm and whispers to him: "Did something about Ecliptor seem weird to you?"

Simon half-joking: "No weirder than usual. What's up?"

Aundria: "I don't know. Can't put my finger on it, but he just seemed a little off, like he has something else on his mind."

Simon: "Well whatever it was, I didn't notice. Sorry."

Aundria: "That's all right. Maybe I was just imagining things."

Simon: "Well anyway let's get going. The people of New Bethany need our help now."

Aundria nods: "Right."

Zordon watches the remaining Psychos leave with an expression of curiosity: "Hmmm..."

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber hangar the Psychos, Ecliptor, and Almidor run in.

The Psychos all pull out their Psycho Morphers. Victor yells: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Psycho Red and Almidor run inside the Sky Knight. While the other four Psychos jump into their respective Psycho Cycles and turn on the engines. Both the hangar ceiling and garage doors open. The Sky Knight is lifted up and the engines warm up. Ecliptor stands before the Psycho Rangers on their Cycles.

Ecliptor: "I will take the point. Follow my position quickly."

Psychos: "Right!"

Ecliptor teleports away and the Psychos drive out of the hangar on their Cycles. The Sky Knight blasts off.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The streets of New Bethany. Chaos ensues everywhere. Amongst the destruction is Dementian with Rizedatox.

Dementian cocks his gun and shoots at a van, exploding it: "So Rizedatox. What do you think of the new universe so far?"

Rizedatox waves her hand an entire building collapses in a wave of fury: "It will do. Our evil will thrive here."

Dementian: "Hahahaha! You got that right! Eh?"

Dementian sees a small boy and girl running to their parents, he grins and aims his gun at the children: "Naughty naughty, children shouldn't play in the street!"

Dementian gets the children directly in his crossfires but suddenly Ecliptor teleports right in front of him and gives him an uppercut swing from his sword: "No!"

Dementian backflips to the ground: "Ecliptor!"

Ecliptor: "What is it with you Crulians and picking on children."

Dementian gets up and begins to warp away: "Hey, we just kidnap and destroy. At least I never corrupted any of themm like certain self-righteous, hypocritical, black and green goons. Hahahahaha!"

Dementian warps away before Ecliptor can catch him: "Come back here you coward!"

Ecliptor gets shot from behind by Rizedatox and her wrist blaster: "Hahahaha! We usually don't get our own hands dirty, but we must admit that the hands-on approach is fun!"

Ecliptor gets up on one knee: "Something about you seems familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it."

Rizedatox's right hand begins to glow: "Well let us put our fingers on you!"

Rizedatox reaches for Ecliptor but he ducks and instead she grabs a that was behind him. The car dissolves instantly. Ecliptor rolls away from Rizedatox.

Rizedatox: "Stay still!"

Psycho Yellow drives onto the scene: "Psycho Cycle Beastwave Frenzy!"

The Yellow Psycho Cycle starts to roar and shoots hundreds of little energy bolts that resemble bees. The energy bees strike Rizedatox. But have no affect on her.

Rizedatox very cocky: "Ha! Is that the best you got?!"

Psycho Yellow very surprised: "What?! That didn't even put a scratch on her!"

Scene 2

Setting: Still in New Bethany. A pair of Skull Fighters fly through the air between skyscrapers shooting away. Psycho Blue on his Cycle drives up to the edge of one the skyscrapers just ahead of the Skull Fighters.

Psycho Blue: "Hehe. Sorry boys there's been a detour. Psycho Cycle Icesheet!"

The Psycho Cycle creates multiple layers of ice right between two skyscrapers which get right in the way of the two Skull Fighters. They both crash into the wall of ice and explode.

Psycho Blue: "Crash and burn! Hehehahahaha!"

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany. A large pack of Skullinites are terrorizing the citizens of the city. Psycho Pink drives onto the scene and doesn't like what she sees.

Psycho Pink: "These poor people. I have to make sure they can get away."

Psycho Pink snaps her fingers: "Got it! Psycho Cycle Vinegrip!"

The Pink Psycho Cycle shoots a pair of vines into the ground. The vines come out and entangle all of the Skullinites, allowing the citizens to escape harms way.

One man yells: "Thank you!"

Psycho Pink waves: "You're welcome. Now to the main event."

Scene 4

Setting: Elsewhere in the city. Psycho Black drives away from a pack of Skullinites that are chasing him.

Psycho Black sees a construction site with nothing but the steel frame up: "Ah! Just what I need."

Psycho Black heads into the construction site. The Skullinites follow. Psycho Black through the building frame and once the Skullinites are under it, he turns around.

Psycho Black: "Suckers! Psycho Cycle Quakemode!"

The Psycho Cycle launshes a shockwave into the ground. Shaking the steel frame of the future and causing all of the steel beams to come crashing on the Skullinites.

Psycho Black: "There! The construction company will be upset that a whole week's worth of work is down the drain but that's still a couple dozen less Skullinites for this city to worry about."

Scene 5

Setting: Back to fight with Rizedatox. Ecliptor and Psycho Yellow are tossed down the street right in front of the just arrived Psychos. Psychos Black, Blue, and Pink get off their Cycles to help Yellow and Ecliptor back up.

Psycho Black helps Ecliptor up: "Whoah! Who's this freakjob!"

Ecliptor pulls away from Psycho Black: "I don't know. But be careful. She's not your average monster."

Psycho Yellow adds in: "No kidding. I gave her my best shots and nothing is working on her."

Psycho Blue holds his forehead: "Wait a minute! That face plate IS familiar!"

Psycho Pink: "Now that you mentioned it. She does."

Psycho Black holds his forehead to deep think: "I'm pulling an image from what I absorbed of Carlos' memories last year. She looks vaguely familiar to someone called Divatox!"

Ecliptor: "Divatox! Yes she does. But that would be impossible."

Psycho Yellow: "How so?"

Ecliptor: "When Zordon transported the United Alliance to this universe, three villains were left behind. Divatox, Lord Zedd, and Rita Repulsa."

Psycho Blue: "Who were they?"

Ecliptor: "Some of the premiere members of the Alliance. They were supposed to conquer Earth for the Alliance but they failed constantly thanks to the various incarnations of the Power Rangers on that planet. Finally Dark Specter decided to give my princ.. Astronema the job."

Psycho Black: "Somehow they didn't join the rest of the party."

Ecliptor: "But it would turn out that they did. Just not in an obvious form. Somehow they were merged into one abomination. This creature!"

Psycho Blue pulls out his Psycho Axe: "Hehehahahaha! So Queen Oogly over there is combination of three different losers. Hey! If those weakling Power Punks could handle em so easily they should be child's play!"

Psycho Blue runs towards Rizedatox, Ecliptor tries to stop him: "No you fool! Wait!"

Psycho Blue crashes right next to Ecliptor. His chest is smoldering: "Ooowww!"

Rizedatox blows the smoke off her pointing finger: "This is too easy. We are insulted that you Power Punks thought you could stop us!"

Psycho Blue gets back up: "A what punk?!"

Psycho Blue turns to the others: "Did she just refer to us as Power Rangers?"

Psycho Black: "I think she did."

Psycho Blue: "Oh ho ho. Ms. Combo-Meal is definitely going down now!"

Rizedatox: "Blah blah blah! Is that all you do? We're waiiitttingg!"

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "Okay guys. I say we keep it together, hit hard, and hit fast!"

Psycho Pink and Psycho Yellow nod: "Right!"

Psycho Black looks to Blue.

Psycho Blue turns away from Black: "Whatever."

The four Psycho Rangers charge at Rizedatox. Psycho Yellow and Psycho Pink jump off the guys shoulders and shoot from their respective Psycho Weapons. Rizedatox just creates a field to block them and reflects them back taking the lady Psychos out.

Rizedatox: "Back atcha!"

Psycho Blue: "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue goes into his Psycho Spin attack but Rizedatox become intangible.

Rizedatox: "Ha! You can't hurt what you can't touch."

She then strikes Blue down with a swipe from her claws. As Blue falls, Psycho Black jumps over Rizedatox and trips her up from behind. Rizedatox rolls around a bit and gets back up.

Rizedatox: "Hahaha! Cute. But let's see if you can lick this!"

Rizedatox pulls down her mouthguard and spits out a long snakey tongue and wraps it around Psycho Black.

Psycho Black drops his lance: "Ah! Can't... move!"

Rizedatox swings Psycho Black around her and shoots from her wrist blast several times and laughing. She finally lets Black go when she sees Ecliptor forming a giant cyber shadow of his head and it shoots at her. Rizedatox teleports away from Ecliptor's attack and reappears behind him to strike him from behind.

Rizedatox: "Tag! Your it!"

Rizedatox teleports in front of Ecliptor and strikes him again: "Tag again!"

Rizedatox teleports to his side and strikes him yet again: "Come on! Can't even tough us?"

Ecliptor swings but Rizedatox teleports behind him and kicks him: "You're pathetic!"

Rizedatox repeats this motion until Ecliptor can't stand anymore. She then motions her hand and Ecliptor is telekinetically lifted and tossed to the rest of the Psychos. The Psychos manage to catch Ecliptor.

Psycho Pink: "Simon, we can't lay a finger on her, how are we going to stop her?"

Psycho Black shakes his head: "I'm open to suggestions."

Psycho Blue catches his fist: "I don't get it. How come she's outclassing us like a bunch of chumps!"

Rizedatox taunts them: "You are essentially just five lowly grunts. We are made up of three of the greatest evil generals of all time! You do the math!"

Rizedatox swings her arm in a punching motion and a wave of air knocks Ecliptor and the Psychos down.

Rizedatox: "Ah hahahaha! It's good to be us!"

Scene 6

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. In the room are Darkonda, Falconine, Dementian, Master Vile, Cybera, Porto, and Elgar. They all watch Rizedatox defeating Ecliptor and the Rangers.

Elgar is very excited: "Wow! You go Auntie D.. I mean Zedd... I mean Rita.. I don't know what I mean?"

Porto in a snide tone: "No one does."

Falconine turns to Master Vile: "Kudos to you. It appears we finally have a monster capabale of destroying those pestering Psychos."

Master Vile: "Thank you my dear."

Darkonda: "Yes. Things are finally going are way on the homefront, but there's still the matter of the final Guardianzord."

Dementian: "We already have Havok and Rygog stationed there."

Darkonda: "Yes, but I'll take no chances. Falconine?"

Falconine turns around to look at Darkonda with an inquiring look: "Yes?"

Darkonda: "I would like you to oversee our defenses of the final temple. Take Porto with you he has some new detonators that may prove useful to you."

Falconine: "Very well. Then we're off!"

Elgar starts to beg like an excited little kid: "Oooh! Can I come to? I haven't seen Uncle Havok and my buddy Rygog in ages!"

Elgar gets on his knees: "Please, please, pretty please!"

Falconine blasts Elgar: "You can come with us, just shut up and don't get within smelling distance of me!"

Elgar on the ground singed and in pain manages to give a thumbs up: "You got it!"

Darkonda puts his hand on his forehead and shakes his head in a "Why me?" patimime.

Scene 7

Setting: Just outside the final temple. In the large underground valley. A small camp has been set up infront of the temple. The Chromites are busy setting up barracades and towers. General Havok sits at a table sipping tea and reading "The Adventures of Simon Black". Rygog stands next to him holding portable radio playing easy listening classical music.

Havok closes his book and takes another sip from his tea: "*sip* What remarkable literature these Deaconites have. It twould almost be a shame to have to enslave them all."

Rygog a bit worried: "You're not planning to reform are you?"

Havok puts his tea down and gets up from his seat: "Hmhmhm. Of course not, my good monster. I was just admiring the positive qualities of the enemy. A wise general always acknowledges the strengths of the enemy as well as the weaknesses."

Falconine teleports in with Porto and Elgar: "So true. I'm glad to see that not all of the Alliance is full of inbred mongruls."

Havok presses a button on the radio to turn it off: "Ah! Miss Falconine, it is pleasure to see you."

Havok bows: "I am honored that you decided to oversee the pressing matters here personally."

Falconine walks up to Havok: "And a gentleman to boot. A quality that even evil creatures could stand to have."

Havok kisses Falconine's hand: "Why thank you."

Rygog gets a good look at Falconine and gasps in awe. Rygog then fantasize.

Scene 8

Setting: Rygog's fantasy. A quiet field at sunset. Rygog and Falconine slowly run to each other. They begin to swan dance.

Rygog in a romantic Shakespearian voice: "Ah my dearest Falconine. I was lost until stepped into my heart."

Rygog dips her and Falconine says in an uncharacteristic sweet voice: "Oh Rygog!"

Rygog: "Oh Falconine!"

Falconine speaks but her voice sounds like Elgar: "Rygog! Dude what's up?!"

Scene 9

Setting: Back to reality where Rygog is in lala land. Elgar and Porto are standing next to him wondering what is wrong with him. Falconine and Havok have walked off to prepare for Psycho Red's arrival.

Elgar yells into Rygog's earhole: "Rygog! SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Rygog is startled by Elgar's yelling: "Wha? What? Where am I?"

Elgar: "Bro, you were trippin' out."

Rygog scratches his head: "I was?" Elgar shocked: "What? With Falconine! And they say my elevator doesn't reach to the top."

Porto: "Well infatuatious fixations or not, we were assigned by Falconine to place these detonators around the temple."

Porto hands Rygog and Elgar four detonators: "And unless you want to be on her bad side then I suggest we do it now."

Elgar turns to Rygog: "Yeah. She may be cute but she can be even meaner than Divatox and Astronema combined when she's angry."

Rygog speaks to himself: "Falconine told us to place these detonators around the temple?"

Rygog for the first time feels determination and grabs all of the detonators for himself and speaks loudly: "THEN I WILL NOT FAIL HER!!!"

Rygog walks off with the detonators and Porto speaks: "Uh Rygog?" Elgar points to the opposite direction that Rygog was walking: "The temple is thattaway."

Rygog a bit embarassed: "Oh *ahem* yes of course."

Rygog walks to the temple.

Elgar shakes his head and speaks to Porto: "What is with that guy?"

Porto: "Love does strange things to minds of men and monsters alike."

Elgar scratches his head: "I guess I'm lucky that I'm too ugly for any girl to pay attention to me anyway. I would hate to be in love and lose my mind."

Porto speaks snidely to himself: "Who would know the difference?"

Porto perks up and turns to Elgar: "Anyway, while he's busy, would you care for a game of chinese checkers?"

Elgar clenches his fist: "You're on!"

Scene 10

Setting: The air, the Sky Knight is travelling at super speed. Inside the Sky Knight sits Almidor and Psycho Red.

Psycho Red getting excited in the anticipation of battle: "How much longer do we have?"

Almidor: "Not much. But if possible try to avoid any fighting."

Psycho Red jokingly replies: "Well that's no fun."

Almidor turns to Psycho Red with both anger and concern: "I'm serious. Any blows to the head could prove fatal for you even when morphed. You really shouldn't even be out here yet."

Psycho Red shakes his head: "This has to be done. I'm no slouch, but if I'll avoid battle as much as possible. Does that make you feel better?"

Almidor turns away back to piloting: "I wish that it did."

The Sky Knight increases speed and zips across the ocean.

Scene 11

Setting: Back to New Bethany where Ecliptor and the other Psychos are getting beat up by Rizedatox.

Psycho Yellow falls to the ground in front of a dumpster: "That monster has to have some kind of weakness!"

Psycho Black falls beside her: "Oomph! I wish that it did."

Psychos Pink and Blue run up to them to help them.

Psycho Pink: "We've tried everything. But none of our weapons are strong enough to fight that thing."

Psycho Black snaps his fingers: "That's it! We do have a weapon we haven't tried yet. Four of them to be exact!"

Psycho Yellow figures it out: "The Guardianzords!"

Psycho Black: "Exactly."

Psycho Black leads the others as they all raise their right hands in the air and yell: "Guardianzord Power Now!"

Scene 12

Setting: The Power Chamber mountain opens up. Out comes the Pink Miko and Yellow Samurai Guardianzords on an elevator lift. The Pink Miko becomes a pink mist and blows away as the Yellow Samurai begins to run.

The ground in front of the mountain opens up like a ramp. Two red eyes can be seen in the darkness and a large canine growl is heard as the Blue Tanuki Guardianzord runs out in a wild frenzy.

Another mountain in the distance from the Power Chamber one splits apart at the peak. A bird like cry is heard and the Black Tengu Guardianzord flies out of it.

Scene 13

Setting: Back to New Bethany. The Psychos and Ecliptor turn around to see the Guardianzords arrive.

Psycho Pink: "Look over there!"

The pink mist stops and forms the Pink Miko Guardianzord. The Pink Miko puts it's hands together and bows. The Yellow Samurai stops running and bows on one knee next to the Pink Miko. The Blue Tanuki lands next the Samurai from jumping, and sits down to howl like a wolf does to a full moon. Finally the Black Tengu lands on top of large tower with a saucer on the top and crosses it's arms as it's wings fold in.

Psycho Blue: "Well then what are we waiting for!"

Psycho Blue followed by Pink, Yellow, and Black all run to the cockpits of their respective Zords.

[Pink cockpit scene] Psycho Pink hops in: "Pink Miko is ready to go!"

[Yellow cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow hops in: "Well then let's chop Ms. Frankenstein over there back into individual pieces."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue hops in: "Hehe! Takin' a bite out of crime!"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black hops in: "Okay guys. Let's keep this together. This is going to be a tough one even with the Guardianzords."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Wait a minute. Who died and made you boss Psycho. I'm gonna call the sho..."

[Pink and Yellow cockpits simultaneously] Pink and Yellow at the same time: "Shut up Marcus!"

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Hey! Don't tell me to... ah forget it. What's your plan blonde boy?"

Rizedatox stands outside looking at their Zords: "You think you're pathetic machines can stop us?"

Rizedatox holds her arms up and the staffs of Rita and Zedd form in her hands. She crosses them over herself: "Magic wands! Make ourselves grow!"

The staffs energize and strikes Rizedatox turning her into a giant.

The Guardianzords stand side-by-side and prepare for battle.

Rizedatox: "So who wants a piece of us first?"

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue cracks his knuckles before getting ahold of his controls: "Oh ho ho! That's an easy one."

The Blue Tanuki growls and starts scratching the ground a bit. Then charges after Rizedatox.

Rizedatox kicks the Tanuki out of the way: "Bad doggy!"

The Yellow Samurai comes forth and swings it's sword twice but Rezedatox ducks both blows and counters with a double assualt with her staffs.

The Pink Miko summons it's bow and shoots three arrows but Rizedatox creates a portal in front of her: "Sorry this is a roundtrip fare! Hahaha!"

The arrows enter the portal then come back out to strike down the Pink Miko. The Black Tengu runs in and swings it's lance. But Rizedatox blocks with her Rita staff and counters with her Zedd staff.

The Black Tengu rolls to the ground beside the other Zords.

Rizedatox: "Give up now! You can't win! Bwahahahahahaaa!"

Rizedatox cross her staffs together a releases a large storm of energy wiping out the Guardianzords: "Feel our full wrath!"

The four Guardianzords fall to ground. The Psycho Rangers fall out of their Zords and onto the ground.

Rizedatox cheers herself: "Wahoo! Viva la diva!"

Rizedatox teleports away.

The Psycho Rangers get up badly beaten. Ecliptor runs to them.

Psycho Black: "Power down!"

The Psycho Rangers demorph.

Ecliptor: "We have to get back to the Power Chamber and come up with a new strategy and be thankful that Rizedatox has left for now."

Aundria: "I have no idea what we can do. Even the Guardianzords were outpowered by that witch!"

Simon: "I don't know either. Let's just hope Zordon can come up with something or we're toast."

Angela: "We need Victor."

Simon shakes his head: "I don't think even with all five Zords we'll be a match for her. She's just too powerful."

Aundria: "Well let's go and hope that Victor is doing better than us."

The Psychos and Ecliptor walk away from the battlesite defeated.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Knight flies towards the temple site. Inside the bridge of the Sky Knight sits Almidor and Psycho Red.

Almidor: "We're here."

Psycho Red looks outside and sees nothing but barren terrain: "There's nothing here. Have you finally lost it?"

Almidor smirks: "No. The temple is right here, but it's underground."

Psycho Red: "What?"

Suddenly Psycho Red pulls out his Guardian Key and it glows red: "My Guardian Key! It's.. glowing. Maybe you were right afterall. So how are we going to get there."

Almidor gives a playful grin: "I have something in mind."

Scene 2

Setting: Just outside the temple. Falconine stands at the top of the steps in front of the temple with her arms crossed waiting. General Havoks stands just a couple of steps below her bending his pointer. Elgar and Porto are at the bottom of the steps. Porto is waiting as well and disgusted from Elgar picking his nose. The Chromites are everywhere wandering about. Rygog comes up to Falconine with a bag.

Rygog a bit nervous: "Miss Falconine?"

Falconine turns to Rygog: "Yes?"

Rygog pulls out a tray of sliming squid looking things: "Would you care for some Barillian-style Slugites?"

Falconine picks one of the slugites by the tail looks at it with disgust: "Eeeww. This stuff may be alright for monsters but in case you haven't noticed, I'm human."

Falconine tosses the slugite away and tries to shake some of the slime off her fingers.

Rygog pulls out a bottle of wine: "Then how about a drink. It's my own special brew."

Falconine getting annoyed by Rygog takes the bottle and smashes it over his head: "Get over this insipid infatuation with me now! The Red Psycho Ranger will be here soon and I don't have time to be disgusted with your pathetic attempts at affection."

Rygog looks down: "I'm.. sorry.."

Rygog turns away and walks in a slump.

Suddenly the Sky Knight crashes through the ceiling of the underground valley, blasting away at the campsite below.

Falconine: "What?"

General Havok: "My word!"

The Sky Knight blasts away at the Chromites and some of the blasts strike around Falconine and Rygog.

Rygog grabs Falconine to cover her: "I'll protect you my queen!" Falconine pushes Rygog away and down the steps: "Get off of me you peon!"

Rygog rolls down the steps very painfully: "Oof. Ommph. Augh! Ouch. Oo. Aa. etc..."

Elgar and Porto cringe at every step Rygog falls on until finally he falls right between them.

Porto: "Rygog are you okay?"

Elgar: "You know usually it's me that this kind of stuff happens to."

Porto: "I'm sure you'll have a 'moment' before the day is through."

Elgar like a happy little kid: "Really? Cool!"

Elgar just realizes what he's cheering about: "Uh... wait-a-minute. That's not a good thing is it?"

Just then, Psycho Red jumps out of the Sky Knight and lands on the ground at the bottom of temple stairs: "Kiyaaaaaaaaa!"

Falconine and Havok walk down the steps. What's left of the Chromites gather around Rygog, Elgar, and Porto.

Psycho Red: "Let me pass Falconine. Unless you feel like having an owie today."

Falconine laughs: "Hahahaha! All I see is one Psycho agains all of us. I think is you that will have the 'owie'."

Havok: "Well said my lady. This charlaton has no chance in all of hades against us!"

Porto: "Strength in numbers and all that."

Rygog: "For Falconine we'll crush you!"

Elgar: "Yeah! For once I'm not going to be the only who gets his butt kicked!"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword and can't help but be cocky: "I've seen footage of you guys 'best work'. Heh heh heh. You're all nothing but a bunch of goofballs and losers."

Elgar: "Oh yeah! We may be losers but we have our days!"

Porto turns to Elgar: "Oh shut up!"

Psycho Red shakes his head: "You guys don't stand a chance against me. As far as badguys go, I'm from a whole other series."

Elgar, Rygog, and Porto give each other funny looks as a result of Psycho Red's last comment. Then turn their attention back to Red.

Falconine: "Enough boasting. Attack!"

The Chromites, Rygog, Elgar, and even Porto charges at Psycho Red.

Psycho Red: "If they didn't have it coming I would almost feel bad about what I'm about to do. Almost."

Psycho Red takes out Chromite after Chromite with his Psycho Sword. Then Elgar tries attack him with Card Sword. Psycho Red destroys the sword with his own. Resulting in playing cards flying everywhere. Psycho Red grabs Elgar by the shoulder, spins him around and kicks him in the butt. Elgar falls to the ground.

Porto runs to Psycho Red swinging fists: "Take this!"

Psycho Red puts his hand against Porto's head Porto keeps swinging his fists but they can't reach Psycho Red.

Psycho Red shakes his head: "Oh puh..leaze!"

Psycho Red calmly pushes Porto, causing him to tip over backwards.

Porto can't get back up on account of his shape: "I fallen and I can't get up!"

Falconine puts her hand to her head: "I can't believe he just said that."

Psycho Red spars for a moment with General Havok: "You're not quite as bad as the others but I'm still out of your league preppy."

General Havok insulted: "How dare you!"

Psycho Red strikes Havok in the chest to take him down: "Like this of course."

Psycho Red holding in some chuckling: "This is too easy!"

Rygog bonks Psycho Red on top of the head from behind.

Rygog: "Ha!"

Psycho Red blacks out for a moment for being hit on the head but regains his senses very quickly. His right hand glows green: "Okay for that lucky shot, you get the bonus prize!"

Psycho Red shoots an energy bolt from his hand at Rygog. Sending him flying high into the air and hitting the ground hard.

Out of his senses Rygog starts babbling: "Sayonara Rygog, konnichi wa Gynamo." Psycho Red shakes his head at Rygog and the others: "Tsk tsk tsk."

He turns his attention to Falconine: "Now it's just you and me sweetcakes. Now because you're so cute, I'm gonna let you walk out of here unscathed. Now step aside."

Falconine sneers: "Physical compliments aside, I'm insulted that you think I'm some push over."

Psycho Red holds up his sword: "Suit yourself."

Falconine shoots an energy bolt from her fingers but Psycho Red jumps over it and lands next to her going for a legsweep but Falconine jumps and forward flips down the steps away from Psycho Red.

Psycho Red blacks out again and stumbles a bit. He holds his hand against his forehead: "Whoah. The bump to the head is taking it's toll on me."

Falconine sees an opportunity and takes it by zapping Psycho Red down: "Ha! Now we'll see who's the push over! 'Sweetcakes' indeed."

Scene 3

Setting: In the Sky Knight bridge, Almidor watches on.

Almidor: "Oh no! Weapons fire!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back to outside the temple. The Sky Knight shoots hundreds of cannon shots at Falconine. She is startled and jumps away to Porto.

Falconine looks up and sees Psycho Red running to the temple entrance: "No!"

Falconine grabs Porto by the neck: "Now you idiot! Set off the detonators now!"

Porto pulls out a device and presses a big red button: "As you command!"

The detonators start to go off and the temple begins to come tumbling down.

Psycho Red makes a run for it and pulls out a glowing Guardian Key: "I've got to make it! I've got to!"

Psycho Red runs into the temple jumps over a huge piece of fallen rock and enters the opening temple gate just as the whole falls down.

Elgar: "Did we do okay?"

Falconine: "Ugh! The lot of you has been very trying on me nerves."

Rygog still somewhat dizzy walks up to Falconine: "Divatox had to put up with this stuff everyday."

Falconine: "Well then, I'm glad the fates chose her over me to be stuck with you clods."

Falconine teleports away.

Rygog: "Wait!"

Porto: "Give it up, Rygog. Something's are just not meant to be."

Rygog: "But.."

Elgar: "Hey! Look at the bright side. At least she hates you on your own merits. It's not like she dumped you for the Red Ranger or anything."

Rygog grabs Elgar with both hands by the throat: "Why you..."

Elgar being choked: "*gack* What did I say? *gack* What did I say?"

Havok and Porto turn away hopelessness while Rygog chokes the life out of Elgar.

Scene 5

Setting: Almidor reports to Zordon via Infinity Stone.

Almidor: "Zordon the temple has collapsed but I think Victor made it to the shrine area."

Zordon: "I'm glad to hear. Hopefully Victor will be ready for what he confronts inside."

Almidor: "I wouldn't worry about it, after all the test was the same for the other Rangers, right? And they all made through it with no problems."

Zordon: "Yes, but I'm afraid that Victor will have the most difficult time with the Guardian test just by his nature."

Almidor frowns: "I see. Well we have to keep faith in him right?"

Zordon: "Yes. That's all we can do at this point."

Scene 6

Setting: Inside the cavern to the shrine. Psycho Red reaches the shrine entrance. Above the entrance is a statue of his previous monster form. Psycho Red stumbles a bit.

Psycho Red: "All right. Made it. Psycho Red power down!"

Psycho Red demorphs back to Victor. Then enters the shrine. He sees a hole for his Guardian Key.

Victor holds his Guardian Key as it glows: "That must be the keyhole. Well here goes nothing."

Victor places the key in the hole, then the hole rooms shakes with thunder and lightning. A red figure of light appears before him.

Victor a bit startled: "Who are you?"

The figure of light ignores Victor's question and gives one of his own: "Are you the Chosen Champion, the one that is as intense and unrelenting as the flame?"

Victor shrugs: "Of course."

The figure of light: "Then you must answer this question to yourself. A question you must search your soul for the answer to."

Victor: "Okay. Shoot."

Figure of light: "Who are you?"

Victor: "Duh! I'm the Chosen Champion, Psycho Red! I thought I just answered that question."

Figure of light: "Ask yourself. Who are you?"

Victor: "Huh? What do you mean. I'm Psycho Red. I was created by Astronema and Dark Specter to destroy my counterpart Andros, the Red Ranger. Then after being trapped in a data card for who knows how long.. I'm released except now I'm a human instead of monster. Fighting for good instead of evil, whether I like it or not."

Figure of light: "That is what you know, but do you know who you are?"

Victor getting annoyed: "What kind of nonsense are you pulling. I just told you..."

The figure of light cuts him off: "You must confront the object of your creation in order to know your true origins, to know who you truly are."

Victor confused: "The object of my creation?"

The figure of light vanishes. Victor: "Hey wait! Where are you going."

The whole shrine disappears and in it's place is a large cavern with a deep chasm off at the end of it.

Victor: "Oh great! Don't tell me I blew it!"

A familiar voice comes from the shadows: "I don't know what's going on, but I'm glad I've finally found someone else down here."

Victor: "Huh? That voice? Who's there?!"

A figure steps out of the shadows: "Apparently a fellow prisoner."

Victor is shocked to see who it is: "You!"

Andros: "Hi, I'm Andros. Have we met before?"


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon, Ecliptor, Simon, Marcus, Angela, and Aundria all watch Victor face his test through the Veiwing Globe.

Simon: "Come on Victor. You can do this."

Angela turns to Zordon: "Zordon, I'm sorry but I'm scared that Victor may not be able to pull this off."

Zordon: "Have faith in him, Angela."

Aundria takes Angela's shoulder to comfort her: "Don't worry about it Angie. If Marcus the nutboy could pull it off, Victor should be a shoe-in!"

Angela nods: "Yeah. I guess you're right."

Marcus: "Hey!"

Simon: "Come on Victor."

Scene 2

Setting: The cavern. Victor and Andros stand face to face.

Andros: "I'm sorry, I don't who you are. Should I?"

Victor: "Don't recognize me? Of course. Only Cassie has seen me in this form before."

Andros: "I don't what you're talking about. But it looks like we're trapped down here together, so maybe we should team together and find..."

Victor just realizes it: "Of course! I have to confront the object of my creation. I was created to destroy the Red Ranger so he must be the object of my creation!"

Victor: "I've been waiting a long time for this!"

Andros takes a step back and is very cautious: "Okay. I don't know what you're talking about. But I think you should stay away from me."

Victor: "No. I have to defeat you. I hope you have your morpher, because I do!"

Victor holds his Psycho Morpher in front of him: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Andros is shocked and gets in a defensive stance: "Psycho Red! But that's impossible! I watched Zordon destroy all the evil in universe!"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "There's a lot of stuff that's happened since that incident."

Andros holds his Astro Morpher arm in front of him: "I see. Let's Rocket!"

[Red Space Ranger morphing sequence]

The Red Space Ranger summons his Spiral Saber, and the two Red Rangers are at a face off.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Simon upset: "Victor don't!"

Angela turns to Zordon: "Zordon, we have to stop him!"

Zordon: "No Angela. We must not interfere with the test, or Victor will be destroyed."

Aundria: "There's still hope. They haven't actually fought yet."

Scene 4

Setting: The cavern.

Psycho Red: "Okay Red Ranger! I don't know about you, but I've been waiting a long time for this rematch!"

Red Ranger: "I beat you before, I'll do it again."

Psycho Red: "I'd like to see you try!"

Psycho Red and Red Ranger charge each other and clash swords.

Scene 5

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Everyone looks on in horror. Simon looks down and shakes his head: "Oh Victor."

Scene 6

Setting: The cavern. Psycho Red and Red Ranger spar back and forth. Red Space Ranger takes a deep swing at Psycho Red but he jumps out of the way and counters with a energy bolt from his hand.

Psycho Red: "Ah ha! Gotcha!"

Psycho Red runs back to the Red Ranger and knocks the Spiral Saber from his hands then follows it up with a very hard uppercut swing to the chest. The blow sends Red Ranger flying through the air and falling into the bottomless chasm screaming all the way.

Psycho Red stands at the cliff: "I did it. Sorry Red Ranger but it had to be done. Although I have to admit. I have mixed feelings about all of this but passed the test. Psycho Red power down!"

Psycho Red demorphs back into Victor: "Now to claim my Zord."

Victor turns around and a gate appears before him, it begins to open up.

Victor: "All right. My reward for passing the test."

A familiar voice comes from the opening gate: "Actually you failed. Miserably."

Victor confused: "Wha..."

Victor is cut off as a figure jumps out of the gate and jumpkicks him in chest and to the ground.

Victor looks up and the figure is T.J.: "Huh? I have to fight you too?"

Andros climbs floats up from the chasm: "Yes, but for a different reason. The test is over."

Victor: "Huh? I thought I just."

Andros holds up his hand and binds Victor in place with telekinesis. T.J. then proceeds to beat on Victor.

Victor: "NO!"

Victor breaks free from Andros' telekinesis and defends himself against T.J. and takes him down: "Fine! I'll take on both of you!"

Victor recieves a kick in the back. He falls to the ground again he turns around and sees Rocky.

Victor: "Huh? I don't even know who you are."

Rocky: "I'm Rocky and I was a Red Ranger too."

Victor pushes on his knee to get back up: "Okay then. I'll take on all three of you!"

Another voice from the distance speaks up: "Better make that four!"

Jason runs out of the shadows roundhouse kicks Victor in the stomach. With Victor holding his stomach. Jason, T.J., and Rocky gang up on him and beat him down. While Andros floats in the air smirking.

Scene 7

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Simon in sorrow and worry: "Victor. You were supposed to make peace with your past not fight it. That was the test."

Marcus: "How come he's getting tackled by all of those guys. We only had to confront one Ranger."

Aundria turns to Marcus with sadness in her face: "Don't you get it. This isn't the test anymore. This is his punishment for failing. For chosing to fight instead of make peace with Andros and himself."

Angela turns away from the Viewing Globe with tears running down her face: "I can't watch anymore."

Ecliptor turns to Zordon: "Zordon! Use your powers to get him out of there."

Zordon: "I'm afraid I can't do that."

Simon turns to Zordon in anger: "You mean you can't or you won't!"

Zordon: "It is not my place. I'm sorry Rangers. But Victor sealed his own fate."

Angela crying but angry as well looks up to Zordon: "How can you say that?! How can you be so cold?! Damnit! You're supposed to represent all that's good!"

Zordon looks down ashamed: "I'm sorry."

Scene 8

Setting: Back to the cavern. T.J., Jason, and Rocky let up and step back so Andros can see a bloody Victor with bruises and bumps all over his body, a bloody nose. Victor begins to choke on his blood.

Andros looks up to a dark figure standing on top of the gate: "Finish it."

The dark figure jumps off from the gate, Victor turns around and sees Tommy with jumpkick aimed directly towards him. Everything goes into slowmotion.

[Power Chamber] Marcus: "Nooooooooooo!"

Tommy's foot comes closer to Victor's head.

[Power Chamber] Angela screams: "Viiiicccctooor!"

Tommy's kick strikes Victor squarely on the head. His neck snaps.

[Power Chamber] Ecliptor gasps in horror but remains silent.

Tommy lands on the ground and smirks. Victor's face is lifeless and his eyes are glazed over.

[Power Chamber] Aundria shakes her head: "Viccctoor nooooo!"

Victor's lifeless body begins to fall to the ground hard.

[Power Chamber] Simon: "Nooooooooo!"

The slowmotion has ended.

Victor's body is motionless and all is silent. Andros floats to the ground next to the other former Red Rangers.

Andros: "It is done."

Jason, Tommy, T.J., and Rocky fade away in a red mist. Andros lifts Victor's lifeless body into the air with his telekinesis, then transforms into the red figure of light.

Figure of light: "It is a shame you couldn't let go of your own hatred and brashness. Now the world is lost."

Scene 9

Setting the Power Chamber: The signal ends on the Viewing Globe and all is left is static.

Marcus stunned: "That.. that didn't just happen. Did it?"

Ecliptor turns away and looks down, keeping to himself and remaining silent.

Angela's face is covered with her tears, she turns to Zordon: "You..."

Angela runs to Zordon and in an emotional rage beats on his glass tube: "You should have done something! You could have saved him! You could have saved him! Damnit!"

Zordon: "Angela.. I.."

Angela still pounding on the energy tube: "You shouldn't have sent him there! You shouldn't have brought us out of those data cards. You shouldn't have made us human. You shouldn't have made us fight your stupid battles for you! Damnit! Damnit!"

Angela breaks down on her knees crying: "Damnit. Why didn't you save him."

Simon gets on one knee behind Angela and holds her in his arms. He looks up to Zordon with anger in his eyes: "You cold hearted #$@!@!"

Just then the Viewing Globe begins to make a weird screeching sound.

Marcus covers his ears: "Ugh! What's that?!"

Ecliptor goes to a panel and presses some buttons: "Someone's trying to reach us!"

Zordon: "Pull it in."

Ecliptor presses a few more buttons: "I've got it."

Darkonda appears on the Viewing Globe laughing: "Hahahaha! Why hello there! Hahaha."

Aundria: "Go away! We're not in the mood for your crap!"

Darkonda rubs his chin: "Hmhmhm. Judging by the shaken state all of you, are in. I have to say that it looks like Rizedatox was right."

Ecliptor: "What are you talking about?!"

Darkonda: "Rizedatox has a lot of remarkable abilities. She sensed the death of your Red-garbed comrade."

Simon gets up: "What do you want?"

Aundria: "Yeah! Out with it or did you just bug us so you could gloat."

Darkonda: "Actually my dear. Considering that you are now one Ranger short, and with your Guardianzords proven useless against Rizedatox, it looks like the war is over. And you lose!"

Ecliptor: "I know where this is going. So why don't you go ahead and give us your demands!"

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! I see you know me all to well, Ecliptor! Very well. I have two demands. In exchange for giving in to my demands, I will spare your lives as well as this entire second-rate planet. Demand one. Relinquish control of the Guardianzords to me.

Simon relunctantly says: "Done."

Marcus outraged: "What?! You can't do that!"

Simon turns to Marcus: "We have nothing left Marc. It's a long shot but maybe if we give Darkonda what he wants, he'll..."

Aundria cuts him off: "Simon, you're fooling yourself. There's no way he'll keep his word once he gets those Zords."

Ecliptor: "She's right. Darkonda is a Crulian. Crulians couldn't keep their word if their life depended on it."

Darkonda smirks: "Perhaps.. but it's not my life that depends on it. It's yours!"

Everyone looks down in hopelessness.

Darkonda: "Anyway, demand two. Turn over Ecliptor to us!"

Simon: "What?!"

Aundria: "No.. way!"

Darkonda: "Turn me down if you wish. It really makes no difference. I've already won. I was just trying to give you a chance to save your own miserable little lives as my good deed for the millennium. Heh heh heh."

Ecliptor sighs: "We'll.. consider.. it."

Darkonda: "Very well, you have one hour to come to a decision. But beware Rangers! The end is now! Hahahahaha!"

Darkonda's image on the Viewing Globe ends.

Everyone thinks hard.

Marcus: "So what are we gonna do?"

Simon: "I don't know."

Angela gets up and leaves the room, stopping for a moment to give Zordon a hate-filled look.

Zordon frowns and looks down.

Scene 10

Setting: The cavern. The figure of light holds Victor's lifeless body over the bottomless chasm.

Figure of light: "I regret doing this. For this deed seals the fate of the world and possibly the very universe. However, it is my duty."

The figure of light opens his hand and Victor's lifeless body falls down the chasm.

To be continued...

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Simon to the other Psychos: "For Victor's memory, we have to do this!"

Angela, Aundria, and Marcus: "Right!"

Clip 2
Ecliptor holds his sword to Darkonda's throat: "I'll never surrender to you!"

Clip 3
Darkonda and Dementian fighting the Turbo Rangers.

Clip 4
Piranatrons and Quantrons storming through a fortress.

Clip 5
Little Andros: "This is the truth you seek."

Clip 6
Rizedatox with her arms raised: "Everything belongs to us!"

Clip 7
A small shadowy figure to a bulky shadowy figure: "The master will be pleased with you for capturing this great beast!"

Clip 8
The Psycho Rangers trying to break free of an energy field.

Psycho Black: "We can't give up!"

Clip 9
Almidor removing his Infinity Stone gauntlet: "For the sake of everything, I know what I must do!"

End Credits


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