Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 12
"Something For Everyone"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Sky Knight flies through a heavy sandstorm in the middle of the Endless Desert. Inside the bridge of the Sky Knight, Almidor has trouble maneuvering through the harsh winds and flying sand. Simon, Marcus, and Victor remain seated trying to hold on while the ship gets shaky.

Almidor struggling with the controls: "Aaah! This storm is too great! There's no way I can get the Sky Knight to the third temple with these conditions!"

Simon gets up but almost loses his balance: "Then what can we do?!"

Almidor: "We'll have to fallback and go by foot!"

Simon: "There's no way I can make the trip on foot in this sandstorm!"

Almidor: "Don't worry! I have a plan!"

The Sky Knight slowly turns around and begins to leave the Endless Desert.

On the ground, shadowy figures move around from beneath the sand, waiting for their prey.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Just outside the sandstorm of the Endless Desert. The Sky Knight has landed in safety. Inside the Sky Knight vehicle hangar. There are the Red, Black, and Blue Psycho Cycles as well as another vehicle covered under a grey tarp. Almidor, Victor, Simon, and Marcus walk into the hangar.

Marcus runs up to the lead and puts his elbow on Almidor's shoulder: "Okay we chickened out from sandstorm back there, so what's the plan my man?"

Almidor slightly annoyed, smacks Marcus' elbow from his shoulder: "Simple you and Simon will have to go by land since we can't make the trip by air."

Simon buts in: "But like I said earlier, it's impossible for us to make it by foot."

Almidor smirks: "Oh I didn't say anything about making the trip by foot."

Almidor walks to the grey tarp and the three Psychos follow.

Almidor gets ahold of the tarp and looks to the Psychos: "You'll be making the trip by this."

Almidor pulls the tarp away and unveils what looks like a tank, with a triangular steel front like train, tank treads, six small cannons off on both sides, a boomerang shaped rear end, and a hatch on the top with the Psycho "N" symbol on it. All complimented with a primarily dark grey color scheme with black trimming: "Introducing the Psycho Rover!"

Victor crosses his arms and smiles: "Impressive. Looks like it can do a lot of damage."

Marcus rubs his hands together in anticipation: "Oh I hope so!"

Simon walks up to the Psycho Rover and checks it out: "So what are it's maximum capabilities."

Almidor smiles proudly: "I'm glad you asked."

Almidor points to the Psycho Rover: "It's covered with a six inch armor shell made from a metal of my own design so that it can withstand over twenty tons of pressure and extreme temperatures, yet is incredibly light weight making the Psycho Rover nearly invincible yet capable of reaching speeds of 120 miles-per-hour."

Simon in awe: "Like a juggernaut of myth."

Almidor: "Sorry don't know the Earth reference but you're probably right."

Simon: "Don't worry about it. It looks like you did it again, Mr. Almidor."

Almidor smiles and bows his head: "Thank you. I take great pride in my work."

Marcus pushes Almidor and Simon out of the way so he can get up close to the Psycho Rover: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. All I want to know is if I'm going to drive this baby!"

Almidor puts his hand to face in frustration: "Oh good grief."

Almidor looks to Simon: "Simon, please for the sake of everything decent and wholesome, tell me you know how to drive!"

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room in the Dark Carrier. Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, and Cybera look at the projected image of the third temple in the middle of the Endless Desert.

Dementian: "There is it is, the third temple which holds the third Guardianzord."

Falconine turns to Dementian with contempt: "If it wasn't for your constant bungling then we wouldn't have to worry about the third temple at all!"

Dementian getting defensive: "I don't see you stopping the Psycho Rangers!"

Darkonda raises his hands as both sides: "Enough! We're at a critical moment in the game and arguing amongst ourselves will not change how the cards are stacked!"

Falconine: "True. So what do you plan on doing this time?"

Darkonda smirks: "Hahahaha. The unending sandstorm of the Endless Desert makes it impossible for any living, breathing creature to survive there. Which prevents most of my minions from operating there."

Falconine smiles: "I don't see what's so great about that."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "It means my dear Falconine that the Psycho Rangers will have a very difficult time reaching the temple. But... I they'll have an additional roadblock."

Falconine crosses her arms and slouches back slightly: "Oh really?"

Darkonda: "I have one 'loyal' henchman who can operate in even that storm with the greatest of ease."

Falconine: "Who?"

Darkonda: "A fellow ex-bounty hunter. A fiend so dastardly, a fiend so deadly that he was able to single handedly defeat the Gold Ranger of Triforia."

Dementian: "Hahahahaha. Ah yes, I know who your talking about now."

Darkonda: "Yes Borax! But as an added bonus I've also evolved another of Finster's monsters and it will crush those unfortunate Psychos should Borax and his mercenaries somehow fail."

Falconine: "I'm intrigued."

Darkonda laughs maniacally.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Angela and Aundria stand before Zordon.

Angela puzzled by what Zordon's been saying: "I'm confused. So who's Zord is in that temple?"

Zordon: "I can't say."

Aundria: "What do you mean you can't say. It's either Marcus or Simon, right?"

Zordon: "The truth is, even with the knowledge from the Morphing Grid, there is no way of telling who's shrine is in the third temple. Even though the fourth temple is the lair of the Red Ranger's Guardianzord."

Aundria: "Which means there's going to be a problem for both of the guys."

Angela: "Only one of them can go through the test."

Zordon: "Don't worry. The answer will be revealed to them when the time is right."

Aundria confronts Zordon: "You're relying on destiny again aren't you?"

Angela cuts in: "Well it has been accurate so far."

Aundria shakes her head: "True but I still don't like putting too much stock in something hasn't happened yet. It's just not a good way to do business."

Angela looks worried and looks to Zordon.

Scene 4

Setting: The Endless Desert. Where the Psycho Rover drives through the harsh sandstorm. Inside the Psycho Rover sits Simon and Marcus dressed in heavy overcoats and other desert gear.

Simon drives the Psycho Rover and turns back to Marcus who is sitting behind him: "We should reach the temple soon and we haven't had single sign of interference from the Alliance."

Marcus crosses his arms as he sits back: "Too bad. I was looking forward to busting some skulls."

Simon turns his attention back to driving: "You should be glad that we haven't had any trouble."

Marcus speaks up: "Hey, I for one LIKE trouble."

Simon shakes his head in disagreement: "Well that's you. I just want to get in and get out."

Marcus smirks: "That's because your wuss. You're not an action-luvin' super stud like me."

Simon: "You really are a jack-ass you know that?"

Marcus getting defensive: "Oh yeah?! Well at least I don't clench up when it comes to talking with the chicks."

Simon shakes his head: "Stop right there."

Marcus gets up: "Poor Angela, the would-be man in her life doesn't have the guts to go to another level."

Simon getting very agitated: "Shut.. up.."

Marcus strokes his chin: "Maybe I oughta hook up with and show her what 'relationships' are allll about!"

Simon stops the Psycho Rover gets up from his seat and decks Marcus to the ground: "You miserable little #$&@%!"

Marcus grabs his jaw and adjusts it: "Cheap shot."

Simon grabs Marcus by the collar of his shirt and pushes him against the wall: "Listen up creep because I'm only going to say this once. Don't you ever even think of putting your perverted fingers on her, or I'll rip out your $&#@*$# organs and beat the living $#!@ out of you!"

Simon tosses Marcus down to the ground: "Now get back in your seat and shut the #$@& up! Or I'll show just how much of the old Psycho Black is still in me!"

Marcus gets up and brushes himself off: "You think you threaten me?! You're can't do nothing to me!"

Simon gives Marcus the evil eye.

Marcus sneers: "You ain't Psycho Black anymore. You're just some blonde-haired, ape-faced, geek with a superhero complex. I'm the only the real Psycho Ranger left!"

Marcus begins to open the hatch.

Simon shows concern: "What do you think you're doing?"

Marcus: "I'm getting out of here. I'm sick of this good guy crap! Darkonda can blow this whole stinkin' universe to oblivion and the rest of you with it, and I couldn't care less!"

Simon: "What about the sandstorm?"

Marcus turns to Simon one last time: "Forget the sandstorm, I'm a Psycho Ranger, not a panty-waist Power Ranger wannabe like you!"

Simon: "Marcus?"

Marcus morphs into Psycho Blue and leaves the Psycho Rover into the harsh sand. He does however close the hatch after himself.

Simon sits back in his seat with a disbelief composure: "What did I just do?"

Simon looks at a monitor in which he uses to see where he's going and sees Psycho Blue running away at super speed: "I don't care what he says, there's no way he can survive in this storm by himself. I gotta go after him!"

Simon drives the Psycho Rover into Psycho Blue's general direction.

Scene 5

Setting: Still in the Endless Desert. Psycho Blue continues to run at super speed but the sandstorm knocks him down to the ground, he tries to get back up but has too much trouble. Eventually the sand causes Psycho Blue to involuntarily demorph back into Marcus without the protection of his storm gear.

Marcus covers his face as sand flies at him: "Agh! I got to morph back! Let's get..Psyc.. Agh!"

Marcus falls to ground starting to get buried in the sand: "Not like.. this."

Suddenly Simon runs to him and hands Marcus a gasmask and heavy hood: "Quickly put this on!"

Marcus confused but complies: "What are you doing here?"

Simon helps Marcus get back up: "I'm not going to let you kill yourself, no matter how much of a jerk you are. Now let's get back to the Psycho Rover while we can."

Marcus finishes getting the hood and mask on the nods in agreement. Then the two make their way back to the Psycho Rover. Marcus hears a digging sound around him.

Marcus suddenly stops and grabs Simon by the shoulder: "Wait!"

Simon turns to Marcus: "What?"

Marcus: "Did you hear that?"

Simon confused: "Hear what?"

The digging sound gets louder and Simon responds: "Wait a minute, now I hear it too. It.. sounds like.. a drill underground."

As if on cue, rumbling sound erupts and ten robotic figures burst out from underground. And attack the two the Psycho Rangers!


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the sandstorm where Simon and Marcus are attacked by ten robotic figures, the robotic figures finally become visible through the sandstorm and they are Borax and his Vorax Mercenaries.

One of the Vorax chops Marcus in the back to knock him down. Another pair Vorax Mercenaries grabs Simon by the arms and a third kicks him him in the stomach. Simon falls to the ground next to Marcus.

Marcus: "Man, who are these guys?!"

Simon shakes his head: "I have no idea. But I bet they work for Darkonda!"

Borax takes up the lead introduces himself: "I am Borax! Leader of the Vorax, we are a relentless group of intergalactic mercenaries and bounty hunters and sworn enemy of the people of Triforia. Darkonda has sent us to destroy you both!"

Simon whispers to Marcus: "There's too many of them. We'll have to make a run for it."

Marcus: "No way! We can take these chumps."

Simon getting aggressive: "Oh don't be an idiot! In case you haven't notice this sandstorm isn't bothering them one bit. We're at too much of a disadvantage!"

Marcus upset and reluctant: "Fine. We'll do it your way."

Simon and Marcus get up and quickly pull out their Psycho Morphers: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

Psychos Black and Blue jump over the Vorax and make a run for it.

Borax shocked: "What?! After themmmmmmm!!!"

The Vorax jump into the ground and mounds move in the ground chasing after the Psychos.

Scene 2

Setting: The Endless Desert next to Psycho Rover. A dark purple and brown claw breaks out of ground next to the Rover.

Scene 3

Setting: Back at the Sky Knight just outside of the Endless Desert. Where Victor waits outside, impatiently. Almidor working one of some of the panels that were damaged in the sandstorm.

Victor kicks a small pebble on the ground in boredom: "What is taking those two!"

Almidor stays busy with his work but speaks to Victor: "Have some patience. Even with the Psycho Rover, making it through the Endless Desert is going to be difficult."

Victor: "True, but I'm starting to think I'm wasting my time being here with nothing to do."

Almidor smirks: "If you want something to do, then you can help me work on the engines."

Victors scoffs: "Pff. Yeah right, I'm a warrior not a grease monkey."

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Where Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, & Cybera watch on.

Darkonda puts his hands together: "Aawww. The widdle Red Ranger is bored. I think he needs a playmate."

Dementian smirks as he cocks his rifle: "Heh heh heh. I'll keep him entertained."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! You do that!"

Dementian begins to warp away but Falconine stops him: "Wait! Take this with you."

Falconine makes a dark blue orb appear in her hand and it floats to Dementian.

Dementian curiously asks: "What is this?"

Falconine gives a devilish grin: "A new toy for you to use on your 'play date' with Psycho Red."

Dementian grabs the orb: "Hahahaha! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun! Hahahahaha!"

Dementian warps away. Then Falconine turns her attention to the image projection and snaps her fingers causing the image to change to the Psycho Rangers' base outside of New Bethany.

Falconine: "Meanwhile, I think Cybera and myself will have a 'ladies night out' with the remaining two Psychos."

Darkonda smirks: "Have fun."

Falconine winks as she pulls her cape over her to teleport away. Cybera follow by teleporting in a blue energy beam.

Darkonda rubs his hands together: "A three-pronged attack. This should be good. Hahahahahaha!"

Scene 5

Setting: Back at the Sky Knight with Victor and Almidor.

Victor catches his fist in frustration: "Ugh! I knew I should have gone with those two! They probably got lost or something."

Almidor finally pulls away from his work: "I'm sure Simon and Marcus are doing just fine. Now why don't you just calm down."

Victor thinks about it for a moment but before he can say anything a series of energy blasts strikes the ground around him causing explosion the send him towards Almidor: "Whoooah!"

Almidor helps Victor up: "What the..."

Dementian warps in running at full speed and shooting his gun at Victor and Almidor. Victor and Almidor look to each and jump in two seperate directions as one of Dementian's shots strikes the panel that Almidor was working on.

Victor gets ready to morph: "You know Dementian, for once I'm actually glad you decided to show up. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Dementian cocks his gun: "It feels to be welcomed! Hahahaha!"

Dementian shoots at Psycho Red, Psycho Red jumps out of the way of the explosions and rolls forward.

Almidor, practically defenseless without his hammer which is still inside the Sky Knight moves away from the battleground.

Dementian continues to shoot at Psycho Red: "Now stand still. This will only hurt for a few seconds... maybe. Hahahaha!"

Dementian aims with care and shoots one more time, but instead of jumping out of the way, Psycho Red blocks with his arms crossed and counters with a energy bolt from the palm of his hands.

The energy bolt knocks Dementian's gun from his hands: "Wha..?"

Psycho Red in a cocky tone: "My turn."

Psycho Red releases a series of energy bolts from his hands at Dementian sending the monster down.

Psycho Red: "You're not quitting now are you? We were just getting started!"

Dementian gets up with his back turned to Psycho Red, he turns his head: "Oh you got that right."

Dementian pulls out the orb that Falconine gave him: "Let's see what this thing can do."

Dementian spins the orb and it begins to glow and float in the air. Dementian turns around to face Psycho Red: "Ready for round two?"

Psycho Red gets into a karate battle stance: "I don't know what that thing is supposed to be, but I'm gonna take you down goat-boy!"

The orb quickly flies above Psycho Red and emits a series of blue energy rings that surrounds him.

Psycho Red: "Huh? What is this?"

Psycho Red tries to move but does so very slowly: "What?! I'm stuck in slow motion!"

Dementian smiles: "Hohohoho. This is sweet."

Dementian walks up to the slow-motion Psycho Red and punches him in the gut. Psycho Red tries to counter punch but Dementian manages to get a good six blows in before he can even reach Dementian's chin. Dementian puts his chin in front of Psycho Red's face but since the punch is so slow, it has little effect on Dementian.

Dementian: "Hahahaha! You punch like a girl!"

Dementian thrust kicks Psycho Red in the chest to knock him down: "Whoop!"

Psycho Red tries to get back up but is too slow. Dementian grabs Psycho Red by the head: "Here, let me help you up!"

Dementian bashes his knee into Psycho Red's face: "Ooh. I'm sooo sorry. I meant to do it like this."

Dementian bashes his knee into Psycho Red's face again and again and again. Until the helmet begins to crack. Psycho Red falls flat on his back and struggles to maintain consciouness.

Dementian extends his forearm blades: "Remind me to thank Falconine for this wonderful little gift. It's not even my birthday! Hahahahaha!"

Dementian laughs as Psycho Red struggles to even sit up.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Outside the Sky Knight where Dementian stands over a defeated Psycho Red thanks to Falconine's orb of slow-motion.

Dementian: "Hahahaha! This has to easiest victory in my entire career."

Psycho Red struggles: "*gasp* You.. have.. haven't. killed me... yet! *cough*"

Dementian gets ready to impale Psycho Red with his blades: "Oh I was getting to that part right now! Hahahaha!"

Suddenly a hammer flies through the air and shatters the orb. The shards and fragments from the orb get in Dementian's face.

Dementian steps back, retracts his blades so that he get the pieces of glass out of his face: "Aaaah! My face! Who did that?"

The hammer flies back like a boomerang and strikes Dementian down as it returns to Almidor's hand.

Almidor smiles: "That would be me."

Dementian: "The glorified mechanic. Bah! I'll destroy you as well!"

Almidor: "You're welcome to try monster!"

The Infinity Stone in Almidors gauntlet glows and the light encases his arm as he swings the hammer into the ground to make an earthquake directed towards Dementian. The minature quake causes Dementian to lose his balance.

Almidor rushes to Psycho Red and helps him up: "Take it easy Victor. I gotta get you to safety."

Psycho Red pushes Almidor away: "No! I don't need you to fight my battles for me! *cough* *gak*"

Almidor: "It sounds like you're starting to cough up blood. I need to get you to the infirmary now!"

Psycho Red pushes Almidor away again: "No! I'm *gak* *cough* okay!"

Psycho Red falls to one knee: "I'm not some crybaby. I'll go on!"

Almidor shakes his head but Dementian strikes him from behind causing Almidor to fall to one knee: "Aaah!"

Dementian: "Never turn your back on an enemy. Especially a dirty rat like me! Hahahaha!"

Dementian tosses Almidor aside runs to him with blades extended. Dementian swings but Almidor blocks his attack with the handle of his hammer. Causing a standstill.

Dementian: "Raarrgh! Give it up! You're no warrior! You're just blacksmith who doesn't know his place."

Almidor struggles to hold back Dementian: "Never!"

Dementian knocks Almidor's hammer away: "Good bye!"

Dementian begins to swing the finishing blow on Almidor but gets struck from behind by Psycho Red and his sword.

Psycho Red having a hard time standing: "Never turn your back on an enemy. Especially a Psycho Ranger like me!"

Dementian turns around only to recieve and upward swing from Red's Psycho Sword. Sparks fly off of Dementian's chest as he backflips onto the ground. Almidor manages to get away.

Dementian gets up: "You're not supposed to attack from behind. I'm the badguy here, not you!"

Psycho Red's sword begins to glow red: "Heh heh heh. You're forgetting who you're talking to."

Psycho Red strikes Dementian three times with the glowing Psycho Sword and sends Dementian flying into the ground.

Psycho Red drops the sword in exhaustion and gathers all of his strength just to stay conscious and summons the Psychorang: "*cough* Give my regards to Darkonda and tell him that you both suck! Psychorang!"

Psycho Red rubs the Psychorang and it glows red, he then throws it at Dementian. The Psychorang goes through Dementian and goes through him again when it returns to Psycho Red. Red turns around as explosions erupt all around Dementian and he once again is sent flying through the air and lands on the ground.

Dementian struggles to get up: "You'll pay for this boy. *gasp* *gasp* I'll be back!"

Dementian warps away. Psycho Red drops the Psychorang: "I'll be waiting loser. *gak!*" Psycho Red falls forward.

Almidor rushes to Psycho Red: "Victor? Victor?! I gotta get you some medical help and fast!"

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber. Falconine, Cybera, and a group of Skullinites teleport in.

The Skullinites rush to the main entrance and start attacking the door.

Scene 3

Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. The alarms go off catching everyone inside by surprise.

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai! We're under attack."

Aundria rushes to the viewing globe and sees the villains attacking: "It's Falconine and Cybera!"

Angela runs to Aundria: "I guess it's girls only."

Zordon: "Be careful. Falconine and Cybera are both extremely powerful and would prove a challenge for even the entire team."

Angela turns to Zordon: "Don't worry. We've faced Cybera before. She may be strong but she has a weak spot."

Zordon: "Good luck and take care Rangers. I will send Ecliptor to help you as soon as I reach contact with him."

Aundria: "Okay then. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

Scene 4

Setting: Back outside the Power Chamber. The Skullinites continue to try and open the main door. Until the entrance finally begins to lift. But all the Skullinites get is a large round of energy beams and Psycho Arrows. The Skullinite all fall to ground next to Falconine and Cybera.

Psychos Yellow and Pink exit out of the Power Chamber with Psycho Slinger and Bow in hand.

Psycho Yellow: "Don't you boys know it's rude to knock when there's a doorbell handy?"

Psycho Pink: "But I guess you can't expect a bunch of bone brains to have proper etiquette."

The Skullinites squirm as Falconine looks at them with disgust.

Falconine: "Leave. Now."

The Skullinites teleport away.

Psycho Yellow: "I see it's just going to be us."

Falconine smirks: "Yes. Too bad you don't have your men to back you up little girl."

Psycho Yellow getting upset: "Little girl? Just because I don't dress up like a cheap tramp like you doesn't I'm not all woman."

Psycho Pink adds on: "You go girl! Er.. woman."

Falconine sneers and releases a black ball of energy at the Psychos. The explosion causes the Psychos to jump forward.

Falconine turns to Cybera: "Cybera! Take them out!"

Cybera walks past Falconine towards the Psycho Rangers: "Yes."

Cybera creates a energy wave from her rapier as she strikes the two female Psycho Rangers. They both fall to the ground.

Psycho Yellow: "On second thought. I could use a little help from one of the guys right about now."

Scene 5

Setting: In the Endless Desert. Psycho Black and Psycho Blue run towards the Psycho Rover.

Borax from a distances spots them: "Ah! The Rangers are in my sights! Destroy them!"

The Vorax comply and chase after the Psychos. But the two Psycho Rangers finally reach the Psycho Rover.

Psycho Black opens up the hatch: "Quick get inside!"

Psycho Blue jumps in: "Right!"

Psycho Black follows and gets in his seat: "Okay let's show those Tusken Raider wannabes what the Psycho Rover can do!"

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahaha! Now you're talking!"

The Psycho Rover moves towards the Vorax. And goes ballistic with it's arsenal. One Vorax Mecenary is shredded to pieces by the blasts from the Rover's chain gun. Three more are crushed as the Psycho Rover rolls over them. A couple of missles destroy two more. Two of the Vorax jump on top of the Rover.

Psycho Blue here's the clunk as the Vorax jump on the Rover: "Sounds like a couple of them wanna ride."

Psycho Black turns to Blue: "Then explain to them that we don't take hitch hikers."

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahaha!"

The hatch opens up for the Vorax and blue tornado comes out and sucks them into. The tornado spits outs what's left of the Vorax. As the tornado stops spinning to reveal Psycho Blue with his Psycho Axe.

Psycho Blue: "Hmmm. I wonder how Vorax cole slaw tastes? Hahaha."

The Psycho Rover aims it's final missle at Borax. But Borax pulls his last mercenary in it's way and retreats by sinking into the ground. The missle destroys the last of the Vorax.

Psycho Black: "Oh yeah. We bad."

Psycho Blue: "I have to admit blondie, you're plan worked better than my would've."

Psycho Black: "Why thank you. Now let's get to the tem.."

Psycho Black stops as he sees the sandstorm lifting up slighty and spots the temple.

Psycho Black: "There it is! Only about a hundred meters away to the east."

Psycho Blue: "Cool. It's too bad we don't a monster handy."

Psycho Black a bit confused: "Huh? What do you mean."

Psycho Blue: "Well Angela and Aundria got to test their Guardianzords right away. Now whichever one of us that gets the new Zord will have to wait until we get back to New Bethany bef..."

Psycho Blue is cut off as a big purple and brown mole monster with three eyes, oversized claws, and a drill on it's nose pops out of hiding and grabs him!

Psycho Black turns around: "Whoah! Where did he come from?!"

Psycho Blue pinned under the mole monster: "Who cares! Just get him off of me!"

Psycho Black tries to get the mole monster off of Psycho Blue but the mole monster pushes Black into the controls of the Rover. Causing the Psycho Rover to charge into the temple and collapse!

Scene 6

Setting: Back to just outside the Power Chamber. Where Psychos Yellow and Pink are being pinned to ground by field created by Falconine. Falconine laughs maniacally as the lady Psychos are helpless.

Psycho Yellow: "Angela.. can you move?"

Psycho Pink struggles: "Not an inch."

Falconine turns to Cybera: "Finish them."

Cybera responds with a gentle nod and walks towards the Psychos with rapier sword in hand.

Psycho Yellow: "I can't believe we're going out this easily."

Falconine smiles: "Oh but you are. I should've done this myself a loonngg time ago."

Suddenly a green flash runs past both Falconine and Cybera sending them both back, and releasing the Psychos from Falconine's field.

Psycho Yellow gets: "We're free."

Psycho Pink: "But who?"

Falconine uncovers her eyes and see Ecliptor: "You!"

Ecliptor: "You're moment of victory is short-lived, witch."

Ecliptor gets into a battle stance with sword in hand.

Falconine: "Cybera! Destroy him! I'll take care of the other two."

Cybera holds out her rapier and charges towards Ecliptor.

Ecliptor charges at Cybera: "Come on then!"

Their swords clash as they run against each other, then they both become balls of light as their sword fight moves away from the others.

Psycho Pink: "Wow! Look at them go. I've never seen someone so evenly matched with Ecliptor in fencing skills."

A series of energy blasts strike Psycho Yellow and Pink.

Falconine with smoke coming from her finger tips: "Pay attention girls, I don't like to be ignored."

Psycho Yellow summons her Psycho Slinger: "Your wonder bra is proof enough of that."

Falconine seriously irritated by that remark gives Yellow a dirty look then shoots another energy blast from her finger tips. But Psycho Yellow deflects it with a shot from her Slinger. The flash of light temporarily blinds Falconine.

Psycho Pink jumps off of Yellow's shoulders and shoots a series of Psycho Arrows at Falconine: "My turn!"

Falconine covers her eyes once again as the shots create explosions around her. But she holds her ground.

Falconine: "Play with these!"

Falconine pulls her cape around her then unwraps it from releasing a murder of crows. The crows swarm around the Psychos pecking at them.

Psycho Yellow starts shooting at them: "Ah! Buzz off buzzards!"

Psycho Pink drops her Psycho Bow trying to bat away the crows: "Ow! There's too many!"

Psycho Yellow pulls a roundhouse kick: "Just keep at it. There's only so many of them!"

Falconine smirks as she holds two fingers towards her eyes then aims them at the Psychos to release a pair lightning bolts. The bolts strike the Psychos.

Scene 7

Setting: The lake around the Power Chamber mountain. Where the fight between Ecliptor and Cybera has taken them.

Cybera swings her sword but Ecliptor grabs her arm by the wrist then tosses her into the lake. Some sparks fly out of Cybera's helmet.

Ecliptor: "You fight well. I see why Darkonda values your skills so much. But you lack heart. You're moves can easily become predictable."

Cybera stands up dripping wet, her head twitches a bit as her helmet seems to short circuit. In monotone: "Initiate fighting program 6-B."

Cybera's rapier becomes a blue energy whip and snaps Ecliptor's sword out of his hand. Ecliptor counters with a pair of eye blasts, but Cybera jumps into the air and takes Ecliptor down with her whip. Ecliptor falls to the ground and Cybera grabs him by the chest and drags him sliding him head first into a tree.

Ecliptor grabs Cybera's arm with both hands and flips her to the ground next to him: "I'll have to remember that move."

Ecliptor and Cybera both jump to their feet side. Cybera swings her sword sideways at Ecliptor. But he blocks it with holding up a stiff forearm. Ecliptor screams in pain as the rapier digs into his forearm. He tries to wrestle it out of her hands but she gives a hard palm slap in the chest which sends him flying into the trunk of another tree. Cybera charges at Ecliptor and swings but Ecliptor ducks and the tree is chopped down in one swipe. Ecliptor on the ground gives Cybera a kick into the stomach to send her flying away from him.

Ecliptor picks up the massive tree: "Hm hm hm. Batter up!"

Ecliptor with both hands swings the tree like a giant baseball bat and knock Cybera back into the lake. Ecliptor then drops the tree causing the ground to shake a bit.

Scene 8

Setting: The ruins of the temple in the Endless Desert. Surprisingly the entrance to the underground caverns is still standing. From beneath the rubble Psycho Black manages to dig himself out. Followed by Blue.

Psycho Black: "Are you okay?"

Psycho Blue: "Yeah. No thanks to you crash boy. Who taught you how to drive anyway?"

Psycho Black: "Hey, I was too busy trying to save your ungrateful behind! Jerk."

Psycho Blue: "Whatever. Let's just get whoever's Zord is supposed to be down there."

Psycho Black shoves Blue out of his way holds up his Guardian Key in front of the gate. The Key glows but the gate does not open.

Psycho Black looks at his key: "Huh? It didn't open."

Psycho Blue pushes Black out of the way: "Hehehahaha! Guess that means it was my temple. I'm suing you for property damage."

Psycho Blue holds up his Guardian Key and it glows, the gate opens. Unlike the previous to gates, there is now engraved symbol upon it to be split in half as it opens up.

Psycho Black: "Hmph. I guess it is your Guardianzord that's inside."

Psycho Blue walks in and looks back: "Come on blondie! I want you to suffer every second of my glorious triumph!"

Psycho Black: "You son of a... Fine. It's not like I'm going to be going anywhere in this mess. At least it looks that monster was destroyed when that temple came falling down."

Psycho Black and Psycho Blue enter the cavern together. As they leave the wreckage, it begins to move.

Scene 9

Setting: Inside the Power Chamber. Beta 1 and Zordon look watch Psychos Yellow and Pink having trouble with Falconine.

Beta 1 holds his hands to head: "Aye ai ai! The Rangers are in trouble. There has to be something we can do Zordon."

Zordon: "There is Beta. Activate auto guns and aim at Falconine."

Beta 1: "The auto guns of course!"

Beta 1 presses a button on the panel to his right.

Scene 10

Setting: Just outside the Power Chamber entrance where Falconine and her murder of crows have the Psychos preoccupied.

Falconine: "Hahahaha! As I said before, I should have done this myself a long time ago! Apparently Darkonda's monsters are highly overrated."

Suddenly gun turrets pop out from the ground, mountainside, bushes, and trees.

Falconine: "What's going on?"

Psycho Yellow: "Trouble for you. Fun for us."

The auto guns begin shooting the crows. The crows vanish into mist. The auto guns direct their attention at Falconine. Falconine jumps out of the way but fall to the ground.

Psycho Yellow: "I say we take care of this witch once and for all."

Psycho Pink: "You'll get no argument from me!"

At the same time: "Psycho Cycles rev up!"

The Pink and Yellow Psycho Cycles come out of the Power Chamber mountain. The Psycho Rangers jump into the air and land in them.

The Psycho Rangers race towards Falconine.

Psycho Pink takes the lead: "Psycho Cycle Vinegrip!"

The Pink Cycle shoots a pair of vines into the ground. The come out around Falconine and wrap her up.

Psycho Pink gives Yellow the thumbs up: "She's all yours!"

Psycho Yellow: "Thanks. Psycho Cycle Beastwave Frenzy!"

The Yellow Cycle starts to roar and shoots hundreds of little energy bolts that resemble bees.

Falconine actually shows fear: "NO!"

Falconine quickly teleports away just a brief second before the energy bees could strike her. Instead the bees just destroy the vines.

Psycho Yellow: "Rats! She got away."

Psycho Pink drives up next to Yellow: "But we still showed her not to mess with the Psycho Girls!"

Psycho Yellow and Pink high five each other: "Yeah!"

Psycho Pink talks into her wrist communicator: "And thanks for the assist Beta."

Scene 11

Setting: The Power Chamber.

Beta 1: "Gosh. Think nothing of it Angela."

Zordon just smiles.

Scene 12

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda and Dementian watch the holographic image of the Psychos defeating Falconine. Falconine power walks into the room with anger.

Dementian: "So much for a woman's approach. Heh heh heh."

Falconine electrocutes Dementian to his knees.

Darkonda, knowing better than to get on her bad side gives her his sympathetic voice: "Don't worry my dear. There will be other opportunities to destroy the Psychos."

Darkonda snaps his fingers to show an image of the mole monster climbing out of the temple ruins: "In fact here's one now. Why don't you give Molelific some help."

Falconine still to angry to speak simply nods and summons a raven from her hand and sends it into the image of Molelific. Darkonda begins to laugh.

Scene 13

Setting: The temple ruins. The raven appears in the sky and flies through Molelific. Causing Molelific to turn into a giant. Giant Molelific roars loudly.

Scene 14

Setting: Inside the caverns. Where Psycho Blue and Black are. The roar of Molelific shakes the cavern.

Psycho Blue: "Whoah! What was that?!"

Psycho Black: "Sounds like that mole monster is down for the count after all. And most likely he's become an even bigger problem. We better get to your zord and fast!"

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahaha! I guess I get to test drive my toy after all! Let's go!"

Psycho Blue and Black begin to run to the shrine. Once they reach it they stop and see two statues.

Psycho Blue: "Huh?"

Psycho Black: "This is odd. Why are there statues of BOTH of our old monster forms."

Psycho Blue: "You don't think..."

Psycho Black: "There's only one way to find out."

The Psychos hold up their Guardian Keys and both statues lift up revealing two doors.

Psycho Black: "Hmmm. I beginning to suspect that there's a reason why the Guardian Keys only showed four different temples instead of five."

Psycho Blue: "Well then, let's go and get our big robo buddies!"

Psycho Black and Blue quickly enter their repsective entrances.

Scene 15

Setting: Back at the lake where Ecliptor searchs around the water but can't find Cybera anywhere.

Ecliptor a bit frustrated: "Where did she go? I know she fell into the water around here!"

Suddenly Cybera grabs Ecliptor from behinds and begins to give electrocute him with her bearhug.

Cybera: "Target almost eliminated."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Cybera has Ecliptor in an electricuting bearhug from behind.

Cybera: "Calculations predict that target will deactivate in 10.6 seconds."

Ecliptor: "Calculate this!"

Ecliptor flips Cybera over his back and into the water, then picks her up and charges towards a tree pinning her against it with one hand. Ecliptor winds up ready to ram his fist into her face but hesitates when Cybera seems to be waking up almost, and is stunned to see Ecliptor.

Ecliptor: "This.. this doesn't seem right somehow."

Cybera's face once again becomes emotionless and drives her fist into Ecliptor's gut. Ecliptor steps back and falls to one knee. Cybera's rapier returns to her hand and she prepares to administer the finishing blow, suddenly images of Darkonda, a mysterious man in black, Dementian, Furio, Red Cyber-Ecliptor fighting the Red Space Ranger rush into her head.

Cybera shows confusion and drops her rapier: "I.. know.. you."

Ecliptor confused as well: "Huh? Yes. I can sense it too."

Cybera steps back and holds her hand to her forehead in pain: "Aaaaahh! What's wrong with.. meeeee!"

Electrical currents flow around Cybera's helmet and suddenly she regains her emotionless composure. Then teleports away.

Ecliptor reaches for her but she has already left: "Wait!"

Ecliptor picks up her rapier that she left behind: "Hmmm.. Cybera."

Scene 2

Setting: Simon inside the shrine with the figure of light.

Figure of light: "Are you the Chosen Champion, the one that is as strong and stable as the rock?"

Scene 3

Setting: Marcus inside his shrine with another figure of light.

Figure of light: "Are you the Chosen Champion, the one that is as cold and unpredictable as the blizzard?"

Scene 4

Setting: Outside the temple ruins, Giant Molelific awaits the Psychos. Darkonda's image appears in the sky.

Darkonda: "Molelific."

Giant Molelific a bit surprised by Darkonda's appearance: "Darkonda? What can I do for you."

Darkonda: "One of the Psycho Rangers should come out of those ruin a brand-spankin' new Zord. Unleash all your fury upon and do not let back at all."

Giant Molelific: "I will not fail you my king."

Darkonda: "See that you don't."

Darkonda's image vanishes and immediatley afterwards the ground begins to rumble.

Giant Molelific: "Ah! There he comes now. I'll crush him! Huh?"

Giant Molelific is stunned to see not one but two pillars rise from the ground. From inside the pillars are animal sounds. From the first sounds like some kind of canine beast. From the second pillar is the high-pitched call of a hawk.

Giant Molelific takes a step back as both pillars open: "No fair, I was only supposed to take on one Zord!"

From the first pillar steps out a four-legged robot. It's primary colors are blue and black. It has three missle launchers on both of it's rear legs. It's tail is lined with razor sharp sawteeth. It's head has long pointy ears aimed to the back, razor sharp teeth and other canine features. The eyes are surrounded by black spots like a racoon.

From the second pillar steps out a humanoid robot. With black and grey primary colors with a touch purple lining. It has dark grey talons for feet. The hands only have two fingers and a thumb each. With sharp claws. The head is that of a falcon, with a dark grey beak, pitch white eyes, and streamlined forehead. The long dark grey wings with black lining and dark purple feathers are folded in the back. The robot is armed with with huge lance resembling Psycho Black's Psycho Lance.

Giant Molelific trying to sound tough: "Ha! You think those tin cans impress me? Bring it on!"

[Blue cockpit scene] The Guardianzord cockpit resembles the previous two, except the large coin in the back has Psycho Blue's snowflake symbol.

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue, very pleased: "Hehehahaha! This baby rocks! I'm finally going to take a bite out of crime."

[Black cockpit scene] The cockpit is exactly the same as all the others except the coin in the background has Psycho Black's mountain peak symbol.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black responding: "Let's not get too cocky. We should take advantage of two-to-one ratio."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue brushes Black off: "Forget that! You just watch me roll!"

Psycho Blue's canine robot roars and prepares to run.

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue pulls on his controls: "Blue Tanuki Guardianzord, go!"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "*sigh* Black Tengu Guardianzord, go!"

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord charges after Molelific, but Giant Molelific just bats it away as if it were nothing: "Bad doggy!"

The Black Tengu Guardianzord runs in to fight hand to hand but Molelific bats away the Guardianzord's lance and counters with a drill attack to the chest. The Black Tengu falls to the ground.

Giant Molelific: "This will be easier than I thought!"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black getting frustrated: "Blast it Marcus! We need to do this together! If for just once in our lives we need to work as team."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Save your Power Ranger garbage for someone that will buy it. I can take him out by myself!"

The Blue Tanuki charges once again but Giant Molelific just shoots some eyebeams at it. Then Giant Molelific digs underground.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Where did he go?"

Giant Molelific comes up from behind the Tengu and gives a harsh claw swipe across the back. Taking the Tengu Guardianzord down once again.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Please Marcus, we need to do this together. Don't you get it. We need to learn to function as a team. You and I. That's why both of our Guardianzords were at this temple."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "I'm a Psycho Ranger! We work solo!"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "You idiot! That's what got us all killed the first time. Fighting amongst ourselves and trying to work solo! We were stronger than the Power Rangers yet they still beat us. Angela was destroyed because she and Aundria couldn't trust each other. You were destroyed because you wanted the Rangers to yourself. Victor, Aundria, and myself got wiped because we couldn't keep out act together."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue sits silent for a moment then he looks up at the monitor and sees the Black Tengu Guardianzord being stomped on by the Molelific monster. Psycho Blue in an unusual humble tone: "You're.. you're right. What's your plan?"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black relieved: "Great. You're Zord is wilder and more agile than mine, but mine is stronger. What I need you to do is keep dirt eater here distracted so that I can get in position."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "How do I distract him?"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Do what you do best. Go completley bezerk. It's about time that your mental problems become useful."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue rubs his hands together: "Hehehahahaha! I get what your saying, my man with the plan. Let's do it doggystyle!"

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord roars.

Giant Molelific turns his attention to the Tanuki: "Huh? Wait your turn. I'll be more than happy to turn you robotrash into dogfood in a can in just a moment!"

The Blue Tanuki Guardianzord roars even louder then begins to hop around like a raging bull. Then charges towards Molelific but jumping every which way. Molelific tries to bat it away again but the Tanuki moves to fast and wild for him to catch it. Tanuki bites his hands, legs, stomach, right arm, legs again, all in rapid succession. The Tanuki turns around and gives Molelific a mule kick in the stomach sending him flying off of the Tengu. The Tengu Guardianzord gets up and retrieves it's lance then opens it's wings to fly in the air.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Tengu Twister!"

The Black Tengu spins around and creates a twister, the twister catches Molelific and spins him around until he's dizzy. The Tanuki shoots it's missles from his rear leg launcher. All the missles striking Molelific.

Giant Molelific: "Ow oh wow!"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Good work! Now let's finish this!"

The Black Tengu's eyes sparkle as it begins to spin it's lance. The Tengu dives through the air. The Tanuki roars as the Tengu swoops past it. The Tengu stops spinning it's lance and aims it straight at Molelific and begins spinning it's whole body like a drill until it turns into a black missle of light. The Tengu flies through Molelific and then flies back in the air. While the Tengu flies back up into the air, the Molelific monster behind on the ground falls and explodes. Finally the Black Tengu poses with it's lance as lands next to the Blue Tanuki.

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "Yes! We did it!"

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue strokes his ego: "Was there any doubt?"

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "You're kiddin' right?"

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Okay, I admit. Maybe there's something to this teamwork nonsense afterall."

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black: "I'm glad you're starting to learn. You're still a creep that needs a punch in nose though."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue in an apologetic tone: "Don't tell anyone I said this or I'll rip you a new one, but I didn't mean what I said about Angela. I know what she means to you, and I wouldn't dare mess up what you guys could have together. I'm sorry."

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black shocked: "Marcus apologizing? How pleasantly out of character of you."

[Blue cockpit scene] Psycho Blue: "Can it blondie! I'm not gonna turn into no Mr. Niceguy. I'm just saying that I'm a jerk not a total sleaze bag."

[Black cockpit scene] Psycho Black in a light-hearted mood: "Ha! Fine, I'll settle for Marcus the jerk!"

Both Psychos begin sharing a laugh about it.

Scene 5

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Dementian, and Falconine watch with disgust as yet another of their monsters has been defeated. Cybera finally walks into the room.

Darkonda: "And another one bites the dust! Blast!"

Cybera looks to Darkonda: "Mission was unsuccessful."

Darkonda: "You too?!"

Dementian: "This has been a very depressing day."

Darkonda clenches his fists: "I swear, one of these days I'll destroy those annoying Psychos!"

Voice: "Perhaps you need stronger monsters!"

Darkonda: "Who?"

Lightning erupts throughout the throne room. Suddenly two snakes appear before the villains, the snakes teleport in Master Vile.

Falconine: "Who are you?"

Darkonda: "He, my dear is Master Vile. One of the most respected wizards of evil amongst the United Alliance."

Master Vile smiles: "I see my reputation preceeds me. Allow me to show something that I have discovered something that will tip the scales to our favor!"

Darkonda: "What is it?"

Master Vile pulls out a demonic jar with three balls of light floating in it: "I am on the verge of creating the ultimate monster!"

Cybera remains still while Darkonda, Dementian, and Falconine all show an evil smile.

Scene 6

Setting: The Sky Knight infirmary. Victor lies unconscious in a medical bed, strapped into a defibalator heart scanning device. Almidor walks into the room.

Almidor in a solemn tone: "Well, the guys got their Guardianzords. Vic, it's just you now. If you ever wake up again. Good night kid."

Almidor turns off the light in the room and walks away as Victor remain silent and motionless. The darkness closes out as his heartbeat beats ever so slowly.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Victor climbs out of bed and tears the wires and I.V. unit off of him.

Clip 2
Angela blocks Victor: "You can't go, you'll get killed!"

Victor pushes Angela aside: "Out of my way."

Clip 3
Lightning erupts as Master Vile, Darkonda, and Falconine watch on.

Clip 4
A dark monster awakens.

Clip 5
Master Vile: "It lives! It lives!"

Clip 6
Rygog sees Falconine: "I think I'm in love."

Clip 7
Victor to Andros: "I've been waiting a long time for this!"

Clip 8
The dark monster takes out the four Guardianzords.

Clip 9
Psycho Red and Red Space Ranger clash swords.

Clip 10
Darkonda: "Beware Rangers! The end is now! Hahahahaha!"

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