Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 11
"The Scorpion and the Fox"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Jakalise Islands where the second temple is located. The temple is set on a mountain side amongst a small Japanese-esque village. There is lots of ricefields surrounding the village as well as some cherry trees. Just in front of the temple a priest dressed in black and silver robe stands before it awaiting his students who have just arrived. There are six of them. All Asian and dressed in black and silver monk outfits.

Priest: "Ah. I'm glad that you have decided to join me today my students. This is a special day."

One student pays extra special attention.

Priest: "According to the ancient Jakalise Scrolls today is the day of the champion. The seventh day of the seventh year of the seventh century since the champions locked away all evil in the world of Deacon Blue. Today is the day of the beast champion. He shall descend from the sky with the Guardian Key and unleash the great Guardian locked inside this sacred temple."

The attentive student slowly raises his hand: "Priest?"

The priest stops his speech and looks at his student: "You have a question, Lucas?"

Lucas: "If today is such an important day, then why isn't our village preparing a celebration for the champion's arrival?"

The priest frowns: "I'm afraid with the technology today, many of our people are turning away from the old ways. They think the legend of the champions and the guardians are just myths and fairytales told by an old man."

Another student gets up: "Damn right! This is all nonsense, I'm out of here."

The students all begin to leave with the exception of Lucas.

The priest tries to stop them: "Wait! Where do you think you're going."

Rude student: "This is a waste of time. I didn't spend my life learning the Jakal fighting style just to buy into some old fairytale like it's real. There is no champion and there is no guardian inside that temple!"

Priest: "But..."

The rude student: "I'm out of here. You coming Lucas?"

Lucas shakes his head.

The rude student scoffs and leaves.

Lucas turns to the depressed priest: "I believe in the legend of the champions."

Priest gives a half-smile then frowns again: "I'm afraid you're the only one that does my son."

Female voice: "Oh, he's not the only one! I believe in the legend as well!"

A series of small explosions erupt around Lucas and the priest, knocking them both down. They look up and see Scorpina, some Skullinites, and a bulk samurai monster with red shoulderplates, gold chest plate, dark brown and red pants with gold hip plates, a large red and black fan with a red circle on his back, and a face completley covered behind a red and black mask underneath a black and gold helmet.

Scorpina smiles: "In fact I'm planning on making sure the legend never comes to past. Hahahahahaha!"

Lucas and the priest stare at their attackers as Scorpina and the samurai monster laugh.

{Openining Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The just outside the second temple where Scorpina, Dementian, the samurai monster, and a group of Skullinites are holding the villagers including Lucas and the priest prisoner.

Dementian smiles and turns to Scorpina: "You've done well so far, Scorpina. If we succeed in destroying the Psychos before they reach the second Guardianzord, Darkonda will reward you, greatly."

Scorpina bows her head: "I live to serve the cause of evil."

Dementian: "Good. So how do you plan on destroying the Psycho Rangers?"

The samurai monster walks up to Dementian and Scorpina: "You need not worry, I'll crush the Rangers!"

Scorpina: "Don't blow it, Samuriot."

Samuriot pulls out his fan: "Hahaha. Blowing it is exactly what I plan on doing. After Darkonda gave me a power boost my fan with blow the Psycho Twerps to oblivion!"

Dementian: "Hahahaha. I see you two have everything well in hand, so I'll leave you be. Do well."

Dementian warps the space around him and leaves, laughing all the way.

Scorpina to herself: "What a creep."

Samuriot puzzled: "Hmm? Why does Dementian disgust you?"

Scorpina turns to Samuriot: "He and Darkonda both are far too treacherous and conniving, even for my tastes. I wouldn't have agreed to work with them at all if it wasn't for the fact that this mission is my first chance to redeem myself and Lord Zedd sent me into exile."

Scorpina clenches her armored fist: "I was one of the greatest warriors the universe has ever known and then I was forgotten like yesterday's trash. I didn't even get to participate in the final battle in the old universe."

Samuriot: "Perhaps you were no longer needed."

Scorpina: "Oh I was needed. The rate at which Goldar's skills diminished in my absence is proof enough for that. I was just unappreciated by Zedd."

Scorpina turns to the prisoners: "Enough complaining about the past. It's time to deal with the present."

The villagers grow more fearful as Scorpina steps towards them.

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the village on the mountain side. Where Aundria, Simon, and Marcus lay hiding on top of a cliff. The see the villagers being held hostage by Scorpina and the others.

Aundria: "There's a lot of baddies down there. They outnumber us at least four to one."

Simon: "The Skullinites should be much of a problem, but the other two may be a bit much for the three of us. I starting to regret Vic and Angela going back to New Bethany to help out Ecliptor."

Aundria: "All the more reason to get the Guardianzord hunt over with. Until we do, we'll have to remain divided."

Simon: "You're right. It's not hopeless but it's going to be tricky, getting to the temple."

Aundria: "I'm the only one that needs to reach the temple, so here's the plan. You two serve as distractions while I sneak inside and claim my prize."

Marcus a bit upset: "No way! We do all the work while you do the cakewalk?"

Simon: "It makes sense, Mark. Once Aundria gets her Guardianzord she can turn the tide in no time. We just need to make sure she can reach it with as little obstacles as possible."

Marcus calmed down: "Fine. But I get the chick with the nice.. um stingers!"

Aundria puts her hand to her forehead in frustration: "You're hopeless, you know that?"

Simon sighs: "Okay so we have a plan. We also have to make sure those civilians don't get hurt in the melee."

Marcus: "Hey. If they get in the way, tough noogies!"

Aundria: "It's going to be tough. I just hope the others aren't in as tight a situation as we are."

Scene 3

Setting: New Bethany where a battle is already in progress.

Ecliptor jumps from an explosion and crashes into the hard street surface: "Aaagh."

Darkonda, a pack of Skullinites, and a dark brown and black spider monster with two red horns and some yellow markings on it's back walk towards the down Ecliptor.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! It's not so great playing the goodguy when you have to play all by yourself is it, Ecliptor?! Hahahahaha!"

Ecliptor stuggles to get up: "Why don't you shut up already you disgusting, worm-eating, piece of slime!"

Darkonda is taken aback by Ecliptor's words: "Oh my! I never knew you felt that way about me."

Darkonda mockingly rubs eyes as if he were crying: "You hurt my feelings, I don't think I want to play anymore."

Darkonda turns to his spider monster: "Terrorantula, finish my 'old friend'."

Terrorantula has a gravely and distorted voice: "Mmmmmm. Ecliptor look like candy! Yummmm!"

Ecliptor defends himself with his sword as Terrorantula charges towards him. Ecliptor strikes the Terrorantula once but even as the sparks fly off the monster's face he makes a counter attack by slashing Ecliptor with one of his many claws! As Ecliptor is knocked back, Terrorantula spits out webbing from his mouth wrapping Ecliptor up and taking him down.

Terrorantula slowly walks towards Ecliptor: "Mmmm. Yummm! Terrorantula eat well today!"

Darkonda rubs his hands together in excitement: "Hahahaha. What a show! Eh?"

Suddenly Psycho Red and Psycho Pink arrive on the scene in their Psycho Cycles.

Psycho Red: "If you're going to eat, you should cook your food first!"

The Red Psycho Cycle shoots out a series of fireballs at Darkonda and the Skullinites.

Darkonda jumps from one of the explosions created by Psycho Red: "Curse you, Psycho Red! One of these days I'll destroy you and the rest of the ranger clones!"

Darkonda warps away.

Psycho Pink directs her attention towards Terrorantula: "So you like to wrap things up? Then let's see if you can take your own medicine!"

The Pink Psycho Cycle launches a couple of vines into the ground the vines come from beneath the street and wrap up Terrorantula.

Terrorantula: "Noooo! I'm didn't even get a nibble yet!"

Psycho Red jumps out of his Psycho Cycle and runs next to Ecliptor, the Skullinites begin to gather around them.

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword and speaks to the Skullinites: "You bonebrains want to find out if I'm in a good mood? Or a bad mood?"

The Skullinites shakes their heads, back away from Psycho Red and teleport away.

Psycho Red crosses his arms in pride: "I guess they DO learn."

Ecliptor manages to get up on one knee: "Impressive, now get this garbage off of me!"

Psycho Red's left hand glows red: "Don't blow a gasket old man, I'll get you free."

Psycho Red places his glowing red hand on the webbing, the webbing quickly burns away.

Ecliptor gets up and checks his wrist: "Hmmm. You have my gratitude Victor but where are the other Psycho Rangers?"

Psycho Red: "The others are headed towards the Jakalise Islands. It's Aundria's turn to find her Guardianzord. Simon and Marcus are her backup."

Psycho Pink joins them: "Wait till you see what I brought, but what do we do with Spidey over there."

Terrorantula struggles to get free from the vines.

Ecliptor holds up his sword: "Don't be foolish child. We destroy him."

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Cybera, and Falconine watch on the viewing projection, the wrapped up Terrorantula.

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "Falconine my dear. I suggest you improve Terrantula's situation."

Falconine: "Very well."

Falconine raises her hand and raven appears on it: "Raven, trickster of evil, make that monster grow!"

The raven flies from Falconine's hand and becomes black energy. The energy flies into the image. While Darkonda laughs in excitement!

Scene 5

Setting: Back to the streets of New Bethany. Where the black energy comes from the sky and strikes Terrorantula. Causing Terrorantula to grow into a giant.

Terrorantula laughs as stomps the ground in front Ecliptor and the two Psychos.

Psycho Red: "It looks like finishing this guy off is going to be more problematic than we thought."

Ecliptor pushes Psycho Red aside: "Step aside, I owe this cretin one!"

Ecliptor concetrates and becomes a giant himself.

Giant Ecliptor holds his sword towards Giant Terrorantula: "Now spawn of Darkonda, I'll give you something to chew on!"

Psycho Red turns to Psycho Pink: "You better help him out."

Psycho Pink nods: "Right! Pink Miko Guardianzord!"

Scene 6

Setting: The mountain in which the Power Chamber is hidden inside.

A large bay door opens from the Power Chamber mountain, and the Pink Miko Guardian rises up on an elevator stand. The Pink Miko becomes and pink mist and leaves.

Scene 7

Setting: Back to New Bethany, where the Pink Miko appears from the mist.

Psycho Pink: "Here I go!"

Psycho Pink jumps all the way to top of the Pink Miko Guardianzord.

[cockpit scene] Psycho Pink hops into her seat and grabs the controls: "Okay, let's show them what you got!"

The Pink Miko Guardianzord walks into the battle between Giant Ecliptor and Giant Terrorantula.

Giant Terrorantula pumps up: "Raaaahh! Toys don't impress!"

Terrorantula spits out a net, made up of webbing and the net traps both Ecliptor and the Pink Miko Guardianzord.

Ecliptor: "Aaah! Not again!"

[cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "We're stuck!"

Giant Terrorantula laughs.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Still in New Bethany where the giant Terrorantula has the giant Ecliptor and Pink Miko Guardianzord trapped in a net of webbing.

Psycho Red watches Giant Ecliptor and the Pink Guardianzord struggle from within the net: "Screw this! I'm NOT sitting on the sidelines!"

Psycho Red rushes to his Psycho Cycle and revs it up and drives down the street to a parking ramp. He rides all the way to top of the parking ramp and targets the giant monster.

Giant Terrorantula walks ever closer to his prisoners: "Mmmm. Yummy, can't wait!"

Pyscho Red charges off the parking ramp: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

The Psycho Cycle becomes a seering fireball and flies right through the monster's head. The Psycho Cycle comes out of the other side of the head and lands on top of a skyscraper on the other side of the street.

Giant Terrorantula covers his face in pain: "Aaaaaghhhh! HUUURRTT!"

[cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Way to go Victor!"

Giant Ecliptor struggles with the net: "Very impressive Psycho Red, now let us finish this!"

Giant Ecliptor energizes and vaporizes the webbing net.

Giant Terrorantula: "NO!"

Giant Ecliptor charges towards Terrorantula and spear tackles him to the ground. Then Ecliptor grabs the monster by what passes for it's throat and picks it up with one hand: "You wanted a piece of me for an appetizer. Now you're going to get the main course!"

Scene 2

Setting: The Jakalise temple village. Scorpina grows agitated by the absence of the Psycho Rangers.

Scorpina: "What is taking them so long! I don't have all day."

Samuriot: "Perhaps they ARE here. They're just hiding."

Scorpina: "You're right. Then we'll force them to come out. We'll start destroying the prisoners."

Samuriot: "Hahahaha! Of course, which one should we take care of first."

Scorpina lifts and eyebrow as she focuses her attention on the priest: "Him."

Samuriot walks towards the priest: "With pleasure. Hahahaha."

Samuriot pulls his sword out of sheath: "I was never one for religion anyway."

Lucas sitting next to the priest has had enough: "NO!"

Lucas while on one knee kicks Samuriot in the stomach knocking him back: "Leave him alone!"

Samuriot: "Why you little..."

Priest grabs the cloth of Lucas leg as Lucas gets up: "No my son! Don't do this. My death will not be in vain if it means the rest of the village will live."

Lucas shakes his head: "No, they'll destroy all of us."

Lucas turns to crowd of prisoners: "We have to fight back or our peaceful community will perish."

The crowd is to full of fear to do anything.

Lucas: "Come on. It's better to die on our feet than on our knees."

Scorpina: "Hahahahaha! It's no use, their two petrified with fear to help you little one. You're all alone."

Lucas turns to Scorpina and speaks with more determination than he's ever done before: "Then I'll stop you all by myself."

Scorpina loses her composure as Samuriot and the Skullinites all laugh: "Hahahaha! You're amusing. But I think I'll destroy you because you would have made a great Power Ranger. Skullinites finish him!"

The Skullinites charge towards Lucas. Lucas takes the first one out with a spinning roundhouse kick, the second charging Skullinite gets taken out with a legsweep. A third Skullinite gets tossed over his back as Lucas gets back up from his legsweep. The fourth Skullinite manages to grab Lucas but gets an elbowpunch for it's efforts. The fifth, sixth, and seventh Skullinites dogpile Lucas, and begin to beat on him.

Just then a series of energy blasts knock the Skullinites away.

Samuriot surprised: "What's going on here?"

Scorpina smiles: "They're here."

Psycho Black and Psycho Blue jump from the sky and land in the middle of the scene.

Psycho Black: "Hold it right there Scorpina. You're evil ways stop now. We're going to take you and your whole operation out once and for all!"

Psycho Blue: "Can I have your phone number?"

Scorpina shakes her head: "Attack!"

Samuriot and the Skullinites turn their attention to the two Psycho Rangers and ignore Lucas. The Psychos have no trouble taking out the Skulls but Samuriot pushes some Skullinites out of the way and pulls out his sword.

Samuriot: "You may be able to handle the grunts but I doubt you boys can handle a real warrior!"

Psycho Blue crosses his arms: "Sure we can, just tell us where this real warrior is then jump in that pile over there with the rest of the grunts."

Samuriot charges at Psycho Blue: "You! No one disrespects me!"

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe: "Better get used to it, I'm full of disrespect."

Psycho Black to himself: "He's also full of something else."

Psycho Black trips up Samuriot with his Psycho Lance as Samuriot goes for Psycho Blue.

Scorpina watches the battle: "Hmmm. This isn't right. Where are the other Psychos?"

Something off to the side catches Scorpina's attention: "Hmmm. What's this?"

Scorpina sees off in the distance, Psycho Yellow sneaking into the temple: "Clever but you're a goner nonetheless."

Scorpina runs towards the temple, Lucas sees her: "No. She musn't get to the Guardian!"

Lucas gets up and begins his way to the temple, the priest and some of the villagers walk to him. Priest: "Lucas wait."

Lucas: "I have to stop her. Whether the legend of the Guardian is true or not, that temple is sacred. And why should we stand by and do nothing when complete strangers defend our home."

The priest nods: "You are right."

The priest turns to the villagers: "We must fight!"

The villagers rally and fight the remaining Skullinites.

The priest puts his hand on Lucas' shoulder: "May the Guardian protect you."

Lucas bows: "Thank you."

Lucas runs after Scorpina.

Scene 3

Setting: Inside the temple. Psycho Yellow stands before a large stone gate. In the center of the gate is an engraved image of a horned lion, the same image that's on her Guardian Key.

Psycho Yellow holds up her Guardian Key: "The same symbol. This is definitely my Guardian Temple."

The Guardian Key casts a yellow glow and the gate opens up. The image splits in half as the sides of the gate move away from each other.

Psycho Yellow: "Alright, now it's my time to shine! What?"

Scorpina attacks Psycho Yellow from behind: "Hahahaha!"

Scorpina follows up her attack with two solid strikes from her curved sword. Psycho Yellow falls to the ground and demorphs back into Aundria.

Scorpina actually disappointed: "That's it? Geesh! If I had known you'd fall that easily I might have actually fought fair."

Aundria holds her shoulder: "Don't kid yourself."

Scorpina holds her sword for the final swing: "You're right. I wouldn't fight fair anyway."

Lucas enters the temple and pauses in disbelief: "I don't believe it! The gates are open. Then that must mean that girl at Scorpina's feet is the Champion of the Beast!"

Scorpina swings at Aundria but she's taken down by a tackle from behind.

Scorpina angry: "Get off of me human!"

Lucas tries to keep Scorpina down: "Hurry Champion! Get to the Guardian."

Aundria gets up and grabs Lucas by the shoulder as she takes him with her beyond the gates: "Come on!"

Aundria and Lucas run into one of three caves. Scorpina runs into the gate and sees the three caves. She shoots a series of energy bolts into all three caves. Aundria and Lucas manage to dodge all of her shots. Then Scorpina runs into the center cave but Aundria and Lucas had ran into the left cave.

Aundria holds her shoulder in pain: "I think we lost her."

Lucas: "Why did you drag me with you. I could have kept Scorpina busy while you reach the Guardian."

Aundria: "Yeah you would have kept her busy alright. She would have been busy cleaning your guts off of her blade. Scorpina isn't a push over. Her reputation was infamous amongst the Alliance of Evil, even after she disappeared."

Lucas: "Alliance of Evil? What's that?"

Aundria: "The United Alliance of Evil is what has put the world in danger. Their lead by an ugly creep called Darkonda. Me and the other Psycho Rangers are trying to stop him. And it looks like I told you too much and I'm supposed to be the clever one."

Lucas: "Your secret is safe with me, but are you really the Beast Champion reborn?"

Aundria holds her shoulder: "I don't know about being a reborn champion although I guess I am on my second life. Aaaagh."

Lucas: "Your shoulder! Here let me help, I know some healing techniques."

Aundria is a bit relunctant to let Lucas touch her but she finally complies. Lucas takes her shoulder and her arm.

Lucas: "I see, it's not broken but it's been dislocated. Brace yourself this is going to hurt for moment."

Lucas shifts Aundria's shoulder upwards and Aundria yells in pain.

She backs away and works her arm a bit: "Hey it worked. I can move it again. Thank you."

Lucas bows: "No thank you. You're the one that will release our guardian."

Aundria gives a halfsmile: "Let's hope so at any rate. Come on let's go."

Scene 4

Setting: Back outside the temple and in the village. Where the Skullinites have already retreated thanks to the efforts of the villagers but the two Psycho Rangers are having trouble with Samuriot.

Psycho Black falls to ground next to a down Psycho Blue: "Ouch. This guy is tough. It's like fighting a locomotive."

Psycho Blue confused: "A what?"

Psycho Black annoyed at Blue's ignorance: "A train."

Psycho Blue trying to save face: "Oh yeah. I knew that."

Samuriot walks to the down Psychos: "You two are pathetic! I've gotten more challenge from a three-footed mule! But I think we'll all enjoy my next trick. I know it will blow you guys away. Literally."

The Psychos get back up. Psycho Black getting worried: "I don't like where this is going."

Samuriot sheaths his sword then takes his fan from off behind him and begins to wave it. Causing a great wind. Psycho Black stabs his Psycho Lance into the ground and holds onto it. Psycho Blue grabs Black's foot as they hold onto the lance like a flag on a pole.

Psycho Black: "This is not good at all!"

Psycho Blue: "Man! This blows! Literally."

Samuriot laughs as he continues to wave his fan. Some of the houses and trees beginning to tear away in the harsh winds.

Samuriot: "Hahahaha! You twerps can't hold on forever, eventually either you or that lance is going to break and then the winds will send you to oblivion! Hahahahaha!"

The two Psychos struggle to hold on.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still at the village where Samuriot attempts to blow Psycho Blue and Psycho Black away with his fan. The villagers are behind Samuriot and are thus in no danger of being blown away at the moment. Unlike the village itself that was behind the Psychos and is getting destroyed in the winds while the Psychos hang on for dear life.

Formerly rude student turns to the priest: "What should we do."

The priest: "We save them just like they saved us."

The villagers charge after Samuriot and take him down.

Samuriot: "Huh? What do you fools think your doing."

Psycho Black gets up and pulls his lance from the ground: "They're winning. That's what."

Scene 2

Setting: Back at New Bethany where the Terrorantula shoots a large barray of thorn like projectiles at Giant Ecliptor and the Pink Guardianzord.

Giant Terrorantula: "Mmm. Yummm. Me eat you yet!"

Giant Terrorantula spits out a line of webbing at Ecliptor, but he grabs the webbing and wraps it around his forearm.

Giant Ecliptor: "Enough of this."

Giant Ecliptor yanks the webbing and pulls the Terrorantula to him. The Terrorantula flies towards Ecliptor and recieves a clothesline. Then Ecliptor uses the webbing to throw Giant Terrorantula over him and slam him into the ground like a wrecking ball.

Giant Terrorantula: "No.. morrre.."

Giant Ecliptor nods: "I agree. Pink get ready."

[cockpit scene] Psycho Pink preps up her controls: "Gotcha!"

Giant Ecliptor spins around with the webbing and the Terrorantula is lifted off of it's feet, spinning around Ecliptor as he rotates faster and faster.

The Pink Miko Guardianzord energizes it's bow in it's hands.

Giant Ecliptor lets go of the webbing and the Giant Terrorantula flies high into the air: "Prepare to get squashed, bug."

The Pink Miko's eyes light up and forms a pink arrow from energy and releases it from the bow. The arrow flies into air and explodes the Terrorantula in mid-air!

Ashes from the monster float down on the city.

[cockpit scene] Psycho Pink cranks her arm: "Yes!"

Giant Ecliptor admires their handiwork: "Not bad, not bad at all."

Psycho Red leans against his Psycho Cycle on top of the skycraper: "Now let's hope the other can take of business like we just did."

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Where Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, & Cybera watch the destruction of the Terrorantula.

Darkonda: "Noooo! This isn't amusing anymore, it's just frustrating."

Dementian: "We still have the activities on the Jakalise Islands."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "Yes. Falconine let's not waste anymore time. Make Samuriot grow now! I don't care if he blows the entire collection of islands off the face of the planet. The Psychos must not get another Zord!"

Falconine getting upset: "Alright already! Don't get your horns in a bunch."

Falconine summons a raven and sends into the image of Samuriot fighting the Psychos and the villagers.

Scene 4

Setting: The temple village where the raven flies in from the sky and strikes Samuriot. Causing Samuriot to grow into a giant.

Giant Samuriot stomps the ground. The villagers scatter.

Psycho Blue being sarcastic: "Great. This is going to be fun."

Psycho Black summons Almidor on his communicator: "Almidor, we're going to need the Sky Knight. We have a BIG problem right now."

Almidor's voice: "Got it."

Scene 5

Setting: Inside the caverns to the shrine. Aundria and Lucas walk down one of the caves.

Aundria turns to Lucas: "I just realized something, I never caught your name."

Lucas replies: "How rude of me. My name is Lucas Umetsu and I guess I am one of the last of the Silver Monks, worshippers of the great champions and the King Guardian."

Aundria a bit confused: "One of the last. But outside I saw quite a few of the villagers dressed like you. Assuming that's the Silver Monk uniform."

Lucas: "It is, but unfortunatley no one else truly believes in the legend of the Guardian anymore. They think it's just a silly superstition. I guess the universe has no place for legends and myths anymore."

Aundria: "The universe is vast. There's always room for something."

Lucas smiles as he turns his head: "Thank you, I needed that. My faith has been very trying lately."

Lucas turns up: "Do.. you have a name?"

Aundria turns to Lucas and smiles: "Aundria. Aundria Yellow."

Lucas surprised: "You're last name is Yellow?"

Aundria: "All of the Psycho Rangers chose their respective color as their last name. It's just a lame joke we came up with."

Lucas: "I see. So did you come up with your own names?"

Aundria: "Yeah. Aundria is the name of a little sister of someone I know."

Lucas: "To name yourself after her sister. You two must have been good friends."

Aundria can't help but give a small laugh: "Friends? I wouldn't quite say that. Let's just say she shared a piece of her mind with me."

Lucas: "Sounds like you've had an interesting life."

Aundria: "You don't know the half of it. Maybe I'll tell you later. Maybe."

Lucas: "Look forward..."

Aundria cuts Lucas off and stops him from walking past: "Shhhhhh."

Lucas whispers: "What is it?"

Aundria whispers back: "It's Scorpina. And she's beaten us to the shrine. Looks like all three caves lead to the same spot. Go figure."

Lucas whispers: "So what should we do?"

Aundria gives Lucas a devilish grin: "I'm going to finish you off."

Lucas very confused: "What?!"

Scene 6

Setting: Back to the village where Giant Samuriot holds Psychos Black and Blue at bay.

Giant Samuriot: "I'm going to enjoy scraping you two off of my boots! Huh?"

Suddenly the Sky Knight flies in lets loose with a series of shots from it's many cannons and turret guns.

Psycho Blue: "Now that's a cool fireworks display!"

Psycho Black: "Almidor came through."

The numerous rounds of ammunition force the Giant Samuriot to step back: "Oh yeah. Well I'll you why flying is NOT the safest way to travel!"

Samuriot pulls out his fan and waves it causing the Sky Knight to lose control and crash into the mountain side by the temple.

Psycho Black: "NO! Almidor!"

Almidor's voice on Psycho Black's communicator: "It's okay Simon. The Infinity Stone made sure I wasn't hurt in the crash, but I'm afraid I proved to be useless as usual."

Psycho Black: "Don't say that. You may have bought us and Aundria some time."

Psycho Blue: "But not much."

Giant Samuriot once again turns his attention to the Psycho Rangers.

Scene 7

Setting: At the entrance to the shrine. Scorpina awaits the arrival of Aundria and Lucas. There are three caves leading to the shrine there is a large pit off to the side of cavern.

Scorpina: "I'm getting real sick of doing nothing but waiting."

Psycho Yellow's voice: "Then wait no more."

Scorpina gets her sword ready for battle: "Finally. Huh?"

Psycho Yellow drags an unconscious Lucas with her and tosses Lucas at Scorpina's feet.

Scorpina confused: "What's going on?"

Psycho Yellow: "Simple. I made a career change. Let's say we get that Guardianzord inside and trash this miserable little village."

Scorpina steps past Lucas towards Aundria: "And here I thought you were one of the goodguys."

Psycho Yellow crosses her arms: "Hey. I started off as a badgirl, who says I can't go back?"

Scorpina suspicious: "And what if I said I don't believe you?"

Psycho Yellow: "Then I would say... you're absolutely right!"

Suddenly Lucas grabs Scorpina from behind: "Gotcha!"

Scorpina: "What? You tricked me?"

Psycho Yellow summons her Psycho Slinger: "Well duh!"

Scorpina judo flips Lucas over her shoulder and puts her sword to Lucas' neck: "But it still didn't work. Now drop the weapon or your boyfriend gets hurt."

Lucas: "But I'm not her.."

Scorpina cuts him off: "Shut up!"

Psycho Yellow thinks about it for a moment and relunctantly tosses her Psycho Slinger to the ground.

Scorpina smiles and pushes Lucas to the ground: "Now who tricked who?"

Scorpina energizes her sword and releases it. Lucas rushes to Psycho Yellow and pushes out of the way of the impending explosion: "Aundria watch out!"

But the explosion knocks Lucas to the edge of the pit's cliff and Psycho Yellow over it. Psycho Yellow hangs on to the edge of the cliff.

Lucas rushes to pull Psycho Yellow up: "Aundria!"

But Scorpina grabs Lucas by the back of the head and pulls him away from the pit: "Not so fast."

Psycho Yellow begins to lose her grip: "I can't hold on!"

Scorpina gives Lucas a roundhouse kick to knock to the ground and then turns her sword into an energy boomerang: "Then let go."

Scorpina throws her boomerang in the pit in hopes that it will come back up and strike Psycho Yellow, knocking her down.

Psycho Yellow sees the boomerang coming for her: "Only one chance. I have to time this perfectly."

As the boomerang heads back up for Psycho Yellow, she let's go and grabs ahold of the flying boomerang as it takes her back up to safety. Catching Scorpina by surprise.

Scorpina: "Imposs.."

Scorpina is cut off as Aundria uses the momentum of the boomerang to launch her into a jumpkick.

Scorpina on the ground, notices that her nose is bleeding: "That's it!"

Scorpina gets up: "I've never had to do this without becoming a giant before but the hell with beauty! You're going to fight the beast!"

Scorpina turns into her true form, the scorpion monster.

Monster Scorpina charges after Psycho Yellow but she jumps out of the way and gets a legsweep from Lucas.

The momentum sends into the pit Monster Scorpina: "Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!...."

Psycho Yellow and Lucas both breathing hard look into the pit and can't see the bottom.

Lucas: "Do you think she's.."

Psycho Yellow answers before he can finish his question: "No. Supervillains never die in bottomless pits. It's like an unwritten law or something like that."

Psycho Yellow pulls out her Guardian Key and heads into the shrine, she turns back to Lucas: "Wait here. This part I have to do by myself."

Lucas bows and remains still.

The shrine closes itself off.

Scene 8

Setting: Inside the shrine there's a statue of Psycho Yellow's former monster form.

Psycho Yellow sees the monster statue: "Whoah. Did I use to look like that?! Thank god, Zordon made me human."

Psycho Yellow sees a small hole the exact same size as her Guardian Key: "Odds are this goes into there."

Psycho Yellow puts her Guardian Key into the slot and it glows. Suddenly the shrine begins to shift and a figure made up of pure light appears before her.

The figure of light: "Are you the Chosen Champion, the one that is as clever and as cunning as the wild beast?"

Psycho Yellow nods: "I believe so."

The figure of light: "Then you must answer this question to yourself. A question you must search your soul for the answer to."

Psycho Yellow shakes her head: "Oh no. This metaphysical stuff is NOT my forte'."

Scene 9

Setting: Outside the temple where Psycho Blue and Psycho Black make their last stand.

Psycho Blue: "That's it. As of right now, I'm retiring!"

Psycho Black: "I don't think you'll like his benefits plan."

Giant Samuriot raises his foot over the pinned down Psychos and prepares to crush them: "Hahahahaha! Finally I will succeed where so many monsters have failed in the past."

Suddenly the ground begins to shake and Samuriot is worried: "Huh? What's going on."

Psycho Black gets excited: "Yes! It's just like in the Tryrinian Jungle. Aundria's got her Guardianzord!"

Giant Samuriot turns his attention to the temple: "Oh yeah! Well I'll just destroy it before it come up!"

Giant Samuriot walks to the temple and begins to destroy it with his sword. Suddenly a yellow fist breaks through the ground and knocks Samuriot far away from the temple ruins.

Giant Samuriot falls down: "Ooomph! Uh oh."

Psycho Blue looks up: "It looks like we have a winner!"

A giant humanoid robot steps from the ruins. It's primary color is yellow. The robot looks like a yellow samurai with yellow armor and black trimming everywhere. The shoulder plates have a torquoise scale armor look on them. The chest of the robot has a large black and gold Psycho Ranger "N" symbol on it. The head is wearing gold helmet with black trimming and two silver horns. The face is silver and feminine. It has white eyes. On it's left hip hold it's a black and gold sheath with the Psycho "N" on the handle of the sword.

Giant Samuriot gets up and pulls out his fan: "Nice toy. But it's going to be gone with the wind in just a minute!"

Giant Samuriot waves his fan and harsh winds build up but the Yellow Samurai Guardianzord puts it's hand in a palm position and holds narrow-wise to it's face. The Guardianzord doesn't even budge in the wind even as trees and rocks are blown away behind it.

Giant Samuriot stops: "Huh? What gives?!"

[Cockpit scene] Inside the Guardianzord cockpit looks just like the Pink Miko's except the large golden coin in the background has Aundria's horned-lion symbol rather than Angela's flower symbol. Inside the cockpit sits Psycho Yellow in the pilot's seat. Standing behind her is Lucas.

[Cockpit scene] Lucas: "The power of the Guardian is awesome!"

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Oh yeah. I'm keeping this baby."

Giant Samuriot tosses his fan to the ground: "Bah! There's other ways to skin a cat!"

Giant Samuriot pulls out his sword: "We'll have a good old fashioned duel!"

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord pulls it's sword out it's sheath.

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "Fine with me big boy!"

The sun has began to set as the giant warriors stand motionless for the showdown.

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow: "This may be difficult. He looks serious."

[Cockpit scene] Lucas puts his hands on Psycho Yellow's shoulders: "I know you do this. I'll guide you."

Psycho Blue getting impatient: "What are they waiting for."

Psycho Black: "Their both waiting for the right time to strike. In this kind of duel one wrong move will mean instant death. Very similar to Japanese duels back on Earth."

Psycho Blue: "How the hell do you know all of this stuff?"

Psycho Black: "I admit it, I'm a nerd."

Giant Samuriot gives a battle cry and charges. The Yellow Guardianzord charges as well both with swords in hand and prepare to strike.

A clashing sound is made as the two opponents run past each other.

Psycho Black and Psycho Blue as well as the villagers watch with suspense.

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord falls to one knee.

Psycho Black: "No."

But the Samuriot falls backward and explodes! As the Guardianzord didn't fall down out of defeat but fell to one knee to bow.

Psycho Black and Psycho Blue high five and the villagers all cheer in celebration.

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Yellow takes off her helmet and her face is covered in sweat by tension: "I can't believe I pulled that off!"

[Cockpit scene] Aundria turns her head towards Lucas: "Thank you."

[Cockpit scene] Lucas smiles: "Hey I just directed you. You did the hard part."

[Cockpit scene] Aundria mildly nods and smiles.

The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord sheaths it's sword and looks into the sunset.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: A new day in the village of the former temple. The Sky Knight is fully repaired and ready for take off. The Yellow Samurai Guardianzord is tied down on top of the Sky Knight ready for transportation back to New Bethany. The villagers are waving goodbye to the Psycho Rangers.

Simon heads into the Sky Knight and turns to the others: "Well, Almidor says we're ready leave anytime you are Aundria."

Aundria: "Okay. I'll be with you in a minute."

Marcus rubs his hands: "Ooooh. A heartful goodbye this should be some entertaining mush."

Simon grabs Marcus and drags him inside: "Come on dingus. Let her have some privacy."

Marcus: "Party pooper."

Aundria gets a half-smile from Marcus' silliness then she turns to Lucas: "Well I guess this is goodbye. Ugh. I can't believe how cliche' that sounds."

Lucas: "I guess I wouldn't know."

Aundria smiles: "Are you sure you don't want us to help your people rebuild your village."

Lucas: "No. With you claiming your Guardian the purpose of the village is at an end. We've all decided to leave it behind and finally join the rest of the civilization."

Aundria: "So you're going move into the city?"

Lucas: "Not yet. I just have this feeling that my destiny is still ahead of me. I'm going to travel for around the world until I find it."

Aundria: "Okay then, here's another bad cliche'. If you're ever come by New Bethany look me up."

Lucas takes Aundria's hand and kisses it: "I wouldn't dream of doing otherwise, my champion."

Aundria: "No, I'm serious. You've saved my life more than once and I wouldn't be standing here today if it wasn't for you. Especially not with the Guardianzord. I owe you big time."

Lucas: "You don't owe me anything. It was pleasure helping the legend come to pass."Mo< Lucas walks away but turns around: "It was also a pleasure getting to meet you."

Aundria walks to Lucas and kisses him on the cheek: "Take care."

Aundria walks up the ramp and turns around to wave goodbye to Lucas one last time. Lucas waves back as the door closes.

Aundria smiles to herself as she walks away but Marcus cuts her off.

Marcus: "Hey! I saw that! How come you never planted a wet one like that on me?"

Aundria: "You're not him."

Marcus: "Oh yeah! What does kung-fu boy have that I don't?"

Aundria counts her fingers: "Let's see, he's sweet, polite, charming, clever, intelligent, talented, deep, romantic, and cute to boot."

Aundria: "Hmmm. Now that I think about it.

Aundria walks next to Marcus: "He's everything that..."

Aundria playfully pushes Marcus' chin with her fist: "... you're not."

Aundria walks away and Marcus is nothing but dumbfounded.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Borax watches Psycho Blue and Psycho Black walk through a sandstorm: "Ah! The Rangers are in my sights!"

Clip 2
Simon to Marcus: "You really are jack-ass you know that!"

Clip 3
Angela to Zordon: "I'm confused. So who's Zord is in that temple?"

Zordon: "I can't say."

Clip 4
Psycho Black to Psycho Blue: "That does it! You've had this coming for a long time!"

Psycho Blue: "Bring it on!"

Clip 5
Master Vile to Darkonda: "I am on the verge of creating the ultimate monster!"

Clip 6
Almidor unveils a new vehicle: Introducing the Psycho Rover!"

Clip 7
Marcus to Simon: "Did you hear that?"

Simon: "Hear what?"

Clip 8
Borax and his mercenaries surprise attack Simon and Marcus in the middle of a sandstorm.

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