Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 10
"First Rising"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Tryrinian continent, more specifically a valley in the midst of a jungle. Flying over the valley is the Sky Knight.

The Sky Knight stops in mid-air and slowly begins to hover downward to the ground. Dust starts to fly around as the Sky Knight's engines blow away. Finally the Sky Knight lands.

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the Sky Knight's cockpit. Almidor sitting in the pilots seat. The five unmorphed Psycho Rangers stand behind.

Almidor gets up from his seat: "All right, Angela. You're the first to go."

Marcus teases Angela: "Don't blow it chicky."

Aundria smacks Marcus in the back of the head.

Marcus: "Ow!"

Angela a bit tense looks out the window to see the temple which should hold her Guardianzord: "I'm a bit nervous. Do I have to do this by myself?"

Almidor nods with an unhappy expression: "Fraid so. According to Zordon, there's some kind of trial that each of you must go through before earning the right to pilot your Guardianzord."

Simon asks Almidor: "So what is Angela's trial?"

Almidor shakes his head: "I have no idea."

Angela gives an unethusiastic half-smile: "Don't worry. Whatever it is, I'm sure I can handle it."

Marcus smiles: "Famous last words."

Aundria once again smacks Marcus in the back of the head.

Marcus: "Ow!"

Almidor: "Anyway. It's going to be a long day tomorrow so you better rest up now."

Angela nods: "Right. Like I'll actually be able to get any sleep."

Victor frowns: "Right now, sleep is a waste of time. We should get the Guardianzords as soon as possible."

Almidor: "No. We don't know what's inside that temple. It's important for Angela to be at her peak."

Victor: "But we left Ecliptor back at New Bethany to stand guard. You know that he'll only be able to hold out for so long by himself."

Almidor: "I see your point but none the less we have to take every single precaution to make sure that the obtaining of the Guardianzords is successful, or this whole debate would be pointless anyway."

Victor throws his hands in the air and leaves: "Fine. I still think we're wasting precious time."

Simon watches Victor leave and turns to Almidor: "Don't worry about him. He won't admit it, but he's excited about all of this."

Almidor: "How so?"

Simon: "Victor's finally found that purpose for existence he's been longing for. This destiny that all of Psycho Rangers are supposed to have, I think all of us have had a morale boost because of it."

Almidor puts hand on his chin: "Makes sense. Even if I'm not one for destiny or pre-determined futures. Just rest up, okay."

Aundria and Marcus argue as they leave. Almidor relunctantly follows. Simon watches them all leave and then notices Angela staring out the cockpit window. He walks up to her.

Simon: "Penny for your thoughts?"

Angela turns to Simon: "Oh nothing."

Angela turns back to the window: "I was just thinking about the future. Supposedly, whatever is in that temple was meant for me before I was created."

Simon: "Gives a new perspective doesn't it."

Angela: "Yeah. But I'm also scared, what if I'm not really worthy. What if this destiny isn't meant for us. Being the protectors of an alien world in another universe wasn't what we were originally created for."

Simon: "Hey we've all come a long way from that."

Angela: "I don't know if I'll survive tomorrow. And there's still so much I haven't experienced."

Angela turns to Simon: "Did you know that Cassie was in love with someone she didn't even know what he looked like."

Simon, a bit surprised: "That's out of the blue."

Angela: "I think he was called the Phantom Ranger. I'm not sure. The memories of the real Pink Ranger have become vague since I became human."

Simon keeps silent.

Angela perks up slightly: "So who did your counterpart have a crush on? That is if you still remember."

Simon: "I... don't recall. Sorry. Why do you ask?"

Angela: "Just curious. If I die tomorrow."

Simon puts his hand on her shoulder: "You won't."

Angela: "That's not for certain. But if I do die tommorrow, and can rest knowing that thanks to Zordon and Almidor, I've experienced happiness, sadness, true laughter, and true joy. Now I'm feeling fear and anxiety."

Angela begins to walk away: "But I still don't know what true love feels like."

Simon trying to come up with the words but can't: "Angela.. I.. I.."

Simon gives up and looks down.

Angela opens to door to exit the cockpit and looks back at Simon: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put all of this on you."

Simon looks up and gives a half-smile: "Don't worry about it."

Angela smiles as she leaves: "Well thanks for lending your ears it felt good to let some of this off of my mind."

The door closes behind Angela and Simon quietly says to himself: "Believe me, Angela. I know how love feels."

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Night time in the Tryrinian valley. Outside of the Sky Knight, in a small group of trees hides Prince Gasket and Archerina along with a small number of Skullinites.

Prince Gasket looks at the Sky Knight through a pair of binoculars: "There it is, my beloved. The Rangers reside in that craft."

Archerina holds her hands together in anticipation: "This is is so exciting darling. If we stop the Rangers from releasing the power in that shrine we will be in good standing with Darkonda and Falconine."

Prince Gasket puts down the binoculars and clenches his fist: "Yes. And perhaps our marriage will finally be accepted by my father."

Dementian's voice: "My, my, my. You two have all kinds of high expectations riding on this little endeavour."

The space in front of Gasket and Archerina warps and Dementian appears.

Archerina surprised: "Oh my."

Prince Gasket: "Dementian! What are you doing here?"

Dementian smirks: "Have no fear my mechanical friend. Darkonda has merely sent me here to guarantee your success."

Prince Gasket unhappy: "But this was our assignment."

Dementian taps his forehead: "Of course it is. I merely here to give you assistance. But don't worry. The collar is yours."

Prince Gasket relunctantly agrees: "Very well. Then what will you do to help us?"

Dementian waves his hands in front of himself: "Oh no, no, no. I won't be doing anything myself. I've provided you two with a living weapon. Compliments of Darkonda and his Evolution Crystal."

Dementian snaps his fingers and a female monster teleports in. She is wearing white dress with a blue leotard, her face looks like a porcelain doll, and she has long blue hair braided into pigtails that reach to the ground. Her arms are covered in gold jewelry and her hands have six inch long nails.

Dementian presents the monster: "May I introduce to you, Mistress Agony!"

Mistress Agony courtseys Gasket and Archerina: "A pleasure to meet such a fine young couple."

Archerina nods: "Such a polite monster."

Mistress Agony: "My dear, I may be a monster but that doesn't mean I'm not a lady."

Dementian: "Hmhmhmhm. I'll let you crazy kids get better aquainted. In the meantime keep in mind that Darkonda is depending on you. Suceed and you shall be rewarded, fail... well it won't be pretty. Hahahahaha!"

Dementian warps away.

Archerina grabs Gasket's right arm: "We should be careful dear. I don't trust him nor Darkonda."

Gasket shrugs Archerina: "Don't worry. Those Crulians may be sleazy but they know talent when they see it. Tomorrow the Psycho Rangers will enter attempt to enter the temple. Once Psycho Pink is by herself Archerina, my love. It's time to show the Pink Ranger who's the superior archer."

Archerina holds her bow and nods: "Very well. I won't let you down. *giggle*"

Mistress Agony: "You take care of Pink. I will handle the men."

Gasket turns to Agony: "How do you plan on accomplishing that?"

Mistress Agony motions her hand around her and changes into a beautiful cacausian women with long blonde hair in an exotic nightgown: "I will control their deepest desires."

Gasket: "Excellent. Then get started."

Mistress Agony in her human form nods and fades away in angel dust.

Scene 2

Setting: Simon's room in the Sky Knight. Simon is asleep, but next to his bed appears Mistress Agony in her human form. Mistress Agony holds her hand over Simon's face and sprinkles some shiny dust on him.

Mistress Agony smiles: "Let your deepest desire come forth and let your spirit become my slave."

Simon, still asleep begins to struggle.

Scene 3

Setting: Simon's dreamscape. It is black with mist everywhere. Simon is alone.

Simon: "Where am I."

Angela appears before him: "Simon, I've been waiting for you."

Simon, surprised: "Angela! Where am I."

Angela walks up to him and puts her fingers to his mouth: "Shhhhhh. Don't worry about that now. It's time for you to put your fears away and show me how you truly feel."

Angela removes her fingers and embrace Simon with a kiss. Simon cautiously kisses back.

Scene 4

Setting: Back in Simon's bedroom. His eyes suddenly open but his pupils are faded. He is in a trance.

Mistress Agony steps back: "Come to me Simon."

Simon in a tranced stated gets up from his bed: "Yes."

Mistress Agony resumes her true form: "It is time Simon."

Simon: "She's... so.. beautiful."

Mistress Agony nods and motions for Simon to come to her: "Come to me and let me show you true love."

Simon slowly walks to her: "Yes."

Mistress Agony puts her long pointing finger on Simon's forehead and a cresent symbol with a dash through it appears on his forehead.

Mistress Agony: "There. Now you are completley under my control. What will you do for me, Simon?"

Simon: "I will do anything for you."

Mistress Agony: "Even destroy the Psycho Rangers?"

Simon: "Yes for you, I will destroy the Psycho Rangers. Angela."

Mistress Agony laughs: "Of course you will! Bwahahahahaha!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda awaits as Dementian enters.

Dementian smiles: "Hmhmhm. Well if Gasket and Archerina prove to be competant then the Psycho Rangers won't even survive the first of the five shrines."

Darkonda rests his head on his fist and is unethusiastic: "Fine."

Dementian confused: "What's the matter? I thought you would be pleased."

Darkonda gets up from his throne: "The Psycho Rangers are secondary. It is Ecliptor that must be destroyed at all costs. Now that we know our master is still alive, after all these years."

Dementian: "But the Psycho Rangers must still be dealt with."

Darkonda looks at the image of the Sky Knight in the Tryrinian valley: "True. But plans for Ecliptor's destruction must be made. As well as the recapture of Zordon. We'll need him in order to once again reach the children of Dadrix."

Dementian questions: "What about Cybera?"

Darkonda turns to Dementian: "Cybera's survival is just as important as Ecliptor's destruction if not more so. I don't want her in the frontlines of battle again."

Dementian crosses his arm and bows: "Very well."

Dementian leaves and Darkonda thinks to himself: "Ecliptor. You've always been a thorn in my side even when we were supposed to be on the same side. But now that my true master has returned, you're existence can no longer be tolerated."

Scene 2

Setting: Sunrise in the Tryrinian valley. Almidor and the unmorphed Psychos stand in front of the stairway leading to the temple.

Almidor turns to Angela: "Are you ready?"

Angela swallows her breath and nods: "As ready as I'll ever be."

Angela turns to the others: "Wish me luck."

Aundria gives Angela a wave: "Good luck."

Marcus mumbles: "You'll need it."

Simon turns to Marcus: "Shut up."

Angela begins walking up the stairs but explosions erupt around her knocking down to the ground.

Victor: "What?"

Prince Gasket, Archerina, and Mistress Agony on top of the staircase in between the Rangers and the shrine.

Prince Gasket crosses his sword across his chest as he bows: "Greetings Rangers! I am Gasket, son of Mondo and true heir to the throne of the Machine Empire. This is my wife, the lovely Archerina."

Archerina motions a blush: "*giggle* It will be a pleasure destroying you all."

Marcus looks at Archerina: "Hmmm. Nice behind."

Aundria slowly turns to Marcus with a disgusted look: "She's.. a robot."

Marcus lifts an eyebrow at Aundria: "So?"

Aundria puts her hand in Marcus face as she steps away from him: "You know what? Don't even talk to me anymore."

Victor pushes Alimdor aside to lead the group: "Well I'm Psycho Red! And if you don't move your butts out of the way we'll kick them out of the way!"

Archerina turns her head away from the Psychos: "Such language!"

Prince Gasket: "How do you talk that way in front of a lady!"

Victor smirks: "Well then Gasket, I apologize for talking that way in front of YOU."

Victor holds his Psycho Morpher arm in front of him and looks to others as they follow: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence.]

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence.]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence.]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence.]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence.]

Psycho Red grabs Psycho Pink by the arm and leads her to the front: "Angela! Get in there and get in there now! We'll cover you."

Pscyho Pink prepares for battle: "Right!"

Mistress Agony steps forward: "Hmmm. Six on three? Hardly seems fair, let's move some players around, shall we?"

Mistress Agony releases some angelic dust from her hands causing Psycho Black to hold his forehead.

Psycho Blue looks to Black: "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Psycho Black blasts Blue with an energy bolt from his hands.

Psycho Red turns to see Black attacking Blue: "Simon! What are you doing?"

Psycho Black: "Serving my beloved. Psycho Lance!"

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance and attacks Psycho Red who blocks and counters with a punch to the gut.

Psycho Pink: "What's going on?"

Mistress Agony holds her hand to her face: "Hahahaha! He's under my control and will do anything for me, for his foolish conception of love!"

Psycho Pink clenches her fist: "You let him go now!"

Psycho Pink jumps all the way to the top of the stairs and knocks Gasket and Archerina aside. She follows by kicking Agony and putting her in a headlock.

Psycho Pink: "Release your control over him!"

Mistress Agony knocks Pink away: "Ha! I will do no such thing."

Psycho Yellow yells at Pink: "Angela! Don't worry about us, we'll handle it! Just get to the Guardianzord!"

Psycho Pink nods and runs into the temple.

Archerina watches on: "I'll stop her!"

Prince Gasket prepares to charge the Psychos: "Do that my love. We shall handle these peasants!"

Archerina chases into the temple after Psycho Pink. While Gasket charges down the steps to attack the Psychos.

Almidor tries to block Psycho Black's lance attacks with his hammer: "Simon, stop this now. I don't want to hurt you."

Psycho Black: "Oh but for the sake of my beloved I'll hurt you!"

Psycho Black knocks Almidor out with a mighty blow to the head.

Psycho Red strikes Black from behind: "Well for the sake of common sense I'll hurt you. Friend or no friend."

Prince Gasket: "Such a lack of loyalty. You truly are a spawn of Dark Specter."

Psycho Red turns to Gasket and holds his sword ready: "You'll regret that 'spawn' remark you spoiled, tin-plated, panty wearing, punk!"

Prince Gasket charges at Red but he blocks the attack. Psycho Red spins around and gashes Gasket in the stomach.

Gasket steps back and holds his stomach: "You'll pay for that!"

Psycho Red: "Ha! Get in line."

Psycho Yellow stands in front of Mistress Agony with her Psycho Slinger aimed well: "I'm willing to bet if you go to monster heaven, Simon goes to normal."

Mistress uses on her long braids of hair as whip to slap Psycho Yellow's Slinger from her hand: "Hahaha. Interesting theory. Too bad you'll never get the chance to put it to test! Hahahahaha!"

Mistress Agony uses her hair to slam Psycho Yellow into the ground, then against the temple wall, and into the ground again. She finally let's go, and Psycho Yellow attempts to get up but Agony quickly floats past her and slashes Yellow with her claws.

Scene 3

Setting: Inside the temple. A twenty foot tall gate made out of stone blocks Psycho Pink's path. In the center of the gate is the engraved image of a flower that's on Pink's Guardian Key.

Psycho Pink checks out the gate: "Dead end? Looks too thick to blast through."

Pink notices the engraved flower image: "That insignia! It's the same that's on my Guardian Key!"

Pink pulls out her Guardian and holds it up to the gate: "Well here's the key, so open up already!"

The Guardian Key gives a pink glow and the gate slowly opens the image on the gate splits in half as the two the sides of the gate swing away from each other.

Pink: "Yes!"

A series of explosive arrow shots erupt around Psycho Pink. Pink jumps and rolls out of the way of the blasts.

Psycho Pink: "Oh no. I guess you guys aren't going to make this easy for you."

Archerina enters the room with her bow in hand: "*giggle* True I won't make things easy for you. But you can make things easy for me if you hand over that key!"

Psycho Pink gets in a defensive stance: "Can't do that."

Archerina aims another energy arrow at Pink: "Then we have a problem."

Archerina shoots at Psycho Pink but she jumps out of the way and towards Archerina. Pink gives Archerina a chop across the neck but she spins out of the way from Pink's second move. Archerina elbow punches Psycho Pink in the back then her bow morphs into a sword. Archerina then strikes Pink with her sword sending Psycho Pink to the floor.

Archerina: "Hahahaha! Now you will give me that Guardian Key or perish."

Psycho Pink struggles at Archerina's feet: "As if..."

Archerina shakes her head in a taunting manner: "*tsk* *tsk* *tsk* Then perish!"

Archerina prepares to impale Psycho Pink.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the temple where Archerina prepares to impale Psycho Pink.

Archerina: "This is rather pointless of you. I'll just take the key from you hands after you've been destroyed."

Psycho Pink: "Good point!"

Pink grabs Archerina's ankle and trips her up.

Psycho Pink jumps over Archerina and runs through the gate.

Archerina gets up and becomes frustrated: "No! Come back here! I won't let down my beloved Gasket!"

Archerina follows Pink through the gateway.

Scene 2

Setting: A dark and wet cavern. With one long bridge made of stone on top of a seemingly bottomless pit. The stone bridge leads to a large shrine standing on top of a mountain in the center of the pit.

Psycho Pink runs down the bridge towards the shrine: "I'm almost there!"

Archerina shoots another arrow: "Stop!"

Psycho Pink jumps over the shot and in mid-flip summons her Psycho Bow to shoot back at Archerina.

Archerina side-steps Pink's shot: "Nice try. But I'm better."

Psycho Pink prepares another shot from her bow: "Then it looks like we have a showdown."

Archerina prepares another shot as well: "*giggle* That's fine with me."

The two shoot their arrows at the same time and the two arrows hit each other! Creating a great flash of light that blinds both Pink and Archerina.

Archerina covers her eyes: "Ah! My optical sensors are scrambled!"

Archerina rubs them: "Finally. I'm starting to see agai..."

When Archerina regains her vision the first thing she sees is an incoming jumpkick from Psycho Pink. Followed with a series of punches and chops, and roundhouse kick. Archerina jumps back away from the barrage of attacks only to recieve a shot from Psycho Pink's Psycho Bow into the stomach. Archerina struggles on the floor of the bridge for a moment then deactivates.

Psycho Pink catches her breath and heads back for the shrine: "Whew! I'm glad that's over with. I hope whatever my 'test' is, that's easier than this."

Scene 3

Setting: Outside the temple. Where Psycho Red, Blue, and Yellow as well as Almidor are pinned behind some trees by blasts from Prince Gasket, Mistress Agony, the entranced Psycho Black, and a pack of Skullinites.

Prince Gasket: "Come out Rangers! You can't hide behind there forever. It's only a matter of time before my darling Archerina destroys the Pink Ranger!"

Almidor turns to the Psychos: "This is no good. They have us outnumbered six to one."

Psycho Red: "With Simon on their side at that?"

Psycho Blue: "Man, what is wrong with blondie's wiring?"

Psycho Yellow puts her hand to the chin of her helmet: "Hmmm. He's obviously under a spell and keeps mentioning that he's doing this 'for his love'."

Psycho Blue: "So four-eyes has a thing for the blue-haired china doll?"

Psycho Red: "Hmmm. That doesn't seem right to me."

Gasket's voice: "Really now! Aren't you going to fight us at all. At least the Power Rangers had some guts!"

Psycho Red clenches his fist and begins to rush: "That's it! No one puts the Power Chumps over me!"

Almidor grabs Red: "Wait! He's baiting you out! We need a plan."

Psycho Yellow does some deep thinking and snaps her fingers when she figures something out: "Got it! I'm betting that Simon thinks he's attacking us for Angela."

Psycho Blue: "You gotta be kiddin'!"

Psycho Yellow: "Why not? We all know that he's got feelings for her. They're the only two that don't have clue."

Psycho Red breaks away from Almidor: "Get off of me already!"

Psycho Red turns to Yellow: "Even with your helmet on, I know that look Aundria. What do you have in mind."

Psycho Yellow demorphs: "Psycho Yellow power down!"

Aundria: "I'm going to try and talk some sense into him."

Psycho Red: "You think you can pull it off?"

Aundria: "Nods. I'm the master manipulator aren't I?"

Almidor shakes his head and blocks Aundria: "No! I can't let you do that it's too dangerous."

Psycho Red grabs Almidor and throws him to the ground: "Shut up, this is our show now! And I think, Aundria can pull this off."

Almidor shakes his head: "This is foolish."

Psycho Blue crosses his arms: "We're the ones with a destiny, not you."

Almidor gives up.

Aundria: "You think you guys can keep Gasket and Agony busy while I try to get to Black."

Psycho Blue rubs his hands together: "Hehehahaha! I got the chick!"

Psycho Red shakes his head: "Whatever."

Almidor rushes from behind the trees and uses his hammer to shake up the ground: "Go!"

Psycho Red and Blue jump over Almidor. Red strikes Gasket with his sword while Blue strikes Agony with her sword.

Psycho Blue goes for a Psycho Spin attack but Mistress Agony becomes intangible.

Agony: "Hahahaha!"

Psycho Blue stares at his Psycho Axe: "Huh?"

Mistress Agony: "You can't hurt what you can't touch can you little boy blue! Hahahaha! But I can touch you!"

Mistress Agony strikes Psycho Blue with her claws, tossing him to the ground.

Psycho Red exchange blows with Gasket: "I've played around with you long enough!"

Prince Gasket: "Oh really?"

Psycho Red gets in a good elbow shot in Gasket's gut and the hops and spins into a powerful sword strike, chopping off Gasket's left hand!

Psycho Red: "Really."

Prince Gasket holds his arm: "Aaaaaahh! My hand! You'll pay for that!"

Psycho Red charges up his Psycho Sword in a red flame: "Well here's the receipt!"

Pyscho Red attacks Gasket with two waves of energy from his flaming sword knocking Gasket back. Then Psycho Red follows up by summoning his Psychorang.

Psycho Red rubs the Psychorang to engulf it in fire: "Psychorang!"

Psycho Red throws the Psychorang at Gasket. It goes through and explosions erupt all around and on Gasket, sending him flying away from the battlescene and crashing into a large and thick oak tree.

Psycho Red admires his handiwork: "Haha. I still got it. Now for that Mistress Agony."

The very damaged Prince Gasket groans in pain and suddenly he hears Dementian's voice: "Pathetic. You robots are pathetic. No wonder the Machine Empire was kicked out of the Alliance years ago."

Gasket looks up and sees Dementian towering over him: "Wait. We haven't.. failed yet... Archerina! Can stop... the Pink Ranger."

Dementian looks at the temple: "Perhaps. But I'm losing my patience and these days, I can't afford to take many chances. She has five minutes to report success, then the whole place goes kaboom."

Gasket grabs Dementian's leg in shock: "What?!"

Dementian: "Hahahaha! You didn't know? I took precautions to guarantee success. There are bombs placed all around that temple. If we can't stop Psycho Pink from reaching the great weapon inside then we'll bury her alive with it!"

Gasket: "But what if Archerina doesn't get out in time."

Dementian: "Well that will be a tragic loss on your part. But I believe the old Earth saying is 'You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! Hahahahaha!"

Gasket shakes his head and looks down: "No. Archerina my love."

Scene 4

Setting: Inside the cavern where Psycho Pink reaches the entrance to the shrine and stops in her tracks when she sees the statue on top of the doorway arc.

Psycho Pink: "That statue! It's.. it's a statue of my former monster form!"

Psycho Pink takes a closer look at the monster statue's face: "Man, was I ugly back then."

Archerina's voice: "I don't see the improvement myself!"

Psycho Pink turns and sees a limping Archerina coming her way: "You again? Come on, can't we just leave this be?"

Archerina slowly holds her sword up towards Pink: "I must stop you for my husband."

Psycho Pink throws her shoulders up: "Look I can respect your loyalty to your man, but this is getting old."

Archerina attempts to charge at Pink.

Scene 5

Setting: Back outside where Psycho Red and Blue have trouble with Mistress Agony. Almidor fights the Skullinites and Aundria begins to make her move.

Aundria gets in Psycho Black's way: "Simon, we need to talk."

Psycho Black holds his Psycho Lance against her chest causing her to back away and he follows: "I'll destroy you!"

Aundria: "For who?"

Psycho Black: "My love."

Aundria: "Who is it you love?"

Psycho Black continues pressing: "Angela. She told me to destroy you all."

Aundria shakes her head: "Why do you love Angela?"

Psycho Black pulls his Psycho Lance away and pins Aundria against a tree: "Die!"

Almidor sees the events taking place: "No! I have to stop this!"

Psycho Red runs from Agony to stop Almidor: "Wait! Let her handle this."

Almidor: "But?"

Psycho Red getting aggressive: "She can handle it! Now why don't you help us with the Madame Phantom over there!"

Almidor relunctantly agrees.

Aundria: "You didn't answer my question! Why do you love Angela?!"

Psycho Black presses harder: "I have to destroy you!"

Aundria: "Answer it! What are you afraid of! Why do you love Angela?"

Psycho Black stops and lets Aundria go slightly: "I.. I.. love her."

Aundria grabs Psycho Black by the shoulders: "Why?"

Psycho Black turns his head away: "Because... She's sweet. The first person to show me kindness even before we became human. Beautiful, clever, caring, strong, and brave."

Aundria smiles realizing she's got him: "Yes. Go on."

Psycho Black looks into Aundria's eyes: "I.. love Angela because she's the purest of all the Psycho Rangers."

Aundria: "Would someone so pure, tell you to kill your friends and teammates?"

Psycho Black: "No she wouldn't. Aaaaarrrgghhh!"

Psycho Black holds his head trying to overcome the pain: "It was a lie!"

Mistress Agony's attention is distracted when she sees her spell over Psycho Black fading: "No! How can this be?"

Psycho Blue finally manages to get in a good blow on Agony with her attention distracted!

Psycho Red throws his Psychorang at Mistress Agony: "Psychorang!"

Explosions erupt all around Agony as the Psychorang goes through her and sends flying into the ground.

Psycho Blue cranks his arm: "Score!"

Almidor and the two Psycho Rangers regroup with Aundria and the recovering Psycho Black.

Almidor: "How is he?"

Aundria: "He's got a headache but he'll be okay."

Psycho Red: "How did you get him to break the spell."

Aundria: "Simple, I just forced him to use logic and realize that Agony used an illusion on him. Once someone realizes they've been hypnotized the hypnotism loses its affect."

Almidor: "Brilliant."

Psycho Black holds his forehead: "Thanks Aundria but I have to know, does every know about me and..."

Aundria stops him: "Everyone does except for Angela. You need to overcome your fear and just tell her how you feel."

Psycho Black: "I.. don't know if I could. What if she rejec..."

Dementian's voice: "I hate to interupt this amusing little support group you have going on here. But the game's not over yet!"

The Psychos look and see Dementian holding a radio detonator. Behind him is a highly damaged and limping Gasket, as well as Mistress Agony.

Psycho Red: "Dementian!"

Dementian: "Hahaha! That's my name don't wear it out! But anyway Psycho Black, you'll regret not telling Pinky your feelings because in a moment you'll never have the chance again! Hahahaha!"

Psycho Black gets up as Aundria uses her morpher to morph back into Psycho Yellow: "Stay away from her you creep!"

Dementian: "Hahaha! Oh I won't be anywhere near her! Now cover your ears boys and girls, bombs tend to be loud."

Gasket grabs Dementian's hand before he can press the button on the detonator: "Wait! Archerina is still in there!"

Dementian: "And your point is?"

Gasket tries to stop Dementian: "NO!"

Dementian knocks Gasket away from him: "Back off!"

Dementian laughs as he presses the button. Psycho Black: "Nooo!"

The bombs go off and the temple begins to explode and collapse.

Scene 6

Setting: Inside the cavern where Psycho Pink struggles with Archerina.

Archerina: "Give it up now!"

Psycho Pink: "No!"

The cavern begins to shake and rocks from the ceiling fall down around Psycho Pink and Archerina. Explosions erupt all over the place.

Psycho Pink: "What?"

Archerina: "They set bombs around the temple! I knew that Dementian couldn't be trusted."

Psycho Pink pushes Archerina down: "I could've told you that! Now I have to get to my Zord. It's the only the chance either of us has at this point!"

Archerina relunctantly nods and let's Psycho Pink enter the shrine. Once inside the shrine, Pink comes to the end of the empty room. There's only a small hole in the far side wall. Just big enough for her Guardian Key to fit in.

Psycho Pink: "That must be the Guardian Keyhole!"

Psycho Pink places the Guardian Key into the hole and it glows. Then an explosion knocks Psycho Pink back!

Psycho Pink: "No, what now!"

A figure made of pure light appears before Psycho Pink: "Are you the Chosen Champion, the one that is sweet and soft as a flower?"

Psycho Pink gets up and nods: "Yes, that's what everyone thinks anyway."

The figure of light: "Then you must answer this question to yourself. A question you must search your soul for the answer to."

Psycho Pink: "I'm sorry but I don't have enough time for soul searching right now. This place is going to come down at any min..."

Scene 7

Setting: Outside the collapsing temple. Finally a large explosion erupts and all there is left in it's place is rubble.

Prince Gasket falls to his knees: "Archerina! Noooo!"

Psycho Black looks at the rubble in disbelief.

Psycho Yellow looks down: "She didn't make it?"

Psycho Red turns away from the rubble of the temple: "Looks like it."

Psycho Blue keeps silent.

Almidor puts his hand on Black's shoulder: "I'm sorry."

Psycho Black: "No. I'm the one that's sorry. I let my fear prevent me from telling Angela how I felt. Now I've lost the chance to tell her, forever."

Dementian mockingly wipes his eyes: "Oh boo hoo! Hahahaha! I've never seen such a pathetic sob scene in my life. And believe me I've caused plenty of them."

Psycho Black turns his attention to Dementian: "You! This is your fault Dementian! I won't rest until I ripped that miserable piece of crud you call a heart from your body!"

Dementian: "Ooh! Sounds like there's a bit of the old evil Psycho Ranger in you yet! But I have other business to attend to. Bye!"

Dementian warps away before Psycho Black can reach him: "Noo! Come back here!"

All he can hear is Dementian's laughter.

Scene 7

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Dementian warps in as Darkonda and Falconine watch the events transpire.

Darkonda: "Good work Dementian. You make me proud to call you a fellow Crulian."

Dementian grins: "Hahaha! Thank you my friend. Now that the Rangers are short one number and in turmoiled state at that, I'd say now is the time to finish them off."

Darkonda nods: "Couldn't agree more."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "Falconine, if you will."

Falconine smiles: "Of course."

Falconine summons a raven to her hand: "Raven, trickster of evil, make that monster grow!"

The raven flies from Falconine's hand, giving an evil cry and flies into the image of the Rangers.

Scene 8

Setting: Back to outside the ruins of the Tryrinian Temple. Where Falconine's raven appears.

Psycho Blue points to the raven: "What's that."

Psycho Black: "Trouble."

The raven becomes black energy and strikes Mistress Agony. Smoke starts to surround her as she becomes a giant.

Giant Mistress Agony stomps on the ground next the Psycho Rangers: "Hahahaha! So sorry that you've lost beloved, Psycho Black. But don't feel bad. You'll join her soon enough!"

The Psycho Rangers begin to back away, Psycho Yellow asks: "Okay so what do we do now?"

Psycho Red holds his sword in front of him: "We fight till the bitter end."

Everyone stops when a large rumbling begins to erupt.

Giant Mistress Agony: "What? What's going on?!"

Almidor: "This can't be an earthquake. The area is geologically stable!"

Psycho Red points to the ruins of the temple: "Look!"

Psycho Black: "I don't believe it."

The ruins begin to shake as something large comes out from under it.

Psycho Blue: "What is it?"

Psycho Black: "She made it after all! She had to!"

A large pink and white, robotic foot steps on the ground from the ruins of the temple.

Giant Mistress Agony: "What trickery is this?"

Psycho Black: "It's awesome."

The Psycho Rangers look on and see a giant humanoid robot. It's primary color is white with pink trimming everywhere. It's face looks feminine except the mouth is covered by a huge white plate with small grailings in it. The head has on a helmet with an acorn shaped top. The robot has a female form and the armor has a small resemblence to a kimono. The arms are slender and white with pink elbows and designs on the sides, the hands are long and feminine, almost exotic. The legs come down smooth until the kness with have large pink diamond-shaped knee plates and the white boots have a pink line down the middle with large pink circles on the angles. The eyes are yellow. The robot actually has a large, flowing, pink scarf tied to it's hands around the back. Overall the robot has a resemblence to a Japanese woman in traditional dress.

The large robot lays Archerina safely down on the ground.

Gasket happy and surprised: "Archerina!"

[Cockpit scene] The cockpit of the robot is small and almost sterile. In the back is large golden coin with the Psycho Pink flower symbol engraved on it. On the dash board of the cockpit is the Psycho Ranger "N". There are two joysticks and series of flashing buttons set up on the control panel. Sitting at the controls in a large leather seat is Psycho Pink.

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Hey guys! How do you like my Pink Miko Guardianzord!"

Giant Mistress Agony: "Hmph! So you have a new toy! It still can't withstand my power! Hahahahaha!"

Giant Mistress Agony begins to float of the ground and charges towards the Pink Miko Guardianzord. But the Pink Miko teleports out of the way and appears right behind the giant monster.

Mistress Agony: "What?"

The Pink Miko roundhouse kicks the Giant Mistress Agony in the back knocking the monster to the ground.

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Pink chuckles: "Got a kick out of that did you? Check this one out. Pink Miko Chi Energy Attack!"

The Pink Miko holds it's hands at distance from each other and charges up an energy ball then releases it at Mistress Agony. Explosions erupt everywhere around her.

Giant Mistress Agony tries to recover from that attack: "Okay. You have nice tricks, now let me show you mine!"

Giant Mistress Agony wraps her hair around the neck of the Pink Miko and tries to slams it around, but the Pink Miko throws it's scarf around Mistress Agony in retaliation. Then before Mistress Agony realizes what's happening she's got six scarves wrapped around her throat by six Pink Miko Guardianzords!

Giant Mistress Agony: "What! How are you doing this?"

All six Pink Miko Guardianzords send an electric current through the scarves and shocks Mistress Agony. The five of the Pink Miko's vanish and only the real one remains. The Pink Miko Guardianzord then lifts it's right arm, palm up to release a large cloud of pink gas. Causing the giant Mistress Agony to cough and choke.

Psycho Red admires the zord: "That Guardianzord is incredible. I can't wait to get mine!"

Psycho Black nods: "I think that feeling's unanimous."

Giant Mistress Agony backs away from the cloud: "*cough cough* Wait Pink Ranger, let's talk about this. I really meant you know harm."

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Oh please! You hurt my friends and manipulated Simon. I'm not going to let you do it again. Miko Energy Bow now!"

The Pink Miko Guardianzord energizes a giant bow in it's hands.

[Cockpit scene] Psycho Pink: "Fire!"

The Pink Miko's eyes light up and forms an pink arrow made from energy and releases it from the bow. The arrow flies through the giant Mistress Agony.

Mistress Agony: "No, I'm to beautiful to diiiiiiiii....."

The Pink Miko Guardianzord turns away from the giant Mistress Agony as she falls to the ground and explodes!

The Psycho Rangers cheer as the Pink Miko gets into a Japanese bowing stance.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda clenches his fists in anger and frustration.

Darkonda: "Noooo! We've lost another one and now the Psycho Rangers have a Guardianzord!"

Falconine: "Don't cry just yet. They still have four Guardianzords to go. We'll just make sure they don't get the rest of them."

Darkonda: "Perhaps."

Darkonda turns to Dementian: "Dementian!"

Dementian: "Yes?"

Darkonda: "Go tell Scorpina to get ready. The Rangers will be coming to her station next."

Dementian: "Of course. And Darkonda, what of our 'other problems'."

Darkonda thinks about it: "Ecliptor will have to wait. You were right, all of our attention should be put to keeping the Psycho Rangers away from the Guardianzords."

Dementian: "Very well."

Dementian leaves.

Scene 2

Setting: The cockpit of the Sky Knight where the unmorphed Psychos and Almidor enjoy a good conversation.

Angela finishing a sentence: "... And that's what happened."

Aundria: "But what was your test?"

Angela frowns and shakes her head: "I'm sorry. I can't tell you guys. All I can say is that when it's your turn to find out, you'll see everything a bit differently."

Aundria: "Oh great, now I'm nervous. And I'm the next one to go."

Victor looks to Aundria: "You'll do okay."

Simon looks to Angela: "So why did you save Archerina?"

Angela: "Well. Call me a romantic if you have to but I didn't have the heart to break Gasket and Archerina up. They may be evil and robots, but they still love each other. Besides in the end she did let go ahead and get the Guardianzord."

Simon smiles.

Angela: "So how did you guys free Simon from Agony's spell?"

The Psychos look to Simon who looks down.

Aundria covering for him: "Well uh... The truth is we didn't. It was one of those deals where you freed him from the spell by destroying the monster. So in reality so saved him."

Angela: "Really? I'm glad then."

Simon: "Yeah. Thanks Angela... for 'saving me'."

Angela smiles at Simon. Almidor, Marcus, Aundria, and Victor get up an leave. Victor pats Simon on the shoulder and whispers: "How much longer can you wait?"

Angela gets up and leaves as well: "Wait up guys."

Simon whispers back to Victor: "I don't know. I just.. can't bring myself to it."

Victor: "Well it's your life."

Victor leaves, leaving Simon by alone in the room.

Simon: "Yeah it's my life. So why bring myself to control it?"

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Psycho Yellow: "Alright, now it's my time to shine! What?"

Scorpina surprise attacks her.

Clip 2
Aundria and an asian guy dodges numerous shots.

Clip 3
The asian guy pushes Aundria out of the way of an explosion: "Aundria watch out!"

Clip 4
Huge samurai monster to Scorpina and Dementian: "You need not worry, I'll crush the Rangers!"

Clip 5
Psycho Pink and Psycho Red jumping from an explosion.

Clip 6
Scorpina has Psycho Yellow in a headlock: "You've conned your last victim Yellow Ranger!"

Clip 7
Psycho Yellow losing her grip on the edge of a cliff: "I can't hold on!"

Clip 8
Giant samurai monster destroying the second temple.

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