Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 9
"A Big Problem"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber where Almidor is busy working on another Atmosperic Restricter. Ecliptor walks in the room with the dark brown case that is believed to hold the Guardian Key inside.

Ecliptor, frustrated slams the case on the table: "Blast! We've used flamethrowers, diamond drills, lasers, everything! Nothing can get this case to open!"

Almidor upset with Ecliptor: "Hey! Be careful with it, you don't want to break it!"

Ecliptor clenches his fist: "Idiot! That's exactly what I've been trying to do for the past two days!"

Zordon: "Ecliptor, calm yourself. Now is not the time for tempers to flare."

Almidor gets back to working on the second Atmospheric Restricter: "He's right. We're at a crucial time right now. The first Atmospheric Restricter is running down and will only last for a short period of time. I need to get this operating and functional before Darkonda can counterstike."

Ecliptor: "You think I don't know this? If the United Alliance regains the ability to become giants, we'll be severely overpowered."

Almidor stops and takes a step back from the Restricter. He holds his arm up towards, and the Infinity Stone begins to glow in a green light, a green mist leaves the stone and engulfs the Restricter. The Atmospheric Restricer makes a beeping sound to signify that it's functional.

Almidor smiles: "It's finished."

Ecliptor: "Good, now we have to set it up before the old runs down."

Almidor picks up the Restricter: "Well then, go get the Rangers and let's set it up."

Ecliptor nods: "Let's get this over with as soon as possible."

Almidor and Ecliptor leave the room leaving Zordon by himself once again.

Zordon: "Once again my champions set out to defend the universe, despite their dark origins. I wish I could be of more help to them all, but I know longer hold a connection to the Morphing Grid and thus have lost most of the ageless wisdom. Unfortunatley my purpose has long since past."

As if on cue the case casts a golden glow and opens up. A blue crystal shard floats out of the case, spinning.

Zordon: "The Guardian Key has released itself?"

The crystal shard hovers towards Zordon's energy tube and begins to glow emensely. It releases a large and steady beam of energy at Zordon. Causing Zordon to scream in pain. The energy continues to flow from the crystal and finally stops after a minute of striking Zordon. Zordon fades away from the energy tube, and the crystal shard blows away into dust in mid-air.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the Dark Carrier. Darkonda's throne room. Where Darkonda and Falconine sit on their thrones. Cybera stands beside them. Dementian walks into the room.

Dementian: "Darkonda. I have good news to report concerning the Guardian Key." Dementian nods: "Only four out of the five. Still that's not bad at all."

Falconine smiles: "Excellent. The Psycho Rangers may have the Guardian Key but they'll never get to the shrines to use it."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "Exactly."

Darkonda gets up from his throne and walks towards Dementian: "So where are they and who has been stationed?"

Dementian points to the holographic projector and the floor and images come up in the center of the room. An image of a temple in a jungle appears: "The first shrine was found in a jungle on the Tryrinian continent. Prince Gasket and Archerina have set their troops to guard it."

Dementian continues as an image of a Japanese looking temple on a mountain appears: "The second shrine was discovered by Scorpina on one of the Jakalise Islands."

Dementian continues as an image of another temple appears in the middle of a sandy desert: "Borax and his band of bounty hunters found the third temple in the Endless Desert."

Dementian conclude as an image of the fourth shrine appears in some giant underground cavern: "Master Vile's magic managed to reveal the location of the fourth shrine. It was the hardest to locate so far. General Havok and Rygog are on their way now to assist Vile in defending that temple."

Dementian ends the images and turns to Darkonda: "The location of the fifth and final temple has yet to be revealed but the Alliance is still hard at work and finding it."

Darkonda smiles: "Hahahaha! No matter. If we can keep them from reaching four of the five shrines that will be good enough."

Dementian: "If you say so."

Falconine gets up from her throne and begins to leave: "I see you have all of your plans in order, Darkonda. I will retire for the night, just don't forget that you may have the opportunity to destroy the Psychos before they even discover the temples."

Darkonda: "Ah yes! According to Porto's discovery, their precious Atmospheric Restricter will deactivate soon."

Dementian adds in: "And once that happens, we'll be able to literally crush them beneath our boots! Hahahahaha!"

Dementian and Darkonda laugh as Falconine laughs. Cybera remains still.

An ominous erupts from the shadows: "Darkonda! Dementian! Did you honestly believe you two could escape me? Even in another universe?"

Darkonda and Dementian's expressions turn from joy to fear as the recognize the voice.

Darkonda: "What? No. It can't.. can't be."

A dark mist forms before Darkonda and Dementian, a dark figure wearing a long dark coat appears in the mist, but his face can not be made out.

Dementian: "Master? How can this be."

Darkonda: "Yes, I thought you were destroyed a long time ago."

Mysterious man: "My kind of evil can never be extinguished."

Darkonda tries to gather himself and walks towards the figure with a smile: "Well. I am pleased to see that the rumors of your demise were greatly exagerrated."

The mysterious man raises his right and shoots a purple beam of electricity at Darkonda, to knock him back: "How come the children of Dadrix live in happiness?"

Dementian begins to plead: "It's not our fault! Zordon has sent all evil beings to this reality away from them!"

The mysterious man shoots another purple beam at Dementian to knock him back as well: "No excuses! Dadrix has to pay the ultimate price for what he did to me. The ultimate price!"

The mysterious man creates a two more beams of electricity and the beams wrap themselves around the necks of Darkonda and Dementian: "You two owe me. If it wasn't for me you would have been destroyed along with the rest of your wretched civilization. Furio as well!"

Dementian trying to gasp for air: "But master... *ag* We did kill Dadrix years ago, in front of his children no less."

Cybera shows a very small expression of curiosity.

The mysterious man strengthens his grip of Dementian: "That was not enough! I wanted Dadrix to suffer, and his children to suffer, and his children's children!"

The mysterious man lets Dementian go and turns his attention soley on Darkonda: "And you! You were to oversee that his daughter became corrupted, but you had to be an idiot and destroy Dark Specter!"

Darkonda struggling: "Please! It was Ecliptor's fault that Dadrix's daughter has been released from evil's grip!"

Cybera walks towards Darkonda and looks to the mysterious man and speaks with no emotion: "Let him go."

The mysterious man complies and releases Darkonda: "Ecliptor? My own creation has turned against me. Fine, then destroy him at all costs, then uses Zordon to return to the old universe so that the children of Dadrix may suffer as was planned!"

Darkonda holds his neck and nods: "Yes, yes. Master I will."

The mysterious figure walks towards Cybera and places his hand on her cheek, Cybera doesn't budge: "My dear Cybera. If they only knew the key to it all."

The mysterious man laughs and vanishes in the mist that he appeared in.

Dementian gets one knee: "Darkonda, we have to get rid off Ecliptor soon!"

Darkonda agrees as gets back up: "Yes. Furio may have escaped his wrath, but we have not."

Darkonda turns to Cybera: "Cybera, let no one know of the events that have just transpired here. No one!"

Cybera in monotone: "Yes, Darkonda."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: In the city of New Bethany. A white and red van with blue liners drives down a street heading for the tallest building in the city. Inside the van, it is being driven by Almidor, in the passenger seat sits Victor. In the back of the van sits Marcus, Angela, Aundria, and Ecliptor. Before them is the new Astmospheric Restricter.

Marcus being annoying as usual: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?... hahahaha."

Aundria turns to Marcus in a disgusted expression: "Why do you always have to be such an annoying creep?"

Marcus sits back in his seat and puts his arms behind his head: "Aaaah. Because that's the way I am. You don't like it? Deal with it."

Aundria nods: "Alright. I will."

Aundria punches Marcus in the gut causing him to keel over.

Ecliptor gives a quiet laughter to himself.

Aundria smiles and puts her arms behind her head to mock Marcus: "Aaaah."

Victor stops watching and turns his attention back to the street, smiling and shaking his head.

Almidor: "We're almost there."

Victor: "So we just put your little toy up on top of that big building over there, turn it on. Take the old home and call it day. Should be a cake walk."

Almidor calmly shakes his head: "Don't jinx it. Darkonda WILL try to stop us."

Ecliptor: "Regaining the ability to turn into giants is too much of an advantage for Darkonda to sit idly by. I won't be surprised if he already has 'party' set up in our favor."

Angela turns to Ecliptor: "I wish Simon could have come with us. We might have needed his help."

Ecliptor shakes his head: "No. His injuries needed to be tended to. Even with Almidor's rapid healing devices, it will take him a while to recover from broken ribs."

Angela turns away: "Even so."

Almidor stops the van in front of the destined building: "Okay we're here."

Victor begins to open the passenger door: "Then let's get this over with."

Ecliptor stops Victor: "Wait. It would be wise if you morph now before you go into public. Otherwise the appearance of Almidor and myself would blow your civilian identities."

Victor smirks: "Smart thinking, old man."

Victor holds his morpher arm in front of him: "Okay, Let's Get Psy.."

Marcus cuts him off while still kneeling and holding his stomach: "Wait. Give me a minute here."

Aundria smiles: "Stop being a baby."

Marcus gives Aundria a dirty look: "I'll get you back, you bi.."

Aundria cuts him off: "Whatever. Let's Get Psycho!"

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the van. The side door opens and outcomes Ecliptor, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Pink, and finally Psycho Blue. Psycho Red and Almidor come out of the van and head for the entrance to the building.

Psycho Red discovers that the door is locked: "It's locked."

Psycho Red looks inside through the glass door and then turns to Almidor: "There's no one inside. Like the place is closed, but it's the middle of a weekday!"

Almidor steps up to the door and pulls out a key: "Don't worry. I have the key. I already talked to Mayor Myron and he arranged for this place to be closed down so that we could work without harrassment."

Almidor unlocks and opens the door allowing everyone inside first: "Come on in."

Psycho Blue scopes out the lobby and sees the huge water fountain designed to look like an angel: "Whoah hoho! Nice joint. Hey, since no one else is here maybe we could have some fun."

Ecliptor shoves Psycho Blue from behind: "Can your childish thoughts boy! We're here on business."

Almidor walks into the lobby with the Restricter: "Okay everyone, let's take care of this and then we can go home."

Psycho Pink nods: "Yeah. I can't wait to back home and check on Simon."

Almidor smiles: "Don't worry, he has Beta and Zordon to keep him company."

Psycho Pink: "I know, I know. But it's fun taking care of the big guy."

Almidor smiles: "Angela, sometimes I wish my ex-wife was as sweet as you are."

Psycho Pink curious: "You used to be married."

Everyone walks into the elevator and Almidor answers: "It was a long time ago. Even before I got the Infinity Stone. It's a long story though. We'll talk about it later."

Psycho Pink: "I'd like to hear it."

The elevator door closes.

Scene 3

Setting: Back to the Power Chamber base, in Simon's room. Simon is laying down on his bed with no shirt on but had his ribs bandaged up. He's reading a book entitled, "His Redemption: The Further Tales of Simon Black".

Beta 1 rushes into Simon's room: "Aye yi yi yi! Simon! Simon! We have a problem."

Simon quickly hides his book under his pillow and asks: "What's is it Beta?"

Beta 1: "Aye yi yi! Zordon is missing!"

Simon gets up from his bed: "What?!"

Beta 1: "I went into the Power Chamber for our daily game of chess because Zordon gets so lonely being in there by himself all the time but he was gone!"

Simon finishes putting on a black t-shirt and begins to rush out the door: "Let's go!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back to the tall building in New Bethany. Almidor, Ecliptor, and the Psycho Rangers finally make it to the roof.

Almidor holds the new Atmospheric Restricter: "Come on let's get this finished before Darkonda catches on to us."

Psycho Yellow agrees: "Right."

Darkonda's voice: "Oh ho ho! But I've already caught on. In fact I've already caught all of you as well! Hahahahaha!"

The Psycho Rangers, Ecliptor, and Almidor turn and see Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, Cybera, a blade covered blue monster with a large grin and bugged out eyes, and a pack of Skullinites.

Ecliptor steps forward away from the rest of the Psychos: "Darkonda!"

Darkonda gives a devilish grin and extends his dagger into a full-length sword: "Yes 'old friend'. It's time to finish this game once and for all."

Falconine adds: "You Psychos have gotten to be quite bothersome, so we're going to be pulling out all of the stops this time."

Dementian: "And considering that you seem to be one Psycho Punk short, I'd suggest you hand over that device now and save yourselves some trouble."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Razorfang! Skullinites! Destroy them all now!"

Razorfang, the bladed covered monster steps forward: "Yes Darkonda! Eehehe! Eehehe! Eehehe!"

Razorfang and the Skullinites charge towards the Psycho Rangers.

Almidor guards the Atmospheric Restricter yells: "We have to stop them from reaching the Atmospheric Restricter now!"

Psycho Rangers charge towards the monsters: "Psycho Rangers!"

Ecliptor jumps towards Darkonda and the two begin to exchange blows. Meanwhile Falconine and Cybera surround Almidor.

Almidor: "Keep back!"

Falconine: "Or what? I doubt a 'gentlemen' such as yourself could fight a couple of pretty girls like us. No matter how 'evil' we are."

Almidor summons his hammer: "Don't underestimate me witch. I may not like it but if I have to, I WILL take you out."

Cybera chops Almidor from behind with her hand knocking Almidor out. The Atmospheric Restricter falls to the ground and rolls next to Falconine's feet.

Falconine: "How sweet of you. I love presents."

Falconine picks up the Restricter: "Cybera, if you will."

Falconine throws the secondary Atmospheric Restricter to Cybera. Cybera catches it without showing any emotion then crushes it with her bare hands.

Cybera: "Primary objective. Accomplished."

Almidor barely regaining consciousness sees the crushed Restricter: "Nooo.. *agh*."

Scene 5

Setting: The Power Chamber. Simon sees that Beta 1 was right and that Zordon has disappeared. Simon then turns and sees that the case where the Guardian Key was supposed to be in has been opened.

Simon picks up the empty case and turns to Beta 1: "Something is really messed up here. We've been trying to get this case opened for days and now it suddenly open and turns up empty just as Zordon has vanished."

Beta 1: "Aye yi yi! What can we do?"

Simon puts the case down and checks out one of the control panel setups: "Hmmmm. According to these readings on the energy tube, Zordon's energy signature has left a trail in his timeflux."

Beta 1: "Does that mean we can track him down?"

Simon nods: "Exactly. I can pull him back from wherever he went. But how?"

Beta 1: "Aye yi yi! Of course with a reverse polarity of Zordon's energy signature."

Simon smiles: "Yes!"

Simon begins to works some of the controls and Beta 1 steps up beside him to assist: "I'll just make a copy of Zordon's energy signature and negate it so that it becomes the exact opposite to create an energy magnet of sorts."

Beta 1: "Wow! You're brilliant."

Simon: "Hold the compliments. Let's see if this will work. I'm having the energy magnet follow Zordon's trail and hopefully we can find a lock. Bingo!"

Beta 1: "Did you get him."

Simon nods in excitement: "I think so. I'm pulling him back now."

Simon and Beta 1 step away from the controls and look to Zordon's energy tube.

Zordon reappears: "Well done Simon!"

Simon high fives Beta: "Yes!"

Zordon: "Thank you both for bringing me back. However I wasn't in any real danger."

Simon: "What happened?"

Zordon: "The case contained not the Guardian Key but the Morphing Stone of Eternity. It was reconnected me with the Morphing Grid and restored my powers."

Simon: "So you mean your finally you old all-knowing self?"

Zordon: "Yes, Simon. Now you must hurry to the other Rangers, they are in great trouble."

Simon shakes his head and throws his hands up in the air: "I can't Zordon, my ribs."

Zordon adds: "That shall be taken care of."

Zordon closes his eyes and energy flows from his tube and consumes Simon.

Simon begins to glow: "I feel funny."

Zordon: "You are now healed. Now you must morph and I will teleport you to the battlesite."

Simon nods: "Thanks, I will. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Black morphing sequence]

Scene 6

Setting: Back at the top of tallest building in New Bethany. Psycho Black teleports in the middle of the battle.

Psycho Black: "Okay everyone, I'm here!"

Psycho Red takes down a Skullinite with his sword and looks at Psycho Black: "Huh? How did you get here?"

Psycho Pink runs to Psycho Black: "Simon you shouldn't be here. You're injuries..."

Psycho Black finishes the sentence: "Are all taken care of thanks to Zordon."

Psycho Pink: "What? I didn't know he could do that."

Psycho Black: "He couldn't, until recently. I'll explain later for now let's take care of business."

Psycho Pink: "Right!"

Psycho Blue fights Dementian but is pushed back.

Psycho Black and Pink come charging in after Dementian, knocking the guy down.

Psycho Blue gets up and checks out Black: "Whoah dude. How the hell did you get here?"

Psycho Black turns to Blue: "Nice to see you, jerk-off."

Dementian gets back and shoots at the trio of Psychos. Sending Pink and Blue flying towards Darkonda.

Dementian: "Well Simon, is it! Think you can take me on?"

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "Let's find out."

Dementian smiles: "Hahahaha! Indeed."

Meanwhile Ecliptor tosses an entire dogpile of Skullinites off of him: "Get off me you boneheaded monkeys!"

Darkonda takes down Psycho Pink and Blue, laughing all the way. Dementian takes out Psycho Black. Psycho Red and Psycho Yellow are having too much trouble with Razorfang.

Almidor runs towards the original Restricter and says to himself: "Only one chance. I have to see if I can prolong the original Restricter's lifespan."

Dementian sees Almidor and shoots at him: "Naughty naughty."

Almidor falls to the ground and sees that the Atmospheric Restricter's personal forcefield has faded away: "Oh no."

Dementian also notices the Restricter no longer has a personal forcefield and is open to attack. He aims his gun at the Restricter: "Hahaha. It looks your problems are about to get bigger. Giantsized if you will. Hahahaha!"

Dementian shoots the Atmospheric Restricter, Almidor reaches for the Restricter but is too late as Dementian's shot causes the Restricter to explode.

Almidor in disbelief: "NOOOOOOOO!!!"

Scene 7

Setting: The entire city of New Bethany. The green anti-giant field shows itself just before it begins to crack apart and shatter. The field around the entire shatters and people from all over the world look on in curiosity.

Scene 8

Setting: Back to the New Bethany building. The Skullinites teleport away. The remaining villains; Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, Cybera, and Razorfang gather together in front of the heroes. All of them laughing in their victory with exception of the emotionless Cybera.

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! This game is over! And you.. lose!"

Dementian: "Hahahahaha! I think it's time to expand our minds as well as our bodies on the subject. Hahahaha."

Darkonda turns to Falconine: "My dear, if you will do the honors."

Falconine smiles: "With pleasure."

Falconine and Cybera step away from Darkonda, Dementian, and Razorfang.

Psycho Black to the others: "Oh no. I see where this is going."

Ecliptor: "Not good at all."

Falconine holds out her hand and raven appears before her: "Raven, trickster of evil, make these monsters grow!"

The raven flies from Falconine's hand giving an evil cry, and becomes a black energy that quickly strikes Darkonda, Dementian, and Razorfang. Smoke starts to surround the trio. Darkonda becomes a giant. Dementian becomes a giant. Razorfang becomes a giant.

Falconine turns to the Psychos: "My job here, is done. Bye darlings!"

Falconine wraps herself in her cape as she teleports away. The giant monsters stand on the street next to building, laughing.

Giant Darkonda holds his sword towards Ecliptor, Almidor, and the Psycho Rangers: "Hahahahaha! Better brace yourself boys and girls, because this WILL hurt! Ahahahahahaha!"

Almidor: "May the Infinity have mercy on us all!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still at the building where the Psychos and Ecliptor stand. The three giants, Darkonda, Dementian, and Razorfang stand before them on the street.

Almidor turns to the others: "I'm sorry this is all my fault."

Ecliptor grabs Almidor by the shoulder: "We have no time for crying now. We have to stop them!"

Psycho Yellow: "How?"

Darkonda strikes the building with his sword. Ecliptor and the Psychos jump off the building to the street. Psycho Black has Almidor.

Psycho Black lets Almidor go once they safely land on the street: "Almidor, you better get out of here."

Giant Dementian: "Say, Darkonda. Let's show these guys that the big boys are in town! Hahahaha!"

Darkonda: "Be glad to! Hahahaha!"

Darkonda releases energy blasts from his left hand and blows up a couple of buildings. Dementian shoots his gun and destroys a few more. Razorfang holds his hands to his eye and uncovers them to release a pair of devastating eyebeams on a few more buildings.

Psycho Pink hold her hands together: "Dear god, please tell me those were abandoned warehouses."

Psycho Black: "I'm afraid, New Bethany doesn't have a convenient abandoned warehouse district like Angel Grove did."

Psycho Yellow: "All of those lives lost."

Psycho Pink: "We have to stop them somehow."

Psycho Red turns to Ecliptor: "Old man, any ideas."

Ecliptor doesn't look back at the Psycho Rangers, instead keeps his eyes focused on the giant monsters: "All of you, stand back."

Psycho Red: "What can you do?"

Almidor grabs Psycho Red by the shoulder and pulls him back: "Just do as he says. Ecliptor's our only hope now."

The Psycho Rangers get out of Ecliptor's way, and Ecliptor concentrates. He then screams as he becomes a giant himself. Catching the giant monsters by surprise.

Giant Darkonda: "Oh ho! Decided to join the party did ya! Hahahaha!"

Giant Dementian: "You may be a big boy Ecliptor, but we still outnumber you three to one."

Giant Razorfang: "Eehehe! Eehehe! Maybe you should just back down now, before we.. we hurt a lot! Eehehe! Eehehe!"

Giant Ecliptor holds out his sword and steps forward the trio: "Unlike you cowards, I am a warrior. And I do not back down from anyone."

Giant Darkonda: "Oh there he goes again. You were always were a sucker about that honor garbage, even when you served Dark Specter. Well today Ecliptor, your honor shall be your DOWNFALL!"

The giant villains charge towards Ecliptor. Giant Ecliptor strikes them one by one as the run past him. First Dementian, then Razorfang, and finally Darkonda.

Giant Ecliptor quickly turns around and blasts all three of them with eyebeams: "No it shall be your lack of honor that shall be your downfall!"

Giant Darkonda: "Take him down boys!"

All three blast Ecliptor into a building while laughing.

Psycho Red: "Noooo! I'm Psycho Red! I'm not going to stay on the sidelines!"

Psycho Yellow tries to him: "Victor wait!"

Psycho Red jumps into the air but gets batted away by Dementian like a fly: "Buzz off!"

Psycho Red falls to the ground and the others check on him.

Psycho Pink: "You shouldn't have tried that."

Psycho Red gets back up: "Why not? You did."

Psycho Black notices someone on the horizon: "Uh guys. We have someone else that wants to keep us busy."

The Psycho Rangers all stand next to Black and see Cybera walking down the street with a determined strut.

Cybera: "Objective, eliminate all targets. Targets, Psycho Rangers."

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe: "This chick? Now THIS will be a cakewalk. Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue pulls off his Psycho Spin attack but as he reaches her, she grabs his hand and uses her other hand to grab him by the throat. Lifting Psycho Blue off the ground.

Psycho Blue: "*gasp* You're stronger than.. you look.. babe! *gasp*"

Cybera tosses Psycho Blue like a ragdoll back to the other Psychos. Psycho Pink and Psycho Yellow summon their weapons.

Psycho Pink to Yellow: "Okay girlfriend, let's see what we can do."

Psycho Yellow: "I'm with you."

The two jump in the air towards Cybera, shooting their weapons. But Cybera doesn't flinch and their shots miss, just off to the sides. Just as the land next Cybera, she punches the both in the mid-section sending them both flying back.

Psycho Black and Red catch the girls. Psycho Black: We better keep are distance."

Psycho Blue regroups with the rest of the Rangers.

Psycho Red: "On my mark. Fire!"

The Psycho Rangers release their energy bolts from their hands but Cybera keeps coming.

Psycho Red: "Damn! Not working. Okay Psycho Energy Ball! Now!"

The Psycho Rangers charge up individual energy balls and release them. The five energy balls merge into one large energy ball and strikes Cybera. Knocking her back only slightly.

Psycho Black: "She barely budged."

Psycho Yellow: "She can't be human."

Psycho Pink looks up and points: "Ecliptor's not doing any better. Look!"

Giant Darkonda tosses a series chains at Giant Ecliptor until all three giant villains have Giant Ecliptor surrounded and chained up. The three giant villains circle around Giant Ecliptor with their chain links, to wrap him up even more. All of them laughing. Darkonda blasts Giant Ecliptor with energy from his right hand. And with Ecliptor being held up by three chain links he can't even fall down. Dementian follows with a blast from gun, then Razorfang with more eyebeams.

Giant Darkonda: "It looks like we're ahead on points. Hahahaha!"

Giant Ecliptor struggles: "I'm not finished yet."

Giant Ecliptor's head detaches from his body much to the surprise of the trio. Giant Ecliptor's head strikes Razorfang to knock him down, then Dementian. With only Darkonda binding his body with chains, Ecliptor's body breaks the shackles, picks up his sword and charges Darkonda. Darkonda doesn't see it coming because he's distracted by Ecliptor's head and sent down.

Giant Ecliptor's head re-attaches to his body: "I still have some tricks you haven't seen Darkonda."

Giant Darkonda gets up: "You're crafty. I'll give you that. But let me also give you this!"

Giant Darkonda charges towards Giant Ecliptor with sword in hand but it is blocked to a stand still by Giant Ecliptor's sword. The two begin to struggle.

Back to the street where the Psycho Rangers have their hands full with Cybera. Cybera has summoned her rapier sword and takes the Psycho Rangers one by one until it's finally Cybera against Psycho Red.

Cybera: "Objective, nearly complete."

Psycho Red: "Object this!"

Psycho Red blocks an attack from Cybera and counters it with a kick to the midsection. Cybera steps back but blocks his second attack with her sword kicks him in the midsection strikes him across the chest with her sword, but Psycho Red backflips from the attack shoots another energy bolt from his hand at her eyes to temporarily blind her. Psycho Red follows through with a series of side kicks and wraps the combo up with roundhouse kick to the chest. Finally knocking Cybera to the ground.

Back to the giants where Ecliptor and Darkonda are still at a standstill until Razorfang strikes Ecliptor from behind allowing Darkonda to get the upperhand. Ecliptor gets some distance and releases a beam of fire from his hand to drive Razorfang and Dementian back.

Back to the streets where Cybera uses a special energy attack with her rapier to knock all the Psycho Rangers to the ground at once.

Psycho Black on the ground: "Ugh. What does it take to stop her?"

Psycho Blue sees something and points: "Hehehahaha. I don't know, maybe THAT!"

Almidor drives his van at full speed towards Cybera and rams it into her. Sending Cybera crashing into a parked car.

Psycho Blue finally standing back up: "Ouch! That had to hurty hurt!"

Psycho Pink: "No kidding."

Almidor gets out through the van window to talk to the Psychos: "I think that stopped her!"

Psycho Yellow points to Cybera: "Guess again."

Cybera gets up and picks up the car.

Psycho Red, shocked: "Unbelievable!"

Psycho Black, also surprised: "Just how strong is she?"

Almidor backs the van away ready then charges towards Cybera again. But Cybera throws the car at the van. Almidor has no choice but jump out of the van as the car crashes into it and explodes.

Psycho Yellow uses her helmet's built in scanner to check out Cybera: "She has to have some weakness."

The scanner focuses on the right side of Cybera's helmet.

Psycho Yellow: "That's it! There's a lot sensitive electronics on the right side of her helmet. I bet we can take her out from their."

Psycho Black turns to Red: "Think that'll work."

Psycho Red: "What else do we have left?"

Psycho Yellow turns to Pink: "Angela, do you think you can make the shot."

Psycho Pink nods as she pulls out her Psycho Bow: "Bullseye shots are my specialty."

Back to the giant battle. Where Darkonda releases a tentacle from his palm onto the back of Ecliptor and begins draing Giant Ecliptor's powers.

Giant Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Let's run your battery down a little bit! Hahahahahaha!"

Giant Ecliptor falls to his knees, Dementian and Razorfang proceed to beat down on him.

Back to the street battle. Cybera is charging towards the Psychos and Almidor with rapier in hand. Psycho Pink aims her arrow at Cybera.

Psycho Pink: "Wait... wait... Got it!"

Psycho Pink releases her Psycho Arrow at Cybera's helmet. It's a perfect shock and the helmet goes haywire, causing Cybera to actually drop her sword and scream in pain.

Psycho Black: "You did it, Angela."

Psycho Pink gives Black a playful fist tap on the chin: "Was there any doubt?"

Psycho Yellow: "Look at her!"

Psycho Blue: "Cool! She's freaking out."

Psycho Pink shakes her head: "I don't like this. She's in too much pain."

Psycho Pink runs towards Cybera, Black tries to stop her but she ignores him.

Giant Darkonda notices: "Cybera!"

Giant Dementian: "Oh no. If anything happens to her, he'll destroy us both!"

Giant Darkonda points to Dementian: "Well don't just stand there. Get her out of there."

Giant Dementian shrinks back to normal size.

Giant Ecliptor on the ground by Giant Darkonda's feet: "Who's 'he'?"

Giant Darkonda stomps on Ecliptor's back: "Wouldn't YOU like to know! Hahahahaha!"

Back to the streets. Psycho Pink holds Cybera's head with her hands: "Hold still."

Cybera speaking with emotion for the first time: "The pain! My head... hurrttts!"

Dementian strikes Psycho Pink from behind: "Back off girlie! I'll take of this!"

Psycho Black runs towards Dementian: "Pink! I'll get you, you punk!"

Dementian holds Cybera up on his side: "Perhaps another time! Hahahaha!"

Dementian warps away with Cybera before Psycho Black can reach him.

Psycho Black checks on Pink: "Are you okay? Why did you try to help her?"

Psycho Pink: "I couldn't stand to see her screaming in pain like that. Whether she's the enemy or not."

Psycho Black helps Pink up: "Sometimes you're too caring for your own good."

Psycho Black quietly to himself: "Maybe that's why I feel for you the way I do."

Psycho Pink having a hard time walk: "Huh? Did you say something else? Ow..."

Psycho Black backtracking a bit: "Huh... no, no. It's probably the pain, playing tricks on you."

Back to the giants. Darkonda is grinding his foot into Ecliptor's back: "If you were the religious type, I'd tell you to start praying to whatever higher force you believed in. Because your about to meet it! Hahahaha!"

Giant Ecliptor struggling: "Aggh! If you're.. going to finish it. Finish it now! Death is better than spending another second around you!"

Giant Darkonda gives an evil smile: "Oh really! Hahahaha! Well in that case. How about we get together one last time for old time's sake! Hahahaha!"

Giant Ecliptor: "NO!"

Giant Darkonda picks up Ecliptor and begins to merge with him: "Too late! I've already made up my mind! Hahahaha! And soon I'll make up yours!"

Giant Ecliptor screams in pain as he's forced to merge with Darkonda to become Darkliptor.

The Psycho Rangers watch.

Psycho Red: "No!"

Psycho Yellow: "It's all over."

Giant Darkliptor looks at the Psychos: "Yes! It is over! Hahahahaha!"

Giant Darkliptor tries to step on the Psychos but they all jump out of the way just in time.

Giant Darkliptor begins blasting away more building with eyebeams: "Hahahaha! This is becoming the best day of my entire life!"

Psycho Red: "No! I'm not going to let it end like this!"

Psycho Red jumps high in the air towards Darkliptor's face but gets batted down.

Giant Darkliptor: "Give it up. You're nothing compared to me now."

Psycho Blue: "This sucks."

Psycho Red pushes Blue out of the way: "I'm not giving up, dammit!"

Psycho Red jumps in the air once again, Darkliptor swings the Darkonda sword at Psycho Red but Red lands on the flat of the sword lunges towards Darkliptors face and gives the mightiest slash possible with his sword.

Darkliptor covers his face: "My face! Curse you!"

Before Psycho Red can fall back to the ground, Darkliptor uses one finger and releases an energy beam that catches Red in mid-air. Darkliptor uses the beam to drill Psycho Red into a building.

Giant Darkliptor: "Hahaha! I'm going to make this slow and painful!"

Psycho Black: "No! Stop it!"

Giant Darkliptor finally stops letting Psycho Red fall to the ground.

Razorfang congratulates Darkliptor: "Eehehehe! Excellent work, master."

Giant Darkliptor becomes silent. Confusing Giant Razorfang: "Master?"

Suddenly Darkliptor strikes Razorfang sending the monster back.

The Psycho Rangers are surprised. Psycho Yellow while helping Red back up: "What?"

Razorfang confused: "What did I do, master Darkonda?"

Darkliptor's voice changes from Darkonda's voice to Ecliptor's: "Sorry, Darkonda isn't in control right now."

Darkliptor holds his right hand in front of face. The hand glows and he pulls away from his face. The Darkonda face morphs into a Ecliptor face.

Psycho Red: "Yes!"

Darkliptor: "Just call me Econda!"

Razorfang: "What?!"

Giant Econda strikes Giant Razorfang with both swords. Then combines an energy blast from both of his swords at Razorfang. Econda turns away from Razorfang as slowly falls down and explodes!

Giant Econda shrinks back down to human size, the Psycho Rangers and Almidor run to him.

Psycho Red: "That was awesome. How did you do that?"

Econda responds: "Everytime Darkonda merged with me, I learned a little bit more about the process. Each time his control over got shorter and shorter, until this time."

Psycho Black adds: "Until this time, you completley took over!"

Almidor: "Does this mean Darkonda is out of the picture?"

Econda shakes his head: "No. Darkonda is struggling within me as we speak. Besides, I don't want to share the same body with that cretin for the rest of my life."

Econda extends his hand and releases Darkonda. Darkonda falls to ground.

Darkonda: "Curse you Ecliptor! Next time I'll just destroy you! And without any Zords, there will be a next time!"

Darkonda warps away.

Ecliptor: "And next time, I will win as well."

Psycho Blue pats Ecliptor on the back: "Even I have to admit, that your the man!"

Ecliptor brushes Psycho Blue off: "Whatever. Let's get back to the Power Chamber."

Ecliptor walks off.

Psycho Black whispers to Red: "Not to crazy about celebrating is he."

Psycho Red: "What do we have to celebrate about. Without any real defense against giant monsters, we're still on the losing end of the stick."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Ecliptor, Almidor, Beta 1, and the unmorphed Psycho Rangers stand before Zordon.

Zordon: "I want to congratulate you all on a job well done. Even with the odd pinned against you, you managed to pull through and persevere."

Simon: "No Zordon, we were lucky this time. Without any Zords or another Atmospheric Restricter, it's only a matter of time before we're overwhelmed."

Zordon: "Simon. Now that I've been restored by the Morphing Stone of Infinity, all is not as hopeless as it once was. Rangers, hold out your hands."

The Psycho Rangers hold out their hands, and Zordon creates five uni-colored disks with an isignia in their hands.

Victor: "What are these?"

Zordon: "They are the Guardian Keys. They will give access to the five Guardianzords."

Victor: "Guardianzords? You mean there was more than one Guardian Key, but how did you get..."

Zordon: "They were given to me by the Morphing Stone as well as being returned to the Morphing Grid."

Aundria: "Wait a minute. If you have your powers back then why don't you bring back your Power Rangers?"

Zordon: "Because the Guardianzords are your destiny. The Power Rangers have left their legacy in the home universe. You were all destined for something great in this universe. The Guardianzords were not created for anyone else but the Psycho Rangers."

Victor looks at his Guardian Key and sees an image of a flame engraved in it: "How.. how can you be sure."

Zordon: "The legend of the Guardian Keys and Guardianzords states that five young champions shall be chosen to be the guardians of the new universe. One shall be sweet and soft as a flower. One shall be cunning and clever as the beast. One shall be cold and unpredictable as the blizzard. One shall be stable and strong as the rock. And one shall be intense and unrelenting as the flame."

Victor looks up at Zordon: "They really are meant for us. Then we were destined for something greater."

Victor smiles to himself as he clutches his Guardian Key.

Zordon: "Be it Power or Psycho, you are all Rangers and are truly the chosen champions of this world. Everything before today was merely a prelude. You're true battle has just begun!"

The Psycho Rangers look at the Guardian Keys and know the destiny lies before them.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Almidor to the unmorphed Psychos: "All right, Angela. You're the first to go."

Clip 2
Prince Gasket to Archerina: "Arhcerina, my love. It's time to show the Pink Ranger who's the superior archer."

Clip 3
Archerina shooting arrows at Psycho Pink.

Clip 4
Simon in a trance: "She's... so.. beautiful."

Feminine monster in robe: "Come to me and let me show you true love."

Clip 5
Darkonda to Dementian: "The Psycho Rangers are secondary. It is Ecliptor that must be destroyed at all costs."

Clip 6
Explosions erupt everywhere and the cave that Psycho Pink and Archerina are in begins to collapse.

Clip 7
Psycho Yellow: "She didn't make it?"

Psycho Red points: "Look!"

Clip 8
Giant feminine monster: "What?"

Clip 9
A giant pink & white, robot foot steps on the ground.

End Credits


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