Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 8

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A dark hallway in the Dark Carrier. Dementian is walking down it with cylinder-shaped carrying case. Snickering along the way. He finally enters Darkonda's throne room, where Darkonda awaits.

Darkonda smiles: "Ah! You're back! Did you find it?"

Dementian opens up the case, pulls out and unrolls a map: "Yes, I did. This map leads to an ancient artifact of great power."

Darkonda takes the map from Dementian: "Excellent! So it's located in the Southmyre Forest."

Dementian nods: "Yes."

Darkonda points his finger at the glass floor in the center of the room and snaps his fingers. An image of the Southmyre Forest comes up. And a cave near a waterfall is shown as well: "This is what the forest looks like."

Dementian adds: "And the Guardian Key is inside that cave."

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! The Guardian Key is believed to be the greatest source of power on this miserable planet! Power that will be mine! Hahahahaha!"

Dementian whispers to himself: "Or mine."

Darkonda: "I'll send Goldar and the Skullinites to retrieve them immediatley."

An image of Angela, Aundria, Simon, and Marcus with a group of girlscouts.

Darkonda, unhappy: "What?! No! The Psycho Rangers are too close to the Guardian Key!"

Dementian, puzzled: "With a bunch of pint-sized brats?"

Darkonda: "Who cares about them!"

Dementian: "But we must make sure the Psycho Rangers don't get near the treasure."

Darkonda: "Oh we'll make sure they don't get out of that forest alive!"

Falconine's voice: "This puts an unappreciated wedge into our plans."

Darkonda and Dementian turn to Falconine, who has just entered the room.

Darkonda: "Falconine, the Psycho Rangers have to be prevented from discovering the Guardian Key! It could decide who wins this war in the end!"

Falconine: "Exactly, which is why I'm handling this mission myself."

Dementian: "You? Ha! What would you do? Throw your nail polish at them? Hahahahaha!"

Falconine's eyes glow red and grabs Dementian by the throat: "Keep your mouth shut, or you will find out why I was the most feared menace on Deacon Blue once."

Falconine lets go Dementian. Dementian holds his own neck and gasps for air.

Darkonda looks and Dementian and turns to Falconine: "Hahahahaha! If you want to take care of the Guardian Key, personally. That's fine by me. Still... I recently evolved another of Finster's monsters and I think he's just what we need to take care of the Psycho Rangers."

Falconine smiles: "Fine. I'll get the Guardian Key, you destroy the Psychos."

Darkonda puts his hand on Falconine's shoulder: "Hahahahaha! Then it's agreed."

Falconine gives Darkonda's hand a dirty look and Darkonda removes it.

Darkonda: "Hahaha! Er.. Hahaha!"

Falconine smiles and looks at the image of the unmorphed Psychos and girlscouts.

Scene 2

Setting: The Southmyre Forest. Angela and a female scoutmaster lead a group of six girlscouts down a dirt road. Aundria, Simon, and Marcus take up the rear, carrying a large amount of heavy luggage. Marcus having the most trouble keeping his balance.

The scoutmaster stops, nods her head toward Angela and smiles.

Angela nods back and turns to the girlscouts: "Okay, Junior Fuzzy Rabbits we'll set up camp here!"

The Junior Fuzzy Rabbits cheer and begin unload their backpacks.

The scoutmaster stands next Angela and informs her: "You're doing a great job, so far Angela."

Angela turns to the scoutmaster and smiles: "Thanks, Christy. I'm grateful that you gave me and my friends a chance."

Christy pats Angela on the back: "I'm just glad to have any volunteers at all. Ever since those monsters have been attacking New Bethany, a lot of people have been moving away. I'm just glad those Psycho Rangers were around to stop them."

Angela gives a funny smile: "Yeah, thank goodness for the Psycho Rangers."

Christy nods: "Still Psycho is an odd name for heroes."

Angela holds in some laughter: "I'm pretty sure it's a long story."

Towards the back of the group. Aundria, Simon, and Marcus begin to unload their supplies.

Marcus, complaining: "Man, this sucks! How come Vic, didn't get dragged into this crap."

Simon pulling out a tent set from his back pack: "Ecliptor's putting Victor on a heavy training regiment."

Marcus has trouble getting his back pack off, Aundria tries to assist: "Lucky stiff."

Aundria has trouble getting Marcus' backpack off: "Hold still. This isn't so bad. Besides we're doing this for Angela, remember?"

Marcus: "Hmph. You softies may be doing this for Angela, but ole' baldy forced me into this crap. Something about learning values and responsibility and other Power Ranger garbage."

Aundria has enough and just smacks Marcus in the back of the head.

Marcus holds the back of his head an looks back at Aundria: "Hey! Watch it bit.."

Aundria pushes Marcus down face first before he can finish his sentence.

Simon squatts down in front of him and in jokingly matter says: "Now, now, Mark, there are children present."

Simon and Aundria laugh while Marcus gives them a dirty look and still can't get his backpack off.

Meanwhile in the bushes a dark figure with glowing red eyes looks at the group in secret and quietly speaks to himself: "Enjoy yourselves now, my friends. For tonight is the last night of your life. Tonight is the night you become the prey of the Dark Hunter. Hahahahaha!

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The campsite where Angela, Aundria, Simon, Marcus, Christy and the Junior Fuzzy Rabbit girlscouts are putting up a tent.

Marcus just finishes putting up his tent, smiles and admires his handiwork: "There! Not bad if I do say so myself."

The tent falls down and Marcus kicks a rock in anger: "SON OF A BI..."

Marcus notices the little girls starring at him and tries to change his sentence before he finishes it: "Um.. Son of a biscuit, I guess I'm just gonna have to try again."

Angela saw the whole thing a speaks into Simon's ear: "Maybe you should take Marcus to gather firewood or something. I don't want him to ruin my gig."

Simon nods and heads over to Marcus: "Wise move."

Marcus' tent falls down again: "Oh hell no! This mother fu...hmrph!"

Simon covers Marcus mouth before he can finish his sentence: "Come on let's go get some firewood before you 'expand' these girls' vocabularly."

Marcus pulls Simon's hand from his mouth: "Fine."

Marcus leaves and Simon follows, looking back at Angela. Angela smiles.

Scene 2

Setting: The training grounds outside the Power Chamber mountain. Ecliptor finished putting up cardboard cut-outs of Darkonda, Dementian, Goldar, a Skullinite, Sharkerus, and Black Knightmare.

Victor in sweat pants and tanktop shirt finishes his running and reaches Ecliptor, sweat covered and out of breath.

Ecliptor tosses Victor a water bottle: "You're late."

Victor takes a sip of water and wipes his forehand: "Come on! You just had me run twenty miles in an hour!"

Ecliptor: "It's been ninety minutes. If I'm going to train you, you'll get your act together and stop wasting my time."

Ecliptor hands Victor a boomerang: "Take this."

Victor still catching his breath and a bit surprised: "A boomerang?"

Ecliptor nods and pulls out his own boomerang: "Today I'll teach you the fine art of boomerang combat."

Victor sees the cut-outs and throws the boomerang at the Darkonda cut-out, knocking the cut-out down: "All right!"

Ecliptor shakes his head in disgust: "Pathetic."

Victor, upset: "What do you mean? I nailed him!"

Ecliptor adds on: "And now you have five other enemies left, and you've lost your weapon."

Ecliptor throws his boomerang at the Skullinite cut-out, knocking it down and the boomerang returns to Ecliptor's hand.

Ecliptor turns to Victor: "That is how you use a boomerang."

Victor runs down and picks his boomerang back up, then runs back to Ecliptor: "Now how do I do that."

Ecliptor shows his boomerang to Victor: "Look closely."

Ecliptor motions to throw his boomerang: "The trick is throw the boomerang at an upward angle. The arc in the center will cause the boomerang to take an air current back to you."

Ecliptor throws the boomerang taking out the cut-out of Sharkerus.

Victor nods with a cocky smirk: "Okay, I think I got it now."

Victor throws his boomerang and takes out the cut-outs of Black Knightmare, Goldar, and finally Dementian in one fell swoop. The boomerang comes back to Victor and he grabs it with one hand.

Victor looks to Ecliptor with a smirk: "How's that."

Ecliptor puts his hand to his chin and nods: "Not bad. You have a natural talent for it, just like Astronema did."

Victor throws the boomerang again and it flies through the air.

Scene 3

Setting: Back in the Southmyre Woods. Simon and Marcus by themselves begin picking twigs and such.

Marcus gives up and just tosses the sticks: "I hate this! This nature crap is so lame!"

Simon flicks a small piece of bark at Marcus' chest: "Grow up. If for nothing else, for Angela's sake. This is very important to her."

Marcus smirks: "And what's important to Little Miss Pink is important blonde boy. Right?"

Simon tries to ignore Marcus: "Whatever."

Marcus: "You still haven't told her how you feel, yet."

Simon argues with Marcus: "What are you talking about."

Marcus gives a devilish grin: "Oh come on! Everyone knows that you have the hots for Pink. And you have it baaaaaddddd!"

Simon looks away and gets back to getting firewood: "Why don't you mind your own business."

Marcus starts to laugh: "Hehe hahaha! You're shy!"

Simon drops his firewood and gets in Marcus' face: "We'll see how shy I am when I shove this stick sideways up your..."

Marcus cuts him off and waves his finger at Simon: "Uh, uh, uh. Temper, temper. I see there's still some Psycho Ranger left in you. So let's say we ditch the chicks and the brats and go back to town."

Simon pushes Marcus and gets back to work: "You really are an @$$hole, you know that?!"

Suddenly an evil laughter erupts and a dark figure quickly jumps out of the bushes, knocks Simon and Marcus down, then jumps back in the bushes.

Marcus getting back up: "What the heck was that?!"

Simon gets up: "I don't know but we better get back to girls and make sure their all right."

The dark figure laughs again and his voice speaks: "Hahahaha! I think not. You have other problems at hand. So you better bbbeee careful! Hahahahaha!"

Three rocks fly out of the bushes and strike three different beehives in the trees. A large swarm of bees fly out of the hives and head towards Marcus and Simon.

Marcus, worried: "Oh snap!"

Simon turns and yells: "RUN!"

Simon and Marcus run away but the bees chase after them.

Marcus while running: "Who's doing this?"

Simon while running: "One of Darkonda's goons, who else?"

Simon and Marcus come to a cliff and stop but the bees keep coming.

Marcus: "Dead end!"

Simon looks at the bees: "Staying isn't an option, those Vendalian Bees, native to Deacon Blue. Stings from that many of them will be fatal. We'll have to jump."

Marcus yells: "Are you crazy?!"

Marcus attitude changes and smiles: "I love it! Hehe hahahaha!"

Marcus and Simon jump off the cliff into the river, Marcus laughing all the way down. The two disappear in the water. The bee swarm leaves and out comes a very muscular monster dressed in military fatigue. Armed with a crossbow, and a sword on his back. Glowing red eyes seep though a mask. Attached to his right forearm is long blade with jagged teeth.

Camoflague monster: "Hahahaha! Two down. Now only the females remain, the Dark Hunter's prey! Hahahaha!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Back at the campsite. Angela is helping a couple of the girlscouts finish putting up a tent. Another girlscout walks up to Angela from behind.

Girlscout: "Angela?"

Angela turns to the third girlscout and smiles: "What's the matter sweetie."

Girlscout: "When can you take us to meet the Yellow Psycho Ranger?"

Angela confused: "Who told you that I would take you to meet the Yellow Psycho Ranger?"

Girlscout turns around and puts to Aundria who's sitting against a tree pulling out lunch from a paper bag: "Aundria said that if I gave her my lunch, you would take us to meet the Yellow Psycho Ranger."

Angela lifts an eyebrow looking at Aundria: "She did, huh?"

Aundria is about to take a bite out of sandwich but Angela snatches it from her, causing her to bite on nothing but air.

Aundria turns to Angela: "Hey!"

Angela: "Shame on you. How can you take advantage of little girl like that?"

Aundria: "I was hungry! Besides it's not like I lied or anything. You'll take her to mee the Yellow Psycho Ranger."

Angela crosses her arms: "Oh will I?"

Aundria winks: "Yeah, unless of course.. you want to shatter the dreams of a sweet little girl."

Angela: "I don't know. It may be hard to show the kids Psycho Yellow if she's in a coma."

Angela dumps a pack of trail mix on Aundria's head, causing the girlscouts to laugh.

Aundria gets up and brushes the trail mix from her hair: "Thanks a lot. Now I gotta wash this stuff out."

Aundria leaves to head for the river while the girlscouts laugh.

Christy walks towards the group: "Okay everyone, settle down. We still have a lot to do today."

Dark Hunter's voice erupts throughout the camp scene and a group of Skullinites teleport in front of the girlscouts. The girlscouts scream and start to scatter.

Angela yells: "Run! Get out of here!"

Christy tries to take Angela with her: "Come on!"

Angela shakes her head: "No! Someone has to hold them off to make sure the kids get out of here safely. Now run!"

Christy: "No."

Angela grabs Christy by the arms: "I'll be okay. Our top priority is the children's safety!"

Christy nods and begins to run with the girlscouts: "You're right. This is very corageous of you."

Angela: "It's what I'm supposed to do, right?"

Angela kicks an incoming Skullinite and fends off two more.

Scene 2

Setting: In the Southmyre Forest away from the campsite and down the dirt path. Christy and the girlscouts continue to make a run for it but a trio of Skullinite block their path.

Christy: "Oh no!"

Suddenly three energy blasts come from the bushes and take out the Skullinites. Psycho Yellow jumps from the bushes in front of the kids.

The girlscout who was tricked out of her lunch earlier is excited: "The Yellow Ranger!"

Psycho Yellow waves her hand at the girlscout: "Hi kiddo! Is everyone all right here?"

Christy: "We're okay, but Angela is back there by herself!"

Psycho Yellow: "I'll save her. You guys better get out of here though."

The kids starts to leave and Christy turns to Psycho Yellow: "Thank you."

Psycho Yellow gives Christy a thumbs up and runs towards the campsite but she hears a couple of the girlscouts.

1st girlscout: "Wow, we got to meet the Yellow Psycho Ranger."

2nd girlscout: "She's awesome!"

3rd girlscout: "I wanna be a Psycho Ranger, when I grow up."

Psycho Yellow heads towards the campsite and says to herself: "Beloved idol of children everywhere. I'm starting to see what Ashley and the other Power Rangers see in this hero stuff."

Psycho Yellow reaches the campsite and jumpkicks a Skullinite that was about to attack Angela from behind.

Angela: "Thanks for the save."

Psycho Yellow shoots her Psycho Slinger at a pair of Skullinites: "Your welcome. Feel free to pitch in."

Angela nods and holds her Psycho Morpher in front of her: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence]

Psycho Pink back hand punches a Skullinite, follows it with a spinning legsweep and takes out a pair of Skullinites in the distance with an energy bolt from the palm of her hand.

Psycho Yellow finishes off the rest of the Skullinites with her Psycho Slinger and the Skullinite retreat.

Psycho Yellow: "Not bad, if I do say so myself."

Psycho Pink: "I wonder where Simon and Marcus are. They may be in trouble too."

Psycho Yellow: "You're right, and why did they attack us here?"

Psycho Pink: "Something's up."

Dark Hunter suddenly jumps out of the bushes and strikes Yellow with his sword and runs back into the shadows laughing all the way.

Psycho Yellow holds her shoulder as she gets back up: "Where is that creep?!"

Dark Hunter jumps out of the bushes yet again and lands in front of the Psycho Rangers: "Hahahaha! Greetings ladies. I am the Dark Hunter and today you are my prey."

Psycho Pink gets in a battle stance: "Dark Hunter is it?"

Psycho Yellow gets in a battle stance: "Another of Darkonda's loser monsters."

Dark Hunter crosses his arms: "Loser am I? I've already elminated two of your allies."

Psycho Pink: "What? If you've hurt Marcus and Simon, I'll.."

Dark Hunter unsheathes his sword: "You'll do nothing, but rest at my mantle!"

Dark Hunter charges towards Psycho Pink and Yellow. The Psychos jump out of the way and land behind him. Before Dark Hunter and counter attack, Psycho Pink and Yellow attack him with a shots from their Psycho Bow and Slinger, knocking Dark Hunter to the ground.

Dark Hunter slowly gets back up holding his chest: "Oh you'll make great catches indeed. But I'll need proper bait. Those girlscouts will do just nicely! Hahahaha!"

Dark Hunter teleports away in a black shadow.

Psycho Pink: "Oh no! The kids."

Psycho Yellow: "Wait. He just admitted that it's a trap."

Psycho Pink shakes her head: "It doesn't matter. As a scoutmaster, it's my duty to make sure those kids are safe."

Psycho Yellow: "You've really gotten into all of this stuff haven't you."

Psycho Pink runs: "It's who I am, these days."

Psycho Yellow holds her fist, and finally decides: "Fine. I guess it's me too."

Psycho Yellow follows Pink and says to herself: "I hope he was bluffing about the others. Wherever they are."

Scene 3

Setting: The river where Marcus and Simon jumped into. Near the river bank outcomes morphed Psycho Blue and Black.

Psycho Blue: "Wahahaha! What a rush!"

Psycho Black holds his stomach: "This is going to be one of those days!"

Psycho Blue gives Black a playful punch in the shoulder: "What's wrong with you. That was awesome!"

Psycho Black continues to hold his stomach: "Augh. I think I reinjured by ribs in the fall. I still haven't fully recover from what Twin Master did to me a couple of weeks back."

Psycho Blue: "Well tough noogies, you big baby."

Psycho Black shakes his head: "Jerk. Let's go find the others... huh?"

Psycho Blue: "What?"

Psycho Black points to a cave by the waterfall where they came down by: "I think I just saw a Skullinite in that cave."

Psycho Blue puts his fists to his hips: "What exactly is going on here, anyway?"

Psycho Black walks towards the cave while holding his stomach: "I don't know but it's time we find out."

Dementian and Goldar suddenly appear in front of Psycho Black and Psycho Blue.

Dementian aims his shotgun-esque weapon at Psycho Black: "Hahahaha! The only thing it's time for you to find out is to find out what the afterlife is like. Hahahaha."

Dementian and Goldar walks towards Psychos Black and Blue as the Psycho Rangers prepare to fight.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The training site where Ecliptor and Victor are located.

Victor is about to throw his boomerang again until suddenly Almidor's voice comes through his communicator on his Psycho Morpher: "Victor come in, NOW!"

Victor stops and talks through his communicator, Ecliptor stands next to him so that he can listen: "What is it?"

Almidor's voice: "Angela and Aundria have reported that their girlscout group is being attacked by a new monster, calling himself the Dark Hunter. Meanwhile Simon and Marcus are at a some cave by a waterfall by the Southmyre River that Dementian and Goldar want them to stay away from. Needless to say they need reinforcements, badly!"

Victor: "We're on it, Victor out."

Victor looks to Ecliptor: "Well?"

Ecliptor: "Hmmm. I assist Psycho Black and Psycho Blue. You help the girls."

Victor nods: "Right then."

Victor holds his Psycho Morpher arm in front of himself: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Psycho Red: "Well then, old man. Let's go!"

Ecliptor stops Psycho Red: "Wait. There's something I want to give you."

Psycho Red, a bit confused: "Huh? What you have in mind."

Ecliptor picks up a case, opens it, and pulls out a large black boomerang, with a slightly jagged blade, and red trimming. The Psycho Ranger, "N" symbol is place on the center: "This is the Psychorang, I had Almidor construct it for you when I decided to train you. I think you're ready for it."

Psycho Red takes the Psychorang and checks it out: "Cool, thanks a lot old man."

Psycho Red notices that Ecliptor has already left: "Old man?"

Ecliptor's voice on Psycho Red's communicator: "Now quit your gawkin' and get moving!"

Psycho Red nods and runs: "Oh, right!"

Scene 2

Setting: By the cave where Psycho Black and Psycho Blue are fighting with Dementian and Goldar.

Psycho Black blocks Dementian's arm blades to a standstill. Dementian taunts Black: "Hahaha. You don't think you'll actually win do you?"

Psycho Black struggles: "Why not? We do all the time anyway!"

Psycho Black kicks Dementian in the stomach to knock him back but Dementian counter strikes with a good slash across the chest to knock Psycho Black back to the river bank.

Psycho Blue constantly dodges Goldar, taunting him, causing Goldar to get frustrated: "Grrrr. Stand still you Psycho!"

Psycho Blue still dodging Goldar's attacks: "Hehehahaha! It's not my fault your such a slow poke, monkey butt!"

Dementian strikes Psycho Blue from behind then tosses him next to Psycho Black: "Should've watched your back! Hahaha!"

Dementian pulls out his gun, then he shoots simulataneously with Goldar's eye blasts at the Psycho Rangers. As the Psycho Rangers fall to the ground, Dementian and Goldar laugh.

Goldar: "Surrender now Psycho Rangers or face destruction."

Dementian: "Actually they'll face destruction anyway. It's just more fun when they beg for mercy."

Suddenly Ecliptor comes out of the woods strikes both Goldar and Dementian down.

Dementian startled: "Ecliptor!"

Ecliptor holds his sword in front of him: "It's you that will be begging for mercy, cretin!"

Dementian: "Hahaha! We'll see about this."

Ecliptor: "Indeed."

Scene 3

Setting: Outside the Southmyre Forest. Christy and the girlscouts just exit the forest but suddenly the Dark Hunter appears before them.

Dark Hunter pulls out his crossbow: "Now where do you think you're going kiddies?"

Dark Hunter shoots an energy blast from his crossbow at the kids but Psycho Pink suddenly jumps in the way and takes the blast for herself.

Christy: "Nooo!"

Dark Hunter taps his crossbow over his shoulder: "Hahaha. Hook, line, and sinker. What?"

Psycho Yellow comes charging in shooting several shots from Psycho Slinger at Dark Hunter. However Dark Hunter manages to block all three shots with the jagged blade on his forearm.

Dark Hunter: "Nice try."

Psycho Pink gets up: "You're not, not going to hurt these children!"

Dark Hunter aims his crossbow at Psycho Pink: "That's fine with me. They weren't my targets anyway."

Suddenly Psycho Red on his Psycho Cycle comes riding in on the scene: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

The Psycho Cycle becomes a huge fireball and attempts to go through Dark Hunter, however he jumps out of the way just in the nick of time, but not without getting singed.

The Psycho Cycle stops next to the kids: "If you thought that was hot, wait until you see what else I have up my sleeve."

Dark Hunter gets back up and pulls out a grappling hook: "That's it. I'm tired of playing games with mice like you. It's time to end the hunt now!"

Dark Hunter throws his grappling hook which wraps around Psycho Red, Dark Hunter then pulls him off of his cycle.

Dark Hunter laughs while shoots Psycho Red a couple of times with his crossbow, then uses the grappling hook to slam Psycho Red over him, then repeats the process over and over again.

Psycho Pink and Psycho Yellow charge towards Dark Hunter but he swings Psycho Red around him and finally throws Red at the girl Psychos.

Dark Hunter pulls out his sword and begins to intimidatingly walks towards the Psychos: "Now I'll carve my prize."

One of the girlscouts steps forward: "Leave them alone, you big bully!"

Dark Hunter stops: "Hahaha! And what do you think you'll do about it, little girl?"

The girlscout picks up a rock from the ground and throws it at Dark Hunter, the rest of the girlscouts and Christy follow and soon Dark Hunter is being swarmed with rocks.

Dark Hunter tries to block the stones but they're too much for him: "Aw! Stop it! Ouch! Knock it off! Didn't your parents teach you not to throw rocks! Aw!"

Finally Dark Hunter drops his weapons, then the Psycho Rangers get back up.

Psycho Pink looks at the girlscouts: "Thanks kids. We'll take it from here."

One of the girlscouts throws her fist in the air in excitement: "Kick his butt, Psycho Rangers!"

Christy, shocked by the little girl's language: "Suzie!"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword and charges towards Dark Hunter, jumps in the air and comes down with a mighty blow, then the sword becomes engulfed in flames, which Psycho Red uses for two more good strikes. Psycho Red jumps out of the way as the two girls jump into the air and shoot their Psycho Bow and Psycho Slinger at Dark Hunter.

Pscyho Red summons his Psychorang: "Let's finish this! Psychorang!"

Psycho Red's rubs the Psychorang and it becomes consumed by fire. Psycho Red throws the Psychorang and it goes through Dark Hunter, the fire on the Psychorang disicipates as it returns to Psycho Red. Psycho Red, Pink, and Yellow turn away as Dark Hunter slowly falls to the ground and explodes!

The girlscouts cheer and surround the Psycho Rangers.

Suzie: "You guys are the best."

Psycho Red, caught off guard by the kids: "Uh.. yeah. Thanks kid."

Psycho Pink looks to Yellow: "See, this wasn't such a bad idea."

Psycho Yellow nods: "I guess you're right."

Christy walks up to the Psycho Rangers: "Thank you Psycho Rangers."

Psycho Pink: "No problem."

Christy asks Psycho Pink: "Are Angela and the others okay."

Psycho Pink: "Don't worry about them. They're all right. But we have to go now."

Psycho Red: "Come on guys. Black and Blue still need our help."

Psycho Pink and Yellow both nod: "Right."

The Psycho Rangers leave in super speed.

Suzie: "Bye Psycho Rangers!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back at the waterfall where Ecliptor, Psycho Black, and Psycho Blue battle Dementian and Goldar.

Goldar: "Forget it, Psycho Rangers! You'll never reach the Guardian Key!"

Psycho Black, confused: "Guardian Key? So that's what all of this is about."

Dementian shoots Goldar with his gun: "Idiot! You'll blow everything! Get out of my sight."

Goldar backs out and teleports away in a golden flame.

Ecliptor charges his sword with a green glow and shoots the energy blast from it at Dementian, knocking him back.

Ecliptor: "Shouldn't have gotten rid of your help, Dementian."

Psycho Black and Blue jump over Ecliptor and strike Dementian with their Psycho Lance and Axe. Suddenly the rest of the Psycho Rangers come onto the scene.

Psycho Rangers pose: "Psycho Rangers!"

Dementian gets up holding his chest: "*gasp* *wheeze* I can't fail this time. Skullinites!"

A group of Skullinites appear around Dementian and charge towards the Psycho Rangers and a melee ensues.

Ecliptor grabs Psycho Red by the shoulder: "Whatever this is all about is called the Guardian Key and it's inside that cave."

Ecliptor points to the cave and Psycho Red nods: "Right, let's get it!"

Ecliptor and Psycho Red run into the cave.

Dementian notices the two entering the cave and in frustration goes ballistic with his gun. Shoots at the Psychos, the Skullinites teleport away. The large amount of shots from his gun causes a huge explosion, sending the four remaining Psycho Rangers into the air.

Dementian runs into the cave after Ecliptor and Psycho Red: "I must get the Guardian Key first!"

Psycho Yellow, struggling to get back up: "Ouch. When he's gets worried, he's dangerous."

Psycho Pink gets one knee: "No kidding."

Psycho Pink notices Psycho Black not getting back up: "Simon?"

Psycho Pink crawls over to Black and takes of his helmet.

Psycho Yellow, worried: "What's wrong?"

Psycho Pink holds Psycho Black in her arms: "Simon, are you okay?"

Psycho Black tenses his face in pain: "It's my ribs. They're broken."

Scene 5

Setting: "Inside the cave, Psycho Red and Ecliptor take out a pair of Skullinites and see a large bolted door at the end of the cave.

Psycho Red: "It must be on the other side."

Ecliptor: "No key."

Psycho Red: "Then let's use our own!"

Psycho Red releases a green energy bolt from his palm while Ecliptor shoots an energy blast from his eyes. The door falls down. Psycho Red enters the room and comes back out with a dark brown, circular case.

Psycho Red holds the case above his head: "I've got it."

Dementian rushes in and snatches the case from Psycho Red, then following it with a strike across Psycho Red: "It's mine now!"

Ecliptor charges towards Dementian: "Stop right there, worm!"

Dementian shoots his gun at Ecliptor, knocking him to the wall of the cave. Dementian makes his escape laughing.

Psycho Red gets up and chases after him: "We've got to stop him."

Scene 6

Setting: Back outside the cave. Dementian runs outside with the case.

Dementian: "Falconine! I have the Guardian Key!"

A small thunderstorm erupts and hawk's cry can be heard. Were the thunderbolts strike the ground, Falconine appears: "Well done, Dementian, now give it to me."

Psycho Pink shoots Dementian with her Psycho Bow: "Think again chicky!"

Psycho Pink jumps over Dementian and grabs the case: "I've got it!"

Falconine shoots a bird-shaped energy bolt at her: "You mean you had it!"

The bird-shaped bolt knocks Psycho Pink back and the case flies in the air. Dementian jumps after it but Psycho Blue jumps and in mid-air yells "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue uses his Psycho Spin attack in mid-air allowing him to grab the case and sending Dementian to the ground in the process.

Psycho Blue: "Hehehahaha! Am I the man or what!"

Falconine walks towards Psycho Blue and her hand glows, ready to release another bolt of energy: "Or what."

Ecliptor runs out of the cave an releases a series of eye beams at Falconine. Explosions erupt all around Falconine. Falconine covers her face with her cape.

Falconine then looks at Ecliptor in anger: "You'll pay for this!"

Falconine teleports away in the form a large black shadow in the shape of a raven.

Dementian gets up extends his blade arms: "I'm not leaving without the Guardian Key!"

The Psycho Rangers stand together with Ecliptor. Although Black is being held up by Yellow.

Psycho Red: "Okay guys, let's send this chump packin'!"

The Psycho Rangers form the Psycho Blaster, and Psycho Red fires it act a charging Dementian. Dementian becomes engulfed in an explosion as Psycho Red turns away from him.

Dementian struggles to get back up: "Ugh! Forget it, nothing if worth this misery."

Dementian warps away before Ecliptor can finish him off.

Ecliptor: "Come back here, you coward!"

Psycho Black holding his ribs: "Forget about him. We have the prize."

Psycho Black starts to collapse and the two girls hold him up.

Psycho Pink: "Be careful, Simon."

Ecliptor checks out the case: "Hmmm. I wonder what this thing is all about anyway. We'll have to have Almidor check it out."

Psycho Red takes off his helmet: "Whatever it is, Darkonda and company must think it's awfully important."

Ecliptor: "Agreed."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Where Darkonda is very upset with both Dementian and Falconine.

Darkonda yells at Falconine and Dementian: "Incompetants, both of you! Do you two realize how much trouble the Psycho Rangers, having the Guardian Key!"

Falconine points at Darkonda: "Watch you tone with me Darkonda. Besides we still have time. The Psycho Rangers don't know what powers the Guardian Key holds."

Dementian adds: "Yes, they may never find out it's true purpose."

Darkonda turns away and clenches his fist: "They had better not."

Porto's voice: "Sir? I know you're angry right now, but I have information that may cheer you up."

Darkonda turns to Porto: "It had better be good."

Porto walks up to Darkonda with a clipboard holding some papers: "As you know, Almidor has set up a device that prevents us from becoming giants. Mainly used because the Psycho Rangers, currently have no access to any Zords that could fend off giant attacks."

Darkonda: "Yes, what's your point."

Porto shows Darkonda the papers. After a moment of studying them Darkonda takes the clipboard and begins to laugh.

Falconine: "What is it?"

Darkonda gives an evil smile: "My dear, Falconine. This war with the Psycho Rangers may end very, very soon. Hahahahahaha!"

Dementian and Falconine look at each other then smile at Darkonda as he laughs.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Almidor is investigating the Guardian Key case. While Ecliptor and the unmorphed Psychos watch.

Almidor: "I'll have to get it to open but if the Guardian Key is what I think it is, then it couldn't have come at a better time."

Ecliptor: "Explain."

Almidor: "The Atmospheric Restricter's time is almost up. And when it runs down, we're going to have some big problems."

Angela: "That isn't good."

Simon: "Then how can this Guardian Key be of any use to us?"

Almidor: "The Guardian Key is an old Deacon Blue legend. If the legend is true, then we may have a chance against Darkonda's forces once they regain the ability to turn into giants."

Zordon: "Let us all hope so, because time is running out."

The Psycho Rangers look at each other with worried expressions.

Scene 3

Setting: The rooftop of the tallest building in New Bethany where the Atmospheric Restricter rests.

The Atmospheric Restricter begins to spark and the anti-giant field flickers out temporarily.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Almidor to the Psycho Rangers: "We have to stop them from reaching the Atmospheric Restricter now!"

Clip 2
Dementian taking down Psycho Black.

Clip 3
Darkonda taking out Psycho Pink and Blue.

Clip 4
Dementian laughs as he shoots his gun at the Restricter.

Clip 5
The Atmospheric Restricter explodes.

Almidor: "NOOOOOOO!!!!"

Clip 6
The anti-giant field fades away.

Clip 7
Darkonda, Dementian, and grinning monster covered in blades grow to giant size.

Clip 8
Almidor to Psycho Red: "Ecliptor's our only hope now."

Clip 9
The giant Darkonda, Dementian, and blade covered monster laugh as giant Ecliptor is sent crashing through a building.

Psycho Red: "Noooo!"

End Credits


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