Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 7
"The Traitor"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A monitor screen but there's nothing but static snow on it. The snow stops and an image of Simon shows up. Simon is looking at a security camera in one of the Power Chamber hallways.

Simon: "Okay, are you guys receiving all right?"

Scene 2

Setting: A monitor room. Where Almidor, Ecliptor, Angela, Victor, and Marcus remain watching Simon. Almidor sits in the front seat while everyone else stands behind him.

Almidor responds to Simon: "We're receiving you, loud and clear."

Victor turns to Angela in a low tone: "Why do we need security cameras anyway? We have the Viewing Globe."

Angela answers: "Because the Viewing Globe uses power directly from Zordon himself, and in his weakened state it's a good idea to come up with other video means."

Almidor turns his head back to Angela: "Couldn't have said it better myself."

Scene 3

Setting: Back in the hallway where Simon is working on the camera.

Simon speaking to Almidor: "All I have to do is tighten the screws and we're done with another camera."

Scene 4

Setting: The monitor room.

Almidor: "Good."

Ecliptor notices someone else in the video image of Simon: "There's someone sneaking up on him."

Victor sees the person: "Huh? Oh it's Aundria, she must be finished with her morning jog. Earlier than usual too."

Scene 5

Setting: The hallway.

Aundria sneaks up on Simon and startles him: "Wha?! Oh it's you, Aundria. Finished your jog early huh?"

Aundria in a dark tone: "Yes, yes I did. I came here to see if I can help."

Simon turns back to working on the camera: "Thanks for the thought, but I'm almost finished here."

Aundria gives an evil smile: "Yes, yes you are."

Aundria turns into Psycho Yellow right on the spot.

Scene 6

Setting: The monitor room. Everyone is a little confused with Aundria.

Angela: "Why did she morph?"

Ecliptor adds: "Something feels odd about this."

Scene 7

Setting: The hallway. Psycho Yellow summons her Psycho Slinger.

Simon sees the her reflection off the lense of the camera and turns around: "What are you doing?!"

Psycho Yellow shoots him point blank, sending Simon crashing into a wall and a hole burned through his shirt.

Scene 8

Setting: The monitor room. Everyone watches in horror as Psycho Yellow shoots Simon and then runs off.

Angela: "Simon!"

Victor, angry and shocked: "She shot him! She's going to pay for this!"

Almidor gets up from his seat and rushes for the exit: "Don't just stand there! Ecliptor! Inform Zordon of what just happened! Victor, Marcus! Get Psycho Yellow! Angela, come with me, we got to get Simon to the infirmary immediatley!"

Everyone agrees and rushes out the monitor room.

On the video image, the camera apparently falls down and shows a wounded Simon on the ground moaning and then falling unconscious. The image ends and static snow erupts on the screen again.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber and in the woods. Psycho Yellow runs out of the Power Chamber exit and runs into the woods. Victor and Marcus soon follow.

While running Victor and Marcus hold out their Psycho Morphers and yell: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Psycho Yellow ducks under a low branch and sees the other two Psycho Rangers right behind her.

Psycho Red yells: "Come back here!"

Psycho Yellow turns around a corner and jumps into some bushes. Psycho Red and Blue temporarily lose her.

Psycho Blue: "Where did she go?"

Red hears some rustling in the bushes and turns to them: "Over there!"

Psycho Red and Blue jump into the bushes and eventually end up in an open walking path in the woods.

Psycho Red: "No!"

Psycho Blue: "We lost her."

Just then coming down the path is Aundria, unmorphed and jogging.

Psycho Blue: "Over there!"

Psycho Red: "What nerve! She even unmorphed."

Psycho Blue: "Well let's stop her."

Psycho Red turns to Blue: "Right."

Psycho Blue in a excited tone: "Hehe hahahaha! I've always wanted to do this."

Psycho Blue charges towards Aundria.

Aundria finally notices Psycho Blue running towards her: "Marcus, why are you morphed..oommph!"

Psycho Blue knocks down Aundria with a running clothesline.

Aundria gets back up: "What's wrong with you, you loon!"

Psycho Red grabs Aundria from behind: "Who do you think your fooling with the innocent act!"

Aundria flips Psycho Red over her and pulls out her Psycho Morpher: "I don't know what's gotten into you two, but I'll knock you boys back to your senses. Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

Psycho Yellow gets in a battle stance: "So do you guys wanna chill already, or am I going to have to get rough!"

Psycho Blue summons his Psycho Axe while Psycho Red gets up: "Hehe hahahaha! Oh, I've been looking for an excuse to wipe up the floor with your snotty behind for a long time, Miss Yellow!"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "No one betrays the Psycho Rangers!"

Psycho Blue adds: "Yeah no one... uh.. yeah."

Psycho Blue flashbacks to a couple of weeks in the past when he attempted to switch sides by attacking Psycho Black.

Psycho Blue turns to Red: "On second thought. Let's not get too rough on her, okay?"

Psycho Red, stunned by Blue's words: "Huh? What the hell have you been smokin'?!"

Psycho Yellow shakes her head: "Betrayed the.. I didn't do anything!"

Psycho Red: "Quit lying. We saw you shoot Simon, pointblank! And while he was unmorphed. He may be dead because of you!"

Psycho Yellow motions the stop signal with her hands: "No wait! I was jogging all morning! I couldn't..."

Psycho Red strikes Yellow with his Psycho Sword: "Sticking to your story, huh. I always knew you were schemer and a liar but what you did was a new low for you."

Psycho Yellow, stunned by the blow Red gave her can't move: "I didn't.."

Psycho Red holds his sword over her and gets ready to impale her: "You're not stab anyone else in the back ever again."

Psycho Blue flashbacks to when he attacked Psycho Black and tried to join Darkonda.

Scene 2

Setting: Psycho Blue's flashbacks.

Marcus is about to kill a biker by knocking him off a roof: "Another mindless furball."

Paige, terrified pushes Marcus away from her: "Keep away from me! You freak!"

Psycho Blue to Psycho Black: "I'm sick of playing goodguy. I'm sick of being told to change. I'm sick of all of this garbage!"

Psycho Blue attacks Psycho Black from behind when Psycho Black prepares to fight off with Darkonda.

Psycho Black on the ground in pain: "Why?"

Psycho Blue stands next Darkonda: "Because I'm not going to be a goody good like the rest of you!"

Psycho Blue to Darkonda: "I'm ready to rejoin the Alliance, Darkonda."

Darkonda attacks Psycho Blue: "Ain't gonna happen! Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Black and Blue fight Darkonda.

Marcus to Simon: "Why didn't you tell them I tried to betray everyone."

Simon: "Because you would have have been put back into a data card, and right now, we're going to need all the Psycho Rangers together if we're ever gonna take down Darkonda."

Marcus: "Oh."

Simon: "Besides, you weren't thinking with a clear head at the time. I'd hate to think what would happen if the girl of my dreams was suddenly afraid of me."

Scene 3

Setting: Back in the woods where Psycho Red is about to impale Psycho Yellow.

Psycho Blue whispers to himself: "Simon."

Psycho Blue sees Red about to kill and Yellow and rushes to stop him. Blue grabs Red's arms: "Wait man!"

Psycho Red: "Let me go!"

Psycho Blue: "Let's just take her back to base. We don't even know why she did it. It may have been a good reason."

Psycho Red gets angry and turns to Blue: "What the hell is a good reason to betray your friends and allies. Anyone who's a traitor should be punished severly!"

Psycho Blue pauses for a moment: "They should. But let's see what Zordon and the others think first."

Psycho Red tenses in frustration for a moment: "Fine!"

Psycho Red and Blue pick and hold Yellow.

Psycho Yellow: "I'm telling you, I didn't do anything."

Psycho Red: "Save it!"

Psycho Red and Blue take Yellow away.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber's infirmary. Simon lies unconscious on the bed while Angela sits beside him. Almidor is looking at the readings from the machine hooked up to Simon.

Angela holds Simon's hand and then looks to Almidor: "Will he.."

Almidor turns to her and finishes her sentence: "He'll be alright. He was in shock for a while, but he's stabilized. It's only a matter of time before he regains consciousness."

Angela looks to Simon with a smile of relief: "That's good to know. It's funny though, sometimes we forget just how much protection our outfits actually provide. If he was morphed, he would have just been sore in the morning."

Almidor nods in agreement: "Well I have a few more things to do here. Why don't you check on the others."

Angela lays Simon's hand on his body and gets up: "Alright."

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. However no one is there except for Dementian sitting in Darkonda's throne and watching the images of Psycho Yellow being captured by Psycho Blue and Psycho Red.

Dementian: "Hahahaha! My plan is working perfectly. There was already a layer of mistrust amongst the Psychos and now I'm using that to my advantage."

Falconine's voice catches Dementian by surprise: "That's interesting, but I wonder what Darkonda would have to say about you sitting in his throne."

Dementian sees Falconine: "Falconine!"

Falconine steps out from the shadows: "Yes, Dementian and I see you've grown ambitious. Does Darkonda even know of this?"

Dementian gets up from Darkonda's throne: "No, he does not. I thought it would be a nice 'surprise' for him if I defeat the Psycho Rangers."

Falconine lifts her eyebrow in curiosity: "Oh really? You looked particularly comfortable in that chair."

Dementian smirks: "Hmhmhmhm. My dear, if I didn't know better, I would think that you were assuming that I was considering treachery."

Falconine: "I've heard that you Crulians are a treacherous lot."

Dementian walks around a bit: "Ah! But I've known Darkonda for a long time! We're practically brothers."

Falconine gives a confident smile: "I also heard that you killed your own brother for his prized weapon."

Dementian pulls out his gun and admires it: "Hahahaha! I see you've heard a lot about me."

Dementian lifts and eyebrow: "Will you be informing Darkonda that I've been working my own plans behind his back?"

Falconine: "Now why would I do that? You two can play all the power games you want. In the end I will side with the victor."

Dementian laughs: "Hahahahaha! You're my kind of girl Falconine! Hahahaha!"

Falconine: "Oh I'm no mere 'girl'."

Dementian checks out Falconine: "Hmhmhm. I could've told you that."

Falconine changes the subject: "Put those thoughts aside Dementian. What are you planning to do with the Psycho Rangers."

Dementian smiles: "Oh, I can't tell you that. Let's just say that this time we can't lose!"

Falconine turns away: "We'd better not. Or maybe I will side with Darkonda in the end."

Falconine disappears.

Dementian to himself: "Hmhmhmhm. You are an intriguing lady, my dear Falconine. But don't assume that you're the spoils I'm after. Hahahahaha!"

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Aundria stands before Zordon, shackled. Victor, Marcus, Beta 1, and Almidor are also in the room.

Zordon: "Aundria, you must know that if no evidence to prove that you didn't betray us and attempted to kill Simon can be found. Then I will have no choice, but to return you back to your data card."

Aundria looking down: "Yes, I understand, but I didn't attack Simon."

Aundria looks up at Zordon: "I was out jogging all morning, I couldn't have been here. In fact that's what I was doing when Victor and Marcus jumped me!"

Zordon asks: "Is this true?"

Victor: "I have to admit, it was odd that she suddenly unmorphed when we were chasing her."

Marcus adds in: "I don't know if she really did it or not. But can't we be lenient. The data card seems harsh."

Victor gives Marcus the evil eye: "What's up with you? You've been acting all strange ever since this whole ordeal started."

Marcus remembers him attack Psycho Black himself: "I.. I just don't like is all."

Almidor: "Well even if Aundria has been framed, you were still up to something."

Aundria is surprised by that: "What are you talking about."

Almidor brings Beta 1 forward: "I had Beta 1 search your room earlier, to find any clues."

Beta 1 holds out a folder: "I'm sorry Aundria, but I found this."

Aundria sees the dark green folder and looks down in grief: "Oh no."

Almidor takes the folder and opens it up: "What we found in here was unsettling. Apparently Aundria has been keeping notes on all of our day to day habits. Our strengths and weaknesses. Schematics of the Power Chamber, Sky Knight, and Psycho Cycles. And plans on how to 'convince' the other Psycho Rangers to 'help'."

Tears start to run down from Aundria's eyes: "Okay! I admit, that I wasn't being level with everyone, and that I had my own agenda. But I wouldn't hurt any of you!"

Victor crosses his arms, not amused: "I seem to recall that Angela trusted you once, and because of that, she was the first one to be taken out by the Power Rangers."

Aundria looks to Victor and says with convinction: "I.. didn't.. shoot.. Simon."

Zordon: "These are serious matters. I suggest we wait until we get Ecliptor's report before we choose a corse of action."

Almidor closes the folder: "Very well."

Beta 1 escorts Aundria out. Victor gives her a cold stare whil Marcus remains silent.

Scene 4

Setting: The monitor room. Ecliptor and Angela have just watched the whole scene with Aundria and the others.

Angela in a quite tone: "I believe her."

Ecliptor turns to Angela: "Hmmm? You're too trusting, girl."

Angela looks at Ecliptor: "I know her, Ecliptor. I've never seen Aundria cry before. I think she meant it when she said she wouldn't hurt any of us."

Ecliptor turns away and looks at the monitor: "Hmph. You fell for her act once before."

Angela: "Oh I haven't forgotten about that."

Scene 5

Setting: Angela's flashbacks.

Psycho Pink after shooting cardboard cutouts of the Powers Ranger: "The Rangers don't stand a chance against my perfect aim."

Psycho Yellow adds: "Unfortunatley, Astronema won't let you use it."

Psycho Pink: "She has a plan."

Psycho Yellow: "She has a plan alright. But what makes you think her plan includes you."

Psycho Pink: "What do you mean?"

Psycho Yellow: "Listen, the only way we'll have enough power to defeat them, is to attack them together."

Psycho Pink and the Quantrons fight the Power Rangers.

Psycho Yellow captures the Yellow Power Ranger and begins to sink into the ground with her.

Psycho Pink: "Wait!"

Psycho Yellow: "Why? I have us a prisoner!"

Psycho Pink: "But you promised that it would be Pink!"

Psycho Yellow disappears with the Yellow Ranger: "I lied! Hahahaha!"

Psycho Pink stops Yellow from stealing the Yellow Ranger's powers: "Hold it right there!"

Psycho Yellow: "What are you doing?!"

Psycho Pink: "Me?! The question is what are you doing? I thought the plan was that we would steal her powers, not.. just.. you!"

Psycho Yellow: "Certainly, you don't think I would doublecross you."

Psycho Pink: "You'd doublecross your own mother. That is, if you had one!"

Psycho Yellow pushes Pink aside: "Hey. No need to get personal. Just cuz I have the brains, to pull this off."

Psycho Pink grabs the Yellow Ranger: "Hold it right there!"

Psycho Yellow: "Huh?"

Psycho Pink: "Unless you want me to destroy her right now, let's renegotiate this deal."

Psycho Yellow in a determined voice: "No.. way."

Psycho Yellow fires an energy bolt from her right hand at Psycho Pink. Causing Psycho Pink to let the Yellow Ranger to escape.

Psycho Pink holding her hand against her visor: "My energy sheild's been compromised!"

Yellow Ranger to Pink Ranger: "Cassie, I think I know how we can beat the Pink Psycho Ranger."

The Pink and Yellow Power Rangers doubleteam Psycho Pink.

Yellow Ranger holds Psycho Pink while Pink Ranger shoots Psycho Pink in the damaged visor with her Satellite Stunner Booster Mode.

Yellow Ranger attacks Psycho Pink with her Blade Arm.

The Pink and Yellow Ranger turn away as Psycho Pink falls to the ground.

Scene 6

Setting: Back in the monitor room with Ecliptor and Angela.

Angela: "But that was all in the past before our transformation to human beings."

Ecliptor: "Granted. Then let's see if we can find something that can prove her innocence."

Ecliptor plays the footage of Aundria turning into Psycho Yellow and shooting Simon.

Angela: "There! Roll back a little bit."

Ecliptor rewinds the tape to before Aundria morphs.

Angela: "Watch closely."

They play the tape again and Ecliptor catches on: "I see. She didn't use her morpher."

Angela: "And ever since we we've become humans we need these Psycho Morphers to access our powers."

Ecliptor: "Then it is apparent that there is an imposter afoot."

Ecliptor notices a glittering substance on the floor where the fake Aundria steps: "Hmmm. Let's go to the scene of the crime."

Scene 7

Setting: The hallway where Simon was shot. Ecliptor and Angela check the area out.

Ecliptor gets on one knee to look at the glittery substance on the floor: "Something's not right here."

Angela: "What is it?"

Ecliptor picks up some of the glittery substance and rubs it between his fingers the looks to Angela: "It's small fragments of.. glass."

Angela confused: "Glass?"

Ecliptor gets up and begins to leave in a hurry: "Let's go. I think I know who is behind this."

Angela follows behind him.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Outside in the woods. Ecliptor examines a broken branch and sees a small shard of glass sticking out from the bark.

Ecliptor to himself: "Hmmm. I seem to be on the right path."

Ecliptor follows the path of small glass to an open field and sees that the trail has ended in the middle of the field. Ecliptor taps his bracelet: "Psycho Pink, zero in on my location."

Psycho Pink drives into the field on her Psycho Cycle, stops, and gets off of it: "What have you found?"

Ecliptor: "Nothing else. That's the problem. The trail ends here."

Psycho Pink: "Maybe whoever framed Aundria teleported away?"

Ecliptor looks around: "Very possible."

Ecliptor notices that the area is shiny: "No. He's still here."

A ghastly voice laughs and the echo can be heard through out the field: "Hahahahaha! I see that you are a very perceptive being, Ecliptor! Hahahaha!"

Suddenly large shards of glass appear and circle around Ecliptor and Psycho Pink.

Psycho Pink: "Who are we dealing with?!"

The space in front of Ecliptor and Psycho Pink ends up looking like a mirror and the mirror shatters. Out comes a monster made completley out of glass. Very bulk with glass spikes all over his body. He has two faces on his shoulders, while his center head had large glass spikes forming a crown. The monster is holding a large double ended glass lance.

Ecliptor tells Psycho Pink: "He is one of Finster's monsters. The Twin Man."

The monster corrects Ecliptor as he steps towards him and Psycho Pink: "Actually, that was my former name. Before I was 'improved' upon. I am the Twin Master now!"

Psycho Pink: "Twin Master? So you're the one that attacked Simon!"

Psycho Pink jumps over the circle of glass shards and lunges towards the Twin Master, but the glass shards suddenly strike her, knocking Pink to the ground.

Twin Master: "Hahahaha! You won't get to me that easily!"

Psycho Pink gets up and charges towards Twin Master: "You'll pay for what you did to Simon!"

Twin Master laughs as Psycho Pink goes right through him.

Psycho Pink: "Huh?"

Psycho Pink suddenly finds herself, surrounded by six Twin Masters and they are all laughing.

Twin Masters: "Hahahaha! Which one is the real one?"

All of the Twin Masters, in unison shoot Pink with an energy beam from their lance.

Ecliptor holds his sword in front of him: "Not bad, but I know that trick as well!"

Ecliptor creates five shadow clones of himself, then the six Ecliptors all charge the six Twin Masters.

Twin Masters: "Impressive, but I am the master of illusion here, not you!"

Twin Master thrusts his lance into the ground and all six Ecliptors erupt with sparks until all of them except for the real Ecliptor vanish.

Twin Master: "Hahahaha! Huh?"

Psycho Pink jumpkicks Twin Master: "Gotcha!"

Twin Master gets up: "Foolish girl! I have more tricks up my sleeve."

Twin Master releases a blinding light and temporarily blinds Psycho Pink.

Psycho Pink: "My eyes! I can't see!"

Ecliptor gets up: "Angela, watch out!"

It's too late as Twin Master gives Psycho Pink a series of attacks from his lance. Psycho Pink falls to the ground beside Ecliptor.

Ecliptor holds his sword in a defensive stance: "He's a trick one. We're going to need help."

Scene 2

Setting: A cell, where Aundria is being held. Victor and Marcus walk in the room and look at Aundria from the other side of the bars.

Aundria notices Victor staring at her: "Are you going to give the evil eye all day?"

Victor: "You betrayed us, or at least WERE going to betray us."

Aundria looks down: "I wasn't going to betray perse'. But I did have plans to use everyone to my advantage."

Marcus: "What's the difference?"

Aundria: "I had no intention of selling everyone out to Darkonda. It's just that.. what are we going to do AFTER the United Alliance was dealt with."

Victor a bit confused: "What do you mean by that?"

Aundria looks up at Victor: "If we're human, that means we'll eventually have to live like normal humans. Cuz you know Zordon isn't going to let us keep our Psycho Ranger powers after Darkonda's gone. That means we would have to work for a living, probably for low wages, and pratically eat scraps."

Marcus adds in: "A regular hard knock life."

Aundria nods: "Yeah. And I don't want that. I want more. I want wealth, luxury. Hell even fame. But I can't have that, working like a nobody. So I figured that while I'm still the Yellow Psycho Ranger, I could scam everyone into some get rich quick scheme."

Aundria gets up with conviction: "But that was all I was going to do! I wouldn't have actually harmed anyone especially not nearly kill Simon. You guys maybe a motley bunch but you're still the closest thing to a famil.."

Marcus cuts her off: "Whoah! Don't go there. I'm not in the mood for that kind of softy crap."

Victor in a friendlier tone: "I really want to believe you, but I how do we know, you're not trying to scam us with a sob story right now."

Aundria sits back down and turns away: "Fine! Don't believe me then. Just send me back into that green piece of plastic."

Victor: "Wait, I didn't me.."

Victor is cut off when Ecliptor's voice comes in on his Psycho Morpher/communicator: "Psycho Red! Psycho Pink and myself need you and Psycho Blue's assistance immediatley. Aundria is innocent of attacking Simon. It was a monster named Twin Master that impersonated her."

Aundria smiles and in a smug tone: "I told you!"

Ecliptor's voice: "I've already turned on my homing beacon, follow it to us NOW!"

Victor: "Alright old man! We're coming. Victor out."

Victor looks to Marcus and motions his head to the door: "Let's go."

As Victor and Marcus rush out, Aundria yells: "WAIT! Let me go with you."

Victor stops and looks to Aundria: "No way. You may not have shot Simon, but your loyalties are still in question."

Aundria: "I wasn't lying, when I said I didn't plan on hurting anyone."

Victor: "How can tell if you're not lying. You don't have the best track record."

Aundria gives a half-smile: "Do any of us?"

Victor thinks about it for a minute: "You have a point."

Victor presses a switch on the wall and Aundria's shackles come lose. He then pulls out her Psycho Morpher from his pocket and tosses it to her: "Here."

Aundria catches it: "Thanks."

Victor holds his morpher arm in front of him: "Well then, Let's Get Psycho!"

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Scene 3

Setting: Back in the field where Twin Master is attacking Ecliptor and Psycho Pink with large flying shards of glass.

Twin Master: "Hahahahaha! I'm disappointed that defeating the 'mighty' Ecliptor turned out to be such child's play!"

Ecliptor gets and outraged: "Child's play! Take this!"

Ecliptor shoots a pair of eye beams but the beams reflect off of Twin Master and back at Ecliptor and Psycho Pink.

Psycho Pink: "They came right back at us!"

Ecliptor: "His mirrored skin must be ultra-reflective."

Twin Master: "Hahahahaha! Huh?"

Suddenly Psycho Red, Yellow, and Blue arrive on their Psycho Cycles. Psycho Yellow gets in the lead with her Cycle.

Psycho Yellow: "Psycho Cycle Beastwave Frenzy!"

The Yellow Psycho Cycle begins to roar and shoot out hundreds of small energy bolts that resemble bees. However the energy bees all bounce off of the Twin Master and wreck the Psycho Cycles instead and sending the three Psycho Rangers into the air next to Ecliptor and Pink.

Psycho Yellow slowly gets back up: "No! He reflected them right back at us."

Psycho Blue jokingly: "Are you sure you're really on our side?"

Ecliptor: "He reflected my attacks as well."

Twin Master gloats: "Hahahaha! Well aren't you going to try again."

Psycho Red: "Oh you know we will!"

Psycho Red looks at everyone: "Okay, he can only reflect so much power back at us, right? So let's hit him with everything we've got!"

Pink, Yellow, and Blue in unison: "Right!"

Ecliptor stands back as the four Psycho Rangers releasing a series of green lightning bolts from the hands at Twin Master.

Twin Master reflects the energy bolts back at the Psychos: "Ha!"

The Psycho Rangers go down, Psycho Red gets back up and looks to Ecliptor: "I guess we'll have to take him down hand to hand."

Ecliptor shakes his head: "No good. He's too tricky to get his hands on."

Twin Master gloats: "Hahahaha! Dementian had me frame Psycho Yellow so that you Psychos would fall apart from the inside. But it looks like I'll be able to destroy you from the outside!"

Psycho Yellow to herself: "Inside? That's it!"

Psycho Red: "What?"

Psycho Yellow looks to Pink: "Angela, I want you to get ready to shoot him with your Psycho Arrows."

Psycho Pink shakes her head: "Are you nuts! They'll just bounce off of him like everything else!"

Psycho Yellow: "No, no, no. Aim for his mouth when he opens it."

Psycho Pink: "Even I can't make that shot. Sure he talks a lot, but I don't know when he'll open it."

Psycho Yellow gives the okay sign: "Just follow my lead. Blue?"

Psycho Blue: "Yeah?"

Psycho Yellow: "Just go along."

Psycho Blue confused: "Go along with what?"

Psycho Yellow elbow punches Blue in the gut: "With this!"

Psycho Red: "What do you think you're doing?"

Psycho Yellow: "Please, Victor. You have to trust me on this."

Psycho Yellow kicks Psycho Red down and takes down Ecliptor and Psycho Pink as well.

Psycho Yellow jumps to Twin Master.

Twin Master: "Huh? What are you doing?"

Psycho Yellow in a seductive tone: "What do you think I'm doing, silly. I'm helping you."

Twin Master scratches his head: "You help me? Is this a trick?"

Pyscho Yellow gets closer to Twin Master: "Of course not. Look, after what you did, they'll never trust me again anyway, so I might as well hook up with you."

Psycho Red while still on the ground: "What does she think she's doing?"

Ecliptor also still on the ground: "Hmmm. I think I see where this is going. Hmhmhm. Pink, get ready to shoot."

Psycho Pink: "Huh? Okay."

Psycho Pink slowly gets back on one knee and summons her Psycho Bow.

Twin Master looks at Psycho Yellow: "Are you coming on to me, my dear?"

Psycho Yellow gets close to Twin Master and puts her arms around him and says in a seductive tone: "Why not? You're kinda cute for a big hunk of glass, and after all you're still a GUY!"

Psycho Yellow knees Twin Master in the groin causing him to kneel over in pain with his mouth wide-open.

Psycho Blue: "Ouch! Even for a monster that had to hurt!"

Psycho Red looks to Pink: "I get it! Now Angela!"

Psycho Pink shoots a Psycho Arrow right into Twin Master's mouth. Psycho Yellow runs to the others.

Twin Master gets up: "Ha! No affect! I don't know what you thought you were doing, but I won't waste anymore time destroying all of you..oooooo."

Twin Master starts to wobble around.

Everyone gets back up and Psycho Blue asks: "What's happening to him?"

Psycho Yellow in a confident tone crosses her arms: "He's being destroyed from the inside."

Scene 4

Setting: Inside Twin Master's stomach. The Psycho Arrow keeps bouncing around inside causing Twin Master's body to heat up.

Scene 5

Setting: The field.

Twin Master starts to glow red and steam begins to come out of his ears and all three of his mouths: "Nooo! This can't be happening to me."

Psycho Yellow: "Oh but it is. By the way, you're really not my type."

Twin Master holds his stomach: "Curse yoooouuuuu!"

Twin Master finally blows up. Ecliptor and the Psycho Rangers cover their eyes.

Psycho Pink high fives Psycho Yellow: "Yeah! We did it!"

Ecliptor nods: "That was clever."

Psycho Yellow puts her arms around Blue and Red: "Thanks, now how about we all get back home, and take a load off."

Psycho Red takes Yellow's arm off of him: "Not so fast. There's still that whole conspiring to treason business."

Psycho Yellow: "But.."

Ecliptor: "We'll discuss this later, now let's go home."

Psycho Blue runs ahead: "Hehe hahahaha! Last one there's a rotten egg. Which probably means you, greenie! Hehe hahahaha!"

The Psychos run to their Cycles and laugh.

Ecliptor to himself: "Grrr. Bunch of brats."

Scene 6

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Dementian watches Ecliptor and the Psycho Rangers leave after destroying the Twin Master.

Dementian clenches his fists in anger: "Blast! My plan failed!"

Darkonda's voice: "Your plan?"

Dementian surprised by Darkonda: "Darkonda! I didn't know you were there."

Darkonda steps out of the shadows: "I bet you didn't! I see you were working behind my back, and wasted one of my monsters in the process!"<> Dementian: "Wait a minute, Darkonda. I can explain."

Darkonda blasts Dementian with a bolt from his hands: "Save it!"

Darkonda grabs Dementian by the neck: "Just remember, that I run the show now! And you do nothing unless I tell you too."

Dementian: "Yes Darkonda."

Darkonda: "What? I can't hear yooouuu."

Dementian speaks louder: "I said 'YES DARKONDA'."

Darkonda drops Dementian: "Good. Now cheer up, little brother. Tomorrow's another day. Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda leaves and Dementian on one knee holding his neck: "Yes, tomorrow's another day. And you never know, your day may be up!"


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The hallway just outside Aundria's room. Angela walks to the door and out comes Simon. They bump into each other.

Angela: "Oh. I'm sorry, are you alright."

Simon: "I'm okay. It's my fault anyway."

Angela puts her hand on Simon's shoulder and smiles: "No it's mine. But shouldn't you be taking it easy? Almidor said you should stay in bed for a week and let that wound heal."

Simon: "I am, but I had to talk to Aundria and let her know that I understood everything. But she's still real down."

Angela: "Well that's why I came here. I think we need to talk girl-to-girl."

Simon steps back: "Well don't let me get in your way. I think I'll catch up on some reading anyway. See ya later."

Simon walks away, Angela watches him with a smile as she enters Aundria's room.

Inside Aundria's room, Aundria is sitting on her bed with her knees to her face looking depressed.

Angela: "Aundria?"

Aundria looks at Angela: "Huh? Oh it's you, Pink. What do you want?"

Angela sits on the bed, beside Aundria: "What's wrong? I would have thought you would be happy when Zordon decided to just put you on probation instead of putting you back in the datacard."

Aundria: "That's because, I know he really only let me go easy because he wants the Psycho Rangers to be at full number. Not because anyone really wants to trust me. Not that they should."

Angela puts her hand on Aundria's knee: "I trust you."

Aundria looks up at Angela with a puzzled look: "You? But you more than anyone should distrust me. Hell, you should probably hate me. After the last time."

Angela shakes her head: "That was in the past. You were a different person then, so was I, so was everyone."

Tears start to run down Aundria's face: "I don't feel like a different person."

Angela pulls out a hankerchief and wipes the tears from Aundria's face: "You are. The old Psycho Yellow couldn't care less if anyone trusted her or not. She didn't care enough about anyone to worry about them believing in her. You do."

Angela gets up: "Look. Let's just start over. As friends this time."

Angela holds out her hand and Aundria looks at her for a moment.

Aundria, misty-eyed: "Pink?"

Angela: "Yeah?"

Aundria smiles and begins to chuckle: "You've turned into such a sap!"

Aundria laughs and throws her pillow at Angela, Angela laughs and throws it back at her and soon a pillow fight breaks out. A new friendship is born.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Dementian shows Darkonda a map: "This map leads to an ancient artifact of great power."

Clip 2
Dementian's voice: "But we must make sure the Psycho Rangers don't get near the treasure."

A group of Skullinites attack Angela and some girlscouts.

Clip 3
Darkonda's voice: "Oh we'll make sure they don't get out of that forest alive!"

Simon and Marcus jumping off a cliff into a river.

Clip 4
A monster in the shadows: "Hahahahaha!"

Psycho Yellow to Pink: "Where is that creep?!"

Clip 5
Psycho Pink holds a dark brown circular case: "I've got it!"

Falconine shoots a bird-shaped energy bolt at her: "You mean you had it!"

Clip 6
Psycho Black, Yellow, Pink, and Blue jumping from an explosion.

Clip 7
Psycho Pink jumping in front of a energy beam that was meant to hit a bunch of girlscouts.

Clip 8
Psycho Black holding his stomach: "This is going to be one of those days!"

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