Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 6

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: Inside a research lab. The Psycho Rangers are already engaged in battle with Dementian and the Skullinites. Dementian has a silver case in his hand.

Psycho Red takes out a pair of Skullinites with two swipes of his Psycho Sword and looks to Dementian: "Hand it over, Dementian! You're not going to escape me!"

Dementian about to leave through a doorway, grinning on his way out: "Hahaha! Don't make me laugh, Red Psycho Ranger."

Dementian leaves, and Psycho Red begins to follow taking out another Skullinite: "Come back here!"

Psycho Black breaks off a would be dog pile of Skullinites and sees Psycho Red: "Wait, Victor. You'll need back up!"

Psycho Red about to leave the room turns to him: "I can handle Dementian, you guys have your hands full here, already."

Pyscho Pink judo flips a Skullinite from behind her and takes out another one with a roundhouse kick: "Where did Victor go?"

Psycho Yellow mid-kicks a Skullinite: "He went after Dementian alone!"

Psycho Blue smashes two Skullinites heads together: "Hehe hahaha! I say we join that party, cuz this one's getting old."

Six Skullinites than jump on Psycho Blue from behind.

Psycho Black's Psycho Lance is knocked out of his hand by a Skullinite and gets punched in the stomach, but he retaliates with an uppercut, but then gets hit from behind by another Skullinite. Psycho Black elbow punchs that one, but is still holding his own stomach: "It's no good, they just keep coming. Still Psycho Red shouldn't have went after Dementian by himself."

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the research lab. Dementian runs out with the silver case in hand, followed by Psycho Red.

Dementian turns around and shoots Psycho Red with his gun and knocks Red to the ground: "Give it up, I'm better than you!"

Psycho Red holds his chest and struggles to get up and with conviction says: "NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME!"

Psycho Red charges at Dementian with Psycho Sword in hand.

Dementian fires multiple shots from his gun: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Red Power Ranger would disagree with that!"

Psycho Red avoids Dementian's shots but jumping into the air towards Dementian and aims to slash him, but Dementian drops the silver case and extends his wrist blades, blocks Psycho Red's attack and flips him to the ground.

Dementian kicks Psycho Red in the stomach while he's down: "Nice try!"

Dementian kicks Psycho Red again and again until Red finally grabs his leg and tries to flip him, but Dementian lands on his feet. Psycho Red has trouble getting and holds his stomach then tries to strike Dementian with his sword, but once again Dementian blocks with one wrist blade and strikes Red with the other. Psycho Red drops his sword and Dementian follows with a three slash combo on Psycho Red.

Psycho Red finally falls down, face down and Dementian stomps on his back: "Hahahaha! You're pathetic, Psycho Red. It's no wonder the Power Rangers put you in your place so many times."

Dementian walks away, retracts his blades and picks up the silver case.

Psycho Red very slowly gets back up: "I'm.. I'm not through yet.. and.. I'm a much.. much.. better Red Ranger than... Andros.. ever was!"

Dementian turns around with a devilish grin and aims his gun at Psycho Red: "You're nothing but a wannabe, and you my friend, need a reality check!"

Dementian fires three shots at Psycho Red and all three of them hit their mark. Just then the other Psycho Rangers run out the building.

Psycho Black: "Oh no!"

Psycho Yellow: "Victor, no!"

In slow motion, Psycho Red falls to the ground before Dementian.

Dementian waves good bye to the Psycho Rangers: "Bye! Hahahaha!"

Dementian warps out.

The Psycho Rangers run to Psycho Red. Psycho Black gets on his knees and scoops up Red in his arm: "Victor! Don't fade out on us!"

Psycho Red barely conscious and not aware of himself mumbles: "I'm not worthless. I'm not worthless. I'm not worthless *ugh*"

Psycho Red falls unconscious.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber Gym. There are various weight-lifting machines, bike simulators, and treadmills set out along the walls. In the center of the room are floor mats set up for wrestling and off to the side are punching bags, one of which is currently being worked on by Victor, wearing just sweat pants and gym shoes, no shirt. And he is bandaged up around his ribs and head. He has a cold stare.

Simon walks into the room and is relieved to have finally found Victor: "Ah, there you are. Why aren't you in the infirmary?"

Victor barely paying attention to Simon continues to hit the punching bag: "I can't waste my time lying down."

Simon walks up to Victor: "You're going to burn yourself out."

Victor still punching: "I'll worry about that, when it happens."

Simon stands next to Victor: "What happened to you, back there?"

Victor gets angry and gives one final punch to the bag and turns around: "Dementian kicked the tar out of me! You know that!"

Simon shakes his head and walks towards Victor: "No, no. That's not what I meant. Before you lost consciouness you were mumbling to yourself 'I'm not worthless.' over and over."

Victor turns his head back towards Simon: "You must have imagined it."

Simon worried: "Why won't you tell me?"

Victor turns and yells: "Because IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

Victor holds his head in pain and gets on one knee.

Simon stands next to Victor and tries to help him back up: "Here, let me.."

Victor cuts him off and pushes Simon away from him: "Back off! I'm not some power punk. I'm still Psycho Red!"

Simon: "Vic, I.."

Simon is cut off by Zordon's voice on the intercom: "Simon, please come into the Power Chamber immediatley."

Victor gets back to the punching bag: "You here that? Why don't go see what they want and leave me the hell alone!"

Simon just shakes his head and leaves.

Scene 2

Setting: The Dark Carrier, inside Porto's lab. Porto is busy working on device while Darkonda, Dementian, Falconine, and Cybera look on.

Darkonda getting impatient: "Well?"

Porto continues working on the device: "It's almost finished, your ruthlessness."

Porto stops, picks up the device and hands it to Darkonda: "The Implosion Detonator is finished, Darkonda."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Excellent we'll set this Implosion Device at the base of Power Chamber Mountain and when it goes off the mountain will colapse and crush the Power Chamber."

Falconine seductively smiles: "And any unfortunate souls that happen to be inside."

Darkonda turns to Falconine and grins: "Exactly."

Dementian takes the Implosion Detonator from Darkonda: "I suppose, I'll be the one to set it up. Hmmmm."

Darkonda smiles: "Of course! Hahahaha! But not alone."

Darkonda turns to Porto: "Where's Finster?"

Porto: "He should be finished making your new monster at any minute."

As if on cue, Finster walks in the room with the Nasty Knight: "I'm here, your majesty. As per your request, I give you the Nasty Knight!"

Nasty Knight bows to Darkonda: "I am ready to serve my king."

Darkonda pulls out the Evolution Crystal: "I'm glad to here that. But I don't require the services of the Nasty Knight. I require the services of someone more powerful!"

Darkonda blasts Nasty Knight with the Evolution Crystal and the Nasty Knight screams in pain. Darkonda and Dementian both laugh. Porto looks away. Falconine watches on with disgust. Cybera watches with no emotion, whatsoever.

Finster covers his eyes: "Oh dear, I'll never get used to this."

Darkonda stops and when the smoke clears a bulkier version of the Nasty Knight appears in his place. With large jagged shoulder pads, a long jagged sword, a skull-face club, and a large shield with spikes on the rim of it.

Falconine lifts an eyebrow: "Hmmm. Impressive. What is your new name?"

The armored monster bows to Falconine: "My lady, the Nasty Knight is dead, from this day forward I shall be your Black Knightmare!"

Darkonda: "Hmmm. A bit cliche' but an appropriate name none the less. Hahahahahaha!"

All the villains except for Cybera laugh with glee. Cybera remains cold and silent.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. Almidor, Ecliptor, Zordon, and Beta 1 wait for Simon.

Simon walks in the room and is curious about why he was called in: "Okay, what's this about? And why did you only want me?"

Almidor walks to Simon: "We've been evaluating everyone's physical and mental exams, so considering the results of that and Victor's recent actions."

Simon lifts an eyebrow: "What are you getting at?"

Almidor: "I think it's time you considered taking over as leader of the Psycho Rangers."


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Still in the Power Chamber.

Simon has his hands up and shaking his head: "No, I can't be the leader of the Psycho Rangers."

Almidor: "Are you sure?"

Simon looks to everyone: "Victor is Psycho Red. He may have gotten ahead of himself today, but he's still the best of all us."

Ecliptor walks up to Simon: "Do you believe that? Or are you the only one that hasn't noticed that he still obsesses with Andros, the Red Power Ranger."

Simon getting defensive: "You don't know what you're talking about."

Ecliptor: "Hmmm. Perhaps you're not the right man for the job, after all."

Simon slightly nods: "I'm glad someone sees it that way."

Simon begins to leave.

Zordon: "Simon. I respect your decision but you must ask yourself, is it really the best choice for your teammates?"

Simon stops and turns to Zordon: "I know what's best for me, and it isn't being the leader of the Psycho Rangers."

Simon walks again but stops to say one last thing: "I also think it would be best for Victor if no one speaks of this again."

Simon leaves, Almidor tries to stop him, but Simon ignores him.

As Simon enters the hallway from the Power Chamber and leaves into another room, Aundria exits from behind a closet door.

Aundria smiles and says to herself: "So they want someone else to lead the Psychos. Interesting."

Aundria turns away and leaves: "I think I use this information."

Back inside the Power Chamber, Almidor begins to yell at Ecliptor: "Why didn't you try to change his mind, instead of agreeing with him."

Ecliptor begins to walk away: "I have a better understanding of the situation than either you or Zordon does. I've known them longer than you have."

Almidor: "But they were different then."

Ecliptor turns to Almidor: "No they're not. All you and Zordon did was give them the freedom of choice between good and evil. But the Psycho Rangers are still the Psycho Rangers."

Zordon: "Please elaborate."

Ecliptor: "They may no longer be pure 'evil' but their core personalities are the same. Even evil, Psycho Pink had her 'sweet' side. Psycho Blue is still a perverted and demented psychopath. You've mistaken Psycho Yellow's attempts to lure you into one of her schemes for kindness. Psycho Black is the tactician and understands what must be done."

Almidor shakes his head: "And Victor?"

Ecliptor: "Even though all the Psycho Rangers were originally programmed to destroy the Power Ranger counterparts, Psycho Red was the most obsessive of them all. As humans, the others may have forgotten their obsession with the Power Rangers. But I suspect that Psycho Red hasn't forgotten his, with the Red Ranger."

Zordon: "You mean, that Victor still wishes to destroy Andros."

Ecliptor turns away: "Not necessarily his destruction, but his defeat."

Zordon: "However there is no way for him to reach Andros."

Ecliptor: "He still has to prove to himself that he is the better Red Ranger."

Ecliptor continues to leave and Almidor asks: "Wait! How did you figure all of this out."

Ecliptor, halfway out the door: "I've spent fifteen years of my life raising a child."

Ecliptor turns his head to Almidor: "I've learned a few things in those years."

Almidor gives a half smile while Zordon nods in agreement.

Scene 2

Setting: Outside, the Power Chamber mountain. Dementian, Black Knightmare, and a pair of Skullinites who placing the Implosion Detonator at the base of the mountain.

Black Knightmare: "The Implosion Detonator is in place, sire."

Dementian: "Hahaha. Excellent. Porto's device had better work too. Considering all the trouble I went through in stealing the parts for it."

Scene 3

Setting: Dementian's imagination.

Dementian's narration: "When the Implosion Detonator goes off, the base of the mountain will be destroyed."

A scene of the Implosion Detonator reaching zero, a bright flash, and the mountain beginning to colapse on itself.

Dementian's narration: "The rest of the mountain will collapse and crush the Power Chamber, underneath."

A scene of the mountain falling apart, and explosions erupting within the Power Chamber. A huge beam falling on the Sky Knight, rubble falling from the ceilings, and an fire bursting through the hallways.

Dementian's narration: "And everyone inside will perish along with it. Hahahahaha!"

A scene of the aftermath of the Power Chamber's destruction, and a close-up of one of the Psycho Rangers' hands struggling from under the wreckage.

Scene 4

Setting: Back to reality with Dementian and the Black Knightmare.

Black Knightmare puts his hand on his chin: "Hmmm. Seems a bit drastic, but this is war."

Dementian smiles pulls out a switch and presses the button on it: "And in war, there must always be casualities! Hahahaha!"

The Implosion Detonator begins to countdown from ten minutes.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber, alarms go off.

Almidor, startled by the alarms: "What is it now?!"

Beta 1 runs in a panic: "Aye ai ai!"

Almidor yells at Beta 1 as he rushes to the Viewing Globe: "Beta! Not now!"

Zordon: "Almidor, what is transpiring outside."

Almidor pushes a button and an image of Dementian and Black Knightmare outside at the base of the mountain.

Almidor studies the image: "It's Dementian and another of Darkonda's monsters!"

Almidor sees a device in the distance: "Viewing Globe, zoom in on section A4 B62!"

The image zooms in on the Implosion Detonator.

Almidor: "Oh no. They've set up some kind of bomb and there's only seven minutes left on the clock."

Zordon: "It is an Implosion Detonator. That is why Dementian was at the research lab this morning."

Almidor: "I'll send out the Psycho Rangers."

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber. Dementian and Black Knightmare wait outside by the Implosion Detonator.

Black Knightmare, starting to get worried: "Sire, shouldn't we depart before it sets off?"

Dementian: "In due time. We have still have six minutes. I want to maker sure those miserable Psychos don't have time to defuse it."

The morphed Psycho Rangers minus Psycho Red jump onto the scene.

Psycho Rangers all at once: "Psycho Rangers!"

Dementian smiles and pulls out his gun: "Hmmm. Right on cue."

Psycho Black: "Step away from the implosion device, goat face."

Dementian aims his gun at Psycho Black: "Straight to the point, I see."

Dementian pulls away his gun: "You know what? I think I'll comply. Hahahaha."

The Skullinites suddenly appear around Dementian and Knightmare.

Dementian points to the Psycho Rangers: "Skullinites! Keep them busy for saaaayyy, a good five minutes or so! Hahahahahaha!"

Black Knightmare grabs Dementian by the shoulder: "What about me?"

Dementian shrugs him off: "Do what your supposed to. Destroy them."

Black Knightmare: "Even if I am destroyed by the Implosion Detonator, too?"

Dementian: "Hmhmhm. You're a knight. You should be willing to die for your king."

Black Knightmare looks down: "You're right."

Dementian laughs as he warps reality around him and leaves.

Meanwhile the Psycho Rangers are caught fighting the Skullinites.

Psycho Pink being held off by a trio of Skullinites, yells to Psycho Black: "I can't get through!"

Psycho Black being overwhelmed by the sheer number of Skullinites: "There's just too many of them!"

Psycho Yellow aims her Psycho Slinger at the Implosion device but it's kicked out of her hands by a Skullinite: "It's no good! I can't get to the Implosion Detonator!"

Psycho Blue is knocked to the ground: "Man! Where's 'Mr. Personality' when we need him!"

Psycho Black is struggling with a pack of Skullinites: "It's no good, we need Psycho Red or even Ecliptor!"

Black Knightmare watches the Psycho Rangers get taken down by the large number of Skullinites: "Hahahaha! Knaves! His majesty's will, cannot be denied!"

Black Knightmare looks at the timer: "And in five minutes, you shall perish!"

Psycho Black held down by the Skullinites yells: "VICTOR!"

Scene 3

Setting: Back inside the gym. Victor sits on the floor by the punching bag, kneeled over with his head resting on the palm of his fists. Remaining silent.

Ecliptor walks in: "Victor?"

Victor doesn't look up and in a weakened tone: "Leave me alone, old man."

Ecliptor gets on one knee next to Victor: "You do realize that there's an implosion device set to destroy the Power Chamber at any minute."

Victor looks up to Ecliptor with sweat covered face and watery eyes: "There's nothing I can do. I'm worthless."

Ecliptor slowly shakes his head: "Why? Because you lost one fight?"

Victor gets up and turns away: "I'll never be as good as.. 'him'. I've finally realized that."

Ecliptor stands up: "That has yet to be determined. But if you're just going to stay here and cry until this whole place comes crashing down. Then you're right. Andros is better than you."

Victor turns to Ecliptor: "I was created, specifically to destroy the Red Ranger. That was my sole purpose of existence, to be his superior."

Ecliptor: "Hmmm."

Victor: "He destroyed me once, and imprisoned me as well. I've tried to settle for just being as good a leader as he was, but I was foolish today, I was caught with my tail between my legs."

Ecliptor: "That is all fact, but the reason for your original creation became irrelevant as soon as you became human. The other Pyschos have realized that. All of them, except for you."

Victor just shakes his head, not wanting to listen to Ecliptor.

Ecliptor: "You have a different purpose now. You're purpose is to live a good life and make sure others can do so as well."

Victor tries to walk away: "You know, this doesn't sound like the Ecliptor I know."

Ecliptor: "You've only seen one my side of me. Everyone has. Except for.. my princess."

Victor turns to Ecliptor: "Really. Why are you showing me 'Ecliptor, the caring version'."

Ecliptor: "Perhaps, I need to change my ways, like you and the others have been doing for the past month. I doubt Astronem... Karone would welcome with open arms, a heartless monster."

Victor: "Don't get all soft on me."

Ecliptor reaffirms himself: "I'm not. What I'm telling you is that I've realized that rules of life for all of us have changed. You need to realize that as well. Forget the Power Rangers."

Victor looks down: "If I can't be the best, I'm not worth anything to anyone."

Ecliptor: "When I was training Karone, there was an issue of self-doubt arising. But these words came to mind. 'There's no shame in not being the best, only in not striving to be the best.'"

Victor looks up at Ecliptor: "That's what you told her?"

Ecliptor puts his hand on Victor's shoulder: "No. That's what she told me."

Victor's eyebrows rise: "You?... Why were you doubting yourse.."

Ecliptor: "I will tell you the whole story later. But right now, they need us."

Victor nods and gives a half-smile: "You're right."

Victor holds his Psycho Morpher arm in front of him: "Let's get Psycho!"

[Psycho Red morphing sequence]

Scene 4

Setting: Back outside the Power Chamber.

Almidor who tried to help the Psycho Rangers against Black Knightmare gets thrown against thick tree, knocking him out.

Black Knightmare: "Fool! You dishonor me, by thinking you could stop me!"

Psycho Black, still swarmed by Skullinites along with the other Psychos: "It's hopeless. There's just too many of them."

Black Knightmare's laugh are cut short when a strange sound starts up: "Hahahahaha! Huh? What is that?"

Psycho Red in his Red Psycho Cycle and Psycho Sword in hand rides past the Skullinites taking them all out.

The Psycho Rangers start get back up.

Psycho Yellow: "Victor!"

Psycho Blue: "Well it's about damn time!"

Psycho Pink: "I knew he wouldn't let us down."

Psycho Black: "Psycho Red! You have to get rid of the implosion device."

Psycho Red gets off his Psycho Cycle and nods: "Right!"

Psycho Red runs towards the Implosion Detonator, but Knightmare blocks his path. Psycho Red jumps into the air into a spiral over Knightmare. Knightmare tries to strike him with his sword but misses.

Black Knightmare: "No! Stop!"

Psycho Red picks up the Implosion Detonator: "No stop? If you say so!"

Psycho Red throws the Implosion Detonator to Psycho Blue: "Marcus, catch!"

Black Knightmare tries to intercept but once again misses. Psycho Blue catches the Implosion Detonator.

Psycho Blue getting worried: "Okay. Now what the #$%@ am I supposed to do? Simon you're the genius, do something!"

Psycho Black inspects the Implosion Detonator and sees the timer is at twenty-three seconds: "No good! There's not enough time to defuse it! Blue, hold it out!"

Psycho Blue: "What?!"

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "Just do it, moron!"

Psycho Blue holds out the Implosion Detonator, Psycho Black winds up with his Psycho Lance and swings, sends the Implosion Device flying through the air. While high in the sky the Implosion Device goes off and a large bright light erupts from it!

Black Knightmare falls to his knees: "NOOOOO! I've failed."

Psycho Pink pats Black on the back: "Good going."

Psycho Yellow agrees: "You saved out butts."

Psycho Blue getting upset: "Hey! What about me? It was my hands that were on the line back there!"

Psycho Yellow responds by whacking him in the back of the head with her hand.

Black Knightmare says to himself: "I cannot return to Darkonda in disgrace."

Black Knightmare gets back up and turns his attention to Psycho Red: "You!"

Black Knightmare pulls out his sword: "For Lady Falconine and his majesty, King Darkonda, I shall destroy you and the rest of the Psycho Rangers!"

Psycho Blue: "Geesh! This guy is full of it!"

Psycho Pink agrees: "Really."

Black Knightmare begins to circle Psycho Red: "Prepare to perish, knave!"

Psycho Red holds out his Psycho Sword: "Bring it on, Sir Talks-a-Lot!"

Suddenly Psychos Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink one-by-one jumps on Black Knightmare and land next Psycho Red.

Off to side where an unconscious Almidor lies, Ecliptor walks by and checks to see if he's all right and surveys the battle: "They've stopped the Implosion Detonator. Now there's just the issue of Psycho Red's confidence."

Back to the fight, Black Knightmare points his sword to Psycho Red: "I challenge you to a one-on-one battle! Or perhaps you are not enough of a Ranger to fight by yourself."

Psycho Red steps forward: "Oh I'm more than enough for you and that tincan you call a suit of armor."

Psycho Black grabs Psycho Red's shoulder from behind: "Victor. You're still hurt. Let us help."

Psycho Red turns his head back to Psycho Black and in an uncharacteristic tone: "Please, Simon. I need to know if I have any worth."

Psycho Black lets go and gives a nod: "Alright. But we still have your back."

Psycho Red gives a nod back: "Thank you."

Psycho Red turns back to Black Knightmare: "Okay. Bring it on!"

Black Knightmare and Psycho Red charge at each other and start exchanging sword blows back and forth until Psycho Red is knocked to the ground.

Psycho Pink begins to rush to his aid but Black stops her.

Psycho Pink: "We have to help him!"

Psycho Black: "No, not just yet. He needs to prove something."

Black Knightmare taunts Psycho Red: "Hahaha! Pathetic, you are worthless! Why don't you give up."

Psycho Red gets back up: "No. I'm not going to stop until one of us is dead!"

Black Knightmare snaps his fingers and a mechanical black horse appears beside him: "Well then. Let's make this more interesting."

Psycho Red runs to his Psycho Cycle but Black Knightmare, now on his horse smashes Red from behind with his mace.

Psycho Black: "Watches on. Come on Vic. You're better than this clown!"

Black Knightmare circles around and charges back at Psycho Red and takes another swing at him, but Red rolls under the horse without getting stepped on and jumps onto his Psycho Cycle.

Psycho Red revs the engine up and looks at Knightmare: "I'm game."

The Red Psycho Cycle and Black Knightmare on his horse charge at each other. Psycho Red destroys Knightmare's mace when they pass by each other.

Black Knightmare looks at his now maceless handle stick: "What?!"

Psycho Red stops, turns around and charges back at Black Knightmare and his horse: "Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

The Psycho Cycle zooms towards Black Knightmare's horse and becomes a fireball, then goes right through the horse. The fire fades away and the Red Psycho Cycle stops and turns to face Knightmare's horse. The mechanical horse explodes. Sending the Black Knightmare flying through the air and crashing to the ground.

Psycho Red gets off of his Psycho Cycle: "We're not through yet."

Black Knightmare gets up and pulls out his sword again: "That is assured!"

Psycho Red and Black Knightmare charge again. Knightmare takes a swing but Psycho Red jumps over him and lands behind him, strikes him in the back. Black Knightmare turns around just in time to receive another spark flying strike from Psycho Red's sword.

Psycho Yellow getting excited: "He's doing it!"

Psycho Black nods in agreement: "I think we have the old Psycho Red back."

Black Knightmare tries to recover from Psycho Red's attacks and throws his sword and shield to ground in frustration: "No! I will not be defeated by a peasant such as you!"

Psycho Red sticks his sword into the ground and motions for Black Knightmare to come at him. Red and Knightmare begin to exchange blows and finally get into a test of strength struggle.

The other Psychos cheer him on. While Ecliptor remains on the opposite side of the battlefield and notices Dementian lurking in the shadows.

Dementian aims his gun at Psycho Red: "Hmhmhm. Savor your moment of triumph boy. It's about to be very short-lived."

Ecliptor catches Dementian by surprise and slices Dementian's gun with his sword.

Dementian, surprised by Ecliptor: "Curse you!"

Dementian warps away.

Psycho Red takes Black Knightmare down with a roundhouse kick then backflips back to his Psycho Sword, the Psycho Sword is consumed by a red flame and Psycho Red jumps into the air gives Knightmare his strongest blow, sending Knightmare through the air.

Black Knightmare gets back up and says to himself in a shameful tone: "My lady, forgive me. I failed you."

The Psycho Rangers and Ecliptor stand next Psycho Red.

Psycho Black looks to Red: "You ready to put this baby to bed?"

Psycho Red looks to Black: "You know it."

Psycho Red looks to Ecliptor: "Let's take this guy out, old man."

The Psycho Rangers summon their Psycho Weapons and combine them into the Psycho Blaster while Ecliptor charges up his sword and presses the red flame button on it's handle. The Psycho Blaster lands in Psycho Red's hands, Ecliptor winds up as his sword glows green.

Psycho Red: "Now! Fire!"

Psycho Red shoots the Psycho Blaster and at the same time Ecliptor releases a large green energy bolt from his sword. The two energy bolts swirl and merge into one large green and black bolt of energy and strikes the Black Knightmare.

Psycho Red and Ecliptor turn away from Black Knightmare as he slowly falls to the ground yelling: "For the royaltyyyyyyyyy!"

Black Knightmare explodes.

Psycho Red takes of his helmet, breathing hard and sweating. He looks to Ecliptor.

Ecliptor: "You did well."

Psycho Red smiles and then collapses.

The Psycho Rangers catch him.

Psycho Pink: "Victor!"

Psycho Black: "We've got to get him back at the infirmary."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber infirmary. Victor lies in bed asleep. He wakes up and sees Simon sitting next to him.

Victor looks to Simon: "I didn't know you cared."

Simon smiles: "I'm glad your alright. You had us worried there for awhile."

Victor gives a weak smile in amusement: "No kidding. I remember there was a time when we all hated each other as much as we did the Power Rangers."

Simon gets up from his seat and smiles: "The times are changing."

Victor looks forward and deep thinks: "Yeah, they are."

Victor looks back to Simon: "So how long was I out?"

Simon: "A good two days. But Almidor said you would turn out all right. Of course that was after he yelled at us for leaving him outside, unconscious for two hours."

Victor and Simon laugh together until Victor gets a headache.

Victor: "I think I'm gonna catch some more z's."

Simon gets ready to leave the room: "Not going to rush back to the gym huh?"

Victor: "No."

Simon: "Then I'm glad you're not obsessed with 'being the best' anymore."

Victor looks to Simon: "Oh no. I'm still determined to be the best Red Ranger of them all. I'm just not going to let it bother me if someone else turns out to be better than me, anymore."

Simon smirks as he leaves: "You're growing up, kiddo."

Simon leans his head back in the room: "Oh one last thing. Ecliptor wanted to know if you wanted to train with him from now on."

Victor, pleasantly surprised: "I'll be.. He's full of surprises."

Simon: "Everyone seems to be, these days."

Simon leaves and Victor contemplates everything and lays his head back down on his pillow: "Thanks, old man."

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Dementian to Falconine: "This time we can't lose!"

Falconine: "We'd better not."

Clip 2
Large shards of glass fly around Ecliptor and Psycho Pink.

Psycho Pink: "Who are we dealing with!"

Clip 3
Simon turns around to face Psycho Yellow: "What are you doing?!"

Psycho Yellow shoots Simon with her Psycho Slinger.

Clip 4
Victor: "She's going to pay for this!"

Clip 5
Ecliptor looking at something on the ground: "Something's not right, here."

Clip 6
Psycho Red attacks Psycho Yellow.

Clip 7
Psycho Red: "No one betrays the Psycho Rangers!"

End Credits


David Fielding

Richard Stimado


Robert Axelrod

Steve Kramer

Walter Lang

Bob Manahan

Scott McNeil
Dementian, Nasty Knight/Black Knightmare

Scott Page-Pagter

Richard Wood
Beta 1


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