Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 5
"Rev It Up"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A poorly lit warehouse in the city of New Bethany. There are Skullinites patrolling the area. Inside the warehouse are Skullinites working on various machine parts. Porto and Goldar are supervising them.

Darkonda warps into the room: "Hahahahaha! I'm glad to see my little worker bees are staying busy."

Porto and Goldar see Darkonda, Goldar bows: "It's good to see you, King Darkonda."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha. So how is our 'secret weapon' coming along."

Porto steps up: "We'll be finished in a minute, Darkonda."

The Skullinites bring the various machine parts that they were working on together. After a few minutes a bulked up car has been clsmed. The car has an orange and brown color scheme designed to match Darkonda. Complete with jagged spikes on the side, and the front grailing designed to look like a twisted smile. The back wheels are monster truck size while the front wheels are normal sized, giving the car an almost triangle look from the side. Chains are linked on the sides like a velvet rope. There is a pair of red tail fins on the back. Even though the cars is huge, it's still only has room for one person set in the center.

Goldar looks to Darkonda: "It's done, master!"

Darkonda steps up to the car: "Hahahaha! Good, those Rangers won't know what hit them!"

Porto: "The Darkonda Devastator can reach up to 600 miles per hour, ram through six feet of solid concrete, and features a full armament of missles, cannons, and lasers!"

Darkonda: "Excellent, excellent. You do good work Porto. I may keep you around."

Porto: "Thank you, sir. Shall a prep the Darkonda Devastator for your voyage?"

Darkonda: "Oh, I won't be driving it myself. I have another driver in mind. Someone that knows the Psycho Rangers inside and out! Hahahahaha!"

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The forest setting just outside the Power Chamber base. Early in the morning. Angela sits against tree humming "Pop Goes the Weasel" to herself while listening to the birds sing.

Angela turns around and sees a squirrel scurrying around. She smiles and holds out her hand with some nuts on it. The squirrel comes closer to hand. But just before the squirrel can eat off of her hand and sharp stick flies down and impales the squirrel in the head.

Guy's voice: "Pop! Goes the weasel!"

Angela gets up in disgust and shock: "Who.."

Marcus steps from behind a tree with a smile: "Hehe hahaha! Ooops, that's not a weasel."

Angela rushes to Marcus and shoves him: "You @$$#0%*! Why did you do that?!"

Marcus grabs Angela's arm and pushes back: "Get a grip, girl. I was just messing with you."

Angela: "By killing an innocent animal."

Marcus picks up the dead squirrel: "Oh please! Don't give me your tree hugging crap. Everyone wants to me 'like' humans, now I'm supposed to give a crap about mindless furballs too."

Angela almost breaking in tears with anger: "They're not mindless!"

Marcus gives an evil smile as he pulls the stick out of the squirrel: "It is now."

Angela shakes her head "no" in disbelief and runs away.

Marcus to himself: "Geesh! All of you are going soft on me. Even Psycho Red."

Marcus walks away.

Scene 2

Setting: The streets of New Bethany. Amongst the people on the streets are skateboarders Redhead, Chris, and Paige.

Chris: "..so then I pulled a mad screwdriver and that shut those Willy Boys right up."

Redhead high fives Chris: "You the man, Chris."

Redhead turns to Paige: "Did you hear that Paige?"

Paige's not paying attention: "Huh? What? Sorry I was thinking about something else."

Chris getting curious: "You've been doing a lot of that lately. What's up?"

Paige: "Oh I was just thinking about that Marcus guy we met a couple of days ago."

Redhead puts his arm around Paige and gives her a noogie: "So my little sis, has a crush! Eh?"

Paige pushes Redhead: "Knock it off dork, I was just wondering where he came from is all."

Redhead and Chris look at each and at the same time: "Suuurrre you are."

Paige starting to get angry: "Can we change the subject please?"

Suddenly Goldar, a group of Skullinites, and a reddish brown monster, that resembles Darkonda somewhat, with a yellow crest, and yellow face, two dark brown spikes entangled to form a goatee, two dark brown horns laced down the back of his head to resemble hair, dark brown nails on his hands and feet, a single earring, glowing white eyes, and dark grey plates over his right shoulder, hips, left knee, and a dark grey gauntlet on his left arm. He's carrying a grey and black weapon that resembles a sawed-off shotgun.

Reddish brown monster yells to the Skullinites with a gravelly voice: "Skullinites! Destroy everything in sight!"

The Skullinites starts scurrying around, attacking people, and shooting cars, mailboxes, and anything else with eyebeams.

Paige scared: "Not again!"

Redhead grabs Paige's shoulder: "Come on, let's get out of here!"

Redhead, Chris, and Paige start to run but a blast seperates Paige from the guys and wreckage from a building falls between Paige and the guys. Preventing Chris and Redhead from getting back to Paige.

Redhead in disbelief and fear: "PAAIIGGGEE!"

Paige on the other side of the wreckage: "NOOO!"

A Skullinite grabs Paige.

Back to Goldar and the reddish brown monster, Goldar turns to him: "Darkonda, wanted us to find and destroy the Psycho Rangers."

The reddish brown monster turns to Goldar: "That's exactly what we're doing. I expect them to show up any minute now, and when they do I'll destroy them once and for all."

Goldar nods: "I see."

The reddish brown monster begins to laugh.

Scene 3

Setting: The Power Chamber. The alarms are going off. Everyone runs into the room.

Victor: "What's going on?"

Zordon: "Look into the viewing globe."

Ecliptor, Almidor, and the unmorphed Psychos look into the viewing globe and see Goldar and the reddish brown monster leading an attack on New Bethany.

Simon: "Another attack. It looks like Goldar and some guy I've never seen before, but he looks kind of like Darkonda."

Ecliptor informs everyone: "His name is Dementian, one of the last of Crulians."

Almidor puzzled: "What's a Crulian?"

Ecliptor begins to flashback: "Crulians were the most dispicable race, the old universe had ever known."

Scene 4

Setting: Ecliptor's flashback showing various scenes of destruction.

Ecliptor's narration: "They were conniving, threacherous, and evil to the core."

A scene of Darkonda-esque monsters marching like nazis.

Ecliptor's narration: "They've caused the destruction of many civilizations through out the universe."

A scene of Crulian ships destroying other space ships and even a planet.

Ecliptor's narration: "Eventually their backstabbing ways caused the end of their own kind."

A scene of a huge explosion engulfing a city and many Crulians.

Ecliptor's narration: "After their great downfall there were only three Crulians left."

A scene of three ominous figures rising from the ruins.

Ecliptor's narration: "Darkonda, Dementian, and Furio."

A scene of their faces respectively.

Ecliptor's narration: "However Furio disappeared into another dimension thousands of years ago and hasn't been seen since."

Furio entering a portal and meeting Scorpius.

Ecliptor's narration: "Darkonda and Dementian became bounty hunters under the service of Dark Specter."

Darkonda and Dementian bowing to Dark Specter.

Ecliptor's narration: "Together they have committed some of the most evil acts. There was no limit to how low they could go."

Darkonda and Dementian looking at a family from KO-35. The father is tall dark man, the mother is carrying and blonde baby girl. And a 2-year old boy with brown hair and blonde streaks.

Ecliptor's narration: "I've heard of one tale where they killed a man in front of his own family."

Darkonda tries to grab the baby girl from the mother but the father pushes him away and sends his family to run, and as the family runs, Darkonda and Dementian over come the father, knock him to ground and Dementian pulls a sword and prepares to impale the man. The young boy turns and looks briefly sees father's eyes look at him one last time. The boy almost becomes paralyzed with shock and Dementian and Darkonda look at him and wave good bye, then warp away.

Ecliptor's narration: "And of course, Darkonda kidnapped the young girl that would eventually become Astronema"

Darkonda kidnapping young Karone when she was playing with young Andros.

Ecliptor's narration: "However I thought the Aquitian Power Rangers destroyed Dementian years ago."

The Battleborgs finishing off Dementian.

Scene 5

Setting: Out of the flashback sequence and back into the Power Chamber.

Simon in a down mood: "Man."

Angela disgusted with Dementian and Darkonda: "What they did to that family was as low as you can get."

Victor: "Even I wouldn't sink that low."

Marcus smirks and quietly says to himself: "Hmmph. Softies."

Aundria: "What I want to know is if Dementian was destroyed years ago, then what is he doing here, now?"

Ecliptor: "I don't know. It's possible that Dementian may have been multiple lives by whatever mean Darkonda did, or perhaps the Aquitian Rangers never destroyed him at all."

Zordon adds on: "That is not important at this time. What is important is that Dementian and Goldar are stopped more innocents are hurt."

Victor turns around and looks to Zordon: "Fine. Let's go Psychos."

Ecliptor: "I will accompany you."

Marcus looks at Ecliptor in refusal: "No way! You'll slow us down, old man."

Ecliptor starting to get irritated: "Hold your tongue, 'boy'. I'm the only one here that has had experience with Dementian before."

Zordon: "This would be the wisest course of action."

Victor, almost disinterested in the whole ordeal: "Fine, come if you want. Just stay out of way."

Ecliptor shakes his head: "Brats, all of you."

Victor and the others hold the Psycho Morpher arms in front of them, Victor yells: "Let's Get Psycho!"

[Morphing sequences commence for Psychos Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, and Red in that order]

Scene 6

Setting: Back at one of New Bethany's streets where Dementian shoots from his gun at buildings and cars causing explosions everywhere, while Goldar does the same with his eye beams. Skullinites continue to terrorize what few people that are unlucky enough not to escape, including Paige.

Dementian: "What is taking them so long."

Goldar turns to Dementian: "Ha! Maybe they won't come."

Suddenly the Psycho Rangers jump onto the scene and right before Dementian and Goldar.

Psycho Red: "Keep wishing monkey boy!"

Dementian steps forward: "Ah finally, the famous Psycho Rangers!"

Dementian bows: "Let me just say that it's a pleasure to finally meet all of you, my name is Dementian and I."

Psycho Black "Can it! We know who you are!"

Psycho Red: "Apparently your just as full of it as Darkonda is."

Dementian stands and aims his gun at the Psychos: "Grrrr. Vermin, no one talks to me like that!"

Dementian shoots his gun and the explosion causes the Psycho Rangers to jump out of the way.

Suddenly Ecliptor jumps down from the air and catches Dementian surprised and strikes him with his sword.

Dementian knocked to the ground, quickly gets back up and turns to Ecliptor: "Ecliptor! Long time no see!"

Ecliptor charges towards Dementian: "Shut up and go back under the rock you crawled from."

Dementian warps out of the way of Ecliptor's attack and warps back in his place behind Ecliptor: "I'm hurt, is that anyway to greet an old friend."

Ecliptor turns around to face Dementian: "'Friend!' If there's anyone deserves destruction more than Darkonda, it's you!"

Dementian puts his shotgun away in a holster placed on his right hip and cross his arms in front of him: "I'll take that as a compliment! Now let me show you a proper greeting!"

Two 3-foot blades protrude from Dementian's wrists: "I'll carve you up something nice!"

Ecliptor and Dementian come to a stand still block each others attacks and struggle.

Back to the Psycho Rangers who are fighting the Skullinites, and Psycho Red fighting Goldar. Psycho Blue takes down a trio of Skullinites by sweeping them of their feet with his Psycho Axe.

Psycho Blue: "Now this is what the doctor ordered!"

Psycho Blue stops when he hears a familiar voice scream for help he turns and sees Paige being taken away by a Skullinite.

Psycho Blue stunned: "Paige?!"

Psycho Blue jumps towards the Skullinite and takes it out with a blow to back from his Psycho Axe.

Psycho Blue grabs Paige by the arm: "Are you alright."

Paige faints and falls into Psycho Blue's arms.

Psycho Blue not too happy with the situation: "Aw man! I hope no one sees me doing this. But come on Paige, I gotta get you out of here."

Psycho Blue picks up Paige in his arms and runs into an alley carrying her, Psycho Black just catches a glimpse of Psycho Blue while he takes down another Skullinite: "Huh? Where does Marcus think he's going?"

Psycho Black follows Psycho Blue into the alley.

Psycho Yellow sees Blacks and yells to him: "Where are you going?"

Psycho Black turns to Yellow: "To go find Marcus! Just hold them off until I get back!"

Psycho Yellow says to herself: "I don't believe this we're not even losing and they're hightailing it out of here. How can I use the Psycho Rangers to my advantage if they keep acting unpredictable?"

Psycho Pink yells: "Aundria, watch out!"

Psycho Pink shoots a Skullinite that was about to strike Psycho Yellow from behind with a fishbone sword.

Psycho Yellow a bit surprised: "Uh.. Thanks."

Meanwhile Psycho Red knocks Goldar down with a powerful blow to the chest with his Psycho Sword: "Kiya! Had enough Goldilocks?"

Goldar on one knee begins to teleport away in a golden fire: "You haven't seen the last of me, Red Ranger!"

The Skullinites follow suit and teleport away as well.

Meanhwile Ecliptor is taken down by Dementian.

Dementian: "Haha! You've lost a few steps since we've last met, Ecliptor. Of course, I guess that would have to expected when you're playing den mother to a bunch of imitators."

Ecliptor uses his sword to help himself up: "I'm not finished yet."

Dementian retracts his blades and pulls out his gun: "Oh yes you are!"

Dementian shoots Ecliptor squarely in the chest and knocks him back to the ground in front of the three remaining Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Pink bends over and checks on Ecliptor: "Ecliptor! Are you all right."

Ecliptor swats Pink's helping hand away: "Leave me be, child. I'm not dead, yet!"

Psycho Red: "You better back down now Dementian, because you pals just abandoned you."

Dementian shakes his head and smiles: "Oh they were just the bait. My real partner is this!"

Suddenly the Darkonda Devastator breaks through the building wall behind Dementian. Dementian quickly jumps in the air and lands inside the Devastator in his seat: "This my friends is the Darkonda Devestator, not a preferable name, I know. But it will be your destruction. Hahaha!"

The Psycho Rangers and the wounded Ecliptor start to back away. Psycho Yellow shakes her head: "I don't like where this is going at all."

Dementian continues to laugh.


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Still at the streets of New Bethany where Dementian sits inside the Darkonda Devastator and all weapons are aimed Ecliptor and the three remaining Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Red gets in a battle stance: "Get ready."

Psycho Red notices that Black and Blue are missing: "Hey, where are Simon and Marcus."

Psycho Yellow answers: "They left during the battle with the Skullinites."

Psycho Red sarcastically: "Oh that's just great!"

Psycho Pink getting worried: "What are we going to do."

Psycho Red: "Fight!"

The three Psychos charge towards the Devastator.

Dementian pulls a trigger: "Oh, how heroic. Your Power Punk counterparts would be proud."

Three missles are fired from the Devastator and take out the Psycho Rangers.

Ecliptor shoots an energy blast from his left hand at the Devastator: "No!"

Dementian shakes his finger: "Nm nm nm."

More missles and laser blasts fire. Ecliptor jumps out of the way just in time. The Devastator begins to move and shoots all over the place. The Psycho Rangers do their best to dodge them all but on by one they get picked off by a random laser blast. Eventually so does Ecliptor. Then all the blasting starts to make smoke everywhere. When the smoke clears, standing right before Dementian is Ecliptor and all five Psycho Rangers in a battle stance.

Dementian: "How kind of you all to get all huddled up in one simple package!"

Dementian presses a huge red button and all the weapons on the Devastator fire at once at Ecliptor and the Psychos. Destroying them.

Dementian: "Hahaha! Finally, the Psycho Rangers are no more! Ecliptor too!"

Dementian notices something: "Wait a minute. Where is the debris from their bodies?"

Dementian pounds the dashboard in anger: "Ecliptor tricked me! Aaargh!"

Around the corner Ecliptor, Psychos Red, Yellow, and Pink remain in hiding.

Psycho Red: "Good work, Ecliptor. He was completley fooled."

Psycho Pink adds on: "Yeah. I didn't even know you could do that."

Ecliptor catching his breath: "It's an old trick of mine. But that's the first time I've ever made shadow clones of someone other than myself."

Psycho Red: "Now how are we going to stop that thing. It's weapons are too much and too fast, even for us!"

Ecliptor: "Let's regroup at the Power Chamber. I recall Almidor mentioning something yesterday that may be of help."

The Psycho Rangers nod in agreement: "Right."

Together they all teleport away.

Meanwhile Dementian is very angry: "Curse them all! I will not be humilated in front of Darkonda!"

The Devastator starts to move down the street.

Scene 2

Setting: An empty lot away from the battlesite. Psycho Blue walks in carrying Paige in his arms, he sees a ragged couch up against a building. He places her on the couch.

Psycho Blue holds his arms up in a cross formation: "Psycho Blue, power down!"

Psycho Blue demorphs back into Marcus.

Marcus gets on one knee and softly brushes Paige's hair away from her face: "You should be safe here. Don't even know why I care, but I'm glad you're alright."

Marcus gets up and walks away and stops in surprise when here's her voice: "Marcus? I was hoping I'd see you again. But why are you here."

Marcus slowly turns around and looks at Paige's face: "Well, I was just passing by and the Blue Psycho Ranger came here carrying you from some battle."

Paige gets up and smiles: "Psycho Ranger? Are those what those people that have been saving city are called."

Marcus stutters slightly: "Ye.. yeah, Psycho Rangers not Power Rangers."

Paige confused: "What's a Power Ranger?"

Marcus trying to change the subject: "Um.. Nevermind. Are you okay?"

Paige smiles and looks away trying to hide her blushing: "Yeah. If I ever meet the Blue Psycho Ranger again, I'll have to thank him."

Marcus smiles again.

Back in the alley that leads to the lot, Psycho Black stays out of sight and watches.

Psycho Black to himself: "Well I'll be. He's has a thing for her. Maybe I was wrong about Blue."

Marcus starts to back away: "Well now that I know you're okay, I have something I need to get back to."

Paige: "Wait! Where do you live?"

Marcus stops and realizes that his secret identity is about to be blown: "Well.. I.. don't.. er.. I mean I can't.."

A toughguy's voice: "Well well well. What do we have here?"

Marcus and Paige are suddenly surrounded by a group of bikers on motorcycles, circling around them.

Head biker: "You guys have come into the wrong neighborhood."

A heavily tattooed biker gets up close to Paige: "Hey, sweet thang, wanna hang with some 'real men'?"

Marcus decks to tattooed biker: "Back off!"

The bikers all tauntingly laugh.

The head biker rides past Marcus and kicks him in the bread section: "Stand back, kid!"

Paige runs to Marcus and checks on him: "Marcus?"

Head biker: "The girl's with us!"

Marcus looks up at the biker with an angry: "No chance in hell, that's happening."

Head biker: "Think you're a big man, huh?" yells "Boys! Waste him!"

The bikers start to close in on Marcus and Paige until suddenly Psycho Black jumps in and starts taking them down.

Psycho Black looks to Marcus and Paige: "You two, get out of here now!"

Marcus: "What are you doing.."

Marcus stops himself and escorts Paige: "Come on, let's go!"

Marcus kicks a biker in the face on his way out, he and Paige run into a building.

The head biker sees them: "Oh no you don't!"

He pulls out a knife and chases Marcus and Paige into the building.

Meanwhile easily takes out the entire biker gang and sends them running.

Psycho Black notices Marcus and Paige have left: "Okay now which way did they go."

Scene 3

Setting: Inside the abandoned building that Marcus and Paige ran into. They're climbing the steps and reach the roof. It's starting to rain.

Marcus: "I think we lost them."

Paige: "That was the Black Psycho Ranger wasn't it? You seemed to recognize him."

Marcus: "No, I was just surprised that he was there to rescue us is all."

Paige almost disappointed: "Oh. So you don't know the Psycho Rangers."

Marcus: "Sorry. I'm just a normal guy. Well normal guy that's sexy and fine with the moves to match, but normal none the less."

Paige starts to blush again: "I'll agree to that."

Marcus is a bit confused when Paige steps up to him and is about to kiss him but welcomes it.

Suddenly the head biker rushes onto the roof with knife in hand: "I said that girl is coming with us, but now I'm going take you out 'boy'."

Marcus gets ready to fight as he pushes Paige behind him.


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Still on top the roof of an abandoned building and it's starting to rain. The head biker has Marcus and Paige at bay with a knife.

Head biker: "Come on pretty boy! Let's rumble."

Marcus gives a devilish grin: "You asked for it, fatty."

Head biker rushes towards Marcus but Marcus grabs him by the arm and flips over.

Head biker gets up, brushes some dirt out of beard: "Lucky shut, punk!"

Paige: "Marcus! Let's go!"

Marcus getting cocky: "Don't worry babe. I got this guy pegged."

The biker starts swinging his knife every which way, Marcus dodges all of his strikes and continues to out manuever him. Until a random strike accidently cuts Paige in her right arm.

Paige: "Aaah!"

Marcus sees it and suddenly his cocky smile becomes a cold faced killer look and he zeroes in on the head biker: "You're dead."

The biker starts to worry: "Wait.. wait."

Marcus grabs the biker by the wrist and twists it until the he lets go of the knife. The biker screams in pain. Marcus then gives him a series of punches and finally throws him over the edge of the roof.

Paige holding her bleeding arm: "Marcus, no!"

Marcus picks up the knife and walks to edge where the biker is hanging on for dear life.

Paige yells: "Marcus, please! Stop it! He's not going to cause anymore trouble."

Marcus coldly: "You got that right."

Marcus stands over the biker with a cold killer expression: "He's not going to cause anymore trouble."

Head biker starting to cry: "Hey man! I was just kidding. I learned my lesson. Please don't kill me!"

Marcus holds the knife to the biker's face: "Another mindless furball."

Paige grows silent with fear and disbelief.

Head biker: "No, no, no. Please don't do it. Please don't kill me, man!"

Marcus holds the knife against one of the bikers hands and then pounds his other hand causing the biker to let go and hold on only with one hand.

Head biker: "No! You're psycho, man!"

Marcus prepare to stab the biker: "You don't know the half of it."

Psycho Black quickly rushes to the scene and pushes Marcus away from the biker: "Back off!"

Psycho Black pulls the biker off the ledge and helps him to his: "Now you, get lost!"

The biker nods and runs away.

Marcus gets up and pushes Psycho Black: "What do you think you're doing?!"

Paige holding her arm and tears running down her eyes: "No. Marcus, what did you think you were doing?"

Marcus looks to Paige with a saddened expression: "I was protecting you."

Paige shakes her head: "No, no. You were a completley different person just now."

Marcus walks up to Paige and puts his hand on her shoulder: "Paige, it's all right."

Paige knocks Marcus away from her: "Keep away from me! You freak."

Psycho Black looks over at lot from the top of the building and notices an ambulance has just stopped there.

Psycho Black turns to Paige: "There's an ambulance. You better have the paramedics check your arm, miss. I'll take care of this gentlemen."

Paige nods and begins to walk away. Marcus tries to stop her: "Paige, wait. I'm sorry."

Paige: "Keep away from me. You're too dangerous. I don't want to see you again!"

Marcus pulls back and looks away. Paige leaves. Marcus looks to Psycho Black and pushes him again.

Marcus in anger: "This is your fault! You had no business being here."

Psycho Black bats Marcus away: "Look! This isn't my fault. You lost it back there. You've got some problems that need to be worked out."

Marcus quickly morphs into Psycho Blue: "You're right about that! And right now my biggest problem is you in my face!"

Psycho Blue pulls out his Psycho Axe: "I'm sick of playing goodguy. I'm sick being told to change. I'm sick of all of this garbage!"

Psycho Black: "Get ahold of yourself!"

Psycho Blue: "You know what! I think I'm sick of you more than anything else. You've changed more than anyone, just so you can look good in front of Pink!"

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "Back off, Marcus. You're starting to go somewhere you shouldn't."

Darkonda's laughter starts to erupt through the air.

Darkonda warps in front Psycho Black and Blue: "Hahahaha! I couldn't help but overhear your little debate, boys and I decided to play 'peacemaker'. By making you both rest in peace with your maker!"

Psycho Black turns to Darkonda ready to fight: "I don't think so, Darkonda. The Psycho Rangers aren't going anywhere."

Suddenly Psycho Blue strikes Black in the back with his Psycho Axe.

Psycho Blue stomps on Black's back: "Shut up!"

Psycho Black in pain looks up at Psycho Blue and Darkonda: "Why?"

Psycho Blue: "Because I'm not going to be a goody good like the rest of you!"

Psycho Blue turns to Darkonda: "I'm ready to rejoin the Alliance, Darkonda."

Darkonda smiles: "Hahahaha! I'm really flattered by your decision to join me, Psycho Blue. But what is that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.."

Darkonda quickly attacks Psycho Blue and knocks him to the ground and the eye blasts him: "... ain't gonna happen! Hahahahaha!"

Darkonda pulls out his sword: "Hahahaha. Now open wide boys!"

Psycho Black grabs Darkonda's ankle and trips him and quickly gets back up. Psycho Blue gets up as well.

Psycho Blue: "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue uses his Psycho Spin attack on Darkonda. Finally Psycho Black jumps up and strikes Darkonda with his Psycho Lance. Knocking Darkonda back.

Darkonda holds his chest but smiles regardless: "Hahahahaha! I could destroy both of you right on the spot. But I think I'll let Dementian and my Darkonda Devastator finish you off with your 'friends'. Oh and Mr. Blue, please feel free to tell your fellow Rangers that you have been considering other job offers! Hahahahaha!"

Darkonda warps away. Psycho Blue: "Wait!"

Psycho Blue looks down: "Oh man. I messed up big time."

Psycho Black, angry: "Yes, you did."

Psycho Blue: "So it's back to the data card for me."

Psycho Black walks past Blue: "Worry about that later. I don't like the sounds of this Devastator. Let's regroup with the others."

Psycho Black jumps off the building and teleports away.

Psycho Blue looks over the edge of the building and sees Paige getting treatment from the paramedics: "Bye, Paige."

He teleports away.

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber garage. Almidor, Ecliptor, Psychos Red, Yellow, and Pink are already there. Psychos Black and Blue run in.

Psycho Red a bit upset: "It's about time you two got back. Where did you go, anyway."

Psycho Black: "There's no time for that now. I saw what the Dementian and that Darkonda Devastator are doing. We need to stop it now."

Ecliptor: "Hmm. He's right, the longer we wait the more destruction Dementian will cause."

Psycho Red turns to Almidor: "Okay, Almidor. What do you have for us that can help."

Almidor pulls a tarp off from five motorcycles. One for each Psycho Ranger. The red one's head light are is designed to look like fire. The black one looks rocky, the blue one looks like it's made out of blue ice. The pink one looks a bit like a flower with vine, and the yellow one looks like a tiger.

Almidor proudly says: "Presenting, the Psycho Cycles!"

Psycho Red nods: "Not bad. Not bad at all."

Almidor: "They're twelve cylinder and use a special fuel of my own design. They can move even faster than you can on foot, breaking the sound barrier. And their all equipped with special weapons to suit your preferences."

Psycho Blue checks out his Psycho Cycle: "Oh ho ho. I'm starting to like you Mister Hammerguy."

Psycho Red: "Looks good. Okay, then let's show Dementian, that no one messes with the Psycho Rangers!"

Psycho Pink: "Yeah!"

Psycho Black looks at Psycho Blue, but Blue looks away.

Scene 3

Setting: Back at New Bethany where Dementian inside the Darkonda Devastator starts laying waste to city.

Dementian: "I'll have to thank Darkonda, for letting me play with his new toy. This is great fun! Hahaha!"

Dementian stops laughing when he sees something on the horizon: "What? What's that?!"

The Psycho Rangers in their Psycho Cycles race down the street.

Dementian surprised but still confident: "The Psycho Rangers?! With new toys no less. Okay, let's see if you kids are chicken!"

The Darkonda Devastator starts charge towards the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Black: "He's coming straight for us!"

Psycho Red: "He wants to play chicken. That's fine by me. Let's show him what these Psycho Cycles can do!"

Psycho Black: "Heh heh. Right."

Psycho Black takes the lead: "Psycho Cycle Quakemode!"

The Black Psycho Cycle launches a shockwave into the ground and the shockwave shakes up the Devastator.

Dementian: "Wha, wha, what!"

Psycho Blue takes the lead: "Let's see if Dementian is as smooth as ice. Psycho Cycle Icesheet!"

The Blue Psycho Cycle releases creates ice on the ground. The Psycho Rangers steer clear of the ice but the Devastator slides and loses control and crashes into another building.

Dementian: "Okay, you want to play little games. Then let's play shooting 'Rangers in a Barrel'!

The Devastator starts firing away but the Psycho Cycles out manuever the shooting.

Psycho Yellow: "Psycho Cycle Beastwave Frenzy!"

The Yellow Psycho Cycle starts to roar and shoots hundreds of little energy bolts that resemble bees. The energy bees starts to tear up the Devastator.

Dementian starting to worry: "Blast this is too much! It's time to retreat."

The Devastator starts to get away.

Psycho Pink: "Oh no you don't! Psycho Cycle Vinegrip!"

The Pink Cycle shoots out are pair of steel vines into the ground and they come back up under the Devastator and wrap it up.

Dementian: "No!"

Psycho Red: "Now let's finish this! Psycho Cycle Inferno Blitz!"

The Red Psycho Cycle zooms towards the Devastator and becomes a huge fireball, then goes right through the Devastator. The fire fades away and the Red Psycho Cycle stops and turns to face the Devastator. The Devastator explodes!

The Psycho Rangers cheer. Psycho Red: "There goes the Darkonda Devastator and Dementian too."

Psycho Black stops celebrating: "No, wait!"

Out of the wreckage of the Devastator comes Dementian smoldering and hurting, but alive and angry: "You've gotten the best of me today, Psycho Rangers, but Dementian will return one day, and believe me, you will regret that day!"

Dementian warps away, leaving behind the Psycho Rangers.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda is not pleased and in comes Dementian.

Darkonda: "So you blew it, Dementian."

Dementian: "You're Devastator turned out to be worthless, Darkonda. I suggest whoever designed it, pay!"

Darkonda gets up from his throne: "Oh don't worry about that, Porto is already suffering the consequences for his incompentence. That doesn't matter anyway. I've learned some valuable information about the Psycho Rangers today."

Dementian, curious: "Oh?"

Darkonda smiles with glee: "There is discension amongst them. The Psycho Rangers are a ticking timebomb, and I plan on speeding up the clock."

Dementian smiles: "As devious as ever, old friend. Tell me more."

Darkonda puts his arm around Dementian and they walk away: "Certainly....Hahahahaha!"

Scene 2

Setting: The rec room of the Power Chamber. Victor, Aundria, and Angela are all sitting down at the table. Aundria drinking a soft drink of some sort. Marcus and Simon are standing up in front of Victor.

Victor: "Well now that, that whole deal with Dementian is over with for now, how about explaining where you guys went."

Marcus looking down: "It's my fault. I was trying to help this girl get to safety but then we bumped into these hoodlums and then Darkonda. But she was scared of me, and I lost and I turned against.."

Simon cuts in: "He turned against his usual behavior and saved the girl and me from Darkonda."

Victor surprised and impressed: "No kidding."

Aundria: "Everyone is unpredictable these days."

Simon looks at Marcus: "You got that right."

Victor and Aundria leave. Angela is about to follow but she stops to talk to Marcus: "I guess I had you figured out wrong, Marcus. Maybe you're all right after all."

After Angela leaves, Marcus looks to Simon: "Why didn't you tell them I tried to betray everyone."

Simon: "Because you would have been put back into a data card, and right now, we're going to need all the Psycho Rangers together if we're ever gonna take down Darkonda."

Marcus swallows: "Oh."

Simon: "Besides, you weren't thinking with a clear head at the time. I'd hate to think what would happen if the girl of my dreams was suddenly afraid of me."

Marcus: "Don't get mushy on me, man."

Simon getting frustrated: "What is it with you, anyway?"

Marcus: "I'm not like you. I can't be the nice guy. It's just not my nature."

Simon starts to leave: "Well maybe you need to change your nature. Because if not, you're going to end up a very lonely man."

Simon leaves, and Marcus thinks about what Paige said when she was frightened of him.

Paige: "Keep away from me! You freak!"

Marcus remains quiet and turns out the light and leaves the room.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Almidor to Simon: "I think it's time you considered taking over as leader of the Psycho Rangers."

Clip 2
Victor with a cold stare, hitting a punching bag.

Clip 3
Dementian to a defeated Psycho Red: "Give it up, I'm better than you!"

Clip 4
Psycho Black to Psycho Red: "Wait!"

Psycho Red shoves Psycho Black: "Back off! I don't anyone's help!"

Clip 5
Psycho Yellow: "Victor, no!"

Clip 6
A defeated Psycho Red slowly falls to the ground before Dementian.

End Credits


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