Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 4
"Simply Human"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: A plain room.

A morphed Psycho Red steps up: "Alright it's time to put up or shut up!"

A morphed Psycho Black steps in front of him: "Oh, I've been waiting for this."

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "When I'm through with you, you'll be Psycho Black and Blue!"

Psycho Black summons his Psycho Lance: "No, when I'm through with you, you'll wish you were Psycho Dead instead of Psycho Red."

Psycho Red charges towards Black: "We'll see about that!"

Psycho Black charges towards Red: "Yeah we will!"

Psycho Red and Black block each other's attack with their weapons and struggle for moment.

Psycho Red: "Give it up, Black!" Psycho Black pushes Red back, spins around and trips Red with his lance, but Psycho Red backflips instead of falling. He lands just in time to block another strike from Black and counters with a punch to the breadbasket.

Psycho Red: "You want me to do something? Then here's something."

Red jumps in the air and forward flips behind Black turns around and thrusts a spinning kick, but Black turns around just in time to block the high kick with his lance and then he grabs Psycho Red's sword arm by the wrist and pushes it aside and follows it by putting his lance between Red's legs and flip him backwards onto the ground. Psycho Red rolls out from another strike from Psycho Black's lance. Psycho Red swings his sword at Black's left leg to trip him.

Psycho Red: "Ah ha!"

Psycho Red lunges towards Black with his sword, and Black rolls out of the way from an impalement.

Black: "Whoah! Be a little more careful!"

Psycho Red gets up and throws his sword to the ground: "Hey, it was your idea to use our weapons in the first place, you big baby!"

Psycho Black tosses his lance aside: "But this is supposed to be sparring, not a duel to the death."

Psycho Red: "So I play rough. Deal with it!"

Psycho Red rush forward with a right cross but it's blocked by Black. The two then exchange blows for a few minutes. Until suddenly things get blurry for Black and can't see Red's blows and gets hit a couple of times and finally knocked to the ground.

Psycho Black motions for Red to stop: "Wait! Something's wrong!"

Psycho Red: "Yeah. What's wrong is you're punkin' out on me when I'm winning."

Psycho Red looks at his sword on the ground: "Anyway this is starting to get boring."

Psycho Red jumps towards his sword and picks it up: "So weapons are back in play!"

Psycho Black starts to get up sees his lance on the ground about ten feet away from him, perfectly clear: "Alright. I can go for that."

Psycho Black jumps into a forward flip and thinks he picks it up when he lands and flips once again gets back on his feet and gets into battle stance: "Okay Red let's go at it one more time!"

Psycho Black notices that he doesn't have his Psycho Lance in his hands: "What?! I missed."

Psycho Black gets on his knees and starts searching for the lance with his hands: "I know my Psycho Lance is around here somewhere. I saw it, but why is everything on the floor blurry?"

Psycho Red's voice: "Kiyaaaa!"

Psycho Black looks up in the air and sees Psycho Red coming towards him with sword in hand but as Red gets closer he gets blurrier to Black's vision. Thus Black is unable to dodge Psycho Red's attack and the two follow up moves.

Psycho Black falls backward and spins on his way on to the ground as sparks fly all over on him.

Psycho Red a stops when he finally notices something is wrong: "Huh? What's the deal. I know you should have been able to dodge that!"

Psycho Black unmorphs as he lays on the ground in pain: "Aaargh."

Psycho Red unmorphs to check on him, then Ecliptor, unmorphed Pscyhos Pink and Yellow run into the room to see if Black is hurt.

Ecliptor to Psycho Red: "We watching the training session, what happened?"

Psycho Red unsure of what's going on: "I don't know, he just suddenly lost it."

Psycho Pink gets on one knee and helps Black sit up: "Black, are you alright?"

Black looks up at her face: "I'll be alrigh.. oh no!"

Psycho Pink in a worried tone: "What's wrong?"

Psycho Black slowly turns away and tries to gather himself: "I think... I'm losing my sight."

Psycho Black looks up and all he can see are four blurry objects instead of Ecliptor and the other rangers.

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The infirmary of the Power Chamber. Psycho Black, who's unmorphed sits on a medical bed while Almidor uses a penlight to look at his eyes.

Psycho Black in a half-depressed tone: "So, what's going on with my eyes, doc?"

Almidor turns of the penlight and stands up: "Well, I don't think you're losing your sight. At least not entirely."

Psycho Black gets up from the medical bed: "Well that's a relief, sort of. But if I'm not losing my sight, then what's going on?"

Almidor picks up a clip board from next to the sink and flips through the papers on it: "From what you told me and from what I can tell from you examination, you're far-sighted."

Psycho Black question: "Far-sighted? You mean I can see clearly from a distant but up close.."

Almidor finishes his sentence: "Everything becomes blurry, yes."

Psycho Black twists his mouth as he thinks: "So I would have to wear glasses. I can deal with that. I'll have to kill Blue after five-hundredth 'four eyes' joke, but I can deal with that."

Almidor puts down the clipboard: "Yes, a pair of glasses is all you need but there's another problem."

Black, puzzled: "What?"

Almidor: "Well, the problem is that I'm a blacksmith and an electrician but the delicacy that making proper lenses requires, is beyond my skills. You'll need to go to an optimitrist."

Psycho Black figures it out: "And I can't just say 'Hi, I'm the Black Psycho Ranger can you make me a pair of eyeglasses."

Almidor places his hand on Black's back as he escorts him out of the room: "It's something that we needed to address sooner or later anyway, let's go get the others."

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The unmorphed Psycho Rangers stand before Zordon. Almidor is in front of them. While Ecliptor and Beta 1 stand off to the side.

Almidor finishing what he was saying: "And that's the situation, Zordon."

Psycho Blue trying to make a joke: "So Psycho Black's finally going to look the part that he's been playing all this time, a dork!"

Psycho Yellow smacks Blue upside the head.

Psycho Blue: "Hey!"

Psycho Yellow & Pink at the same time: "Jerk."

Zordon: "I see, Almidor. Psycho Rangers we have a problem that should have been addressed sooner."

Psycho Red: "What?"

Zordon: "You are all human now, and as such you will be encouraged to live as other people do, interacting with other people. However your identities as Psycho Rangers must remain secret."

Psycho Yellow getting curious: "What are you getting at?"

Zordon: "As humans, you will need human names."

The Psycho Rangers look puzzled and look at each other.

Psycho Red, not quite happy: "Great, so now we have get stuck with 'human' names."

Red looks at Zordon: "So what are our new names?"

Zordon: "That is up to you."

Psycho Yellow: "Well that's easy. I've always like the sound of Aundria so call me Aundria for now on."

Psycho Blue: "Hmmmm. A cool name, I need a cool name. Danny? Nah too wussy. Tommy? Been done. Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John? Nah!"

Psycho Blue speaks up: "Hey how about Beavis?"

Aundria: "Butthead would be more appropriate."

Psycho Blue in anger: "Forget you!"

Zordon: You do not have to chose your names right now. I suggest that you all go into the city and perhaps you will gain inspiration there."

Psycho Red: "Fine, baldy."

Psycho Red looks at the others while he walks out: "Let's go... Aun.. dria. The rest of you too."

The other Psycho Rangers follow.

Ecliptor steps forward: "So the transistion from evil monsters to innocent children continues, eh?"

Almidor snidely: "I understand your more used to the opposite of that process."

Ecliptor gives Almidor a cold stare: "A cheap shot, how uncharacteristic of you."

Almidor: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have went there."

Ecliptor: "Hmmph!"

Ecliptor walks away in anger.

Scene 3

Setting: A dry wasteland out in the hot sun. Darkonda and the Barbarian Brothers, Eric and Merick suddenly teleport there.

Merick upset: "Aaah this is totally bogus dude. You got the sand but where's the awesome waves?"

Darkonda: "Quiet! Merick, I want you turn into a giant!"

Merick: "You got Darkonda dude. You're the big kahuna!"

Darkonda releases an energy beam which causes Merick the Barbaric to turn into a giant.

Merick: "Awesome! I'm large and in charge! I... whoah I don't feel... so.. good."

Merick suddenly explodes. Darkonda and Eric the Barbaric shield themselves as flaming chunks of the giant fall all over the place.

Eric: "Whoah! Totally bogus! My bro just got wasted, dude!"

Darkonda to himself: "Just as I thought. Whatever that blacksmith did to the atmosphere has made it impossible for us to become giants and crush the zordless Psychos. It was only pure luck that the Dark Carrier wasn't in a high enough altitude for that Atmospheric Restricter to [destroy us."

Eric: "What about my bro? I can't waste the Rangers by myself?"

Darkonda turns to Eric the Barbaric and gives a devilish grin: "Heh heh. Oh don't worry about that. All you need is an 'upgrade'."

Darkonda summons the Evolution Crystal and Eric begins to back away: "Whoah dude, I sense some bad karma."

Darkonda laughs maniacally as he blasts Eric with the Evolution Crystal's power. Eric begins to scream in pain.

Eric: "Aaaaargh! These are some bogus vibes!"

Darkonda: "Hahahahaha! Quit your whining 'dude'. I'm making you into a better monster! Hahahahaha!"

Darkonda finally stops and looks at his new creation: "Hmmm. Hahaha, most impressive."

A huge red monster covered in silver and blue armor steps away from the smoke and talks in a very graining and deep voice: "Those Psycho Rangers better watch out! Because when Eric the Barbarian Master comes their way, they're it's going to be surfs up, BIG TIIIMMMEEE!"

Darkonda and Eric the Barbarian Master begin to both laugh maniacally!


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Outside in the city. People are trying to go about their day to day life. There are also many construction and sanitation workers cleaning up rubble and rebuilding parts of the city. On one of the sidewalks the unmorphed Psychos Red, Black, Pink, and Aundria walk around.

Psycho Pink looks at the steam shovel across the street putting rubble into a dumptruck: "It looks like the people of New Bethany are busy trying to put everything together."

Psycho Black: "Working hard at it too."

Psycho Pink: "I just realized something."

Psycho Red: "What?"

Psycho Pink: "I don't think I've once saw people in Angel Grove rebuild."

Psycho Black and Aundria just give a funny look.

Psycho Red wondering: "You know what? That IS odd."

Psycho Black stops in front of big white building: "There it is, the New Bethany Library."

Psycho Red, disappointed with a slight tone of irritation: "A library."

Psycho Black: "I figure if we need real names, this is the place to look for some."

Psycho Red: "How are you going to read if your far-sighted."

Psycho Black gives a devilish grin: "I guess you'll have to read to me."

Psycho Red looks upset while Aundria and Psycho Pink begin to snicker behind him.

Psycho Red rushes ahead of Black and pushes him: "Let's just get this crap over with. It looks like Blue had the right idea."

Psycho Pink: "Where did Blue go anyway?"

Psycho Black follows Psycho Red: "I don't know, and frankly I really don't care where that jerkwad went."

Scene 2

Setting: In a rundown section of New Bethany, a group of wild kids dressed in punk and gangbanger clothing cheer and yell as they watch some skateboarders show their stuff on a halfpipe set up in canal where a building once stood.

Kid in red bandanna: "Yaahoo! Witchin'!"

Girl with purple hair: "Go! Chris! Go!"

A skateboarder in with a buzzcut and with piercings all over his head does a flying corkscrew with a 180' twist as he flies of the halfpipe and lands back with a downward spiral.

Kid in red bandanna: "Man, Chris rules!"

Unmorphed Psycho Blue works his way through the crowd and ends up next to the guy in the red bandanna and girl with purple hair. He gives a smirk when he sees Chris do a 360' backflip off the other end of the halfpipe.

Psycho Blue trying to put down Chris: "That's all right, but I can top it."

Guy in red bandanna: "Oh yeah. You look like a newbie to me. And don't know many black kids that can skitch the concrete."

Psycho Blue turns to the red bandanna guy: "Oh yeah? Watch this."

Psycho Blue snatches a skateboard from a kid behind him and jumps into the half pipe.

Kid, who lost his board: "Hey!"

Psycho Blue skates past Chris: "Out of the way, loserino!"

Psycho Blue reaches the end of the halfpipe flies skyward with a backflip and comes back down in a spiral, Chris follows with the same move.

Girl in purple hair: "Wow! A skater duel!"

Red bandanna guy: "Yeah, well.. Chris will make that guy eat his words!"

Chris to Psycho Blue: "You think you're hot. Get ready to be burned."

Chris rushes ahead of Psycho Blue and performs a sky twister.

Psycho Blue: "Hehe hahaha!"

Psycho Blue does his own sky twister. Chris looks behind him briefly and then performs a forward flip and then a sky twister before landing on the half pipe again. Psycho Blue does a triple backflip before landing back on the halfpipe.

Purple hair girl: "Wow, he's good."

Red bandanna guy, jaw dropped: "Yeah... good."

Chris and Psycho Blue reach neck to neck and do a complete rotation and stay with each other.

Chris: "Okay new guy. Let's see if you can do a double skytwister."

Psycho Blue just gives a cocky grin as the two skaters reach the end of the half pipe and attempt a double skytwister. But as Chris lands off the halfpipe, Psycho Blue stays in the air and pulls of a triple sky twister!

Everyone in the crowd goes silent.

Purple hair girl: "I don't believe it!"

Red bandanna guy: "No way! He ain't gonna make it!"

But Psycho Blue pulls off the move and lands perfectly off the halfpipe. The crowd erupts in an unaminous cheer!

Chris puts out his hand to Blue: "You're the man! I've haven't seen anyone pull off a triple sky twister without crashing since Marcus Gannon!"

Psycho Blue looks at Chris's hand for a moment and finally shakes it and gives Chris a smirk: "No kiddin' that's a crazy coincidence, because my name just happens to be Marcus."

Chris: "No way!"

The purple hair girl and red bandanna guy rush towards Chris and 'Marcus'. Ahead of the rest of the crowd that want to talk with Psycho Blue.

Red bandanna kid: "That was awesome man! By the way my name's Danny but everyone calls me Redhead because I always where something red."

Marcus gives Redhead a low five and shakes his hand: "The name's Marcus, and you're not the only one I know that always where's red. In fact I know lots of people that where the same color."

Redhead: "Well that's cool, man."

The purple hair girl squirms between Marcus and Redhead and smiles, trying to get Marcus' attention: "Hi! My name's Paige, but call me 'yours'."

Redhead moves Paige aside: "Excuse my sister. She's a sucker for guys with moves."

Marcus getting slick: "Oh I have a 'lot' of moves." Chris closes his fist and Marcus closes his and hits Chris's fist then Chris hits Marcus' fist.

Marcus: "I'm there."

Paige cuts in: "And I'll definitely be there."

Marcus smile at her until suddenly and explosion causes crowd of people to scatter.

Amongst the crowd is Eric the Barbarian Master: "What bogusness is this!"

Eric grabs a skateboard from another kid: "Skates! Bogus where's the surf!"

Paige, scared: "What is that thing?!"

Chris grabs her by the arm: "I don't know, let's get out of here."

Chris, Paige, and Redhead run away and Paige yells: "Come on Marcus!"

Marcus trying to think of something say, yells: "Go! I'll.. uh catch up!"

Paige: "Marcus, no!"

Redhead stops her from running: "He can take care of himself, sis. Let's go!"

Soon everyone has left except for Marcus and Eric the Barbarian Master.

Eric: "You must have some big kahunas dude if you're still here."

Marcus in an angry tone: "You know, I was getting a good thing going before you came along, you water-brained, Pauly Shore wannabe!"

Eric: "Pauly Shore? Wait a minute you must be from the old universe, and that means you're one of the Psycho dudes!"

Marcus gets into a fighting: "Well duh, dimbulb!"

Eric: "Hahaha! Well dude, get ready for a bumrush!"

Eric the Barbarian Master releases an energy bolt from his right hand and Marcus jumps from the explosion behind him!

Marcus: "That's it. I'm still a Psycho Ranger and you're in for a a loootttt of pain!"

Eric: "Bring it on dude!"

Marcus gets up and his Psycho Morpher, a black oval shaped device the resembles the Psycho Ranger beltbuckle with a blue gem on it appears on his wrist.

Marcus to himself: "I'm not used to using a morpher but here it goes."

Marcus poses with a his morpher arm in front of him and yells: "Let's Get Psycho!"

The blue gem on his morpher glows and his morphin sequence begins.

[Psycho Blue morphing sequence: A close up of Marcus' face. Blue light with a silhouette of Psycho Monster Blue in the background. Snow and ice surrounds Marcus until he is encased in ice. The ice shatters and out comes the Blue Psycho Ranger.]

Psycho Blue gets into a battle stance: "Hehe hahahaha! I'm gonna carve you up good!"

Eric summons a huge spiked club: "Dude, it's time to rumble!"

Psycho Blue & Eric the Barbarian Master rush towards each, Blue flies into a spinning kick but it barely fazes the monster, and Eric conqueres with with a harsh upperswing from his club, causing Psycho Blue fly in the air and land on top of a burning car.

Psycho Blue gets up and summons his Psycho Axe: "Oh this is going to be good."

Eric: "HA! HA! Surf's up little dude!"

Eric pounds his club into the ground and causes a wave made up of concrete and asphalt to rush towards Psycho Blue.

Psycho Blue: "Uh oh. This.. is.. going to hurt."

The wave of rubble 'washes' Psycho Blue and the car away and finally stops as a big pile of debris.

Eric the Barbarian Master: "Hoho alright! One bogus Ranger down, four more to go! Hahahahaha!"


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the New Bethany Library. In section of the main reading area, are three couches set next each other to make a three wall booth. With a coffee table set in the middle. Sitting on the first couch is unmorphed Psycho Red reading out loud a list of names. Sitting close to him on the second couch is unmorphed Pscyho Black listening. On the third couch is a guy reading a paperback novel, and two girls flipping through a magazine and gossiping.

Pyscho Red getting bored reading the names: "Michael."

Psycho Black: "Nope."

Psycho Red: "Michaelangelo."

Psycho Black: "No, I don't like pizza."

Psycho Red: "Mike."

Psycho Black: "Nah, too sixish."

Psycho Red starting to get annoyed: "Mikey."

Psycho Black: "No."

Psycho Red really getting agitated: "Miker."

Psycho Black: "Miker? What kind of name is Miker?"

Psycho Red gets up and throws the book of names on the floor: "That's it! Will you just pick a f*bleep!*n' name already!"

Psycho Black gets up and apologizes: "Hey, I'm sorry. None of these names are clicking with me."

Psycho Red: "We've been at this for over an hour now. I'm getting sick of this."

Psycho Black: "Look we need some new names. Especially me, otherwise it's going to be awfully difficult for me to get a pair of glasses."

Psycho Red looks away for a moment and calms down, then he picks up the book of names: "Alright, let's get back at this."

Psycho Black: "Cool."

He just realizes something: "Wait a minute. Why are you so willing to help me anyway."

Psycho Red: "I don't know. I guess I need someone that won't get his butt kicked so easily in a fight."

Psycho Black: "I don't believe it."

Psycho Red gives Black a funny look: "What?"

Psycho Black: "You feel bad about what happened this morning, don't you."

Psycho Red: "Hey, screw you! I couldn't care less about you or anyone else."

Psycho Black: "No, no. You actually have conscience."

Psycho Red gets angry again and yells: "That's it!"

Red throws the book at Black but he catches it: "You go help yourself! I didn't spend almost five years inside a computer chip just to hear you try to tell me how goody goody I'm getting."

Psycho Red notices the other three people in the area are starting to talk about what Red just said: "What the hell are you looking at! Mind your own f*bleep!*n' business!"

The three people pick up their things and quickly leave the one guy says to himself: "Nut!"

Psycho Red turns his attention back at Black: "You know what. The hell with all of this. I hope you go blind!"

Psycho Red leaves in a hurry.

Psycho Black tries to stop him: "Red? Wait!"

But Red ignores him and leaves.

Psycho Black sighs in disappointment.

Woman's voice: "Excuse me. What was going on here?"

Psycho Black turns around and sees a blurry face: "I'm sorry, me and my friend just got in an argument, is all."

Woman: "I see, if you don't mind me asking, what was it about?"

Psycho Black looking ashamed of himself: "Oh it was just over something stupid, we're trying pick out some new names for ourselves because we... uh.. um.. performers! And we wanted some stage names."

Woman smiles: "Oh! Well now that I think about it, you look a lot like Simon Black."

Psycho Black, puzzled: "Simon Black? Who's that?"

Woman holds up a book: "He's the main character in this book I like to read."

Psycho Black tries to look at the book but he can't see it clearly: "I'm sorry I don't have my glasses."

Woman: "I see. Well the story of Simon Black is about an evil knight that one day meets a beautiful woman, named Angela. She's so beautiful and kind, that Simon Black is willing to do anything for her love even change his ways."

Psycho Black getting curious and interested: "Really? Please, go on."

Woman: "Simon Black does everything he can to show Angela his love and in the end Simon Black battles an evil warlord from another world to save her and they live happily ever after. It's a beatiful love story."

Psycho Black: "Simon Black? I think I can get to like that. Thank you."

The mysterious woman gives Psycho Black, her "Simon Black" book and begins to walk away: "When you get your glasses, I recommend it. I think you'll like it."

Psycho Black tries to look at the book and looks for the woman: "Thank you, miss.. Hey wait, I never caught your name!"

But the woman has already left.

Psycho Black says to himself: "Simon Black was willing to change the way he lives for love. Simon."

Black smiles.

Scene 2

Setting: Just outside the library, Psycho Red (still unmorphed) walks outside and down the steps, Psycho Black chases after him.

Simon: "Red! Wait up!"

Psycho Red still angry: "What do you want?"

Simon calmly: "Hey, look. I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by what I said inside."

Psycho Red calms down: "Fine, I'm already over it."

Psycho Red gives a brief smile and puts his hand on Simon's shoulder: "But stop apologizing. You're still a Psycho Ranger."

Simon smiles: "You know Yellow.. er.. Aundria said the same thing a while ago. Speaking of which, I finally picked out a name."

Psycho Red: "Whatcha got?"

Simon: "From now on... drum roll please... call me Simon."

Psycho Red: "Simon huh? It suits you. So how did you come up with it."

Simon trying to figure it out: "Well that's wierdest thing.. after you left a wom..."

Simon stops when suddenly a group of Skullinites appear before them, ready for an attack.

Psycho Red gets into a battle pose: "Skullinites!"

Simon: "How did they know where we were?"

A Skullinite rushes towards them with a fishbone sword and takes a swipe at them, but they hop back out of the way just in time.

Psycho Red: "Darkonda must have spies hidden around in the city."

Psycho Red straight kicks the Skullinite down the steps.

Psycho Red looks to Simon: "Well 'Simon' let's kick some butt, Psycho style!"

Simon: "You're on!"

Unmorphed Psycho Red and Simon jump down the steps and at the same time leg sweep a pair of Skullinites. While people on the street watch. Unmorphed Psycho Pink and Aundria run outside to see the commotion and join in the fight. Suddenly Eric the Barbarian Master appears.

Psycho Pink judo flips a Skullinite and notices Eric: "Who is that?"

Aundria: "I don't know."

Eric: "The name's Eric the Barbarian Master, dudes and dudettes. And I'm like totally stoked about wasting all of you!"

Simon: "I can already tell, this guy's surfer talk is going to get annoying!"

Eric starts blasting away on the street and causes all the civilians to scatter: "Now that's just you and me Rangers, I'm gonna totally waste you! Just like I did to your Blue amigo."

Psycho Red: "What did you do to Blue!"

Eric: "He couldn't handle the waves, hahaha. Major bummer."

Psycho Blue's voice: "Yeah for you!"

Psycho Blue jumps onto the scene and strikes Eric with his Psycho Axe.

Eric falls down: "Totally heinous, dude!"

Psycho Blue: "Oh I'm not through yet, 'dude!' Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue performs his Psycho Spin attack and sends Eric the Barbarian Master flying.

The four unmorphed Psycho Rangers run towards Psycho Blue.

Psycho Pink: "I thought he said he took you out Blue."

Psycho Blue getting cocky: "Ha! It's going to take more then four tons of concrete to take me out!"

Simon jokingly says to Aundria: "Remind me to dump five tons of concrete on him later."

Psycho Red: "Enough nonsense. We can't morph in public. We need to take this fight elsewhere."

Simon looks across the street: "The construction site!"

Psycho Red: "It's a plan, then! Blue hold him off for us."

Psycho Blue: "No problem. Oh and it's Marcus now!"

Psycho Red: "Fine, Marcus. Now get your Blue butt in gear!"

The four unmorphed Psycho Rangers run towards the now abandoned construction site.

Eric: "Where do you think you dudes are going!"

Psycho Blue puts a sleeper hold on Eric from behind: "I'll tell you where you're going. I'll give you a clue, it's a lot hotter than the beach!"

Eric: "You're really starting to bum me out!"

Eric elbows Psycho Blue off of him.

Scene 3

Setting: The abandoned construction site, the four unmorphed Psychos run in.

Psycho Red: "Okay the coast is clear."

They all hold up their Psycho Morphers arms. Psycho Red: "Let's get psycho!"

[Psycho Pink morphing sequence: A close-up of Psycho Pink's unmorphed face. Pink light and a silhouette of Psycho Monster Pink in the background. Flower petals fall around her and vines wrap all over her. The vines explode and out comes the Pink Psycho Ranger.]

[Psycho Yellow morphing sequence: A close-up of Aundria's face. Yellow light and a silhouette of Psycho Monster Yellow in the background. A swarm of bees fly around Aundria and cover her up. The bees scatter and out comes the Yellow Psycho Ranger.]

[Psycho Black morphing sequence: A close-up of Simon's face. Dark grey light and a silhouette of Psycho Monster Black in the background. Simon turns to stone. The stone statue explodes and out comes the Black Psycho Ranger.]

[Psycho Red morphing sequence: A close-up of Psycho Red's unmorphed face. Red light and a silhouette of Psycho Monster Red in the background. Psycho Red's eyes glow red and he catches on fire. The fire quickly disicipates and out comes the Red Psycho Ranger.]

Psycho Red to the other Psycho Rangers: "Let's go!"

Scene 4

Setting: Back on the street.

Psycho Blue falls on the ground right in front of the other Psycho Rangers: "Ow. Glad you guys have your working clothes on. Someone help me up!"

Psycho Black and Yellow helps Blue up on his feet.

Eric summons his spiked club: "Dude, you better watch out because you're in for a serious wipe out!"

Psycho Blue: "Uh oh, I've been through this one already. I'm not in the mood for the sequel!"

Eric the Barbarian Master pounds the ground with his club and causes another huge wave of concrete and asphalt and it's heading towards the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Red: "Get out of it's way!"

Psycho Yellow: "Like we need you to tell us that!"

The Psycho Rangers jump out of the way of the concrete tidalwave but the construction site behind them gets destroyed in the process.

Eric: "Aw. You dudes don't have the kahunas to hang ten! Too bad!"

Eric is about to swing his club again but Psycho Pink shoots an arrow from her Psycho Bow: "Not this time!"

The club flies out of Eric's hand: "Why you little beach rat! I'm gonna wipe you out!"

Eric shoots an energy blast and Psycho Black rushes to push Pink out of the way: "Angela! Watch out!"

The blast causes a huge explosion behind Psycho Black and sends him flying into the air.

Psycho Pink gets up and turns around: "Oh no!"

Pink rushes to Psycho Black and helps him up: "Are you alright?"

Psycho Black: "Yeah, I'll be okay."

Pink: "Wait! Did you just call me Angela?"

Black gets worried for a moment: "Uh.. yeah.. Yeah I did. I thought it would.. fit you.. when I heard it."

Eric rushes towards Pink and Black and knocks the down: "You really oughta pay attention!"

Psycho Red's voice: "You should take your own advice!"

Eric turns around: "Wha?"

Psycho Red drops down on Eric and slashes him with his Psycho Sword.

Psycho Red: "To the victor goes the spoils."

Psycho Black gets up: "The victor eh. There's a perfect name for you. Victor."

Psycho Red turns to Black: "You think so? Okay I'll use it."

Psycho Yellow and Blue join the other three.

Psycho Yellow getting annoyed: "Now that everyone has a name, can we PLEASE take this guy out already. That surfer talk is getting on my nerves."

Eric gets up: "Blech! Everyone's a critic."

Psycho Red: "Okay let's finish this! Psycho Energy Attack!"

The Psycho Rangers attack Eric all at once with a series a energy bolts. Then they charge up five individual energy balls, release them and the energy balls form one huge energy ball and strikes Eric!

Eric flies into the air and crashes on the ground: "Aw man, this is bogus!"

Psycho Red: "Okay let's form the Psycho Blaster!"

Psycho Yellow throws her Psycho Slinger into the air: "Psycho Slinger!"

Psycho Pink throws her Psycho Bow into the air: "Psycho Bow!"

The Psycho Bow attaches to top of the Psycho Slinger.

Psycho Blue throws his Psycho Axe in the air: "Psycho Axe!"

Psycho Black thows his Psycho Lance in the air: "Psycho Lance!"

The Psycho Axe attaches to behind the Slinger and becomes the handle, the Psycho Lance splits into two and attaches onto the bow and forms the gun barrel.

Psycho Red throws his Psycho Sword into the air: "Psycho Sword!"

The Psycho Sword places itself firmly on top of the bow and lance and the Psycho Blaster is formed!

The Psycho Blaster falls into Psycho Red's hands and the other Psycho Rangers position themselves behind him. Psycho Red shoots a multicolored beam out of the Psycho Blaster. The beam strikes Eric and sparks fly all around Eric the Barbarian Master.

Eric slowly falls to the ground: "Boooguusss!"

Eric explodes as the Psycho Rangers cheer on their victory.

Scene 5

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda, Falconine, and Cybera watch Eric get destroyed.

Falconine turns to Darkonda: "Another one bites the dust."

Darkonda walks away: "Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood."

Falconine eyes glow in anger: "I'm growing tired of your incompentence, Darkonda! You're plans have failed, Darkonda, now it's my turn!"

Darkonda smiles and cockingly says: "Ha! Don't make me laugh. I can't wait to see your 'plans' blow up in your face!"

Falconine gets angry: "Do not mock me, mutant. Falconine was once the most feared name through out all of Deacon Blue."

Darkonda: "Of course that was before you and your forces were imprisoned for two-thousand years. And it would have been another two-thousand years if I didn't come along and release you! Hahahahahaha! I'm still running the show my dear. But you're cute when you're angry! Hahahahaha!"

As Darkonda walks out the room laughing Falconine closes her fist and says to herself: "Mark my words, the name Falconine shall be the most feared name through out the world once again, and I'll start with those Psychos!"

She looks at the image of the Psycho Rangers celebrating and her eyes glow red.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. The unmorphed Psycho Rangers stand before Zordon, once again. While Ecliptor, Beta 1, and Almidor stand off to the side.

Zordon: "Well done Psycho Rangers. I'm glad that you've all came back well."

Angela smiles: "Thank you, Zordon."

Almidor steps up: "Did you guys come up with good names for yourselves?"

Simon: "Yeah we all did. Call me Simon."

One by one the Psycho Rangers give their name: "Aundria.", "Angela.", "Marcus, the cool and sexy!", "Victor."

Zordon: "Good names all, of course you'll still need last names too."

Marcus, disgusted: "Now we need last names! What a gyp!"

Simon steps up: "Well I already have last name. It's Black."

Aundria smirks: "Using your color as a last name. Works for me. Then I'm Aundria Yellow."

Simon: "Well that's not why I chose Bla..."

Victor cuts him off: "So it's settled."

Beta 1 joins the Psycho Rangers in various discussions. Almidor pulls Simon away from the rest of the group.

Almidor: "Simon Black. You got that name from the story about that evil knight turned good. Didn't you."

Simon: "Yeah."

Almidor: "And I'm betting you gave Angela her name too."

Simon: "Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I.."

Almidor cuts him off: "Don't worry. I won't tell her. I'll leave that to you when your ready."

Simon gives a sigh of relief: "Thanks. I never did catch the name of the lady that told me about the story. I couldn't even see her face clearly because she was too close for me see her."

Almidor slaps himself in the head: "Oh that's right. Come on let's get you, your glasses." Simon walks away with Almidor while looking at Angela talking with the others: "Yeah. I kinda want to see how that story goes."

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Goldar to Darkonda: "It's done, master!"

Darkonda: "Hahaha! Good those Rangers won't know what hit them!"

Clip 2
Paige surprising Marcus: "Marcus! I was hoping I'd see you again."

Clip 3
A group of bikers surrounding Marcus and Paige.

Head biker: "The girl's with us!"

Clip 4
Almidor showing five new bikes to the Psycho Rangers: "Presenting, the Psycho Cycles!"

Clip 5
Marcus to Simon: "I'm not like you! I can't be the nice guy!"

Clip 6
Psycho Black on the ground in pain: "Why?"

Psycho Blue, who's standing next to Darkonda: "Because I'm not going to be a goody good like the rest of you!"

End Credits


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