Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 3
"Psychos Gone Ranger, Part 3"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: It's night time just outside the Power Chamber. Two full moons are in the sky. Psycho Pink unmorphed stands outside looking up at the sky.

Psycho Pink sighs and Beta 1's comes up from behind her: "You really should get some sleep."

Psycho Pink turns around: "Oh it's you Beta."

Psycho Pink looks back up at the two moons: "I've never seen a sight like it before. Not that I would have noticed in the past."

Beta 1: "You know, the double full moons only happen once a year."

Psycho Pink interested: "Really."

Beta 1: "Yeah. In fact everyone usually holds a huge celebration for it. But this year it was cancelled due to.. well you know."

Psycho Pink looks down: "Yeah, I do know."

Beta 1: "Don't worry, good will win in the end, and you are one of the good guys."

Psycho Pink turns away from Beta: "But that's the problem. I'm not sure I am one of the 'good guys', I've done a lot of bad things in the past."

Scene 2

Setting: Psycho Pink's flashback of the Psycho Rangers' debut. In a dark warehouse. The Psycho Rangers give a loud laughter with a robotic echo, and march towards the Space Power Rangers.

Psycho Red: "We're the Psycho Rangers."

Psycho Black: "We're faster than you."

Psycho Blue: "Smarter than you."

Psycho Yellow: "Stronger than you."

Psycho Pink: "But we're evil!"

Scene 3

Setting: Back outside the Power Chamber.

Psycho Pink whispers to herself: "But we're evil.. evil."

Beta 1: "Nooo. You're not evil. You used to be evil, but you're human now."

Psycho Pink: "Being human doesn't mean I'm good."

Beta 1: "Yes. But now you have a choice between good and evil. And so far you chose to stay here with Zordon. Was that an evil choice?"

Psycho Pink gives a half-hearted smile: "No, I guess not."

Beta 1: "See? You've already started to choose good over evil."

Beta 1 takes Pink by the arm to take her inside: "Now you get some sleep. You'll need all your energy if you're going to help Ecliptor and Almidor."

Psycho Pink: "Okay. I guess I am a little bit curious about what it feels like to sleep."

Scene 4

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda waits on his room. Cybera stands to his left.

Darkonda filing his nails with his sword and growing impatient: "What is taking him so long!"

Finster rushes into the room: "I'm sorry for my tardiness, you highness."

Darkonda gets up from his throne: "Is it finished?"

Finster bows and then steps aside to present someone: "Yes. Behold!"

Slippery Shark walks into the room: "So your the boss, eh? I'll be more than happy to help you out with any Rangers."

Darkonda with a devilish grin: "Heh heh heh. I have something 'different' in mind for you, my friend."

Darkonda walks towards the Slippery Shark and pulls out his glowing red shard, the Slippery Shark begins to worry: "Uh... what.. what's that?"

Darkonda casually looks at the shard: "Oh this? This is the Evolution Crystal. Given to me by Falconine as payment for releasing her from her prison."

The shard begins to glow and Darkonda holds it up to the scared monster: "I used it to turn Putties, Quantrons, Cogs, and the others into my army of Skullinites. While not much in the IQ department, they're still superior to their former selves."

Slippery Shark starts to back away from Darkonda: "Well that's good for.. for them."

Darkonda: "Yeesss. Now let's see if it's good for YOU!"

Darkonda blasts the Slippery Shark with a red beam from the Evolution Crystal. The Slippery Shark is surrounded by a red glow and screams in pain. Darkonda begins to laugh maniacally.

The Slippery Shark is on his knees and surrounded by a red glow: "Please! Stop! It huuuurtts!"

Finster covers his eyes and looks away: "Oh my!"

Darkonda: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's it! HAHAHA! This is even more fun than I thought it would be!"

Darkonda finally stops and steps back to admire his handiwork, Darkonda turns to Cybera: "Cybera, what do you think?"

Cybera in monotone: "I am not programmed for opinions."

Darkonda: "Oh yes. I forgot why I thought you were the perfect woman. Heh heh heh."

Darkonda pulls Finster's hands away from his eyes: "Behold!"

Darkonda puts to what was once Slippery Shark, now he's hunched over, with six inch long teeth, a back covered with razor sharp fins and one large fin. Bulked up and long claws.

Finster is shocked to see what Darkonda turned the Slippery Shark into: "Oh my goodness!"

Darkonda: "This is our business arrangement. You make them, and I'll improve them! HAHAHHAHA, and believe me, the new and improved Sharkerus is only the first! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Darkonda laughs into the night as the Sharkerus breaks out in an earth shaking growl!

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: The Power Chamber. Almidor works on the satellite looking device. Beta 1 is assisting him. Ecliptor watches images on the viewing globe, and an unmorphed Psycho Pink talks with Zordon.

Almidor while doing some last minute weilding talks to Beta 1: "There! It's finally finished."

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai ai. Now we don't have to worry about our lack of Zords."

Almidor while putting away his tools: "No, it will only buy us some time before we can build any Zords. The Atmospheric Restricter will only be able to run for a month, tops."

Suddenly the Power Chamber shakes and alarms go off.

Psycho Pink almost falls down: "What's happening?!"

Almidor: "They're attacking!"

Ecliptor: "Sooner than we thought!"

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai ai!"

Zordon: "Quickly, you must leave and place the Atmospheric Restricter on the highest point in the city."

Psycho Pink: "But how will we get there?"

Almidor picks up the Restricter and heads for far end exit: "Follow me!"

Ecliptor and Psycho Pink quickly follow Almidor through the exit.

Scene 2

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber. Goldar and about fifty Skullinites are attacking the main entrance.

Goldar while blasting the main door with his sword: "Use all of your firepower, we must get inside the Power Chamber!"

All of the Skullinites starts shooting eye beams at the door.

Scene 3

Setting: Back inside the Power Chamber, Beta 1 watches Goldar on the Viewing Globe.

Beta 1: "Aye ai ai ai! Their almost through!"

Zordon: "Beta, quickly activate the auto guns."

Beta 1: "Of course!"

Beta 1 quickly presses a series of buttons on one of the terminals.

Scene 4

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber.

Goldar: "Hahahaha! We're almost inside!"

Suddenly the auto guns pop out everywhere.

Goldar in worried and almost whining tone: "Oh no."

Scene 5

Setting: Inside the Power Chamber.

Beta 1 watches Goldar and the Skullinites get blown away on the viewing globe: "Bye bye Goldie."

Zordon: "Good work, Beta."

Scene 6

Setting: Some sort of hangar located within the Power Chamber's mountain. The room is dark. There are two doors. One small person-sized door. And one very large garage door.

Almidor, Ecliptor, and Psycho Pink enter the hangar through the smaller door with the Restricter.

Psycho Pink: "Where's the light."

Almidor lifts up his gauntlet: "Allow me."

Almidor's Infinity Stone begins to glow and the lights in the hangar.

Psycho Pink covers her eyes temporarily from the sudden brightness, then she slowly looks up and is surprised by what she sees: "Whoah. Did.. did you make this Almidor?"

Almidor smiles and raises his hand towards a large aircraft. It is primarily white. With two large, blocky, red, engine casings on each side. It has two large wings about 150 ft. long each. In the front is a looks like a cockpit. The ship doesn't have any landing gear and is laying right on it's belly. Under one of the red engine casings in a bay door.

Almidor: "This is the Sky Knight. An all purpose space ship of my design, with a little help of the Infinity Stone. It took three years to build but when Zordon showed up he helped me modify it and it can reach up to hyper rush 12."

Ecliptor very impressed: "Hmmm. That's even faster than the Power Rangers' Astro Megaship."

Ecliptor turns to Almidor: "Can it turn into a Megazord?"

Almidor: "Unfortunatley no. When I was building it, I didn't even know what a zord was, and by the time it was completed I didn't have enough time to remodify it for that purpose. That's why we need the Atmospheric Restricter."

Psycho Pink: "It still looks cool."

Almidor: "Thank you. Now let's get going, shall we?"

Almidor, Ecliptor, and Psycho Pink head inside the Sky Knight.

Scene 7

Setting: Inside the Sky Knight bridge which strongly resembles the bridge of the Astro Megaship, only the coloring is brighter.

Almidor, Ecliptor, and the still unmorphed Psycho Pink enter the bridge.

Psycho Pink looks around with a huge smile on her face and spins around to look at everything: "This place is amazing!"

Almidor sits in the captain's chair: "I'm glad you like it Pink."

A computer voice speaks: "What is your destination, Almidor?"

Psycho Pink: "Who's that?"

Almidor: "Oh, that would be A.N.A. Automative. Navigation. Assistant."

Ecliptor: "I notice a resemblence."

Almidor presses some buttons on a side panel of the chair: "Okay everyone. Take a seat. We're taking off!"

A.N.A.: "Destination?"

Almidor: "To the highest point in the city, A.N.A."

A.N.A.: "Acknowledged."

Psycho Pink sits in a chair next to Almidor. Ecliptor remains standing behind a terminal. They look at the window in front of them as the hangar doors begin to open.

A.N.A.: "Hangar doors, open."

A large humming sound starts as the engines begin to start up, and the Sky Knight starts to lift from the ground.

A.N.A.: "Blast engines running. Ready for take off, Almidor."

Almidor with a proud smile on his face: "Let's go!"

The Sky Knight flies out of the Power Chamber mountain!

Scene 8

Setting: Outside the Power Chamber where Goldar and the Skullinites are just now getting back up with burns marks all over themselves and some of them smoldering.

Goldar is concerned when he hears a roaring sound: "What's that?"

Suddenly the Sky Knight flies over them and the speed of the ship knocks Goldar and all the Skullinites back down.

Goldar: "Oooh. I miss Zedd and Rita."

The Sky Knight flies away and Almidor's voice says: "We're off to save the world!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: Inside the Dark Carrier's monitor room. An unmorphed Psycho Black watches the destruction being caused on the city and people running in terror on the main monitor. An unmorphed Psycho Yellow walks in and steps up behind him.

Psycho Yellow puts her arms on the Black's chair: "What are you watching?"

Psycho Black slightly startled then realizes that it's just Yellow: "What?! Oh it's you. I'm just watching the handiwork of the side we've chosen."

Psycho Yellow lifts her eyebrow slightly in curiousity: "Judging by your tone of voice, you don't seem to happy about it."

Psycho Black: "I'm not. I don't really care about those people, but I don't get any kicks out of seeing them get hurt."

Psycho Yellow: "You've always been the nice guy of the bunch. Even when we were monsters. Of course that's not really saying much."

Psycho Black gives a small smirk and looks to Yellow: "And you've always been the manipulator of the bunch, so what's your angle."

Psycho Yellow steps back acting as if she is insulted: "I don't have an angle. I was just trying to make for conversation."

Psycho Black looks away: "I'm.. sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

Psycho Yellow walks back up to Black and speaks into his ear: "Don't apologize. You're still a Psycho Ranger, human or not. We have to be true with what we are."

Psycho Black suddenly realizes something and begins to get up: "You're right!"

Psycho Yellow steps back with a puzzled expression on her face: "Right about what?"

Psycho Black smiles: "We have to stay true with what we are. And what we are, is human."

Psycho Yellow still puzzled: "Now what's YOUR angle?"

Psycho Black almost excited and puts his hands on Yellow's shoulders: "Get Red and Blue. We need to talk now."

Psycho Black walks out of the room saying: "We're human!"

Psycho Yellow really confused says to herself: "Uh.. yeah."

Scene 2

Setting: The city while still under attack. A mother and her son and running from the chaos and two Skullfighters and zeroing in on their location.

Son: "Mommy! Look!"

The Skullinites inside the Skullfighters slowly prepare to shoot the mother and child until they realize something large is behind them. One Skullinite turns around to see what is and shocked to see the Sky Knight.

Scene 3

Setting: Inside the Sky Knight's bridge. Almidor looks at the Skullfighters.

Almidor with a slight snarl expression: "Fire!"

Scene 4

Setting: Just outside the Sky Knight. The Sky Knight shoots two energy blasts from it's cannons and blows up the Skullfighters. The Sky Knight flies over the mother and her son.

The child looks up in amazement: "WOW! I want one of those!"

The mother just smiles: "Thank you."

As the Sky Knight flies away shooting more Skullfighters down, the people begin to cheer. Then Sky Knight flies over the Dark Carrier.

Scene 5

Setting: Back inside the Sky Knight's bridge.

Almidor: "The Dark Carrier, that's probably where the other Psycho Rangers are, Pink."

Almidor and Ecliptor look around and notice that Psycho Pink is missing.

Almidor: "Pink? A.N.A., where is she?"

A.N.A.: "Psycho Pink is no longer on the ship."

Ecliptor: "She must have jumped on top of the Dark Carrier."

Almidor: "Why?"

Ecliptor: "Hmmm. Naturally she's either decided to join her fellow Psychos after all, or she's going to try to convince them to join us. Of course, they'll probably destroy her if she does, so either way we may have just lost our only Psycho Ranger."

Almidor: "That's not good. But we can't worry about that. Right now our top priority is setting up the Atmospheric Restricter."

The Sky Knight heads for the tallest building in the city.

Scene 6

Setting: Inside the Dark Carrier. In one of the hallways a Skullinite stands guard, but the grid plate above it slowly moves up and down comes Psycho Pink, now morphed. Psycho Pink lands on the Skullinite's head with her feet, knocking it out.

Psycho Pink leers around a hallway corner and talks to herself: "Now I have to find the others before it's too late."

Psycho Red spots her and sneaks up on her: "Well, well, well. Fancy meeting you here."

Psycho Pink turns around and is surprised by the morphed Psycho Red: "Oh no."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: The bridge of the Sky Knight as the Sky Knight stops next to the tallest building in the city.

Almidor picks up the Restricter: "We'll have to hurry. We're vulnerable at the moment."

Ecliptor nods: "Agreed."

Scene 2

Setting: A conference room of some sort inside the Dark Carrier. Already waiting inside are an unmorphed trio of Psycho Black, Yellow, and Blue.

Psycho Blue leaning on the wall with his arms crossed and a bit agitated: "What are we doing here? I want to get down there and have some fun already!"

Psycho Yellow getting angry with Blue: "Will you shut up already!"

Psycho Black sitting on the table: "What's taking Red so long to get here."

Suddenly, and unmorphed Psycho Red walks in the room with an unmorphed Psycho Pink in his grasp.

Psycho Red: "Look who decided to join us."

Psycho Black gets up: "Pink!"

Psycho Pink trying get free from Red and maintaining some cool: "Uh.. Hi guys."

Psycho Blue in a snide tone: "Did little miss sunshine get a reality check and decide to get back with the winners or did you come here because you missed the taste of my boot in your mouth."

Psycho Yellow smacks Blue in the back of the head: "Knock it off."

Psycho Yellow looks to Pink: "Why are you here?"

Psycho Pink finally gets free from Red: "I came here to get you guys to change your mind about what we're all doing here."

Psycho Red: "Ha! Then you wasted your time. Now Black you wanted us here for something?"

Psycho Black puts his hand on Pink's should while looking at Red: "Actually, I called you all here for the same reason, Pink is here."

Psycho Blue with a twisted lip: "What?!"

Psycho Red pushes Pink aside and gets in Black's face: "You better be joking. Otherwise you're going down with her."

Psycho Blue is about to say something but Psycho Yellow grabs him by the lips and tells him: "Don't even say it, you pervert!"

Psycho Red and Black stop looking at Blue and Yellow and look back at each other, Psycho Red says: "We're Psycho Rangers. We're the badguys. We're not going to help Zordon or that turncoat, Ecliptor. Got it!"

Psycho Black: "We're not monsters anymore, Red. We don't have to be the badguys anymore."

Psycho Red: "You're wrong. We were created for destroying the Power Rangers, nothing more!"

Psycho Black grabs Red by the shirt: "Things have changed, deal with it! We're human now."

Psycho Black lets go of Red: "The Psycho Rangers may have been created to destroy the Power Rangers, but as far as I'm concerned, those Pyscho Rangers were destroyed by the Power Rangers months ago!"

Psycho Red: "Just more reason to hate those Power..."

Psycho Black cuts him off: "No. More reason to thank the Power Rangers."

All of the Psycho Rangers look at Black with interest.

Psycho Black looks at all of them: "We've been reborn twice now. We were meant for something so much more than what Astronema and Darkonda had instore for us. If we did destroy the Power Rangers, what would have then. Nothing. But now, we're human. We can eat, sleep, know true happiness, know true sadness. We can chose between good and evil, between love and hate. We can feel joy, we can feel pain. As monsters we couldn't do that. As monsters we couldn't truly chose for ourselves. We couldn't live."

Psycho Black puts his hand on Red's shoulder: "But we can live now. But not as long as Darkonda and the others are still around. They won't let us live, they won't let us chose, they won't let us have our freedom. Just like their not letting those people down there have their freedom."

Psycho Red looks at Black with a deep thinking expression. He looks at Pink and sees her smile. Then he looks at Yellow and Blue. Yellow almost reluctantly nods yes, while Blue looks away trying to think about everything as well.

Psycho Red: "You know even as a Psycho Monster, I think I always wanted my freedom."

Psycho Black gives a smile.

Scene 3

Setting: On top of the tallest building. Almidor and Ecliptor are busy setting up the Restricter.

Almidor: "Almost finished."

Darkonda's voice: "Hahahahaha! That's what you think!"

The space behind Ecliptor and Almidor begins to warp and out comes Darkonda.

Ecliptor: "Darkonda!"

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! I don't know what you were planning on doing with that big toaster, but you can't honestly expect to stop me now?!"

Ecliptor gets up and prepares to fight with his sword: "Oh I'll do more than stop you. I'll destroy you!"

Darkonda pulls out his dagger and elongates it into his sword: "Hahahaha! Then let's end this once and for all!"

Ecliptor charges for Darkonda: "So be it!"

Darkonda and Ecliptor block each others blows. Then Darkonda gets in a good strike on Ecliptor's hip, knocking Ecliptor down.

Almidor starts to get up: "Ecliptor!"

Ecliptor: "No you have to finish installing that thing. I'll.. I'll take care of this worm!"

Darkonda gets angry: "Worm am I! Well this worm has teeth! Aaaah!"

Darkonda tries to impale Ecliptor but Ecliptor rolls out of the way and trips up Darkonda.

Ecliptor gets back and attacks Darkonda in the chest: "And I'm about to break every single one of them!"

Darkonda: "Hahahaha, then I guess, I'll have to share yours!"

Ecliptor: "What?"

Darkonda warps out and warps back behind Ecliptor and grabs Ecliptor from behind: "Hahahahaha! You know the routine 'old friend', it's time we got to know each other."

Ecliptor struggling to get free: "No, not again!"

Darkonda laughs maniacally as he merges with Ecliptor to form Darkliptor.

Almidor with a shocked expression: "What the?!"

Darkliptor looks towards Almidor: "Hahahaha! You didn't know about that one, did you? Hahahahaha...ah ah aarrgh! NO!"

Darkliptor starts to struggle with himself and the splits back into Ecliptor and Darkonda.

Ecliptor gets back up and knock Darkonda back down.

Darkonda: "NO! I had you!"

Ecliptor: "We've danced that dance before, you freak. It doesn't work anymore."

Darkonda: "Well, then you'll just have to dance with someone else!"

Darkonda summons Sharkerus.

Ecliptor: "Who's that? It looks kinda like Finster's Slipper Shark monster."

Darkonda gets up: "Hahahaha! He is, or at least he used to be. Now he is Sharkerus. Sharkerus, destroy him!"

Sharkerus just growls and charges for Ecliptor. Ecliptor tries to stop the Sharkerus but instead it knocks his sword away and bites his arm.

Ecliptor: "Aaargh!"

Suddenly lightning erupts in the sky above them all and the Psycho Rangers laugh can be heard. Suddenly the five morphed Psycho Rangers appear before Darkonda.

Darkonda: "Ah! Excellent, you've come to enjoy the fun! Hahahaha!"

Psycho Pink walks up next to Darkonda: "Yes, Darkonda, darling. We wouldn't want to miss your 'moment of triumph'."

Darkonda: "Hahahaha. Good. After Sharkerus takes care of my 'old friend', then we'll enjoy watching my army finish burning this city to the ground, Pink."

Darkonda finally realizes: "Hey. Wait a minute, what are you doing he..oomph!"

Psycho Pink cuts Darkonda off with a punch in the face, knocking Darkonda down.

Darkonda: "Psycho Rangers, destroy the traitor."

Psycho Red shakes his head: "I don't think so, ugly. The Psycho Rangers aren't anyone's puppets but their own from now on."

Psycho Yellow: "And quite frankly, we think Zordon is the one that will let us chose for ourselves."

Psycho Blue: "Besides, baldy is cuter than you, ugly!"

Darkonda gets up growls as he gets up: "Why you...! Sharkerus! Destroy them all!"

Sharkerus finally lets go of Ecliptor and turns to face the Psycho Rangers: "Sharkerus kill!"

Ecliptor: "I don't believe it."

Psycho Red: "Believe it, grid man."

Sharkerus charges towards the Psycho Rangers: "Sharkerus!"

Psycho Red poses: "Psycho Red!"

Psycho Blue poses: "Psycho Blue!"

Psycho Yellow poses: "Psycho Yellow!"

Psycho Pink poses: "Psycho Pink!"

Psycho Black poses: "Psycho Black!"

All together: "Psycho Rangers!"

The Psycho Rangers jump out of the way, and the Sharkerus just runs off the building.

Psycho Black shakes his head: "Geesh! And I thought Psycho Blue was low on the IQ level."

Psycho Blue: "Hey!"

Darkonda starts to breathe hard: "This isn't over, Rangers!" then he warps away.

Almidor: "I'm almost finished here. You Psycho Rangers better get down there because that Sharkerus is going to hurt a lot of people!"

Psycho Pink: "Right! Let's go everyone!"

Psycho Blue throws his hands up in the air: "Who cares?!"

Psycho Red gets read to jump off the edge of the building: "Not me, but if we're going to be working for Zordon then we're going to have to play the goodguys."

Psycho Blue: "That's sick, man."

Psycho Red jumps down, off the building. Followed by Black, Pink, and Yellow.

Psycho Blue shakes his head: "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Finally Psycho Blue jumps down, off the building.

Ecliptor gets up and walks towards Almidor: "It looks like Zordon's faith in them wasn't misplaced after all."

Almidor just smiles.

Scene 4

Setting: On the city streets. People are running in terror from the Sharkerus and various Skullinites.

A woman: "Run!"

A man stops and notices something: "Who are they?!"

The Psycho Rangers run in and take down some of the Skullinites.

Another woman: "They're helping us!"

Sharkerus rams Psycho Black down: "Sharkerus!"

Psycho Yellow helps Black back up: "Is that the only thing he can say?"

Sharkerus charges towards Yellow and Black but Red jumps in the way and strikes Sharkerus with his Psycho Sword and follows it with a roundhouse kick.

Psycho Blue: "Psycho Spin!"

Psycho Blue uses his Psycho Spin attack and knocks the Sharkerus down.

Sharkerus gets up and throws his boomerang: "Sharkerus attack!"

Psycho Pink: "Oh no you don't!"

Psycho Pink shoots and an energy arrow with her Psycho Bow and destroys the boomerang.

The Psycho Rangers gather together and Red steps up: "Okay let's finish off Charlie Tuna here!"

The Psycho Rangers all concentrate their energy and throw five individual energy balls. The energy balls merge into one large energy ball and strikes the Sharkerus, taking down the Sharkerus. The Sharkerus gets back up and then grows into a giant.

Psycho Black: "Oh no. It's becoming a giant!"

Psycho Pink: "We'll have to get up close and personal!"

Psycho Pink runs for the Sharkerus.

Psycho Black: "Pink, don't!"

Psycho Pink jumps on the Sharkerus' head as turns into a giant.

Psycho Blue: "She's nuts. Hehehahaha! I like it!"

Sharkerus tries to stomp on the Psycho Rangers but the Psychos jump out of the way.

Psycho Pink tries to maintain her balance on top of the Sharkerus and summons her Psycho Bow: "Okay, you overgrown minnow, let's see if I can make the bullseye!"

Pink shoots and an energy arrow at the Sharkerus' right and which cause the Sharkerus the shriek in pain and gives the Psycho Rangers enough time to get away.

Psycho Red: "What is she doing?"

Psycho Black: "She's taking him down!"

Sharkerus bats Pink off of him and knocks her down to his bellybutton.

Psycho Black: "Pink!"

Scene 6

Setting: Back at the top of the tallest building in the city.

Almidor puts the finishing touches to the Amospheric Restricter: "There! It's done!"

Ecliptor still holding his damaged arm sees the giant Sharkerus: "You better turn it on now!"

Almidor activates the Restricter with his Infinity Stone and a large green light projects out of the top of the Restricter when the green light reaches about 50ft in the air it turns into a green forcefield that spreads all over the city and goes right through the Sharkerus.

Sharkerus: "Sharkerus hurt!"

The Sharkerus begins to blow up and knocks Psycho Pink into the air.

Psycho Black breaks away from the other Psychos: "PIIIINNNK!"

Psycho Black jumpss on top of a van and onto a flagpole and jumps higher into the air and catches Pink in his arms and lands on the ground.

Psycho Black: "Are you alright?"

Psycho Pink: "Yeah, thanks."

The other three run towards them, Psycho Yellow: "Well now we know where your priorities are, Black."

The Sky Knight flies down to the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Red: "What's that?"

Psycho Pink gets: "That's the Sky Knight, our ride."

Almidor's voice from the Sky Knight: "Come on in Psycho Rangers! Let's go home!"

Psycho Black: "Home. You have to admit, that sounds nice."

Psycho Red heads for the Sky Knight: "Perhaps. But don't expect me to get all sappy about it."

A small crowd of people walk towards the Psycho Rangers, and the young boy walks up to Psycho Red: "Thank you for saving us Red Ranger."

Psycho Red puts his hand on the kid's head: "Uh.. yeah. You're welcome, kid."

Psycho Red looks at the others: "I guess we're the goodguys after all."

The Psycho Rangers all look at each other as the crowd comes to thank them.


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. Darkonda is pacing back in forth in frustration. Falconine is standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed. Cybera remains emotionless. Elgar is standing in the background.

Darkonda: "I don't believe it! Even in an alternate universe, my plans are still foiled by a group of rangers!"

Falconine turns to Darkonda: "This happens often?"

Elgar steps forward: "Don't worry about it, Falconine. You get used to it after a while."

Darkonda looks up at Elgar and blasts Darkonda with his left hand.

Elgar while smoldering: "And if you're me. You get used to this too."

Elgar falls to the ground unconscious.

Darkonda to himself: "Enjoy your victory Rangers. I will get the last laugh!"

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. The five unmorphed Psycho Rangers stand before Zordon. Almidor, Ecliptor, and Beta 1 stand off to the side.

Zordon: "Congralutions. You have all made me proud. Together you've proven to us and yourselves that you are capable of great courage and I am pleased that when the choice was given to you, you all have chosen the side of good."

Psycho Red: "Actually that remains to be seen Zordon."

Zordon smiles: "I have faith in all of you. And together we will overcome evil in the end."

Psycho Blue whispers to Yellow: "This guy is full of it, ain't he."

Psycho Yellow smiles in agreement.

Zordon: "Finally I am proud to call each of you, Power Rangers!"

Ecliptor whispers to Almidor: "That will not go over well."

The Psycho Rangers look at each other.

Psycho Black: "Well guys. Are we Psycho Rangers or Power Rangers?"

Pyscho Red: "I think we all know the answer to that one."

Psycho Red holds out his hand, Black puts his hand on Red's the other three follow suit and together they all say begin yell: "1! 2! 3! Power Ran... NOT!"

Almidor, Beta 1, and even Ecliptor begins to laugh. The Psychos start to leave the room but turn to Zordon on the way out.

Psycho Pink: "Sorry, but we're no Power Rangers."

Psycho Red: "We may be play at being goodguys, but we're still the Psycho Rangers!"

Psycho Yellow just winks.

Psycho Black: "You're going to have to get used to some changes just like the rest of us, Zordon, ole' boy."

Psycho Blue in a mocking tone: "Because we're teenagers with attitude!"

Almidor laughs: "Something tells me, things won't get boring with those kids around."

The Psychos laugh as Zordon just looks embarassed.

The End.

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Zordon to the unmorphed Psycho Rangers: "As humans, you will need human names."

Clip 2
Falconine to Darkonda: "You're plans have failed Darkonda, now it's my turn!"

Clip 3
Unmorphed Psycho Black to unmorphed Psycho Red: "How did they know where we were."

Clip 4
Morphed Psycho Black jumping from an explosion.

Clip 5
A red monster covered in armor to the morphed Psycho Rangers: "Dude, you better watch out because you're in for a serious wipe out!"

Clip 6
Morphed Psycho Blue standing on top a burning car: "Oh this is going to be good."

Clip 7
Unmorphed Psycho Pink stands next to a hurting unmorphed Psycho Black: "What's wrong."

Psycho Black: "I think... I'm losing my sight."

End Credits


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Little Boy

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Flashback Psycho Pink

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Slippery Shark/Sharkerus

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Flashback Psycho Blue

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Beta 1


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