Power Rangers: Hidden War

Episode 2
"Psychos Gone Ranger, Part 2"

by Hans Adolph

Act 1

Scene 1

Setting: The new Power Chamber. The room is dark and there is a display, in the middle of the room with five slots. Four of the slots already have the Psycho Ranger data cards in them.

Ecliptor places the fifth data card into the last slot: "There, it's ready."

Ecliptor looks back, towards Zordon and Almidor.

Zordon: "Very well. Almidor hold up your gauntlet, so that I may amplify my powers through your Infinity Stone."

Almidor complies and raises his arm.

Ecliptor walks up to them to get a good look at the ceremony: "You do know the danger in this?"

Zordon: "I'm well aware of the risk but it has to be done."

Ecliptor: "Hmmm. Seems foolish to me."

Almidor: "It's ready."

Almidor's gem begins to glow. Zordon concentrates, two bolts of energy come from his energy tube and strikes the Infinity Stone on Almidor's gauntlet. Almidor's face tenses as some of the energy strikes him. The Infinity Stone glows brighter and five green beams of energy fly out of the stone then strikes the data cards.

Almidor: "Hrrrg, I can't.. keep.. this.. up!"

Ecliptor watches with more interest, while Zordon strains himself, and the energy from the Infinity Stone gets more intense. An eerie mist starts forming around the data card display and soon nothing can be see through the mist except for the green energy. Ecliptor looks at the floor just below the mist and sees a boot form on it followed by another. Four more pairs of boots are soon visible just below the mist.

Both and Almidor and Zordon are in great pain, Almidor barely says: "No... more!"

Almidor pulls his gauntlet away from Zordon's energy. Both Zordon and Almidor try to recuperate themselves.

Almidor looks back up to Zordon while breathing hard: "Did.. it.. work?"

Zordon: "I.. don't.."

Zordon is cut off by an eerie laughter with a cyber echo to it.

Ecliptor: "I think it did."

The mist clears away as the Psycho Rangers laugh.

Psycho Red steps in front of the others: "Watch out world! Because the Psycho Rangers are back!"

{Opening Theme}

Act 2

Scene 1

Setting: Still at the Power Chamber.

Ecliptor & Almidor prepare themselves for a possible fight as the Psycho Rangers laugh.

Psycho Red shrugs his arms: "Long time, no see Ecliptor."

Ecliptor: "It's not a pleasure, I assure you."

Psycho Red sarcastically: "Boohoo."

Psycho Black looks around with one arm crossed and the other hand resting on the chin of his helmet: "Hmmm. It looks like we you to thank for our freedom, Zordon. But why?"

Psycho Blue pushes Black out of the way and summons his Psycho Axe: "Who cares?! Hehe hahahaha! I say we trash this place! Hahahaha!"

Psycho Yellow stops Psycho Blue: "Wait, you idiot! We don't even know where we are!"

Psycho Yellow looks to Psycho Red: "Red?"

Psycho Red looks up to Zordon: "Well? Why are we here?"

Zordon: "I'm glad you're willing to listen."

Psycho Red: "Just make it quick, green boy."

Zordon: "Eh hmm! Very well, after you were imprisoned in the data cards, Dark Specter launched one final assault against the universe with all of his forces. However he was betrayed by Darkonda and destroyed."

Psycho Yellow to Psycho Black in a sarcastic tone: "Big loss."

Zordon: "However Darkonda's plan for power backfired and he was seemingly destroyed."

Ecliptor adds in: "Darkonda has multiple lives, even more than even he thought he had."

Zordon: "Yes, so Astronema became the queen of evil, and I was left with only one option to save the universe from evil. Andros.."

Psycho Red cuts him off and rushes forward: "The Red Ranger!!!"

Psycho Yellow grabs Red by the shoulder and calmy tells him "no" with a motion of her head. Psycho Red calms down.

Zordon: "Anyway, Andros shattered my original energy tube so that I could use my full power and transport all the predominantly evil beings and myself to an alternate universe that I foolishly thought was void of sentient life."

Psycho Black steps up: "But this new universe isn't vacant, is it?"

Zordon: "You are correct. Now Darkonda is coming close to conquering this planet, Deacon Blue. And since I don't have enough power left to bring in the Power Rangers into this universe."

Psycho Yellow puts her fists at her hips: "And you decided to bring in the second stringers."

Psycho Black adds: "Namely us!"

Psycho Red summons his Psycho Sword: "Well, the Psycho Rangers aren't going to play at being your good little soldiers!"

Ecliptor holds out his sword in front of Psycho Red: "I wouldn't if I were you."

Psycho Red: "Hey, I just noticed you dropped the cyber look. But you're still ugly."

Ecliptor remains silent in anger.

Psycho Blue impatiently: "So now can we trash this place?"

Almidor quickly presses a button on one of the consoles, and Psycho Red & Blue's weapons disappear.

Psycho Blue: "Hey!"

Psycho Red: "What gives?!"

Almidor: "Just a precaution just in case you Psychos turned out to be as unpredictable as Ecliptor said."

Psycho Red: "Why you..."

Psycho Yellow steps up in front Red and holds out her arms to block him: "Red, wait! Let's not be so hasty."

Psycho Yellow walks Psycho Red away from Zordon, Ecliptor, and Almidor and whispers: "There may be something in this for us."

Psycho Red quietly: "What makes you think that?"

Psycho Yellow: "Ecliptor is just as rotten as us and he's on Zordon's side."

They both look at Ecliptor briefly and turn away again.

Psycho Yellow still whispering to Red: "Zordon has something that Ecliptor wants."

Psycho Red: "But what?"

Psycho Yellow: "What else, Astronema? I'm betting that she's still in the other universe, and Ecliptor wants to get back to his 'princess'."

Psycho Red: "You think Zordon can transport him back to the old universe?"

Psycho Yellow: "Exactly, and maybe we can get in on that deal."

Psycho Red finally getting it: "And we could get another crack at those goody goods."

Psycho Yellow taps her finger on Psycho Red's visor: "Bingo."

Ecliptor, Almidor, and Zordon watch the Psycho Ranger talking, Ecliptor turns to the other two: "I don't like this, they're obviously up to something."

Almidor gives a smirk and smuggly says: "And you're not."

Ecliptor turns away: "Fine, but you two are making a big mistake."

Psychos Red & Yellow call over the other three and they all whisper to each other, except for Pink, who remains silent. After a few seconds, the Psychos look like they have agreed on something.

Ecliptor repeats himself: "Big mistake."

Scene 2

Setting: Darkonda's throne room in the Dark Fortress. Darkonda is sitting in his throne, Falconine is sitting in a smaller throne to his right, and Cybera is standing next to him on his left. In the center of the room is a greenish blue grid on the floor and it is projecting images of the city being ravaged by the Skullinites and Skullfighters.

Darkonda while watching the images: "Hahahaha! I have to be proud of myself, this is some of my finest work!"

Falconine in an unamused tone: "You're proud of random acts of destruction, Darkonda? It's not like you put much effort into all of this, otherwise Ecliptor and Almidor wouldn't have escaped."

Darkonda snaps his fingers and the images stop, then he turns to Falconine: "May I remind you, that it was your idea to put them together in the first place."

Falconine starting to get angry: "And let me remind you, that it was your shabby security efforts that allowed them to escape so easily WITH those data cards."

Darkonda: "Grrr. The data cards, which hold the Pyscho Rangers. No matter it's not like they can free them from their silicon imprisonment, and if Zordon managed to release the Psycho Rangers they would destroy him on the spot."

Falconine raises her eyebrow in disapproval: "Didn't you say they were unpredictable, and if so, how can you predict that they would destroy Zordon or help him?"

Darkonda turns and thinks for a moment and then says: "Hmmmm. Perhaps you are right."

Darkonda snaps his fingers and the floor grid shows an image of Goldar.

Darkonda: "Goldar!"

Goldar surprised to see that Darkonda is watching him: "Wha? Yes, my king?"

Darkonda sits back in his seat: "Organize a platoon and track down that Skullfighter energy signature, and bring me back the Psycho Ranger data cards."

Goldar bows: "As you wish."

The image of Goldar vanishes.

Darkonda turns to Cybera: "Cybera."

Cybera looks to Darkonda and emotionlessly says: "Yes."

Darkonda: "Fetch me, Finster. I have something I wish to discuss with him."

Cybera emotionless: "As you wish."

Cybera walks out of the room.

Falconine gives a small smile: "Now your starting to act like a leader."

Darkonda laughs to himself and gives a small grin, feeling proud of himself.

Scene 3

Setting: A small opening in a forest just outside the Power Chamber. There is a lake next to it, and some bushes. The Psycho Rangers are walking into the opening.

Psycho Red to Psycho Yellow: "I'm surprised Obi Wan Kabaldy actually let us come out here so we could 'think about it'."

Psycho Yellow agrees: "He is a trusting old fool isn't he? And letting us have our weapons no less!"

Psycho Blue walks with his axe over his shoulder: "He is a fool! More of a reason to take him and his buddies out."

While the three Psychos talk, Psycho Pink stands alone with her elbow leaning on a tree while looking at the lake. Psycho Black comes up from behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Psycho Black: "Something wrong, Pink? You haven't said a thing since we came out of those data cards."

Psycho Pink in an unsure voice: "I.. I.. just didn't have anything to say is all."

Psycho Black takes his hand off her should and steps in front of her: "What's wrong?"

Psycho Pink looks up at him: "I feel weird, different. Haven't you felt it too."

Psycho Black looks around and looks back at her: "Come to think of I have noticed that I don't feel the urge to.."

Psycho Pink cuts him off and in a suspiscious tone: "Wait a minute! Why do you care?"

Psycho Black, caught off guard by Pink's question, stutters with his words as if he's trying to cover up something: "Eh... Who says I care? I was just.. curious is all."

Psycho Black walks away. Psycho Pink looks at her reflection in the water.

Psycho Pink to herself: "What's going on with me."

Psycho Pink notices something: "The lake.. it's beautiful."

Psycho Pink looks around: "In fact this whole place is a beautiful site."

Psycho Pink looks back down: "But I've never noticed beauty before, I was always possessed with destroying the Pink Ranger, but I don't even have a desire to hurt the Pink Ranger anymore."

Psycho Pink gets on her knees to get a better look at herself in the water: "Why does my helmet feel stuffy. It's never felt stuffy before."

Psycho Pink flips the clamps on her helmet and begins to take the helmet off: "That's better."

Psycho Pink looks at her reflection in the water and is shocked to not see her monster form but instead sees a beautiful Indian girl: "Oh my god. I'm... I'm human!"

Psycho Pink gets up and turns to the other Psycho Rangers and yells: "I'm human!"

The other Psychos look at her in shock.

Psycho Red: "What!?"

Psycho Blue: "Pink?"

Psycho Black: "Why are you disguised as a human."

Psycho Pink in worry tries to explain: "I'm not disguising myself!"

Psycho Pink tenses while trying to transform: "I.. I can't turn into my monster form! I'm stuck like this!" tears start to run from her eyes as Pink starts to get hysterical: "I can't change! I can't!"

Psycho Black grabs her by the shoulder: "Get ahold of yourself! It's alright."

Psycho Black holds Pink in his arms to console him while the other three Psychos are puzzled.

Pyscho Red: "Black?! What are you doing?"

Pyscho Blue: "Being a wussy, that's what! Apparently Blacky is a sheep in wolf's clothing."

Psycho Blue walks up to Black and begins to taunt him: "Isn't that right, loverboy. Do you wanna a hankerchief you spineless..."

Psycho Black lets go of Pink and shoves Blue to the ground: "I've had just about enought of you!"

Psycho Yellow steps between them: "Knock it off! Both of you! That old fool did something to us!"

Psycho Blue gets up and brushes some dust off of himself: "Not to me, Pink's just a freak is all!"

Psycho Pink looks away, and Psycho Black starts to rush towards Blue, but Yellow stops him.

Psycho Yellow: "Oh really. I suggest you take off your helmet too."

Psycho Yellow looks at Black & Red: "All of you."

Psycho Yellow takes off her helmet and looks like her human guise from when she and the others were hunting down Cassie, the Pink Ranger. Psycho Red & Black both follow suit and resemble their previous human forms as well. All three of them are caucasian. Psycho Red with short dark hair and a piercing look in his eyes. Psycho Black with a large blonde fro and a sloping forehead.

Psycho Red looks at the others: "We're all human now, aren't we?"

Psycho Black feels his face: "It appears so."

Psycho Blue shakes his head in disbelief: "No way! I ain't no pathetic human!"

Psycho Blue rushes to the lake and takes off his helmet. The other Psychos watch as Blue is kneeled over the lake but they can't see his face, all they hear is a brief moan of sadness which quickly turns into an insane laughter.

Psycho Blue gets and turns around: "Hehe hahahaha! Well Blacky, it looks like you got ripped off! You're ooogly, but I.. am.. fine!"

Psycho Blue gives a cocky smile and is a handsome black man with a short fade, and two different colored eyes his left eye is blue and his right eye is red.

Psycho Blue rubs his chin: "All I need is a fade and I'm all set!"

Psycho Black gives Blue a dirty look but Blue responds by taunting Black with an air kiss.

Psycho Pink finally starts to compose herself: "We're all human?"

Psycho Yellow: "Yes, yes we are. But I wanna know why? And somebody's going to pay for this!"


Act 3

Scene 1

Setting: A small path in the woods. A group of Skullinites scurry through the woods searching for someone.

Goldar walks somewhat casually amongst the bended over Skullinites and holds his sword next to his side. Then he notices the opening in the woods where the Psycho Rangers were at earlier and finally notices a small metal wall and a door almost hidden amongst a rocky mountain side.

Goldar: "Ah ha! So this is where they've been hiding."

Scene 2

Setting: Inside the Power Chamber, Ecliptor is assisting Almidor with some electrical device that resembles a satellite.

Ecliptor: "I have to admit. This idea of yours is clever... if it works."

Almidor: "From what you and Zordon have told me, it's only a matter of time before this will be necessary, especially since we don't have the time to build those Zord things."

Suddenly the far side door is blown from it's hinges and outcomes the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Red runs to Zordon: "What did you do to us?!"

Ecliptor confronts Psycho Red: "What are you talking about?"

Psycho Red takes off his helmet: "This!"

Ecliptor surprised: "Wha.. you're human?"

The other Psychos take off their helmets and Psycho Yellow speaks: "We want to know what you did to make us this way!"

Zordon finally speaks: "It is a side-effect from using magic to release you from a prison created by science."

Psycho Black curiously says: "So turning us into human beings wasn't intentional?"

Zordon: "That is not entirely true. I knew before hand that you would become human."

Psycho Red becoming irritated: "Why?"

Zordon: "As humans, you now have something that you have never had before. You now have a choice between good and evil."

Psycho Red loses it: "A choice?! You bodyless piece of.. then the joke's on you, because I choose evil!"

Psycho Red blasts one of the main console before Almidor can press the weapon deactivation button from earlier. The blast knocks Almidor down. Ecliptor tries to stop Psycho Red but gets struck down as well.

Psycho Red quickly puts his helmet back on: "We're out of here!"

Psycho Blue blasting away: "Hehe hahahaha! Now you're talking!"

Psycho Yellow upset about Red's rashness: "Ugh. Fine, let's go."

The Psycho Rangers leave the Power Chamber, Ecliptor gets back up and follows after them. Outside the Power Chamber room, the Psycho Rangers run down the hallway. Blue strikes whatever gets in his way. Pink lags behind and pulls Psycho Black into a smaller side hallway. Ecliptor enters the main hallway and chases after Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Psycho Black to Pink: "You heard the others, let's go."

Psycho Pink holds her head down: "I'm.. I'm not going."

Psycho Black surprised: "What?"

Psycho Pink looks up at him trying to make her point: "You heard Zordon, we have a choice now. There's more to our lives than just fighting our counterparts."

Psycho Black: "But.."

Pink cuts him off: "I need to think about all of this before I do anything."

Psycho Black puts his hand on her shoulder: "Pink, we're Psycho Rangers. We were created for evil."

Their conversation is broken off by a childlike robotic voice: "Aye ai ai ai ai. It's sounds like you have a situation here."

Pink and Black look further into the side hallway and at the same time: "What?"

From the shadows comes out a five foot robot. The robot has a gold saucer shaped head with a red visor. The body is primarily blue with black and silver arms, legs, and neck. The robot's hands, elbows, knees, and feet are blue and black. On the robot's chest is a diamond shaped series of small light bulbs.

Pink: "What are you?"

The blue robot: "Beta 1 at your service."

Psycho Black: "Beta 1? You look like one of those Alpha robots."

Beta 1: "Yes, Almidor created me to assist Zordon since this universe doesn't have an Alpha. But since I'm not really an Alpha, I was named Beta."

Pink repeats the name to herself: "Beta."

Beta 1 walks to Psycho Pink: "I heard everything. If you want to talk, I..."

Psycho Black cuts him off: "Sorry, tincan but we don't have time to talk."

Black walks away and looks back at Pink: "Come on Pink let's go."

Psycho Pink: "I'm sorry. I.. I can't."

Psycho Black throws his arms up in the air in frustration: "Ugh. Fine, do what you have to do. But Psycho Red won't be happy with this."

Psycho Black begins to walk away and looks back one last time: "Bye.. Pink."

Psycho Pink just looks on with nothing to say.

Beta 1 gives her a consoling pat on the back: "There, there. Everything will work out in the end."

Psycho Pink in an unsure voice: "I hope your right."


Act 4

Scene 1

Setting: Just outside the Power Chamber entrance on the mountainside at the opening in the woods.

Psychos Red, Blue, and Yellow run out of the doorway into the forest opening laughing all the way.

Ecliptor rushes out behind them: "Stop! All of you!"

Psycho Red rushes back at Ecliptor jumps in the air and strikes Ecliptor with a powerful blow with his Psycho Sword. Ecliptor goes down, hard!

Psycho Red holds his sword down and points at Ecliptor with conviction: "You can tell Zordon, that I'll never be anyone's puppet again!"

Ecliptor tries to gather his senses.

Psycho Red walks over and picks Ecliptor up by the cuff of his chestplate: "I won't be manipulated by him like you and Astronema did before!"

Ecliptor knocks Psycho Red's hands off of him: "Fool! Do you think Darkonda WON'T use you?!"

Psycho Red demonstrates some of his sword moves then looks back at Ecliptor: "If Darkonda tries to sucker me, I'll destroy him. Just like I will destroy YOU!"

Just as Ecliptor and Psycho Red get ready to fight each other, energy blasts from no where attack them and the ground around the them. Psycho Red jumps out of the line of fire, then one huge explosion knocks Ecliptor into the air.

Ecliptor: "Aaaaaaaahh!"

Psycho Black finally gets outside: "Hey! What's going on here?"

Psycho Blue rubs his hands together: "I don't know, but things are starting to get exciting!"

Psycho Yellow: "Watch out you nimrod!" and she pushes Psycho Blue out of the way of another blast.

Psycho Red very angry: "I wanna know who's shooting at us!"

A loud laughter begins to erupt in the air then Goldar and the Skullinites teleport in from thin air.

Goldar moves his side to side in excitement: "Hahahaha! Greetings my name is Goldar, and I'm here to represent the great King Darkonda!"

Psycho Red knocks Goldar's sword out of his hand: "I don't appreciate being shot at, monkey boy!"

Goldar growls and then backhands Psycho Red, and quickly retrieves his sword: "Darkonda, sent me to retrieve you but he didn't say you Psycho Rangers had to be in one piece!"

Psychos Yellow, Blue, and Black stand around Psycho Red, ready to fight Goldar.

Psycho Blue: "Them sound like fightin' words, Goldilocks! Hehehaha."

Goldar points his sword at the Psycho Rangers and looks back at the Skullinites: "Skullinites! Attack!"

The Skullinites run past Goldar.

The four Psycho Rangers get into battle stance: "Psycho Rangers!" and charge towards the Skullinites.

Psycho Yellow ducks under a Skullinite's punch and legsweeps it. Psycho Black blocks another Skullinite's punch and lowblows it in the gut, knocks it to the ground and elbowdrops the Skullinite. Psycho Red takes out three Skullinites with his Psycho Sword one by one and heads for Goldar.

Psycho Red blocks Goldar's sword attack with his own: "Give it up! The Psycho Rangers don't go down so easily, punk!"

Goldar: "We'll see about that!"

Psycho Blue charges towards a large group of Skullinites with his Psycho Axe and laughs all the way like a madman!

Psycho Blue: "Hehehe hahahaha! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!"

The sparks fly out of the seven Skullinites and the all fall to the ground, and Psycho Blue admires his handiwork and mimics Sesame Street's the Count: "Seven! Seven! Washed up little losers! Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Psycho Yellow grabs two Skullinites by the arms and judo flips them.

Psycho Red and Goldar sword fight for a minute, until Goldar shoots a pair of eye beams and knocks Red down.

Goldar: "Hahahaha! Fool! Did you really think you could stop the mighty Goldar!"

Goldar thens gets struck from behind by Ecliptor: "'Mighty Goldar' huh."

Psycho Red walks up to Ecliptor: "Thanks." then Red catches Ecliptor off guard with another strike from his sword: "Now you go down too!"

Ecliptor tries to get back up: "Aaarh. Back.. stabbing.. vermin!"

Psycho Red stomps on Ecliptor to knock him out: "Yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before."

Once again laughter erupts through out the forest, but this time it doesn't belong to Goldar.

Suddenly the space starts to warp in front of Psycho Red and suddenly Darkonda appears before him.

Darkonda: "Hahahaha! Well done my boy!"

The Skullinites immediatley stop fighting.

Psycho Blue in a babying tone of voice: "What? Giving up so soooon?"

Psycho Yellow to Blue: "Quiet, you moron!"

Psycho Blue: "Hmph. No sense of humor."

Darkonda, impressed with the Psycho Rangers: "You Psychos do good work. It would be a shame for your talents to wasted on old man Zordon! Hahaha."

Psycho Red to Darkonda: "Zordon wanted us to join his side and be *brrrr* good guys."

Darkonda puts his hand on Psycho Red's shoulder but Red knocks it off: "Perhaps I can make a better offer."

Psycho Yellow walks up next to Darkonda: "Perhaps."

Ecliptor starts get up again and moans in pain.

Darkonda notices: "Aaah. I see my old friend is as persistent as ever." Darkonda looks to Red: "May I?"

Darkonda kicks Ecliptor and then blasts him unconscious: "Hahahahaha! I'll never get tired of that! Hahahaha."

Darkonda looks back at the Psycho Rangers: "Hmmm. I see there are only four of you, where's the Pink Psycho Ranger."

Psycho Yellow looks to Black: "Yeah. Where is she anyway?"

Psycho Black in a depressant tone: "She's.. she's already made her choice."

Darkonda: "Hmmm I see. Will that make things,.. 'complicated'?"

Psycho Red with a determined tone of voice: "No! She'll just have to be destroyed with the others."

Psycho Black looks at Red and slowly looks back down, shaking his head: "Yeah."

Goldar finally gets back up and has a hard time standing: "Master?"

Darkonda pushes Goldar back down: "Idiot! Go back to the Dark Carrier, I'll deal with you later."

Goldar starts to tremble and then teleports away in a golden flame.

Psycho Yellow getting impatient: "Well?"

Darkonda pulls out his sword and walks towards the entrance to the Power Chamber: "Ah yes, my dear. Let's finish this once and for all."

Darkonda and the Psycho Rangers walk towards the entrance together but stop when Almidor steps out from the entrance and notices that Ecliptor is out cold and the Psychos are standing side by side with Darkonda.

Almidor: "So, Ecliptor was right about you Psychos after all."

Psycho Red: "Hahaha. What about it? Little man."

Almidor gives Psycho Red a cold sneer and his Infinity Stone begins to glow again: "Power Chamber defense guns! Online!"

Gun turrets open up from the mountain side, trees, ground everywhere. Darkonda and the Psycho Rangers look all around and see the guns.

Psycho Blue: "Uh oh."

Almidor gives a devilish grin: "Fire."

The guns all fire at the Psycho Rangers and Darkonda. Darkonda & the Psychos try to dodge all the shots but get struck a few times.

Darkonda: "Blast! We'll do this another time. Psycho Rangers, come with me!"

Darkonda warps the space around himself and the Psychos and teleports them all out of there. The Skullinites soon follow. With the badguys gone, the guns stop.

Almidor runs to Ecliptor and starts to help him up: "Are you alright?"

Ecliptor gathering his senses: "Just shut up and get me inside."


Act 5

Scene 1

Setting: Darkonda's throne room. The Psycho Rangers minus Psycho Pink stand in the center of the room with their helmets off. Darkonda and Falconine are standing in front of them.

Darkonda in a cheerful mood: "Hahahahaha! I'm pleased to see that you four have made the right choice and joined the winning side. Hahaha. You won't regret it."

Psycho Red: "That remains to be seen, Darkonda."

Falconine walks up to Psycho Red and puts her hand through his hair and speaks in a seductive tone: "Oh... I don't think you'll regret it at all."

Psycho Yellow raises her eyebrow at Falconine and syas to herself in a disgusted tone: "Oh puh-lease."

Darkonda smirks: "Hmhmhmhm, we'll launch a final assault on the Power Chamber tomorrow at dawn. Till then get some rest kids. We have a big day tomorrow. Hahahahahaha!"

Darkonda and Falconine leave the room. The Psychos begin to leave as well.

Psycho Blue walks up and puts his arm around Psycho Black: "It's going to be a fun day tomorrow." Psycho Blue leaves Black behind.

Psycho Black to himself in a down mood: "Yeah, fun."

Scene 2

Setting: The Power Chamber. Zordon, Almidor, Beta 1, Ecliptor, and Psycho Pink (unmorphed and in a baggy, pink and black shirt and slacks) are watching images of Darkonda and the Psycho Rangers on the viewing globe.

Ecliptor: "Things don't look too good."

Almidor: "I have to agree with Ecliptor, Zordon."

Zordon: "Do not give up just yet. Good will win in the end."

Ecliptor cocks his head back: "Hmph. You're forgetting who you're talking to!"

Psycho Pink in an unsure voice: "Zordon?"

Zordon: "Yes, my dear."

Psycho Pink: "I think I can bring the others around."

Ecliptor yells at her: "Don't be a fool. Psycho Rangers are honorless cretins!"

Psycho Pink gets angry: "Now you're forgetting who you're talking to!"

Almidor steps in between them: "Calm down, both of you."

Ecliptor steps back: "Fine. But we do need to come up with something, Darkonda will attack again and soon, now that he knows where we are."

Zordon: "Yes things seem grave indeed."

Scene 3

Setting: Darkonda waiting in a dark and empty room. The sole door finally opens and in comes Cybera and Finster walk in.

Darkonda: "Ah! Finster, I'm glad you could make it."

Finster: "Thank you. I'm pleased that you have use for me. What can I do for you?"

Darkonda: "Hmhmhmhm, I want to give you your old job back."

Finster: "My monsters?"

Darkonda pulls out a huge, glowing, red shard: "Yes, you make them, and I'll 'improve' them. Hahahahahaha!"

To be continued...

Next time on Power Rangers: Hidden War.

Clip 1
Alarms go off and Almidor yells: "They're attacking!"

Clip 2
Darkonda to Ecliptor: "Let's end this once and for all!"

Clip 3
A green forcefield envelopes the city.

Clip 4
Psycho Red sneaks up on Psycho Pink: "Well, well, well. Fancy meeting you here."

Clip 5
The five Psycho Rangers standing amongst the civilians in the city and a man says: "Who are they?!"

Clip 6
Darkonda and Ecliptor merge into Darkliptor.

Clip 7
An unmorphed Psycho Black grabs Psycho Red by his shirt: "Things have changed, deal with it!"

Clip 8
A huge explosion erupts in the sky and Psycho Black pulls away from the Ecliptor, Psychos Red, Blue, and Yellow and yells: "PIIIINNNK!"

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