This has nothing to do with chess but it is a nice picture and makes me smile whenever I see it.  It was taken by a friend on a trip in October 1999.  I'm in the water somewhere.
Hollow Trees, Western Sumatra Indonesia
Diablo is my latest chess engine.  It supports only the UCI interface so to use it you will need a GUI that supports UCI or Winboard with an adapter.   The latest version 0.5.1 made available October, 2006.
Download a gzipped windows executable of Diablo 0.5.1 compilied by Jim Ablett
C source code for Diablo 0.5.1
Download a gzipped windows executable of Diablo 0.4 compiled by Jim Ablett
Download a gzipped windows executable of Diablo 0.4 compiled by Dann Corbit
Download  source code of Diablo 0.4
DrunkenMaster Chess Engine
DrunkenMaster is the name of a chess engine I wrote. It is also the name of a classic martial arts film and I highly recommend it if you are into that sort of thing.
DrunkenMaster is just a chess engine, to play it you will need a graphical user interface. It supports the winboard protocol and should be compatible with any interface that supports the protocol such as Arena or the WinBoard interface itself.   Starting with version 1.0 it also supports the UCI interface so it can be loaded into GUI's such as Fritz that support that as well.   Each download comes with an opening book which  typically grows with each new version but is still quite small containing about  6000 positions.
DrunkenMaster 1.2 for Windows
Winboard/Xboard interface - The standard user interface for winboard engines.
Arena - A newer interface with lots of features for running engine tournaments.
WBEC   -  Leo Dijksman  runs one of the larger chess engine tournmaneontains, his site contains ratings results and information on most winboard compatible chess engines.
Jim Ablett's Winboard Chess Projects
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